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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, August 10, 1870, Image 5

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^jJjJpWjW* vj^|^^-%;.^i^ 3*3\ T'rfeKt v •____. j*»:»^^ , ? , ?*^tfnV W ^A1»»-. . i 8»Vey««r.Wf»m«jr, |r»_X..»-- •\•*— W aomawiBT. is.'®*— :Tjr.'.v.\\.™.7i it r. jj gS^'- :::r.:-::::.2::s&n*^ I't^jW^ i__ L, L tort •it'tF. .iPSBBPAY, APOPBX % 1870. KuuYa U c«n»«>l«Uo°'tat«»tod for. th . J '.Jtma two to «»».«• Orders ft* jotBj • UK\***' I la H ourier,»nd who M l to rsielwe it I'^nlarly. will confer a fsYor by to- r noticing u s of the fact. •mmyw I^>W?«y ; &Bttft- My» that E. Xojm«' IMOII* I ftregretto learn that EHinr Hut, Esq, IpH Jones-Me, near Saratoga, In a oondi- L l t iejith *hio_ causes his friends the Ipiiul uneasi-eis. I |n_efe Prominent Cltt_e». (t. Jtrria Lang-on, a prominent oitjien IgB-lra, and father-in-law of \Mark • twain,\ died on the night of the 6th tost. I fuii*- Arirl 'od° guneral housework. Good liuuwiUhe paid to one who is willing \ior t Apply »'&* Canal it. , s „ l_tt, bat (lea- Hoforo.\ Va n*nj friends In thla county of Ijrut «>d Nolllo Corne», of tookport, will It, ptined to learn that they haws recently 1 kite a ohiU, an infant a few months old. I lirtl Nam- -Bot again. -Sidewalks dnffut shaky in some places _Tue Buffalo races began yesterday. -Plaase ohaerte notice of Pbippi Union liraintry ID another oolumn. -Crt-risa is offering some splendid bar- • fllll. -Ike eeiling of Christ Church Is repair- |il,bei lot leaks are not slopped je t -jeraral loads o f wheat haws been bro'l |su ctarket wtlhla a few days. -We are punished for enjoying the late I Tiler-drips\ bj the weather being a little Itxt o_cotn(ortab,la th,an before. r Dilapidated drunks ware ooollng off Itulefths stores imat week i bat the offi. Imitraeh the trail, and of coarse -KterboJr hat arrlred at the conclusion lautoda-fountaina are biassed lnatltatlons | -uptclejlj the one In Sweet's store. -li is oo seornt that Albion's *'baok- ktn'* are eiteaaively patrooiied on San- h] aer-lnst. -Mi know of a great many who rroqld nit ia and to their aaklas, if enough rain raid fail now, to make raad -Tin Lake View Honae la fall, many Utiif arrited fram Rochester aad from rliru ksreabouta, slnoa Friday last. -A wheel came off Irom a wagon loaded rill itaTes, oi» da y last week, and the DIM were aoaltetrod \promisous.\ -Tie Orleans County Agrlooltural Fair iJl be beld on the |0t!| and 17 Ih days of till QODth -U Albion inao oUlrna the ptlxo fqr •unt ' He bad eight teeth extracted and •hta'i aincb i bit,\ - 1 men arrmed for bra a eh of the peaoo iu-'aturdaj, escaped from tho omoers, tit iroued balf a mile in the sunshine af- v bim. -If ibe young folks want a good, reada- lii nai.niie, let them sond for Oar Lelt- \i Uomcnn, publlihod at Buffalo. 76 \ana. yea, -••Cms \ iicms (rorn Bnowleswille an- l«r ti just ibe right time. Knowlarrillo iw'irtutb iit 0 ,9 of nowa, and \CiTis\ Is \> so. lo put ib en Into, abtipe, -Mr Jobo Voaog haa \laid upon cur il»« w»er»l tars of rery lino sweet ooro; «J i titlk of broom corn measoring *« feel >n length. w Sai eiqulstte STcnings Ihefic hot 4ays Mooolii.clear.heaveDly-. We migbi •< p««i'*l - about ii, but can't underuko >« ib« limn, 0 f lure e or'foar lined. -1 Wnerporter «tole a rat lerrler from ' F A (,'ajile, ofloia Tillage, last weok, bief was soon caught, and tho af. *oq SLOW. VfltS, 'Mn'^Sit'ta Albion, other »1^.« of Its Bite rejoice iq. gojeaufia AMO. «Woti«, Reading Boom*,, ly«eiim«, and ,0% .SrganUations ftr^iia im*M««laai»l and pI|»Aa*iof,th«|riUi«eiw.« But AJMoa. Ute b it, <*< setl ltd *e untierataqd that » festlral will bt I'M « ibe Lake View House in a yoek or 7° We shall qive our readers full partio ihvri »n due time. ' r. \\F.Mtr'.srii^,) >\\\I open Tbureday, September, 1st, In \• «»w rooms. In Harriagtou's Blook, «\ ibe News Hoom and Post Office. JJlss '•»<r wishes lo seo ail those parents. 