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•r li'Wiir/'tyrv ir„ TOIBTKJICT.'WJ I* M . I .,j —JMWllMaUUJ *g- ; ; i ^f r s/;: s !l r. in I; I' If 1 •*-* HOME WITTERS. will AsjoNyMOUsj communications not be inserted] in this paper. a '•\ r——p—•••*-' r*—- * It is rumored that the Main street duck; pond m to be conveaied into, a skating rihk, tile coming winter. ,' . _ 1 „v« -—i— • jEi'ks is rolling ip fat. Herha^been taking his dinners at the Whitney Hoits^. : j [ \_, ItijSAjn Baiinjii, on&of the murderers of ^iakrles Wemhanj, will bcs hung on the\l|h of Becjember, at Watertow-n. • Gov. jDix has rfefu&d to in torero, to pre- vent the execution. - r—F—••« '-— -— . APPORTIONING THE, PAJSTY SPOIXS. —The ^lainjdejaler and Courier and Freerhai^ haYe been designated by the Boari °$Superyis6rs to publish its pro- ceedings!, ami the Republican»and Ad- vance\ to pyint che laws. \ . Bo<|m>and shjOesof all grades lower Store. than ever at the THfc ladies of C. O. B. B| Ht. Andrew's Episco- pal Cjiuryfi 3VIis«on at Potsdajm Junc- tion^ Wiltjfgive an entetftajinment in Yale.'l Hall, o n the evening of £5t. Aiij- drew's D»|, (jK6v. 30f'h). Oys&srsand otheK^efr^hme nts will' beieitved. A cordial injfiraitic n is extended)toj all. GONE jfb MA'EKET.—L^oli oht fojr hew goodS,, and a good-line of crockery at D. Try<fh '& C{>.'s, No^ th-jSt<}ej5;holm, N. Yi ] j.—,—,—k*-^. flou, ami comes premluh: it is only tkge prej aid, as above. 'Agents will $3 per annum, pos- swegat<hie; Wm i ' ^g^^g^gimm -.- •4;W\ s > 4nd this a success. List &F JtraoBS.—The following riames'comprise tho list of grand and I etit jure rs for the € dunty Court which meets in; Canton or( the 8th, prox.: r>. M. Jones, H. tbn; A. .>. Miller, helps, £ tockholm ijalb; J. P. Matthews, Can- Pierpont; E. O- 8. L. Weston, De- N. Bellinger, Ezra NVDay, J. Barnum, R. B* larpentek Potsdarh; A. E. McEuen, awrencj; J. B. Bjiley, Massena; E. Dowl ing, Fine , Loyal A. Hoyt, arishviHe; L. E. Barnet, Wadding- n; Wm. M. Baile p, Massenaj James ulholland, Lou isvUle; ; Farhum botg, MidrM; Aa) on Hosmer 2d, Pit- cairn; W en, R. Mi -e*s,, Rossie; Alex- ander Witsoir, Edvards; Morgan P, Ehle.Motsrjstown; Albert White, Ed- wards} J. M. Palmer, Russell; B. B fright, Hammonc PETIT JtJBOBS, Thos. taarkson, John Pickens, M. Cj. Loomi3, Joseph Backus, Oswegat-' eiie; A. !S. Jacksoa, J. L. Morgan, James F<rd,'0.<E. Bonney, Potsdam; A. A. Hall, Juliu^ Grant, Norfolk;. WEJ would direct the attettti >n of our readeifs to>-the advertisement off Miss HattieTiliey.ii: another coliumni. Miss ' Tilleyi'has ah ex zellent musical ^du«i- to otir village jhighly recommendedj. Those desirotfs'of tak- ing lessons' ' siiov Id make early appli cationt • : i : ' BRING your w bole family to ihe G . <•>. • D»j Ktbie, ; l aiiil get fclienv s.hod at wholesale rales, KiNtfK the GH'and Trunk-Rju|ttM\ ? has been cbn.verted into a narro\vn^|uge .:oad.> i|t is beepming a popular jroute for WesterjH jbojund travel. - It has; man'y advantages over othei! routes, ninong wfcifk Ave way mention/ a{pee^j, .ifuinfont, but litqie changing of cars,' and ladt, tiipugh jnot least, cheapness. C.;C. Nigtytejngiile is the aigent at luiin'J.UiUt'tioH, ilr.'C ^otsd; ! A- fi'esh lot jot' the Oswego Milling fl'o.'s Piloul'just leeeivecl by Ijeonard A Vallfry..' Try 'it. - S0-2w. ^'E of our business -men., who is a lover <>f eikxjuet, is ubw about ddning th(? game for the. winter fltndUu|ning' jiisi attention ta~business. ijle^hasijust, found out That advertising ijs the siire r^ad to s'ifecess, andl a|s he «'ulied |o I'bi^sult [is upon ,U!ie subject lie wasilhiiiimiing! the following hymn, -wHiich barf recently l>een net to music i)lv the SVitollngton jubilee &ingers: ' \Thin pull ill* ttio wlcljpt an J the stake ; Ai p put b^- jtlie mailet and the ball; i'or §u more croquet '11 be played thisiypftr— yi'ttlnsiiia hbo in the fall!\ Henry IJ Kitts, C. jD. Laidfaw, Gouv- P mr; \ Millard La ighem David Tal-^ , Wm. Powpr, Iiouisv)jll4' Patrick fie Jr., Henl-y CaJjbrow,. Oscar Bal- IOU, W. A. Pean, Haddington; Thos. W- Wfiglit, T. G. Ainsworth, Lisbon; E. D. Ho-vard, C. 6'Neil, LeviP^yne, Massena; James Conklin, Depeyster; CJrson Harvey, Colt>M; J. B. Adkins, brrjs L« e r Macom b; ' H. G. Kelsey,. jtookholiii; E. Twcy, E„ G. Clark, 'anton; / Alexandei Perry, Morris- town; J61 in Andrev 0, Russell; J. L., 04 F. Oranch, iCady, Pirishville; qtockholi i A SEW SCHOlOI. HOtTSB-\ TJ> the ^iltor i df the Comn erclol Advertlaar POT^PAJC JUNCtIO tf, NOV, 18, 1874. There in miuch sa d ofrlate hy a part ' the coinmunity - 1 ---'•t '\'\' new schoo I house. before mai ly years a Will have to be built,; build it new is the qjuesCionV irilimn.ij us t'tkd'e tliisfa; Os Monday last Mr. Geo.; Mowitt, <>!' Norfjplk, inade us a %-isitas he passed irouge this village on his way to< tlie Now YJ>rk and Boston markets. He Unit he lias had a good .I™..