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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, February 06, 1878, Image 3

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<'.»¢.'T . . ~.\ -.-v _,%H ’ ‘L. ‘W 7' , H ._ A.~,_ ,. .,¢ U, . \ Jéw‘*—\*‘ “ 4.-.”. fag.-’ 5-4? V; 5+5 4» ss; ‘L ,,__ usg \ -¢..a.s=; an :-c°°°'§'i|.-13!‘!-t.94»!!°°i.¢'§ ‘-‘ti’???-ri0°4n'I9.:ué9bb§ zxhslnta H 3 ’ _s:_4m ‘mil,’ _y onrgv oi’ ’ * !?‘\“'!.“!‘!¢!s~\|s zthsr. \ an\i!uri‘qs_t,.1§n_nitless1 Iu‘cng_A§c‘.oI1 Amcdcan‘96§!.|!|§V‘.3, . dug ac,uvé\c:n_mpns_.e busin:jss_:3:éu£ -Icon’-nu‘ ‘_' '_ evraeor aw-’e. M-s°tr*19f, J eristi-I.) ‘mi sénmb *:x1I|¢iI-*'||!\'-k=I\iwrlF!|I!.IIi\9l was at Y\. i.V‘.i.I“‘I'|‘I:\.i‘.‘|.lI‘3i”3’s' w-«;n¢a.y%‘omn; res; 1-8-'r.e’ FULTON ’ f V FJl:NANcm,.l vrERnx¥*anaRR[o0u§?nssmcHns. Saw Your. Feb. 5.,-—'-A..‘ \,\’a8W&g!°I! §\£’x:'.§‘x“ ’z‘;§.‘zif\”“&s\s.?§?.“'~'i°h2..»;‘?2'.3“}‘oe“:‘:§;e; ;3x,;..g tqzme ‘ngunsi i; vahcné it comes back 9 , 061%: “i Jun ' tame Pn:‘s~gI’5'::po5i'll6q w-\§om’u'§1\'§cb¥°§:?n, _ Americgn gxhibigg °“'xI‘:\e l,[hisc‘;Ic!‘¢fA:-g-Conmixtgc y_este_nii[ Mr. Pgmexsou '9! Northrop u— c9n \ lgis.Uniz_¢_d,5l\|tgs D1sx_nctaA,ltqmey or sonsh Cm}- n'?he nylud of United S1at¢lS.mum ‘S Collector. Arhnsu. h_'ai mg e..pg-c«l’§1':.ynucm.: deyuty, zumxxesauou ‘°\r§‘em133l»w;‘s sais tln:m.n'sIcr of‘ thc 1111-‘ dim Butggu go\ awn 'D¢'P”P'¥l1_,¢_m ii. 0°‘ PMF‘ me. 'l‘!3_e~Pngsident o;p,ose: 3;, and Igxdlan _Co:n. missloner Hl)‘r.I‘.wnnts. gs.ooo:_.aotry-tine ¢X1>¢i‘Im=m ol establishing anj1:.:dx.a_n p0l_x.¢c force on V- gscmtksns. ”_W__7 _ , u€;L:i'u-akaprrak G601: Tamas.\ J!oAr3y' mp rocx-at .s6EN}=9 A’!‘{1‘!!.'I: wnngx; { N ‘.1! km 1:. ‘ '!hQl_&|bnhgiI§_nn_nuyol .81,» ‘A 8. ' .2”. In-c ..-91:86 T *\'°'°'~ T u-iu .. go! Unlnd ,n¢w,}IC,aeoup......... .. xog \ \ “ :3? .23 Unitulluug a‘ E.\3'.:‘a%\\“‘ ' 132» Izod: Exchange today qgrecnled .Zqlc;f D:-:}'¢I; # Fq‘r:( Pqgk. storm of thw !‘\.IILii‘tjt\§nZoiII-.—” Aurvlvori >~,-‘-Ha,rr6.w’lnC Dkhtse,-<Ir:,voi'}r ' ‘$1.9 Wnhmv \ark 9' . ‘L OYSTERS;-~ THE -LEC3l$I.-ATUVRE- ’ff1)_(r. ‘Baymexi. ‘|_h¢-1'i;§\t:>’§:x'. guys: \ §'Vhi)¢_,ia Che xix» .zm¢1. At W-1».-J» nraqclock lug . _.ux,4 ;,n,m_f¢<_,l 9vgrl299,rd. 1n.5V¢-m1nWiI~.M.I he shur ‘,'|§'~|h9\§¥' *nnje‘hundrgd~y9x§_§!l9II3‘!l;Ae s X beligyg Hwy W129 W tslpotc mnld -a§wd 1.! mtzfwsmvhrgpqly far. Mia: 13:; _ jwn 11 stones hours: ,._An. , ‘ p: Iotp were woindcd. .l.m,IM.i— ind him *“:::?.*‘ F-***°**~ ‘ um‘ A II penn- :<lie§\o‘l~ ihaivnck. 93': \“ '3om»n-«\25: bra-‘s k5x9ck¢d_ on! wl}ilé on \the bycyuginiz ‘£33 mes§»22;.£\-‘ ‘“ua.‘2',‘i‘F‘-*u‘r 1&2’ us? cam: 3:25. A%on!'bi1e:Ei out Into the set an v_c not yet <_ o . .u’:§.°°'x’n.’I‘i§i.”§§‘.?“Tn§‘1‘na¢'§“s5u:“..‘3‘¢§s\Z’r 'a'‘‘''‘'' well wbrthg cit ;ecord.’w¢u'1h:i mxiiksled out the en. min; cat_ 11:: wtegk by Mn. A.nne'tK_II_€¢7“ 3§‘?n‘3°i?fa.°3é'é’u1Z”3£i“é?;‘2,'.?.?;1“.f§2'é3u§°f.?“x§.' gmbom: for x§méi‘u.a_zt:§;e until the dos; 1 Pgcxg nu ._ . _. . A 1l:l;f3xp§ whgtxeeer {£13 Rafe: might Inn in , itqxg (or 11:: ‘without 4 _a‘u,u‘rn1'_ur_.‘ Anni mg}; 11:: \\\‘»..“3‘l‘.‘; her nc\€p6.s3ti9ii. he “Riot 31:?!» Harrison. who, wbca , éd him .130 _p_i)o;~_h,mu¢,'.. was: grasped byqunncmastcrrclqadsi almost‘ lmxucdlntely mm fxpm, a mhlgu break‘ gr. which dmvmed hcr than nun. :1 11:: same thiine \nshc;t;g he; h‘Li;b:1n<!Yro:1;‘the Yn $3 tou Q 0 _ €171!‘ _ _ day-vru her 15:-aycr xha:e{:é':‘1:‘usb3nd°:;,‘;§§t I15 ad? CI’ NXCCCO I‘ 5 I 0 IB& CV ‘(fitted to I $€¢ll.t'¢xPl3§XUO!\ ‘bydlgi sldg. V‘ In ibllgllqunl c:a§§\s?.>£ Sgsick and injsmd who had wad xcfug: x ,c'i\e; *1 Again ‘$8.1 her hgsmic fonizude sux‘x‘ift:;;e<l&rhc}::?t}ac Int \-csxigcof dz: ill-Ines! ship R3“u.. :.‘.‘.?m ‘a,‘:\::.‘°.3:; 1-§°.I.“\§£'°‘:'.’3 lonmm. aha had bun throughout amt dgpl’; in- Iucsmi I» we lady‘: me, Ia! bar and herhushlnd }?§;K'”“\“%¥.“‘;§°m”§;’ ‘€33? “\ . men I: , to 0 mm ghzngllgggwmgg A In minutes hm ltirrg “id in, W: R at’ .31. xii npntc. . ythlngsvol the 3.89:? ml cktplitv ‘W :.:°r.:%~.:: ****=::.;”;:§ :'i;..:.*:':*:: dbsgiulmaé: ms yank Tram hijafif ind Kitiaon: ‘§\;:?.“mm’ 1?“ ‘n ..\\“\”‘ “‘ ii‘: 5?