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••/S , • . '..*' m i^',\'<Sj : -- '-is .;*! !%H - \ •THE WATERTOWN BE-UNION, SATrBlMY, MARCH 23, 1918. Northern New York Brevities lytRGE WIM>CAT \ TfllUGHTBNS TEAM L/ / r &•• Sherman E. Gillett, aged- 20 years, a eheesemaker of Sprag-ueville, was: accepted for the infantry at tlie local army recruiting- station, and forward- ed to Syracuse Wednesday after 1 noon., ' . f .' The largest sum ever paid to work- ers in the.plants of -the ifew York' Air E'ralte company: 'i'n this city was distributed in- -tli€\\fas1/ ; week' payroll when iilie'sum'-of $83,000 was paid to the emjyiojres, it liecanie fcjyown today. Norman's. Snell of No. 93.9 JSranfttinj street,;, ra.: Civil War veteran, .has re- ceived a .check for $1 from the Navy Department, along with .a letter .ac- cepting an; offer of a pair of binocu- lars f or • .ivar. Service. The cheek\ is given in rental for the .glasses/, during the war, the.• g-oy.ernnient haying' no light tftiitcejipt a gift. The'Jelfersoh county men wlio wore-! sent to Camp D'evens, Aye'r, Mass., in the last draft increment from this: city, have been transferred to Campj Tipton, Yaphank, L. I. The reason for j the transfer is not definitely known, but it is \believed that it was done in order to Jill up vacancies reshJ ..from transfers of men from' Camp Upton, who ^re being sent to units which will soon g-o overseas. The' Jef- ferson county men. are reported in good physical condition generally The work of em-oiling -.boys, over 16 years oldsin the boy's working re- serve for-farm work next summer will be continued ior the halance of,| the week by J. Fred Hammond rep- resenting the state agricultural de- partment. Mr. Hammond will go to Albany Saturday, where he will con- fer with officials of the department regarding .\the work in this section. It is expected that a meeting of the boys who are enrolled will be lield in the High school some af tei'nopn next week, at whicn time they will be ad- dressed by members of the farm bureau. EOiiVE.V BRITISH SHIPS SUNK BY XT-BOATS IN WJEISK London, March 22.—British ship- ping losses in the week ending March 20, the Admiralty announces, included 11 vessels of more than 1,000 tons, six under that tonnage and two fishing boats. In the previous week the losses were 15 ships of more than 1,000 tons and three under, , It's more fun to watch it grow than to watch, it go. War Savings Stamps make it grow. C. H. ANTHONY WONDERFUI, KASTEIl DISPLAY OF NECKWEAR. The choicest oC the new styles are always shown here first. The new coat collars in original shapes are of pique, repp and linen, 50c to SI.35. There are the sweetest collars ot Crepe de Chine, Georgette and Handkerchief Linen in the most fetching styles — 5ue to $1.50. Tuxedo collars of flet. — $2 to 54.50. Have, you seen the variatipn on the Buster ifrown Collars in organdie and linen? — 50c. Wonderful line o 1 ' n n * \id filet FtnrtH to wf>r with suits. A COLLKCHfON OK SPRING SUITS Authoritative models devel- oped in Serges. Mixtures, Gab- urdines, etc., in navy. Sammie, P.Iaclc and Light Mixtures. In most instances only one suit of a kind — $27.50 to $'l5.iju. ( OKKECT KID OIiOVKS FOR KASTElt. Stunning are the pique sew- ed cdoves, embroidered baeks in deep cream, brown, gray, tr.ns, white, black. All 'colors; in fine quality, light weight kid. Mosquetaire Wash gloves as well as one button Wash '•.