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An Iucle.jpend<*nt Finnily Jonrnalj. Publisiioil fvtTjt Ttuir-ifluy, AT ppTSDAM, JtliNipTION, N. BY IIALL & -41NUI.I- ; copncrt, IN WR. '•FOR MAILING, *' tAP Ajuntiu #,1.50 tier . Payable in atlv; .lice. SCEXTS.\ pilAS; jv. BIXHY.j ATtOFtXEY •'Vy an.i (.'cmiiiHiir at Law. Mutary Pulilic, and Reg- lKt'Tin KimkrMiu-y..IfoIsiUimJuhet(on., St.. Lawrence. ih>.. N. Y • >&s TTORNElfS iiomas_.N. Murphy 5 I M URPHY & J TDD, ami l'uuiiNt>lors at Lu'vV T , - .. _ f itv»ls.,, N'otarv. Public. OHicijin|\'ale - avBIoC'k,nijrt] i|f Itatlroail, PptsdamjrunctiQJl, ,p-_Y._ E.TCHAMBKRLIIN, ATTOjR- S'KV and Counselor at law, Madrid.. N, | Y. tiling\ ofnll Uinils will receive prompt at ~.|iiiliil att<-ii'iiim xlveri toli'orelgu cullcctw C..llv iLAS \V. '.im l (.MUUII'I-I. iiii,i:oimiy.^r.y. WILSON, ATTORN :it I.iuv, I'lutjOivlngluii, 't'rij lin 11 Frn; irti'i'uhir ijttfcutioii given to t ? A. -(fHAFFKE. ATTORN ll« uiiil'rmnsi-Wiritf Law, Brtislils Mills, Fr \7 \ '\•' T LO X-i TIIJ Iiiiilruuil I ;o YI) (*. V A L K, j I r STK' K. , K Pi-ISCK. omct'.in J'fflc'a BlOeft.nortfl Potsdiim Junction, >i. J • I?. *- •' I U T.' HAMMOND, JPHYSICI • timrsiirKPon, Chase's S£I lis. N. Y>. Office tuteanil Main streets, \I'ljoslte Barnett's .SJqre. fy±OOD'. NEWS If ELICTED,- (iKumikB.ilABiNs . .^ur^eou Dentist:—I tHki'pliwjm-eiii in- toriniuit tlie public that I have opened l>*«*tiil ftoomir- !ir thN place, and s^tand prepared to devote IIIV time and atten- tion to nit requiring m v prnl'Msion'rtl ser- vices in Deritistiry in, itll its branches'. Painless extrac- , r . ,, . .„ tttm of teeth. by the use ot. NltroUS;OxMe or Lanj Ins das. chloroform. Kther art* Narcotic Spray} r.-.mlrcil. i nlso Insert beuutlrUl Artiflclal Teet h tin* iMwt- bases jiow in use: alsM insert Ternporr Plates ten minus's after extracting, andwtiTarita Komi tit fi'na a K»oil base. Thb »ase is fitted to llie jnw and rauly 8>r use In that Witoli of time. TeSth eiainlned free ofclmiw. Offlto .in secontfstorykif lliion Ilkicli, over NiKhtlnsaleffiWeLeod'sGrocp •?. Permanent Post Office addres.4,jPotsdam Jmictlijn v-- \- ., . -' ) M; 1 HOTE m -O EST AND COMFORT FOR THE It WiKAItV TU.VV|jliER. ... | I' , — +-* ' '* -i The [iroprietor afthe Eptsdani Junction, N. Y., r \v\mld inform tlie traveling pilblle that this popmjiu House Is riow.ln.;thorougli repair, havinR lately be . riMumleledatidi/oiiovated tlironsjwbut. Irticated.as is, in the center Ufbuainess, with.afrontiige^opon I VIBIIKP park, away from the confusion and bustle t ti-Adaht upon thp arrival and departure olI trains, ai Id tire scieaniinij wliisfle of the loc^njotive, the pnfrojte iiithjslloiisdcanrelyripona (in at hlt'iiC'a rest, afca at the same tlxakhe accessible to :\\c center ot trale Tlielable-ls'sitppiioa with ail tl ft edibles ofthe so.' soul fii profusion, the attendance (vt the House aui rliir, courteous and bbliging. , .. : Aeoachwril.be'attheDepQt. aVfliting the arrival i if each train, ;day and night, to c unvey snests to a) id frdm the irbtel iiee of charge. C ill patrons and nc\V V iricinlsal'ikewilMJecordially we eomed. • fli connoctlohwith this Hotel iifkept ft FIE^TI iCLASs JITTERY, uiJi.d wheinjeilred. Al»o, neaijiiuartera ior the , ©, SJ'MAIL STA©E; aiiii.iMii(;:Ui Aliuisena Spriugs;uiul| S. 1,4..' I'HEH'S, ,'Ulagi'i proprietor. A MKitarc oi'posm- ^YN ttOUKlJlf BTHK PAWKKxIlkll I)KPo|r, I'otfiilitm Juntttipn, IV, Y^ WM. KEaTP. 'ROPItlETOI ' lMiiH.Itotcl,UuKmei-lytlieJurictifi^Ionse..haSbe^ij ti-oatly enliVrgeililiy the erection ctttfc \\v^SSfc.'??^' j.rieli building, which now torras the main strnctur»,, It has been weontly .purchased bRrjthe pitesent prii j>rii»tors aiid hently lJlirrtisUetl niidfequlppflii (tooug^-i \\i'lie Masscija Stiwe runs in cnpliecfion with tii itiiasi'. Also.eund Livery nccoipMoilntluns Tlie pairoii'tiBi'-of tin.' tmvtilliig. 'ifihlin solieiteii. •It IAVWBY .STABLE - . ! ' . i i _ OpPQKITE PASSENOE J: PKPOT, . POTHO'A^t JUNCTION,-N. Y WSI. KteMfl»<- .Pr«l>rietoii oood Htiises, Carriages and floghs always ofc JiamlX Olivers I'tuiiisliedwhelidefltefl. PartiescoiK )iy ile dlstanco oq Hftort notice. any J'oasora Iti-ttttad anil Eei'urnislii Knie (larriagra to and *• VOLUME 2, POTfeDAM &U& 6TION, AND ALL KINO.S OF FURNITURE* Maple SJirect, Fall Island^ (Opposite ErJiscopal ChiJre!i.> POTBD AM. i-LSO, Coffins^ BUBIAX, AKooaHearse-Siippliea forFui 4». v. Caskets., i * ROBES, Everything in tho Undertaker's Line We make a specialty Ituro. A! oi the repairing and iiphols- A11 vork worrfliited to give aat- 2i-tf taring o/Furnli isyactioji. TUSTWH ATI E VERYBODY tl SAYS HEHEED, H. W^, ISUTLER Has opened y At Potsdam Junction, N. <£ Nearly Oppo life this Oillce, Wlicre he will bo ready to thlngin tho Furniture line. A more extended notice wait on all who want any- • \ - • Also, Undertakers' Goods,. &c. will bo given soon 21 -tf 1874. BATCHELDER & SON'S j Wholssalotind Itotail TINBERfAK^RS. Coffins an(i -Burial Robes. Habits, Scai mlars always-on hand. \\ Miipras. HEARSE. STWEBB TBI Orders by tolpgrarili from ing size and pnee tffey wish cars on two hours notice, teed. r * * i Church: pews arid School \Vork done In the best Bittrn COME AND SEE US. mile Journey pay you'! ,. ^, Warerooms on Baynioid street, opposite tiie American Hotol, ' po*sDAat,,N..r, Manufactory on Pall ilia? d. • • Mf US. landX feyed i^()LUMBliA HOTE4 MADRIfl, V.f,V.,K..I..,I>i' KWOOD, Proprietor. Tiiorqughl ished. A coofi Wvery attaj'hei ,. ....„, dfrom all Tjrains. _l-ly| A LBTON (HOTEL, NtBTAR- RA rii- A HOMd STATI0N, Corner og •Washington anjil Patterson .streets, Ogdensburg, N<\ Y. *\ IE S m VAiai>. proprletoe. Ilaajill acMmmodatlons ftft Travelers,:and nienlsat all houi(3|: Lunches ofajlf ik:inds. •vrrHlTE'S: HOTEL,; >I ASSEN at.L,awrchce County, N; Vi t ,II ; B, ii'ruwicti.r. Large House. Modern Style. jiagca to the contiguous Springs. |__ \ T£ a prliiga, S*t. •Comity.\». -V. •ARTLT3T r f ? S HOTEL.—J ;.ETT. Proprietor, Korfnlk,„Kfi 'V • DISHA IVENTLEY HOUS| .{\mrnty I\\ B ~AR IfNIONi HOTELj A Caskets responsible pi .. to \paX' MM bo P u t on wrtfea.glv - - .