“ °’ : :1 ~ can 1: run mu: \ ‘flunk God! ahuk Godf {pluttend lion kisiipo though an: luraki {mm A12!‘ minutes h1h¢_‘l!h‘c fgmdly at ffauw o\n«sn‘lam.a as nu _ ‘-un'_»g._¢ty lent utu ta1ccbox¢'|hc%rs§,x;l‘I‘fsel‘L:mk: cream from an .uxHuu-adhle. but i.\'1‘u:. lie: lmsbnd us the ks; thu no mam! cull had of sullen-n. os. :33, 2'5-5 and. 257 lIf%f ! SEA -FOOD. LAKE FISH; lPBHL’mY AND LFBUIT ‘L SPECIALTY. ’ ”’”\‘»’V M\ Tu 5.-31;: aw , , ;._ , gull: 1?o.1R?!“W: hnhvc Z.¢.;g; . , I _c-lo.) lg. -'_ ....*‘*<':. . €;a:\:.*'».—‘.“.Y. w 3* \~ »- -~ . T '’he''‘ k'i-Hair’. 3-””’°'“‘\‘. lidd ‘ K . Jens. MI; i&::.1mea §;“*:V xaIldx£II!_ut as jd A ”' Ikwuain Q mo.Ias.i..-.1-l-I-+ad8-II1!- lsdemsuul. Ow-ts - , uh-amt lwtku ssud. 1.24-;t4~ot.iO---at Icy. Bedaglpcl. ‘Kilian m ' v I when the time waoggm ho Aéumblir ‘K49 Last Year‘: _ trqn-shgite . ALI.m1'.Fcb. 5. T “ \ Acuonzmourrunrrw R. - Canned Goods. Fm, Vegsublenhil soap. Pre-.s¢xvu, Jami, P3;k3¢9o 5%\¢€I. Cate zaps. Olim. Sa1.ar1“0lls. Imported and Domistic Cheese, and g1! ‘ kinds of Table Relixhes. \*7 ,é,I.'.~...“-#\ SOLE»AGE _Crockc;ry. China. . 7agd='GIassware lyllr. ‘Hicl'u'-‘-To uieml section mg; of lhc godgb ‘uddlgg Irotds, met the third line, thud: of other‘ 2/hm uortgzgcd prem- 'tcI.‘ ’ ‘v< » ,,. w_ —-'1: in‘ * _¢e zxnusnhxiz I*s1'3e\L‘ge'cs-1».-y. to? thc purpose I.=i was ,9?\ (:9: Ngrz-J;-racy. under the Non}: Rim. Rew City, under the Bus! Rum. to }{,unm'a ‘Point grad to Long Island. (or lnnsponigg,_;:c;m, n M . Iubba-‘—lI‘ ixiiexess Id tt,.azIe‘s‘s:nE’nI syncs‘: instead gin glglregcgxt, OFBER AT WHOLESALE ' ‘ 2 1 ngggnguhznn xhcclutuqguumul na—-«--v«---- « m°'.‘9E§£‘é.'’ - 5? Kati!‘ \\‘--3*’ 7 ‘mg.’ ‘ ‘ Ceh!r;L.. .:z ‘WuunIhh|‘1'_ V wckgggmuw ” S‘ ,_-,.(__ “.31 nu: . U 31 war .tC°-«:3 ~* 1: as Anu3c1Iu£P\‘~\\ 1 anti‘: .. .. 91 unnus . wuo -,1 X.Y.C.&_:l'-§_-.__f-: 9 cmc,‘¢¢A.p;¢( .:no A‘; 9.;-=.:.*e:.....*:..v*. 7 ¢ >,,.‘;\j:j u: A.tP..Tsl=-.- '1 ......¢s...:. :=;»-;,; Lgvamggd 1.: ‘guid. .. .. 6:}: Ctunllhclic 1165; :3 tma-2.?=..»u ~%a;;§ )|~;cI-Ihuqh'I|1Jf_-”- \ ‘ :?n ‘ 0091- 4!: Zxchuucabon 43335 I:xhcuvun:Jn'k-cc.«u:p-chad.-rumba Crockery. Kerosene, F ixtutes. ‘E ” Bohemian ‘Ware. Dewy‘: Anuapolis 0y:I:r.t, lb: Crane mung: Grove, Mandarin, Flori- - (la. Tkayer': Derlicinus .§'nl:m Falls Sausages, am? Na- ,m:t'.s Oraltgtt C0118- ty Butttr. FORTY-FIFTH CONGQESS. ,I1u.§ YASSID. Exlcading (ha time for the 'collr.-ctinn of mm in Hudson. , . WAsuI_xo1'0x Feb. 5. Mr. Coukllng said he hid received I tugs num- ber otypetltlons fwm citizens of man? counties in New. ark. in {amt of the 1}-monetizit an o! Silvct. He obscured that these pen: on; same in printed in, one form. Ind were 11:: pxqanct of An ayganjxxgd“ e Hg: denied that-their rcprcu-ntv,-d the win. iau or wnvlctions of the people, Anon’; the pct!- ziqns he (om! x,xuxe_s_. 0.31.; sue: note. he ngbin writ- ‘in be_1o\v.the gxxinted matter. was signed gr sixty gigggps of Montgomery. Onngc counl'y.'~~1 e lhtn tend the note. in with they renotmcc the clot: to xtmonetixc silvex. and xcgud mos: engagod in that c as being half idiots. ' Mt. Wallace. 0! Pa.. from the Coufnittev on I-‘inmcc. Wllorltd with an amendment his 1:11! to authorize 3 ongtbnnd In: tho investment 01 swings» Mt. Edmunds submiunl usasobhioa insttuctin the Committee on Appxoptiat:'u>ns- to xepon I bl making adeqggxc vision {or the en;\¥«3‘,t'I‘acn: 0! additional c!b in the 1‘cns1ou snv3‘SuI3:eon Q‘ene:-:1‘: o!‘.‘zu:..-,1ln.,z.»:l_:c:! its cons! an- 113% but objection was mule by I. Duds. at West a nu. ‘ Ptrxonwlt __ Nuke: dulhu! sis. £1.13}-£O_x.Io)£;' ‘ ‘ F...‘ m-mace r:-suann; tuck uu.sx..2m°;-§p’5‘a; * .—~’ ~» ‘V N m n:agut:n1lct,t9: Uuxd:'1x.161i_g%m& ~r» Upper Road tggaqttddculc Io,q‘buZ “ —A_I|¢ndiI¢!lIe chute: of the Legnl 81731:. lhVtIisq¢,:—-I-‘pr «I depot in Mount \\_.emon. T bill clubbing‘ the _A!l.u1tic Mmu'nI1_.:fe In. sunuoo Conpu_q..oi Albxny. to xesumc bnsincss was couside'mc_1_ gt: Committee of the Whnln. and am: _ Thesculg qon npponnuncnts ol scvm! Notaries Pnhlic. Adjouucd. —GLASSWARE, . CLOCKS. RETAII:;;.A»4uge variety of J. B: STAFFORD, No. 354 Mama STREET. l“OI?