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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1878-1926, January 18, 1878, Image 1

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5“\!‘f*v‘ ~ . . A»\~$ev‘~: .— ‘ 11cEA.-.4. «o. o..\F.:<em'. 5PE9wT¢:”Ia(.?.§:uusLwn.uo...,s sac.»-r‘-I;-3 ‘§«“'.:'.\\ ‘ *“\..i-\ ‘-:3 nt:nd~'xh»‘fuuuE!£,3£§\:«hmb€otbu cum‘-u \-' “' °‘u \‘:“' 1{&“:E,\...J.$.“‘€.“‘o.'33..«'“\‘ \*°“\”\‘ ’ “L 1 W.1.I=1,~'IA.G{‘£'-.A5l.5‘-.R-. seerccarsr. .fF\\\ ’ T‘ 3 % : { 2 1 V T % » T { 1 xrxw‘. ;§§§Eém*s:.avs14’T *»iE:.:*r , :heWoau_:'s,-mupeamc Union will be hid in can ;.'*§‘:?'¢.;'::“:?:::§:¢‘:'r::‘%.:ga°‘”“**“°*”*‘**'*“9“ ax. 2\. ‘Mun; £9_a,\wuk4u.vs«:e:-.rr- :r1u1m'rIH~1R_D .YE.4R.-.-N0. 1 1. BU:FFA'.L,0.A N3 17., P121024 Y, JANUARY 23, 1373;, WHOLE ‘A , 4 I _ ‘A.\“ - .V; :_., , 22.“: » -. .-.» , « 31333. ; '39’; ” 1;‘ qmmg 7-_rr:_w, Na&3i§g':i552xR?i:ii:.;‘m13§{37a‘!ew'd: = sonanilste. :4 new 9l.'I:l|!l aboc-B which h-.-zln-.u.iu pr: ion-1uring::¢9¢t;in:9nl{I_\:'P,-I. For thcrceclul at Qllhllhg U vrillxe, nopeaonllouda N ,_ donq E ar:un*1’:'£s‘t'1*ia“&¢‘iI!é1d\§’a’x‘c%l:t:“thiubnkat tn: Kim» ’ 5y‘$‘m=;'-otme —<=°n-I=we- I.-,x_ orruceg 119‘ wA'sHmu1'ou arr. Yklegfaph. ing toudxiné‘ the indebteducsrol his deptnmeiit and the chgnctcr oi comracls. cspeclilly those mud: before Robc_son's miremcm. cm A unhurt. pistolrwga, '!hen Accidentally din ed. xjounding the mic’ in the nbdunien n_no‘r.. ll y. V . , , . \|‘!.!.¢1\u£h<'>rities hm lakes .:1!913.¢5¢v=;§s,1‘.1__!,I‘,‘li.lIqr_$re-.--. ca_mi<'.>'n —.ggjaj_npt_ an ,6u1Iu.cxJ:. um :14 loék. I£ili:orI.'hIve1;§¢xi ;2r¢l1f¢.3.f‘!!ti‘a -'wnrI‘,Ii1t 1;; nu; {pr ligighg; ‘pn ! ! the nu-‘ rcscomy inccndiaxy-52:15:}. ,- SAR»FkJuicISCO. lag, ,I!:_ot“¢;;!|,g;hper Tokio, with China\.e.1:;s'u-i No dlitgrbaigce. TR! WW4‘? E‘Y\'.3®-—Mor1u'Iu'-\ViTl be NW9“! 4!‘ llvg_gqd,:¢o-subtcriben‘ :1; days in me roe}. Juuva lix:z,x;azn.<3'arcuhtor. o:_g¢n;,(;§y nan. !pnpg.\‘g. 10),!!!\ -jzouo-«o llnjlmjd suu,=n.,u thétolldivlll mtuoed. 113:5: ' Oo:_yur,(sa\qaclp).., . .. . 36.00 SixIon!!_:u.(z6 watts). ‘ . -3.00 ’Ihrc¢nonm.., . 1.50 0ncnon;h(ur'ecb)........ . .. 50 Sixzh Co1iu1‘HREI'-J GENTS, Tugwuugv Buns: by null, pxepuld. $1.00, gym. Anconnunlnuous. of whuc-vet aunt. Inccndcd tor Tu; Bqruw Exruss. should be adduced to GEO. ‘w. rxiriff. no_':.r.c1',xoN 5-ox u'.lv.c » Representative McC00k iumpducnd g bill lo-day unending the revised stniutes rclaiive to<,tnenchn;xt sgamen, The hill&mvjdc5 {air at pen ¢Soq1ml‘s_siouer. ippointed by the cam! 9f ‘-ths ‘§‘zusury_1u each port of catty. the Collector tpuct |_sComnu.ssion¢t when no nppainun,ent- has been mld . The mugggotvesscls bound will ,_po::ts cxcfgt British Amcxicarywcst Indian, Mexican and P10 c wpugg Appear began such col T1 in Iztceuent wi ev stmhn, givi g ,_e~ 35:1: suteIn,zn§ of the (:3; consented :51: Du; voyage. Th: bxll pmvides for «curing the elects: of deceased seamen. THE TURKISH WAR. THIS nomuNs*s ’DESPATDHES. Turkish vgctorioa South of the Ba!-’ kana~T-‘rho Expected Armistice. LAW 31“ .,sW.::-..:.:r Lw E*~.=.=iv'w’s vzwm 0!! 7.‘4='~.* Parr- FOREIQN Gérmnpyg ‘5 - ,I_mox.A:<D AND Ausnuf. WASH I N.GTON« Lozvtnox, Jan. :7.-.-T13: news of Ii uusd Ausfrifs n.-non is continued» by the iaua New Fm Pmr. excepting that Austria only nude her decluxtiozi arconsununoplc and not at St. Peters- burg. The JV-'¢zu Fm Pm‘: adds : Since (is: cap- luxu gt Schipka‘Pass Russia}: eoudittons have be- come tcvercr. and imlcad of ndmining the ntC¢$.SAl)? of previous agreement wlxh powers, she no»; insists on separate pt.-acc._ v ‘ ~ - Sr. liznusnnna. jazz. :1.-Tl is sexnl-o announced ma: no such declnrnxium as no utt- bulcdto England and Austria hit‘: brag: received hue. In K 2 maps leading to ncgouztions for urmisticc, Epghnd had an o po of convin- cilxlf herself that Russia fu‘Kyt s, the sphere w ch ht; been de of British infcrigts and Russia tgu,-was to herself to 523k En j:‘:x:ticl-- .pgII6n in my dtcmions of Fm-nu anal xmties. Austril hetsglt. ashilligexio. confordnnbiyto her spec y Iricndfj rdgtioxfxjn In Rpgsin. 'A :1‘-M» —x‘su'rr. Baum. Jan. x7.—,—Ruu2’m,-din‘ , to the Fcdcnlcounpll I stump &s:ty~thn}' om the Em- pine. for the bcne of the xclxequtr. 240': wt, xmc, The sclni-o joumn1sdoub_t probability of In u'isIta‘b§e ulllcménxpf tgu di }. N.&A'!‘'I'HIW5« : (lot and Publilh No. 119W _' ton,S&.. Walhlngton Block. Btllalo. 