„. , bo put (,nd satisfaction guaran- 3onts, and all first class .. er. .. \ r e wll^ make a-Awenty NEW ADVEltTISEMENTS. \UST MRS, L. M J RETU: 1NED YOBK^ KROM NEW; T. 33PlirlGTJE Would inform the pu illc thai; Hlichns Just returned from New .York with a Hull and complete , * assortment orovorythirtglntlio MILLIBEEY LINE, 01 the Very Latest St let, Jutt Purchai|<t at Advah- tag louj Prlcei. Uving near Chester, Saturday, ;ly falling i • • '• •- • In Hats will be fbuo 1 a tine assortment of French ntid common Felts, and Bended, and Plain Vel- veteens. Common Felt Hats vlil bo sold for 75 cents. A splendid osaortme nt of silk velvets in the most dwirable colors. Alsi, •; - Fail Flowers, Velveteens, Feather, Ribbons, I aces, Jets, Ac;, Sine Is now prepared t > give her attention to nil who niiiy 1'uvor Her with th sir patronage. While tendering tlifljiks to the public for thelrlibe- .1 patronage In the pi st, she solit\ the same. epi st, she solicits-a continuance r 2i-tr Q.0 WEST B; r THE ( ' ' GRAND TRUNK It ATl^HtfAV ;jChe FJji Islant tolhe British Empire, . v Oscar .sMarvin, pai, was killed^n from an applej^ej Charles Gates,jof t 8clie,neJ3tndy, Tf& cently stabbed bjr hid fathot, j|led on. Friday last. | , The family of Thomas qi|nlan, of- Cohoes, were'.tnkep with syuptoin3 of poisoning on Sunday. Jainp^ aged. idHo.isiua dangerous condition. By whom the poison jwas admi6i|8tei£d is unknown. I [ . . A wedding tookjplace in tl 4 ballqoja of Professor Donaldson, abo|i« It rnlje aWvc the cltji of plJ»vlr«»««ii ^»»-JW«» -• (day; last. The Sh( rtest Itoutctto Detroit 9 AND ALL Chicago, POINTS \POT. Close Connections at : >etrolt and Chicago with nil Railroads diver, ing-from thosccltles. i Fares Less than by any Other Route. Tllils Road Is fully em Ipped wlthi new mid elegant Coaches, together with i. full lino Of . •r ViJLlMIH PALACE Drawing Roon f Sleeping Cars Wlulch are*run through. i«c; ___ to Detroit and Cliicngo with outjehange. To secure Comfort, sw e raonoy, Time, and avoid Chafeea, ask for Ticket; via tljo OBANDTJIUNK BAItWAY, tho popula ' Route to the West, which are lbr sale by the Agon at Potsdam Junction, N. Y. 1 GJSOlja. X>3' 013LL~Kastern Agent, Ogdensbarg, N. Y. W. WAtttwmonT, Qeni rnl Passenger Agflnt, Mon tirenl. C. C. NIGJITEJfOAl.E, Potsdam Junction, M. Y. rpHE REPUBljlC A FIR! IT CLASS MORNING- II\EW$PAPEE; PublisI M In the' Bennett Building-, Streets, Nassau and Jew jYo^'k, iFnlton TE$HS $SM per year, by wipek by carrier C'onitajtis nil tho 'ne^vs o: till its departments, andampl mail; ,1S cents per sf cents per oopy. THE Rjc jPXJiBXiIC/ ;he day. Being complete In ,i mil furnishes pronint 1 s reports of '.CPTY INTILLIGENCE, FOMsfGtt AND DOMPSTH: MARKETS . POLITICAL AND ( IENERA£'KVENTS| . ..- IN ALL KtCABT^KS, . Thr«inbh its Bneclai Corr >spondentB, by Telegraph And Oce in Cable. THURSDAY, U |i|wsf{ii!MW^ N. 1 ^ ., THURSpAY, 0(pTOBER 22, ^®7&. JSTTITMBER 26. THEM^STNEW 3CTOBEB 22,1874. s have been annexed Two companies of the TJllrteenth Infantry have been ordered prom the Bed Cloud Indian leans. At Orangeville, blacksmithshop bjirned, and ;«wp chll- Agency tq pew Or- Ont., on ll^uday, a dren periled in tpe flames. ,, At fhree o'clock, on Tues<|toy after? jnoon, Lieutenantr^olonelFrpd. Grant and Miss Ida MarkSonore, ^jeremar- ried.at the residence of the bjrjiide|s fa- ther, H. H.. Honore, on \flttcennes avenue, Chicago; {The brldalmrty left for St. Louis at nibe, o'clock t^e same evening. \ ! ' - . T. D. Miller's p<?rk packing factory, at Ingersoll, Ont., jsvas totally desiroyed by fire on Tuesday night. Tlie prop- erty was fulj3f Insured. | ; THE OCTOBER ELECTIOKS.' The result of thb October elections, footed up and carefully analysed, indi- cate a determination upon the part of the people to free themselves from the hold their presems rulers htjva upon them. The overwhelming majorities given against the republican jiominees in the States-of Oljio and Indiana must, jbe registered as.tbje outspoke^ verdict |0f a dissatisfied people against] the presf ent administration. The reasons for jthis dissatisfaction are manifold, and have been uponjthe increase for the past two years. To attribute ;them to local issues is worse thati fojly, and will be beJiWcd by none ^ho think and act for • themselves. 5Phere_ is nousedisguisingtFie fact thntth&re- publfean party hjkj*ec6me |powerful and corrupt. Hoaflst republicans wield but little influerrefeftd the worsbcl; pi unprincipled ^jeniagoguei ocou: ;he most imporwnt pbsitkins, anipulate the patronage of jthfe'gov- and partizjm pur- has beeajqjnrsued 4oiroppYe*ii ( a!e tpe »e- Mo- , NOW AND THEN.' In some of the Western States the movements of the grangers'and other semi-political oiganijsations haye had the'effect to upset the calculations of shrewd politicians, and office-seekers are puzzled to know ivhieh way to jump. In by-gone days, *wheh our present District Attorney : took bis famous double somersault ', from the Democratic party through the Cjreeley balloon, and was wafted by a Republi- can nomination to safe iiuchora|je in a fat office, all that wasitieeded to perform the, feat was a rubber (jsoiiseienee slight- ly greased. In, the present status of those States, political^ acrobats are not as successful in performing ^hese feats, and often encounter a| good |eal;of un- pleasant frankness ajhiongjthej class .•fchey seek t o impo,se upon. During the ']j4te campaign in Indiana, a liotejd poli- tifiinn. whn ri'>fl 5»» v«3«»:tMo«lit> buun an office from every lijarty thathjad ev- er existed, plentifully sprinkled his hair with hay-seed, and; began to woo the grangers, Ina-bi|ief biographical filcetch which hclliad (worked injto one oif his speeches, he introduced this ag- ricultural remark : \ Yes, Iinay truly say I was born betv r een two rows of corn.\ In the slight pause which fol- lowed, a heavy-handed farmer] who knew of but one kind of vegetable that came into the\ world tl^us ssndwfcked, blurted out? \ A purppkin, by ithun- dfer!\ The speech wap never finished, and the office-seeker.will have Ho take another leap before' be succeeds. I verely injured. The\ case, has excitec much interest because of its bearing oft the liability of raflroad companies foi- damages to passengers riding on freqi passes. j THEILOOMISES. THE I^TE STA3HS ELECTIONS. In Indiana, the,democratic majority is estimated at 18,000. !