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PAGE FOUR THE LAKE PLACID NEWS, FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1914 lEe LAO mm NEWS OfFICIAt NEWSPAPtfi FO* THE VlHAGE OF LAKC PLACID, Essex COUNTY, N Y. DANIEL WINTERS GOOD ROADS DAY ADVOCATED. KMTJJRKIJ IN -iHt TSK, MAY *1.26 A YEAR IN AUVANC FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1914 ONE HUNDRED MILLIONS FOB GOOD BO ADS IN OTHER PABTS OF THE STATE BUT NOT A BUFFALO NIC- KEL FOB LAKE PLACED\ — POLITICIANS BESPONfcl £LS - COMBIUNITY SPIBIT SHOULD HE ABOUbED TO \STABT SOMETHING\ —CONTINUED DELAY A BIG LOBS TO LAKE PLACID AND VICINITY A HOPEFU BUSINESS OUTLOOK (Cijcle Dudf.-y H Editorial in Bos- ton Uiub*.' May VJlh, VJ14) it is the consensus oi' opinion of same oi' tint ia-eiKSt ami most tar-sighted mvn that the United States is em-ring on an era of proHperity lhat will completely ovi-j-shatiovv twf.n the greatest pe »• io«ls of business prosperity that ha w alrt-atly eoiuf to this country since tlie Civil War, They assign many sound reasons i'or this pro- diction. The first a .id the* orn-. which is the most sJ^nii'ieaiit to many <\£ thefsi us that we have gone tlnouirh a season oi' business de- f)fess,on for the first time in our history without a pani c Tin old time speculators who could ahvajs seeiit a panic an d make momy out of it are -ompiete];. ronfused. The;, Smw set n a fi- nancial state of affairs never in- form- known, Th'V have seen the hanks full of money durum? a business depression and no par- ticular rail for t\u-. nnnn-y on any side. They have s.-.-n Europe throw haek into this country fron> *l25fUH)0,o00 to £o00,0<>0,000 wortl of seetirieies and have seen these securities iiiisoHied and the ^<>ld sent to Europe without any par fieuiar fuss. That vrouid h,-r. e inrant a. pnriJ'\ in ine Srui-k ?u;n ket a t least a !'<-\v years a^'o. They have s<-<-n a tariff enact- ed lower than the Wiison taril\''. Mud vt-t. they have seen raw wool? Hiif of tiie h,-sl tariff hjinoneters th^re is, sell higher than before They hnvi- se.ij } » t !<•! i<-.-i t«- i-.-ii! road siTimtion. that v. OIIH havr created n f-iruuiein} panic tit ;>ny time in ttte pasf. studed and \t<>n tiered over ifj ;i way ftt;i1 )<:\^ simply taken tin- bi-.-.-ith f\;un S|>eeui,l1or'S. Til. ' people h;t\'i' f- ftlNi-d to IMTOJII.' .'Xeited i»v.-r They want it settled .•vi'iywli-'fc. nut they want it settled ri.-.rhl. Why I' P»ec;uist lie r;uh<»au in dustry is not the urn- dominat in*r industry of the eoimry any iorii/er. While finan<-i<>rs have been ju.^!/liJl<£ railroads the past 25 years business men have been bwildinsr up other irr-'at indus- trial enterprises all ov--r fins land. This is a Insrirer country Hum it over was before. its potential possibility are hens; mure and mor** realized in every direction. The farmers have become scien- tists, and the arid lands and the swamp lands are beine- reclaimed every whore and Wmjr made to yield in sueli abundance as was never known before in the his- tory of farming. Tn the Houth malaria has been con<piered and the rich swamp lands are no longer the terror they were. Irrigation and dry farming have brouvrht new pros- perity to the West and South- west. Water power is being eon ducted over wires hundreds of miles where formerly it was all but wasted. Tlie oil lands and the mineral wealth have burst the bounds of former monopolies and opened up vaster possibilities than ever before, and the invent ive genius of the American has never been idle. New niraeb-s are daily being wrongnt by inven lion. Why. then, have we bad a bus- iness depression in the face of these things? Simply beaau.se a great many people thought we ought to hav it; we should have it; and mist have it; it was due. It was largely a mental state Then* was no real need of it, or for it. Business men see that more clearly now. But. many of them are more satisfied apparent- ly because we have had it. And they have learned something. At Imt we are beginning to gfct action! After years of pa- tient ana impatient waiting the people oi Lake .fiaeid will be re- warded by the construction of seven ajad sixteen hundredth?