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PAGE FOUE CATTARAUGUS REPUBLICAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26. 1927 INTERFERED ONLY WITH DEATH RATE,” SAYS MISS WHEELER Scathing Reply to County Medical Society’s At­ tacks on State Charities Aid Association— Graphic Story of Fight for Health extending over 55 Years. (Continued from JPage One) L IN D Y E N D S G R E A T T O U R The average audience a t the open air meetings which he addressed numbered about 20 , 000 . Local newspaper counts have been used as a basis fo r the estimate that he ad­ dressed 2 , 000,000 persons directly. Many of his speeches -vVere- broadcast by radio, increasing his audience immensely. One of the scores of gifts to Col­ onel Lindbergh from his various hosts was a portrait of his mother presented by business men of Fort W orth, Texas. The portrait was the world, a t Albany; new divisions in the State Health Departm ent on child hygiene, venereal diseases, pub­ lic health nursing, and others; which together have placed New York state in the forefront of the states in the union in the protection of health. Did All This “Just Happen” ? Now, did all of this just happen? N o t a t all. The prime mover was this same State Charities Aid Associa­ tion, which suggested the appoint­ m e n t of a commission, placed its staff a t the service of the commission, helped to fram e the new law, and se­ cured support for it everywhere in the state. History records the fact th a t the chairman of the Committee on Legislation of the State Medical Society was among the very few who appeared in opposition. Many indi­ vidual physicians supported i t , ‘great m en and true, but the weight of the organization which was supposed to represent them was recorded on the wrong side. Is there a single person in the entire state of New York who would wish for a moment to return to the health conditions of 191-J? Quashing Quacks Coming now seven years later to 1920: One fine morning during the legislative session, Health Commis­ sioner Biggs, the State Medical So­ c ie t i e s , and the State Departm ent of Education, woke up to find that a bill had reached the Governor’s desk which would give state recognition and license to chiropractors, perm it them to call themselves “doctors”, and to boast state approval and li­ cense for such claim. The State Charities Aid Associa- ' fcion’s Committee on Tuberculosis and Public Health was well aware that this would not only be bad for the medical profession, but would be ex­ trem e ly bad for the people of the state, who would not know when they were getting attention from a real doctor, and when they were falling into the hands of a fake doctor. The State Charities Aid Association ral­ lied the voluntary health forces of the State in opposition to the approval of the bill, provided educational ma­ terial to the press throughout the state as to the real nature and harm- fulness of the bill, secured delega­ tions from the various counties to ap­ pear before the Governor in opposi­ tion, and working together with the State Medical Society, and health and education authorities, the bill was killed. It has been necessary, by sim ilar methods, to kill it each year since, and it h as been done by like co­ operative effort. A Model Medical Practice Act Still more im p o rtant: Six years later the State Charities Aid Asso­ ciation, th a t “interfering body,” one of those lay organizations whose ■work is so “inept,” was specifically requested by the Legislation commit­ tee and the president of the State Medical Society to assist it in secur­ ing the passage of a much-needed Medical Practice Act. The State Medical Society had tried for years to secure such a law, but without success. The medical profession was misunderstood by the Legislature and by the people; it was thought to be working in its own interests, instead of in the interests of the health of the people. I distinctly remember when this subject was brought by a representative of the State Medical Society before the Executive Commit­ tee on Tuberculosis and Public Health for discussion and action. Our decision was to throw every Dunce, of our strength back of the State Medical Society, and the State H ealth Department, and the State D epartm ent of Education, in support of the Medical Practice Act. Every County Committee on Tuberculosis and Public Health was urged to ap­ prove the bill, and to enlist the sup­ port of its local representatives in the Legislature. The -fight was not an easy one, for all the chiropractors, naturopaths, drugless healers, quacks and such like were arrayed against the bill. It was a m a tter of life and death for