^he State offi- cers elected are'all democrats. I For Congress, nine democrAts, thr<fe r< publicans and one independent. ; TAe Senate stands-^-demperats, 23, re: cans, 24, and independents 3. in the JHouse the democrats have 52,/the re- jpublicans 37, and the independents 11. Bince 1855 the democrats have cirned ttndiaha five times, onyeach; occasion W small majorities, thfjargest njajor- Jty'being9,000. JToWit will |-eac|i 18 r 000. Grant carrle/the; State in| 1872' (by over 22,000. j In Ohio ther democratic | majority foots up 15,000' , on the State ticket, with & gain of seyen Congressmen•; j The republicans carry Iowa with the ususn majority on tho State ticket. The yftrst democratic, j Con jres^man 'elected in Iowa since 1852 wss elected th^s year. J . j The conservatives carry th<| State of Arkansas by an overwhelming ma- jority. • !.!•:'!' W. DAVIS' t g; Machine. 3 'OltT AT BRxVSHEJR PALLS, (^*tt'B«|3 i- ; AT POTSDAM •4r ' Where, on tlie first day of UIL.D JUNCTION, August next, I offer my WELL-KNO^N PATENT rfniiyi'otorj. Brasher fton Vfpfka. N. Y. J&WEtEl «: J F. RUS^SELI ' Watchmaker.andl Jewelef, Parker's D»ng Store> Ptatsd^m Jnnb I tion. N. Y, v PartU-ular atteutiofl paid to repalting and cleanin ttf'il ne Watches, Uliicks and Jewelry. All work wa« r.iuted, aiiil'satisfactiouguaranteeif In every case. r> S. BAKER, JJSWBWEB.jFI-BB]' • doorHoutliiOi' MeCormlckls, tifo- t b i tei •.tore, MUulriil. N. Y . A l klndsi of WaUhi'1, Clocks , an^ Jewelry . 1'er paired jirouiptly, at low prices. I UKlWiltlNU OF FineWatchfes: A st'Kl I'.Vl.TV, * Tl|,> f best Amel'ii .-•an :*.nd ForelSh •-. Watftiiis on linndsor. bought to or JHORSE I POWER 4» > Threshing Machine These machines are too md hamlet In Northern New York_ta require coraijnendathj^here;- Snfflco For tho coming harvest, well known In every town;hni — — - • ,jj e .. - - hamlet In Northern iatjan here/ Snfflco ft \to soy that 1 my mochlnita are doing more than tlitce-rourthsofthethrrah^gthroYighthesenortherns lesan *\ ...^.. now. eommercb meet, I hav, fleld and freer fcomnn patrons. With thtee-fourthsG..«« D —^—«. --,- fci coimtle and that their rer. utatlpn was nevor better than how. Hero where tie two great arteries of • •• * •-—) 1! cated, desiring a broader nlc itlon for and with my BPSpTESS C V~ Bi \CENTER '•IA 11 tii Practical Auctioneer, Life and Fife Insurance Agent .I*0*S»iM JCNCTIO^ N- Y., Ajictioii w«U« Iff all kinds ,pfojini|tly. attended tc, it Charges reiisoiia^hi. , •? 4\. N il., Sf,'ONF/fc ••OAM.EWST iiudCopylriglloufie , POTSDAM, _N,Y| i-'ine IHiotograpl|s from painted neg- .ttives, giving the jesuUln g pietureji. teudi-apy to Hat- ter. • Photographs HI India.Jllfc. 4 1 \ iher from li*o d r iuiall iiliturcs, U\ r<i>.es fiiiiii axil) to <n*i\iiii jyictmres Jowest pri • >SY\»*>.t.l?lty ANYWKKltE. - -hn 11E ST. L A W R EN I aL ISO WOItifS.-(ji.;oniiE W..p.ljiKut'l6T. ranSt uliu'iurer and dealer in '• | •ULA'CK W'ALNrTpVUq'ULpINOfe}] Vlso (lilt and ftosewooil andjlllt Jlnulrfliigs. Blctili li'i'ivmes cotwtaiiUy on timid 0r made to nMer. Aw fliolfH' variety of CIIROJR)$. WullSraefcets, TnffC Hw'-lai. Hat Hacks, Hlipper Cases, (MS, &c. itajcp ami \Factory \n Fall tslimilij; Potsilnm. N. f*Jh \ Y\&.7>' n ttr K X, T^A L K US I : FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC MARBLE., •V . ' -^T—\l : I 'J. s> Monuments and.Head Stpnes^. ^ -i - \ i?I NI-H l:lt •*' ^TN TICK LATKHTHTVLKOFTFtJlf ARt? i New and Impnpved Machinery, Unrivalled railroad faclFilies,.and a fixed; determina- tion to-excol, I Invite oil w; Bhing to get 1 A Superioi r Machine to glvo me a call. I sell d icctly to the pnrchaser, Kinout ' '\ • • - - agents, thereby aa' ing him a heavy tax. repairing pieces for mac lines constantly on hi Orders by mail or telegri.ph forwarded by rctu, r 0ld'mac!ilne8 thoroughly and quickly ropalre. TEETH Va TH NUTS REDUCED TO EIO IT CENTS EA , S. W. \ POTSDAM JDNCTIONAQKI ^ji-TunAtVV ATTENTION, TiVERYB WM. MILDER, iiirhes.OId - -•> ( , . . i copied nJid enhu'sofl In nl sftperior styi;e, at iriccs.. Compare pur ty-orjc and prlfes/wlljr MC*U\LDI T. BtLEV. T. il'DBJEX. '.I OF LOTJI$yTLLE, Wotild Inform>ho publicJliatholioopa.constantly on hand a lull and* pmplete stock of Dry (ioods ai<l droeeries, BOOTS ANlD'SHOES, ija'Cs, Capa/CHoveH, ftdsiery, Slationei-y Ready Made Clothing, C«ockery, < 3-ltis»vp-iax-c, : / HARD WAKE, &C, .Wlileh irlil be sold ODIUV'-OH at nay oilier place In * ' '- \ ': tlie county. _ TrefTLIvIAM H.CCTT,, | itorondflrTIU3REriJB- Siuncilal caro will betnWe LIC llnreaas at * WASHINOT0S AND ALBANY/ fonaplete. interesting jmd tborougblj- reliable. ., FINANCIAL NEWS, Hnclii «4 tlie tranaactljons o r the Stock Bxchnngo. Mo- ney Sliarkot, Banking, In.- urmiCo and other Interests thati ci)me un,dcr thlsympi rtant>oa<l, win fio made fnllmnd complete. ': r ' Ii^eraiT Intcjligi nee pud Bevtews-, CrltloisnlBon Music, tho Drama, Painting, 4c.. wllj bo ucgiiarly .given, imp; .rtlnlly pwpnred by pn tlcculpons. 'I, '. i TK© Edliftria! Department white distinctly rccog^nlzj ig the political nftneiplos of aini renderingnn earn stand consistent, support to tlie Itppubilcan party, I fill, with competent assist-\ antooM contributors, tak o the mor/j gsheral^llno of joujwHlstic duty that bcl ings to a oomplote ncwa- papipi\. Address . __ I. THJE REPlTBLIC, How- York Citjr. Fall and/Winter 7™ SoJ>teiii 0TSKI VIS. ,Jpne2 _ 1PL- - themubllr generally that hibiil LES. 3^fctli* 1874. & H0WDEN. IBM Hi FANCY GOODS, Ieasuro In informl ig their many patrons and \ \ * they are now ready to ex- AlMceMfifllllipry'Ms, which have been sclecte 1 from thgjiest New York markets. Having prolonged\ our stay in tho city to attend the iinnny wholesale mill nery openings which have lace theroo dnrin s tho pi .... ._.._.. iayt part will prevent ourdop .rtmont frorh being taken place ther dnrlnfe tho flast two weeks, and notwithstanding onr lari e expcrlenco la.the pant, wo would be permitted tp say that rjotMfe on our FIRST BlanK Bo<5k ptfanitfacturer, PAPER BOjX MAKER, B^ptdjsrc^owr, VT. RULIJSTG AU'P RINDING Or everj - descrlpl Ou don/fin owlpr. I t • ' i Flrsjt Profeniu-m Taken AT THE VEBMO ST STATE PAIH. Books left-for Binding.; it the ofilce of this paper \ \ rnedfreboifany frclgntor will be forwarded and xcti Express charge. G-ly TV/fcOILL & 81 •iyJL and) Dealers In- Fresili and-Salt Meats,. FISH. Firall Door north of nnllroad, under tho Comimerolal Advert llsorOlIlce. CLASS, .nndtlintnll who call on is shall bo suited with our gooils, onr styles, and oui jprlces.