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Orleans Republican. (Albion, N.Y.) 1829-1943, January 26, 1869, Image 2

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Uriel eon- i>, S*».«iio'~bmrra[d toj iM .wWftiption llTtf Hflf WriFy .Wltk^t.fcm^iJ^ef 0,<>. ; Bsaoh Joo I He Mt forth rtat tb*Ui |khetiP«plfr, «wnplkirf»lth-JJJ ;wKiwNVti«r.b/4wti.d*i<i r egeiof • ftwAi* *i,»4«fin(ltnt state.; Esy^iLft»jf* to Mfilj, EiiiifiiJJisi*; made up in in ttijojlty, of auab fane*j Of, el^W'VMliied.'tna ltd floitb put' ^ fiaU^Vr : .««< *&2 «Ww «•»***• ** -A*.***.** 1 —d^jf^irJlfk'jhare * tjljfttr- ._ i ._^_»»»' tain biff gon» from .«i»e#tea»y eearlted eome-of'ibaeonpli- Mat* ^.r-por^,. h.Vi oordl.lly ^^$t3Ue»lt MtiiioMTtniox- frimjliei't foothtga/s 1 Whesradid notoonoludo a perna- liiis parfnerabip wis not for wmt of t}miffi^*#wmi&ufatf did •at loslly wish to tllo tho wholo re ipOMlWHv *fnr Mr. Beech', dpatb perty, Ai only onehalf could be bo't, (.&» CMHB»(id 4o render: lomporery eld AWA«)f('**>!ieVT(i' tbo conoom In good bia|>-iMv»t»h l ft ,|,(,imoit obund entproiperftyt'^lv'e' fruit' those who •H«M»*lie;Hu> tfo*lvi3aYpr<fr«ar oar ftlendi. tnd prow JDIO tbe euooeee thoj II II. IUNIIOM'U. To the Baadera hi^,^,,.., „,...,. , end demegogun u Chandler, Hsmlin, andPonwroj, of tha Wait: fnohlfc low, ol Tflnt)OH»e; in connection witbj tho adventurers\ carpet baggers tad' military power ted deipotietn. By their_ tenant ***,Jto H*»M Preildenk Great end the eoantry iatt and Frlonde the Orleans Bopubhonn o f The lime fof wlilo'll'Mr ll. H lUo- di^l«iMNLMi«k»dliWlltil ind- gene plrea on tie £9d IDII , ind clroumatso- mmWMifr-.ttMptHiui fbr me to as iUBe,.|k.Mglf . jMaege.oeut.of tbe ill A women oould lurdlj chaau to jewe Ibepoioe end ;jllr«moqt of homo l]T DOWip^pjr-f »nd \\\l perhipe dui to 'Wlif^mlf^. (o th o '\ luri ? euooou Jl\|jubf!!l»*a «X *bv H»P>; ••••-• Ii» tL.. i . _,„,l<-, Ulit I abould ox- plela lomo of fbr this ouurao. oiA'tf/ialMit .MUtef. fe^ueet of oj huiben^ k (bf l«b| Q, Q. jy«»oh, tb.i I ibould try to keep on< lull'of the oflloo, MfiS 8 row N \P- **<>> •* lieped, might euooeod lilui in I la IU»D- 4g1liiif?>\ Tfe,J mppir«u't deaeeklty whloh exbted^ilff'th< dllpoul of nay pert of ll wee ft eearoo of doou rogrot to bloj r /Jknd f nfce» l! , /||to,|p,th,f y».r of 1808, Mr. lUndolph de°|d«d nul to p|f&bij»>n (nrtr.et fn (he o«(»bl| P n meol, [ ditorinimd lo keop tlip wbolo eXUtr'^ble. Theriuooe *bfob nudo it Impoui bit forae'twUk* oh«rg» of It then, no longer ulit, end u ! hive ohlldroo to el»lbe,ifted3end «<eduoito,- Lfoel eure thet to en lptal|lgent oguiiniiiiltj 1 nood make) ao'epolpgy for eooklu K to nciuom IlttiuLflbjIOt J»Ji tbo monng^whioh The Itep bee not boon dootdtd upon llJOtyldlSMljrcnormilwui tho coup, eel end oonatwtfeo of' tbbfo trbolo Judgmunt Ir better thin mlno , >od I trail'br en honoreblo ind llbiral oon iaii \if bu^fneu to merit tbe rapaot 'ilf.bUilnn meir, and of tbo preen. 1 ID lh« polltloJil d^jisest I bars been promised tho>ld ol »b|o and oi pirlenoiid'peoe, aod wlillo nothing uf > prfriOBiVoTieriotef will And « plaoo In theie colSiiim, and all ijoonlona of ibo hoarWU Iriated lahl;, Ula not d , eljoad tbki tba papor nhell bo ran up on e mllkiihd'wetar hula, and no op- portunity will be' bdglooied for advauo lal'Ta'rinilMiflrbf (bo P.moortilo P»rty» ^ddln^W tin power, and oontrlb ifiloj lo'luaucooaj. f ,.I lll\Tq.tie'oK„«<j fortunato'iiB to soouro ei fortmiB Of the tffloe, Mr Prank H HuWp^ti'eifoellatttJObipfluioV/aba a j<|ij»j|-|em}emen who hni.tho catcom aadeoBlaeaoo of all who know him. Tbe high ruoommondiiioos nbioh bo bean from ^i| lfta, eniployMB, 8»eU»p- tie hli ability to plo»(8 all ttho intruei work tohlr