them ; they had huge in­ terests a t stake, and were well aware of it. Unhappily, three im portant County Medical Societies also op­ posed the bill, breaking away from the parent state society. The Coun­ ty Tuberculosis organizations pre­ sented a solid front a t the meetings before the Legislative committees >nd the Governor. They were re-en­ forced by the great “lay organiza­ tions,” interested in health, from New York City, the Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, the nursing organization, t h e neighborhood associations, and so on. Im p o rtant history was w ritten When, after all these years of non- iction, the Legislature passed, and the Governor signed a modern, efficient Medical Practice act for the state of Finishes 22,350 Miles of painted by c»ri'B°toen °f Flying safely an d Punctually -— No def­ inite Plans Now. -Col- IN D IA N S L O S E S U I T F O R L A N D A L A S K A B A D L Y S H A K E N , B U T N O L I V E S L O S T Yesterday’s Tremenddus Earthquake centered in Bottom of Pacific Ocean, far Out. Seattle, Wash., Oct. 25 (/P)—^-Alas­ ka congratulated itself today on hav­ ing gone through an earthquake of unusual intensity without the loss of a life and with but little damage. The southeastern part of the ter­ ritory was given a vigorous shaking % T 1 about 7 o’clock yesterday morning, Claims based on old ! in a disturbance which apparently Treaties denied by had its ccnler in *he ocean bottom Federal Judge. Albany, Oct. 24 (IP) — St. Regis In- their praise of the lay or- ganizations for their aid, and public-J ly stated on many occasions that without such help the bill could not have been passed. More “interfer-J ence” with things as they were and — -— ought not to have been; more bring- Mitchel Field, Oct. 23 (IP) ing of laws and agencies for public onel Charles A. Lindbergh swung health and public welfare in the state ^ down out of the air today, completing of N^w York up 'somewhere near to 1 a 22,350 mile tour of the country in the front. Possible only by cooper- his Spirit of St. Louis, just one min- ‘ ation and m u tual understanding! | u te ahead of his schedule time. | Homes for 4,000 Homeless Children j jje greeted questions as to his fu- One of the committees of the ture pians - w i t h a smile and a shake dians have no claim to vast tracts of State Charities Aid Association is 10f ^he head. lanfl hi Northern and Central New the Child Placing Committee. Thisj haven’t got any,” he said, and York state valued at more than $2,- committee has taken 4,000 homeless his expression indicated his pleasure 000,000,000, the United States Dis­ and orphaned children one by one to a£ once more being a free agent, frict Court of N o rthern New York carefully selected homes of adoption. (wjth no fixed schedule driving him decided when it rejected a suit filed They have been watched over w ith ' on daily. by the Indians. The suit was an at- the utm ost care from year to year. I “W here can w;e see you tomor- tem p t to recover land which the In- There are county children’s agents i n | row ?» a reporter asked. dians claimed as ancestral properties, many counties of the state, ready to j “Why I don’t believe th a t’s going acquired by century-old treaties. The do -whatever needs to be done for a he necessary,” he replied. “I Mty of Syracuse is included In the child in trouble; to get a feeble- j feel that I have wop the right to drop tract. minded child in state institutions ou£ 0f pUblic view for a while.” j \The Indians, as wards oC the fed- (which the State Charities Aid helped j lowering sky failed to keep Gral government, hold no right to sue to secure); to get an abused child away a crowd 0f about 2,000 admir- in federal courts, A ttorney G e n e ral ^ protected, a crippled child restored to ers who -wished to view Lindbergh’s Ottinger contended for the state. Mr. had broken near Wrangell, 'w h ere the normal. • arrival. O ttinger indicated that he expected j shoclc was believed to be severe. The City Visiting Committee helps J “I never felt better in my life,” he ^ le Indians to appeal the decision Communication with W rangell will improve the municipal hospitals of began, when there was a lull. “No, rendered by Judge Frank Cooper, but; noj. he restored until a radio oper- New York City and maintains the | b a n q u et food didn’t seem to do me expressed confidence in the outcome • a^.or despatched from K etchikan ar- Occupational Therapy teachers of any harm. The. flight was in no way should the case go to higher courts. J rives and establishes a wireless sta- Bellevue and homes for the aged. j exhausting— h a rd work for a few The su^ the St. Regis Indians is £jorL All of