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Commercial advertiser. (Potsdam Junction, N.Y.) 1873-1958, July 24, 1895, Image 3

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'-y ;>• r *,?,.'•: Matilda Enham , Columbia, Ta., says : \That Bearing- Down Feeling and dizzy, faint, gapping attacks Wit uxa as soon as I began to tak e Lydta E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Com pound. I was iic k wit h wom b troubles so long 1 though t I never could get well.\ COAL. (VU'brutt'il Srranton dull, sMined l.y D . L . & W. H. R. C o — \i>u Lehigh VnlU'Y Coal, George's Crvok Cuml>*U'l;uul Smithing, Eureka Steam Coal. Order s lef t with meat Firs t Nationa l Bun k wil l hav e promp t attention . R. H . SAl'KRIliErt. C ATM TOM \o. 10 Hodskin Street. THOKO l (.Hl.Y K.yVIPPK.n. C'OMI'K- TKNT WOKKMl.S . Our motto—Itom l wivrk. Satisfactio n t o customers. - 1'rires reasonable . Tonus rash . ,IoHN N. BASSKTT. .IK.. Proprietor. -«S .~.*t«-lK~~i -.^.^6. . -^ .* Thf <piiiil..u; wheels .if ila\-i H\l\' ,,v (live »a> t n i|ilU!ll!l>; \di-e/s th.lt 1H And damsels fair iln UghtH tivu.l Tile imiiiil.il- lili\ i-li- instead ,Specia l inducement- * tininh- k huver->. G. ERNEST Sins, .1 ANTON. Ketallel im l .lnliU-n.f Organs, Bicycles andSewiny MauhifSes. l%\ Biovi'le Sundrie s i n sjreut variety. BUSINESS NOTICES. Railroad Time l'ablo. HOME MATTERS. A larg e two-stor y fram e house , o n Jndso n street , eas t o f Harrison , t o rent . Enquir e a t thi s office. Th e oldes t inhabitan t can't remem - ber when wate r was s o low i n th e Uraa s a s it;ia a t present . Hop e Lodge . I. O. U . T. , No . -ilia, wil l giv e a n ic e crea m socia l o n th e lawji of Rev . .1. M. Payson , o u Mai n streeTfTnext Saturda y evening . Th e schoo l boar d ha s secure d Mis s Mar y E . Cornwell . a graduat e of th e i (sweg o Normal School , a s fourt h as - sistan t o n th e facult y of ou r Union School . Th e favorites , (iorton' s New Orlean s Minstrels , are comin g i n thei r own specia l palac e car, o n August Oth. This 1 wil l b e th e even t of th e season.' Put th e dat e i n you r hat . A gan g of men , unde r th e directio n of Roa d Commissione r William Potter , are relayin g th e two flights of ston e step s i n fron t of th e Town Hal l an d re- pairin g th e sidewalk . Afte r th e morning servic e a t th e Pres - byteria n churc h las t Sunda y thre e babe s wer e baptized . They wer e th e chie f treasure s of ByTo n an d Fre d Rog - ers' an d E . W. Frison' s homes . A part y consistin g ti Messrs . C. W. Hartridg e an d Trace y Martin . Mrs . D . S. Lynde . an d Misse s Russell , Lynde an d Traver , went t o Cranberr y Lak e Monda y t o spen d a coupl e of weeks . Th e Young Men' s Musica l Clu b wer e ou t serenadin g Frida y night , an d thei r melodiou s voice s blendin g wit h th e dul - ce t note s of th e guita r an d mandoli n ' tilled ou r dream s wit h Castilia n visions . If yo n happe n t o se e a green-winge d insec t abou t hal f a n inc h long , with a yello w head , loiterin g aroun d you r po - tat o patch , trea t him kindly , a s h e i s th e implacabl e enemy an d destroye r th e potato- bug . On r loca l contemporary . Th e Plain - dealer, ha s a ful l editoria l force thi s week , Messrs . G. B . Mauley , editor , an d Willist.i n Mauley , associat e editor, bein g assisted b y Mr. R- C. Ellsworth , as local edito r an d reporter. CANTON'S CALLERS. f Stuck on th e Place. Monda y mornin g Sheriff 11. R. Smith and Fran k Mareeau , of Ogdensburtr. wen t o n a littl e tri p t o Monro e peni - tentiary . The Sheriff returne d tha t night , bu t Fran k like s th e plac e m wel l tha t h e wil l sta y si x months . It e use d to lik e whisk y to o well , befor e l.e cam e to Canto n jail. Th e I'.llal i . race s of th e pe n nex t ' A M AM'o S A M U.)irik5' West Wniug Host A M 11 i n r\ M i: •*; !• M V M 1 mi I' M II US Th cui t Coughla n wil l Elia l U . horses, an d T . U . S., '* on I lie T-- Kingston, Out., cir- Tnesda y an d I). J . shi p th e thre e speed y Morle y Boy . Bunni e U t o Trenton , th e Uuin; anil nth • Ig Solltl West MAILS I I.OXK 47 AM U 'iti A M :l K P M. ll^nisS Ku-t. Iti-.Cl A M . il it\. V M MUNK V T O LOAN. Canto n Saving s an d Loa n Association . Appl y t o ('. J . Perkins , Secretary . Special s fur Frida y bargai n day . Silk ginghams , former price 1'i*.. Frida y Ik-. :t7+c. •' 'ilio. 4Sc , •• :iSc. ' r,n ( \, •• :uic. Latlies' lu gnage , specia l heel an d to e heruisdoo f fast black hose . Wc. per pair : ladies' an d Misses' ribbed \ests fro m .V. up. Com e early an d avoi d fainting . H . s. WiiiTviutsii . Almond Mil k Toile t Soa p make s La - dies' hand s a s soft a s velvet . Tr y it . Pric e 10c. pe r cake. Sol d b y Do n M. Spencer. 14-lot WANTEII—Pasture for severa l broo d mare s an d colts . Enquir e a t Nutwood Stoc k Farm , Canton , N . Y . Call an d se e al l woo l carpet s at -H' ne t pe r yard , a t H . S. Whitmarsh's . If yo n ar e i n want of an y kin d of lumbe r cal l o n Tallma n <& Howe , an d don' t forge t the y hav e loo.imo shingle s t o sell a t bette r price s tha n ca n b e ob - taine d elsewhere . $1.IH) Shirt Waists for \><><•.; .\iOc. for 2\)—to close stock. Big bargains in all styles at Miss Paige's this week. The old and reliable Cortland Wagon Oo.'s Carriage s an d Wagons. J. H. Cl.utK . Ste p in . Ou r millinei*y departmen t i s on th e first floor. H . S. Wbitmarsh. stan d of th e circuit , th e latte r part of thi s week . Afte r takin g i n th e race s at Trenton , Picton , Napanne e an d Kingston , \Lucky Dan \ wil l brin g hi s strin g of trotter s bac k t o th e states , an d star t the m a t th e hea d of th e Norther n New York circuit , a t Carthage , o n August '20th. Joh n Reynold s goe s alon g with th e outfit a s drive r an d Oeorg e talone a s groom . H. H . Babcoc k an d road wagons . Co.'s tine carriage s ,T. H . Cl.AKK. Te n thousan d fee t of sidewal k lumbe r for sal e b y Tallman & Howe. Firs t clas s Carriage s •west possibl e prices . an d Wagons a t J . H . CI.UIK. A Kelic of Ye Olileli Time . It i s seldo m tha t a genuin e charcoa l rig is seen upon our streets, nowadays, for charcoa l i s bu t littl e use d an d char - coa l burnin g i s almos t a thin g of th e past i n St . Lawrenc e county . Dwight Eeh*, fro m th e backwood s of Pierrepont , drove into town Monday with a big boat-shape d wagon pile d hig h with \'H) bushel s of charcoal , which h e peddle d among ou r blacksmit h an d tailo r shops , an d t o th e goo d housewive s of th e town for kindlin g tires. Mr . Eel s ha s a charcoa l pi t or two burnin g mos t of th e tim e durin g th e summer . He ha s th e field al l t o himself , an d finds a read y marke t for hi s produc t i n th e villages . Canton Butter and Eg g Market. The Canton'butte r marke t i s reporte d b y ou r loca l buyer s a s quie t an d dull , with ligh t receipts. Fo r dair y butte r fro m 14 t o l\i cent s i s pai