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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, August 10, 1870, Image 4

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i f vmm i b»T* lwfoBfctilMfcii?** *y«**: af t ^D«fWA^A^«lO,187| Viotoriea. warn P*moor»tiQ . Th«,«e«Bt elTotloM r ta KwtwliA f,noasa«a ( aua So»fl, Carolina. l)»W taraltad 1? » MM* P' TJ«*orie« for t» Pavoantfa party, ^kwh *^h »»» «}$ Mi in 0\«OB wait ba taken aa blight Inateat.ppa of tilt Mix e*miioaj>t ,. n4Ud tile in tbil conntrr. Tie ' 4tf<mtr, Qf the B*J>ubUe«t J«»it «ft ' 'Nortn Carolina eepeoWly U * inwjjwA a- wtooked for blow to that patty, I ^ T T S .)B:»^oky ( , , Wth a Jar.e wjro - TPKin itrfcM»di, »a4l«li«a confi»#)r, 0 looked for rtootHj ^otth 0«O«JM„ / turin military wle.ena>ea,«*teawM) v.' ««iullj ptepate*-* iMuwMr- ^to^aaonthe of'pat*; ffMlp«WV» *>' .bepnrpoeeeof tbli wary election, *a« UHmd to bo notely ltd own J and tat dlMppolotniont in botb eaM ia gnat J' 1 'in proportion u it .waa unwpeeUd, 1 In OoDMotiout tin ory oP'loeelU- »n«,\ waariiaod iq explanation of £e- publican defoat; in Now York, \fraud\ «H olalmod to bo it tho bottom of the Dotaoorttio auciwes. What it tbo word intnisnowiinlt? not judge of tliow who coma here,by tboM whoMay at homo- W# got ««ly ^Mlai««.ai.Mt.bail ik*r&m*»*, fonlUitntioffi>o)kjPj^l|l«. W^W '•Mb *• ui 'I'll 4 1; Villi • fa I 1 *'i3 '1 ••» If ..1 it Pi- :•>•&•• Tho Swgreee of tho •War. Huron >aan Within tbo put fow dayi, two en- aouoj^etwoan His iioatilo irmtoi liwe taWplroOjOioboliimed t o bo o f mow pr leu Importune* m d ilgnlfiotnooj but no battlo o f dooided oonioquenoo hi t yet beta fought Tho« fur tho Ptunlini ban the belt of it. Tho nawi that oomm over tbo oabto it u yet for tb * moat part mido up of ooatrodiotory roporti, and Tiguo euppoaitloni, an d li interest' leg not w muoh for what it ityi of tho war Itiolf, M for tho gllmjuci i t givoi of the blu of polllloil fcoliog io tbo dlf- ftront Kuropein nitlona. Ba t this tlato of thlDgi can last very littlo longor, III* oWdoot that a grc»i battle mutt toon bo fuoghl, and tbo o hinoei ire, that wllb aiioh complloi llooi >a toem to exit! among tho i»rl out govorumooU, oilier oouuti lot than Pruul a and Frauoe will olllmatoly bo drawn Into tho slroggla, anil tho oud Dout OID foraooo. Ohinoio Labo r Quoation A t • lor go publlo maatiog bold lo Boohoitor, under lbs aoiplooi of tbo Workingmeo'i Aiiimbly, tbo following Utter from QoT.'.Bojmoqr wu raid: UTIOA , Augni t 0, 1870 . Sir—I put off until tbli time my I D •wet to your lottor uktng mo to apook to a maotloK a t HoobaiUr upon tbo •ubjoot o f Ohlneie Immlgntlon, u I hoped It woald bo in m y power to do eo. I i m lorry that I* oaouot ettood All agreo that It li i graTO lubjool. It U ono thit mult bo met , and mmt bo met no* . 8troo« Inflaonoei iro work to open tbo'dood situ and pour in upon us the wont olassai of over orowded Ohlni. They oan ge t to our •bores at loss ooat, md in greater nam ben than tho peoplo o f Kuropo. I f Ihoy oontlouo to orowd lo.thoy will orar throw tho ouitomi, oWitliatlon and re- ligion of tbo whole I'aolflo tout, and they will also ornih down tho position of tho laboring olissos throughout our oouatry. I am against this. I a n 001 willing tbay abould gain a foothold bore. N o nation In baropo woald suf- fer raali an Inruloo. I f Britain, Ger- many or l'rinoo should allow anything of the kind, tholr gorernmonta would ba overthrown. Vvhy ahould wo give np nor olflltialion In an y part ol tho oountrj for that of Asia t It is said wo want oboap labor. W o do not want oboap labor, but woll paid labor. Interest aa woll u juatioo and humanity call (or thla. II all who labor In tbli country took ilia wooes and epout (is little monoy as tbo Out- neso laborer our Govommont would bo bankrupt aod business would shrink up Woll psld labor anonds frcoly wllb tbo bnalnoss mad aod Alls the national treas- ury by tho Impoata and duties it pays on who! i l docs. This is tbo nbolo foaroo of onr Qnanolal strength ns oom- parod with otbor people. If labor Is Drought down to tbo Ohlneao standard, tboro will at onoo bo a difforonoo In tbo ooudition of olassoi wbloh will in the end overthrow ou r government. Wo pay higher tares and Intoroat ibsn any otbor pooplo, aod if tho prioo ol labor is put down to Aaialio ratoa, cap- ital will swallow up tho oaruings of toil morn rapidly thao waa orer yoi dono In tho history of nations. If this is to bo our futuro wo havo loot in rain nearly a million of llvei In tho war. I t Is not tbo object of Qorornment lo nndoraoll others, to plnoh oursolvoe that wo may pinoh olhors. Tbo groat end of statos- manihlp la to giro comfort and plonty to