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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, January 26, 1869, Image 3

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im^mmm •lioiKawjiajf. iter. of,^».l»w4<'(4 sores, in Burro Cent] .toom*^tt^^«fB»,*<Mra<i > to Mr. Bo wen, \for Ift • Jjir »«tt. .sS@iHPlp«ieNl « pl&rfeVCiiiVj^'' * grejit deal of Intereit in its ratetlogi, i»X« »aa«4,Uftentltmlomofthe original01 ginixHion. Thar into i4<Ua rj WM1M», ooniijting ojS6I».eig'iSg* «4Ued by kgMfltwI^ii^rfwa.M^ before (kp iqeeilnfjwerjr jaWMcltt* Thefe wxt »e.tia f : wSP^li8^ttrA,<| the *T«R\|6SSrai^M^'WH-H • J mg ^jto^witopj.^o »a to make U noit to im f sliNtPfl* Iwiera to got into tjielr gf|felS|»r^HvUnd Umber, anil «» pl»oe>, to \keep the pot boiling.\ Tan, , diiapnearwHro^enr li»VirUKw«»lf»?ftk •amber, tad f.ndln£ themsehei Hmember- T«i Sditor'e oE«e hour! will be ftdm to fiTt, r. « • Order*»l»r^Jbt>ii >*a»etti<q- Fo* boiiBMi. pnrpTWeiMWl^ofiisririjl ooqtijiue (a be ooadooted under the nan* of C^5yB»«c»-*««ouY*e--wnioli title. a}fc oommunioeU^iiii iBlended for the RarcBtj ''•'TT \ OAK me; TH» Roohwttr Union regards the Inoomb •«a&«ift[ fip4w win to be returned io March end April laolod* nothlnj since January lg t i and the oppoj }emj DebMior vexed qo Of oourii quutloa whlol here only two ildee, »u diioonred l*r show. It is rappoeed not to here been s.iUe^deflaajeJjil fed / .' -, j.. u f | We received, this morning, • Yiill from fcOtS ilwJtC^df JP^fclPtSrtJHSKfSf rein who Hood for a surprliad minute Id Mu *> WftAW^.^\Vft 0 \- ,s \ polite to laugh, bat with en exf WKP^ expreieloi, worli, anion, eoml •• Oh. Water**** R»l>» *ou.4 «•• Not et Adler ft Co.'e Glothin| House earely, ee there le e> eooatent ruth to the estsblUhmint'froilj' \dawn to dewy eve.' For tblethe proprietors elooe ere to blemej Whet with their oonatant adrertlslnjv-eact! the promlie to ni l lb* bolt Hook of cloth.) I»I WMI#\ri!. terPf«l8lshj»ri«. thej here eueoeodeti In leonrtng e large] end always tocreaeing llao of ctutnm. who lUluheta-wllUaUtrw^.., • Paajriea Item, . -ifdffer. ^iaili' Soln^out of if.f, Though itill eretlT- gtfnerelijr Wirt), thejt axe no longer 0^p.li4eKexldndupDnilble, eael manj ledlee of eoknaerled^ed teite dUoarol them, the ieTofile. «oller le aVerjr'meij one. ( — Round hets ere eaid to be worn ad longer, in Parle, for anylblng exoept oonv inon oeouioae. 'J3u(.TierfeibJoii Ij (eo eon hie, side of th Im.vH th taelee of •Urre.Eerlt »itiili eennot he oon oeded to t^e beP n eW Tenient to lose fi\Tgrjrn water^abd-thei^i-^Si SaVe beep made dgilag POIIMI heiai? 