* »..n AilJ;7aTlTrthinks that adver- tising pays. -He is now laying Jin a heavy slock of winter goods, which at the present low prices\ must meet with \<i readj sale,, 'andj play the mischief wfitirth? \sloiw idjoaches\ who afjtefaipt to eomr ete wil|h him. ;i i -— -+. 'L..». . -— \ . | Do N'T fail to secure some afthe bar- gains olfcred fdr the next ten days at the Q. d. P. Stofe. A Lr\f: 1' abou building a Alriconcede that newssehpol house bj|t J«hether to •a.' Atpres- eht thei-e is a suffloifat number of scholars in .the-district tdniakesix^fiill sihoc-ll^al owing one teacher to each sihoojj, '-1 fence it -v^ould be folly to b^Jd'*asci tool house of less capacity than wouL I accomm< i<late eight or ten ttaehers, i,nd schohrs for the same. This necessarily reqriresfi large and substantia) structure, and a Costly one. pjrobably s jeh a strayture as is needed would cost from $l5,m to$20:,000. The assessed' viluatibn of the district at pjresent is i bout $165,000. lience the hew school building adequate to the wjantsr of ;he district would cost fit lefast ten- p< r cent, of ;he assessed valu- ation of the district. '.Hence .a lax-pay- er, assessed $100 Woul^l have to pay $10, and pro rat». oirrflarger amoiints; for instance : ] joveless, Cluill & Co. would h'^ve to paj ELY TR4-EQ5:—Messrsi L. R. & H Ashley halve bisen doing a liyely trAde this falK The heavy stockj of goods, tli ey bi'opgjht to this miarketi at th a com mencement of the season has he?n phtty -Weill -sold, do.wn, and'on Monday last they staijted for the New York an d Boston Markets to a^ain fill iip with a large siojk Qf winter] goQds. Buyers vill do weljl to be pa-ep^red for thjs fres I an-ivaU as goods generally ^«le ;line in price afethe saso\n advances,, an 1 the Messrs. Ashley will no do^bt give the; r'customerk the benefi; of ^he rer uctioi in prices. . j A FEW evenings \since soijia of our yoi ing. fr i&n^s congregated at tl ic re[si- dence.of oncojCoUr citizens' and had a 'k^july pulling\ whilS the [old folks wereatitnding (he revival 'which' is in irognss. In {hej absence of; ij?e or sne w to cool tlie /candy, they took tfce \ dish otii upon the front steps,, and while flii ting abqiit, upset it. The re- ,'• turn of the old folks caused thepa to make a hasty retireat without securing ' the contents of the dish, thinking |to rist in the morning .in time to* do 'so before in would be discovered. ;It so hai pened jthat sofaiejof our youingfmen toolc it initojtheirheads to serenade the young la|y of ^hej house the same n ig it. phey had pi-acticed for weeks on i he vpqlin;, the flute, the majjesjjic guitar,, tme .soul-stirrjngaccordeon, and .t'he'^laiuttve bah^o. j They waited un- til lite!al night, s^o that the fiUr| one: ttiigh be kvrappecl|ihj dreamb when the sound ofjthe music should preak ^P^u her ear. When tjhey reachedj the hou.se .,tie nigjht was dark, alndj the houc beiliglati, th-ey were tirodi, ar^d discoursed their (joncord of kweet sourids 1 »hile sitting oh the- jjsieps.. They ph yed until tlie door was opfne^d andlthey \vere invited in. euoiigh, mot one Of Ithem call bul each looked at his neighbor witl'a ciKtmtenance of silent hbijror. Then oni' by one *hPj l»roke into |.ub- iltiet blisphemy^ alwL presently |a sound' at of reuding^garnients iWi}s hearil, ard the yotm^ men fled niadlV away, without waiting to say-^ooc- bye i h th ai r hasty refireat. Next morn - ing the -ft re'eks-of half a dozen paiijs qf pantilooiis which adhered to the! danj- died stejon told the story of wfio com- posed the! company of serenader*. ! S. JH. fit'NNlNOju^iM will offer fo- sale for tlie'next tlen days an assort- ment) of boots -aud shoes just receive* I from, a ijanknipt sale, at extren|ely low priee^ TAJ^MAJQE'S pAPEB.-^The Cbristia4 at \Ybrk,'(New York), ranks, with th best of the religious weeklies. JDi' \ Talmlage Is its active ; editor, and, hi: Hermoiis aippear exclusively in its col- umns! Tine terms, S3127 per annum, cover everything, including postage and delivery of the. liew premiumj a Portfolio ol Twelve ©ems,\ or a Copy Curiously obeyed M about $l,i raiilroads $JT8S each, &c, &^, If the tax-payers mn, in-tlmir regular course of bus|nes:i, raise . t le moi!i|y, with w liicuVto pi y their se /^eral taxes, then th,ere can-fe} but little doubt t4mt the investment \would be a good pne for usjarit for g »od public buUdfegs are'att adjvantstg^ tjo any plac) that neeps them to made suits for $10; Warm coats from $3 to $$. An extensive and complete as- sortment of furnishing goodB, embrac- ing eyerythingj in the line. Also, hats, taps, gloves and scarfs. Buffalo robes a specialty. j , 25-6w FEOM HUSSEUU Cjrtespondence of the Commercial Advertiser. BUSSEIil., NOV. 17. We have made some improvements in tliis place since the fire in