1 who \end to pi, co tnol r ohiiiren urJ( Jer her wrocUon, before the pupils enter the la \ >o1 P. A. FQSTBS. ^~ l bJ Llshimr,,. Coring tho heavy thunder storm yester. U T a man driring a team haTlng a raft in ** in ibe canal, was struok by lighlnipg 'bra neat > point on the (saq'al west of \»'• Harbor known »s tho \ l-opg \i^e.' The eleolrio spark entered his >«d on tbi right sldo, and passing down *| b odj tbrough tho sole of his boot, ''•W bin, i M untly. An inqnosl was \i 1 morning, a wordlst rendered In «eerdanos with the abore faota, and tho 1 b \ ,n »» In tho •• Pottor's field,\ Mt. *' bl »S, until th^ friends of the defeased ^ »e beard from. '«»<• n,n,. , n0 , B,,^,,, \»nk Thome, who was oonfldently «- ^•a g to take a orajy lean at the FnHs on \ P'r'ormance by a jump from Waleon'B \\»'. at Buflslo, into the oreek, a dis- ™ c «»f 135 feet. i n go i n g down be lost 0J \ M «» «d struck the water on U s i b \ I'ksly to try it again wery soon. 0 \J\' ^enw'si' Veal nami i s Mathow M '\*\><\• He i s twonty-fiwo years ^ ,Dl 1 married. Twenty thousand p«o- «*» bi m jnmp , k Buffalo, and the Bx- ' 0B tbtaking-u,, matter o«r , oonoludes Hsa, , B ' llr, ' lo • \ 8eU Poinded, WM to ja, Gmad Betel la New York. The t»«ka Cenlral Hotel In Hw Uik •which. wiWbs opened^a^ul Utt tUfJiMJith o.fj8>to^&ih, it said to'i^ene of tie most; iBpoflnfilraolurei of the^dBa friheseen anywhere. Its site is such that; the carpet. Etc meaner tho ftoo» oo s |*nffc\B3»oe ? of s«wen sores; its marble tiling Awe'acres,' and Its steam pipes, if .l»{tfe in a straight line, TrouWMwMgadiBlar^a ofujiraida of ( twenty»fite mileB'. lie lJuMlioBtk 0 f Suwimor. It is, perhaps, not unreasonable to cpmx. plain in a mild way of \this b.prrid weath- er,\ as we\: desperately fan outteltos and' watch the mercury relentlessly creeping upwards, hour after hour. But our grum- blings may he tempered by the reflections that the hosts of the Bummer hare been fa- Torahle to most kiflt|a of crops; that there has been througntnlt their reign, Utile sickness; and that this season s swiftily passing away, with all Its flowers arid fr'aits.ihowersand snn'Boine, andwiUseon be like the summers that hawo preceded it— only a memory. ~ Pklppe Dadaa Female Seminary Will be re-npened on the 1st Thursday of SeptembervSnd with its late corps of Fe. male Toaohers—excepting ono, whose place wilf be supplied by an experienced Ameri- V can lady, assisted by a popular native grenoh .teacher/—who will also assist, if neoesBary, in the department of Instru- mental Music, a s taught by her late employer, or associate, Prof. Appl. Two other additional teabherB, already engaged, will complete a moat caieient faculty, we trust ills. & Mas, H. L. Aainujis, * A Prinoipals. AxiIOX, Aug. let, 1970. Pram Kendall. We learn from \Stet\ that at a regular meeting of Kendall ledgo, No. 638,1. 0. of 0. T., the following ofneors were duly In- stalled for the ensuing quarter: W. Q. T.—Stepheh Randall. WijV. I, rMra. Idbble'8ploer. W^'S.—Charles JohnBon. W, F . B.-CalTln J. Chnrch. W, T.—01au3 4 Shualcad. W. M.—Charles Dlodgetu IV. I. Q.—Sarah Oburch. W. 0 . Q.—George Thomas. R. 8.—Pranoenln Smith. L. D.—Ella Thomas D. M .—Minnie Keolar. W. 0.—Enery Baker. P. W. C—Martin Harris. One llaadrcd Deltara la dold Is offered hy the publishers of Tki BngM Sith for abort contributions ; $5 0 for the boat poem, and $60 for Ibe test prose art!- ole of l.CCO to 4,000 words. Fartlotllari may be learned in their Issue of August 4th, a paper of unusual beauty and merit. 8peclmen free. John B. Aldon & Co., publishers, Chicago, 111. Prom EaltUs ta l^ctnrlaa. Mr. A. A. Hopkins, who some time slnco resigned his position, ag Assoolale Ei||>or of Tkt Itvral Nip-Ycrktr, on aocaunt af Impaired health, It about entering the arena as a lecturer—In wbloh we prediol he will aohlewe sucoess- Indeed, Mr. H. has already demonstrated his ability in this line, hawing leotared ecoept&bly in teworal places during tho past two years, and reoeivtd approolatlve commendation. His subjeots for tho coming soason are '•Interrogation Points,\ \Inspiration \The Toung Man Absalom,\ •' The Oram mar of Life,\ (pocm.l \Mysteries\ (poem.) Mr. U . may be addressed act Uochqsler, $ Y. In this connoctloo, it affords us pleasure lo add that Mr. Hopkins is a gentleman of excellent literary taste ana highly gifted as a poet. As a pily ootomporary truly says, *'ho is one of the most musical of pools, ills thoughts and sentimonU sing of themselves. Tboir rhetorlo Is their rightful and Inevitable garland singing robe.