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Walker Gets Wonderful Support and Shuts Out Lake Placid 5 to 0 WALSH GETS DECISION ON POINTS fROM RITCHIE TALK ABOUT BONES: Ja«ek Walker pitched the Mub to a victory against tue '»aoi<i temi at Sarajiac Lake Mon- day a.£iuinoon in a « to 0 Boys j Finnegan. out Wolf to Stevens; H?vr-j vValker Lake Ian fanned. { Fmm^nn Man-} Second Inning—Quinn walked ;ui<: game, went to second ou a parsed bul ; fanned; Allen fanneu, flied to Kittredge. Eighth iTwiiikg—iiand sofe on infield hit to Walker, but; caught at second >u-t the victory was chiefly due to Jubin was robbed by Lamy in short Walker to O'Brkan to Al«en; Wolf he wonderful support which the teai ihind Walker gave him, and L*akfc i acid's many costly errors. It looked like a real game througlr out the first throe Minings when both teams played consistent ball, but one hit being aid owed, but Dame Foitunc began to choose out the ictturs hi tile eiKl-ing of the fouttb, /bem slit? tt*u*ed Paul at second tnto llowiug au ea&y grounder to get through him with two down. This aJowed the first score, aaid in the iamo inning in the same play, I>-W uey Feinberg threw bad to third, and gave the home team wts second This proved a sufficient number o\ luats to win, but Sa.ra.nac was not satisfied ,and taking ad vat age o, Paul's two successive errors in the following inning brought another ruu across, ad with a grand rahy ot three hits in a row in the eighui counted twice more, Waflk.er was probably as good in ,his game as he has ever been or will be with the Boys Club. He ai lowed but three hits, two scratch and me single. It was not that the 'lacid players did not hit the ball that gave him his good record, but the support that he got, because he- struck out but three men. Ruly Wolf, who pitched for the isitors was in good form and allow- ed but six hits, but his support was poor, and but two of the five runs ire earned. He could force but six l>atte-rs to fan the breezes. Manager Harlan shifted his play- >rs around, and he himself went to the field where he could watch the result of the change. He moved Laray to right and put Q'Brien, a flayer of the Boys Club of IS 12 on :irst, shifted Allen to second, Rk-<* o third and Fiiuiegan to short. With- >ut a doubt the change was a suc- cess. The Game in Detail pirst Inning—Paul out Alton to O'Brien; Stickneey was hit; Stevens fanned; KittredKe singled to center, advancing Stickey; Feiberg out Al- M-\ to O'Brien. One hit. Alien out Sticteney to Stevens; right; Rau<i Woif flied to Rice. | O'Brien flied to Jubin; Grunt went i to third on Rand's wild lieave to fitst, but was oiuight at Home Wolf to Feinberg; Quinn dropped Rico's fly, and he went to third; Jjamy w&i ed-; Parka flitxl to Paul. Two errojs. Third lituiog—Paul foul ilkd to Crran(; Stickn^y fik-d to -Ij&niy; Su- v«iis out Walker to O'Brl&u. Walker out Wolf to Stevems; Alleii flied to to eente Manan farced singled F'min at second Rand to Paul . One hit. Fourth In«ing—Kittredgo out Walk- er to O'Brien; Fei'iiberg- r'ik*.l to I'arlv^; CJuinn out VValker to '.VVh'ion. . O'Brien singled to left; G-r.tnt. sin- gled to left advancing O'Brien; Rice foul fl.i«l to Steveas; La my forced O'Brien at third Wolf to Stk?kn»y; Parks rolled an ensy owe to Pan , who let it ge<t by, Cvrant scoriu ;, fltr-d to Allen; Pasii fJfefl to Fsnne gan. One ^|. HarJan singled to center; O^Briejn singled tx> center, advaiK-ing Harlau; Grant singled to right scoring Har- lan and sending O'Brien to third; Rice was hit filling the bases; I.. Rice pw*eh hitting fanned; Washer pinch bitting grounded to Wolf scor- Ing- O'Brkto; steal with tin Washer attempted to bases filled, and forced Grant out at home, and was caught at se-cxwid Wolf to Paul. Three* hits two rims. Ninth Inning — Stickney flied to Finnegan; Stevens out Finnegan to s>'Rri(-n; Kittrfdge fanjietl. Fi]k>wkig is tho l>ox scoro and summary: Saranac Lake AB R H PO A E en, 2b. rl:m, if. O'Brien, Ib 0 0 2 6 I 1 1 1 Lamy going to .second; Feinberg threw wild to third Parks scoring; Walker farmed. Two hits, two run-s. two errors. Fifth Inning—Jubin flied to Allen: Rand got an infield hit and weirit to ond on Walker's wild hoave> to first; Wolf out Artf-n to O'Brien. Rand advancing; Paul flied to Parks. One hit, one error. j Total Alien safe on Stiefcney's error; | FL-nnegan forced Allen at second j Rand to Paul; Paul's error e;ave Fin- j Paul, *2]>. negan second; Haiian grounded to | Sticki:ey, Rand, Fhmegan safe at third and j Stevens, Harlan at first on iV-df-r's choke; j Kiftredg-p. Paul muxsed O'Brien's gromideir scar- j FVinbersj, ing' Fimiegan; Grant grounded Hat•• j Quinn .cl Ian caught a,t UK> plate Rand tojM. Jubin, Fein berg; (V Brier, out at second. Rand, One rum. three errors. Wolf. Sixth Iniiins:—Sk-fcnpy out Alle O'Brien; Stevens safe on Finn* MI'S error, hut. caught ut secon Grant to Finnegan; Kittrodge ou Walker to O'Brien, One error. Rice fanned; Laiuy ou tR:?-nd t Stevens; Parks walked, but caught j Won 2. a.t second Feinberg to Rand, j Hit !i Seventh Inning—Fembors' safe on j P:>s,s<. Allen's error, but caught off first I Walker to O'Brien: Quinn fanm*d; ' Plascid Jubin out Rice to O'Brien. Om : errt-s • Sfewa-ravi 4 110 0 0 -1 t 2 11 1 0 4 12 4 10 2 1 0 2 :-\ o o o Lake Placid AB R If PO A 4 o o ?> (i ft 1 ; v>4 , _ i nt — by Waik :> itched ha IS—Ri STANDING OF THE j QUERIES AND ANSWERS BIG LEAGUE TEAMS! Following was the standing of the oagrue teams on Wednesday after- tjon: - STATE LEAGUE Wil •oy King ha niton Hiluiira . . . . rtU-a Albany Syracuse Scraaton NATIONAL slew York \hica.go St. IJOUIS incinnati Brooklyn .. .. Pitts burg PhU.adc.]phia Boston Won ..44 36 . . 34 ..34 ...31 . ..29 . .22 Lost P,C. 19 .698 •29 31 31 32 34 ,523 52?. \.492 LEAGUE ..41 25 . SI .31 , 31 . .28 36 35 35 40 .507 .4!»3 .470 .470 .470 Alt 2 AMERICAN LEAGUE Won Lost R.C .. ..43 42 .. ..39 38 . . . ..39 39 of the Lake Placid 5 has Cornell v regatta? This To tho Editor \ News: How many tim the Polishkeepsie to decide a bet,. CONSTANT READER Prom 1S»r. to li>»:J, the- Co varsity eight-oarwi has won eJ races, Pennsylvania, two, Syra and Columbia two.—Ed. To the Editor of the Lake Placid ; Jeffries Your dki .la.<-k Johnson ?? Thanking' you very truly, •- RE AIMER. July 4, To the Editor of the Lake Placid N^ws: fe there a magazine or newspaper published called the Tribune Farm- er? If w, where is it published? ANXIOUS. The Tribune Farmer is published Thursday at. 1>4 f Nassau Ptree*. New York City.—Ed. THREE BALL GAMfS FOR THE CLUB the the the While we ti.ro noiiiM tu press Tray Coys and the office force •:,o Club .nv scrapping it \ut at i'liih for the t-hampionship ot 5,-rWf! e»ch havine won a «ame. On Tuesday aHernoon the (Huh '.vil! rrnet the Saranac I^ake Boys' Chih loam in this village Quinn an<) M Jubin will be th»> b-'titery On Thursday artei'DcK»n these two team* will mm it Surannr Lak* 1 with Foin b«rs and Wolf ;xs the battery The JOHN PAUL JONES NOT TO COMPETE AGAIN American athletics lost one of its greatest exponents from active com- petition when, a year ago, with his graduation from Cornell University, John Paul Jones anJiourteeed his re tirement, lie has since asserted that he will never race again. At the same time Jones' course proved beyond cavil that he was not of tue i^ass th;it roe-mains in college solely for the chance k affords to engage i»n s^wrts or by reason of his athletic prow* as. He retires -wHhout a simple blot upon his personal escutcheon and without bringing anv shame to the institution he has sf uuuifully and so successfully repre- sented for tho past three years. It is doubtful if a mile runner of the ability of John Paul Jones will be. unearthed for many years. He has held the world's record at the dis- tance since May 27. 