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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, April 30, 1878, Image 2

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‘ ,,_,..l_ _. ‘.7. au \ ~ -.~ ¢ ., . _, ‘,3 _ _ \‘.__L 5 c,_ ( V. . ‘$3 ,.'_:.>,,;,_.,. :“ -- 1?»:-ax: ~~ \ _~v,‘-_«g~:... * .. .. 2-‘ - -«cs .§-.., I , » ~.““‘,. . “- ‘ »‘.:-:~» .— ...‘ A comply; gvcusud \ hrbe nuu ol dlf\ and) grins ‘men. hatljnds. hérétoluycnshcgq dgpoggxed ' T_lIe. jcoinxiluec any gabletsrfqg s_;nmggkejl1£rnv:s._ um. un- snucxcdlo cougplcte’ th“mwnrk.' , c meeting Ad- murncd until nu! 5:: y _c'vcumg. lleiry I}; 3: 9n qxyendmeug thIt:thevciuit~afpotnt,the cnnutttqg. ' Ht. claimed that thh tcsoluttpn in out ‘of oxdct ‘unless this was 1 meeting of stockhoidu-5., The public at no right to question the maugcmnt ol the yd. Mr. Stmons oxyoscd the motion of Mg. Gulhtic. aim; they mg 3. as well order up 4 mob from the l‘oxnts\ to (the up the mutugcmeut of the m-. curs; sum the call_ was for an \T:~'-«up of the Bond. and it usthe p cvgr-y gengl. tleinn to iutmduce whatcvet gqsolullon kg plcugd. Hz. Simon: H the open Board had Any rogo ovir the \l‘rusu.-es zlecxcd by th:.stock~ us. The Ptaident replied that in his opinlon It had. Mt. goats’: unendxnetm was then put to vote and lost. w ii: that 9! alt. Guthd; it-as carried. The meeting then uljoumed. ‘,l, nous, viudglgglhdéd 3 '1‘; Dean '|ivo,Aull_icus. mi an=I1n sIér=_I,yu,:n).\' Estm! .603. LCelc'slh_I King.\ Thcglqlper Wis um“. by,-._||x'Iee‘n mule v6l_é,c‘s,‘i:xnusu- a’l|y~stxong nndwe ‘bal|nce‘d..and tizu ‘givenwlth gdmtrshle effect, as ‘ihdcégi ivnrthu emit‘: pro- gramme. , _ _ _ 1 L rm’-zed IR '3-‘ccf '5: ‘ ’::'n‘z!ly-lgrulseq_!-a‘nsl‘c§It'-; \Dr.VJ4- 1.‘. CM‘ ‘ c.-lied‘-nii rcndeml. $|tI¢|}!I6g_'1!Ic;. T1'|--mi-’r-.4.*= =_R;w=. . 45-!-|o'c,1l-go.(i-1.69‘-Ml.mt - ' T,-i¢-.-'srr~4@r \ Tieiuhzucipn to an Iundana ll at side. Th-noun Bglsglsuisncg Szlnuoaxhecwu-iddaluuhd. A-d|I!5i!¢l!_. 3l&IMt§Ihl§. toga Looludaxi, ocuuhuhuky; ' 9 Anddglu actu nm. ¢ A path!!! liclldoxh lie. I311;-1nl£jny¢yes'wcuaInhd., at modern; unhlcaun. ‘rm 01¢ mt: pegp-,4 out have In. Tdliu the dz)-‘rm don. -qauaalar. 41;rg.s1<£:L 4‘ T f,J“o:jj!’!§,,,‘.;:..,.:.~.,€ .7....,._.'...U‘__HK¢:‘_~’ T L ‘ Ag,1,.;a:p V(.Aiu,gr{u, l..‘Ax’g:u$.V.-'Spgcin,l_: aim“ and Mochel. ol»}h4e\£T-hird-Pfecinct End.’ “W ..-mszgd R95: Fliutgowllz, acr.-yinnt as ‘M,,_ Jan: Dlsinoan. who .1‘!!! _I_'SI.,8I3||N-',<| her lnnatgaua \E 0, 9 m‘.-V’,|4?|1 mtzinednfl“0‘9- Théllfl \ mg; 11;; pocket-book. .hurs;.y:Ih:re was only 93 m It‘. She was lqckcd “I,”_°,!!':’l‘“ d¢!F3°pn1tnt>. PQITY AN.D'VliCIINlTY. BOARD OF TRADE. BAY VIEW’, . BAcH;E.Lo1‘.ts,«.» -I313! I,lFN.'|T|0_N- An Euocodlngly lnurgsglns Ilogunu -_-— Tho Financial condition of tho \ Institution. true sqmu-Montnw lgzgna 91 nu ma. AsI¢oIi_i'f¢i{. -—'I’he arrested twenty-sixfpersons during -—-Mamie ‘3.!'n.c.I-ell and mu»: spent yesterday at .1‘.H‘.K!l'I'I-‘ails. ' -—1‘ci: destitute pcoplg shunned lodging: II the station-houses Saturday nighl. ' .—-The .Szngu-band lgxd a_ full at the Academy 0'. Music yzgerzlay forenqgn. -— ' v—-,—The \\!cstcxn Bcmumtht L033 Asociition will meet this gvglin at Henry Ko\r|1d’s. The semi-monthly meeting at the Bay Ri Asiqcizllon um Held 1! the rlnge on §tt\a[¢I'|¥.‘ ancmoou last. Twin lunches were 5180!‘: ‘Phi.-‘ wash: the uric: In be shot (onhe Iiovmd gold mednl, shots each 11200. 300. and 500 ysrds. The scan: was 13 (allows An op_cn mecnng at the Boyud at Tm}: was belt! Saturday morning to hear the mpon at! the speck! committee appointed by the trustees at 1 previotii meeting to prepare an accurate exiubil of the eul condmnn oi the oxgurmtiotn W. H. Abell. list?” the Pustdent._ occupied ‘the chair. and lit. \\’t ham Thutyxon dlschuxctl the duties of Scctb ta . ‘K12. Abc explained the object of the meeting. and Mt. Frank W. Fisk: called.’ {or the reading of the resolution adopted tl the last meeting of the unseen. I1 vrauad as touows; _ 7} €?£‘LP111. ;¥rr.r+-'i¢.<_.=-.‘: ;cnnim,>x ? oubt. 21:. A..I-,1.-§_Hll,D0.‘{ agni, ll:-’ _ gaeu.-as 1uan~cma;.p-c. km KILL)! A , “, D. in ,1. H. yuuhnmuu Also, {sag-.9;-::=...=-.:=, Man! *3“ “-1 I mi 1!. He-he 91 3:4 mm j T”aIsi1Dunea:;' .___‘‘° m ‘M V 01*‘. 11!!/SIC‘. ' LOCAL oaaznvarnoud-§APa:L 29. gig; E ,,§;,_‘ wame. ._g~:=.=.g.;:e.._._ ’§“ WE‘ ii‘.-'..\‘*\**’* *_.35;,'3°_Ni_.9\'r ii-in Hiqry S. HI|!li(u|-€00 yank * 9 309 yam ' 59° WM‘ 334 33-16 534 S3-:3 3:5 .3.-.’ *\f.:::... E [T ..:n;. (sea of the Chm ‘Ky oxgau‘ n will hold a mcctingon Thursgxy tuning’ next. TWO TO ONE 30 3;: :34: 3‘::§: 7:00 A. II 1:11 A. II Ins: A. ll Icon 0-. II 4:21 r. u gun I. up In: an 99-851 39-351 29 79: 9.142 :94: avg 39, ' * g1'HE ESTHMTES. Procoodlm“g_u‘o!_sa4tIii-d;3'v.'u Hunting om:-0 Thu ‘runs to‘ which the Buffalo: Out- plnyod tho, Cnnadlan champlonu. ....,._..,. The Bu turned the tables on the Tecllnlselts, It London, Shlttrdxy afternoon. winning from that team a \'lcl_Ot'y r_e{|c_c}ed more to their credit than thedeleatoi the previous day detracted. It siasaltnc gtllne. The ulrttgglc between thetnu evenly xnntclted “in ii. gtellaight forth: baa:-hall eum...s..>¢ to a-sum. At duebcgannmg the prospects ol suctt» were lntu to the home club. itliu were with their tnnmph of Fri- day and gained an til)‘: a cum! of zealotis supgurb en. To eye of t e regular visitor of the all- gmuiuls, h0\§’¥\‘:t. it was early noticeable tliat_the Bu played with the greats: cue Imi precision. The '1‘:-ctttnsclis appeared tllglllly anxtous. Their oypancnts had I gnzql name. and they earnestly de- sired to scoreuecoml victory. It is to their con!- nrru tlmt tht-'Bn air: their success. Bath stdes played their best. and none present would hesitate to say that the trislllll nine excelled both at the bat antltn the field. 