\ Personflly, Mr Hopkins is most amiable, and his enforced oxodus from our sanetnm was regretted by every member of The Bural Editorial Staff—eooh nod all of Whom oordlally wish bim restored health and a prosperous oaroor. — Rural JVVir Forcer, tye endocse tho praise, and oobo tbo w(sh. Cloods Cheap Mr, CnrH?a will sol] rjo oll » cheaper for. edsA than any other merchant in Albion. Correspondence of tlie nowahllrnii. K30WL«avii-t.a, Aug. B, 1870. Quito a tornado swopl over lhi« til lago and vicinity Insl Friday evening tl came from tha noTlhwost and !ra» ellod to tho southeast. This »illago »u nearly In tho centro of its track The ruin If wrought was not very grest A new warehouse—owned by somebody, of course, but n o ono here knows who ibo owner is—was struck and nearly lifted from its foundations. It now presents tbe appearance of tbe leaning tower of Pisa. iBd roof projecting serteral feci oyer ibe foundation. The greatest damage was to the epplej. One man estimates that aboui flBy barrpls of his apples wero blown from the trees. Tbo estimate is not probably o» low as the apples. Perhaps It was mado with a view to the oomlng market. Thero is no donnf, bowevcr, that the trees had a terrible shaking, and many apples were lorn off. We hear of no very Borious dsm- ago. Fsrmora i n this vicinity arc busy scour- ing their crops. The grain Is vory gen- erally gathered, end eomo are threshing Wheat Is light in quantity, but cioellont In quality-) barley on,d oats, an average crop. The saddest Item to bo obronlolcd is tho disastor that happened at Mr. Oardner Gould's. Wbilo threshing, tho man fcod ing Btepped up'lo adjust somo band that was dlaplnood, and his foot slipped In, drawing in tho foot and leg noarly to tbo knee, crushing and mangling it i n a shook- Ing'manner. 11.0 was rescued In an instant by his hrothor-ln-law, but not until his limb vfaa fearfully torn. U became neoes- Bary to amputate his leg above the knee. Tho amputation was performed by Dr Tompkins, assisted by Dr. drover. Dr Tbmpkins, having had exporienoe in tho late war, was quallined for tbo emergency, and did the work like a surgeon who un. derstood bis business. His patient Is doing well. He bore his Bufferings all through tho droadful ordoal like a hero. The name of this unfortunate man is 4ohr« Caslon, and his plaoo of rosldonoo near Millvillo. He has a wife and two children, all dependent on hit dally labor. The poople here sympathise with him In his great affliction, and already a subscrip- tion for hi s benefit has been started, to WB l t B many are contributing. Cms ) teuVj inUw rewr of the e^Mtjwl wo*U m these mfttt<tn. We g^|&i&*Up. to our % Qbutv, mostly j *Sd depend for olhw eu- *^8{^lS^9*#tt* twriUnj bunds of itogWiy 'fy^ Bximtrels, aad the»tiflotl jHformeirf 1 ' is find tho plane in ftcxr ^ir»y;%^heir jo-rly JQuraejipgi up, v »n£ ^down tho-lwd. Thero is i o eiuii forjuoli a state of things, that wo oaa disootorj «x- coptal»>k of that kind of puWioeplrif TTHIOU would lead somebody to mile & mow. C O^r oitlsens ato not wont to bo niggafttt^l^iny matter of publlo intwoat. tptr ooatributiona lo t any doseMlng <*uae Najro alvjkjrB. ylady and liberal; and where is a causa* more worthy than this of furnishing our people, the younger ones especially, with means for tho improte- aent and oolUTation of their minds.* and for wholesome and refined amusement? We>know that last winter there waa a nry generally expressed feeling of regret that wo bad no lecture oourao. ETerjbody, young peoplo particularly, complained (hat \it waa ao doll,\ and tbe few enter- tainments got np for various purposes by somo enterprising ladies and gentlemen were enthusiastically and liberally pat- remixed. The growth and prosperity of a Tillage, as well as its standing in the estimation of surrounding communities, depend at least in aorao ilogreo upon ita keeping up Wjilli tbe lime a In all way a ; and It is matter of regret that Albion with all tho means for and ineoativos to keeping at east on a par with her sleler Tillages, should, in some respects, through mere supineness and lack of energy, lag ao far behind them. One Reason Why CUIUBS can afford to sell goods qheaper than otbers la beoaase ho sella for Cash. \For YOuiig Wen and Youtfjf Women.