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Black River gazette. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1825-1833, November 30, 1825, Image 1

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[YOL. 1 j ,T ' - Z E v \ pr in t e d ANfe^^BLTSHED EVERY IS^ED^ESSSTirr^. ^ I k S T O J V , ONE OQQR.SOPTR 0 F THE BAPTfeYCB P R p l/fcow y jtiar.-4 4. tO W V iL L g , tN . t .) W E D N O P ^ Y , M O Y E M B E R S O , l^2i g l ;oipfQrt> » , g g | “ l i r m m ¥ , K O J ^E M B B R 26 , 1825 . ‘ “ i FO R T H * aA BK TTJt. T h e V i U qf^e P r e a c h e r , lERMOJfS FOR S^BuRhAT^^rJEmMJS, K f 0 . | 0 . uil |*7 «itUo uItiIif<*x>>jr timet uran.” The dmiie «*ithor of o u r religion, pro- different doctrine, from that 'ily G«- noHii-|^ & ! » made to ing, arid lish (all legl^la- aliktdy «, aside dch (his ill # o rd. r -advcr-. •I'rielot* e cnnft< & cpm- :hapical for. I S m raal'; 1 of their I er prises !ty pjher n inier- wishHi,.; It Kill d a l ad- *.e(y of t I y ioj\ trtsinlr (ubtci> ^1 and of the -h w iU 51 s . riil he -eekly* h ^ake pMoni, . aWent.^ - ■\rT\-. ' f i f e From thilf. Y?Commercial AdMrti,«. ... Legitimates”—the. H% _ A lliaoci- . f»OMTH*i*EDiTT*wi4NtAHi I (Fratce M »ng) *iU 'cetie To aid the. Extract‘of a letter from an officer o n beard Turli^aw they d i, eu&roea. Laft-to..them/ theU. S. ihip North Caroliiik, dated tehrei, the G.«i-ks are oior^ than a natch Gibraltar Bay, Ocroherl 5 ,182fk«, I'forthe Turks—but. wiihoui~t>peedy and Dear Sir-^f\a«tacmUe afthreeorfour »id. 'h*y mast amk betare^ ihei mODlhs, we anchored her* on the 8th ia« 1 assailants. Nmpoli is »etjr ne* stant.—To enable you to trace our cri I will remarlt, that we sailed fra» ihU “7 \•' “-> ma «■ the Bay of Algiers, but did not coramnui- «»,ha . wai called, and Ih# chai-acier c f cate vfcom thcoce toTiinii, where we re- Clyte-nneslra. A promontory it 331II p?|nl maineda day or two ; our course fwin .ed <3«t »r%<* fh re a'.e^plaa*dH‘ therb was direct for the Arcbipeleff-., pass- ‘Jj® lion» ren lercd < •prasriiy.Vf J liter posed the 8f efir n hipo forgiyeiXM followed reproof, he smiles of concifiatioa 'succeeded the rown of rebuk*. The auffeiinga of tbe rorld pressed upon his bosom, and their lest in.eres's clustered in his eye. Du-, ing hii residentf on c»;th no pof lieiidleii—the wretched founJ a conp r, and the depraved an inr^essor. It has occurred to the Pn acber, that lanht.id are often at isjye, with trie cotn- lau 1 impos'd by the text, thfn ,iny otht-r n the sacred volume. TI eetns to cherish, with a aii ^d«> ;nurae fwin . - , ‘lejp'*, pass­ ing between Sicily and Malta, wr* went by the Mores in fine weather, a little iceitb the lslarid of Milo we took pilots c«i board ^ „ each ship, and the ne\t m**rtttng rein into » lollowi^ a e fio.e iit'leharbaur called Assau, in the Isl- \***'.' and uf Paros, nexLjiw.terl and celebrated lor i. yiutlfhow, drripinini thousand ailocia|r n Icred o ir stay iuicresirng in tlmr 4 peii>hb.>rhood. we were visiter pittoC HereolHi.om._. ® ie saa*B»SM ._ ercjdancum. - ® j e e 3 ^ j i i u . ^ a.