h»ad». While my nonti denoe In my own lA'llltlo.i la nut auoh «» io'^ttotadomany fosriiind mlagiviuga ojinjy,pirl|.yet mj bant efforts nil) bo glTen'-Yo'ttfiktng tho HKPI'MJOAN of. lot in It* h6»«p»per and Job aonnrt. eaentii-ell that it ahould bo, and 1 hono dt-ajeyirta a.petron»goeaffloiont to war rent niolh the eutliy rtqulaito to uiako Hio. •'-• \ If ftom tho pewoeu olid onibarass- menu of tho position^ I ahonld JUBI ai flritfeil to inako tho papor what it has beoov ffd {whet it if my atrony dosiro tO'HlJte^il HOW, i trust that ite frienda ^ll^llfutttgtjtjt^and its foM gouoroua \ .. .iJvUxW H. BKAOII,. *! Vfe iail tkla oooaaloa to lay that an ei- «»lkaUVo'.oMha jretlrln| ojltor'a booka ^TOWiflfti bU.»loe«e to lieto boon done fiHkY.jrnr e«ti nln» manthg, during whloh ka haa ii»a'MI*ih» offlle, W« wbh htm eatHH vkiteiFer ka gen \ beppeaed \ to be thanaio qoeetioo\ ^foteyee oroeyet the oritioe! tnoment W« are tippy to faeliera tbai tbia deloeioD'Sffpaeeiig away.}, aai ibatj »>»«?-? »mm ayery pnauft* m, HL-M W««Koil6o!sr>tb Alb.hy fwhioi laMej only genuine \rotation In offioo\) we, are bcglnDiagitotbink that ability.and i high obareoter aro Jeiireble elentnta «pBofi»iW|lHw^i.td'and M» jjioniblo eiooilons previously made of and Mod ^»W|»f.«ftt , \ n ^. t0 Ae ,mt foreror, drflJof mWM Ve permitted to perljolpate |u tfte. tffeire of tbo oa- tlon or eroo oojby^bo oommon rights. of «lii|W>{p£» t i W ••> ' i •' i Suoh ie rimpant radloaliem l Bat to tbe credit of the two Senator! from tble !tttft#A d ea.»,o^ oferjOftba «pr» J r» tlonil aod ocnaldgrata radloal member^ from tbo Nonhorn Statoi, they voted agalnat tble mad Ind Imtno aobeme, end lo eupport of tho rooommeodation ol P»n!i4ei)MJr»j)t., Tjio.roto a>ood 81 ,o M$Wi 7 \h Id^le-lrrtatl emondment, whloh la lo admit Virginia npon fjindnoipnUl BQB4IWOUJ of.probib- lilog any ohango or amendment of the Slato Oonetilulion eelouleted to doprire |$$»«%cjabArlgbt. io-4fo»a*JwdeMba •imo, who ere now entitled to rote for. \rm *,#& MMM ° w» »<rop«i(4« to bind tba people of Virginia norer W •ijhVoge ita oonilltution lo a certain r«. ipiot ibould biM defeeted it at opot. \\i !i -not.in- the power of Oongreii*un- •hall not ohingo their fondantontal law )p any pertfonlir, If wlthlp tbe llmlte- tloni of tho oonitltBtlon, Thla u»y here been known and underatood by a portion of thru marplote and daittue- llvoi, and lo auoh tbe only objeol oenid bo In idopllng that emondment, to keep lha itato allll longer out of the Union aod thereby tbe enjpymoDt of tba right* and prlrllegee of her oltliem within ll, far the tatf purpoeee ef ennoyanoe, re. vongo aod power. Iofamoua and outragaoaa ee wta the aotlon of Oongriii In logiilaljug Ooor gl» out. g^ilbiitjnlorf, aflat eho had boon ookoowlodgod to be in, at tbo in- eilgiilhtf of 1 Gerpei Bag Ooteroor, ~h n haa not tbo Qnt qualifloatioo for l4j t)tfrr~^!ll. »0l„, I . •• -.HI —u. J m> in rolatioo to Vlrgiola. Uaorgla, by her roptoiontatfvoa, had laid that tba no grooi aleoted to the Itglalatura were not on|ll|od In loata, under the Bute oonatltutloo, and In tbair oapaoity of Jlidgm aa to who were legally aleoted mombara of that body, rotad thorn out Thlawia regarded by many, if not tbe radloal party gonerelly, aa • violation of tbe reoanetruotljn aoti, aid Praeidenl Grin! vranommended that Ooagreea ahould take oolloo of it,aad ojaotiuob furtnor aotlon on tho pari of lha peo- ple of Georgia ee to esonre the objeote of tlimo a.Qta, to wit i the full rlghta of the nogro to all tho prUllcgci and im< munftfria of olfior olllioti*! Not m with Virginia I 6b< haa not only agreed to the fllcaanth amendment, but guar- antood to tho nogro all Ibo rigbta and prirtlogoa of tho moat favorod olue of hor oltmn».