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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, March 15, 1878, Image 2

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A'ial¢ln;. xo .3190‘; menu \070 %%=~*~ M 2 rwe .., \5\. -,e M, as .r«w«:. 75.v'¢_ ’si-181°‘: 9- °“ 1:. _ ' V .4“ ., Ii wilhD¢_:te:tiv'c_ bufxhc nqnc of ';_l;_e~ kg l}g|¢l’n_A‘d¢. rheeym 9t :13} p:=soTn.A A wasqansned them may md= “'0 5t1¢.2:!Im¢.sv¢=,‘lor Wastes. .;.— Chpxiqs Turner..it’:iI¢1_:I11,er ,0! -the Sm at Tum‘ ¥‘::dKtx}:kwl(:odl;:1utchen,'gg_I;‘tbu 031153 ‘_ an c~_ V {to ‘M . : otxhe cohkaininz tlaucc’onl_s ow: dealingt. 1“ *’***‘‘:““.:'’-z,.?.“‘****;3‘*%.*~*‘‘* an con_ went, Q , 139*, . “ Hut ,,. \vm.msu'§ .¢m’&n:_s men not ke\3{‘;u thgygcugiil books of the, iutm. but in for may qw- xer. Ajicket the neg’: vhenlic its dgximce. ‘Thqy -- with the 1’§_qi§e'|e- tuaxysmmzc spnpg: V :8 xpnng __o_r 1577. Dunn: am cubes V. 56:: which were hi? it; soi Heeo not tell the axnqum pf‘ e with Wcstqn. Kc\ saw themnt I-:ig!|_cd‘1,uost of , e-lini!?*\Fhe’y -sen! ilbzbout 3 to the Pcniteng ind I. ut paun stat g. ‘etinq , us more ' ' ugh: hogs < uni kjlled hogs {at-hi rf at Iouni gs.‘ T3¥¢¥§iu§,!:houL:ixoriev¢AI3n;iue. L sum some of lhehogs { Dale; and soinetc john Rglscns. wimess; me: Weston 1; Jim ringtozrs. 'l‘u_esd1y,:!tcmootz,V tnd Snag} grevious It Sxclcrfs s:!oon. on-.Ge,ncs:4_: meet. j: med tlu:,hog‘s.In: \§'u1on.wi:.hon; chi;ge;hId§-oX¢l- mm; at theni for him.1nd4pISd.hixnth£nonty. He couldngtremggnbgrhov? the {inn killed hog: {qt W1-stun juhg. arkyhquse. Wi_t- i‘zf.\rg’é53'“z' ’“‘”‘?§‘°‘§‘駓 ‘° \\’ \“:‘2‘§.\“‘ “'5 ‘».;''§‘ (10 e’ ilenti .r erunv , ulkcd with Purcéll. but new-'_::?;Id hiinilhat lie had, to stud meat out to the Aurpn (um, 1'lI¢p£si- books in which the accounts. wen; )£:pt1vn:md¢- slmyed. Aflerlhe v-itncsslud ‘veg me tnithg‘, animal;-rlt‘xn| tesumon the :29: took a nets: until ~pII.st twno'1n KXXCXSIICIXIDDB. '. :‘°‘:2e1 3.‘; by ,Sht;,_\ in nu: stones: ndtspeu ‘The! #9999 Ian-.1 vsri.¢.*r°\'A!\.‘¥s!-ii . V‘ .9 , . an}! _ um:-, ;.m¢4,..md at loW.;l_I;It *.‘=h3=‘¢*‘ , ‘90-BPt!=»‘IV9r!b1¥'W!1!%!3.'9‘9:n! .-‘ax °9l-K~.ubliI5- .m.cIn't‘in>th9counIr§r to; style. wallet-599‘ am-; d-Ittbllity W1 ghupncsp. tlael them~£§n_nark th_e1r‘q_:g.nu!ncInr¢s'dogmf vtmthv-ldmsgliggm. _ A'|‘~,l_0 _ .— 1 3‘-. €.«*.'::u::; * zlvlo. . ,o;I.t;m, \33! ~§:i§.\én‘iu;‘ riug‘s.L_, Q?L't.lla§u. ‘P’-;..R.‘(I.1.5‘£R’Z: rxas ' 333\: ‘I‘.;- I 14-. i8 u “L «E THE ~‘QI..K ‘MURDER. ’x;ou_.u_..§.-...,.... V1:ay;(.. 3.0‘-.‘.:io(-coin; um.-n. rmor, 4='1\.‘--Knew...-.,2i _a-.92. ‘W553!-’ ll'.*.»..«..m ‘CITY :b7\i(cITii1fr¥, charm 0'19! 9-mix» to If-'--aTrlllPY _ . ‘ I. ‘~¥'u-~‘ “‘ “‘W‘.“1.s Em ‘Isa in cm» SUPPLEMENT; ;z'! gfT|u: Exrxtssm 7 2’EJ§‘£Y:tgi:r 4:,» ma: '9; ‘to IE ,Dai[f—;aFl3¢‘E-. fggaiu maker af sign 1 it u\h‘n&r;e‘iu!n_;-1!, ’ ‘air I-ugrlr fnzn-ml 4: eye]! It vvidcb girniekai. dt ! ! fur lid! paga, ac: weir was .11 =n,;rJrga“cIa't Daily nu! Iwziafy lslurilm, Mg! {by law: an rs- dttrinqniixttrrxi‘. A muuitr tffackatrl \ at- hI:_h'-w Supflatals will 3: arcr :1) lo (wry Thtrxday lacs. 3! gm-rial min. A915» In Mr. E. H. Hmcnmsou. nrddzmixixg Naaagzi, at at: rauu ! TH! EXPRESS, 119 Wauiiugivn .srmr.~1_fa .9. In an 2 ‘int r nv:§i1’Tei't-11:97. .Y%*;!=‘n*!!-. hr.-I.-eli’-: tic W! i‘ *1“ '05 1'!\!ll.\-7 ...\. ..:iIdi¢l°3.i!'i\ltil,1\*K\5D¢¢||!I' for s-iTrder~ia~tI.u ! and‘ at LI‘9“I!!¢tb¢I°m§I‘¢1\'.ea'e16c1t '0»: Just of. tbs 8-‘ ‘quirga lwglwmdod-‘men uidmxe vim obtained, -11:: ;pu\_e1 ,1:-lollémz ~.'.'::.:.v.‘:****--=.°:.-=.='--=- nuiIia'lch~\ iunnn. ' “ °**“'“\:z-a-.;-.:.°.-**°-=« Dc ,:I:oat-£u.otc2-.-gauoa. ‘ -~ .\ Iti N lhlbld. » E .'5dhad.WX|hL Ftlck. Chnlcc. £'.‘:\\*°‘ ......... ‘ JUII .14iI.u(> d|1I9ivi.lIc— The Com than too}: a t‘~:e;st;:_:uzil‘two o'clock in the aftcxudonr. Ind-Mxtln ¢nnvc'I:kd~-L that hour. Mr. Josiah Cook. for uu.pJ;i:nn_e:- 1.1 the bar. then Lddnsscd the Court. stating’ that hirclicnt now. go wiuxdnw ma -rformcr Elna! not ‘guilty to the chug: at tgurder-in Ike rstdcgxtg. gag go plesd guilty '0! nunslgugigm in the tim dc. “'°I§is,}§c_t':\tttAvoey _1‘_ims q no objection. «pd, SIf\ilh'8p1uIiiIs accepted. and the pry w:‘xg*xc;— ?l;_\digé§y to tlicpn quite upupéctcdlx, dis- -‘r ! Smith was trmprlcd tfr-jail ,to mm sentence. ‘ — E ,5. . ,4\ was Panic? CO!$!RT- ~ j »5.?f1lEEv£“Y’e;57§:-4Z?EL!?H1a ’ ;¥T.KANcI: mIVn&gb~&wm .- .__. :1 ~_, _‘ _ > .» :,-se:*.s\1....a:% ‘nouI&‘~!Iu'pI‘&,l?WiI ,i'iJ.I90l,¢k1.a‘n_uIi%rJ. . uwy ' rec‘ “\ni§iy*§ch*»'“°&§“i'3‘*i'::“mh‘ ' mu F'I1oti!I‘=1s.'uFo¢ri_i will ¥.|:Of‘1;‘li¢follap:_q‘_|pa3et;I: Hut; .\ that Tho. accord 9|’ Yriiiv’~.: --A PA,itoi'ql.8¢oho. 0.\? 99'.-T-‘N‘T\\!\.~ Patrickilzmuiru mdfjohn ’!'l'a,nn arc W9: 31115:.-i .nians‘r¢sidiI1_gJon «he \Png¢h when .l?a,¢Ari:_l5'a, I=¢wswa' ! at the scanty of tlxc neigm;o_au;od;. Joya; pigs _:gve—n‘: _ ‘town meenm in quest 95:? zuczgtny npurishnignt. (But nu: cmwsho; the swéc:-sccuscd dgva. intruded upon the especial,‘ dpxnun of the pq g¢nus'gnd~e9nsnmcdlha savory contents 6! 'the pig-lgough. 'P;tx:Ick com- pl the cow§;wcre,‘iujurcd by ghe gig » ’_ .- diet. In¢'Propo's¢d.t9 puaigh the gwuet or t_ :4 lg. Lmugh, ‘John de!nurted'.‘!0 A Rigel!