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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, April 20, 1870, Image 1

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<v ^^ irfawr* j^mr^f^m^. ,K|^*St^l*renfei 8.g.lpa.ur, aevmrr Arjeastremar \s^ aiii.NBw: i«ffl £$*-! NIAGARA U£B 1KB CO. And Hotaiv P«Hlo.<- Ostoe Ulu **>;«'• aew Oranlta BloAeoniw Ketaaaa, Csa»l Sto*, AlNoa. T%:|9«a.«ft rsprotej Thou 0! L4 tewti>tui fe^>«y*ffft%$?y- Mt-WslJ Eddy fcTowamt, A TT0!WTOao,4l>Ma«Jl?r» atUv.^ _ 8ILUI«I 4. JCOtr, OOOIXVSVB, •*. «TRA3C«UT, DENTISTS2 O mOB IN TUK OKANm B1O01 orrew tie Or- mu CQintj Natlaaud Baax. Iitnasa oi Bui smt, tntitaln, • AB x>tk lou la tka S«^. XHUMT, M «• rMHW- u.i«a«, ud fuiij lamtNi i TEETH BXTBAOXJD WErnOuT PAW, >, tt.u.OklartArm,KtW<JrK«no«l~ - xoioa, r.b. a, IMT. ^IhfcrtT. B b DOOLI-STIJ, J. A. HIBAIOHT. J L- NORTBItOl* DKKTIBT i&Uiitftl NO. 64 MAIlTBfjfc EfcT -»•* J«** *«ow\Sit *»ttji.j»N. ; teeled -. rj' ••-- y ™ Shearing of my JhoothtfWwiaU, attain .g^saMwW\ A» -Y .... c Ik* t»I|B*li «ffi$4Hllin-mtaiw - -' BOttl z • ^ Taey^ew bntanert, HOB beholdeat the ~ whole. i < Teon.know'stiaeabOTe.yst below, what I mm, ••\ ---\ Both hettsr and worse tian the anliitoii deem, < ; *•• v From ny wild waJrward heart thow-ieit' lifted the pall .„ ' • = Frose.ite fault end in fsulasr, j«l lo**it ni with «1L _ \' *: • '-•' OKI.TA'BPY. Only • boy with. Ucnolll «ad tit, \ The tirlMt njateiy nadir th« nil t Aa irimftil of mlioIUaf, ttd wit ud glee, Ai «T«r » Kn«»n ftimi e» b», Aai'U hirdio miui»go M—«h I tk m« I Tf 'TbiudftML . V«t we IOTO hta wtll. Only »ko7, with Mi fettKl trMd, Wh» o»oaot\b« driTtn, but matt k« U<t; Who tioubl»# tti uelfhlMift dsfi and- eiU, And ton m»>c elothM ua ipolU nort h»t», ';, Loses mora tops and kltM sad bits, Than would stoats, ttun JPor»ye»rormor«. Only * t>oy, with hit will* itnux.1 ways, With kit Idla hours on but/ da\js i Wlthiis qaec rtotaxis, and hliodd r«- \•i-pllea o BomsUmts f»*Uih and sos)stlmu wis*, Oftss brilUaxi for one of-jib sd«, Aaamstaar kutW fr«j| the plssaslwnrliL v» -t. < •Only • boy. Who will bs stoaa, If aattrs go*| on wlla hir Jlra* gnat jlss J& ^'^yZS&ZmZ^ Mwin It w>ttr, or firs, or somi IWU asire, Conspire no t (o rob as of (Ms our h«L . Our bulling, our troable, tar rant, our«att, i».«, « V, OI.T Qnrm a KollM EkM tin An teatsl o>«tltan lotnuUS t« omx *U« V|X2 rMflr* Prompt Jfc Cmreltil AIICBKIUB. NYTBOU8 0XYDEGAS- D. HAEDIE, piLu roim ATTornoH 80HOOL BOOKS, JoTtmilct—(mbnaing the loading »mlIlo»- UOM of Niw York, Boston and PhUadil- phia pabllahers. MoLaoghlln's Csl- «rd Wimcrj, Linen Books ud !\*• ' pcrDotls. The 8tandsrd Foils— is library andanttqns bindings. Hirdlng's editioBS Of Fsnlly lllblu.wllh Photograph Al- bums. Helaon's and Pott tt Amoni's lino of small Bikles, Prajor Books, and Tcitauaaintl, Bosewood, Mahogany, & Black tfjalut Dseks—Plain and poushsd, souira aid regena;. Toarists Osios^-Iutt«J,.. Morocoo, imitation and nulla.