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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, February 09, 1870, Image 1

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suit gt^iUbt*,- - •' - ' * • • - . &V, «» rated in iSwg^n' stjl..e |3BB tad fclW. __„„„ ,_ „ ' A» •«•>.'. Ai w^mymw*^?,** .umd,} No. M e*J**tt»»t,AJti-op,.K. X.„» H End \was *ytritnd.~wB.o,iBi . ota fla ti» *»wny:b««»».o<» HMMtfs \ •;„{ tilt *«p*| tJft5«»S»y-t:aKJ&«tt Ipfaoo beside this reUe ottte urn .Aflrou of cedar bto«ikl'fr*«Sb»iio», On^b^iiM'rclww**, J0!|^a^J»S» a£&. ' ' WOQ \twd. , , , «oTOff -.J? *Cv{''rtlT&Cvirt 1^tlS*WTK-*' i „ K. Townro, J^ /_ j j £W>§ *ii f By uaw, and. pnWH^aS^a^rJlw^ and OttASOX A. BODY, •an •HT.t 1 K- A. BENNETT- ••*• Produceassd \Commissi oa ^ItiitcHfOit,-\\- 0fla, at Balivm't 8l*n,Utitorvutef Petto/fct. . DASH PAID JTpIt AI* KM1> 0> *B,OX>TJO* Cha». D. Ropa, Agent, MASS- ilDTWili, jtJIR 1H8. CO. Agent, NIAOABA FIBB INS. CO. I NOTABTWraUoVet.TellttaSBt'afe* tffost O01o«. «t f Flour aiiFewU Flour and Feed Store. . «( .sl.l .'till. ->i Th» beat HOAUttta or WHITE WHEAT FLOUR, KKD WHEAT FLOUR, RYE FLOOR. AND GRAHAM FLOUR (rucked \Wncat Corn Meal, oat Heal, Corn, Oati and anil Feed, n>r s*h> »> tha Lowest ouh rtbM, »t Warren's Flour Store* Slokloa' Block, Baak.Ht., lair AXBIOH\. B\ Y. Thf pagut Owaent -Ucka di»!»ltjit »=<!»** t > It gins me dnun* «f butlei, ud ti« wo« ^ Ofj»omenihiHa:Juiibt« , i4t»ill»»£i-i JJrt-wkeB tnU'CM4»'ortUBjli*«o(«HS#'. ' She 8tM0tB«t«l.l!«B»M»«K*i»tft* »•» And glori«a«Tliloa»J)«»kupoa «y gloom— Th# patleat CJ>^|!» ' *\*\ *\ ~ * ~ \\*\* 'Aid when on children \»t t»»4o«ky! bour.t ,,! h?cv And when the UIT bloBBOM. 0 asm* out n 10'bjft.J\' . . .' . J \/ toil, my dcirt toil! n»y,'deef«it\ l 1 EoT«i»tliat whlohlouUUeat; ' Through the night-time whilst- than sleeput, 8UU LR»teh A»^!°»ui4,«M|. IMMENSE STOCK UF KOUKUJN fu>« UOMBMTIC DRY GOODS! To. b e tiald a t llcdncwl PHec s at tfco New York Store! •i H OBJ ECT IN orpsnwo rnis tHODOKunrr TO TnE TODLIC IB TO CLOSE OUT OUR STOCK, I'ltKVlOOH TO Moving in Our NEW STORE, Roloo'sNow Empire Blook Cor . 1I.U N AN D CANA L HTS . a UNDAUEK * nlto. vm MANHOOti: HOW L08TAND UE8TORBD. Jo»t p«hU*h«d » a*w tdiuoq oi DB. ODLVEB. WKl.L* CKLfcllftATJvD ESSAY oath* radical ««r« \ithottl m*4iBtn«} of SFUULATOKUtOaA, Of 8*mLu! V«akiMu, tarolnaUrr Semlmal Loan , (varxmr, U«nUl and Pbysloal tn«ap***ty, IffipadlmtBtB U» u*.rrta|r>, <*te.j Alto, Oosunrriox, EnutrsT. «ad r'lra tndac*<l by •ajf-lndnlfn— Ox MXWtt «xU*Tt> c »<*•**. rg T Piie«, la a raaj«4 «BT«IOM, onl* a mats. T«« t*cl«brat»d author, la thit arfmurmbU ttn;, d. »r( T (totrtotutrates fron a thirty j**™* pr*cUc«<. thai th« alArvlag cOtUO^Beaoos of a#U*, *t<ti«* ma* be ndiealiy catad wUhovft Ui* daayaroajt qu o/ int.™*! «aa«Ueina or lha apDlioatloa of tka k.ntf«, polntin* oqt a mo4« of cari'at oao» simple, certain and offactoal, bj me»M of Which «Tti7WI- f*r«r, no matter what bit condition HUT b«, mat )dr»dl«fl- _ th» h*o» nib and wvarj man la the Und 8«nt aadtTMit, to »oy addretf, left nlaio Htl«d \Q>*)opA en tb* r»|*fpt of il l ev»ta, or li Alao Tl Addrao tht PablUfaero, •art Urn—tf ehfllplj, piifttelj IBd rtdjcallj. CT\ Thl> Lecture aheald bw 1» tha hands ofvrorT , en tb» r*6ftlpt of il l ev»ta, OT Also Dr. Colffer*,M'l \Utrrteg* Ooiif*' pnet K ceittji Addma tht PabOxfaera, Ch«. J, 0. CUne A Co., I\yl BOTTOTJ, New Totk. p. o. box 4.686 ••^m^^ ^ JEW-S*- &fe ^jgwiw^wiii'Mij 'I'l^.