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THE DAILY JOURNAL Is published every Evening, (Sundays except- ed) by Boys, at the JOURNAL Buildings, corner Ford and Water-Streets, Ogdunylmrgh, St. Law- rence Co-, N. V. It contains the Latest News by Telegraph from all parts of the Globe, up tu the hour of going to press. A complete Local Department, embracing Police Reports, Proceedings of the Boards of Trustees and Education, Public Meet- ings, and every item of Local interest, Editori- als on the Topics of the Day and a useful and reliable Commercial Department. TEEMS: One copy one year, $4,00. One copy three months, 1,00. All subscriptions invariably in advance and the paper discontinued when the time expires. Office in Hopkins' Block, North end of the Bridge, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. JAMES, HOPKINS & FOSTER, Publishers and Proprietors. Business (JEariis. a ASM STORK. A. L. PROCTOR & Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Groceries, Salt, Water-Lime, Flour, Corn, Pork, &e. Cash paiu for Buttor., Cheese, Pork, Beans, Poas and all kinds of Country Produce. No 1. New Brick Block, Water-st., Ogdensburgh, N. Y. GEO. W. PHILBROOK, Apothecary, corner Ford and Isabella-ats., Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Drugs, Med- icines, Chemicals &c. .All articles are war- ranted perfectly pure and free from adulter- ation, direct from the importers. Orders from Physicians and Country dealers solicited. _ NEW FISH AN D OYSTER MARKET. A. B. JENNER, (successor to H . B. Smith,) Dealer in Oysters by the Keg or Can. Also,. Shell Oysters, Fresh Fish, Lobsters, Olams, Salt Fish, &c. Also, Dealer Foreign and Do- mestic Liquors, Wholesale and Retail, two doors below J. N . Oswell's store, Isabella-st., Ogdensburgh, N.Y. (462-tf) ~\ 0. W . GIBBS7~ Wholesale and Retail Dealer i n Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Woolens, Tailor's Trim- mings, Ready Made Clothing and Furnishing U-oods, No. 24 Mechanic's Row, Ford-st., Og- densburgh, N. Y. IM1 OGKDEJSTSB U EG JLX. N. Y $4 A YEAH. \UPWAED AND ONWARD IS THE LAHGUAG2 OF CREATION.\ IN ADVANCE. NO. 658.} SATURDAY EVE., JUNE 20, 1857. {TWO CTS. acaacmissiiBasaaKai agMSHinauansasaaacien SEELY &.FREE -AN, Manufacturers and Dealers: i \\ atones, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver, Fancy Good &e., No. 8 Eagle Block, Ogdensburgh, N . i. Al l kinds of Jewelry manufactured to -iruer. BLODGETT & LEGGO, DENTISTS. Operating Rooms in Eagle Blook, Ford-st., Og- densburgh, over Soely & Freeman's store.— Office constantly open and all calls promptly attended to. Parties wishing Artificial Teeth please call and examine specimens, [319-tf S. S. BLODGETT, J0HU LEGCO. MILLER'S HOTEL, Malono, N. Y., LUK E DOUGLASS, Proprietor,— This House adjoins the R.R. Depot, being a great convenience to passengers by the oars who stop a t jVIalone for meals. Sporting and Pleasure Parties will find it a desirable ren- dezvous on their way to and from the Forests, Lakes and Rivers. [510-tf] MORRIS A VARY, I Attorney sand Counsellorsat Law, Ogdensburgh j N, Y. Office—Angular Building, corner of Ford and Water Streets. All business en. trusted to them willroceive prompt attention GEO. MORRIS B . H. VARY. S. D. ROBERT'S HOTEL, At the Station House, Rouse's Point, N . Y. NORTHERN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. 