\ The Movelties of Now York and Bosto: i markets will bo continu- ally added to our stock. Orders given us will be promptly filled, Wlhllo we return many hanks for thelnrgeamount of patronage bestowed i ipon us whllo here, wo ear- nestly solicit a continuan :o of the same, and will be happy to see you at your earliest convenience. aarfftnre between Nlfhtongalo A iucLcod'* ero- cory and Thing's now block, a row doom north of tho Whlitney Hotel, Potsdam Junction, N, Y. JpOE SALE-:- A BRIiD One and one-half stories' Amos, and el Tliino will bo given on desired, inquire of [r ft RII, now occupied by Alex, ibly located on Mnln Street, Potsium Junction, H. T. port olpflrchaM money,If F ABM FOR SALE.—THE UN- , derslgncd. wishes to dispose of his Farm, con- sbtlilfcorseyenty-four acres, located about 2S£ mile* rropu thetbttvlrig V1U»3Dof Brush/aSCllto.Franklin conmty, H. Y. Nearly all of this farm Is under oultl- yatlcin, as meadow and Ullabla land. Tho Improve- meni)a conatat of a HDTJSB ami KEW EllAMB Tho-land Is we I watered, having a living nmnlngthrongbjlt. pis njnocpnvenlciHto AIM renin _. K'T ,„ .„.. ft good graded school, aj: i four diilereiit cpurchca. Price 8*0 pur Acre. Applicants can apply I Mllla, N. Y., for further s OA] W.W nrtloulars, nEAJPI.TTEB. U lilt, or Brush's •2m [ernment for selfis. oses. This polic; ;o sucli an extent (people, and open tjiieir fcessityofa change 1 . T _ — Ibilier was hardly gbtajongwith before (the Salary Grab wW^ishered in, and 'the perquisites of Uie Presideiiit for his |econd term has/^icreased in nearly ihesamo ratio «S his salary, while a itnuch greatei/porjio^of big jtiuie has ibeen spent away f^om the seat of gov- ernment./Jayne tnd Sanboijnj, Kjel- |ogg and/Carpentei, and otlnfr swin- 'jillore, ifavo made their appeajrance in Micti^succession, a id as each }ii^8 been yered and broi ight to the notice of |j peop.le b y the ndependenltl press, ._e p^rpetwttors of frauds havi? set to ivorwio muzzle it, ind the passage of be Poland gag-la'v hai been the p- ult. 'A vast armir of'office I holders ,iave been pensioned upon the treasury lat increase* salaries, and A tajx levied jUpon'these salaries-furnishes the means Ifor intrenching their position. The currency has been undergoing a steady Bontrjietion, panics ha vie made their appearance and been followed by hard Shnes; a general stagnation of business as laid prostyate tlie producln^classes . ,nd reduced wages to su.Ch aa; extent ^hat the working classes find it difficult to. live, and many <^xn find no employ- ment. With this condition of afiWrs <)ame an attempt to- repeal the\ usury Ws, so that tho needy would; be en- tirely at thomercy of capitalists; and •we find the republican p^artizan, press,. jOontroUed nfainly by persons holding jiositions under the present adminis- tration, advocating this repeal, and at- tempting tc faster!,- still tighter the yoke upon .the ne|ik8. of the people. ^?hese b,urdens havetbeen more keenly, jfjelt in Ohio and Indian* than^in ^ur lown State, and effoits hdvo been made iby their representatives in Congress to seek relief by inereafsingithe volume>f currency sufficiently to ; meet thc^i .re- quirements of the people. Hayfng suc- ceeded in getting a pill throiigjh Con- gress, which would afford this relief, t tih6~sanie President pat signed, the bill jf/pr doubling his own salaty, Ye'tped this measure for the rejief of« the people. ,The whole system 1 of legislation lias lieen against the^interests of the work- ing classes, and it is. not to be wonder- ed at that they shodld desire acliange. ;The lesson afforded by! the October iqlcotlonB in those States will have its offecfc throughoutH the' lengt|i and breadth of tho land Already there is [considerable letting down upon* the !*f third term \ que&op, the chief pol- iibher'of administra ;iou candidates in Nortbern New Yori, the Utica fler- yid; has sounded the tocsin o|f alarm, ]a|nd while holdteg back the telegrapic returns from those ^States, headed its leador \ Danger Ah^ad,\ t Party t^es |ajfe growing looser-4-the people; arc be- ginning to do their bwn thinking, and ^hen.they pick up campaign docu- Iinents, promulgated by i the piarty in 'power, headed\ \ Rfeal Issues,\ 1 which .shirk tho responsibiliW for allowing |the Salary Grab to become a l^V, and tdaimitne credit of'defeating tlie ex- Ipansion scheme by the veto of the President, they wijU sometimes ask, HAre these things trjae?,'? before giving jtbeir support to a \ (third terra..\ Bolt. ]i\ not considered as great a<srinieas tjerptofore, and it I is impossible to calculate ^yith any jdeg»ae of certainty Upon the result of the. November elec. A. Younjf GIrI€iki>tHre«l\Slie isKcHfiicd by l>ci>utj- Sheriff rilltliiH. ^ \ The Water\'ir)e Times tells the fol-f lowing tale, whSeh exhibits the well-* known Loon-iis^s, formerly, of Sanger* field, in a new fight: ; i, At Lee Center, (i flourishing littler village in the northern part of this county, reside al mother and-daughter;,; or at least they have resided there unr til quite reeeutjly. The Jjmsband an^I father being dead and the family not over and above Swell to do in the world, the daughter hajs occasionally been out to service, and so far: as We can learn;, has always givenr entire satisfaction,., At any rate she wa^iuite recently em-, ployed at or near Clinton, and up fb within a very few days her\mothejr supposed she was still there, and prob, uiAy wouitt nitj\c iiiuugiit BO al U15 present writing, had she not receiva word t o the contrary. The daughter's whereabouts came fi> light as follows!; On the 6th insfr Deputy Sheriff K received a note from a. friend/which read: ) ' fei / Mr/. Filkins.': IGrOve