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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, July 27, 1870, Image 1

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5#^S5S\ fiS'iiBvWWP if'fi\' ,.,-a ¥,iL$ B y$''*£t!&lS2 3jjtf*22^ flttsineas p. Ptaii #f\''$«*•» _., EBS m MJtNiTDIW, 'tana GliM and F im AND UJBINSURANCE Aaront^ Vain. 8t, 'Si «l\e Higwrf. Soot »4 Stni« Albion. N. T. _ _ _ •W. ^ J. GRAJDAtt,. Gillette & Proefj.e*, P HYSICIANS AND SURffiSOKS. ; g»c^ to n..e.i N.ir arautte Blot*, corn..* HatnTiasa BJI&JMM^ DrTjf. XV. Randall, P vrvalCIAN ana Sorseon. Oljra orerJSwost t Snrj'»B«k ana Drug Slow. SKaiia OUoton atreot*. *, M ,B«r>* \\11 ResltlQaee A. B. Botsford, M. »., ,-rranBOPATBIO mi M>iaot!o\fhjiloalo. Omco Dr- A. Ii. Ii. Potter, B nlKEOPATUIO HyslclMj, rmcJ'oU Physician i« Pbrontc Olieases. Residence, (Dr. Dake'a •U •'a\°j> Mo - a ° C '°' 1 *\\*• A \\°°' **• Y LeKoy R. Sanford, A TTORNEY and OounceHe* it Law, and Justice iimrtin. omco > BojM'«&ew Block, Cor. jUln ,„d Canal St.., Albion, 8. S. Spencer, sue I Oct _ . ._. _ .. given to Oollectlona and Dnw- J mrnoE of too Peace ana-Attorney at Law. Office i, Burrows' Block, near the Bank of Albion PMliulu-attention gl+ento Collectlona {„\«!.di. Mortgage! \•* °'nor witingB. Henry Armstrong, A ttORNE Y tor Claimants. OBlcs, No. 34 Bor- ji wwl' Block, Albion. M. DuflV, I AisnlONABl.B BAtB DBSSSER and Barber I Kreryuiing In the Tonaoiiil lino promptly ex . fl aoltd to the highest Btylo o f too art. A n excellent Ha, tteitoratiTC and Ib.lgor.tor at only 60 cents «r boltlo. Office over U. W . Lee & Co*. Qrocery Sa,, Main .tract. It. A. Bennett, P RODUCE AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. omco a t Ounllneer & Lo.ery'e Btoro, 1st door nil uf Uio Poitofficc. 0A8H PAID FOB ALL KINDS Ol? PBODTJCE. I GENT CUas. D. Iloss, MA88. MUTUAL LIFE IN8 CO. NIAGARA Lll'B INS CO. Aud Notary Public. Offica In In Itoyeo'e new flnnite uioc*, corner Ualu and Canal Sta, Albion. 1IOIX.EV. Eddy & Townsend, A TTORN BY8 and Coanfiellon at Law, Holloy, K. Y. 1V»- K. Towssairo, OtAxoa A BOOT. DOOLITTUS & STRAIGHT, 1 \KC10E IN TUB OBAHITE BLOCS OTM the Or- U IUDI Coonty National Blot. Entrance on Bank iU.el. Or»t lUlr. \U .or. do.e In the Beat Humor, and on rtaaona- lli lenni, and folly groarenta.d. TBBTH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAiN, br lb. u, Chloroform, Ether or Narcotic Spray II h UOOLITTLE, J. A. STRAIGHT. ilbion, Fab «, lSel. J L NOETHROP DENTIST NO. SI MAIN 3 TttE BT 4.i4»tt. N V, ot+t Qrovcr & NobUi Bho« Star* All fttot-J opettliom Ibtnistvillo oar e*r* will rteritf I'rompt & Carcttil AttcQtloD. T«»tl. eitnaCtaMl wflboot p*ln bj the DH OT NYTUOUS OXVDKQAB. D. HARDIE, HU.S VOCB ATTKNTIOK / T o i TBW laj**]liig SUplw . SCHOOL BOOFtC JuTpntlei—ombracing the loading pabllca- •ora of New York. Uoston and Philaael- ,'bia publiahors. MsLaagblln's Col- oreil Prtmcru, Linen Books and Pa- per Uolla. Tho Standard Poota— in library and aottqno bindings. Harding', editions of Family Bibles, with Photograph Al- bums. Nelson's and Pott i * inory'sltnoof small n.i.lcs, Pray'of »O0»*, »n<l ToslamonU, ti-oowoml, Mabognny, & J»»ok Walnut lieski-Plaln and nortshod, square and rogonoy Touriili Cases—Turkey, Moroooo, imitation and muslin.— Turkey Moroooo, Russia, Calf, and imitation wallots, purses, and chain bogo. Porto Fo- lios. Ladies' Companions, Oeuts' and Ladies' Dressing Caaos, Checker s I'hoionTnptah Albums, Back tlammon Boards, l>ominoefl. Playing Cards, Hill' s Blocks , frandall B Unililing BW«i!», l»or y i.nd Compositio n Tablets , Monohoi r tlotc. Work lioxos, Sootch Plaid Q.iods, tllovo Ilutos, Masio Folios . Transparent 81alo«. and other Fanoy Ooods Also , al l kind s o f Slftiioncry, Hlank books . Mis - collaneonsbooks. Pens, Pencils , all tho Rocheste r dailies , the Ne w York dailies and weeklies , received regularly. Orders for 1'ook-oinding promptly attende d to Remember Mar- ine's Post oiBoe NOTTS Room , Albion , N. ^ Boot & Shoe Store, Removed loRofce'B Block, No. 04 MAIN STREET. 1 WtH l.[) expriww mj thanks for Uje moat liborft' 1 ^av'N.nJVftn «.. f « e\tondfl«l mp, and notify tbo pub- io i...i mj-juwirtirtonl of firnt class p»oii» for Men'i. Boyi't Ladlw* and Childron'B Wear, i a I'jtstraPASBiD, *n1 my priflpn will »1TIJ« bo foapil U LOW an oqqftiljr f ••• I iftit-loi can b« bought for aiywheie CUSTOM WORK w .. 1 cntiUnnfl to b* • «pcciAlity, and, nring none bo lb* h t«t nock ami omploj'OB only oompetonl »ork- n>^n. can roadilj guarantee entire Mtlsfactioo B. JU t**i FortJiBlUj?rj£L:cur. %o My a^OTlttaacU N'OIDCII ofnFitrveiQUtnUtm, Mo bU4o of jondor Goroiiainmril. AA^ builtUQil vlUIo iHtjlit for flkmt; Yet white 1 iQught that bil.Ut renraid, I loved th*i, land bejondthA teal At«iimiinyFath«rlMu 1 IcSing totbuo.' Vfhtro latboli'tsart iavbloH th e fire Ot MB flrit .ori I >ftoi> , t inner «t£U ? Holler than lore W*JI mjile^a To aiuXtir tlice If'tire n Itij-friU; Never could joathfiit tti,a so chniplp$ be AB tltoja ait Btiil, m y Tiltoti'.auiil* to mi) 1 \ No mamn does th y eollo'cr jloIO, But kindly gods their lilwunes poor) Th« wondara vt p. tfo^them &eld IVe Been sines lut t tod thy sdiore; Bu t what ol pmlin tnttitl o r oxangt grove ? Th o BUlwirt *oak la Hill th.