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SAGS POUR CATTARAUGUS RfcFuAUCAN, V**0fe*M M i, RAV U , *»*+ # ROCKEFELLER ASKS STEWART TO GET OUT - \ Galls on Head of Stand­ ard of Indiana to Re­ sign—Fight Possible. first appeared here to tell whether he had discussed Continental Liberty bond profits with Sinclair or whether he knew anyone who received such bonds. ^ After Stewart’s third appearance, last month, at which he told about his part in the Continental transaction, the Senate, vacated its order of ar­ rest against him, but at the same time transmitted a copy of his testi-1 mony to the District Attorney here for study to determine whether a] An echo o f ! chargl of perjury would lie against BILL SIGNED BY COOLIDGE New York, May 9 (JP) the naval oil reserves scandal rever- him. berated today in high circles of the1 --------- 0 Resignation of Colonel Robert W. FLOOD CONTROL Stewart, chairman of the board o f , the Standard Oil Company of* Indi­ ana, was requested by John D. Rocke­ feller, Jr., a heavy stockholder in that corporation and generally acknow- ledged the outstanding individual in­ fluence in the industry as a whole. Mr. Rockefeller based his action on Colonel Stewart’s recent testimony before the Senate committee which at the time was delving into the oper­ ations of the Continental Trading Company,- specially organized to handle naval reserve royalty oil. Asserting that he had “lost confi­ dence in Colonel Stewart’s leader­ ship,” Mr. Rockefeller said he believ- BUMP LANDS ON MOVING SHIP AT SEA Exchanges Mail Pouches Scouts were tborou«bIy familiar with j * *TL w * the method of planting a tree, the d u r i n g 1 n r e e iv l i n u t e planting crews were lined up behind Stop, then sails Away. ,the rope, one crew at each flag, the - , ----- mattock man first, tree planter sec- New York, May 10 (JP )— A brief ond and tree carrier third, progressed across the field. Just before th® planting began a demonstration' was made by foresters from the Conservation Department on the proper method of making the hole, planting the tree, firming the soil and testing the tree to see that it was properly planted. When the COMMUNITY WEEK PLANNED Merchants to send ner of Popularity test to Atlantic City. 1 ■ ■ - - V Mmbers of the merchants commit­ tee of the Salamanca Boosters’ As­ sociation elected Thomas Baird chair- 7 COURT SAVES TOAD FROM BEING SEALED IN STONE President Measure c o m m i t t i n g steamer i ,, , . , man at a meeting held Monday eve- .radio message to the Associated, The mattock man marked the , * Press, “Blimp landed American Trad-'ground immediately under the flag in the Booster bffice’ 15 Mam er Ambrose Light,” tonight signaled where he was to dig his hole. At the * . the successful completion of another first blast of the director’s whistle! p Week step forward in aviation. the guides advanced the rope two full, > An airship had landed , on and paces or six feet, the mattock mam , - • tAntatiw nroiwam .taken off from the deck of a steamer,Sug the hole, advanced to the in motion, taking aboard a cargo of and marked for the second hole, while cof?ncted* bv tb. ‘Prf.feas- & mail and soaring into the air again the tree planter placed the tree in< ■R««in6gR Women’* Chib the Salaman Without haMnjrthe surfa*.vessel ■*. hol ?t the proper depth and* “ n t The army blimp TC-5, had settled tree carrier firmed the soil about it.