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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, July 29, 1878, Image 1

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Ag. g. g‘ r ’ x Jjg )...~o;¢o...:.,.‘..:. . ‘I ‘ .\'“.' 1'. as ,,.4,..x.._...¢!\n-nldfi,-..........,..‘...sq.:.3.; ¢;.,:,g¢nuo,:uI(r_hany). ~........Au. ml” “Q, ¢;g,..g.¢yIy,,‘1n'(V_l_(ul'n_n__Iggz).. .’._.. 1, ‘:‘£.§“.2‘:':.-‘.,u \\\\' ......::::;:::”...;‘.':-.= n¢:CaMd.l,.llg._nI J)-........-A..‘A§S -- ll. 4. to .nePq¢uOnunnl‘u_-g)loV_. ,1g§ .1-Int. rwwr l?C_r.'l‘»~$Mlf.-1’. :;‘a:: :: UFFAL -:«.g'..- ‘ '~‘. a...... 9-va,ut;.*...;... .~. l|I ਇ ל an 3. Io_._.‘.“._........I.n. cg-1-ma....:.:«..._. ........ gs. TIIIRI'Y—TIIIRD YEAR.--N0. I74\-. ezm'Az‘o, AN; ~i‘r..’ l 0NDA Y. .Il_Ii;!'_ 29; 1833. 5TRiJLr 13,771. §éd'-n-’i'IuIuu‘nnsi)i«u».:'.-+.n‘.;.~$;. ;. ..»;+.. ‘In. 5-: V .».'u.wu riot. ; ~~ \‘ A :: 3 TIIIS MORNIA’G'S TOPICS. , mp/2. IEEEEEI arpy. who tool: (roam mu sou. stolen ‘dock. Gm: excitement panned. hm: Mar. 0! ‘(mullet lune. shot and wounded A Friday ‘:11 hr. who was unlxesua! null»; shapes. ~h:do ls eondcxnncd to be _shot. Thu. bow- c\‘¢I. does not bring pan.‘ to the bonkr. '-Tl-II FOREST OITYS. she mm! Baby \ engravnd on [he umdc. and a ‘iurmldabk lacking “kglucklc-<lu\l§x'_.,\ On l_~.-lug xaskcd Iogurcan Acmunl of lhcmscltcs they and {hey new wuxcn. Ind Irnved m am my ycsu-r. muming lrum Clcvcinnd on the name: \Penn.\ and found the jewelry t to on Vzuaxxllhc boa: Thu will be bzuughl udox: l‘o- 41:1: jusuex: Hung (kl) mnuung. gAs FIXTURES . HORT AND CHEAP! xrmunu-u_h autdti I333“.-hli ilqnfal in M14 column at Ilefollugfng lnv v¢_!z:.- W0 LINES. (word: or less. for m:6:u:rn|I9N.°9.:...,..,..~ .. C0311. \ ' IO \ Mute-qne,nII:oIIIv:IIlI¢_llot,.. 5 so l‘II‘n!I.IlT.8i§iiI’i. A f ” 1 Panly clogndy watcher. southerly winds. szauqnai-y tcmperuum and smionuy or filling barometer. 5‘ The Porn). eomuigipe bu let: Amuse City and appear: ~10 have ncuzly its work. Mr. Porn: would doubtless be In _beuer.spIri.u it In Ind new haun- Tgov Dlnqovcr n’l__;bo\uNut In lu \ Oxhtr lull Rows. ‘£fgI;ng\‘cc!;lce_n§Ind in a In; our chi ' Nve it u sgaafgbov-uunw;\(?:'(;§ Fm-am. cxo5s-. am»; ‘!lu‘V pm 1‘.*'=~ AI Ace-u Io: Hum. mgchn. \39 5 c°-- 01‘ NW-Yuk, qe_ 1;: pic,- paged to tunsah a Ml lb»; of llgufugevqz nux’d¢fiubl¢ posh g_r,tngxog C OCAERY AND CHINA. THE NEW GOVERKOR-GENERAL NM tmptu ‘hggkwoodmrn am down ‘W81 nus unnmms nssmcuxs. -2] jI§:§:}i.I;°£ oe:;}7J:}Zn rm-,1}-Pug: Qugon Vlntnl-ll‘: Ban-In-l.Aw—-I,uoonh new Attlokl Ol|dutono~alli.ron- V In: Throuuh Iounln. Etc. «A e Cleveland 111460935 lul Sauunhy 10: I110. Awaited pal]?-on 9! dusliug (ha jaclms and hlllnxg the snip oi the giu The-u plm, honercr, happened :9 mlscarg-. aux! now me‘; my: lmhmg tlacit nouns\ tad Inning men $1-An: pm-puulory to 3 second onshughtziogdny. The game \\’h n mgr ut exhibition 01 lb’: national pu_um$. AX- f-Lhuqi oipnued mic; mg, In the amen. the 11., i|BI:I‘,]hy mu; wurkgqu .!hit.9t_tI_nun. showed HI:n_lv. swim’ to be u powcrlgil mu; Tb: pupa an .. lnlluu . 6- ‘ A THIRDTERH. Grant’: Ru\'o'mln,i.ll'on~-The Ooh- nrI|'I Inmnrku to Noyoi. Furgmr rgvbrqblo only or agnornl T SHODTINGVTOURNAHENT ‘ A hpnlblc new oi I voadihi lady; who» tggvelipg nldne.» im.uhn !xoa.:,h_e gin :2 Hum; outnged and mbbegl. copes by tqlea gnph, this mowing. Bdgnndagz In this ‘county appears to be dereloplugln in Iron: phases. . . gngiand. .\ srzgcu non uqcqssrxu». Loaves. Juli: 3,3.-.-'l'_hn Culton Ch}: avg _s ! wants smgm go up ma.» ‘twnxncs lodge Congnsy.‘ Lani: Benwns buy. The Dnkej ol Buccleuth and Qlpenubcny pxs;a¢a. Fxvohuxgdnd pccn amt conmgucu wen §i‘Zf$.‘.‘& é“.‘:-‘..\§?.“‘.'¥““t':;. \\‘”!'% ‘° ‘-..z‘°I.“.i mtxig la the Lbon It Bctlln. ‘Iii ‘dc. rm xnsuxwmx nuts. haw, ‘°::l';1u::\é?‘°“Gw‘:“‘_h?{' \V-KS1-1h‘G'r0-V. L21; £3.-Tug \\'uh1ng\on relxcs } than and the has pzovud thudxccceobuinqi mote by lb: ‘ vcmmuu for us-eh-: thousand n can the melted vyrlucipalluca which had {malted ‘ 111! ‘me \! and wall In pllwl on eihibl-‘blood and lrraun. H: passed I gun in non in 11;: Penn: D as soon as the main to . on the [uncut Sultan, who thmqhou: was «$3: ‘505'-55310;: 13*‘ 0010!- The ildtkects wIso,ol nun; tn 1 conciliatory dune: to Greece.‘ In ¢-Illninlsfg the =anvu} yb.as‘Im rtsumug the Beujoasinld uzunmncd lhu by (he can. pomou u! the buddung ml! protumy upon Lent»? us?“ Ttnékgy yueuufliniz no: Nuns nrumxuxs. ::n§k.lmn.B:‘:gm1u&e cuavlcxion 11:2‘: nz E ,2 mg; 535;, 3 bu, 2 ttutol eve! occurnd to p:tv¢£lJh:n:::u 0? .'§».§§§:. ’am:uI;)ll’;:‘u £\S”‘“”’*““§°“‘3 °'“ “\\‘7- 3'81“: ‘N 11,b°,.;,‘cu,,u A 3 , ‘Wm “H am“, ,,m,'ass_exuu- 01 X: hdslpne um Ihl .Tuxkuh ma. nrolvcn Ind Spnnggfi nae». will b: may 10- \\“‘°“ \” \‘ ““‘”° °°‘\\\’“°\- B“‘?