oaob honjo, and to take oaro that labor IB well paid. Wo should look to givo happiness to osoh Qro sido olrolo, and not to fill the oofTore of eapitallata. It Is nid by aoruo if wo shut out Ohinoso immlgntlon, wo do so In tbo faoa of all our fbrmor profoAalons. This is not so. Wo Invito European Immi- gration, booauso II adds to ou r powor and happiness. Kuropeam do not ovorthrow our eustotna, religion or oi r illutioo. They do not brine; horo any strango blood. Il has lUwnys boon our praotloo to shut out any immigration that Is hurtful. Wo sond baok lo Eu ropo criminals or paupore, by vlrtuo ol Stato and National laws. h,Tor; oity and town guards against iooomors who. ondangor sooial order or aafoty. W o are in no way bound t o tako into our publlo systom any misohiovoua olouionta or to destroy it by personal influonoos. i f wo beliovo in our religions oroods, In tho form and prinoiples of our Qov- ornmont, thon wo must boliovo that Asiatic oroods and ouatotuu aro baloful To-day wo aro dividing tho lands of tbo oatlro Indians intoBtatoa, oouuli'os, and townships. Wo aro driving off from tholr property th o gamo upon wbloh they livo, by railrusd. Wo toll thorn plainly ttioy must givo up thoir homos and proporty and livo upon oornore of thoir own territories, booauso thoy are In tho way of our xurilii»iion If wo oan do tills, thon wo oan koop away anothor form of barbarism whioh bta no rights hots. Bfinw Impaiitl ratwaew M *jgb*- Tba'iPe- ^_ T JfloC- Vo«|aa Jtad 5 'MowlU-aro^ twdiUd by ordar of the goTaromwt. lbs eonditlou of Paris U boUetod to ba dsegorous. . JbflNDou, Aogwt 9,-isPiipatoboa horn Carlarjifee 4«t«4 toid«3f>aMi'•«»*. Striibourgh fa asrronnM |j WJOP ftoop», mnatly South * Germans, IBJ miiat»urwnder.a» tho garriaon oalw; nuatera 700 mon-iltbodgb ttuf doei not include tbo nilioaal guard of the city, whioh would iBoroaaa the gat. tim largely, ihould tboy ba odladont. The tdranee of the Frtwiana from Sasr- hruok and Trerea hu oommenood. It ia iBppbwd th»t pilB^^fraderick Chirlw ia in »»n»a»d, a»4 wit an Immediate attack will bimadooo tbo Fronob portion ; i« Matt'. human, Anguat,9 8:80P.M.~A ssMaasMawaaw •ffftowm, tmrnu, ^^mw jy.b.lrr^ottli.tnia-. Thsjesngtssp MiSim 9f >P«pgf *«d lafxmakiB;! de- EoWaWjMi jft«#»» win:** •««*•» npfn4dis^s»Md,iri-»falrfBa UiHppt- Je,Mt,driftmwpe'i,t«lf. ITnlaiiwel -..,.„ fc . ar«'»ad!rlo givoiip tbo e»na«itteBceg|ParlieoKeipondant of the Mananopter. ^•i»i»Wawd«igertoi!!» #Mo petoa- Ewmine* tolegrapha that Italy and -A danrfaSo1t\froiti Now Found- 1and»ait«a\ln W* Ktmberly ycito dtta|l w )tadrta> »la troop, nfyy^\^^^ tp|#?iti#|)ea«er»d toramainfCa one, te>iee if it wquid. •ptottatiolj|»itiii*,po«iblo FelV^ A \ attaok. The minister returned a dia oouragiog answer intimating that the colonloi »u»t »ly nponj tbemselirei; *£ sSfea.*id«lomJl.Jkfti.to pJSl ;|rait. »bd horna hsppintw of on people, wa must copfroot the problem it tho ont apt. Trnly youri, , HtfBAWO SKTalODB. To BliaaUapN, BeoordiafSeerotiry of Workingmin's Aawnbly, Koohestor. ii i • ^ War Ifewa . LoNDOM, Aug, 3.—Turke y deolirea bar abaoluto ooutrtllty. Bar irmy nnmbera 800,000. I t ii roported thaat England will lend two frigatca to tha Tiber to proteot the Popo. Tbo fortlfioatlons of Saarbriekon were ittaokod by • column of Fronah infantry. Tha enemy waa repulsod Figsro olilmi the rlotory i t Sasr brack of grmt impoitmoe. Th e Km- E eror wished to gain posaoulon of tisir- ruok booiuie il oommiudi the ralloy of tbo Star ind railway t o Treves The litter eaonot no w be of any aorvico to tho onomy. AJ1 aocounta ooinoldo ai to tho doitruotiTonets of the Mllrsll- leur md oompsrativoly small loss of tb e French troops LONDOH, Aogna l 4.—Tho norU of England iro rapidly filling with Noitb Qermin VOMOII aozioui l o o»oipo French ortulore. OoFEMUAOCN, Aug . 4.—Th o Dan- lab OoTerotneut still struggles bstd t o preserve ueutnlitj , but the popular ex oltsment Is inteosie sad poroses UD- govornablo. Tbo aympathy for Vraooo imosg all oluses i a vory marked. BaaLiN, August* 4 —Tha Prussian govornmool furniabes the followlog ao- oonnt more io detail of th e affair a t Saarbruok i \A feeble garrison bold Bssrbrook until tb o Ifrcnoh deployed aod ad taoosd lo tbroo oolumus. Tbo l'rua- aians than retired to I position north of the town to oboerro the enemy. Io •pita o f tbo free oa e by the Frenoh o l tbo mitraillours, aullllgry an d obi pots, our loiaoa wssre only tw o officer* and savonty men . The loss of th a Fronah eppcaroJ moro serious. Ou r troops wero admirably oool.