Jutyi J. M. Palmer had moved into his »ew store. This building is a decided, im- 500; and the two ,k of Laittdsek's *f Twins. Withoutthe to use, pine-if the people are'able ra se tlie ta x and not be too much op- rjresse4'lh*i'ebyjHt i-' better to build now. Before we\ Build there', is one Question to be decideoV andl that is Where sh?U-webuild?' V The .present sel jool how's D site, is a lot 5 roSftfront by 10 rods bacl:, and entirely inafteauate to the want i of the cistrict t^ pirjE a ;new r houss Opon. If we i%tain thsoldsi.te Mr. Nightengale's place 1 or the Purdy place, nowownel'byM-r. At water, must be purchased and paid foi, to maki s a proper site. Either one of these pla ;es, added to the present sit J, w'onid, with jthe> d vantages of the public park for a plaj ground, make a g i>od site; and perht ps it may besafe to jalculate that the VJ due of the pres- en ;schoolproperfy, which would rle- cessarily h^/e to i>e shcr|flced to build anew, woull be sufficient to, pay for the neces'saiy enh.rgerient of the pres- ent site, particularly if the district should con slude to buy i the Purdy place. ) ikany say that all money laid out on the old! hui ding is si > much money thJown awiy, inasmuch as we have got to build 7 sometime. But this is not strictly, true, At the h st annual meet- ing of the di strict it wi is voted to givje the Board o\ Educati( n discretionary power to rai le $800, to make repairs on the prespn, house, if sdid Board thopght hes;, and thep the cry was, \MJoney thiown away.\ But when we look at tl te matter tare see that tihis is not so. ]V: x>aey, beyond question, is worth seven per cent, per annum. The\ interest on ihis $800 jvould be $50 ai year, makin» the eosn o| the repairs $56i Allow; ng the new house to cost ,$16,000, the i nterest on this sum would be $1^120, fr< m which iwe readily see that, by tak ng $856 from, fl, 120 a sav- ing of $264 par year would; be realized so ling as w ? were able ta use the old house repair KI.\ Hencje, so far as the mere questic n of dollars and cents, di- rectly by taj ation, |» concerned, noth- ing jjan be 1 )st by repairing the old .building, if epair or build walmuSt; and that it i i our imperative duty to make room 1 or more se iolars and more teachers is a i plain as f unlight. in mid- day, to tjio se who h ive an under- standing of the present condition of our School; and if, bj making such repairs, we can delay tie buildiing of a n.eW house f< >r a few y€ ava, perhaps, in iihei'course of time, the district may be in a better c<indi|ion t > bear the bur- den df the tas than now. The assessed yaln^tion of the district will probably increase som a, and par ;ies ma|y' in the futur^ be bet ter able to stand the tax than now. ' Chough-all may feel that the irjvestnK bt of a pre per sum, if we had the mon jy to spar<, in building a school-buildi ag» structure in our vil- lage that woi ild ne a blessing to it and our di strict, t he question still is, Had itbett it be d( ne now, orJiad it better be del lyed a while longer ? I A CITIZEN. — ! *»* 1 • A- M. SMI'J ir & Cp., ^>f Potsdam, are daily in recejipt $S large and elegant supplies of c cassin^eres of to the t>est lo 3al trade, order, ^rom $^0 to $50, a|nd fit guaran- unusual and to their stock which hiakes , warm, weli- sideKlbJy out of jo|At. The new build- ing Js of the first class, for a country Store, being three stories, capacious, and well lighted. Mr. Gore has; got into his new build- ing on the opposite side of the 'stjrfeet from\ Palmer's^ and has commenced operations again in the harness and boot and shoe business. The contract for the* build ing of the hotell has been let, and work will be begun in the spring. : \\' Our farmers have all secured tiiieir crops in good condition this season, as it has been very favorable. .They ap- pear to be well satisfied with their last year's labor, | \. Our election passed off'very quiejtly,' considering the ; revolution that has oc- curred in polities within three months past. Politicians appear to mak.e_ themselves ridiculous By undertaking\ to show the causes of this change. They seem to evade mention of ithe true cause of the defeatof the Bepu|)li- can jparty in this,, and other Stages, Which every reflecting man knows; to be the dishonest professions which the leaders of the Republican party have for three years past made to the tem- perance element of the party. It has invariably been found that no sooher were these Republican office seekers elected by temperance men's Votes to Hie 'offices they aspired to, both State and National, than, they went backion their promises made for the suppression of the universalsystein of license. The consequence has been that in the great States of Ohio, ijndiana, and Pennsyl- vania, afe#rst, together withthejStaites »of New York, Massachusetts, andNew