« tree 1 lore. IV. Land of my aires, no mora co y own, Beloved La no cUmo, SJ thine 1 Thy seoiiuitiU hjtnutna ivho n olooe, And if no ties o f bornenero ^nlae. The glarloat dead nU In tby txlsfrj ihtae Should liiTO my fijntnt bomagD a. their shrtue. V. If thoy trbo aoto r lefttby shore Lo , v«dtho« ) ^i wo »t> tar may, Thy unity could break no soore , Thine ancloiil glory nc'oitle*=*y, Thy aooa upholding tbtt vriXh U«ail aod band Should call Uaae tx-auml (Sparest lilharlana 1 •tiennaa nymbol of gtrtsnglli DEAD '•Sbl 1. dcid I\ tboy aald to bin]. *'Conillva7 1 Hill ber aod leate tier, tbj 1OT« \» clay f The; imootbed bir txeiaea ot dirfe brouo hair , Ou ber forehead of atone tbif litd It fair; Orerherojei, «Mch gated Ho mtacli, They drew the Udi wttb a gtalle CVUCTA ; With a tender touch they cloud tap w«ll The ewwet, thtn llpa tb. t btdiccr«U to till; About kter browl and D&avuUlil facsa They tied her rill an d maniifi lace . And drew on hcrvbit. feetliir white, illt iboea— Which were the whitest noeji ooul d eliuue t And ore ! bar loioro they tieued her btndi— \Come awaj, B tbej aaUl, , •tlodaaJdtr»Un'Ut'• And there was uleraee, a»d botbtng tbe n Bat eilemoi, and iccnt. o l «|liote*r., And Jaaniln., and rosea, and toeefrtnar?, And taey said, \as a lad j ilioutcs Ue, lie) the Andtktey bald tbelr kteatbulhaBy left till room With a thunder, to gtaseetllla etlltneii tad KIUOC Bul.he who lorld her to o sill to dread The eweel, tneitately, andUioeuful deid, He Ut hli lunpioo: took hbliy And turned II. And agate-he a ,d ah,. He aod iho bul ah e could not mpnk , Tboujjh he klued, l a th e old ntmoe, tho inl.t cbeek Ho tod lb* , yet ,b « *ould ot «U»11A, Tboaarh be etUed tief txio line eano l*md ,r«. b Ua. He and ,be ; Ittll ^i e OH I Ml Plo w Teeny on. nulloBMtB wbiiytr c^lo.o . Then b e laid, \Cold Upa, Bud br^Mt .Ithoul breath ' ll ther. DO TUIC, ' uo lasinil* ot dwatti' \Uasab Io the ter and .till II thM lenil, ilul t o bmrl end t o eoa l dullnit, latent,' \See no. ; 1 .IlltUU n .llh io«il, nolle; Wh.t w*e therocr.1 of djll[, ^.u * \Wew It the tndc&nlte woodtt of nil Tbtt yon im coatd l.t llli'i &o-«er Cltl wt. It gTriler The p4rlect clle < illol^-l er th , i(onj Bt*al' ••WIM the mlnrt* great.! lofin*3 how d„p, Deyood ill drtotna, Mtok do,nw..rd thei ileep I \Did life roll beck lu r«<oid. dwr ' AnJ »ho., nlbe y I%J ll dull, p»al tliiet. cteej i \Aod «u It Hi, Inm-^t hiarl orf lb-> Mm To Qnd oat io .ha t a wlidon ; «T. t . ' \0 perfect dud 1 0 , deed mo#t d«»i, I bold lb. brtlth «f cot lonl t-o brmrl \1 IteUn, ai d*ep al t o hqnibto he-ll, it hdah a. to liea.en. .nd ;oo do not till - ' Thare laml be pl.aaonlld . tag, e.,,1, To make Jon to ptactd train be,ad t o feel' \I .would tell joa , dnrllii|, 11 I •• r . dild, Anud 'IweT. yonr hot t.m ipo o ray bru. ehed \I wrenld e.y, thotigh thtl,ir«t or dnlli bath laid HI. e.ord no my llpa tolup It neueld \Too Ibonld noa *»k TB'DIJ. with etmmlag; eyea, t»/hA«h of all diathe »r*i th* datefwat lllfprie* \Tbl tery Ibansreet and nd(?»ne«t IMeg Of all (he inrprtaai trill fytn£ nna l bring \ Ah, foollali .ortd I Oh.oioa* kind d»ld 1 Though Bhe told m„, .ho .111 betloio It wee .aid ' W\»o«tll billee^ .ha t hi lie With the ,ir,ot, ecft Tolci,It ard ber uy, the dfll old way - ' Th e n traoit w^ndar ll Ihia 1 h««, And lee yon, end lo.-« Jfll, BJad kiaijcu, d.»r . '• And am jon^ ing.1, »hn w^ae yooiWde, And know, that tboo ( h lia«a, I na n oe.er dta Two Ralay Days. A. r.ECTTJH13 To Toung Men. Ja,t I'obllAed la a MIIIMI en.elope. Price ill oenta. A Lecture on the Nature, Tr.,tment. and Rartlr.il care of SperrnatorrhrM, or *»*-min*l Weakness, Inrolnntary Kmlaaioni, Seinal l»«bility ana Irapedloenti t o Marriage ftenerelly. N\*rTonenfrek Cooenmption, Knllopeoy nnd DU, Uen- tal in,i rTiysIcnl lo^apicity, roenltlne from Self iboae « • lly Il'IBERT J,O0LVBaWELI., M. D., Author \f 'Tlir Oreee Book\ Ate, Tho worta-renowoee Aothor In this tdmlreblo t^rtiirp. c-liarly prnres from hie own experience, thei the iwfol oooiwin.ncn. ofSeltahoee mny be »f- fer-oaij r^njoT^l without madlelno.and withont dao- (r«r,in, inrgjlcnl opiretionii, bonglea, Inetrutnenta, rlnpn t oorfliol*. pointing out. mode of core at cer- tain Bud en\er;tn.t .hlcli ewory BOf/erer. no matter what hi, coudltionjnay be, may cure htmaelf, cheap ly, priratelyMdroJItalJy. THIS LKOTOBl! WIC1 AS03 Bent nnder seaj toiny addrsw, la a pltln envel- ope, on the receipt of elx eenta,or two postage ilarnp*. Alio I)r Culrerwell'l \Marriage Oolde,\ price 30 eta. Addreie the PnhlllllBn* CIIA8.|J. C.0UNE&00., 172 BowiBr, Nni.TOEx, Post Office Boi <,i8S BOON TO THOUSANDS AND TB0US- Kor riiaoy yeni) tlncr© was an old fashioned bookullcr's fliop in Little Moflboictigh fi!f«si, LQUUIIII. kepi by William llow, vrlio raas bom long sinoo gnlhcrod to his lilliem His son used to toll liow ho omd his luck t o one raiDy day, and Im life or his le g to anothor, thus .- 'Wbon m y fuller first ml up iti lra«- inoss, ho took n little shop in Oilortl txtroot. It raiooilntiUiienly one tn re tng, and it lady tin an and laid to him . 