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Black River gazette. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1825-1833, November 30, 1825, Image 4

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i - r intuit i» *iror,' do^ ot partalit of'V ^ nagriificenct,ieraily_V antlare iftnwally V * >l«nk,hatlb* »offluvia cpen thatlb*hici efS'uvia whicnV same m agm fic«i)ct, »ndare |f<i ' ke»n plank, »o cpen t e w frojBrth* dead w ho are beneatl ire not a lilire obnoxions to the livibj Theee placc? of|^(r< 5 rship are open at all hours o f the i ? j to the pious; M iss, V®W g said ev^ry half hour ; they are n ‘ iH y tn-oarded on^feast dayf. V ‘Siraiiger, eveil from ourown lB-)d=ie_helerogencous is i!ie _^helerogencousure m i: more espe- W hatstrikoi epub [le­ an lB-)(F is l! m ixt of all rauiis, castes and com pluslona, eu^agcd in •t T’tm h e L anaroniious in. hishe tb i e p act T L anaroni in bis blauket orleathtern breet hes, is seen kneel- irig.besidethe first of die M exican^obless preicntiijgicntiijg a l( veil '^V a lei»on oT bum ility, perhaps, orth '•y • • -th o f ioiits'ion. one of the richest countries irr J the w ofld in iM ineral prosiuciion*, psriica-^ j lariy’'•itvcr. T lit- m ines are Tn>meroui,and ^ve etB('ipi m erit to a great pitt't'of the in habitmt*. ' h nvoiagi annual qu iBtity of tilvfi from 1771 :o' 1803 , obtoioed f;om the M esi a '.m ni s, estimated at nearly ^ 20 , 000,000 ; an aninunt ten tim es great­ er thmi is furnished by all ihe unties «t The silrerminea of G uanaxualo are the most [ roductivs, n- in the irnrfd. Son t enly in M exico but 5 oi th-t other li. (icsi mines nre thrse of Caioros, Z ancatocas lim l R ial del M onte. ^ e G n anaxna o mline, is abuB' 8 n .u'a.ijh tohe theiits*exu'a.i bre: , in len ; t | to the of 4 ,$ 0 O feet, ai d the low est ii 1,640 deep. Ti e inouili is 7,856 feel above the leicfoT J» crjsfeqitt ' r^ine. ?Goul 9{ lOgtlr •80 men ar# em ployed _undtr ed their fine i of society*^ !. 5 peechM as.lfaecotiHnon |tock retailed alike b y . every indrvid- ng.a8.^aftse4urB5«hed:&n^cca-- the notice of her sex. Itioae to w b oia society w.a* iDCtre fam iliar, ever jealous o f ^ Rising star, and envious of the cartises bestowed on her, bjfgap.pndrrtbejgtusetif sniiles to b ^ n infroc^ciion. O h degenerated btin^an E ui | t 'Entirely ignorant'^jf the ungen- ||-n*tui|^r'Entirely ignorant'^jf the u _ cr^us passions of m ankindi herself uokpOt- pnriiy, slje thought the w orld 'aji% as it eared j that every im de w as the «»a on of a heart uiibittered a ^ ier ow n -, i|hat these advam ejs’to her ja^quaintmee 'm e the farm sj>f initialtopr inte with w hich she \ ti^nchanted, Poor girl ! tfow bat those I; ind those sm d ei^ .^ ie veils, w hich envy m^ice badraised to hide their own ftoorrid IV atures! H ow liiile vlid she dream li hat these voluntary courtesies on ll.e part Cof her own sex, w ere m ere subterfuges. toere 0 rapturous antK i|j ButitU not the lot of hum an beings tong to enj/iy an unruffled calm -tjf,delight, Cnroitne W as by no m eans am exception Ttie current oi her happy thoughts w a distuibed by the unexpected ccumnumca tion'of a kind friend. It w as his reports 4 vere in circntalion that w cn tu ball, C aiol.ni- w.as r.de in her ma.'