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CATTARAUGUS REPUBLICAN* PAGE F I V * ^ F O R D E L E G A T E S Congregational Associa­ tion elects Officers Sessions end Tonight. well enlist the enthusiastic Je.votion of the best m e n of our tirfti.” Morning Session Speakers a t this m o tning’s session -were Rev. W. H. Rollins, superinten­ dent of New York State Conference, Rev. G. E. Merriam of Buffalo and Rev. A. E. Randall of Jamestown. Following the scenic drive this af­ ternoon, a devotional service was held, in charge of Rev. C. R. Dier- i Ideal w eather favored the scenic lamm of Buffalo, and Rev. Raymond trip to Summit Point in A llegany,A . Dudley of M adura Mission, India, State Park, taken this afternoon .by gave an address R U T H E L D E R IN P O R T U G A L Welcomed by Crowd and taken in charge by American Minister. delegates to the thirty-sixth annual The last session of the convention, meeting of the W estern New Y o r k 'to be held this evening, will be com- A s s o c i a t i o n of C o n g regational' Posed of devotionals, an anthem by Churches and M inisters and the S o - , the ehureh choir an address by Rev ciety of Congregational Choreh W o -, O. A. Smith of Nogales A n z a voea, m en of New York State, being held ^ for Mm- Wilson Dye and bene- in the Congregational church here. Lisbon, Portugal, Oct. 25 (IP )— A welcome which sounded from land and sea and air greeted Ruth Elder and her co-pilot, George Haldeman, when the American fliers arrived at Lisbon this evening aboard the steam­ er Lima from the Azores, after their t — Mr. and Mrs, Frank Jack, George Carla and E. McGaughey of j Pittsburgh were week-end guests of Mr. and Mr 3 . Edw ard Andrews of Fawn avenue. Miss Dorothy Mor­ row of Pittsburgh, who has been vis­ iting at the Andrews home, returned home with them. — Mrs. L. H. Keller of St. Mary’s, Pa., has returned home after visiting at the home of Mrs. Philip Kenyon* of River street. — Mrs. Frank Harris and daughter B e tty of St. Marys, Pa., are visiting a t the home of her sister, Mrs. Bes­ sie Didas of Lincoln avenue. —Elmer S. Beckwith has returned S E C O N D B O Y S ’ R a n d f o r m e d / Starts out with Mem­ bership of 82—Girls* Band Possible. S A L A M A N C A S C R I B B L E S The Robinson Knife Company, which has plants a t Bradford and Cuba, will move to Springville and nut jmto one of his lungs while eating peanut candy, is said to be improved. He was taken to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo Saturday by Dr. P. H, Bourne, where doctors think they ex­ tracted the peanut. Mr, and Mrs. Grabowski and their son returnee home Monday. Gerald L. Hubbard of Red House and M argaret E. W oodmaney'of Der- bold Atlantic flight and rescue from to hL home at 150 TVilson s treet from year. diction. fthe ocean. Airplanes circled over the adven RED HOUSE The following officers of the asso­ ciation w ere elected a t this morning’s ^ session: M oderator, Rev. A. L. Brid- ■ don, Livonia; assistant m o deiator, -y- Constantine of Franklinville If'Rev. S. O. B. Johnson, Buffalo, reg- ( Spencjjng a few days with his istrar, Rev. A. K. Blaze, Little Val- | daughter> Mrs. \ G. Hubbard, ley; treasurer, Newell L. N u ssbaum - , Mr_ and Mrs_ Eenyon M atteson er, Buffalo; auditor, H a rry Plum ley,, pd son Spent Sunday at Limestone. Buffalo. j Mrs. Grace Bover returned home The devotional service last even- j Monday from chelsea, Mich., where ing was in charge of Rev. E. W. Har- phg spent geveral weeks with hex- grave of Ontario, N. Y., instead of dangMf.r Mrs. Johxx Fletcl-ei. Rev. Dascomb E. Forbush, of Can-j Mr> and Mrs_ w> Shar pe and andaigua, who was unable to be here famiIy visited Mr. and Mrs. Ray Car- because of his w ife’s illness. M. E . ; roU ^ L ittk Valley Sunday. W ilder of P e rry Center was m ( Arlene W right was borne charge of the afternoon devotional1 from Salamanca over the week end. service. H a rry Kilburn was in Bradford Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mundy of >.y guests of her and and and “The Opportunity of Congregation­ alism” “ W ith advanced faith in the g r e a t j Bingham \-tre bund ^ ^ person