'M.ylask (or sbcltor until tho rain is over 1\ 'You are quilo treleoTJJO, ina'am. Sit down in this ohur, ou t of.the drnuAi Horo is ii book, ;ou oan look at the piotnroi if you don't waul to road.' The lady smiled and sat for some time. &ho appeared uneasy at the protraotod rain,rod frcqiiontly went to tho door to look for sigwof its abating My father, seeing t his, slid to bet— 'Pothapa you.irould liko mo toseDd for a liaokney (oich V •Why, no,'niil the lady; 'I only want to go afl fir as HayuardV (olwut fifty yards lo«or down), 'to bay tome loco.' My father f«lol)e<l bis umbrella 'Here ma'am,i« a brill new silk um- brella at yoar iirv too ; py aooept tho loan of it.' 'You niustka very kind person in- doed,' said tholady, * to offer nso your umbrolla. Ian <iuito a stranger to yoa.' 'Iom sure you'll send it back. Bat your shoes j hive they double soles ? No, Blook nlin ali ppors, ns thin as daDoiDg-pump)! Eloro, Jossy, my doar, bring yonr ptllons.' Pattens in ilioso days woro rather formidable affairs - Clogs and galoshes wero no t intentcd Pattens nero pieces of wooil,shaped and hollowed to lit tho foot, noun tod oo circular irorj rings. When my molfcor brought tho pat- tens, the lady looked al thoifr with dis- may. '1 nevor woro a pair ol pattens in my life,' shoiaifS. 'Nover woro pattens V said my fath- er, \Than pny get a pair diiootly; 4 th«y will kosp yptir foot 4*yi\»nd two you mow toau thoit ptico, ia snoo toathor.' , tuo E fadypae j M\tu!> pittsus,* and bunt out laughing.\ •• ••* 'Prey, exouse; mo, thoy MO, IO absurd, but I think I oan manage to balanoo ttjaolf; so I thank ,nu for yant gieat civility, and T will bo suro to sand book yeur property oh soon as I got homo.' Week aflor weok, until six weeks woro told, slippeot.away and no Udinga o«mo of tho lady. My father was nice- ly Joked- by th e neighbors about his •jm silk umbrella nod my motbof's pat- jiJBBj but ho alwaya told thom he was auto (he things would oomo baok some. •day or other. One morning a fino oarrioeo with a couple oi tall lootmen behind, oarrytng gold-hoaded cqnes, stopped at our door. A lady got out ; tlio identioal lady to whom my lather had loat his umbrella. 'Yon must furj-ivo mo,' said slio, 'for keeping jour umbrella to long; but I was obliged to go lo Spain, to my hus- band, who ia with Wollinglon—aod I returned only hat night. Bore is your umbrolla — not tho worao for wear 1 hope—and uooapt my thatika fourdre loan of it, Pr^y lot me speak a word to your good lady.' M) mother came iuto tho shop, nnd tho latly, oalling oao of tho I'uotmeo nsik.od kirn lor tho parool oo tho seat in tho oarrisgo. When it waa brought and opened, it contained my mother's pattens, and a bcnutilul Spanish Meri- no shawl, which tho lady insisted ou lior accepting. And here,' said she taking up a long »lrip of piper and giving it to my fath- er, Tvo put down a low things I nam; Lord Oroogroo has givcn%mo this other list. Ploaso aooil thom to tho address on thoso cards. Good morning; I Bhall not forget you.' Aod this lady proved to bo no lobs a porBOnago than tho Marchioness Crioe- oraok. I afterwards learned that Lady Crickornok, when hor purohases wolo completed, walked over to hor house ia Doan stioct— Dean street was theD full of noblemen's mansions—and thoro mooting with a party of distinguished people, told them the story of tho um- brella and tbo patleoa. t he pattens woro ordordd into tho drowing-ruoui, and groat muniment was oooasionod by tho ladies ptesint trying thoir skill at walking iu them. Lady IJriokoraok and Lord Oroogroo not only continuod ihoir custom, hut sent us their friend.*. Lord Oroogroo took vory much lo my father. Ho waa tho proudest roan in Europe; wouldn't loach tho haadlo of tho door wtth his glove, always touohod it with tho tail ol his coat. Hat ho was a Iruo gonilo- tnan, ovory inoh Ho usou lo say lo my father : 'Knv, you uiu-t Into a holi day. Oo dowu lo my placo, stay a week or a mouth, nud toll tbo butler and housekeeper to make you com- fortable.' My lather, if ho ploaaod, mif>ht haro been uno oT~tho magistrates at Marl borough street 1'ohoo Court- LorJ tiroojiroo sent for him ono morning,and whon ho came into the room, said : 'How, you'vo boon smokiou ' *I nsruro your lordship 1 havo not' *Thou you'vo been to a room whom otbor people woro smoking. Oo home an 1 change your coat, and oomo hack to mo directly.' My fat hi r went homo and put oo another coat, nnd wuoti ho .camo hack his lordship said ; 'How you nro to bvi tho now mngis trato ot MnrlborouKh. siroot I'oiioo I'-iurt. 1 havo stjol.cn to Stdnjouth, and ho has promised to accept my noui- tnatiou.' 'Hut, my lord, 1 don't thluk I in fit for tho position '• 'I Bay you arc. We want suoh mon as you on tho bench. It's worth your aooeplonco Sn hundrod a yoar, and a homo to lite in ' •lliare heard, my lord, that Uird Henry Petty hu< applioJ on boholl of Mr. Uonnut, I o booksollor.' '1 ku\W it 1'otty'o a two penny Whig, and lias no chaneo l'vo nr ranged the nia'tor with Siduioulh ; >o tl.u.K u i-ivcr, nnd let me have your an Hwcr in a week ' My fatbi r went homo and lalktd over the offer with his in iihcr ; but be lovetl hi- old honk.Hhiip. nnd as ho had his hands lull ol puli'isliinn busmoi-s, he deci4o4 on oot aoceptio^ it He wrote o letter of thanks, declining io take tho place. lie always used to say lh.it two rainy da)swero the luokicst dajs ol his life. The fir-i hrouijht him prospenly in bueincas, the rcc