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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, November 23, 1870, Image 3

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•z X *SWf\ •v* *o«Br»!BCvaa«Nh jaWsteK\ ^^^g^SSKTS^^g^ffil^^^ 9!ME3f9Batet3a4w ISlSDEa *~2>. , iS ^U GOIHO BUT. ~ r A 3\ Hit York Sitrese...... D»J Bxprw.-Jrf;,..-.- W.j Ii.!rtt._ Uv* Stoat .;,... aestseWM^ \ stiastio «iw—ss. AcsOS4il0W>oS£ft. Hl^ Street. >--»'-t-»**i*i»*-' =as !»1W^* , !*»\».»»- l J.*\--ii'ii - • «»$:• Sight ftRK.* «\-»««K-!Tt\!\-'«.---.»i'3'i=i.»i i ., w. _ Wwstriti * .. n^.^tmiJ^jiM,,!! UO- l*r ?*r3nt**2 ThtoogyftelgM...,.....™....-.. .<» «p '{• Atlnnllc KJprt«« »H^Val ; r»clBo Jhp«w, W«t, ruu oa finnflste. 3 »U on»of hia fingers, white euttlng haw with a isay :*!»& -'tit *sA?M£*»»& Iw* s'i* • ftta*a, ^»»i«UWolfrom t ••ift^ ef JCrt<__. k»4 tt« miifottomt, last weei, to Ion a> 4ta«4t».li^^$tj^JCt^a: purotwea a lho««n««iIap'«. TB».«^m»l was Wken iIoi4»aJll»itlQ«ly*ooali* , ofcontf. ... Overcoats. . » T WEl)NB8.RAXia?OV.\28 1870. FOB. ^QfllQftFJ^D|^lW^bUofflClitm ContlDUOtO be conducted tinder the osrae of C. G.-Bswit &; tib.) to wbich'Utleall eoaimtiiileaUu&s'tateiid.edV fo^ the BCPCOLIOJUI may be addressed. '\ * ' THS Editor 1 * office hoars will be from tea to tweire a. a, »o<! fion»'it<ro\ la.8velr\Ks£. Order* for Job*, adrrrtlssmeats, etc, may be left At all times -with klr. Hurd. or Fred 0. Beach. Teou Subscribers. The few subscribers of the Ripr/nnCAj who are yet tiOflsiderably in arrears, will receive their paper this week .with this so. tloe marked. We with all subscriptions settled bj th e first of January, and would like this notice to suffice for all Please oall and settle, and thus both sldea can begin IMNew Tear with-elear consciences Wanted. We want s reliable eorreapondent In eaoh and every town and Tillage in Orleans county. Items of news from dif- ferent points in the oounty are always ac- ceptable to u» and to molt of the readers of the Rmtsnioii, Local Notes*, w —Gold this morning, 111 7-8, ' —Egga per dot., 8 2 oenta. —Putty, pe r ponad, 8 cents. —Clams, 2 cents a-pieoo. —The sprinkler Isn't in use now. —Adler A Co., offer great lnudeomenta. —Get your Auction Dills printed at this omoe. —Work on the swing bridgo is going on rapidly. —No chance for amusement here this winter. —Buy yoar overcoats at Goodman & Farnham's. —The Albion Lyoeum holds its meeting to-nigbi. —Looel news is by no means plentiful around here. —Bill-heads printed neatly and oheaply at this office. — Read the Western oorrwapondenoe on our second page. —A (things) will toon be- made In ths Railroad Time Table. —Sooial parties and hope are the rage in Gaines and Carlton. —It will sune be good slaelng, if Josh Billings Allmtnu li korskt. —Snow fell to tbe depth of about two Inches in this rlolnity, last night. —Tho tloard of Trustees hare pissed a new orilineace. Bee another oolamn. —To-morrow's Thanksgiving. There'll be sn immense consumption of turkeys. Tsbro will be serrlee In lbs different ohuroaes in this tillage to-morrow fore- noon. —Napklne, Towels and Table Damask almost giien away by 0 . F Curl lis, at 17 Main st. Oall and get some. — The mud which lay thick in Host of tho