— Turkey Moroooo, Rossi*, OsUi and imitation wallots, pants, sod ahain bags. Porto Fo- llo, Ladles' Oompaalont, Oents' and Ladies' Dmslng Cases, Ohaekera Pboiographh Albums, Saok Oaramon Boards, Dominoes PlajMng Cards, Hill's Bloeka, Cr»u.i»ll i Building Blocks, ITOXJ —i Gompoaiaoa Tablets, KjM&elf Boxes, Work Boxoa, 8ootoh Plaid Ooodf. Bokti, Mnsis Polios, Transparent Glore Slates, and other Fano; Hoods. Also, aU kinds of Stationery, Blank books, Mln- \Uaneousooaks Pons. Psnoua. ' all tbo Rochester dailies, tho Nerar > ork dilHcs and weeklies, noeiwied rcguUrlj Orders for Book-blniBng promptly .licndcil to. Remember Her- *••• Post Offlco News Room, Albion, H. J\ -•\ WJ cma BB3 * mm p oot & Shoe Store, Removed to Boyce's Block, N 0 . 84 MAI« STBSKI, 1 worLn » P N« m; thanki for tht ttort iibrnl '* tron *ft» «n tu extooded mo, and ootlf/ tb* pob- •«th«t mjuwrtmootor flnt elau goodifor \ana. Bo TI ', Ladin' and Ohildreni Waau IS OVSCXPABSID, CU8TOM WORh. SI ^^\\ to •\ * •paetalltr, and, tulig noil bn \\•'\• »M\J snarantae antlr. satasiuoa. Oar torment, oar Joy I \0«lj a boy.\ \ ft •' i m~ 11 aiui >' i THISAUD. A Saarreatr »f Ik* Katrtal &•»! Uasoaw. '. On tho iflli of OotoBir, 1812, 1ft. poloon, sooompaniod bf tho Prin'oe fl'Eokmuhl, |etter knows aa Msrahsl Davonit, oorasjsBdins thtftnt dlrlsicft), pommmoDoed'that BTentlil retreit frotn Moexsow, so dliutarous la the ImmanM jmny that bad foUowsdlisx. At the blosaof a tnaroh that hid been rendart ro«» ^dooDtiotisffjin tba tiapetpf arrrrtdoD'-tho 2S* II Boroirrt/iod (hire psssrd tba eight. OorniDg, while Indioallog the ordar of ansrch so as to gain Miroo-JsroilaTiti whoro bo dopondsd so makiog tame a)tsy, ho losrnod that at tba dutanoo of roar Istgass before bio, tho Priaa* Bngeao, Dad found that Tillage, with the surrounding woods ind height, wn- ojMuplod. Thii wss ss ImporUDt po- sltioo to mainlslD; for th« ^oataaD gecsrsl, KatoiolF, who mtrafied parml- M with tba Frenoh ana;, might avos- siblj soixs on it, and thus eat off tho Mate to Kaloaga. Wiihisg to assure himself of tho taking position of tbis «p& * toyakjM, •tawpttatttA'' . wbieh. thsbm«t!Ptk> bwN witk da^iag tha «>aflii»«fc .ftXhaw«*od .. »5flwrt35KwWgj«a a^ss^sia taas^of >«>)>iaai «i • af#ia^^aK«h«Ti«e rasosBai^ ««i«a-.iB.jsjonotwb»Aer»t^to „..^ ft. tto^^4ffiitto&iffltt6$ Uanoe.' •*«* . 43tet AWdiogA^ oonnoil _jp|„ JjraTj ooBposeq.Qf tbs prisaipal.giaarali \ Ett&xmem SfiS±Kr*fifflifdgS. and informed hint thit he »UU iwtfifad The marshal was otsrjajexfat the .\is; khoogbt itartsd to bis mindr»nd- pise, ing hlmwlf in ftooi of the fortj-eighlh regimoat u they defiled, he addressed a pompanr of old gnaadieVr of the first battalion: .--, \Gwni«ew ««,,, tU^t. oawep, Oolenel Koblloild, w«i yeettrisjj eoTarely wounded while showing yo« ao example of oourage and pbadlet ' He is» Pole: Vr^eld JOB *irit laiTe him lo the Kuislahs f'' • \No no, long lire the; PoleJL etW the eoldieri. • .. Is i V?- ' '^i»ol'aaj>ar»M},''«i»| the; who had not folly aoiiprtheuM th* words of the mltshsL ,. s ... t \Li^lhw said Tiwfit, »<»rV ihera amooi'thls oonnany, whioh I ha.t*eelest»d, ftnr m*n,-W»o:. 4 aM:*UI,' l to undsrlske the responsible Uis7*Weh< (wUaa%t« kW*..yta»i .(MhAtft snjnrs^to-eaidaai iiakawajsisrsil'sli^\ M|)tt ef!4kat.Uw»^ ft^rfsoMliftu m^i' *iiLmitJnitinf|- iriiniitiiai.inriinjiiiii •Zj£ ^a^y^^^tf^^lTfh*^K , W^wWff !Pl\ Wiw^pW% Mb«.ifat^»j:!lVlii*ipUltl^ It^WllIWOlWttejKjr Mllt!ia«.awiiaiS> t M»4sag»f <MtjV*ry «»«B«rbl v ?-' .<m ^ebt>WW>iid.'U|aut«wUe>*OBt»m. f*VM «fs,*po4-k; tliaifteeweXMre!: tsj issileg soWrsrU^ It%ai-.V 1 r dia'Q-' ^li^^K ^•wUH.'aM-tiltJttt-Trisra^^aaiased i»M»<«ia^6«»r« tMiKfsiiMklolf ^K«bBtJ.