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CATTAftAtttUft REPUBLICAN, WBNNMNAY, MAY It, PAGE FIVE CELERON W ILL OPERATE ON DAYLIGHT SAVING Fr. W k h h , to succeed Bishop McMahon atjtime. St. Mir¥s-^Fr. Wrob\ lewski goes to Buffalo. - JattiCstoWfr, May 16.— The village board Of Celoron a t its regular m eet­ ing last night voted unanimously to adopt daylight saving for the village from June 3d to September $th, in­ clusive, the same period :in which Jamestown will have the advanced SALAMANCA 35 School Children tcf get Totfin*Antitoxin Personal* *e» -~Mi»s R u th Cleveland has. return­ ed to her home in Cattaraugus after spending three months a t the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Cleveland of 40 Wilson street. Y N f ^ Buffalo,-. May 16 (SP)—Rev. Robert S . W alsh of Salamanca, will assume th e pastorate o f St. Mark’s church, succeeding' Bishop John J. McMahon, 1D. f>., who* recently was elevated to the head of the Trenton, N. J,, dio­ cese. v Announcement of Fr. Walsh’s ap­ pointm ent was made by Bishop Turn­ e r last night F r. W alsh is expected to take over the Buffalo parish, one \of the largest in the city, within the next two weeks. The following transfers of assis­ ta n t priests were announced today by Bishop Turner. Rev. Jam e s Wroblewski from Holy Cross church, Salamanca, to St. John Gualbertus church, Buffalo. The Rev. Ignatius Raczkowski from St. Stanislaus church, Buffalo, to Holy Cross church, Salamanca. -Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Day o f W est FOREST FIRES OUT, RAIN PROMISES LASTING RELIEF Ordained 30. Year* ago Rev. Robert E. Walsh, p astor of St. Patrick’s church here the past 12 years and 10 months, received word of his appointm ent as pastor of St. M ark’s church in Buffalo, to succeed Bishop John J. McMahon, yesterday evening. I t was n o t known here today who his successor would be. F r . W alsh on March 5th last cele­ brated the thirtieth anniversary of bis ordination as a priest. On that occasion he was presented with a cheek fo r $1,000 by Fr. Albert O’­ Brien of St. Bonaventure’s college, on behalf of the women of St. Pa­ trick’s - parish. F r . Walsh was ordained, to the priesthood March 5th, 1898, in Blessed Sacrament chapel in Buffalo, b y Bishop James Quigley, later arch­ bishop o f ’Chicago. Immediately af­ te r his ordination he was notified of the death of his mother, Mrs. Julia Walsh, and after saying his first Mass Sunday, M arch 6th, in St. Joseph’s ^church a t Campbell, N. Y., he on the following day said the Funeral Mass jfor his m o ther a t the same church. f Fr. W alsh was born in the town of I Curtis, Steuben county, February 12, 1863, the son of Robert and Julia W alsh and the oldest boy in a family of 12 children. He attended the pub­ lic school there, Was graduated from th e high school a t Bath w ith'the class \of 1890, and from St. Bonaventure’s college in^i894.' Following his ordination he became assistant to Rt. Rev. Msgr. James Launlgan a t St. Bridget’s church, Buffalo; thence w ent to the Immacul- la te Conception parish, Buffalo, as adm inistrator in the absence of the pastor for a tim e; a n d t h e n r e t u r n e d t to St. Bridget’s. L a ter he was trans- | ferred to the Blessed Sacrament chapel, Buffalo, as assistant to Msgr. Jam es McGloin. On February 22, 1902, he was sent by Bishop Quigley *tb reorganize the Holy Name of Mary parish a t \East Pembroke and attached missions. Four years later, on February 12th, he w ent to Batavia to organize St. Mary’s parish there, and was' instru­ m ental in erecting the present stone church in Batavia. Following the death of Fr. John Bealy on July 12, 1915, Fr. Walsh was assigned as paster of St. Pat­ rick’s parish here hy Msgr. Nelson H. Baker, then adm inistrator for the Buffalo diocese. He has been pas­ tor here since that time. ' I n 1921 Fr. Walsh was given the degree of LL. D. at St. Bonaventure’s college. All forest fires on the