streets here last week, has dried up, leaving the roads dry and hard for tho snow which is now falling. r. new -wood type, from the aumnhoti y«»£erbiir|», Welts 4 Co., K*w tprjt,! ue -4*% bstlei• tkw em prepared to piint fhort notice, and on reasonsble terms, Accident at'Saa«T Creek. W«le»rn from the. HpUey SlaniUrd James Copp/of'Sarfuy Greek out of 01 SR.1 ill- mmm Bewftklaa; telBsidiiia \S'n gflii % t/ltfw&ti vnl sieiSewo] Hi indaHteiti; ^l^llptt'in/ |HJiyw(fci rMir«n^luir goods t»> gi-re tttiifsotioi. or H»v Oi • * u»\\\<y j j '\ \ T m \* floldlera of 181U. A State CoQTeotion of tbe Toterams qf the war of 1813 Is called to meet at BeneCe Falls on the 1st o( Deoember. NttaaoD el tl«cllcaler The musio-loTtng portion of our oltisons will be gratified to learn that Christine Nilason is to sing at Corinthian Hall.Bocb- ssler, OD tbo evening of Deoember l^tb. A New DerUlaa. A reojnl Judiolal decision pronooness tbe condition \ good for this day only,\ on Railroad tickets, of no legal value such tiokete being good until used. ell 8alcld o In Pesfield . We learn from Ihe Boobester Union el Monday oveoing that John Weaver, long a prominent resident of Penfield, committed suicide there on 8unoUy by outiing his throat with a rator. A Nove l Ide a of \HlsapilcUv.\ A 7Viiune fashion writer says that \of all bridal boots, those of plain white satin, BO&iloped and fasloned with diamond but- tons are tbe loveliest, and most maidenly simplo \ Reliable. One of the most reliable firms in N«* Vurk wilb whtoh wo have dealtng.ie thai of Hudson a Menet, 21 Park Row, New York We c&o reoommend large advertirers to Tl. & M wbo aro also authorised lo take advertisements for us at oar lowost rates. Pnbllc Hcboola. Tbo Orookporl Rtpub.ie, in an article on Publio bohoole, takes ground in favor of gradod BohoolB upon the plan of those in Lookport, Medina and many other plaoes. a 8uoh a plan was warmly advocated by maoy in this place a few years ago, but its friends foiled to seoure its adoption,and our schools at e still conduoted upon the old and vory Imperfect system of pas) vears. Memorial ffnsalon Gbspel la Rochester. The Boobester Chronicle of Monday has sn acoonnt of the dedioation of a Memorial Mission Chavpel in that oily on Sunday last, by the pastor and society of tbe Brick Church This Mission Obapel was design ed for a mernorial of the union whioh hat taken place during the past year, of the two long dissevered branches of tbo Pres* by terlan denomination of the United States, The first Sunday of December next will be tbe Thirtieth Anniversary of Dr. Shaw's 1 pastorate i n Boobester, and tbe society over whtoh b e .presides i s the second, id point of numbers, in the United States. II has a membership of 1,200, persons, and the ohnrah properly is estimated as sot leas than SIO'.OOO.- ' \ , Keep Wnrna. * To do ibis yon must buy tour otereosts ff Uoodman & firnham. Western N«r Kork than those »t Adieir,^ Oo'a. ' j ' \ \rsjcseraaru . Tfeg *OH.itr(i|,Wporls l|ie4erlon»*UTning of a little daughter of Mr. Struts of Briok, fort, while playing near a bonfire, B> 'o5Ye»j > is;Mbtfai; s «id'^siellTel'ihB be a. orlr.plo for life. , :ft.\.»lfo.