.Dcrs, •* volatile,’’ '.oo-mssoti pleased\ OASOLXNli, lii' 44 J!n illualratiop o f tht Fewiah Character. The following beat ixle present, at least • tiue picture of the di-appointm< nts w hich |he yeuog ‘alm ost invartably m eet with, when they become acquataitd w uh the CarC'bre lA dartrcely sem ihr sixteenth W ossjtping of the M ay-flower, w h eu X ofthe first tim e §• e war inviti d to atten 1 a bsd in a neighboring village. T he «orl>l wa- new to her. Sh knr.w little of the Boiuse- incnt>nf gay Sioe y , n i epi w at ilie how and then gathered from bucks, uad s'ill fi' less ofdrnr-tng, except w hat she bad seen and pra, lu ed in the presence of-h er in- r etruclor. B ut her lively Im ag^ioatluajatvd. to r‘cpresent .10 JL-X-fS-hcr-tbetlloTTmcnTs o f ibcTety ia liscinatmg li'ljt.)I colors. B w bo ks, needle and pd eiie, wenr liid.psid'’ f »r this nil im portant orra tion. H er dreis w as of ne concern to her. ‘.Vi,, li w as thrown on w ildly and carelessly, hut ; |j’liei. w slU tffoed figure cOuTd not be conceal-f qij „ dfu/S ed , and it- r nam icr of dress to a critical MU.ial (jjjndj w ould appear like alTccied negli- geftgflo J h o * of her isersoo. She throw '|f.|ll'M ck her \glossy curls, and secured them ;t| 4 'r 4 |byja single clasp, not wV h a view to- d?s- L —-mmsndiPg forehead and spark- eyes, but that their profusion It be no obstacle to her seeing others, and volatile, she w as conveyed , coninous of 1*1 -'iher ow n exitienre, so lost w as .■.he in iho itipsllon o f j,hc new and untried scenes wai about to w itness T he party as- Here W uS drawn the curtain, ,t ,^ieml>led. .*i!\ 4 J^Jwhich was to present the first scene of the act in th e great dr im a of life. r \ ^ r s t act in the great dr ima o 4 T h e first hpur was spent i salutili )us I 1 !'C m ute not ■ 4 1 ^ihis fairy ia h ^l^Jayiaas congratulations. giving and She sat in ex pose to But such w as on b er unsu- sex w iicuie herjie ti subterfuge! her tm guarded volatility! the troth.— T ney played olT Impeding m ind, till they w ere satisfied. Sbe.wem hom e delighted. W eeks and weeks w erespi-nt In reviewing the e- veoia of that happy nighi, and en|oying in tki|i-dtion,of othey sim ilar past- niln atteniioD-,” li.” '‘did -nc ought to behave, dtc.’ had oxcited any- noiici Conscious that, she ben -- the i ’ ol let be.,ave as a young M iss ‘,Sic.’' Uirtmndful that she thunder^trut ;a and scarcely ^lelf bad play- jmbly,bly, she w as uck 1 ) et lu-pectbg that L.. — ---- coOld i |iiy but bet^uwn condui rise to fht s’e e reports, she at s true. She irict once believed ;d to lei tw the •collections evt-ms ofjbe night, hgl her recollections c lim ited to what she saw , for she ibo’t letf ms yet but U ile'oihjr than be only,rci«ll of tte 1ctra-petl driicae i»544#cwrettcerofsnr ilure, as even.tpjfewa sm ile from gravi­ ty itself— w e rem em ber an bid story W hich furniihei a case in point. __ A-wbnpsfeflolit’isffll^ markable for his adder line dea&tess, but (11 min* to conceal th<?lpfirm?- the Utica Mmanac, 0 be em ployed one day in bewing^Jh large piece of tim ber near a road i inH clL^r^vPll- ed; and (it betag in V ankee-iand, w hf re file naturally ittquisitivp propensity of the folks is we.ll knt^ n,) W as m uch annoyed by the frequent cojn^verialjoii of these w ho passed by, and w hich bis extreme deafnei? madee him Incapablee off . e joying w ithoutt 1826 containing^piany valualle selections the late periodical w orks on Agricultaj 8 ic.— O ctober 19 , 1825 . m ad him Incapabl o . e joying w ithou hindraac^’to his w ork. T o obvia*c'which difficii^tyi’Ofld yet of his hearinj', hr. afleci the -iDj', hr concluded to form in hii mind a-xet of .such answ ers a.s he judged ' m<-st likely to com pose the proper replies' to the inquiries of jdlers rvip ecting hiss The first ques’jon he calculate/ asked w as, “ W ell, at to day — i , H ow far vrijl you rer. U p’to that ki s do you b.ive what are yt Mill-po thatial a day. To this, they ;’s loo mu ii” —to which he wouh post ?’