Loomis lias $ girl at his houseiby 'the name of Cora Atwood, to who'tn hp liedflo entice her there; and she has crieryand taken on in the worst manlier to get away from there, but all tonoayail-4hey will not let her go. She is/only «eixteen yeai* of age, and I should think people might take the/matter iii hand and rescue her and4ilave Grove and Plumb arrested for deceiving her. I think shfe is from Le/ Center. Plumb met he^ on the cars, andrepresented himself ap a Mr. Baldwin, pretending that life lived hi the village and wanted to hire her, /(Hering' her high- wages. Yoiji know that all they want of her is to in her, and I ijhink something ought be done immediately to save ner. j Immediately Jupon the receipt ojf the above, Mr. filkins set. his wits at work, and soom learned tile truth of the matter. Unon satisfying himself of the facts in the case, and having learned her mother's address, hewroti to her to meet hjm here, if she desired to learn something to her interest! Tuesday morning last she arrived^ acf- companiedby another lady and two gentlemen, one of whom was Mr. Rodj- enhurst, a relative of the family, who formerly kept hotel in the villages of Lowell andvernou, and-who is well known throughout tihe county. t Meeting them as per agreement,. he made known his'business, stating that he only awaited tthelr orders for him to proceed. Measures were at once take% empowering bin} to recover the daughi ter at all hazards; and. leaving the link happy mother ati the Anierican Hotel], in company with the other gentlemen above mentioned he .set out for thf Loomis premises. The house in which the girl is. said to be ^confined is a onej- wo\ ; ! 14 Jig 18*0 v 22 00 20 00 30 00 551/00 100 00 4, • . :flve11nteorle., '.sixinontnsi|3iOOXEvery. v addiaohai[ .ye^r,Or5BcentB'forsixinontlis. \ Local NOtica? -will be charged at cehts-perllinXfor the ijftst insertion' per line tOPjeach subseq.neni; Irisertson. . Transient ad{VertisemenJs|p'ayaBl4in advance. Advertisements forwaraeflto us.ipy regular cnstQ- n^ers jwWhont specific Inatructions/wiU be inserted idchargedaocordiiifily. f . S;00 , s-I.er, ' 1 the rate' often • and five cents. WILLIAM F. CODY (BtfffalQ Bill) ar - rived home on Friday \fast Jfronji his trjip to the Indian country with'thje ex- pedition under the cominand of! Co], AJi6on~vMiies I \i?ost domropudqr at North Plattej Nebraska;; ThesWejtem Nebraskian says: j j .\Col. Miles speaks in thp highest -terms of Mr. Cody's services.fandieon- firmB tho reputation he has heretofore secured of being tile best posted huiiter aijid scout of the |AVesi. He was always on* hand, supplying valuable |informa- tion, and in many waya proved him- self worthy of the title bestowed up'ofi 7 „„,,„„ him,\ Mr. Cody expects to%main-ir^ „\ his the east until next Sprang, when heflj^r lv will join the command of Gen. Sheri- dan In the West, should his services become necessary. He says the .wjiite buffalo hunters create a gretft deal of trouble among the Indians by killing buffalo for their hides only] leaving tlieir carcasses to rot on the plains,. The Indians do not like this projuriseuous slaughter of what they, consider Bheir rightful property, and resent % at every opportunity by taking the scalps of the hunters. ! 1 tlons.; V* • A Good Example. j \Burleigh\ writes 'to^the jBoston Journal: Those who visited Cqmjmo- dore Vanderbilt's rooms last week could have seen\ in the ante-ehamjber, 'waitingror an audience, aper&on about --•\-- ' \-'- 1 ,J iiir, red. ired into the little room where the! Commo- dore holds court. \ You don't know me, but I know you very well,\ ifaid the visitor. Who are you ? \ | said 'the gruff railroad king, 'j 1 1 am Eaton Btope.\ \ What, not, Stone, the bare- back rider?\ \Yes fas thereby. \And what are you doing ? \ »\ I h ive made a little money in jmy business, and nave retired to a farm near Patter- son, I have taken with me my Old horses that helped me to make wflat Uttle money I have., I havf built a small circus, and when my] friends come to see me I treat them to a little entertainment. It i s difficult to tell whether \myself my friends or my horses! enjoy the treat the most, v \ But, Eaton, how have you preserved youraelfso well?\ \During all my circus life I abstained from all intoxi- cating drinks, and from, tobacco., I found that to be at the head of my call- ing I must have my nerves in perfect control, and this I could not do w$,th the use of stimulants. I never u|ed tobacco, and never took ia drop of in- toxicating drinkj in my life. I am riot as rich as you- afe, Commodore, bup I am quit^ as happy.\ j. . • !-»*• ^ ; \ REFUSING A. LAJKGE FEE AND TAJK- ma A. SMAjiiiEp ONE.—Veipeau,, the French surgeoni-had successfully per- formed, on a litt|e child five years old, a most perilous operation. The moth- er came to him and said ; • ! \ Monslenr, my son is: say^d, and I know not how to express my gratitude. Allow me, however, to present you with this pocketbook, embroidered pjy my own hands.** . , i , 1 JjOh, mkdanfe,\ rephed fVelpeau, sharply, \my art is not merely a ques- tion of feeling, My life has it« require- ments, like yours. Dress, even, which Is a luxury to you* is necessary to nie. Allow me, therefore, to refuse ydur charming little present in exchange tor a, more subetantlal remuneration,\ \But monsieur, what remuneration do you desire? Fix tho fee your- self. ! ' r \Five tliousand francs, my dear 5ffielady very quietly opened the pocketbook, which contained ten thou- sand francs in notes;; counted 4>ut fiye, and after politely handing them over fo Vdpeau, retired, i Imagine hi» feel- ings. . i • , , A $12,000 VEEDIC*? 1 AGAINST A RAIL- ROAD.—The case of Ansel Stevens against *the Grand Trunk Railroad Company ha8 been Concluded, the ju- ry fludingfortfie plalntiffin $12,833.33 damageaj Stevens faas; jiding on the defendant' road o p a, fijee pass which recited tfcatif he wero injured he would not be entitled to recover damage^, j An accident occurred a^id he Was se< %nd^a-half story Iframe dwelling, situj ated near the njiiddlle of the Lopmis swamp, already tendered notorious by past events. Nearing the bouse, the trio alighted, and cautiously approach}' ing, entered unannounced. 