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Black River gazette. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1825-1833, November 30, 1825, Image 3

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could j cy, o rA ^ y <be^gj_ knife. i | >«is to m r rbe ftau «« ^iifi *'4y/ni. ®J»» gresi and foil ickjycoi ^im cbildTeiJ K>», .frt(n Sm.turn^ “ di»cri^ m k mi^orce, to S d ! bity *ick, m ibpHdi ter. WB mecLaih U J g « / SI h W em^oy. •C ^ ty *3I?> •oper’til gvam ^ 1 10 omf. : 4 AMEiutp lbu wvciosui-e of tjesiib- scabfH'i on tbe '24th insUnt, a twe^ ■old • - , H E E P E R , : if,a black vcolor, and white faLOj :he bffn- •- retiiie,.i 4 fd tbeail prove pfbp^rly, pay -ej and take b»rju*av=- ‘ _ JOHN JAM EaSON, jr. LnSwillp^ Novemher^O, 1825. 2J good Jiiiii y e j f old JH10BSES‘ <t bay Morse, ^ndMare^ * w h tn bigb ormfiibaiBfToy may be had low foc-Co«A,~Atsb, ^ Jt good Setddle and Bridle. Entjuftr of the Printer. ,4w6n _ November f8f&. •y- lUcctK* lom we» J^ew^Years Gifts / G^rand Lottery lor THE si*m .i 3 r JfEw-TOBK.. ' To be d n w n on the4thof January neiu l ^ , S O O $50b^$^:o,do.o S&.O00 ^5,eoo seVeral ofS 500,2>0O0^1,0O0,500, amount- \ ^ “ $ 5 6 y ^ « 0 0 . P retent price of, whole Ticke'a §50, *bai«< lO propnriion, for sale in a grcdi varirnr o f tnimbfT^ f r No. 53, OwNEsM-StReET, Uxica. Novimbey iQ, 1825. r W H E A T . \ IW ANCE8 of Cash, to t|io5e who jCXjush_to flotir:aud teceiv^boproetHkls ■ Irom the New York markeis, or ti e Alba- try ptice—lets the trajispoitaJUPn. ivitt be paui for ffKttii delivered atW . M abtin ’ s ^Mill. Martinsbarg, Oct. 26,4825* W W W TfN H E sub-icriber would inform hir cus- I totm^s, and the (ublick g« nerally ihat be is now receiviag from Nt vv York ■•‘\IjioODS for the season, »Uifh be' it dipns fuitablo fai e<] to tell on terms at advaniapeonsvat those of any of his neighbors. M. si kiiids of country^roducc received in cichaiige fiai-eoodtr-— Those persons, whose Jvoht or jiccdunt* ive beerme due, are e»n make pay qient; since Caih is an articlr uch iicedSrl by the ‘iibicr.ber. _ PORK, 4i WHEAT retfiyid on ca»b demands. T ' ■ PALMER TOWNSEND. L^wvi'de, Nov. 9, J8>5. 4tf. ~ 0 E i^P ttNS his^tieetb thanks toj-hlB friehas aiiaicusiommT^ | potronago, and begs leave to inform ti em it^d the public generally, that h timies his business at hit old si Sah^df Lands for Taaftk ^ !^ 2 5 e - potronago, and begs I li d .1,. p.,bi» 6 ™ ,„itj, u . . . I.. « m c . ^ manner und most fashionable side. Lim ine, Odvber 18, 1825, ?‘fv. •fMtt^ntipnl ana S tate Literature Lotte C L J S S ^ 0 . H I - F O R 1825. (TSTM 9 f' T'lcnKstgiaidnm Jbrilliim sihem efV- il£s|V»« 4iiiV4^iS!a 5 . err,freredin4iel>nited Sifiiet. Will be ^ LL persons indebted to the subscriber drawn on the 4ih of January next, in front .tX either by Aote or Book aciovnt, are of tleCiiy HiH in ihe City of New-York/j by Aote or Book aaovnt, i reipiested to call and settle ibc tame With­ out delay. Lowville, Oct. 19, 1825. L. B. JONES. f i , a : ^ e e d . ASH, or O il raid for the above arti- c.e. delLyerrd at lire Od Milli-^Cure of'Alr. Lemutl IVooi. G R O r& R U G G I.ES. Lowville, O r '. C6, 1825. '- 2'f * S T B ^ Y H B I P E R . 