1857. . ' 185T. Ogdensburgh & Khicago Propeller_ Line. This company having a Line of\ FOURTEEN FIRST * CLASS UPPEK CABIN STEAM PROPELLERS, Amply provided for the convenience of Pas- sengers and Freight, will, during the Season ol Navigation, run a DAILY LINE between OG- DENSBURGH and CLEVELAND and DE- TROIT, and a Tri-Weekly Line between Og- densburgh and Chicago and Milwaukee, Con- necting a t Ogdensburgh with the Ogdensburgh, Vermont Central, aind other Railroads, to Bur- lington, Montpelieir, Rutland, Bellows Falls, Brattleboro,Greenfiield,St.Johnsbury,OIaremont, Concord, Keene, Manchester, Portsmouth, Law- rence Nashua, Fitehburgh, Worcester, Spring- field, Lowell and Boston, and a t Rouse's Point with their own Lino of THIRTY FIRST CLASS CANAL BOATS, via Lake Champlain and Champlain Canal, (J66 miles) to Troy and New- York, making tho Cheapest and Quickest Line and Route between. New-York and Boston, and the West. AGENTS: J, MYERS, 197 Broadway N . Y. J, L. WARNER, > „ _ .. o,. -v, v CHAS. ALLISON,, J 0oenfcle3 Shp N - T> R, CHAPMAN, Burlington, Vt. J. F. CHURCH Rouse's Point, N. Y. CRAWFORD & CO., Ogdensburgh, N\ Y. OTIS KIMBALL,...108 State-st„ Boston, Mass. CHAMBERLIN,CRAWFORD,* Co -,.Clevland. A. GODARD, Toledo, Ohio. E, B . MATHEWS, Detroit, Mich. BARCLAY, HALE & Co.,.... Milwaukee, Wis. MATHER & Co.,., Chioago, 111. UNITED STATES HOTEL, Massena Springs, Si. Lawrence County, N. Y H. B. WHITE, Proprietor. Horses and Carri- agws always at hand, and persons conveyed to any point, when desired. (319-tf) GEORGE WITHERHEAD, Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, also Flour ; Corn, Meal, Pork, Fish, Fruit, Woodon-Ware, (fee., Ac. 'Water-st., opposite A. Ohaney <fe Co.'s Hardware Store, Ogdensburgh, N.Y. Cash and exchange trade for Country Pro- duce. All goods delivered in the village free ofcharge CxVSH STORE. A. L. PROCTOR & Co., Dealers in Groceries & Provisions, Flour, Com Meal, Potatoes, Beans, Pork, Lard, Butter, Fish, Green and Dried Apples, Peaches, Plums, &c. All goods de- livered irt the village free of charge. Aaron's Blook, Ford-st., opposite Seely & Ereeman's Jewelry Store. [je 19] ~THE AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY Having established an office with CHENEY, FISK &, Co. of this village, are prepar- ed to forward Money, Parcels and Goods, and to- collect Notes, Drafts and Accounts in .the principal cities and towns of New-York, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illi- nois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentuoky, Iowa, Missouri and Canada West, connecting with other Express Companies to the Eastern and Southern States, California, Europe &o. — Mark Packages \By American Express Co.\ WELLS, BUTTERFIELD & Co. Ogdensburgh, May 17th 1857. (tf) C HENEY, FISKB & CO'S EX . press. Money, Valuables and all kinds of Freight forwarded to and from all parts ot the country. All orders for goods from the Cities promptly attended to. %*Offioe No. 3 Seymour's Block. D. F. WAID, Dentist, No. 70 Ford-st. 3 doors I rem th e Sey- mours'. All operations in Dontisry perform- ed in a style not excelled by any other prac- titioner. W. W. BEST, M. D., Resident Dentist, OGDENSBURGH, NEW-YORK, Would respectfully inform his numerous friends and patron3, that he is prepared to perform all OPERATIONS IN DENTISTRY, in the most approved style. Every description of Teeth in- serted, from one to an Entire Set. Particular attention given -to FILLING TEETH, the most important of all Dental operations. Teeth filled •with CRYSTAL GOLD, a new article, surpassing anything heretofore known to the profession.