Allegany In­ dian reservation and in Allegany State Park were /reported out this a f ­ ternoon, and w ith warm showers in prospect, with the pronfise that they would not only -wet down the forest floor but bring green growth through to a p o int where it could check flames, hope was high here th a t-the fire seas­ on was near an end. Fires on the reservation near Red House and a t W olf Run were put out late yesterday afternoon without doing m aterial damage, i t was said. A fire on South Mountain, ju s t over the reservation line in park territory, engaged the attention of park forces for a short time yesterday afternoon about 5 o’clock, but was put out af­ ter it had burned over two or three acres. Cyrus Remington, park super­ intendent, said today th a t while this was close to the place where ever­ greens were planted last year by Boy Scouts, it missed these. Mss Helen Schwenk, public school nurse, announced this afternoon th a t the parents of 36 school children have Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spajjo bf signed consent slips, perm itting the Swan street announce the birth of a children to receive toxin-antitoxin f o r daughter Sunday morning. ’ /the prevention of diphtheria.' ’ » Miss' Sophia Hillmiller of South! The first innoculations will be giv- _ , , Main street and Robert J. Miller of en tomorrow, Dr. J. M. Happell,i7*n®’ ’’ ® re c e n ty returned Buffalo were m arried W ednesday'school physician, and Miss S c b w e n k t*0J(l^ ” d^ mn evening a t the Congregational par- visiting the various schools in turn, i Kock, Fa., TMtttea friends here by Rev. A. C. Elliott. They1 begin*ins; with the Jefferson stre e t1? 1* ''1** m*h t w M * *\route to N*w --- 'school. York. Most of Salamanca’s school child- ' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davidson ren already have been im m u n ized, Miss Schwenk says. Randolph Blue Lodge Tuesday ^WELLSVILLE HIGH ning: W arren J. Hoy, W. C. Hir- * £ £ £ £ v a j chart, Baymond H. Wilson, W ih j L A I O J t U I S a r t liam Mentz, W. K. Harrison, Fred j TRACK AND FIELD T. Smith, C. P. Lear, Howard _______ Chairmen for Farmers’ Picnic and Field Day are announced Here The sedond meeting of the commit­ tee chairmen for the annual C a ttar­ augus County Farm e rs’ Picnic was held in the Farm Bureau office here Tuesday evening. The picnic will be held Saturday, June 30th, at the Little Valley Fair Grounds. There will be concessions, ball games, sports, and a free milk bax\ Features of the day will be a pa­ geant, in which, it is expected, there will be entries from all sections of the county, and a horseshoe pitching contest, which always is popular with the men. Prizes wall be awarded in both. An address will be given by a prominent speaker. No admission to the grounds will be charged, and the attractions will be free. T h e o f f i c e r s a n d c h a i r m e n o f t h e various committees a r e : general chair­ man, A. P. Aust of Otto; vice chair­ man, Miss Charlotte C u l v e r , H o m e Bureau m anager; secretary and treas­ urer, Charles N. Abbey, Farm Bureau m anager; grounds, C&irles W atkins, Little Valley; concessions, A. L. Milks, Little Valley; pageant, Anthony Co­ vert, Steam burg; milk bar, J. F. Crowley, Ellicottville; baseball, A. P. Aust, Otto; sports, Neland H.. F u l­ ler, Salamanca; r e s t tent, Mrs. A. P. Aust; budget, L. G. Quackenbush, Salamanca; speakers, Hon. L. G. K i r k l a n d , R a n d o l p h ; j u v e n i l e enter­ tainment, Mrs. Ella Finch, Salaman­ ca; badge, Mrs. C. V. Young, New Albion; publicity, L. G. Quackenbush, Salamanca; little theatre, Mrs. Charles W atkins, Little Valley; mus­ ic, J. F. Crowley, Ellicottville. The next meeting of the commit­ tee will be held there Tuesday night, May 29th. ---------- o- --------- VETERAN RAILROAD EMPLOYES RETIRE FROM ERIE SERVICE will reside in Buffalo. 