* all filled oj>, far Tt>ar ofnn*. thee townn and.od palacealace off Pcrjtii^k. deripining th tow a p o { \ers the ancient city,- Yon a»e ted throutda * a , good mtnv dtirk paaSaRefi (carr^iRg lighbMn yonr band.) which they make out to,be a thratie^, but thfre U ljUlc 10 bw seen; and Ihh cold and damp ofrb.e pl ice,: j * a it h the .hissing noi^ .f scotpions abound ’9 )y m ,»y fit tolloi Unu'’ in thrfsl- Bsme-bf.viz :-«»d*r.'dct MaVroCordati demand by the ancients, and from thequar- standarc I riei of wliich Phidias obtained those l.emu- \J\'.****^** ’ EXt, thfn ,iny 01 The human heart I, with a singular inveicpa- bostile to forgiveness, and . ^livioti every pclly T^is might pcrbajii be exist, a t thc s ^ ^ rats the oppressi additi nal burthens on Uie^nfor- It is nearly impossible to jiubmil at all to the vicUitudc^s of life with digni ilU IWocl^'^^^^ a^oiJ,' thw b.ime W p'Steriiy. ^ c--' almost unmixed Grft jeu wrelche ine^s, bpiwe< anus, the comma and he who hai 7 4 , » ap' kim e W p -ste riiy . ’ H e re w e f S O « n , \‘T •— ) 8 t u n m ixed G recian p ..p u la iiw n ,,n a h '|«P ° the en em y s ad m iral sh ip s, .a n w ham .x i.d th p ir 1 very b rev e an 1 dlsting-iiaheiahe l m an Aftedfte iicjtst rs, a t m y im m aginati' pieied iherri, th erf reina.n« little nrioje rc- hein aiidtheir I li..ni bad d e - ntrPan, tj stin g'i l m an A retailed do If n th e M el ofM a tie, and w < n t in to kspositton cue* horn rbiivioti lesion. T^it might le, did th'cie not exist, a t the s ^ ^ lime, a Upo>iiion to harrats the oppressed, and nearly impossible to jiubmit at roes to the vicUitudc^s o f life with dignity, nd composure'; sometiinci we exhaust the h'OrCf s of hmitude in a.uemfAwig to ous- '11 ourielves against the- shocks o f .idv^- t) or arm our pride lor the encounter of 1 «ncces', finally flattering oursplvei, that sball-escape theprying curiosity of 6O1- rs; but in spite of tbeit.precautions, r-me avejiiie to the heart is left unguarded, Min««r lUgh which \the feelings escape, and 4;jod ■m i whiA the werld judges of the inwacd It is^^ruc, instmcesdo-oecur in individ- ils, who exempt fimni these amiaole fr^il- es of human nature stand unmoved amid ij^es'laiion of hope, and the' rujns. otf leir own lonune. and a te at the t a n« \ifm* iH t ^ i h l f to the synipj^ies or sofftringe t Others. B .l thttsk indi vidua Is when ipared wi.h o'bcrs of the human fa-nily rp UkA lho>* blasted wodr^ upon which le de.ws of heaven produce no cheering A d isp o tifio rrso in sen sib le an d in ad tiV c', nd a t the sa m e tim e d cstitale o f th e syus* athiesof o u r m tu re U rejected h f th e 'roroon co n sen t o f m an lcind as u tterly In* .bis of prorurihg any happiness to ibo p_ iierrafrW an, > |B ^ of sem b la n ce,th <n th ere ex ists b “l» » e n I e (he B a y o f A ^ fc^ s, w ith a h ich p l.ic* w e ■ •si'® onmn'cstCf^lMd rougbJhlociu of marble, and tlio.fe which gave theAtheni.m 'tiiuary <>rst ,ann almostost deal. K-ss fame.ame. Inapprrheii the Atheni.in -till toi', a alm deat..lc»s f M'.n of the Turks they are afraid lu — where ibi-y may