«iji ,jfy, M, g, Wosdy if Biookpojt, ) fli|le na his irtsyjto:th» t^Sn, in KocbesUr, stepped-Into si hole In , the sidewalk and broke his leg. Bishop tllcQaald and tketjhiten'ef Charity. -Bishop McQuaid appears to be carrying Hiugs wlthahlghisn d among his. Book In Koobstter: The ladies o f Bt. Patrick's Orphan Asylum had themistorluns to fall under his displeasure, and his oonrse: in the matter was sueh that their super4or withdrew them from the Asylum, There is st misunderstanding also, between 'the Bishop and the Christian Brothers, wh o conduoted a boys school in Rochester, sutd they too h»f rsbasaoned thsir w8rk. 01 ths .hu t .«.u»,lUy snct^inliX at Good- man A Farnham's, : ' ' • AWlaoFarasTapai, ' j^ Wo clip this from ths Unburn Ntm, and commend it '(6 the^onilderstioa of thsoUss to whom It applies: Wbssamaa'complainsthat he Is worth nothing In the world, stop him and give him this Ito-n : Supposs sv mam earns a dollar and a half a day. Many earn mors. Few. or none, earn less. Bo lako that at a basis. If a man earne $1.60 per day, h e receiwes $469.60 for his year's labor. This Is exsotly tbe sum bs would receive for the Interest'of $7,8XS from the Bavlngt Bank 8c that he Is worth to bis family and him- self tbe sum of $7,825. Bo w foolish then to complain that one is worth nothing. The Swlal Drldse. Active opeiations have commenced o n Msua street preparatory lo tho removal of the canal bridge, lo order to make way for the swing bridge abont lo ba eobstruoted, Tbe removal of the old bridge and leveling the street will make a great improvement In the>ppearsnce as well as to Increase the business iransactsd la this locality. This is where tbe Pioneer Clothing Mouse Is situated, and all who com) to town should not fall to visit It. Al l who oall on Adlex et Co. will find a oomfortable an d plsaaant place to while away an hour, an d also get a good view of operations In the construction of the Swing Bridge. Uavclve Bcoaeaax. Under this caption the Batavla Timta anlsnadverts upon the oonrsa- of the Genes- •a Count y Boar d of Soparwisors, ID ro - duoinf the salary of some o f the Connty officers. The salary of the County Judge Is reduced from 91.400 to $1,300 ; and the Times very rightly says that st the old rate the salary was too small, sod should have been inereasad.rather than diminished There is no way in whioh a retrench. ment of publio expenses can be made to so Door purpose as in rednoing tbe salaries sueenod to snch ofnoes aa are required by the publio good to be filled by men of su - perior ability; and no better way in which to open such offices t o an incapable and second-rale olass of men. toy degree maket.Jtht raising,*! any sort oriiv* stock a'speoTnUiy-eah^afrordJo be Without this jonfnnV ft.is.tWb'Usn.ea »t ButaoVit,^^^.^; v ^ ;••• « \WSWi'fl-ltQrii^AoAsllisLrfae\ Be- br«d;'is«Uo8>- ; ^»te t r^ a fenirinjn.|.^plure oilled;. ; t<..IhsW«l4ome-.Hoiae,v^'o» lined papjr.^Qd a capital yar)'ety st stylti'for ^»?tM;«rnsTfdjfa«e^Ia jrojfx^l^.;' Sh e publishers announce thatiti s tbelp In en- '•.loti (6jna4e ths li'sjikxiBV.to'ATOi »W»; rior to all o'tbft* ^r IW|6ljisH, nj;n:§'|ftLmp for postage, and get a copy of the* Hprae, Magaslae,3aa'at-^«u-i'wllV-be'eareto ub- ,sorib».ftrit,. T. S, Arthur AjCo.j fihi , •• THS CaitDSSH's Hoos.'