-,f and oompllod with evory ooodltlon thai bad boon Irapoiod upon hor by Ooogroea ft would loom that all thli ihou(d Imvo aattiflod tho moil lumuti'iadleiUnd'.Jbal Virginia would hate boon ratod Into tho Unloo atonoo a> rooommeodod by Pretldoot Grant Whayhan l a jbo^ro^no^ or e;»>a«o fur ifio Purihor logfalation now prdpoeed in telatioa to hor J It la not openly avowod, but wblapered- among tho ao* ploloun and privutoly tathad among tha mora ahamolaan that then may ha a ma- JorHjj.qlooloji to thf <waiotf logiilaturt of Virginia, not in favor of oleoting ultra mdioaln to the U. 8 Senats and tharoforo tho StnU mual bo roomatruoi. «d,i>ioae;t9jinj(Ufo»i,JtjWaJora wbioll will do IO ! Shame upon tuoh oonduot '. Will tbl.ev> f and Intelligent people of thla nation mnoh longor aubmit to i t f Wo ODJIO not . N o doipatliui o f 10u ropo would bo allottod to enaot or ou- foroo auoh tyrannical and iofamoua laws ia haw boep poa«u4 hy radl<nlOoogroi| and onforood »t tho point of tho bayo- not. Wo fcol and know thai the pros- •nt rolK\ of torror in thoie United Sialon la about al an ond Many hor«- loforo noilop with Iho radloal party, not ouly in im rnuks, a| hooaet oloplora, but iu Iho ImlU of logUluilon—in Stalo log- iiUltiron and io Cuii^roaa hogin to soo Iho dangora of tho radioal policy. Whon wo soo auoh uiou aa I,ittlojobu and othora of tho aanio party In thle Stile, voting with domoeratfl fer meae' uroa lo aubaervo the Inicrosta and fbr tho protootion of the people, and nearly a third ol both braoohoa ot Uongrosa io array agalnat the mad aohemoa of tho ultra radical*, ar« We not justified in aayiog aa wo have that wo are aooo to oaoape from tho rulo of domagognee aod f»natio» 1 MRNDWO HumiKiis—Wo oat In- dian rubbor fins and diaolve il in ban- aina; pat a patch of rubbor over the plaoo to bo momled, and oemont It on with tho solution, whloh feataoo the patch irm— •/\. O, JBttcltrr, Akron, ft poaitivo dieadvanli|0 to thorn or ns, For, unluekily, a mm ehay bo eound eooaghTJD tko greet queationa of (be day, wbiob art all that wo think aauob aboat, and quite to be depended npon lovo-aeWor.a'fW w.-b.V. 'p'rooJpt- : mliiog, encli ateeytjrae aod di»|;»0' akTog modern circuir ol The circular aaye, »nd we «rM-^ab-itr«b»^Ua.«!t Wo!«blli(y4»i thetimri.Mt diauat, *l,J*;*«t'|bali a/li ed, and yet ba gullible or corruptible to any extent in mtttoco of scarcely, lees p4Wi*iiome;#t.^ Th^diigrac^rt* ord of too many of our Republican Waeblogtoa, le lull of instruction and of warning la thla direction. Tbe later olootiooa bare happily proved that the people aro rebelling egainat tbe aoifanuaod authority of ••www! s s bt $m l ip$)#\* , , it |« bettor ^o nave an hpneit, upright Domoorai (ap^euoh tbjirAaro) b offioo than a oojrupt HensjbJ|oanj Ae eoon ee tbia le an approved iJouree 1 of lotion tbe oaneoa will bare to oOnSnd ita aaleotian to ibobei^meB of UB parfj^ tf.iUHeW to retain 'any' fnfluenbe on oleotioue Tbe roign of mediocrity tnd inexpert- enoa baa |»ett4 Ipngjenpngh, • UJiaa no'f aated* de'from erode IegfefalioD and ebameful corruption, Let ua try to re place it by one of ability, practiced »n^ It oin ba done, nfllert^fjfo Brle^ 14%en.