\ A OADLl spsoistl to tbe fftralil fro; Oarlsruhe, Aug. 4—0:80 p . u.. ssya : There wi s buu fighting a t Woissea- bourg yesterday Today a largo foroa of I'rusalsna advauaesd bslwein WeU - senbourg aod Laatorburg tan mllss i o to the French taartltoiy, driving th a advanoad posts of tho onomy sod de - stroying miles ot tbo railway between Lauterbourg and Slruiboorg along whioh il la supposed Mokfjaiioo waa f irepsring to sdwaoos The fronah oaa waa bsavy including many pris- oners. PttAMKIonT, August 6 —A train has Jjust arrivrd horo brlnglag 600 b'ronoh prisoners from Wisaenboorg They will bo aont to Northern I'rusaia The total oumbor of prisooen taken by tbo Prnaslsos Io tb o Oghl was 800, i n aludlng eighteoo ofliosre. Naw YoaR, Augus t ft. —A flrmU osble speolsl from London, 4th . ssya A dlapatoh from liagrmsn to-day sin thit the dofost of tho I'ronoh i t Woi»- senbourg w u disastrous Oen . Douey'a division, oompoaed of plokad Ighiini; moo, was utterly roulod, and aovoral o f thorn roaohod horo In s demoralised ooodltton Wolaaotnbourg i s In posses- sion of tho I'ruisians. LONDON, August ft.—Among tb o Gorman oraft lakon rofugo in Knglish porta aro iho klsrmano. from Ne w York; tho lllumoxillial, from Cutis, ao d Talisman, from Brsall. Torpodnea hiva been sown thickly i n tho obaiucl of Ib o Wo.aor. PAHIH, Aug. 0 —Tho Garde Mobil* at ChaloDS aro dlacoolonted They havo expreasod tholr diuatiafsotion Kith th o prorlslr.as furnished thsra ao d aoeompabiod thoir eomplalnls with shouts for \ Tho llopublia\ and to r thoir roturo lo Paris. Two ringleaders havo been shot MKTZ, flib, I I r M —Tbo ooroa ol Oeosral FVosaard is In rolroat. Tbo do tails are wsotlug. A dispatch from tho Emperor a n nonnoing MoMabon's dofoat and aep» ration from the main army has oauead the utmost oonstaroalioo. Aooordiog to tbe Kmporor, however, al l may ya t be rotrioved. Tbo Prussians are over th e frontier and aro advanolngr, on Paria. Naw YORK, August 7 —A oablo dispatch from Oarlaruho t o tbo Now York Herald, dated yoaloiday 0:16 p . M., eaya : To day , Saturday, thoro waa a gonorel sdvanoa of the wholo line Tbo King joinod tbo army. Upwards ol 2O 0 prlsonera havo boon forwardod lo Krmnkfort. Thoro aro roporlB that Bmperor Na poloon Is ill Tho Prussians aro moving on Mote. A Btrald speolal, dated London, August 7, says: Sorious approhousions of dlaturbanoos ar o outertained in Paria, aud tho etrlotest aurvolllanoo ia oxe r oisod ovor tolegrams soot from tbece The Empress prc.iljod el a mooting o f tho Oounoil of Ministers yoaterday. A gUard is under arms and street gather- ings aro prohibited. The Vronoh troops aro full of rifam. A battlo appoara irumlooot. Paris i s doolarod in a atato of loige. LoitnoN, Aug. 8.—Pranob dispatch oa roproaont that aotual hoatititios are momentarily suaponilod, ba t I rumor provails tbit tb o l'm«»l«n arrnloa ar o oonoon tratod an d a battlo raging bofore Mots. The Pall Mall Gaiotte a»y. that the rosult of tbe reoanl battle moans > tri- umph for tho Prussians In th o war NKW Yonn, Aug. 8—A ipooial to tbo Evooing Tols9gram,datod Paris 8th . says: Paris is fearfully oxoltod ovor tho news from tho front Th o univer- sal ory is \To arms I To arms 11' The Kinpross is in consultation with Depu- ties this oroniDg a t the TujlaiiM, Tbe Austria each tends 100,000 men to aid Fnuoe. Tho Empress Hugenie.acoord- ing to the Pall Mill Gtwtte, ia prepar- ing for flight. Tbe army at Hell ia Btfil undergoing thorough reorganisa- tion, • •as s asai Ifewa Itema. All Sorts, A man, heating tb/alj a ravv.n • • • \ ydira, fought ,., eeifitwQwa. « .—Tboy have a MormonCboreb at the Hub; and a tibinose pagoda io on tho way there. / --Ibo good die young—more espec- ially if tuoy partake frael; of unripe —Tbo rotoini from Kentuoky show thit tbo Democrats have oleolod thoir ticket. —Wadsworth'i imported running bone \Liipldist\ died io Qonoaoo last week. —Tbo fire in tbo Ling Island wooda hi sproadtog, oauaiog Immenso dimago ovor an.aroa of sovorol thouaanJ aoros. —Ohromato of load, i dangerous poi- loo, U exteusiyoly usod in tho sdultcr- stion o f sugsr. i —Potor Shurti, I farmer living i n Clinton, N . Y., is Bald to havo in hi e baro, ba y thit wi s out lifty-four yeara ago. It is said to bo as bright an d swoot a s any out this lummor. —Tho wsgos of all tho oo listed me n in Ibo navy bavo boon Inoreased in the amount by tl 60 par mouth, by order of l'reeidoot Grant, —Two hundred Germans sailed Iroin New York in Iho British slosmor Aoglia, for Olsigow, oo Saturday last, for Ibo purposo of enloring tbe Prunaiao army. —The oommittoo appointed by Oon (grass t o invostlgrto Ibo obargos asaioat oorlalo oadets at Woat Point for trott- ing oolorod oadota In so uogontlemanly manner have ooooludod their labors aod lenteoood tbo offending oadota t o bo roprimandod by tho authorities. —The Jovolupomenl