1 Announcement is made of the birth of a daughter here Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Dallis McCool of Lime­ stone. • G. L. Griffith of Farmersville will go to Rochester Saturday, June 2d, to attend the annual meeting of the State Dairymen’s League, as a dele­ gate of the Cattaraugus County Dairyman’s League. A. L. Milks of Little Valley, has been re-elected di­ rector of the county league. The Dorcas class of the First M. E. church has elected the following SCHOOL NEWS and Mr. and Mrs. A. W aite returned to Buffalo Wednesday evening after spending a few days fishing in Alle­ gany State Park. Mr. Davidson is a form er resident of Salamanca. . —Miss Viola Prusinowski, who is John McNamara, Teach- ’ employed in Cleveland, is spending a i n 1 S a l a - week’s vacation with her parents, Mr. er m i, and Hrg> M Prusino1vski p{ prespect m a n c a , r e s i g n s . ’avenue. 1 —■—■■■ J — Mrs. M a rgaret Dean of Lacka- John McNamara, who has been wanna, who bas been the guest of teaching in District No. 1, Salaimm-, Mrs. H. E. Heller Of Wildwood ave- tied at End 10 Events. B; H&ncoek, a . Page Bedeii an d , T a k e s R e l a y a f t e r b e i n g A rthur Lloyd. Dinner was served,1 - — J - - - — - After which the third degree was con­ ferred on a class of candidates. — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker of Wellsville High school and* Little Merden street are spending' the d a y , V alley fought point by point fo r in Buffalo. (track and field supremacy on the — C harles R. P utnam is in' B uf- j fi^ g r o u n d s Saturday afternoon, the falo today. Iscore a t the conclusion of the ten — W. H. Shipherd and daughter of 1 ev6nts standing at 45-45. Randolph were in Salamanca to d a y .! The relair race> deciding contest of • — Mrs. Lawrence L. Philbrook a n d ithe meet> was won by Wellsville, a n d Mrs. William Hubertus returned j the final figures stood 50-45. It was one of the closest meets held here in a number of years. Lit­ tle Valley took 6 first places to Jour by Wellsville, while Wellsville scored six seconds to four by Little Valley, and seven thirds to three by the coun­ ty seat school. Lack of capable “runners up” lost the meet for Little Valley. *. The feature of the day was the Tuesday from Danbury, Conn., where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Philbrook’s husband. The funeral was held Friday afternoon from the home of a n aunt, Mrs. M argaret Wag­ ner, in Danbury, in charge of Mas­ ons of the Mount Vernon lodge. Bur­ ial was made in the Wooster ceme­ tery, Danbury. Mrs. Philbrook will leave Salamanca in a few months. ■P. W. King was in Jamestown cl£*sh between Sikes of Little Valley ■ Tuesday evening. officers; President, Mrs. A. M. C o v -jca- has resigned his position to en- nue the past two weeks, returned to t -p, . T r ■ v , ~ 'gage in agricultural pursuits. Miss Lackawanna Wednesday. Mrs. H e ller' ~ ® dw“ d J . ones I *t“ ”*d t.° Can‘ M yrtle Holdridge has been engaged accempanied her to r a brief visit. |to n ’ ° - Tu*sday after ™ ltm* to finish out the term . j — Mrs. Oscar A. Swanson of W est Mrs. Esther Rice, teacher in Dis- avenue is spending a few days with trict No. 6, Great Valley, Hungry relatives in Kane, Pa. Hollow, is confined to her home by. — Mrs. M argaret Gastmann of illness. Mrs. Tubbs is supplying in Broad s treet has returned home after her place. j spending several months with rela- Field Days, open to the public, tives in Pittsburgh and Johnstown, will be held next week as follows: . p a . On Monday a t Willoughy; teach- — Mr. and Mrs. Claude Perrigo ers and pupils joining are Mrs. Pearl and daughter Versale have returned Bay, Mrs. Lottie Woodard,, Mrs. Jes- 'to Detroit, Mich., after visiting a t the sie Folts, Miss Alvana Krause and home of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Miss M artha H6aly. Perrigo of 34 Fairm o u n t avenue. On Tuesday at Chipmonk, teach-! —Mrs. Cora Taylor of Cleveland. , r . R ers and pupils joining are Miss G ath-‘is a guest a t the home of her sister, y “ U 