of Jesus Christ, and with the .mother, Mrs. Com A ldii. i. m o re reasonable fellowship and or- j Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bennett ganization of our church life, has Mr. and Mrs. ^ F rank Bennett | g r o w n among us a toleration of the family spent Sunday wn.li Air. [ opinion of other men, of other com- DeL'-ss Smith at Catlaiaugus. I munfons. We are the farthest away | Mr. and Mrs. f r a n k Louks^of Brad- II from the Catholics or Methodists, and ford and Mrs. J. Powers of Quaker yet we live happily with them, and . Bridge ''e r e Sunday guests <d Mi. | can be considerate and respectful to and Mrs. George Brown. F their opinions. We can commune with | Miss Mildred Sinclair spent the L a ll Christians. We are willing to week-end at ner home in balamanca. f unite with them to bring, the King- J Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson and son dom of God without requiring them ( Dewey of Salamanca visited at the | to subscribe to our views. We there- ^ home of Mr. and Mis. Frank John- J fore stand at a point of vantage— s°n Sunday, ready to serve all the churches and Mrs. Fred Lockwood and son Rob- divisions as a fusing, conciliating in- Randolph spent Fiiday v ith fluence. We need but to satisfy them ‘ Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Brown. Mrs. with, our sincerity and warm-hearted C. Champlin who has been visiting faith in our common Master and here returned home with them. Ij0r(jt j Mr. and Mrs. A rthur Roscoe of V Thus Rev. Dr. Dan F. Bradley, of Syracuse are guests at the home of Cleveland, 0... presented “The Op- her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Ros- . portunity of Congregationalism” in enberry. f his address a t the session last even-! Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Al- * -jn g _ ; b e rt Stoddard were Mr. and Mrs. “For 300 years our Congregation- ’ Claude Constantine, Mr. and Mrs. C. al fathers have been feeling their E. Stoddard and Frank Stoddard of w ay tow ard a rational theology and Franklinville. an effective democratic policy,” said Floyd Aldrich and Fred Bean were Dr. Bradley, and he sketched the his- . tory of this development from the K “ r a ther narrow ba^!s of precepts giv­ en to control the conduct of a prim ­ itive simple-minded people of the Brie, Pa,, where he was a patient for five months in St. Vincent’s hospital, turous couple, harbor craft swarmed following an accident in which he was younger than those in the first band unite the two plants under one roof, Organization of a second school accor£hng f° the Springville Journal. { rick City, Pa., were m arried a t the boys’ band was announced at an as- Tt wil1. 0CC1W the three story build- J home of Mr. and Mrs. W alter J. sembly at the hie-h school auditorium M-ain stieet, v e s t ot the B ,,, Fellows of Fairm ount avenue Satur* on Fridav bv ° Professor Edward R. & P-tracks, known as the rad'atx-r! day evening in the presence of the John d S c t o / . o f I h o S a l \ ■«**\*• . , | *ev. T. School Boys’ Band which has attain- Mrs. C. W. Schaich of Clinton ; Pancoast, rector of St. Mary’s church, ed notable success during the past street announces the marriage of h e r : performed the ceremony. The eoup- son, Carroll B. O’Neil, and Miss 1 le was attended by Charles Anderson The new band, Mr. John said, is Grace H a rder of Little Valley, which ■ and Evelyn Hubbard. Following the composed of students somewhat occurred in Randolph Monday, Oc- j ceremony, a wedding supper was It starts out with a membership of 82, of whom 21 are- girls; and Mr. John indicated the possibility of a separate school girls’ band next year. The Salamanca School Boys’ Band had charge of the program at as- about the steamer, while whistles injured while at work with a con- screeched greetings and the vast con- strut*tion company. His condition is course of people at the docks and in much improved. the city Streets shouted joyfully wel- — Mr. and Mrs. Hiimer Johnson coming them to the old world. and Miss Sue Haley are visiting Mr. Before debarking, Miss Elder was- Johnson’s parents in Erie, Pa. met by Fred Morris Bearing, the — Mr. and Mrs. H a rry Nadolskii sembly and played several selections, American minister to Portugal, and and Frances Foote have returned the staff of the American legation, from a visit with relatives in Dun- When they had landed, they were kirk, driven to the house of General Car- — Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Stear re- mona, president of the republic, who turned Monday from W ashington, D. praised their gallantry and express- C., where they spent a week attend­ ed delight over their rescue and their ing the national convention of the j visit to his country. Then the tired, American Association of Railway! Baltimore. Oct. 25 (TPi tober 10th. A fter November 1st, they will be at home at 15 Wilson street, Salamanca. Announcement is made of the birth of a daughter October 11th to Mr.- and Mrs. W alter H. Butt of 605 Broad street. served. Covei’s were laid for eight at the bride’s table. Mr. and Mrs. Hub­ bard will reside in River street. Fire believed to have been caused by a defective chimney completely destroyed the home of Floyd E. Wis­ er in Sullivan Hollow Monday, vTith 11 its furnishings. Attempts to es- The Elson Art Exhibit which was which were heartily applauded bvThe have been held in the high school ■ tinguish the blaze with pailfuls of students. * * auditorium October 12th to the loth | w ater failed. Mr. Wiser is employed ______ 0 _______ ' and was postponed when the pictures by the Forbush Lumber Company [were delayed in transit, will be held here. M r e , Forbush. s a i d t o November 16th to 19th, it was an- Frank W ackier, 5S years ohi, of fe e i n W H V l r o - i r d s * nouneed today. Tickets which were , Cattaraugus, was fined $10 by Judge v ° ^ sold for the exhibit on the form er Burdette Whipple in city court this but smiling, Americans were taken Ticket Agents. A fter the sessions, | detective today declared he had to the American legation, which will they spent two weeks on a conven-j found a clue to Mrs. Ann Forbush, be their headquai’ters dui'ing Eaoir tion tour, including Virginia, Phila- missing for more than a week. Wil- N e v York, Miam Murphy, the detective, said the Lisbon stay. delphia, Atlantic City, wife of the Canandaigua, N. Y., min­ ister had bought a ticket for Akron, Thei'e seems io be some doubts a- and Canada, to future plans. It was at firs'. '— Misses Julia and Theresa B a lu; thought they would fly to Madrid, of Elm street have returned home af-jO ., but left the train at Marienburg, but they now* expect to leave Lisbon ter spending a few days in Buffalo j W. Ya. There, he said, Mrs. For- Thursday by airplane, flying direct to with friends and relatives, I bush pawned two rings, saying she* Paris. Ruth Elder put to Bed suffering from Flu; Paris trip Postponed Lisbon, Portugal, Oct. 26 (IP )— Ruth Elder, American aviatrix, is suffering l'rom influenza and has tak­ en to her bed. She was in need of complete re.h. — Rev. James Wroblewski has r e - ; was without funds. Murphy said he turned from Buffalo, where lie spent ’ relayed his inform ation to the several days with relatives. J Washington police. — Dr. A. D. Ames and Allen Ames : o ---------- of Ellicottville attended the corner­ stone laying at the Allegany State Park’s new adm inistration building Monday afternoon. — Miss H a n ’iet Hasper of Ellicott­ ville is here to visit her brother, Charles II. Hasper, who was injured Oct. 12lh in Mansfield when his car stalled going up Green Hill and SLEMP SAYS COOLIDGE HAS NOT CLOSED DOOR and her departure for Madrid, en route to Paris, has been postponed backed into the ditch, pinning him in Great Valley Sunday. . Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Oakes of Steamburg called on friends here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitmore of Arabian desert.” Early New' England Little Valley were Sunday guests of Congregationalists, he said, conceiv- Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Fuller, ed a God “in whose house of w*or- j Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Roscoe of ship there m ust be no image or pic- Syracuse were Saturday and Sun- ture, and in the houses of His people day guests at the home of Mr. and no statue or painting, for in His Mrs. J. F. Rosenberi’y. jealousy, they believed, He punished Mr. and Mrs. A. v\ . Bergamon folks for four genei’ations who might spent the week end in Salamanca. admire a marble Venus or A p o llo.! ---------- o ---------- His seventh or memorial day must : QUAKER BRIDGE be observed wflth strict attention io [ ______ worship and devout reflection. No j Richard and W inifred Campbell meals m u st be cooked, no labor of spent the week end with friends in any sort allowed, no sport or play, 1 Canisteo. no recreation or amusement. It was j Mix and Mrs. H arry Hills and reported th a t one New' England far- daughter of Salamanca visited at mer w'ould not perm it his vinegar to Frank Hills’ Friday. I work in the cellar on the Lord’s day.* J H a rry Bowley was in Olean Thurs- j “ Our Congregational fathers wrere day on business, never quite happy in this philosophy, j Mrs. Frank Beyer and daughter and gradually modified it. The pres- Mai’gueritc of Salamanca, and Mrs. sure of education and gradual en - ,R ay and daughter M arjorie of On- i lightenm ent have compelled a steady, tario, Can., were guests at the home I reconsideration. Critical study has 1 c £ Lee Morrison Monday, weakened the authority of the Old! Paul Bowley and Carl .Greeley Testam ent legends and statutes. \ Vere in Buffalo Thursday. Science has gradually given us the ( Mrs. M prtimer F lagg and children conception of a world not all r u in e d ' visited relatives in Jamestown last or evil, but beautiful and obedient -week. ( to Iaw.% and responsive to every effort J a quilting bee was held at the of the human brain and brawn. His- home of Mrs. George Brown Thurs- tory discloses, in every area of h u - 1 day. m a n life, a good God in a good vrorld, j Mrs. Maria Carnahan has return- slowly leading His children up ed from Bradford, Pa., w'here she through experience from savagery to visited her son, Ralph Rathbun and . intelligent character. j family. ’/ “Today the theological^ five points j Mix and Mrs. Merle Grover of or fifty points have no interest f o r . Jamestown were guests a t the home the ordinary man. Men are seeking of Thomas W atters Sunday, to know w h at the Galilaean thought, Mrs. Myron Carnahan is visiting and w h a t He said, and are interpret- relatives in Conewango. V Ling p resent day ethics by the Sermon J Mr. Baxter of Baltimore, Md., is [on the Mount. W h at is now the dom- a guest at the home of H o b art Sci’ip- inant religious note in all advanced' ture. countries is as different from th e | Mr. and Mrs. Al Grace of Ran- dominant religious conceptions of dolph and Mrs. Cora Fargo, Miss 100 years ago as Christianity was Rose Walsh and Gene Fargo of Lime- different from the Greek Olympus. ' stone were guests at W. O. Hale’s I t has come upon us so deliberately Sunday. and noiselessly th a t we scarcely real-j h . W. Morrison was in Salamanca ize it has come; but here it is—the Monday. religion of Jesus the Christ. We don’t j Mix and Mrs. Earle Sikes and son believe m the devil; we know the p aul were in Eldred, Pa., Monday, race was not ruined in a prim itive, Mr. and Mrs. H arry Campbell were garden; we are sure th a t God is iu Westfield Tuesday, neither jealous, nor chronically an-, Milo Young and wife visited rela- gry. We know th a t nature is beauti- fives a t Bear Lake last week. fal, that t law prevails everywhere, I Mr. and Mrs. H a rry Lord, Boyd and we believe in Jesus in His Young and Mix and Mrs. Jav' Hotch- _ - _J_ ___ ♦ . TT* * indefinitely. It was slated that the aviatrix. who arrived here only yesterday from I!orta, had passed a had night and complained of severe pain in her eh c six « n ---------- Personals under the car and breaking two ribs He is g etting A local fictes be good next month. i morning on a charge of intoxication. A daughter was born Wednesday , Stanley Grudzen, who was arraigned to Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Regan of 181 'in c*i1y court Monday, lives in Erie Front avenue. ! street instead of East street as re- A preliminary survey will be mack* • ported