of tho Illinois ooil Holds Is olalmoii 10 bo due to a farmer near SpiiogOeld, who thougbi that aooh a country oould uot bo dea tlned b y Providooco lo bs without fuel ' Tbe wood is noarly gone,' said ha t o hlmsoll; orgo, there must bs ooal. lo this elrnotl whlmaioal fail\ he auok a aha If 100 (sol, »uij then slruok s voln of cxcellonl bituminous cgah whlob ho Is now mlolug to tbo amount of 82700 por wook. —A roport provsjls ip phllsdolpbia, circulated by ooa section of the li'coun organisation, that a aooret agent from the lriah Republican Directory in Ir e land arrivod there on tho bth and is buay ondoavoriog to boat Iho diOeronoea whiob herotoforo oxUtod botwoen ih o Psoian faetions hare, Jl aeoms under alood i f England lakea sides with Pro s s |s that l'rinoo hss engaged lo Bond arn.e aod amunltions of war to Ireland in addition to i n Invading foroa of 60,000 mou Forotgn. — I t in reported that Oon Pornundo baa aoooptod Ibo offer of tho crown of H|nin — M. Olarigny if g«ion to brinq ou t a papor to ilofoml tho righu of tbo ox ' (jueoo of Spaiu. —Tha morning Standard relorrinu to tho Alabama qui-allor*, hofias that in Iho pro.imit war Unglaod'a noulraliiy will b s lass ambiguous. — Oharlo. Diokcna, Jr. , bought in llio pruporty of his lato faihor at auo lion —Ousnian lllanoo wu inaugurated aa pruvialonal Proaldenl of Vonotuola on too '1'H of July. — .Vdviooa from Hi. Domingo stato that a wsr botwoco 8t- Domingo and llaytl ia imminent. —Kloronoo Nightingale, from a aiok bod, writes a letter giving dirootions and preiarlblng rulos for army nurses. Advioes from Homo roproiont th o Jesuits ondoavoriog to induoe Iho Popo 10 romovo lo Malta. —Noar Uollye, in Austria, sn eaglo, 11 is said, baa boon klllod, o f an ' ooor- mous aiio, boarlng a oollar wllb th o dato 1610 and some helf-offaood arms ihoroon. —Tho] Uauloia ssys that tbo om- poror will lasuo a deoroo making th o Mereoillaiso bonooforlb tbe national air of Pranoo. During Iho Oghl at Saar- bruok i t wu playod by tho bands. —A Prooob oourt In Algiers ha? dooidod in favor of tho validity of tho mtrriago of an ox-priost. This ia in direct opposition to tho time-honored maxim of tho Catholic Church, that holy ordora, onco assumed, oan nover bo voluntarily rouounood, v—Violent poliliosl and roligoua dla- turbanoos ooourod yoatorday in Bru s sola and Ghoot. Moba hold tho streota for some hours and saokod tho convent and other buiUllogi. — A terrible earthquake hu visited tho shores of tho Gulf of Corinth. Tho towna o f Ampbina aod (jala&ida an d aovoral villages wore doslroyed Mnny persons kiltod and wounded. Tho inhabitants aro in groat destitu- tion. from Ma million as the emblem of iris. toaraey, en aooount of defection i n pdeaw. YeryMoeilent kids aro BO* aold in Paria i t thirty oenta a pair, and on Broadway tbay are marked aa low aa fifty oanta. To* markst ,ia abtokta;. overiloeked, md even th e present prioee cannot long bo maintained i o tba trade. PeraonaJ . —Ohriatina Nillaon will xaake be t first appeaianoe in New York, Septem- bar 10th. —Miss Snno Trsin drive* ' • pretty littlo pony in a small pbaoton, a$ New- port, tba finest juvenile turn ont so far, Tbit establishment ia also monogram- ed. —Ura . Anna Oora Mowatt Ritchie, tbe woll known Amoriom aotrcia md inthoress, died in London on Friday o i last week, aged 4 0 yoars. —Dr. Holmes is to publish a volume of proeo essays tbia fall, his first ap poarauoe, exoopt in notion, for many years, with tbe tide, \Mocbauum in Intellect aod Morale.\ —I t is slid that Nilsaon ia paid £28,00 0 for six months' ooolrsot to sing ia tbo United States. Sho is t o receive £6000 on itirtiog for Amerioa. — A young marriod lady i n Brook- lyn, N. 7-, bi s reoeivod is a wedding present a fan made in Paria, i t a oust of t600 in gold. I t i s o f tortoise shell, studded with liuy Boltairo dia- monds. —The ''Prinoese Kditha,\ wh o wasn't daugbtor of Lola Monlri, has diiappaared from New York, aud it U surmUed that she drowned horaolf, aa sho waa lust soon oo Iho dooks of Iho Cast Illvor —\—Ooal Oil\ Johnny 8toelo b •aid lo havo roocntly received a loiter requesting bu inatruotlons ooucurniof.