* nines of road from here to High .falls. That is, tiie job has been thrown open to bids; but what will really happen, judging oy past experiences, will be the nonchalant perusal oi bids by the powers-tuai-be, the palavering, and caucusing and parleying of politicians and the introduction oi new elements into tiie situation which will befog the issue and benumb the minds of simple julk who want the road and don't give a hang what the rail- roads and all the petty politicians from Kokonia to Timbuctoo are after. ' ^ ^ \ ^ ^j^ Just wait and see if that isn't what will happen! Why didn't cue State road go through Cascade, the most direct and beauti- iui route, as was originally planned? Why after it was changed didn't the matter end there with tiie construction of tiie road? Why was it again changed by Mr. Kenyon when no good to the community was accomplished, but only delay? The trouble is there is too much polities mixed with the sand and gravel of this roadway and it's high time something were done about it. If this road had gone through when it should it would have meant a gain of thousands upon thousands of dollars every sum- mer to the business men, hotel men, and property holders of Lake Placid, Don't you believe it? Then listen!! Every Saturday tn the tourist season from two to four hun- dred automobiles pass through AuSable Forks. Last Saturday there were two hundred seventy six. How many of these travel up this way although the distance would be insignificant if the road were half way decent? What would happen to the hotel man down that way who would suggest to a guest that there is more natural beauty in Lake Placid than in all the rest »f the Adirondaeks, the Catskills, and the White Mountains all hunched together? Why, he'd be tarred and feathered by irate jutomobilists and ridden out of the country on a rail! Yet the fact is true and Lake Placid needs no handicap in a beautiful scenery contest. Besides this procession of machines I have it on incontro- vertible authority that every week-end the Hotel Chunplain las two and a half pages of automobile registrations from Mont- real alone. Think of it and then try to recall the last time you •iaw r a Canadian car number in Lake Placid.! And the same is true all the way from Montreal along; the uke route to Albany. One hotel has accommodations for 150 •ars: another h«u> u larger garage than hotel. And in the si-'untime Lake Placid sleeps and wakes not, nor stretches out • ier hand to touch the stream of gold that is flowing into th-o nil road-owned Hotel Champlain and other resorts which really •;in\t hold a candle to what we have here. Beneath it all •here is some pretty slippery work being done. To a man up i h-ec it IOOKS like a conspiracy between the railroad puppets at \!b;uiy am\ the various interests concerned to nightstick the Adirondack.--. But the wily politician is like the devil fish: When the latter scents trouble he emits an. inky fluid which -overs up his actions and insures the accomplishment of* bis ;Ma\v;»y. The politician does likewise so that it is most diffi- -ult to put one's finger on a shady transaction and say \Get : Misy and explain that, or \ Thfre may be some deluded souls in the community who hav«- be.-n laboring under the impression that the. road is as gpod .is it ouirhi to be and not any worse than it might be. Such per- 4Ofts should have talked to a stray automobilist from Montreal who ventured up this way not long ago. He liked the place first n;te and >vhen he was ready to leave he asked a hot\ J uan, -* \Isn't there any way 1 can get out of here without ^oirijj; back over that tjod-forsaken Plaitsbiu'gh road!\ \No was the reply. *\that road is as good as any herea- bouts, '' 4 * Then by 111 freight my ear home.\ .And he did freight it. Imagine the biack eye he will deal Lake Placid when he gets back home and someone asks him how he enjoyed his trip. But I am not speaking entirely from hearsay. I went over the road myself with Mr. Marshall of the Grand View Hotel last week and found that from Lake Plaeid to its junction with the state road at Upper Jay the way is, to paraphrase a pop- ular remark concerning life, one d— — bump after another. Talk about the rocky road to Dublin! Why, the Dublin road is a primrose path to the one we jolted over! We came up behind a woman driving a eow and heaven only knows how far we had to drive before the woman had room enough to manoeuvre the cow so that we could get by! And yet two weeks ago that road was in good enough shape to accommodate machines trav- eling thirty miles an hour! After reaching the state highway we breathed a sigh of relief. Here at last, we thought, is a road on which we can make up for lost time. To do justice we must say that that road was good — in places. Here and there some contractor had for- gotten himself and done work creditable to any construction firm and any state. Our satisfaction was short lived, however. We hadn't gone very far before we were confronted by three or four barrels stretched across the road and a sign \ Detour.