— •Jeeth extracted without pain by congealation. EP\ Patients from a distance entertained free during operations. Office, Judson Block, up stairs, (over Thomp- son's Bonnet rooms.) Ogdensburgh, Nov. 29, 1856, (484-ly) M. J.. MURPHY'S . If ew Tailoring and Ready-Made Clothing Estab- lishment, No. 1, Marble Row, opposite the Bridge, Ogdensburgh, N . Y. Orders respect fully solicited. May 4,1857. PROUTY & RINDGE, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Drugs, Medi- cines, Paints, Oils Varnish &a. Also Dental Instruments, Teeth ana Gold Foil. Ogdens- burgh, N. Y. \ WASHINGTON HOTEL. Corner of Catherine and Washington-st., J. TV CARRIER Proprietor. Passengers and bag- gage conveyed to and from th e Depot and steamboat landing Free of Charge. 1857. CRAWFORD & CO., 1857. Forwarders and Commission Merchants, dealers in Western Flour, Pork and Grain, Agents for the Northern Transportation Company's Lino of 14 First Class Steam Propellers, be- tween Ogdensburgh and Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee and Chicago. Keep constantly for sale to the trade, Ohio and Michigan Double Extra, Extra Fancy and Superfine Flour, Illinois Corn, Cincinnati and Chicago Mess arid Rump Pork. To better accommo- date dealers in Vermont, New-Hampshire,&c. a supply of Flour will be kept in store a' Rouse's Point, where orders will receive prompt attention, by J. F . CHURCH, Agent, Rouse's Point, ST. Y. As most of the prop- erty sold by u s is bought for baok Freights for Propellers, it will be sold at about COST and TRANSPORTATION, 'thus saving to Purchasers, Commissions at the West, Office at R. K. Depot, Ogdensburgh, N . Y. LAMB & HIGBEE, Wholesale and retail Dealers in F A N C Y GOODS, No-. 1, Higbeo's Block Xwiw'b- street, Ogdensbuirgh, N. Y. GEO. TIV. PHILBROOK, Wholesp.le & Retail Druggist APOTHECARY, AtthecorneroffordandisabellastreetS; Ogdensburgh, N. Y. • and WHITE & MORGAN, ' Wholesale Dealers-in Teas and Tobaccos, Flour and Grain, Pork, Lard, Hams, Wines aucj Li- quors, Water street, Ogdensburgh, N . Y. B. F . WHITE ;[479-tfl J. H. MORGAN. JOHNSON'S HOTEL\ Corner Ford and Patterson Streets, near the Rail Road Depoit. Carriages in readinoss to convey passengers to and from the Cars free of charge. JDrugs & QlpDtijerarks. A M M A R VARNISH USED FOR giving the Enamel Polish to White Paint. It is used for Parlors, Ship Cabins, and for all nice work It keeps the paint from being Soiled, and more easily kept clean. It can be applied old work. For sale by 291-tf) PROUTY & RINDGE. ASSENA SPRING WATER I S now put in Glass Bottles with this stamp blown on them— \MASSENA SPRING WATER.\ This Water is pu t up'at the Spring, and all the Mineral qualifies are as beneficial as though drank at the Spring. Each case contains 2 doz- en Bottles. It is put u p in strong boxes, and packed in the best of order for shipping. This Water can be had of my agents in Og- densburgh at all times, and all orders will re- oeive prompt attention b y them. Address your order to PROUTY & RINDGE, Ogdensburgh, N.Y. Or to the Proprietor a t the Springs. H. B . WHITE, Massena Springs, [473- x Massena. N. Y. IDDER'S LINIMENT. GARGLING OIL, MUSTANG LINIMENT, . POND'S EXTRACT, OR PAIN DESTOVER. For sale by 11. S. HUMPHREY^ O N E Y AND OXO BROWN m WINDSOR SOAPS, For sale a t the ccrner of Ford & lsabella-st3. C ALCINE© PLASTER PARIS, now in store, and for sale by 397-tf PROUTY & RINDGE. P RESH