- 120,000 wbieb he dopositod io a Ne w York baok during tbo boydey ol hb prosperity and had utterly forgotten —B. Bholton Maokonlio, in bis life of Diokena, now nearly ready, will ondoavor to ostablish that, as bo soys In a letter to a friend, \thoro nevir was no snob man as Oharlcs Dlokona.' Mr. Msokoosio says that tho real name of tho distinguished author was Oharloa John lioughmaodioo ! &J?JsfHfTC3r SaTSTXiES -OF- Tbo Mitrnllo»so The cable hu bad a good deal t o aay latoly about tbo mysterious (>ud nsnly iovonted) firosrm, oallsd the Ultraillouao, in possession of th e I'ronoh. Tho London Qlobc gives a dosoriptionW it. it says lbs gun consists of a eluster of barrels, olther bound togelbor or bored out of tho solid, and mounted on tho .anio principle u an ordinary field gun. A t a leer hundred yarda, iodood, it would bo diffioult to distio- guUh botwoco tbeso weapoos, as far aa outward appoaranoa gooa. T o Ibo bar- rel ia altaohod a massive brocoh aolion, oanahlo ol botog opoood aod cloaod b y a lover. In tho Muoii^ny arm ib- sartridges yo carried in stool |,lne* perforated with lioicj, oorrraponding i o number aud pisitioo to tbo hole^ jn tho barrol. Ihis ateol plate, io faoi, forms tho ''vent piooo\ of tho aystem. Tho oeutral fire oarlridgca boing drop- ped int o ibo holoa in tbo o|<'ol plaio stand out at right anglee from it, anil tho plaloi, thua roady ohargod, aro an oarriod in limber and axollreo boxes apeoially Qllod for thoir reeeptioo. \y*ban Ibo goo oomos into aoiloo tb o brooali hi drawn back, a aleel plate full of cartridges is dnjppsd into it - oorrospondiog slot, and tho 'brooch blook thrait forward and secured. Tbe gu n is now on fnll oook, and oon talus from thirty to forty cartridges, whioh aro hrod by 9 \barrol organ\ handlo, oiibor ono oy ono as Ibo bs.n- dlo works round oliok oliok, or in • volley by a rapid turn o f tho wri s When too guo is ompty tbo breooh i- ageio wiibdrawn ; tho stool plato oar rying the amply aartridgcl eases lifted out, and a froah plato dropped in, i f nooesaary Tb o advaotatro possessed by the msohioe gun orer infantry fire is that it la novor io, a funk. Uullota may rain aronod, bursting sbolla ma y fill the air, still the thirty-seven barrels of tho mltraillenso shoot hko'ooo man, aud at 80 0 or 1,000 yards, will pour vollay after volley of deadly eonoeo- tratod fire into s circlo of from ton to twolve loot in diameter. JJo boring or fixing of fuses is required, and tb o whole oporation is performed so rapidly lhat two oool men oan maintain a fire of ton discharges per miqutp. — • — q Tho Sulotd o o f M Farodol Tho Now York UtraUTi Washing ton oorrosnondenl holds to tho theory that tho I'ronoh Minister waa iQsane whon ho look his lilo. Th e Marquii. do Chambrun, one of the most intitnatn friooda of tho dooessod, ia woll satisfied with tho soundness of this theory,which moreovor, is tho only ono reooneilablo to all tho foots in tho oaso. A fow days ago tho Marquis roeoived t loiter from M.Thiore, in whioh iho latter says, substantially, 0)at \ poor l'aradol waa fox a long limo troubled nub ap . prohoneion of softoning ot tbo brat a, and contemplated with horror tbo pr o babiltty or possibility of having to load tho llfo of ono boroft of reason.\ Ao - oordiog to M. Thoirs, Paradol bad re- oeivod medioal attendance for his threat- ened malady whilo iu Prsuoe, His daughlor, who loft this country undor tho impression that hor fatbor bad diod from natural causes, expiainod that he had for some timo boon iu droad of insanity from softening of the brain, and also statod thst it was his habit t o keep pistols in his bedroom. This mor- bid droad of insanity, ( nd tho fsot that his iriio bad diod insane, weighed o n his mind heavily, and, no doubt, rggra- vatod by tho extreme boat, btstcuod Iho torrlblo olimai of bis malady, The raja of the aim are easy to $11; but tbo raise of money to the abort- that is the tng of war. An exohangu eaya s \In the event of the death of Louis Napoleon tbe London Timet expects to ran Franca itaolf.\ —Those wh o will abandon a friend for ono error, know but little of tb e human ohawoter. —Some of tho questions proposed for discussion at a meeting of a Western debating olub were these: \ Iadansin' Bonlle rang?\ \ l a i t necessary that femiils abud reoeive a thnrry literary eduoition t\ \ Ort femails to take paria in polytix 1\ DUBS dress consti- tute the morille parts oi wimin ?\ —Men o f genius are often dull and inert in society: as tho blsziog meteor, whoa it descends to the earth is only a stone. —A youn g lndy of Baton Rogue sends a poetioal piooo to a local paper on- titled '• May Thirtieth.\ Sho felt un- ploasanc nex t day to see it beadod \My Thirtieth.