-lores in white, black, tan — ?2.25. ?2.50 to $3.50. COATS OF CI/EVMR DESIGN The new styles are stunning .and the prices pre, reasonable. A snappy serge coat, large pockets', over collar of bei.ee with smoked pearl buttons Is SIB.50. Many other styles shown in black, gray navy &,ml black and white check and tan in the choicest materials — $16.50 to S'35.00. -THE CIJTESI' COATS EVMU FOR TKK KiDDIKK. Home small -child will go in- to Kfpturts over a \truly\ mil- v itary teat of khaki F.erge will. \its inilitsry buttons — ?B.50. Such attractive coats in styles ' just adapted to children — $1.50 to 513.75. A VERY COMPLETE LINE OF ia:D MTMJADS Nov.' is a splendid time to buy bed spreads. Satin, dimi- ty, and crocheted spreads, hemmed, scalloped tnd fringe. ends with cut corners, $1.50 to ?5. Mitohelin colored spreads in blue, pink, yellow, gree.U, 54.26. Salesman Blinds Kenoit of Seeing Animal jfcar Stei'iiugvilie. Watertown, \-MECTCII 22. — It was reported here that' a wildcat is in the vicinity of SlerlingyHle. 'Abe cat was seen by a ti'-ayeling man\ who was making,the smaller villages between Philadelphia and Carthage with a team, owing' td.. the curtailed train service. The cat leaped through the snow from a .crabby woods by the roadside, appearing quite close to the drummer's rig and being distinctly visible in the moonlight. The horses to,say nothing pf the -salesman, took fright, and'-the -,cat followed for a q uarter .pf iv mile, uttering cries that '.made tlie;flasserige.r's hair stand'on end. ' '•-' '. - \ , - The unquestioned presence of a cat in Jefferson county, last fall adds credence to, the\ report.. . The- animal was seen on several occasions near .Theresa..and' Lafafpeville. 'it gave one farmer a hot chase from a corn field to his home and. worsted a dog in open combat. Hunting parties failed to. bag him. . Army officers entertained the be- lief that the atampeed of 500 horses from the Pino Plains artillery camp <last summer was occasioned by a wild animal approaching the corral. Tlie terrified horses broke a cable and poured, into \Watertown by ; d'roves r devastating 35 miles of higliwa5 r and wrecking several auto- mobiles and carriages. ; Many wild animals have come out of the woods this winter, supposedly •because of the freezing streams and J Swings and absence of available wa- ter. SI OF PRIZES FOR JEFFERSON FIR REVISED DIRECTORS SEEK TO.STJUWCTiATK ' PRODUCTION OF HORSES TO SIEET COTTNTRY'S MiOi- • ITARY NECI3SSI- . TIES. TOWN HIGHWAY StTPT, DISCUSS ROAD WORK A meeting of tine town superin- tendents of highways of the county was held with County Superintendent J3\ 8. Ball this week and town road work was discussed, tlie meeting- be- ing an adjourned one from last win- liter when the town superintendents .Were unable to get here. There was considerable discussion as to the amount- to be paid by towns 'for men and teams, but all superin- tendents were agreed that at least 30 -cents per hour must be paid for men and 00 cents for teams. County Clerk P. A. Pitcher was be- fore the meeting and informed the town superintendents that dynamite could not be sold to any persons with- out a permit from the county cleric and that he would issue such an order to any superintendent except on the order of the town superintendent. Each town must construct a bullet- proof building for housing dynamite and it is proposed to submit the mat- ter for bids, the same concern to erect a'house for all of the towns. Each bidder must post a deposit of $5 for each building to be erected. NORTHRRN NEW YORK (JETS SUITABLE SCGAK WEATHER Veteran Makers Predict Profuse Flow of Saji — Tipping Begins On Larger Scale. Watertown, March 22. - - Ideal susar weather has prevailed over N'orthern New York for the last, two days and tapping on a large scale has liesnm in tiie principal sugar or- chards of the north country. While some trees were tapped more than a week a?o. most of the sugar makn-s delayed, expecting such a cold spell as followed the first warm day?. WPh the eoming of the present, balmy temperature the sea- son may be said to have arrived. Veteran sucur makers predict a cood run. There- H still much\ ice in 'h- i-v-V. .