8et«f«l etreeflTiaVB the poet neek, for a. report of whfoli waf are Indebted to Offioei; Jieee. —Charles Powell, for robbfeg the. cellar of Prank UTelandj&oiMftO, lha, jenjreTJllJ »W for 10Q 4ej|J ' ^oc:^ 1 * -i* *• k * ec »I TEiUUna a Pm»cr. w> tbiaks bo can do better then anotberv-vft iting a country paper, at least, is not eaa; The ol$MtbrllaVfar^roider range 4f subjects, allowing greater freedom of treal me4^ W j'P3tf^p>t*a»jjJja«l»ter {r tb il i ^&&im,mmm ** *»«• ly may be quite out of plaoe in the columns of lie coantry contemporary ; and the re- wifir orlllBrirjf'iTiiblo wbtob i f *9'^«t1t?- able feature of tho former, lakes u p quite t«K»K4h'oAttlllolrcu;sj»(!ribed epaco of tb,e Utlerpa'ttd>lepp'e11ii;to'-fho taates oTSVtob small a proportion vt ita readers The eounfry edifor'muef'witnold his fiinattfoj, among the variety he eeleota from. Her* is *o ezqaUUenocEi which makes his heart beat audwTpitHie^rJbiSe^ Ho longs to fo), bis pleasure la whioh he would falp share with hie fxltndju B e may Tcnturo on«e in a way. but let him pause to think i I^^WMe^oi^JeW^df iifa&drediw* • -~- > * ' «-i.-. -«»> t J *irIeiB}MUJ* SoSSlry edTtor 'ei»Quid.*jr6 k man of not too faatidldus-TeflDement; W'of misfortune of its poiseealon ; with amia- bility .whtoh will not seur-wltha ranch f»u|t flnathir\Self:«sfeefe •j'biqioleB.j •linear aaeers witb composure , etoiclsm anougp lo8e'tp*nISrfr(SnlNt1i > cIn'g' 8 e\? iBo'-lmpuiaj. tlon of half the sins In the Jlcaloguo ; tbb Ste i\\K'M fil»t!(.'j*oJw;feoiie>,.' UJ&i&y, jnagmte^lgenlallty\ In Sne»'en'all^h '-* Tua raula and rosr of a large, family Is aometblng wonderful, and calculated te of .oholcriOv.UmpersnieDij ,Eor jurropt f eoBKUftlt Uplff^iKCna-. tph/Jtf ISrJp. lery in full play Dut dont got out of pat tinoo, motherjg^W^ijtjk'eland It\ If you don't* Theso boys will eoou eoougU ceeatsf^ex.wh^levand SfJUb a^sjtanip nd iraol ok JH baTO^Tor breltrfut neit^toornlngVlo plague &S^ 1 *l*ti5'* 1 lrl»fc>>p4aoijj iJ tail33lSn ] 'wnnQnglooitioisto tee Ihls g\a>;U^e jgW deaojn^ahd ikipploKabfetKliliaithe , j«ajvilia\t~ often eonoya yon ww) «w l i^» most urgent H>4 u£te°Mo.oaWe oC, preojoue babies-will soon eoeugh caaie.to' c,o*XrsUd «irjr, and- amile, itsd make> llttle^erordleJa alrength Uow ' Well, Ui» years hurry by, and Tfnio will put an end lo U all If e e eweelWMhisrls^reaiM^la^mooih. i, does not lei! the tale of anafAir'i [n- ,t«j;fercboe..'.So \he-kind\ in.yenr. borsai. Tor ilfati\brief eftd time «eji*tfiV\wlh lagging wings. -\ • • T» • lauxT-Uie, • fteajtul KBX aoi,t wide awake otllie Aunrioan i?ag»llDes^>- anBenae>a> th»t;iOa»rlet» rtekdBj'af.illii'i*., tbegreaie&nartofthe.yeatt ^Ik*«MI|£|{.l >y ofcruidsanjaadteylet/ij and ^ejtlaitt, gxiBsiby arTiblejjr' ,0^b (c»furej)f. Uils Osg- f'^JR*!.?.