^,>iaTaH ; :ilW Km •SSIf. *ipsRoi!T^ Ml .o(|j«^|«aji 4M Mtir.rwotSjsaraUp^lathera^. ^r«niiiissiofa:«iras3fB'r J s'')!64k;tef ttftAlthMt^bieglig Mi po*jti«|V. point, tho omporor rode lo the quarter it was expi ;»niral would nuke tha sMsok j t was ezpeoted the Eas- J om whonoe in d, despite the torrents of rain, Iran nilly examined tho grotmd whioh might ore long beoomo a flsld of battle, duddenlr tho sound of brisk firing struok on his oar. Bo boaani rest- less ; and, pressing his horse, ascended • hillock, to reoonnoiter, bat the belt of wood ioUrooptod any extended risw. 'Oan the Bnatiss* bare beam bofare- haod witb as J J domiodad ho ^ of Daroost, who bid not quilted liis side. \Wo haro not marohed quick enonah 'spaag tho left A I^BCTUBB Tovoiug Men- \' PnhI W'rt In > ralod enTdope. PIIM ifac oaaH, A Itfoture on tho Watnre, »l Rvti kn,sa. Impediments to J.'^wS.lH**'?! «.. of Sj {•Wltj snd _ iil iH?S.**V \Mnnnptton \Epllsni *< B, HTXS'JPyPadhr. re«nltfng4«ns«B*a1i>w !« t i,\ 0 '\ ™no«n8d Auttor In ttdi rfnrfrsMl •^tbfcKSfu/y Pro»ea torn his own eipantfnc, ... \\™«o\>reqn l batl- lltOlThsDBas, Or ilon*, GMzuttl iirUgfl naeszalljr, •£Z£r **£«% fUtn 0 *—*?^ al operatioos*. bougie*. inUcMk^apU, lnttng out • mods of eo» si tur- hont meaiclnt.auja wltfaon^ dan- iT.^^Spolntl.. ^•Clail.b, whlA ^eor luBsroi no taaltii I •*atS?il5 0n i D *' \\• ™a»em»hlnWll4 cDaip , » A BOON TO TUl ^ •«SJ l Si , i'. ,0 . M, l , a\™\, 3 1 t\»pn OU3ANDS AHBTHOD8- IUJQ enrel- '«m. S. CS,'. »«»•»«» OnldV' pflt. Z6 eta I shonlal not *>*h Wing of Kutmoff.' ir,\ replied the Prinoo at'Eokmohl \porhaps in tho manenror proscribed by your majesty, tho troops bare manifested a little of th» dullness whioh osaally aooompinios groat fitigno.\ * \Believe you so, Monsieur lo Mar- shal T Novcrtholoss, we hare already passed more thin six leigoos.\ \It is true siro; bat Moaeowr li aot mors than one hundred ibd exxl'; tersts from Maroo-JiroslaTtri. F«ur days' mkrob aro suffieient to eleir (he dw tamoo, and this is oar sixth dsty. ICat- aioff has boea in adraneo of us. \It is then • battle,\ said\ Uipoleon, impatiently, as the cannon was heard moro diBtinotly, and-seamed to bo ap- p^oaobing. \Go DaTouil, go; quick- en .jqnr..lMopo7and iniusi s,.little more spin't'yfdlh'enit for¥*| aiattfieM M(^( —nbt^eoo^net, but'•WeTy^'Jpre' B8TT0.\ Notwithstanding the hasto with whioh the marshal exeented t&o orders oil the omporor, he did not arrive on the SOODO of notion until the emcMM' of this Frenoh troops had been assured. Efowovcr, the) oombat raged witb forv at the extremity of the Tillage, and when tho second division of the first corps, commanded by Gen. Frjsnt, at- tempted to take possession of one of the heights, the Kussian ownon played upon them with redoubled rigBf, Urn- voust imkedUtoly dispatehtd* mV '6t his sids-do camp, tho Colonel Koblioski to Prinoo Kogone; bat, lb traierimg the line, that ofiiper was (track by a ballet, Whioh shattered hii thigh, arid instantly foil from bis horse. On the night of that brilliant oombat the Prince d'Eokmihl wis stfll 'sitfer.