| a P P r O T es on the deck of the Shipping Board The signals were repeated at 20-sec-|Hu*bf f /»Awnwviihri w /v oroamoi* A morman Trortoi* throe — 3 ^ 6 American Trader three 0nd intervals, the guides advancing Washington, May 15 (/P) dent Coolidge today signed the Mis sissippi river flood control bill. a popularity contest that will close there three minutes, picked up a sack] Under this system each one of the of mail and took to the air again for *24 planting crews was planting t h r e e S i the trip back to its hangar at Lake-'trees a minute making a total of 72 ^ ®am sponsoring the Presi- hurst, N. J . , trees a minute fo r the entire line. . y . ... . - , . „ The feat was an experiment ar-! * ’ - - «—-*-----------^ - 1 Votes will be given out by mer- G o v e r n m e n t t o h u g e 1111165 °ff Ambrose LiShtship, nestled the line six feet at each signal. Project. Eastland, Texas, May 1 (JP) —Hu­ manely inclined Eastland citizens ob­ tained a court order today against the sealing of a horned toad in the corner stone of the new court house and the toad, placed in the stone Saturday, was released, none the worse for its 48 hour entombment. Protests calling for the reptile’s release “out of respect for Christian­ ity and the humane citizenship of Texas,” moved the commissioners court to order the stone unsealed and the subject of the experiment liber­ ated. The tradition in this section that a Texas horned toad can live indefin­ itely without food, water or air was said to have been-proven here re­ cently when one w a s removed alive from the cornerstone of the old court house when it was torn down after a reputed entombment of 31 years. g . a p. th . ,™ v , i . e . ™ . . ' A I™ ?ber f »*«. P u r c W s . Besides these, ranged between the arm j air service ad the line, directing and criticising ,. . anfrnnfc will rail w.f*. +U a ,,«*,+■ By affixing his signature to the and the Shipping Board to dem o n -'ttl6 work of the separate crews, can- * G r a n t s will sell votes at the cost e d P4 e l n t e r e s t s Cio r S t I n d a r d oSTin- ™ea*are> Mr- Coolidge placed upon strate the feasibility of landing an tioning them particularly as to p l a n t - , 'c f n t e s t ^ i l ^ b e ' l ^ d a T s including di*na would be best served by elec- the statute books an act which em- airship on a surface vessel without in- jng at the proper depth and seeing g d tion o f a new chairman. He called ^ ^ *T°gTeSS °* If presenfc plans are caPri*d some weeks ago” to resign prom p t-’ p robaWy one 0 tbe ^reatest enffin“ heading slowly up the coast fro m 1 p ianting failed to show one th a t ‘ 7 , i . , ™ \ ! . g ] * 7 ly i f and when requested. ieering undertaklngs ever attem p ted Lakehurst„ m et the American Trader couid be pUUed up by its needles. Tolonel Stew art left New York m blstory- . which put to sea at 4 P. M., a t a pre- Every detail of the planting is this afternoon after several confer-* The same st5°,ke/ * th f Presj d e a t J arranged spot near the lightship. shown in the motion picture, which c,AVU*i‘ ■non <klc/% />niv»rKlofmrl +«o fivcf ivr wnflr. i n 77*C~7«. as a girl friend to be selected by her. i Monday of Community Wek will be the time for special window trim- Killed by Tractor Utica, May 9 (JP) — Thomas Foley, 19 years old, farmer’s helper, Oris- kany, near here, was crushed to death this afternoon when the tractor he was driving overturned, pinning him against a tree.. His skull was frac­ tured. Foley’s mother was killed in an automobile accident just east of this city three weeks ago. Chairman Morris- makes' Discovery in Survey of Third of Counties. i — , Ne.w York, May 14. (AP)—George K. Morris, chairman of the Republi­ can state committee, said today that while he had found a majority senti­ ment for Herbert Hoover as a presi­ dential candidate in a partial survey of the state, he himself had not de­ clared for Hoover. He said that in one-third of the counties, that part of his survey al­ ready completed, he had been in­ formed by leaders that a majority of’ the Republican voters wanted Hoov­ er. He leaves tomorrow to continue the survey. Public Works Head Named Gowanda, May 11.