— an- AgAm/What lay. serve, ’T hat’ f*— answ er, no Id probably h ; I w ouldn’t give Id reply’ W ell, ifyou jion.’i give it tom ebody eU e w ill. Hi( fom ula jvai hardly com pleted, w hen a geuitein.inn.in cam eam upe top ob.ain information t he wojra sir ; fulluwing dia gem tei c u COD' erning the road, at in iboie parts; and the Stranger. PiRaie to direct m e the w ay to ~ '.cut understanding a Carpenter^ (Withi ordy) Mill post. S. Will you tell m e the disiapee.to C ^ ^ tointing to his work.) Up to tGal .tA o -iaas m 3 tor sale at the g J f b m er’e Cafendfar, ^ PROPOSALS Fer pttbliibij»|( ttw Albany A t ( ui Daily, . OMDta TBJB TlTL*.,Or TBK BANY Akens & DAILY c m GA2ETT> -r T he-growing prcfspeittyorTRe city,'ih,'B frequent suggestions of their friends, andl |he desire to add to thebne and com pljl •with the other, have induced the subjcri. I bers to attempt the eslablis^ment of anQikl. j ei* daily new spaper. 'The advantage|.fc which they hoiic to derive from this a,, I anilts the iiiieiests of the cjfy,atKi locoft-l to i s grow th and to the conv^iviJ ieuc/and wm Tfs ol i citizens, tAro«g^(|lt 1 theu^ publication ; and tp afford, through te Semi weekly paper, much m oi* gefjifal ?adiag, gre.iier variety, and earlier inlpj fnee, to their patrons in the.countryj-^ ..ill be the am biuon of the proprietors^ fulfilfos far as possible, any reasonable ex* pectalion? in both these re.speclS; The object of the paper w ill’ h e, as 1 generalqtublic Journal, to cbnlribuie tO; wards the m aintenance of the influenct, power, and high character of the slate j to aid public spiriied individuals in their exertions to develope and apply.its abun- d-anl resources; 11 second all laudable cn- ner-ilirrrprcrYW'njfiil,* fonherlhel jnicafmn an JlfesnFs r^wlfri boiPd »o fexoint par^ i. lossy: 1 [rusts SSi alVjJig tl lass oT ly it ih^l pply.iis abon- K Thirty II laudable - * - les fpr loj^l or gener-il inrprcrvWni herlhey'herdl plant qf intfriradc S . I say bow fir is it to tow n ? C. TW b Joliars a day. S. fG ro»iB g angry.) Insulting fellow! I’lly giveuestion, you answ er m q or I’ll give jo u a w hip- C. V'lry w ell ; lor if you .d on ’t som e­ body else By ihii time the gentleman’s p it *nce was {deit ly exhausted, , and lit, pa,sej 0.1 in ^ aspecta-j t*>r. The only,rci«ll of tfie'i wM, _ _ _ — ihi t the was pleased ; a u d i t she could not fIT . A T k l€ 'T ! ^ ^ T!/. k-! recollect boH ihe (lenitaHcd herself, there Bruxoing of the NiV}~Y ork lily thn her conduct might i g h t ----- - ' — ........ — . . . . ant Ql intfiiraAcOfn- ourse-; 'id Ser-vediX' real cjftite ol education And of moral!{=j and to culiivalc a j (St and liberal slate ajfl' IrroA^*,' jf no yul iirs|l£l*< natio^fegling. In iis lqcaU)l»ara«l« j|i I li £U ii.T CITT G iX ETT c! m uch of ft ihiillj be devjjtt-d tp lha notice, discussion a w l lupport'of objects roniiecied w ilU .'aod ca|.,*J culaicd lo promote, the prosperliy o f th* ‘I C 7 T 3 T. ft shall be a,part nf the duty uf tt»s.