'l‘ e Tecumzchs nude eleven crmrs. it is true. two of which wcralntal. ‘tart for every emu they accumpiished a brilliant ay. - _’t‘he day was an excellent one for b:t>tt~b1ll, and the gran.-mb were in admirable condition. The umpire had been chaugtti. Mr Thomas H. Buntqn {illingthc pmlllon. Ol hsulrcnmns nu unpmnk ‘nituesso! thepme ctuid cumplain. Tim judg- ments wcr:¢questiun¢v.l. one in rd to the atchlng 0! I Inn! hound by Cmg and me second I» to ultcthcr a Tecumseh who had tried to run home was rightful? put out But}: wen: duubx. lul_ca.§o,-5,, httt_tn the N be decide-xl agtunst the Bu and In the second In: them. CIPL C. C. Peniold -ace yards 390 yards sac yud: --1-“mes lqtlhe amount of 053 -rm imposed by the Wnxch-house Ius ycstetdny raomgqg. —-Stags‘: Dwyex. a \ra{rll!_. tn: yesterday moist- tng committed to the Petaitenmry fox tluny days. —T|u.- tegulu monthly meeting 0f'lb1.*5|.~«\l- phonsus Socicty will beheld this evcnmg, ll their lull. Rcmlml. Thai Iconiime of Wife Chm: to can a tncctlnqol lb: open at manly day to In bcforc locus; thc condtgiu at the Iluno! thts . trinuhatxtlanaudnu urpnlxatlon an agent works! on Iowan} oi huyllty luau the ncvauz Bou and tin: lbgy ncon-.e tonsduo-tin; theor- Fanlnnonofusomt Boan on 1 them) and cqtut: basu. thcuby cutting on ma present stock.bnldcn' pnvulegesan-1 nature all ucnben menu! N ‘ - 5 . Tllunlunrlhen mad the following trpun of the peat! Comuttuce. ;_ ti: af 11: Burn‘ '1 H63: - ncettuol the Boaniol ‘rmxtécmhcld on Thurs- y t .ut umcluhentctuuol the Banana K‘ Wu: usomufbsy dz .1: hat.-an: namkst to th:'l’_ culhnuth the mcztpc dug: {M _ _oIheu-aoumesq! trvcnueujhey could cpcod upamlhci would not be able :9 turn: the u at uguxjy 1: grgphic Iutkzl tmxru. duly list I vessels mgkmqwt; kccpczn ndouannnpa pub- tn thedlK;xxnt’:nnuemkl eentxu. cu. K013‘: vrun tnvteturc ruuivnl 11111 .1 muqlttge, at live ncnthen 91 the Board of Tnum-s ma statement at the ,:v.-cilia mdexpcndimru of the for the 93:: ten ycan. whlchtha-ucmbutwnllscethanbc tuttpupf the have beat £73131\? diminishing uql now. Item the; ham zuchcdapuln gnknnku xheuuucunn ouytac on: o! no trays ta -new the crmrsency. vh. Xncnaw: thegltacslot aegnbczxhsp utctn Ihcexpcuses No; W-==s: '=*= ‘“*°a.:'*\\“:: .w::.e*.'-== m sea {Ilka uru mm at neat . ’°x‘i=§upuo: the llou'do1Trad:fo:tenv:an§usxcn4cl:f. enbezsmp Sn: on Adv‘ ' dua. unxrtglc: vnnpzns Tout I363 Us-3'0 9° 59>: in ‘MP to 84.5»: 5:1 I!“ am :5 us: an an no 5,99; :5 056-: sass 9° 55! -=0 19° an sen In -In «£9 5» cm s» \ 5° 5.6919 111- 4.2%: in 6,20 5- In :3 5.930 :3 tin us; an 01199 we 99 . 4834 0:: min ‘.159 to 65 5:: up an 5. 5: sin an: no 173 on :55 an g ca :87; 3.119 :3 :30 an :3 on g.ta| :5 -826 mg’: *9 -39 om. - on 3.510 no sin ‘. 1. E3 121 an no on 3.8:: an Ma).}ohn A Bollowaywoagyudn 3 4 ; 4 5-3 ‘ aw!-uh 43 4 4 5-69 V scnrlldl Q o 4 0-‘ID /(CAD : illllc BROS. ‘nu: lvuhat ,. Friday. 189m....116rH common council. lluduuuu mopexct :1-:o:c1c:.co';-'r'ocae:1£or WI \u 1 — 5; suuncnnl u-rut. ' P‘. m\ ‘ mum ““ J- An adjuuxntd nzeztirigof the Common Council was .h:ld-Saytlnhyz —a£t¢ineea lor ~(urzhercon- mlentnnn of the Cornptml_!er'§ esxixgtes All the members were ytvsenl except Aldermen Bxbuhold. Berni. Essen‘. Satan and Tvlchdl. After being ulleiho qni-:1. the Council in-¢n_I_;_x_x_L5_> Committee of the \.Vfholc. with Alduuun R)-nu In she chaxr. ” .&iderm:n- Daxuhy moved the zstinnxe fox lhc Fm Deparmcnt be rccuznmcgxded. Carried. LLCOJ E. A Rmkwnodawyagg, r\\N. ‘5 ppm, '3 43-14 5°°S'§!ds \\ 5»-Ia ‘5° it-:4. Sauna‘: Hxtiuc, -‘litany. . ,_ u.’y—a4. gum lNS1'A..\\I'MI’IOU5 am E» .’:e 7135. 7 ~—The-new Clinton and \V'|l>on Savings and A 03 Society will xncc: llns evening at Charla: F M»:- t¢r‘s. Dtun Ag: Dnuutxuuv. Ind pmqns ln 1\ pg-opcy, augmw Disease. Kidney. Bladder and c.;.,,,,um Dueasn. Diabcln and Gravcl. Ihould at once an HUNT5 REMEDY. Ruenxricu Ind Inconungm, 0, Unnc. Menu! and Physical Dcbillty. amt Pam In :11: am. Back Ind Leila. In cured by l'lUN'l\S REMEDY 1.; Disease: of Kim: Kidneys. Bladdc: and Urinaxy mgm, U‘ clued by llU'N‘I\S REMEDY. . 53+‘ 0' “' %f§§‘““ IACELEBRTEII. czxsa. Nu Edxu H. J:-wu—a;;uda _ gal 3;-3 ands . .- suuyltda an I0 -—Michael Bums wall bzgm hu ulclnp! to man. 400 miles agqins: John Earns‘: lune. un the ‘am dz!‘ May. _, _ Supcumcndenl Eodgerp was then called upunr and aald llzaalque eaxuuale furxhe dcpaztmcm :5 ongjnally suzbmucd ‘by the supgrintendcm. was 91 7.009. The Cumplroller cut this <_!m\'n 10 um g'>uo.nnr.! the l.2ou.ucxl .5t§il~h;rther rcduccd 1.: lo 31-313.com. This sum. he thought. was too nnall. and it would have tubcuvcnlnwn In run we dqfrumeul during we year‘ The umouu al~ lmvcd ylhc Coxnxpuullex. hum»-er. would fauna‘:- next! to count Illcxpcmlnumcs. Luca. Wu. F. Ruxcrs aauyutdn 3w ymls 3 5w Ylrdb ls! 3 - J00 J)‘: :35 5346 1'. 5 x\ ‘ . ‘ ._.‘:r<,s:‘ {.2 ~ jg} 1 i z ., Tuna: rod is pqodncud vrithasupcrb Cm. New Scent un he uplcu ct 455:», ;. at For ud conpanx he Np; ' Sakof -gnutqlnzncu Tucs<#y..Ipnl3oth.IlConi¢t =69... .-.1-Wu. m ....g. I I . thoicgclolgmglonill » ‘ term! . -—MI. Woemtm Inc of th: Yhéaum, lu- day assumes chug: of th: city dc-gnnmcu! at the ‘benginxt. . Cam. um. Noxxu,‘lJz.- grand: Sgrt Inf. 1 an showing tho: but assumrucsau u. city. HA RY SMl'Ft$. -— M1. z§_|;_x__ who Is to zruuxue the lcad~ ing ml: inif‘. ilasinle In cxpedcd In armed Ln ch:-city to-iliy. . -—.-Ffiiw May tsl. I:nul'.f.sLnher xggxxp. the lnhmry at the Catholic lmuxulc wit} be open only on Mon- uhy. Thursday and Salunhy gwcnings. and a.mx_z- day a ' on: 31- 1 02501-1 nzoco-2 Nut Suns In sux I-hu. l Sull 5.3, a SNITWS. No. 31] Ma-In amct. 'S2coNn Gmn ORGAN Beam I 'lT1.ze sccund about us for the Huwani sllmr :ued:.l.wnh amulu mnv.lmum.md lhc iéaiilownng showsihe nsults H S. 3‘uH|8IB~‘;:)’3»t\’h puyztd: Knox‘; Srxxxu Hus. Introduced Salnnluy. 