—A. L. Seiler has been named by the village coun­ cil as superintendent of public works. He will oversee all village affairs ex­ cepting the Fire and Police Depart*# ments. nection with the move for his resign- are regarded as the three m a jor p^ b“ of the steamer, was driving his ship Scouts in the proper method of plant­ ation but before it became public. ie™s up to tbe Present Congress. The abou t six knots an hour when Lieu- i„g young trees so th a t they will grow. There was no inform ation in circles ’ f *»o, <iaxm rell®f and ^ teran U. G. Ent, commanding the ------- 0. identified with his company w h ether | ductlon> « e Pe“ d“ E ™ leglsla~ airship, put her e down and p o s i ­ tive form at the capitol. ed for a platform erected on the; ' q u a rter deck of the American Trader, j i W aiting fo r him on the deck was ‘ . . . - ! T - , a. a -nr i t* at. By Dr. R. M. A tw a ter, A c ting Coun' Lieutenant 0 . A. W eleher with ^ 3 he intended to accede to Mr. Rocke feller’s request. 1 The statement made public by the son and heir of the Standard Oil j founder was read by some as indicat- f ing at least the possibility of a hotj fight among the 52,000 stockholders, j before the matter is settled. Refer- HEALTH LETTER enees believed to have been in con- pen a*so comp' e^ed drs^.0^ wbab j Captain Hubbard C. Fish, master -will serve to instruct other bodies of ac^rdin^to^fhf _enee _ . . are regarded as the three mator nrob- +>.o c+nomor woe rlrTTnrifl* hie chin n j_.. - . ,.i. _ _______ _1 r. ^ ^ ^ ^CCOT LO th.6 •gestad by the merchants committee, j The following day will be one of ■.bargain sales on the part of mer­ chants who desire to make new cus­ tomers. The whole week is the begin­ ning of a “Trade at Home” campaign to be launched by the Boosters the [week following. Wednesday has been suggested as I Suburban Day. At that time the Farm land Home Bureaus will be asked to j hold special programs, Secretary Han­ ey says. # Thursday and Friday also will be oc­ casion of a dollar day sale and the lasting all Rail Brotherhoods and allied Unions urge c £ u landing crew of 21 men from Gov-, Support ot Hoover ernors Island. The weather was: _ 'good and the sea calm. | Cleveland, May 14 (JP)— A com- sio-yyiy the blimp floated down- ty H ealth Officer. J. H. Korns, M. D. Supt. Rocky Crest Sanatorium . +A nf « munication urghlg suPP°rt of Secre- wardj pasged a Hne to those aboard which tary Hoover’s Presidential candidacy the steainer> and was hauled to rest! special meeting being called a t which a^. tbe 29th prim ary in W est Vir- .b the stockholders “might have an o p - ' ^ was forwarded to the railway Trader was still making six knots. ROCKY CREST This institution, supported by the the platform . The A m e rican'tax taxers of Cattaraugus countv is / “ T \ *“u Yw - \ ’*• Mles diys m th th4 forrae1' the portunity to express themselves. jaDor orgamzaxions m xnax staxe xo-. rpb rilafform fortv feet above tbe * a * a t i no tasju“ UJ This statem ent said: «d d th signature of execu-! T ? a u 7 7 V 0US patlGnts‘ ^ year 103 were latter of an “hour sale, “ On April 27th * wrote Colonel ^ u”fd“h r “ '^ra £ o a d ' brotherhoods 7**?. ^ ^ eas^ red abouJ tw e n ty treated over a period totalling 16,181 day, « . , -nr c f . - . . ) . - l . : . - , . - +>,« tlves 01 tnree raiiroaa orotnernooas by th ir ty feet. The nearest encum- hosnital davs Since there are nrob- , , Robert W. Stewart, chairman of the ar.d seYen allied organizations. hvanre abmii -exrpntv feet ° \ S. 77 ? _ Community W eek has been plannee board o£ the Standard Oil Company j The letter wag made pubijc here f th providin- the blimp mor^ tban 300 residents o f to get people from surrounding ter- of Indiana, the following letter: by B ■De*r Colonel Stewart: I Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen oi feeUoM S e raTm to i for™’- dur™K,the pastI “ T ° --------- ‘Your r e c e n t t e s t i m o n y b e f o r e t h e tt , ______________ gonaoia ZU le e t long, ample room to sanatorium cared fo r one-third Senate committee leaves me no alter- and Enginemen. m aneuver about the stern of the sur- of these, it is easy to see that it is NO HEARING ON GAS RATES FOR MONTH i It accused Vice President Dawes of fa _„ f,rf.n . . native other than to ask you to make subteriuge in announcing his support. ^ TV e blimo came down easUv s e t - !