\ We detoured and plowed through five or six miles of sand. Again we struck the state road and again we detoured through a stump littered field and over a railroad track. And the funny part about this detour was that it was unnecessary. The road surfacing had been finished and no harm in the world would have been done it by a macnine driven carefully. As I said before, there are some funny aspects to this situation. Im- provements to the road are made when the road should be in shape to bear its heaviest traffic and improvements are desultor- ily made all summer. Why is it? There is a proverb which other states have taken to heart, reading £ 'God helps those who helps themselves. 1 ' Tn Missouri and other western states the people have followed it to the ex- tent of devoting a day once a month to fixing roads. On those I occasions governors, mayors, business men, professional men, and pt k > I), n M t io,i, | »,U| . ,1Jl t Hi. IMa\\,.v. »'*i iipatious li t who can't do ijuartor to a ..n < t 1 pint Wai> » I li- the \ .'inti i 111- • i, Mil: \\ or ry U oi l th\ up d tl 11 inidiv i.- thing <n k th. bill. MUSeh Whj .« uo'.lh 1.1 > w - m i 111 - \-lni \J l/Xvw We have given our political leaders a chance and they Jiave been found wanting so let's get out and do the woiK ourselves! The High Falls road could be put in passable snupe by simply filling the \chuck-holes''' with gravel and throwing the dirt .from the sides of the road to the <>ent<»r. A few scon* men giving ;i day to the job occasionally woiud be able a steam roller would put the road in such shape longer be the bugaboo to moneyed tourists lit- he en. A \Good Roads Day\ committee should IK tend to this matter. . Got a live wire from the and the hoard of trade and some hotel man and (el. them haii die it. The Lake Placid News will be glad to give all publicity possible to a movement whicih is a last resort to develop the commercial activities of the community. In the meantime pit* sure might be brought to bear on the state road people to .trot busy or get out so that if more delay is in store \\t> e;m take elaborate measures ourselves. The primaries come in September, a fact which might have some potency in bringing: recalcitrant politicians to terms. wonder*. Ami that it would no nt it always* lias appointed to at- automobile club Tilt 1><: » mightier than ach gnu is s> /f Not a clothier dhas direct tc vertlse asbestos suits., though we never know what a. day may 1 forth. ad- may Don't Miss This \J) O Chance I To hav<f your clothes ! made th ordpr at prices as ; low as you/can get ready- ! made clothes. ! The largest assortment of woolens to select from in Northern New York. Worfman-ship and woolens j uaranteed. Price! from $18 to $40 Sahit iry Dry Cleaning anc Repairing Frank Rossgo Main Stree| ' \ ' Lake Ptecid. Branch of 912 14th street Washington. D. C, You Spend 5c A Day For your S^ewspapers and postage NOTICE! The Burlington Savings Bank Will pay the u; per annum for INTEREST IS and on larfer guardians, I^p draw interestIfr dividend to depositors at the rate of Per Cent six months ending June 30th, on all deposits from $1.00 to $3,000 •unts from widows, administrators and received on or before JULY 10th will JULY 1. Wfite for further information, .;-ainps? You fe#l sities Th.'V have learned that you •aimot have panics unless there :s \H<da money\—unless the re •ii-.i'vc is tiixl up, as it was for the ;>;ist 50 years—tied up when it ivas most needed. This business impression we have been through ms been valuable, then, in that •t Man demonstrated to all the !«\>ple the wisdom of the present -ysieni of a. flexible currency. Th< >!(( ennuii-ons have disappeared t'orovf-r. Panics need not be iVared. As Mr. A. W. Douglas of St, Louis said at the Economic Club a few nights ago, there has been a curious psychological phenome- non dining this business depres- sion—the people— the common jple — have been optimistic through it all. They left their po- ney in the batiks. The common op-le had more confidence than the so-called financiers, and when the common people have confi- dence you can't have panics. So now that the lesson has boon learned, and that the great- est crops in the history of the country are in sight, it is up to everybody to forget the mental depression, start in quickly and get aboard the prosperity train that has been simply standing still on the tracks waiting for the engineers to oil up for a long run. BERT WINCH Official Garbage Collector For fit VlllagB of Lakt Placid All Garbag ed and dispoj vstematlcally coliect- ' daily. Address Lake Placid, N. Y. 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