8. Y. senator MortqnT'_af- Rqport on the _Chinese-.—Schurz'n Course \. \‘—'c'H-\U51 Etc: 1‘IA|l1H_\e Away. ‘ . ,',_K“_§'q $3,353. AUSTIN az_ HIGKMAN. - . Agtorncys and CounS<='“‘¢‘-‘TS. - m _Tvw-0» - * :- L°\“—’.§-E\. \°-\\“ ..’?‘§‘.‘i‘%\s:‘;';i‘L'-L\8L§'*';.' were 7:\~\v\r‘v‘3s«3r*« =%%=°'~- _ . J-:25 ,' I:(')§'l‘:-Ahuz a week ago on Delaware I “f P§§'”°m‘~§i‘x$1'xi1§ M “\%§.§‘.\\:'i\‘:.‘:§*.;':5 {'3‘x'§13 o7§ee. the er win he sutumy :ewazae«.\s'm...¢ The Commissioner is to be ubitcrlnship Sm; dis mes. The sting of she _Commisslon_¢.11 1 be anon, exc nu ‘cw yhcrc “W111 be 8 _ o,b¢ 9olloc,le<3.'1Iih!:3:-gointo the Trcasn, . mt nu immedhte ievenue. It is claimed the bill will also remedy many shipping abuses under existing laws. ' 0,1,/R LATEST NEPVS. S'§r.cIu.\ we run: BU!-‘FA!-0 Ex:-nzss. \3 “ Frezn can Regular Corrupavcdtnf. \‘3Asumcrox. Jen. !7.——PosIm1ster~GenenJ my says members at the Cabinet me at loggelbcads on lending Adufinistntion mnsures. and that discus- sion only s-egxnulgus (It to cxute irriuuiug diversity of opinion. but us yet has not culminntcd in action hostile in-&i;el’.re_s_ig!en;'s views. The chenlisl at the Department Q1‘ Agxipnlmre, a mimic: of higher Kfldc club sud other oi of that depnameut have just been Lcmcvcd In nuke room for Jaiiqweus of the me lfrin qt Rodgers.‘ Le Due 8: Hiycs. »‘ ‘rut: rkznbuzzfs uosnru. ' Secxehxy seizure has taken upadeluuct report made by the Democratic House last session chug. ing the Commissioners oi‘ the Ftecdmerrs Hospital with the mlslppmprlnion of the funds of that in- stitution ancliysbggh pmved groundless. and recom- mended thel: in order tint hi: Idendsmy gt! comm! oi the institution. The &t'rd of Tru- we: of the iimnrd Uuiwetsity, which has cogniz- txxce of the hospital, deny the truth of the chuges sndcalleti on the President to-day to explode this ggcond nrrempt 0! coxnqn men to gel possésion at then hospital funds. .. ‘nu: :.uwu.n' TEST ADOLlSXIE!!. The Smnhern Clnims Cotnnission is advised the: the loyal test in ah: scttiemxent of S-muhua Clahgs will he Lbnllslxgd us! all u.-1ai.=;:.u4 E-34 im- specure oi lheir loyalty. This will double the mount of Southern claims to be paid. 111:, currxn ‘nu: ms: ' The New Votk Cemnl scrip dividend case. which involves the right of the company to pay a In an czrhiiii -a33be§.=:=;:}=-.?'.::=!. _a;;_‘;zn.,ht:e 13-. Run! Revenue Bureau being advlséegft-mat Ihe Hailed‘ Sines Dlstxi:-I Cnuu 33 Mb‘-x ml! gun: the counp:-nyui1Henlse: dnw.-‘Tie com- pany cgnsngds (ha! 111:»: dividends an not be med 3: tunings, us they «rue expended In tepziss tn mud, cu. Thu: use kn been (caught {mm the Ian: man» up liumzgli the Supreme Conn oi the United Sula. uni still the umpauy n.-sis! payment Man. U3TTL‘s'l‘ni. L_;xnxEs' WALKlNG_.BO0TS. john Morrissey is a little better. The Turks 105.; 25,oog. prisoners at gschipka fuss. after losing some at Plevnn. Thu. lugcly. is what is the mancri ‘-Anolh 'l.ou‘i;Iarga pomlcian. G. Wilg.-.y -Welles, Cvnsulvgeuanl ut japgn,-§,,i:_x_3_;gg!;1e, gag! he has been rdievcd of. his charge. *- Thc speeches a_t,;hc apeninggf ghe British !‘arIinn;eu5_1e_s_l_erday ipdicatc thn Min,§str\y hue no settled policy in xefercnce to Eastern nffuixs. England and Austria. claim that they mu'st be allowed A voice in the seulexucnx oi the Turkish question. , But it is appatcut that Rnssil isn'| timid. Enzlaxid,,'_ze._¥ , commas on ‘nus qum?‘i.$_1=-..2;c:I. L:-\DIl:_S' DRESS BOQTS Ann SI-!_P§’Ell.$.' Ihdctootdcnol na.1«ln!,iu&(ood mp-in. loid.by ;. 9. RI um. um sm 5;. mm Ur- 1>1*«:=S:>‘~,,5\% Via hm- - ens . In so n .u...:.};’ ‘ingurea uanvcr slightly) huh: can nhtainapenslaa by-Mm an en G.KES$_LEil.A$t,ot :19)‘ Int Clalmuus. .N0- 4 NW 0-‘ - —mtrect. ‘ -« ; ~— 3 Lomxm. Jan. :7.-an drhllmtha Iddrtn in I11: House at l:ox~ds.l*Iu.-3 Gxpx3__ _s;§d: I: the. issumnms given to, unit in zcgqrcho British in- terest: use unsmsiacl farlbmcng alhuuld hum: bopn czllcd uoggcher lm.l,l.:dlIt;ly.' It the use gatisllctoty we only c qt nzcm now waslu causenfonling «:.,A!uiue‘¢r'u. Ir- -rm: x-mu: utuzsmfs stncu. \ — 1-r::s0.