°“\§'” ’;o|-my to at ouLh;g{k_g' N; 13,-,‘ 1 M, an 1 Spoke cl Mt. Cilwdnonen I sophtsuml lhcmiuui. hit lint man to uttune nnsnxca |;|n in hE!ct:- “‘°h'i“°d ‘mh ‘M ““5.\““ °‘ M‘ °\ \?\'°‘“! {sit}, - Seven! I in We mam: club» '“‘-‘53 \F\‘“‘ ”“¢“‘.\“°“ . V mam; um \mm ;.,.._1., ‘ halt:-bI|'I=ldSu bulonl houthmu u.|w.s[Io,k:. §fg?”v's\et;fu;r:£.“.§‘§§‘.2a-\‘3ns§.'I§‘2$m'?E‘c.n3s‘§.,‘“ M gm, 0:2‘ “‘f§\ , _, mm, [inc-a» 04-: =r-am-«' In-vs! Gr-kw ; am and 5dlsbury m 3. an an Duk:o!'\\'d- n\-\°“l‘°P°’-1°°§““3‘1“”“” \*4 \“°\ \’ “\‘«l'.a.gIua.n tIdLn\~KlruuL In Eh tcnuix ck‘ Icahn. Grahgn um mmguuscd uan cnxhnsinlk bu, ,_,, M \ Á cmruwm pxunotqrol dander yumdz and In: at am at» wm \gum “N 5,4 we Maul,“ 6‘ ‘mad. lunnuou: u :1 us! nun umIhe' - — — P“ '3‘ Laxop: been uumed to we may 9! Bez- moloaedmmvnhonrushaxgtsmdaymd who «mun R u _ M mum I uI[Ip:‘!e‘gcl<) Htlehlvoxn an uuw..¢uI party. can (tally ' $5 :3.“ \i.-:'h ‘bu’. ‘:h',_\::' king“ ‘.:€e‘_ ,_,,_ :“§‘ \’ ‘mm pan; nughz be In porn. thu put? wr.uLl,.c~rcn um K;lXgx,l.nf foe mun». unguf u :37 not {‘,‘;';’;\ ““p\a‘i::.l“hle:i:tmmh: 5’ “'9'”! “\‘!\“ '5 “N” “—‘““\‘ \‘ \‘“““' “' \ [end an: Minot ‘E?’cnu\¢nucn' sub ‘hut Tzcluuu-mi is It. Vmdbh nu appexx to heme b‘). Pt uh‘ [mmuw w.u.“au, '”\ 9 land‘: tupondb . ’ T513 SOUTH CAIGLIRA CASE)’. 0- gain“ htwgd mu 3“ N 4» . ub lu jack up N En;1ud'a lnpald lndmuts ll! 31» (used to behcu till the olhagren vtmdd dtpky. 1:-dome when they In that glad‘. obmgasu Inna It-1,: pure gudmdet. ., LA auvuxm uwuu. '11: Pm anunucoa an Lou! Bcu-nutichl has «tinted llu sluquu cl Lone tolawocd lam! lhniknn II German:-Gtnrnl ol Candy dTi”he flaw» auunur.-so that on Nuqull ‘ Ant Inmuplai the borunov-bzaxnlslup cl W33!-I 1 NGTON. ‘ Tbggl-and shouung toumnmcnl u nu; P<u;l~ ‘mu! km‘): mllbc upcnpd. A1’ vucon today The I Ciringenxxenl: !me—'alrca~,!y' bun dtauil-ml in) the»: W télumn: um u I» unn_ccgs.ury.Imrpen mun, Sullxcc 1! to, :3) that uh: rink u now} In [mu 1-no Min to: thy purpose In! much u u to bc usrd. and are ex- pgé-,: to -ac some rum shown; 1h?é‘?( the and ‘fame: tap: (at the glue. I-all ubodnng Vh|\.‘llr:m..pmrIdcd These mp-an:-e-«v - -- IIM; Ike} unuw lhe balls In Hp)‘ shxmuan making u umuv da la: the aunt-Aura '\o luv uma. uul mum mm hm hm! ‘thawing Sh \\1:n:l, and mm: 0! the bus! ' Ihoutn (kg mugury, an be paucm in nun u: the .opm.n,~;, ohm: fang: M; l\.t.¢-nag, sh: man agu. tun xv.-u-ncd ulcgmns tmm ucxcnl sponuxg lgqnunum (shag than to pptppnalhc gun duh mnirlu uuul \_\ ednntli). so as up gum: ilxgmlcknnrr to gnrm-pm: 11: um pmbalxly camp!) nub Ihu mgum ‘Stu-ml 84 zoo umnh ui pnxr. mt o and he npcu to ac, some dz»: mama And at- citing «looting chum; the toumuucnt‘ . ‘*'° *1“ *'.'“~:‘:'.‘::~:.‘*°-‘j°* »*;“.\.;% xspour H , _ _ n _ ~=:.:d:.-:I.=II:\\~....*-** .1, , MW __u, ,_x H ‘ - ‘—‘i1uIXi?y.§I\Au:rS‘_caI\ *- uue-1, .\-uriua Chin); up best‘ -31»- uani-Polcelaln. an-um quglny of I-hgliqh Wmu Granite and Common Wm 19¢ l:ilch:n.Ise. I . - Good: and ! One 0! our now; lnibrotd. ll-ndnu;‘lc nun: at a SI I e Ian-at nut¢l;.!e: from the berg \ Mina! Engluuludthc Our stock will mclude poem: 1:: Iriujolua. I-‘steam Pallisny. 61:» and other «In: bum! tutu. It-on. (stud Wwd. Ton: Colts. etc. etc. An mspcctionol our nod. uhclbu ib- lsltidmg in patch»: or not. Is cwdnny cu- rl! . g34x5§;;;ok. PRICEHIOR.--Wan; um: , j! YICOIIGIOHQ, RI.-;vr-;Iiua C~A$ES: MAO-NIFIED 2s'x:w..\'ou:. JuI§3:s.,--The Ilnutr: nornspgad.-j tn :1 Hnxnl 8 _H.. nun lhll in ya lineruegr In an-Auome;-6§>n:’nl.'l‘a!l nth; l3;‘¢_r- nngc to the nommmon qt Gcnpnl Gum In 91}; rd l’Iu$d¢;l_u|a1(t[1n Mt. TALK aid 0! count it in tube: em, gob}-en the question. as no nm mm dupe on the Conynmpn nub. u\ presuxl hziéggne zntu go rhomha Ir. yum ~ .oununney an to ¥|:ncs-scntial In ‘:1 Extuuiw Ln u'[?:[ unu‘Il-—cou_'- age. Slmng pcI‘&Du§1i|)' uzd pmjuve, conviction. I»! well an I vnd: range of Mr. 13!! did not think Gmtvuuegkm; Ileoicc. but ijh curiuld bcumletoueit waatocl , e cmm or y. at _- -xi pun tarp! tLp!=I:ommp:‘l:ton ml lcmlemsl In the suns: ccmwnpare ol the ymy laden. Scum: Rolllnssnidtnuaecozmpondulligtlh‘ peopse. soisxuhhadbccu ll-Icto sdfcilm N rcmxugd from Wukin new In Gull M xhc mm «in; nglgtu gblc to xnnilc the ‘and chnun \ ! ma -houucong :0 {mt within thcuxx my run the G»:-nix; Sm: would vote (or M xwuouxlnauon cl Gm: tor a mid term.‘ N5ah¢u'No)'u and In Ind ulknlvulh can: In Pun at-nn xh: mdcm uadcu-yd the Rcpuhliun pm‘; to can mus n moniuuau. but 113:: Gcncxti dz; was! In um: niethnhe Ive!-d no- cgpuhsaemiaaum Ln any n -_l_I<-alrilec.-lx¢u!. ll: sud he um um! oq pghum. and shall! besime magnate ch: «in; if: 124 hdnarc tau; Ills‘ rent :11: Inaonnnd bunkuol ulcgmd :1-m|}.x! math pn-kt lo uh: la: rue lb: bums: ol u x -: . “E \‘§\'.‘.'«.1“'-‘,\’.J.’..'°\\\°\ 243: I TZ\.'