«e| < ! r **?T Tbenoo to f Okiwii$$ or bf55 tnjfiii in Iwentv-00,0 pr JfpnrteeD hour* ttfonty-three-Tionw. ,' I , lb twentj-ooe daya. » Thono<no HOM RoBg, I,57Q milea, io six days. ,JMB? V CM; ,3)00 in *W#e \Thefoo'eo'Maraeiillu 1,800 oa.ais^ib ijx dj»y»-, I •, ' ' pite inUflftgmiSyiicltjilt^ 88, «if Paper. WoM»ttbaVo often displayed\ itiel lent Jqdgment in planning tbo interiors Of hoatee but no woman\ bar o»or ron dered her nams titnotii by any axploita |a an architect. Vet women, wbp. iiyo in tbair hoaiee more than men, ought to make good praolloal arohltoota, in pleoning tbe dwolllogl they inhabit. Bid anybody over hear of t, ,#noJ»y chimney being ourod by (he ingenatty of a woman T At last, howevar, wo bearofafamalo arehitoot who baa not only Invented • home, bat appllod for a patent for bar invention. Tho following paragraph, whloh we have found afloat in \ tho papera,\ tolls tho atory of thli new ornament of hor »»X : \ Mrs. Siooewall Jaokioo'i slater, Mra. Irwin, haa anumed iho protoaaion of houiairohiteot, sod baa eppiltd for a patant lor aix-w»llod or hexagonal apartmaota. Sho olaima thai Iboy aro oapal.lo of greats '-'\- L • - of tn'a square rroatbi' irlllUo boaatv' lou*. A oonnSBpOMDiNT of tho Vow York &vtning Pvil aayi of the Capital of Italy: Boma ia & ohirtalng'plaoo when the weatbar I* Sat; limply hateful when it raina; aa Iho oldowalss—whoro ihcro araanyi and thotr abianoe la rathat mora uaaal Ibao olharwiaa—are nul more lhan aboat eighteon ioahos or two feel wide, the majority of tho pedoslri- ana are compelled to walk on tbe oarri ago road, whloh for mod la only oquallod by tbe thoroughfares of New York the frost is ooming out of tbo ground ID early spring. ONI of Iho most astonishing proofs of tho longtha to whloh Radioal llllbe- ralism will oarry a man, ia Mr Blog haul's-bill, \Aaklag It in offense pun- ishable with One and impriaonmont for any poraon to propose to ropoal tho ao- lion of tho Slato Loglalaturo la ralifyiog any proposed amendment of tha Uonati- tntion ot Ibo Dnilod Stales '.' Th moro iotrodaction to the Houao of any luoh bill, to eaj nothing qf its passage la a laW, would bo impoutblo to aoy but tha party of misrule. QtOaoa I). PllBNTlor. a jiiornolul whoso aknio Is known whorovor nowa. papora go, died last Saturday at the rea. idenpe joi t'o^ Ulareooo Pronltoe near Loujsvillo. An srllolo io tho N V. Tribune gtvoa an intended akolob of hie lifb,iar)d aaye thai at tbe ttrao of his death bo was probably iho mo.it popular roan In Kentuoky. He wan the wilttoat man in> America, and tho' oft.-n bittor in his aal|re, wats a warm- hearted man, aod a broro one. Poaoe to his aahoa ! \A HAF-PV NBW YaAR.\— Thia is William Hewitt's rooipo for having sovonty-^vo Happy Now Veara, \ Kor my part,\ says he, <( aooiog tho viotuns of Tost lifo falling around air, 1 have willingly abandonnd Iho apparent ad fantagea of auoh a lifo, and proforrnd less popurmlty, leas gains, tho .enjoy, mout of a sound mind In a sound body, tho blatsings ol a quiet domestic lilo, and a more rostriotqd but not less euj- oyablo oirolo of aooiotv. Jf aui now approtrjhing my sovontyfiBh year. I oannot, Indeed, say, vigorous as 1 am, that I bavo reaobed this BKO without tbo aiahrtsooo of dootori; for t hnve had tho oonstant attondnnoo of those four iatnoua once—Temperance, Exer- jlso. Hood Air, and Good Ttoura\' And this la the recipe of an Ilal. Ian who livoa 110 years. >• When hungry,- of the ball I eat, and dry^pid warm t keap raj foot '. 1 screen my head from ana and tale. And lot row oaroa porplax my brain '' '«i - . i^ • >•• i»« i. . * RAVK at lenlt ono book in your library, in whloh all the good ohildron did hot die. My osrly imprasaioo from' 8unday-i>ehool books was that re- ligion w>s vory unhoalthy But I do bolieve that ohildron may haro religion and yet live through-lit. lntleoii, the beet ooye I ever saw oectsiotiAlly upset things, and got boielerons, and bad 'ho Bigots The goodjogoodio giod of ohildren make namby.pioihy men ibo tide. ,.ia t; $ mWe, ^ t .... ^ ... _ log tb V8» iilo», To^gTeBtJliOTM 4*$S and twenty-one hoars,. aUeuy t»ve!!