^Tha D'eoet ber number of this lovely little) tnagsiihe li lbs last of the volume. Ih th e January num- ber T. 8 . Arthur will oommencs/a sejria! os^ed »<Ihs Wonderfuj, et x r y i>t'Gsftls Hand,\ which will be a treaj't'o the' pat- rons of the work. There' will also bo a Holiday Supplement containing nWoarola. for Christmas. Send stamp-for speoltntn copy t o TV'S? &r\nu^ & rfons, Phila. Ouvia OPTIO'S MAO*XIH», ••Our Boya and Girls,\ for November, use-eev )ral oiiapteSa of tbe edlJ6r'»'«tory, \Dwlti I >nd Debitor the Adventures of a 0Ierk,' S and other matter of as interesting character. This. ^isgaiina Is deservedly ^ great favo- vorits with ths yonng people,'being very lively, and well sustained, both as to literary matter and Illustrations. Boston ; Lee & Shepard | $2,60. 8oainssa's MO»TIH.T.—The December number of this new magastno fully satis- fies the expectations raised by* Its first issue. Some new features appear wblost add greatly to the interest of the work and leave nothing to be desired. Tbe editor's specie! department is particularly good. Among the best artioles this month aio ••Jell Birds and tbeirFUghta,\ and one on the \ Uocsao Tunnol,\ in whioh that great w'orVis fully desorlbed, and wh oh is illustrated with views of the tunnel, a pro- si t of the mountain, and cuts of vaxlqua kinds of machinery used la the work. Wilfrid Cumbermeda,\ and Mrs. Davis' Natasqua\ are <e*a<Used;i end,therwls a thanksgiving story: -h new Hornby ttana Qhrutiaa Aadins n Is promised for the January number, sad the publishers an- nounce that that number will oe one of the best oopies of a magatlne ever Issued in the United Stales. Scribner A Co., New fork ; $8.00 a year. PsTisaol'a aliQAslss for December* resebed ns last week, but )usl too late to notice. It is an admirable number, with two steel plates, and a large variety of woqd engravings, besides tbe oolored faab- lon plate, and numerous design for differ- ent sorts of fansy work The contributors to this tsegasine are some ef the best writers of stcfies in this country, Mrs. Ann 8. Stephens, Frank Lee Benedict, and others of like not* sod exeelleoco contrib- uting to every number. Petereon's Is $2 a five copies for $8, eight oopies lor SvSTom WWt» tad Oolewtd »!__,_ relfeelleose. n Ihe. WBw»,te«sita|s; tiled iTK Joke, ing oa foot, delermlied to sppi tors* belosginr to a worthy resfide^if mUMBb^ but Us jouraew »« wl^sjiuidessi^ej by Wsfallug In with aoonatablt xsaai 1 r4|*o»isjlsMjhesjpll by|^si|e|i Hit *I» tfriAijLarf cf|t. . , „ _*kfHr*«' ,oo mBch.and la nowMtving cotas»ej»»l« ' ot tea daysln jsll bee cut w»» not dispgisti of 0»»*alHea ofwbsslnesi. done by Gocelmas *;Fstrhh>hi! r.ii rw.j .t>i«Bia.<-- viT,: MeaUaa. »»J)So**i»»H\»: , k Hi »4w«..W» tta*,***- - «*••*• ill KelV \«^W 1 * «t 3CPOET4*f WHrst Cla mmmm *&&&&*%& m*mmm^<'^mS)im:mm m OCEANS c^mmtS:: ;!< •sijMfeiiWiWi'-dMt. t*%& MU.W&W * *s^*«%-s *&$>&, ,f| j^^itenffeA ^A . • ,- if USM S»tjva^iaj*ea. wItA.4 VH , *>*VV Wiesttes, Cloths, C*ra^;iilL-€irtM rum* TiiltSett n«F * « It» fT w w v ** *\ x «•« i ft' > I •*? K*HC»sSito>f H * » *s»4 *_»--«% f> v I \fV^ja. $. *>t> Si«r;SSf#we looking at Omj ^^^g^iiim ««S • OB the Bates Road to Mr. W, IV, Qifaibil,W «**« taaasst V -J •< ,.