-':•! •*<-, tn.-y ray, v-!ll fp\d to tn-tns ahfint flu- nuv-i dcsir- ''h l < ffiiii'ri^r' -''i ]u ,f ,-enr\ m' th '<•\ MlS'll'.l , 1>. ! • • ' • lliMl', V/'ii].- \•••' lMplll)'(-,j . s'T >h<l'l|i l f |V»'.1'.'<> ;<:•.,) .ii.y>-. ')'!'••,•,• «w the retniire- mects for a long and prof nee' flow if rrp. SI,KIt!HI.\'<» LAS'!.-. 101 PSVS TS A'UT.MTV OF WATERTOWN.\ Snow Remains on Rutland Mills — Sacket Harbor Road Becomes Pat-able. Watertown, March 22. — Whiie city veliicles have been on wheels i'O'- more than two weeks, many farm- ers have used runners up to Wednes- day and in some of Jefferson county the sleighing has only recently be- come poor. A resident of the north- ern section of the county who was in the city this afternoon stated that he. had just shifted to wheels alter usinc; sleighs since December 8. By actual count this makes 101 days ol sleighing in Jefferson county. There is still much snow on the Rutland nills, and towards Lewis Co. the- fields are white. Taxis from the city cab stands are- juf.t beginning to venture into the country. The Sac- ket Haibor road it quite passable, for autos, altlio icy in a few places. ISXTERftD INTO REST. FULLESTG-TON—At Gonverneur, March 20. 1010, Frank G. Fullington, aged 7S years. HARRIS—At Vpsilanti, Mich., March 19, 191S, Frank Harris, aged SI) years, formerly of Gimvcrnenr and Watertown. JOHNSON—In this citv. -March 20, 1D1S, Gladys ()., U months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, 10 Fuess building. MAYNARD—At Wooster, 0., March 19, 1918, Bert Ellis Ma.ynanl. form- erly of BrownvilJe and vicinity, aged 33 years. ODBLL—In. this city, March 21. 101*. Olive Odell, S year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Odell. PLUMMEE—In Now York-city, March .20. 1918, Mrs. L. J. Pmnmier. form- erly of P.elli.'ville. aged 7!j yi>ur<. PKETOOXI f:K—At- Defprie-1. March 20, 101S, Paul Pretsriiiiek. formerly of Syracuse, aged 2(S jeurs, STB\ T ENS—At Adam* Centre, Mim-h 21, IfliS, Orrin Sii-.en.-, .-igcj ™ years, •Driving Club Slay \Again Take Cave of Ti'aok iit' Watei'fcowii «— i Grounds Oommittee to. , Attendto Repairs; \Watertown March 22. — Prices id the horse, cattle, sheep. an.d' poul- try departments.of' the„Je f Eerson Co, Agricultural Society wore revised at a meeting' of the fair ba^rdWedne.s- day-aftea]6on. in tlie : .cb.'lthty. build- ing. The coming; exposition -of- the' association will mark its hundi-odth anniversary, and in commemoration of this and as a patriotic duty in stimulating agriculture, .plans for a banner exposition are being made. Realizing the need of horses to meet the necessities of the army and the requirements of industrial activ- ities, the directors added a third prize to classes in the horse depar't- mejit. Heretofore, there have been only two prizes in these events. The cash, prizes are also increased, being raised in most instances by several dollars, which with • the additional award will mean no small item. The usual spring repairs to build- ings and grounds Will be undertaken as soon as the weather permits. Last year the association adopted the pol icy of engagigno regular'superinten- dent, having work done under the supervision of the grounds commit- tee. It is probable that the same practice will be followed this year. The association saved much ex- pense by turning the track over to the Driving club last spring, the club taking over the control and mainten- ance of the track for its use by the club. Whether such an arrange- ment will be entertained this spring will not be known until after the semi-annual meeting of the Driving club, April 1. The club has held no racing this winter, but its future ac- tivity will probably be determined at that time. MAX ?K KILLED BY FALLING LOG Failed to Hear Warning. Paul Pretsonick, ag*l 26 years, a Russian, was instantly killed a* the St. Rejiis mill at Det'eriet Wednes- day nighl at S.