—r4Veie 1<)TU Mill. truetwortbj, It oan ba done, or ouri . T^Ttr^jrx . • .. , froe Inetllntlona are a failure. -Itadffi, A ooraspondrtil of tl(i Itutepaultht Who lately aiard Jehn'y wpd #tOjpj jjb |,herbuabaod'axirBtojio.ayt'JBuio,»''^hui ditoourees of tba great and good song alrese: W# waited very tmpatllatly torbuit Horr Ooldsohmlilt'aaBibifloai\ Inatru menial Prelude,\ and through tha-frit of his jerky ohoruaeiV ' If Vaa abt eh'- Utely tbo log which midb otj'r eyasi aee dimly tho ewoM-facid *6m'ah iltting on bn loft bend i tblnnor, older, aejdder, bot silll witb iheiamo wlbhlng, p*tbet- Id atmosphere aboat every po*ev toad it- er; expression wbiob ionquer«d N all bouts twooty years ago, disarms ail orii lol.ro lo day, and will Oeatinae to do so •o loog aa Jeeoy Ldadji epal dws>H» in Jenny Liod'e body. If there b* ao,ik things aa perfeokgra.ee of elamaineae perfect beauty oi homJInees, ah*, haa thsm; and they are uvre leettDj, Uasn. ibo grkca ol graoafaloctlj or tbo fceau- ty of good looks. Aa it is with her faeo, hor moremeota, her aliunde*, so It Is with ber voice- Sacred aboe-a all It baa loat, it haa kept.a oatuio sosu lliing of auoh individuality 'havt oae - -bi—« •> '»• Jaany Lind'a «»los. In spite of Ihe husky ohest-tonaw, in iplto of the attalood and hardly reavohod uppirO, tbtre Is a pianiiar soul full quality, ist it wbiob hw-h*»m -rmrmlj boatd on aoy itago, exoept wbeo Jen- ny 1/ind haa sung. Oriiioa would e»j —snd perhaps, b; rnlea of art, their assertion oannet be oooiradiotad—thai Joony Ifind's solce ia gone, fiuk men sod wameo are still rooted to their uteris' depths by her singing. I be llovo if eho sings when lie ia tbree •ooro years tnd ton il will be tkt) eaoie, m a ;«• SNOW FLAKES.—Eipaio.a tbiok eur faoe of plato glass oo the oat Bide o[ tho window, resting it on tbo outside sill: tho snow flakes, falling; upon the oold surface of tha glass, remain as tbey fall a sufBoiont leogth of, (into for the ronuiromeotejof tha obsarior. with tbe aid of a good mlorosoopo. jFbero a»a aoarooly be en amnsemeok more anter tainlng, and, at tho same tlnW Inatruo- tivo, than thai of obaerviog afo akotob ing thoao deiioito oryatafa . Men of selonqo group the varied forma of theno llakoa rp.to v fhrto gonortl ojassea : 1. i'riimitla^l.avlog throe or libidos ; 2 I'jrimfdal, .either Irieogulat or he x sgonal) % Lamellar, oonsistlng of thin aod (ltk plates, aomo of thorn atolliforan, having suLpoiDts, radiating fjom » aon- tro Thoao threo olaaies are endlsaely comblnod, from tbo sianloat to t h moil ooniplex It is wondorfal to see bow rjorf'oolly every liay takla b fai«a«d. Dr. Nettie, an GogllihmanT In 1755, roprcBOntod ninety one Urietiaa.—. Anotbor Kngllshman, Oaptain WillUrfl 8coroaby, an eminent navbator, hai givoo, In bl» \Aroiio RegioM,\ draw tags of uiootyaix varieties.-*- Ottvtr Ojilu 'i JJaijaiinr A Woman's TJnivorfity, Miu Oatheriae K. lioiohir baa Ui sued a airoular in whiob ihe sske site asslaianoe and oo-operatlen of the- l a dies of Now York io tho estebtjahmfetil of a woman's University to bo \ u liberally furniohed and endowed aa aro tho oolloges and professional ichopis for man, in whloh the' study ana I rain Ing shall bo conducted by women aa highly educated and at liberally sum ported ns aro tho profojiors io our, uni- voraltlos, and io whioh both the litera- ry and aolontific cduo^lon shall f>o at pJtotisiro aa that of iho other IOX, bat dlfforont trom It ns hotter odapted] to woman's (lotnealic and profoisional d q ilea.