£IGN F1A'dA’ClA£. ‘s _ hznjon. Feb. 5~u.3u r. u. Ugihd ‘:I‘.n45{;' 53.61%. $1.063 In-49). Sun); ICU Sun, 1:45. LIFE-STOCK 1|IAR'4\’£_7’, » lnl:lo.Frb. ,. am. CA1T$.3.w-Rqgbll xingcgurhn in ien Lomuaggplyumtar 1hh_wgd_:_1.g¢ splat 5.2266 (qr Ll: wvI'I'c.sqnn;!In( vlzlivil-\ met, 1 dactcue ol Clea. Sh!pnealsdnoe<mx;hats,t36ictd,an:illIl!Itll:tiIIclh saémzxiuuls-:59 °tI!!..-, WW “'3- adactunseolsly. oulyt -nodcnlcly mus. -anddunrinnhe dtxmntl, its nuke: ucnei Ialouiu mac. Ela r..u\a-ygnhcr. did: uuoaxxrip o(yau=I1h]- -on-in I-ii»; racially uxuu. nu: unupmlandedpztwnaepkudhnweckmtr put rtgstzaaznuatboycnrunoz u hrnuuik n:1.\Icié3:thez;uz!ityo£1h:slock1u-nlrzlawthztveticc ulthepaalalwonrochhuicnltlhebunchuntcnuleln nanycm-ubdacunmva at wave. AI ulnuynud. snhwenockugnounae (mg the using sxiczsal hu nthnlawuihglyxuuneuuhn Auaxv. F.=¥n»-3. The Chair announced the speck! ordgr. 0:: con- cumnt xuulution to concur in cam!-toll‘-sheet mics. bei.n$thesI¢ne nus: ytnnalwnzesqlmtionby Mr. took: to nuke the lnnpomnon 9! now: (me. Mr. Hayes cxplained that the Can! :n after cucful cotsiticxition had sgtecd 21:11 the tull- shat of xuiko to be mdoptcd. He favored tbolishlngt lL:§eelh_€T.bI( that could not be done wixhoul uxemlin Cf'6ns.utuxion. He o ! In gnenducal that out. kachu! -Ashes xndpouckum be made fuse. DECORATED FRENCH C-HIM. ESTABMSHEE 1818. ANTIQUE POTTERY. TH E MAR KETS. GENERAL 114, ~ 2' ¢:-span‘. ' 11...... ......a \ ‘um. ;3'..?};£.‘3:’?» a .mu.-: § Wuannuhu. m and t1;k':[<>,\,r}:lch:1coud unyrm. nlclluwsg !le:‘.Qr.9i}3 IlA3)£ Ruck CV‘ 39‘ 7*. 53!‘-1:31?! \Nth. 1I?i4= 333- Out: am Fan. -awe k-ah. nmmsazc Ray. mi: ax-en gamed at has: -WI. I-at trans mm. mm Aral In Il:»3vt.I...xhnurhsInxntnxc1n-ax tms.-July-.Mo;h¢ nvznl I.r..ui~. No. s tum; Ra z :¥:E¢.III. it-935$ Yuk. im Km a-my-Jinx: BRDNZ ES. FRENCH CLOCKS. HILLS Rlhllll S,trrIg'r:g S:‘!:'er. No. 284 MAIN ST. llr. Brooks cxutd to: a disvisioa of the qncsuuu udnldcniy $91.73 was re,c:_\u‘ed lI.s!\‘5“&ar (nub: . Hr. f,Ie$i,:;r3 though: if the revenue was sad). lheresukt for asking Qua: {me an equnlly By Mt llnzr-v-To gmlcct me Unity! Emu zgaixxsa Inudnkm cmmx ’ By Hz. Conovcv-Fu: the pmlrcuoa at subcon- mcton nnyinz th: uu By Mr. §£:nm~—-To yloltts uimcncs ix; Untscd Stanza can HATED \\‘AR_E—, GAS FIXTURES. €1.91‘ cuss Ex is: t;—G¢ulu “ In I‘, . ' ant: 14:9 ihnandmpu-iai .. .,... .355. gee; ‘Q22: I!-_g:2—:?i£:. 1.-in :- Eeugajkruzau noun. wigisq Igo: 8.599 WW‘ 4.4 .- sis 5550 u;'Ir]$!>99n3§3 IN. .. .‘,;.,.g_.-'.« .0150.“- Ngima cm»-sum: I: hit lash. Inkl- .¥=zt.°s:tu monks’. . 4930415 ! :9 %.%§'a¢\-..-at-;s.=-—£e. . ‘gm gs; Sm! Cnwc--cnule maniac (mu fun to nimmmu éomdué \ ' ’ \ \ ” lek!1s.8-Iduullwcz ... :13 Q3; The $O“¢I§!'¢!t the M31911 txzhanhu: Km. Tl)?“ S CD. II had al sum II’ light: 3+5--Ii lstddolvuu :4 («Ian anus Inu Ruhnotthullvlitmw had ship:-bx amen-yd: WHEN; 6.1’. ll:-wvaliu CC». mid cl but um; mn.xt..;_s.ud nan mo in ntpsg. ‘nan;-uni Gcarrac u9lha.,It hp; :1 40. umlhu 1.31-yaw: 3:43.13. uilltat)-I$;a:a:-II in Mind: 1310. at nmmuum ulvuv men in as has -Asa. xoguhcainlhu u rabaihuukgn xmucw, 11:. h I1 laqnll an 15“; 1;. do. 3! :51! Kt! સܶଓ୩८ਝਝ૨ܶ৭ਝਝণથ૨୩Ŏ Dknaowxt. ‘sxntulbuanbzm in; K.KO3$‘\,IUOgI Phil: a;\\1nasnvF.ru§,s_LxIalg;l~r2unrm4&.t_!$I~!-31 nun *!‘!|h!&l0-A4:-I-C4 nit av my 11594’: N.G¢b- Ilttw-M Iylcn utaadxsanav mg!» all-uu l.'lh.Ia& nnmlvutlta-. Hal 1% Cnhiéaci-t'nLv9u3_hn§} I lbaau.«z-Ram;xuiuae wh qac:bn_I.u.a.uu~4L_: ulna- \ ণ૨ஏੈ৮fi ܶ ¢u4mc»_ndLnut:$o:a»1vc:i.I.Ilactun:_ola.Ian sup- mwe». uv-in £!|'!‘l1'I!ObI|AI R00! «mt. at g.§t5.‘kOnIDo-6czwg.aIlIhI¢i- now.» I re smut. 3' no-thug axwwmunmtnum kink: hm; We amt» cxugsuaauxn in our quv.uw.u.&'ui-ms. tut wand. ems; umMa|)vnIanI$uos4.u.ahnI MS-urinal umnunumngzivubounnlgwt. rum kph.‘ ouusunlhe :4!-in \ akhtnwha In album me: an lnnuithlouiu-duurwhvvtgh 0;.-:3”. \\'l:.n‘mt!wawnuucRur.TuhO&Ca» nil gm-nu-. ‘lirlbnaul 5-In-use 32-vintages: mam: (‘mu-Sm §cou;u.L >1. KI:-h!&Co.m; Sxtvpc linghlum l\'uunhlv-tar ug—h&3l nut Algefrunluu uhcr.-.ymumaitmugutIInn.:u \again\ ! Iustla Ian: I: nuemidu a:Iuaduh.ouB)Ass luq tum -rm noun» a spa hml mraonh. 