Jersey, at the late elections,', a perfect disgust to Republican *ule has been ; justly evinced by the ctemperance vo- ters oJf the partj*4 resulfing in the over- throw'of that party. Now, is this any thing strange? ] In my opinion it; is nothing, simply, bat the operation iof cause'and effect,dn politics, as well as in everything elie in which the peo- ple are interested. It shows that djs- hpheslty in professions made by atoy party in power is the sure cause of its downfall,—and so mote it be. C. SI FROtf; BBASHJSB. Correapoiiulenceof tlieiCoinmerclal Advertiser. BRASHER FALLS, NOV. 18j We have prospects of abrisk winter, and a great many changes are taking place. j . . j Mr. Kellogg, of Massen.a, flas been engaged to teach'the school this wiri- teri He has thej reputation of being an exciellent teachetv _ • ' Mr. Johnson's iselect school has bee^n a success, and is how being brought to a close,, i • j Messirs. Schellenger <& Son have sojd their wagon shop 1 to Mr. S. W. Hul- burd, of Lawreneeville, wlSb has Con- verted it info a starch faetpry, They have potatoes enough to last a month yet. The Messrs. Schellenger have al- so exchanged their house and lot with Mr. Inn Bell for his farm. ; Mr, h, C. Hall advertises another auction sale. Hie hasj a nice line 4 1 dry and fancy gopds, and is\ bound ip \elosetluem out regardless of cost. TTheTmstees §f the M. E. Church- have^miade some frepai^s on the outside of that^diflee, arid expec^ to Jhave an oyster supper there- next Tuesday evening. OlScourbe all are invited. Messirs. Cox and MeDonell have each got a large supply: of apples,\ and are supplying thosjj in\ieed. MV. J. A% Mulrray issdealing in poul- try, and has n^wt.on hand about six hundred geese,(which he purchased in Canada,, ; -; ; \ Rjx. P. D. GORRiE.f-Having purqhjised the furmiture and undertaking stote of Hi F. Millard j& Qo t , Ford street, Ogr densbmrg, I am prepared to meet al calls in my line at the above place. Coffins and ca$kets always on hand. If not there myself, Mr. Wm. M. Crane, for many yearp connected with the store, wille be jpresent to wait on all who may favor me with their orders by ( telegraph, mail, or express. ' ' $ { } I P* Pf GOBBIE. BUY THE BEST.—Oswego MiJUing; C6 i; 's Double Extra and Jackson Flour, sold by Leonard !«fe Valley, Potsdam' Junctiom. , 27w5 ; - 1—••-*—-j p : WE are refilling; our warerooms with Jthe best stock of FIFRNITUBX MAT TRESSES,, MIRRORS, etc,, ever Jbrought, ihlo this vicinity.'! Everything PRESA: :and NEW. Our Undertaking Depart- ment is a satisfaction to pur patrons, (who flmd every tlf ing the heat taste can nggest done to- please them. See our dvertis,ement iri relation to orders by jtelegraph. beat with the manufae- rers. -BATCHELDER & SOKS. Late Dairy Markets, ; i • UTIOA.'NO)V% KJ, ! jThe attendancaapon the ljti<ja mar- ket was large. Salesmen were |)ri sent from distant localities in greater i um- bers'than for several weeks, and c utW a feeling was expressed to sell at raeh prices as were attainable. The cfier- ipg was 10,340 boxes. This etribr iced, several long lines, extending in one Case back into the August njaket. The largest lot offered was from th£ : Etol- liasnd Patent Excelsior factory, and was prowment on his old store, asthatfoad I'spW by Colonel Bagg, as follo-vfs: 180 got to be rather dilapidated, and eonV^oxes of August at 144; 1,069 bd,xes of, September and October at 15. I There (were smaller iots of September aJndOc- jober makecombined at 15J©J5| c. JThe trade aside from these lots was sjow, because of the difficulty to agre 5 u pon price,\ although both parties ;o the fiajrgaJns were disposed to trade, TJiere wfre 6,000 boxes sold, at a rapgi of price of 14J to 15Jc. There werie s ;ve- ral factories holding bid« from the Rome buyers upon which they expect- ed to push beyond these figures, ( but they were not successful. The) sales- men are in good spirit and show c^jsery desire to be reasonable. They onlj in- sist upon gaining full value, and his is commendable. From* the aoual smiles we quote: Extreme jprieo lJilc; Heading^factories 15Jcj (.average price i.i' LITTLE FALLS,, No-\. i 5. j-CHBESE.-r-Thc offerings of furm cliieeso \^ere very,light. Not moi et lan 2J6o were sold, with prices.varyin ?fj om 14etbl5c. Quite a-large representa- tion of factories was made.' Qfferh tgs, rjrobably, if giveft fully, woujd a no ant to 10,000 cheese. One list jjive SyKX), Wth sales of 4,000., The general p: 'ice [aid was 15ic for the best lines >f 0c- iber. Those exceptional raised ihis rice the }c. There ^ero stil^ some lines of our finest factories, compris ing \ieptember with the Octobers, thjat are nwilling to accept of the currmt rices, and are firmly holding at ] 6c, With confidence that ultimately tl ley obtain it. This seems, atthe moinent, in the distance, and in nearly eviry instance our factoiymen are well s )ld up to the last of October. The re ire PToba'bly represented for sale hereafter iiji fjhis market, over 6,000 cheese j up to November 1. j j HOTTER—Is coming in slow, iiu. small amounts, and ruling at sobsje. Tihe dairy product', however, would be wtell cleared, with free sales, another Week. Thp Novembers, of course, will all be back, and will probably bo bought at less rates than now current, if! only on question of quality.