this is a kind of “ interfer- times— b u t nevgr exhausting. a phase of the claims of the Six Na- -phe main shock was felt in Juneau ence” with things as they were, b u t ( “The Spirit of St. Louis is in fine tions for the return to them of lands a£ 7 a followed by three lesser it is the kind of “interference” which shape. It gives more (revolutions acquired under the old treaties, Mr. ones. Many residents rushed from has made the world a better place to per m inute) now than when it was Ottinger explained. live in. j new. But this looks like a /good Because no diversity of ^ ~0 ~. “Interference” Spells Progress time to do it, so I’m going to have S^ P anc* no federal question was in-1 docks stopped. It is the kind of “interference” it completely overhauled. That’s volved, counsel for the tribe did not] ------ which refuses to believe th a t what- never been done since it -was built, stale a case in which a federal court ever is is best, and is unchangeable; you know, and it’s been almost 350 aught have jurisdiction, Judge Coop- which listens to the new discoveries hours in the air. No, it isn’t destined er held. He also ruled that if the coming from laboratories and educa- for a museum yet. Eventually, but complaint had merely stated the In- tional institutions throughout the not now.” dians’ demand for ejectm ent of the^ world and then, little by little, tries “W hat are you going to do next?” ^t. Lawrence River Power Companyi to get them applied in the state of a half dozen reporters asked. from a square mile of land located several hundred miles off the main­ land. Dishes and windows were broken and clocks were stopped when sever­ al towns were jarred by the temblors. Cables - m aintained by the United States Army signal corps between Ketchikan and W rangell and between Juneau, Haines and Skagway were severed. In Honolulu, Dr. T. C. Jaggar, di­ rector of the Mount Kilauea volcano laboratory, notified the hydrographic office that tidal waves dangerous to shipping would occur in Hawaiian waters between 1.30 and 3.30, Pa­ cific coast time. Reports from Petersburg, Alaska, said the Ivetchikan-Wrangell cable SIXTY YEARS AGO—-1867 “The Horse F a ir held -on ‘The Union F a ir Grounds’ in this village (Ellicottville) last Thursday and Friday (October 17-18) proved a complete success. The weather was beautiful, the track and grounds in good condi­ tion, the attendance large' and the display of elegant and speedy horses better than was anticipated.” “The Championship flag offered by tbe Cattaraugus County Agricul- _ tural Society, was played for by the Olean B. B. club and the Trump B. B. Club of Little Valley on Saturday (Oct. 19), the Oleans winning i t by a score of 37 to 18. . . . The Otto B. B. team immediately challenged the Oleans, and agreed to play for the flag at Olean.” “The third annual review of Company E, 154th N. Y. Vols., was held at Brocton. . . . The following named officers were elected for the en­ suing year: Capt.* J. B. Fay, President; Lieut. A. McDade, Vice President; Charles W. Abell, Secretary; Vice Persidents for Portland— James B. Hay­ wood and Earl Z. Bacon; Vice Presidents for Ripley—Wrn. O. Case and George A. Hopkins.” Ellicottville— “ We regret to announce that Hon. A. G. Rice is soon to leave this village, to enter into a legal partnership in New York, in connec­ tion with Gen. P a t H. Jones, a n d ----------- Wilson.” Ellicottville-—“Dr. Horace Arnold has purchased the building occupied i by Morris O’Donnell, and removed his office to the lower floor. The phot-, ograph gallery in the second story has been purchased.by Tobias H. Wil­ liams, who is prepared to do all kinds of work in the photographic line.” “ The Ackley Factory sold on Tuesday of last week (October 22.) 15 days of September cheese for 15 ^ cents. The Cuba Factory has sold its product for the season for 16 cents.” “ The long looked for and devoutly wished for rain commenced falling on Monday (October 28). The drouth has been more severe In this section than has been known for forty years, and much inconvenience at least has occasioned. Wells th a t have heretofore been inexhaustible have dried up entirely and w a te r for washing purposes has been an article hard to obtain.” Their beds in night clothing. Dishes citizen-; rattled, light chandeliers swung and E D IT O R ’ S M A I L Quo Adivimus? In this column recently there ap- , i T , , peared some few lines under the cap- Kew \ orlc. It can only s u g g e s t e d plana, he I m « « “Ubi Sumus”, “Where are >v«!” going to rest a few make a short visit days, and then *iave existed to refer to treaties or to Michigan, Constitution, the validity of which advise. But this kind of “interfer ence” is the very essence of progress. 