111.1031 um «pm-Mel nuns: Mo. nuapnuxumfaywut «tuna. unu- Ls: upctuuiiu-nduinp In an iluupuap-«iota nun-tisuvimnuuahu N uutouu. null when ,sm.n:-axing-beorhxmauamly an on g-«nah: mvgmé-rxlunllhhj atom. The muuunagku unlumuuausul the {mm «mm Gama»: muainqouot nu 112.0! In an and unusual uumiziltm hdqguhpwuu M»ts¢t.\uuah Sunogmsauuhxuaulcn cup In carnal conmngmou. ‘iietahuouuusuu-aniooolol-lhao mun cmllatnul aunt: (in Iran camped um» \\‘uxxmpm)wuwl donut lm M1. In ordcnonlm ‘lhanzrktu of Macanauy and so manner Hyu- wmaqm Intuupnmx. ! \ In uwoluu «mama natmsaz we be hit-and-wt. um thereo- unmux \ ň ૨ tor mnuuuud icmvuucgu Iauana-hdttntm Wcsul 85.¢a3.:.g;. us! 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Skin”:-—Au:ndmg the Rental huuucs win to hr: the begwunn: um bi-nanny, Ad}o-mud. _, Wm) & VAN Dmzmzza ' IMPROVED OILS TEN: Czumtannmhhhqm Ha ha; Dun Vin;-31h ,Ix“§‘thl.m|ly.hdon usaraéxilaa m u£’ (mu nor: an 1): '-“:.°':.: um '*‘**.z‘§?.;\.‘.'.**.' Hat brim . . It‘ ' . ...*:*.*:~...-.-M: e.“.$.'.‘»’.‘$:'.:f‘§é'ti.!\:';‘$.‘.f?..£‘§°.’;.£‘.*a.' u:.uuhq~ , ..§**;1:*.s:.m':::z ‘M W “W h’q.—'W|uunuonLe (ac and. um ‘WE .\..‘.\.:\“’”’.’:.“'..a .72....‘ “\?.:.“:;.%°. ‘°‘ ‘.*..“.:; tn lmna ‘ti-m a M! wp an tIuI$ohA1h . ' 3 mm-:§'u '\ ' p£\a? \m *\\='-*=;*.\*°***'3\‘.‘.;‘!f%:.*«.':.;.*4::‘§:*~ 4 hc:=¢v‘:If‘ocIc:t was. zoom:-«um. uc xh.-J3'ae:a uh‘! X’ I RA!LROJf.0.5'. S TIE.-'1.-ill-':?.S'. TRUSS DEPOT Aoamf-uiiiian. uAC!i!2«-IBRY AND BURNING. ERGIRE. SIGNAL BYURBER. u \ COMPOUND WMJH 0113 ' ..“::;°£.«?‘1.':«'.‘:.'i:\.?‘“;.‘s“fu‘..”.a“§ L'..\.‘:.:*‘ “\ “*'* Pusrs l'*n:u:y,u__I'm'xnLs:uua mm Hmo~!.tom Ouum Exnu mun Fuss Tut. Doxluc JLEGD NA'ruxu.,Q;,;,s. of wl;.s1’ER.\ .'~'li\\'-YORK ls !\'I;w.\'ou:. Feb. 5.-Th» Goumamc: appointed II a mctung of but Ptutdcma. to pro- xu! tgnhu-I may 0! than Slim hm. hm: pm pared a mmnrim was. I: will be olgnaedhy the bunk l’l'EM!1€ ‘New-3'm£. limos, 2-um. dam uni lkmmore. Immu say... owing to the sum lrgldmon during the last three «em. t3.o:o.x.u at Unhnl Stuns bonds: have thus mid :1 this my on am-rum, Q3.w.).o.so more are on tho wary. us: or. dun wen vvecsved ynftnhy to dnpmc 0 $2.51),- uw ____ _. CRIME! AND casunuruta. C. .11’? “I. YAIA N'S FOREIGN.\ (Statues: ro I‘ II. Fumvva TRL\5SF3 ll,-‘RD I'J.A5T!C um SLFKIKU wnum ntoluaxlurxos. Coxnnxnzsoru, Feb.dI.,-The urine of Grand Vina‘ ha been sbollxh land a new mlnm formed. conshilnsol Ahmed Vc Edy.-udL I‘ demo! Ibo coma ol mama and Muuucroi (M {union Serve: Palm. Mlnmcr of Your!“ Mhlns; Rwggf ruin. Minister at Wu; San Push. Nlnlstcr at Marine; Klan! Pnha. Mixnbxer ol 1-‘lance; Nunyk .l'uhI. Grand Hana of Ar. Koilllgy, and Sahel Pasha. Ptuidcul 0! the Conan‘! tile. unudmmxn Iruuuuwchhrl.-corn ~13‘:-. we one «-9 H113 mlunzly at man. (mg 1.: In 3;. nunmcmg to Mun am‘ on had 0; (I19 1.‘ cl swam nu . Nmwa I! “ su M Em ...,.. 1&2... mm “\'-'* Mnnuvmumaa or UILS. C. M. MAN. Cnzsusr ARI) Dnuumst. or‘ n '.\!.\m 51.. can Sovm Dwmox “H muy!m;tnuqmu gu-.um:u2:.--ltuko. canal: (or my. . Qfrsmu.-«ltntlm In vrkhufnitamud. motinonuxe an om:-m sale Smhatldcs-Grcu ‘rem songs». an '““=****x»‘:*,*' ‘ W ;_;.;:;.::<_5‘~.§:.s*g_a“‘.:,*:;=.*:~.-z:“au.°::,¢ ,.:;~,. uh: Fan-Ilnvmc. Man. Fcb. 5-Star: he been mcivcd ollhc mu:-dc: o! Simon Palmer. gun. at thh pure. mm Brady Cuy. Ten». whtxhu to had gun: to ruse stock. __ Mamas. N. (L. I-‘eh. 5.-john Onboviv. 'pro- 1;nc1uroHd¢—(hbnm Hansen! tslacdluc. bl: wile «augbm and son, are chltféi by a man! an‘ with mun!: \ .\l mi), 3 Irtll-known slatcketpct. vs odiuppearcd am amber Wuouwn. N. 3.. Feb. 5.—ludurd Dell. ed eighty, urn (sully gum! by 1 young bum yank Cxzucmxan. Feb. 5.-Wm. I-lubbcl.suock-dealer. of \\‘oI'lhingtnn. !nd.. Wu robbed oi 35.c:o by Mghwaymcn while murnlng home but es-thing C0§;3.N%\Y COUR'mF£l§IE COUNTE The ‘ an a Awxs:;su.p§:I23!§‘3:§au lot! In! mush ‘ :2.'*\.*::'*.: *.:.‘*:';*s:\:.2.:*' ..5._. ....‘::*.:§:.' 7:; C OI IQ . n * . . . . - no -em; :z:\.::.-mi-.:z.~.*:1....r. L°.‘:‘..“‘.‘.... 2. .. F ‘ . mt. ll uaokfock 1,: iacuobn («mm ac?§§3§mmam«w-mrumxrumum‘ ‘:gAE¥n‘E1¢n.“~;?>i*’n:u:?:laIrn§1uc lv‘l;u‘[°.‘m|¢§1 nu cs: J Bu to.°S('ountyol and me‘? New- ‘Votk,tn4?be1ag\E\ the smtwn rm at ‘I-rllél nau- $\’ f}3§ii.’.*.€‘x'.‘1.ac.\:'”“‘°P.\¢#y?$:§‘§‘.