^iwilii iPPiWlikii^^ t*j**l IsHiiTiiii'itih^ -i^«i T ...,.,. . „ il HWltf, \Sr*PrU---- -• -„ lim hungry. 8«n{>W|^J|g^^* \ t tjthe Site ra»ta»r»»t••»:j»«-»?„„,i3 m n«tr thee, IBJ wtf» \M»>J< Near thee, UTeth, r , \JiOit\ 1> no word tea moh a lore •• mint Loto from her pu t to me a promt ginl And lota Itaalf doth, oopfort, making pain dhine. Beit, mr dear, rest. Pair ihofreth , T^lwkro5ir*»,»nd*B4tW«»«Ii< i ; 1 BaoredhaTeT kept. Cod kaawath, TJote'i laat -werde itweto u»-tw»l». •• itold bj ow.pAaii wJltBQWi >«> t S;{ Fall not, bu r rl»i.O lete, bjluaa of mat* iDr(i»iiwina>s*ii(tii«Q(ioiUi »4ter.»n xamlnallon; -- • ...i,n»i •< ,*i« •I toe no pUoe fil,' laid I. \ • iBB. At l»j«W sfj?P«a„ ^ a 'Let me tell-joa t^« Uulb/ h« fer^ce; %nti • Hato wo »re going abng tar»i»4 up onr notes at oyer? »l*boiiio. J I pre>- (hpro la a moat «xoellant odor of atew tl«t tomea from thoic homes, and if yon baVo notohaogtHl tapra tban I wojpight \ eatini-hoate we at well go inlS-tlio-Brst 'tTlTTL IJ 1. k.ll... > -. hjl Doughs from oar cmWta, white with bloom T hangorerl 4 ' ' '! LOTC, now the children \lumber I oome | oatte thee. OBI ITHBBJ1 GOOD DIHHBBB. DY M. AXPH0N8* KAHB- The Cwt. nerer ooald romembtr fioe*. of this power bu plijrod ma tut maoy a sad triok. no daj, happooing to be ID Paris, I man oroaa the itroot with both hisjhandt strotehed oat. Raaatag to moj he qjcipdAiojfjallj,.... '|At last I hawe met you. '\ 'Who oontd m>ko jon beliere that I WM to changed T IJolil Hero we are. Let ni go in.' We entered and woro Iptt^Ued in a WlUllltotVinfj ftl'indfe^pi MtU Mlad and rabbit stow. fVon remember of course what U al- ways understood bolwooo us about tho Haw.' By tho way—WalttrlOVaiter I Briar; Mao Brie ohoetje if you haro it' •Yoa, sir.' My friend rung and oilled again Oh/ said 1, 'it bu rained to-nigbt, sod the roofs aura lUppery. Of ooarno the; oan't oatch tho rabbit. \ 'Tho forfeif, the forfeit I' oriad my unknown frieod. 'But I wsrnea you »EXK*»&-» «r I rWA-» -«^«^J-L-J eror met. The rasa wu totally on. kndwn to mo,—bat theft oatatretohed h»Jds, what did they meaht Yon, toy reaBer, yoo would have it Id,' Pardon mel my dear air, ydu hire probably ratio a mistake oaaooounlof my.reitia.. blatoo to tome one yoo know.' , Burvl rtht mutt bid defiamso to ny memoryiB owls of this kind, sild to mysalf, 'I thill rcooRoiio him u loon M ha apflik>, It jronld bo an ieaall to art th a matt* of a man who njoota yoo wltb ao air of auol joyful friendahip.' I pat oat my h»dds,.snd ha ahook. ihtta Warmly. HoWoTor, my slight. hoilUtioo had not oaojped bis attention, snath k tone a trino loss familiar ha n(d )*• • 'They told me. B y dor frie&d, that yori wore in Paris.' \ ,., ow, thought I, aolew will b« given' mel 'And who told yon?' I asked erahosth. Natoraily enough, I eappoa- ed that ho would givo me tho name of 60«io one of my awn friends, and thos I cotild guess his own. 'jOh,' said he, i t is ono nbom jpa do notjknow,—not OBO of our sot,—» ooun- trylman, and he only know yoa beoauso yotj had boon pointed 6htin the «itredt to I him. But I am kooping you. W|ero arc yon going?' [ was passing, along ibis way in tho bofio of meeting • friend who— Uf it is not a famala friend,' said ho laughing, 'it might not be imymyer for mo; to walk with yon.' {Not at all,' replied I, with a stupid laufeb on my part. ' Ho took my arm, tod ww walked along togsthor, X ell tho timo seeking'bj questions to draw him oat to reveal him- self. 