11UIK «* duuu vmi, to luiL-iugau, ................ > —- -— —-v — \ iWV'“ ! “ Quo Charles Evans Hughes, when he flying, but not in the Spirit. A fter v/as called into question by the tribe was Governor of this state, called that, I frankly don’t know, but St. *n attem p ting to establish their the assistance of the State Charities Louis will be my present headquar- claims to the land containing Syra- Aid Association “buttressing democ- ters. I am going to confer with Har- cuso> the county of Oneida and 500,- racy.” - ry Guggenheim, president of the Dan- 000 acres located at points as far For fifty-five years the State Char- ^ iel \Guggenheim Fund for the Promo- west as Chautauqua county, ities Aid Association has been a great tion of Aeronautics, which sponsored The suit was brought by James beneficent force in the state of N e w ' my tour, and a report will be made Ueere, father of Princess WTiite York. ] on it.” Deere, an actress. Acting for fel- As a life-long resident of C a ttar-j Colonel Charles Lindbergh has l°w tribesmen, he claimed properties 1 Now another topic has our attention, augus county I have been trem en- made another report. The youthful of tIie power company along the St. after Adivimus” ? which being in- > te rpreted means, “W here are we ! going?” or “W hither are we bound?” , Here are a few answers gleaned from • several sources: } “We came from nowhere; we are I going nowhere; complete annihila­ tion is our ultim ate end.”— The Atheist. “We have lived on the earth be­ fore. If we displease the gods they the past few years to improve health of three months and three days, and zens in 1924. To raise money for conditions. I personally feel a great he and his plane have been seen in ^ ie suit, New York Indians were as-j debt of gratitude to the State Chari- th a t time by upwards of 30,000,000 messed, hut lately the solicitations 1 „ , i - - t - „ n . . .will punish us by sending us back to dously interested m the successful prophet of aviation has visited every haw 1 ence River immediately a^ c r j inhabit the bodies of horaes cats efforts which have been made during state in the nation in the short span Congress had decreed Indians citi- J toads or some other animal The Pagan. “We do not know neither do we care from whence we came nor whith- ties Aid Association for the assistance persons. it has rendered our public authorities In his national air were extended to Canadian tribes, I tour, Colonel were promised shares in a pos- and the spirit in which they have ren- Lindbergh has flown 22,350 miles, dered such service. has paraded 1,2S5 miles, has spent V ery sincerely yours, '260 hours in the air, has attended 69 LILLA C. W H E ELER dinners, has dropped 192 messages to Member, County Board of Health cities at which he did not land, and Portville, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1927. has been greeted by governors of 23 ---------- 0 ---------- ' state capitols. ] The hero of the New York-Paris . flight of last May, journeying over ' the (the motion of Aeronautics, ha sible successful suit as their reward. -------------------- o -------------------- MISUSE OF FUNDS OF KU KLUX KLAN ALLEGED M’CALL RESIGNS FROM KLAN AFTER DENOUNCING IT FOR LAWLESSNESS Amended Answer of Banished Penn­ sylvania Members Filed in Court , er we are going, but we are on our , w ay.”— The Careless and Indifferent, j “We are going to hell as fast as we . can go with all the modern speed J facilities at our command; so get out of our way all you .pious, Psalm j singing hypocrites.”— The Scoffers, j “ O ur Creator is a great and loving 1 God who cares for all his creatures and loves them so much that he can­ not bear to see anv of them suffer. Pittsburgh, Oct. 20 UP;— Misuse of country under the auspices of $15,000,000 alleged to have been ] He will finally bring them all into a Guggenheim Fund for the Pro- collected by the Ivu Ivlux Klan in ' happy place where all will be peace made a Pennsylvania was charged against ■ and quiet and where they may rest -The Universalist. Montgomery, Ala., O et. 19 (IP )— motion 01 Aeronautics, nas macie a i'ennsyivam a was In a denunciation of the activities o f , flight as safe and sane as his Atlantic the organization in an amended an-1 forever more. “Let not your hearts be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my F a ther’s house are many man­ sions; if it were not so I -would have told you. I go to prepare a place for 1 you, I will come again, and receive New iVifieh Tim XT* ork, other r** * » OinVitLL* Soe'ely rcutiig Mate ii the were 01 a standard Will follow. State Meui- generoits