7Ja m „ ... crine Nenno, Mrs. Edith Greenwood, Mrs. E. D. Perrigo of Fairm o u n t ave-i. * Henry Terry of Forestville Robert Willard and Miss Josephine nue. McCabe. ' j — T. F. Kelly and fam ily of Jef- On Friday a t E a st Otto, those join- ferson street were called to Hornell ing are Principal E. W. Hathaway, Saturday by the death of Mr. Kelly’s! Miss Evelyn Green, Miss Helen father, Thomas B. Kelly, which oc ell; vice president, Mrs. Adams Cameron; secretary, Mrs. Mary L. Paxton; treasurer, Mrs. Althea F u r­ long; teachex*, Mrs. Edna Beckwith; assistant teacher, Mrs. A. .M. Covell; superintendent of flowers, Mrs. Car­ rie Lawson. The Cattaraugus County Home Bureau -will hold an advisory council here Thursday, May 24th, to sum- mai'ize the bureau’s projects of the past year and to consider next year’s program. Mrs. lone Goodrich,* a form er resi­ dent of Salamanca, died Friday a t the home of Mrs. Clara Langhans of Silver Creek, according to word r e c e i v e d here. She left Salamanca a little more than a year ago. She leaves three sons, W alter Goodrich of Erie street, George of Wildwood avenue and Frank Goodrich of Mur­ ray avenue, this city, and several grandchildren here. Mrs. Statia Doyle has accepted a position with the Salamanca Trust company, and began her duties today. Mrs. H a rry Nadlolski accepted the position made vacant by her in the j Helen McClure. Harvey & Carey drug store. ; m other, Mrs. Andrew Jones of Elli­ cottville, and brother, J. A. Jones of this city. — Mr. and Mrs, T . F . K e l l y a n d son Raymond of Jefferson street have returned from Hoi-nell where they were called by the death of his father, Thomas Kelly. — Mrs. M ary Crandall and Edward Crandall motored to Ellicottville Tuesday and visited Mrs. Andrew Jones. — Mrs. John Dillman and daughter Miss Irene Dillman are spending the is a guest a t the, home of her daugh ter, Mrs. C. M. Tanner of Wilson street. — H a rry Hai*rington, formerly of j Buffalo, Who is employed in the Smiley, Mrs. Adah Hogan, Miss El- curred Friday night, len King, Mrs. Clarence Harvey Zet- — Mrs. C. H. McClune is in Fre- ; wick, Miss Anne W hitmer, Mrs. Lela donia caring fox’ her niece, Mary! Eddy, Mrs. Isa Wing, Mrs. Vera Zeil- Abram, who is ill with scarlet fever, i man, Mrs. Lutie Radant and Miss Mr. McClune was there Friday eve-1 ning. 0 ---------- | — j x . Lowry of Buffalo arrived j Allegany State Park office here, is seriously ill. and Lunn of Wellsville, last year’s sectional high jump champion. Both men cleared the bar at 5 feet, 7 in­ ches. A t 5-8, Sikes missed in his three attempts, while Lunn, in his final jump, made the distance. Lunn was the star of the meet, scoring a total of 16 points. He took three of Wellsville’s four first places, in the high jump, broad jump, and pole vault. He also finished third in the 100 yard dash, and was a member of Wellsville’s winning re­ lay team. Richardson of Little Valley was high scorer for his team. He won the mile and finished second in the half mile and 410. Burrell of Little Yalley, winning the half mile and 440, scored 10 points for his team- Wellsville was strong in the field events, Little Valley showing well on the track. Summary of events; 100 yard dash— Won by Cum­ mings, Wellsville; second, Cryer, Lit- •Miss A n n a J o n e s o f E l l i c o t t v i l l e t i e V a l l e y ; th i r d , L u n n , W e l l s v i l l e . w a s h e r e T u e s d a y . — Charles N. Abbey was in Lyndon i on Farm Bureau business today. ! \ ---------- O ---------- Tem p erature readings for the p a s t. o • j u ftrfk t i r | 24 hours, as recorded at the U W Steel store. He ie making his home ! V i o l a t o r s p a y U n a s At the Hotel Dudley. He form erly here Friday to ta k e . charge of the BRADFORD PRISONER LOSES 1 NEW OVERCOAT AND railroad offices w ere: Tuesday, 4 p. m., 70; midnight, 50; today, 6 a. m., FRIEND was assistant m anager ef the Detroit, Fr, Wroblewski will help to build ChurcK