nd. pcthnps, saved his life, certainly saved hit log There waB a pin-h loast at the Marl- borouoh He d uvorn, at which mio ol tho vestry had lo put a dozen of wine on the table. v - y father was there, and had token moro tbaa ho could eotnf.irtably enrrv, * • when h e gut homo and I'i'iked for tho key-lmlo, latch-key in hand, ho could noi Qnd it. Not wishing to disturb my orithir, ho thought ho ro-ild KCt in at tho first floor window. Ho he olimbed up the spout outmdo the house until ho ^ol to tho load oopintr. b«', iberc mining his fooliog, ho lell heavily into tho stroot. Tho watchman picked linn up, and a t first thouaht he was killed ; ho R..t the Btroet do ;r open nn<i took him into his bedroom. In a short time ho camo to his senses, but could not move one of his legs. Mr Swilt, n oolobralou sur gcon, was soot fur ; he camo, and, on examining the damaged leg, said it was brokon. He could d o nothing to illhen. but at four o'clock in tho af- ternoon ho would bring his instrument and take it off. My mothor was in a dreadful way at hearing thus, and so was my fothor In tho morning when tho shop was openod nnd tho ap- prentices wero told ol what had hap- pened, there was ag-ioddcal ol crying, for thoy all loved the old gentleman Just about mid day it bepan lo rain. A gentleman wearing a cloak camo in, and eaid ho was on his way to the lovec and as ho oould not aff.rd to spoil his eourt-dross, might he stop a few mo^ monte until tho rain was over 1 'But| says ho 'what ere you all crying for V Ono of tho shopmoo tolls him my father broko his leg that morning, and that at four o'clock Mr. Swift was corn- to out It off. ly«)bhtd.ot jtatyopn),-<. v Mad«r»Se»d to remain thare «»a»i<pna»»lJt«Ja. jfi*#tOi Jhtrjitg ther .Criw^n^r.,'re*«c^**e.f bt ttw»«B.figUMd 1 l,'tbe ClhlB*t-'00«| otlam8t Pekwbilrgh.M Oovtut N« : wlrodojibu* the IOTA %»w goly knowti is •.olATor gMawtet -ni.an AoM(«« of tho fashio»il}lo Europe.nna taring plaoc Iho third roombor of tho patty, 1 w»? a lttfld WJow (so little) tb«,t \hia ioot JjCATC^tcjuoUaitho floofi *»'« dttk PioJQlagoj«i„an»rkby ikm, and »tv»o« ^>«srfl8hiii'Qrl\»lfa4gi6inmon, At the time of whioh wo «ptj»lci he was tho J|i9!Mbj«aualit Stu\tg.Jta,, - ...AH \& iB*'l!C5 t 4 'I h»,VO ten minutes to, sp»w lama'sargoon. 1 Go up sUits and a»j 'I'would hltotfelobkat-th* litub.^ * A My father aada no objootiota, »M tho gentloman went up attus, and, »f tor examining tho leg, said; <Xhu leg lBTiut brokon. Bun and get ia half* dozen mon, and bring me . ooupla ol thin boards.' ^ i \ They called in some of tha noigi- bars, and after tho gbntlomin r b,»d oijt; tho boards into loDgtbs, ho 'go t thi joint right .gam, ,wluQhhad been swjalj od out of its placo, and hums 4 brjun,u it up m splints, wont to thtj promising to call on bis retain. Mr. Swift looked in, aboufiin hdurt j{jSei,oji in j^w~-fi<^fi«$^t^.^jirftda. before four ojolook, and to\d jxa to goffww* »W thnUko i@m*Wgn'jfii>H*- up tbo kitohon febla and Brtket. tttAJ>i n read;, whilo ho wont for hU ainpatit' iog instruments. Ono of tbo apprentices told him that u gei.tlouia,, had boon thero, add .-hat the gentleman bad said and dene. 'Toll him fur mo bo's a quick,' eald Mi. Swift 'I say tho log must COffiO off!' Mr. owift went away, and almost iinmodiaitly afterwards tho gentlomin catne in. 'Well, how gets ou my patient?' says he. 'Ob 1 Mr. Swift has boon hero and says you aro a quuok.' 'A. quaok, is it if Surgeon O'Brien, of tho Six Hundrod and Forty-fourth, a quuok 1 I'll wait for tho gontletuiu, and ask him lo oxplain his small nils, tako \ Mr. O'Brien went Into tho bod-room, aud waitod tor Mr. Swift, who oomo at iho tiuio appointed. 'If you don't have that leg off di reotly, said Mr Swift to my father, 'you had bettor make your will.' 'You think BO, do you?' says the other, coming forward; \hadn't yon bettor bo thinking about making your own will first t You called mo a quaok I Surgeon O'Btion, of bis Maj- osty'stix hundred and Forty-fouith, who waa in Bunker'B Hill aod balf a dozen olhor battles in Amoriol I But youaio an old man, and that saves your bono». Got out .of iho hooeoby tho door, if you don't want to bo thrown out by tho window. And mark my words ! I'll havo this gentle- man down in his shop in a fortnight, a better man than ever ho was in liisllfo 1' Mr. O'Brien kept his word; ho ourod my father, and for thirty yeara ihoy woro tho firmest frienda JH,e»k Wb-toh. U?«n.rfi Jbj, Iht* twA w nu»hMlt,^.l wias«»mrc>x<NM»«r hasilfuyaly iorau\^ AortoM«^r.v.L thpjjrtwta'brtsbeijraoog. From it\n< perh«i!,bo. <my to pv* no,\Qn\ Kfli^ H J»oi»afottMt tho. borso ^ B ol|,* iab oh»»ou» aTaurMj* •'Soiuo of ity mk oMonQugb. *o ivmomhor,how~ t lmm«ai. M4 WV tV>nVonti.oir«* < Ta\H*» a f. %\» ftoauoutlx propVsieai mjojt QJ oixpt'.w,«h.jt!VM MStoowfuJ »4-. |i|;|x,f5>* yto;^||i;^w.--|r^ '1 1 i • •' I 'J* 1 ^ * J. ,?MJJ*!S* ?^°°SSP.' v> \f i wiT ^ ?w« \pb^ii not'ipokon X»o\ in* mtlt topioitq t,ojjo with a faoulty yftnohonly Frotighinisn onjgy, .until, .warming,«9 ho wrjt r»i>, feq voaturod. tha doolufsi-l tion tftiji Mantle Would, ono A»y» W»rt' her liomdiwy by *Uo ftWuo front.,Boslo tpt.tho BCtu , •,,-,.. 'A (ittadred Frodot(o!t| to filty/ 6s- olaimod KTassoltodo, 'tbw s.ho won't.' • 'Douo' rojoingd.tho Eronohmau, 'and lot thogamo be tho, fortune-tollor' Tho; abufilod tho oards and tbo Kronohman lost. 