1911, whon h set the mark at four minutes fifteen seconds in tho intereoltejrinie meet at Cambridge, Mass, As a fitting climax to his mar- velous career, oniy a few days be- fore, he completed Ins college- am he lowered his own record, putting the. figurees down to where it seems well nigh impossible to touch them. HARVARD CAPTURED CHALLENGE TROPHY rounds* of the fierc- kind of fighting, the lightweight championship battle between Fred Walsh, th* English champion aaid Willie Ritchie of the United States, the world's champion lightweight, came to a finish with both on their feet and fighting hard for a decision, but with Richie in th ©beetteer form and the master of the situation. Duriaig tile first half of the fight Walsh had the best of the contest, his footwork and generalship beaig the Invit ever se»en in fjoaidon, Ritchie w-us unable to la^id an effective blow duriJiy this part of the fight, but after the tenth round the American began to get the best of his oppon- ent and during the last five rounds i'aided when and where he pleased, driving the Englishman all over the rini;. At the finish Waish was as near a di-feated man as could be imafiiiKtl ;)iid still be on his feet and I'i&btioig. There is IJO doubt but had she fight gone four rounds longer iteiue would have delivered the i.w which would have seat the iM':«iMiiM! to .-tumberlaud, Ritchie bioke down when the de- sion Wiis siven against him and is in 'ear s when seen in his >H»i.ii.u loom He retfusde to talk then, but lat^r, at the hotel where i..s sUM>}ii!ii;-. he i-aid: \I do not in- :id to ni:-iki- a holltv. lr.it I do think - wors 1 should ha.vt> received was draw. Welsh v»;s,s holding ail the tie and I was doing- the fightinj letfforu, I think the decision was •t fair to me.\ HAL CHASE JUMPS TO BUFFALO FEDERALS Some several days ago Eddie Har Ian, mangaer of the Boys Club -team c>t Saranac iLake was in receipt of a eommuniciition from a certain chap named Washer, who desired a berth team. Just what the a> were we do not know, but we do know that whwn the Boys CJub team met the Lake Placid Club on Monday afternoon this above nam- ed parson was on the bench waiting his chance to show his ability. His ehan>ee came in the eighth in nimg when the score stood 4 to 0 in favor of the home team. H received word that he was to go up to pinch hit in Doc. Parks' place With one down and the three cor tiers of the lot occupied, Washer choose a bvs stick aiv^ ponced to the plate in his blue suit of indi- viduality. He swung mightily at one hut it rolled down the first base line, and whMe Wolf xv as fielding it, Hlien scooted horn*. Covered with smiies and bearnam with joy Washer stood on first posi- tive that he would now receive a regular bea*th on the team. 9o ove; zealous was he that he did not look to see what was doing down at sec- ond, but instead he moved off first with Wolfs motion, and as the ball was thrown up to Walker, who was batting, Washer started at top speed for second. But woe! Rice was on second and Gtrant on third. Washer b;td attempt ed to steal second with the b'lst^ filled. This forced Rice to third and Grant home, who was caught at the plate. We don't know the result, but we feel .safe in saying that we wilJ not see Washer in Eddie Harlan ! s make- up again. Sexual Knowledge ILL0iSTEAiiD 320 PAGES Teils all about sex matters; what aung men ajid women, young wives and husbands and all others need to know aoout the sacred laws that gov- ern the sex Iqceeis. Plain truths of sex life in relation to happiness in tarriage. \Secrets\ of manhocKl and womanhood; sexual abuses, soc.utf vil, diseases^ etc, l%e latest^ most advanced and i.oiii prehensive work rhat hn* ever been issued ou aaxuai hygiene, Prioela^ss istruction for those who are roady >r the tru e inner teacliing. This book-; tells uursee, teachers doctors, lawyers, preachers, s«.Knas workers, Sufday School teach<r s and all others, yotaw and old, what all need to know alwut sex uiatterb. By Wlnfield Sc®tt Hall, ph, D, M, D. (Leipzig). N&w^paper Comments; ''Scientifically ojrrect\ — Chicago Tribune. \Accurnte and up-to-date.