Rev. Jam es Wroblewski, for the past four years assistant pastor of Holy CrOss church here, this morning announced receipt of his appointment as assistant pastor a t St. John Gual- hsrfc’s church, Buffalo. He plans to leave Salamanca Friday. F r. Wroblewski said a new church Is being constructed in the Buffalo [parish, which undertaking he will asli&t. F r. Wroblewski came to Salamanca dbdsA Holy Trinity church. Niagara Falls. He will be succeeded here, he said, by F r. Raczkowski, now of St. Stan­ islaus p arish, Buffalo, Fr. Raczkowski is expected to arrive in Salamanca Saturday afternoon a t 3 o’clock. —— — o ------ — Q lein Renter Accept* Call. O lean/M ay 15.— Rev. B. H. Crewe, assistant rector of St. Stephens Epis­ copal Church; will leave June 15th, having accepted- a call as rector of G h riit Episcopal -Church, Forest City, Fa. A t the request of Bishop F . W. Jlterriit, he will . also have eh*!** Of a miiieoh at Bahdaff, Pa., * Summer resort. - • ■ Jam e s tow n , M a y 16.— J o h n O’Con­ nell, oldest employe of the Buffalo & Southwestern Division of the Erie railroad, with 58 years’ continuous service to his credit, the latter 48 years of which he spent as a train­ man, and Barney J. Mathews, bag­ gageman, next to the oldest employe on the division in the point of service, who has been employed by the Erie for 49 years, were retired last night after completing their runs from Buffalo to this.city at 6.15 o’clock. The locomotive whistle on the tx’ain on which the men made their last run to the city was tied dowfi at Falcon­ er and gave a shrill salute all the way to Jamestown in honor of the retiring employes. B lock Company organized Hj*4fbrd, May. -16,-r-PetjtiQn f6r inedippratiqjj, .o f the Bradford Building Block company, formed by 3L F» Clurofc* X N. Fiori *nd Nmi Swsretary 6t State at Harrisburg. Plan* for Brtdga'aproved Olean, May 15.— P lans for the East State street bridge, drawn by City Engineer E. J . Clohessy a n d sent to the State Departm ent of Public Works a t Albany for approval, have b e e n received back a t the city e n ­ gineer’s office here with the official okey of the State authorities. The plans, which call for a steel bridge, over the Olean Creek, were approved with the exception of a few minor changes which were suggested by the Albany experts. Frank M. C * i«y Injured Olean, May 14.—Frank M. Casey, 53 years Old, a resident Of the Rock City road,'just south of this city,'fell from the dyke system of the Olean creek, in the Boardmanville section, today and the right leg was fractur­ ed jujtt below the kftee. He was tak­ en to the Olean General Hospital. He is widely known throughout this part, where he has always lived. , c __ _ v + i violators of the traffic Mich., Steel store. i B radford, May 12. Billy B u rnett i - rreS1)0n !n£ I n l a n d parking ordinances in effect here — J. D. Rahaley, superintendent o f , of tbis city’. who is at th0 C0Uftty jail were given the dreaded red tag Tuet- this division of the Erie railroad, is , w r i t i n g trial on the charge of mur- day by members of the police depart- spending two weeks at his home in 1 der> has lost faith m one friend’ at m ent which is w a g ing a drive against Jersey City. ! such offenders. j — Mr. and Mrs. Hermus Wymer; 1^ Bill} asked a Bxadford a n d w e r e fin e d 'W hile^-wo o t h e r s w e r e 1 KX \ \ v v * ^ f ■ p > n e w b r o w n o v e r c o a t fox* $2 \ T h e ^ elLville, thixo, Stipes. V ells\ille a n d w e r e fin e d , W h ile t w o o t h e r s w e r e 1 — M i s s P a u l i n e V m c o s k i o f 2 8 j n , o r o w n o v e r c o a t i o i m e discharged after hearings before Hancock street left Sunday m o r n ing ! Prisoner badly needed the money f o il ,0 ‘ Judge B u rdette Whipple in city court for Erie, Pa.y to attend the wedding !'fcobacco* He claims to have paid ° pu this morning. Arrests in the first of Miss M ary Simmons. j $22.50 for the garm ent and to have two days of the