\ f0~\ ootempoiary says, ol ihet In ilex, a now paper devoteS to \ KVwe Religion' 1 aod edited br Frauoin Kl- lingncod Abbott, whom tbe above to temporary prooouooos ono qf tbe most original and independent thinkera o f our oouotry,'' Iloltoving, as we most sinoaroly do , thst Uhristisnfty resta upon tho inrJioT able foundation-) of truth, wo wiro i n no dsgroo alarmad by tbo apptaranaw of TA\ /nofex, If Christianity eaonot; stand tbo teat of Iroo inquiry and DO restrained disoussion, let il fall. Ita moit dangaroaa lees are not thoio who bonoitly doubt its miraculous origin - but those who, profession to aoospt at. yet Uveas it wore false {•now V teat .eajvisir n JSL __ greater portion leg at ew •arly bear oi Snaday ataorn- • f - ! -' : -^^|aaraatg^W^Bve^«M- \ \\\ an- tjatdowiyf^tiivapJpT'ft^f TttVarjjjrnonpp^* „„, ;TWjrWyS^A a greater fall of snow witbtyjilfftl&fl and Hooking mM mtrf&M&.M • y mm» °fi*w*M Mhwjmr 1 WWyWiffiw m$, ttf «<i|r*r pfltWa' if'Mf Baiiaila.waa jn#ij|j;|ujpend:aoT_«.j».a] J>A»»W»\ mw IVi msiirW'^' t,n»e^9jh«.parjtlT»l q[ ffBd^hoiw »nd InbUlng^qla., , , . , „ . ' Jnfl av^ojiaa of jujilio IraVel ^ar> %. daooiv ic -Vb ' graven Itema, ^haa^wa^fa-yaw'xo cd b> the-mild.weitbtr hare bit eloj —Rustlb mnnogrimj are now la fash jpU! klso, (rretfrt'^bluo,' dtaj ija ' knd ot- •age oolored nuio paper' -Tha Mow York y/era/u 1 thioke that Qraqi wil| bo the Itqpqblloao r\Se'^b , |ii»&^n''Orja*ae* iped with « eUaatbetaald and ofh1eyo»b<r*«ttiijbey'. *\\\\. \«-• ' SR TO]Ji tea? TRh - MK'a< ?e used er ianbo lain •To?'4bmIh'bmis-Tirer ,v/o| eoothm'g ByruVand MorpHmn^ Save the BaMoa- *''• |roii Is., ,fj|*.j t^-;n«,t o>m • 4i tal A. .eorfespandBnti of-the Medical Ooter'/ejcwhoiiiatji praotieiog pbynioiap, oomeS.to (hn» resoua of-all i thoTl babies t|aiait wiiat'ho:H.d«nounco3. siithoir deadlyenemyl Mrs. tWinslow's Saotb-r iog Syrup. He says he was called to iMemp inline that was in> a dying oon-j ditioo\ oppkrehUy ftorn tbasi.affeatB mija) nsreotie poison, and he waa asatured' that ikihsft taken no,, medisioai „kut the] 'isoothio'gsyrBp-.'' iTbS doctor-took-ntho bottle andfaaoteanniaof'ths ayrnpi tane>^ ljiedbyatkillfni ehepjbt, and the aoa- Vf f ll!' 3 showed that eao i oanoa <of~ ihe) .Pffstnff-ooniainied nli,rly....oaa, grxin of morphine.*\ (A doae lor aniiBfaatthrflo months old.aai sireaeribed by Mm Wina dew'e printedd'trrctiiial, coi^aintd an amount ef an.r hne equal to ten drops OWadaeauia , .Tnis ja. or.lcrod to be glreOito tho.thi i| every two hours, in eqrtain owes, afad doublat,u* qaenlitr •Ida child of.fix.mbo hi:old. As child! -rsarare Very, artiodpLbla to the inflttQaco of Opium, .or.wliicbstiiuipliino is rho iU(iTS--principle* four drops of Undanona havkg haen,ktio*n '« kill no ;iufanl or laiae aontha.-nrii) aa tho mabufaolnreta' Of Mr* •Win.loara^ntlhlne Syrap *ell aoalallyisrboui' t>!)< hundred)-thousand' t»o-ouriea l-ottlcaen tbo slaglaSutas of NowXek, the reader can form .some. Idle of the oambsr of babies (bat aro aoothod to>perpetnal lleep.by thli aoa triai. Moiheraubad;. bittern fall bask oa- Oitnip toa. . • .. -ii\ -.» *)'t J.ii i oan- n f. Huffman the Dopiocriitio dtoiste. —Count Paul pstjiidqll bag made himself famous by nursing the viotims of in rpidemtc, in s Itossiao vllliage shore: he waa stopping whon tha plegoe brokepnt, instond nf running off with the rest of the nobility. —tho ladle* of Montreal have very kindly presented Prim\ Ar>Ku with a Jflhlna\ fobORaa,\ anon whioh to rid down bill. Tbia kindness seoms 'Xnp- •rdaous, for, i f reports apeak truly, tb o young prisoner prloco is going that my quite fast onougb —Il is ourrently reported that Gov Chsmherlsin, of Maine, will prVinoanea tbe funeral oration al 1'ortlaDd Ao tbe lacond day after tbo arrival of tho Pea- bod; funeral Seer, the fleet will to due on the 28lb tost. -Tho\ Welsh l'aillog. Qirl. \h*i pretended for two years lo lira wilbon' rood; and many crodnlout people be- lloved it. A t la*', s commiltoe of nurses fficro sot to notch hor bed. 8o0a aho began to ihor signs of stir-'' tition Bar parcois ware urged to 5 |ro hor feqd, ,bo,t mfuied. Aftor 8 ays ana died delirious. —Ths (allowing is (old of s atndeot who answered to the eimo of Qranr. o f (that College deponent knoweth not.