¥‘.u:. ur- erftdf n-at pm on-“L19! iIii\berc1,nlt¢a. and: D} sbcmmn Lyon mac?” media Erie County Cktto :,1:'2‘.:-.::*.‘:..“‘.*=:'.:hs=,*.t%::.:*.::§:: :';.°;.:':'3:-\v':= =1;-.‘: '=::;*‘=°\*** **.°:JM*\*'~°\ “* ;.'°::‘.?.:§.’ .—..:.‘.- luumx.aM§:s!n:;‘:w::fr‘-tc“r“§a (act if from by on km» um It-nzaty-lhl’I‘c‘Ild spun at deep oauaeam I is cbmgilulion of the new Inlnhlry undo! European (gnu Ind dcalfzxduona mm: In Indian: vfunlfm mp in the pun: rdnnm. SWERA PLATED WARE, Si: .‘'...‘.*£’.:’.l‘v‘:‘:..§«'.;'s... % BUFFALO. N. Y. fnm nuzt. \l.o.~mou. I-‘eh. 5.--Tclc.-sum: {mm Pam my time is some con o the rumor lhal Rania k:hnaguAi:llng for the sumnder of the whole Turk. i ca. DIi*i(T()RATED FRENCH CHINA -Raw--TM nuhctkmks 6:31.. lame mnodxy. (mu ;IgtI,Quolod\rkI Vt& セ mwoihysei Imus-.suxa qumxy tag‘ ..iuonofh5eu. On «nu mglmnn mamas 1! iempuytinelrtu home - .l&umn.—3a¢ hlngilnzgcwle nut; Ru out: No. 6831:‘ bid! now : -. a . gutTanru3e’33: )fn.1a5u:;h'o. sea mxn ac. U‘ It xx samnd wmyc;«2€o. : can Nm.u“®‘ pan to q~\dP;’: ‘gnu-Al o. ‘ a. comma , . Hod’ Jg 3¢o.|Vnt\d°‘kcsheI3yzlq§n Now do 1‘; Pnuowm.-2-Rcimd 113 me last ucx I95 isuuupc. Fccculots rarclnduaannngu-requou. ELECTRO-THERAPEUTIC Rarwsn. Feb. 5.—Prinoc Montenegro In» It ‘sung! the umnucc and ordered a ccsxanun 0! has. I '3'.‘ .----—v HONTENEOIO MEEPTS. IHNSZER A80 TEA SETS. Mmmnn, I-‘ch. 5.<-This morning a qt- mnnded rcmmsjan to we 1 mmradc con in um 1:11. J’: Int Damon nfuuzd, and the negro begun abming mm. Mr. Unnou. drawing a revolver. I bullet. which. mining um ncgro’. wen! thmngh the door of Comcikui n 'n&ro~ ccry, two hun red yank dlstnnt, and smack En ng jut bclaw the hurt. He run into All ldjnlning mom. and mum; into the arms of1’xisw{fc;ticilaim: mg. \Db Ruljc, l'_m Mllcdff and won exyira. A \VA1'r.x1~owu. Feb. 5.—-Last evening Mr. and Mn. Forbca. of Dcpuynuzt, ancmptcd to cross the St. Lawrence River at Morrhmwn without 3 pilot. with two harsu and a covered carriage. They took the wrong mad and the ice gr-ave #1. Fame: from the :’\,menc:n shoxcuvcd 3 r. nnd ks. Forbes and one one. Axxnzrv. 5-‘V’ Sr. Pmnnunc. Feb. 5.-The epualion ol hos- tlliuu his pmdlccd more anxiety dun mioicing. A 7' GRl:'.~1 T I. Y RI.D(/’('I:'D PRICES. INSTITUTE GEO. E. NEWMAN, V6916 is uodenu nqu-at u axons to. M“ '1'.“ ‘§\°°“::‘£n'L2i1nry 1 .4»: r .on amount m ढ୩ 9%-_cd£m umuemina .4 lontrhzn. (Sound :1 pr. cnundy mmlnd. Y’t0\‘tsI¢i!t--The mutt: mks «Indy 3! prt (mola- rung: . I .0). down. Haw bus guy még §3$1'x°'s.c; wt“ chdm $w%- :I‘:l‘c1u\i huge: R begs °°xma'=;'c'°£r3':° nt\&em{a.l::‘y l(utt‘idn¢ tor -.13.‘; Ion lnyngci 3 ‘retail my. u étknn on wheat. uh: on vl‘¢I1’AlLl..1;-JVSIIOQ In modem: demand an get for :.¢$1{,:e;Ig baa: lurudalmws. “Onions. M-asam. hu- ; mug; pat on. W...-...,.x. mule:-and. Leucnol Inquiry no bean; tcccitul (ml the county In districts when cider man-cc. mauve to p lbe lunufn a which wt queue al Igepetnllon uni Inga for pa.-lug . Wm-rt: Stu’u\c:.-All pal: on which the storage has . V ' ‘ c or is free unpu 52%: wet tgagsognlng u bgaxfsal era’; as « tb_¢f¢OEn\ :3 Wocx.-—!'ine quoted at 3d’&33‘c: pulleg _;5@4:c. COURT OF APPEALS. nixed lb: nwsdiyol Jamar agcmuu Nam‘ c ya I max scn 1 ‘G. ’ HF‘ . &. kmm¢n....-,..,..., _.. ,-.-.,.. //’ ALBMLY. Fcb. 5.-‘The-following is the (mm at Aggpcals ulcndgt V for Thursday. Feb. 7th Nos. :7 .87. 91k 99- I66. 16- (93. 5!. ' Motion for turgumcm denied, with Stow»:- Madge vs. Pctig. S ctidln vs. Jackson. Rcmillurc amended b{Erc\-using somucb ol judg- ment ugh-es the pleinl the costs at the Oenenl Tenn 0! the Supreme Conn. Ind reducing in extra allon-me: to the plainti to $250, without (051340 either party upon this motion--Luuimcr vs. [Jeer- more. - — For th¢LTrcatmcm.9f all Diseases. T .“xLi:cA'1~uoxz5.1 \ No. 444 Mam STRt‘.£T C,UPREME COURT--Eric _,Goc.u;iy4--Jo- :{.....,‘:‘z‘o*.'.':,‘:*\.é'*'- v‘=::“'.:-.ra**\‘ -“'* <:‘,\“ W3.“- . . - . rum a vacuum. mug‘!-. «mum. mm Vnlcm ne. Huhuu Wain Truman . Buttill. Fete: llelzvren. ! Saar. David’ F. Rama, limux Tomu Ynch. Ia 8chadc.Iohn G. Languleruad B. d¢.d¢lcadun. To ddemhnu than-tuned a Van Am hereby tummonexuo amvm the compmnl In this action which will be tiled in :1: come: 1:! the Cktk 0! unit eoxm the City or numuo. In metye 3 cos? oi {on anme: on us. at mar ovate lnuheclly 0! Ba! o,w uuu uvtng‘duya II!!!’ the acute: .1:ol.