traffic and parking — John Kiley of this city under-- worn ^ ordV twice. peratures for the same pex-iod of May, 1 9 2 7 , w e r e 4 6 , 4 2 , 4 0 , 4 2 . A d a m C o l e o f F r o n t a v e n u e w a s cut on the leg when the light truck in which he was a passenger was s t r u c k by a n o t h e r m a c h i n e n e a r C a r ­ rollton in the Salamanca-Olean high­ way about 10 o’clock last night. The truck, owned and driven by Stanley Zelinski, turned over' four tim es and was almost completely wrecked. The name, of t h e driver of t h e other ma­ chine, a coupe, was not learned — _o— -------- Many from Salamanca and nearby Towns visit Rocky Crest S&nitorium Many people from Salamanca, Lit­ tle Valley, Ellicottville and other places in this, section of the county visited Rocky Crest Sanatorium on National Hospital Day, when the county institution was thrown open for inspection by the public, accord­ ing to the register kept a t Rocky Crest. The following are revealed as visitors from Salamanca and vicinity: S a l a m a n c a — M r s . J o h n C o n n e l l y , S t a n t o n L i t c h f i e l d , B u r d e t t e W h i p p l e , Mrs. David E. Whipple, Mrs. E. B. Vreeland, Mrs. W. M. Litchfield, An­ thony C a r u s o , ■ Mx*s. G . H . Parkhill, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Fry, Mrs. J. W. Crandall, Mrs. Olive Young. Little Valley—Mrs. M. C . Backus, T i m e , 10 s e c o n d s . 220 y a r d d a s h — W o n by Cryer, L i t t l e V a l l e y ; s e c o n d . C u m m i n g s , W e l l s v i l l e ; th i r d , B o y d , W e l l s v i l l e . — > T i m e , 2 5 . 4 s e c o n d s . % 4 4 0 y a r d d a s h — W o n b y .B u r r e l l , L i t t l e V a l l e y : s e c o n d , R i c h a r d s o n , L i t t l e V a l l e y ; th i r d , A d a m s , W e l l s ­ v i l l e . — T i m e , 5 9 s e c o n d s . 8 8 0 y a r d r u n — W o n b y B u r r e l l , L i t t l e V a l l e y ; s e c o n d , R i c h a r d s o n , L i t t l e V a l l e y ; t h i r d . S t i v e s , W e l l s ­ v i l l e . — T i m e , 2 . 1 3 1 - 5 . M i le r u n — W o n b y R i c h a r d s o n , L i t t l e V a l l e y ; s e c o n d . H u b e i ' t u s , He has not seen either the coat o r the money, so • he has w ritten Chief of Police Solt asking th a t official to please get the coat or the money drive have totaled 10. w ent an operation for the removal of For parking their machines more tonsils a t the Bradford hospital Sat- than six inches from the curb, M. W. urday, according to the Bradford Parker, 34, and W alter Hale, 25, both Era. o f this city, were fined $1 and Lester — Mrs. Ada Carr of Wilson stre e t 1 fr0Tn a c e rta*n B r a d f o r d m a n , w h o m Cohn of Bradford was assessed $2. a t t e n d e d the funeral of her brothei*,! ke believes now to be untrustworthy, Steve Myers, 38, of Wildwood ave- Charles T. Schultz, in Otto M o n -1 0 ---------- nue was fined $1 fo r parking in Map- day. Mr. Schultz died Saturday a t his le street within the restricted al’ea. home in W aterboro. Fred J. Boss, 37, of Buffalo was — Mrs. H. R. Miller of Front ave- discharged after a hearing on a nue spent Sunday with her father, P. charge of parking his car in the re- S. Hursh, of DuBois, Pa. stricted area in Church street. He — Victor Ambuske spent Sunday told the judge someone m u st have in Pittsburgh with Edward Rogers, moved his car as he did not leave it form erly ef this city, who recently af „ * f mate? a t ?2'0<!0 a.nd in the prohibited area. accepted a position there. $o,000, which i» not covered by m- H. B. Hilsle, 46,of-A tlantic street - M r s . Frank .Schwarts and chii- surance. A part of the plumbing ftx- also was discharged. His ear was aren have returned to Hamburg a f - ! tures storcd ,n the ^ tagged in a restricted zone, but m otor ter spending a week with her parents, trouble had caused the machine to Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Straubing of stop there, he said. , B road street. W o n b y L a n k o w . L i t t l e £ V a l l e y ; s e c o n d , M o y n in e n * W e l l s v i l l e ; th i r d , W o l f e , L i t t l e V a l l e y . — D i s ­ t a n c e . 