^ J f J good the promise you v o luntarily gave of form e r Goverilol. Low(leni o£ .im . ' dfflcffitiT as the land- c° m\ '\ nY 0£ th.ose wbo were f e?‘- ---------- me some weeks ago, that you would . n o i c l a i m i n g t h a t h e eventually jig cr™ hauled^ t a f d o s e r and mTde *1 ’ w h G n dlEchy e e/ ^ W Qr k of c h e c k i n g C o r - , resign at my request. That request I )hopes t0 gather in the anti.Hoover ^ - - - - f i - J U A“ now make. * delegates for himself. ‘Very truly, ‘JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, J r . ’ “On April 30th, I wrote again as follows: ‘Dear Colonel Stewart: ‘Mr. Seubert has told me that in the course of the conversation you M ethodists warn They w ill bolt if W ets are Named Kansas City, May 10 (/P)— Reso- H*d with him after the receipt of my lutions calling on the Republican par- CALL ON REPUBLICANS TO NAME DRY STATE TICKET poration’s Assets de­ lays Argument. W ■ --------- Buffalo, May 14.—The hearing on the application of the Iroquois Gas Corporation for permission to charge a minimum monthly fee of $2 to her fast. The steamers’ seventy pas- sbovp- improvement. The latter consist- sengers cheered as they watched the ed chiefly of thoge ^ ho remained for dexterity with which the experiment too shorfc a time and those whose diB„ was conducted. j ease was f ar advanced at the time of Three minutes later the blimp, tug- adjyjission. ging at her lines, was east off and Rocky Crestj in common with oth- took the air again, with her cargo ei, tuberculosis sanatoria, has as one of mail. The four-man crew headed of main pUrposes the education of bome ffas consumers will not be held the airship back toward home. itg „ atients in ; he arfc o£ curinEr Re„ a0me «as consumers will not be held A - , • t a r, i j. 1CS Patienxs 1T1 t;ne arc OI curing, rve f o r a t least one month, it was said letter to you of the 27th inst., men- ty in New Y ork to nominate dry g u b - ' Airplanes circled overhead as o»- gardiess o£ the*type of home from Tresterdav bv William R Poolev mem- tion. was made as to the possibility ernatorial and senatorial candidates ? e n Grs watched the progress of the wbjcb patients come, the sanatorium ber o£ the -nublic service commission of a special m eeting of the stockhold-. w ere drawn up here today by a com- something worth while to offer. Commissioner Pooley said accoun- eys of the Standard Oil Company of m ittee of the New York delegation j e r e f r ' ndl^ ^ 0P' K provides a regime of treatm e n t, ta n ts f6r the commission w ere going Indiana being called so th a t they to the Quadrennial General Confer- *iom the steam er and trom tugs near- sujted to the individual needs, which, over the books of the company and m ight all have an opportunity to ex- (ence of the Methodist Episcopal Con- by- > having been learned by the patient, th a t a t least a month would be re- P T m themselves in regard to' your (ference. * . \ L ! is a ^ uide for future home care- l t quired to complete the task. Not LOOKING BACKWARD SIXTY YEARS AGO—186$ “Repeated attem p ts have recently been made to destroy Gillingham’s Sash Factory a t Olean with fire. Fortunately the fire has been discovered each time before i t had made much progress.” “There was shipped a t Cattaraugus on the 4th inst., 335 packages of butter and 35 barrels of eggs, and on the 11th inst., 401 packages of but­ ter, 17 barrels of eggs, and 20 boxes of cheese.” Ellicottville— “ The summer term of the Union School of this village opened on Monday last (May 11) with Mr. H. Northrup, of Greene, Che­ nango County, as Principal, and Miss Emma M atteson, of this village, a* assistant.” , “The Arcade Enterprise