1 THE atlKXi FOUNI>. • ! Within they jfomtd .Grove. JLoomisi Miss Nellie Smith, whtojias .figured largoly in Hie LOomlS aflSvil'S 111 times past, three other de?peiate ; looking: characters, and fie maiden they were in search of. Mri FiBdhs made knoWii his errand, .and fold' the .girl^-who aj; once recognized'the other two gentles- men^-that she ^ould pack her trunk without fear and accompany himj.\ While she was thus engaged quite a lively time ensued among those mostly interested. Grove, as usual, exhibited considerable spirit;- but Filkins, cooiL. and calm, after giving him the length or his rope,- told him to '*mug up.'? This he disliked Sto do; bm\N'ellie seej-. ing he was likely to get himself iniO trouble,, stepped; in\ and entertained those present in H lively manner untp :the.girl.was ready to leave. . |- While there Mr. Filkins learned that the desperadoes j had in some uuacj- countable manner learned that he was on their track, afid had ha delayed his appearance trwentyvfour hours, the ydung lady would have been beyond his retich. He subsequently ascertained by questioning the girl f that they had informed her of a nice situation in Osl- wego, where she; was* to have a \nice time and big wages.\ Filkins at once through«the atmosphere to. between eleven and twelve thousand feet above the earth;-, and it Was' there-we had 'ouy - grandest view. We had withhi onr range of (vision at the! same moment- Philadeiphiai Baltimore laud Harris- burg, the Chesapeake' ai^d Delaware bays andj all tlieir' upper tributaries; and also jsAnliapolis and most of the smaller towns Were included' hi this extended vision. But -tife grandest feature of all w4p wheiylooking east- wardly we plaiaiy jieyceTved- the At IpiiticOeeail. 1 ;•\' \ iv The view at tliis^nle Was aboVe'tlie possibilities |pf language- to iiidture. The penmsula^jof land between the' Delaware-aiidTlEmespeake bays was but a 'thread of^dark green upon the land- scape; Baminore an'd* Phil'a'delpliia were olilMnasses of shade^Upon the map; bus the great Ocean w«s*a reali- ity, aryf to a View of tliis'our eyes were eonsySitly turned with a feeling, that- was,' something everlasting and uring{ The pjjnorania that came our seppe.^ra! .probably not less liaii two: huiiilred^puiinr' 1 »v. 1rt \^ ^~i trom our'height of sixteen thousand feet it seemed dwarfed to a space you might cover -witli your bundKerehief.v It Seemed to us as if we Were lopkirig through fthe wrong end of aS .field .glass. ; ! •*\ ' •. ,: ! g .- ' ; When at thje height of sixteen ihour sand feefe Professor Donaldson told me that \the balloon had obtained its equi- librium ; that it .was poised on an ex-. act balance, atad as &0011 as-the gas in' the balloon began to*cond|ns3i.even ih the slightest degree, we would descend rapidly. And it was precisely in- this fashion that We did go down. . A SUIT FOB $5,000,000, *. CouunMote Vninlerl»iH T s DenlingN with Jay CjDuW and Jas. Fisk Jr. - The Er^e Railway^C^nipany's'- sujt against Comiiiiodore \Vanderbilt to.re- cover nearly §5,000,000 iaid \to Jiave been fraudulently obtain'esl-by'Mm from the. eonipahy, was before the' General Term; of the Supreme Court last week, on Jan. appeal n'oin a judg- ment by JuqgeBariiard, dismissing the complaintr^The controlling fitets. which ai% in the main undisputed, ;are ithat in February j.and M-arcn, 1868, four actions were instituted in the Sur preme Court Igainst the Erie Railway Company—-one in,, the name of the People, the others • in the name ' of Frank Workj ' Richard -Schell, and- John Bloodgo'od, eaqh being prpseeut-;' ed ostensibly to project .the treasury of the company .against -alleged fraudu- lent conduct of its officers. . . V« John S. Eld-ridge was then president of the Erie Company, Daniel Drew treasurer, and Jay. Gould and James Fisk, Jr. dlreptore. On thellth Of Ju^ ly an arrangement was made for 'the settlement of these suits, whereby the Officers of the'Erie Kailway Company fraudulently and without consideration --as alleged-rpaid $429,000 to Riehai-d Schell, and SI ,000,000 to Mr. Vander bilt, and boug|hfof him 50,000 shares of Erie stock for $2,500,000 cash and $1,- 250,000 in guaranteed, bonds of the Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad Company; I . '..•••.-• ' In 1869 Goulld' and Fisk sued to-re- cover this money. The suit was tried before Judge 1 Barnard }n May, 18.71,.. and the complaint dismissed. * After the;ejection of Gould from the man- agement of the Erie Railway Compa- ny, tlie suit, Which had been practl^ cally abandoned, was again taken up* and the appeal was argued one \day last week. . ! \i • • It was urged for the company \ that Mr. Vanderbiilt knew that it was a dis- reputable and dishonest transaction, and that he could be forced to repay the money tq the company. Oil the. other hand it was argued that the re- ceipt of this imoney and stock had nothing to do, with those four suits, and was theyresult of an independent tran- saction between Mr. Vanderlrilt,. Mr. Drew and. Jay Gould, and had nothing to 40 with- Erie. \• > ;- • - '. '-I'-. •>^--^r— ^ ' uxitU^rbyd,_ai|dcha;Tge3'B^ordiag] tie enchantment of ou* vMley homes, ^buf I prbmised to '\don't;\ • -\ Game is.gCairees WpheairTbuffalo are eonifjinif. W e have' been I hearinlg i)t. We Wish ' they would. Many of us? Woid^l love- to have* a sMiare mea|. tf There are iome antelope, Fut. they are always on Ithe next hill. | * - . The fur trade is dull, veqy dull. , To be more explicit, skunk fhides. bring fi#3en Icents; the oil,'however, is gooid feei- sphiethiug. Many use It for gripy. T|i.ey *jiy itsops bullyHL nper tried it.-. jS6nl<| of us, too, ar6..shoBt on shirts.\ The prevailing style is that of Heni-y, IV (See Falstaff's marehitftrough Cov- entry.)