\ The \Voting folks' Rural\ in tho novel Lille of tbo now Hurtl and isitorary Month- ly being issued by E . N. F. Lewis, tbo publisher of tbo Wet tern Rural, at Chicago. IMtcs ar« offered for stories and contribu- tions o n Tartous subjects by young writers, aod uno premiums for clubs of subscribers. Teims, $1.00 per year. The first 600 sub. scribera aro to be credited fur two yeivrs Wo think this paper must cxoklo a great loiGieat among the young men-and young women throughout tbo U ailed Blatca. Ad- dress H. N. K. Lewis, Publisher, Chicago. (•Iraod Closing Out Of summer goods at i\dlor & Co'8. For tho next few weeks thoy will sell all their summer Block at reduced prioes. Call and examilno tho stock hoforo purchasing elsewhere. Now Is tho timo for the publlo lo ge t summer goods cheap- Tho reason of this firm aelllng cheaper now than here- tofore is that they aro to get their new full Block in a few weeks, and as they do not desire lo keep any of iho old stock they soil it out cheaper. Look out for tbe fall steok. The best of goods in tho latent styles- \ First come, first served.\ DOH'T fail lo call on C. P. Curtiss. Error* of ibe Pnras. Tbe Now York 1'ress sometimes make sad blunders which often result in injury to persons who are not guilty of that with which they eland charged. This h&sbcen ilio cote with a well-know oltlzen of Now York, the proprielor«ffc*'Qco. W. Laird's Bloom of \ outh,\ wbloh preparation haa l*i«lv undergone ft chemical examination by Prof C. P. Chandler, tho chemist of the Doani of Health of New York Cii/, who has pro- nounced \it harmless, and containing no injurious ingredients a^d iafyot dstntpou id health.' Mr. Laird's salsa of this delight- ful loilct preparation hara been unprecQ- donled, and the false story of Its imparity must hftfo largely reduced bis sales Yot all la well that onds well Ladiea nrail hftvo no four in using tins latalunblo toilet acquisition in iho Tuturr. t*oo Notice. Of closing out sale by Curtiss. Ii In DO \\ootlcr Tbat inta|ids loqo faiih in t\\\ spewfics, whon BQ many worthless mpdioiti*s art) h>l- Tcriised for ibe cure of vatlous <si»eaPoi , but which, when trieti, »re \found want ing.\ Wo haTe yet t« loarn, however, of the first failure of Dr Wis'sr's Balsam of WiW Cherry, lo cure coughs, colda, an«l pulmonary dinoaso. CuKftsa is selling cheap for cash With all of .ts (lisagrceablQ and dir<gu«t- ing nyniptoms insianily rolioTO'l and apet*d ily cured with HnggB\ Alloraolor Tbo obeap«Bt, quicko^t, aad mo»i tigroeaM* remedy bclurc the pul'li^ $\,UUU ipfill Xt* paid wbfu, this rtmedy fails to cure Ca tarrh, llcadacbc, N euralgia, $c , if used according to directions There are a nuro ber of remedies offered for the care ot these disti easing complaints, some of which may bo good This for one ia guar- ant«ed} much tlmo and money has been expended In perfecting it, and lbs resoll is more than satisfactory. Each bottle makes two quarts for use Sold by Jay Sweet- Dr. J. Briggs & Co., Newark, N. J. CATARRH ! —It is astonishing, yet never- theless troe. that Dr. J. Briggs' AlleTontor has permanently ourod more cases of this distress! ngdi sens o than any other known remedy, with this fact in view, $i,000 is otTert<l for a single case Ihat Ibis remedy fails to cure, if used according l o direc- tions. Sold by druggists at Si—each bat- tle making two (marts when diluted for use. Dr . J. Briggs & Co., Newark, N. J. 8m3 COHSCMPTIOH ! nrlggs' Throat and Lung Healer, ft never failing remedy for all dis- eases of throat, lungs and chest. Bold by druggists. 8n»8 PILKS! PiLkPl 1'II.ES !