- Uin of tho fate of his aid-de-eavxnp, and eomght him on tho tleld of battite, which presented a most horrible «paotsa3.S- Dolion and his brother glncfal had al- so fallen whilo ltsdjng the Jast attiok. While sadly thinking on the blighted hopes of his efflporor, and mourning (•be sad fste of bis iraw eompuioas, Ithosttontioaof Davoost ww anested m a <«in, Saw Toaa, Port omei Ms •.ml bw the Tojos off soldief W|^ fOTstwd 1 > Cw i-iaii.-M-^. by »4iwn' othersjitU ihs'ooppijBJ'-did.i (h«.aijn»<- .\!«. '• , .' . ..I. -.-\>' bad first spokea.diaiaaded hl> •»«*; n Joi•ph!rSrigau.a..• , '•* .J-\ . \%'T Well, Trigsud, it is «» yott I W8« Ida my aid-de-camp. (Thou and .tky dornnds shall be sniwerable. for ..him. \aUlsrs gawd hjm si yon womld yeor oolors.\ \Yee^jesl Vi« r«m«f«itr!, We era responsible 1\ oiled all the great* tjiertv » v '••' ;. , •. ';.\.:'. , A iiltar was immsdiatelT eoDattnetfd q'a whioh the Soh was bid and earned to the oeptreof the ewajptny^.jfttifelj: soon after oontinnsd its nsaroh. _ , In Ihe oJoantrme,ihs retreit ,'ot the main body of the army, comciBeed it, first, in good otalsr, soon prassaled, from the intaaiity oi tke oold, a frlibtful' Im- post of disorganisition, seifiiknest'mad misery. The company of grsntdisn •lowly penned their ooiirsw, ud werf soon isolated amid the imnsaDse plsias ooreradwlthth*fr*akt *f^S« •VAj,. forming in a square, with the- litter of Koblituti in the osntre, thiy repttW- od with the bayonet the dngoou of Miloradowltoh, or returned tke. noex. looted sttiok of PiitOrT with « wither* bg fixe—orsr acting oa the dsfensiis, bat always etlm, silentaadsteidy,, By tbase tnoani their nambers bid' grid-' uslly dimibtshed; and when, on the 80th of Ootober, they reached the Vi aims, out of the entire company • of grenadiers, not more than thirty erarriv- sd. Still (llcse bfawir^eB^itaajaened d loft to themselves','preier'ted amid tho general discontent tost moral foroe whioLoonguors own events. It wai wis suffio. lent for thorn that one of the most illos- trious marshals of tho emperor had slid to them; \To \your honor and bravery I oonfido my aide-do oamp j yia are to restoro him to me. 1 '- • Ihese words had sotcd as a taSsmah, whtoh hkd not lost its foroo nnder the press- jstb. oomaetl: yoa -aah rtaaln andrrtHoirW e)«ir«Btill if is ooqolnd«d.*' \ - ^ ' M'OejSaiely^ •%&'.'$0ffl£ m jpoke in toam of sadisssj '.'but msjbip \K-fTik* a.aa««, d»itot| Ia»iU tsafee^ •Wa^.art.'0-il^ thii es^ hvy^iar*; ft f m|itter'oold night,' ,^45jW**i3*b £g&..__ .. to t ww^Utt^^forfcsa^iisic fc tJ|^|s^ aa^-heard' th##»«fMia «%fcj- '#fc agaiBt^£faa#yi'hw 1 4iad go.*\•*>».' r5PaidAKkaro«d : to.^.;'IaM^ Slid riS^im*V-*r> ,itwt ; -^-'¥i« «4ro^^eF.my%riiU ! aad-a*reai;-laV breast, aiitf h^dKewSisf bbntPoVer' Gi^lsV^a^kan'titlbhttiekid. liAWnfin:: thin 'Spa hii(-trlea-li iwiJ»tel|!*4tt wtoi«%rth«A» -vlV- dMt weal t***ebinci thll.ktoodtik ^l9rttW ! Pt\4bl.iMpnj,r»»*, satdmr ,m Jong, wlokod-lookmr knife fr$ra pne^ f*tWTawaiU , v--vm.i-i.-^0'^ mmmmmm lusy; ?**}kW. %Jtlmmiktt^.ilim i t* , ). jiWagiteH, The »thc«kip of • lb. ftiiowlci itWM'W^, „ - - ]^riV\jttiLlJ*t}Him*itl*in 8Jsalawaw- •\•T^C 1 •• aw arww^^a^^aasw^aiaij v^^araawsp MHroVdl' ae^rMii alb. the .lw»i:wa» .-writtsint!-Vytj Hwry aUhed.ItCbty •kt'srM* sj^B»i^*A^l«- ^Iftajjslitfc^.-wjl K sQn^ytmMiM IwaaaWpfe Affi[»>'in th•^^coW»6•ripUoi , mW liar ifl)ij|m»ltlsu r tT ni , •»-• >!