says: ‘The people of Yorkshire are greatly elated over the prospects of the early completion of the B. & W. R. R. They have commenced laying out a town on a large scale, and we have no doubt th a t they will have quite a large city in the course of a few years— on paper if nothing more’.” “The Arcade Enterprise says a tro u t was caught near t h a t village the other day, which weighed two pounds and three ounces.” “The Free Methodists at Yorkshire Corners have purchased of Mr. Cobb the building form erly used as an Odd Fellows’ Hall, and will here­ after use it as a chuhch.” Ellicottville— “A party of sportsmen left this village last Saturday for a ten days fishing excursion in the trout regions near Coudersport, Pa.” “Th© shipments of produce a t Cattaraugus on Saturday (May 16) last were 33 boxes of cheese, 346 packages butter, 41 barrels eggs, 900 bushels potatoes.” is not the primary function of a sana- utttjl they are through will hearings suggested resignation. If this plan is j Support for dry candidates was Shipping Board, characterized th e ________ ^ ____ ^ ________________ u„w, to be followed, I have no doubt t h a t . promised from a quarter million vot- achievement as a new step m the co- £orbim £o retain a patient indefinite- be held. you will have the thirty-day call is- ers, but in event w et candidates were ordination of air and w a te r trans- ^ although home conditions m ay jg ©xpeeted more than one mem- sued a t once and th a t you will wish nominated, the resolutions warned p0:l atl°” ’ „ . .. „.. . make th a t necessary, but rather to ber 0f the commission will hear the to writ* me th a t this has been done, .the Republican party th a t Methodists , aemonsuaxes, ne Ldm, r train the patient th a t he m ay con- testimony in the case. Commissioner ‘Very truly, .-would again bolt the party or would under _ normal conditions a ig er- tinue successfully his fight against p 0olev said one or more outside com- ‘JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, Jr.* not exercise their franchise. than-air machine can exchange pas- tbe djsease home. In the cure of niissioners would be in attendance. “I have taken the above action be- The resolutions stated that “if the SGngers and cargo with a surface ves- £uberculosis there -------------- - at , at ,. 1S no short-cut Corporation Counsel Gregory U. c&use I have lost confidence in Col- present governor of New York be- J®1 \ method. Harmon is ready to combat the effort . onel Stewart’s leadership and believe . comes the Democratic presidential g e OI “ | Generally speaking, an early diag- 0f £he company for an increase in TKT*7\ir p r r A p r C T I M r nosis is almost a prerequisite to an rates. He said last night th a t he had early CUr®* Conversely an early cnv* not chosen the experts who will be ’MOTION PICTURE may be expected if the diagnosis be sworn by the city> but was confident made early. This emphasizes the im- of beating efforts by the company to that the interests of the Standard. candidate, and if the United States 6il Company of Indiana can now Senator (Royal S. Copeland) is nom- best be served by his resignation. This ^nated, dry voters of that state will action should not be construed as a have nothing to hope for from the prejudgment on my part as to the Democratic party.” issues involved in the legal proceed­ ings now pending.” BUSINESS WORLD WAKING UP, SAYS SENATOR WALSH Chester A. Smitt of Peekskill, N. Y., one of the resolution drafters, stated tonight a t a m eeting of s t a t e , chairmen of all delegations here for 1 the convention that, although Sen- _r , ----- T . . „ , 'a to r Copeland was a Methodist, he *e RMk.f.H.r « a ' a wet MGthodist and «WG s W hoy., for 0,1 Cleanup a wet Methodist no consideration.” Washington, May 10.