'And what are you doing now?' (Oh, after hesitatingo good while. 1 hafo ondod by ob-dionco to m y father in follow og the career irbioh ho.hed alwayB dreamed uf for mo. My taxto OJ* yon know led to- eriAibcr way, bot ooald I have suooeoJod? Oo tho other bind, by tho plan marked oat by the family\ hare only to got into tho oar and glide easily ovor the tmok, first in partnership wi«h my father. and.then in hiV. placo.. 1 J it is first ratjo' s at present I like it 7017 much.' d aro yon—keeping house, ill as to that I followod my own ind married her whom I ilroidy when—^yoo know.' JAh I a oharming lady.' 'Charming? No, not exactly, bat tt ooqntenanna foil of iotolloot and amiabilc- ty,|and with very aolid quilities.' Novertholees a good msnager is pre ferable for a wife to those girls whu—' That is prooiscly tbe single good qnility whioh she \m», tbe tesolr Of edaoation merely. But aa we Uvo at thq house of oar paronts ray gottf mother has not abdicated tho family thrpno, and yon romombor with wh»t majesty shrwt nponit.W f . , . , JOh, yorf^^n^I-joioeMny^laoglf to his. Then I stopped before a door and Baii'here is where I am'goirig.' - •Binoe ohanoa has thrown as togctli r,| saia\Be\j Hfr^ughtltr/tttSse t>»!tf aaef again. Are yon iu Paris for long?' 1 IMP, d' Aaverirae.' Ab! at No. 15?' 'ye»,-.»nd jon?i. . . . <Qh, I am a t tho same old •All right/ \' 'Now yon mast promise without «e(c •9M and dine with as.' pin place. rnott^xpeaaiTa wipp st tho axpenae of this Eoniitman. 'The best wino, sir f' 'WhateTir b/Mddi enlineet.' Ab, my fine, fellow, you indeed have no memory, anl mako s alip notwithatand, log that I reoailod to you tho agree- jaentaboat no t msking any allusion lq ; Oats in oonneotion 10 rabbit ste hi. bofo- igotbox ao hour ana uawe oeeo Jou who yBTawe* Aod hoWadi a 'No,' oriod L, 'I hatn no memory, »nd 1 am going to giro yoa a terrible ftiaitrilton of eny lots. Hore< •• have heen togothor ao bour and have been addn miliar man! 'Woll 'Woll, abaolntoly I do not know who JOu aro. I do not know you.' t really Oeaaot pretend; ito deseriho the ontrtgsoiiB laughter whioh followed thlstpcooh. My anknown Jtjond, ^hpk. od, turned red with tuffoostion and itampedhts, foot In ijls agony. A l list when ho could get breath he' told his his name- . To toll tho troth bo was an old coftogo ahum with whom my rotations hacj been continued a t inter •als over? aisaaa. But ho had. allowed his beard to grow, had beoomo stout, and theo, aa-f^lamea\ »V r the ^gin- nlog of tho story, I neror aoald remem- ber faoes. Bis ontburst of, tanghte'r had conqnerad 'mo. Wheb\ we liad bocomo a little' calm, tho\waiter oamo to toll as piteouily, 'Oeotlcmen, I sm Tory aorry. 1 was misUken,;. Wo;h>To no stew.' We were t». Mh» mood for laugh ter that this sad news only exoitt-d a now outbreafc. Probably if we bad been told tSaU Paris was in ruins wo should bswet taogbodall the Barco r .-r(l]s)». | glomes on ttie tabic! shook and/riw and teomed to join to tho >;eriariTjrj nhinaiton. •Wult, - -* d I, '«orTO\lno. Tcat^^ 'VVo tiare sent oat for it, but «beTo» bas^uot tctamod.' ' VVc bepin to look at-aaah other with s troubled air. 