‘uu_ Rtptgscntgtive quite Ill. JILYEI 07.01515 (5rdgx$‘i?:r iifvcf 'nL..the Trclsury are noticeably fgllingyfl. Atto\ri1‘ey‘a.t ‘Law, CARLETOH M. LYNKN. _ No. as C917 l,LOC_l2. \NN'I\ED——-«A girl to do Rgcncxal lxo\ise- work. Rcleunce nquln-A. may at 33; R1311: run slim;-K '\'u:;*oxv. CQLL CTIOR5 A SPRCIKET1, jun-II FORTY—Fl ‘H CONGRESS. Euloglea at the Late Sgnator Mor- ton--Mr. coggkllnrs Rpmarks. . “’ B \“Snnnt:‘c. . — \\'4S.lttNG11DN, Jan. 17. Commungsfattons um teeth-ed from the Stay- tuy of the rensury tuusmining the, draft n! a bill for thc punishment of connterlehetx, um! I upon an the subject from the Trexsnxy Solicitor; also an- clnsing the upon or the Snpqigi of the Crust Survey. From the Sacwury at the Inmior. tnmmming xn invtauuy of the yttblxcxzpmpcny mnuullrd by the luxcxtot Dcptmncat. mm thc Public Rrint:r,;l;c£_:_nunl tepon oi the condtuon of the Gavcmment‘ fl’ ling o A ntxtubcs‘ of Mr, called up the joint msuluttun sp- poinung Nash Fonz: a me.-xnixr (2% ti: Rn‘-:1,-nu 91’ Mr. \\‘a.dleigh pnwattn! psrcm giving Suutm Mastic’: vicar: Is a mtmbcx o thy‘, Chintz; (.'4m~ In: a. Lennon, Jun. 17.-.-'I\lm_._o gccoqnt oi aha clgkum ol schipks Pm sum (Int 4 Push». _:_n8,o o ccrs. :s.ooo prisoners. 8: guns wen ctpmtpd. The Russian loss was 5464. ‘ Lord Bcgcons said ‘the summons ta Parm- m:nlv\1s issued when then: at first gbpcgzcd to be oppununixy (uuhu inaxwuntion of pncu :re“guti_a- (inn. Bcacunstield, tspmizxcd a ncvivapafser um-‘ mrnl coucfmlug the Govcrxxmentfl ‘po 1?’. and szronglg xepudfued the uccumimi at a div sion in :11: CI must. The Govuasnunl nlvcrvnried {mm the degasiou a! conditional neulgglilg gin fun! 1:- xivcd ax. Neguxiazians hxje he;-u “ naught aboul which cuiglu or mi5K1 not be successful ~ I’ cxzcuze I-‘$214256. Ig?I:ulf;qL;:;nr:&»n:~'hi:?1nm vm.-mn. jaif. I7.--An Aiken: spccisl njs she ‘ the mules! goes gm. 1! l*a.xlluncn: iypmtz ministry does nu! intend to obey the popnlu wan policy of_ condluoaal neumllly the guardxng like Iecrmg. Impartial negoliztiom gm: pendlnii amuse uucmu. the lust tbr.-ycmud do was to bcmten Greece and Engluad. won the Issue o E: 11:: Govcmgucux lb: xxu-Into! gundlng lbw. winch dcpemls whether (alt? .7-ht}! or not at m- uouufacld lo theopenlngaf the present curly dnc phy In active pin id: sad at the side of ' ‘ u1,:muns 99:90! that Enlflnd holued 1;ag1,,,,.1_ - , mnucmm. He cvnc.1u_ pd: uo ,,,cw“._ “ H in :h: nrgotnuoul am:-1: inhncelncxcases. Ra G_od gum :2 1:33.! ur.i1)up:uu.zue.unan1mo;s I ol $111: Gomunggm than ln ml: , u at e gram! izaxcmts ‘gun :1 an ‘(at ucuringmlzlc and cmiudng Ba: 1! we I apart to daft-nstl,‘t1:e'dg? gcfiilcé-‘cats 9! mm is poacn ‘wt-:uI:rm!Ix::lM:1 xbulv um do.» Guam! than we should nfzpeai ugsiuijud again In ‘ Fuunucm to: mean: u 1§‘inlKaLt1ax_.t,hc_huum Ilul .uu:mu or the caunny. 4 am caning ms unrem- mull will next: {an In ukclhxlnognc.“ [Loud ;chc:n.) DRULLARD 8: HAYES. “V:‘§RA'l\.IEI)‘_—:}ia.1(—a-<lozen Lady Canvas- sunn work In an: City. Fnststllgng goods. Lib-_enl pa)‘. Eaqxlln‘. (or three day: at 39 &:1 sum strut. «“!’:*‘ .-. .» . V“ .‘~‘_“\.\.‘».5fT*\°“°‘E X',V:\__ARTED.~—\\'e desireto establish a (2 cpl Af(e_a_-cy In Bu \ viclnll. in mm! the “\~1‘£.’.‘4‘.‘si.*B.‘~\““i§;‘z‘£‘§.3 °°\‘“‘3‘2 $2i.’:\“‘ E:§ulmsin:sI. Fm-' ;»nscu,1a:s.a’admn a)ff>31?.a uA§'33 F CTURING Conn: Fu!wsuu=1.Ncw—YorIL iu7~at Cast Iron Pipefox; Water and Gas. No. ., » ‘am. The time of the_Unitc,ed Suzes Scnnze was occupied with culogics of the me Sumo: Morton yestenlny. Th: mnu of Scnato: Conkfmg seem to have beeaypewlhdy appzoprlne and Iv.-cling. Rcprwzznutive McCoo|s. of New Yoxk. has introduced a bill in Congress arguing the o of Coxmnissluner, at a saluy oT‘§§.3tio 8. year. In every pot! '0! mu-y. and colxlainiug-other-important plu « _ The Rnsiux mngunrd hue occupied Elk!-Saglm ma Ycnisaghn, both cvacnw.-d and burn: lg‘! the inhxhimus. C-en. Skobele has cnpuxxcd azu- Buudjik and Vzlxtnuws. _ ‘ KUSSIAE \'!Cl'0lJP.S PRATT & _ LETCHWORTH, I';7FL@I!I2'.\.£IE2l QR SALE-The white Church on Dear- hn Aha? ‘=.al¢!‘t'iel:x‘xc:'cn1“:a°:ng.a{\‘§“:* 5%: neck S“§\s. M5§_:?,1§uA. Agcnsi V 7 ;£x5.a FOR SALE at a tgargaizxa good Gmccry business. Smcknd xsxuuu allnun. I-‘at ‘ im- :;;w:uu~;ssu.x3an '_ Ssnnmw Haanwms Ann Human um. A contested election case has actually been decided by the §4;alh Cuolixu House in favor of the ilcpuhllcia éiiimanx. The Bounce: Reps» samshcsat \\’tsh1ngtun hndbmsr 3959911.: and take 1 lesson. The culogics of Senator Morton gnax re- mind the tuder that if he wen: alive today 1511!“ in a tear slcdgohzmmcrblows on the light side 0! the dive: qucstiun they would hurt gun. perhaps, éucfhim ti;-.su1‘u. - Do at DIIU '..