-..«. ... eut» well. . hi . entire .took, Th s ..«• -JjSlW- *»»*\ ««»-«• UiAailiolleJSi. t OVJla-ilSlpI A delicate and tanortaat 8ur|loaiopli Orcms Darsalaa. The best bargains in Ibis coooty are be* ing offered by C. P. Curtis*, in ths way of Merinos, Empress Cloths and rich Plaids at 47 Main St. Holler. We made a dying visit to Holloy last Friday, and although ths mud lay thick in the streets, yet Its summer cheerfulness hsdn't entirety worn off. Th e stores erers filled with fresh invoices of fall goods, and —most important of all—builalags ars rapidly going up. We supposs lbs last Is owing to the pertinaoily of the Standard in poshing the subject. At any rate the buildings are being constructed, and i t Is to b e supposed tbat there are as many fam- ilies welting for their oonpletlon. The Union Bobool has a large aliesdanee ibis fe!l~-mQeh larger, in fact* lasa many similar schools in larger villages. We were credibly informed tbst there are thres misses tQ one master in Holley. Emi- grate, young Albionisns I What eoat,noe! New deeds. A lot of new Repellents in all different Colors, for Dreasee and Cloaks, in priae from -one dollar op , at Blvenburgb A Hep kinsr* Also a new 1st of Satin de Cklnes in new shsdesend ooror*. Look et tnern.^ Boatx-d ef Supervisor*. Tbe session ef the Board o f Supervisors of Oileans county began o n Monday, tbe 14th inst. Tbe following gentlemen co m 'prise the Board : Bam— Chsrfts IT. Malttson ] Carlton— B. F. Van Oamp. (TZarsntion—M- G. Pettenerill. Ovmnn—yt. jLattio. Ktn<lall~0. Muhn. Hurray —B. Farns worth. Shelby—D. d. Douel. hidge\D*tf—\i. D. Tompkins. Tatet— Henry Spauldmg. O n motion Charles H. Maltlson vr'as sleeted Chairman, and Albert W. Crandall Clerk. The following standing Commit- tees were announoed: Constables' Aecounts—VenJsmp, Pet Isnglll, Deuel. County Clsims—>Farnsworth, Tompkins, Bpauldlng. Justices' Accounts—Pettengill, Mann, Tompkins. Poor Houss and Supt's Report—Lattln, Spavnlding, Deuel Sheriff and Co. Clerk's Accounts—Mann, Pettengill, Lsttin. Printing and Salaries—Tompkins, Van Casnp, Mattlson. Treasurer's Accounts—PettengiU, Mat* llson, Munn. U, 8 Deposit Fund—Spauldiog.Lattin, TbmVkins. Error in Taxes—Deuel, VanOamp, Farns- worth; Excise Com'rs Acconnts—VanCsunp, Farnsworth, Speuldlng. Eqaaliiation—Farnsworth. Munn. Deuel Com. on Town Aocounis No, 1—Mann, LsOiq, VaaCamp, PettengiU. '.Com, On tow n Accpnnta Ho. 2—Spaald- fii, Ifompklae. beuel. far'nswotth. ««»^ , Wlavter Geeas At Ihe Clothing Emporium of Qoecbnsn ft VMBhtka •hlilf a son of Mr. Marsoa Weld, of Rldg^V , „ lad.some li jearsold, was-su«»rlasr~-f>( in »' dlffiouityon hi s lower jaw; xalltd tie i plif elo-Flbroid, and whioh oaussd - tnaoh unl easiness to hleaself-snd fainllj. After | og medical advloe it wae determined t£ta( the: a«p»iatloa ? r:tJbo ) d|«s.|ed;p J rtloQ. of this Jaw was the only remedy. The Dm . m cod _ caof loeaifeoi.d.Jaw .»hlohKe«»»«L _._ Bve-teoth. TI»,o'opwi(tTtiD.\wst iSo».i«4llj., tully pei formed, aid at last soc'oiaats\ ths. young ma s was apparently doing well , Lad ffi.^r.oT..r ,, ^'^W*'- -St %*» F^l 38 V . Oi &I%JU?, lASJJSit* I/l - -. S '• .