'Woll, ser*o tbo,Bxioi.ohpe4e«. It is Our fault that wo bavo passed died 'in- folly by\' the ohop-houso whore wo might IIDVO got a stow, and have oome into this; wliteh'tafghfreniirfoT* brJd\ «'# Mother Hat>bard'i oapboard. My friend, wool put, end returning a few tnina'eja •later found me feasting on bread and obocso. 'Step,' *aid ho, 'we »rs.goin& itfJjWS, Sb oxcolleot dinnerf -booaoso^l'* IfST* a OJcmory yorJ 'kOo*r,—1 ^W %ot n .nritohcr aafl^erderhd'two'^011*4* Of }>at lot», which are mkafo''~fn Paris a* fiu* ,whrro clso Tliobatobors alone novo .tho secret o l cooking., tltom, ^od tho professional cooks havd tried in vain! id obtain-ujr^fflthordj^' As fo^ tnwoW tho bcsstdiurjerl'ever mtde. wag oaVi» soo's^rbtlti iif'/iieS p.oHj(0«i,\KoA that diotf«^asfaad,;orer mjj$pj»lifd tho most hVpriy.> inndonoe.'---^ . t ttBo bSirfdtnriot; With.a'.^MM rnid» uame^-»-r 1 otopbbn|j. e»er'luaae, I ropiied, 'ersaM »ri»lieii lie 'sit DOthiag.at all.; but J^ft, cjorjjKag^ect; werffnot soFoitaostess thos»-.iOf yoer dip..er.. 3MY mmti>~to? tm u •fatoPd.!, \•- ; ' a,^,,.. 'No r te1t ABe-fi«ra^ut^^-Stejpihen'a dionof^tr^^i; h^i '^itWa'on*«thiiig. to , 'Afteryaw*\ . Piiul, ray friend, drew from his pock- St ilOOiD..---»,. .. .t, H »i * • ' •••Ki-ttil (Even;' ~~= wail myaftlfof my JUL, .,. r by 1 -eating *>ta»^f.rsfhiodioV ftts <^j a^^'o*of^ik-tioa«»kj«i|le««* •W.-,n*<Mft: aiiiQ Laeardithera-OBithci .«t»f:b»low« JtMU th ... jsJS»t>, luburbt of Parts, thb most oerioajt :dene« ef hi»4atar«at beisg tho as* <:«<Sr,i''l««oa.i r »; wetkt-'dii zitMifl s](V l Maaekia*;--»aarei l a:eottMte»->arl witk«»t'a^i»g;»tie*d-.W M.^MuUtjsv *Jl»«'waa-caayi^:sWttat'of,tt)«i^ eighydntA'of'the:tatt»ra»d:iklr.-»o*ai ptfttBB'etteaiipn toHhrj4»V,^8tepUaa« bortiatoxlotta^himMl/all.taajTaiiisig 1 'wild th* sighVofais adoredfaud^at th e ond ofttno ; iiwrft>t^na»o»i-.eaieoao«d^4a; i^»rk^«or»tr|'sia•'alatst.iiilwsya' emo; o1iti>lti»«4ltp'r^»up!i#A»» catfl«.4fi>i; BWhtg^lltMr. - r »'(lt in* gtvltgitataotW tota^'gilnW'bai'Uttle Wbt»y;-'and ,hoHh««trsEwai'^a«:o.e)ibi«t«'M , iiJOtaer days-aa) ooafdtiiae atuf'.faehool^ where he bad papils; bat,jhe.t¥«tt'ro.:.wai at at lUtoowVfefad bn:I?rida}t belhaditodiae at his'own «notv»«a> Cher's waaiaoaae'-. thing n'tteer ibo«t-~tha»eKainstrai': J a»-c poolallytowarda^hebloieofitkentoatav wb«D\h« had -6iltdutti reaaw «ia pair of gIoveS(rJOi otrtlally. felded wliea he eaaiat oat opihitjAhiitrii too neatly, oleoted^wltbtehenjioali.^aad whea as had treat»dwiU»dnklht:rad. edgaa of hiihai aad tha thread hire sesais- of hU»ost.-.'--J «• ' ••• : \3- » 'Jasl-befot»tltavfaniou dlnnsr took Sltool-'ha had foand t IlitleaJtinyhbetae wborifor afow tttwasha-easld-bajr' av bit of bread»nd'*enio prutts, aad ae roekoatd that inthiawayrro might come to tulahuV tfaV dkjnio? W WKT&Ui were $ two Frl#, *MMfatoll# Thiar.\- ofthe« two 1'rVJij.Stk'.h.n. dlo«d hijpily on bis broad ted prana* ted hating pat on bit Rlotet ant] bought. b> tioket, wont gaily to th e theatro. Old Mujlor't box wu empty. BU tissVt Mlea him. HOWITM tie k'bp«a > 'lb'at they woro only lata, and obotiiboa'thls \hope from act to sot and' icsnt tVtocrio. Thoy did not Ootne. H«'went homo dowocait, disrxrargadt dligtitted with Hie. Tht bext Waal; wu the longest 3 in rHi'life. hut aV last Friday oamo There remained to- tiitn Jilt 'enough\- Bk'onW for\ hut 'theatre tlokti and hi*** frogsl dlhuoi. ' ' He walked 810110; with' fits' hands To hit irouter pocket, fearieg to lo*se bis treaajtre- Just as K6 waS goinoj* ^nto tb« eatlog honaa he had 'bo ooriotity- fd look 4nd sco whtl was tt) be rapro- (outed, ilthongh- Uedotoke %'df Tiimialf had toy o?o for the flat, the* were to'- olhor at tW theatre. Ytt admetitaea 0 found Is this playl tome ilfaaiona to •whltiOjjon ^*njJ5 •amm ygfiffS! tat my potatoes were rai ,. twi'^iMioa.r.swi-; wr f »Wr.