‘£\‘¢g.J3S§fI19l Clniagu qt; Pmpdotou oi uvxrano ununu mos noun i DUFF}!-D SIDDLIIY HARDWLIJ ‘Olg- Nickgl ?la'ting ‘a Specialty. s1'ov1: -rntnnmcs. srumzrrr uurs. ! Cgxjmxn. jgn. x7.—-The Mmtcnegriu ham ca- lcxtd Dal:-yno widsaul resistance. Fox RE'N‘i‘-The brick buildingmsituale be ‘gn comm oi ably: 1% units 1. or Wu: and Dad: sf; ‘ :5-6| :1-:x\\u\’smus er MI. ‘Mc_Dona1d, ‘ind. subumled msolutlous oi xcslmcx lo 11:: Harmony 0! 1h: Inc Santa: Norton. an laud: suitable xemtdu. nzwuns, Jan. 11.--Pzidce Hilanhulclegraplh ed to the uudemf legion that he will not cum-uin n lhonglzl at peace until he has capxuml Pkzren. a\1:i'? umcs AED Jon woxx. Em \*~* , ' . _‘ | Thu lncmscd numbu otbusincss failures‘; '1 “.:.C}uX§«)s:¥‘hm§m3:IaNxofga§§g .“°J..‘.’§‘.‘.1.“£; thmzhmn the country is univx.—.xsnuy remrkull vjorm. m ! ’ Sumulalng ol il may doubues be accounted Int. . ,,g._—_.,.,;')g.; ma gumghmwmnu j bmrcm. by the gram rigaznce oi the Associxlcd tun»: -:-9_!s'tnx -gin M 3-l'*¥'°§‘°= F5?-M , Px:au\g:sIu In xv.-pomng them BOARD»-\l'\vo or three single gcnllcrncn According to onrWa.sh1x\gmn upccinl. Sec- wm “‘€w“;“'=|f§§“ {f,““’, t:u:ySdu.un‘s noun» of mtonaing the suviw is .f;.-.5.3¢‘€c'§t|!‘z?3m«x-.-:x. “ ‘ ‘ ‘ \ Eggs _ nu-mug oaxcrcxybodylhsf ‘mu uadpumng Schulz To RENT». Mm Bmnl. Iumishcd “mm, gen In 131:1! 915:6: H32: twat: for txkhag this a.34!1b\eIDI' manna: and s1uuunw=.s!uo.a1ru cum: scam; to be about in only original dung‘ gg - $1] bvunlen “$191 T hicittg-fin; ‘&‘“ H. auwcrnt The islarylaggd Democrats have upon _”__ _. 'w______.___' ”_____ Harm B. Gmoue {or Usual Sula Status. to A‘v“]gG£_ 'fgN'f5_ uogsgg Am) I syaemd penal: in 1319. Dennis udczucntdly ze- WAGON‘ \\'A'l‘!iR»I'|u)u¥ covmm B3; as» nml. beans I man oi mud! imp-oxunce and a silver l\“*3P'°\ 3\ \'“\°\ \‘ '.‘m‘‘‘' s‘'‘''‘'‘‘'‘ “\‘“°'“ nu whhnl. Groom: $9 not anti known. than k \-#5 ~ Mags ¥Lu0TT' ,5‘ m-ham“ \mu laclrxzglng Io uu dd (wily in Ms Sm: : “7 ¥.‘‘£‘.;s The lacompme paper 0! S-cantor Morton Sues: sum. ‘:31: by m are I: ' an the Chinese question was pxtsuu-d to the Static \'»_':f‘_____> tum, nrsmdxy. I-‘mu the synopslnrhido Ippcm in our K Aw” MRS‘ cogs-rANvr:1.qE.~d1:s[u!chci(l|s !si:fe(:‘sn&lk1:w;:pc1lso:c 0! 11;: ,...,.,,,,. ru mnmnoumumm c c.‘ ntor'Iea;u.| \W0 I“ 9°?k W§§“ 5”“ (aim the {mad crowd tin the in-muun cncnded ntkeu-wrkiw in Inch uuuztivml do-_ 1 ‘ ha a: id . 3%? \ \\1lhoa'.xsu{IlL-‘1int:|Itlg§:’-’¥l;:’’::‘!:!'I1ll5 mu: 0; wk e umldqgnm ‘E’: v 7\“ 5°\ \‘”“ ;* can nu’ O!’ aging. W m§2ac‘§'.§.’.’.2¥§’5§°£.“.3‘Eeca \\\' \°“;.';'fa?u'.‘.\°,a.:;nc1‘ux.=,.::..: ll: chauaéxa lheC1t:aei-‘e is If ‘\ L13-ILi:.»\Izs' RETAIN5 HISOFFICE. -° W M W W“ *\*'='-' MW * W N I.}R.:: nun sum, uhmlh uwdummtaeam: .4 ,1:-yqgllmbl than arises txnne cl |‘h<.“'u min: and la: aunt“ «hunt! cnuuunk:nx}mItiENIIte’:?$ :1: *4 qt\ M } g h M * -' my. As. tar ntlonxuirtuahsutn “*—-‘ hismtful pcnuzml mutton. ad spanks with»! prejudice, his cosduuons mm haw gnu weight. C;-nun); nolhlng has been and on the aha side oi _%_§|I qlw.-nlon than an be can-uaicxnl ll swing Mt. 3Iax:u:’s ugnuwau. Euiagme -3:1: abs ex,-;¥£_n Ls: 54:. ;!§_e_nI_nA_:. -31'!-v pulsed M: Norton‘; talents. And Mr. Thurman. who landed bl: quxlkua n a nun. .\lr. Conkllng nus: In add hhnibllc of uspzxl and zdmgauou for meds:-gicunné gag: «I the «l C nun h C CH GU13 ‘X- 111 p-my ltadu ho: was too gtrllznrguy Sine at any pa.rIy.!o mtllly supply iusplmpg A; n uguuu nqxrescumne he had no supglot in cllktr house ol Cungrca Crippled bodily in.- fmmty ins mud um-r lull, or tugged. No hlao: ducoungtxl him. no éonllugency Ap- palled him. no disadranugu dicniycd him. no dclru dlshcanrncd him. Thuuwho encoun- Icml hlux iudebzzc would am:-tr (out! his nhnny, lus mange. nnd show 12!. his indomitable boy}. He would go down In: tn: lncresllcr. unknown who cmbcllnslml 1:» mm: by 11:» sdxnlgslu‘-‘ uusucd Inc an! «em. luu mxbn M «nun who. déyuby day an lb: juumc) lnlc. cur! rcalillcr And '1: and gncgflcd than arm; I grasp tcsome and «trick. He 3 «L520 sgxaph-but MI awe. unit with brass nigh: can and name mould. mu sill’ trmnnlxr Olnntt l‘ Manon an I ln manfnldcleadcxot 112: Republic in the kcpu Sc’: nun due and lxcmu 12¢. Cu.-:s1A:n1:corL£. fut. n.