— Ono evening b e oxpirioneed the aad affect nl an over dose Of tpiritut vini gallici—at soma oihoi* oempednd of 02 HO 0— and unabl* to got to his roooa sal oo a lenoe in toe mooo light. By ohanoo o Professor-puscd. \Who are youf demanded Profossor. Our youth replied: \A verb of-tbo first conjugal —Indicative, preaent, plaral. third) from gro, grara. gravi, oraium; nnsont -—gro, gras,o>rat,graaia>\ grltis, draDt.\ —The last mail Maimer from Japan to Bib Fraoptsoo brought a oompaby of ilttiio aofebata—ttidti, women and ohlldros—who ha'va pormlssfbo froui tbe ifapaWeo givbnjinoot to Wmatn iwey from tjiat flbljairy frte y»ars They aro repfeeonkid u rery expert £ looal \fnterriawer\ iraphasiiw hi s assertion that surgery hie been carrisd 10 gfOalcr lohethe io, Japtti than etae- whore. bv aoolanig that Oeo of 'the little Jipi Had hia-btok.hbns (tiksH out by tbesnrpoona, bofon it got hardbned enough toburt him tnttoli ' —At Mark Twain's looture at Og- dcsbt)»g, a fojrdays sitto'i). ho introduc- ed himself a* follow*:\ I/adl8« arid Qedtlottiori: ThO nott looturo ofjibia oOU>ao. will bo dolivorcd this ovening by Samuel I,. Clomohs, othorwiso Blarlc Twain, a gontlomao whose high cbnr- notorattd unimpeaohnblo integrity nro only erniillod by hie ootiioltnoM of por- aon ana gr-ioo o f manner. Auc) r sai the man. Von will excuse me for in tro- duolng myself, fbr i htvo just oxoused the obalrman Iroim introducing me. I know it's oot the ordinary way, but th e fact is I Dover yet haro foaUd V ohair- man of a looture committee who Wan equal to tho task of introducing mo as I ought to bo iotroduood. copy of hie 'Nff BsBsE*B3i]lidi'f| a Cbristmaa ;ift»1HBrjeSa of mew years, Alioa ^^CarjijBj^inftheie lyrioa of itsTife dooblyr daar\oy tbia inscription on iacJly:-lc*JL; \ To Alles aaiRkoeba Ci Who from the farm-fiiiicalsglnc is Ihe senc whose eehff abVis raie; v^aa«t4«?.»§e' : f sea* ^alet'jity-teelt\ Tk* ion est hearts of OlaverBeak, •^s»iiali#ft*Irki>*i»!Siai'da-t$e IsSht^iiiB^tacaeiiltberty;-! < kag-.it , <iO»-1 i&fr*jb|keJiffoI*frieiMt..; -. .lEKi -tKaVtM'^ (oo e.H - ! tu 'l'' i -KJO I ' u „.^ i - «'\ • -A - Aiomatio Vegetable Soap fur iuf Utsiic«iaf 'anii ui u>ui» «n« vmmnaa aji^tfMWjlVWlfra^a ft ABjjTfMl!Ul t > ,.HI(i>. iiitoTulSt.—ueoli raSlh kltK >iWl tiiu, ; 8^|pHa.ftrv g?,H-^r^-fi»!.»,B(., Br»tii»- BOOKRBEAT atraw, used for bedding live stook of an; kind, oausos on ur.U(l- lion of iho.akin. I| lias boon froqqoot- Jy tioiiced that hogs when 'foeduigi ancng bqokwjio.ateinhhles aro sa,pjftot 'ju V r u ' i . i 'ioVii J I '0 an eruption of tho skin of tho .nook iiadci frQn>, tho^ ooti of tbo itubbt^. jy^rl-; XwuMi Paper. The Weekly Rxpress OP BUFFALO. One) Of th. w«» flamtlj a»»at|ipttl JA Ui* U»il*d HUUfi tontnlnlpei the> (ant«raj nt'lortoej Amj t ttvm •JJ pa»U of tttat «rarld, cartful)/ enndtasuti, UMCUI «AM U UkM la Ul« pr»p*r»Uon of oomn«nUI l»tatl- lllioet, HTtlcalfrtv rejUUto to th. utUt mtukteaS W'l Utaj flotlr, p;re. ID ftsd prof lllos trtfl«v, A f««l ffWrait7-flM>n|c* psdlntr-TaltB, pqmtn, «\«tebH, wl' t hatnor, aarrleaitBr»I aTJlie«1Uny, rt r l(l<>at saws, •U, In wjysb ttdnbair. At) Uia lftlmlUAI*vtitln|v ajf tt» r»lthn\t«4 haestitajtaaa raitbar tail fn^mT MARK TWAIN, Utk. ,t»lr oriiloAl .riMartDio tf \h» W.atfr TK- Bf**i,0f*aleb--aa'ai»t Ttt*la^Suna4l L Ol.oiBM,) !• OD» of thi praailfftotavvid tt)l(orN TlJtya-Or.a e#py ^grjaQfflll.io. TbcWtej OlflVa •la» i #Uh, TlthvHVf>tj* tDfJ U> (be) p* ftop raV*!