3.:.mh Price as. u wuuzv snutnrs. ' ‘* ' at S‘! yosaPa'§ CARIEDRAL. M 0 NBA 1'. A;-nl 3914, 1378. H H-2«‘Oiut.ax zsnmr‘ Cuhcdnl. ..?§;;:§:’a-g H11. 1; 'Nb '3ti@m czumxm L: Ito)-;IM)u: Han.(3-y:ulPa.hc:nd Nuull !..n,uau England Kn. R R COR.‘~iE!.L,5opruo. Rn 0 L.L«.'1 an ‘tour. at 1.A_L'T§‘BtnxnIe. in Am- : sCH_I7-£2 _Cnnm Seloutk . 1. 1. 11002.53’. Aneanpaaasxnd , . ~ ..\o>uss.Iog€ '11'zN1's.j-‘Iva casts . Ch: n\uQo__—;_ the (nuke: Lvnsndcmdun of this cs- umaxc an {hm ‘lpuned gun! the Sn men- dent and L‘ xmxpmg} could mbmlt a dclI.i§:insla.1_e—- mm: 0! the: manual nectssary to math: deput- mcxu Lhruug the \ \ The IL-.vn'3 ul I cum nzimal: was «co-aaidcn uu inullun 0% Alder-nun backeu, and 82 0 nddcd to prowzsle lul E21:-rukhtalznu oi lb: Aldetum: \\h:eicr mend Ihxt rlzeeszixune (cg lhc Palm lxscpsnxxxcnt be rcconudcrcd. Cam:-«L no 11-» saw 4018 354 ska ‘ DIEIJ. , PATTERSD1NY—Tl fun I I N .. son will like Xx rre‘sI3‘;Ic;?.';{lu[‘5mh,§,\' pecx avenue. o-day Otonduy) at u r. u. \‘ D:g\;:A‘p)2lt;:;.l1n,$;&I::, inn nl luau and Marv DI) Noun: 0 luaenl hcur. -sntnl Bu nngrn an: iv uke pf En.‘ \ Der I-‘x:-:u;bu:~u.\ lo be ptulumd u Em: In the mini wtcla 0! Ms) —-Th: Meant! lcglgxg In the «anus: Irtanged by the law students. an deinrrxed on Suunhy cwuuxg by john Habbdi. Esq. - -4'. J. Pucbuu and Edam! 1.-«genre to null». a match of {my _m}§s :1 _t!_se Rink up! Saturday. The stakes tr: Sgt) 3 sale. -«Tb: new \ Gemm \Voxhnga:un's !‘a.pex.\ to beamed by Mr. Paul Kc-bcntcxn. as lo «yak: us inst lppannce on Sunday next anddanghzc id‘! Iv: z3i<lt-\'u:£. 5»-smdny. the hat: lo snl (of Bniupe mxh judge Built: and family on \\‘¢<Yne.sd,:; _- -—]u:nu!x Slnuuran insane man. was bmughx to am at; Saturday from Gn awn ll: cull ‘ cualniuui ID the cmufy asyiui» Clpl C C Pcznlold aauymls ‘ 3-vnrlnii suuyuds ' Ch’ ‘chad papenpl-caseqqpy ; ‘UTER-Apt“ nth. 5815. Ha Esxlucx Mu’, gm. I hncnlmlruinktrhe laxul res’i'dcnce K0 9: :3 uxunon \ir’edn:sdtx. 3 an ,L‘du«.n .'.. \ i 59 .Inu.A Bulluway aw 04¢ 41-33 xwnrda ~ 3: s 4116 \ gwnx oas H-I: FINE 1118 TS ACADEJYIY. YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION BUILDINGS. In Acastatfl Fail An G4uxn~ um he ta ::a.’i‘mna:;:7dny£§a|ma;s:z::9£td) hangs. 2;» s39 T v:*«€»r*s?~=*a:?‘:a'=:?~2*»~*‘='a“:*:”:,?* 11:: mm and that tho salaries 04 all the Pulice Ctpuuut uhunulnl be ugual; tad mumd (ha! the Iltxna. of :1. ago ouch lu: rm: npxaixu be tncguse tn 31.300 cu: .9 Gun Wu F Rogtn-aunfatds qua an-:3 guayux . /.43; at I3 5<»)1.l'dS u go oq- 1 Aidrnuan Aurhhu-ol: uni Cuzanuaxiomt spot: map;-amllum .19 the increase, ad 1!»: mourns: was lost. , Aldcnmn Cs-Nina mum! to slakc out the urn: oi ¢u,au-lu: an an azxtioa-hnme. uz psrciscc Nu 2. but the maxi-on mm mm! down. , eudcnmn Auchmvulc moral mat the item of 63.31». In: ch: supper‘ and cm as us: hoxsn be- longing to the mounted pawl. be nmxntd In the csmnatc ’ Expand 15‘ 901.!!! dud-5 sac 9-31“. ttc. Nu.-tsp‘: turn Sac‘; ‘Foul. Ms: has: is sass ~ - | M5 and 1:, I3: 5 {mm as 3.903 ‘W W“ 5“ ' 1: H538 8 6.6:» st an that 1.6:: 55 :57 on 59. 39 ;,g_un Ag: (,4 '37! M99 6: Is‘ an 4 it 8 can buyout Ilra I0,»1: :3 :3 #1:: Ci spa a_. W “B ‘P53 I 3,] £559 10 2.0:» 5.13: a \N I :1 :60 an I.) 1! nun 6.5193! :2 3 8'; an 553? 3 ldiil 6,15! :3 . ‘ 0° lg -5 9-3 g—.lLu ‘if! M33 5‘ Hi to pg Q9 gag , 9 5° 3 59 W Th: pmnunctn lawn: 01 the gum: was the pitching of Galvin and Goltlunith. They were xx- vxlsul old, antlthe pf In: season was con- siaatslia eamm nu ! far all air, wen u-onlxnnd tho: c.-xhilnuoq 01 win) g-rod‘ pttchcxs can down here tine!‘ dcmonstultd. Um bcr howcrc: hit Golsi ! lurdu than the Tccu-ruscgi would uyivtu. Etghlluse-hm an: rretluu! It-the visiting tcztmutd tour to the home mac. The aonmcss in Gavin‘: arm. am has uyeima to has :5lc:»:a‘v:=:2:-.3-4. r. Sesvl- die has us‘: iixai he is um: um aitrtlvtlr to *3 the ban was the plate Dolan. those lands ln:_I beau lmily pound- ed on Fnday. gate way to Cmuky tn the mm! m- umgs and nut: tutu the lelt Thsrhmge the Tcctnnvths thought stmull en-la! the . About th: ftrstbanct tn thta funm s n making in: tint base. and lcatlczssly down In the sc-mud. but to Ian gnu! tut? the ball was tn I‘ulum'» ham! aw-slung‘ him. a cxpcrimwt an ant rcpt-aux! t ruuk) in spa! lxhtn-513:; bu mung. out (11: amen s.1us&a.~ton'lytkan Pugfrn, who s caught for no seawm Th: Bu all dul at-ll. Libby. at fast. as cs drscntng of pnxxt The en: uuh chm he upturtd ct-er')’~ dung lIuU\\'u hum iron the hudtuof the most anlu-nt 01 the (ntmls uf tl1c'l:u|nc mm.-. Eggk-P gamed the applaansr ol the (‘mud by; lung munlng catch. sad Font. Alli-n and Mime: txllcd than po- piuum wilhthéll old-um: cxcdkncr. Slc an hit with A ball ulnlc bamng and was uxmn a cloud ll»: trzuxmdcx nl It»: came. The S;‘:n:du:.m pl; utmn gun-r. The-tun tmqutmnntng that. anwfinlhc bslil-ground teunrulu \atram hlzgul to play ball to but then“ llomung and Butt: home oil 1):; hmmtm tux: calcltcu. ulnlv bmcher. ilxrgrs. Hall. B lay and milk came to la: then 41:11-ul tic applasse Penn molt the palm at .11»: but by Lu ltn hm! luumg, «luck. but to: thfaurp fulslmg «ml the Bn mac. must have 3:- mltdwr ddcu. In the mmnd tnmn - he mnck I gs; arc: the «nut tn-.ldu-‘t ht-:.€_ by wlmhhe gun szxxmd A gum-.HlnlI '1)’ pulan sen‘ Pawns In tbs chm]. and I long dun: Into thr nght by Br:-tlry bmuglu him home Aim lbla wuh Ilte rsrtplton ul two ll la bttnxone I-_v llurlac and another by Homung. t Tc-rumtc-ha lulu! to strikr ulrly. The Ilu mcldul the willow «uh hem-2 muhs. mu. llmr tmung Ir1\ mmxly unluttunaxe. A; In: dtllurnt tuna Bullxlo mcn tuwectlcd tn tr thlnl. on! to the tlme. The utvrmlt nuing; [KIRK] and no was had bcén u-nml for the llullalm. .\s the club lmagrutul Waicrlou nu Fnzlay. «mow I! me : lumxugppomt tn that lorluuc Msiinncglr tttutd at tin: am a be-umlu to Bantu. 