\ I t was about bor birth- day. —Threo wealthy Israelites of New York oity bavo offered on e hundred thousand dollars, if nooesaary, to bring to pouisbinoot the author of the accusa- tions publiahod in a Sunday paper against Washington Nathan as tb e murderer of bis father. —In walking, always turn your toce outward and your thought's inward. Tbo formor will prevent you from fall- ing into collars, soo^tho latter will pre- voot yon falling into iniquity. —A aea sido correspondent says that soino four wooku ego, as a n omnibus dsahod np lo ono of tho Long Branch Hetols, a lady's bat blow undor the wheels ao d was oruahod. Lfor diiplny of good nature ovor the aeoideut BO slruok a n Knglish lord thut he sought an mtroduotun, aud thoy woro shortly ougaged to bo man led. It is no w staled that not a 'bus now* drivos up io s Long Branoh hotel but that tin- S round ifl so covered with bars that Lbu river o-m't ^i-l down u< til a small hoy shovels ilioui into a hand cart. Fashions &o . — At Nowp irt \nobody\ stops at a hotol. — Panierd proper luvo disappear, d onliroly. Tho only appruaoh to ilietu is made by Iho loupirg of tho up|» r skirts, which are full at th e back, au d eul longer than formerly. —A now stylo of shoe or allppor has jest booo introducod, oalled ibo Quoen Anoo. It hoa tho pointed toe, high hool.and inevitable Kilvor (7) buckle, and bid* fair to find favor at tbo walor- ing places. —Th o latest stylo In pold braeoloU la in the sbspp ° ' B Ou'od mu«lio cuff, and is mode of kuraishcd uold, vtt h a diamond button and ruby buitoo-bote. —Tb o now oottages built at Nowport, aro of a different kind of arohitootoro from thoao previously oreoted. Tho y aro s mixturo of tbo Pronoh and 8*is.« stylos, and are brilliantly pointed, snmotimos half a doion colors being ojhibited on one building. — It is a relief lo annoqnoo that Sat trimmioes, blsok volvet aod rioh yr»> yruin i>ilk principally togetbor, with laoo and fringe aro in vo-juo Peop'o aro utterly siok of fnl's and llounoinf* and'p^lTinp , and botrln to feol that t il a stoto cut up oiqui-tito sod oo«tly nialorial-i io so ruinous a manner. SILK AND Cassimere Vats! Downfall of Prices ! REDUCED PRICES FOR AKJL GOODS. $5.50 for Silk Bats *\~\J^^ t^^V' 1 '\ f^^^^^ S!H!B • t t. As the Old \forld « now convulsed Kith . t. .«£• EvarrUilDff lo tba Uce of HATS, CAPS AND FOBS AND LADIES BONNETS AT BRAD8HAWS, NEXT DOOR TO O. II. BIOBXETS STOBB. SSnl'l «EO. P. HOPKINS, Plotoirapl Gallery U SICKEIS' DLOCK , Opened November 25th, H AVING obtained Natw iDttnuneoU, 1 a m pr«- parud to Uk« Photographs I rvm tbe iroallaar mtn- fttBre I.lkanau, up to LIFE Hl'/.B, aod pllntad i n Oil, WnLar Colors or ttniU Ink, If dQiircd. OLD PI0TTJHES Or Eria T DuJOElTioa, Copied and Enlarged antlColnrod In etrry ratrtet; i.f atyle »ml flnUb , mtnlr enjml.J tut go.-l, a> thu*-o lakau fiunt li'o Specimens on Exhibition. A:l tbo laUalitf U*u/ FRAMKS AND CASKS, u Uauket Ail.moa, llrttctt.U Kr. t'aJl »o<l »*•* ll.r i n l at^ululct l'hotr>|tat>h Ga-llav rj In atc-iasro %•<• Y»«k, alau tbr l^atigcit »EK1 beat a-Urt«tl I*t»oto(ii| U .^toeh Look for bo tjarajao Cam cm , Minn H t'KKlJl DI,\CK. TOtf AUU1N. N. V. Of our Spring and Summer Clothing, NOW ON HAND, WITHOUT REGARD TO COST. Tbia is dene because we are Determined No t to Carry over These Goods, and beoause we want Iho room for tbo Fall and Winter Stook now being mtmufaoturod for us. We Stand Upon Our Merits. Tbe Quality of oar Work and tbo Style of Flnieb of oar ' Garments are Unsurpassed by any House, whatever their Pretensions may be, CITIZENS, Remembor tbe lime to SECURE BARGAINS In Clothing I s Tery short, for thirty darn i s na bug as wo shall sell goods without a profit. Thanking ibo public for past favors, and soliciting asharo of your patronage in the fulure, wi remain your friends, RAWSON & COLLINS, 69 Main 8t. v Albion Dr. niolt' N French Powdcm. WlH cur* laflanavUnn nail <lla*a\*c of Ibo Kldosya do north**, Ulrot, rtli-tcturri and all Urtr>*>* dlfs-asta Nsrtnui Dcl-llilf, Itlatrtni In tu# Earn, Hrtuls>al El iloo», Loaaataf Vljof, eaoMi! by IndlMiXlot) in jootb Kiceia, Jta t^aiPalat Wfaknrna, Wttuh t>i»s-*ta>s Hero rut*, Kkiti t)U«aa>«aL HjjibtH* In all t U fartiu tanning Bor* Thrust «v»d Note, Palo II tbe Ittiaaa ()]jl Dorost, r.>opllon«. Ate , »(,««•)tij ruta><. Uttlaatn •\(jpaaft «ti<l Uat«at7 dtiacStJat) ttolJ la Albiuo. N Y , by P»ru'r,lajr at Ul'T.ll. D.tifilaiav. Ual. t \ l*rlc©, f3 yt *CJ. Bapt t>j tno-l un rvoolpt <• at l*r' iiloncy l o Loan. T \ICWK YLIHU^O TOI'BOCUM IOA> 8 on Rata kUlsate, can U aVc«onit>dalort hj >ppl;lbaj t o O. A- I'OltTElt, .tlW.Oflr. ALntos~ Ap'ii iKih, ItflO. Utl DKALKIU IM Hardware, 4 —Tbere U not much danger of ahori dro»«os coioii out Al a recent Queen', \broaafaat\ at Windsor, all iho r -« tuines wore new ood i*lrL**ni, am) oil ma<lo short Th e tjuo.'n herself wor- 8 >hi rt dreaa of blnt-k «ilk, and all ilw I'IIIKO-'IO^ ahoft eiiiiiimo Ji will b*f hirdly pn»silde ID reiloro tho a f ruui trail In this generation at lentil — R.-putilioan aimnlirlty U 1 w.inJoi* tul ihing HI II.H wiv ; and .Tonkinn, whn doaorit»od Mi^i Hu'ler'^ toilit \t i b painful minu'enrsji. cton lo 'l o ro-P p>*r yanj, yil' be e.lifir.l o r hor ifioil i • loaro thai at the uuriitt,. 