— “Grat,fy-| The rcsolutions were addressed to B o V ScO U tS D e m o n s t r a t e portaTlce having your physician obtain a minimum rate of $2 a month. NT TV/f a |, J r D _ _ * 1 cbeck up carefully the cause of uri- Qne 0f the principal features in- INeW IV ietn o a o r r v a p i a usual or persistent fatigue, a cough Volved in the rate is the valuation and Successful Plant- t^ai har}& p*in in y°»r side- * of the company’s properties in Buf- - bloody sputum. falo. Under previous rulings by the i Another function of Rocky Crest is commission the company is entitled Albany. Mav 15— The Conserva- \ tske “ re °f taberculous patients to a fair return on it. property. It tion Department is just completing whose sputum ,s .ufecbous, thus pro- » this feature of the proceeding. a motion picture on reforesting for th« f h«me-fottA Stash pa- which will be contested sharply by tients usually remain at the senator- \ lag evidence that the business world 1 at. 7 *? 1 Qf 7 7 7 !^be instruction of Boy Scouts, clubs, iClu<‘ul *u the city, . * . . , ,, the Republican State Committee of i . . ^ lum for many months, although of W waking up to the enormity of the New York thr0u h Charles B Hilles, *schools and organizations m position ------- , ----- . offenses revealed by the committee, * , . , ,• mi,, course they are at liberty to i waster large planting crews. The . .. ' - \ leave PREDICTS DEFEAT FOR ANY CANDIDATE WHO IS NOT KNOWN TO BE DRY * ; t r r r u 7 national committeeman; George K. I . !uu»™ a L T Z .Z + w the . institution if they wish. The at- Senator Walsh, veteran oil prosecut- Wn„„- 0. j picture snows the rapid progress th a t , . ,, , . ^ a „ a j i. , - . , Morris, state chairman and L a fay-,^ , , , f , tem p t is made a t the sanatorium to •T, commented whep, .dvrned of the ctte B. Glca50 slate seeretary. ecu be made by piaurtng wrth the p happy and to find --------- imfwn ofJohn D. Rockefeller, J r . , , Frank N_ Ryder of Cobbleskill, N. f P6 a”<1 ? * * * mctbo<1’ h? „ wh,cb fo r them .ome avocatton suited to Kanaaa City, May 11 W -D e feat ’* demanding the resignation of Rob- y another drafte referrdd t0 Gov. I large plantations- can be rapidly and o£ any pMsMenti,i candidate not •art IV. Stew a rt as chairman of the * ernor A lfred E. Smith as a “menace successfully onade in a very short hoatd of the Standard Oil Company to the natioI, because he had trest. tim* of Indiana ' “It is reassuring to know that the pqhlic is not indifferent to such trans- gy«s»ion5 as those disclosed. The re­ sult of the criminal trials might have b#*n different if the public conscience ed a disregard for the law'.’ o- The picture was made at Camp The sanatorium idea has been sold known to be “dry” was Predicted by to the public. This is shown by the Dr* Clarence True Wilson, general fact that in spite of a falling tuber- secretary of the Board of Temper- Hawdey, the Albany Boy Scout Camp culoft*g deatb xate> eleven New York Prqhibiiton and Public Morals CONGREGATIONALISTS r n Kmderhook Lake, where# 72 countieg outside of New York City, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, GAIN 5041 IN MEMBERSHIP “ eSS plan to spend $4,000,000 in building * * * * * * a world-wide Methodist ______ than an hour actual planting time. . . . . . ... New York, May 11 (/P)_The 299 | The Scouts, under the direction of tuberctdo« s sanatoria this year. htd been earlier aroused by expres-, Congregational churches of New James Killough, Jr., Scout Executive METHODISTS URGED TO tidps such as those referred to.” [York state gained 5,041 new mem- for Albany county, were organized Spying that he thought Mr. Roeke- (hers during 1927, the National Coun- into 24 planting crews of three boys fellqr was to be congratulated, cil of the Congregational churches 1 each, one serving as mattock man to Chairman Nye said he hoped that the announced today. Net growth was'dig the hole, the second serving as Kansas City, May 15 (AP)—Mem- the prohibition \program. conference on prohibition here