.a:-.:.'::\.'s;;.1 '~ °‘°'\‘_T Thu Labor Troublon an oulitlni Down -Additional Collouuon cl Wuh- ln Ronni. Etc. IUIIAI». I’ I. I. IJI. I 0. A. I. J n c 1 o u 3 o I u o 9 Q o o o u 4 I t) u 1: .~ : 6 u -I I O 0 . . . o . . I 0 I 1 u - g I s 4 .. a Q I 3 A o I Run.-zv. the Cdiloml: agitator. lrxivcd in Bolton yencrday. and It one‘: begun his stuck on capmluu. corporuiom. an pma. etc. Bvrrul sho now Igutrr home to direct the ‘movement; 0! his S{°Ic'{f‘;g~4.¢ §§%';_.j-3.3 §$1':*_w \ 31,“: 3‘ r.,,‘u ‘ \I‘ ‘on; “s\““c‘i’a‘é.’.‘.'?.;.‘§‘£?.'.‘§.‘.“- ..‘E£f*’..‘.’3‘ . on. , u Allxmhn an & °d'‘“5'-''''°‘ ‘ ''''\‘in. H Anus ya. ya run on. Ala-ntafvgunul. The unit: pkoqu which hzvghoea rwgd wimso much can qudtem loosed In Co- lumbus. Ohio. Friday, an to N21-York. did not much their dutlgnlron. It is to be tested the peoplc um 4:11 rum in mm their letters. unlw regular nulls. .. 33 I u n to o 393.13! CITY 1 .n L I ht r w an I 0 o 0 I 3 I . o e a . a 5 o a la - o , .. . . s u 3 - u - 9 - J 9 I 0 3 -‘ a 6 ‘~ 9 - ~ j 9 n n n 0 g a n I O I RoAD\vA¥gAnaxsALL§::imn} =\v nsm.\ C“ Q §: Sq‘ In mmom ,P1L§§,‘:.;.£.£ {SN-377053 5533! ‘ ‘.‘.I§f‘.‘.% \E 29.3?’ :'>‘&.i§,low1-3 IMGCK. ole: Xx“? Nuxumsh. bank. 3!. I‘. » sl._t1!u.Iuo0I. .. Inunc. _,, , W. 11. GLERRY. SUNS & 60.. Nos. 25:. :53. :55. 257 Main St.. Some students in Yokokonz. japan. re~ ctmly ventured loridlcuk Icouplco-I Budda. his: -priest: uha wen: pcuchtng jasurs dociruu: lhll -' IJI: nu: do move.“ and me aabbad Is? their ta-aieiity. The jifziaeie populace evidently take na stock in lizcmy tcllers. \ T-‘cl... 5| 9 I u no 0 9 n 1 gt» 1 I g n on o 5 n u . ., I’-u--mu —l.u:-u umrnh u 15: In-uxdiu-I Imzdu» 1|-acl nndn-lc \\‘ \\ lllLk,s:u.\\uIhul)-. I‘: I Iaskmm II. Iamuluun. N \' . ll Spl- cw. Dulnxb. hhnzx. R H. Lnntnu-. Uuuhi. ‘H-b Sin fawn sum‘ jnm-a 3) Mun Neo- \-nd-. “In. I! Bxuwu. llduauk: J F Alllxauu. Rczdlng, Pa. and H ll Mum; Iona-ruuln Fzzslziomzbie /!z‘z‘z're refs\ ’\ ‘ ‘“ “ ' A .a,.*:‘:I£»':E _ 1:36 ' _5n>sg‘uoou .... ‘ \' a_._:.L.',\ mun .' L ..... l\llIlhIcn-;ou-eAlI:nu(on;ulzu. no . Sn'Icton:y s.6&|\'|n «Gnu «.840: « In! a. SE llllvl-0Innvu.$\mt u4l'3-AUX: Eda um hula.--_' bgpnn «F4-_ae‘l.3e-3!! - u_-as - ah nuu.IAou_u.‘Rt3;-3-. ls! - sfnd - Cu» .1 u.sua~1-.1-mug. - ‘ 'nU:alNI u. i‘h‘.‘-In .. Iul hlaunxi a. I Unrln--V w\2f$n“.§.‘ DIE GENTLEMEN A!iTED--Employment as bgfke ‘ It 03-0“ ' The Hcxicu rcvoluglogt Escolnoo. who was tooeauy apfured \by Durs tones. hur bccn cnqdcmned to be than This. us: an- sjxich midi. 60:0\ not cure the bonict tron» Na. 0! cents: not. But it does Irtpc out the In: Lerdis: leader. mud is likely to (in Du: a 9323;: chain: to establish order. mu rmmc sum. .-1 I\ .-11.1. I’A‘l¢.'1:.S and Ql'.-IA1I‘lI:.S AN AIORTIDNIIT lNDlc'|'I_n. C22:-::.x;l.:. ~ a1—.—Th:c==::==:‘= tonuznxradcsgfzu In Emu he 3:13“-‘3 1 2:21 (at iuttu: cnmnmrd 3 law thank! all Nib: Elsabctln Nd:-y Mn Raver. 5| than I-out: use act was aeuuutmad. V1: luck! nun uconptkn scmd 1 (cm un Lb: pcastmlluy lo: A shrub: 3&8 -Gun: IIIXSICC Hqumuu. nl tuuda. span in: war}. at lhc ho»;-cu llnusu. IN-ugam hlh. --;Thc Cinalsam mun. cl |“naLIy 5-ublnhn tlu pxogmntnt uiuuxnwui uurvgtoifr hddrniw 32) ch: «hm: v‘ (M: Scnmlh alru-1 lmxxgngulwlul Citutth G! than say. Alnuug Ihc auxin Al tbs pan ncissmx an and am at Mr Chules 1’ hm; hm mace! jngnfn, Thultil 01 uba I'll In .133 ll! \ km! Bed ohxlunhnnu \ non \ Ehph ' ANTED. 1: T0 am on Was: an and unit. II!) but I'III.I:.ni ,-AT_,. .. _ $,°.?.£’...?3°W'..::*:. out an «Imp tn M-urn. kn‘ us‘ «nun-u ling; Hue (Ross: an Nu; Mixfs Flannel Suits. only - ~$5;e,g Men’: All \\/no! Patna - — 2.00 \\oulh's All “'00! Suits - - €2.00 Hoys' All “'00! Suits C hiid's shark-pant suit Child's. Kilt Suits - AVJIII-tilt ml NH ill!-nu. Rm. he an! lutn r Tia: an bjvrml fiargzmu mm’ Srlhug Fwy Raptally. .3359. 5172;; rmué 9! van\ \'“\\ Replying to Hr. 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The auction at 397 number: at the Gen; gafganesu go an ugpanua. and due: :64 §mm an Puluuucnv. ukeoptsce:o~n¢;zaus'nd.;“‘“*“'*‘“ WW“ endxunlnu-ch m:tt ! W ii ‘-:\;u;;\°' “V”: m I I Pmldcuusl ecunadoninthll. Thu: ‘’ “'4 \' “~\“7\\“\‘ ... about ..;§i and . mu ..uu... «noun 1:. g .:,*g.,h.:7.::.\:';..:;:; ‘:1: an Ezuptre. and um taunt: 1a_u_:g Socmm .3 gym: on Ihuu. ml mum, in consmmm. nduntiotl qsxmsons in sci ms: to u:§ W W‘ °'T‘5:.?',\‘§':‘;‘§“p“f; mun: «.=-no-n-rnnm In I-zxyeaed :.»...a..... ~ ,...c?.m:. .1... um the muonu ubmh will tau mm-Hum mv-mug: Mn. Ouhnt Coke-an ten. but am mum I bakuce oi pot-cr. , am ‘I \N\ \:‘“‘:'”‘:“u:1\'r§d:‘:“ Themumem ol um new Chintz: .Aubu~ 5 \°' I l'\*\**' W\\'°' *\‘*\!\\!“ “F9” «dot. Com: but Put. on in min! av. Sn ; m,mm‘ ::;','}‘.';f;,°; Fnndnco Int Thuuday. VII Iluldill. ‘lawn. hm «hm Ihcrpnuuu fucndmhlln. Though a very htpotunl. oI_chl. to City or \’“\\\ “°‘*?r'-N \‘ “ I ‘*9 \\“\f\”l\- 7'4\‘! 