SUPPLY of LINSEED Oil, White Lead and Zine, just received J78-tf ] _ iby_PROUTY & RINDGE. W-'ALUABLE SPRING MEDICINE. Patronized andl reoommendedby the most em- inent Practitioners on this Continent— Rexford's Compound Camomile Cor- dial! This delightful and effective Tonic Cordialis scientifically prepared from the flowers of Camo- mile and other vegetable ingredients imported expressly from England. As a Tonic i t stands unrivalled, and its pe- culiar Medicinal! virtues have acquired a justly celebrated reputation for the removal of INDI- GESTION, DYSPEPSIA and LIVER COMPLAINT. It speedily restores those laboring under NERVOUS WEAKNES S and GENERAL DEBILITY. H. S. HUHPHREY, No. 2, Eagle Bloek, March 17,18&7. Sole Proprietor. P D & 3 a •r £j w g ** U, •,•3 o e CO ft) a <3 c! fed P w tef CO. 3 p - 03 CO p ,© a >. * 5°' t=. o o I2& k o P P\ • • P « o &\<=>§ f- o • co 8 co w Hi I o W 2! e S •0 »> 3- 'fc-l O u-j>2j li 1* I N S E E D OIL, RA W AND •Boiled, in large or small quantities, French Zinc, Chrome Green, Paris do., Chrome Yellow, French do., Vormillion, Prussian Blue, Plaster Paris, Camphene, White Lead, Spirits Turpentine^ Tapan, Venitian Red, Gro. Verdigris, Umber, Eng. Paris White, Whiting, Gold Leaf, Artist's Colors, Crayons, and all kinds of Paints They are warranted to be of the best kind, and will be sold at the lowest market prices. 276-tf] PROUTY & RINDGE. ASSENA SPRING WATER FOR SAL1 by the Case or Bottle. _ (473-tf) PROUTY & RINDGE. W ORM CONFECTIONS,—THE MOST safe and reliable Worm Medicine foi ale by PROUTY & RINDGE F RESH! FRESH r FRESH! Congress, Congress, Congress, Water, Water, Water, Just, Just, Just, Received, Received, Reoeived. Fresh Congress Water just Reoeived, G. W. PHILBROOK, Apothecary. RAINARD'S CHERRY BALSAM, A sure euro for colds and coHghs, for sale by PROUTY & BXSTDGE. OLLOWAY MEDICINES OF AL L kinds, for sale by PROUTY & RINDGE. A FRESH SUPPLY of PLANTA ginet Spring Water, just reoeived, and is offorod for sale by PROUTY & RINDGE. 395-ti E LECTRIC Oil, For sale by PROUTY & RINDGE. LODGETT'S PERSIAN BALM.— The most superior article for th e Toilette ev- er yet known. Fo r sale by H. S. HUMPHREY. NERVOUS SUFFERERS.— Aretired Clergyman was restored to health in a few days, after many years of great suffering, by the use of Rev. John M. Dagnall's Pills.— They can be had a t PROUTY & RliTDGE's. URNO'S CELEBRATED CATARRH SNUFF. The best thing known for cure of Catarrh for sale by H . S. HUI .PHRBY. 5 NDIAN PHYSICIAN and Surgeon can be consulted i n May as follows:—Ogdensburgh R. Johnson's Hotel the 2d; Madrid, Vanbur- ens Hotel the 4th; Potsdam, the Globe Hotel 5th and 6th; Malone, Millers Hotel 7th and 8th; Rouses Point, National Hotel 11th and 12th. He treats all diseases that flesh is heir to— His medicines are composed of Barks, Buds, Leaves, Roots and Gums, which grow i n almost every county in America, he invariably gives an unbiased opinion as to the probability of a cure and does not lead th e patients into Ex- pense without Reasonable hope of SuceeBS. SURGICAL BUSINESS striotly attended to , Consultation free. Medicines reasonable.