today. Dr. Wilson declared the only way to keep the church out of politics in SUPPORT PAPERS DEALING the United States this year would be FAIRLY WITH PROHIBITION for both m ajor political parties to nominate dry* who will carry out stockholders of the Indiana Company _ 1,102 and the present total membfer- woxxld find Mr. Rockefeller's attitude ‘ship is 70,625. contagious. j Congregational' Sunday school en tree plahter, who placed the tree in bers of the Methodist Episcopal “If any party nominates a nulli- the hole at the proper depth and held church were urged to give their sup- ficationiest, or a wet, we shall eon- ^ it, while the third member of tbe port to news pages which “deal fair- sider it 0Ur Christian duty to defeat I am happy if the work of the'rollment is 44,833 and membership of'crew, who acted as tree carrier, firm- ly” with the prohibition movement him for office and elect a dry and committee investigating the scandal j young people’s societies is 9,730. ]ed the soil about the young tree with in a resolution reported to the Quad- there are enough of us to do it,” he has caused the inauguration of a pro- J Congregational churches in the his foot. Before the planting began rennial General Conference of the asserted. for a cleanup in the oil world,” state last year raised $2,093,132, of (a rope 144 feet long was stretched church here by the committee on tern- M0,. . m .. r, tle North Dakota Senator added. t which. $1,703,541 was spent for lo- across the field at the starting point perance, prohibition and public mor- Oil City Teacher Dead The action of Mr. Rockefeller will cal expenses, $255,343 for mission-'and on .the. rope at six foot intervals als. *• Oil City, Pa., May 12 (JP)— Mile FORTY YEARS AGO—1888 “Mr. Sidney Banton and Miss Jessie Bull were united in wedlock yesterday afternoon (May 10) at the residence of the bride’s parents Oft Wildwood avenue. It was a quiet wedding, there being present only *the immediate relatives of the parties. Rev. J. Bell Neff perform ed the cere­ mony.” - • - -. ■— “Robert Le Blanc has been appointed night caller of the Erie arid Nypano, and Eli Smith succeeds him as flagman a t the Main street cross­ ing. Mr. Smith was disabled by an injury to his foot in the yard a year or more ago, and this appointment is well placed,” “ C . A . D o t y h a s e m b a r k e d in b u s i n e s s again, h a v i n g purchased the Dorsey Baker stock of harness goods and fixtures.” “Fred Hohman has leased the Erie hotel and is giving the building a thorough overhauling prior to opening it for the accommodation of the pub­ lic. It will be called “The Arlington” under the new management. D. E. Blair succeeds Mr. Hohman as m anager of the American house. Mr. Blair has h ad long experience as a landlord.” “There were five births, one death and nine m arriages in Salamanca during the month of April.” “It is rumored that the B., R. & P. Railway Company contemplates th* erection of a new passenger depot ju s t north of the Main street crossing.*: “ Several flurries of snow Tuesday and Tuesday night (May 15.)” - “Two new bicycles arrived in town Monday (May 14). Maurice Brown and John Donnelly are the owners. A fter they become m asters o f their wheels and when the doctors get through with thom they will probably join the club which is soon to be organized by the veterans.” “Robert W right has exchanged his property on Main street with Louie Torge for the Grief residence on B road'street. It is rum o red th a t Mr. Torge contemplates the removal of the wooden building now occupied by Mr. W right, and th erection of a brick block in its plaee. Mr. W right 'will probably open a jewelry store on the South Side,” have no effect upon the proceedings vtfiieh the Senate has instituted sg li f t i t Stew a rt as the result of his tfer%e appearances before the Teapot Dome Committee. The Chicago oil o f- is to come to trial on