d whil e th e rulin g price s for creamer y good s ar e fro m is t o \H\ cents . Th e New-York marke t quote s dair y butte r a t abou t 1(1 , tc) UU cent s an d creamer y a t 17 t o 17'.. , Bosto n lead s New-Yor k o n price s thi s i week , quotin g dair y good s a t ltU t o 1\ cent s an d creamer y a t fro m 1*H t o tft. Bu t fe w egg s ar e no w offering : I th e Canto n marke t an d th e price s pai d b y loca l dealer s rang e fro m 11 t o 12 cents . Th e cit y market s quot e egg s at fro m H t o 15 cents . Strangers Sojourning Her e an d Citizen* .Straying Abroad. • —Mrs . J . S. Gal e returne d fro m Ver - mont las t Friday . —Mrs . John Gilber t i s spendin g a few week s i n Utiea . —Mis s Mami e Londraville . of Pots - dam , i s visitin g friend s in town. —Warne r B . Matteson , Esq. , o f New- York , i s visitin g relative s i n town-. —Nelso n Robinson , Esq. , was calle d t o Ogdensbur g Monday , o n lega l busi - ness . —Mrs . L . L . Jackso n an d he r childre n wil l go t o Trou t Lake week , fo r a n outing . —Mis s Grac e Getman lef t Monda y j afternoo n for Theresa , t o visi t he r ol d home fo r a fe w weeks . • i —Prof. W. B . Gunnison , o f Brooklyn , arrive d her e Friday , an d wil l remai n nnti l th e first of September . —J. Fre d Hammond, D . D . G . P . o f th e Od d Fellows o f Norther n New Yor k spen t Frida y a t ou r onl y city . —Mr . Geo . E . Champli n lef t fo r Ham-, let, N. C, Tuesday , havin g bee n calle d , ther e o y th e illnes s of hi s wife . —Mrs . L . W. Wellington an d he r so n , F. L . Wellington , of New-York , ar e visitin g friend s i n Bicknelville . —Mis s Louis e Emerson , of Brooklyn , i s passin g a fe w week s her e a s th e gues t of he r friend, Mrs . Ale x Millen . —Mis s Alic e Case y goe s t o Glens Fall s Thursday , fo r a fe w weeks ' visi t with he r aunt , who reside s there . Mrs. G . H . Smart , of Olympia . Wash., is spendin g a coupl e of week s her e wit h he r daughter , Mrs . John Wilbur . —Messrs . Stev e P . Keegan an d Georg e Q. Hacket t drov e ove r fro m Ogdensbur g Monda y an d visite d (Janton friends . —Messrs . G. W. Lewis an d J . B . Ellswort h wer e registere d las t wee k a t th e Hatfiel d House , Massen a Springs . -G. W. McKinzie , o f Siou x City , Iowa , i s visitin g friend s i n Russel l an d , calle d o n Canto n acquaintance s las t Sat - urday , j —W. W. Hail e returne d Thursda y j morning from a week's outing at Oan-1 berry Lake, where he was a guest at Bishop's . —Mis s Marie Liotard , afte r enjoyin g ' a month' s visi t with he r sister, Mrs . > Ernes t Keller , i n Brooklyn , returne d t o | Canto n Thursday . —Mis s Minni e Power s leave s Thurs - da y for, a two tuonths\ visi t with he r siste r i n Johnstown, an d with relative s ' an d friend s i n Chateaugay . -Mr. an d Mrs . F . D . McClnsky , of Lincoln , Neb. , arrive d her e las t Satur - day , t o pas s a coupl e of week s wit h friend s i n Canto n an d vicinity . —Mrs . S. D . Kimbal l an d famil y an d Mr. M. D . Packar d went t o Cranberr y Lak e Monday , joinin g Mr . S. D . Kim - ball, who went t o th e Lak e las t week . —Mr . an d Mrs . G . W. Seymou r an d thei r daughte r Netti e cam e up fro m Massen a an d spen t th e pas t wee k i n Canton . The y lef t for Ogdensbur g yes - yesterday . — Mrs. Berti e Hoar d an d her'daugh - ter Len a an d so n Arthur , left Tues - da y mornin g for Massen a Springs , wher e the y wil l pas s a wee k a s guest s at th e Alle n House . -Miss Jessi e M. Forsyt h arrive d hen» o n Thursda y las t fro m Nort h Scituate,, R. I., wher e sh e ha s jus t close d a ver y successfu l ter m a s teache r i n th e grade d nrMt --school a t tha t place . — Fre d A . Gihuore , dru g cler k i n this stor e of M . F . Collins , at Norwood , cam e u p o n th e midnight flyer Saturda y an d spen t Sunda y herewith hi s parents . ' Mr. un d Mrs . G.'H . Gilmore . —Mrs . A . C. Drur y i s spendin g a wee k or two at Trou t Lake , a s a gneut at th e Trou t Lak e House , wher e her ' two children , Mis s (irac e an d Mustier Charlie , i n charg e of th e nurs e girl , wil l ' join her this week. —Rev. Dr. J. Clarence Lee and his wif e an d son . who hav e bee n stayin g a t th e hom e of hi s father . Dr . J . S. Lee , for th e las t rive weeks , lef t o n Monda y t o visi t hi s brothe r i n Brunswick , Me . Thenc e h e goe s t o Clyd e Park , Mass . —Hon . A . B . Hepburn , presiden t of th e Thir d Nationa l Ban k of New-York an d a forme r residen t o f Canton , laas writte n for th e August numbe r of The Forum a n articl e full y explainin g th e operation s of th e bon d syndicat e an d pointin g ou t th e excellen t result s whic h hav e followe d it s work . The articl e wil l b e rea d her e with interest . —Oeorg e H . Gilmore , actin g righ t worth y gran d patro n of th e O. E . s . of thi s district , wil l g o t o Hermon Wed- nesda y evenin g an d institut e an d pre- sen t a charte r t o Hermon Chapte r of th e Order of th e Easter n Star , No. U)H, which ha s bee n workin g for th e pas t yea r unde r dispensation . Right Worthy Grand Matro n Mis s Mari a Lawrence , of Ogdensburg , i s expecte d t o b e presen t an d assis t i n th e institutio n of th e Lodg e an d th e installmen t of th e officers. —Frederi c Remington , th e celebrate d artist , who owns a charmin g bi t of Lak e Champlai n shor e betwee n Piatts - burg h an d Bluff Point , ha s benm a t Hote l Champlai n th e pas t week . And thi s call s t o min d th e fac t tha t th e cur- ren t nnmbe r of \Harper' s Weekly \ ha s a super b pictur e of hi m wit h a sketc h b y Julia n Ralph , i n which h e speak s of th e lifewor k of thi s stron g iiatense dynam o of a man bein g th e portraya l of th e marc h of th e white settler s an d pioneers , th e co w boy s an d prospect - ors, ove r th e Grea t West , an d th e stubbor n allegianc e t o th e trut h tha t h e put s i n ever y pictur e h e makes. — Plattsburg h Republican. * A MW SCHOOL .HOUSE. OU R UNIONr SCHOO L TO HAV E A BIG ANNE X ADDED , TT Th e Siueclal Meetin g Goe» off Withou t an y KxoUeuient Whatever, and th e Proposi- tion to Raise •8,600 t o Buil d a n Addi - tion to tb e Presen t Union School Build - ing tA Adopte d by a Vote of 5 0 t o 10 . After the exciting special school meet- ings of last spring, at which all sorts of schemes for increased school room facili- ties were proposed and advocated with A UTTsLERED WAGON. •» (\- \ • ; That' s What-Oa r WPB Laddie*, Want an d Outfi t to Have . Our effioienfe fire department held' a regular meeting for, practice with fire apparatus, last Tne»day evening, wolch resulted in nrach valuable information being obtained regardinrf(rtb,e easiest method of access to th^rarfa of several of our loftiest buildings. The only serviceable long ladder owned by the department is a light but strong 40-foot extension ladder, recently pur- A FULL GROWN FOUNTAIN. this I great warmth and zeal, the lack