- I Retail Grocery Market, OFFICE OS COMMERCIAL ADVERTISfeR.t\ JPOTSPAM JUNCTION, JST. Y^-NOV. 19, 187-}. tf 00; OroMam „. ^ -. - -cat »I6J7C. ., iB fi) l2«@Wo: Laril, I60: Smoked Hams, 18c: Sbouldeni, I5.'ic; Butter, Wig>*)c; VEGETAlBL®—Potatoes, now » bus40@50j Beans $2S0O@2 25?lbuslM!l. I f JjKPLESi-Gre6n,»2 0«@3 50»orbrl. I I VrNEGAB-CIdeiiaOcjJergonQh; WblteWlne.SOc TAULOW-Pertt.! 8 centef j f ISK-MaOcetel, No l per » , Bfce; No 2, ldoj i al- mon extra me»i ) '13c;doplaln,l2JiciC'oailHli,«eor}la bfihkW! wKlteflah, W(o; MaWimw Trout] Viile; gcotcb Herring, per dozen, 30 canta. V t TEAS—Oolong, per ». 75c@1.00 : YoHflgHysm, 750(31.00: Gunpowder.75®?1 00: Japan, 50o@jl.oo COFF3EES—Java, green, 55o; roasted, 40d; Ji lo, green; 00c: do roasted, 40c. around Java, iurlcEly pure.JSO! doUIo,S7«o. ! r sudASS-«>er fa). lo@Mo. MOLASSES-Beflt Porto ntco, 0S« NVw 0 lea fl.Qo per gallon. -4^~ oths, beavers, and fancy superior qjuality, adapted Suits made to teed. [This f rm has a n very extensive addition of read y mad ! clothing, it very compl 5te. Good r TELEGRAPHIC GATHERINGS. —i— r Ittobbery In KaiTBna. HAVANA, Nov* 8— Dqringthe voyage of the steiitmshlp.Columbus,! from New York to Havana, one of the passengers was robbed of a quantity of jewels. By a burglary in the academy attached to the cathedral in i^this city.bn- Friday night, booty to the amount of ?20,000 wns takein. , «:. I Farmers' ,Produce Market} i. POTagAK JVX OTON, Nor. 19, !l87j(. The rollowlng are me rnlinK'pncei-umosr « tmr custom mlUH, and th e prices they na y for gralii: i ^OTO-Red yiMer $300^ br|VWcatcrn Bprli g, 30 per bus; CVJWI, for— ' M SO; Extra do, |0 00. ORAIN-State Spring Wheat, t tl.00; OatfusScj Buckwheat,75c4 DRESSED HOGS-Vfiry.few i raiige atM ooaio oo per cwt. SMOKED HAM8^M«fii BD5rEER-FaU made I •Epota-2*c Barley. 72e. . the mjirket. Prltjca tfinouldcra, Ec, iCnridn8/oWYiolln. „L of ^.curiousoldreKc,'in the shape /a violin, is to beraundinSummitviiU'e, Ohio, in the possessipn of Mr. P. Lo- gan—a rare dldvjtreasure. In the in- side is found, \Bonamelio Anno 1510,\ miking it SSS^ears old. On theb icl:, ne,ir the bottom, in a pear-shi.ped frame, is represe4ted a castle, with high'rodfs, painted gables, walls ani towers, occupying the space of,sis inches wide by five inches long, all ii - laid with: twelve different colore 1 woods, and numbering 120 pidcet. There are seven round towers, point- ed,, ending in. sharp spires, witi streamer's, the centre one surmouiiteft with/a cross I .230 windows, one-pisj- teenwi of an inch long, and no thicker than a pin, of ebony, inlaid with ths greatest precision; a stream or mpat, with two bridges over it, making u handsome picture, Mosaic, we niay ial| it)\ but in the greatest Btate of pre - eirvation: /the joints or divisions lean scarcely be seen. In large letters around the sides, in latin, is a motto, or something- to tell what inscription was intended,, and with many othe? curlbus old emblems, all inlaid with u fine! carved head of a man, with flow- ing beard and long curls. SUMMITVILLE, Ohio, Oct. 15,1871. I am the owner of the violin, and ther is no doubt but it is the oldest now i: existence. It has been in our.fanjiil; over 200 years; that is as far, hack \-as can jtraceit. There Was one time whe^ the French landed in Ireland, and my grandfather, -when a boy, got the vio- lin from an old Frenchman; so I am' •satisfied it is the best in the caunt)ry, It has! a splendid tone, and v.ery loud Yours! truly, P. LOGANT. SPECIAI. ICOTICES. Wh< •+• Int)>r«ve4l Wa(rJtIon...Sr. -VT^eeleir 1 Compound Elixir of Phospbater and Callnaya Wou excitant of Nutrition, Improving the appetite, per-i reeling the digestion and ambnuatton' or ibod, and! the Ibrnjatlon of healthy blood, Nervoiu proaJrS tlon and generaldebllUy, arising ftoin excesaea, t>aq babltai and all that train of e\Um inown aa a flwtllfr,, yield immediately to the action 'or this remarkable] preparation, all tne organs and tumiea of the body be-i coming strengthened and vltallxed. The superiority 1 or tbla remedy orer all otherfls owing to Ift restor-! Ing the functions Qf thoitomaon, Jlver and 1 the great tripod that prepares\ the material. Ingup[bonc,inoscleand.nerve. » ' ATTENTION} EVERYBODY,' ^ IfM. MILLER, OF LOUISVILLE,- Pardonrby ihe Clovernar. ALBANY, Nov. 7—Gov. Dix has granted restoration to citizenship to