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The mmxnm N as tultmn .| 6”‘ u9l'£!!!;5¥ -3.» F135, \. n N Yiféa 5”” 73165 9451!\!-5 one 11-9 4590» 6 NEW €:rr¥ FLGHALDW. Ma) Edgar B Iran! uylnds . mrzxds yuyax 5: ;vo go\-i oasn u anvoo-4 \ Our new City Floral hep-ox_ lunged at No. 53 Nmgaxa ngeci, Jame: kygnkglu um 053:1‘: fmn diam. mll be open to on public about Mny Isl. This ‘Der! is dcsigmed as an exhubnzum np of c 01:: Exol'n:~:.xhow;a npnnnqn 1‘: ms. Dnccnas. C)C:lS-., clc. and EM: lo u-n'e fox dlsphying the \tram \ ul um- cunslxntli tar-ying pm-ducts u-I ourluge nn ! ‘teen-honscs, iocmd an lhrneu [in do Park. II shall N.‘ tnamlalned. Au 3 {Ice Irunr far all who cngoylhe angina! hm: plam. and and unto:-.~s need 121-! uudg: nu ubhgnlmns In buy in unit: lube tn- (illccl to Ihepriulcgrs can! Ihc pin“ I hi. I! drain I“ have dxsrlnrlly undrv-[chi-0 Th: pianu ml! be lab:-:1:-«I. and any 1.1. any consistent snllu lhc witty and |ma.uu u! the tllllbilh snllbc g'nnu-Ll nur many cnxlumers my Plank, c an F‘u\\EF!_-, Ch , «I1! (I! UKSAI‘ « nnpxr bend liar advantage: such a drpm mil A hard 11: cnabiing 1 mm to t'nn\v'nu'nI|y . . amine =1 /ul/mm’ dzlarbd rrftrarlllulnnn ~4 uurheavy nod. ugtnsnngnn our‘-rtxn houses and grounds LUTSATAUETHJN. --The annual necking of (iv: S! .\hchsc1'u\s5o cisliun was 521:! ytsltnhy allttu-swan. and the re- cent!) clccxr.-d’*o§n:xs war: umnllnd. -The \\‘csm1I Tunspaxuliuu Co’: pustu- gcz urine: £-gm: Star. Inn Lu}: to: Chicago and talc’:-iacciuxe p-am xounnnnw en-nlag‘ L-oll!l!ll\Slt.;m,£l ii :1 real that (be, e ne- sldmg in the oulskczxyim ol the city dm i«- non. and lh8au\0\m!cd palm! nu found to :11 mil? rvqcxxrtamxz cheaply and ctlccllwly. A-idcmnn. \\hce£a=t cnduxsn! the mmuk: at Mt. Berta. uul . Rytn. Callus and Lo-:kmw spn:..e an uppnmllluik Fmally the Item of 83.300 um xgsin put in. by}: vote at 2 |o -5. and the minute R}: ! I143’.- 1$i'a_ The Czullllllle la: the Schoq! Dqnrnntnl his then wuuu!¢=zb! In dcml Aldrnnu John Iguana mwred man :11: um: ul I500. 10: A zcuhn cl I\r:us;is m the (':nI:=:J ',-whoa). be um.-team! to $1.00». The nuutmn In inmusd xhcsu-fund :1 5500 Th: ularinol lac pnm.-sipalwt Nos 2: and :3 sun: in- utzau:-d lruxn $030 to ‘Sui car)». At: mm at 35:»: was Iuuenml la: 11:: salary ul an «hhuonal teacher at Henna: tn the graded -(hauls Aidmmuue \\'mu: mom! (hi! the mum: at ox'r,~.a.u luv the exam. of mama: tea:-hm be no- uraaxd In $.:u.)(-a. oppu-rd my misc-imp in III: plnun numb:-t of lnchen. i.I-Lulf A Rochvouo moraxus ycnfatdi yuoy-znlt 803;!)-$0 aqueo-3 \'°°.H‘l To-ul ! the ham \““i?...°{.. ..\ owsmrr ' may as «mean» been awe up xmoune menu: mmeapzm nncisolnr: am?‘ The Nine: oilaxrxgfdrrcclgcuidt I-‘C59 ‘CVVI I- “.3. I'll 0 W In uo;1n.;co.’u aw-I $8-x 053 Saw. 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Ayn! 29. 7:30 P. 521.. at In a we-:p:I:Lc~:. winch mndadul the aller- Imonkspon. Lgl. Rockwoud WI: Kim.-uuoz. HUME & SAN FORITS. No. :6 ‘Wm Sum sum-T . ' I'£‘A’_-.1l'.$— M0.-$'T!:'l 3' PA 1’AI£».’/I5 ' gm-. Pna-mar! u\=aa'ua.em use. m 11 south oi tuna. Sr-ltulurcct genus can an Fargo u-eanghalm um um: hum §$Il’DQlI 19 that: ;usx!'1‘w@aA4:Fu1VImu¢.mJL mun Rum hunt su q~k§¢‘|II§3-S amhuasclbndg-Jp%u—a ctmgx.ua!:. on F-aw» mumsnva - csxuta am: an Emma arm. can (I. with ~ an tenet .5:-um aura use Vxrsan mm 63 (I can rum-n rm yalulfl: man we Vtruu arm. nut us Ftkurgzh $1! . wzsguu ud¢Lnuuunm.n49s‘ turnlmhau K1 1 gnu - 84 6!: be an IIISVQQ — . M331» ree.ri.v?olt§::IaLx an‘;:u—-o.aI-in to an 95!:-.I :3 am. we \ - {\.C00£. 13.. 5: Hum as s.un=mo‘s. Na :6 ‘cu sham are-:2 ' ——Au uupamuu Iuemng ol uh: Genxgmia l':nna- ncm Main! Main Saéwly ml!“ he held ll .\8 Sc!wx:r'v.. on Sycmnote sxrwt. ms emung, -11: iluonic (nmauv luv: hm: lnwucd to cnndun us: <21:-many oi laying xhc wmu sum: 0! use what atyiun new II count <3 cmnon . —-This evening; 3 dnnnir culcnnnmcnx ml! be gun at ‘Tam Hall by the \ Eachrzwllatn “ Nu I4. A (ItillS'I.\'l'l summan.-Dettctn-c - john Murray, at 1‘.tnrtnna.It. tIlTI\'td In thu ctty jtiltb ah). mung on cuuady a young man mmcd H. R 'I'lmII§aa The pnsuncr'. jazbi-I ts A -bloke! tn Third am-2, m t un:.lmuu. am! on \\‘edngsla) last Inna.- tcned mun‘ stock for mu:-n~ In _v.__§nl my The ptuscxwh 0! ‘lb: tnnstu amounted to about 34.100. \ dust: was arm to: that sum. and .\!r. ‘Emma-. v.-nt inuon. prxsonct; to .1 uct bank to wt 1: utuhcd. Young 1'h-zmm ch nut rctunt. and that tugbt 2):: point: ttcn: nutmcd. Investigation cltuual thc tare lh.I.l he lnsibt-cn an u-q tatmuuc mm; mm 1.1: Inmate ut I house at all-tame in un- nunatt. who an the xtumxng. Dcit-dire hlumy nu. dctutlui lu work up the use. and that uf slxaticuni (bonus unul yeah-nlay uwmmv nhcn bc anhlul ham to laundun. Gm Three thousand um: hundred nlullan was found on lat-person. And the pulltt are cuufzdcnt tux: thcy wtll rt-covet the truumd:-I uni lhc slolttl mom-' [rum lhc it-untdn. am is at pt;-sent tn 1.:-sugiia. ‘flxomas nmh: no ubgccuon lo n-tn:-mug W‘! the o aggd .\|ur~ my and hh pnsont-1 pane-5 thnaufh (‘innit uritlmul nuut,-Jr licrr Mun.“ tricgrap ted \u Lexington lo nnw [hr smmau The «Him and Inn unlnlllns no [Hi If! cu-mug fun I tuuunalt L--On Satunhs. ma Cu: Tits:-'-ar\'I rrl \ the towpnouct mid |4xa.l nnirn (mm January 71!: to Apnl at-LL nncluwe. uawnnng to Iub.nu.':.1. --Judy: llvgiu. null mm a Specul Tun cl the Supreme f‘ 0811. in-gxnmag 31:3 in The ml:-mix: t'~lIH of the .\lx.n:h ‘Spend Tmu mun» taken up. -—]1cub_lInnoI‘n:&H. Andmw Bah: cud Ilutry Sithlch «err yrsxruiny mums; haul S) Ipu.~n.- (or lcn Lyon: mm-I cunarn 5| -thu Fcuurlh I'm an!