of in- ^ ^ fey ^ department terestt shown in the special meeting of , m _ . - . . . _,„„ maA . special Thursday evening last, when the ques- tion of raising funds for the erection of an addition to the present Union School building was submitted to the voters of the district, was so astonishing as to be almost disappointing. One would natmrally have supposed that the op- ponents of this \addition\ plan would Th e Old Fftrk Ornamen t wil l Mow Hav e a <hanc o t o Aasert XtneK. When our public pari: in the centre of the village was graded up and made a thing of beauty through the efforts of the Village Improvement Society, dur- ing the summer of ,1898, it was decided to erect a fountain in the centre of the grounds, to add the cooling sp^ay of splashing watera to the sylvan beauty of the scene. - So a big iron fountain, severely plain and substantial, was pro- cured at an outlay of some hundreds of dollars, and was duly erected and supplied with aqha pnra from the to determine how the Toots oE Canton's i water mains. All had gone merrily 80 _' Tuesday evening and trialu were made quartet of three-Story buildings could best be mounted by its aid. It was not long enough to reaob to the -top of the battlement on Miner block or to the roof of the Conkey & Gulley block nejtf west oii Main street. Extended to its full length, however, it would just reach to be out in full force todefeat it, but they | - Q ^^ bniMingi failed to come to the polls. The -ad- dition\ scheme was a sort of a compro- mise measure, anyway; not entirely BatiBf actory to the board of education, who would probably have favored » L^.^ ow tha r00 f of the St. Law- primary building in the Miner street the St. Lawrence Bank block. In case, therefore, that it becomes necessary to mount the roof of Miner block or the Conkey & Gulley block, they must be quarter of the town, and not satisfactory to the opposition, who would have liked to see a separate naw building on the Union School grounds. As this scheme was probably the only one that stood a chance of being adopted, and as the need of ad litional facilities was urgent. the measure was evidently tacitly acqui- esced in by all factions, as the only way out of the difficulty. I The special meeting of Thursday even- ; img last was held pursuant to the f ol-' lowing notice, published in this paper • an d i n ou r loca l contemporary : '. Notic e i s hereb y give n pursuan t t o | statute , that a specia l schoo l distric t meetin g wil l b e hel d i n arid fo r Union ; Fre e Schoo l Distric t Number One , o f th e town of Canton , New York, a t th e ! schoo l buildin g i n sai d district , o n the | 118th da y of July , 189r>, a t ~ o'clock in renc e Ban k building . The only remain - ' in g three-stor y buildin g in th e busines s par t o f the town i s th e Haven House, and it was found by experiment with the extension ladder that the only way . to reach its main roof was via the roof 1 of the rear -annex, which could be far, but when the Water was turned on the trouble commenced. Whenever, under the influence of an unlimited supply of drink, the fountain got into a squirtive mood, a half-grown deluge inundated the park, for the largest basin was only about 15 feet in dia- meter and the height of the stream! when the fountain'was feeling well was | about twenty feet. As a consequence, 1 we had a nice dry iron ornament out in • the middle of the lawn most of tbe time,, for if .the wind blew the water had. to t be turned off so that the descending', shower wouldn't wash away the face of i natur%in the surrounding park. Major D. M. Robertson, under whose' direction the improvements on the park; were made, and several other members i of the Village Improvement Society,' Everybody Should Knoi That the latest novelties in Sterling Silverware eclipses anything ever before shown. To satisfy yourself of this all that is necessary is to ' examine the beautiful dis- play now made by J. F. Butler, scaled by means of the extension ladder. I were naturally much dissatisfied with ' All the three-story dwelling houses and other buildings in tbe village can be scale d easil y by means o f th e new ex - tensio n ladder , and now, i n cas e o f fire, the department knows exactly how. to \get there.\ The new extensio n ladder , togethe r with two ligh t singl e ladder s owned by th e department , ar e al l tha t ou r firemen need in the way of fire-scape apparatus in this two-story town; but they do need a truck , *o n which t o transpor t thei r the conduct of their three4mndred- dollar fountain, and looked about them for a remedy. They found that the old subscription paper for park improve- j ment showed a balance of $81 still un- j collected, and it was thought that with; this sum for a nest egg enough more: money could be collected to build a 1 large stone basin around the foot of the' fountain. The \peerless\ yellow marble | from the Canton Marble Company's i quarries, that was delivered for the new \ court house but never used, was pro-1 cured for the walls of the basin, and! Main Street, Canton. Artistic designs in Sterling Silver Belt Sets. Sterling Silver Shirt Waist Sets, Sterling Silver Belt Pins, are now shown, and all the new Sterling Silver Novel- ties will be on exhibition as soon as produced. (the evening, for \the purpose of voting j three ladders to a fire, and one should ( worfa wa8 commenced- j^,. Bobert . rapon the following question, viz.: , D e procured for them at once. No cost-; 80 n had charge of the work, as before. Shall Unicm Free School District i ytracki8 nee ded or desired, but simply a and Judd Farmer was boss of the Number One of the Town of Canton, ., , , \ , . , , , ,„ , masons For a eonnle of weeks oast a New York , rais e b y ta x i n Instalments , ligh t running-gea r with low hind wheel s . ™jt™ - r OT a conme 0I W ^ 4UJ *\? th e sum of Eight Thousanduch Fivef Hun-ay o f th e sam e siz e a s th e fore wheel s Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. r¥ ; -s&Kf ^rnmm •% REMINGTONS OF & COMPLETE LINE OF dre d dollar's o r s o m thereo a s m b e necessary , fo r the-purpos e of buildin g a n additio n t o th e presen t schoo l build - ing, upo n th e schoo l lo t of sai d distrio t i n Canton , New York'? The poll s a t sai d electio n wil l b e ope n for th e spac e of two hours . Date d Jun e 24tb . 