‘ goal 1 I: ha; P_tri_cl_:' ‘lhuxn hgxn u ‘ 3?: -.:“u_|___ my outpcc «gr ihvefztfng-:13; upon whiaizt-§;:xs§or lhc. _ve:sc¢! ‘‘ '0' it. .._cwas diluting supplici. E mm’ th¢1’o9’_: _!F’nu¢,1- I’n,xI'n'g_dinxe .;:x&ps Wcmrxqkgntm cuxaog ‘fd](lIue‘ supplies. 1nd‘ to; V, .nixt_p:yment ct. _' 9 IL: pat.’ Sclmppf :3 ; v,gmngly-namcd liquor. dealer :9 Dfo. 3:1‘ Gensgee smct. Huing imbibed some 9! ms own liquoi. this Chxistlm pmcecded to ahsiatitllrliis wife. thehnoqflresf his la: 1 ts iccnscas: ' not cru-nu: as I’QIir:_e Cnznmissioxggrsqxnxgnd glut liqluob-dcaleus sum egn lhggtsclves to tlzxcu strictly e¥i2_imatc busi- nets of. mnuxg the bodncyglgd soulw zneir custom- ers-._and ma; d ň cqn in their liquor by dlnszmnng its e elects in Limit on: persons. : S: (a .wig ‘rm-: PEMTENTIARY. 169:’ . mm I-uiivufi -nu :9 buy, 1o_nn:-.qver-Ilcv-p-.IIu!.-V 1_i,-In-Vh up-nub. . “* -T*-'**.:‘;,.';':&1.*''*'~;*\j%.:*1‘..*:°.;*:*\ «- \\‘.' tscax:1nnn«¢xIw:ux“f\ . No.3§1Vh.fIl,ll,!§I IIl_!j98.BIIlI¥¢2_§.b‘. L Anothcr Nd?‘ 3,11 In in: now Thru- Hnndod name.-»—Tho lnvutizntlon. ' 37‘. I £5-HALL. . - K EL‘L‘g§.Zi{G‘~C A EL The writ of ca so promptly obtained by News A. G.-Rice and lie 1-,. Lcwis. counsel tor, Sxmuel N. '3‘_Hl!1’. was the only scnsuton in Ike Weston-Bak.l1;-Ball coxnyliulian yestenlsy, And it gave cu.-ca (or gym; saxisfacliqn gmon‘ the adh.cr=v_1ls».<.>§~1he min: Kccgcc. ,l!.r.,A. H. 82.11. the scpond Kuepcreelecl. ms in the city yqzmlay. and exprsscd ch: _nupo|t at his xppoinunent._ lie his mlcxmou mnccgpl. and Kopush his clan; ‘wiomasly. He Ietnrngrd to his home in 3-brill: in 1 e e\'ening._ and i1 is said null hiso bond in a few dnys. ’ ‘ g u. showing tic but uspru-hp énhg * SMITH. v F mu‘ gun,-_sqpp:,'Pum, em. 3: llwnxwot 1%, 5:9, sg ________________ as ‘~ 1.} - 1 ‘Vi 'P¢nuru;‘ou.ns¢s:o_-xyot Gm-ml , jtalzzm Opera 1 NI{IS'! .. . TIIURSDAY E»V!.‘[lh'G-, V'ulx\s~c¢lI- lL';1\Ii‘QVA\‘!;OR 82 .. Hi5IC!:r_1 MIMIC ’; ,ill&[r7h'!ideolLxno:-1; 333! \““ % 5'“ x‘s‘m'.‘:‘1‘.'. lgmntbz Nip Llmuc us has. __ndcalDtt:¢wt.S. gf;:%j§‘:£aJ:%§:.“.r.§:.?;,§$ 2«=.=;=-‘ah-§:§m:3 \ ‘é . ' \ \‘ \ \ \3 ST. ,7A.:m§‘..$__,f1'.-‘ILL. II‘! IF HENTION -The 5l‘rx1>1|¢!i.tC1ub's first man! :31 be held on|\v:dxn.-531:1 t . .4 ,1: Mn. —-The p¢.Ips'1;§ Moi. Cobltxgh had 11.5: cream; at Me. tn’; pulon. gm sumusuujm Vifulllim so iiltcrtn-body,“ $>!I'l' Riomr -tam -Pmf. A. 1!. newer. 01 -lhc Rodxcstcr llniven say. is tepmlnd dangtn)cs!y_ill. --Twenty-61: dcsximt: petsamobzgiacd lodgings at the station-houses Tuesday night. .W’:1_§nula. ad Vinny Card: 3: Bpwawm-. 2:94;; H. - Swim, Saturday. Hatch o:L.L Pact I6. 1: !lA.§.!\'§WTK~'..S-_ 4 -—Tl53!_ud 3 Irci dzy for the dedication of the new 3!: odis: ehaxc}: at a \ yesexday. LIIPORTA JVT LEGA LJKOCEEDLYCS ling}: Llegnan vgas then c ?nd .35‘ \‘“§x°“°';E‘;;‘§s“.‘ni5\z?..L\3’u:”u‘§2a5\ .135 {E2 pang! of seventy from which we, wcx: was exhamtcd. .' I _ i . _ gudge Dmiels mi éuu thxny a mum be summon \954 we sang en :u!)ourn~ .ed unxil»thishm:om _ ,_ The Iqllowing,‘ lbud 1'1\“ “E” ‘I’ * ' ‘ ‘ Chant; Colliisx. _ 1,35’. \*°\\°\*‘-°'..»fi’5m\’ ’- T?-..~..*:$\.;'.-%*.-.::..°\..-.@* §‘ai’.\“‘°‘ ammo G. :1 533:. 01 xouu comm. --Lewis H. G the Rnchesxer printer whn shot himsc is now musidzred out a! danger. --Fines to the snazmnt of on!) 8):: mm inposni by the ‘«\'a.u:h~!:ouse Justice» yalenby morning. --ChuI:s Ronald. a vagrant. was ycstcnhy mom- lag comnuued to the Penilcnuary for thirty dnys. Mt. Samuel N. Baker‘: counsel haw: ixuugumed exactly an course pmhcud In. an last 3331:: of Ta: Eesrxuss Mr. A (5. Rice. om:o!.Baker‘s counsel. xmmhlilugy duzx Lb: acxion of Ike’ Bond of Supe:~ visors oi: nezday, by winch his client was Iqmgi Iunoval final 15: mp¢xinL:u§1='uc}n,‘¢_>_I the V ‘ : and A. H. llgn qsgouau.-dlu gncceed pris- c239: Ln Baum. ind -:1 tin tn\u:__)\csxcn3.I‘y:orn~ tag sgphed to hedge Albert Hxxght, _g a specut-,x:xm at the bqpmnc Court. 50.! I wnuwi mnamn. The anaastucuneuz that such as nil had bceu omaxnad ocgasioned cucstdcnblr inzrcu.-sz_,j,yg lb: my ymexdny Ff-!«€'9“001'l 1' Oidt 8115?‘!- cecduxgs at the Zioin! in the mutual B.-ak:r'.s tea moral dull be take to {be Supxunzc Cam. and Lin: the tesxlunon Ix; ifki said genes-3! has In ha: cx:nw::uua$:d shall be suspended um) n dccision gs ggxlxgkfstg ui th: gmcecdings ohhe is handcd nu (ma: the gtneui mum of the Supiuzne Cour! tn amuse an Rectum on the 61:: Tumday tn Arpril ecu. ' . _ “uh an noun»: {or ml Hr. Rae: sabmxucd the Iullamug ‘L vi I. nguaqasx-a.-‘um-h‘.=a‘:£‘¢§= any at aaxg-.3: _ -31¢! ¢:muy.udv:-noun‘: ,1 at 1)awb¢3|z-knstvl um: uo4zu-e.z-Auxa hold the once mum and 1’hur:au ל :In.b:waa duly nppomcdhyzhg oisqxrriaan mum. f renola\ianuvrnup;.uu1;¢du|h¢u1Iuusqlu14 . moth: absent Puncxxnl Mc§¢1clIh¢R.tk(.ac::§:\‘ntk- ptmunlutothnguvvisvauulchpm not Inn on d an at 2%? 3:53;: panama ol aid :éwdéuxa<qnqlu3dBoIIi.zowh¥wcc.hbm ul- im uni‘! Pnaaynl K9‘-1*1s°°lIkON'IOQ &hgl i’.'”.u¢‘?.\'”’ag“‘..n’a\;. u. wuen ! otdiuuugu at an at Supnnvan I much! used»; oluld B<zu¢¢lSsp«visau\tuu IM- lashouthe ungmlurllc Nuns. am u lsmu.ztx‘ Thu at ' Inch! , chvlvo was ux mum aua‘u'zL3\f‘«t-J-vsyne..au:-cl; 2;. am: 3- uni: awn ! kph: a nu swun- nan «mu wcvxu Swing that all sppaiaslxat wu ucnmlasuwl upsauiniuugsuhhncabenot ' , otsqwvbaa |l'tIeQVl¢ILiQ§§II¢ an rd I. am in::;.puuu rm- Q!