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Page Four THE COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER November to ponder well the value men and true and whose courts 76 Main Street ' Canton, N. Y. of a vote for the right kind of can- were popular with the bar and those . didate, not one with no experience who came to trial. St. Lawrence ir in advance , p ar m WITMICB i n governmentf ^ decorations and County should have a resident au Cntered as second class matter at th® glamor of military service— preme court justice, and probably the post office at Canton, N . Y., selected on the theory that to \ae- will when things get leveled off. under the act of March 3, 1870. | lect our man is all there is to it.\ It should be a matter of fair dia- - t11 , flnAV MAPrw 9 K ic«» l Tha t mi « h t * the final step—We tribution. One more justice will TUESDAY, MARCH 25, IBM ] are at the croMroads _ We muBt help Mke th fo po8fl ible. One more EDITORIAL COMMENT! It would seem that in the matter > ponder well how we act. justice helps, time will come when another may be added. candi- • Truman gives his National Dem- ocratic chairman a back hand slap «»«•, M« »u. — — [•cross the mouth for a statement for the office of President of the that • truce *« Korea might mean United States at this time when m *ich for the future course of H.T. the whole future outlook is upon n • pnMmOal&aMBA^Rma^ a scene haven't tak< dnrin^hTtts't few^yeaT'we •\\ his political blunders to Jim will be held during the week of j JJJJJJ Tom^op^\\Di^Twe haven't taken into consideration Farley and Farley never made open May 4 through JO, with aJPWW 1 , All\ revolves around an old Amer-j St.Lawrence Countq £uture ou tiook is upon GGSlJUlLBUltilllUal _ _ _ »f coming disaster-We in « the man y back hand sla P 8 i n jville; Kirk Hudson, Holley; David breakfast at Hulet ken a lesson from what the face the Truman predecessor, Canton's week of the St. Law-| a Engelf Essex Fella > N # J# . and !7;00 p. m. ned to many countries Franklin D. Roosevelt who charged rence Sesquicentennial Celebration | Douglas Gallagher, Corinth. Burrill! * * * St. Lawrence Univ. ST. LAWRENCE DRAMA AND MUSIC GROUP TO PRESENT PLAYS AT WATERTOWN The St. Lawrence University Mu- sic and Drama department will travel to Watertown Tuesday, April 1, to present three one-act plays in the College Center at Wa- tertown Senior High School. The l Gilb d Slli' 'Til Church and Society As Advertised la McCalls! g plays, Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Trial by Jury,\ Burrill Phillips' \Don't We All,\ and Bernard Victor Dry- er's \John Doe/' will begin at 8:30. Stars in the cast of \Trial by Jury\ are Donald H. Parker, Bronx- Food Sale—Girl Scont Troop I at Co-op March 28, 1952. • • * Baptist Church , Rev. A. J. Coffey, pastor 9:45 a. m., Sunday school. 10:45 a. m., morning worship service. The pastor's sermon will be \What Is a Christian Church?\j Clothing is being collected forj overseas. Anyone having anything 1 to donate is asked to bring it to the church this week. j Next Sunday morning the Youth; Fellowship will hold a Communion Hl Ld t I (0- Hulett Lodge at Pushbutton Electric Range «h * tit* ««M»II«> i« clear and over- resentment. In fact, Farley, the o f variety shows, civic programs, £X ?£ ™£t\oSZZZ. «* .b.e », ta tie De m «r.«e ^1.^.3^ concluding^ fet* man of the Board of Directors of party for the period—thisjs mean ican folk song enacted by Donald! A. Laidlaw, Kingston; Jane A.) United Steel Corporation puts ^ politically-was the Roosevelt .. whipping post and Farley was both lt day, May 10 with a parade in the Mitchell, Albany; Kirk Hudson,' in a series of Lenten sermons . afternoon, followed by an old fash- Holley; and Louanne Brown, New-! Sunday. The topic will be \I j\ ioned square dance in the evening, f ane \j on n Doe,\ an after-death ness t a Christian Virtue.