‘ .. -To-uuomav naming i :21 \ Ruble:-n “nmlrncru \ tr-ll be gm-,-stain! al 51 ‘an-phrn‘. I! all auxin the nspuca ol Ihr h'.,:u;hI~ at Milan Hnlhcu . um Order 0! flruzlu. in be luumvml by a lull Lsgpcxlulesnxieul I-‘ax was calm! upon. um! ah! but :1 sun Ilse department Inc an cousin 1-tar nth nanny lm uzxsrbcns nun at p-moral qmgaycd. The Amount: an then {cud I| Stsxslsn. n can. uuunzl hy three l A An nomad has Ir~a~|m.tnI\|[ntlha ulnzngl 3 faumaluau uarhoul Na x1.:.m! Ilse nun as 3. to |\n3‘&$si§ [mails lo: nnugrax duldzrn us tanned In 31.3% TE: uuuuzll lm uupgmn can fun! at Q: ‘ma Ara! oi 01.330. 13:21 uuu-no lunlu-a mmukrauun the clan}: ms- nuc tut lb: ‘thud In-panzm.-nu «tn: fined as 1:35.- qu: u ‘ ii 1.Ux‘§'U 1?]?! M. 1 A“ - 1*. c-stern '1‘rau‘>por:at1<:m Ce. FOR DETROIT. PT HURON. NA('.Kl- cJ\_‘oHAC. PIKE RIVER. HILWAUKKK -K80 CEI- ad will at N (av aim para TU§DM‘. am peg. an a i‘:Ilrru_h.aa!pxmI;yij‘l!_lI-I tiunpaayo a$u.lux V-I c\’nlr.a:;no 6 guns: .\LLZ:i. ll. Nmgu .3» *1 CH JAt.&!--H-.9159 __ . __ E\. .'i . ‘ ‘_‘.._ g» ;«.-«$: ‘r‘ ~ . 4 la _\ g «,,‘>:__,~ KEEPYOUREYEDN-THIS! —\'nu 14051;: -50 l-nun! “oakmnrn ull &h:- nea- Lng mat: to: use um: 31 lb: an nus: In the (2;-rum inmnncr ! Exttmm appmpnue to an occauon will be am -31: E B. filth, 11!: ol lb: \\‘u-Lo‘ l|m.u:. luncuowrn. ts snug:-r at D: Pxenfn av.-nu-hoici Mr. J. D. CnIl\nr.l. hit of the ‘sex Jun:-o lloml. (Shag:/go. n the!’ 1!: its-my Roam oi the my, mum! uc .U-dtumn Iltmy Quinn. mum! that the «Au: 0! sx.u::..u~\~e uldnt to the c-sum:xc Ina uh: lhxkv.-I lk-panmrnl- tn pmrodc tor upun nude in IS';:' The mount: was cxtnnl. _ Ac .\m:n\' u_r Mun —-\ um BMIl!\.LCIt1\.\— .=7\s‘M :3 .' _\‘= .3‘ £'=*'= Thu. cvcnmg \Uur Bnhclun\ n to be ptndurcd :|_lht' Academy cl Mum. opcning 5 but! sauna of chm: uighlc and :: \Vcduesday matinee. Stun! Rnhcaon uni ‘W I! Cmne, the popular Euxnucxllans. will 1-mlalu the lradmg Lugzpnxtcd my the Paul: Them: (umpanv Any amoxml u! (an may he cugwrtul ‘\\'¢ re;-ulnh-.2: the t:xa|,unc ovhro «hang-cs having been um-muted THOS,’ W- 'l'U\'E. Pi'ac/£c‘z7/ 2’/2:/7/Em’. An an um! um wan?» inlaid lo: clan-u. dc. Thcnlxnuaalclhrthe drpntxmu can than fund as $x;.m 43. Illcr their um ‘mama man. 1:» pa ed xugmn and was gates are to six a 31:: fcvumunlnrn gdmrted. - - —-Tl»: rrgahr monthly nu-rung cal ‘the Women‘. Quunan .‘\\sor‘1.uicm wall bur MM as Ihc bane. No 63 En! Eagle Iut ll time: o'da-crk wnummc al- tauonn. Th ptnxrt ol a ‘mining;-school {nu guh will rtxtive tunic? cnmklcnuun. (HAS AND STEAXM l\lTTl\R. HARINK HOTII. um Banuk . Rt Slum Slobsou ff: juscnhja $11 ‘W It ‘(innu- .' §‘u|ng.nqiscwe& Joule: Mr I-'nnk‘C_ yum Dr I!-ruc¢.Iruung‘p;tI*suun M: I-‘rm _(.— Kelly uuuoonmcrranln :1 Mouser My 1' (3. Rings Snuxc. An old numct an Mn. Cumnm M E C“ H gr Lam Bn‘ku.1r rs. we mnn.uvta| yrounxw ow . n ouscr. um: r . n. . . er \I M hocnllngd keep: \:4\ (Ian (nutmeg: Kw‘: -eounln Mm Louis: Hall Hell: U‘l(lh¢. n Mouun mew Min Alecia I Ru)’. . uldonahvrceux-an Mmlidna Chnun WE WI LL RIJIDVR Rrn ml I\ ‘run Urn am Exrlms. Smply dmrus In nouty MI tticindn and an pubm w. cnlty. Ihuhehu nan rercn-ed. and mu (unncu-I n '- mvc. nu hunt paucnn IIIJ ban truck-.5 In me mac 4.: » K ‘ .' *‘Q“\“' I ‘.‘“ Pan llamas, Apnl :‘3.-Doins-—I\ropcl|cxs favgeirr S!.u’.a-, .\I. l'.s«m‘a. .¥lcrm City. 54:1 8.2 v- nur smlmmunl’, -cisooners E. C Ilulrkintea. F!’ A‘ 3\in.'.~r_ g.’ ' Ilaurm. S.-pha Jluml. .\m- ...m. A‘rpi\. ’Xv~an:.._ ::mu. 8,. pmvpcllen I*.wf.:;v. 7. JJ'.‘oiIr&v-. KI. Paul. rum. fora. A‘ II. ¢‘ala‘a=vlI nnt mmort \\'uu1 uu ! nu-1 lmxk \'cm1mcloud)- and rainy R. A. M. o The pr-xqwllervfvahul goes mm Ruben Mills 5; to. ‘s my-«loath today. lot dxgial rgpaln. — Th: lltsmk Ilads lcny boil 5'. G Sfrhulf In lmxxg (med -nu! with a nu: nhu-I; at Malls 3 £o.'s dry-60d. - -Ciplam. (,ollms tmnita lhc chant: at the «bu-mm I:-.£Z~r F-\vrf. Mnlrcr. {mm {fax-mill: In (11%. race. In; ape: .\l. {rev no can - («nun ktwughfu Off!‘ In mdtlrmft dnuatni 9-nu-1 «lay at 11-4 40 31-21: I-nmm In Buffalo. and 3! 2: (M do to l'o¢1 Lolbtx-t1ze.-(L7&x‘.aga Tn 23:1. _;—~“I'h: Uminn Cu. '9 ! dry-dark unvcd Iron Mnaund: Lfsxxurdni afternoon. In Ivm «fine In Darvfeu. Fmvavl. .\'i! au.I.L I’ H'n_;-4!, of Hung: lme. ‘ trade. and than he does no! lnlcn-d to be x’1prz°/2 7, to z.‘J5'.e.1'\-7 MS/are -\'esuml.:3 noon a hung mun ctuployfwl in a Commctrial -Aral “lunch uhule opcumg A been home. nn his hand um-rxy hm-cu.-.n lht thumb um cam saga. He tau mm. mu»: anugsrore an Ihc muse: ot Swan and I-‘nnklm amt». aim hi: wound urn dréxs-ed in Llx.\...\\'.x1lnng!1by And Cmpyn —-On Sunday jugge Dual: Mada! down a de- cmon tn the cas2~~ot~cko~f?easple an «I. 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Ar Hun 1n'\t—-The rsperml annzclmn ell \lr. .‘<lncllry‘r.Ilu-sin: Hus week $11“. hr the drum in (our am ennllnl \\\'¢-uhh an-I (‘nun-, or Fwapc-d the Hallow-C’ It It and In be an mu-re-«ling p‘f::y. of mum: nl the xthullnlml nrder h- an name \\ogldum- ply. Imus wnucn purposely (ax me Inlwdmlmn nl uu.-x..;n:.3umor .\II A H ‘ihetdhn .-ma‘ nun. Nellie Yuulutnl. uh» appvat» on on la-s-u Ihnn fn;nIoctr ulmnrul dmngn of charam-rs. lhry arr said In be \'en- ml:-mod pt-rfornmn. In the calls 1-ntttinlxh men; nnc la:-es null aprcar. includmg Ilmve ml (Buy Llnlorxl anal l.ur- Aunts. character \1x'ali€1|nnd sketch aunts. um‘? Boyd and Sanhcld. an ccatnlric u»n§‘an_d danu I:-am, Mm appear lo: lhe lime Inl is my Maunce pcrfonnlncr.-v-. cnxire as In Ihc cs-cmng. wllhr guru as unml to-marrow Mid Prnnlzy nftcrtnmng. A7‘ ('(7.S‘7' OR l»‘z‘:'I.UH ' THIS .\lI'.A!'i\'% ll\'S!Y$'ESS| Y! Wu «Ian I lxluw: no -a-- and CIINIIIFI his neck and get his prim llc turn:-.~m 242’ H/710/83!!/£’ am! /\’rluz'/ --R_r.pcmbc: the Odd F¢*lInI‘\' 4-mnmamcnl as St. James HI\‘1x)t crculng an ¢_t,wmm.g7:u:a. non at the MI: axuith annbwcmvy n! the iounulsng cl :bs'o’rt!cr’ia'\hirmuni:v~‘.- The onluo! ctrnises tidude I Turra and musical programme Ind I hop -Th: -wcdxly uwellng at the f ac-thinkm' As. wcuuon. ytsltrdsv (mt-mun. wan «dam-n-ti bu): E If E311. on the mines cl cm «(:3 The Amuscgml Cnmmiuce wt-n: ulm.