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II : ocholu ml writer at V, ‘°°'d'\“ and '..‘23';‘133§.1 U‘. some uote_ Anda v_ery uth_ublc_ gcgatlqmm Suit. AI-tislul Uaixtd Stun Mlumey In» South Cardin. usxioucd an-uxglu am it us an:ccnnn that Judge Baud Iapld go to South Cualin to try the £38! Of the intuit! letting 08:11!» under in- iktnng for 3111!»; Laid. The aunt; maxim In mm gm, ud udcinno durmluuxon has been and»! lmusecues. :5 has nhu been dated hath}; the am up bolmzd helm judgu Bum] an Bsxunm. ' (\‘G’E3 --Til POIPIII Cal)‘: and ply :5-alualxlg I-fUI.9.o,n hon-nnnxct. July an--I~:JunI ltlnull in bqtxa uboriu to h-M1112: the dust at tbs I-he ! Chngxoh a! nun cu. Scum cwnmcnted 41 ton. audit» uolcquéldosl u r. u h in nu: ubmgkl that enough will In pldagcd in mm 13: dcbl-«hm! [lawn CHURCH DIET RAISING. -Nctiue. cl uh: dclum (inch-u. bu ugun? to pit; iiih sun swim: Dovgnn n ur-mugs ilgu I! lack: II In Tlhgliclsl guns -0o3u-mm nu the au as um la: -5. .n. ondllnw ens: bun with the \\'hm sax-hung. cl Gimp» A: Ill! be tcsuubmsi. she (want: tun- tru unites-I m a vidnty In: tho “Inn -111; tuning. the Builnlo um go mi tr-eluaul by nun Tonotmu and \\‘¢-in:-.n!ny lbn mu: (5! Vans! City: on that can gmamlx 'I‘kuIn!.1) the Spdngétidrlly than had Agnew an hnluo ulna In all city. The Inllmug urns: Ieulluol Snun4I_I'\gImc: A! Syracuse-sun 9. Mnuchcunn I At Riches-in-w 3. Sg o. '3' §.i&\w3'“°»'§{z“§;»“3'I:' \°'f'”' ‘ I M I 1 Inn an Auwzxtfa-Tuxmm; c. llolyukra a. ’ At Iona-L'iuSsnui‘a‘g‘;gq¢ua: a v- a'\|HKIt1\Ot-3IUlIli.\ ', '7.‘\‘!\tm1dcno'r 1 A1 Chsnccnluilsupaiix. 4. Ciuugun 3 ‘ an: Iowa max: 12:» dacnbn a mgdc pm nululn In Bwm gums-1 Tlnnwhy \ccchnlz ‘us A urmhnm and la: la the I884 haunt Eon wmrcsl the MI lo pun $£:\h3‘ncs.nsl N1 {mat on mtm don hm-in-g al 150 U] Vldgit. ] \\'kue (bra (up;-:51 up: an Iinkh 'a‘wn\lu catghs. an! n In dud In both c\\$‘neh Guhudl tuned lo nu. Sauna arm an to Salaam. pub; on! slcvey. and Mpmu wsnl losnydrr. pqukfuom Gulnnll. hr!-ut ca- Ihnurnlar-.-muotku In 11:51:; Iuqunil and upnisux ud climul mu-can ,-magma ' -‘Th ldloulnguuh ‘Inn hooks! Iu um um -»-Pml. A. it Our. at this tax. but mlumal am-clg,oa \ Man and mu umuanl uainnxucs‘ an ti: (wmm numhcrol uh: I‘.-[ta-In .3-«run Mn-ulb .411, mu! Mn 1. mg. m \\’uswn mm mm umlnnl train\: (lye: m.-mix. um an ( amwnu awe Rt» If ll Zilultu and hnuly an II Ucun Gtnwr \ ) —-]n!ua b (lanai June» M Cluai Wlmllt I I-‘unph, \\ 2: I'\unan gums I qomnu. 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Iullk. l'uubugh U: 3, N 3-sbnln and unit. Titan! SI‘ lau-. (Rouge ll [Ink-3. Ban. Iva. ms! 25. Bait). .«‘\rv-lnéunt urge muss; ya- Ic-!\hy‘I anlnh at the Tum Hon: Quumlxltilx-lIv(Ht1v-Kai Ileana: ounmcucaopinmod [Innuukll oqxm--uh bu ullun-I guurou an mum on rat SIVLI us YRIMHIRG § Ntw-\'0ll. July t5.—A ¢p¢r|_xl' up A ‘Ii Page-1. uamam.-.oa an aunt. ‘I-calm Guru an aamlcsl Suunhy to Hlunne N dngtm :1 ‘guns: irru Surénsh: ‘Par I'r§‘nm an seven! 9 main! um-9 mxs um pmsm Tkggjgxs rm uuvnxuuq no man: mm at \\ mud ncnmdmaq psyug u pcnoul ms: to (has bad: v :59: I Nl 0! AS A_,HLIl\’..\! LADY A WOMAN SHOT. NTED--A gm man up median. ' A . , , _ N 1‘\'_ IRS—.‘\ H.Ac:§n1c uu;t’;.' \ um rand shot down mt: ¢:r3;1nf;‘rx\!t: (run “:1. max’:- hurm . I my DI. tn 0 . awe! ‘ ban. a lvniahgxfn-luv 1:! kn :udm\§uoa‘s ea. kn bun utmcd on susptdn TO YOUR 0!\'DI:'/n‘ \.H‘r£‘l)-’-Collu uxd _,_., ..N..;... _-w« anixu 0:: Lawn In Iaruuunnunr any Fun and -at Ifanan an nu-«ta Oath: usfsua-um» WI: 00 uwnux. tu A In‘ on No nu CARRIER NUIONI. o\\' 1). Sp-lung. Mn lktuud. Pubirugi. J 5 limxlda. Rum: Wu; 1‘ A. |'h1‘LfxpuhdInm~ -1;. ?\'m~VuuIs. ll 5 Hum: um um. n-mug» ] ll l1lIt\\\'u1.um1a. A (in). lu-d|.W nun Ra-richer. Rn-8:-1.. 1.’. A (;nu1un!. Noa- 11-ral. I! L Ayn amucxmu \\’:lIma hndad. chug“ £14“ &mB L“1¢wlLnd john 1” [Laura |’tu:!m;;!» ‘h,-nu-I jv . R I’ sue. I.cuu;~ AN INSPXLTXON SUlll‘lT1\D 1‘: Rl‘~§_2\“1‘-Tire gm; (:3: nag ‘zi\.' Austria. ma GU21’ unox. Kan-\’m.x. 11:; ax--'nw gum pigeon an Inn Colunbn. Ohm ur.\nr-\'oxi nuns to hie but I Iulan. u of In nnlmgkl In Mama the uni: but her! nu ml 11» mum at Sn- Ysut Inn! up the uni: um uunul u I lag. lie rrguslo his band Ina Rikzgel A Von .Fl’(?iZ/s’€?t6L’l’g u:r-'m-.- um Nag} Mr: st- n.hwuIvtnoulwcIm wk: INCH! ‘VVA\ Ohm.‘ term», 1:? :3.-A I«pcdlJ (ma Bend mum no nnuou the any ol Auuiu amps ‘um: I7-aura. lzxu-mast 1- may. adding the un- ums! isxlnro tug‘: \4g1:g,,,_,_ , (Eu ! tch kxrim:-33 predunmun In E» onldnm mum. to um uadmvd to an Inhib- unmet Ike ‘lunch ptmucn ll: up to I13 kpuv but to ace! any kahuna. A aseupuch {mu Wen: up II 1: banana; can ndunolq-guiouellm Ihctruulugvmbvctvlned rqgmilqn at ten Imam nlm bl’-ctf t'n::ma1mI ll?\1hz.L‘OIl‘|I?hIl!I'lII§g1d ‘ tub). I s «yam! ton gun at 1 pu @ (h Pale Ind! (:11; uuwm (LO Ildnana\ at mints: In pdnde (kc dertdouy cl at 3:111: Congum rtlulve In an! Gucci. .