-Thls disease is very common among all classes. Dr. J. Briggs\ Unrivalled Pile Remedy will afford imtnodiato relief irj the tnojajt severe and distressing cases, Internal bleeding, exter- nal and itching pileB are eured a s if by magic 8tn3 ^COBNH ! Conns! COBSBI—Very few peo- ple are exempt from these common apd vexatious torments. Dr. J. Briegs' mod- ern ouratiye is a mild, harmless and cer- tain remedy for CornP, Bunions, Ingrow- ing Nails and other pedat nmiotions. Sold b y J. II. Sweet and Druggists everywhere 8m3 Wheat, Mr lu $lS$allU Onion*/ > 1W PoU;totf, «K_18al*o fisaas, fe u^w^u^M Com • W Msd CtoTcrSt+u. latW Ur p \ »4»11 UBslTS AND PHOVJS/O^a, tXXKlUft* Qesf, ro**u>j wr lblWSf^tUa v^r lb ^ ati^. ramid, 4 aonrWl, < i 10 ork.iatted, *' , II ' n«sh t ' 18 tlams, \ ao Bautagf, Coal LehlcbMrtoa 99 00 1 Scraston 7 00 l£gC ' t M Stova 7 CO Batter serlk . Urd » ^ Oae*se \ * 1J,IB OaaiHas,. ' _ is Satin,-^ •> i s *«p •• M»u RaUlas, \ aStsS AIWM, Aug 10, WTO. ' OROQaUIKS. ^ Matstahtapw-aatia) TSaW t f, lh 1% lis r w dot, , tow, foai-tarfe Iw.uefcimilhlua* ! '^aSh*'' lsO.« _ a«eo, « laOflS »a|.irUU, > ISa - ^snulwil, « l| Wee, « l i Talk)*, > U. ateroaww swria), M MUIT3 ADO VK0VTJLBIJi3 r TtmstawSead that lb < Cantata, \ 90aM ' Rasp bis, \ WWp ]«*•»», ' . ^ BOOK AGENTS WANTED! -FOR- Life of Charles Dickens SEND FOB CIECOLAB TO OKO. W. UOTJQI.AS3 k CO , 7»« SB Main St., Boffato, ». Tj _ . ,1 4 -.., . -^Ma 'in OHM, < l&lo Datia, > lSaW Turkaws, ISatB fh , r I Otuitmit, ftr\o», *? « DUaulnoaa, ' SlaTtO Wool par tori, KaSOO Beautiful Women, All wotnoa know that it Is' beauty, ratbar tbta ien.ua , which ail ^sauiattons of mm t)*T« wonbip* ped la the »»*. Can U l» wonQend at, tban, tbat so much of woman'* Urns ue attoatloa sboald b* directed to tbe IHSJUOS af diTttoplnc tad prtsMrrtof tbat be*uty 1 Women know, too, tint whan m«a •peak of tbo IntflUect of woiuon, tha; ip«ak crUloslly, tamuly, coolly , but whan tbsy com* to iptik ef tbs charms ot a beautiful w«maa. their lanjiajc* »nJ tholr ejcskiodia with aa .nDthumlasm whlobi abow> tb«mU> be praloaodlr, If not, tnJosd, riittctffuuiijr lo earaskt. Uts put u/ Uiioatuial sujieltj at WOUQSU to ptroeive all tbts,'aa(] tbarsfoxw enjfloy avei? allow- fthls art to bswomo th« goddSaa of tbat adontloa. rruch to Ihn eoutrary, is we may. sgiuut tn« aiU employed by wonita for ennaaoloi thtlr beautv. iben mil sUads tha stsmOt t»vct,lbat thw world docs mot pretax the soditjr of aa ugly woxuut of cealoatotbat otabeaat^ofltaaUtellKhisJlsaetiulrB- mtuu. Tb« world has j«l allowed 00 Wibjti (sis. aton to woman thaa to bo btnatlnil, aad It W«ltl t««tQ vhat the ladlas of ths |tc«s«at sgs art csariytai this Idea of the world to |rtat«r MUimw th&a *\«r, fur tU wointp aow to wh*ai aatoro bas dsaUid tbi Ullunanlo pewa,r of tbeautf. supply Iks d<&eas»y sj the uaa a most dell|hu*Ql toltst arucls, kqowm 4s tbt l ' Bloom of Youth,\ whtoh baa beaa UUly Introda«d iuto this country by OiorfO W. Ulrd 1 a 4«lleatt; besutinrr, wbtcti unoothn ost all Iqdeutatiam. fur. rows, tnn, rtnsbtto'i tan, Track!**, aod dbooXoratloo, (torn tha shin, leaving t^o eompUiloo clear, brll lUat, and bcanUfol, th« iklu soft aad imootksu Wllb tbs a>t>Utsoea of this DS« Amartian liUk of a l*sdjt tolUtf femala beauty U dfitlD«4 to pity a lar^tr pall In tho admlratloo ol man tad tha atnblttoa o f woman than all tbaai-UaraptojtdilDaw her ewaUam, l*rol C. V ChinJUi, Ch-mUt to tha U.tropoUtaJt Doatd of Health, hu rrcentty ptepaxad acbasateal aasljiU o( thla JiligbtAil tollat praijajmUon, aad ripaiUd thai tba-'Uloumof YoolU\ wma bannlaaa, ooalaUiloi DO tbta g Injattutia to tb* Itialtb. UdUa »•«<] tUTt no fair of u<lag ihU InTtlaaMa totlst tcqutvltlDn. Hold by avery dnifglit aad faapj |Ot>4* d»*hu \o ibiynltc^SUtva, Depot, & Gol d St. , IV. Y. POWDER, POWDXR. 100 Kegs BLASTING POWDER. 186 KegsSPORTlNQ POWDER IS Kegs MINING POWpftp, 20 Kogs CANNON [\OWDBIl 1,800 lbs. Shot & Lead. lii.ono FEKT FUSE FOR BUSTING, AI.MO, Gun (Japs, Mads, i/artrldges.&c mmmm. •\ -ft-MiUHex), V - \* Ail 5,a^j.«J i5 « w4*| •si r»'A. r^ m 1,000 Yds. F. KRING £4v ^ iW^aOfaM. I AJUio> '** \tJ*\i l JK •* 1870. ,1^*1 perYajrd. arda ^AJ^HQS(&m SILKS, a Great Vi ietyof DRESS GOODS TOR STUTSe CA.EPETS AN^D WAtli PAlPEB, t\ t- ^ .. > - •\. ;s*ru to^4f&&m*,*i 1 '„$UM* •I, ^, ^^Bwaaa, t ^aBaj . ^Bwava^sBBBP^ sk*jwwssaw ^^^^ ! PRESTON'S .ilwsfi' 0'< V .v •II LB¥ NTORB, Cor. Main and Canal Sts., ROYCE'S NEW EMPIRE BLOCK A. *«a»«aT,*OMHH *«. SSMSM-*- ss.