-gm-cl lo u-range for an excursion Nut Sunday .\Ir 1:! \\'ur¢.:hnIhx~m do-hr:-1 n hmire. sxcanullulmn Fum:r.u.nalranun1 Ixun L.-.:ia.mJ MM \vmdowu)s. all Mal:-nah [or Plumber: and -.=- m Skill Flllcrs. Iron Papa. unan. Ilnanu ma lr’-am: \X'nrk.&I: _ is \‘oUR n.'xcz1;s;sxs dr‘wurs ' ‘- £3212?/zzir/2z3I2,g‘ Gboris C V| ' M I I I I II I l- A I an . c 6 n Alknf?-b : 3 5 . . Q’. Egilct. c I g o n u o 0 Form. is 4 I _ a W’ 2 o 5 gap\. I: ‘ . ‘ C o 7 3 I I C . V uwmi 3 T 2' 3 1‘ 2 (air a. p . g o 5 I n n balm. C IAIN I 3 o I I I I Tau} u_ 7 I I1 «3 4 M: (unzu uul in am nentm t.-m nor gust lo lhe \‘»:cr':1;ry er 1’n-mac: (or Mr. Mczdaws to makc {nth} mnmk He had a «tan-men: gmnm-d lo: the Chairman ul lhc \\':\y:. and x\lc-am Commmec «Inch he Iuxew Ill muld Ixusl. He then called upon .\lr ‘Fhurnlonnvuhu mad the lollavnng ml sunxcmcnl - TI-IOS. W TOY Ii. ~ The lurk iamru.-. mx-ml) ashore on Coklsestn Roof. l1IIrH‘.5 hm yeucnln; allcmonn Aficvuliu ch.-u-gimx hf’! unzo «ha will gnlnm Robl. Mills 6; (3. ’. drydavcla [or repairs. , BEFORE If-'SI'li(‘TX.\’-G ‘HIE NEW AND n JAN xx .u'sImn.m._ .\\'n. I7 H31! Ping/r Slrrri \1 gm : .*‘{ Choice‘ Spring‘ Stack I --on Wcdnesdsy evening the Lattmr .';~‘ocuI. oii the Chttrtlt ol the Messiah mil cnntluzlq with a‘ L\ Gentlemen‘; Social.\ The ate}-ac: tn will untsu 1 ‘ham and entertain then !an gnntu lhlh a llllltdi and att;-ggctlvc prngnmtne A nmn-l and (tap-):th!e affair t_s_ uttcipm.-d. . | —8Iwa'f:nl E ta 0! Satmvelay “ The reneltt s-mi: . at lb; New-York oifzclals of the E3» Radvmy tn_j this city hztl for its olnjet-Pthc locatian M {a summer: 1 Fesort somewhere in this valley, which they lmpc to nuke attractive {or tlmrlstn and plcanurc seekers ‘ generally. It large hotel tnll nlqubtlcu be erected ’ on the Nanny C-maze. tom;-where in the pictures- que valley between Red Rock and Rock City.‘ --C ! T5‘:-um of tit? \ llenry ll. Mil- ler. din “ Bulfxlo \ Allller. of wlxisltey-ting lune. ht: voluntary petition in bankruptcy. with weaved deltts unounnug to 0n.';'oo The tmsc- , lcmcd debit amount to 3133.560. 0! this amount ,' {‘35.‘00O 35 due («he United Statex on the'di-Mlle-rs’ band; of__3\'illtan\ Cooper, Dicltlns-mt. Abel 3- Co.. ‘ \ - 3: Millet\. and 1.8. Chord. ’f'E3lt§scts l H: ‘Millu cunslst of 11nd} of no pmicultr vaI11I';'ltiI!-5‘ .antl notes to: 02.616; twenty shares In the Turner park of $10 each, £200, inc] stock in 7%: C ! ' t'.\»i¢u ’xtF1?spapei_Tn the alleged value! 3506: 3! n_tort'gage [mm Willl.1nt,Cooper on lulu K. 2. 3,_in block 25. E‘.lstcm's addition to Cihieago. 330.000.\ Dams: the cmfax the at-toad‘ ‘Tana-da MA an. the gene-ip{suvv'crc 3:51;. as (album r pm‘ Ncnbemup \ gm” no Space: on tabla-_I :21 no Space: on wall: - um (23 The exptnwi r<_n aid pt vc-tr!’ !1.3sd‘91. as Iollnul S«'te‘un‘.fc!)l. tualxxz $3,153; 733 New-synpcn no to Tclegrunl - 9,, W —-Thm Irialtgula Panic: of the Lake Murray Sertixtc uujzed Lrom lctrrgil hlomlay. ‘hm of llwsc pzulru. In t urge oil}. \\' \V'L\n2.r':'md A. R. Hm“ r¢upc!\1I\¢ly will be cgxgllhycg <‘u\|'l‘l‘1c lnangué ll 1oa_-_¢cI|n;;~_I.a3l¢-I ‘ne an . lc lgam. an wIul‘l\::n1cI;)Iv:t their work :1 Lake Mxchlgan The nllu-1 pally. rnmmuadcdlny}. ll Hurling, will In.- «I work on L.-llse Bria. -‘-F 7':-I ! '.‘ —-The ax:-ftulars f Ilu: mi In no the schoo or CH; 9'] .ll,'h-!:¢ra;;.:::. “hm! mc:1l «I which was made m our _:is\u;.|~n! SalI|lnln‘;,\lc:'¢ as ffllogs, ‘Th: lmrtcl‘, ll _suc It can u: too‘ cenou: lwc-:.:xy-fu'o mxlleu snuthwcs! ol hour, gain!‘ Ind came clflu mil? o : gvteg qrla ‘ed curunomlng. I 1!. on mnng In 1 e mlynun of the day. hunt lhcllvyinc 0|’-the accident lmxh Ikne sky and the lake «mm ca tn. A whixlwind wu. observed nbexm, and in an insunrbolh the lorcmzux mad malnmasl \ve_rr.- felled to 2}}: deck. The cgslaln um knocked sen:-lm. an: like 1323:: can u scvcn injury an I «eye. at ic is :1 ti‘; prm-e midrv :£rious Ihan nll_ tnlicipillcd. ‘flF= vessel 1':-as towed into port ny I e steam a c A‘.-Ia-}um. She was loaded with when to I-‘. ]~'m;¢- 8; Cu. anal was not lgsurtd. an H II. I IIl.Pn, A I .. nmu . » 4 n x a u 0 Hzlhtftg . o o 1 u o Ihma. Ab 4 o 0 1 ; 3 Kulhls 4 o I I u 0 Goldsmith. p . . K a o u . Pnwerx c 3 u I 1 u 4 Brad}:-K. J) 3 u 1 lo a I Douhenfyli ; n o 2 I a bmuh. r 3 o 0 0 .. o Total 3: I 4 D1 8 u Sccgcbylnnlngu sa)q§6789 ¥u do u o o o a n o | I «amid: a I o o n o o o o Ba!1:ca1!ed- On Galvan to; an Goldsmuh :4. St # Gifmg on Goldsmith I: m ‘base on mom—1‘¢cnm u- Iiu o Suutkont-Fem: -. Nctionlgle :. Allen -. Eggler : Hdmunx :. Goldsmith : hlu--Power: 1 Bradley I Libbv I. ‘ bans» Ponrcn (5‘x'-owky -. bolamn. wimp nes.co1asa?«'hx d'l‘imz 1--:45. Umpi:e—'l'.'H Brunmn. of 1.011 on. . TEL L ‘(NI-ill Ram. F.s1un Tmmrx-:ns.—Thc fullanwnng lrunsfan ol rral cxtate wvrc recnnled in the Cnullly (‘IL-rk's ol Saturday _ Mary Ann Walduto Frank M sub:-ll. xxmpeny In M- dx-n. asnsIder:tio:\0z.s;xz .\ln:zMun'sc1nueno Thomas J 0‘nr£cn.cl1y property on 0 urcu north nf North Divmon cu-ecu two-o. Vnlcnune 1’:-,5-lav to Them: E. Taylor. pmpmy in Em llamburw ‘Lana Hiram Ciiambchm ‘Thomas L, Mcttm. properly in Tan- aw;nré!I: Nana ‘ I e enl. . otrlllo Mary Muuschauuncil pmpaly on uak sum. north of Ronh Dlwsion moat; J3», Caroline Conndy and one lqrjnlm L lambs. city pump- cn - on Hllncuu sum. mum at upper aura; Sync. glnnly C. Gnecn and one. I! rdertcl. Io Alva . Bmwn, glwgropcny. comer Ie and North Dlvlslnn sums; LI ‘ 314.13: '1-nu rum .4 \ 0 u M‘F. .‘\‘(!1|JI\_ Nos. 199 Jud :0: Pray! Marni H1 SHALL EXHIBIT PM ON! NEW STHRE OATMEAL. LMVRENCE & ANHBEWS. Dtbcicncy ' lntetut remand lnnhegw Numbcr nl ntmbm for year 0:31 v7 u,-6| 1; 9°! - 551:‘? ‘ ~' ‘.