4 ^ A M K into the inrlosuie ol ihr aub- X /' acriber, on iLe 13lti inn. a yrarl,ng she ischieh) of a bro.vn cnlur, will) a f^w while «{, i ts ; ilie owiier is i((|..ekted to c Jl aiul prove proptriy, p.iy cha.getnad take brrataaj. ’ - 6wJ. W ILLIAM HAMlliTON. M.iitii'Sbiiigh, N ' -3. H-25. the Ret. toU .tt It by Ihe S ih e - m I Fjjortr ke. l&mtwir ^uBty, I C m Easio Aafeitt- o r ^ Brafrate JOURNEYMAN lowork ^thc Tailoring nsiaui ' m tneiit will be g'veu it *o immediate ij^cairea. ^ HKNRV BACK. Lmn^ille, Nov. 21, 1023^ . H r e w e r y . TTIHE s .bsrriber wishrn to inform hi* I friend*, an4 ihepub.ic ingmeniLibrt't. hr b itconimmCcl brewing lor the ,e.i.i at hise'Ublt-ibniem in ihi* village. Fr tins tl^r (o the'Br* of April, be will gen eranyibBve a supply ol Beer cn hand. He 1 BWife of il.e rispontibijijr f.e tjk-s, but rrl, be Is free to say. ]uaJ to any* in the ttati dirt any raUl kes as to price he hat. What he call* Winter Beer, is Barrel, Sumi hr bi* coi tins tl^ r (o the^ S of April, be will ge *j(bave a supply ol Beer nil hand. Hi is BWife of if.e rispontibiji'v f.e tjk-s, bu yrl, be Is free to say. Ms Beer ibiitl Le e ~ I V ' ‘® n $ 5 ^ r Barrel, Summer, J6. Barrels if no- ( tilngged Ol U drawn, and retnrried m gooc He solicits from a Uheral p tina-knceof that encourBg^nam wiulu i nih»r iii»»««ehqi«ii» *» faithfully ebdeayor to m eri. 1 sw« o< M um , ho , ««• - . MOSRS G R A N G E R . - ^ lihedeltUmi. .! Provideocw bink. 1 p. 0 . di» oU Olfatf Kbodi lilaod note*. do. de. -Fer* 1 o prev«nt an^ mUi kes lidd 4or, to be carefully p u Stopped up, so soon as the beer td retnrried m good ig^nr has hubetto teciive»f',.aitd which he '‘siihfuUy.etjdcavor tom« f MOSRJ Lowryiltii^ Nov.'23,\1825< CASy X ) AID f rc.ciiiC t .>n ni 1 Liii-n Rag* JL dciivereJ ut ihu Aljrliiisboigii I'ajiCr iM.ll. BOO K S a n T p jP E R es h iJigi d lor Wodieu Rug*, at one Dol­ lar per hi.ndrcd. Mjrtioaburgb, Nov 9, 18?&. 41 uy H ill in ih e x ity ( 45 Mumbers—Q Balhifs la be Drawn. H IG H E R FR 12 XL 5.052 P . i z ^ i •- 9.iai B •\.ks \ l.flOO AOQ lOO .&0. $5G3.fiOO 1 I t, i- S bcine wiili 46 numbers by comb.niiimi. with 6 (Uawii .ballo a. tfiet!; will bo 20 Prisis, each with three drawn immher* ou ; 585 c.icli w,ih iwi» of the drawn i.uinbm on j and 4,448, ja--n h with OHO ot iho drawn — ■ - .u -.- .:_i. Is having nnnr ■ hem b'*iiig bill k«. To defcrp’iu-' tbc-^fiite of the 14 190 Tu k-is lu die hrlipfie, ific 45 number*, inun 1 to <5 iu( ip ivc, will be ievcia'ly. pj .cei! in .1 wheel < n the dJiy of drani jr. rtiid his ol 'him t/e ilnan ; anil that Tu k- h.inoc Oo It as a com bin,It inn Yhe 1-t, UK , wiiH 1 *, will] a utimbcHi^rM j tho*e tick of the TS^wniiiallots or Bank JVole Exchange; fConecIfd fr«ni|beN- Yotk pape'» J V* S. bmak Qulr%, Dn< abl* ,10 Uat ih / p r Sen York Ciiv o^ia , ted iok, and psjab!