^Myjt*«poaio>>i wwet^a, , 1, ftey war* tiger* eag*ft*>ri *j -tiii»w«»-t J r ! * , l*s!»^*4 4, $*!mmmfrmt$& im mmmm * L::~Vt7 S i^, \Aon 'rm'tuni^'iodthW VtjppamWfSir?! iii hihd mo and looked 5 *h^!M avottog girl sit lowing. Bhp mx hrfltHfsaunfin^\ aiid:'; wlltf\**#5 h^ei? _ o>< u r» do.\'!.!.**** faVfog reaohed tho Ball, were ooaanp:. 1,L '' •.-.!.— »k.: r utonis'h\ ! ttii*tet4^.* J »' : 'P'M^tffy%'TTo«sHa»l ofm ^p\ ¥UiVi. W '' fl ' 1 > w ^ s t *\ , ' i '' !, ' \-\i 'But wbcro is ho, then? ho must have Wn.t'»omos«hotsAii . icM l.n- 1 i l - .? Wheyibogsa^to kttotlt- at ,thi,»ao6rft pn| thiaaBdingi-.-\-!Jittlhl^*ilda»to^tln. youig ladyj\dan'^ optnd«i;-!t)i»»i)i iV=l*. V whum they aro pursuing' >Wi i fair * \' IU 'tainted tho thirst I have already ipo? k't\»otUJii-was:slaiOitdtM.! l «i»l! **• IgoBy,' \>» t\4 ' it Ml--?, !• TIM a hw&t •' 'Tha lady g«va:r*a-a glaaaioft-waUr, of which tbe:spiUed«hkltih hor.agita- ({on: jit apptarathat.twoioblmbarsxB ib> landing were empty, It; no--.-bo« \o»Mdr.to my^aemlej. . 3^oy.jtegaqx to. pioek;mQii loudlyj^aj tb«bAooE;,wb.}ph oowti^By hl4.iBjt.nfaoe. ,,).,,« . . 1 'Jion'jlhopon paissigr. at, lgall..po/m}J m« Qrst toenu^^ ftiji BQjahB^' ,, , 'But. air, they will break tho door open, * % . ^W»V'i'tnttn'. , i-* <J .\;\ ', ' •'\'• '8ft. 1 wu^rywouia-gofohl of tMs« pritf 1 »'# - • i JC*i »•' b-.- 'Not bofbro t hard naletf a pbttib/ 8ho bejanto spelk to my pucsursra putside. . •\ . .'Wholfctharalta)-. , 'Optajl'. to . -|»-j •1 do Bol-dpa* tba<ooofi to <ptopla thjtl i% doo'tskaowtt« what do younaot?A 'Upon in tho uamo of tho Ian. We. are piking for a ^hiof.' tj* ^oilitpg tor a uiioi. % iatboilog » MadepjlSollB, I 4m >o 'hrortth,Jtf-g(, t&«Wu|db. 'Y6Uftr:(| ,rpm 1 batbdritiu a Ihlaf oYftliil MtHf>os- !Ab 1' sard-aho, S flttld NeaaluxoJ; 'It Wf 11 their rjiiro lituation ntt'd hpbejeas • lore. So onl o+oning whon the tWolSVers in the drama were called ' bTlopheri arid Medeleins^ thav.twolotpA Ip Uw aur, dienoe wore 'addrosslng to etch 'olhor all the tinder apseobes whioh the ac- tors exchanged o n the ttsge, l Ttat«l«'»»og^!9Pl)»n hippopa* •« look.siitVe.-poBt<»a. Tto letters were larger thsq,aaa«]i,aBdjia feua;d qnoloa- M oxs»lP8tio.o..that, thera was ,io b« ip 'extuwdbar* |ipt«enleiJloa4 ho otttld not, domb^tbi',4liqolefea wpflW b> tW»„ B^t^l,pn^k,.iWt«5°rl; io M't^tjha tjnei of admfssjon.liad bMuraised... Ho oountsd up his jajon- oj- ..JB<& laokji .r.hara tnopoy, onougb,!'.. andt,h<- 4 pu- tjis monriy,bsiok. 'Hbw.. .UokyX ho, .jepw'sd, walking hiekJinifertb-bofmn tho door, 'that 1 road tha blfl before ofttering this gar;' dop pf Bosperidos,.gttardod ^thts mo- aehrby thoao two Mioutj^ft dragpns J' i aaat CWtJ^b u^VUlt^TtJwJ?'' ^®) ifaassiriro^w^l^e^.-v^* '^iSrSlle.™ .._. •l^oi|ir^*)May^»5fcii»|li »' \Sr \V-. it*** |i^o(**Ut*t*»t»4i tMM»s«>J H »sl|l ) Ae)kt 'tMJitm&iU, ttaS: . ... *^#y.l totem* 89* iM-iit, qoVrodup tn^n^arfi&tlU) Davo ioen wicked rlvor Is voi 4wj8ip : MiVbyyd mnoli fiko\ aHolhor,. o;nonr \n\6i!*.* M • c \* 1 'it ebaid^ swear-'?! if.s 1 »s lt sts'tt *»^i?r^f;^ 5 Jatfsd' i yS»-\ partalri'iuiall vTlllaJi.