-45. When he was hit on the head by a log that fell more than 50 feet from the convey or. Pretsonick was found tdiortly after the accident by a number of n.eu who were employed in that vicinity and he was taken to his hoarding place, No. 30 block. His three brothers ar- rived Thursday from Syracuse and the body will be removed to that place, Pretscmiek's former home. The conveyor is used In bringing thp IOKS. which are about three feet long, and nearly a foot in diameter from, the sawmill to the cjroutid wood room. The conveyor on which the lot' travels is more than 50 feet from the ernnnil. The employees of the mill are warned not to no IKMP the cruueyor while it is in operation for tlie lor* are often crowded off the conveyor end drop to the ground. Severjl men arc employed for the sole p.n-poJ<e of picRint; up the logt thai fall oh the conveyor. It is said that PrefHonlcli had wan- derer! under the or>r*pjoT seioiMi ilia; i-M'i.iiii -• iii'i lirnl in-en I 1.;. his ltll'AV mate-; ru..: '.<- .-i^'in. F» v'R-i rr-p'iye-1 at • up tie t , I'-n In,\.-.. \t M. IT. in; \) m..M i.:'-' • < hivi ai.'l fliev v.tui to look tor him fliy lonhd hiM lylnf, cm the ground rttncl. Tlii-> fin-cmMi rtu.t tin Dnvcjor •«.•,-, n and the man via a removed tn liii boarding place. Dr. O. P. Joflya of Great BC-IKI U'-I- inp iv pl.ee ,.,r HeaPh OCJMV !•\. i!. Metzger, of Carthage, wa:i sniiifioti- ed and atu> inve?.ti.'.i!in'j, s.ild that death was purely e.ccidenlal. No in- quest will Or held. Prestonick had been employed at the mill for more >han ai\'>'n years. His home is in Syracuse. HP wv:t a single! man. He had one cousin vt tlie mill, Tony Mithalk. He is stmi- Gd by three brothers, all of Syracuse. linit- wnrnei d-i l* -..ich-ii'. !lie v.l'i-;. : NO vofwrsjisn rXBtCTION IN ARMY AKTER APRU, 10 The local draft board recently re- ceived orders not t o accept any man for volunteer induction into the ser- \ice after April 10. It was said at the ofbee. ot the dratt hoard that this riilmjg will have no effect in this city as the board received a telegram on Monday which fetated that all hranchois of the services were closed to volunteer indan'iohs by draft boards. , About i\, liie-i \/ere culled by the board recently for physican examina- tion. The majority <u the men were case-H translerred from other eirje.-; or men who lor FO^OC reason or other have not been CiiJleii for examination be! ore. GKRM \XS WILS-.ING TO \\'OTI-I jspT OB-TKCT TO warm NO LiiR-oln. N»-b., Mareii 2U.- Hundreds of luen in Nebraska who have voted for years arc claiming exemption from military •scrvi'jft on ilie gro-mrt that they are ali'Oi enemies. Urkler a law \>> be initiaii\! by flu- Stale Co'in- cll of Defenpe, liebranka will vt,<m cliangi- her elcctiim laws so \alien enemic-v\ or even jn.-:t plain \aliens\ cnniiot vol\. I.TIIHIMIP Make, the iavv.v. In Si-u1l:-i>luff e.unity., Nehrar-.ka. ~:si) r-iri--:t.r.'uilK nuiler the draft law, :ill uf whom Iiy.-e Item voting under the Map- 1Mw whirl) gives (hem the ballot on the ptren-j-fh of ihelr first papi?rs. or ileclaraf <in of ititeirtion, claimed exemption. ] FOR RALE—Real Estate in fl^pai-ts of Watertown, Residences.^Apai't- raeiits, Building Lots, and Bus- iness Blocks. Prompt and iielja'ble .service. Successful •experience* ot\ more than'a quarter of a century. —W. J. Shepard,.' Inc., 3 Flewtr Block, WMertown,' N. y. MARlvET .P.9R.'JVfXLK ''\'\.' . , : V -FAI,iMERS' PROBAEJ. Dairy League Bresiclent Notifies Sleiilbei-S April Output is ' Still Unloaded. Gouverneur,-March 22. —lit.