‘1»..‘:*.%‘.'..‘.%.'*- -* °°-\3 YELLOW FEVER Eur-OSUIXS. hay ti -—I1ue mid until cl yang: (um um tunnel to the Baud cl unm up In non: ww n 5-; and :5 man. No tn-on vu manual I «y has the (‘Anny llu lax :1‘: «um! than a uuubcc cl an mm um Ill- u -.1 K; may 0 l.‘h--Ann, Alnouu-tn away an guns: ugnancd ytuuday n I!» “thaw Home tin. I76 Man at . Con. sun». The One Price Clothiers. I —i 1'. [lune and cue. Mmauuu.-In. I‘ I\. Sch: 1133. (Luann, L lxpnun 1 wuuun. jail Hill). “ski-It PAH‘. jodgc ‘Kuhn rluxlu ll \§' Anvhtsu. Kr.-3 \.»d_ I‘ \\ \uh. Valium, 1' Rabulnm. I-' 1! \\-‘nhnlm. It-nun Lisa A IR. 1-nag, txmgqxm. Wu Away:---Dowm. Hun Giarcxt. V. A‘ Hum. Hunt‘ lfhlgual P Ulld-If)‘. \vu::munx (3 I‘ l'5:rh». Horlsuiu. audit 3! \\‘I!:-on Ins! I Yvmgunin. an II that [fund bum. Ilml RTIES ATTENDING 1.1.8 RACES f.7'*.-‘$5:-\‘ .1..- -3 0 Lt‘?-Fumlshed'urm!unuhc-d moms xvi: rl clan It ‘mu-Ant. no I‘mIu-tut. PL. July 3s.—l'hcn will be Ign- tz smpcnuva cl unsung upcrunons us the 5:33!- XHI 93. blzmmng I-snunnav A.-Ml ( ls; mum mm! ‘Anya um duct 4: u ii-«$4 there can in tlcaly was during ch: ulna at :- ‘‘‘‘3‘3‘‘'*3 “*\\’- __....._... ' MINING IUIPENIION I9. M l£qon:11wi1!e—\!'mnttu ml Ilucur &; M U’!-u-lhuheuzn and l'I|rn. tg M $5-nmu~—I auvtlh um Sun I!) A! Karl:-an-Sgt!» and Rodstuct. 30. M Sync»:-Lanrci 41;! Sam got At Iapdonq nu! Tcmmu-hu. an M Buu—Lmrd_h uni Orin: 31 M Lau$nsu--:§v1qmd- ma Tntsltdn I. M S1nnne—\ otwum. uni sun. I Al Bqlm—~a€ug;su.1. and Iklnl-no ‘ «I. M §rIt(Ise- Vmcst.-um uh! Sun. 3. M nu-\\‘cu::m~n and Una; lupu. KEEPYDUREYEUNTHISI ’ wxxi noun. tnxnox. ;sK“:&.-—-o\ dispuci and Hum. Sunny. nun the ndvume mo Boat: in not yr: kn onlerevi. Camheodui this cold Lou: Anénnaxhnz the pingnpt ol Ms pmdxaunou In the ant: unu deduing tut Ike mm mwuam than to lhedamcdson cl Ila Aumtn liuq-aver u-mu pmba y be Ila: subjen ol gamatcn. ,E1‘»-Furnhhdd moms. Apply at Man In. V _ THOS. W. TOYE. FPmcz‘z'ca! I’/mzzéer, 1.31’ I-‘umuhcd or unfumiahcd “ & |‘u n In In bzaulcrs Anal: ham». July ll.--Dram Karin. an Camu- an ngtuua. min-ad Ila I-1» and an the dglll In until mm: gfqdr. and on btiur d wnunlsnldsddnau-all mnn) tmmlhi bi- mny. denouncing |-r-mmnm. .111-u|l|m and I): pun KEARNEY -Mn l.:ukrt.(’1ndnnd J D Ttpuzua. haw laugh.) M \ (Ian-JuIv|_l 0103:!“ .u._..smm. wm Du~n¢“'- Tum!» Tl-mu ;;u.., 3.1.. um mt!-. R (' (‘u (fhmngo, B P. (Imam. l'nulnur,h 1‘ Realms. (mun. K Tntub) '\‘eu.Su-8 ll 1‘ huh-1|mIul:.Hq| nnI.l I‘ 39::-3»)-11:! llmmu ( ll But. Net- V-uk. I‘ ll-mo and tilt. $1 Luhnmem and II, Ii Nu-6'.‘maI, hyntmr. arr ll llu‘ Donn:-y Noun .—\\' I. lnng\mI1la.:\ II (a lhrglwnclxr. I. ( Tlmmu.) H lludnt ll llI3n.I'Inll|drlpIuI. um \\ llnm~u.,( F Spnngu. \\' ll. Suung, II I: mu--h.I II huh nod rue. Ne--Veal. I l 1.1\! A F llouoa. D U Klndd’. (Mun Smqvh Lad». (‘marge Stunner. WI Tlnmu and W H llmon. MIMI]. an u at!‘ llutsd Ilolne. Fan SALE-CHEAP. )9. AI l:ndInu;:o)u-!ndun:;w.li- um! um: 30. AI V‘19tMar§°—;l‘;ua~Mouwv Inn! l.'!l\eI‘1)|n§3: 34. An BaMuo*—l mm and kmnul-an I Al tndlmlpdls -f\hlrla~oo and lmllnnupnlu I A! man... Bounm an ll . I M Ptovnlcnm-—(‘m-«nuns Am! lg?»-3-[run 1‘ M Bunion-Nlhrulzm And lloslouL 3‘ M t’*mudnc¢--(‘mdnnnm and Pam.u.m GAS ANID STEAM FITTER. n_I_n can 01- ulna. Anoibu dnrtch from Vim»: u in n ueponnl [nan Allmu I an the Nut ‘1ll||Il{‘l§llL\l m mn- um to, nzgoame um. 9-llmum Tris-ugh at (‘an- sunuuuple _tu:I lm-gin-.n no Mk: ol c bun ul ncgouuui _ PHILADILPHINBEXHIBITION. §’uIu\ni-.:.rInA. July to -11»: prnuuusv «kl- bmun an 0prllo<hy_ nu ma III»: on ‘math; slum In! summer. sum Inn-n Mi cum: in Knuth out \_h EH1: nu. uuxlhnmkho um au:ma.u»a um mm at an m :uN.4M-Inullsiilliiuuulbcumuln Innnunoa unu.n.u\huhIIeu_IcIln1ul|oho .\Y!i\V COTTAGE. No. 8!: Rm!‘ st. oI';2a;c‘1'i“ l't.:‘N°[‘s {Mauro Jxw A smm. wmmcr pom} JR .nd on mac: III nun xurhvasvsjna )'0S1z'PII CH UR C II YARD» Crisco. 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Gauge Km; nu! lurgn. sduooucn :4. r:.’i1’3uey. 1 an mm“-, ram. :1 Sulker. ‘Wad norllrrnd gunlu.-'. Irulhcv fun. Pour limos, july an. Ertning -Down Pu» pellm Hum Cily.Ontu1n. Nyndx. Wm Home Ilnnnc City. Budge: Stile. Swallow And barges, Belle Croat and blues. navy In-an ud eonum. Yomnlrt and mason. S 8 Shddnn and cannon. Emmi E. ‘ and huge.-1. Vienna. and cun- ION; Ichoouen Home. Mpenn Regina. II. A K-nu. 0. ll. Wudnglon. Comclu Anuden. Atura (ebb, Henry I-‘alga. Red.“-'hIle and Blue. Up I‘n> pellets J. Bcmchgnst. Paul. lxlalm. Toledo. In Gould. ls‘. K. Fnlrbtnk. Sanllnc. Sow-uengn. I‘ Fl sud eomoxt. Cu;-Ahog: and bu-‘cg, hump; and conned. lint Suginuv uad bugn. Buxlmgmn and lmga. S. Chsmbexhln And con-ans. Collin. bmy and btrges. Pdnce Allied nu! dredge. Egyp- tian sud eonloru. Fh And mnmn schooner: Ishpeming. Cagurh, Fnyeue Brown. F. W. Gllord. Our Lon, Lime A. Law, Wm. B. Ogden. Boohwk. Schuylkill. Scum. Dnnd Smun. L. C. Wdodtik. Wind nanlmn and Item. weather . - R. A M. ‘inmu to ‘run Ilmnuo En-nu; Tu rkoy. wan: nxgcoxnxum. g-usstnwx. Jag; 95--Ammi. the slum: \ mush\lnn.J§x's»Voa& ' 0 Nlzw-\oaK, III] 5!.