- a ».^ _ ej^a . •r^pss a SSW^SSSSSSSWSWSBBSSJ: ^CHH tmm^** ^a^awssavwvif |S!WT r EMPLOYMENT- Na.*f Yertu, .TOR X,D,TA.Tt9M}U»; ^ PATENTS. -* XMt amrtTru an} Xuroajau lataat *t«a5f is tta ^'^•»fi««i»*l|«iiM»«V CkansatfieTaaaaior , ...-MtaMw aseni. . I«»IIMUO«» to linntoisln awt rrasls. KD.NH kQO, 3T faritHsw, Hew T»(». Newspaper ' ' Advertising. Nlilleal aad\ Uieuliaelai •tnist ma laatiiai Dallw aail weeklw ys»Hi Kawssaun, iMnt»u wllk aft S toif Adtsjl _^„ alii beaaMlaiivi^silu fo Y»l«t, MatUlnntaaay aai usn etnto. • OfO..IVKOW't Ms. «1 Park Row, NsVuXast' The HUetwi '\ - •• », H|J«, sajai-' M tsla so«k-af. swr' _asaTaas:«a Hmti «t I i tsvnXa«t> _.taf, saJir*.'J»VtV^«Wsttll^ ynlMT«a'e<,aaii »» aas ineetiallf tteewaitna 11}lk>ajlwuiwset thw wk»iaU* to.aantiu* tin 1 Vuatam uitaUtsalM uj, arsltiMipir.ta \VM.W*Wftt » H »*tHIW»katose»iasll«»«- twfcT- W^SHBW^wjjHBlHSBaB. New Goods alust Received ! At RIVEN BURGH & HOPKINS/ among which aro SIXTY PIECES NEW DRESS GOODS In Dtfleroat Stylos and Colore. fVe Have Nearly 1,000 Yards of Delaines and Jlrmures Whioh wio ni I soil at Qfioon ootits pnr janl, Nn moro will bo i.dored at this prlco nbsn tlicio aro gono. Wo b»»u » Lstoo 8100k of CLOTHS AND CASS1MERES, Aril aro pioparod lo RPI np Soil* lo Order oo Short Notico. sHiood Ijine of Oomo anil Uoy and you srill 8«TO Monsy. Wo h»To «l»o Linen Goods, Piques, Guipure and Linen Edges, UAMBUKGH RMKUOlDKltau KDUliH AND INHKIlTlNftS, U111DONH, NOTIONS, &0.. Ac, LadloV (lorsois and Curtain Muslins Ohnap. Asia, (Jrost Ilncgnlns ID Blouohod unil Drown 8ll«0tlngs. We arc Selling Cnllcos as (heap af) Before (ho Ware Our Stuck Is Large In nil UcpiartmenlN, nntl our I'rlrcs lire Fined on u IlnvlM ot OoU% at rut. RIVENBURGU & HOPKINS, Albion, N. V. Tli e Trail*- Supplie d LOWK6T VVI1OLK.SALK I'HICES oca s HiTciiiHSON a co- Steam Engines Prom 400 to 500 Horse Pcrwer, loclodlog SUllontr; Engioai, Portabla Kntlm?*. AgrtriQHarallKnrflnsis, Etc. Boilcva of all Kinds am) Stes-a, Circular Raw Utlla, kt Tbs bait and most eoraplol* auortnisiol In tlia country. PatUrrii ara ail of thi moat tnodsrii con- •trtictlon BOY THE IJKST. S*nd for I11nilrmt»<i 4s»oriptlTe eircalar alth rttloex) ptica Utjl. Wood^lHann 8t«am Engine Ca. UTI^A, N. Y. A. 8 . MOlfTGOItlEHt' 8 Steam Dyeing EstabliRhnent I No. loS Slato strsel Roobcsler, S ECOND DOOR Boith nf thi (iTOOml tal|rolJ. Ae diiscrlptlODi of Ullaa* Bod s\Ot]*man's Oirioval 4jrt\ tiai BnUhfd, FqDftl. If tint rapvrlnr In ID J ea UhilthmeDt lo In* city, Cripe and hroebn Rhswli arxl all High Cnlntntf Hl'«tl lOosrvJ »IUinnt tbe •Ilgllteit loiorT Ul 1K« culftrtf. Oooda rrcrinS aad tturaed a; espreu. IS AS MOMTOOMtRY. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY, Excursion Season of IS70, -via- NIAOAIIA FALLS, LAKE ONTARIO AND THE ST. LAWRENCE, -TO- M.ONTREAI, QUftBEC, WnlTE UODKTAIN8 I.AKR CIKKPUAIN, LAKE 0R1I10E. SARATOGA, POBTXANTt, BOSTON, NKWPOBT, NEW yoKK, Etc., Kte , Ktf„ By the Grand Trunk Hallway — AWD— ROYAL MAIL LINE STEAMERS. TICKETS AT DEDUCED BATES can be obtalo*! at all principal Ballwav tod Btotanbotl Ticket OOleea, tod of \ (1EO. BVIWFWA), Aleac, U Hill Stmt, HoehMUI. CHAS, 0. BEEBB, Tr»tollln| Ajcnt, (toeaestar, *,.V. . J«L— LJl.IJ.U_ -I. I Ul --BS-L II! I I k- X 'J ' . L U —'_. \ J, WavevUy House, j$J|5JJ MIMM i UUCUK8TKH, N. Y. ORA.NDAL.L. 4_ JONES, Prop'B •K... I |l~,| . VVe_fT N Y CZKTSal. I ElttT 0|Wt» st all IW . t*w»« U«l STTATI'. HTUKKT, ll«l HBTKB, Oil N V . HENRY S. MACKIE, I • ra_-Ta-r.tr' A ao Jonaan 1* Mtislcnl liistruiuoiits. floU Wbol*a*U Oespot f.-r ffi»t»r_ N T nf Btnin- • K;^ II Ouabain*! And Uuon k lUmMo'i Ortana and Molodoous, rudtsoatl price list Ooo.lt carfcfollr HltcU*.! tod not for eztiolaatlan bt QUil o o rrcelpt of price «r 0 0. D. br Stprrsi wtrtaotoil U> be at orderwd tod p«rfrct, olbtrvi\ Ofj oil? bo retoroed A C^OOIt [IKONS, Krencb and tliftnaD, 0, S, |0 mod IS '|0|I« lend . «-M , 1 la, 4.W, »od S.IKJ t» S14 1 dn'bT. »W0, « tO. T.W. 0 00 U *»! mtOf.Pt, « 00 IM, a 00, 3,60, 4, O, 1 to |I0. CONCKKTIriAr) lal - ulion and rotewo«d, 10 20 to 30 etoile and double I.,.a, SI, 1, J_0, 8 M lo || 0 CI.AlltONElB, ».',, 6, iu> tu . uituus, it, »,J, io to am r„l7Ti», 1, >, 4 , 0, I to 14 kart, II, .. 