not le .p, and are thus in fxtreme |.averty and 1 fear moral det.asr- n^ent. • A« we remained a week in pors, wateiing, I had aii*op|)orti.n 1 ly of* vis.liiig iheGro.ioof Auti|,a os, so celeT»rted by * the viviJ de c,i, (wiii.given of it t*y some . ‘^’’I’* W*, which you-mat protwbly '•'collect, nhi; h you n.ay find lO the E uyelo'- ided it to ils'Xtr. me dl l (cwrryiRg makt a ‘ ,.J e W I frb,e ■ p lice,! ioBsajowd iT o 'flF e p**i»sui visit. W ei« th is h e o a ly of a b uried to w n ^ n b e seen, w e th p u b M iflt j't it w ith m oce im e iestr'bV l P o ro p eu h a » ^ air 'ir e 'e b a r m i of day-light a n d i^ u iy ^ Hcre. w re ^ an W an der fa r M id Ifhgeii* la n g i* W e k n o w H d rculatieum is b u ried In lavai imn'cstctlflfid with -a fine, ferejgwcame dow . lj<»rp, w^pre ws are ip quaraati 'C, (rum v u k lure aball be leleased en the I6tb The flv'Uk > b os from o n e p la ce to a n o h - er, fu rn iilied sa tn e m v- lty an d in te kst— but it b y n o m eu O ie o n i eo u te« fo r th e es ■id au xie*y a tfn d in ^ 'ie w h o le a » fs imi>y It is b ir jly tajpettary f«r m e 10 rp|icj'i, 'tth st a 6 u jieriijqji h ave h ard m e I la v . th a t I n e«i r y « siW th e p la ^ w h ich contrast, d ll n ut m a k e m e th a n k G od heart, ih ii I W s.s b orn in A m erica, igs. ius ; itll att'-ih'pt *har t»rea 'nted thoiiU n6i hsi'ie ft if ps p»acei<l Npi i^Be am allev.. - ,.„„w - |wrceiv!seT*r fetuei fram pedia. i d scended it to its. xtr, m e d ip ih , *“ , ■ . .... the I itid o f F ito d u ra , an d h o m a o f .the ij al h o. gh not all ji is teptesfi.lcd t» ' ‘ it is.still a w . ilderful p a, e. F ruiu P a - | ® f*ve. ros w e sp iled d ire ct for S m ; ' p s ifki yiavs-o. S c io , s so h orribly < a.cuous,cfor ilid r<i- gem f-mf-m e n residinging i 1 iili to rt p eat or t ink ►y travellli lyriiA, in A lia I near as to have a TH* u o ns or roHPEit. and ipsarm— th e iw a Capita, April 2 d.— I h ad a n am t in ter* «.in;> tl..y ye»ie _ Ur'tid.s th e en .itio n t the'm in d o fa -iy traveller unj,a, r'na,o to ov d tv d -n J^nifengsuctt v.itrtingsucn aen scene alitr,.l r tliir, of.. T ales w ill in - , in fo a u d a m o nn g- st the v a n o .is rem n an U mg, h S k ---- •------------------------------L„ .:r..i -1, ■ • rliicfapr ite> M inor— w e p s. d h cent b arh arit es o f lit- T u rk s— m a n y in - . r.iin« .» f rices.of yi.t] ch ^ w ere te la l.d to m e b y j that m u -t arise in th e'm in d o f a -iy ir u en resid i 1 Sraj, rb to d t d - jm v ts a sc e a r t ,'«5 i I ill foa guageich in wt hichis it w ,issitd e i sitd Uiai) > i ruins), mb anects y, o b jectie Theities b arb aritiesuelly su idvrurlty.i- cuimi.i -n i„ U Tu tn . V -u K now th a t the b est ttBiico, MtKca. Ste The follfwing extinct of a letter is jmAr*riean geni'em»\ of IcArliiqf ‘ ttdigen’ce fo TmTItiaud in Bihimodr. -r Jl^steo, S.pt ' 5 , t 825 — HoWAv^ ; doubtful h* proap^cU wbich this cditiiry bolds out to profpttio-ial rabo,*ih'T* 1 tlioli,<i perhaps, w.dfcb offers fa re.