-'* -s w diaooioe „, «\»^gt? '\»b^|l-*hOBsrJ»J IJ Jh«,iU , ihls^n miBwwi, ,WnAbi.vt«tabawati(^ iainuUeija! swW 81 * to'ltW, ... . . :twid>U'>Hli^is(t^^i«al>' t.-,. ..JI_«M. .is L^ Sp^%<#i^^jj*l^|t{> f f JL??!MtW^ •I dtjiis^S. eWiiao* * * id hejIpK^fSltM ; t6oj^h^rp--f^^*-^«- ^ - • * i*™-~.- ut~ •A.-t.^»Ja''3aBsa®a;iaii*4^-«iiW cwr^fa t», mmmm . .„, . J%»!*i|r**aV ..,., .. .„.*| tfertffl''f! i tall and ,lr,«.tlir..tlo»,«^l, T ^JpxQ No Money and N9. t dio^d t^suJA sat kra, eakzy& ih»l tomplir- whej* i„es^,^i'nt,em'plat« my. di»inUy longejc thi!\„u«a»l qu. soooftnt ol the.; 'Mtrajordiutry rgpresentiarjiop.' How lopsjy.* . . ,, , y, ; 'Se went to tho thpafr*. sn.d ffinnd illdeloino there, ilo.folt, to be sure, a gnkwing at the fctoultou, but it was a pl«a surato-»«ffer-,lor bn,, Oo^*you ndtrstaad ihM-f'r • „ . a'StVlsidrSsiU , I <Ldo.' - \ 'KxpUin it to mo,' . r „.jNo it .woul-i bfljttsilois,. .GoioR out of tho thcacto. ,b« exobaogod Jotters, with-hot, -Hia-empty ,stomach kept him awako., aji eight, but what fop- piqota not-to Bleep I Ho read, Iciesed, and re»d,««aiJa thltjpct,qr.j URta^-oaeh, nhkaaf, i igr»uiid!and..^Utltd, Aaoh,. nffd* interpHttdjieT«ry>eouiats,j ho read, it, slleutly, h,e>t:ead it sjoaft,, to ^i^h-.-ik might cnier hie heart by bjth,oye(baud o»ja: s8oi ti»aH,i\jpriPr ^whjoll;Jj«v.dj,d fiol tat.iwas j.-utbu huppiwJ und.. *bp»t in allhU life V .... .... ,. , , ;, \Trtartwas aushortpausoj, thoo Jpnul Ijyg-niu hie -tafot—1 -. , : «^ , \ 'Uoro-ibitjiioiisth tho ; jHory> olibs, •lidrleii on. eOuWj worth of, .potatoes,£p: ,svtiich I owe nil the boppinoes.jof^^Biy Il was n Btadottj,,, 1, Ifed 1K&1' two etlj er'stttdontHiin medliSino ,on.o.t-fi wh«u» wa^nsm,odtli*nl f .ar 1 d.|,UeMtbr*jOli*rl^. •Allthroo at us b .di^iilaibp t^^anbriiit V> «litonriy»«t!?ns. .dn«!»iot>=r«vcnt4» I jretamed :to ^ i<ia««nQn. JoJg»r»gs,; OdrifMd**\*** *''•!«\ J-****. 0km» haAjsiajfld-jajiih L?sul nils, imlo^pne/, th<td)sro,ly Btajfejedtfor, opo,«. p»fT-Ji|d, 6nbbsdi*he)HL Jtctroe. ,, <£#$ u,jF%art I h»rlit»n»lid^od,»IJ^y»esnitt!*^tia 'iiMhj|SepV^tiJ|tb«<i!h m% «BWid»p|b-.-tftf l iidiMt*ia**,» |ofj|efsd th*f9Qjn:j t . f et 'vprbaihair* dt.acdj'iit»si4j.l?*afc J >*'S?{fc CKarJefe ^ i i il ool? frlod potatoes.' P.'Or folio was w»Dt,ol eourio) ihat drova yon to It.' \ • ' • 1 r. •Mademoisella, it i s they who are the Ihlotot.' • UJhoy have eaten a, part of thesbfrii-d -potatoei whioh.belong to mo,and I took Qight la save at leaat my shs'rflot %m^ T.b%,Aro e*Pol ;t -u Damft4behpuor 'o,ta,»:a (Ijeni., JthaaVyon^. but tyoii^wfr], a ploooof bread t, out wubj.honl—i-j ( '^ith p)ca<nrb, but u tho. ooudyiou f Whiohl will rchovo you or mf ptoii v eB«e.' ' 'Tbty are *tlll tlnr'tUo lull ddtibsrat. iog- No»r lhatxi uawvlrtuilly' Itadtty tjiem is making thorfl' belloVe that yew are not here, \what\would ^they'tsy 4t the/taw Jbu pjo frttl^' 1, ^yoa' mask Blnyt'll thef aro ^5rSe> 1 •>««••'« . 'Iseatod tnysolfi tho gKW' raV stfWo^ bfoidandata thru*orVfunr.ipioxj*! lot fried potato* T.hoa-,1 Wld.-llar, tho w'hole.storyj-which mado bor laugh laud iod httrtily. L nWloed..llnt aleewsa very protty. . -j. 1 1 t, . ..1 'To Wjl ibo. tcuth r .thgt n *ss ^hq jio- ginlng of «49»0 whlfihtT •yatt,nion9i. N td to oynseoraic, \/^ jijiariiajjo^ , ,Xh«rji .wp^ost first m»ny objo.ot'oos, but py mothti cnd*tli>y <vmoDttr|g.Jq.i«,o < 4mo soquitotod .»li l h ltao. tilie »a»-»trapK ffom tho first by hjr boiuty aod moii^ ty, aad olierm*a ' y hir tiom-.i, «od Iror lovablwort. T'O'J'th iHrj- sho't RiBO il no* nrv w't\ a nlW» pHf-.