3 6 f t . 1 in c h . D i s c u s th r o w — W o n b y W i l l a r d , L i t t l e V a l l e y ; s e c o n d , Meissner, W e l l s v i l l e ; th ird ., C a m p b e l l , W e l l s ­ v i l l e . — D i s t a n c e , 1 0 6 f t . 9 in . R u n n i n g b r o a d ju m p — W o n b y L u n n , W e l l s v i l l e ; s e c o n d , K n o w l e s , Fir® eautea $3,000 Lo*s Wpllsville: third, Sike?-Davis, LittI? Bradford, May' 14. — A fir e w h i c h J V a l l e y . — D i s t a n c e . 1 8 f t . 5 in . on S a t u r d a y t o t a l l y d e s t r o y e d tb e i R u n n i n g h i g h ju m p — W o n b y warehouse of t h e ' F. C. P a t e r s o n ! L u n n , Wellsville; s e c o n d , S i k e s , Lit- j Plumbing Company lo c a t e d on t h e t i e V a l l e y ; th i r d , K n o w l e s , W e l l s - Erie R. R. right of w a y b e t w e e n M e - ! v i l l e . — H e i g h t : 5 f t . 8 in c h e s . chanic and Pearl street caused darn- FARK ROUTE FOR BUNiONEERS Pyl®’* Cross Country Harrier* to see % A llegany Preserve Bradford, May 16.— B radford was ^ ^ ^ „ officially selected as the 75th control ence> Mrs. G. T. Botsford, Mrs. H. F. Lee, !p0jnt f or £he rem aining 58 contes-' -—Rev. A. C. Elliott, pastor of the Congregational church, has gone to Syracuse to spend several days a t ­ tending the annual meeting of the New York Congregational confer- Mrs. Simon Ostricker of Avery, May l i t Child Health Day .W^hirigton, M*y 14 {#’)—The Sen­ ate today adopted and. sent to the a H&uie *§gdlution deiig* bating May 1st. of each yftr.as Child Health Day* , . . . - Mrs. L. F. Krampf, Mrs. W. C. Bush nell, Mrs. E. B. Dunbax% Mrs. H. O. Whipple, Mrs. C. L. Horning, Mrs. C. Carr, Mrs. C. L. Botsford, Mrs. Harmon Whipple. Ellicottville— Mrs. E. Hickey, Mrs. Frank Brett,' Miss Alice Hickey, Miss M argaret Powall, Mrs. Frank Russow, Mrs. Roger A. Hyde, Mrs. F. A. Bry­ ant, Mrs. Frank Luss, Miss Katherine Kluebert, Mrs. John Annis, Mrs. ’L. Gardner Annis, L. Gardner Annis, Miss Mary Kerins, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Weller, Mrs. Charles Northrup, Miss Jennie Brislane, Mrs. Allie Frank, Nellie T. Newton, A. J. Frank, A rthur Putman, Rose Putman, Doro­ thy Putman, Marie Putm an, Mrs. Mc- Cune, A rthur Frank. G reat Valley—Mrs. E tta G. Yaw, 0. E. Yaw. Cattaraugus— Mrs Louise B. John­ son, Mrs. Nora W. Taylor. There were many others who did not register. Feeding D elegates Problem Olean, May 15.— W ith the annual rally of the Buffalo Conference of the Catholic Students Misison- Cru­ sade at St. Bonaventure’s College next Saturday, the serving of more than three thousand meals is a prob­ lem now confronting the committee. It is planned to serve the meals cafe­ teria style, as thie college dining hall seats six hundred in two hours. I ed. Cause of the blaze has not been determined. 0 ---------- D elevan V/- Seudder in Dead Randolph, May 9.— Delevan W. Scudder died this afternoon at 3 o ’c l o c k a t t h e h o m e , a g e d 88 y e a r s . He is s u rw ied by one daughter, Mi’s. Grace Jenks of this city. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock from Myers & Myers funeral dolph cemetex'v. tants in the International Transconti- ayenne returned borne Sunday eve- bnme_ The burial null be in the Ran- nental Foot Race after the finieh of / fte r « “ * \ * a J ? * Y their r u n from Jamestown, N. Y„ to frl*” d! and IcIat,v*B in this city on Thursday. . ,and „ . , The Board of Commerce d ir e c t o r s / - Mt*; D“ ieI Stully has returned agreed to pay Mr. Pyle $500 for the Brooldyn after spendmg a week at privilege of having the racers visit th * hoale *f Mr’ aad Mrs- F e t e P o l e v a u l t — W o n b y L u n n , W e l l s ­ v i l l e ; s e c o n d , K n o w l e s , W e l l s v i l l e ; th i r d , B o w e n , L i t t l e V a l l e y . — H e i g h t : 9 f t . , 2 in c h e s . R e l a y — W o n b y W e l l s v i l l e (C u m ­ m i n g s , V a n C a m p , L u n n , B o y d ) . — T i m e : 1 m i n . 