^Hilvem!i|i mo pfr.oiisengsgetfTn oth -^ i.arsifita.. Ww frid accoidpgty^ tbroughoat ibe cdublrfv ^ every spee'esof ad.eat <rer. The ItfMnfgj. Mania seems to have; leized the (g- Altepr ' ‘ J number, thoufb, 1 beUevr in iamb degree on tb.aldectlne. HoW 4 »c‘ These apecub.in 6 ish;dLiwaUxe'|h^r, g®! J drwois. tipte plant c u tt^eiifftae, Biitisb have ipveited a Itlrge c*p lal in 9 a-< ’ riQui ml'ici. The Secrrlli'v- pjf S licuRgiU->rul ' ■ for t ciease b y _ ____________ ___________ __ _ __ the la n g u a g e in w h i w ^ e ip r e U i ru m an y o j o fs h m o st p ecu liar m e --“ T he b arb ar sm d cr cu m ii i,,u .r« . V - Know that the b est p a in b ed at th o se |daoAX,-admii to n j\ p o ssib llty o f in gi d U c o v e.e d on.ibtt- vralli a r e rcotovcd exaggeiatton ” T o u«, th e T u rk s w ere [10 the n iiifumex aiatto t PSHTTn 1 , a g g e ” t o u«, th e l u rK s w ere | to th e n i iifum civil, p o liie, 'a-.d even a tten to e : h ere, , |j e a sy , und w \■ ' r h a v e .,te an d diaiTh w iib ' Ih e | thew arduous liibour oFrem-tv Snd .<tbes ^ m the'town. and (bins rna,) I have ,<te and diask wriiii ibe .buRbe woikm'ii are B.i'h .w, tnlhe highest slyle^ of YlfleWaT | their arduous lubour taste. We remai .eJabout three.vr.eks in |pnd .<tbes from the'li aty, und w e r e (hey m a y b e ex a n rin ed ? the w oikm* n are still'’goinf un w itlt ofrem -tv in g th* d in thftjva'crs of Smyn rinttioD about Tie c / pereg- I, ad s to sunic n ew d iic o v crj every w -ek Y esterday t misfortune into crime, tt e an error oT the heals (0 < •Adm • • ' 'feachcr |S aware that loankiMarejiroi iqnitj of hc’rt. \Admitiii'g th«t the mtsenei ol n lividua! are' tbe friuU ol illhc hatvlaims upoaoarfeelinta, which, e can neither abrogate nor deny. T tia icb which we con Icmn, atfU which pro- akea our mdignation. n i ^ have heen ef- ced by the tear of t e ‘•\wording Angel,’ id while We are nieditastiBgi iudgemeni, have met forgiveness,in the chai upon the b.idips of two Greeks headed, l,i ig be'orp their own duo s, with the head set upon the posteriors, by way ti.e fte hm-t of thtir first state, are seen ofderifiivin. By a rrfinemei t m cruelty, .emetgiog frpii abed, where they huve tain they cm the be ids off with a iwor.I, at the fur ages liiddcn a a f unknowux . H rd are door a f their dwellings, whcia the body is I'.opi whicii furaithrd the necessfrna of exposed and . spit upon by the rabble I lile. theatres for amusements, temples fot Turks, until a certain hour of tbe light, the woi ship of the gods, vj >I m pad npke- whrn the frtendt are obliged to buy the men’s houses, with all the Mntrivtnces lor right • f burying, or the bodies are ifarowa I luxury, gradually prudoceu from amongst into the sea.—1 wax tea morh ttilgOiitedMberuuiSianddwpfayingthe 'awfoliipec a- noi to be hapfjy when we sailed from Smvjiie jaile »fatow n eudtlenly .If tested In gU ihe for Nepnlidi Romania, the cap talol the .bu. ipe« and bustle of worldlv occupa-> GreekG'vemment,wH falirs at th* 1 ieaJ !(i ,ns: ;*nd.U is (Be more awful, hiCaRse of a ^ l i of the>outh.