‘ suns! sun, wcnqauhd by I rnnlmin um um ngrdmvd mm. mm spunk»: -In buupunu Smryswlcvnnnausznlwgn . jfknuuvyai 33.;;:‘ug“Lu t$=r\lwuu.a“TN'1s!1I:(uvh an an giétt sv:ocr\i'x uq-an 5? muhtm. and ulneauctal u1lIIlu§(n.‘arpt1lI I%& nu dict lot can: cause island in ~:... ...:::- W ‘*.::.~:.'-**\:.-..-' “mm”- ? ulrtnd um um 13: pmzni ad the mud I!-am!‘ of Scpuvhnn M mun: «non . '= run. an vwnslgal. ‘ Wu: 3: on unnmdtecv-I an em tn an cu-bun purtttln In mum-v 1 (run an can samtmme VII)‘ hrs! rune autumn: the «huge: &5mamm:&9w wdn am: snuubungglhlnd dhdium cg-;x:oea:a:}no(uultu »au|u-nu;-out: ‘chmmor i Q‘, tbcunctu,uu\t§u§Mn-wxu- 51$ wan uum_ua.I- {by g! mu C mun mm in mm Erie £5 jexl ilaighr. upon gaming the union. km-d the to. musing unlrr *2: &:s:!:.**:. :-:3‘ ‘.....,...s:-:.*:x:'=..:*.A‘,:.\:’ ft Rut). mi Ifmesu the Han. Alum iluggg. «amen. uxncnutnggz-nuIrI‘.'1 mm“ an-lka utsugu. than nl Eli: aun 5 *4 ‘.- on rumu ml uh: Ixlada suuu N Barn“ «Asian nations! am. mu ma-was xuuusumi gs iiaxrnovdctulumaurrliloi cuuwinh-kingdom :34 gm! mu-2 Ih-e,§A7<§H nfmn dtmn ml): II-uni oi ‘superrmrsoli G સਇ munaaduugna n (n mun mm Ibo Jmlm oi uu-{Joan ax uuanm Genus! Trmot ms (mu. m in 344 :1 the Court-{saute in man. «Ia an up an ‘mum Axum. usrhasésxaet not had: at M m Chnmun uu Clcththc rtonlu tdoptn! by and lhnrd nu ma ml: :1? mm. magma-p-uctmx to to man than Sunuu .l$n'.ctlroIn nllmol Pdncipu Recon of the min Cwmy Watt-hms emu-M by u an In alum:-5 and the team: Axum umrrw and so mums um dye under. 6! my. gives us and Samuel N. Vllxkcr o} In mania! uikésl \ rumlcuon. AM ru- wn nngued us-I an . And CHI lumm «dag 5 g and ¢::xu aha: by.uuIlan-Maul cam Jinnaonan ml r§‘iDv\_; 7 > 313;“ Hand 2) 3 ital, ' m Fo:b¢s'.'a‘ rand; pd ut ngqxactfu-11.1 run: In Al.!.l!¢-—)h::Vh. :3. Ilxhln Nitlty. lanes Allan. I221: 191* has-ax tron 5:. sun 18!. Pg!!! altu-loan. 9‘, flit:-&sJo£tIe{n.u‘il_yu::gi§>:c:!ulIy£nrLte:’|».'u U Ezdgmzne I GREAT SE.‘\'SA' IVES‘! OF '1‘!!! 581505! Inna: eralu. Ruth Ila, lot Ion: nights :34 W . _ ‘ ‘ . ‘,n;_:‘i‘nku‘c,:,a”y’u:.-try»: that my 9! In §7acl.’m':: _7'apa:me Troupe, I3 1,-‘id! 0-ejmx # ‘hr; manna aag qtladn. vuwpdany tau-hgiand chiuxu, Adu£sbu_munmL5r.:nqn;:n.r1sd __ ‘E95:-G. Fa!) §amcuh.run—a11 dlheehy. Du: 'ul go 1).: up: Aéniulon sac nu! ayt. §nu . gx. xn_nLCnukr1.Dpmn: Hunk: Sum. '[‘hgim-1,-xtjganon at-as resumed pmtttptly at the um =t>x»5n==<*~ . . jwu 0'Conucx. bang called, and um he arts 3 gm; \ er in the Penitentiary the {ear that _Mt. Westcamx into okzce. when he I: the xeectwtif no ggou except what wgistznt turn by Ins (tally. 'No‘:uoney vns given hinnexccpt tint 1_trhich\ns due hurt for avemvork. On (bu by Mt. Cothnn. he axed that It: was sentenred (or burp 11:‘; in the thin! degrec. He-1n.da.!sos:tt'ed as tent: at that tun {tutu 1575 in the State Pusan -zt Auburn for grant! Iucetxy. list-we-5.0! the Emma! Eu-re; Ems. sup.-4 that IE Ins 3 He submitted 3 statement 0! his account: with (Iv: reuiteathzy. tcstilyisg ttsat it us take: {mu tie petty ledge: 01 the firm. This book it 1.15434 Iotliflf tccounts. Thettctns tn the statement I‘!!! tnkcn {tom the ordcubook. The goods tuned in a but wen 5:15; to the Penitentiary. and he at sex: dclittxzd then: The ptigs might have ten per cent. htghet than it I tutu atnesié gnu! cash. This attditkm to the tnuiset price was made because the goat}: were bought on um: 11 3 party kg! mm: to thcttote and botafht a lugc: quantity o! these goods uxd pat ash dawn fat meat. he would have gut themtcu pa cent. diaper lie tmcr kncurot any at the goods beittiszut to my other 911:: than the Penitentiary and c argad tn the httu ttutlnu tiuu. witncsslud notmte w-ms \Vestott prior to 1515. \\'c>20n came to dent with the Sm mph: uutiummn cat Mr. Atwood. that one at the Loan- uussinttcn. \\‘tt.ut:s- sold goods to Thom» Quinn watch he uudemou! true uatcndctt for the \ 'ork- house. [witncn mbtttllttd g statement at thts account. wlgchna, ’ The total Annual 01 the bill In: $§EI!$ 1‘ Quinn otdctud it seat to the Penttetuhxy. It was dclivt-ml on the day It am told. as the dz; afterunh The ugutu ‘wtsoltaatcprkctnf the rum wt.-n: ctztxu-.-st {at the gu-udt. \\ lute» -weld has‘: told the Géptu to We» tun Itthc mute pnce. \\'imt-st ‘had taught oats (mm Mt. Tttc latte: told hit‘:-tlsq cunt.- (mu Anton. ‘D1: mugs took that (man the 11. N. Y. & ‘P. R This was oudlattury 1711:. $73. The bill vs: tutti on lb: 13¢! ' Janna. the amount beit giteu to ltul. tutu At the out were s. The {ma laden uwuntugamt \\'¢S3l!0. but tint! tttugd to allow the amount: to be oictlutted {mm the bill tor t1te‘;,=.ont$.‘ There arm: 85! bushel» and mac otl«!.'l§g»uttdn all told. and the witncu paid ebaut 33 bushel He thought (Ms was tin mghllt '6‘ pun: per bstabd. lie mutd not ugtkthv \\’eu1on' I13 wammuttn thrtnuutctiou. t heltmd the, am came {mm the lam-r'6 lam He knew at no rum shy Hl Ahoulsl pd) the out nut! not ‘N1’:- tun. Ni: tmatwt told to Cute: It rhtd: he thought tn.