— Terms Cash. Al l my old Patients can have medicine free. Dr. LEVMISAHASKA. Ogdensburgh, April 8, 1857. (593-td) RANGIPANNI JDra ©Doos. TV OOD G. JUST RECEIVED BY D. & I. L. SEYiUOUF Berege Delaines, Muslin Robes, Colored Chintzes, Tamartines, Bareges, Lace Cunains, Fig' Tarlton do Muslin do, Satin Striped do, Damask do Cornices, Loops &e, Stella Shawls, Broche do Thibet do Delaine do Embroideries, Carpetings, Matts. Prints, Stripes, Denims, Ticks Bloach'd Sheetings Brown do Pillow Casing, Broad Cloths, Summer StHfl's. Jeans and Drills, Cassimeres, Linens, Vestings, Marseilles Quilts, Manchester do Laces, Ribbons, Oil Cloths, &C, &o. April C. N EW GOODS FOR THE SPRING New DeLaines, Now Prints, New Ginghams, New Linens, New Shirtings, New Sheetings Now Cambiios, New Jeans, New Doeskins, New Cassimeres, New Denims, » New stripes, &c. J. H. GUEST, No. 60 Ford-st., Ogdensburgh, N. Y . STATY\ 39TH, 1857. €. W. GIBBS, Has now received his second purchase of D\R Y GOODS Comprising all the styles suitable to the SUMMER TRADE, Whioh he offers at the LOWEST 0A8H PRICES, No. 24, Ford.Street, MECHANIC'S ROW. OGDENSBURGH, NEW-YORK. . A N ETERNAL PERFUME, From the HOLY CITY. Once known, never for- gotten. H. S. HUMPHREY. March 17. No. 2, Eagle Block. J UST RECEIVED ! A FULL As- sortment of Brushes used in all branohes of Paint and Whitening by 291-tf) PROUTY & RINDGE. s P R I N G O F 18 5 7 Just Reoeived and for sale. 10 bbls Linseed Oil; 5 bbls Paint Oil a t 75ots per Gall; 3 tons Snow White Frenoh Zinc; 5 tons of Brooklyn Pure Lead; All of which will be sold'ror Cash a t IJOW Figures. GEO. W. PHILBROOK. Apotheoary, Ogdensburgh N. Y. SELLING OFF AT COS T . BRONNER & KRAFT Would respectfully announce to the.citizens of Ogdensburgh and vicinity, that being obliged to close up their business, they will sell their entire stooK of Dry Goods, Carpeting, Looking Glasses, Paper Hangings, Yankee Notions, At New-York First Cost. The attention of Dealers is respectfully invit- ed to this stock, as the Domestics were bought before the rise._ N. B.—All persons indebted to the above firm are requested to call and settle the same at their earliest convenience. BRONNER & KRAFT, Peddler's Exchange, No. 3, EAGLE BLOCK, OGDENSBURGH, NEW - YORK. MAY 2d, 1857. ^HAVER'S IMPORTING HOUSE. WATER-STREET, PRESCOTT. C. SHAVER | Bogs to announce to the citizens of Ogdens- burgh and surrounding Country, that he has just received and marked off for immediate sale the contents of Fifty boxes New Spring Dr y Goods by CUNARD A5TD CANADIAN STEAMERS. Comprising the Newest and most recent pro- ductions of the Manufacturers of Great Britain and France, viz:—Ladies Dress Goods, Rich Black and Colored, Moire Antique Silks, Bro- caded, cross-over, checked, striped, Short and Plain Silks, Satinetts, Sunie Robes, Printed Challies, Flounced Silks and Bareges, Dresses, China Bareges, Double Skirted Robes, Plain Crossover and Checked Bareges and Balssarenes, Splendid lot Printed Lawns, Organdie and Chintz- Muslins, rich Broo'na, Stiletto, Tissue, Wov Oasimeres, Border Shawls, real thread, Neville, laces, Ribbons, Parasols, More Antiques and Plain Silk Capes, large assortment of Swiss, French and Scotch Sewed Muslins, Lace, Check- ered, Tambored and Muslin Curtains, extensive assortment of Mourning Goods, Hosiery and Gloves, in immense variety, Fringes, Trimmings Buttons, Linen, Cambric, Handkerchiefs, Small wares &.o. &o. Ladies please call and examine before pur- chasing elsewhere, every article warranted and prices so low that they must give satisfaction. The above forms only a small part of the Sub- scribers new and splendid.stook imported di- rect from Europe. Prescott, May 11th, 1857, 3m P. UP III Z&l k c c I K & o o o 4 0 hj U M H m 0 i> •4 THE DAILY JOURNAL Is published every Evening, (Sundays