'Another wager,' olid JNossolrodo with a gtanoo at Bismarck, who oyod hia two companions calmly, though nev- or nUoripg a slnglo wQ'd. 'Another Wager 1 Two iiundrod and fifty, that, within fivo yours, Franco and Prussia iQCosuro swords, and that Franco yields Alsaoo and tho wholo disputed bordor.' ' O'eit impossible V oxoitodly ro- sponded tho consul. Again tbo oards wen ahufJlod. At tho fourth play Bismarok and tha Fronohman hid oaoh takon two tricks. It waa tho Russian's load. He throw the quoen of olubs upon tho table. 'King; !' shouted tho ' Fronohman iu triumph aa ho aovorod Noseolrodo'a oard, and eitondod his hand to eoiao tbo prise. 'Not so fast,' coolly romatkod tho Prussian premier, '1 bollovo tho gamo is mino,' and oasting tlio aoo, ho loaned biek i a bis ahair aod laughed hear- tily. 'A/on Z>tVu!' shontod the dlsoomGtod pliyor, 'but oards always wero liars,' id'fiif-ti laWta may fe^fir''tll»^ifMi uiand intorosi and sjnipWhy, woirji ibn wlaost and.hi.oat -vlttubus OfJuirHuhi tUs A. loooniotiS 6* rtools ainngWul ooiitW, fc^tjitin^ e'tftotaiilo, i^ i 'W*eni| toaM frum pnrson^t \oiflottojacAJJ hijj it ia (6* too expouslv'o' find dangitbW t^ bDoouio comnion; and tho Bauitf ro'mttlf npplloa to the steamboat contest pno» ijjquont on our Wostoro watow. Xhi trials of yaolua and »l.ipneta»to'*tto, slifflolently aodoBatblQ Or tnttliglblo t i thd vtorW at Iwgo. \Tho only ilvilrJ whioh'sboma naturally fitted tO'bb both; fashionablo ahd popnlit ia-that of'anij mals—man hiniBclt', tho first of tho animato oroatioh, and ovoo vnoio\ thin man, the horee, who Is omphatioally; the nofnri nnltnal. (Wo oould novor! undorsund why tho old Greeks did no» oall hordes, rather than abocp, eorpdi ifiln, *tho ndvanoora,') Than thoro 'a iho plcssuro of tbo drivo to tho soono, of notion , llnally that ot mot ting no- nualutanoua, and sooiog peo&lo, gonot- tliy under tlio most favor*bio ana' foB< tlvo oixonmslnuoes. For our 'Upp.ors Ton' capooiilly, tho rlvival of tl|c llgitimato tutl I aa boon ono o f tho groalost postiblo godsouds. Boforo tho war, oar women, and suoh ot our men ns proforred wouion'a sooloty, wo>o ohlchy limited t o Indoor amusement, Tho young peoplo of both Boxes oould only divert themselves by 'shpiunln' round and round,' liko IIms ilrolt- and\ unablo to conoeal tho ohagrln and miuu*B jjwmta; mdeod, th o rllaU» , ot eioltomout that oTermaatored him, ho' tho SiJtnpany otton oarriod tbo fasom- roBO from tbo table and quilted th o blonotf furthor,and 'cot troonk >ah blga, r W».r,-]»t.»ila*». KilpM?^^ Weh^T«n 'TioTerthe&n «io IW*& *bbt?t.. cUtto •^r'-wM-rihaj #11 »«W it* >rg«iia;1b»»4:ta« AHb> tank Ja .alwaya. opt»,t»- yW K wrt-, J.«i«<»* Mtt or «tva tou\k «»tton, if hThat* It.' ftd tlft %tr|s^rt..| l ,8iijrt horn Wlm \<>\te^]ki$mm^k r«a#, o.fodyon in tha, Iw«wuH t ,it ,* pxmiiotl snamhMewy^/fpfl.j^l (ArW, TkoImin'os^ChariottoorHoatoq \ tiurlli OoJ&jlor&.lf8»'«fijlt fJaJWl -Jptml ^^t-BisiiWliituSfaM&uliuuhWi ofeltho .l?vlaOl1ia^Ie,tt,U , hA|i-h«n j rtn Pronoh Storios. now FHKNCll DUELB AUK OCOABIOHaU). The furooions Lieutenant Suaoopliblo givos tho following grophio neoount of Ins latost 'nllnir,' whioh also serves to explain tho rtiison it\ cfrc of many of the Pans duels: '1 went into tho onfo,' says tho lieu- lonaot. and a gootlomaa entered al th o samo uiomonL I wiahod a imall cu p of ooffoo. I called the waitor, aud ho called I put sugar In my coffee and ho put sugar in his Yoa can under- stand vory rondily that I began lo go t angry I took bold of my oup and In- to, k hold of his Then I lilted tnino to my lips and he lifted Ilia to his lips This was too much. I was boiling error with rage I looked at him and he looked nt mo. Finally, I pourod my cognac imo my coffoo in an importincnt and insulting uiannor that b o could not avoid notioinir. Tho result wis, w e fought and 1 wi.undod him. I regret- ted tho ciroutnstanoo afterward, fox w e beouine vory good frionda, nod he baa • inco sworn to me that ho hadn't th o romoiost idea of giving mo offenoo, and moroly diu what ho obould havo dono if I had not been there.' A CASK or SUonT-SIUUTEDNESS . Joan met his master in tho stroot and forgot lo saluto him. In tho even- ing tho gentleman called tho sorvaxst t o him. •Why didn't you speak to rno, air, when you pnasod by rao i n tbo itreot ?' 'I am very sony, Monsiour, butt tho l\;tcl is, that I am so short uiglilod ibal I could not seo a hog ' A POLITICAL 1'UINCIPLE. A gentleman presented himself at tho door nl a cabinet minister, and tho tiuard refused to let him in. Ml is a.l ohangod horo, sir; your friend has boon removed.' Impoaiblo,' was tho answer; ' mj friond is always tho m^n who io in offioo ' TOE MODEL HUHI1ANU AN D t'ATIIEu, Tho l'nris Journal report! tho follow ing oonvorsatiou between two young itir » ' 'Ifyiuiooly know ho w badly papa treats mama and mo '.' 1 lodocd '.' 'Yes, indeed. You oan judgo for yourself. When I was roady lo bo 'brought out' in sooioty, ho might havo gono with mo. might he not 1 'Veil, in stead of that, when mamma and I wont to his room to find him, wo discovered ho had boon absent from tho house i wholo yoar ' A SF.NSIBI.R I'ltarBBEtlCE . 