yesterday. and plans for rebuilding a stretch o f : A.bout 35 friends and neighbors road to eliminate the steep, danger-1 gave a surprise birthday party last nus Revs hill curve, considered th e ! night to Mrs. J. S. Tackentien of 151 . . . * worst m this section, will be eonsid- j Prospect avenue. She received many ei’cd immediately, says the Bradford i g ifts, including a purse of money. Era. The new road will do away I The evening was spent at progres- with the sharp curves near the hot- j sive pedro and music, after which a tom and top of the hill and will as- | lunch wan served. Out of town guests cent the mountain by an easier | were Mix and Mrs. Mvron Newton, grade made possible by numerous. fills. These officers of the Broad Street C. Bas- Flub were elected at a meeting held at the home of Mrs. Thomas McCabe i Thursday: president, Mrs. W. 31. j Momebrs of the Inner Circle of Litchfield; v i c e president, Mrs. ; Balamanca Circle, 190. P. H. C., held a banquet in the parlors of the Bap- Mrs. C. A. Kammirc. Announcement, is made of the birth of a son, W airen Lewis, Jr., to Mix and Mrs. W. L. Passmore at 71 New York, Oct. 25 (IP) com Slemp, form er secretary to Pi*esiclent Coolidge declared today that if the Republican national con­ vention were to lie held now Calvin Charles Swan; secretary and tr Coolidge would be renominated for urer> the Presidency. Slemp said he had regarded the President’s statem ent that he did not Lawrence and Milton Newton of Cus­ ter Chy. Mr. and Mrs. William Wehl- ing, Misses Nellie and Mildred Wehl- ing and Ernest Wchling of East Otto and Raymond Touro of Buffalo. ‘choose to run” as being merely an Sycamore avenue Wednesday. expres.Mcn of a preference, which The Salvation Army here has list church last evening, followed by a ba.-incs.- cession in P. H. C. hall, when initiation ceremonies were put on for a eiass of 20 candidates from Salamanca, Olean, Bradford and Jamestown. There were many out of and puncturing a lung. along nicely. — Dr. and Mrs. F, E. W arner of „ „ , . „ fl-mmond Ind and Mr and Slemp said did not close the door to ofhcc?r m cnarge, Captain E. W. town guests, including Supreme Pres- 0 ; E> Armstrong, of Chicago, who his nomination. . Meade having gone to Ithaca. Ensign J ident Hadley of Sharon, Pa., and of- Predieting the nomination of Gov — Miss Gene Scouten, who is em­ ployed in Bradford, is spending her vacation with her parents, Mix and Mrs. Russell M. Scouten of Wildwood ’cuts, Mr have been guests of the form er’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. W arner of Broad street, returned home Mon­ day night. Mrs. W arner accompan­ ied. — Miss Coletta Dundon, who L-. em­ ployed in Dansville, visited her par- and Mrs. J. F. Dundon of Frank Furm an has arrived from Bos-; iicials from Buffalo, Niagai’a Falls ernor Alfred E. Smith in the Demo- ton> Mass., to have charge of the eratic convention, Slemp added that Salamanca citadel. Mrs. Furm an will the nomination would renew “the come here in a few weeks, quarrels of 1924 over the wot and The condition of Robert, two-year- drv and religious issues.'’ old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Grabow- and Jamestown, attended. About 125 people NORTH VALLEY FOR SALE— Ponv. 5 years old, 50 inches tall, sound, kind, gentle. Broke to saddle and harness. John Laing. East Oku. N. Y. avenue. Seneca street, Sunday. * — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beldin and — Mix and Mrs. Joe Roggenbaum. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. .Morey and Mr. daughter Lenore of 459 Wildwood Mrs. W. O. Roggenbaum and M r.., :li1d Mrs. Emory 'Higbee oi Otto avenue returned Wednesday night James Ixlwood and daughter D o r-.vLded at Fred FoxeV- Sunday, from DuBois, Pa., where on Monday otliy of Bradford were week-end Mix and Mrs. Mark Windsor were they attended the funeral of her guests at the home of Mr. and M rs.!in Little \ alley Saturday end Sat- mother. Mrs. A. F. Downing. Mildred Fred Roggenbaum of Wilson street. | u rday evening they attended the Beldin, who also attended the funeral, — Edwin Parkhill, son of Mr. and<^lfm' Ellicottville. will