-ac- cordance with ..the suKKestion..cpn- taiued.in a letter from a resident ±t. D. Copper, of the New Xorlc State Bairyrnen's League, a meeting oj, the local unit had been eaited tor-Oatiir- day-eM?ning, but later il was Iq,\ind to eonllict with a large meeting to be held at Canton and the local call was wit ho IT. wn. it is likely that L:e meeting v.-ill be held iie\t vteelt. In bis communication President Cooper notified the producers that their milk for April had not been sold end he advised them to prepare to manufacture or otherwise take, care of their output after March 31. The trouble seems to be that the market, is overstocked with condens- ed milk, which is being used, very treely in the cities where tlie price of fresh miik is higher than it is bora. In the. West and in Canada milk prices are from 50 to 75 cents per 100 pounds lower than here. With millions of-pounds of cheese in cold storage and the market over- stocked with condensed milk the outlook for the farmers is not en- couraging, but it is hoped that, some nrrangemont can bo made whereby (he- producers will not suffer aiiy treat loss. The Federal Milk Com- mission will meet next Simdnv aim It is hoped that a satisfactory adjust- ment will be reached. SKXTIONCJOD PO?l DISLOYAL WORD.S Rev. C. II, Waldi'on of Vermont Convicted of Obstructing Draft Given 13 Years in Atlanta Burlington, Vt., March 22. -— \ sentence or' 15 years in flu* lJnite-l States penitentiary at Atlanta itm imposed by United Sta'.es lumrii-i Judge Howe Thursday on Rev. Clar- ence H. Waldroll, 'Baptist cli j-.m'ttina of Windsor, eonyicf'ed Tuesday ni^ltt of disloyal utterances and opposing the government's military service plans. A motion by counsel for stay of execution was denied by Judge Howe Who, however, in imposing sentence, announced that the motion might be presented later. Waldron stood; up and heard the pronouncement or aenxence without visible emotion. Two months ago a jury at Brattle-' boro failed to agree after 34 hours. At both trials Waldron made vehe- ment denial ol the charges. PAR SURPLUS $!>»1,087.00. DEPOSITS ,.$8,255,884.01). The Jefferson Co s THIS P.EOPLR OF-rHE\ STATE OF NEW TORK—To Mrs. Ada Drake Bacon. Ernest D. Fiikes, .Mrs. Lena M. Miles, Leslie G. Fikes, Mirs. Edith M. Hartley, Mrs, Margie E. Clark, next of kin • and heirs nit law, not heretofore cited; of Jame Hall, late ol the town of Worth in the County of Jefferson •and State of New York, de- ceased. Send Greeting—Whereas, Eugene E. Greenley, of Adams, N. Y., sole executor -named in a certain in- strument in writing purporting to be Uie last will and testament of said Jane Hall, deceased, has lately lUMilied to our Sum gate of t/he County of Jefferson to have said in- strument proved as a will of real and personal property in pursuance of Hi» staitule in such case made aaci provided. You and each of you are bherpifore cited lo 'be and appear at a Surro- gate's Court to be held at the Surro- gate's Office in the City of Water- town in the County of Jefferson on the 1st day of April nexlt at ten o'clock in 'the forenoon 'then and there lo sbow cause, if any you have, Why the said instrument should not he atlmilted to probate as the last will iiii'd t.estamenlt of said deceased; and it'hose of you who are under bhe •ige at .twenty-one years are so-cited to appear amd show cause by your guardian, if you have oaie; if you havo none that you appear and apply for one to be appointed, or in the event of your neglect or failure so to do, a guardian will he appointed by the Sm-rogaite- to represent and act lor you in this proceeding. In Testimony WOiereof, We have caused the seal of (L. S.) office of our said Surro- gate to bo hereunto af- fixed. Witnes«, Joseph Atweli, j Surrogate of the snirt ('ininty of Jefferson, at the City of Wnitentown, the 28th day -of Feb- ruary. A. D., miS. C, A. MIORKI'JR, Olirl: or .the fhirrogalo's Court. A. M. LIOPFlNGWrcLL. Attorney for Petitioner. Watertown, N, i\. Jmar-4w INCORPORATED 1850. Olfieers—Henry purcell, president. Geo; C. Sherman, '1st vice-president O. E. Hunger-ford,' 2d vice-president, A. T. E. Lansing, secretary^treasurer Trustees--O. E. Hungerford, S. R Cleveland, Henry Purcell, D. M. An derson,'re''M.''Oo'SBrove, P. A. Pitcher Robert J. Buck, Geo. C. Sherman, D C. Middletoh, S. A. Uphani, F. H Waddinghani, Carl G. Nill. Interest dividend days are Januai.