/\' : i pi 'I hire) itadled the KV.,of -gwssligi roVffe'sitttig 1o:»ow; a'nef-f rs*» griat Jaaaws iaiimpmiaipnry iknowridgo to ittacipttTbiitla; what X*»SLftf Jftn v tftt *mm c beoomb rr s«tWea 3 -witb'' the idjra-lea point of #il srilfe/sasd' -wil ifj»isrgmavrtd,Jew*th«jti»oai,-.rglTili«; »Aft3)|llj!(itOH o^ r *o«.worid J{ ilft(f': l topped in front of me. * \ r ^hitl.)tkr%ale»«t'kai%bi»la-ssslba5llij. ;Jq5[ • *-\• J ,•*•• jott hawB.'aj^ st^toTihe onl£.*M| ( • 'boU'as»s'l'' i '\ * *'' *«a to .(I*?f4i|!lr 1 0 the: BJIBr-tJSMt :aown to-Ui yoa -.WDald.^ank. thai the;g*s»rtwri'of (he ^ipMmrWifgi: fhTftttj^jhth *ko«.hs,lntrH#Udtlio; oaifc o de^aaip.OototiellKoblmlkli,kira fiO, Blled-his orders, Idd'thst thS'Oomp'ls'y who had ellerard.aod keard Mhaf Jailer part Of 'tbeooawersklloa, bit; who kid n^r ieoo^liea-to^t^e,, *m 'ind tma- . md 'demaadsd ef ihissj de-osmp ?'*•'• — - - • - t»» bis. lookiDg gremdler, ariTUHd, Wharali mt«lds« ........ , .^p r »He U here, at the doof. 1 \ \ \ rr * l A4o iSSredmp)l»y,' , »»td 'Ustatlsk Hastily., . - ( , At thus word* Trlgiad took the poi. tnroofeloldlerr without aT»*,\pl«nd bit hoolsla a iirie,' md' slowly rsfliipkf hislisid^^ieKl fj|&.* a roloOf}' present, my n^svrahil.V M . % ... „ . , . >H ha« dikaaadsd where! are: lbs ts^lTsiriiialkin'd to wi itiaa that I could fool his hot breathy abd Ifiioied thit I Muld'feol the (test I i : lko»e tsrrlble eyes/ <Th» Jflbfg, kae'ri b)kd*> he wksMholdisgJ'olfsr ms^fot '.) hat ? Tonakeiaiyclif« if I Ikfledi , ^meaii-fMHl'-'-'hoyisoreshiselj' 'If jba^rail, it will b* year lut!'ftMb»s^ in tpisyerorldfw •««..'•) i.v ..!.»..» ,-,• I'dand wot ery out) tbe'lrnife'wutoo jibar. I 'could-iaot asbapef far ilia-atrdti' / rf . w ™ ^-\BVCV ^i-i-w m* boind ! si*taith«»oh«lrl'-bawli ibAjp»«Wths>.s^|(p|lifcJban4 to hii 0 ,HiArt. I <«\fld lie there,*nd^toie forehead, .,-- . ,-. - „ -,«,. D r «fcs. WbatoottMJ dof • ' ' \ B 2' «°7.*«wj»*-*n«W«l»tfc«'r:' 'ftisi'Aird^isst, land)I a.m- K H# i^Aajthituf'd.nereht, niy tn^ll ,i 8 ^ie l .*| i att». t b>answeilV BosaiUl ?sa ask where I br&jeft jBjr^tto^UJf UiuWa^ismmf- ionfagS,. ^iKoh. Thatnyoor tmsstloM* »M% .«• k.J-^afcryet fitfleAifo-idwe* -ft) «he • DaTOHtmaawatignin tho.^lnni- ,1^ fc»r^f%attfe^te4*skiotf hlar tfyejimpiUrttl^etrWng hto^jot^ow ^Byfto th'e-^ye,**»*« > w T' ,*i if them aro it the bottom of the.^Ms l^a<byi.Aei«siaamdsr«i»uaiek^»| T f e ^ w « -r--|artnj_*sssj^oi=*nf A>»oW ute of mlsoty, priyition and even ;doaiu, ship, the few mon who remsinea of tb^s 3 roia and dowoted oompasy soonted* th disdain, and looked open' as an affront, the repsated prayers and solio- itltions ol.tba Polo, whu sesioghimseif tn;» eaattif \so ffiny'BSCMOS'sn* snfferings, had besonght thorn to ro- liovo thomsolres by at once patting an orjd to his misery, ,. . , , H , ( '1 -''Thou srt but scoward,\ sud he to ttigaud, \who will not dare to do what 1 jtsk—to shoot mo through tho hold.\ '\Colonel ssid Trigand witb stoioal indifference, \yoa nay charge mo with •neti, if yon pfoaso, bat I Iaagh at it. Dead or alive, wo;?hall oarry yon to Smolensk. It is tho order Of tho mar- shal, and ho ovtrr roquiroa that bis or- ejet- ehonld bo obeyed, 4 ' •'If yoa bid buried me yesterday . in the snow,* when attaoked by the - OottH iok< I should ere to-day haro suffered no-mors/*.'