| conductors, and conlflhiitors, 4 o point oprti :es of w e^ tb ,|| the enierpiisBij in giving stability^ iostilu- ^i'.h rnapl and contiiiui of our citizens 1 pos-ibiiity th n her conduct m be excepuonable. lit V siosibiltiy (sbich chii \ p d in ;icr) was not an obscure triit in ber penung ol her iboughtlcssm retnlutiom to observe * moie rigid course ' routed (olts high lad not long bsi n eog. gt < penung ol her iboughtlessms-, Bud making of con<Juct, when She wai iniornied by an oih( r tlj^ the rrpDHtAht- i^tkep^Jisioiao- \firtJpWererftfilrdiJouj Bspi rtiuns lurownout against by those who were under appre WhlioiiS uf being lappliuted by her. Thii jingle SQgg^iuii js IS enough 40 point \To her sagacious mind, lae nature ol ci lalice, and evwry ipccifel iirfr1loa.ih beings make u iture ol envy, of dctractioa __use of to bring (dlheri on ‘ ' extinguish every light which their own obseuxUy o>ore visible. aa.ih beings mak^ of to bni 1 a~lt'vel with themselves, and, sh every light which would mike Cimline U yei young ; but the short time she has mingled wah society, has taught be r, that we enter is with hopes and whir ----------------------- fechngs T store extensive intercourse is sure to eiisap( o im ; tnir«h Ine billernt! and rancour which 10 olten obtrude them ib U in selves anaong equi original ingredients of taught by tho that desire Vraxotng oj the IfiU!- x ork STATK L IT K K A T t’KU LtTTTERY C U iS S JVu. II,—FOR 1825 . \ \ I E the subscribers do certily, that IV the followiiig were the numbers which were drawn ihis day, viz ; tst 2d 3d 4tti 5lh 6lh 7ih 8ih 9ih • ted iiicent](yf ol our citizens ; to aid in -givings and an extendeJ inflceofr to our tions -, tn CO operate jn ibe,^ effurla w are now making, and'which time and auR-, irred, will miill'ply. m the city ; and to yield a fin* which« es*. it is belie luild u)> ihe city ; and to yield a finit ;| support to such measures as it may be nj. i cessarv to adopt lo rct.vin all the advanfa*;] gesrvvbirb; aFTtiC seat of the state gov«p!|1 tnenl, it now possesses. In tfreae respeclipj , |t^*y 69 64 39 IQ..02 5 40-—4-J ■21-'' : in cSSmon with t cmselvs, have suib « ATid that\the sjid numbers were drawn heart, in the ordei-'jri wh«h they stai.cT above : ^..^hliafard po’iilcal c o u n t J>f th l'l that is to say. Nu. 69 waa the first thaljp^per ,,,,11 not he depirted from, wasdrawn—N o .5t was the second— No-1. pp r'w itho-t. t o “ »h.dow of ti.rning,” I 39 wai Ihc tlurJ--N-i. to was t* • fourth— | hut whh .,11 « .ssih'e'rcrtiiim fro*{ c o n lriw J No. 62 was the fifth—No. 5 was ihe_sUri> ver4il and p- rson.d nsprri.v. t'e ^ —Ns. 40 was the seventh Wit York t w»*,docirinrsan % at Scplembt r, 1.825^ •NRYI WY l KOFF, iho.rigbth—ind N o ^2| was the ninth. . | wifi urge repuMir^m. to'^Vi.'irr ^ *a\l!!^ly |#, band' at the eny of Nev- ■ • ■ . . . . < . I 20.h Bay at Scplembt r, 1.825. HE.' W.\l, IU IR F L a NU, REUBEN MUNSON. The l44 Tickets h ving on them the th e 144 tickets h ving 01 Combiuntioa Nos. 47 and 69, 1 n -e It w1j be a ■li be flmA *M of-|wida- tn Tender i w r t 'y of il e c h a rirt r o f t, Re[t\Pili(un journal aid ol t e cno inued ^onfidcnce e f its friends throughout thf wMl b* The terms of the paper, daily, t ire*, imraerce o f the world ; by ling the i tnecia of prefer- Lnmuinatioa iNos. 4 7 ana oy ar.il at and E gt.l Dol ars per a.tnum; semi-iycekly., 59. being the Ul and 8lh, and the 1st and Four Dollars. The altejamon will t«k« They enier opsn their . . . fngfriendly s a luti ..... - ------- . that desire of being the t byntii of pn tseoi when we once begin to consider selves as units in society. Her hign hopes bave indeed been dis- apj oinlf J , but she is to magna ’ ------ * denounce thcaoriri in disgust. tioitbe Combii Btion Nos. 10and39, 10 and 62, »* but fi and 62, and 6 and 40, being the 3d and llh, the 4Ih