> 1st and July 1st. All deposits ma<Ji on or before the tenth days of Janu ary and July, and third days of April and October draw dividend from thf first days of those months. MONEY TO !J,OAN S ON BONDS AN I' MORTOJAOBS. NOTICE TO CREDITORS.—Pursuam to an order of Ron. Joseph Atweli surrogate of the County of Jefferson N. Y., notice is hereby given accord ing to law, to all persons having claims or demands against Minnie Thompson, late of the Town of Bllis burg, in said county, deceased, thai they are required to present the some with the vouchers therefor to the subscriber, the administrator, etc. of the said deceased, at the .postoffiee in the village of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N. Y-, on or before the 35tb day of April, 19-17. Dated October IT. 19IZ FERD 0. REEB, Ac'lmr., etc. MeC'artin, Alverson & Cornwall, Attorneys for the Administrator. 20oct(3nios. Yolo 24 t o 23 Against Motion ItaS Would Have Led t o an Open Vote on--the Floor. , Albonv, March 22. — With Rw publican party lines split wide open, the Senate Wednesday night killed all possible chances of immediate rat- ification of the Federal prohibition amendment. By a vote ol 24 ayes to 2H nays the Senate refused to support a mo- tion by Senator Ceorse B, Welling- ton of Troy, which would have led to an open v oto on the lloor on the rat- ification question. By the vote too Senalo refused permission for the in- • tioductic-n of a resolution discharg- ing the committee of the whole Sen- ute from consideration of the Hill resolution, amended with a releren- dum ridei, and the recommittal of 'h.-> resolution to the Senate. Tax Committee for restoration to its original form. Advertise in the Ro-TJnlon. NOTICE TO OR-BiDITORS—PhBUna B. Wilson Estate. In pursuance of an order of Hon Joseph Atweli, Surrogate of tin- County of .leti-erson, notice is hereb\ given, according to law, to all person*- having claims against Phellna B. Wil son. late, of the Town of Hounsfield in said County of Jefferson, deceas od, that they are required to presen the same with the vouchers thereo- to the subscriber, the administrator etc., of salvl deceased at the Hard! man Hotel in the City of Watertown in said County of Jefferson, oil or belore tho 25th day of March next. Dated'the ltfth day of September in 17. CHARblOri K. CHARY, l&septomo Administrator f'.r 20 cuits. Gv.~i.--t I ,'•.,-•-. Minesf.ir^ifli irK.il.-ir.- hull- r,il-.t,,mthurlutiu-incvfiv,lc!iiil. isiju&d ii. GiyyKuJil The Jeweler <**ovh%ju>«wijBwnw<—4M..1 And this rare economy is your* right in the face of a rapidly rising wholesale market—and in tho finest garments, that this store has ever had. Trust the Evidence of Your Own Eyes You don't have to take our word for a «inglo thing—every Woman wants to bo well-dressed, and every woman wanta to buy her clothing at the very lowest possible prjee, especially now, when every- thing is so high, Xhe stock is abundant—the styles and materials the latest— and the prices down where they may never be again, I COME BELL STORE P. SILVERMAN, PSGrV Public Square West and Paddock Arcade, ^58^^esr.K5-«**«*«««^\** \\ m. I phrngm band. | short mid boxlike. *A.

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