--‘rho sum to-day wesidcd u the round at Seraskzcma and luv ucd n Eirfumiou {mm the chamlm to paniclpalcln the dc lbcntlnn. THE 5131.743 l (‘OUHPIL . mmnmu IE1! *3 t'\1 The Tmlush nmnsltce gculputcnuuien luv: 1:. nved at the (mm cnllcd nnzplsxvlkcha. and will mm: to: I xelum 0! the enmy sun In the Ruuun can: to lnc ! the Iuulm iuumcy Thcy will mug Kcnulik Sxxuuhy 0: Sunday The Duke of Axmle nix!‘ \ BacouB:ld'- 55:11:11 nu tuiiihm but came. I: urn tube not: an signi lm uh: {I ‘mule no mznxigg of an (mic- p:;_:‘l‘cnc;‘:nd sxar on E?nplée.\ a - a an .. 1 cm. mm! 21:41 the Camxxrx um dl d’;wlA!r<l ;§hc:TgT:x‘x;:xou1n v cl Pnlsx3x;r$ wulclsggt :nc:‘>ur‘a£.; K rglsx. an. -I Mmngrwht 7 mange §:as;%s:ancc (mm Kkghligg Gourm- xnem Jud dour all in tbdx-‘QM: :_r tongue pure and good gm-émuxen: for the «C. u|s9._!lnI lg Tuxkey. but would ml du mythlng In imztcnl lirixtsh u-abject’: or she? (arm-an In: the aka a all the cam Chdsnxm in tluamnl 1!: muc3m‘lleni \ (‘IV ynumsfill um I ll , \crnIucsu.m-.:m 9 nt ts!‘ agav- §§$n...: you um sum‘. 1! yo ň the Gonn- ¢\tnl,pan'|d¢ it whhllxe proper may of carrying om tour ma 3 »_ '1” a I-ddms mu dun ogwcd to. Q EVE RY DAY The Pas!-ol'Bcc Ilcpulmenl‘ can not adwxuse the spcd and males 01 um! Settings. a law 9! Cong:-was lul Lamina.’ go uzmagh by an rm; :2: asnlrscinrn. fodaldding such tn annunnormem Them ls some tndlgunon on the put cl chase om. Side the ting, vrhq would like to ham 1 (11: chant: to acute «outrun. ‘hm: ts came an o! gt-lung the luv rep:-:.}¢d. but I! pnxhu! u till he don: by honestanntmcissa, _ _h_____-_ Dunnzib. ASSOC].-f rsliérxass DSSPA 11-1555. rm Luz is:-‘Aw! nouns are culsuz un- ounns, ' IFS!-IAN TIOGPI Brbzgs Soznet/ting ‘New Russnn troop}: law: mired M III.-rmsuxb _, n1uu:¥': 1.5!! 12:36:?\ 1 Loslnsian :1 --A Vienna cunts;-onden: says :1: u «pan from Commmuople nu: thou!!! an wxxlsuggnegomums nu. the Pane win unlu nu- 11:5; 91 (ha Prophet ox pmuu the English In ‘j Dz dane - 3 :\'ac1-Anyco ADIIAROPLL luyluuoun. Bum AND SHUE..LINE A Vienna coda: Iel an: n e Pom ‘has abandoned the hupc ol 533$; Pals; hofng gable to-leach Admnnplr. and the Task: 1;: pl!‘- puin; to n1cu::c. ' Alena I!ums8dc..!n! n 11! Ah. Bunlh. An. thou}. \\’a.d!dgh. Mtlctx ‘lime: and Paddock also but: Ind v no [ho at-nit). nouns; and noble ckxna.-Ic: on accrual Stnnnx Voochm con» dudul the culngk-A. saylx he and §.!tI Manon had hem n-and W11»: fdcmlsi nut;-lac. and (in $3: 9: lncmuhip euddrba him their polidtal ltiénsldxkp cndtd Au rumba: mm oi as tpctxnég the uncanny cl Ihc duccucxi the scum: ad. 10’? cuxum um um. sumtsyt. _‘7E_l/VB TT’S. “'A$§£lNt3‘l‘0.‘l. Jun. t1.--Scmtnr &tm1u:a'n tape: on the Chtncse question was suhxnttwd 13‘ ‘M: Vac! ktgh ta-dty. it state: that am tut tntmm um iotutticdi on tbetiottxint oi equtt ‘$221) ct! tact: nan gtntlcus nit.-aux mint. Than rutlpupdptc at out Gcnrcmnaat b thxt our country ts opts: to lntutinau {nun 31! mm 0! the tttxlzi, The tat uuon umnded In ‘the sum ca- antltui ought not to he matted to or cwttttttigd 2:‘; mm or cat»: not by the chattctct oi the dtttuwn ton ol the ctmuuis.-an tron vrhtdt tmutgrntt may come. not cl tlauc gttmctplet be limited on account 0! lb: tcligtous filth oi Ntttotm . Th: argunaat ta um 01 cxdudmg tbc Gttnac tt tit-salt: an (M19433 used by China and japuuo juttly the txdtutoa turtstgtttn. Our itutttuttom do not depcnd on man msttctttlmIzm¢pcrtt3- or even tdncttson. bit’-‘tn the V1019? com-tutun in the ntndt.n1tl: that the I gltta at am: an ant- utt! uni I name. 1‘: pmcntxo the cunttittam nut «Quinton: at tuantgmton usd csutsrntttttftr one t‘hiztg-—to pmhnatt or mind: tt tn put or trbote it tn In. SR1: Sumter sdxutts tint we may dtwtrtnlnate tmunggtttonsud and team mi chtuttttom Item the pN>%100‘ one muntrzvutlnt ms do sat and of othcn; ut to ttstke I at tttctttm ta tn the tight oi iorctgucrt In tn-ark, tnde, tin» or «Quin pmperty hue tvmultl ha I chat tnnnrntton upon the policy and tmdllium at the Gorcmmt-at Ind be Hung my in denial oi thc tzmthcdtood at nuts and the hmatt humuttutun policy tnattgtmtcd ‘try an: itthcts. - zA{tc: luring tbolislted niavcq Inc! by amend-' '° °\' °°“.:::::::° “:3: tf““§\;‘..°..‘2‘ *1’ rt otzmltlstesctu at r at ‘tic: tights oi. :13 mm. tithes: rclguxlto nice at (0109. and 1:, lb: 1°12: when are an cad:-amt-tng tn our- eotne prtjldi ot education and cl nu: nut! to tccurc ta cataract! run the eqtul cnjnymcnt oi (hcii rt It would lac In tnemuiiséfititt and unsound po icy to renew an lvltltti at: Mt race and Another iota: at cts-at by cx the cariper-cotarea people of Agmlmm our own tgosn he Senator uys it the cm were white pie. being in all other respects nu III?