! \\ « •• i •\' TajorjdiMb \Tbo Cossaoks would hsve disinterred ind bnriod yoa aliro,\ replied Irigsud, who idariog the provious .night hid mido his own body a proteotionto the Woandei man, \These eatert ,of „ott- dl*»>wouid rejoice to bi»% yoni'^wkfjj but they jnuit take mint ,fiMt--3t.i J w ready for them, Ob, the savages.\ «¥onarobut * oowsrd,\' tipeated :th« Pole In t feVertah trsBsifort whioh shook the Httor on whioh he lay, \Be calm, be oalm. mf colottelj. yon koow-ftat'the cartio'es'of the fearshal bite ere now taught the necessity of obedient .i,iy*j then, do yon wrong ns by speaking those disagreeable things? However, it if all equal to me; I shall not reply to yon.\ *tow»-3rw£riifi's0'wfcafrti^».oH or sroeetjngf'••'•I' liivo^nea yoa dnibel blulo-fl«ld\n>erabilIrsg -yoar. ho«ts'4o - . - vleterw 'I haSrsseaWyoaEaiJnf 4«imW atjow. AU» • - •'\•• •• ••\ ••»' •> i • iM 4 o*meis-wftbfyewr owrfkinjsAaiaTOf; l '^r V BM'^L ^uu»^. 'JL- Ibs.v#ilil» 3 rod 1 ,nt ! w 3 fligbt*iwh«f« f^lLs.ri^'P^ 1 ^!; -*<f|II bis«ltoii> l-.knowr vydnWerybody ~ \\ \ ' • —• - ^ mkntTter^ th|di6ldii>,s>.feah*gg«d''a|idi twk'Piliiiiwi'im-^Yi/at-^n^tW in ojMfineO!Wtkfcjrs..^«!i. -.,, i, «i.-| B0B lh.*> *»—wrf'v v , . ,-i & 5 -\ST*! lU-WMpiBi^fiawiahyaii/^'\ ij;-:#|-!j^|ils«t\leiMr'1 is^iorans, » iliTo p it was,I, who bronght him,' *~, .a* i. A Gttesf for Llfoi. A volam^eoftii fjlkd ',w lfh;;tjK He isM i who Mmte't%wm#mf l.wi^aJi^oaofanJoiif, is- the ouhniAg>iheT displiy'iB-oarrying- .put the Wmifof their disordewd-aiadsV tttt^wwlp moHiiTeiyodrrts^deoMrNU^Pl'tli* toaohe* at>UVitJ.'-a*»ota»taV'»»d. :my*of)tko aew ;4»ac*;that; v ha4 ~^ff mmmmmtmmmm4 ^w^a^uawisvMmft itftJra+i tll«. rti-bf:. ike 4^sti^is«HttaVa%4ietk«F to« a :)Ii|MMilio«:stO'th|.ok.TlQ»«r««- iTol.aoniijiof ;wbtqhi.the ; ;we»tlwm«- ito.iy,b«eJihe», all,th» ttieksyfaac imi WaflHaU yba t iato1ft H tnVAirliV; feyejwir.wefthy.' < 4 * ;> > *A ••»»>• He wis slaaatag beferb sse.-aO^TSfy i ill \ * ' ' \ t) i,'4 . *e>f-i^awd >m?o«»ix««i. : '. A\ lis* t«<«e eltM *»«k-of .us » : sllrar Sff.tat'sTowufiil*, PlMMSMhltloj'U. l»l.V'«av-Oi - rlMMnof.WiVM oa her MM± 4ffi kp».;»s*-,iMey«»taTaaiJi; V*&*i m:;*l» r l«p»* MnM«a.,r!«i tt«w Hk-tkfl tw^daiightiiri^ thi ^toero^ asaaVi erkl .t!ktjrft3»*Mifk,-fr^.l' ,iiC*»>** M ^MB».»»! bliok sitln. imawarfiufirtiii* ««i.TBr« .„. ud eMBNldcrid in gold j the, o%* r^ld, aWWIkaV.s^ofte«ba«:on.!ibr WwUk ttsm-ivnl- foreiee tbii-I ihall soon.be doJeiflsd, md forttWl. tt» llifpr% sake of jfiurj>ro»aiqa orgltet'th. Jreit •^la«»'''iAFloVtoo*' .,.»...... A TojSwSj,,.., ftt^ukkt. J t.atj i o^liB%r»H* J •H»>«>nbw«TefP*r¥ giwn.a. toTi oi .jorwistHinoH apooo, <ku b.^taiiilkb.fsrses'ofair!e.hry sjflglai il ilifge c^aV-brinoK akra 'h'kudle/ im^>kL .lJi1 r btitlwHWl. fipr 'fofsr|t|rtt'rt Q 4,j»^S&,,1 Utl presMd . boldkaWI i«tlipi»U)tij.rHlUtftJla..Mothafi Uuua rail VsTiVsVowfli^riA'-airrtWulaM'frtaa! i-Jk*.grsf|dtaMfk,tOai| y,.i .!!t., I. is) thi «Mi-hno5 yon'it, rtskon,„tke • .... - ..... .-. ,-mky*k'va^ttsaa«»<B!Bi||!lake. Pret* falt-thitmy <sltiallon was'deapiralsliiii^ •••'~.«i—iL irj.:.vi.j*~s:, Bi'rop»»wt «Utre.'d'hot«t.A i8h»' piieW- i s!«<k'idieah ipijkaiaaWillo, «ft lifcjtible, •' deap'iral : i wa#d<n> i T . ni ,- .,, l^^».<v«JO%^h»aaia. >,». t th whether you ire nitarslly gifted'! I ot, before I waile,BlBok.ilDao with you If I r«iMrt;iJii : !kan4kirehie^will.7ou aeswar my onastloBs!