-nti 10 (Otfd Of*hir fi« t*f'j lnv.r|.hl 6*rt •, t V frvt|i*-.t mi.| igui qt'that »omtiiim«'tfii)S io tha iosf •nslSk h6ft«ct)0ld# ' 1 \\ ' Ml : , it much' d> »y this tluie^vwan; dark) »nd- lets ahd »U;lh^iigli» Vut«S»iWO.M;iwt l fcoojfc .waa IhfttBlag-aod-'-e.llttle' 'Boy\ran J oulffl and s-wouisn aRfod'Iu tho douriand aik* , *d JjOrrilJo »oeae Jp.i, < Wm ,dU'i . 3 » 'M,Sr«jou^h| he. % cjstgaflWMl that lb-ivo aced thai Wotntn bofpro, and 1 'het'ohiltl , ; buVift/r tll/Wd^W man. Is' vlfy muoW=ilk»^nWMIllr!-- r an'd- Jy- ohlldtonarq a,ll:jvliti*liko»iMH la ,-.'•-;: 1 8o,,«t.h.q mn *,60fl? .WOT^irSttl'W- well fer down. \\? r -' T -\ P \ U! ABdget dc»»ri\bo 1 aid,'!ind ate-st joOdahppir tuo.add uaVsr osdeia long: 'Journey win*,, .place seoi tbi|«l»r*ot?}llBl>taktirA,TifI th'e iotho -alt« tn * 1 \' 4 lyUJi o»ly.-ja**tf>ti ^U^OiUglitj^! \ , mxiiifi aoWSaW^ irXiSOnooi, . Tbp following rnuiriiiio\ouoos of .Airs,, M tdtftn' MtP\l r*?%W qamo/ A-faras; •iitci'of t*o'»-fi=tiia carHeri' rtmidiats o( lbOiUopabliew.nrOiUQt. wltliqatJ Intars W' IV'. » h, fcPX» 0 M «-?» : TJ vl lffl .l .4 , , A-t dlni (took the won'lnvDiiddre mid'dno on rios thobo'ttBtn? •\> BoV>»iistudry Wv W (r.i0d'tbs,tiSheaio<tr\fur3qt'»|uamui3apd woui4oddro»»4i*j ! !» »|hor.,gu;o.sH,..jyioS II* the W krtownlhdnf fbr Wrs, Slie twal'Hllfi^fiW'Wraieg'Wmarr In the drawldgsroom'. r >- Qoffitajslypand <Turiu-Uk4-flga».toif«rid.flb4»e;th«,r<et ••fibAlsdJ • \ mmmwwsssm oiV'tkeaforloM «.Miorx TJ^MjHloltilaoa^^ J » i taq 1 t¥d«t%B\W tr^#hJtl ! oPi ( III •dyar^gtrt«iol«noijdij|d i s h^mit B .Hv« m**,\\x B f s **>M n ' I rometnbor tho kltuBrinipitteTnt kit; , UfKP .. »*iJS9»iiI edt Io J«sgta aii ffi 3Sfc*»V&&&$% it »»«l^h^*^t*^lfll|rtWN J *^^|•' mm> (TSIBSRSU * .tt^MstK itretaatM«« Mlkicitay t®! . 1 -*!'. 1 . '?ii i'^aaVSTrttall •l$ m * XymMomfi N^ri^Wr^ajst«iii|i;lT t«rf y * Q7thr«'Sftl«\wKen J hol'd*^b. jd '^' ,d M iA ^^' U , ^ !\\{ i-jhsw _ tadl' ,!dl.corer ttruotur.l ,,,d : iW&Trt^?7.\J^a^^SL^KL^t ,. loltllObH3AL*'A»iDiMr»Atfci«»i:«i •B an t 1: ••jr,-., -\j-'~-i •—1.»** v.h«,«owta«tar» atattteekeCtttrSfwtial! r .doMlght 3 Vak' kf^F , Mla4trit|ai.Mi » ,ttt.K3t vjr 110 ttWIja n«li*««''He ( f« otltniDy^la'Ctf oiily tsirtbrcd itos-vtfti s V. Hle^leMw* ' most MS !t#*«!lllK«a>iU»-' 10 freo from l( jjaio:iiiproat!eaae,ii-rfAtiob»a£!hor;Trn>, Io U frtle- i! 1ioddn ,l «rea ' H - K ....... - -• - ^Soor t&«f-t»slHBl3 stir Kayp'. A real Arab ,a'ped 0 p' t! tp}tn 1 \frol v nV8 rf nu»lrKf pot|ndwt TIlftnamioniyji'sri'.AriiDd, end^tea^muttaelthjr blil^Wikjsk^ar «*' IOllB»H)J^l|»^A^«r04Sai»A *>\ C--.1 « U7-J OVtitaA%*A:i^aT»WrJsii; iW-'-i like a fixturo for half^rrtioor, and-ftnal- moydlf a releWUnrJ'oi 'flitflecMia' <fr* fy ventowd'to nks> » <iup ofsMrT»».^iyirfoai?for'»Kliiutir«oya4il^^ wltioh 11 iS«i? A ahun,i!ie£ 1 cq.stoii| c fe>,,hiDll ; •\•^fti. $**• 8»'\» o .i ? ' Hm/s*? esi iiutlcod i\» ciuhairnssTmnt, and 090 iihed to Ti.1ie»W , *flli6 3 'Wlfeu*' I n> und Hdurd's^d-'^iffi 'Tho peorSyosttrf a.toundoJndropp d 1I10 nucer. 00 .1I1O **( into (that no <me 010 avoid boln^ w Josir*d'' Xho sorvaot willTWBg'ylouTinbthrir Oup of eoffoff 'Pray' b#did'\ ydh lohva yuohoi»ll!oii>t.4novh«r M M«sbad «noo Inold'en'TtUleTj'ibero'ltfcS a'Matr oV to*J»«Bftr rf, kno^iDgJ,»r,,fbut fc^aw • Now Jorry bid it M d Ml, , ^..