5», 1M, t>. 1 10 U> 100 Flfew, SOc, W>c, 1m, tl , I.W ti> *Z 60. riaiooloti. II16. 1, 1UI. «». .'Onus yOtt UllStC, 71*. SI 55. -Ml Gollm. pr« r«rd, I3.0O, to I4| «_., «s u 101 ptl.nl IKKJ, $i, te; Qnar, 6.t0 U> 10: oroameoted, 8 to So. foUM, IS H), 9.40 to 10 ; •ouwood aod petti, 113, 14, It, IB to (So. Ootea, |1 OO; wood lined 4 to 19 liar. moate—t (moatb or|aot), Knlttllogan a rtrioar mad* aed a_oip*d \ B. 8. U , ftoeherXer. NT,\ wltk Saa illrar raadr, OOc,«_, JS-, II, l.li l.AO l 76, I, a SO to l«: commoo, be u Mo. Tlollnt, 11. 1 -SO, 1,60 to |S. lion. « , t, 0, 0 to til, Inluilon Of lulls*, |S, S lo U Amill, 110, IS, It to |!0. St-1- der, tin, 18 to 122. Maetlal and other wood models, SIS, IS. 18 to IIS. Oral Old Italian, 110, Si, BO to llOO. Boats, 7S«rto (11 wood, half lined, |!M, Si •oritur S<: VteieD 4 lo II. Botlo le, lew, lie, 2&t> Vlobn Bdws.COe., 7(, |1; Ion, »1.B, 1,S). 2 to Ml •nra, $ZM, i, «-«0, o to IIS, Violin Sildfeca, 6c, 10s, Uo, 20, a, SS. Htrlira tar Violin, dultar ami D.nio, lal or B100, tfti, »JC. JSe. Joe. Vlolia 0 or (tb, OolUr D 4t_, A IUI. E r>tb. Banjo Itti, lOe, ISC. [0., He, roll set Violin, Stnjo or -tllUr •trlnH, Wc, OOo, 76e, Mo, «1 110. 1.15, l,t0l)J \\ i '- < n,m Btoota and cotcra »l, ±K,fiii, 7, 1M, I, o to III. Pa-boma, 'Bn—a and Silver TamboHne^ Trt-oKtof, Malic Boxes, gbect Mnslc. , LBooka an! oliwr fhtuXal labdatal lowest p-blnbe.1 and trade rataa. Wboleatle Drletl tent lo reiab- «... ,_... —,Ii»o_i, dHfirrj InBe'okf. ».«•», ...., Jaaks. HoUoii a»4' <l«ott_l «»(• Aeeat_ar,BS, OonesrfJnae, Vlolia Bote}, Sna rxsoe rsus. • llthed-IOttl morel. Dr.fi Jtweltr^ral cbaadlaa. Aeeat-M. fee.* prompt!/ rersalisil aad rotarnid br exprraa to k - U yoa eansei srocsra Urate foodi of woSf haeu., addreae ' ordarr, local aerebasta i DIB 1l\ BY S. MAI ais-i U, Roi^r.U.V.' Ilroail Qniign, Doulild Track ll.'iio —TO— NEW YORK, BOSTON, NEW RN(II.AM> CITrBS; HAllIlIBllUKO I , 1I11.4I)E1.M!U, IIALTIMURH WAHniNQTON AMD A_i POINTS BOTTTISr, UtTld, IBIO, Trmloe trira Depot of the Itftebrettr tnd debt SB** Vtllnr lUllrnad, on Btrbiote Bl., ea lollowa. by N«w Torh city time, whicli lo 16 mlantes faster fbsa itortitfit-r (Inn tllSA.ll-111 1 yOBKDAY ESrt_IB8, trtK.. at Aeon 10 66 A. M 1 Wt)Uod 0 16 a. tit. | Bath loSS a. in. i Corning 11 16 a m (eontte«ta with Der Ktprete, lotting aluebod neiv and llspro'ad Ofatelj]s.nflom Ootobet. ilirootli to Now Yorh without ehaoaall Elollra lie? a. m M 0mn%6 1 00 p. in i Illoabamton I.4B p In [ utiuioahtnria 3 30 p. ro. ftllno) t llrpotll a I? p. m4 1'urt Jerrla S.16 p m: Now York e 40 p. in. Uoootott at ninKarnton for Aharon florins*. Alban/, flcraobro, aod at Jrruj Citr *Hb kllilnlitlil Kkprou Train of Now Jfrnoy Rolltotil for I'Lllauclpblii llaltt. mi ro and WaatilKgt'in. rii30 A. M.-consiNO cBEiaiir ANII ACUOH iiui>_ri«N. OftlO A. m.-HALTIUOIIE RXI'flrVB, arrl.n M Aroo lu 10 a ro, ennnectlQg. wllli Avon, Ornetr.* aad Uouot Uorrlt (tallroad, and with train ft» Calodoolt, U ttortod BafTaloi Wattaoil U U2 p rn; Corning 9 Ifl p oil ftlmtta 3.01 p ml con uaetlnf wttb tralo from Wlltltmtpnrt, lltrrla burc, Pliltadelplilt, tlaltlniore, Watlitagtofl aqd tbo Booth. 4iOO P . ni.-I.IOIITNINO KXrllESS, arrlv.. at •I Avon 4 40 p tnt Wsjlaod A 64 p. lot Balb &.£_ p. m: Corning ?,4l p ro; Klrnlra a 117 p rnj rob' nooctlbg fnr rblladelpbla, Baltimore end Waali logloo , Owff o 0II p m t OlDghatnlon lo IB p m.{ Port Jerrla 3 Id am, and Haw York 7.10 a. m, eonbocU&f wltb morning tralna tor IlorXoti and all New England dllea. Blooptog ooaobea aceompanv title trala from Itocli. Ur to Now York, dtaa T? M.-BiirrAM) AKD AVOW ACCOKMIJ- UATIOB, arrlraa at Aron I S& p, in,, eonntctlrlg at Oalsdonla, la Bar, BaD-lo, Ooneaeo and Mt. Horrla. OiOO P . »l.