-toa; W. C, 8. Translation in snolher eolnrnn. ] A»»lea BelsliU a tirlsasa Ceastj-issrij'' The following Is a slatemtnl, oofflplltd ay James Bailey, Eta., bf ths'tnitnbe^ijt barrels of apples bought »ndfi)i|(r*wd from tbis.couaiy riWng thspaoivtiMlts uoLtsr. J t Mj Bmith v (t « NoHaa,jrf)fij ia,()00i »s4SS slecssl'i m «ai««iv-- !,.tJ «'•• : v»_«-J»8ssa i« ,t^-.\> aa c (••. MMmm* i Hi W ,*rj» *«x m^msi . Ui 1\ J*'-!:^J?i'-.?!'? < !tft;- .-.i •f^luK't >U%aU. . MiJ t>*4iA> 5> »J*. \ t %%Zjf> \?*?r !*«?:.•*«.* ^ i 'i \ mmmmi .! »..lti*f«i.V»*\'i , »rt-»t* it,.. e, -,*' tr *' t >^^\ i \ *\ -F AsJi JIT O %aM : v£<x« • • I :••-•. •••• . NEW : \ *. ,..,.„. .-'orHs^tuAtt^iw ii»4.J»i»jiM»ath«,. ' ^jtmntoiriksi' »! WW!»4;J»it»!tM ; »atli-.. „ ,*«**«« «14«* *W*>Oal»i mm «Wil«^tl>»f«W'«lt«eJ»»Al«-.^r w»c«' * \* \\ll-J^IWWfrR^lHlfeAsi/ir ,! year ; $1*1. Every person getting up a olub will reoeire the fine engraving \Washington at ihe.«BaltJe of Trenton.\ Address C J Petereon 80( Chestnut street, Phils. Tna Noaaaav.—This bright Utile friend of tbe little ones is full of beautiful pio lures and stories forlbem this month. V7e hope this charming monthly is knows; to very many of tho little ohildren in houses 1 whsre our paper goee, for It is worthy ot being read by them all. Tbe piciure of \Blind Man's Buff\ In tbe present nun* ber, is the prettiest magaaine ploture we have ateu this year. $1.60 f> year. Jobo L. 8horey, 10 Bromfield at. boston. Tna November'sumber of the ,4mtrtr4n 8unday Sthool Workrr is full of capital hints and suggestions for tbe etslstanee ef tsaobere. It has a full announcement of its plans and terme, with list of lessons for 1871 Ths publishers offer this number free of charge, and Sunday Schools are lo tiled to sopd lo? s ap?eis>en, espy. £ t Louis, Mo. Ton 8clssrin o AHaalcas is now in its twenty-third volume, and has long held a pnaltiea fsresiQtt traong journals of Its class. Practical Information npon all sub- jeots wKbin its range is t o be foood in its pages which are thus invaluable to all spe- cially interesttdiln sash subjects, as wbo Is not, in these davs of universal thirst for knowledge ? Published by Munn & Co. 81 Park Bow,,Sew ljork, at $8 a year. Waits'littJaTSATso Asso*t. of. Ehjre. oology and Enyslognomy, for lri\l bei sides Portraits and BlorrapMssofD'umert ous disUsguisbtd Men end VTomln. con- laina thiiteen National Typss of Female Beauty ; Organs Of tbe Brain Illustrated and defined ; \ What Can I Do Best V How to Enter Welt Point as a Biudent; Porsenal Beamy, how attained j What Is the'-use of Phrenology? Just the thing for learners., A rtoh,asd . raey-26- oeni book, sent first post. Address OfSoe, Phrenological Jimndl 8S9 Broadway, N. T Tna ATLANTIC MosfnLT for December Comes itite its phsdooessors. full of chai-ms and delights. With this number Bayard Taylor finishes \Joseph and his FrienoJ.'\ A good many good things way bet bald, pf it, and yet Mr. Taylor is not, in stories, what he Is in Travels and Poetry. Mrs. Slows contributes another of ber \ Old town Fireside fllojies,\ and. Henry Jamas continues bis \ Travelling Companions.