--The slaiixhi n \C Chasm.\ Mule an bu way (u New-\mi broh in dun Tluundly Int. ‘ «tuna ‘City ol [nun-nun mun! me dmhlul \'(.'|\(‘| uun pon. Puxumal. July as.-Th: slcuau \lI:rdcx\ (mm Nut-Yuri: bu urh-ed. can um morn. July a!.—-Oslnuv Pu)»: lu- ere: nu: iiucomlnuam 0! Ike wed: at II»: en- madmcnu an the Ctrnunnunople lines. All probl- Hlitirg ol n ccnliu with one Ra»-nu lm-tag ding» pen ---Nr-- 5» l- Mam amt! Mm 3-Sumo Hum. 01 Eagle uavv he qmuhng; O shun uullon II (‘n nudlxgua I :5.- --hluk ll Mn;-uur oi llw .\!‘Ir- hr! Sun. In rqpm-:4 us «he um [Imus Me uumhe myxo rcpon 131: mu» \\5 MFA!“ H 701 C «don-cnothucshudgqchhnkn Ihlmlhkn A 2' Mt’/tolesale and Retail stun-Iiuxnng Pusan, (wanna tun canuunua W CAN. 5!) Xalahh [on Hunter! and Gun ntl sun mum. lm Iran. mum ua hues \\'oA.l-t. It NEW-YORK C1TY. The Pom inlendn to Mac a mcmnnmlum I-cla- nu la Gmk question. On.-cw kn nppucd m Ptinct Bltiutk. II Pteudenl oi the Cdngmn. In nuke npm-caution) Iv: tram: Trlzey ln wit: to an amngu-nenl. - I fiiiitt WA.‘€1’! a Iifft FOR SALE. \ FEE} ”“.\:’ W-'-3-'-‘°‘“‘-*'¥-v':.'.'.2:.*»':°~.z1*.a2'73\‘ FIIIIS. _ ‘- Tnucn. CITY AND VlClN!TY; nun l~ -1 M n ‘r us:an.n —-The lull.-mug lnndcn oi cm can: I1-rv mmtled In the Loum; Clerk’: u cm Sundny ‘ uh no viiccs. He In tho the hurbaud of Princess 1.60182. Mirth dughtér 0-! Queen Vlc1‘oIIA.beiug no; sin: subject 0! Great Brluln who bu mu-r-Bed g member of the royal funny. This fact. coupled with hno-n high rank md excellent qnlitia will doubtless secure him A hearty wekornéln Cannduuhere he will be rajudedvith pride by the people. Loam: lvhovrcver. father I’ xacluae than 1 nun of nlhlrs. and will proba- my not entirely the plwc which Dur- rgnru magic: on the act of September. h'z:vr-\'o1u:.My :8.-Lawns Cum). Apt) 35. who and under the First Nnpolcon. and vm Munich! dc: Legin injlu: Lunetn Gaul. nu bu- v Fnday in u'l’enlm m by ltlmnill [Rt ll} QWIIWC H91\! IIIXOD ‘E r.mc§'.-.£u this city. 8 The eldest hoybf Mr. Ewing. oi Bcllcv N in Ins [oral lo dank by I cow. Thmday. The unlly Ion two childnan by dmvnlng (lure weeks : drunken ighlsnlunhy glfhl. beginning Ir-0'3 en’: nun-also-p. thtzh lul oveun hour. during uhlch some toulghl tough! uound two blocb. lnuc Pollock cm sully um. um gums subbed nnd umal baxll{_huxt with duh, stones. knives and slung-shots. wo pollczmen were ntso holy Inn.‘ Thom were ware only three meets. Aucm Volke ms Imockud down on ht; own dooutooatby none at the nbow: gum. mhhcd. kicked. t mad robbed of his val: And wallet. A ONE-SIDED RACE. -The Queen cm and coma Ion. club: The Former In Hard Luck. THOS. W. TOY E, lridll. ‘ LOCK!!! \\’m:.:m H Unmet to Harry W l.mmlb. prop en‘ tn Lmmuu. omudcnnun um ~ lrmndn Vwng lo ‘immune! I.-r-jlngn, prop:-Hy tn Wes! 2-kngm. 31.85.13. m-mm um sussxwarx. - No. 17 Wm liagfr Slrrrt. am .vu:.-:tmm' um um k8A':JOJI‘.!. /Va: I99 and 20: Pan! Sm-II. Lormox. fulagn.-A dexpnlds (tom Cnltunn re- rnthal lhe ‘ emmcnl oi Slain; lnkgllplud 573: um famine oi Immedulcly. btauw al the ru-ages ol the locusts. o Renl, C‘/zeaf. ‘V OFFICES AND SUITES OF ROOHS. inn: llA|.l.- wrru urrunoons. On fixvuvday cfmnnon uvtt rm: Ihwnud pot» mm uwcinmed :1-mg the lovhpglln of the Em- unal. bnvnm me G!neu-e»cnc! bridge and Ihe covcxad nuluy bndge. to witness wlul pmmhc-I tobe a very exciting comp! btlnfen the Queen City and came Roving Clllbi. The use Ira un- nuanced lo uke puce 1! hm-mu two o'clock; but owinglo the Ixcl mu many and ham true In motion A: that time. It am fully -In o'clock helm the won! rm given. The nee M: the resuh oi u dispnleulo which was Ihe mangu oi the tars «cm. the quuuon kn-lug gmvrn out al the victory won byline Celtics In ‘the Founh of July regain. The crews as they look um: poclugm vudy {or 1):: tun were A: follows lhdad fa l*'.s'o:!mdn Iv I-‘Rdcml Bollllngrv. pmvcn us \\‘a-an bcncca. tango Hutu-v Mcfomlv In Amlmny Neupcu and olllcn. my a uh Pugh an-nun nnr Rbod: lsljlnd ur ‘I Q G.“ ‘ Amrx hvu to . u . cly ‘on lb: coin” o! Fuluon nm?llnyunJ .mu\f°IZm Iltaly.‘ KSICOUIAGIKO IIVOLVTIOII C O ‘A L. G. R. WILSON & Q0. Raul. July1l—Gen. Guihnldl hu vmllen I lelltr surméy appmvlnf the umcuuon demon- utnxgo an tmrmnendngrilo prneuw “trough- out 1 y. ,_-A-ZVDSOME CI. U1? ROOM, Auuuav or “mu - The Academy oi Maul: Irtll he opened Ihh wt.