\7; T : i‘ 1. Mg Fukeu-anted to know whether the inn-mt’ un the -toe}: an-::m'be paid to the stocltholdt-vs. or trhcthct tt vra~ tube devoted to the payment of the tn II o ‘ :‘*:““m' ’.f..‘.‘.§‘2.‘.‘i;§:°;..‘1i?‘;‘ ‘&‘;aL“.° aloud. Th:?Bonnl 6! Bhutto was not established [or money-making purposes. but to promote the commctml ptnsgctily <3! the city. Mr. S. 8. Gal :1: sattljf the report was adopted u\\.pu.ld prbvcagrcat Injury l_o the qrtimtutiun. The ftguxes did not rc§.rt‘.‘Sct_tt the comhtion ol the otgnnitaxionx he hgttrcs 1115! I19: represent the ccmditnon_ of the qrgantzatton. As he estimgtteqit. the re;-expts for the past yen were over 3.3.000 and the dlsbtt_rscntentsabo1tt _83.’3oo, lcavingahsanncc of $700 tn the 'I:tea§ut3'. The tmublt: WM due to the payment of dmdett 5. every ttockhnltluzr durtng the pmitjcztr receiving ten 2:: cent. toward thcgtayment hts- annual dues. - sides a cash dwi end ofgo pet cent. in addition. The Board was not_s‘$ghtng tn debt. but thetnustccs seemed ben.t_ on lll up the tnottcy. Mt-. Cyrus Cltttke saga he .-tnticapated this mgt-r mcnt when he tell the Board of Trustecg. and at his request thifsectetgl-y read the followtrrg extntc from an ad css tlc u_':rcd by thc,s weaker when he ratinrvitl fmtn the Pngstgigttcy ‘of the hon f d. N l he in di he this Bo“:¢ErL§‘h‘:txsmb::.§n‘ab1c_ to tangy all t’t‘sshev?u°a:;éng:;n,d¢g attdtoltstunds kld made for the putppge of eventually om . *';:.-:.=.\:.~'.t;*.:-. ucomtn; to the tntentionln! its priglnul charteund .or-'- §a£:uon.wht:h wtltbe at cmm utd,on-Lament to the ' uahce ‘ i the Int ' ‘ Iterttofghh? tests; I‘ \ セ ncomlttg 1!oarti9fDlrecton.nt3d It isrtobgltopcd. _!13'!nD_‘h‘I be enacted to tow_:fr&tI:::ft|l't‘ent“:Et‘;n‘taIt::IY: gmtceemtpltcno thatiu present‘ Ml‘. Ggorge Sntdrock said the stock plsn had ~hom the bane oluthe Bond, and, it’ continued in r , . °\§.':éi2\:.?Z‘\§3.§'J¢‘:Z§“i.%“25Z ““;\ ;ffJ3““§. Bic‘: to the aid] plan‘ 9! ncghpf \ therc mu ng a ua. - , ‘ hhié. h‘!icttcclth‘ws tn<;ved gut 111:: conduct te our as qrmery an ‘In: etc stItfm'c- men: they couidlor the reception of ytgntket a gmms for a you. Subsequently M‘ri;‘. Meadows‘ ‘.t:‘éf;‘.£1‘t’:;$o§2Z.‘:3.’;‘:’o$°°}“::§2':'\‘1?\“‘°“*\ Thejnotion to tdopt the‘ tc ctimmittce wt’: utantl lost. ‘ ‘L .. M3. Guthrie moved that afgommitletz or am he appointed. consisting ot,_lessr's; jeweu -M. R_ir]_t- mend, Geo. S, Hnza_td_ _ d>‘R<’§bggtt_h5”h:f‘_c_>tt_tgom_ery, -to tnguiugs to the ; ‘dividend! ct-ctmdb -the l - TIIE [fl-2.5 7' l.\' Tfila I/.-2 IME 7' For um: by C LOT I N G. 'fVe2v Sprzhzg Stock, THoRNTbN 8: C HI-IST 1-;x<. REMOVAL. Thom RC1ln b Sh 1|’. 1}: W Sad Bank. :5; éouccknzvéfuc, $I.5<:J‘.lem ‘ “Ks sum mealfm cum an Rudy QR; {or :4... Bars uni fifth. Tnr (‘.v<A1.—Tha.- Tmy 7‘ium of last Sazunlny says ROBERT HAGERl‘Bo’6k‘sc3]er and $1.1- tianrr. will remove Ma nu. Io No ;-.- \HW STREET. German Insurance éulldlng. agnd suipuu -hr (_uQI3er pat_ro_1a__ag£o_{£is_1r!en_ds ang mg Eu‘ All: A U G U S '1‘ F. Y, E. ante-1 ’ Pllln 1'\ and “ ‘tmhmt Iheuuwm $362? pm.\ ‘mum NOTES‘. —-Aubums lo-day. in this city The arrival: of canzi boats at Bu from: New- Vork war: on 1‘uud:¥ lax. It is stated thauhcn: isgnln enough on hand to cad the whole canal \ least. :n;L.nddnlon: tn the supply ueconmnuy hem; madc. Priiézlashrulc |ow.hovreve|;hl:)oI¥h for n_ daymor we | avcan I: II’: on c mu 1 ma ! bums. Tge ‘rules tepg ! yc:‘xErday mornxn ! 534 cents on when”): on corn ant! 3y“on om to em! ork. Deduct one cent for (oII.nn:_S 1 use. me: do not appear In be excecdin xemungntxvc _!or bouumn.r'l‘h:~cx:ctions of the Eu Ila ‘_‘ |calpcrs.j' who are ag'a!n [:5 mil leather, as In prcylou‘;¢uonI,sz:lllur- um reduce pro nu: grain actual; pays {mu one- mmnuto one cent more per bushel or tmupoxullpn 1 an the boatnsen mun (or carrying It. We hen-o yutcr at home points on the ‘Erie Canal scriausly inw!¢tj- my: «gun the tnovcmcmn ol loadcq hours. At my me thcre IS a good deal org-rumbling among the boaunen con- ccmlng the new management. _ ALL GOODS SOLD UPON l!O.\’Oll AND “ak- ~ RANTED. —-gjjl ‘State championship game Io-marrow. e*\'l'hu Bu and Tccumsehs try it again Wednesday. - \ CONFECTION’-ERY AND B/\K[;R\ _ The 0! Ice Cream suppllcd to families. cxmv nous. lnln. etc. I! tcasonable rlm. 1‘heh:md<nmr‘ Frost Kh1ESodA‘Fountzin(John R \\\ \\-{duh too the hlghcst award 1: the lnu=rnaluna.l Jndun ml ‘Exhibition ll the Rink. yemngo. will bc fouml gag uns_s1ore._ ____ _a__ ‘cl U S T E 1 DD, Manufacturing Reta ‘Clotlxier In: Pmzc~p,'s llo‘1-sL.—.~\ xcccption to membgrs ol the ivrcss will be giro this evening at Dr. Pierce's lnvxdidsnnat '|‘uurls£s' H cl. ‘l'o-marrow evchiug undfhcrinloc-xna|teecptio?_wi1lbe given, to invited guests onlg. 3.11141 to each 0! Dr. Pictcc has Id- , ~ dressed me taullowlnz, whlc u Iv explains itself: axnz L I—sm's1‘Ix-\L z\;ss0cI.\=rxnN.--A ~_ hf Bu'r‘wuio_ u.\=,,_4pmm1., mg. \mcemig at the Erie cgunty Industrial :\?:7itinn' was hcId_ aii Snumlzy ei-ening last at Timli llnu. otnuaalalnm-sumzqmmormamcepuonao be aim The Sgci-em-y sutgd that jn accorqnncc with in- “1“!§:f§“‘?{,'3;‘{h}P‘°9”‘”‘°' \\\\\\'°“’-““\'Y slmctions he h’nd_wnu‘:h to sgnator Puercc’rcques!- ____ £19,“... torsomeuunccognxibleruadnrfery *\£!!*'“‘ ‘°LK\'°‘“* ‘\3\ “‘I‘P°“ “’ \'° ‘“\ \\\-\ \““” °u§“§E§=.?‘¥§.‘.‘§'°“‘ “:¥3.‘°‘ \7.f.‘ta.’§’$‘.‘¥.'x\s‘..‘.”:f.’.’é' 3.\\‘.4~'bc““ 3”“ l\“°“ -°°'““‘\ ‘3\\'“ ““\\d \ :nmu- 1mas.n:-uzshence lszudthis caiazoqcb wiuunew come fqre.x._he.f5ena:e. I: my decided to leave ,.;.1.._-;.-,g.‘1,.1:,x‘~...,.,u.._-::‘.'1I.¢,:;.,- cg am am 5, ll!!! %ucst591:doES{a1ling:__p_nl;Iuc xgccllng with uni Ef::gnhedDn;$h|lI1|l.h,t ugme me home? ‘lo ad;-min. Prcsi cut an‘ ci-L-Miy. Alter ccling meta { ~ : » ~ he. - . - new members the meeting ndjmu-ncd unliI_ next ;3§: S=~~*=r'-~'==**\=—~ ' Isew:“'~\**:.-=-.:.*;::*°m: .-..\.*'“*=.i°..°\=*‘—\ r’°s1‘t°.?:.*r**>'T‘?r,.:‘..':.‘.