¢xt:!onlveo¢ tho: dly oi Iu sarvtge ~ um! I! you ml to uuuvm the can llhll‘ u nfmuasd thelgininu will Owl!’ to the co\mJor re let‘ dennndui In euld uomph lilz. said comp! nt was mad talk? 33111 day of June. 1817.!!! the Erie County Clerk‘: I a- - . Dated {nine : :8 . ~ ‘ - ~ . 2-:m'§ a’I:nr.v xnumm Au o. r4 own annex, sumo. N. Y. To Raphael Strauss and Core: Ynuch: me foregoing summon: 1 ncrvcd swan wt: publica- uon. ununnt to in order M Hon. 1:. . nnnondr Erie Eoumy Juan. dated 0.5 mm dug olognnuaérnlyl and fired mu: the complaint n ur a cc the k 61 Ede County. EW15 & GURNIW. 1'l:lnIl Attlkneyt. SKATES! SKATES ! No. 118 Dzuwm Avznua DR. BARNARD. A I. I, K I N D S . Sleds. Sleigh Bells. Pogkgt-knlgtia. _ \ ' - ziblc Cutlery. and Carvers. ‘R/msom AND ALBION RANGES. HI-ZCLA ‘Pmumz Sroxvssf‘ V‘ MINOR TELEGRAMB. Judgment Is lb the pmnmr the cash of thc General Term of use Suprcmc Conn. and reducing an extra allowance to plainti to $250. without costs to time! pmy upon this motion--Lanimcr vs. Livcx-more. Bosmx. Feb. 5.--'l‘hc Mcrumilo Savings Bank was enjoined from doing‘ business loodtty. I 1:» a capital 0! $200,033. wh ch will be absorbed by its Pisa. Dcpnsilors will gmababiy not be heavy oscts. .5»: mccmcua will take chug or the Gentleman‘: Dipmu lltxtt-5-Thcrlpeuuu. mum nu. Wnn. )t.~D. will have the Ipvncltl can ol the In‘ Deput- umt \n Intctxo-1‘heupeu:let. ‘rtmmughly mined uslw. uu will be udcr [belt ulxpegvlslou. ‘mm of m... c:;:t*:.....¢m';:\.:.:: W“ °' AI,uIn)'cpJrIocs-‘_ ‘ nun Idusun bcdonhy I. let ' th 4 .~ :\=.....*:::s:... 22:‘ - Judgment af ! vs. lb: People--3 cases; Pcopie vs. Casey. Judgment al ! with costs-—Moorc vs. Hege- mnn: bllllvrell vs. Mums! Life Ins. Co.; Mcrwin 31. Stasrofkhcl lns.cCq. Van Alina vs. Fl;!‘l1¢l‘S' oint l M. 0.; I vs. a ct: A cs vs. Bull; Soulhu-d vs. Pmncy; Pcgpnlc, ax gel. Munday vs. I-‘Im Commissinncn. {Iudgment a ! without costs to citlmr patty -- rewcr vs. Noyes: Brewer vs. Pcrriman. {udguncnt amnncd, with costs of allkfarlics pay- Ib e out of the csmc—Shnkspcare vs. axkham. , Appeil dismissed with .costs——Monson~~s. Li:-tleg. Natxonal Bank of For! Edward vs. \Va.shingwn County National Bank; Spears vs. Mayor. etc. {nglgment rcvemd. new mini granted, costs to nub glethc event,-‘:-Yioung vs. Hunt. . r]'1ii3g‘if:iéit‘l\i by dcclmng that Alice 1... ‘H _ l_)I;iy_,_i: cn§}tled to :1 share in, portions of A. T. . 133w. if:.Lhcr‘dicd wi!.hout_ issgxe. _and ‘gs court loge» paid out oi the es'ti‘te—‘-'Ln?i‘—'\7.¥.f’1.if%v.\“” judgcmentof tii uprenxe ‘Court. uni convi,c~ lion und disn of relnmr by.»Bo=u-6. of‘Policc Gomgfuslonc A ' New-York re-n-‘ersed-—]‘coplc ex rel. Clupp vs. Mayor. etc. § _‘ . Ordu n ! with c'osls—'-I’cn&)I¢ ex rel. Mme: .95. Cu'xmi vs. He-imbol . _ Appeal dismissed with com-,I.atlmm vs. Rldla mhon. ' _ ., ., , . - The Court of Appeals dmzctcd a memorial mem- oriafxiluxn in relation to the, me Jud Max. Se jéimson‘ (0 be iinscrihad «man the ale: -‘smimncs. and the ntigin ‘mnsmitma to Mr, .J%1:nson.. . , E MoN*nu::u.. Feb. 5.—'rhc Dominion Oilcloth Co.. and David Robertson. lea impnricr. me in \ The liabilities of the former in $3: 1.0: J; of the latter $2o>.c .7. I! ARDWARE OF ALL KINDS ,,_ Boston, Feb. 5.-The cil£merc1I:ln1s| uncircu- L‘KLing a petition praying thc «man 82 Album Rail- mud to make du-cc! ixonngclipn with the floosac Tunnel and with the h,o‘ha\_vk4Yalloy and run- nmg west through Nd'sv~VorT: 51ndPcnnsylvanin to Chicago. CATARRH. RHIUMATISN. h'8RVOU5,DEBI1.l1'Y. NEUKALBIA; DMD ol Vokenuthnn. Fever and Anne. nmuasius scan: g'Gnrel.ChroMc Diunnu. Gnu. skluena. touxlpqt . ‘ C:ou&uC:n- °*\°-°'\“'.;.‘:.\.::.?- °.3\-\',':.‘ ;.°‘§‘!.3';‘:.« 011\“ Eur ‘mu.-' {ntllln&S4cl'rI¢‘n='~¢|¢o‘§. Flu.-Goul1Go§’lr¢.‘:'c Swtlled Nqck (: Mull: §\‘c Hctnlpkc «l‘,IH0I0I\- nngm Irritable 5pne.eu:..Had|che. nruaule Puulgk, lnpdud Mum. lnnaamla. or she Sore an. lmpo1tac_e.J gluon oI51om:ch.K {Dio- cue. y¢t_—totpld_ bnutc on Lunxl. Llvc! Coup dam an aunt ducua toomtncruns to mention. A T RED!