-at to thc Penitentiary. but 9 could not nu: posture]; that tt did The than was at the lmmu 2. end thto nu use at the venom fat ht: nu thlt It treat ctthe: to I13: knitw- tmy at t e Mms-hunt- White Wutouwu Rem. ct he mum hm‘! bvftgltt the Vilma It cheap as any de purduuttttg 3 like qunttly. lie had a pcnoml annual at from one to two lmildml dotltn status! Weston ‘I'M ttrmtcu nut; bl! uh qgtttcnt, {mg uith \\'n_ton tint the fun timid tmre 4% 1‘(t:tla1tut‘¥ trade. tr: énntd ti; 'u~t:“: ny at the gr: n obutncd on tie tunnel awnuttt us?» senfto Cold Springs. Most at It. In ttought. us.» must banks. and tut amt to Anton On ct-no-eumttutton by Mr. Cuthna. lb: trit- nuu tcsti that the Hour vru sold le.\\'¢wton ll custumary mu. Tltotcn pet can hdaltlotud (at the goods wan amp); to nuke .91: ttqutva» tent tn 3 nth sale 1 km nu Beret may lrfttmenl beluvrn Wcsttm amt u-ntneu at to div new of pro The sate: were made as to an ordtnlty ht- dtrtduat. Iran was charged a cuh cmtnmcr than 1 ttmc ctmotmrr. Tim In tvtdtul account of Mr. ‘:1-non ha-I nuttun tn do vt-it!) the ? slot: at amen‘. tra with the \\'o:t:-twat: *r:rI¥u tttral. The «item ogld that one at thc'pt'isottcn tvlapsgiru the stand mm: that be me am: tun-rt. of . om Rm: \ driven any from the Peal. tcnuuy. Thu he thought was «mimic. for he ttad new-r sold \\'e\tun that much \ Mon Rn-ta\ At a tune. The mat was an ol quzttity. W W. Pannux In-mg sworn, It-4-ti lhxtlte «an lxvot.-kvxpcx tot Danni & Thyng. and Ian! lzgcn a mcrttbet at the of Spragux: at Pamns. mm. musmn merchants And lonvankn. ‘Hg hadfypld .\lr. lollmn uhuh was sent to the Pctt Hr: had never lnuunthat Mt. Collins dealt 13563:, fbe tcgulat mes were chat the t1tmr,’ an the chczpcxt they had. a wguld have sold \\'cstun the tor the same prig sold It to -Lo He nu-ct sold an)‘ er g’-ootls thtt went to the I‘cttltcntt.'try. and ncseemmegubextd wlltng any 1.. West.-n and-.gt.3;;a11{._ \ like am: bought l1 Collins was sent to ! ‘ntlan-. jnhn ttotcm. being recalled. : met! that 2.. buughtporlt {mm Westonin 1875. Itvrudelk-cndat mints: o umktft. ttc hud seen the pot}: befom it was dclivercrt He supposed It tame from the Prmtcntiary. There rm 2,946 pounds. Itwts bought February tqth. 1335. and he paid sgexccnls pcr‘pound fat at. He did not know whet er he pait Weston with n thcclt or In cash. September 21:11. t875, witness bought SQ; pounds of rod: (mm Weston at to cents per pmmtl. He cott d not my xdtéther he paid \\'t:ston or Huff. On the 28th of September. I875; he bought 742 pounds more, :2 to cents per pound, and understood it came {mm the Sam? place, It twp dcllvtrcd to thewllncss and paid for at rcgutar market rates. October nt. of the same year. he bought 736 pounds; October 4th,- t.oot gottnds; both tats at to cents. {many 62!». t877, c putctmscd t,o76 pquntls of r [mm \Egp_ ion at 1t-.t, vents and W3: !.t\3Q|1¥1% was en! tu Charles 1‘ x. ?tnuary_ lb. 18;: x..;63 pounds nddittona1'g‘ tc both lots iaelng included in the one pu' . Ttimcr was also paid for the ll L’, ~ ‘ic‘.1é‘n-€705}-§‘!;t\%§leh;|hutI“Gn tilltlc witnkess said :3: ouu‘l‘d no say gt y t at e t_ came mm c Pcnitentm!.bt1t st. it becattse he he at}- tttcd {Qt itztth Wt-tfon 0; HEW.\ K AFTZXN008 $35103!‘ --The Emu: Coxnmxssxuncn hm: revokcd the license 0! C. Schn stlonn-kceper on Gcncsee stmtl. --The hrg: and handsome stun: No :46 Main stfccl. o.-.m.-ndmg through to Put! mat. is for mat -The adjcumul water! ad soda! 0! the Apollo Sulctte (‘lab u :9 uh: place next wftk at Orpheus H11] ...w;1ngm ‘Taylor. : stzi!llg3;g1nxin_,, and Snvmcl Mugphj. a blear-03:4. {Kim} 53I¢31*~lhl=_f. both hw- iug uy gxadnxted [xpmlhe Pgnnlenturyfgadbd u! to cstftling : bnjlnlsuobefxexn Fran In 1). ‘“\°*- 2:“ '*='°-.r.:%.,,.\**.§:*‘ :;;::a;:..':;**‘ “ ’ - ouse. x y» , «mg ,. hyiot for atuluxg a shmcl Inna George 5923\‘ -—_1ustin L. Cumick was umigxrgd upon the exxxgxpsml of Louis: Kxasu-I, who won? that he tn «be cause at ha aroeanl! xhshahgxol Bet puugiwe chm. cg;-.mg_l19.x Co: intmrizurcd Louisa, horn cuter. and the nasal: was when she was cs to testify as A wtlnesi ah: more max Jae was aishkua... that she didn't think that Mr. Ccnuick was the night pug who wronged hat. and deglgmd in an cmccmti 5 uugnc: that one Guru: Mgcn wu Ilse Egan? pnggrxrltt,» of Qgqv ’ A mfgnt. Bu: .\\'ia‘¢%$:.’a,f',6§&=!l:ti:饧 _§¥9£!.: L“! who in ms, tad the Justice at I the use in dis- st, dcdaring am but far the s;ou:}>!1'mam‘s mu. glen he would cnmxuix bet {at 1111! or perjury. 5?‘. 74.5153 HALL. —Govcnsor Robinson has siptd the bill zgukng an qvpwpruuon co mcaplcte the Snidim’ Home is Bah. -III: guide Pcmanenl Loan Sc-uely. at Pine meet. 1! pcescnx numbers :25 mmben wuh 597 thus. THE TE ‘PHONE CONCERT NOVELTIES FRIDAY IVIRING. Jlaucu U18. 1!)‘. The audience ! at fonnlhinn Hall in Rachcstez on Tush: «unis; «'1 (cl haccagnxm med on a my mcecstful énutuinmrnl. if it was a dupalic 01 um o the bilge audxcxscqin St. jams Halllasa. cs-cning. when the wonders at electricity. and the passable and puabxhle results wvhzch iugepmy w c in future irilh sub. ate damask. were discloses! by the exhibition 0! the Balkan telephone and plaouoguph. Thu: are but the bv.