1895. B y orde r of th e Boar d o f Education . HENRY E . SEWER, President . CHAUI.E M J. PERKINS, Clerk . I n accordanc e with th e abov e notic e th e poll s wer e opene d a t seve n o'clock Thursda y evening , i n th e chape l of th e Union Schoo l building , an d wer e kep t ope n for th e spue e of two hours . Ther e was literall y n o interes t whateve r mani - feste d i n th e meeting , onl y 00 or les s tha n a quarte r of th e legall y qualifie d voter s of th e distric t presentin g them - selves . Fo r two or thre e year s pas t th e ladie s ha d take n quit e a n interes t i n an d a lon g reac h an d light ladde r rack . Such a rig shoul d no t cos t mor e than ; $40 and could be built by anyone of Can-1 ton's wheelwrights. The old heavy, iron- gang of from six to ten men have been i busy with the work of improvement, | and by six o'clock to-night the job will. be done. About thirty-five cords of | field stone and 220 feet of marble has been used in the work, besides large quantities of mortar and cement, and It is no lunger necessary to go to the large cities to pur- chase elegant goods in this line. They can be found in extensive variety at BUT- I.ER'K. axele d truck , which th e departmen t pro- , 150 days ' labo r ha s bee n performed . cure d many year s ag o an d which now lie s store d i n th e cella r of th e engin e house , coul d doubtles s b e trade d i u a t fro m §15 t o $25 with an y o f ou r wheelwrights , an d thu s hel p t o pa y fo r a new an d ligh t truck—on e tha t would b e of som e practica l use , an d tha t coul d b e drawn b y a half-doze n men. With suc h a ligh t truc k a s we have described , th e departmen t coul d get alon g without an y regula r hoo k an d ladde r company (th e doze n men o f th e engin e compan y coul d in most case s man th e truck} , an d thus avoi d addin g t o th e expens e o f th e departmen t an d turnin g ou t s o many schoo l matter s an d ha d turne d ou t t o 1 non-taxabl e exempts . Why can' t ou r Niitli-f. Al l boo k account s no t settle d o n or lief ore Augus t 1st, 1W5, wil l b e place d for collection . Du S M. Sl'KMT.U. Daile y & Cook, of thi s village , ar e th e St . Lawrenc e count y agent s for Th e UeLava l Separato r Co. , an d wil l kee p constantly for sale their Cream Separ- ators as well as a full Hue of extras, (iu t o A . K. Smith' s for Sash , Doors , Blinds , Window Frames , Mouldings , Brackets , Cisterns , Stai r Rails , Newells , Balusters , &c . We hav e th e bes t dolla r door in town. All kinds of machine wor k don e t o order. Sho p o u th e Island . Th e St . Lawrenc e editio n of th e Syra - cus e Dail y I 'ourier. a wid e awake demo - crati c pape r containin g al l th e north - er n New Yor k news au d th e lates t bas e bal l events , arrives her e eac h mornin g a t tiMX an d i s o n sal e a t Dezell' s befor e breakfast . I ju'lulmeil I.ettei-H. Belo w i s give n a lis t of al l letter s re- mainin g unclaime d i n th e post, office a t Canton . N . Y. . Jul y •••id. IM'.iri: 1). F . Dayton , Messrs . Trip p & Cripper, Thomas Piersoii, W . H. Melhinch , Willis Taylor, Lewis Smith, J. W. Car- penter, L. W, Brouse, H. W. Baker, H. O. Bradley, Hiram Porter, Orville ! Senfar. Oeorg e Blackmer . Mis s Hatti e Fox . Miss Nelli r Stanton . Mis s .lane ' -< otfer . MKI.KOK D U . BROWN. 1*. M. Sale of School Bond). Notice is hereby given, pursuant to th e statut e i n suc h cas e made an d pro- vided , tha t I shal l offer for sal e a t th e Firs t Nationa l Ban k of Canton , N . Y. . o n Saturday , August :id. 1H(K>, a t 10 a. m. , fou r bond s of Schoo l Distric t No . •JK of th e Town of Canton , N. Y. . o f th e denominatio n of |R>()0 each , runnin g on e vear with interes t a t H pe r cent . Sal e wil l be fo r i-a.sh t o th e highes t bidde r but n o bond wil l b e sol d a t les s tha n par. , WILLIAM »' BnWEN. Sole Trustee Sehool District No 'is Name It timl Yon Can Have It. Ne d Leonard , of th e Bric k Chape l neighborhood , sho t a strang e specie s of Irird th e othe r day . I t look s consider - abl y lik e a stake-driver , or bittern , lin t is abou t thre e size s smaller . Ou r loca l naturalist s ar e unabl e t o classif y it . Notice to Aliens. Canton , N. Y. , July 15th , 1895. As alien s must b e naturalize d befor e August 7t h t o vot e thi s year , I wil l hol d a Specia l Ter m o f th e Suprem e Cour t a t th e Cour t House . Canton , N. Y. , o n Monday, the 5th day of August, begin- ning at U a. in., for naturalization pur- poses LESUE W. RUSSELL. The rate s of far e t o th e Atlant a Ex- positio n -one cen t a mil e for distance s of two hundre d mile s an d over—ar e -ai d t o 1 « th e lowes t eve r give u b y the railroad s for a n expositisn . He Stood 011 th e Brl<l|;e at Midnight. The rrsystering voic e of Garr y Empey disturbe d th e slumber s of resident s alon g th e Brookly n side, durin g th e silen t watches of Wednesday night . Uarr y ha d starte d o n hi s wear y windin g way homeward , bu t ha d stoppe d down on th e Islan d t o practic e a new son g h e was jus t learning , whic h h e san g a s follows: \Swee violish, 1 garrer'm, hie! all fer yon- Whoop 1\ Just as \ he wa s repeatin g th e refrai n for th e fourteent h consecutiv e time . Chie f of i Polic e Colb y gathere d Oarry , swee t violets and all, und he was allowed to finish his ditty in the hotel tie Smith. . Thursda y a. m . a t nin e o'clock, h e wa s brough t befor e Polic e Justic e Squires , whe n o n hi s promis e t o kee p sober an d confiue his musical efforts to calling the cows out on the Jerusalem Corners, farm , hi s cas e wa s adjourne d t o Satn r • da y nex t a t H a. m . A Sllfk Pnlitlrill Move, As severa l would-b e bosse s o f th e g . o. p . her e i n th e banne r count y wer e no t consulte d b y th e count y republica n com - mitte e regardin g th e naming o f dele- gate s t o thei r judicia l convention , an d a s a conseiinence felt slighted and' mire, Hon. Worth Chamberlain, oue of the delegate s named , hits decline d t o ac t an d ha s chose n Count y Jndge T . H . Swift t o act as his substitute. A paper has been circulated and signed by practically all th e republica n member s o f th e count y bar, authorizin g Judge Swif t t o repre- sen t th e count y a s on e of th e delegates . This was a shrewd move on the part of Mr. Chamberlain, and puts his opponents i n th e hole . Having a Ilaui Quarrel. When the drives came down last spring the pressure of logs in the mill pond on the west side of the Island was too great for the old Bullis dam, and some forty feet of the eastern end of the old structure was swept down stream. The owners of the water privileges ap- pointed a committee some time ago to repair the broken dam, but there was a clash of interests and opinions and noth- ing so far has been done. Some of the parties interested want to remove what remains of the old dam and build an en- tirely new structure, while others think , this would be a useless expense. As there is a difference of opinion among the owners and users of the water priv- • ileges, as to how much each should pay toward the woik of reconstruction, the ; committee refuses to let the contract I until the money ia. forthcoming. The I interested parties will do well to stop ' quarreling erelong and go to work, as 1 their dam should' be finished before the heavy fall ranis set in. It 19 better to ' have any kind of a dam than to have a 1 dam quarrel. GONE TO HER REWARD. Death of th e YeneraUle O'DHHCOII. at Ht. Mnry Mrs. Abigail 4 HeeUiry. A t a n earl y hou r las t Thursda y fore- noon , Mrs . Abigai l O'Driscoll, Ithe ven - erable mothe r of Ver y Rev . Jame s O'Driscoll, die d a t th e residenc e of he r son, wher e sh e ha d reside d stneo th e deat h of he r husban d many year s ago . Sh e ha d bee n confine d t o he r be d for two an d a hal f year s previou s t o he r deat h an d hail bee n a grea t bu t eve r patien t sufferer. Th e funera l wa s hel d a t St . Mary' s church , withi n thin shado w of whose walls th e las t year s of he r peacefu l lif e ha d bee n spent , o n Satur - da y morning a t nin e o'clock. Th e mas s was celebrate d b y Yica r Genera l Walsh, of Plattsburg , with th e Rev . Fathe r Rossiter, of Malone, as deacon; Rev. Father Brown, of Hogansburg; as snb- deacon, aud Rev. Father Brice,, of Brash- ton, a s maste r o f ceremonies , an d as- th e poll s i n ful l force. They wer e con - spicuou s b y thei r absenc e Thursda y evening , onl y four voting . I t i s believe d tha t th e entir e quarte t vote d agains t th e proposition . O f th e 00 vote s cas t .