—we. were received j many o f U a pilntlligs a n d works- diicav- by Ihl -G..vernrilent with every demonT.ra- rreJ, hotlt hvrewnifatHercufaneura, dis- tibnofjoy. A moral. <ke^ldBtipn; Whtchf< caDtiot l aCcbmpanted Ihe comipander i n chiefs be coniem, jllediw ii^ut ptlnr ^ p t * ^ c ; with a number o f officers^lo visit 4 h'» au- jrro spent niich o f hltj^me, and bit* be thirties—we were shown a no-qtie al'ered. I iliieoursed ontbejieHrt^ «f .niture. But, into a tena'e chsmbi r and yrctc entertain­ ed inYhe haute formerly t!j« The Turkish GWc'fn'hf.—This ay have met ; ileaveh. Th- path way of our lives ig surrounded f di-fficulties and dangeis-i-iour firture ‘aspects, around whichrin^uSdbHflTBgi I finiaitic drapery, as they repose in the betnuof hopo may be found, as we roich them, 3 kii:tedl>Jf glqoai anddis- ■; a id experience has taught us, that ir j lyttfe The ipttte hltrblDgera of Sue- eding sorrewa—Let thqre who with *< isaMhropic pjoasore, survey the x;atrs«- gireof hunian infirmities in another, re- 0 eniber that the whe**! pT fortune*, is niver i ifTonaryj andjb'artt|ey®dm'iEM T Jinni, may sink .«*» ihe' loWest poiat *f >ral depression ;-sutd let those, wba a jpressed by the casualties of life that it i t anmbnh We know Hj^rcuiHtieum is buried in layjt butVe see I’ompfti oppnfng qp again 'Ji our view ; we can *tand on thn same,) t.9^ mem on vThich the anCients .e’oitd, t>ii^ ■^ 1 lok around over the tJOic deiic eua Kcn^ ' 'm which excited their admire lev agdSasblod ibctr langs. I have 0 t ye. a tend< t Y t r \ '. .... . .. - -ny loot is q J e wellJ From, the appen^iifte i t since 1 J ave.b-en here, t Iratiic.\ . • .3mp*ct«il A ro be voti ft iv ox p^acenbie a.s Iby hi 1 i . En. :»tsmoke or- vapour l i t . . a « t- I Cit« ici. The SecrrUfy p f 5 t|te*.ji! ___ uUt^»«cciyjii.il2,000 for I'te *upbri..i)?ndince o f o a f c J t f , l h q ^ J oy. gone a yet of 1f* i works arc prdaftt- : i V. e Thij, I nm tolil, wiH yield i s a * . t'llffete’ii hands | h }l be foanJ min'?, X MB*T M o n i OB-.«a)i.oia:otJ^^»»r?i< ahLLXRt rBit acKiex^ f i r e Mura 3 « td rMiu mtnMiiiWs *fe d % exnTotVd Bpon tin r ctitsu Gerholdt and Stcia, who litire t h t M directiort of thU company, b-vini hecie;. * ■ d irectiort o f th U co m p a n y , b -v in i b ecie;. Lie u n d c rtakiigf,4l the miners themif-lvet are generilljf the same d sidcis. When we con»idf|f f l i t ^ X iMiiltlse prdjiu aMntijyf/a tkt irtfirmtf (ima^ udder iHo ivdrsf p^iW e ? sysiegi a t maiiagemeni,jfhit may we Befc^r expect when we aec traniferttd* u> th|i4 J Mines all die skill add etjprileac* oT.ihCLl school at Freiberg > 1 We hive heard as Jretj hoi q C feir 1 sprculators, aUbBURh lapiUi-iv«y fertile a n ^ e a p . The only-pafcjMse q F> I this g ilum^»,^hlde a few <ays t i | f ky. i J theyoBoger Bktoj{-^lxond^^ is% lat ^ it it i t nnmbnly t o renounce' t b ^ and tfaata jtwicioos c®j(Neire$o^ erslsied in will «ffect thore th“~ 7 can anticipate—that it will brigl ! leaden ftuiurss of jlespair, agd iotpi on yiextero visage of- sziufortuile a #*■>' It* smile. JVfoesmhsr, 1235 < ' • - - - - - - - - - - --

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