-gianingic-I the cud in Iélegnphic sdence. and inpdging by what was mvealed In: cmiing. thy: rungs: secs :o‘l:-9 I0 gait Io¢wh'atl‘b?n-\h_e ex£!ud§d 3 I lruxsm 5310:: son amen I c (um prlncéaln which undcr the mcdxgnlqal cun- snvdion um tustruucau. and winch at is but a matter :3 that to succcsxlnlly uuitc. o as a mu an! uromk ulruulu, which In: an )3 munch: it I. - my aqua: 3 time Irlgen’ Á sent by the xdeplsoac mil be accorded by the and eves) nun will be his ovrntc-ivgnphex-. sn- 3\’ \\°*;.:'::'°*’ °'.,;.‘:*:'= *r::::*;:;:2:::;:::.° pnswd apovitlc limfnil sigin II :A vrhcu our Rude: iulusts. in :1 «Tu nmr. .. bcwildcrcd by the tlmlhrily ol fh: sqiexi: lullsj toy duck. comer. uvl 15:? Ann goats a petite I-euzgerie ol toys. ads ma an in on ,tp{sm- priue hark. new. q‘ud£.0r grow}. shad vthzn If: cmtoud: zbepmpcr ‘nob and \sun in fn-pm prrmvr the [xenon whoa I‘IO0I~Cti$‘! in needs»! such xueullon. Such resa ten: grtztdtcxod u coming cxmlulir.-s. tux e\1:alug, by . I-1.1!. _._Io‘lm-nu. who satpg-tint;-Med the culcsuiunem. m-am [Incl l§.c.£*0nt‘:N1 was dew-owl ma gala of «chow 2:1 03 (won atfuui :0 \sn nanny. w .12: n.-pmxz » tr in 5:. [sun {£511. NI , we 3:35 all lhehmu Hill in can an. 18: rank: alncltta to the I16! 01 the clunwy-Inc: of sum] 1:: nah ad;-uu gum mm In execs 9: about e an N wen! :- In their. the tangucgng. and hmxxluaklsg lull Bpplhlzl. In ll}; vocal @035; 'i («:22 hand tn lnmnil yam the mg; ms} Hodges ung:rs,;;oau\ iota carom \ utiful Riru\w~ixh 6 award», but are troald wcnmc any that etc: the Widow Vxu Cou vouldrgavc utcdugetly m:ognlI:xI line?‘ We! «£35115; ii Amt mu nccxcaf cam, on. 3 the II a use sugsonw musimut lean, .-.'.’I'é..*'=\. °:;*.:*W:.'=*,,:“ :7?-H} '24- . ya ngwix I In ari,¢n( t more to luxghct than lo u-Anna fading. enI‘n:f Amok! an iaisz “tabla 50131. but 4“; re- ESIITIC at \m some ha a I ma: aim. (min; In IE1‘ E \ ol mm: oggentogln Another pint. who had no {carol mm a helm: lm cyn, Io uppmpdur the (noun! wish on- UIC. ‘ K ~ C mzzz'/la Vlfrso ./ Mum-I by the lu nuns. 3-1:, was:-a4cat=.§2ezL-.—.-; 33.!’ 6.1 Tang, Tsar. R‘ fining. ?M ‘m‘;:'& upper in fy‘ ON S; GRAND CONCERT. Adninim 23. Ill C3.a¢£wI'¢i-lg In location; 9: .*::~“\ “M!-4% 3!.-ant 7 Faun P/«ms AND Lennon manor} «The Rat. Dz. 11:11:: 1:» been rcqunual to da- livct uwlhcx lcclnlt. u i~icixr‘s fix ouuizie % ass month. ' , Ladies’. 51111’ 389.! Clildrenfs Hosiéry G:.’a7ie“'s~ -.-.\!'Lu Llaggac Moon and Mr ] C. Wiilgmgog at the Acsdmy 04 um wec§ aim nen_u~uh \Struck mg; P 3’ -—.a dog: 1 - win he md‘u..ée‘::axug an Plym- outh M. E. Ckurcla. mth U.ld|'tS‘sc's by seven! of the any pastors. - -—- Msxilda Cuursrlly. the sign, It pm»:-at in Cxacnumi. Is dwrwa of coming 1:» Bu gun lot A bncl sauna IN ALL T NEW AND Fa\Sl!lu.\io\BLB SHADES. FINE A 1? TS A CA D5511’. vouzm mars ASSOCIATION mJ!LDl:¢cs. Tun Au:-an’: 71:: An Gaunt ti! 5: to minor: cm: aaylixsniayl cxtapcsl) tang g u.\I5:\,_,» 9 04» _ Pam-argt-x.~.¢a*s;s,:-.:;¢_z;;;;;,‘;;*;f5:,j* -when Mania Ltu lama! that his Em: tn 5!! dollars. he kl! really may |h:I ha; Ind beta ucllxmg llqnux vrithml I. lucnsc. . Adam, Meldmm 8: l\11d9rRnn_ —-!’mrg.- Ryan. 0! Manual. 1 mdm oi ln~ guagcs. was Antigua! for blguny. on wmplalnl of Ms fusl unk. wlm has follam.-d Mn .1 m ‘_ . AIIKIICAN BLOCK --Luu. L‘-nu 3; Ca axe rt:-csixg an cxzcnme gnyoe-wags: {man u the come! 0! Bond and Humil- Ion succu. Ens: Bu The accuszd II a {me-snaking man. at good educa- tion. and commanded the qmpilhm of use and!- cncc by im su:ighlJor\\1.rd stay. 1!: minimal that he nu! ma sgu named an cou.xp!:ina;n. but cianmxl that she was an abnduncd ton» uhqhd Knreigled mm mm km mils. and am he had so (hi: my -{uh It!» 1:63 gyxlsct. and acknwhxgenl -ghxr he had nardcd I mama use. 1!: 1:! ad gumygnsd and «heal-2:21: :31: in cm): 1: at min I , I :3 1 wt, ward to be tuaoctxg u Iuatrtldly to uwlnhrss. 1 to : hsg ly I11: with lain gun.-sen! wilt He 0:: mn- onuetg (cu (ml. \ \$C0'l\I‘. cow BLOCK.\ SIGNS AND SHADES .‘1.SSlGA'EE'S SALE. .9-A Fa-uni Putin: ‘buy has bccu uumcd for the- 0119:: iurenues acmsaomcd to clad in like mum auyuk: inning. -«An upta ncciing at the Hutu! ol Tm]: qrjllbe held at ckvn o'd<.x_k this (mama. tar commen- unn at 0:: fci ৭৮fil talent -—Mn Catalina llama um! daughter. locum reu- dcnts of Bahia. now Ncnr-Yoxkrn. are beta on 0 shot! uni! with rrlnfm.-s on Bnndway Gm! marl‘ and Law Prirrx. oFnc:-mmhmagamfaed the Cut! mm...» fl r$:§§§s2:is uEtHl§c U up-.333 umxfg‘ man hd \ an ~a~3:'—.xx \“wu. r xosivnu i Wcanuthglullgghuvnd Bnxilmms UARRMGES CARPETS. —-The urn Sung:-dxund «ham! far In}: chasm will b: tuck! Snunhy evamg. and lot uxusnl dauum Sunday am.-moon. :1 Turn Hall. -311 Rkhud Sun. of am cm. loss luggage to an mu cl $11-gtvy the bnmuag «Ia L 5 at 24. 5 mgagr and pr-um! cu 3lom1u naming‘ --I‘axn.I€nAn Randy. of the Hm Prov.-mc'r 91-6- «cuhy ntesml “wan: Denny cm Ihv dnrgr at -ztxhng a an; huulkcxch-c! (mu Hem; Dana -wTlu~ sale at am: (an an umm. Uno conctn to br giwu at *3! James H311 an Fridny ctnnng a! nu: heck am begin :3 Cause: & {muons In-dsy -Axmum an pcmmcn: misc‘ lad Ian so- ciety h to he embiislmi an Bloulvay The pus luntaary tanning can he held on Sllunhp twining BERTIE LE FRANC. A 7' RI:'7'.4!l., si=Ei:1AL NOTICE! Am, Maumuu & Auuaason lien» he ?t||c.t—§I1 Antsy) um nlku bully AT THE 31 ANUFACTORY Best Goods, Lowest Prircs \broke up“ when she mugs:-dtoabe ‘hm Haw.