-cl: lo can not rmly m the plwuru alum llu pnllhl. but In mu at the cumzd .u1 clnngcn who will mu (hr city lo am-ml lhe tart: The [I-Jyula! ynung nntm. 3|! F» T r.uudm-7.. mu pnuvnl a nu: comedy. enmlul \ jun Lurk. or the \VmnIng Hand \ II will be fxndy mounted. and Mr Goodrich will Incap- polled by: good uzmpuiy. The piece i\ highly -Lpoltn of Is a ncnnlltmll dnma. 1\‘-‘Err nu-.u S\initv.nd rm :9. ma... Vuu. mm. ‘lnlinptoptidof. THOS. W. TOYE. 9. Na. :7 Wet! E Stml. . HERMAN POOLE, I-‘ulslon. WiIl:t.t6arrr, I.tixig'/I. Blasxburg and Sufi Coal, u wholanlnnd I_em!.nIewnu annex In min. nmnrncu. nub ‘ruc ‘ N:\\--Yong. July sq.--A Pub upecid Illles nu inihu in the mining dlsuicla-show signs 0! com lng to an uul. A CHEMIST, Sr. Jame. H. 3.. Jul! us.-—stnngen and taxi- detgts elm are t!i!¢usI‘¢ nt the daily: in the Ross. lhtalxance. Na bhmels uuehedtto either side in t-egatd In the postponement; The «anther train Thursdty dmpoou up to to’-ntght has been tinssroiyitiout. tnd- never Na-bccxuuitab e or the-nee in the boat: now in use, T9-day the weathu Ins been dear. but: hl wind pteullcd Ind the deer isgre-tty Agimcd. It tgylteénln to-t3li_ end the pros‘pcetaforlo- nbnuvxttogoot», me it or the same ham '9: Eatutfay. from 540 F r. u. A tq nan-lathe grenoon ix nutloolsed upon furor. though the clnucesof having the me colt on loan would be vutly imptoved it dung were A ntuority of the stn;‘¢,: w ' came mumu1.htm1e disappointed. Iluxybl thesemho In theuomiag. ¢Th¢ tough: who have ‘distinguished thuttselygs tt thje co_u_rs'e during the Int {cw any: test Mtdht dire in. .319 9,*r=WT=.rrvb\ir.v fgduff an sane dump. ‘next em e 6: break into th¢_Cl:\m3to'nt -Hounefbut weteydrivtt; ‘on by the Tomhtbninhseud dlheg boarders. They subsequently ran 93 ‘ sou'u.‘~4u:nxs and mailed pcopletheywnet on the _ THE ROI‘-NANLAN BAG! rm: x_xllll|‘l1oN. The nernge meadance n the Exhlbhiun is 75.000 am}. 7 0 Queen cam. but -- Patrick] balm \-—snon Lotta Callahan; No. 3. blues Cumn: No. I. Dtnk ot bow. Jame: Ilmy. Cclms. bout \_{:ny Donoun \—S1rol:c. W. F. Sheelun. No. 3. ‘. Diunund. No. I. M. 0'3riln' bone, 1‘. P. Donovan. ' 5 H 0 ES AT Na. :3 Wm Swa. Par]. A. OFFICE. - - - - No. :35 Main Smut. BRANCH 07l‘lCl»Sx--h'o. «some street and Na. 69: Iacll S‘l'AM.I\‘. Sunle¥gnvc 1 dinner \Vednesdn{ to his Ameri- can and much friends. The an: x vs: a brilliant one. M 5:112:33\:-—1\lAn;g¢r Shelby Inn made ur- ranguncnn Io do In: {all duly in cmcminiug the exam! or! visitors who will 1;: here during the «rd: to attend the run. His company wm include .\v!'lle Mme Deanna‘: puny blond» And bruv ncuex. Fcmnlc Emuilmsand London Folly 'l‘roup¢.. Among the slurs are Miss Blake Allen. [ chum. Engnlngct. Min jcnnle “hm. gong And dnnu: u. um: lhelllxeltl Shltrsmlhelr jig: Am! Indian dub exercises; «Nuts and Runs. the best song and dunce menln the ptolmtun. Wcalyn Ind Cixzf, maxim! uusu. Sheéhan and Jones. lrish comedian; Mlu Chcrrii Cluptnan and Gco. 5. Gnlnndln their dutch skchchci: Miss Jessie Boyd and may oxhm. Ful-Jlhe bmc of strangers we can sly I111! Sbdibyk la oneof the best vcnl vulely thellxw an the country, xndlhey will it one of 1150 plcasanlen pinch in Ih: city 15 spend an evening. COAL. Lormox. July as.—.\ correspondent :1 Fun: lelégnphs that I Elm bu been Ionized for the din- s01ution at the huubcr of Depu:§&'in use uti- Rcpubllun interest in Novcmber. A REACTIONIST PLOT. The judgu. Mensa. Jetty Douovnu. \Vi|lhIn Sheehan and J. Lucy, lo: nu: Celllu, J. Manner.‘ John Flu! Ind john Clunt. for the Que: City}, Ind Mr. C. W. Baldy as unmet. were on board of the tug \ Hurley “ -Mr john Dnrr; who the petition of time-keeper. Was on the tow-path. An 31:: May gave the word the bout: the Queen City: uklng vmlu rm: nnd leading me- Cqllics. who were a little discaunged by me and. o opponels nbminni. En! no sauna mm the boats fd unrlrt way ihm ihe smite any of the Quzen Ciiys wu Ihlpped on ‘Al the mwulock by wilting ngilinsru yaw! lying nlaugsldu and Inn. This accident determined the ncc. and id: line ‘Celtics to pull 0‘\‘£!‘ the comic alone. Although they had the come to ghcmsclves. lhcy bent their on: will! - win, mq1; an thrxe tuiics In It minutes and an ugqonds. The Celtinzs were ‘the re- cipientg 91 may mac:-Fnpuompllruenxu. sud dim: Mr. Barr unpounceél the ‘tin: clan: that chin wauup. \Vc-ptcsumelhé Qucen Guy: by!) 53:’, comidér the qgestibn or xupenority settled by this am. > K —-Tin, nchooocn Fleelvdng Ind muse Johnson an receiving npdn at the dry-dock 9! R. Hall; 3 Co. . THE RIVERSIDE COAL C0.‘S “W5” 9‘ 5°“! Point. Friday um.-moon the Mc ! um struck by . mull‘ cl many not munmm {mm about eight feel than deck. She mlved hr port Sllurdny ‘ll. aid will be docked [or npaln. -—Thc Iukr-Omn thn unien (here |. mm, :’:oPY:’:iS¢ Oil téllgmhegt of the lug cut in CM. I f\\' _ endnmlnnln lhuwugcs ge“‘5_':';:- lllvmgdl at we close of jphm L“ The tug: in: In loxing money. T. ml‘ P . I I \V,Ix.dmwa¢d neu Chicngn on «mun ' W3. 1.5-\ H‘ M '\°\‘°' '”\' \“' 1:. X ‘.01! 91 the wreck of the num '3“-IIc%1:,c\v_h¢n 1 vmmn came on whh my d , la d°¢9|_S€l! was thxuytgurce you-q_ Chg!