and 6th, the 5 h and 6ih and 7lb drawn No«. are each prizes of J50. All others (bring 1710 Tickets,)^with that her attra wlicn hfr oBiive velsttli , sbe sii 1 enjoys ball,” she was & stranger I ll^eeUDg but transport. She still sat but rouled by the fascination T.slYery thltig ai^innd her, her wild black eye j ' T , ' lyeanoed otJl’the expression ef h er soul with- 1 . , , cd, sbe sii 1 enjoys berasioi lales. is not without 1 ureS of social ....... .. nnb led by the stifled rules* ” 1 the eflVv r.f some, ami diagusi. Not un- itions arc lets than •njo ber BsSOi lai is not without the convkiion that the pleas ureS of social inti rcourse are much biigb- i*of conduct to w bir h - the eflVy o f some, and the censure* ofotb era rni.fin.. yg, gnil wllCn ShC female entering society, lie entering s ihofis that bad been ■£H£S srea a beau- been armed n a i a , . . p , . a a . . s i . w r . US spectacle before her. AmcT*Tioti. • [, ais we might expect one to This vic% whether it leads us to fcl.^n ir.elatfic s-animtied b y ; the possestron of virfues or good qualities ^cnis of noyehy and muaick. I to which we have no real etdim, or to the »tih^dtetn adptired the airiness of vanity of cadeavoringto boneeal failings ipirifo, vied -with each! which every one kuows we have, is like dis buna, «a4 lammoned Uieir|fusiingtQtbe abserver. At the same rime, r^ W r * any two of the Otawn Nrs. on them, arc eack.priz<-s of $l2. nd If \ t he prix ixes are all such Tickets '.he nine drawn Nos. on as have ant them, being M,364 or tss. each drawn number. A.M'I n ' i YRE.1 M.inagers. The following prize* in ‘he ahove Lot- all sold at CL L- a R R E ’S, viz ; fery W ric-n.v..u ^ »i£ ; Ticket, Comb. 21, 64, 62, No, 3o, 6(J0 prize of $1000—tirket, comb 5, 10,47, No. i,.2 j I a prize of $500—ticket con.b. 21, 54, 59, No. 34,197 a prize ef $ 2 0 0 - “ *wo grites r f $100, Jour o f $60. \Ticket No 31,S0(i was sold in 4 quarters, one quarter M * gemlenjan inMiddleseule, ment—one fourffl to a gentleman in Rus siar; Herkimer Co r—and one fourth to a gentleman in Brockville, U. C. Tickets ami shares in class No. 3 for 1R26, Lr sale in a great variety of num- C l a r k e ' s Old Etlabtished 2Vuty Lucky 0 £ice. e ' ey enier op->n ptise with diffi lenc*', but with' a conf re'ivnce upon the lib r,i i.j audlodule of (heir fellow-cilizei.i. F. CROSWELL, [hUii m the le' w es*e ie» a p J i fo'wl irO S jM w i T pq ' i live A til S paSifiFbr jlerUla m , l i M M fropm ^ iro'priatfi i i road tl kKis'sl C. P. BARNUM, O. R. VAN BENTHUSEH., Albany, AogO-t 2, 1835. T E R M S O F THE G J Z S t f K Two, I^nliars perr annum,num, f ayab’eyab'e quairi.J'-'uairiA an f a q wo U-'llars 8i weiity-five tents at the exptniitoR of (he yi *r. No AtlTeriisi-ment published for lestthiil^ terly joi One Dnilai, th >se n.it rXceediog a squiCe, *i I b\ co.ispiruODsly in^ve'ted ibrte tiesM , jree tim es- ~ for tbit stun, ah-i twenty fi'-ec'D'i f.ifft#'*,' lubseq-ienti inrortion,nrortion, longeronger pnesr^fe.;^ i l .egal Rdverii«emen's ’ inserted it ih* rry lubseq-u proportion.. Leg rates prescribed by law. 'A dedviC’ion of iwmty per c'-nf.,mtJd to ihose who adver i e by t.ie v ••ar, No papf r Ol sdvrriiBemei.t discoatioueti till attariearjges are ptid. K ® . Jbuiblnifh ihilim p d [ f w i a m i s ^ ilh ix ’bjl' »J I'cnurorai ] ^ t & x s n r S ! t i L HANDBILLS, CARDS, BLANKS, Ac. Executed arthe Gazette Opee, • icteis I I tame iam I In Qi-d* I ey b f a m t iba ebnte I t f tp Bft-t ..

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