in the Ivu Klux Klan in the state of A l-. adventure was audacious, and his swer filed in federal court yesterday abama in which he said he is con- ' t plane has winged its way from city to by defendants in a suit brought bj,” vinced “th a t the organization is in ' ci<Y with a punctuality th a t rivalled the Klan to prevent five “banished” the hands of a lawless leadership,” the record of the best fast trains. members from using the name of the A ttorney General C. McCall tonight I Eighty-two stops were made, and organization in their activities, tendered his unconditional resigna- at 81 of them this famous Spirit of The Klan suit also asked $100,- tion from the organization. j St. Louis descended at the landing 000 damages on the grounds that the j you unto myself; that where I am, Th© A t t o r n e y General, w h o ^ e ld on schedule, 111 fair w eather and defendants had collected that sum there ye may be also.” W’e believe brought to light the recent floggings, ^0UT The only instance in which he belonging to the order after their in Oneonta, Blount and Crenshaw jWas late was at Portland, Me., in dismissal. The five, in retaliation, counties, charged that “instead of when he could have landed in filed suit for an injunction to re- aiding the constituted authorities in ai* extremely heavy fog but probably strain the Klan from operating in their efforts to f e r r e t out crimes com- ' no^ airport. He chose to land Pennsylvania and asked appointment m itted by Klan members, leaders of elsewhere so that he might not have of a receiver. the organization have spread a wave leave h!s ship in a strange field, un- The amended answer, filed by At- of intimidation over m any law abid- guarded. torney Van A. Barrickman, .me of ing citizens therein, and have d e a lt! ^ Departm ent of Commerce plane the defendants, after reiterating in caustic and cowardly rem arks whieh accompanied the Spirit of St. charges th a t the Klan W'as respon- concerning the motives of officers of Eouis added its own bit of luster to sible for riots, floggings, murders and the law who have sought and are a Performance which ranks high in kidnapings in Pennsylvania alleged the achievements of aviation. The th a t the money collected in this state attendant plane was flown 20,350i n ever had been accounted for and miles, carrying representatives of the had been used “for other than cor- a thorough investigation of crimes departm ent and of the Guggenheim porate, benevolent, religious and and activities of leaders, th a t the Ku P und. Over a total flying distance of charitable purposes.” Klux Klan in Alabama is th e g reat- 42’700 miles the ^ y 0 Planes Per\ P a r t of the money, the answer est menace co constituted authority.” formed perfectly, with no overhauls, said, w ent toward “building a $ 20 ,- — ------- 0 ____ * i 110 forced landings, and 'no delays of 000,000 palace for the imperial wi- , any sort from mechanical difficulties, zard at A tlanta, Ga.,” to the purchas- from the time the tour began at New ing of a diamond tiara, valued at York July 20th. $30,000, and $ 100,000 for the im- The planes spent at least, one night penal commander or chief officer of seeking to enforce the law Mr. McCall said th a t he is of the opinion, “which opinion is based on FEARS SENATOR BORAH W ILL CONTROL WEST Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 23 (IP )— Sue- . , j. ,, . - cess of the Republican nartv a t the in Ch ° f the 48 states’ and flew m women of the KIan•” cess 01 tn e Republican party a t tn e ftll kin(Js o f w eather and in darkness. > _______ next general election is threatened ” and the agricultural program will be Although the tour did not follow the DIES AFTER HANGING ALL regular airways and was at least 25 NIGHT, HEAD DOWNWARD per cent mountainous, both kept to — schedule. I Trenton, Ont., Oct. 19 (IP )— A fter Thursday and Saturdays were r e s t hanging all night head downward days, but some of them Colonel Lind- from a wire fence in which her foot -1 noo bergh found relaxation by doing a ha(l become entangled, Mrs. John delegates ;at the 1928 na- litfle fflore flying_ The sponsor/ of Sfckne* 73 years old, died today. tile flight, point out this indication Mrs- Stiekney fell while trying to jeopardized, Governor Adam Mc­ Mullen, of Nebraska, declared in a public statem ent today, unless w h a t he describes as the proposed plan of Senator Borah to gain control of the tional convention, is challenged. — o th a t rumors of his physical exhaus- climb over the fence, it was believed, i tion during the tour was erroneous. Neighbors heard her cries last night Will arrest Snail Driver* Buffalo, Oct. 22 (I ?)