'Thoro aro pooplc,' said a gootlcman to a friend, 'who never soo oo oflliolod person but that thoy pray to lleavoo lo be delivered from suoh a terror. Now, I nover seo a blind man but what 1 pray to bo deaf.' 'Why?' 'liocnune I am CG03Cio.a8 that ho is g'ling to play a clarionet or a hand-or- g*n at mc ' A Mooting at Ems Liars ? -Aro Cards Ono hot nftornooo in tho month ol August, 1H07, three man sat around o tnblo in a private parlor at tho bold Darmstadt at Urns, Gormany, takiog such comfort as thoy could derive from the juicio ol Rhenish RTapo and a pack of cards., Tho most conspicuous Cguro of tho group was a largo man with a bald head, groyish blno oyo«, a heavy, light colored moustaeho and an air about him that would havo donn honor to tho Imperial purple. This person- age had ovon thon oohieved ao«mo fhmo and was tolorably woll known to read- ing peoplo hyTB6 s namo of Bismarok. Noxt to bim sif~anothcr bald headed individual, inferior to Bismarck in room. Three years havo aoarooly olapaod alooo tho Utile inoidont horo rotated (an incident whioh Noesolrodo told with hearty satisfaction in tho Ems ca/t: that aummor) and now tho big oloud of war that bovors over Europe, may borat to prove that oards aro not auoh liars aflor all. m e see A Mad Dog I n a Drawing-Boom Tha St. Louis itjcjmoitcaji of iho Oth has Mao following \ . Mr. John J. Daloy, of tbo firm of Doloy i Boas, booksellers and station era, was soiorely and painfully bitten by a road dog yesterday mornlog at hut rcaidenoo oo Pino stroot, bolween lowing andQarrtaon avenues. Tho rabid animal rushed Into tbo house Irem tbo siroot, and by its wilddomnmo- or oaosod a panic among tho maid est* vanta. It found its way into tbo draw, mg-room, and Mr. Daloy boing inform- ed by tho girls oi its wboroabouts, ho proceeded with a broom in his hand to drive it out It unfortunately happened that tho brute was in a plaou wbero tho geutlottiaa did nut perosivo It, and it suddenly leaped no to him, biting him to tho log. A torrtblo strugglo then otmucd botnoon Mr. Daley and iho dog Tbo drawing room table. isaea, and ornaments woro knockod into a beap, far Daloy inadvertently falling among them. In tho moloo tho dog aoixed a oat, which was in tbo room, a bit it sovoroly. Further dmnriior was provontod by tho timely arrival ol a poaiaornan, who killed both tho Oil and tho dog Mr Daley was found lo have boon badly billon, and mcdioal aid waa immediately eont for. Dr Uoishnicro and anoiher physician at tended the woundod gentleman, and treated him Willi tho utmost aaro Tho laeorotod portion of the leg was out out and aaulorbod. and the patient is now doing as well as can bo cxpoot* Tlio oOcountor with the dog was a most exciting and desperate Btrnuglo, and will never bo fergsHea by thoso who witnessed it. Unorownod Monaroba. Tho ovoola of the last twonly yoara have thrown intoolxourity so many ti- tled personages that it is difficult to ovon remember their names. Ily hor rocont hot of ahdteatiou, Cju^'ti Im holla of Spain formally joios tho 0 'h\ii of dlaorovfne4 monarebs who nro rnni dry joumoying towards oblivion In another column wo givo a dotaihd »c- ooxint of that siugular oorcroony ai 1'aria, when tho i|ucon, arrayed iu ro.e oolorcd silk and whito laeo, nod cuoir oled by a foeblo band of adhoronts, of licially yielded up to hor son her cliitm to tho Spanish throne Tho ox Quoon oan find soatlorod about Kiiropo a small army of murmur Ing ex monaroba, who thiok thomsolvut as badly treated as HIIO probably olaimi hersolf to bo. Thoro la the ex King of Naplos, with his beautiful and spir- ited young wife j thoro ia tho poor, and blind old King of Hanovor, for whom it ia impossible not feci some sympathy, tboro i» tbo family of Otto, the Bavar- ian King of Qreceo, who look upon tho young Ming Ooorgo as a usurper; there aro the variou* claimants lo the French throne ; and thoro c,ro the dis- possessed prinoolings of Italy and Gor- many—tho lormet rulors of I'orma and Modena and Tasoany, and tho olootot of Oasael. Attogotber tboso uncrowned monarebs and their dosoond- anta form a singular pbaad of European society, Thoy havo all oluog to hopes of restoration. They aro tho Miss tTlitcs of royalty ; and io all probability will bo about as saccesafal as waa that unfortunate lady io accaring thoir •righto.* If Napoleon oarries out his throats, and goes to war with Prussia, it Is probable that ho too, or bis son, may stature, with a border of blaok hair I tako I placo in ibis rcisorablo proooaaion about the bauo of bis skull ihst lookod | of monarebs who havo failed in buii often over eating thotnaelvoa in pro portion. Meanwhile their ohlora woro podaotio, If not inlomporato, In tbo maltor of drinks, nnd equally waatoful of their opportunities for imbibing fresh air. Uuo day at Joromo Park is worth tan yoars of ball-room life; nor is tho spootaolo wltnoisod at that faah- ionablo rmutt to ho diadalnod by ibo lovor of litotaturo, or tho atudont ol human naiuro — (Oalajry A'tiuluc ) ea i mi An Indian Uomanoo- ^l—ZSLik- - ^^^jjggfTJpg^y MW^r^HrW-ai hi 'That's sharp'work I' said tho gonlle- like the rim of an old folt hat (ruthloii-4 B«W, r .4t*«a7iy Argtu. 