spend two weeks with relatives Mrs. G. H. Parkhill of Kent boule-! William Miller and family and in Ridgway, Pa., before returning yard, who has been a patient in the I Louis Miller and iamily were at -John home. Church Home al Baltimore, Md., sev-1 M iller s in New Albion Saturday at- — James Stack and William Bog- on weeks, returned home Sunday. H i s lan d in g the fortieth wedding anni- erson of Bradford were here Wed- condition is very satisfactory. M rs.! Vl‘i'sary of .Mix and Mrs. John .Miller, ne^day evening. Parkhill accompanied him. j Mr*\X Miller and son were at Ed- — Dr. L. D. Gunn of Swan street — A. J. Paxum of Mount M o rris1'vard M illers in Otto one day last and Jerry VanVcssen of Wilson spent Saturday at the home of hi.-- j street have returned from a hunting mother, Mrs. James Paxton of Kent and fishing* trio at Chumont, in the boulevard. Adirondacks. Mr. VanVcssen brought — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kennedv with him a mu.-kalonge measuring of Bradford spent Sunday with L. E. 2S inches, which he caught. France and family of Center street. Notice to Holders ©f United States Second Liberty Loan Bonds: - m atchless character, in His surpass- (kiss and son H a rry spent the week friends in Bradford. iftS! wisdom, in His magnificient per- end at the home of E. Robeson in tonality, in the fact th a t He repre- Erie, Pa. tents ih Himself the complete good- «ss and grace of God, and we be­ lieve th a t when m en generally be- President will Speak W ashington, Oct. 25 (IP) — Presi- lieve Ham, follow Him, seek to emul- dent Coolidge wil go to Philadelphia ate Him, and tru s t Him, th e n . the November 17th to make an address (Kingdom of God w i|l be set up here a t the Founder’s Day of the Union 1 League. s t fully as in heaven. “To be ah ambassador for Him— 'be the guest io preach His wonderful gospel—- to Sproul, who salesmen of His way of life—may league. He was invited by and will of form er Governor is president of the — Mrs. Joseph G. Follett of 137 — Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Monroe of Wilson street has returned from El- Philadelphia spent the week end with mira, where .-he spent several days their mother, Mrs. T. A. Blanchard, with her daughter, Mrs. Robert and sister, Mrs. E. D. Cook, of Bread Jones. A nine and a half pound son, street. Mrs. Blanchard returned home Donald Duane, was born to Mr. and with them. Mrs. Jones October 16. — Miss Catherine Collins of East — Mrs. R. H. Gillman of Pine State street has returned from a street has returned home after a week’s visit in Rochester, week’s visit at the home of her sis- — Mrs. W. B. Coston of Wildwood ter, Mrs. James Wickham of Wash- avenue left for New York city Fri- ington, D. C. , day night to spend the week-end with — The condition of Joseph Mona- her husband, han, who underwent an operation — Mrs. H a rry Sinclair of Bonita is here 10 days ago, is improving. * spending a few days with friends and — Miss Georgia Wilkins of Pitts- relatives here, burgh, Pa., is visiting at the home of — Dr. and Mrs. F. E. W arner of Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Sheldon of Swan Hammond, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. E. street. O. A rm strong of Chicago, 111., ar- — Mayor and Mrs. B. L. H u n t and rived Saturday by motor to spend Rev. and Mrs. A. C. Elliott and son a week with Dr. W a rner’s par- Douglas returned Thursday night ’ ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. W arner of from a m otor trip to Gettysburg, P a . , 1 B road street. and Baltimore, Md. J — Mr and Mrs. C. O. King and — Mix and Mrs. George B. Swartz daughter Janice of Buffalo visited and Mr. and Mrs. F. W. M artin m o t-'M rs. M ary Monahan of Wildwood ored to Jamestown today. ! avenue Sunday. — D. L. Terhune and Leo Terhune j — T he condition of Miss Minnie and family visited N. R. Austin of M urrin, who has been seriously ill, Franklinville recently. t is somewhat improved. — Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Benjamin, — Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Norton of and George Fesler of this city and Jefferson