\ \\ L \-• ' ' mEBMofthej Counljf Court, and Court of •sL Sessions of Qrleina bounty, it do hereby appoint four terras of the County Court, and two fermj of the Ccurt o f Se|- A term of the County Court and Court of Sesalona, to b e bold et the Court Hornet io Albion on the second Monday of March next, with a Petit ^ury. A term of tbet County Court on tho third • - - - - i- nr -i v< **•-* -*i rff- - *^1 TiTtrr r • N^dka £onday« Juno next, for ^.*%0g$^ <%%$^% <^jf ^^USjkW^SlSAX. & A term of the Codniy Court and Oottrt of For lll « 'exie, cf the best Qeriuia and Italian mauufaolure, A term of tb o County Court 5a tbo seo- ''!' EteMi%m$&8SEftS: -An unfortUdat.? *m$BpQB& was eenlenced to-thw^werkionseffor-allke period. . - -.- , ^i,*r^'\i. -Officer. 8l()BS ; t»^»l^rMl«4>fc r 7o brother. Wt5®3^fflp7M-'?artlt ooQcorDwj In tbfl tjtore robberies. bat there being no^ldpaQe^-i^nil ^ lta < '^ fl y were diicharfisd. —Laet eyfSTnjflwo persona named Slo- an wore artcllf'iraSvensploioutf' characters,, a»d are-now>ia<1*ll- »»irfti«f elimination. BnralaiTk _ '^.^^a mb •' ~ ?rye waa'openid>to tsfa4raeu6p , '-tbrbui>>- yes of Wd^, ^na»l»o|ri' Tl.lblo\ that S 'tore bad hec.n, cn^gre^upng the night \JMnwelcome tlaltortr v|( •\rarthet th> -it was \-dismavered that 'Some persoM*^ torced*o.enlra»,f»l.lne rear of tho sW» bjr - t^otp^fat cellaf .who dow,Tiiitn,,, p'oj.irigiiip \the -Italra t**a door which ^f'^m 'o?eje>l„and freeac\ oes« to all partiBf-jheatoteobUhitd. Thi. rnonej ^rowir^at fatiaa.tyiBg'eb the4«rr at some dje^tice-Trpin- ifM^nao'e, with .(bar conlcnle,-to the amonat of ten dnllnrj, in postal onrrenoy and pennies, abetracted therefrom. After rummaging about tbe etoro, and without appropriating anything in tbe boojt^and drug linp^the fobbera.jjo donbt we^ their way-^bloln g et ^i|*!r good ° ot \W ww for a \Miiiin^ TI,II w&sfjtiifl to the grooMy etoro nt Andrew Wnll. \\^'S enlranoo was effected 10 1 ho collar through a windo.ir. »bd With thoald of. evvorow-har.tho .trap- door opening iotd 1Ua back r|o - S- , P n'bJo J .tore war pried opnn.^nd all lb« ^J things {ho 6Je.r£ J Va«r3a**ae. then vritbia reaqtr. ,f«leafn'tHat op^ar^^lljfyio.?. larB in grooortersnd-taohey woJ'npprDftli ateii by the thlerea. No traocs oould \us disooToredaMo jr£o ( th« rogucj.jrorejiind. ee yet we'beyeTe.rio blue has .been obt atned to fheir whefeiiootts. Mneie, LiUratnroTiha Fashlq»- tt is WW only devoted to lin^Wt^buifs'sUijlflnpe tntng. it promises its' snbacrihors 62 •n>gni6oent.