8r>«ttod Toil is one o f tho principal oliicfn ol iho Sioux. His daufjhtor was ocnllo and beautiful—iho idoal Indian maidon—the light of hia wlg- wtm. tho prido of tho tribo, and Waa selcctod lo to iho uialo of a diitinguisbcd yourg warrjor. On ono of Spoi ted Tail's annual visits to tho fort to procure powder anil load, a wht'c mao bocomo onamorod of hot, wooed tlio dusky princes*, aod taught hor to IQVO him. MO askod ber hand of old Spotty, but tbo enraged ehioftoln aeorned their ootreatics, and, hastily leasing tbo for', slatted with hia lodges ou a long hunt, ooinpollod her lo ao- company hint, and desptto hor repealed entreaties and avowal that'she would marry hor white lover or dio, bo waa Inoxorahlo She was as good as hor word. HIio ate of a fatally poisonous btrry; aijkontd and died. Hho rcqucB- tod t o bo hurled in tbo whi.to man's burial ground. The ';iiio 1 onmo baok, and oravlng • t porinissum. ll wan granted. Tho irit.c was assomblod ; tho floort labrlea thoy oould proouro enshrouded hor ro- mains, which were then placed In a Ut^o wooden boi, covered with bright- colored blaokatB, aod olovatod on posts about ton foot hlgn Hor favorito |>o uieo wore slaugDlorod, that to tho hap py liunling grounds nho might have good apocd/ The beads and tails wero then nailod to tho supports of the cof- fin, and thero thoy still remain In tbo wind nnd son ind stofm, while tho sratjoth flowtsg haramia murmurs over its requiem to hor who gavo hor llfo for love, and hor la\t hroallt for poace. Poaoc to vour a.hes, maid of this plains Y- ur siory is given aa It WM told to ue at y >ur «rovo, io the dlin tviili^lil, by ono wh o camo there at otai-h sotunir sun. It Is almost too good '.. bo Ituo, but il It is, you desorvo a ^..od word snd wo givo you tho bone- at i f iho doubt Tho A-rabs No Arab is ovor ourlous. Curiosity, with all Kastern na'ione, Is oonsidorcd unmanly No Arab will stop in tbo street or torn hia bead round to liaten to tho talk of by danders No Arab will danoo, play on an instrument, or in- dulge in cards or any gamo of ohanco, since games of ohaooo Qto forbidden by tho Koriia. Novor, moroovor, Invito an Arab lu Inko a walk with you for plcnmito. Although tho Arabs aro, on oooasion, good walkers, thoy havo no notion of walking for amusement; they only walk as a matter of business. Their tomporanoo, their eooslant out- door ImbitH, rondcr all oxoroiso for ox- eroiao sake unnooossary; thoy onoot. thoroforo, understand too plcssuro of walking for walking's stko. What Arabs liko host ia to sit still, nnd whoa thoy see Knropeans walking up and down In a public pUioo In Algeria, (hoy uoy, 'Look, look, ibo Ohrhitians ore going mad!' Tbo Arab doca not ovon mount on borsebaok oxeopt as a matter of business o r for bis publio fetes and oa. rousala. And when you do walk, yo u roust nover walk quickly, just as In speaking ym should hot talk fast or loud, for tho Koran tells you: 'Hn- deavor to modorato thy stop, and lo spook in a Ion tone, for tho moat dis- agreeable of voices is tho voieo of tho ass.' Indocd,, it waa observed by a famous Arab, 'Countless are tho vices of toon \ but ono thing will rodoom tbom ill pro prioty o i fpeaoh.' , -dj'ttV .«,,,,,. ... , . eidn waa mYfda m'^rM'c.l.. td>th«'uia'R<j indiepentatala lrt«'all (Jithttllri MuairSd ,«tjw»lttoj %.>petjjixtd.qj!fi-o!tt s «cry cm^ bora who aro about to vtitot -tlio notion! W'ttia Ohurou{ 'if tMrtigiW: Hf«-J 8a,oran«nt for the trtl'li-titi.\ Ihb wt^ OOBKJU is ouo.of ,.gre»»B jootaniouy tb.li ovoo a wo$ta q» ^,h^aji|nai mt>^ Offers iho of portuutty of ipooMUttion and forgtvoMss^ ^fjruptjjiai of tlos whioh havo boon negSeid, .and /orena lion of how onos to dhtoh miUfTorenoo had. boon hlihorto ojoroajwd £>won tho poor omproaa, aa Ifuodor lutjdan ,n< .pimilon, h«,d boon tuteKa widohtand that I ooremony- ^jf luaporltocb w»» about to ooour, and'by » ainlular- lu< atinut i|m irisUiqd, «p ilaing. fiow her bud, aud attiring Ueriilf In hot fa,YOilty droas, i tort of nardoMatt Of ttttlto vi^ trlmrned with white lido, tad putting on hor moat bobved ornimarita to woloomt hor young rotative Mato; proxeanti had been propared. Tot Ilia Iho oaatoia always to hotlow BOUIO mouionto of tile day upon tbo caminlillfc(ia<d-i,iid tho pa*r tmproiB tat. In bar arm-ohllt propped up.with pllloerat, awilllng-wllh obildlih Impttlonoe |h 9 antatwo of li«r little nleco. Tho roil rnojoooo oiitt con- Lining tho ncoklaoo and oitloga alio was to bestow upon her visitor, waa toady to hor hand, A. arallo of ooti- aoiauanesa played ovor bar toaturvaa aa the atop of tho ohilil in* bond to t|i> proloh. Fur a moninctt did her attend, aots, nay oven the Jootor, tnugluaa tllnl a Tay of light waa about to fliih msreti tbat poor howlldarml brain) but when Ibe door opened, and tho lltllo figure, attired all iu whito, with th» suovry toll thiown across hot h«»i and bosom, pauiing (ot •> inlnuli) on tho thtwtbold, advitiead joyonalv lowarda hot, town remombranoa of tho veil nd UOWOII; mual havo oomo lotosa her, for the daihed tbo Jowola lo tho ground, aod aoialng tho hands of lUa prlnooat Lrouila, covered thom will kiawaa. looking til tho while Into Hal ftQo will) suoh « • oant looulrlng «X[t4*»lon lint tbo peer ohild, qu|io ovtiMiaa, sobbed alotld a\ftor a whilo she looktrd mors Oilm, and looking about lo aajaroh of tha Jowvt eaio, whioh had- Man to ibo around, she Shook -hor litad mournfully, and taking from bor nook the oliaplat and oroas whioh had be«n given hor by the srohblsbop of Motion, anai from. I whioh she baa ooror parted alraoo tlio day of tier cniranoa into that eitv, alio { placed It on the irm of Iho prluoias, wound it round ami Toaad \mnj tlinew, and after klwittg lha oraaai wllb> a pia- aionitfi effort sank b»ck igtla opon the pillow and rojialoti allU »jd ^otlonloaa «^«a«ir^aAv«i. aM a*arMWa •» Uttr >-S^ ( ^rlhii,e«* l-jtlitltfl^^..