‘ are. tmt would not have new any cnnsidcrah c cnnphint. or watf against. them. Their tli of ' drus and mutncn have more to do with the hot- tility thin thtir alleged vices or actual in gr; to whttt-.-s. Cdmplgte mtactttm cannot be mat to the Cgttncse cxccpt hgutloi-tug than to become cm. lcxrl. Mr. Morton tutu thtt the Chincseltndinti; ufatt tltr Pad come from the British pan 0 $1 ‘and but! ittvc iwithhtaamc of the lat) nu. at so At n_u_,‘tt tn , M tgzaitut than we with the BE:-itl cmmtng The Matter, from testimony ultctt before the co;nrail‘lc&I%f which lhao was a member. shows the nu¢,° - “M3! at Mm. The reductinn tn the cm! of labor. chie tltmugh the presence of Chinese. has alone enabled Califomla to uni a gnxluctions into the mnkettqt the wort . Nomtt stunting the outcry against Chinese cheap la1>or...tlrcmrv:rage rate of wages In Cdiiomia In higher than Anéwhcrc else in tln States and itpttds itrthu ,.ty of the de- veiopmmt ot the Ema. Ii white peop1c are deter. red fium to California. it is not the legitimatc rent}: 0! :2 presence of the Chinese, but of tho gross ntltrcprucntntioms which have bcen tnnde. T11: Chinese may have been in many instances emptoycd in.“ret::9n:;c—m \tttitr:s,_}mt mt lt_t an ex- tent to fund fmnnd {qr ct‘m1Xp1arnt. xcqulnng leg- itlatiott or p_o11t cat Iétton for ts r:dr'css._ The tes- timony of wttnésses showed that but tor Chnnese labor the State ‘would not have half the POKK!-‘llllnh, gt-‘taper. ty L!‘Ied€p[‘Qt1t.I_QIi9|} the hastoalay. butcscln rhtts open up naw ucques ‘qt inttaatry (9: wh1lta_Ia'bor. sn the Xaboringtxttcn are better pald than It almost angmqtlter pnrtof the country. . /; “aye;-‘i. shpwt that Chinese Itljror wtll be stitl moutn gptnsqhtcinthofuturgthtn it ittggdny. Mr‘. Morton tddpces c\i1d¢iI'¢'?b¢fOfE‘!hBl]Dtn! Con—- grmtionul commt_tte+dtr6‘€vTn‘g‘ that the ante lcgtqal ca- plcily at the Chtnesc ts fully equal to that 9! othcnl white people. and qutpte; t wrtxmg ~tny_tt¥ that‘ Chinese merchants are konbxgblc, tntsttul an _ trig!» mindcd. The cvldct1ce_n1s6 groves that Ctnn¢se‘ hbor Is as {fee Is my other; he! =11-come is me ‘man tndare their own mtst_ars—nhsoIutaiy. Reiertiiti‘; to the impgmtton zof degraded Chinese yunnctt. r. Mottousgysrr The better class of Climate lute striveq to rrcventlt» The Chinese at-'e.npt addictptt to tniox cgttggtiquar, Indopinm smokers. in fetter‘-in proportton smnnxthnm thm di-nnltu-dz nmanéz svtnte pegptg. In, conctusidn,‘ -‘hemys: Ltbor. ocs not reqttutetltgt tire prtcc shall «ber qrthnt men, wht)/itxzwtgtteapty and work lorvlowttr wttges.atta1i._{nr that reason he Vképt 012.05 the country. U'K!TM.‘€ ml |‘!.\('L Laxtaml. Jan. 87 -In the thaw: vol C-ouuuom § the Momxaln oi Xlullngton um 13 iym not elm wlxrlhcr 1: Gavtmmcur upgcxl Io lh ! vu unmtd ! or caaunctnr an o huh I’ pm:-ecuuion of me war. 'l‘hmn true gmv obj , 3 lo sad: u wt: . The Put-81:5‘ u n 1121: (0 till: that (ha Bdmh ‘army and navy wlmxxu hxw hm: (mum! on 1 pcv.-clul tooling and mil to pceseuml ll me call. i ca anomuu. Sh sums zwamac mpznxmfm the tmun &1‘uIpen3.n;lnlniv1?utt-enullon oi the \~ tmmusfs mac, The nontrnmra pouinun tn can of ddlcacy and anxiety The Govcmmm! had contact Iulmnam but could no! hope for mun: Irhhoul the pr up um nl Pu \ 5 . MI Clulnunc cum! 1.1 R1: Ca.-pouxln in make tn tegud to the gum t ‘the, ant the lktzutxa mmltztnm GENTS‘ IZNGUSII WAUREN PAUST. GENTS‘ DQZPDLE-SOLE DOYDBN BOOTS. - lmmmjut 17.--A Pen dmulch up [I In ‘ હfi-1006 um the Btmsh am 1: prquring In . law Vouxla lot Ila)’ Haunt. WASIIIHKWO3. Jun. 1:‘ 8111: van luuoduml and rclurcd. By Mr. Da- rn. (‘:1 —To ralnd cmneu ixnxggnnon. By‘ Mr. Mcozuk, N.-\‘ -I.a.:.y:;.'p6’dr£ walnuts‘ anlaqn Lnuuchxu swarm‘. ‘ Ll: rblm crvscd a¥a1ms mm 181131011. A! ihc cnsduunn oi ; t 1!. air‘: spcugglhe Sfhuhf InIsl* btkm the “mac 3 manage [mm tho brute cot» . , munluslng In xuotnuonu on lhe draw at Senna: 1‘ gig Aggguv. Muigmhu a! lad am he vrouhlcilllhcn '3 ‘ DAAW 53'?!“ Mu” \ M’ ' V _ \\' ” Auaxv. Jun. 1'1}--“ro.d:y the Cmmikmn an ‘ma ‘ V ' ‘lime: ol both hcmu o! (la: l.c§:Juun tau In _________,___._.___.,_____._, {elm mnlon nnd state a hams: on :2 Only Navr- , ““\\”\‘* ““\' “* I ’mix City Exme I. y ' BUSINESS ITEMS. : coxnuxn “A1. u,x_ ‘rm: wan; nus’: o . I‘ ‘I . 