/’(‘ED PRICES Bl‘ ASSOCM TED PRESS. NEW-YORK HARKET. B)’ ASSDCM TED PRESS. CHICAGO Llvii STOCK MARKET. '-* Chicagd. Fab. 5. The Drr.vr1' fakrnal ngnonsz Callie-,-Rlzceipu 3,109 had. Choice xtccrs pk.-ml ul and quoted ll Q44-an@ .3o:. (gedcn andytockcrs wtqled It 0a.6aMa3.l3; bumius atqadys cog-3 iz2,5o_@3.31}£;; bull; :. . 9; men {sauna yo. Ilop- ct.-apt: ~iI.¢oo _. x aiulct. £*°°‘°°.::.:=-*:. W ..:.*:.= a , , . . . mg‘ y’: 45 p are WIVLJ. DONAIIDSON. Ncw-Yotk. Feb. 5.. Coltarw quiet. Salq ty Mlddling lljzlantis 4::-13¢. Hun-Raceipu g H213. hon: gr: asex- Q ~ Rad’; otbetkindndull. lcs t3.7oo_hb1o‘._aI the fol. lowlpgpgpa: Nos 1: la.5u@3.;Iup¢:r Wexjcm ggd \\‘§§a§‘3§\\’°' f€‘é'a.'é?e‘L‘.°m w‘é.\.‘.n“fn‘$°§?=€é‘“*53‘3o?f s~ - : -. . .- £7; ::::::;: :'.:'s‘.r==.::-.‘:*s.1'1:,“.\.‘:é\';+.!‘*c‘::.°n.‘..°a:“:'?; °‘n7:;'=.°.°:.‘\‘“ mi \***‘*5:.::?;;€l°g:*‘: 0-» *.'y~'—\-M ' ?;3;é'3;:~.*a,n.2r°.x.=:.,:*2s°§ I. 4 ~ - ,s3£nu 6 N_e\v~Yor,k N03 Syrian: $2.19 ‘ fol-No: ;[1,Q) -‘orhogllilmukcc nature; No» x'Nil_wnukue”uncM#aI:‘ u‘ ‘lot No‘ gwlnm-_Rcd: _8x.36 _ !qrAnb¢:-Winter, esttnv ‘:.3xO:,3a54 (or No :W,'_a-,If Red. Ry:-—)lukeuucnu.ckem mgiutypag-elor -=-_ (arm 7 {or sun. Blfllff-K unnyuxcd. Sarto Anti-. (‘urn-“-lecdpl: 6L«'>£3_!§gQ%a1a Isg nwnd Kc E; g :f3;gtE§e:¢?;:u” ! 5u\a_ \_m an 3);; tot an-nercrsnnn nglygcd: New °r,iI|\°3:3q€$:d(¢f°f,1“¢\-V0’ .°'l. NH. ,1‘ Yoti ! 35c{orNew-York or e - 9 . no - 1‘ extrr 1or.mo..(; -vo- 34@ cm‘ §‘u’.§3='1»'§’sié‘:’su°:’§34etzné¥5°r-hits: Weigh‘: §§93§§_,?° ‘°' -K“ sum» 3 17¢.-\'.~]_§(¢Z nu,‘ if-_ II 2. un- jcguagcg. It_6 zqcjor \n.g, rim-_-igrarkqx %-“.3-V1.-::.;.s»,;.~:=*.:-,*. .s:sg.:-za; -' Manic: “mud mi afm “-:%c‘- Sun\ a m_”}_§°Fn.m-4 ;gg§:‘EIo_3r 'I:%in%_:7%<§!{0y\ JG!olum~—. .. tzulelgmtgagg “er \\°\\-‘5j.‘:“- T‘§'1\fa¥§??ux: xhéd at Inrx.éo(E' \°““}' \T ’ 'c‘7'7v:..r.«—wes¢een'qxa?ex. az.~a.;zn-—m; » ~\’74§gr°¢'\u\ “ W I I n cleif L¢'rd-.—1.\!nr- ::§~6m'e¢Da‘::?1!°v:n-rgénecgnysfei :1‘:-6zl!4;§b1,-7'3 ‘-‘-‘inf ’-Linseed’unéhm‘ged. W’Aubr--Mme: u an owes : 3“. : .~ V . ’*' °’ , cmcmo Mxxnremcm M” E ' Wirkét‘:!u1lI§d pmnmgea, [Wm-1--Yn t-M6-J x Chlclzzlgpré '5Pd'W'.\°.’9‘g¢°:.t’¢‘fo':t¢d Chiugo 5%»; 11¢.» ‘c.'rn—-‘Bold:-A ‘{§“§‘“{f9”§,,.‘i\‘? - 3 pmuin mktymiscm “ \’ ‘X Q.o);c._u,Drw.u' . -:-«wt. -W 9‘ ‘-'-‘;‘%'a:'sT..: ».;»NIIbetulIl!'0,\‘. »-Iowa“ 3; “M, mun mun 9u.I}I'.'l.I.m.615( ....- ' .. .. -- . No. 1:: Seneca Sttcvt. - Burmno. NJ : £_UR/v{ TURE. INTERIOR WOODWORK. DOORS. F CASINGS. MANTELS. STAIRCASESJ ‘ETC. \'Di‘Ez;5e\7fz'es a Speczk/tji. We an: new altering some ANECDOTE ‘OF VICTOR EMMANUEL From (tr Plza Guzlk. Likeue 1 11 1;‘ ' '1 ,.,. .::,:.,.jé,%;2s%:,1:'::;::°s:11::'1‘;'.“1:;1::,,?111,c1‘;: rE1nman11¢l 1M 1: cm of many slofim destined to become, at at any rauno be regarded, as] and; in ghc future. In one of these n‘a1'mt.iv¢s,c§lis Ma. lcsty.‘ one day h1m11ng in the 114ci‘g‘hboxV-Xmod 01- ‘=.:%;”1,*1;.;:(§‘::1*1‘1c:‘a°.11:=;*:.'\:**2.1 _ . C § Ill j _ 1 K1}; cla ! hegnnd ‘kjlkd the hate; and the ci zcin. lgx bf 11i1.x£1-ivn1.;lt=cl1\r1:d ii: v 111 '16 mm 1 at c ‘ruse was he success- f \ Tine resuh was 3 regular trial of su~e11gth_fo1- posscssioh of the game-+1 tussle 1vhi_ch r<_:s11lIgd tn favor qf 1131; King, who wn;lkcd_qff With hm pnic, while the‘_c_:1t1zc'n poured upop mm 11 per. icsicl S\l—EB»-3b_t|$€3l.S only an Ilulmn of 1 cer- t 11 sgm asst gamma, , “ M the city gate the‘ King osdmd the oom'1Y1‘a‘ij_¥n- um ollilhc guard tin! (0110: 1111:» inxrfy citizefh nuld I'll-7 «- - '11!‘ _ 115 name an xel.-£1 eticc. [er :1 cw Ion > wA,5“‘W°T°N \°T$3- uffnccr was ible Ea say 1ha.t.tI1c unknown hxlnugi %§.yA,§1Ig1§tpN, _5.-1-_-'b1‘He_ Comznlt on was an honcstcubinehqxskcr of 1hc”I‘orta.dcl P9- _. aysan cm}: 113;, .13! c.o,h1m_¢_n1;¢c_1 the cpns:1dcm- F010; 11:11:11 the K111? sen; 0130 or ins ccmmges to £10110! the Tnm’£'1:1l_L._ Thc-v,fr1e11_dsof>1hc hnihmy c1ch him ~to.1i_1e 41:1 :1¢_:1:._ Natumny thcnmn was ‘then is evcty1p!o!1I}_):lx‘t_y;-LI1at.»it w1llbeco1ng_:n ~la_vg_.V terribly. xz1'1111z;;1a,'_g‘s1iv1:3,1.