*jr th* olqb. Ttj i elDbnofUa'»I.4&*icb, Ittlb ao Cltrm e«ffU th« pejrtoa nlnlac titea. mptx , To 0 rubioron#rM»T.<0«tt,^ltbgnfi(T«r.(jj-to the fieraon ptttng up Xbm.tiM^X i eact), nllhm «xtr^ • elab, i', wlih an aitrft-copy to H ahiqf laraot/tVSq. «eb, with «fao» rmjilnr tlW r «>oK tba qf tframj-M--^ fl tj) eticl), (yinr to tha oanjoa. r«ti1o( up tba elab. To atl&a Dt? Ihltt* W: li-Bib\ lb* paraon rmj*l*a; tbeg dub . Tofloba wffjir^ $t1(r**ch, With up ..itw tOpfOi iWpiran&.miiaiftb» clnb, I Q olah*i of fir»* tl 00 eracb, nllh an titra copy to patioo hlitaa; the> •lab . A SPLBSDtD PttlMmr. ID knillllnn (o the> pteimtain (>f *Q aitr* p'atpdr* tBw pMp'tata]nbftba^«awa.lj KipMiiillt ir-ntL frt« Ctf •Xpantr, fn »<iet> bara^t) who ntlgta a ctnb ot tT«wty or tapti crjw atu>a<*Hb«r<s »r tha uirii »)r*ti tttOTai,'* ejopy OfHafa TaraU\* mm bofik, i' Th* 4jtnec*Dt» Abroad, wtjlph la tiniTarntllT tonffftlfJ to b« u e .,-_. ! 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TISHI.VllTON, PlnWilpHlfc lUrrifburg, WillUmsporl, Klrolm, »dil all point* Tbreuclvbat^v.va ftoc^eaifr ^t,.| pslljinora elthoat \ \ ,1ns J»II» ,(v*c«pl Bamlaj} to KlmltA TIIS- Ontnil fad C»Dao(1«tjn^ WtNtEB SCHKpriB. Oil HfttI itiftrr y«T. 1,1, I Hill). Trains will iDttfltbe dopoi oMb» s. Y. Oibt»al HallmaU •• fbllona. , POIIIflWARD. R«1ft Atais-AcooMMoiunoN—p»Hr. in.- ftooc (ettvp' Son' lluna; ftcrtwlns -^ r .... ». ., -«. , - tt*t llnniajpnrl 193A i. b i (Jftrriabitrg, 5:05 aUtf., UAHlmoiCNt 9<ai. at.; Wftah.njrtoa lili r. 4 ; i^bllaa-trlphla, b;3t) a. M l^tHOfata by tola rrtut* wilhtfN both' time Htri) Mpemat aw r«oto p* NfJw Tork city, might ihtpped tfcrouph io car loafo, from polota ob N»* York C«t!t>»l iSatti^ad to B^iilrflato, pt>t •• etalpbUaod latannedtate poltjji wiUioat brf»IUng bulk v. FiibtiahMSiiaiai.'aaJxfu'-Sl.ry'tirUi. ramtlr, » mw otlWritff.,torriVJrr*.«ttluU with Ida tit; lUMu^mmUkk^Atm' — otiiiri, yonltas^D^jgaaai Sammw par. 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Inlrh a.aai- I r ad, laJ, Willi proa'ar bjtfaale Wtuarat. *#lUaiaiaUJuti\l'loiWl,andat«» U aTaatad Poriiai ofaifattloaa aae otbar larortnwttoa, awlfl Satral'lema r Q VAN 1IUHWBI/1, H. O, IS Waal Hlh] a\tra»'t. 1 M' READ THIS. M, IV. W, iklfFP, bap BBMOVED; lur Sowing. Rrt^chine Roerna UIOU MB8RIT . TO MAIN ST., *fyf ho Woatld 8|ir«tf | M TT 18 KQWJt? Y»ARS 8IKCB DR, TOBIAS FIRST L irjtrorfuc-tl tbe •' Veaatlan rJateaaV' in tba rjoftkd Siato»*»t)dhatwt**arofla taataaoa baa btk ottdtplaa tailed ta da alt, if aot joora than ia ataitd in bia paraphilia- Aa aa <>xt*r«ial remtD> i o caaia of Ctroole Rheumatism, Baadacbo, Tooiacbas fingtaaa, n^rna, Ctits, ^orra, Sareriliifay Bnraalna, Sitaea of (aaeeta aod Faint ID Litnba, Uaolt aaaj Cbaert, Ita woadarfal eoiaUra po*rera ai t nlnumloTrte. Taken IpUrpally fi*>,tibastjrt of Cbplera, foli c Dlarrbcpa, Byaentatj, SIcb itatdaeh* an<t Voirjltlni; Ita Seetfa- Sickles' \fm Star. l^fe^^^^^W^ eompoit* cntnpoi •a^bfjiin TpcalTati 0?er Ii, JI. oatmes- ««i». awre,-*.w» 8 t.b 2 M,»^^,t|ji . on i tpaaktrfi oftta raja Ttrtaaa of Ikt, ialn.hia arilelw. Wb««l|ba »>m b«.rJa,t»?iLtj|.,al)OW aj) hat An? paraon ailar baalnw Had It obta will uaaar ba I wltiont It Starr bonis sf tba aannlna haa tba l MP-RO rB ii ifjiif.>B3t>' '^S3i£^S2&£2^^ re'and nkhSTalS '^ ibm^] A^StfiXt**!** fc VttaafS^tI»aii d t SBW z iIsr<3 ' ^T-*'* 51 * 11 '*-'f^*^ albg, i0 a drink' of jnoa at tc., raiiSjV o» < e»«arA»^W«o™J^arVa\ , Th,sato M ^^^ .„J»i^«>> --I* \ P .1 taaolni advartlBmaiit SM tba aala»f.«a»i Row'o»talons mafla.-Or^W anil nOOn. 1 ,,1, h,uuJn. AUa.rt.TfltMEn. nadlotfroraaJaTMiBaallbr S slaaia. Addraaa klra S Baaiy, HanUar f •- «.Jlj.i *««*.>...

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