0 <,' ! >r i Dolby lo iho M«r.i ii«o o t Snliatitir) tho bride woro a plain drosi li^lil blue —\Newport's ollO \rollnpp* 'tijioi Troni s,l.i,imti i,i gjtujimo ,„ oost, now awarni wiih U,.ir n-^'i.t >ui -I oeoupniU. t)no ol ilie now villas h . 8oU window pane^. lloo'« I tie 1 nf ^'< por f.-nt, wnl , p«p, r».l ut Sl J per r !l and frescoed by orlmu wh o cha^,- SI-> I day UividSoaM, of Hos'on ha t n lawn of hfty aortts abdHt l>,4 hou.-^. roQit &s Ur^o as llo»ion cooim^n — Ijldies at Sarntog& and Hharon aay that the way to keep ouol H to rnb tho oatsido rim of tho ear with a littlo oelogocor npirits of anion nia, nod you Jwillkeop delightfully cool on the warmest day This ia rcgardod aa th e oiost remarkablo diaoorery cf tho ago —Tboro It a grotj ohsDt'e in th e Saratoga of tho pan and lite Sir itocn of tho prosont.duo I hopo and bolievr lo iho inoroosed thought and intelligence of 4 t noripau womon There »ro no moro women who dross 6TO tioiox a diy. aod thoro it no nooossiiy lor chuugin!; io any rospcot tho hab is of rcliood womoa at lioruc. Kour out of five drosses worn arc hnon, enmbrio oi muslin, neither of thorn cjp. nsivo mstorials; nine out of le g ni,i sboi', and fow are uioro elaborate iban the. prosoot stylo requires c»en onlinarj oostumos to bo. At any rato iho variety la ao great, and tbo ficodom to d o n* you pioaso so on'i o lhat any drrpa can bo woro hero that can bo worn else whero without subjeonog tho nearer to either remark or critioisui A OEllAlillABt.K irtirnj/r wai soon al Oitond rooootly. Ships riding in ih o roads i o tho horison wore ronoetod in tho sk y %9 if by a gignntio raiiror j a brig, a atoamer and several liahing boats appoarod lo havo othor similar boats allaohed to tho sumruiu o f their masts in a revotsod post lion. Th o phenom- enon lastod through Iho nbolo of the afternoon and evening From . r i to 6 :S0 p . m. tho Frenoh ooast was \tsi- bio as far as Ouokirk, th o homes bi- ing quite distinct, aod tho dmn op roarinft snspondod in tho air at a height of Boyaral niolros, Tho port of iew - port sdotned to no.ii that tho bridgo wis distinotlj visible. Fnrtning WJ» ^ • Utensils, 'V Oils, Class*. Wo Tm.i . J To Hni.! . .i o '. S.-o \o :. . tialii ^ Clos )ig- C rsor.i . Cv Ud SI., 11 A < li t .• kit neC SB &c. who •Want no and tlblon. 1 IUDKN. 1 WlTSRMAN Sale! ARARECHANTCE TO I.F. r Nice Goods ! -IT LOW PRICES. I now offer a laree and fholee Varifl) of Sumnifr Press (ioods. Also many other goods vory desirable et o Hoduction in Prico of 2r> to fiO per ooot Making them th o OHKAI'KS T evei offered in this market LOOK \T XIIEBE PIUCEi : Muslins, worth '\) eta. for lft ct s Delnioca, worth 'JO cts. for lL'j ots. Uinghams, worth It ots for 12) c's I.iocn Tablinir, worth 7.\>eu fo r ftOo l.inen Towels, worlh 13 ots for lU}o Hlack Alpaca, worth ;»7 J ol« for 25c.. This is no trick to docoivo, for 1 hovo the goods to soil as represented Bring this notice with you, and cotnc prepared lo oarrj homo largo boodles, lor yo u trill bo BUrprised to see how largo a pile oin bo hod for a littlo inonoy. C. F. (TRTI8S, Saoossor t o HARNET T ,t CUBTISS. 4T IHAll v iTUI ET. ^or»7 § Proctor's Old Stand M. E. IIAW80N. f. 11. COLLINS. THE OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE. u&^-t. •ft . '^'y. Tlie [Ufiii & Hall Tiiresbrnfi Macliiue, WITH IEON PLANET, GARY'S PATENT, Apr] WoQdknry'ii Improted Mounted UorsriPowers, IJVQROVEMENTB FOR 18T0. LUATECEErOO VERED DRIYIN& PULLETS—Saves nearly one-half the powor. BMEET>'8 BA^ETY SHAFT COTTPLINrGS-A porftot pro- taction against Accidents. STACKER HOISTING ATTAOHMENT—Simple, convenient and durable. BEPAIU8 for all Maxilnory mado by Iho lain JOSEPH HALL, QLEN k IlAl.L,or Ihis 'CJotnpanT, conatantly on hand. Descriptive Hrculara and Price l.lste sent froo to aD annlifiants. Adjdicio, nt ^^ TUB. GLEN at UALt MaftUFAOTUBPffl CO., limit Am— mtut S.ni* IlVfr r Glml, BOCUJHBrBB, JT. f WM EASTWOOD, •— 7, Ho is always ready to servo yon with tho BEST OF GOODS, IT TIE VEITJUn[nT_PtUIILE UTES A Call will Convince you that tli8 ABOVE IS A PACT. 22 State S*x-<=*©-t, ROC3HESTEE, N. Y. .-\> ^•RIO-TST OF THE BIO- SHOE. W o o cr <t> GC KAPHIONABI^ SHOE DEALER New Stock of Goods.;Eight Per Cent. Gold. A. J. MASON, fin.si ,II(>KK;AC;O BONDS i'F THE ;3iUK uf • t., «»^.TJA IUrnfcr.1.) hM ,uirt r«>c#lTnl | K n. ' Si,.^k ..f HI: mi » a i i)f; CLOTH IX (i! AN - GenT' Kiirnivhins; («'uo<ls I \ i «;«>i,t) iMiuts : $l,5OO ? O00, IV i'lS ST. J0S£;{; & OENVEa CITY Railroad Company Slinai.ils' «> i«l I %l!» i<|iv|!r<l Yarn <o a. i.i inUn Larhnnnnn, 1*11111011, l.ocu«t mountain. • n«.if St.eoe •nrt sseo, c.n>p«tior r#g. ..Ir ..t st Klghl per e*m ..or innoffl, . . . ' . '-• I. Klimary «n,l inn* . la GOLD ' . «• r I . . r .i t.ti-» tniw. In New Y,..i or Enropfc i,.. ... - I,.T . thirty yf%Tt In nsn, PJ.