5 s e c o n d s . Referee and starter—Neland H. F u l l e r , S a l a m a n c a ; . F i e l d j u d g e s : E m e r s o n C a s e , E m m o n s . D u n b a r , Sid­ ney Miles, H. J. Shoup. Timer, R, C . W i t t e r . Explaining U n rest B o s t o n H e r a l d H a l f o f t h e f a r m e r s ’ u n r e s t c o m e s fr o m k e e p i n g j u s t o n e s e a s o n b e h i n d t h e p r o f i t s . Bradford and in return were guar- Schulz of Armstrong street. anteed one-half of the receipts from ' — Ge»r* e *»« » » Bevn*rd the motorized caravan show and «*»n>ed to Buffalo Monday after radio broadcasting station which will spending the week end a t the home come here together with Harold E. f slst! r - Mrs. John .Gerber and (Red) Grange, football's ^ idol, who is associated with Mr. P y le1 Adelaide Smith has return- in promoting the derby. Ied *° Ne/ York after spending three The runners, who were quartered ™ th her parents, Mr. and Mrs. in Erie last night, will run into Julian Smith of South Main street. Jamestown fo r their day’s chase to- : . ’ *nd day after resting in the York state~**r ‘ and ' E \ Abbott of High- city overnight will continue here, la*d *™nue have returned from Ann leaving at 7 a. m., Thursday m o rning., A rbor> **lch- * here ^ W J t * fcw From Jamestown the runners w ill!day* w t h their sons H a rry Rowland trek through Falconer, Kennedy, and Abbott, students at the Randolph, Steamburg, Quaker Bridge tfmvgjifcy of Michigan and Allegany State Park and thence1 ~ T h e condition of Mrs. Fred Si- through' Interstate Parkway, W ash-,1*10118’ wbo recently underwent two ington street, Mechanic street and o p t i o n s , kas improved sufficiently Main s treet to Chambers s treet where th a t she h«s been able to retu rn to the official finish for the S iy will h*r home in F ront avenue take place and the evening’s program -Mrs. M. W. Hill and Mrs. Wal- will he staged. FOREST FIRE ROUTS CITY FOLK FROM HOMES te r Fredriksen motored to Jamestown | this afternoon to attend the 16th an- WINDY hwal convention of the Buffalo dis­ trict of, the Order of King’s Daugh­ ters, which will open this evening w ith a banquet a t the F irst Baptist 5*51 Kane, Pa., May, 15 (^P)—Reiidants church, of W indy City, a village six miles j — Mrs. Louis Torge of Jefferson southeast, of Kane, fled from their street has gone to Cincinnati, O. homes today, as forest fires almost* where her son, Louis, J r ., whe at- D a y light 3aring vot® deferred. Falconer, May 14. — Daylight sav­ ing was taken up and discussed at the meeting of the Village /Board to-1 completely surrounded the houses. 'tends military school, is ill with scar- night.but no action was taken on it.I Men employed on oil leases in the let fever. It was stated that the village will vicinity saved the Village from d**! ——The following members o f Catt- probably follow Jamestown in adopt- straction. Savafcl homes were afire, araugus lodge, 239, 9!rfa and Aieapt* :ing the change on June 3d. but nqne was destroyed. J l&sons,-attended a meeting of the Y o u C a n F i x Y o u r B u s i n e s s B e f o r e Y o u G o MANY MEN leave their financial affairs in disorder when they die by net having made a Will. THEIR PROPERTY at once changes ownership; it is at once involved and the aid of the Courts is often necessary to straighten matters out. THE BUSINESS METHOD of avoiding trouble, losses, etc., to your estate, is to have a properly legal Will drawn by a competent lawyer who will inject into the document your requests and the safeguards* f IF THE EXECUTORSHIP is handled hy us, it will mean absolute protection for those you wish to protect and against any who might take advantage of them, SA L A M A N C A T R U S T C O M P A N Y w m mm m *■ 3 - •

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