-ACC01I«OI)AT10N, arrltea at Corn- ing 11.46 a. m.. connecting with Cincinnati Ka. praaa, arrlrlng at N«w Ynrk at 1,40 p, m. SO TftAIHS OS SUSDAYS. Taanra Aaaira—rrelgbt and Aocommodallon S S3 to* Avon Aixornmoottlon Q4& a m., Klltrjt Es- praatll.IOa m* freight and Aceoamodauaa 1.00 p tn t Salltmoro Exprcu 6 30 p. m.. Day Bipraii 11.40 pm, ASK roa T10KIT DI WAY 07 SBIS mAlbWAY 1 , wllV.b can beukfc.lMj of IhO Colnptnj'a ofgc(, , Ho. 4 Stf^tt? Btroflt,, Bochofltoir , and at Principal 0(Be4S it Cp'untcllng rtotat.' I _. D. XtUCKiSIJ, Ws. B. UAJffl, , Otn'l Bap't. Uta'l Pais A|ea_,, Tills wall known rtmedr dsi a aot, flrjr ofS Cookli. rod latra Uii rt»«» brlilml, .1 In tbo use arltT. u.orl prapamUooa, bat it lo.«ti>s fnd cltaniua lha Lnnga, t&d allaqa Irrttallon, tbalit'rrrorrtlnr the eaase bl tbe eo-plaSttfrBTII if. »OWI.Ke/itOM,™r-mtrr«r., oosloo. Bold br t>nt_glalsaod doalors latn»d~4ni Money Cannot Bay It I FOR HinilT 18 PRIOB-.I.JI8. • •D^i THE .DIAMOND OI/ABSBS UANVrAUTUIUtD BY 1. a_. Spencer tV Co., IV. Y,, VYblcb aro now offared to (lie nabllo, ere proaoHMe 1 oil lu all tbe etlebrat-d Osllclsua ot the world, to U He HOHrl-RHI'ltirr, Kafnral, AHUIelal Slip to tin buman »yo ever bnoern, Tbov aro ground tindir llielr own eup»/r*lat~|>. from lalnuU OrjtUl 1'obMn, oieluil logatlier, and .derlro ibalrmaaia, .* datnobd/' on aeeotutt of tntlr bardnata and biUU_aey. Tha SoloMttfio Prlnoiple IMsiyli ja=*rUfc|l_ ftonW\ Sal»*r»1 .... .,-- ^dlsHlrtMitlatoniaslntlrS naiurtl, betlt-V tlgkl, and prar.»allnr-all wrtpletiaol aenu. '• \ sllBMSMfloii andd *aterl»*g -*f --\ p«Hlu_-toill otMrslan». ;1l - lloi-, aucli M sIlBUWflo an *aT»tln o altlil, \-Ilsaas ftt. pMtillaw.tO;*)! OtMrs la is*,, o Tliej are Mo.iteS to lilt rini.t lUener.ln fram« of Vba'best nutlltr, o f ill wHtilaK used for tbat unh pose. Their KlnUb ant Dorabllltt Ctnn»t iw tliir- P UADriOH,vkm» (M«|u snttSI bfarlar Ui<lf trade mark stamped oa tM'» fraiaa. g,, w. PttBsgfOjsf, *aowvolara and Pptlqlana, Ar»,8i)teAg«alifo>A_B10N,K.Y. haa w-ora llill Ua «a1i beoMaloed, tlan/mit arl»«t,n»plWtt.pe_leflataaraiUe, 4«jl ji&jr o^ <F Weigh The$e Words ill .kaasStiftaat l-dliulloa, kllloai 4leef4eetf «no»i,io_a«_»alnnn atanilnet rcttttUenn teaelltwlkw ' ••liter AptHeb^la'aifmen n;iioueart.olloii>,io_a«_aaln a amine taUtttla .1 Uaka-r.lt . «n laetrae) t» MatHlt tkaea htlr, tlej T»t th» aartUtt ertraUoa iT^fcrfaaVi Xrjwttrkwat elirlnilos Iwtllmon, tloeera wadottS'\ la all tnteh tuea, la anna M i onri Oe»t Mfti»aad piullial> lit litai fiujU-l Clitmlilt . Sftr. 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TUTT1 rlua a Bt., Niw Vo.k. frewlo TUTTLB, IS eu. r ». hrerd ia grew la all _ wtekr. lUtelM HBI fee CUAIUVI, nut soil, Htw r».k Iw4 rnilK ATrKKTION of jossi nun wka datlra a l t.ot.iuiili praparallDB fat tiatlneii la salla- ta Ibe adennUiMtrfordad pi Iks Brynnl, atratton * William* BUSINESS UHTVERSITY, noOH-BBTUn, K. Y. Tbe rH.lrouaiaojrtl.il Isslltntlon bat bream* |0 •real a. tu niabM uaa iinrBtletnr to place III Ikelll- u«a i..r iin|4iiini • tlioroagti bsilneaa edueatloa up..R a ••>*.>• vlilari hat apt boon tpproaebed BY aaff lo.utn. tut. of atoutnr ckaiteUr- tnr lo'l'iln.. .rcahllol Ike Irjlllullon «m la *\- ta.wt..d hf tha Brnprleur IMS saalles* Ve;. r-.r • Ooilma A.i*neafi>. n tnbUinliig Informatlda ?r..mi»tlt ta.wtt to !l«n t.a r..r .^'i.. . ^..-.»caip, voouiiniig .ruormauoa rgsntbng ruune at toltfuetloo, littna; ft*,, adirtts I.. I.. \VH,I,1AS1H, Pr«|.rlci*r> s»« flooaeatsa, K, Y, I.I!(aAL. itl'UrillK UIM'I.T -Coomr or OHUUBBJ— Rot- 3 -... B. i|'l oharita Harris. Natliaa llarri- J.i. Tonilrtd.e, Julia llajnta, Howard l!»r- laiile, A\raw I'lrteou, Charlie llarri- J.i. Tantt'rtaBe, •j* *.•» II I'll\» lluile, A\reio I'lrrtoo, Charlie tl llnlrrn. tiul _*•» a lloliata, Rtmwt.tt, Ta tk» S'K*»# nam.,! n»l»..._ii,u : Yuo, are b.rabe r>HBl- inonr.. u. at|.»-. tan (omnlalut e | KoatveU H, Sir- roira. plailiilB a etatpr of «l.fcb wni Btid In tka Urlrar,. (J.uoir ,1-.!,'. OSso m Ik* 3T>1| dak of Jntjr. Itriu. aid i.. »•».* s oepr bf irmr aoawes en tbi utbtultiii. at Ui-li««!«, ia tkeelllafaef Albloa, urtr«t,a Bounty Nov Yoik, wittala twenty ujft aOBW lb. awrrlcn nf bit amoimone. rtatarlie of lite dai af eerwlOT, or Un pla4_tm will appl/ to Iks Uoart m Iba) rwlief diDiitxItd In the wbtplala*. IIOUtfEfHtTllUUfBON, IwT I'ltlnlllTe AUorn.trJlblos, M. T. Notloe j To CrodllOI*. 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