Owen Colger, convicted in 1888 In Kings couinty of burglary; alsd Win. Walker, convicted, in 1842 of burglary in New York ;Vilso;td Wm. H. Walker, convicted in 1863 tn-New York of for- gery. The> Governor has granted-a par- don to Mortimer ohay, convicted De- cember 2$, 1860, of manslaughter, and sentenced for life <;o Sing Sing prison, whencche was transferred tolClinton prison ; also a pardorl to NoohWasSul- livan. convicted iri New York Febru- ary 12,1874, of grand larceny*, and sen- tenced to Sing Sing prison for two years and six months!. The prisoner's previous character Was gdod. -pis health is so poor that he lias) probably but a few days to l|ve, > SMJTH—HOWE. In tHIa village, ori th e Mtb In- atant,by Hev. T.Q.Qrlfflth,IfcR fe Smtth , or8y- racufe, and WM E.E, Howe, of rarUUyllle. VALE, In tluls village, on Wednesday, November 18th, EdiQOndB. Yale; aged twenty-two years. •\L Would Inform th e public thkt faelceej^s conntantiy nri hand a ftill an a cox ipltrte stock o r Dry; (ieoAs »i4 Groceries, • BOOTS. AND SHOES, Hats Cfipa, GloveSjHtfsiery.^tationeily Ready Made Clothing, C|:*ooli:ex*y, <^firi»8Ware,, ; HARDWARE, &C M ' ! j • - . i will be sold as low an at aay other place In the coanty. I • i Whic h -J Q. t y. HALE^EROPRIETQR Of Yalfville Stoie ^aarry, Stono nirnUhed In any desired quantity, of auynnd all uliea, dressed or undrewed.on short notice, and ahlppedlto order to any part of the country, fartrcu- lar attention paldto itDKNlSHING HABBIiE 3HEAL1KS ' I ! wnrar s i Basjds\ Sockets, Posts, Curbing!,, FORi CEMETEEY A5TD OTHEB jEtEKCES. . Fbtl and Winter Has just returnel ffr)m the Eastern m^rltetis jwitli a heavy stocjt of Djy.Goop, Groceries, :3oots amd ^hjoes, Crockery, Hardware, &c., bought at ijhe' present low prices, and which willjbesold at correspondirigly l>wrates^ i .- With! thanks fair past favors, tie public are ^uvited to call idjexamine prices before btfyindr elsewhere, L. , \ . - and JKPprfolk/]^. Y.{JTo». 19th, 18^4 0HAUNCEY-S. PiikER, 1 DillW AND Second Door jnortb. of railroad' adjoining the Com. facrolal Aflvertlafr Office. ^otsdam «3Ti mptiom, Is alwa>-a ready to snpply the iranbj of the afflicted, • j and the public g inerally WITH A FULL AND COS JPLETE STOCK OP fOTHECAEY, FERlFpMtelES, : 1PA.TENTP MEDICINES, FASSY ARTICLES, ond : everything usually lceptlna>firstclo3s Drug Store. dPuuc© ITFij&ejst arija Liqi^oi's ] FOB MEDICINAL PpSPOSE^. i Physicians Prescriptions ac nirately compounded Bt all -Jiours, day tor nlbut. Persons wanting Pre scrlptloils In the night tune, l y Tinging tho bell oil right h^id slrfe of the door w: U: be promptly waited upon, i •, * HO makes a specialty\ of the prepi STUFFS, and warrants every color prepared by him to give entire satis/action, or i loney refunded: In the grocery Itepartment irOl be found' a good assortment or CHOICE HWKr P GRociiRrES. Also, •Best Brands of Cigars ••X*ApXJP$. -. An excellent assortment bf Parlor and' Hand Lumps, Lamp Chimneys, <tc, altvaya on hand. t\ L ITAT^OlteltY, The latest and most beantliil styles of Envelopes and Writing Paperiiplaln ort: nted, always on hand i Guflfis and <pollax-s. ( Tills department lias been r ^qntlj- added, and the stock surpasses anything of the kind ever ..before brought Into this market. They are du'rahlc,nobby and sure to please. < • \ \ Don't IUI1 to give, lilm a call andiexamlne his Goods and prices before making your purchases, j l-t and Tobacco., QjO WEST BY THE| The Shortest Routo to Detroit^ Cliicago^ kND ALL IPOINTS ^VESff. I dime Cpnn^olloiwlat pfttrojt am! Chicagocago with all Italltoads dlvergyig fromithose fcliies. clfie. Fares Le'ss thanlhy any Other Route. fThis lload Is fully Equipped lylth u -w and cjpgant Coiu:l>«>«, to«otli<-rvriaiarullllnpor ' ( . PUliLMAN PALACE [ rawing Room ^ Sleeping Cars Which are run through IoBetrolliand ChlcagoWith- run Qttt'chauge. To seture Comfort, save moneyl, Time, and avoid Ohangesi aakibr Tickets fvla thefGHAND TRpNK K|lIBWAY,Fhepppularpouto to the West, which \\ for Bale by the Agent at PotBdam Junction, N. Y. GEO. B. OSWEI/L, Eastern Agent,! I : 1 Oedensbnrg, Ni Y. \ngcr Agent, Mon- ate „. WAiNwnt;)HT,Genc«atPa«s( <re»l. j ^ C. C. NIGHTENjGALE, jAgent, I>otsd\an| Jundtion, W. Y. fall and Winter *< 1 ' . j i \ Septemli>ex- 34th, lSri. i j i I * P0T0TSKI & H0WDEN, DEAI.EB8 K7 MIET ai FA|CT. Take pleasure lnflnformlng their many pntrons-nnd thepubllcvenerally that they are now ready to ex- *T i\ I l i : i Ajdioiee Stock o&MMiiepy Goofls, which have been selected from the best New York markets, j . .