- (mm 5:. [sum I!I1l.“I'u:}tday night. 0 31: same!) 0 da mun’-an {mm min! ulna-xv any y-man; womazu u-‘~14 and bend! In as tb¢.mnd:u‘w-xx at a hunched-nut: um-II mv:\;m.-.»c-d mm Item;-nigh: hum‘ rim:-. and it (mainly duct-5 it annlbrn uuuld be (mm! she: wears! only the urn c! «:13»: kt: ! \ so umuiculy huh. n an dtd than urcgucssible mu: p! ' ' y am-.9 sh: maths! the bout! :13: Mi ptqvc Rubbed mddocxomi and pm In bed. and «um. Jctpllg a couple of noun nu anakenxclandagliam ~- uomrd and dvouul ‘ ! she was peuniuzd in 536:1) undmutbrd-axial deep um haw beta in t; can uudml A hu.u¢)—but bleak! o'clock in the mommg etc: was If uuhvuly mbn-aklm. entire} u-amgxraud. an . as 4:: cxpnau! £1. apubk 9! \vralI.1tIIg.|lL-‘ulac: ill} min foc If occasion fr- qmm . 7. J. B. Sxvemr 8.’ Sam, .7719; ‘f‘5’?:,.'?'.9i’i...f’.’.\’.: \§\\:\‘l'T\ 5\\ ' Ancunhuho-louuuczu-us‘-mu. Auauncctheoxuugnlxjuar Knuspnwgsmaal WlL1‘<)2€S. SODV sud IAPKSTK5’ ‘DIIEIL5. Tll セ セẴ INGRAIN5. 1:‘ .1: H.»zm'£¥ .9 u~:-:1.1.m‘1;, unnbzsutu-A «.1 Flu ma» (:1 mcbcu u:muaczxnaIdumour7.ulunrpund (w 6-caucus Admn, Meklrum & Anderson, E CARRIAGES .. A‘ omeumarncucansgun. :aul,WP- u vw»-?v31=- / —-Scan, {main 0! dgm and man. In the Pud- gtreet wk at the Con mack. unqucsnonnmy docs clcgam ruck. ma to umknuml um rm p are very mmlmle. AKIIICAH BLOCK. —.\!r I I lhzppurh. 0! No n (‘can arm. -llppeé upon the xldetnlla uni lug Iv!-‘sd last evening and dlslcimlcd lm tell «boulder. He was \auenllnl luy‘Tlr._lit W Pammn -w'l“lxeI-“tins I Jxlcnxant may in ulznnlanm as l'm|’. l)e{lane‘a ukul In.-I cu-mug. umwillnmullng Ilu: dingrecablr ucalhu. Tin‘ maclmllng nodal cl Ihe acne: will he gives: I smell hum uni \\ «Incu- day evening. —Tlu.- Gm,I&id9! Tuesday Inn a portal! «I Mm Ahcc \¥:eu. the mlt§ wu trpannl 1.. have beeu lullcd by ax-ngrs_..l nu, but who cnlxw» qucmly mama! to her home an Ilnxnldyn. 8:: la : :15!!! of Mr. Pu-d Wmn. —Thc Rev. Dr Charla E. Robinson. of the scoond Pxtshyterhn rhurvh. of ‘I‘my.'Fm m3g,~,x':'nl that pulnnlc and ncceplul I call to the puxnme oi the First Prtshylcmn Churtln ol. ochcslcr. He will cunt on hi: new charge about-‘ til tut- .—ls’«Aulu Erprrxr \ The- mien‘ Amxoma. «son and .lhe.gmna¢vr| ol the It K‘arll:>'nmlr :ur:m;;c_mcnls on Saturday wl:ett:by the Igwmlm will lmld llieir m-T1 manual .3-ncctlng at «$3 lid Paul: on lb: 24!. 3:1 and 4th otpczobcr. The In)!- (ing v_vill be fnrgoll suku..\ _ fl --The Kt’-‘l'tlI(!’ Exgrvx: um \ The Siam Lmc R.1ilroad.pmmim lo became. when opencd in cm Iirclcngth. an important all mad. A pipe line is hung laid Imm Bmxlfonl tn Salnnmnca. and (he conurci has beet; let for the mnhlmrlluun ul two xnxmcnse tanks on the Stale Line Rallmml lamrln at the lane: plant. It i; stated ‘that oil will be ship. pcd over the road In about luhftcks. and than an nngcmcnl: will be mule (or! ‘o mlns daily.\ BOOK BINDING. ALI. KKK’ WORK WAIRANTED. it? 3%» H \:§'».\.5a.\§‘..p‘°\’1:\\\.‘.?.'. ’;a‘§1'»':‘.§‘.“°‘“\\'«.»..‘3.5 «mm llhrl. Ia‘ 33w: 3:: and 5&4» watt xuanmnsz .,*“\!‘4t.~.!®**!s%‘!1ye!.Jf__§.!;r‘¢!|!-92.!-_=.':1.‘;'L.*¢*g Gun II Gammon. . Asian: Rm luly. alxbwgitkcr buxiucn u In on aha‘ itct. baa during btld In l [1 dl) shqwn gm she has both I bun! m) a hurt, and has 2:::a\; iuxcnky dsc ltctlrcd call» mom I lufv nvzmbci J Iaqlla. who an-med Ily lnurmrul :1 be: him . 3*“ ‘*3 :~“'.r*'=z=**: '\ “\3 aw “******:,‘:\j': -m- )- rm KR‘ to snow n er m:n\gr.sl‘:!e «at ‘in {in ii :{\[%9*°i','?‘P: 9:] ‘:3; Va u,in-uctyl \ 1m1r.'I'o2‘ sisfluig Tuesday I_ftcr.mxm 0!! Ike back 0! II‘ s, \ .’ ‘\5;fi'“\\c&? $3.‘ :3 '?.‘.§‘=3,fif;“5\ 'z';‘i:“§'m‘§‘§5.‘§ Md. Ks-cry up:-at In the highest mum of the kind In-amen: Ihmuug ptdcstrlmnc ho nu-tiv-adds the csrmjnnl at with fusn grade In III: (11- thuuaat‘ manna nhr rm-vetted tn the hall upon (lac.- conclnxipn 0! her Ictri telfdmpoced ma! oi phy» 2--:1 endumm 50> :04‘ so? 4-~;v..a°:L?3s£19a. 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Tilllnfhast, of Ihg Kg, ct Union Telegraph Company. or lb: cnh.-rlnhméiu x hnuhctn gum tlumzgh hi\ enlo.-twin. ' STKAM x3l.r1RIs‘I.E and GR/UV] 7'15 31? JIM \ g i 0.s‘G001)1)J~’ é’ M007‘. ‘LAW omens. . MARBLE MANTELS. U:-tr .\''p. 345 Alain, (or. A’. Du.-isiau $1.. _ . __. _B‘1|’*’M~.0.-._N.~..‘!'.._..,_.._..T_._ New Styles :94 um» Annctlnml E V 2‘, f: . it {*6 _v ‘. 5‘ gi 15 ,3r~.\:’~';~.T“ gt 7 * z § ‘. 1. y} .i?\- y. C. DUNHAM. (L=neCu1u:r ms :6. Luvm-we & Sou Tke lnllosung lube Ian at the wit 0! crriunzn nmod in pzmuncc of Juage llnlgh onlcr Pu: Wnuu Snnuun. . ,- vnxzn Warm Irma. ‘ _ Tu-man. Lu-on. _____. Du: Bl!:I.Dm1 c.u.«m~. vm \ nun» - Perfect l’i1ti11g Dress Shirts. 21:. 39. um» 51. Avrxucu Hun (Up-JIIIHL tr nu °!*'J?'?!“!- In. !'§‘9*_°'- 3.’.-..§!-§z‘.‘~..§’.‘!i’._‘3.S.t 1;, p... - A $1 a; .52.-.r« T» :3. But! of *-*~‘?\‘' *.'.m;..°..';*.'.:.~'..,..l...‘.. S-'-1*‘ ~« **‘-‘*‘*'-‘ - °—' %l:q§: ,....,.‘o'’.3;‘| ' In lb’: nit! 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Dam» . 31 )1.Clc Lzms 8 El'I.\l*E\'o Mlotnerl. '3 H ‘i Nos. /67 am! :69 A':’;z;:.~:rn .‘§!rr.\ J. G. H A F H-,'».—,1.*i'. MERCH AN T TAILO R. No. 325 Washingtgn Street. _ Ila: ju:t.r.