\ill wer e fo r th e ta x an d onl y 10 against , am i th e propositio n was accordingl y pronounce d carried. () n Monda y evening , a t half-pasUefve n o'clock, th e Boar d of Educatio n me t a t thei r roo m i n th e Town Hal l building , H . E . Seaver , presiden t of th e Board , presiding , an d Trustee s Sheldo n Brewer , J. N. Bassett , D . S. Rice, Ed . Aldrich . ii . E . Sims , G. S. Conke y an d Wesle y Howe an d Clerk C. J . Perkin s bein g present . Architec t S. D . P . Williams , of th e Ogdensbur g firm of Williams & Johnson , was presen t o n invitatio n of th e Board , an d submitte d plan s an d specification s for th e propose d schoo l building , which wer e carefull y an d criticall y considere d b y th e Boar d an d which met with thei r heart y approval . Th e new building , a s projecte d b y th e architect' s plans , will b e practicall y a continuatio n of th e ol d schoo l build - ing. I t wil l adjoi n th e ol d buildin g at th e rear an d wil l fron t o n Jndso n street, with a n extrem e length of 00 fee t an d a dept h 70 feet. I t wjl l b e two storie s hig h with mansar d roof of th e sam e genera l styl e a s th e roof of th e ol d building . Eac h stor y wil l b e lighte d a t front , eas t en d an d rear b y si x larg e windows, an d ther e wil l b e larg e fron t an d rear entrance s on th e first floor, eac h protecte d b y a porch . Ther e wil l b e a n eight-foo t base- ment unde r th e entir e addition , for furnaces , coa l room s and wate r closets . Two wid e stairway s wil l connec t th e basemen t with th e first floor an d two mor e wil l lea d t o th e secon d floor. () n eac h floor wil l b e thre e larg e schoo l rooms , 24 x 80 fee t an d Vi fee t high , eac h lighte d o n two side s b y thre e win- dows o n a side . Then th e Boar d considere d i n detai l th e kind s of materia l t o b e use d i n th e ! constructio n of th e new building , an d ', a s a resul t of thei r deliberation s i t was decide d tha t th e underpinnin g an d wateT tabl e shal l b e o f Canto n or Gouver - neu r marbl e an d th e wall s o f brick, with trimming s t o match th e ol d build - ing. Doubl e floors of first qualit y kiln - , drie d spruc e shal l b e lai d throughou t th e building , with a cemen t floor i n th e basement . The room s ar e t o b e finished i n ash , an d a s nearl y a s possibl e lik e th e finish of the old building. Between ! the roomB an d th e wall s shal l be finished wit h I goo d ordinar y plastering . The wind - I ows shal l be glaze d with double-thic k I glass and be fitted with inside ohutters. These plans may be varied a little by All of this has been paid for with money raised by subscription, chiefly through the efforts of Mrs. D. M. Robertson. 1 As it now stands the fountain is not' only an ornament to the park, but it is 1 useful after the manner of fountains,' for.i t ca n thro w wate r withou t doing ! an y damage t o th e park. The ol d iro n fountain with its four basins has been raised about five feet, and from the ground to the top of the fount is now abou t eightee n feet. O n th e ground , with th e ol d fountai n a s a centre-piece , a bi g circula r marbl e basin , thre e fee t deep and 94 feet in circumference, has been built. Rising from the centre of this basin, which will be constantly filled with water , i s a n iro n pilla r sup - portin g five othe r iro n basins , which decreas e i n siz e a s tha y ascend . At th e to p i s a je t fro m which a column o f wate r wil l ascend , t o descen d i n a showe r t o th e miniatur e lake s i n th e basin s below . Within a da y or two wate r will b e turne d on~ an d th e new- foun t will b e allowe d t o baptiz e itself. 1 LAW MAKES ALL MEN EQUAL. Gold and Silw batches, MEN'S, YOUTHS, BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S REA0Y¥ADE CLOTHING! REGARDLESS OF COST to make room for new Fall Good*. We will not allow old stock to accumulate in our store at any cost. s^ M Perfec t timepieces , i n grea t variety , at marvelousl y low prices. Don' t fail t o se e them . Fine Jewelry. village fathers, at their next meeting, put the old truck and ladders into the hand s of th e chie f of th e departmen t an d appropriat e besid e th e sum of twenty-fiv e dollars , with which he may procur e a new truck . This would b e a simple , quic k au d eas y way o f disposin g of th e matter . Somethin g shoul d b e done , a t any rate, for no man knows when a big fire may come, and a light ladder truck i s th e cryin g nee d of th e department . To b e wel l equippe d fo r an y emer - genc y tha t may arise, ou r fire laddie s nee d 5U0 fee t o f new cotto n woven hose , for i n cas e o f a bi g fire, when th e 1,500 hundre d fee t o f goo d hos e that the y now have would probabl y b e al l i n us e o n hydrants , i f i t becam e necessar y for th e engin e t o resort t o th e rive r th e suppl y o f hos e would b e short . This matte r shoul d b e looke d afte r b y th e villag e boar d a t once , fo r th e onl y way t o guar d agains t th e out-brea k of a bi g fire i s i n th e sam e way tha t th e Eu r opea n power s guar d agains t th e outbrea k of war , b y bein g everlastingl y read y fo r it . SAVE THE CANNON. Our Only Defence, th e Old Nino-Pounder, In Danger of Bolng Surrendered. Since our old brass nine-pounder was brought back from (Jouverneur, after tne recent Fourth o'July celebration, it has stood out alongside of the park, as forlorn as an old homeless veteran with- out a pension. But there is a place for homeless old guns, if there isn't for old 80ns of guns, and unless the village officers or some of the good citizens be- stir themselves before very long and provid e a home fo r th e ol d howitzer . Canto n will probabl y los e he r onl y piec e of artillery . That th e publi c may understan d full y th e necessit y fo r im - ££K a of °&ht^T^St ; fineTndU^th^nrtiTe^to walT a £? Canton - ^ 3 m or two . The justic e committed hi m t o Durin g th e lat e civi l war ordinanc e ' th %^ 6 ° f ? hief °*J?? U( * 9 o1 ^' j^uiiu g >« «*vo \'\ ., »„ __„_, i Then Watson sue d Da VIA for damages , making took a grea t strid e forward , , ^w tha . Davi8 ma iiciously injure d and muzzle - oadin g canno n lik e muzzle - ^K^^r, an d tha t th e young loadin g smal l arm s becam e reb.es of th e , r ,, \ otf»««^«\ «»\•» \\•*\. , 1.