\ First Presbyterian Church Rev. Earnest E. Eells, pastor The pastor will preach the fourth this •Kind- At a \ meeting of Canton hld -\lir^drnceisciearandover- ppg p y At a meetin g of Canto n mer . whelming throughout forty centu- p os t and bad b °y being whipped. It cnan ts and businessmen held in the • *«• T««*»^nAV v*a/*AlloH tfifl t Infill * rtfl. Yi 1 _ ^ fT^_— J ... Yl %# j 5 uii V u B ..»». *„..,, , Beacon; Edwin Pomerantz, Bay human experience, price '» '^ther recalled that later on, Board of Trade Rooms, Monday j shore; Joanne Van Noppen, Larch- *._-.-.. —, . . ,..-11, „- AI c^ it h night > the f 0 ii 0W i n g committees j mont; William Lane, Rutherford, ries oi numan experience, pnw - controls at their best have always Farley took a walk, as Al drama, features' RoterT^PendellJ The Sessions will meet at I _ T * ? J »__!, 1X1 . X. l been a miserable failure. At their di( I previously. But, after all, What were named: worst, they have led to famine and i 8 * littl e \cuffing\ between pkls? Finance, Abner Segal; parade, - • ter!\ Watch out and if H.T. is a eatodi- Thomas Patterson, John Coakley, .-date Mac will be in the campaign Jr., Gary Barcomb; dance, Charles . .«H driver's seat, and if the GOP does- Dishaw, Donald Gilson and Rich- ; to < Then Mr. this comment on what we have and we ^hat we should get rid of, in tiii. manner: \To my way of thinking ^ there is only one way to stop in- flation, and that is to attack it at ard Charles Peggs; village, Mayor town, Karl May- hew, Sr.; St. Lawrence University, Dr. Joseph Romoda; State Agricul- N. J.; Richard Jacoby, Niagara Falls; Valdemar Jacobsen, West Nyack; and Donald Bersing, Am- sterdam. p. m. Friday, April 4th to ex the Confirmation Class. \ The Westminster Fellowship for High School will meet at 5 p .m. Sunday. * \ The College Westminster Fel- lowship will meet Sunday morning; Jointly directed by Mrs. Margue- f< * r a Communion breakfast with rite G. Holmes, director of dramat- the other church groups, ic art at St. Lawrence University,' Flowers and gifts of money for and Charles Warner and J. Richard flowers will be Welcome and should; Gilbert of the St. Lawrence music! ** made to Mrs i Dorothy Lawrence; Watertown is about to have an- tural and Technica i institute, Prof, department, the production of the ~H>hone 2822 so that plans can be ; ' * Lu \ '\*• - -i -. - 1 -de for Easter and Palm Sunday. Ho * v Week » a Community Shirley Communion will be held in our „„„, . tural and Technical i nst itute, Prof, department, the production of its source- and today the greatest other government housing project Albert French; Canton Central plays include Betsy Gysi, stage M source of inflation is the Bureau of running into a million dollars or Schools, Hugh Williams; promo- manager; Albert Marino, lighting; I I n »ance these deficitsV inflating the are nocredit to the locality and are 8e U - UwMnce; saIe s committee, I Jefferson County St. Lawrence! money supply, there will be no end all evidence that slums is about Lit Ateyah# chairman of the re- j University College Center. of inflation in America. In short, the right description. And there is te il m€rc h a nts committee. Historic until the Government balances its another side to this matter of hous- committee, Mrs. Nina Smithers, ' budget, the rest of us will never be ing. When the government gets Mrs. Karl Mayhew, Jr., and H. M.j «V»A^IT«I? able to budget the balance.\ into building housing projects the Pitman. j ENCE AT SYRACUSE had such a fabulous income to shoulders the burden of cost. What of Commerce. jticipated in the North Atlantic In- following the jCommunion service.! spend. Up to the death of Frank- haa _ the _*™ e ™™ n ^ do _ n e ^\..J^! «»JJ 16 . ^JE*?!