* urcowotrj ^ 35 -d®- Jcffvnoo Cvasl^-bask, Miff«ni b.nk, Plailfbarfb note*. 2d aiid'3‘1 drawn numbers, wd| k enlidcd j ^ PfE- $ 100 OOO “ ■*“ \ EsoaiToia, such ' a cnllectiqp That baviag on it ih* 4ih, kvh uad Cth, 50.000 20.000 becnkiii^. ’««> dued' CaiRIipi'anii piAn. Gen, Gat piAn. G e n .^ G e i^iideffpdtr'i'thppSM ^ J S%i«S&S«S!k’l icatpubii ibligftiions on ibe arU liad ifcifpcci^ evcati and faasacfipmt i^hicir :c in our awij ami othercowulrleJ^ take place in our awn s have a dirret t' ndenc irrci t ndency . to. Improt# the . ' mind. uad.quaUfy ua }o act our^parf bti T': the ibeutre of the wor!d. - 'ConiiaeratloK of this kind have ioduced the iuhsior ber ta the.«siabilsbipn 1.^4 tire jaurnalaik- b ve meatianrd. He-will epdeavo Tfi.tt havirgon it the Sii 3.J a That haviug on iljhe 3J 4ih and Sdi. 10,500 •ent in A OE m.soaiToia, s u c ii' a cnllecUoa an<l vafic'y ufmaiwr.as Will afferd a-^ea* >ing aJtd profitabia enlcrtainmint t o ‘kil ’ iho e who may p crtiu lU Eolunmi er paper to ihc-jnanibrr city, m-edt i,‘o apology, , 't ‘»«lpy tbeortgipsl « • _ diBg anoil er paper to the-nuntbrr already\’ 1 pubiibed ia this city, ai'eds I’o i ‘ \ when we coiuider, il der and cons ituiloi V^UeOBU^* MOH. Xcw-Jtr .ey Nola. Jersey Bank, Hroiccliun sn-l f.oaib*iil bank »l Jersey t Sy., jfllata heuk at I r«-uua stito bank al ( amden, Farmera* bank ai ituuat Holly, t'on.b«riaBd hank,, ■* 1 I l-S All other baoki iti'lhn ifste par MaxxadiiiutU. B oi I ob taaka, 1*3 p. al. d*a fprioefietd bank. Ill-id® Hanpahira kauk al Norlh»nlpl«i il® d® - Salen baokor ' 4® Those iwoiickcis li viog on (henl the ‘*^'' • ''‘1 consituiloD r.’T batui^ tnciLJi^ftd aa, 4iBAwd--6mv4s>c^di&-adrWl^»pdii^g^ f e ^ | | ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ y Jcatuirta4ie^.of Those four lic4tcls haviog on them’ thel 2d. 3d and fidh, il.P 2d. 5ib and Gib ihc Sd, { _ , 4th und 6th, ortLe 3.1, 6ih ai.d Gdi cocb l*\ 3.5001 ®‘**\ Those fen lj( keis hnvii a A 000 IS£ilc'Oii_5|Di-sciu.tm ju j I JtihansilmiX: m the ^ \'*‘*‘* them<omf-,rtab|i , ■ ic3 d , T U c ^ k n o t 4 c d i e ^ i i e |^ , : ' * pocb «P?\ ‘h'-l*’ > lercotifso\ wiifi 11 ^'*:; 3,5ool V ‘ *’'*’* \ thU L.ie.caum -iro'**-^ g o n I hem Ihc 1st, ” y when young, and he «iIT J 2d anct 4th, Uu5U nod 6.b, 1st, 2dond- _njipire^jnjCirJiImfi^*J GUi, Ui. S.J and 4ih. Hi. 3 J und 6ifa. Hi, other animals, a* ha will b e soak by far* - 1 3.1 and Gif, I *i. 4ih and. fiih, Isu 4ih and ‘on® oescaili the standard4Sfhisrara. ' | GIfi. Tst. 6ih and 6’h, *2J, 34 and sthf 0 » der. BrMc«por1 bmk. irwt which he | MtoichBi«ti Will , ^'elr ffriTipsWra Connecticisf, t»Tan, itoppod I lilt, aut* m S O L V ENT NOTICE. Bank of R.Uaad, r » Y ordTer of Edward Bancroft, Esquirdv] X ifitStjtK igc of^lie Court of Common Br*uUkortn pleas in and for the Qiuaty uf Lewis i no- ------------ tice if^ereby given t) all the creditors WURrd W aninir. Junior of Martinsburgh Slartihs^rgh