- Having prolonged ;bur-stay In the city to attend themany wholesale millluery openings wh|ch have taken placo thero during tlie put twowocks.and notwithstanding our large experience in the past, we Would be permitted toJsay that nothing on our part will prevent pur department from beln^ ,, and that all who call on us shall be sqlted-wlth- our gooil/t, cur styles, and our prices. ' • The WnUlfe^ of New York and Boston markets; will- b\e continu- ally added to our stock. I -if Orders given, us will be promptly filled. Whllttwereturn•manythanks tor the largeamount of patronage bestowed upon us while; here, we ear- nestlysollcltacontlnuancoof th* same,and will be happy tflswyouatyour earliestcdnvcnlencp. . jarfetpre between Nightengale A STcLeod'H gro- cery and Lang's new block, a few doors north of the WhjtneyIIotol,p|f8damJunctIon,,N. Y. S3 TTJST BETUBNEti FROM NEW tf Y ' YOItK. 7 T ' ' \~~ 1 ' ' MRS/I,. T..SPIIAGTJB I \' I - I- Would Inform the public that BIK lias! Just returned ; from New York with a full : ind complete | assortment orcverjthlhgln tlio ' Of the Very Latest jstylts, just Pu -chiied at Advan- ik|«ous PrlcetJ | I rtiment of French pd Plain. Vel- InHats will he found a flirt and common Felts, and Bead' vete^hs, \ | « . Common Felt Hats will be sold for 7S cents., A splendid assortment of silk velvets in the most desirable; colors. Also, j ; Fall Flowers] YelveteeiW, Pea ther Ribbons,] Laces, Jets, &c, She Is now prepare 1 to give her attep*tlontoatwho may f»vqr her with their patronagte,i Whlli tendering thanks to tho pdbllc for their, libe- ral patronage In tho' past, she sollr * of the some. \ , bile; continuance gq-tf rjiALMAGE»g PAPER. -. Th e Best Religious Paper.. A Choice of I TWd BOaufeful PB1IJBOTJMS. An Illutoinajted Portfolio of TmV i Gems byJHe'n- ln'di Wjthoni 'The'Twins;\ Including; Porn iD>i Inu or the s ' In., after Land » aNTo extras of any. r annum. Premium; q.00 ATTJBNTION, AGfjTNTS i Liberal commtosons and exciuslvd territory, blMandclrcuUrgfrteB, genaPoataf kOEATld C KING, ^DRLISHBR, BOX S/05, NEW Yoak. Sam- ard at d ice to FRIpl OfflCi Potsdam Junction, N. V. 1 ing the Pr! HE ATTENTION OP THEBUSB- NESS community jof St. Lawrence and adjoln- Oodntles Is Invited to t^ie extensive facilities w C»iO!EECIEAL.ADyEETIlSEB,Book and Job ltlng Establishment for executing every descrlp- UNE BO FI lly aware of'the. In grei t port of the Job Prih 'erlor maijiner in which a ing in this section ofcouu- ypeand presses traisr. to another, and tha' try hashltfuerto beien exec lfea, b y Ithe useof old worn lifted from one genera- tt(ployment of poorly out tlon skil Wagts, the propretors'of' thlsJsetab^VsIimciit have 1 de- tern toed to ihstttue'a ni w|order of things in'this busiiesB. Wo'havejustp ed workmen and api rentices) nt a low rate of our oiUce a rhe Largest inj-JSL' Lawrence, the Justly celcbratedjAatuifacjoiy of A. B. jbr & Co.. New York. ^apHblPjioBprihting a fort}-- column folio newspaper. !' !»• - 'I I v. ' i' 1 ** 4 SPLENDID ABSOBTMENfT NEW iTTPE \ AND OTHER Of tlie most modei-n designs facto re. has been selected menl| has been furnished with' MATERIAL; ah u THE BEST andt,improved munu- a^l our enlirp establish- 1 cqiiliipcd throughout PJRESSES, The Finest Type ? • ! - t* i •- J . ; AKI) TUB l ' i> M<J)ST MODERN APPXIANCES, MAKIKQ T11K COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER BOOK AND JOJB OFFICE. THE d MOST GOMPLETE in THIS SECTION CF COUNTIfi'. Wltlilllese facilities at'our command, and ha\ing had a(i experience of over twefuty years in the,busi- Dst of which time has been spent. In tire larg- Prfnttng and Electrotyplng EstablElimcnts\ ot 'ork.^PhHadelphia, BuffaloT Chicago and St. at times having entire charge of the mcchani- de iaf tments of some bf these establishments, we pr >pared to execute eyer}*descriptlon of Print-' he latest andTbest styles! est New Louis,; cal are hlgln r Will b> PAifPHlETS •. printed rrom new type, and the greatest care exercli ed to Insure accuracy and freedom from typo- graphi al errors. i , l POpERS AND H'ANDJJILLK .i *' Plain c r In colors.ioxecuted at very short notice, and dlsplayedln tho best manner. •sue: TAG BUSINESS CABDS, WET DIN G CABtlS. BAL;^ CABDS, VisrriNG CARDS. IfcTVlTATIONS, i ETS, STATEMENI-S, felLL HEADS, LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS, OBDEP. BOOKS, NqiTEjBOOKS, ^AY-BILLS, &c. Of this class of work we MAKE' A. «1?3E!CIA1L,TY^ And Inland that liothing of UiaKInofsliall pqnalus In this section.' tHC j fJGOL^ AND COLORS. Sb.o\^ Bills, Pi^ograpames, &c, • ; NEATLY ExtecrirKD. 1 J ; 1' : -I • • '• I Alwaj's on hand a heayy stock, or all qualities, sixes: and colors, Which will belfurnlshed, » -, i PRINTED Oi»j PLAIN, . 1; • • • i' \ j Jn any deslreirquanljity, at Mmtifacttirer?s; Prices. And ever y description ofPlainanjl Fancy'Job Print- ing executfa in ihebeststyjpof the art. I ADDBEHS ALL ORDEBS TO 11ALL & TKAGEY, Pi«iiitVi'S and l?ujh>lisliers, POI 'SDAM JU]S CT.I j)N, N. T. FOSTER & Q0a<H]J INSUHANCE AGrEWTS, •!. •' P.QTSDAM,-'K.*Y. * / Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Company, r (papii;a1 Rdyal Insurance Conipany, Capital ,>.....