*\ 7 i I no4ded an alErwiitiTe, and ke rf- tjltrtwel il.-a ft/i &.»!»*' i».lj ••Jtaw,my dear dsotof, yoa ar* an m> tlra'kuiiger to me.' Withoi*.doabt Voa have often heard of ms, bnt lliwllt U Sfaafd sailc to distinguish my nitns I M<all other' gr«at m»o of thaatirnA ^t. oet^lylgnearlii dootor. Wbat-U UP BTa'fctd fciowght'his fioe to .aesr> to iap hid b/lhVdli|anlf? ' WM& W&Wpod; 'billed thtgwouJBelyUritiihWd'oSiterf-' tiosslTiiwefthe wsltwi^ It^iiiittjweil. bis not to freoall that strtkiirg tiatiiga -etio aud fmiginativo view, bat by no [««»Wiai,eqlfint\ oMl'^srWi f tjxtraTt'gaste «ik th» eipfenioo kil>inUaJ4«'il*.aJi<itt»6y:for,U l 4aioriaUo| otfpwo&en^onal. .> p'rofoutfdlyintcr'oitlng) nttDr'^iiy' t llkerstily)soaftotiug asihe-spkel*. of men and womsB ijtoitiag tbrtlugb o #um of a dsneoj/Hnder tftefajJCiiif ofroae-wareflSdtspldtsplooaWgtimV'hilF Jfqaldf'dreassd'oafcjion!jtlio lop. wltK *ll»^fr % |n*MS*?d i f vbatHltWV «{l«i> of haihefll mejtjjfllt^ ^nlpnixl.Wfto Of ^w»^l -^*^**^ •' mmmm * -.-..or -** 1-' Mikaiiatt'wVav^i^^^ » '•-» • rwlosill ml - ivreif dlih m.dii' ' JsMrWaawf' fVsawssBWataabaBa) ' [^**HtWI»S3wfiat3r Attain 3lltehlN[ e*la^'litf, 8 Bl»l«'-e«fi ohtra l»!.ciftJoeeiioii'L!'Tbii'i:piitry, ajnLths»!-:»Qiui.'>.otklit quri*»l,ylill«( wjiloh'TwiaiJaid on-thi-the tabls.'q.... Ys^dle^.otalltas^.tUreaor.Obbailtd rthe ^^ll^.ill«.tn«ffi dinoors porl'ool, and the dinoe ItsetfbT k toharsoter to idtalrof •freorflaont, sad tlnuoas motioofr'v W.FiQni ill Job tho resdor niir'oomprohenti. if be should'not'h'ipp'ob oxpeVimdn'tsll/fo h^vo felt, that n- v -ipeat*elei of ..young in , ana women flowing through tho .Wei of in Tnftltsss'ditfto, tfodoir frill Tulame of molio^talu's'with all tliev oitoomstaatial.sdionols of auoh a-spilDO W Mnialltr. hsW. ¥ th* DlJie ofliihU Stjd-JdWoll, tb\d life, tli#\«OtlOQv'l'lhe l«*-liko undalation of holds, tho intor-. wiping o/^h«^uf«s,,.tbo.tisja|fuA4|is or! srtr-reioTvjOtt.^oth'pT)lib*dsnaa ind tfib mSsioi mw •oaair^;'Hiir'&lri- ; , < J - ,L L', and the continual rogantfl'tfon'or ssin%rtnins^BB«?'mf/^pWm oabiclo of oxoitiOf, sod laittifiing the tmsmMhm''\' aibnohoTr to wbl %pbm -seeiypreseltf r idfi oTmsik'bY lolman Ilfo, witb its wholo tqalpsge'df ipsjadglflriss^ilsjawriekofsight- I, the.. loMfnunibTe --• •» iteyibfaflf •'\ ration treiding over step* oI*ooAher,j,}Wt(p» »IU'th.tk'W.irtlo Btf\ ,..',..\'\' difi'Mii „ nalblBgJbttJ 1 . mJlaiaa»,i.-«|Dd:ilio\tastrtofth«s«x(rior. oftlilosfsanf<i1 •MJfe;-WHfi8 i ntjft ! 'i»i8r2on f t' Mltf off I bit e*mstt-*r'-sMiiSR« .'Woni tthe' s«|i|i.pleoo of-w.bioh .il(feW,iiiiysol(i-ip ittui, auu luitaimngtBS' Whioh tba Immih inind VSM stranga deW|^\ enle^t^' tyJsi& men-rthe remarkibls-peftwMity^aod ouhmBfithey dxsplsy \ the wbimifof their < Itt^&oir'wiid'freatt'j WieM} sidcfe.dlipiiolf tM^X jnjff Jjjrw -wrla»Pj$Ki£ : %'<M i^ttatAM^.aMfllDeilriwt,wosld do WJ oBwfBiTp. rthoagW oJ'o ( »«vpw^ r ths'sbrswdsit tan* persoo- Moesysnd lheju«iejs^f48tsy.s>f them wejrebupMaajiifs, bitt I-dawiS'not al^ te-i!titaiB. frit •w»«...the,««|tost 0 Ohi 1 s»«| .