-cm‘:-tr! a fan‘! lint of goal: .m.iml:[rjor Cv‘1:‘N'1‘L li‘2i7I:‘N‘S SPRING am! smrmm WEAR. wafzif 31.: 1‘: prr/mra! to anal-r up in I/It 0:441! fat]:- iomzlzlr style‘: at I/tr Iowa-:1 prires. 1,“; g-vcnn'-.3, Bmie mmciul the petfotmancc an the Academy a! Sslnsic. an-Ltxpylns a prints.» km W: undcmand nhc «in mm: xr in the city for a (Mr days. and that he: pmgrammc for the lam!» duxc future us yet undecided. but it in probable um be: next lung wall» will be nncmyued in Clcwhlid. .\£r.r¢uc§—i£rs.,Ax_‘£ry Jcsire we should male that they rm cmploz more mum, pxcfcrring bere- atm up mend -1» their own busium affam. be anyone hemflgy zopnrscnling himself as agent 10 ~ Bemc Le l=‘ra_!;’fs, the pcdutnv.-nne. may be lxooicd amok Ill rlf ‘V _ _:, \ ...-...ag.~——o~v-—-—~ HATS! HATS! HATS? 1| rag gun: to an Spring. but Wm: nu \Yu,LxAM R0f¥I£R'I‘s(»\, ivb. SI\ll¢’1.\t2 Slrrrl . ml mac. n I \ onanutacmrc-2. is a umrt lhal uoné but tmfett gum zndcm-on styles vrhl on-srvaxnl l\c.\m.tt\' or MUIIC-\ smn Cum \—Mm Elm \'v’cathcrsby!s company gave a matinee per- io nf \Hobbies\ ycstctday. vnth alugz audieact In nuendance, and In the ctcmng appeared mg: a good-sized house. \'nn!wi‘_h1tand|ng the nin. The cuntrfg entertainment cnncludcd their engagement. and for Ihhlast occuimt a new pity. sketch. or whatever the proper name for such at bundle ofnxrtonsetue may be, was ptqlgoed, entitled, __\Cmeti‘I'{ I? is not so good u “ Hobbtes.\|nd in- ..1¢«t to s’1y,!1t3H{i§oféqnd‘nterltwith -- Hobbies\ wuutdxtatbe saying very mluch lg: ;'Cructs.\ but it in ‘tin he \ mi‘ “ n « tunlty for tgrixcrdg olg {hm tumm tafgfg ’~fMJ'ss Svetthtrsby mi. 3.4 wsnal. plea and 'pi uant, Miss €(1‘:oz:‘,l~‘ishcr musical. and *c capital mkedhtt Mr. twin. gavo tom: of * tsnlmost \;nimital’:1c?‘imltmons. The audience applauded. and 1lu2Bc&1,F0h \ This étjcn ng Mr. Robert F r and his New. York, Pantomime Company begin ' ‘éngagcntcnt to lasldte remainder of the wank: Vxpwtsggrcat. parttomimist. pmnonnccd hi the art Hamid ththonlyl luccgssolrh to .71-‘ox. ’ght:men\t(¢;§.;ttn- t ‘en e ,are cm, ex, as \S;nta%‘!x o thg Iufscrk Dteam,_\w§1t«b¢ §mv,n¢n§9;1..\t1tl.z,:1_ac.(§o1ln\zaing cast ‘ .;_,. ot-nu.-ta. has a‘ ‘ uaeM’i:'.r7“' gtegu‘ [nu-dreu Silk Ha! quanky -1‘ : ' 0 '*'s';:*'¥:z.§’:.§..‘;‘.¥.,’::.'.\.._.‘..'€* W M\ “\ Emllts: Varmry of .813}? Allan. all pm. c .. *1-.*:;L'*:.¢.1.=-... _ -.. - Tm: Cl!RIsTM.V';\§SOClATlDN Gvu:us1vu.-- The Young‘ sup‘. Czmuzm As;ocialinn._h.n-ing succeeded tn tuning [tom the Bonn) of Supt:-vison the old Cgam-house. on Clinton slrécr. are not pro» parif M-meat: their t qumcrs on Main st . The Mac cncn ! yours (ram May m, ~31 the n‘z;_s;:ina(}: rent ‘:3! Ihrcf, l1i\[1l§\dmd‘tI!&;‘Unnhpcr mm- nm. e um. ousc u in t ‘on . . pying it mhu: ouhof-the-wa sitcg,’ is wcllgndaplcd .3 . . tulhc ptogromgxgggknmd m requue but few an- miT\§\1' m°°\°{\' I in « 4 be e ntgccouhroom n cup rm 9 in; convettcclmto I‘ nulum forlhc mo: - bus of the Assogynfilon. It is lastly thought thtgt anndditiomzli;1 Ii cxlcnidcd 13 oungmcn Oé H omomso I c «ocimon-an Ea: hxwgin tinder its imgamving in The court-toom is admimblya apted ed-gymnastic pur- roses, having vcry high ceilings and being thorough- ' \ c w a ’ cm y\If\l:zncuwI1:(il1‘a.sium’lslobcpm~i'd .1 uh llmod apgllagga for\ defuloping. 1.nus_cu!ar Christianity, glglh :11] tn: :3 r for use xx; aclaout ten days. e ssoca an cungmlu at uponitsi - pmved prospects on! usefulness and success. m HARDWARE.‘ — Lyceum’: Iiumm/n°. --The l.in_eoin Birthday Association htve Adopted the following character- istic prcambie and xcsoiuiluns, which they Mk to have publisher}- ii'&n-m. Thg ň alien in; existed one hundred yuu viiiooutom luvtni holiday. _ , Mitrnt, llownihndly olaobrvcd tang) to harmo- nise um nah M at Ill pcofic. i:!!E‘f'..‘:ia1'”‘a:.'.‘;.“.*.Ii:‘u*l.“:’:.\}i'.i'i :i’::.:'§.’a‘:‘ “‘° “\‘ We as in lncqtpomiion and aaaocia&o'a\’:£nou1i ‘av agikgwin linhdny Anocinilon rcjoiua; 9 move II as on. lmurar An: in madam u\’cAiu-ricanpéo icon -T$Ik°:§P‘¢h3&:g:i:di‘;'e:mm‘:¥;§:JI:§o 5'71 V u_M¢aszd'aius‘:1¢iuI t-‘I3! giigma In i). been ‘ . 1 a hut‘: \_’tM£!(o the Sumo‘: {rota ,ArkIn‘su. thcnlfun. if , Stzrhn W. Doncy, calling. up the mvhed statutes oi the us let! mu; «owe-rd pinion m so-um the ad dafnol igc \ Qciqrgg p ingtui holiday in 2_he,€ 1. :i°.:a:..‘.:;.:e.~..:-~* ~:~.:.:m;';~.n~;:~» 9'1 N» Kuaknrol. 'TlI1_ii1h¢' Jana of mg, be v.-udétcd itoour vm-thy Worm l}Iounc._thg Hon. D. N. Lock- wocd (or the ‘aq truth; luu mam. raged umm an yum nu @431 y nib. luanlxvl. 11-an Ihnlugtkt pi. ‘is wudmd *9 aim» uuembenotune Senna um! II? on»: [or their *.'i*§‘»i.‘i;'€.t““=='°‘#\'*-\\°.. «- °*'*?“ $ ruin: .. ‘ ' ' pccu 1 . :.';-:.e:.'*.:'f~i:.‘9”'.3‘r A. \'°°”* »'°*'“*~=*\’**'*\=\~«‘?‘* *:.°%=-r:.:\::.:::°\:.* ggacggnerg-._gw§u1§oIuay; -A, ‘day or m;.1§ec Ibiza: ‘rug mguuati 91- h’ Aubci LN: beg’ . min pi;-s«a,eor.uie ,uo;.,_Ig.'\r'.’Pier¢e.-:n3:na 157.. DJ. , 31$, wovi:pqi;.!iIn¢g,g;e,s13arir:euon;¢iie_ mh_oi F V .I A uivoduai;-it.l e 9319 .-ii 9!‘ lwuity cm. “ii'.:h;:5,§*1i.,.. 0... '*‘.-..*%.*«.;'.2:x.**\‘.:.