except- ed) at Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence Co., ST. Y., a t the low price of §4 per annum. ° Office, corner Ford and M'ater-streets. ADVERTISING; The attention of business men generally is di- rected to this paper as the only daily publication in Northern New-York. It has a fair circula- tion throughout this section of country, and the portion of Canada lying opposite, and from its low rates and the general manner i n which it is read, presents an excellent medium for adverr tising. RATES OF ADVERTISING. One Bquare, oue insertion, $0,50. \ \• two • \ ,75. \ \ three \ 1,00. \ \ one week 1,25. \ '• two \ 2,00. \ \ one month 2,50. \ \ two \ 3,00. \ \ three \ 4,00. \ \ six \ 7,00. \ \ one year 12,00. One quarter column 1 year.. .$ 25,00. One half column 1 year * 60,00. One column one year, 100,00. Business oards per year,.. .$6 to 9,00. Sixteen lines or less constitute a square. All travelling Exhibitions double the above rates.— Advertisements from out of town, where the par- ties are unknown to us;*must be accompanied with ths Cash. JAMES, HOPKINS & FOSTER, Publishers and Proprietors, Ogdensburgh, N, Y. tyaiismaxc. Foreign J Li. GUEST, PAPER HANGINGS • i n great variety, Common, Plain, Rich, Modest, Decorative, Oaks. Maple, Marble, Borders, Centers, Cornice, & Rich Gold Papering, The best assortment ever offered. C 1HAJS.KY & CO., J Dealers in Shelf and Heavy American and HARDWARE, Wood and Willow Ware, Brooms, Cordage, &e., and Manufacturers of Copper, Sheet Iron-and Tin Ware. Job Work, especially Boat Work, promptly done, by superior Workmen. Chaney* & Co., Agents, sell a t Manufacturers prices, Belts, Steam Packing and Hose from the Boston Belting Co., Emery's Patent Rail Road Horse Powers, and other Machines; Chil- son's, Bristol's and Boynton's Furnaces and Ranges; Ketchum's Improved Combined Har- vesters, &c. A large Assortment of Cooking, Hall, Parlor and Shop Stoves, Porta- ble Ovens, Flat Iron Heaters, Hollow Ware, Registers, &c. Also Farmers and Mechanics Tools of the most approved kinds, constantly to be found at the Water Street Hardware Store, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 378-tf CHANEY <fc CO. L QUotljim;, &t. ^Toll YE THIS WAY J. AARON takes pleasure in announcing to the inhabitants of Ogdensburgh and vicinity,— that ha has just manufactured a large and splen- did siock of Men & Boys' Spring Clothing, of the most approved styles and patterns, select ed with great care and expressly got up for this market, to which he respectfully solicits the patronage of his numerous old customers and as many more-wisning to favor him with their calls. His Business Manager, Mr. L. MYERS, and other attendants will always be happy to show you the Goods and will not think less ol you for not purchasing. J. A. striotly adhere3 to his long established motto, \Quick Sales and Small Profits.\ Don't mistake the place, King & Averill's Gran- ite Bloek, FORD STREET, OGDENSBURGH. Always on hand a good assortment of Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, etc., etc. (582-tf) J. AARON. E A D Y-M A B E CLOTHING All those in want of good Ready-Made Cloth- ing and that whioh is made of good material,— and warranted in every respect, will do well to their purchase of TIL0S. D. SKINNER. Feb. 2,1857.