\ There are in this number many papers of more thab ordinary Interest, with none of a poor quality. Fields, Osgood A Co., 124 Tremont St., BoTtonj r> - Otra Tffdso Pots s for this month ftn- ishes Mrs. rthftneys pleasant sfory of •Our Girls,\ which is-only second lo \Lit- tle Women,\ In Bsttrralness df chsraoters and ess e of style. The best story in this, number is ths very suggestive one of \Th* Wonderful Secret, and Wbo Told it.\ A pentomine for bonis representation, oalled \Bluebeard is .given ; and there Is a variety of other matter of the best quality. The mapirine Is enriched with some ohsrm- Ing piotures from new Holiday books to be issued by Fields, Osgood A Co. Our Young t*Qn Is only $2.00 a yaw. Partridge a Oo.,(,for Seller etllie., Pbtla 1 18,700. , ... a»irtco.,1SIW ,,a .• \ ' :.. , 8. A J . A. 8aTwooI,'ll,S17. nOuslios. Nelson Warner (rot UowaasBro., Phils.J 11,117. / •aooxviiLB. Mr. Bheffleld. «,150. 1 _fli»ossoiiai.' !• Mr. Kellogg! (lur Wtieusuin,) 50O. Jatnea Bucua, 130. - <si»wsi,t's saxsos . IT. B, Lattln, 0,100. ALSIOJ . • Chas. Baker, (for J. A C . OsmptMll, 18o Marast 3u , l'all..,) 1J.08J - . S. B. Uowes. (tor 1'tilla..) 18,071. ; Sherwood A Co., (for Ne w York.) 14.4J0. Uowaid A Tburllon, (far Boston.) 7,0^. . llutoktsios A. yrUitol«,(fvT Norton, ol r!ew fork.) l.iOl. kv 11. Tnuner. (for Belter A Bro.. Phils,,) 7,834. .., ..i^rjis'eautMja . „. • A 8. Goff, (for bavenport, leva.) 880. OA1SB S B4SXW. N. Latin, (fur Norton of Nsw Tork.) 8,1)00. suanui ausoa. James Bailey, (Tor J. O. Campbell a BOBS. £&!!».,> lu,*U, i t L F. Collins, (for Collins & Ot,, Uhtcage.) lO.le* BnsrWood A Pblppt, (for Notion, of Nee York,)«.»00. asowLSsris,r^s. Ttlden A Uardlck. H..IWO. i John Howe, Ju,7<K>Tt)Norsoo,New fork, 0.6OO. Medina from 36,1 TO to 4Q.UO0. Drvee ••* Claala Umklas. Misasa^Thompton and Solnan, ktava r»- oently (eiied rooms In 'TJinimora'a blocki (over T.llalss A Co's store,) Canal slreel. • a tbts viUsgs, tor the purpose of conduct. log the Drill and Cloak Alakln| tnietnels in all its branobes Ths patronages of tbe public is respectfully solicited. SOwe AjMesAeaaeniw. ' • Tbe winter term will begin Tuesday, Nov. aOth. 1B70 Tbo beat faolllaies trs offered to those wishing aw AosnssssD Lit- asaarCooBlsor BraiHlss EDittrtoa. Sf ery hraaoh of study pursued will areoeive fdll atteatton, aad particular pains will tie taken with Upok Keeping. Wiltlasg aid Elocution 0. 110HEIIOTJ8E, Principal. Atsiow, Nor. 16th, 1P70. Jlwl A two-horse PUlmre Blelgh. nesnly ncr swelled body, niosly cushioned, 4« , al a bargain for eaah-or apsrowwd eredia- '23.8 W MORBKWAB Jl«« AdrerllseaicnlSa TiilttajtJ byrllnanoe Thi Truittn of tlii VtUtf •/ Athltn it er. do\n and enact at ftllovo .* Stcritra 1. It .SislIeM V« l»»fBl te •!*•* •» ts'»s- liSB •ub.B Ib.t pnrnao ef te * villirs wt «lnt«s taawlid BO ui. S-et-bt ln(ftMrtX urn s eWxnts *1 Swu Itrrat. 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({nulalr ' \ ' L - ia%t.\ - - J - - 3 ' .,, I Good Ts Wo ti»To A full lino of tlio liest makes of '.;:.)•.• Al l Liilera Uanitkwclileis, \jnc'imi- Do*,, \ , .- - ; \ waling, 8c., s?»m* JUaJU\ *$$>.•. U| * *, . i>j,v V- v :^';'v|»;,; - Black Alpaca, Black M ohalr Lustres and Pure Mohair 'Mlfiltfe*' Qf)OD- PRtNlS for 61 Ccois Hveryllilng ID Proponioo. ll«T« K LAIIOB (WOO SHEETIN8S, IRES8 OOOOS. Q^URE LACES. CURTAIN, MUSLINS, HOTWiU,^ < - • Glotddugs, ^liawls, Clotlia a-pid Casviiucret. We have % largo assorttiiont of tl>o last inomidiicd gootln, mid can (fct Jip SUITS %Q (JtlDJiK on tjliort Notice Giro a»A call. Wti mowi li\ishio.