! We will buy -up tnol-e till> we wear tlfese, out. Out' of a;l]|w;hieh there • is but'one eonsoTation,: if '1 the darkest hour is: juki before the day,\ we are bound soon tO'hpi With j|y the silver lmingftpfxthe\Coming morn! Till when I remaju i Ypurs truly, J. : Tiiplffilippsf -\' \! . ».cstrfictive Fir<' \ MOMREALJ .October 21^-Oii Mon- day inqrh'ing a terrible conflagration took place; in Nuns' bloek of four story and mansard eutstoneStores and ware- -- houses, bounded On the^jyest by.St.i Sulpiccjetreetj'on t3le sou© by Debri^-f sols ahd' Locrier streets respectively, \and-on] bh.e east by St. Dizier larie. The^e stores, eight in number, run par- allel with another gimilar block, which lies between St, Paul aiid jjoeriei' streets, and afe, by conimpn consent,, considered as. one of the finest pieces of property i n Mdntreal's business streets. Each stbre js separated frOnjL the nex,t by stout, partition walls of Brick -, whilie the frohjts are exceptionally thick./The buildings are one huhdredl feet:'deep, with, two fronts, and are occupied by. finnl doing a large trade. M 1 *The losses and insuranaes are Mc- ArtUui' & Son, loss on st6eE^$10,o6ot to- tal lpss ! $27,000; DeLisle, JBrothers & MeGillj ihardware.dealers, lpss on stock., Mimatea at about$#,000; |fiCtor Hud- son., general importer,- loss on stock $25\ y opO;:G. B. Fabre*&,Co.|' A. Burton & Co., P. .M. Galarneauf Hodgspiiy Murphy!& Sumner,.\' imilprters, and .Kerry,-Watspn & Co., losses on stock $10,000 of §15^006 each. The losses oh' the Nuns blocks exeiusiyel.of Mes\srs. McArtbur'S store, is'150,01)0, making about ^O^OOO'loss. The ii-eater part of this iS'lcovered by ihsurafice. \\ s 'Site J»i»eips Case AiiJBA'KY. Octoberi \21.—Jn \Phelps'.. jCase yesterday, Hadley of the counsel *.'- for the prisoner moved fofc a stay of 1 judgtiien|t which the ^oiu'f: refused to grant., r , | j \ !t Judge Westbropk prpcfeepva to pass the' sentence j and' directed\ Ithat the prisojifiij be confined; in. flhe Albany penitentiary for five years|;upon cadb of the co|n.yiction9, makinglllo years iiii all. lin passing sentence tlm judge's;rb- marks to the prisoner weffe vely iih-. pressivel. iDhe prisoner wap rehianded .•* to jai|l, ajnd will be taken fxbm therice - immediately to the pehitantiary. ijii the meantime his counsel, It is expect- ed,, WjiMake-tbe requisite steps tp haw- the higl|eir courts passiipoii Jhexiuestion whether the offence was larceny, and ', other, poinfeof exeeptaonsmken.to the ruling|d|f judge Westbrppkl • ...-,' * - '-|' -. • Bitijli HolJbery; i ' !• .NASiiuAjIJ!:. H., Out, ao.4-LiUSt lEtght, F. T. ^fiwyer, cashier of tie L'auglian' National Bank at Mtlfoi'd, Was awak- ened jbv a. number pf maslledmen ijn ' liis • room. : They gagged him, put.to rope larbund his neckj locked up liS's .. wife,, four children: aii<| : servant, .\ dragged hian'*to the barik 'and made him Open me vault, Which hey robbed of abo^t $4,500' in currency, $15,oi> .' : to $20,000 in bonds, most ol wliidj aije governments, owned by , Rpbeft R.. Howisqn, aiad some jitheri seeui;itiri|i,\ then led him to the house, fied\ him to the be|l pbst and- left. The umc oau ui& \«*>'»• •* \«-\« «•- «~--. inforjmed her thajt the nice place was in thehouseof DenioiiOomis, where \tin? wages of sin is\ death'.\ ' BESTORED XQ HER FAMILY. I The party returned to!our village about noon, and the meeting of the nn^ liappy mother and rescued daughtei^ may be better imagined -than describ- ed. Upon taking bis leare oft them.j Mr. Filkins cautioned the girl to keep, a sharp lookout or she would again be, in the possession.of the Lopmis! gang;t as when they once set their hniid on al E iece of property, they are bound to. ave it, . 1 The young lauy—whose name isi Cora Magwood, instead of Atwood—-is about sixteen years of-age, of medium stature, fair appearing, but not over! and above bright. Owing to her youths and inexperience she was easily im-; E osed upon wheti she first met Mr.' loomis, alias Baldwin; and had not: a disinterested person, as a friend, ad- vised Mr. Filkins of the state of affairs, there is np telling what might have« been her future history: As it is, she ! Is once more safe and among friends.— where, let us hope, she Will remaiif. ABOtE THE CLOUDS. J The Earth as See» froiii a Balloon at 9 Holitht or Sixteen Xltoiwana Feot, The following account of an ascen- sion with Professor Donaldson, Is tak- en from the Baltimore American: , Now came the most stirringincident of our trip. From the height of four thousand feet we steadily ascended, the country dwarfing into a panorama of toys below us. I had the aneroid barometer in my hand, and so marked our progress upward. At six thousand six hundred feet our breaths became Visible just as they would be oh a frosty mprning. We already began to feel cold in the body,Jwhile the rays of the sun beat iri on us> with a fierce rotensi? ty. The index of the barometer orept slowly around the dial, marking off the thousands till it reached the four- teenth,: then flying back again and starting from zero, from whence it progressed once more around the dial, until it halted on the verge of the two thousandth, telling us that we were only aboufii hundred feet less than sixteen thousand; feet above the surface of the earth. \ *'..,: At this height the river was an-ob- scurity to us; a vjinory haze shut i t out ^from our view, jand we could detect nothing Pf it but; the silver lines that marked the'great bays and rivers, The air was Very cojd, and the sun was very warm. This is one of the roost curious phenomena of life above the clouds. At a-height of fifteen thousand feet \I was shivering, while ray head seemed to be burning up and all the blood in my body \rushing toward\ it, I felt a very sliglit dpcu% in breath: \ AN EXPLOIT IJV MECHANICS, t . v _-\ — ' ° . v . A Itiver V.bvc . JFoet too Wiao, or JiUrjitl&e rive Fieet-too Short. ' ' • In August, Hhe Bergen county'au- thorities decided tpjlniild a new draw- bridge across the Haekensack river at Couit street, Hackensaek,Jand accord- ingly received estimates from epntract- ors. P. Dobb^ <& .Co., of Jersey City, received the contract, haying bid #2.50 lower than J.,W. Stagg,. a contractor and architect pf Englewood, who had felt sure of getting the job. However, the Commissioners employed him to draw the plans, paying him $200. About the first of September DobbV & Co. commenced the bridge, and the work progressed rapidly uutif a. few days ago,-when it turinil oiit that the timbers were five feet tpo short, or the