(iolorea. Fashion nlltcS'ami OS pa. terns durftf^Eo j=ea-r, tttlo 2<j ots. a number. Set tt&lL ''\•*< > ' . tf Magailne. ^eaide Ibo weekly edition, it will appear in,mont>My-i»rti,<tfS«oo\ntonts « wtiieh w|ll oomjris?tho«e^fjhe,pr»ti- ons four numheWB. Ttexdabnart tttiSoe*! lies before tf»f«nd'ta*a«at>a Vflffi?l0d, *f* Ubno.tlylaf^e tlof ot^bXre^etBllle papora. To oureelves, and to most otbore we bemj«.;tMb^,t*-dc,Reda!lS read- log any production, is greatly enhanced by our knowledge of tta authoiahip ; and ^P.^H*?* '*• ^'PW.iP * -P'MSjOf wrlijo fltoce fresh, free, and nnoenvenuomUiHan those of any other \merieao publieatld^l »nd not sneak homo with ft bottle qf* Bit- tern •;»»i'4brd.ir>a)M'pfVl5n'd'that 1 U 1. m«dioino. If he wants a lonio that is bet- ter than * temporary stlmuTsnVno should get r bonis of PeTUviaa Syrup ^ao Iran <I^ra)««t^ilWUlimltt4Tebff 4tr3- glfte durable steengtb to the aystom. -^P^liOK'e !u>.(jttSj: SalFfJaSilosilir tba^itodltsi M«ithle»i-i»Tt!y S9 IPy*Ar. I t contains a Hue sled engraving. Double Fashion Plate &c , Tho etorieo are of tho beat. JoJrappBaTa 0aTAaf7<Sinta P. To wnreWr-%od ; olters : aWrtgwaf \Son t r i b ulors, Addreist'berles. J. 'PeUn-aon;. |0B Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa. OfiJOTowWoC Wi5?a^bW; V tia , rm\ng monthly TJuW hdt ebnfifne i pieaV d cal of 6 intei B «« r*r dos, Wheat-perka, -SJLafd'S! •<-•-\•—'\•\' 1 Oatenj, .'• - 1.M retatoss, \ M Apples, « JS Oeaes, « »Ial.M Oorn • « w 1' CherrleeV V ** * Plaaie, V.'.< 11 lOumSts, »« » Beep-bin » Ce>],L>ht(kt»ttaMI^ \i Sorauten,\ too \ *«. \ »» ,Sto«, ' \sjisaJ.to Oki.UmtiHrtoa, *»,0< Bttaaiiaeas, « SI.8.00 STo^»e*'eori, J«|«oa SgiaSte 6 afTrtf aury. Jons Q. 8iWisn, Coui Dated, ALUIOS, J«D. 31et, 1868. 18TO, LIFE rUKJE AND MARINE m*$m&Ttf\^- SKCURITY—Marino, $1,800,000 NATIONAL LIFE, D. S. A., 1,500,000 sfiHEsswct saw WEBTCIIEBTKB—Fire, 490,000 «55,04O,OO0 AI • 8p«Ul Actrat at lbi BATIOXAL. Um Inu - RAXCB COMraVXT, U S, A ,1 »•» pt«fAT«d to f\V %ti the. motiani forma o f Life rollilt. »t KaUtlj OXE-TIIIRD LBHS zyr* -ji* 1 l*il*\ V«JI t-fijt-tti^. - -^ teas Thai) u Charged ly th* Dividend, Noli, ,;t. Infacit^B'ieriibu^'CemplitatiOh ^air ,..iW ItirfiftAi te«^ \J 0J «CO<ji<! WiSeli f t»«\i\ OOl o ! g*.6,x*$$Mn*. ^ .t r,„y • ..,^poQi»l; A««(ft»s ITRDOGLiEl auiel P. T. Wrltln V; btsitlf, IatiML 89 »l«g»nt Full Pagi It tmireeflaJTarty Tean.Rteolleetiaaa c( ata Ia n IJr«V»««f«*»»fr4»taW«*ir\ akoeataa, >li (all Can be conroij£d atahfl DNMiU , BJMI HWIM^I;. 