* ? r °£ Bn L thu £ far , : ' tercollegUte Fencing Conference' The men of the DeKalb Methodist | Methodist men will hold Commu- nion breakfast, and listen to ser-' mon of Bishop W. Earl Leddon of Syracuse. Men are urged to be in church at 8:00 a. m. Bishop, Led- don will speak to the churches in' Syracuse area of which St. Law- WwM'«EositstWaytoCookl • Simply' P\* • button-its own colored light shows you instantly which cooking speed you are using! No other way of cooking is so dean, So cooL so fast, and so tssyt Features include 3 storage drawers, world's fastest charcoal- oo-glare Fota- op, deep-well ith raisable unit, control, and many soon and let us nstration! $364.95 Easy terms! Ctdrod* Unit i«~ N n Roo»Pvelt in the sDrinir of mft tter of the Ogdensburg housing May 4, (Sunday), \Go To Church;tournament, held last Saturday atcjurch will unite with the Canton' ^lJ^^M^-£^L^ project or that Of Ma88ena ' * ke l^5 y \i. M ^Z',^ ay 5 _.^ounty j Syracuse University. ' * B » -J «• ~* +\s*. over or turn the key in the door Board of Supervisors program; le Presidents of tne * t __. Tii*»«H«v nn rf w 0 ,WoH.» w. « «_7 thirty-om United States, and these thirty-one laymen for this service. The St. Lawrence team, compos-1 Morning worship, 10:45 a. m. IN EVERYDAY LAMfiUAGE HERE'S WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU When you are ready to buy a car, you simply call on us, arrange to borrow the money you need to pay for the car (less the down pay- ment) and repay the bank in con- venient monthly installments. With a bank auto r loan, you save money; you can place your car insurance Tocally, and include the insurance cost in your loan. Com hi and find eut jtart ttt aivantaias^vf a bank aits low Here The First National Bank of Canton and let the \damned thing rot and Tuesday and Wednesday, May 6-7, |ed of Captain Ronnie Pitkin andj Church school, 9:45 a. m. or in part, the cost of seven major' -The American Revolution, r Club t Pete Parker in foil, Don Granger, Sermon theme: \Glory of the ) ner Meeting of Canton Chamber ' Con . 8:00 p. m., Variety was executed at Water- the War of 1812, the Mexican War, «>wn-It was probably back forth- Show by students of the g tet e Ag _ the CivU War, World War I and f* than ? at . aa _ itwas namefl r j cu i tU ral and Technical Institute, an but the last three months of g Institute, and St. Lawrence University; Fri- d M 9 Cid an but the last three months of ^ / ^ awece University; Fri ITorid War II Yet during the ad- mg ' Watertown's first citizen and day, May 9, County-wide Boy for ^ c°usinsThat project Scout Jamboree; Saturday 2:30 for ministration of all those thirty-one together, from Washington to was under «—«-—« * w —- D. Reosevelt, inclusive— ^J\® *^ ter ^_^ x \ din * on Mcount yy c°usins-That project. Scout Jamboree; Saturday, 2:30 Square Dance, at Ap- the American taxpayers during the the struction that allowed the breezes Again this year, residents of the through \the whiskers\ of those village and ricinity are urged to seven years. \*° \*ered. Government controls nave graduaUy driven the builder y g in old fashioned attire for daily shopping. Clerks in the tors out of business. We now find «,. I°° m h | OU8e 11 CO8tm « ton to to 1951's celebration. fifteen thousand dollars and there _, you ator Harry Flood Byrd of Virginia —a Democrat. ' \** in u .T t e ° f *• »•***•*- isn't anything you can do about it. ** » which our Government has ^ when lot *£*£ ttfaSiiisr^it 1 ' ^ ca r nter> b \ y your m - jear ,another »t«Kenac ^ff^ from three to five thousand doUars »nd we are told that this deficit <Them ^ d haye fof _ is unavoidable f*r two reaa«u: > ewI » -Lbfc . i hope no t 'forever.' irst, iMcause taxes cannot safely, ke raised any furtfifer, which I de- in the old fashioned attire, similar V. F. W. News VFW AUXILIARY NOTES g and Crawford Rose in sabre, and Ellis Pierce, Jr., and Pete Parker in epee, took third place in the tournament, behind the first-place University of Buffalo and Syracuse University. Three Larrie*, Ronnie Pitkin, Don Granger, and Crawford Rose; got past the elimination round. Pit- kin went on to win first place in foil, but the others failed to place. Last year Pitkin .also took first place in foil. Within NAIFC St. Lawrence has won four meets, two against Syra- cuse, one against RIT, and place- ment in the tournament, and has lost two, one to Cornell, and the tri- angular meet at RIT. In addition, during the regular season, they fenced McGill University, losing 14-13. ; Pitkin will be doing his last col- legiate fencing this Saturday, when he enters the NCAA tourna- Unconsidered.