-(540-tf) fUST RECEIVED B Y EXPRESS ' Choice a3Sortment-of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &o., THOS. D SKINNER'S Insurance. RE YOU INSURED In prosperity provide for reverses. HASBROUOK'S LIFE, FIRE k MARINE Stock Insurance Agency. ' jr^-THE STRONGEST IN THE STATE._@S w Old iEtwa Insurance Company, g Of Hartford, Incorporated, 1819. *t g Capital, S500,000.. .. Surplus,$870,903, g g No change in its Presidenoy since ^ g Incorporation. g gj « p Home Insurance Company, o a, New- York. w \ Capital, $500,000 Surplus, 372,823, § p H § Old Hartford Insurance Co., 3 g Of Hartford, Ct. 1810. ' a § Capital, §300,000 Surplus, 257,069. a j* Western Massachusetts Ins. Co., o S Pittsfield. > g Capital, 150,000.. .Surplus, $64,300. ™ a o J Phoenix Insurance Company, g* g Hartford, Ct. § ^ Capital, 8200,000 Surplus, $112,3 79. § %. ' « g Merchants Insurance Company, g „ Philadelphia, Pa. m g Capital, $200,000 Surplus, $63,428 § •9 Is § Connecticut Lite Insurance Co- •§ 5 Hartford, 1846. ^ < Assets, $2,271,837. I. W. SKINNER, WEST END OF THE Bridge, Ogdensburgh, N. Y., Manufactu- rer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Parlor, Cook and Plate Stoves, Plows, Bar Iron and Castings. Keepc oik. haim a general assort- ment of Hardware, House Trimmings, Carpen- ter's and Coopei's Tools, and manufacturer of Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Ware. Orders re- ceived for Mill and other Machinery, Castings trom the Brasher Iron Works, and warranted to suit the purchaser. C HANEY & CO. EMPLOY SUPERIOR workmen for roofing and the manufaiture 3f Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware. An assortment of the best PLOWS and other Farmer's Tools may be found a t their Hardware Store and Agricultural Warehouse, o n Water-st. i Ogdensburgh,N. Y. STOVES,STOVES,STOVES !—THE Sj best place to buy a good article of Cooking Parlor, Hall and Store Stoves, plain and Jap- unned Tin Ware; every variety of Stove Pipe anflibheet Iron Work, or to get a Good Jobdone in that line, is conceded, by all who have tried to be a t the Tin Ware and Stove Depot, No. 1, tligbee's Bloek, now kept by DAMB <fc-HI(jlBEB. C ARPI5NTEK TOOLS, House Trimmings, Apple Pearers, Saddlery, Iron, Tin Ware, Cutlery, &c., &c., &Q. (310-tf ) ;A . WATROUS. MANCHESTER SCALE WORK'S U AGENCY 20 Varieties. Even Balance, Grocers', Counter, Platform Scales, At manufacturer's prices—Warranted. [435 tf] - by A. WATROUS. C ^ENTUKION. J Woodland, Northern Light, Persian, Peruvian, Gem, and alarge va- riety, of Box and Parlor Stoves at A. WATROUS' A LARGE SUPPLY OF FEATHERS ON nand and for sale. All wishing th e arti- cle would do well to call on LAMB& HIGBEE. G O E E C O \Centurion\ ELEVATED OVEN OK STOVE AT A. WATROUS Ogdensburgh. A T E R COOLERS! A splendid assortment of Water Coolers, for sale a t reduced prices by A. WATROUS. May 23,1857. Ford-Street. Farmers can be insured at lower rates than Mutuals, for cash down. No Premium Notes taken »u<l no Assessments made. Call and see before insuring. I own no stock in either Company, and my customers may continue to rely on m y best judgment to tneir security under their policies. •* L. HASiffiOUCK. Ogdensburgh, April 24,1857. [297-tf T» R O C L A M A T I O N . Owing to the assumed restriction put upon the sale of Ale by the new Exoise Law, and the increasing demand for LAGER BIER. we have commenced to manufacture that arti- cle and will-keep constantly on hand in barrels and half barrels, both ALE AND'LAGER. BIER. Cash paid for Barley, White Oak staves and heading. O. D. & D. J. CRICHTON. May 28, 1857. (tf) . -1-^

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