- n le In Naw >.-i !•• . T'tiHti>oit, Fanner* V...,. and Troat I i'..„ imp i Nr»Yor k Th«? mort B .,. whl«* ••* I .• . ^. u...r , . ,.^l, ii a t tb* rite ol $13 .-HI per mile j 1 .- . I '..I road f..rf»ery bout limed, and ,. Mlll i, . a 1...1 a M \ mon^.go. This I! O, CODOact- |.„aSi J- n b with Fort Koi'iifT. wtn • iiH a abort \'I' «„.l ii r.. •.•.!» l.u'on... ••\•\• ' Tlie r..|.,,..T li»»e a l^i.lUl su»i»i • . <:io,ooo.9«a Anil n »..,.! ..f i a ...I rr,.,., i'..«- Ki.« ... I ' .IIJ,*I A>*r>g i.lu.,1 .1 ill. I.,«r.| ,.u.n. -, 01 l,00O.()0O rir.t>l..,l # . K e l|,.„J», 1,800,00 0 T»',l. • • fl^a«O,q0Q r .i .' * i ti .rti..i-j)' l UIIIO. ; 03»Ui,.-o Ineladad ID Ihii m.., »*»», 111 rnltim; pilce, 1 7 1\9 ,ai «cern».l lotere«l. IN Ct'lIRKNC T 'So «» <*• l»ini..l fi. in the under Ignr.l /lli\i pan , '.lata, map* ud it.l. n> a un. , . ! \i.ri-lo Tli«.. booda, t»- lng#o» . I .-^«i.'. aod ilolillng al*Tt^ income, ara l-Slmi . l.>l«MHi>oaMiu...(- «• I- Jl«l8™V 13a? i Wt re. J.I raegJ th,|Di w»b w „, oo»e3a?ISa W. P. Converse & Co., ri'MUICROUl. AIIKNTs No M Pine *•„ Sew ?<»« Tanner & Co., ,^ > atX ,, L\ , \ p ' >0 *\\'\ , \\ tto °\ < ' TO • r ' >, \ <,,1J, ' ri S?! Ai.A6sa.ra,wo.«.]W.i. stress. Tera S. D. SIKH I DS, Prop'r | SOmS P...„-Aiw»:a** J a^ '^w^W muar.1 |wn'.,.- sJgBE-!—^•-•;.r: a^Vi__.. «»-s\\'>\ 1 * WT!ifrM'tn\—*'*\\ ri \ ! ^'aomawiBT. . a dAe«'»\ ,WI,a, \ ^\ m 1Si»t- Wtar and Euinors of Wm\ ip Anil aa nono oan foretell tbe resalts, WO'IHYV deoid?a upon'a mis®- :r.::::»2 P ^ ~r rr datlieBamaoi^vw •l\S'«lsall cooaiattlcaUona.ini lllrtaaat. I tanas rto »'\ luJld nmv lltoeairler^adirhefail l^ralsrly. will oonfer a f, 1 r notir>i•lg«»•' th « , lagaaJsVla I |,re«wttole»\ lUia ' El,z o |. u JonesTUle,Dear8sratogi •JB rf ieatth whioh causes b Ipatot oneasinoia. l^afaProinlBenl CUIaasa. J j, JtrrU Langdon, a proi Llialra, and (ather-ln-lai l^/'dUdonthenlihlof lulti. ijirl to do goneial hopj mu will be paid t o one i a ,art Apply at 6 S Canal .wl^a.katOaaellelore.a lb many frlanda In th Imt ud Nollla Cornea, o f 1 Lpaioedio loaro that they ^rf a ebiU, an lnfanl a to [utl Nataa. _Boi again. -oidewalka Jnfful Bbaky _Ia« Buffalo races began -Please ohaarve noltoe oi Siiiaary in another column .Crariaa ia offering aom< niu- -Tha coiling of Christ Ch »i bot tb« ieaka ar« oot ale -Senral leada o f wheat 1 jttu market withla a fow da. -We ara puuiahed lor an, l-niH-dripa\ bj Lho wsath Jam on«tn(ortab,la th,an be rDilapidated drunka wi uil ot tha ateraa last week m itraco tba trail, and o -KterboJj hu arrlred al autoda.fountaioB ara blasj -upectally tba one In Bwa •ll ia oo aaorat that A Urn\ are enenaiTcly pain o; aarolnga. •Mt know of a great ma nit ii and lo their aaklaa raid fall now, lo make rai -Tin Lake View Honae litiag arrived from Roohi rlltpa haraabouta, alnoa F -A wheal eame off (rom i lUrea, oio daj laat mta ware aoaltarod \p n -Tka Orleana County A ill be beld on the |0tl| an till sooth U Albion iqao olalm iirre \ He had eight tael 'bda'i Sinch a bit,\ -A maa arreeiod for bra iu-'uunlaj, escaped f r tig troueii half a mile In <u bim. -If the young folks wai Hi maeittiuc, lot them BOO' m Uomenta, puoliabod. iuua rea, -••CITH \ iiema from |«r tl jnat Ibc right tlm lufurtiitb Hems of nowa, \>ii> to put lb en ItHQ a -Mr John Voang haa itn* ie?eral earo of rerj ai a n.l> 0 f broom i!mn feel l 0 length. -Ws»i sinu^its gTcata hie Mooolii.clear.beaTi a poen.'al about il, but >ia tbe limn, of tltree o; -t Wuerport«r «tole a »' P to lae thief WKH soon i t-'wile, ofln'ia T ief waa soop cat \\ letlled w < uaaiantand that i »H u tbe Lake View Ho 7° We shall trive ourn il»n in due time. Oai Fetter') Srheol >\\\l open Tbortday, S \• «»w rooms. In Ha «<r the Newa Boom and 'Bier wiahes to aeo all tl aund to pUc 0 tooir oh: WracUon, before the Wool. M\«« bj l.l,ht n|n , . Horing tho heavy thur hy a man driving a teai *»« thottnal, was st •ken near a point on I h «l« Harbor known '\V The eleolrio »\d on the right aldo, i lh ' body through the \'•W h, m inatantly. lll<1 this morning, a YOI xsordanca with tho abo tal J boned in the •• Po Wion, until th^ friendi \» b« hoard from. »«ti<. D.M,» , n0 , a,, ^ak Thome, wbo a fwiagtoirte a orajr I *' \^ mat,, ooncl, * u Performance by a j: **•\. at BoJTalo, int \™* »' U5 feet. In , •\ balanoo aad atruok Bit - He waa Urrlblj *' b « I'ksly to try it D tr «>k %orne'oi'rea c »rp«mer. He ia \' \\I married. Tr, fl «\\him jump. i B ^•\thtaaing-tbea T^ ,U »««r»lo, itsel *» 'Of moonrajlag |

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