May 21st m a result o f his refusal whan, he ary work and $127,324 for other'were tied small red flags. At the op- “We advise our members in sub- Anna Thomas, a teacher in the Oil benevolent work. (posit© end of the field were fixed scribing for newspapers and in pl»c- City schools for forty years, died An increase of $247 in the average stakes surmounted by red flags to ing advertising to give their prefer- suddenly last night while entering pastoral salary was ‘'made last year,'serve as markers, two stakes at each ence to those papers which deal fair- the home of a friend. She was htad bringing it to $2,504. Two-third# of end of the field, which enabled the ly, both in their news &nd editorial of the English department of the high the churches also provide a parson- guides at each end of the planting column!, with the prohibition move* school and prominent a* a clutwwom* age. rope to kelp their lines true At they ment,” the resolution, said. an. TWENTY YEARS AGO—1908 “The rink property has been sold by J. J. Inman to Pat O’Day. One of the conditions of the sale is that the rink be moved south at least 09 feet, so as to give a space of 20 feet between it and Sycamore avenue. It will probably be turned so as to extend north and south, instead of east and west, with entrances from both Race street and Sycamore avenue. The property has a frontage of 140 feet on both these streets. All the lots on Sycamore avenue have been sold, and several houses will be erected there this summer.” “Ellsworth J. Cheney of Freedom was nominated for member of assembly at the Republican county convention held here this afternoon (May 11). * * * The following were elected as delegates to the convention yet to be called: J. S. Whipple of Salamanca, A. T. Fancher of Little Val­ ley, E. B. Vreeland of Salamanca, N. V. V. Franehot of Olean, W. E. Wheeler of Portville, J. J. Volk qf Dayton, E. J. Cheney of Freedom, G. Spring of Franklinville, J. M. Willson of Cattaraugus, N. R. Williams of Farmersville, and S. N, Wheaton of Little Valley. “W. D. Meatman, an express messenger running between here and Chicago, was the principal Monday night in an incident which, he will prob­ ably remember for some time. He and C. F. Sheldon were on train 7 near­ ing Chicago on their run, when Mr. Sheldon’s revolver, of 38 calibre, slipped from his holster, fell to the fioor, and was discharged. The bullet struck a casting, glanced off and struck Mr. Meatman in the left side. |t did not pierce his clothing, But struck with sufficient force to raise A Witter and make a very sore bruise.” “Washington—The Vreeland emergency currency bill, agreed upon the Republican caucus, was put through the house, under a special rule, by a vote of 184 to 145. * w * * The Democrats * * * * went on record as solid­ ly against the measure.” “Ray A. Sprague of Little Valley, a graduate of the University Of Buffalo, has accepted a position in the Fay drug store. He is a lihtbttd druggist.” . - “A gas light in the cellar of Henry Harold’s grocery store on Maple street sat fire to a rafter early in the evening* * * * The fire 'we# discovered before it made any headway and a pail of water served to extinguish the flames.” “Several real estate transactions have recently been consummated through the P. H. O’Day agency. F. A. Rhodes hat purchased the C. ley residence on Broad street; C. H. Buckley has purchased a lot am-Si*t avenue; O. E. Blask has purchased a Sycamore avenue lot, andrf3r.~%auld’' ing has also purchased a lot on the latter street.” ' “Olean—Hon. E. B. Vreeland of Saltffitnca m$ Hi congressman of the 37th district at the confreSsiOfltT convlntidh hlldDIre .thisafternoon (May 16*)” --..*** “The W. n. Y. k P. Traction Company axpact* to e$*n the *«w fyofii Bradford to connect with the SakmafiS* line ah' aboutihe end of the month.” ' — ir wa.

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