^j« dfli^Sf lu«f Worry's Journby 1 , BY UEItACUTUHgilEV. dsy he drore'e rilgi1ir 4 ter|be vilttgtrl^ , , , iUlltto'M'nih^toftMrln. i ! \. f blr>ol Atldlu bS Oafllb td'b'6a>'df Ipo toil ,el gfeat that a adfioio general bad won a balirofa'Bd'Metih ' 0dk'P W 1 ,\ _ *\ •'• -30' :•< i .by'tho Quern 'NosrfdWu'o'c' hajspenito roe,' tbbH Fnrflior^Jorry, 'titif n 8vor will, while'l live in this- poor bdls-ofri otae, ^ I arte tired Wit! Herri I hs»e , outoflB'uboso the oOWj oho pig, o'no^wl'o, on« oliildii »o^-6rio d*e«nl%tikt ^Vb* ^kodwe'itdw.|s» Wti saidi I^jlAtlog rnydiBner, gift. ma.f)dt> ssJiusg t/A said »»» «< Ji» <; ailfteJIagoa^ Witn ypjii Mw* «»•' dwradftiHr rtltSKyi tnicft .iscffl aiiif or-'* i-s-raw? i;.«4 •-T!h»»'« tMsaritirfio^lifciiitohff^o 10 lb» pomp.' ,&liia >as« ircyflMtrao oi s m^fc, gjs» u B.-*»M ' ^bilSAWisnd! oC-JiSiJ^^l^f, nri'ro.'^HboBei; it «Wanr\WV«61t Inl|»il»fd1f rJfttBlnn/flttJ-'urrtllt'JlfcoV h JoaWjoartioy-iBfTthoi dekorlifiwheu ikel**\ *u learn 1 Mian fioasiiGathorineJcihri ^o,*wbd. heaaruejKtoBi w<fo.!r,Of»Johit, 1 nt*»to fcna iwB^^fJnV'ca.«i«W W<i) •;,:-H'tiim pi t «oi*£iifi't« fewwo- O\ aihf lef J*IK*I . r.l i to «4» b?feJ toJ J f»lv I hftt ojf jjatv o - *- jsa»* Bl leg B ., I has ,hoil 'ii® .iii Lo ,ii,g si.'Sf to t*pUi raiH amsrota ^TEISR fiSff See ..OppHea'tiNw^BB^.^Wisk Vrftiil wo- tusaarflw <j!p CK*rft«bfoxa A<ma^»te'a,J'rtawtwtWT«\ilWi , t ( . jf 1,^.^ ^m^arr«it''iu' ^,-jid t's«j« otru 4«sTs$'|i'$i3h*!fl long;£Jo«moy:iB|tlbo. aeieUiftwWB) bk eft'kg cfelajtai to«|d,bo w«JI.»ei!#»i 1 'lSl^r«a W -e*-r- W -, ^ joi rt-4 saw 60* Jfciv e<4 t?rp3fiS..t haul swvn l^ Kt ^f r ^ssoll>rwi! !, ^s&o &!*> m»ko\wss~lJe ,o¥]y'T6nr5 t6^J«'M*\VK51 \ \--.« »dj '•' f^B'»«a;w3Jsi»4lJt!a k , .sate Will? •*ir%r erFuififttlf % V J •\ ^HS,i>il M .tii.**^^ tlfdrou|h%r8tl J A'rW HWtS^lleriiPb-ir' ^V'r.l',' VIeV SHP^J3a?^^ , 3 B, 13HiB of the ttaatrft rhaPl-dottbnf itefw^ mKltfurt&ffflM^tffl&tMAim* go tQ ; K« g isr t (i 5 ^-vW«^ft'4 I ilfutwto ,«, |Jlhal*V^o6^ta.^!r , j^||Kr4S5i^ \~ mmk,W^ifflo$^i%W s f tgpoDinioxtarwntataaiblUoa,:;-^^ of Bna»orTiif'o%o«o1 lJ -'tr 1 St oIS#bi*itIW%«= 1\' | .^joeO^ #tt*»^»W^ ^Stoont flo*roM in shape and huo. Its blotatlBa* irti ti •^\feS^^M\^ fe, loam oriNtwii. of j»-wjaB.y*d*^^ w tfXfsSi^l^ISS lOUt! ;Ih [trre^Mk# Uf»i Ardbla^ltjiai- „„ idiiMqieynnpojOTj _ io(j 06rhpllt«ly*a*ay ifrtfo iVo«»temVlbV (liiwor is blown awny tt last from the ttst,nrj*'jnd.ge»o ri ajBob|o, aptt. ,«arry, ,„ tVBDB,J»de>Md lf,T<>k & |ipaUeev r ,.M igf ™„ Bt ™,„™.. no «ood;,lM.ok,«yeMojneAto f me be«A. M OT n «i^feHS?8|i}tfe ,. H»to*.|tuAr*i4»^^ ... .... 'Arcynu^trl^ fi.%%^, «* t* ^fesjfSl^pi ^mf 0 m^hhM^M $!$$& flij! «Jd,,bfa.f fts} borie r tesf e¥e0Abibg5 : »i #Jjb.'„ ,..,.55 f , fed o-j-. H;,.-.. -iBi - A.t tbg^biro/ift tbj*/,.pt>Pt< rrrfo b.Br*^ ilto tears. .,,«., fowls-. •a^jdtBMthe r tJ , 7 n ^„ob.r«»W«» a i/J^wit^li.^i t *^^^ B)s,nyi nUgtit tilfoif f wertbtonlynli* '** pmoh «h# waaye«e^*it«»eH»«fly fL, |B j f a». j a.» jJ t 0 | 2 | n ^ f ^^t..^. rhst'wobdelfuriiot.doa/town?'• ^ t .*i*iBors, <mw^^^ M^Mllimkm M*^^^^ -^ l , 'WttH it*tiie»matt«r'wiibyoi*, (firry?;«|>h»»\««oo- -Tr\**rr c tolfbasoTl Stked^U^ffolwhotthBweBt homHto' ^ U'\™ ^ t'-tAa^.Vl.^a^yvAlUtAq ' - - irts^4ifi^jbjk'<Jfa ntau lii{iia%» aatei jftl W. ... ._, 1 a ,, i.ata'ss pr^mM® I? 6 r - ; ^.-S^ ;?>'.?, -acatenti «• \wW?. TS?\**\ •,'iS.'i

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