\ ._ past , worth simpl y s o much a pound fo r ^ U °w was intoxicate d whil e drivin g ol d metal . M . D . Packard , W was ^ eri £'. Then a newspape r accoun t o f the n superviso r o f th e town , anrf was a ^ e ^^ a PP<> ared /, which by implica - promJnt member o f the' Canto n re- , ^ an d m^nuahon made th e sam e ^n^Z^T^eZoJ^cX^J^A' °T 6 0ff iv! D ?° llC ? ^^ ,j 0 Squire' s cour t roo m Monda y forenoo n Larg e and- elegan t assort- ruet o f high grad e goods , eniliraciug many novelties, of unique designs and ar- tistic workmanship. TARE NOTICE All flur goods are marked in plain figures on each garment. AYe have now annexed sv new ticket, showing both the old and new prices. A fan e Wher e Truth Crushed to liartH Got ou He r Fee t Aeuln. A suit was tried befove Police Justice A . Z. Squire s Monda y forenoon , which although o f littl e importanc e i n itself, was made locall y interestin g throug h th e sensationa l au d a s i t now appear s slanderous newspaper account of the affair i n which i t ha d it s inception . O n July 4t h ex-Chie f of Polic e Anse l Watson went t o Gouvernen r t o cele - brate , an d lef t a young fello w named Will Davis to drive his street sprinkler. Durin g th e da y Davis had th e mis - fortun e t o ru n afou l of a telegrap h pol e with the unwieldly machine , an d dam - age d th e ri g t o som e triflin g extent . When Watson returne d tha t night fro m his celebratio n he learne d of what hu d happened . About noo n th e next da y he starte d t o go int o Ed. Rushton' s saloo n an d met Davis nea r th e door. : Watson i s bi g an d burl y an d weighs' ove r two hundred . Davi s i s a sligh t young cha p an d don' t weigh ove r on e i hundredand thirty . The bi g ex-Police - j man struc k th e youth i n th e fac e an d knocke d him backwar d agains t a parti - tion . ' Davis a t once went befor e Polic e ; Justic e A . Z. Squire s an d obtaine d a \ warran t fo r Watson, o n th e charg e o f , assaul t i n th e thir d degree . Chie f o f 1 Polic e Charle s Colb y arreste d ex-Chie f of Polic e Watson tha t afternoon . He j was arraigne d befor e Polic e Justic e Squires , pleade d guilty an d was fined ! $0 o r five day s i n 3ail. He state d tha t • he didn' t hav e th e money t o pa y th e Optical Goods. celebrate in those days than they now, and the republican town organ- , ization had long been desirous of: obtaining a cannon to fire salutes with, j Mr. Packard learned that the U. 8. ( militar y departmen t of thi s stat e ha d a , lo t of out-of-dat e canno n that were! practicall y useless , s o he wrot e th e i quarter-maste r genera l of th e stat e an d The roo m was crowde d t o th e door s Carso n Chamberlain , Esq^, appeare d fo r Watson an d Lawrence Russell , Esq. , for Davis. A most excellent jury was drawn, corisistingpf the following repre- sentative citizen: Wm. Stickney, Wm. Ferguson , Alvin Wallace , Sanfor d Jew - ett , Henry Woods, J . H. Rush ton . O n behal f o1 f Plaintif f Watson, Cy . Broeflfte, ..„ — D . v_X.« „..„ «» •!,<» rAA TXTov I Dena u 0 rimiinit warson, or. orceins , shall be wooden partitions arranged to have one £'^ 9'JJf\ Robe Myers and two or three bartenders ,ib, H i, fl n he finked withes 9 «\»t toCanton. Before mm \ wflregw X rn .N ot oneof th em wouldd swear siste d b y Father s Marron , of Potsdam; I necessitie s arisin g fro m th e adoptio n o f Fitzgerald , of Keeseville : Conroy . of • tuia or fcbat plan of UeafcinK an(1 veutila - ville; McMorrow, of Lowville; Stevens, ' lowed. ^sS^f tZ!£&.? jSSS^i • T1 r *«* \a*\™* at * ne oVlot *- Norwood, and Ryan, of Chicago. The nnM Saturday, July 2~th, when they mass was chanted by the reticular choir ' will meet to consider plans for heating of St. Marv's, assisted by Miss Emma i and ventilation. It is expected that Kelley, who sang the solo, \Nearer My 1 tne representatives of three or four dif- liod t o Thee \ i n a most beautifu l and L , . . . , »_u„.. „...l .. n ..i.tl„ touchin g manner . The attendanc e a t I ferent systems « f heatin g and VOnttkV th e funera l was ver y large , an d a long j tiaa will be her e on that day , to presen t ni l procession of mourning friends followed the remains to their last resting place at the new Catholic cemetery. Abigai l Coakle y was bor n a t Ennea - kain . Count y Cork , Ireland , in May, 1811, an d was theyoungeat o f a famil y o f te n children . When ayoungwoman she was married to James CyDriscoll. She was the mother of towt children, Rev. Father James O'Driscoll, rector of St. Mary's church, of this village; Sister Mary Magdalen, who died about ten years ago at Laohfne Convent, near Montreal: Mrs. John Joy, of Potsdam, who died several years ago, and Mrs. Ed- ward Nolan, of this village, who resides with her brother. Rev, Father O'Dris- coll. During the time of the famine in Ireland the husband of ithe deceased, James O'Driscoll, who waa a shoemaker by trade, came to this country and settled at Ogdensburg. About twenty- seven years ago the subject of this sketch came across the ocean and joined him at Ogdensburg, wlnere she lived until his death. Inthemeantimeherfour children had come to this country and Rev. Father O'Driscoll waa rector of St. Mary's church ot this village. At the time of herhuaband's death his mother came to Canton, and laid home waa henceforth hers until h«r death. The only memhera of her laiaily npw living are the son and daughter with whom her last days\ were spent, Rev. Father O'Driscoll and Mrs. Nolan, and her three pranachiiaren, \Mary Aianie ana James Joy. children of John Joy, of Potsdam. plans and close up a contract with the Board. As soon as the system of beat- ing and ventilation is thus fixed npon, the Board will be prepared to alcept bids for the construction of the build- ing. They advertise for bids in tbia issue of the Commercial Advertiser, and will probably meet one week from next Friday, August 2d, to open pro- posals and to formally let the contract.' It is expected that ground will be broken; by, August Sth, and that the building will be completed and ready to welcome the little ones, to its protecting walls on the Opening day 6f the winter terin. ' ^ A. I»r*nd Bnatched from th» B»rnlni. Last Saturday 4, We*ry> (&t>Graham, of Stovepipe avenue, eame before -CM. Fullington,J.P.,andenteredacomplalUt against his seventeen-year-old daughter, Rosa Graham, charging her witbijeing a disorderly person. She was arrested that forenoon by Policeman Charfee Colby and arraigned before the Justice, when she pleaded not guilty and her ease was set down for Monday morning at 9 