\ following tea at 6:30 p. m., Mrs. &#*r-speed for •xtrs-ttst c brew* 6 cups of coffee I* 6 Another great Hotpoint feaaut! FREE! Donald Crossman, chairman; Rev. Magi-Gal ReCip© G»U1C1G Clyde Sparling, pastor of the First j Methodist Church in Ogdensburg, Instantly adjusts your favorite guest speaker. Lenten service in! recipes to serve any aumber of the sanctukry at 7:46 p. m. The; persons! public is invited to these services. | Week day school will be held on j £. R.. McCORMICK A Friendly Welcome and Dependable Scnncc MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ' been \cut to the bone,\ which < tainiy is for from trie.\ Reading in the evejnng paper of VFW Auxilia i n Syracu8e . Fana the death of Corliss 1>. Stiles, for- Cornell t Myrtle Gilaon ( Ruth Ayer8f mer major of Rensselaer Falls, St. Florence Howard and Areolene Po- Lawrence University alumnus and tonock. ment at New Haven. The other On Saturday, March 16, the f o i. j members of the team will be re- lowing Auxiliary sisters attended | tu 1 ™\ 1 * next y 6 * 1 \- the annual mass meeting of the I good Olds iroes on offering Ulustra-1 g °°i C ±™> ° n e maj h T y • ^ Following the meeting a teeti- wids gees on < » e \ n « ™~\ mark \There was one who might mon ial dinner was held in honor of rj ^LZZl ^J? ^i 1 Ukd to th lt f ^ th h Ntil V^ may interest | He came Q£ yon U knew that a salmen, swim- »ing up Columbia River te spawn 1 the sa the Nat y, p Griffith > ftnd de . the bric k home on partment pre8 i den t, Mrs. Phyllis £rom ^^^ Junction to Belcher. g p ^ ^^ £rom ^^^ Junction to Belcher. passes under jurisdiction of twelve Hermon _ Corlia8 stiles ^d a si s . Monday evening, March 17, a St. Federal agencies. And please re- Jeggi e Pik » ber this: the salmon spawns member this: the salmon spawns alg o gt y g, , ^ Patrick » s party was hel d in teacherr off schools,, hall,, whichh wass prettilyy decoratedd i d hit e t lit Mem p rence p^j,,,^ teache o schools hall whic wa prettil decorate an4 ultimately dies; but the a«en- who married Elmer E McBr ide. i n 8T een and white streamers, lit- 1-lrt eve * | The editor cannot allow men and tl e *»P hats » n A d •» •*\• , o f Sham- »J J^^ *-« covered eaes which also spawn fa4e away! } women like the Stiles family mem- covered Clarence Brown Republican Wednesday from 10:00 a. sou Choir, rehearsal Wednesday at! 7.-00 p. m. and 2:25 p. m. The Young Adult Fellowship will meet at the parsonage on Tuesday! and SONS 85 Main Street—Canto* PhoM 25*5 night. \Dr. Francis Prays will be i . FOR SALES ami SERVICE!, guest speaker. ANN LATIMER AND JIM FRASE Y. C. WINTER CARNIVAL ROYALTY Senior class candidates Ann Lat- imer and Jim Frase were revealed as the winners of the student elec- tion for the Youth Commission Winter Carnival royalty to reign over the proceedings at Appleton| Arena last Friday evening. The action-packed carnival with participants from the grade school level through the high school was well attended as an audience of 900 parents and friends were pres- ent at the carnival. Members^ of the St. Lawrence Qn Friday night, Men's Club will I\ observe Ladies' Night. Covered 11 dish supper at 7:00. All ladies of the church are invited. Larry Pries I will show slides taken in Korea. ' * • * Christian Science Services In the Church Edifice, Potsdam Sunday LessonSermon, 11:00 a. m. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Wednesday evening testimony meeting, 7:30 p. m., reading room, •IS Elm sereet. Open week day af- ternoons from 3 p. m. to 5:30. Mon- day and Thursday evenings, 7 to 9. You are cordially invited to at-j tend the church services and enjoy the privileges of the reading room, which include t\ fre*» lending li- biaiy The glorious nature of spiritual reality will be brought out in all Christian Science churches next Sunday. The subject of the Lesson- Sermon wHl be \Reality.\ > those mention- ? ^nairman, Belva lhomas, assist- Junior Skating Club put on a col- V11 AmericTna^ who \^ ^ Di « ha ^. A ^ a L <>Mell orfu l and entertaining exhibition, Americans who d LaVerne Woodside. This was o f ic e skating baaed on the theme'f' 1 Clarence Brown of Ohio-l quote a; edf were genuine Americans who and ^Verne Woodside. 1 This was ™ ^ ^ Republican this time-*as ce«te4 ilove d ^ home| the village, the f o u owe d by a card party in the rec- ° Th e oicf Woman 75 different Government Bwea«s land where they were born and its rea tion room and daficing on the a gw'\ The Soun which deal with transportation, 66 j institutions and never failed in other side of the hal^. Music was direction of Mrs E which compile statistics, ?7 dealing uy, loyalty to home, country and furnished by the VFW orchestra. Plenty of thrills Who lived ^n' kings The Golden Text will be: \Holy holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of His glory.\ (Isaiah 6:3). One of the selection* to be read om the Bible will be: \All the of the earth shall praise with foreign trade, 34 with ascqui sation of land, 22 with insurance, 15 with housing, 14 with forestry aad six with business relations.\ And looking the condition over, friends. There is general approval of the D y ;The highlight of the evening was the acknowledgement of the birth- > of Sister Madeline Wheeler bill sVonrorerb7*SenatorpMl\Dy and v commander ' Jav Tod d *>* th e Grave* of Gouverneur, which enact- \«*••*« and ^ eats - ™* <™wd ed into law, by passage of both o f the K o f c the American people are being led housea o f the legislature and the joined u g i n the late evenin » down the road to national ruia be- signature o f the governor, increas- On th bowlini r team' the cause they haven't thfught it.worth | in g t he number of justices in the ^ *£ ^iTf f^' nL while to select a man for president who can be depended on to per- form a major operation in govern- tent, stop inflation, balance the Fourth Judicial District from six to IppUance.* Helen Waske had^high seven. The district is a large one single and triple. with eleven ^counties including 8L O n Tuesday evening the shuffle- r»,.u ^'n_ hM Q Lofd when th hear the was under the| wir| h o f Thy mouth „ t < Ye& they . shall sing in the ways of the Lord: | Ruth Blankman. musical chair contest, and the hock- ey matches. There were three in all, a Pee Wee League event, and ] (Psalms 138:4, £) ( From the Christian Science text-t book, \Science and Health with; The game was played with brooms and a basketball and both to the ideal of all that, is perfect j and eternal. Through, many genera-! While you're away It is no trouble at all for a burglar to break into your home while you are away, even though you carefully lock the doors and windows. There is only one fool- proof burglary protection —a Residence Burglary policy that adequately covers your valuables. The MacFadden Agency Inc. Insurance - Real Estate Canton, New York Phone 8585 Representing Hartford Fire Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn. , , , i tions human beliefs will be teams had some clever costumes. | ;„„ Ai ^ ^.j j The affair produced plenty of laughs, and some of the faculty Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton, Es- board Red team won over the Blue j are still rubbing liniment into their budget, clean out government bu- ( seX f Warren, Washington, Sara- 93 