\ —-Philadelphia Press. •'Standard book of know ledge. * *—Phil adelph La l^^dser. The New ¥ork Worid says: ''Plain truths for those who noed or ought to know them for the prevention of evils.\ Under plain wrapper for only $1. Coin or Money Order, potsage ton cents extra, MIAMI PUBLISHING CO. DAYTON. OHIO Hal st 1st he .-u-.l l.'n ersity s-e, at ifflc time the great- *emau in baseball, recently broad jumping records, urnped from the Chicago ricim* to U»e Buffalo Federals, and thf.n to the court house, after he had been restrained from playing with- the outlaw team. How much motivy Chan*- was promised to jump ip not known, but it is heiieved he receivwl nearly $5,000 as a member ,-.i th<s Whito Sox riub. After joining the Feds, a.n injunction was served <in h\n\, and he : wL'J aiot l>af ajblej «h plav until the courts decide whether the' jump was legal. But Chase sould worry on this small matter, for no doubt he was promised a handsome jump to forsake organized baseball, and will get the money whether he plays or sits on the bench. Frank Chance, manager of the New junior 'var-l York Americans, traded CThstse to the (i-rand ' *-he Whit*- 1 Sox last year, because he ' hod been a disturber i.n the club. While a .yruat player, his one ob- j;.T in life tveems to l>e to disi*upt baH club, fie ftnxed Cleorge Stall ings from t.ht> managership of the Yan kee«, at a time when they were goioig ^.H;d, and conscrfjue.ntly forced the team into a rut, out of whk-ih they have not. be^.u able to move. There havo been rumors that he had this same trouble with the White Sox. The T-Inr iiLy eight-i 'halleiiiiX' Vuit on the Th:i.uiPs River Harvard led tho eight of the Union *oat Club, of liosion. a crew made «I> of veteran Harvard orasmen, ovor the line by a length aj»d a quarter, Lfter a grurf i'mz, humiiicr ajid ton*?s •ace all the; way down the course. The time was 7 minutes 20 seconds The record is ?> minutes SI seconds made by New College, of Oxford, in 1807. For the first time in the history tins raee, which has been well | termed the \Blu e Ribbon\ of the g world, an American crew provfstl its s-u-pe-riority over the flow- of the f'3uroi)ofui and British oars- m. It. Ls the first time also that { . lT „ , British crew w,us not on the line w - M - Olel \ Jr - ««d /tomer Baker to uphold British honor in the fiual j Ktrr * d ^ color s . o t the N *J ¥ . ^^ heat. By it s victory, Harvard's ^.Athletic Club to victory on July 4th tak,« u »lac« with th ( J in lll e high jump and the half-mi AMERICANS SHINE ON ENGLISH TRACKS eight >nly other American college (hat ever won at Henley—the< Colam- bia four-oared crew of 1878, which .vaptured the Stewards* Cup in that year. crew i raoe > respectively at Stamford Bridge and LAKE PLACID WOK AT LYON MOUNTAIN The Lake Placid team made a joke -Hit of a baseball game at Lyon Mountain hist Saturday afternoon when the-. lo<>al tt-am won by a. scores of 1(5 to 0 As soon as the locals jumpe<i in the lead in the MOCOIHI inning, tho players began to tool. Ruly Wolf shrew a wide drop in the early stages,, and whem tlie u-m- pire, a Lyon Mountainer, rightfully called it a strike, he WAS otusted by the players and spectators, and the ; team relieved him. tonn t« gameK won out will ri and | If the movement for white clothing j for men succeeds, the street cleaners J will qualify ae leaders of fashion. Criticism of the president by his! bounds. Again they are resurrecting, That prohibition amendment that his first v&me is Thomas. ' evidently Hobson's choice. manage* ReegardleJI uf the tarce, which the baseball game proved, the entertain- ment, which the local boys received at the hands of the home team was royal. Folio-wing- are the lineups: 'Lnliti Placid—Booth, 