3°”'‘'”‘- 1''’ '7 ‘Thu wool uunufu-nun-rs and uo::1§e::'3“:° u(xi1oc!:lT|I‘::ct¢l1:.:u “\395 (“MN ‘ P°“'““‘°‘“ °'l1\“\“°\ ‘°\3\7 9'“! my Acscmbly rlgisxrict comm case. ad in! I mcmonal lo Congnm smug I mlucuon . J33: runoval of the mi}! tn wool. n V «A ’“D°<“‘9- - _ *‘-\\\\ '*'-\W 9w2§?£..°§:i$°:n.¥j‘o:§;‘f«$‘.§{2?.‘f..f\:t‘.§$f§;.§‘.§’.?\.(:3 !.1?l‘§’:“x') $1’:'n':t”¢;!::\';::‘ in Sing Sing: Thea prisoners sun! I |nccpv:r't ll!» not 0 ‘ ~ - a prouglncnl brmlcn um prtunl. J. F. éon_, ‘ ‘um: ed by ‘ .Mm'.__ 0! “nods-tllc. N. V . Wu choxm one 1:! an £-.~xc<u- cmugg gun ¢g,guM_-r|ga, “*3 C°mm‘“'-‘°- 5¢“\3 l\P\‘ “\3 ‘\9\ ! B;\'i.'- Jun. :7 -4.‘. Fauna. am: In the m:...ur.a. Postol has been u.-nu-nccd Lo Lhejsgotggnnaq Moxramugm. T7--a Reinhardt &co.. ‘kw -‘#115: WW5! ‘mm “*9 ‘°_“m- ‘ '“ D\ will oamcu e mm: as‘ nludunent strved upon Lxxmcrox. M-., Jan. :7.-.—.,!.m night. '1: miles ‘hm mum.“ “upon. ._ {mm h:r:.n«] nicn two naxtcéawcsxda mum Jaw :3»-~ N» :2 - ‘\2 2: T'°*:,: .3: 5:; ., .33; Wirdl,nuct}unc-er, cm A. hluhoson. St. Pt-fen.‘ “\‘;\’h;m (‘fug“ ) C‘; °fM|‘('Am“V C’ n‘ ma ch“ Gum“. T“}m.I’m mmmm. in II“? ‘U? nu K n ‘:7 Th 1:: mkinn; of .S1nx.nm Ill , an :7 -- mt-mm, ban or.’ .0 5*’ -s )'-- 111- ~-* G 00 r;v:;mv~ *m= W‘ t:;.$sr::a°:g;°:1;a ClllCA‘¢;O,‘ [an 3.-An Invogunmy pcmign In isg his horse and Tngfungtasilociin bnnkmgtg Wu lo-any lgutm Wm. Rcxd by I ‘Y “Q ;\r%§6‘;“K.¥'u' [three iron. rcprcscnnng $8.500. l.lywe1lyn'P‘\l‘°“° ‘E __ 3‘'‘'‘°‘‘‘‘’‘‘‘'‘'‘‘‘’’‘ ‘W’ “\“’3’ W“ W“ . THE com. counmamou. ~ P1hi.Ab£LrHlA. Jun. I7.-—-It is tulhorimh-ciy ,g:IIlcd\!n kcmil oéihrclfes that la! lhublinecélng in ¢'l'- or wxi qrm taco: eém union no sum not in agreement hnd been xlgncd. i TE: feelin ymdncul by this wn vuy guru! and intensi w It became known thu the sme- ind been veri by I\tuldcnuGo\m1 and ‘Game. Gowen states the team: :3! tho. onmhknnlon nykc it bimiinjs and Ihcti. is _g_1o<occ-sfon to :29.“-:*..‘§:t;.‘:‘.:1“:;.¢.£';e‘:.'::.*;';.*.:::a:'::‘ :a:.'§*::: vol Legislature ggtonnd upon which to mane an in- {u':nc‘:inn on eoadurrying roan coming into New or . . THE {WRIGHT HAZELTWQ WANG *‘*(.:';*.;.'**'..':.*a'..:..*°-.»':‘.‘:*:.*;;.?:,“e.°::“~\ We SOLD ONLY BY KNOLL. Tu: Q41 In Lima fast! mt Rxlsnx. W M» ~?.9.:f:.~az\.a0- 5'“ 5933 am ‘§‘u.~:::c.x snmkr. axvvr.1;.¢;..’M . -To z,t;:T»-7*‘° D°ca?9?'3um ‘W of 3:5“ ._ _.. - .<'~—~ --~—~ - ‘ ‘ T. 0\ DECK 2311 Buns. PIANOS. :‘i!:I(-)-I‘{—5A1?,‘l'[‘-‘:.‘_;\;p] ;;;‘.:;:——~~.,,,m RANICH 5: EACH ROG!-IRS. Sou-.= - *;._-39*‘-*8-*-1*-°--»**°-*\\\°-s-' K co. .... olhtfl-\W % aw».-as 4 .u;!““§§Na%‘?..f:§;.£:§.”g‘§3‘?»‘T§ J:;':“ 1 W0.-1:.» :s:2:::*.;,a:a::av:;2vas.§*?:a';n.._L:aé.m 1ro,*s_§ALE—=x°-==aN°;th.,f,3,~«.; =-gm “WW” \' °”’“\\ \\“\’°\ ‘ OTTO. ivcuscaccunnrtneocnuik . “$2 ;:1:l«:;:g:!:n v 1;;-u_ _ ___ __ _ _‘ ,_ ‘yo-snnn s«'m : HUME-8; SANFQRD. . . . NOS. * m...e:..?..::.:. rm: snr:.as. row nnrnmm.-r muczus -A W ’:'r;‘|k‘§f:s:v”c::Lmg;m:*%h,|;~g_ . cmmmnm ' M0Pg§w§?R1 : .::§=-,*..?*~=-:':'..‘..-*::«;,;':.;.; an orrncme. a _ cosnxo no noun gala» an ontmss 3 \Javu\;§a\§’c. zany pmmu «ha on a do not mm It “3 m'm :.':’.:*%.:.*\.:‘.‘.‘*~*.-.a°°=‘”* :;*.==:*.=\..'3..~:‘::r - 2 n , :1‘ very _1u:£rumcz:l l»l’a:-raulai. T ,3: ¢§,p:,“.:,',:,“~{.'::;°§§,*E:.§'~ 51:9 Annmau mdIt¢MP”° KSABE‘ C0 “mi ':;;§:h:}o'|utr‘:Ltt. Hmhkk . \'?x§:§.5r3§:‘a§?m tmullovned p 3 “mun T0 mam: . _ , Y 1 law, * 3,; 5,.,.,,,5m,.:.-3..«n SE.\'I'.CA ; ‘ . Srmmvm & SoNiS»'”P1.a,Nos ma rut: mxrutxrn The Grand Duke Nldmlp xckxlphcxl \'.'ednn- day am In: «odd mm the Tutti . dd am bmrcen AI1!i';!I:’k and iizlliyzpopol Notarie- gut: will 9 ly unit: at 'hmon. «mt Het- muail. tonight. in which use at-goxuauon) wit! br- gin Friday CENTS‘ FINE DANCING SHOES. QBNTS‘ SELANLESS OVER-GAKTEIS. Nominal: replica! nlturmnuu-1y Mr. Qlulwnnc am Is: mm not complun 0! lb: unmuxg that (bx: (iomnmm xmgm law: In at a gm“. but lhougtn Mulb 9:: «cu Immna jumiylng sud: ¢£x:s\Ind. Lwlls‘ Nun! last. bow Puke Mush‘ Boon. :u'mv- Lul. Low Price. mun‘ Km Duns noon. Luv Nu Mr. lrimhell Ilcmy mun-as um Imcmlllenl In the udwmm an cxanuumqn mm mm guer- “ lMIn&. Cihlna. IAIMEOUI CIZITBH cnarnnnsws scaoox. snom. Vary chug. cnn.imt~:n's FRENCH xxx‘). sum. Home Rona. Dec. I-.a.