—Police an- Colonel Lindbergh twice passed phys- hut thought they came from children nounced today they would arrest ical examinations with flying colors P*ayinF- A stepson found her uncon- drivors of automobiles who persist in during the tour, in spite of speaking rcious this morning. driving on Delaware avenue at 10 to engagements that might have proven — : ----- o«— ~w~ 12 miles an hour, and charge them a task for a seasoned political cam- G reer Home to r the aged, Per- that those who accept the teachings of the Man of Galilee will eventually go to be with Him.”— The Christians. Which of these is your answer, gen­ tle reader? It m a tters not who we are nor where on the earth we were born. Deep seated within our hearts is the thought that this life does not end it all. There is something be­ yond. Just what or where is the m y stery th a t surrounds us and brings our doubts and fears. Let us read B ryant’s “Thanatopsis” : “So live, that when thy summons comes to join The innumerable caravan which moves To that mysterious realm where each shall take His chamber in the silent halls of death, Thou go not, like the quarry-slave a t night, Scourged to his dungeon, but sus­ tained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave Like one wiio wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams,” Yours for better living, SAM PATCH with olxrtrue'-.ng tn ‘flic. paigner. m anent and pleasant. Ellicottville,. N. X. Shoots Pheasant; Drops Dead Syracuse, Oct. 20 (IP )— T hree min­ utes after he had shot a pheasant while on a hunting expedition near Auburn today, George Timian, 64, of this city, dropped dead. His son, Leslie, heard the man fall shortly a£- , ter he had chased the* bird through ! a hedge. FORTY YEARS AGO— 1887 “The prohibitionists m et in the opera house at Salamanca Tuesday after­ noon (October 18) to nominate a candidate for senator, and to choose candidates for assembly and school commissioner in the Second district of this county. The assembly convention m et first, and nominated for mem­ ber of assembly the editor of Our Public Interests— M. D. Colby. For school commissioner a young man named Brov/nell of Gowanda was put in nony- nation. The senatorial convention numbered 78, of which 37 were from Cattaraugus county and 41 from Chautauqua county. About half the towns in the county were unrepresented, and the same Was true of Chautauqua. A fter some prelim inary work the convention proceeded to take an informal ballot for candidate for senator with this r e s u lt: Dr. A. B. Rice, of Panama, 28; J. L. Higbee, of Cattaraugus, 47; scattering 5. On a formal ballot Higbee received 53 votes, Rice 25, and Higbee’s nomination was made un­ animous. Dr. Cory, J. C. Smith, E. Skelley, F. S. Oakes and S. W. Mason, were appointed a senatorial committee and the convention adjourned.” “A collision occurred on the Erie Wednesday morning (October 19) at 9 o’clock about a mile east of Great Valley station, -which wrecked two locomotives and several cars, and seriously injured four trainmen. The trains which collided were 340, east bound and 341, west bound, both freights. The responsibility of the disaster is laid to the train dispatcher, who ordered 340 to Carrollton w ithout holding 341 at that place until her arrival. There was a dense fog along the river Wednesday morning, and the engineers were unable to see their danger until the trains were almost upon each other. Engineer Beekhorn of train 341, and his fireman, were able to jump from the cab, and escaped with slight injuries, but the train men of 346 were not so fortunate. Conductor J. C. Cooney received serious internal injuries, fireman Janies Hankins had his left leg crushed, and a brakeman named J. C. McFarland, was badly injured in the chest. Engi­ neer Mills was injured about the head and shoulders but not seriously. Conductor Cooney was found under a box car, and had to be cut out from the wreck.” “The new letter sheet envelope consists of a piece of heavy paper, plain on one side, with the postage stamp, etc., printed on the other. You write your letter on the other side, fold and seal the ends which are perforated. When sealed it is in the form of an ordinary envelope. The price is three cents a sheet or 58 cents for a pad of 25; sold in any quantity.” “Salamanca Lodge No. 501, I. 0. 