3b; Quinn, <f; FeiDberg. c; Lyons, Ib; M. Ju- bin, If; Rand, ss; Wolf, p; BLsson, if; Landrisais, C ; Mulvuy. rf. Lyon Mountain—Clime, as; Chase (Hal), Ib; n:u3sm, if; Minnie, rf; Lenou. p; TnJbaky, c; Ryan, cf Liompy, 3b. S(»re by itming-s: Placid 0 3 ] 4 3 0 2 3 0—16 p y wrested the championship titles from their British holders. Baker won by two yards in 1 min- j u te f»4 2-5 sei<«nds, only two fifths of a secosnd slower titan the British am- ateur record. W. F. Poter, of Yale University an the New York Athletic Club, alao made a splendid bid for the 120-yard hurdle raff;. He won his heat eas- ily, but in the final lost to the British title holder, G. H. Gray, of the Salford Hariers, by only two feet. James I. Wendell, of the NW York Athletic Club, did not start. Oler, with a magnificent effort in Ins last, try, took the high jump title from B. 11, Baker, of Liverpool. Both cleared 6 feet 2 inches. Then the Englishman failed thrice at 6 feet 2 L-2 inches. The-. American failed twice at that height before ha suc- cessfully negotiated it and won the fcyvm Mt. 0 0 3 I 1 t» U i 0— At least, mediation has provided , welcome interlude to watchful wait- WORLD'S ALLA-MERICAN EIGHT-OARED CREW Pol low ing is an eight oared crew selected by Dr. Walker P«>et for the York World: C. F. McCarthy, I. W. Hadse31, W, N Brat ton, S. Pitt, Jr., V. G. San- born, 'Columbia. J. A. Applteton Yale; B. C. Spransy, Cornell; W. R Sji.tt.let/n, Pennsylvania. For any pain, scald, or bruise, ap ply Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil — the household remedy. Two sizes 25c and \>0c at all drug stores. This adoiini^ration may not be bet I tor than others, but it is doing more. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE BANK OF LAKE PLACID AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE 30th DAY OF JUNE 1914. Resource* Stock and bon u investments, Public securities .; (book value #,015.00) Marktt value . * .. .. .. 2,000 0 Private stxuriti^ (book value $21,112.95} Market v:Uue - ; . .. ., 23,786 70 ortg-agt • c^ned s . .. .'. I7',uoo!uu and discounts se- cured by libnd and mortgage, defd or oth- «r real e»ta|a eoiiater- a l 5 7,500.00 Loans and discounts aeh cured by other coUat&r- aJ £ .. •- .. 18,234 L-oans, discounts and bills purchased sot secured by collateral 177.548.67 Overdrafts .. \ 212.04 Due from approved reserve depositaries, lees amount of offsets ;.. 18,652.13 ft-oni trust companies, banks an^Lj bankers not included jjn preceding item . . . :| , . 6,606.08 2r,,2f>8.2 Specie i. 6,006.1c United States §fega.l tender notes and pjjptes of Na- tional Bai^ 8,643.00 Cash items, v|k^ Canadian moneys 800.0C Other asset* V|ES| Accrued int#A not entered o ^ ^>ooks at close of | business on above dat*| .%• 760.0C receivable ._ 480.2 .7$288JTO]59 Capltel stock I.*..!.*'. ..$26000.0 Surplus on mfk-fcet l^lues: Surplus fun| .. .^9,000.00 Undivided pfofitB |. 5,292.31 14,292. Surplus on ifbook Values 15,6|».56 1 Deposits byf;the New Other depefite by a pledi^ of i Postal i |2.05 ; Deposits ofterwfee Re- ferred: Ifeeex Cou||ty 12,0#).00 • De?x>sits su#ect to clwlfc 78,^0.65 \ De-mand ceftifioates of posit ^89.42 % Deposits wtpidrawable on| \' tation of a * 137,228.83 ^ out- liudiaig sim- of other offi- 336,83 Unpaid di 246,325.2J AUTOMOBILE TIRES AT FACTORY PKICKS SAVE FROM 30 to 60 PER CENT, Other liabilities, viz: Reserves fir taxes, ex- penses, etc. 200.00 Accrued interest enter- ed on books at close of business on above date 1,275.00 Accrued Interest not en- ter eed on books at close of business on above date 97 Estimated unearned dis- counts 1,590.00 3,162.06 28x3 30x3 30x3 Va 32x3 Va 34x3% 32x4 33x4 34x4 36x4 35x4 Va 36x4 * /z 37x4^2 37x5 Tire I 7.20 7.80 10.80 11.90 12.40 13.70 34.80 16.80 17.SO 15' 75 l: .-.\) 2:.r,n 2-\ !'O Tube $1.65 1.95 2.SO 2.95 3.00 3.35 3.50 3.GO 3.90 4.S5 4.90 5.10 5.90 All other si2eg in .^tock. 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