to 60. Vivian Nowlan had high j sore muscles and bruises. reaus, take hundreds of thousands' togaj Schenectady, Montgomery, scsfre of 53 points, Viola Lewis 40. o* bureaucrats off the Federal pay- Fulton and Hamilton. Mrs. Harold Santimaw of Gouver-; THERON C. LEONARD PASSES roil. We ought, to hark back to the Another justice will relieve nfeur auxiliary was a guest. j AT CANTON NURSING <lays when such men as Andrew overworked supreme court justices Send in that essay. All must be, . HOME\ Jackson were on earth. Under the* w jj 0 face heavy calendars and are postmarked before midnight, \ second Adams the country was d e i aye d j n passing on to the next March 31. April 1 is the deadline. 1 Theron C. Leonard, 80, retired nearly bankrupt, conditions were ass i gnm ent. At the same time it Mai J,, t0 Essav Chairman Mrs. Bel- cheesemaker and later librarian at recognize * \\ - 1 --*- 2 -- \*\ \\ T J - ^ . . ^._ . „ ._ _.J«.. of Jackso ing diviner conceptions, and the ^im-j , ' mortal and perfect model of God's! Junewetl—My wief likes coffee I creation will finally be seen as the j for breakfast while I like tea. only true conception'of being.\ (p.) Longwed—You'll soon get used 260:7-12). - 1 to coffee. ,. .. . ,. . - , corsage, presented to Ulrs. ! Funeral services will be held on eration, it saved the comtrv ^ for A matiah B. James of Ogdensburg, Mynlj , Spicer by Mrs . Esther Rood Tuesday at 2 p. m. in Crary Mills the time. Jackson smashes the hide- who was th e flrst justice to, serve j n behalf of her co-workers at the Church, Rev. C. H. McVey oflFiciat- ous head of treason ^n the south under the constitution of a hundred Dorm. Every guest in the room j ing. Burial will be in Crary Mills when southern Democrats, John C. year9 ag0 > and St. Lawrence had received a piece of the cake. Later j Cemetery. Galhoun determined on secession— a supremee courtt justicee alll thee wayy thee regularr lunches were served! Mr. Leonard was born Dec. 17, Jackson is quoted as sending word down \ ' ™__x__ T>__.,I— T—u-_i _^*.u to Calhoun \Secede and • * • * III hang you as high as Haman.\ came j udge Tappan of Potsdam • have his and followed Judge Leslie W. Rus- » the Union. He se n o f Canton, Judge John M. Kel- I Jacklkm ^ ould h * T e ke «» t hi s lo« ot Ogdensburg and Judge John w \ \'—' B ^Belva\B. Thomas, He i 3 'survived by two sisters, word - Coleman Crapser of Maasena who publicity agent. Mrs. Abbie L. Willmarth and Mrs. • And it might be well when the was followed v by Judge Ellsworth Vivian Nowlan, Bessie L. Gibson, and one brother, American voters go to the polls in C. Lawrence of Malone, all good assistant. Charles Leonard, all of, Canton; also nieces and nephews. CASH FOR TAXES Don't borrow unnecessarily, but if youVa short of rawly cash (or i worthy 1 a suprem cour justic al th wa th regula u , d down the line, Judge Sawyer of by Hostess Pauline Lambert with, 1871 in the town of Canton, a son regular meeting is April j to Miss Lettie Leach on Feb. 15, POM) a loan from TbueneA may be tna beet solution. If. \YIS\ U 4 Owl of S Employed mm and woman .. . writp, in today. iu$2St*$S00««l topey Manlfcfy 15 MM. 11 Mot. CASH YOU GET $260 $20.67 1778 Ahw* ••yu h tmm $500 $38.57 33.00 m. JN. V.J 00.1 97 MAUOT tnm, wanmm, * T. IMI Mii— SS4 • MM MftM. YM MAM OWN SATUIOAn UNIH NOON rmweam nnanc* nwpiwy «ff mm TMt \ tMmwmkHnMmHH A wnmin taw • IMM ri» Nit If Ml It Pays to SAVE Where Saving PAYS! We Plan to Pay at Least 21% On All Savings Share Account* and On Income Shares! Assets „..-.. .$5,030,000.00 Surplus-Profits $ 850,000.00 Canton Savings and Loan Association Our New...^ Spring Suits. in All Wool Botany Flannel . . All Wool Checks . .». Rayons POP TOPPER SUITS .., in Pastel Shades TOPPERS rand SPENCER JACKETS in Wool Fleece and All Wool Poodle I —NEW SPRING HATS —HAND BAGS —ACCESSORIES THE ANNE SHOP

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