\*.::::*f~* ***.°.:-'5. bunk, uuwcng unintended to 32¢ Iranstenblc. rel have noTouH becsxgsgssbject to that nhuuzmhiclnhin wil comet. pieanure 9! \our couvnhonlhnrc. occusomllnrg Your: mppcttuly. _ R. . ucn. -—,-The Lcn begins Wednesday. The follow- ing \ wi ‘be glaycdz Chlcagos with Indinnap~ om. at Indiana hs, Mjlwaukccs and Cincinmms, m(‘.i_x,1v:innn!i; ggslom and I’ro'videncc. in Provi- dcnéat.“ ' MERCHANT \1-‘AILOR. v 293 M4223: Slreel, B11] El/0. N, Y. -Fuilin effthutc ow,-r \the Slotlxfnl Nine\ of his éily. 1 e ls‘onl::I:.r D.-nmrral lmc-bill man Ionnd, my in the defeat of the llu last Friday. Daublless he now drops the silent tear. But he should reserve his Erie - for the 23:1 prox.. when the Bu will belt I e feeble lives from the “Slnth. fuls.\ .\\’c‘sh:llthcn hen: from him a base-bnwl suclras will rend the heart-strings of the community. PKARASLS ~ \ft: undersigned roam morn mar ;ri¢0d::Iu! IM pub- -‘. he gcncnlly um have opened‘: COAL .\jX‘lJ_ WQOD YARILM _ Crrv Lars AT Avc'rto:tt.——Mt-. J’. Cook, jn. of. Dcnvex, Col-, wishes to dispos: nf hifrcnl estate iutt-rests in ti-xiicity, and with that vicw will alter a numbastof choice [cits for sale at public attctiqn this cvening. Thé saicyéill take place at \19 tcai:-jcttate oi oi Messrs. Hume 8: Snttiord, N61’ 16 West Ewan street. beginning at ‘half-past seven (fciock, We are informed that the c will bcuo reservation‘. and that the proprxty wlfi be sold to the highest liidtic-r without regzrdto value. ‘Some goéd bar- guins may be expected. ‘ SUN ‘SHADES? - IlZ<?AD_Q€/2_1R7‘ERS FOR COAL, Na. 3 srnnzr. ~. , , As INCIDENT IN Cm'xcu.——The services at’-tli'c_:. First Presbyterian Church last evening were at-5 tended by 3' large audience. some of whom were doubtless attracted by the announcement that a pot. tion of the Enter music would be répeatcd. Alter scvéralttlah-ontc musical selections had. been ren- rlcnerl by the choir, the Rev. David R.-Frazer pro- gr:-detl to délivdr 5 ‘brief and appropriate discourse. sed upon 1 (ext founilln Aéfsflyth chapter, 32:! . _ verse: \Rind whcn they heard 67 the resurrection A F\5\1'F\\0“T“3\*3-“-'AA“ °““\'E‘-'_ ‘he _‘l‘'‘ of me .1¢,..1_ sum mocked; ma gums um um win trails or which are to fcpulsive for pnbiicauorr-is ale ‘hear they again of this m.irter.\ The reverend, gen- Icgetl‘10 ham been cdmmitted yesterdly morning‘. gfeingn‘ aid uscncvecgify. l{1§°v;<e=v. ! tiggs; sgcrdswagf ;by£.,&1':'tl|lp n'a_\xn_ed Frederick Gcigle, the marina 'i_1_c- 1'3 531] I1 I ~ W’ C 9 ' 1 ' - , ‘ - arcsscd oun%men.‘iutvlng' satis their curiosity \;)én.§;3%¥°1§i'-‘ a:°M.:n ’e.a,rs]:’ml'di The °.h'Ed W“; in regal‘ tot emusic. roéc from their seats nttt_he'.;'g§,l$g “ ,’° 5\ °'“°\’ “ ‘““ 3m'°‘?‘ '“ :turther e‘ d of the gallery, and with sqnénking booté 1!\?! ¢ “‘‘“'“3« 5*\? ‘\5 ““¢*1d°d by 9“ Dill!“ stmdé the lcn'gtlr of the“”gallq and t of the and aithough her injuries are\ very serious. they will ghurch. hey probably intends theigztion as m probably nbt prove fatal. Geigle was captured by '“‘l5‘?““‘°‘,‘ °f “'5 *9“: \ _5°\'° '\ »_”}_‘l °“‘°\”‘-‘ti ‘officer Mnlnney and lodged at No. 3-stA|i0n~l10|l&¢. sai_¢Il1we rérrll hear ghee agn1‘x:i;,rl‘:h:s mattet'.a_ ‘ u I , _________,________ _ IC 0 I ' _ . . ‘- “.,“,d m§i¥'2,d':' .%%?¢n gmmauf “,;,m%:,f¢,_’: l’-‘Vera. Fxou A Movmc 'l‘,1u.sm.e¢-I-‘Early _yes¢=en_lay ing uidlencg. \ -”t?ha't strikes ni1:.a_s the \:oo1_‘¢gg.p’f¢¢¢ -mornrng a liri ! on theg.-Buffalo, V New-York 8; of imfmtiiiencel _hiw’:' expeiiei1cetl' in home time.\ Philadelphia .'_Rgiiro'a,d. named John Donovan‘, tell’ The mltsichl programme cginslstcdvot right s_g.tec~ ‘from thgtop at the ca1;s'wii‘i_l}:ti_n‘.pt;3é_atQi(an., He was NEW S'TYl.§ NOW‘ nmnv AT ova u s :1 A 1. L 0 av < PRICES. Two Thostsnd Pounds,Npérf‘l‘§n. Renenbcr the place, lot Com. .0. Sena 61.. car. Louluiuu. Your puxouge rcspcctlu ywilciged. . . . G ,\ :1 5 ii 22¢‘ . ' ’ D. W. H 0 DG E. 151:;-nan‘ ‘Io ltfqrftn 0' Cu) hlanulnchltfl-I_d'W'IIo|¢I'||¢ Duletin A Bnnxmm Knuzn.-—0n Saturday 1:51 Fmn); Harrison. : ymkemmn on n New-York Ccqn-at freight train, while coupling the bell-rope ol the caboose st Ei'§l\ fell between the catsnvhid: wet: in motion. and was, instantly killed. - The re- mains. which wen: shockfngliy mgljilatcd by,,_§h¢ wheels, were brongl-Igg uus c ty.m:d plxcmhn At. ki'ns'§-margue, to a‘€valun examination by Cofoner Almeudinget. The‘dcccuedleft a wife and {am- _who reside at Spcncctpdrt. N. Y. AEAM, ‘ MELDVRUM -%~ RooFI,NG~‘M A'f~1:1uALs, ' ' '\'s~z;:;z2*\' 5 T _m.; ROOFING AN? REPAKBQ_G DONIPRUDIPTLY: omcg: ‘ M472: 5tr£c1I,'T;gb§Iger Swan.‘ Dr-:cq_yg.g\_Tjgjc>N I)A'Y.--The Decoration Day, Gen- ml Commlu-:26 of Grand Anny of the _RcpubIic held its third session I! de ! heédqnlners Saturday evening. with Mr. L. P. Beyer as. ghain man. and Mr. Charles S‘. Webbus sccretuy. P90- grcss-wasrcp-brlcd by the seven! -sutwommiuees, and the Commince on Music was lnslmctcd to re- port ltéilgsthar ziter conferring with venous bands and was s ‘. \ . ANDERSON. SMALL Fm-:.-—An diam was given I! 9.m’Snnxr. day morning’ from‘ box No. 25, pccaglqncd by the :dJ;65vciy of in the tivq-sjtory fnirwhwa aka: cQ5uF<5lsog'_: gtrcet ovgncd-.l)E\Specl.zl nun‘: WI ‘ - 3o§'_‘fPpe Fm! Prgcifxcl. an occupxed tjy Mrs. Mnry ; ‘_n. 'nIe\buxidmg.IfI§ ggamagi-‘?I.lo the extcm I \l‘he_' onguuted from\: détéclive ' . . .‘-“fl . »‘ . ~ \ -BOOTS A-ND-SI-IOES. Com,ride'{ames N’: Mchrthur was elected’ ‘-gmnd mléhal of '1\; day in place of Comxide Georg‘: W. Flynn. ~rculgm-ed. - “ Comtadp 1‘. M: rlohnéona éhnlfmin o! the Com: ’r‘nitt‘ee’3nthe IOCIIOII of Grtvemequestcd that 1.1: ’ _ ‘I~b:nyym ri:i:ei\'«l amciheilo: otgue _ q >. new s'rvu;., nu: TDN néoows, M W*.'; HARRY. I1. KOCH; 2V0. 430 Main SI. -5,vé,\.~'.: V’ A‘; 3.»-. ~- >

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