-8, and intern! to clcWo oiu our oiiiro atook. i,;.tw'ti«'irit'fe t i'Bfi«r'. Ill\ i:\nrnGII b ROPKlN^filhton, N. Y HEHRY 8. MACKIE, ' - < \. ' ' I City Music Store. 83 Stat* St., Boobostor. I T M if^U l WkolH«l« anS bull Dry l tor *rt tare Hew TotS, H «S« (artnrv raw. of stfsiBVtar tt <'o. Pries two aad eyvart., - .. Pssjshant de Son's, *TOS*»«m|»««f<!l. 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TT<« ptlmtlaterss f trmnmt ft* *0 rnab*w> 1 tlill lns< tajtl-n }m bwenfRw *fl Ihe) p»opt«>*»i to pllf* I'l tKrtll* li.*— i». impertln,- • ih-nor b lo •«*•* *<<i|««ltOs| ipaw-efl a ptina erbtf*) h«» not h««vn ipproltt**><] by *ft/ Ittaw^tHnrIs'fi nf a'tmtar rbiraelsr ^nt iBrjwitnM rtsfardiisj lb * liw'HaHi (is- -nit-'ls lfisr»jr*rsn3 !!•*»» hf )»tl*' fr»«r C4ilta.T>> Artrncil'-, ' (\-ntllB'slf l-f.wm»fIo» r*^mn).t)| mnrM •>** In.trtifttrni 'fnn», fcw. »A&r*M* I.. I-. VIII.1.1A -IH, Pr«pri«rtor, lha prs-rprUlnr Bpaai lpi»llPsW TIMOTHY SEED! State JVorroM «cb**«l. T tIR AC'DEUIG DBPARTUI-H T o f lb» PtaU Normal School btgln*tb» S«o>udpaaurl«f (A 1 ** •sai tttmrnft 3»ti Jt. rrioat xtiOrot^ik* lUiUKAU i.iiUlsi 10 arHftatlswd tapae ftlljr kill|>l#d c» ibaal St- Hrtfc lur Coltcsja And tl \* b*IUr»d tll»C «ba belt of naielsl ClaaMB, iacladlsf Booa-K>.pinss fa/ SIBtle sod lloabla £t>t*7< r.Uxr.pbjng, So. erm .MSbtBtl attlu titYaiiptL efescitqss»ariUXetstttieiaB*e SD far a. rtqatrea. CUABLKB D. 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D, wsmbua ^erlaot, seyat.1* «s eeiivarr after eaamlastioSL rn ill 'r etlMiniriii I m »•'•—\•'• \• ' •'•' • •\\ ' now IH Tiir; Ti«r. To ••rora Osfjtvl New Seed at Low prkc«! iL^it.* Aet s i ISTo . UiIUK' r \8. SI H..S Sl,..t Mason, Barnard & Spauldlng, Dmi.rns IK TJS5B afoaew | no»E UU-HIHO 1 0 ntOCDBE LOA' 8 ao IUi T AiMt**,A9*aum,mm kw tcecajiudatstd b» »ol>ls>ie to 0. AjPOKTJtB, tl CinH'.OBo., 8HI NO LBS, DOOItS, Sash and Blinds. BILLS RAWED TO OIII>E«. East End Canal St., ALBION. N. Y. • e laBWaBfl. M.SUSOH, K.K,|VAULCUI» TalawsOlmewaMSitoi «e*s eel 4iy «v '.Ooeili, sea l»er»t»stewsUws*,at la thane. 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In U>« lefti ,„ _ „„ ili.. w»..t, i4»^»..| eastlif l « ttaatkifirtleea lApifc.tj.vwo Iibl|t,sjs4t>wnl)i by-see •e>M>s.sMastlsi.!!i.«ajg tH»f« ' A i u>*. t .^t IA„ Koln, .. ii... • - c*.a ain.ii ^ tiau ' •«*rt«by.tS' . ia»sr» t»t»tj.»Te \- --\lMBis «lnai l (etiity-e *i «•' t-TO Jil^lN fj will- K, *,t.-fu,). .. \|»4 !S«ill:t!'Ttf Crtflilefiii, pL. .tf.S-1 ... » .>./( lbV|»r»«^s f «* e JT 1 .....JJ.rtm...i«f boiieiti »«aw»y||l>(Wts alt •.f..o t-o,..,,, ..».»«njM|ll|»Sstas«elliliee»sw \islr-ti. >•'- • '\'»! dneu>«l; W|lreaaesr> 111 tasese, lib I • I....|I n|i,.i,.|, to)^usee»r»(i|Mil J »«^U •.!*»•> 1. Uli,r»> vtreeiis villus'. V.Y,ss l» Kloi li Hiaffi id«««* 1. til]' lieloi' «i» On. d«i • 'Ji*tnt*<t, *M1>*-3»!» U. I) KlriU,. \\I Oatml, t»)llf d» l ot -tplit . -ISIO * j N 'uitt • Tti,CBV!li<^.hrl«»«ttoiSera>as «\• S. 1 .. » t .. Ciiootw ol (liltas* u...... • . ...I., r .<i. m. 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