'n- DiTaVL Jkoaarj w UKDINA, U»dla» lion., JeYDaar* t.oCKPOItr. Ansortcan IlnUI, Toejaed»w th* *«h of JtonAry fetxl tiesttarxta,*. tb* S9tt> of J±m*trj, BUTFALO.N V . PilrjclMl oa M H«. &04 fTmnk- Sla iM. two tloon >>»•• Alltn Blrttl Tbnaa a\fft*t»tl trtti dlgf uat of tb« Laa~(B •f th* Unr *r itldBeri, tniMtaution*, RiltamiiUitii. ItQiBtt, dhartatia of Dr».1 emit Br**tblit. t>T»p-'HU, f<*r«jiui« u 0 DobUitj, lulIitfMii . LOM of A»MtIU 1 Uo*,<)*t»at(«naat*_of uanomaea, QlQlomi Ore\T«l, Rcnifav\ •»i>fMoe*M Hi* fatoeiUrt>» ^4J0 «SUt' 1 t^p CURE FOR CONSUMPTION What tho Doators Say. AUG* WontLBT, M D t of e\aariatko CoQBtr IoJ1- atna, »*j« • far Uir*** fttm rajt t tta«v nat>d Alter) • Lou a naiaam «it»>naiTitIf la my prartlc*, *»«] I am aatlaRaxi tbar* la DO b«tt«r ra*dte:na far loDf ClmrmBt ID n«-.* •!^twl?tti^^ It In tnjr dafb praatle* R^l With Qnoot>ndi<0 aneawta. Aa t o osptctqraqtjt la olaait'cal r*m*t)l«4 *)f*t>t tot iba rar* of all dlaeaaft nit as merit*, wha-i th«j u j about Mrs, W. W. WILLIAMS, H AS tfao nleaxnraof i&aaaaviDf to her fHetsd*, and Ui* HtHeM of Albion aodTtdnftr, that barinff fotll!<i Hiss Sm^iMum if CiitwitifT TrKBIOIlTO ALU OTHUI' she t,,. p 0 4v«i-^iV^bt'f>ri r Bt.^W ntdjpg t+n»BaoootIriat6 i mntpt tb^ designed\ ereei a-adTni r«pt ib.e_gUM .f^rcaJejcs for which it is Bsigned\ But tho old folks arestacaEcr tQ^aSEaSTany, liedne OiU,U \iolcoSc visitor everywhere. _$2 a yean—rXJoknor ,rgl! llirTI.B CospoaAC-s-Sure, criep4r/d brilliant. AB ueuui, fall of alt^ tbe- With juices of Voting Amorioan lifo No boy or srtrl should bo without it. Tubliehed oi one dollar a year ' nh^ogo.411 \ >n it n w ,.'»par«<t !•• »f M h It to thoea ladies who Bm! it tarMkbiii to e « tbnir own ud tbcfr chtldr»n'a Aulas Ruosi IS BoTOklt Uiucx DASK &f 33fn4 Boot AftftSe Sftfttf, Removed to Royce'a Dlock, • • 'No; 64 mi* fftKt.tr . r w 1 p . trraan and meAau Clocl<«, .large Maotlsasi til 9S .wlssfi ,8jj»>»lua ->-.'**i8 .tatB^jTiaa}*-Ifcloa stall a^PaVJ^1J^«0:a«K • ^iLi^ir M» «^ptv9^^aUV3aSlaUlaaal^L, »ateO ,fn(4«o0 Ni^H. t a4|^^Wirii§^ e anoot|@ iwliR «o9 Coni!ia«t «rPint, Bar liatt, |jf |/ Q JJ M ' y & ,., ».,„„, Sc t»„^,.-to VIOIJNS. aUITARS: STRINGS §!i|^D«H^ ayowt aronaa aetrnlef very leverelyrroBlsaitiii, OaTbnreday •heeatledtoirittwotttore fur a frieoa and Uira autxl how tea two eke had atosoai had nUeveo btr ImnwlJau: tlitm oo, aad eared ber' ileg pala la her back eaiii»—,. otthelaatvTtUi ja»*V r 't4el«i»s,a»i V *+\ ijjAuuMti •ji-\iv i;> hi'..j<nua cjjMa .ui terw^wava^M liBik !•• wueArM w> oea. - -We <M eynr ibrjeaae :a> « Xl ainttrfxCO,! if . _., , reaUsseila tte tosa of Bar- \i llth day ef Pmaiaer A D JOtttt A. MILl.Klt, t.Muior Stfg > C*lorro»l.