*^, miaiarwiiij H rax* taaatM^tW vJaaaiDa datrm, i *atW><v*TOa>.ta« 1 aj titaaawaawfia ^•\^•V^MllaaaawM-w awMtala HW Wjiaiittar-Wh. ttil.|a.a» > ita>.. W kt e^aMtwIt Ht ll«» roi ttiry.v«Wrii|i»t wapat.!. \Buim»il oi^<nTlti7^ View M faaaji^ain^ nu*,taaatra, tWAi. AoVu tat* »a^,.*,.III.W-a»^»tWi5J , a5i Patvnui oar- A«tittita*aa-T>a laHilni at Aavartuit. tytJaa j)itlill»a»«,4^» M |» JST)». \St 1 ? S*\ - \ ** \ r»»«stjr»r-w*a. ^UMa. WailthUUtaalaJaakthhteaeHWka * aahaUe,. ta.at.-a.winit^a^o'ikK'WliHat a4~a*.r|W («»t,uniu»atrmm i ^ , .sat l>autj«ivO»t».» I r, I ij» 1 JRaaiiHw, aaaatU. Xar l^tnMt.ajraraJal^taMUf, / ***»».,(. Ko«tou,' v ,\ «liSu7uVk \ ' Kottott or»«uvii-rificr »iK| fwaatitalitka or ro.tr , ,,'..«d.,iiW|li| aaus,i(a»»a«a^^ta»ta •c««wXw>w3«rw»pawx>T^^ M t *P*^ « ~\ Djol^aiiiOle^jj lIB'TAniimilHHNX', v ft*\ CVslr.l ae-ilr«t. 2)*yat. ,s -. On Mill ati> Oo«a« et'»it. ! Stii (taOWKWatoi,) l^»^cI^Ks''I?*'^^,lf, , s , *^ »eia«llii,a IM.t \' M** %m wn XMx ijit,ll4ii t»«iaf«lri»aa. «W jaSe, • Tr iV»#H'<\»af. 0(«ll(Bi««'a Hf»(l»w ^avfUftJf, i *^l«ntmi^rrf- ya - ,u '*»-- 1 ittoatlSIS^'VI- •fr 1.1 aW-aiawn.a. fikJIHIH - I I . sn.il Ml. JS,UI'l«Xi v». I...M.'. ,. wxaftBi- - • 4»iMjllc»I PkjslclM, 1 ' Oan H aamiulliu at. hj| cffloia al f4?wa. .rSu* 0»»lMt*wa B«w.»atwaj,le«.«ta TlraieajBtM.a«lltc»aaBa*riioflari A^ttKaW'aaVat sieetilftia^lUMrt.fi »r|^aaw£v& eit^ae^WieiritreiHUinriirfatTat. t ' , with oloaed cyan ind ceatnproaaad llpa, dead t o all ardunil, aw the la In tbo habit of doing for many houra together. Th e soono waa very touohlnjj, and tho doo tor declares Mi tfluion lliat the gltam uf romombranoo iihieh alioi scroia hor on the first appearaoee of ibe prince**, will bo iho last ibu wilt ovor experience In this world. 1'iver tinoo tbat day ibo has been oonQnoJ to hot bod, vthetoabo Ilea without motion andscomlnjjly with- out eonaoiou nou, \•lulc her attendant* knool by turn* ai bor bedside add pray OOII'B ineroy on that tnlloh.tr led tout i —- -t~> tatt naxnbar of i welter on ooral LIKE, niHS AND 1IAR1NB IIIIUI.E.V- OSnAl,.—In iho f.Vurmia-rs J&utml says s 1 Aa to fashion or taslo for tsorul, who oan traco it to I's origin f Tho Ureek namo ilior<i(V»o)i horn nrmninnt, denotes al ooco aa adaillottoft for It liev tbey woro woefully alhtsiie about tho mturo and origin of tlio aubalmoo. The ati- oionts used ooril as amulots, ms an orna- ment for bueklets ao d halnaeili, as a oharm to protttt infanta from disease, •nd (troatcd in varinos ways) ai a mad- loina against fetor, optbilmla and otbor maladloB. 'During tbo middle ages, ooril ws* very seldom mootioned by wrilort, an d ia aappoaod to lure bc(n but little astd. l'ranois tbo Fliil gavo a start lo tbo uao of this pretty- snbsltnoo for orna- moDtnl purposti and It baa remained lo favor ov r siao^. ll Is now mado In- to n-gligiOH, heads, liulil-*, houtons, bracelets, brooor»<-s, oar-rirrga, tiataa, oou-ibs, hair-pins, tinfcn,nlmli-. eenrf-pina, ohorms, aiittngt for nog- paraaol-garo- iturcs, cameos, rko. ibo 'irresponsible' nlrzger' is said tot bo fund ot ooril orna- ments—and no shall not perhaps be vary unahariloble it wo suppose that be Is occasionally an uniuspeollng pur- chaser ol lalso or Imitation eoral] mob sopblatloation la known to bo practiooil by tbo uio of oinnabtr and olhor red and pink colored subilanoos- With re gard to India, aa the Hindoos are often buried with thoir personal ornamonti on thorn, and ia these Ornacnonla ofton inoludo coral, Ihore 1« bore a oommor oial Incroaao of aupply, PKBHIA Ia laid to bo very anxious to ostob'ish inillmata relations with tbo United Stilts, and It would not bo at all surprising tor soa t Pornao'itobaMs. dor soon mako bis apnosraaeo at Wash ington. I'ciila is fiat booomlng ono of tbo most Important ooantild of th* East, Tbo I'eraiaw ira* bead and sbouidora ovtt the Turks in Intellectual ooHnroas mil tu in Iho spirit of flBtsr. ptLw. gHiiTBiTy-JL*juNs,... .$l,8(M),tM0 NATIONAL Lnne, U, S. A., 1,600,000 HAMOVBII—I-VIIK , , AI.UA.NY OITK-—Ptttit.. WrarroitEoTEBc—PIRB,. . .•50,000 BOO,O()0 49O.C06 nn.> ... .1- »i a s,.,lil iiiaea ot lliilKtOMal Ufe laiar^iii $8,040,000 . . 1 Ufa la* .l!» , |w^OT^ ,h • , _ ONRa-X-UIRU Iil.lt > V !s«a ai Cnarsrcii 4y thlJPiqtdend.'M Intttiit-Mumbng-Gmplicatfon 1 ' iSyifent, Anoicn am Mutual. K«V»M i ( rii to loiur. 1 MS. Conipiayt fari'lal Oomiasuiy Intari ye»as. ''1 , M „. 8poolal-A««j|t Flour and Feed Store. Thikltfjn»IIt/0 ( White Wheat Plour, BEDft^ATFLOTJll, ttScBBLOUEAND, 0IIA.HAH FLOUR Creed WBieat, Com Mfcaal, •tjntMtssai.Corx*, 0«<aan«f , Mlli;p««d, ' , |V«lil» -tt u,, |j)w„t Ctali Mca*> alt, ' SiolCol8'Bl43ok,B»IiltBt,-' s ,, im Aissjov, jr. r,- v mj&>i*~M#tr*&' \*• \

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