street returned Friday Miss Edna Merow of Little Valley from a week’s visit a t the home of spent last evening in Gowanda. [ their daughter, Mrs. Erie Greene, in — Mrs. T. P. Keough and son John Rochester. Mrs. Greene accom- and Mrs. J. A. Jones motored to panied them home for a visit. Jamestown yesterday. I — Mr.' and Mrs. Peter Donlin of — Robert Stew art of Jamestown, Atlantic street has left for Cleve- form erly of Salamanca, was here to- land, 0., to visit at the home of their day while enroute to New York city, daughter, Mrs. Clair Park. — Mrs. Thomas Sheehan of Main ’ — Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Bay of Buf- street is spending the day with falo are spending a few days at the i home of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Os- ■J, P. Coyle of Buffalo is spend- trieker of 50 Avery avenue, ing a few days here. J — Mrs. E. G. Keyes and daughter — Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pawk re- A rtie of K e n t boulevard left last turned last night from their wedding evening fo r Cai-bondale, Pa., to at- trip to B u tler and Pittsburgh, P a .,'te n d the funeral of the form er’s sis- and Cleveland, O. - ter. — Mr, and Mrs. T. J. Edwards and — Leon Miller is spending the day G. W. C a rter of DuBois, Pa., aw here in Buffalo. today on business. J — Charles M entz spent last even- ■Rev. Jam es Wroblewski has re- ing in Little Valley. Mix and Mr-. II>-ary Rice were in Salamanca Sunday. There were about Uxty at William j Miller's Sunday, the occasion being I the birthday of their daughter Lil­ lian. A family party was held at Guy Rice’s in Salamanca Tuesday evening and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rice attend­ ed. Hallowe’en was observed at the school house Wednesday. g a D ^ hill turned from Oswego, where he at­ tended a 40 hours devotion service, spending the day in Buffalo. -Mr. and Mrs. Jam es Myles are Mr. and Mrs. Morvylle Charles and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Charles were in Cuba Wredncsday. E. L. Arnold was in Arcade Thurs­ day on business. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dunning of Buffalo were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Law. L. J. Leonard^ and Morvylle Charles were in Cuba Thursday. Mr. and Mys. Leon Law and daugh­ ter called at M. Jones’s on County' Line Road Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Owens of Freedom called at Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Arnold’s Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward McNitt of Fernwood visited their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Morvylle Charles, over the week end. George Schoepflin and son have bought twelve cows. Mrs. Nettie Pooler is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Leon Law. Mrs. E. L. Arnold, Mrs. L. J. Leon­ ard and son were in Franklinville F ri­ day. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Marble and children of Centervillb visited at E. O. Leonard’s ’Sunday. Albert Jones foupd that someone had shot one of his heifers last week. Clair Sherwood of the Station was here Thursday. All United States Second Lib­ erty Loan bonds issued in 1 91 7 are to be paid in full on Novem­ ber 15, 1927. No interest will • be paid on these bonds after that date. Holders of such bonds are urged to present them at our office as soon as possible in or­ der that collection may be made promptly on the due date. F I R S T N A T IO N A L R A N K SA L A M A N C A , N. Y. — Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Cox of Sul­ livan s treet have returned home from Buffalo, where they spent the week end with their daughter, Mrs. H. C .1 Swartz. Mrs. Anna Bretzler of State Park avenue, who spent two weeks'w ith her daughter, Mrs. G. E, Beam of Buffalo, returned home with them. Job Printing at this Office. A W is e M a n W r o t e ; Do Not be Discouraged i by Past Failures We often discover what will do by finding out what will not do. Study Your Own Failures Drive Yourself and Win SALAMANCA TRUST CO. You will meet success coming around the corner ttm m a

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