-11,s_1 33111111‘ »won1I1':twhy ‘hp 7 The_ House Cj1>m11111tt1:_11.on_ Nam! :A. 111a_vc_‘s11‘o11!d bf: \7€\111_1 the palace, and 11.13 s_vm:‘1f1al agreed to 3-cport_LfaV9r!h}ty-on Mg. \\s?!1_xlt1‘10nie::s‘bilI1 muc11_;gh13vccHv11en.ha rncozttisid 1n1111s.§§111_1: t1_1e 113:1 certn1u»_estx111_a1\es o_ 4111;: Navy ‘Department 11¢ mahvhqni }m?!ggd1bu;_c;1.. -'-‘ M_n,stcr Snis-1111. stud gxvcI_I‘in}1etIIl.~ M ,_ _ 7, ‘ _ His btayest?-. any) at the sound of_ his ownnnmo M1ni:!er,Fost_¢r met the Home Commxttee on from royxdlps, thevtnan trgmbled In evcvz ncrv¢_:-- Foreign A \ mind will meet 1th¢‘sub-cpm- \5-{aster ‘Sub/ini. '1 [mm ‘tent for you‘ bonus: 1 .~iuille‘c, -of wlueh M111. S¢hlcic}1c1'is (211111-11111:‘. on hm: fouxyrl shot rlifftgrwaut‘ ffom 1x111ne1in't11n_-l.1arc:< Thurpdnyg _ _. .,N‘ 1 , v,m‘bolh1h1g__t_!1e.bcu't. '(§51n}le‘e, we, will eia‘.tth¢_ {urn our cannula: 1re'poxmhat 1114: United :oge111cr.\and thcr 9.-1: doom! r!1o311nug- Dzivzases of Women a Speczalty. COJIAIERCIAL J!!! [T ERS. ‘ lumqu lt<;r“'|IuIp§_l_¢t. Ntrshocb. comin- 3s!om<s:s.a-The Nnw-Yn&=,S -In‘:: capguhn Juli. claliomc migw or ¢he_1adt' dying the nu ingclowd. _u-um (which we, emi the ‘fawning able thawing wt’ ggg Ihuuuaa in an. v..n..- n. .v.. .n...._ IE6‘: G.IIon . .37 .3§3a;.9§s. at vgpich. Fogeix »s.:5 - -931594: .. 4315.. .....5s.c 734 -\ 1314. .-.. . .. 48,206,251 “ 1:73.-. ....§;.§§.§:36 _, z....... . , . :§§v~--- ~-s2~__§«z§1 FOR RENT; with lmmcdiatc. possession: fys \ mg] I‘ V no . E3 O(>1|e1e'stnc:» da’5unr{1nm¢- :7: Pmfukumn. -2-.I W-W¢k~ as Pea: it . 3-«toty_brIck. 3aNq|frh'pI§¢e, o-uory‘frun¢.- i45;Murlneutre¢t. n_-«ton (rune. 39o$c'¢‘i“!3\‘?‘\-. *1\-°'7‘!\'«:“' .n°Z?§‘i¥.'.§’J \\\5‘°§‘§ '.‘,‘$';‘.*.. ‘i'a Hqggg, _§Ahj _ORD._No._:e,We_|tswmuree1. f\ ('3 A I ‘E. L. HEDS TR OM. sou‘: AGENT FOR Lupxxcn VALLEY com; co. Cor. Washington-§z Seneca Sts. . W.A.MAR1‘IN. A - — 1W“\*“- 1f‘§?:v3aeh,\~_ . ‘. 4 . , ~::',§~s’.3:%§; RARE BARGAINS. Call and examine for yolirs- .61: ._,, :3’ .: 1‘: “ \ ........ga.1a :1: ;'_ 3 _ :.......41.9dI«;g; ;5_ ------.-ss.9s7.9:9 ,, .. ~- ~v~~~~-52.987. 6 >x367.... ...4y.)y6.¢§; “_ u - -----45.316.-95 :8G6.. . .. . .45;g§o,no W H . 43. 49.3w ‘gags, .,_..35,: 5.038 n “ .554 .i,:_.‘3,,§z,4_xo.315 2 . 1.32; rlxcprospsct-'1or th=°°=.!*w.z<.wvV-tr \*4 *° M-=¥t= £a'vgmhle,,1nd Izndency} $c_en'1s toward! tuvyerpricna prmuea during some 1t!!9?*‘*\.\‘\\“7.7.- . _ . WELLER, BROWN &M’ESMER, .221. WINSHIP er so » LEE av LQOMIS.‘ N0. 8 EAST SENECA STREET. ' - S¢ll§g\Vv'bohiI|i.nndR‘:hil‘ ~ AN’1'Illtj\§\(\:\i\'i!7f.\ii’i?r'\\)«‘)‘i~l‘1i(‘a!43s. czmxun. _ gr: b'C0ll Nos. 391 KND 393_ MAIN -S1‘? ' . . W —7*~’ 'REA_L ESTATE, Life and I-‘nre Insurance Broken. No. in am Ewan stun. nzcosd stocky! itfoqerluf and luuetdnnle. We have I ‘(:11- eaublishgd grocery hm1n¢su,inc!ud{Eu 3 mo yam’ hue. for ukmn V mb1e term. tuwner desiring. to engage In other um. N . FAR»R:A'R 61. TR1=:i=_'_'i\§ . !‘!ANUIfAOTUII!.‘§‘D.P 23:“ «V ‘ STEAM ENGINES. BEILERS, ; AndI.!1kl‘fM\ 3 M‘ ° w::2%::2;::e;%.£=*\“** \'°'*”°' to 56 ‘Pnnm\S1:un'.BufrM.o. +1 C.\ W. 8;, sou. ' ‘Whbindo? _h'ih'iilu-Lurqsol MW'1§',l‘ (V .—T-Ab»; gctivc yo,un\¥’ pm. §;§}§i;3_':'33\?§C°{'Jéx\1a':5‘;'1i\§i3i’s'6‘f¢;:'5§?x7‘s 133: li'a‘§1€‘ RAN !l!'1C_ANb Ya.-RDS-Nq.n'nr 1s;?'A€._'11o1;I;“oVI4/A DEALER \1121 ‘z§’.R-'-mmrvsk BLUE.- 93mvg7 ȞḿਇȞਇпଓȲÞ ° ל ~ ” 92???? MF~:i ¥§y“?o‘:%2s.‘5'.‘§€en\J.‘.‘»'.§‘. “\2‘.'.*:'.;«.7‘n1‘t\«&'.‘.‘«.’.‘f’ w69u:eywsuber9vnwWv“:‘xodtio,Iun!I5¢'x' -~ , ._ GEO; 7fI_1?‘F?3.:.§C?2Y.$‘G D1Ea‘L.ERS_ IN §4{Ei;f£l*3*fIj=(l):‘BA:3C.O. No. ‘me w-fa Errata-,;I1‘;T1\rI4l.0. :- ~ 1*. If,”- . *-.‘,',1‘¢~.. v’ '.s».‘~.:4vz=€~:-' :-- = -~-.'.~«. ~'_u3\1x i<%“:-.v._:;; I ~ 4 :~-\. .~ :' ..-=13 ,g.z‘, . .m‘i‘.:‘.- $11 'a='.‘%‘I».-3-‘J ~' .~ ~.mI,«‘*,.f.'..:'-:g.{. }v,_'.,~2 >\‘h~_'1_2'.-..'l.-*,,;..\,_‘ , __.,‘ 3,,‘Jj»,\~-v‘; 4...,«,.‘,.;. ;_.,.,,l._\:‘.W__.:“;“.\._‘ ‘V . H‘ ‘K ‘W \._»H~. ‘ ..», -f‘-'.\\.- ti: 4‘ ww-(V. . V _ HUME 6'9’. SANFORD, REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Ho. :6 Wm swan Sun:-r. GREAT B,ARGA_1_N qn Linwood ave‘nu‘e.+ The ..§.“::‘.‘*&‘?.%.”:‘.§\.';°2:‘n: “'§%3.‘.‘°W:1:.'.'.\£.§..§' Lmmz &,SANl.lD‘ No. 1:) Wm _ ,_

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