0. F., dedicated their new and beauti­ ful hall last evening (October 20). Brethren were present from Bradford, East Randolph, Hinsdale, Olean and Randolph. There were also a number of invited guests from Salamanca and vicinity. A fter the dedicatory cere­ monies short addresses were made by various gentlemen, which were fol­ lowed by a season of informal social intercourse. A collation Was served at 10 o’clock in the hall adjoining the lodge room, which brethren and guests heartily enjoyed. Taken altogether it was a very pleasant occasion. Sal­ amanca lodge has 117 members and is in a very flourishing condition.” “The Erie railway has an experimental train equipped with the M artin anti fire car heater. It works admirably. The steam is taken from the locomotive and passed under the cars through steam pipes, flexible joints being provided between the cars. The amount of heat can be controlled by means of stopcocks and -ventilations according to the w eather.” ‘■'Little Valley— Six inches of snow fell Friday afternoon and c .Tening (October 21). It makes an early beginning of a long and di*eaded w inter.” “J. H. McClure has purchased the interest of S. M. W ebster in the tea and coffee store in this city, and is now sole proprietor of that establishment, as well as of the model bakery.” TWENTY YEARS AGO— 1907 “ T. L. Newton, who was appointed U. S. Commissioner about a year and a half ago, has resigned.” “A. B. Archer’s name was today placed at the head of the Republican ticket in the town of Conewango, and the tangle in that town which fol­ lowed by the declination of Hon. M. V. Benson has been straightened out. v >:•• * Thg vacancy on the Allegany Republican Ticket, caused by the de­ clination of G. A. Hall, has been filled by the nomination of Fred. Phillips for supervisor.” “Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Keough celebrated their ninth wedding anniver­ sary by entertaining a number of friends at dinner at their home on Maple street.” “The 6 o’clock car leaving here for Olean ran into a steer a t one of the, crossings near Carrollton and the car was thrown from the track. The animal was knocked down and thrown under the wheels.” “The registration this year broke the recoi’ds in the village, exceeding last year’s figures by almost 100. In the first district' the registration is 664; in the second district 603; totals 12C7. In the third district personal registration is not required. The large registration is undoubtedly due to the license question.” “The W ait Avenue Sewing Club pleasantly surprised Sir. and Mrs. Mf. L. Coston, the occasion being their loth wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Coston were presented with a cut glass berry set.” “Mrs. Alice Markell is in Olean today to assist a t an at hom# given by Mrs. Nellie C. Hutchinson in honor of Mrs. Ida Schotts Pentreath Of Yonk­ ers, president of the s tate departm ent of the Woman’s Relief Corps.” “The license question will be a very live topic in Cattaraugus county during the next two weeks, as a vote is to be taken on the excise propositions in 17 of the towns. * *• * * liveliest kind of a fight is on a t Little Valley and Franklinville and the no-license people are publishing and cir­ culating interview’s with m any prominent business men in which they take the position that, from the purely business standpoint, and w ithout consid­ ering the pi oral question involved, they regard no-license as a benefit to the town.” Among the business men of Little Valley, which had been a no­ license town the two preceding years, whose interviews favoring no-license were published, were: D. J. Botsford, A. D. Hildum, A. J. P r a tt, H. B. Hilsle, A. G. W hiting, D. E. Whipple, W. B. Thomas, H. G. Ashby, George W. Korn, A. J. Chase and Tint Champlin. “The last of Salamanca’s famous old landmark, the “wrind splitter,” otherwise known as the old Erie station, was torn down this,m o rning, to make room for additional tracks, which are included, in the improvements which the Erie is a t present making in the yards here. The main building of the old depot was torn down so oh after the new station was completed*’ but the w est wing and another small addition were le f t standing, being u sed as oil rooms and f o r storing lamps, etc. The oil a n d lamp room has been in. charge of John H errick for m any years, and this m o rning he was mowed to new quarters in an addition which was built on tbe switchman’s s h a n ty n e a r the undergrade crossing.” Otto— “ The blacksmiths of the surrounding country held a meeting here at which they agreed to raise the price of s e tting to 20 cents and new shoes to 35 cents. Increase in price of stock is given as the reason.” “Mr. and Mrs. Leon M iller le f t this morning for Buffalo, where they will make their home. Mr. Miller and A. A. W aite have purchased the Davie bakery at 1125 Main street in Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. Waite will leave f o r Buffalo tomorrow.”

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