«.::..,.... ' ' tosuranee CoffiJ>any Jof North Amei-iea, Capitial Frankliu Insurance-Company, Capital 1..,....\.. Lycomrtig.Insuranceeomjpany. , ..... f j.. ;.„.... PenusyTvanla Insurance Ooniapany,'Capital.,,...,.;.,. Fire Assoeiatioji of Philadelphia, Capital,......:.......... Oswego and Ohpndago Insurance -Company..u.;...... Homestead Instance Company, f .fusures oi!i% Holland Purchase Insurance Conli5aBy, TFai-ni, Propeity- Conneefldut Mutual Life Insurance \Company »f •t ;J Insure all kinjds of property-at reasonable rates. FARM I PROPEM Y and lllnp'e DVyullinlo- a o SDW/IT-A T ttt-sV- • , ' , ' Village Dwellinjgaa SPECiALTi; OFFICE CORNER MARKET ABP ELM.'STRESS ?S mm FABMEBB MB lEQXJIRINiri Capital ..$20,000,000 : s . 1O,OOO,()0O .. 3,5QD;000 ..• 3,500,000 .. 6,000,000 ; . 1,500,000 ,. 2,000,000 ' 200i000 200,000 .225,000 35,600,000 POTSDAM,-N. Y. .. . . . IS'JUSTTHE^THlKGkEEDEp., * {r . \ - - 1 - -••••'-•:• - ;•,'!>• .- f M It Does'Npt Inofease the Bate The great variety of small industries to which motive foow&r can be advanta- constantiy t , inqreasmg ? xtsnranee. emand for sniall geouslj* applied,! nas produced,a Bfceam Engines aad Boilei's. To meet this Vanfe It is ek^enMl'that they be of moderate first co^t, and mo$e*essential still tha-tlthey bjipejinbmieal in fuel, ai- tendance and repairs f but of more importance than ail these that they- be go constructed that ;bey can be run with safety by persons be ordinary' intelli- gence.- • ,' : .,- °- \'?•\.' ' 1 I '•\ In presenting 4,ur»Verjacal Engine to the pnbli6, we sTOu|d|dall particular at- tentibn to its gratfeful de^igri and simple rn.eoha(ni&ni. • liflo aelsirable quality- is sacrificed to appeai'anqe, while the-form is not only pleasiiiiig to the eye, but is also that which secures\ the greatest strength an<£rigid|ty wiih^given amount of material. • '*,\\'\ •''-!•' ' The Engine is not fastened to or'upon tlig boiler, arid is;, therefore, not af- fected by the expansion, nor are the bearings over-beated bk-2oilduetion, or the ascending'heatfrjpithe^boilen - ' '' ; I' *-.''•-- -' ' The Boilers are the pateuti'tlpright Tubular $%-le, with iaternal fire-box, are made of the best Imaterial and\workmanship and are Jested to one hundred, and fifty pounds pressure per inch. .-«••!!•- ! ~ \ i' Each' Engine is! fitted with a heater by whjoh |he 'h.e^t on-t|b]e exhaust -steam is imparted to th^ feedvwater, on its-way.to the'hpilerj-sja'ring 'fujjy ten.per Centi bf the fuel, and'much iq, wear and tear of. the Boiler, i I ''.'--'• The exhaust st^am is discharged fhrough-a blast pipe i i mi0stack, as in kpe- - motives, increasing the di'aft aiu&fche efflciehcy 6f tte§ be ile rJ The fly-wheel being at the' base,, secures 'stejaflihess which is neeessaiw' for eeondniy of fueh • Being attached xo.one base, the Combined Engine and! Boite is-easily trana- Iportea, occupies but tittle splice, and ls - weil adapted •fo:iagMffiattura'I , purposes. It can be seen in full opbratilpB, at the ©ffi^e of the Commercial' Advertise*, at Pbtsdam Junetiow, N, Y,, where any additiohaliiufornjjajtioyi 1 ! -—*--•••• ••• be furnislicd. Pote dtan. 11110 iff ' the high speed BOO concerning it will Bh Ttinctioii, N. \X\. :S. H. \ - • t .- • ' #1, - L \.' Would inform the public that he has^just received a fresl*stock\of Men's French Kip Boots, manufactured expressly for his own trade: Mejl*s American Kip and Stoga Boots, all hand made^also, Gent's fine S'iwejd and Pegged Calf Boots; Men's, Women's and Misses Rubber Over ShoesU-all yrades; A good assortment of LadieS'Misses'and Childreh's Sholpsof alllkindl, which will be sold at WHODfiSAIiE AND RETAlL,.at botttoi prl^ss v '11^* As I niiajiTlfacture and jmy^ exqltisiye: and will seH mtaeh lower than this cla^s -of g.|>oas foji'je Tbeen pifer^d in this section, - . |* l • | Call and he!-surprised at thojdw prjcesf'iow I foi* cash, I dan has evei? he^ asked, eom.- i)o|ts and llhoes. other people',^ pared with what you have been paying for B W you hu^••on [credit, yiou must pay, a fehare^f bad debts when, you settle. If you buy tor cajsEaij the .C O, D. Store, you get. jthe^ benefit of Rock Bottom, I*ripes, and pay oijly for what you receive: - •'[''• ' 'I•* Repairing neatly and promptly. .don|, - J i • r-- ^^=» D.on't ibrget the place, in Yalo's Hail, jio|rth™of jRail- road, Potsdam Junction, N. Y.. ' M. F. COLLIKS, General Ticket Agent, Potsdam Jtuackoii, N; Y.; SEBLS TICKETS • last, West, Jorflt At the very Lowest gage checked ••A-fb On Hand Teas,', Bugars, Byi;ups, Molasses, Coffees,' Spices, Raiskis, Nuts. CROCKERY, Grl^SS, ATfD WOODEN g^T\ Agents ft r this B60NTCINT CUTl?4ij/Si : the best ailiis Stoire 'IS foi 4 \ Un.iojiBl.oclj ?*?«= BitbeiiBarljeU' >M ,* m •--I H $••• .1 I

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