‘**'\;i*2;‘:‘.:z;,., ties ‘ ‘ ‘nu-d.a'ni‘l 5‘ep‘u§1Juhe35Igti:_e dauy pcpcrn. -‘ ind llah I 1: ‘Ea Mr. Rice. returning to the city shortly bclorc two xfclock. the papers with the Cpunty Clerk. and qbéuuhrcc dclock he s¢'n'cd_{l1e\rrIt;Jaon Mr‘ Chi E}. Young, Chiinmn of [he Bo: of sugcnison. be it appears that Mr. Baker will remain in un- disputed occupation of the Penitentiary ns 11!: Prin- cipa! 1-lecpccg at least nnr the Tuesday in A til, D _ ' P 7‘lI& u'3.sm.v I.VVBS7J'lGA 7‘I04Y. OFFICE OF L. HEDSTRGM. Bxcmix-2, Sn'§,v1«':~n AND C)RDmm%« Housr. ' T1uMMx_Ng3s, Locxs, Knons, .HINGES, ETC. .- ‘sr PLATED WARE- A FULL. LINE mrssr PL»! 715. V ELEGAN7‘ DESIGNS: - c'u1*u-in’. rmzons, scxssoas. rite. ~ xmvzs, cxkvxugszrsu ~ 3.5 . .I$'9g'érs Bragg’ I ‘lffifsfe No.-W2 M-_A;.-§\._f£nives, Fprks, Spoons, <.:tc,, 4} g‘ $LEI—§H “ ,_ , _ ' ' SLEDS. SNQW SHOVELS. mmv Manna? -mm ml-Yaax sxms. Tools for Every Trade. Whokule dealer In Anmmcnm mm gmsssuma Con. I u}‘eo“s§§’;§°“mu;£g:i‘.::,¢':*.%<:n°«:a.:*;?'.».“s.,%:“;§ ‘.':.:.~ કܶऑம৭ल Coal The investigation Into the qdqt-ous administration of William “I estmt for fix ygins as Superintendent of the Penitcnliarf w ‘iresumcd yestenhy morning by the Sufet-visors inl mmmittec. at half-past Ken q't:l<x:_ . The lion. L. L. Lewis was prtscnt for thu sttusqcutian. and (Eco. W. Cochran, Esq., for’ the efcnse. _, ' : ‘_ 3\: J E ». --\V:»‘ 3 . . ‘ \§”‘”” Smrllan A for Ilaiilut .DuiIun. l\l¢<:h:uc9.lInn‘« .‘ . =w;=.'*m-'m*%~2e¢wI°*‘s\ 12035.5: . ‘now: Emmi mu mint. worm T0 mm y;,._«:_;x;.2-a.'f_:,»» A __ ' - . . V ,_ - 7‘ .1; ....\.A ,5 . « -_ ‘ 2» .. gf, ~ 47’I.4_'J;»;;—471’5‘n .. ‘ W. »!3.;,,.; A 5\» 1' 'Ir‘ If and 1' I ‘ (It none n m inined. eilgg 53.» dom‘;¢t \4 .‘ by ruse]. car-load. 01:: retail. Tylx}; -\ Ems; ‘»“‘_= l8_7‘5n§?:°3l*[¢E€£y5ls ‘emf. El!) two 1“ ‘¥V¢\o_ O|1.lh‘.cd ‘hm ‘I ~ edmu H \ tome ff dock si:h:q_bee “amt In M ‘ hem \°'l()a::.\\5 age ‘X859 “J” “W co“ Em.‘ is (3 f “S ¥§-‘W Io§L°§,;\°v3 si h3'1%§‘5\~‘|°§u,¢§’“~i§3°3s‘ IS. ‘ » _ ’ . . ~- He «‘§,‘:1§—}xi:...§°?!hgrec.}.\° «m;;2,;:eer§€:gIhe ~‘R“‘°‘i3sea‘$~“* D°§Yha'°“°“~ 3.’ comb“ ~»»i?.;,;33§}%:§,6g;té?Xs(%‘:;§T53gmni Tl\ .- ‘ Q . \~-\°Yn‘.. , .;J‘,fg:;;;h_e.‘§‘:2s§_g 35$‘ §,‘;§;ex§&“;;s;§eo3,,‘;3ér- he €“$n,{-“milk: p‘,,,.éh:h.¢.V He 1. 61:11; it‘ cz .‘¢;u;‘., . me ,f°“1d .,,,,‘°“21u~ .,m'~‘ _}‘):s‘xm.,,§’{ ‘g;:}im,‘ Qc ,lé°;:!rtil, mm :3-‘to 1.0;‘ ‘V§’I.'§\\\-. ‘.‘“‘-“\ s9¥q°'}° \\‘.?g§,\“'°.*TI1ert.t u,,ff;§:c‘3Er$§f,§:gs}’\«1 nu‘ '$;;n31s%;zf.:‘;;e’;fJ!‘l:::.'g‘{|'{f I9: Thghgted 50$‘: Á w. ‘ ‘ ,‘3;:m€\§!§d? .»Co1fi‘:,§'°* «ha ; §§5)‘:°“E3£~e # e‘.V’\’{,%’ ggeh tinge’: :;.w1zi(nne§:'g ig: ‘Msgw‘W=ss‘ °'°h\tn M‘ ‘*7? igmé-h r°'1“°cd r~ ° ‘Ind; ‘Wes. 9!’ Sn -\‘ -‘mink §{‘€,;{°w a§£;°‘i~.“ £%tt§§§§&l:I'§3.§§;§ 1'91} theg Offhe ~cu}0\ sgrsg-as !.Pe.. Jud. *“Px2l‘ '”?\!i w ~ “In..z‘s.~,¢ Win ‘D..,§§;&'!é15;y.~ ‘ztd “Ii: $5355.-ii ‘I’; Was“? “ ‘ 11‘ \Dirt °7 6 r“P°‘4 .- \\>1r ‘Ava. “Van ~=«\{Wl:c1’ A 1‘w?»‘é?:s3;%$°&“‘s::g,*»é ;*..°-=t.io:\=e‘(‘{‘?“‘;~~~.7¥§ 9f“5'\PE=h;gg ‘ ‘;‘,.\\‘¥r‘aof.‘; 4.-h*u~~ ~=~.\= '»”~?3n * .. ul. Hit“ u, .¢.n~.- wrvlgcgd ~ ‘hI«.gm~ . , A «J ;‘-m.:'::.:g:°:.%~:.:~*»=9:~;* ‘ ? I *‘“°¢ Thécommitiee then aidjoumcd until ten o'clock this mdming. ’ _ IT 0I\FICE SAME AS HERETOFORF Bax. goaizns.--\Vc find the follawln uonuipil. menu“? Nlusien to 5 gqzgtlgngan wbqjx very hi e§tc¢x:icd- in gas cityxin me /zocmm Union at T . I . -- - » .:I;~x..-am en:-cc-cnits A.-Io-I the nu1Im“WlI;0.n.,|Itb9¢I:_t‘ ¢h=In9¢1\98i!!l°P5;_f“18'T!VQt by. turn 7 .1 ducrmd couscia oannocxmge of“-tltkdutiu on - '::A“°**.'::#.°%.';.;'°..::*'.;.*‘..1“°.§~**'*'~':'m-*'~ : ‘ u \ ' H\ ' mum wwgtgtw-— §Tx'«'I’.:“-punuo-’-T--1-.'«—=., torhu! preceda) hhmnn, in nu ‘alonrnncf I enhmced tlnlgwumlan. but, '_1u:y_ 'Inn,rck-awr the» a~°=—* *’.:..'-:.*:.?,:=.‘.:r..,.-‘m aqua-:-_ We ¢aq_pr<_>ais‘e him a we'Ico«‘aSquit‘fc1' §v5_r‘v;gt 131 . _ A _ ‘Nmnmmsc Ga caucus smxe Tum- Vcrein was held at ggglrgooms in Tnm Hull: lul ‘cvcning. and ,\h¢_lqJ,Ibsv‘1Ia_g' i[cJE¢'! i_~'I_s’1'_10‘sI!3,!\-ifedt msn1cm..¥au1 xvemasrvicgarmihene, w: Fil. singer; First ximwart. Cv.;Ball:, Ir.A;_Scqond Turn- *~c*°°\- \n; n ‘_ telly. m~acson:-‘o’ ;po,nz1i'»I£-‘__Sucl,c.r'e!>nr‘_y*. Ono Meyer; .‘l?ru5ixrer,mé: ‘gilligil ‘ilsghartx. R.!C. \'i'V.&-I('3o‘l{:rB7S Ὴ «, ‘rus,eesorwc'nrs.. .:. :%p1§na'§el. Joan Glasser. c.'cx11a3g, w. H. Ju-gar, cyer._ :l‘Ii¢.eI¢cLion will take placcurr Wulnesday even, fing uiiit. __ _ . Comer senses and Wnhlngtou meets: , 7- B. L. !lEDS_‘£R_0M ,.§!r.’§‘.‘ul..i:::' . .... 1'. .~ ,,,,,._.,,.., ...::t's‘a\x.‘i§a;new.‘§§§ ,4 _‘§t:uIzla?t., __- I Sanla€lauI,thec1sllItu‘cfri'¢ad... .........Mt.H.Pj~Sce P‘ai_|ryC!xrlsu!us......... .............MiuKn_IllyRo¢£n omtn of Thy Tim.-. LEHJQWALLEY COAL Bo; “M .3 Wk! F’ P ‘ - ...il\i.J?G.'Ft-inklln Mequ ...........Mr.I.W.Snt_|fotd W . }l1,§sgeda‘l!y. .Mr.W£;l‘ifeGg}lon1 1 1 , ‘-hm was-in , - BclkIMcIu,Pa..1l/gn'/t-W5- 1975- has “.T/la‘ Bu Ag;‘m':_y of this C ant/’”’f.\' in tile: /tgmic of E. L.. H¢'a';s'lroru é‘ Ca. v béwi discon \ / .,4}*ran_g2';/u-rzls ‘ for t/1e_sale,' :2)‘ git? Lqa! fsyqill} V S/10\’/J’ prr mm‘! I ‘rm! mutotwmiv ‘parties’ dm'ring' ta*ji2Irc/1t2:t\ar¢' rc*qIIt'5’¢’4/ to address. ‘F. MERCER, Sn;)eri'izmz- dent, ! ! - Pa’. ‘ WM. Ii'.~M-A324 YRE. (_4.;\””_- 7220/r. NAILS; Jaws. 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