river five feet Itoo Wide. „ • Superintendent Van Houten was as^ touished. He. could ndf account for the wonderful shrinkage of the timber, •or tlie mysterious widening' of the- i'ivf er. He rememjbered that when the iron. bridge at St. Louis was building,- the' atmosphere elxpahded the iron key- stone sonie five inches, and it Was nec- essary to pack, i t in ice to restore' it to its proper, size J but he had not. heard of' the atmosphere expanding' a riyerfi-ve feet, nor shrinking heavy timbers to that extent, and he was af a loss to de- cide what process to employ to make both ends meet. ' * Then it occurred to him to measure the river. It was 31'6 Hfeefc wide. The . plans were for, a. bridge 311 feet long. Ho told Mr. Stagg Of his discovery. Mr. Stagg said it couldn't be possible. Then he said that the plans were not- drawn to work by;'- and then that the muslin on Wh^eh the plans had been drwan, at a scale of four feet to the inch, had shrunk from handling and exposure to the atmosphere.. To this Mr. Van Houteri replied that the county could hardly be expected to pay $200 for plans > ttiat could not be used to wOrk.hyi; and furthermore; the timbers had been measured by tiie plans when they were first drawn and before they Wore handled at all.- The commissioners recognized the wisdom of the answer, and they will pay the extra $500 necessary, to lengthen the bridge,' ; '. . 1. .- FROM BiRdjOUR COTJJi^Ty. , forced open the closet in -f hieh they Wereft^prisohed,aiid-gave '\ but nbsracCof the robbers eoverei3|. The cashier think: as msfoy as twelve in the loss oops not affect ; the vency.\ . ' •; the alarm, uld bo di|- there wer,e . ,angi .Tlit- ank^s' sol- . The Indians null the GolrtfScekorw. 'L YAsritTON, DK., Oct.'21. seveii| persons who left her; ago for the Black Hills Wei by the Brule Sioux while ii therrOiith of the Utile A party of ten days- attacked; ) camp *}t llatte rivci* ued- John' .deM ..moiv hdjaiis ai>e and ip phe fight whibh .-eft LoWe wjas.s-hot dead, and B tally iwounded, while the' J heiieved .'to- have lost teH; killed anil .Wounded. It is apprpl^nded that thS party'oftwenty-iflve who jest this; oity for thle Black Hills,' iutendifig to trave'f in thle track of the Yankt'on party, •camejtpiharm, The Indians are un- 1 derstobd] to havre expressed Jthe detei : - minatioii to prevent Svhite men enter- ing the.^giiOins of the BiackjHill at all hazards. nailroad Aecidenti.. ' ' :, •^DETROIT, October 19.^-ByJa eollisioii of two eonstructipn. trains qn the De? trbit andj Adrian branch of df the Lake Shore railroad to-day, Char!es'K;'amoi Was instantly killed, and.six others se-s rioiislyinjured. * 1 '' - {• BANC0R\ Maine, October 121 ^-A ,se-J rious collision occurred oil Monday, morning' oh the .Europeaq & North American railway,\ riear Basin Mills,' between 1 a -train- of twenty f ai-s and aj mixed train, The con4uctor|pf the forr mer, iaisunderstoOd Ms oi : dera and!, passed his station, the trains ccAiixf»ng*f at full speed. Fortunately the passei^: I geri eoaehes, which were Well flliedj;]--. \were at the fear, of the miKed train,!-. and the ijreight cat's reeeiveft a shock. The passeiigereJS escaped miifaculously, About'teh ears fm<i, both\engines were completely Wrecked. . ' m How It Feels t o toe ?' Ont-'«^A Graplrtc and AmnsiiiK letterfro»n a.fjuprtth icrsinnn to jylioni the Or»s»liei>l>e.ro have Ibeen a Knrden, '..\.' JBOT ClTV, tlm-, Oct. 12, 1874. Out is the word. To be out of money j» old<; but to be^ out of shoes and to- bacco, and out of a job strikes honie, The case of the people of this valley\ is one of peculiar^ hardships. Two crops in succession have been total failures, What the drouth left the grasshopper* took with such exquisite finish as to -be really unique. * Things look blue—mightily like the 21.-^Gov.]l ; disijatbhi - -- I Klot in Indiaiut INIMA]RAI»OLIS, Oetoher Hendricks has recoived frOm theisheriff of Porter cofcnty,\ Stat- ing that ft body of armed men \were re-r sisting his 'efforts to protec. the em- ployes Of the Baltimore and phio rail^ road while attempting to la j ar ti^ick across the M:iChigan Centra railroad, and asking ifor aid to, quell {the riot..I The G6>4rnor ordCmd two 1 lonipaniesl of State guaws and #Gauitag giin to%\ proceed merle immediately. jThey left,^ Monday night. / i - iunipiiig'Off place. What we are going to do, the Lojrd knows---if anybody does, It is a long laiie that never turns, but it lobks ag if this would, hold out till the orack of dooim We are staying fuojn d»y to day, expecting--- we know n>t what. Some expeetatd. ff anybody alms t o give us apything, '«He that gifes quickly, gives twice*\ iug, but m y eafsJwerp stopped up, and We hate to give it .up, and where I could hardly hear whatMr, Fox was i shall we go ? The beautiesof^hisyal- sayingto nie whfn lie wafj^tandipg by; ley have often..been told, I ceuW«asij mVsiae, '-: fy-go into i-aphsodies oy6v it» but will We did not remain long .at this tre- \dopt Yet athing-of beauty is a joy mendous elevation, We slipped down] forever, and we have le^rned--to- loye ' j • ! I \ . . ' ' '•_ Mr • * ® . • ' • A Sttoiliiif porpoises gotlimprisoii- ed withiiji the dike at Provlneetowii, 1 Mass,, the ojther day, and an exciting scene -of iCaifnage followed. {The local journal say a: \Wp hear of a man getf | tiiig into, the/bloody Watersl-seizing a'l smEll porpoise, and lifting jhim alive I into hw boat. The men hecinie so e£». -cited that they Waded .^aist deep in\ the wate^, a]nd two ol: thief were ob^^ served seated ^.stride the nimble beaiiv ties ehjo^injg 'a Wet and qp-Veloride, The massacre was general, aid;but few., fish escaped 1 death.\ »j II'^'aiSinojiineed that Jone|; the sik ver Senator| of Nevada, isfeabout,to mai'iiyj the accomplished Miss Gfeofgie- Sullivan, daughter of Eugene Li. .Sulli- van, oj Sftn Francisco. The prospeet-1 ive bride lis a blonde^ tall, slepdef, with I a blooming icomplexion; rt|st pretty, f but interesting. A MRS at, Eaton, Rapids, aestfdyeai>hevaug JanHoti the20th, ,., ... and several other buiiaings, 000;; insurance, $20,00o\ f.\ AS\ 1 .. * -. %h., ol Loss$50,l

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