-MeUes Ii hi I to law, te.aU ptieoaa ha«[ rTraeiale,iataeftki towau _ aaaaatitauef MewYoik, ileoeaaaii: aelndtoaxhleltthaeaaie, wttktae 4 to the aabeeilier, tbe adaitalatrater, , ibaiusa udeietua alike aWweaealfc B A W.THUMbLK, AdaUalatrater. e af Oalate, a a|auua Jobs rroetor, lata , eWesiisd, tkst Uieyara laired taeialatlUeeane, with ki vaschera There. of, to the eaaaerthers, the eifiateraef the taat wUI bereratk.tlUoayef'alyAOllS*. 7 I refSjiiUlu'? t. l eo M-.^vW^tfl'jygj^jjU\ l- -.nimtidsM b.,n-tt., if.\ irjfj,jJ.oio' XT* srfj ,.;. •»(».. iraao ni t^tirirtii that tkaj ate retUHU*!* eiklUt tie easte atih/tha vaaekea taereer, te Ike aakaetnier, the Kieeutor of 3ADTWA1 •, _ S i hlVnaratl6VJiUai7 faFalr af Ua throat aa4 laat*. aad I tttl tt * » 4al>favaul .(,-.. \twiMii- •»-*'\»D-*«i rr..^t!.^ y ^^«^'4?^^^* ?g ^'-1- ^ \• UKUOB8 (IF XOWXn. Aaantlemaa oaa Debility, P jettlft.U.dl.cjiftaiai,, >»W , *'\«Jti»l»X»T and dlreetlena for' rnakiat the almpl* « ta Barfnt eoatileace, JullM It, OGDEN, «lj. Mo eaqciHritri|et,Newyort Atcathlj) •v^a .dqJilH to jlfoteaia foa «»*«SI , aw J r%\H^M^eJ«a>a&a4iSta'i«lMSalth'ln \ lelwTOa^SM aad Uutdread \-**-' aStUisofa-'ti S«i» wke.K^S.rti eert,Uooui«l (frwof Amtghbttoa olraoui forpriperlai sod oilnilhe airne, nhlih they Will ta* a eure eoie for Con.umpiion, Aitbnia, piooe$|. Us, ate, he ohleet ol the atl'eillter lo ttndlo. 11| rrseeript o U to t,a.at the •«l ! l.d, and spread (,i^ re.rp.aUpa which b. cetcetvu to be Hmluabl.; a d hs kepi) ir.rj ,offi, r , ,u i „j,!,(, nt „ tJ< THE OLD AND BSBPONSIBfiS' t;;i tA tl»l f li , f|> p-\'^'C^j>'*ty>;cy c ' l; '! ' j'-rAOIfAtlaWafihiiieisliipaiiot^flis^fcij^ B«»- KDWAltl) At^rrjjbjl, 3 #^ii7sTO««jMfiiW»«(l,»hjw* WT? ,,, ta u etaolcsoi'i liiJglil twll? 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BEKBB, Travelling Agent, BooH«ti»,<»'» W !B»tiw«e£J«l \the'mo.t «%£ rapt haok oat, 10/no orderad th* oral rnonff a, ' \ tad a $5.00 ouHlt tit; t.j ei.lai I'AJtll ALEE 4 CO ltllsg_. , ._ _ grate can eaear* fleI4 aad a 92,00 ouHlt tit; t>< ttlngtalioul aad adsreMag I'AJtll ALEE 4 cr' bUataes, Phlla, tt^ aad Kldilsiowa, (Jeaa, (!anos, _ _ iu -atoftio, fur CASlr-'l •.hafiT I . *12 halWnSIifttJ^, firnJ^-iftf^p j-lJ.W^^ «*, •ccoTifl/t.CvB'IraUBfliicdT MfoU iW? -mtilt-^ rjfjf'<nta*^5t* ^urfdi! «• EVorythlngBOlci/Without , , <i*tft»T is # ,*^<ef« •)'T^*f'1 ^»r-fJQ trjtt^r^^a^£ll^Ar.rrJd Pran-luina. an I to !XC&>4<<K «f Itttmil p*ynJ»nl ~ j>e*^ill*f 0 | lt)e) LUJII^BIII^ •vavae lap UVIIHI HUfVCJ* j \\ ^aa^H o,o \* ,B - , - CMB ^ Y OI '•'/Jfel'-tfP'M' r rfcilrtly iruraflKot WMfc pjfsnni tnaml ln»i. 1 ™arit5St« t ttie<rV,l?i awllL ,, Ooart, or whs h 'f «»^»:»t*;laeU iBIlSr 1 * 3 N/« Y ni'Ntl AIBN wit »• DONT. 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