o'clock. At that bout she appeared With Lawrence Bnaaep* 3Saq., fbr'attor- ney, and *$• Wa Wqnetfc the ««e w*» again adjourned to Tuesday, at 0 a. in. On Monday .evening she -waa married; to Charlie Cameron and the\ case has been: dropped. the gun the department exacted a bond for 1(800 fo r it s saf e keeping , sai d bond I bein g signe d by M . D. Packard , E. W. ! Thomas, cashier of tbe old Bank of Oauton, and by. John Miller, then county clerk. The two last named gentlemen nave sinc e died , and Mr . Packar d has fo r many year s bee n re - sponsibl e to th e ful l amount o f th e bond and still is. During all these years all political patties have had the free use of- the cannon alike, and its voic e has bee n hear d i n many towns and in fac t al l ove r the county . Mr . Packard has store d i t a t hi s own ex - pens e and ha s bee n to a goo d deallo f trouble to find storage for it. He naturally fpele that after a quarter of a century he ought to be relieved of the troubl e and responsibility , and thinks strongl y o f boxing the ol d grin up an d Shippin g it bac k to th e quarter-maste r general at Albany. Canton needs a cannon. A town without a cannon is very much in the position of a boy withont a drum—it may be happy, but can't express its joy worth & cent. The war department don't wanit the old cannon, but itwduia take a epeeial act of oongresB to donate or sell the old howitzer to Canton. So the thing for our village fathers to do is to assume the bond and responsibility which Mr. Packard baa so long held, and take the old gun off his Tiands. Then let *hem build a little ehed back of the edglne 'house or i n the Tear of the Town Hall, to store the old gun in, *nd Canton would be perfectly safe from fbrjeign invasion and be ready to whoop'er up at a moment'snotice. Some action should he taken s to regard to the matter iatonce, or our only piece of artillery may be surrendered and we be left \expoeedto jdl the dangers of in- vasion from without, and convulsions within.\ ., Whe n Tntvellu f , whether on pleasure bent, or business, take oq every trip'a bottleof Syrupof Fig*, as it: acts most pleasantly and effectually on tbe Mdneya,, Hver and bdweW, preventing fevers, headaches and other forroB of sickness. For sale n 50c, and $1 bottle* by all leading drnggsti.\ Manufactured by the Cali- fornia Fig Syrup Co. only. weresworn. Not one of them woul tbatDaviswasdmnkontheFonrth. On behal f o f Davis five o r si x reputabl e witnesse s wer e sworn . D. L . Jackson , Dr. A . C. Drury . E. F. Smith, H . J . Smith, Samuel Nichols and Joseph Stevens each testified that they had seen Davis on the afternoon of the Fourth , when i t was allege d that he was intoxicated , an d that h e appeare d to be sober . The jury retired , an d in a Particula r attentio n has bee n give n t o th e selectio n of good s fo r thi s depart - ment, s o tha t ou r customer s ca n have thei r eye s scit-n- tificall y an d correctl y fitted with glasse s b y a graduat e optican . Eyes teste d an d fitted every Thursday, If you have failin g eyesigh t don' t neglec t t o cal l o n that da y an d have them ex - amined . Special attention given to repairing of Watches an d Jewelry , an d satisfae - I tio n guaranteed . An inspectio n o f my stoc k i s solicited . J. F. BUTLER. AN ARTISTIC SUCCESS. MISHKH Pmves , Rul e and Fraughton Score a KuereMt* at th e I. O. O. F, ('oneerl. When a few week s ag o th e Canto n Od d Fellows decide d t o ge t up a publi c entertainment , an d th e questio n o f ex - pens e came up , th e unanimous senti- ment was t o \neve r mind the expens e bu t le t th e affair b e strictl y up-to-date. \ Thi s sentimen t was carrie d out , t o th e letter ; an d althoug h th e lodge s treasur y i s but littl e riche r tha n before , th e member s have th e satisfactio n of know- ing that fhe y have give n t o a good - size d audienc e o f ou r bes t citizen s a n evening o f genuin e enjoyment . Th e entertainmen t consiste d o f dra- mati c reading s an d recitation s an d of voca l an d instrumenta l solo s b y thre e charmin g an d talente d young artists , al l St . Lawrence count y girls . Mis s Jenni e Purves , o f Madrid , th e elocutionist , i s a young woman o f stron g an d attractiv e personality , a fine elocutionist , gifte d with a gracefu l but forcefu l presenc e an d endowed with grea t natura l talen t a s a n impersonator . Perhaps her most touching and taking selectio n was th e Scotc h dialec t recita - tio n \Cuddl e Doou, \ ye t eac h o f th e half-doze n selection s which sh e gave was most faultlessl y an d charmingl y rendered. Her vendition of the vocal selection from Handel's \Messiah\ showe d he r to b e gifte d with a stron g an d swee t and finely culture d contralt o voice . Mis s Jenett e Rule , o f Waddington, rendered the selection Aria from \Er- nanl\ in a manner that was highly pleasing and revealed a voice of rare di REMEMBER THIS IS A XEAV FRESH STOCK THIS SEASON, AND AVILL BE SOLD AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. OITSnE PBICE TO -A-ILIL.. *•& f REMiWS CORNER CLOTHE HOUSED Miner Block, Canton, N. Y. \THRIFT IS A GOOD REVENUE.\ GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM CLEANLI- NESS AND SAPOLIO (9 A Scarcity or CoKon. Davi d C . Brown, o f Parishville , an d hi s young wife , ar e stil l confine d i n ou r jail, awaiting the result of proceedings instituted against them for bigamy. In our last issrff*we gave an account of how one Elzina Cotton, believed to have a former husband living, had entered complaint for bigamy against Brown, claiming that she was already his wife when he married Jennie Ricor, his present better-half, and further re- lated how the examination was ad- journed to Saturday last, at 11 a. m. At that hour District Attorney Hale appeared before 'Squire C. Y. Fnlling- ton, on behalf of the people, and N. L. Robinson. Esq.. was on hand to repre- sent the accused parties. At the de- fendants request, and with the consent of the District Attorney, the case was again adjourned to Saturday of this week , a t 11 a. in. , t o giv e the -defend - ant s nlor e time t o loo k for Mrs . Cotton' s first husband , who although - los t t o sigh t i s ver y dea r to th e defendants . Struck th e Wron g Man. Som e peopl e lear n somethin g new ever y da y o f thei r lives , and Jeremia h Westurn. o f Stovepip e avenue , i s on e of them. Last Wednesday evenin g Jere - i miah learned that it dosen't pay to pick I up another man's quarrels. It cost him sweetness and perfect culture. She \ considerable good red blood to learn it, was heartil y applauded , an d responde d 1 but^hB's_got^ a goo d firm gri p o n th e with a selectio n that won fro m he r [ fj\ 1 * n ? w - _° n tbe .evenin g iri questio n audience most flattering manifestations of pleasure and satisfaction. Miss Dora Fraughton, of Morley, is a fine pianist, and although appearing but once on the programme she acqnit- few minutes camo hack with a verdict ted herself most creditably and showed of no cause of action. The jury's ver- diot said, in effect, that Davis was hot dran k on the afternoo n o f July fourth , and puts the partie s who have bee n traducin g th e characte r o f a n honest an d hardworkin g young man i n a mighty small hole. Notice. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education,of Union Free School District No. 1,-of the Town of Canton, New York, will receive sealed proposals for the erection of the addition to the school building of said district upon its present school lot, according to plans and specifications furnished by the architect. All bids must be presented not later than Friday, August 2d, 1895. at 7-50 p. m., at which time the Board will render its- decision. Proposals should be delivered to Charles J. Per- kins, clerk of the Board, at his office in the Town Hall, Canton, N. Y. Every bid must be accompanied by a certified check -for $250, or a bond with two sureties in the penalty of $250, condi- tioned that .the bidder will, in the event bis proposal is accepted, enter into a contract for the erection of the building, and give the requisite bond of $5,000 for the full performance of his con- tract. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Plans and specifica- tions can be obtained from tbe clerk on and after Friday, July 26th. 1895. By order of the Board of Education. HENKY E. BEAVKB. President. CHAELES 3. PERKINS. Clerk. School Meetteg-. The annual school meeting for Dis- trict No. 8, Canton, will be held at tbe Union School building, August 6th, 1895, at Vl20 p.m. < C. J.-PVBXXXS, Clerk. her ability as an accompanist all through the programme, particularly i n th e selectio n fro m \Messiah. \ Canto n audience s will always be please d in tb e futur e t o bea r an y on e o f thi s tri o o f fai r young loca l artists . A Young Lady's Lea p for Idfe. There is a young lady residing out on the Old DeKalb road who can discount anything in the way of leap-fpr-life business ever seen in Ringling's rings, and Saturday she gave a little exhibition of her abilities as a vaulter, on Hodskm street. About five o'clock that afternoon Nate Rawson, who lives out on the State road, drove up to tbe office or Butterfield's sheds, with a horse and a home-made sort of a buggy. In the carriage was Miss Maggie Smith. Jeremia h was standin g \on th e Nationa l Bank corner, leaning upon a pitchfork. Near him lounged his son-in-law, Weary Gib Graham. A Morley man named Mose Brown got into some words with Gib, when Jeremiah interferred, saying \I'll take care of him for you, Gib.\ and struck Moses over the head with the pitch fork. He didn't get any farther with his job of taking car e o f tbe Morleyite , however . I n fac t he -was unabl e to tak e car e o f himself , an d th e man fro m Morle y lent a help - ing hand. That hand caught Jeremia h just under the left ear and again under the left eye. Jeremiah picked up what there was left of himself and started for home, leaving a trail of blood all the way to Stovepipe avenue. As we re- marked a couple of weeks ago, several of the chronics are getting saucy, lately, and Colby is on their track. '- Canton Boar d of Trade. Our telegram quotes fancy cheese white l|c., colored 14c market weak; Bawson leaped ontond gallantly essayed CftD i e ggg, ea.. receipts 83,000 boxes, ex, to assist tbe young lady to alight, when 1 porfc8 18,000; creamery bntter 17c away went tbe horse on tbe dead run ' E ~ - .•......•. up Hodskm street. Miss Smith saw that the buggy was sure to be over- turned at the Chapel street corner, and just as the old rig went over she made a flying leap for the roadside. She came down asgracefully and lightly as a rope dancer, and smilingly assured the spectators that she was all right, thank you. Alex. Veitch, who was work- ing nearby on the Powell house, hit the horse just-back of the ears with a strip of siding, as it dashed through the yard wifli the overturned buggy, baiting the animal and allowing tbe bystanders to The buggy was badly banged INo. 809tt.] Report of the Condition ot M FIRST NATIONAL BANK At Canton, iu the State of New York, at the dose of Irasiuoas July 11th, 1KB.V RESOl'Kl-KS. Loans and discounts $24»\>42 !W Overdrafts, secured and unsecured . 1,640 IV ' V. 8. Bonds to secure circulation ... 10,500 GO Stocks, securities, etc 11,00000. Banking-house, furniture and ftxtureB 11,800 00 Other real estate and mortgages owned l'.TOS 25 Due from National Banks (not Reserve Agents) r SMI 83 Due from State Banks and bankers 1.091 HO Due from approved reserve agents.. 18,947 SKI Checks and other cash items 3,38ft 56 Notes of other National Banks 15 00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents ion 49 Lawful money reserve in hank, viz: Specie .$12,18H TH Legal-tender notes 5,082 IKI 17.K70 TO, Redemption fund with U. 8. Treasu- rer (ifo of circulation) 742 fid Total $»!>l.(lu4 68 l.lAllll.lTIES. Capital stock paid in $05,000 00 Surplnsfund 13.000 Oil Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 4.808 U National bank notes outstanding H,H50 00 Duo to other National Banks 4.SB4 (fcV Due to Btate Banks and bankers te 08 Individual deposits subject to check 1W.M4 fl Demand certfnoates of deppsit 18MJ4 OS I'-ertifled Checks 1.88R 53 Cashier's checks outstanding 4ftH OB LiubiUties other thuu tho*e alioy* stated r.,1112 ar, Total...J S!I51.«ITM STATE OF NE W YOHK, i „„ COUNTY o r ST . LAWRBNCF.. \ 1. W. N. Beard, cashier of the altove-namod bank, do solemnly swear that the abovie state- ment is true to the licst of ray knowledge and belief. W. N. BEARD, Cashier. RuliBcrilied and sworn to liefnre me this 82d dav of Julv, W>. J X C. E. CHAMBERLAIN. Notary Public. CottKEiT- Attest; / D. S. LVNIIF.. 1 HENR Y BUI.I.IS. -nDirfrtors, JOHN C. KKKI.KII. r ••>\'Wi W •m i -m \Mi - f.'fz&m FURNISHING secure it. _.. . . but fortunately the fair occupant -n^ m n god hoxes of twins wasn't, I number of boxes of * The worsted mills at Oswego are said to have been bought by an English aynr dicate, which is looking toward an ab- sorption of the'majority of the woolen mills in the eastern states. Welsh tubB 15e., market steady: receipts 53,000 tubs , export s 6,000. Chees e holds its\ own while butte r is off 1c. One year ago cheese sold on this board at 8£ and 815--16c. and bntter at 18 and 181c. Sixteen, years ago cheese sold on this board at 5 840c> and 6ie. and butter at 15c. We will report the whole season's transactions of 1879 next Forty-one factories have registered 4,016 boxes of cheese and seventeen creameries 1,496 tubs of bitter. To-day 7ic. was bid for cheese and 18ic. for butter, and was refneed. The large cheese were sold aMgpiind- cannot get, but lie. is pjiiPFtfee ruling price. There-sJ^^Prtubs df butte* sold at l§^#l||Pr CAKTOsfeSllPay 30th, 18B5. « ^IFM. E. WAIT, Secretary. ••«.- 'Pil&Shii 'i'-~-t-:£- & V«:.' S^^^^^tf#s#^^ zMMlm

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