^i^a^!p«ji*gB^ng pf »:«»«».; J thkgkt ,,»f, 4mm9fpm»ig»»*mh b»|#as»--iieaa.v*«i4e ^pm^i^fcoanje ^kflSo «»BOW4|sJd»^,|ka 4) ir«tf^.! iam Two snoods 1' screeoksd the Isuii'tje; - Withdst si thought, almost -'witfaont'* voljtloit, I iboka'aVBsmev'bjeitbingil tkli'i^mtgkt be^^heriglJt^nsj' baS W aaUt tbV'iMivlB. tkroWni aside^Ib kbiie'i^d^otng-wtii, 4t>fd thit ; fiiHf««. /J<IiwaiqmaHikeW''iB^dlJ VrV s gi«r r^tew a |, -thHlling-ip«ideiit ,»r|qn>«t4Br^ffrM-'tffetafe^ •inent army omoarr:— .,• > •,?•, ._ >, tebenJayrsgirsintwasmnilersdorit of serricei 1 1 bade adieu 'to my 1 a!d!;obffl ofi^w1hi|ott».Mteipjm oj^--.. As I wsistar^jg^foT -tklVstfpoer. tlblej on thi eveoibg of the third d»y aft^iwT ''ifrivit^'MaeJBoBibeir^raiiiS tOH, i ,»«Jil«..-'tfi' •> '•''-lit *ff -S'Ol Tiesisildr'wasiislsiidujgbTthlJWs' whin I entered^ He was a'tallj p«*er. ruliraaB-Htr^'ffact^ildtKOoailisted^tO « test -MSKW my\**Tafattei^t>at4-hb-#Mt'«ia eye^arvedbgindclwilltteeoktyoij |JMhySbk»«syrjsw;*d^ »rt~the wsy^t* ifflBibrUl wsU4lrt*i)to:ih^iwmetro»»^etn(ii» i.vlW ' .^ffiSfefeM a-f*;'/\ *T»» wi is» «»iwJtss/ (star]. w f: fe3t^iajari*«rje» &tey the beholder to tta-*vW&r> «flff 5 1i£ lh»ngh,th|i jajknpitp.jtn, bj ?l .jtitt .^fie- pnl^'Vtmoeatolf'di ii ib%hi)ft%Wo- i eVbEy»'S)56r#,^iiU wivtkail-5'dotitr' dlsroec i»»grdiug to KjlfptlanilitblULi L»iii«fc«inf«Mi-tliiit '\\\\' Ulfw ff^Mr?): tbiekMln.h. i i -. .— | ' ' nt«' T - - '...in-^n,,-:, *-|-?' f i* : ,1' t jin' g '' •anlail. 'H'bi-luA: w^v^Rfefflki^ aHesirrUailUit, i lal \yiaiwaBj sw^waaajaaBaa^y anptei Wr1r9npir , ii^1t-oP.illf;u¥li hs^lf^iod Jfllt .it lofd • rxWi hsnd-i- t|!SolsjrgOjOtl»B:-id|ppb(,~ii».,si;|Tj(J wnKi'tSra^VCwitlih fwse qaiteJ.rldbt! Nd nll*»<'?3»»l»ir «M» HKMdiidttjtldg m erodt me some liqi 'Had of4ortoise-,hell onp^ij^l/ola :i o» it Wlb groat dcirBhOti h'ogii of some. thfog^ow»shdoivW%iiTitn> I hid bMniwaJJowJng ooH.flMj, mof ora,. and ^aUstor antl-iiritp-J^tlh'sk', trJinW Uor- strtff—vinegsr, With on nddl^lpn of ow M-gm^M**^^ S ? \3^Wo/iaao3 of atl^.a-iiM irirted sido «f the'go'.—..... . uunu — l bh|not|fe|t-- c e;,lj ! #00^ ^Ht/^^f\\, ftoMfis?*; 7i \* , ,, , , . 'W? over;' oiitfchittdij, «i»«|. s ffenry'Buglrtlold,'^! hat* tonohed you ih'fcU'Wblt^SS- may tike/ ttntsrr astoili' Hw* fe and gMl ^ £i . ,' II/ y is***. Wbtmd ououmbors—nnd 1-ootiia bo \ \ of tho Wnolo pifty I ^onfthi'il^l.aM'fr gfotUrnneontoi , m m$ow i go\\,y „., »„. „ . slat'e.lhert ppt tnaiinto, M-ratltif,|iiti < d' Witi i small dl.li in tho 'middlb'|fijll.oP IIsmWii|-6'at']lln] once into.,,1 very smart XSB.. KlVt**'- •^u^SyfciWftjijL ... Bl> . -K« 'is'. - .- 5 - ?.' -'i?$i;fts~ ? -ip;c,^? I. iju'l ^..puaerf. wk*f {hs^wmf ^rWrMlifii (8od aUitsoTailNffetV tbtt sdldlirs^ lifcii? tattkntttvsiltftitl/ dentiid the offenoe. Pr-'IA h* <Krttjt.tt*d*h1,t«xjMrrim«W;-«od '4 laMaijatwi* t« therOOataikta .*%»•, s mi- j rits-**ir-*»««'t«*i«i <*?*•)««•'•JfWt'Hw «»<tk»J»«*;skB» ' »\«f«(f«tea(*|jlinii» i-JJft.O«nipsi>l^it(tt»;.u.: •»»/• IM H^ wiiriii^miiiiS* «*•$* »>J ti-.x...:- -f,-.. ^t.y ,'•;-•<*' -ij|i /j.'3\' 9><ff (J ttm ••-- i»ftfWfc»<<;iij%;ft^( I M r* >. i. t }' ,'*. MVif \MED \y|«?A5: JBfLOUJR/r, j.- * , » '^^EPJidUttAND-* * ~*» if lr Mil Tv> ' i J 0,Ji -«7ftj«<i wit»*t, ! coV* nr««r» ij ^ ,,, 0»tMsJ»i,c»»;w, omtiiilsal.-M Jatt.hvfa«. -- iyeysMsaVthiWiiba^mrea.it fcriok^'ii 0 oUB*nk\lt.V' ' 1 *''t' i -7Ji t' r T « YSia»s» s <sr f V 1 \f £

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