‘-O no I vnfe Ind three children in. ‘\7110 H» G. Nollon und E-.“l{.#D|y\on ya. rid 0!, §I( >u.;-5&9. whim,’ 3,1“ lb. ‘;'3.z{‘19¢_1~-,ag¢_t,-1hc.1A_:¢: !mt7,gw, me, no to _ U. »!n |r5.il§b0rof Ncvo.y.,,1¢ ch,“ gn °°“Ii¢¢‘|°II ‘.7118 their tlcnlou :2 aim puu, 1; i, KM» Mcjttion 0! Mr. W. In procure III udgdlliohnl >!§::;-gz(°;!‘l. one having beeziv fn ‘ \‘F\*?!*l!¢1l‘|53.¢ twlniewanreinformed (hnv : sulgarprg gag m nut llvlnguplo u.:§ ,_§,‘,‘;d\0_‘ 9' ..'Mmrd.tn, R129. They M5 “:5” §\«§?°ip?\ ‘u\\“\°° \\' \”\‘ N’ “I «. 9{,‘&:‘U.i 1'‘? Km. grid {but -$3.25 wguy ‘M _n orgrcdun-cd {ha prtcuo $1.25, my in mi §’2a’“»!f:I'.,‘l“.e?é‘ .‘.‘.‘.‘.‘.’E‘§?z‘.'- \“‘ “°\ —.A .- -iIv¢,'¢s. 329%‘ to‘ 011;\ \\_'§’gre Iu!ho_xlzcd.1o guy gm“. 1” ‘W 9“ “PW ,W.|1!=h,wIs mlmllcgd ('0 W\ W ‘§:\\’|°£mr|; ..f!‘t¢g':;Yn[qn3\;il! rnlnerthg. Ocml. I7ll. ay _ _ 7' ' ‘v\‘ m'‘\’''’’”' ENTERPRISE COAL J Africa. _ '- - — ncmnm m nu; 1-umuu. Cm-3 Town. {Ill} 9.-There ha been some :2- vcrc wit the natives In the nut-lying dis- trict: ql Trum-nl. The Bdush losses are com- pu-x ! hblvyr“ . _ lnokolucubwucnuhcnhnlucuy. E. 1’. HOLLIS_ZER. _ ‘No.2 EAST Swan Snixrr. '1'!‘ &-jS’l‘£F’FORD. HATS COAL.- IETKIILID’ Cifmlhyu nuxus ron. nuum. STICKNEY 6’ DEMNE; _ FROST CO., Dziclillers. R?¢!( (ind v wnnv b. t 4-___ I14.’ ‘I30. Idwsl. 'Lo.~mo.\I. guly as.-A Berlin despalch mus nut Russials sli negotintgx the purchnsc cf the fur Notth German LI and-Hmabug steamers. count 51.. con. ultra. Int Grades Alclrldu (ct Donul Sta: Vita. and Del . In «usua- *-“ .....:.:.'..<A*:....~*-= - N 9° :3? o is , GIN. d_RAN\I\3 MOVEMENTS. Ntw'V9xV-rs My 2.3--A. P-éris special !=la!¢s um there is Cbnxidcnh e ‘cvtimlacng the}: atflhe winch in the Jinx); th:§;Gc_n. Giant denounced lfiapo can u thc\\c1igm)\ , I“n'I_\c¢. the hair of 1!: Rcpubo lie; nndlhe nnghor 9t'_use1;u um warsg’ ‘Ind }hit.:Ie ‘did not we to see any‘ of the Boliapulc um . A lghyis dgpqlch Gen. Orin! i; received everywhere in Nanny lb exmoi-dinu-y t:nthuxi- IMP, crowd: follow ubout. 1-11+: zurznors coxnmoza. Ar Smvu L.mr..—«On Thursday nan iii: West. :11: New York Pioncér Auociman will hold their xnnud fcsllvul on me share: n!.h§ilver Lake. The ‘auclsus will commeiice ni cl‘-:v‘€n o'clock In ilu morning. and will include the dcdlcnilon of Ilse log pahin which in ‘to be mad as i museum for the uh!- biiion xnd prcservuion of hmoxinl Icllcm. ‘Dr. Milk; 0! Mom); Mqrris, will deliver m addnu. gna ihcrc will be singing a well as insi ! music by ihr: Jcllcnon Co1jnei'Buu1 oi lmiu, Ind the hizchworlh mile Band of Wxmw. An excuv tion lrginlor Che .ac;dm:podnilnn:ol those who rl‘c~ rireio qiiend the nlfulr svlllbc run overllie Ed! R‘aiiroI.I4: nnking mnnlélinnn u Lancuter. ‘l'gw_; mine.‘ Alden. sud gll the muons along! the rouic. 11 will iegve tlie cliy-qi_ 8 Ii. urgnd mum at 0.30 ‘I-. u. The tight: for me mund trip will be unis each. , . :2 '»?, Two Ilet'§\v:am¢ out 0! 4hc_£_Igipcmr wmxmn ‘um dur the past Week by snppgnpgion. \ at ‘n 3 . Dliision Sts., woxciérzn. Muss. Jnlrv as.--s-nuxiny night. ‘during an belwccn lvm (plugs Ind we I-‘rgncho -man, one of ‘the Inner, '1'hmnuGu_inc_r, w‘n_s. In- ully smmea. Max Datum. his cm no seriously’ hm. Pm! Baker. umber muhmnn. virgicul dightlywlaile witqclting llv‘: Boni- flcin Pe one of an luliuu. it; been muted. Camelio-Ra who mbb¢djGudn¢r.-escaped. srumnn Arnuw PHILAISI. READING Tun MrmA1~g'q:s' Iusn-run Excnklm'.-L-Nut Wednesduy the Nechiniuf liidliruzz will have In cxcnmon»clovi5~,nno‘:iver lo Nhgun War. The Sfcamet \Ah1mhll\ bu dmtcgod lot the occrsjgn. And still\ lave 11;; [opt of Mgln lune! at 9 A. $1.. And‘! (2 M.. inildng than ilapgi! Black ‘Rock. The progmmn; of of. Niagara View ha; Aircniy been pubhshnd. AnL!1rill~inclnlc'. dour. Latina but ruse Bgiivigun {he <;¢1:ia.ol in): city. use the New Domlnkm Club. of Canada; u dining- ‘bot! race. shqoljn;-mutéhés. ‘foot-ball. etc. §p_l¢_l tuid silgcr medals will be nmuded 1'9 The‘ promeds at use occasion are tube dqvucctlo my incrcise at the ‘library (and. Gcnllemerfs tlclich, «me 5:: new eich. mics‘ 25 ccngl sad, childrm‘s.t5 c'e_nu.— con. A more con; no nurrapo. sen UYIJKILL‘ & %;S.!;1A.;MDKIN co4L& = 'r. GU 1 LFORD 'SMI~'.I-‘;_H;. \czmrxu uasmrr N 51'. EIEEI23 1lLx._nANv, July all.-An.ul‘suown nun Aged about ,3; coryl'am¢d'mlcide 1; {qnr o'clock mi: uiomjng. Shy inii:E‘ii,.oq the stéumgt “St. joh'u..\ oppgsitc Nan XV _ -, oi;\_g,;Lw¢ miles bélgv berg, The body was no; '~‘ mix‘ _LmloGnAmIg§g; :‘('gIJ‘IPA!lY.> 2j,_K62'_'\C0g1j!PA I A 7 (am... * PIOGRAPHERS, ; V31-oiamnc LAKE auction wrru run L4“ 5,!’-0363: {#1113-'75 MM”! \$5114 1,\ Bxagk Mouqtuin Pguur yggteyday 3o_org:niw._-Ir II- socn;11on(ar~the_ppr§<;u,ofuochngt Jake y!gJ! n_nd hnp%rtirm:L__L-|r.e #96 '-Ar gnmds-3: ge_nc_r.\1ly. 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