iutha'coi.nty aforesai^, the eferimh day of JaoBdfy next, il iwfo o’clock in the af'erpoon, why an assign­ ment of the said inAoiVem’i eiluiic Should nut he made, and bis person he exempted Ji-om imprisotmietit, ^ r J |u ^ .t ’t a ihe acl*. eniit.ej “ An act to abulUE imprisonraknb, for debt in certaip cases,” |.assed April T , 1819. Dated ibis !2lh day fl( NaYetnb^, 182^. WILLARD WA R t t r o R . o i 6 ^ ' ~ JnitlienU To the Public. riA H E subscriber oiffere himfictf as a can- JL didaie a t tbo .cP-tuirig elecnonf to b e it ibeC k v iLill fotbe CitvdfNeW- York, on tbr4tb day of Jannary next, tar iffsci stDing and paying the the office a add s^iciU f f i i ^ a n d the pnbliG, wbicBslone will ensore ft. ’W fL L T A h rC L s R m No. 53' G*fiS.s*B-^^irf. N. 30T Platuburgh ai d Cbp.nango Bank Notes takTif a t par for lickeG» ■ - ' t'lica, October 1I» 1825. of Ihe ifrawn iiumbrrs, 3J and 5lh. o.irh drawn aumHirs the 4lh and 6th, or j 5(b 'sd'«‘-® » ^ ‘«c*Thqw rnnrin^ni~e?llIIi^ 2,f00 **“ y*o'^‘^blM o ry,dtdgB,tpadeiuy,and ' ri iwojK®'*'’** pr.pl fpfea of il'c oitifr} leW iiaa. ’ -------------- ____ _ __ , --‘tprjb /'JU. •«» frvLJir'* he-n. and those i,m 1 the 6ib and Gih, ear h . hymns, nd^ib! thef*^'’^* \PProvfi TSTBSonte W5f1ti7%ilirf»'^ I OOO ®*“1 illBSira'Ii.n 5 ajiplicatlttiir?i^ Those 78 Ticktis having two < f the , P \'* ^ b t *acrrdjiniLwSL. {fat e, to the mystcriet oi ihe o rler; maii^i^ , All oihers (being 468) with any two uf the drawn numbris on, each A d all tickets (being 4446) having bu one of I he drawn nuaibci-a on, eacji 6Q No Tihkct which shall bave d i ^ a a prize of a snpermi* denoininalmn tan be entitled I* an inferior Prize.. Prizes pay­ able forty days.after the drawing,and Sub- jVrtlolhe usual deduction offifireen.pcr I OOO walks and illnSvYa'ii.n : — aerre It uuc», uynins, *. Dgl,, ijC. 5 BltSolL ^QQ; irll.gencr, embrac.iig an iccaunt of Uiib. other I\ *•’« i^ e ral lodges, chapters anil encampment*, ifnd net.ees ofsuch b elt lo.4gcs, chapiers and cncafiapmcrtt as m»y fr.am liase td Ittne b e eilaHIiihed, imTalsjr ' a:aiemenaffstich facts an4 IncldenU, at* y be i m ^ n i n g to iltr m « f ii:c !fiite|y i tend i*> proinoi* lCi’‘c'onditHa» VrtJteni price of whole fic^eS* $50,09 j Eights, Haives, 35,00 | Sixteenth, ^Bor«r», 12.50 I TUrty-seco'k 1,63 Ticket# and Siiares in a’g i ^ t vnrieiy of numbers ior sale at O T .r)’Ti;riT.f^L fsitn ^ t Y . ^ Trufy Luc^ JLoBer^^d aatonytinjLto lasy be i n t o n i n g to iltr - iri y, and tend i*> promote Ui^condi'tjbi* and prdspset*. . . The other clcparti^bni will cimsisi'of « • tacchaiiics BnetiloteSjliltdirjc i^ttiligsicak bmtting, ibis gfD^ral skficli ;at 1*1 ‘ plan, th e subscriber requeati dip piftiia*,' age ofTba taeionia fi»ur*al|,.-kltt#tltl* V»t \muKC'* IVI »aig at , Sail tbS-ptSbllC. . O L D E s r a f i r j s f t f e D \ - - T B ftW i^sT f^^enirir, W Sftjr p « : aSMUBfppiyxJev a a ^ f y : . 4 - ^ • ‘ 4 ^

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