—'l‘h::e a gun mdagfu. Hun owe: the umounrcmcm um I Inn. 1 ed 11. at 1 lumu: rebel gable], 1: in b'c lnulllateil Ingtnxhvcd lnuldjnu lu ma Ccilucu: lm. He Ind both in «un- fmnncm fu-c sun. lNl\Aa'N\l'5' i\i1RRCll RID. Biltbi. ClHl.DRi‘.N'B BOXJOB. Fail rid. Bullou. AN 0“ “'3! IN FOKDIOIA. Anscdun cxpcrll an engaged In enmmlng tn nil «rail in the north of Ponnou. Then: an amn- mo prcpurniom for dmclopmcnl. ILL OF THE ABOVE Japan. 0l'I COICSUI. I-IILIIZVIZXI. \'oxu|mu. Dec. 3: —'fhe Unlltd Sum Con- ngl’ as-lllogo is onirmd. ha 1:! nph tum Wuh- Tigléqg lo relscvc Comuh ‘enef xvnei Wells 11 S)nz:§}nI. u in uzppam! on account 0 Consult: fun’ lulu-.n:. RE NEW AND VERY DESIRABLE GOODS A.‘3'D‘.lOLD§AT' THE TARIPPVILLE DISASTER. Ilauvrrnrm. Conn. Jun. x7.—Tho wounded by the Tui dinner are tcpaned ll ltmy-ux Expcxu um dmgvcc as In the cause of the neu- dem Rulmaul men imlmne mm the Iron mds of him bridge had bccom.-c wukencd beyond All prece- cnc. /I stun z's{z z'7zg!_y Low Prices HUM}! .& SANFORD. 1 RAILROAD ACCI DENT. POLITICAL NOTES. scum r:au1m.mA coxmsrnn SBATS. g0LL‘MllA. S. C.. Jan. CIJ.-—°'l{hc Ho if“ Re- l1!'v o-<1: scat nson, e u ‘an ?t:\r Coun1§.wh¢rcl{nc clcctiog hgges wen? union and dentm In prmnt lhl dechnunmq! n rcsullat tho spec election In Dcccmbct. _ ' Epcovemor Manning. also chgsen in Dcccmbcf, was sworn In an Senator {mm Uu-cndon Counly. Kc wu Governor before tho wax and u I brothorw in-lnw of Wade Hamrlon, gown covumon. llvnn Imus. VL. jun. 17,-Scvcn frciglhn; can Ind n pmcngct cu rann I u-cslle near nlcou vlllxge 1041.-ay The engine md fqurc:m_ pnsncd over snfciy. Six pcmnns were in the pnsscngcr cu. Three were Injured. * WERE AWARDED THE HIGIIST HONORS AT THE cBNT'EN.‘1!Ai:. “\“.:'::.;=t.-'T'.%m.:za° ém5;‘**§¥;:'%.:: A Omgaatqm : fuller Pianos. Geo. . .¢ . we m'pec-uully oolcu a cail} from gem!-s desirous or ,%~nr5h:ulng_}>‘Sano!. Orginmor ml?! enhandiuotany ac - COTT 5!! A DBNTON. _ §_-7~I_m , _ _ V =a;Ma1n§meL ‘ _ REMOVAL. You: :11: is in dmgtr whim you Allow I In}?! cough or cold to go unchecked In-. Dull’: Cough Syrup ll I cheap. humus: and rename remedy. 45-. No. 405 Mun grxuzr. Aunlcw mock . LARGEST HAT STORE LUHBAGQ OURED-MAONETISM THE F. C. W. GEYER & SON. FULTON MARKET. 7=-— - — 4. D25 molars; Iowa. Jan. 11.-—Go\v. cm was in. auguratedlo-day. He warmly urged-~Acg'nou:([n. lion and msumptipn. ’ ’ REMEDV. ' _ luruno. Much :1. my. Kt‘. zmron.-—Havln: been for a long um: a very mu uftczrr (ton lmnbsgo. or vbeunumm. In the lower put of (he spine. and mum; in nu aum eaoru lo obuln relief um‘! I ma u-cued use cured by Dr. Collins. Muncxfc Phynidsn. 91¢: qu Main meet. ldccu it not ouly a duty I owe xo other anllucd nut: to mks known m then me mnnxby-which they cam be cur¢d.‘bI.n 3 gram ptmurc to be sbfé toshow my cmzixudé ti: the Docxar (or the bene luv; ccclvea. Al the um I commenzzcd recclvlnglrttb neat Doctor Cums: I was -uxccly able to with to his oboe; tan: in! uuxmegg mo:-and nu ungibie renal. uqj continued to Improve wfih each meter.-ding opemloh nail‘! in: I wcilmn oncc ‘r¢.- Inuit-be happy-lo mus lnqulricu by lelnu‘ 6r’m%-snu._ ’.ROBERT‘0kD.- o. 2 Hagennxn ,I|reel. OPIAT3 HAD IIIR WILLS-—-A FSIUMNDCT cinu. . V Bwma ha». 23. x bx. 'Cox.uxs',-‘i’oi- yam pm ‘I titvqbeen mlausxy ‘III with‘ ncsxrglgk In thy twegud at urea u was upon wnhunbk. $131 the hint mroreeh I hive sugicred umaid Itchy. couii not ind bait to mm: the Ioor and dny. Ophus’ locum no have no em on: .2. A: mu to your omce And mcured at cnur xruuncnu, ‘sow I cum happy to ny In an that I run rhnoicd and 13:15 able said About my bun-nun. Em SMITH, :51 Clinton avcnilc. Black Rock. Mr. Sam: was cuzgd neuxy three ygm agq, y about coqclisxively tbs pcnunenl elfoi-ts or nipuic erqmeqgm pncllcéd 2synr..q9x1:n-. bigcollln \ ! axe ova: gr mm, conouttgo lion; tz_cc._, 0‘_ {rm 9 A. u..m~4 r. n.; eienlnn fr9p\i’la1l;' _ ' , _ _ K , ho-DAFW Wholum Innulncmrun ol CIGARS 'ICax.z~:mm'uan ma Goon Tamas.\ Pmumanm. Jan. :7.—'I‘he Extculive com. mince om: Unucd Smcs Centennial Commission _lo-dny considered the piano awards mule by the cEih’xh1‘ssion. Ind which are chimed erroneous. _ The kqhjcct was rcfetrcd b“ack'I5'!hlc full comma- HOW. . , n-:_ It is slntcd that 4,000 s1ockhol§€r’I¥\‘lm'5 ‘ibl claimed their seventeen per cent. dividend, and tune no found. ....s- ‘;~,»_L MINOR TELEORAMS, snucvsn, Jan :7.--GenmI Tcnn Cdlendar for ‘ for Friday :34, 137, 14% 455, M2. 146. 147. I48. mnngsou pg, silvxk. :49. :50. :32. :53. 155. I5 . I _ _ A .0 to! c lh udica! Du|rict'notnon- /5T.d‘P.w1.. Min|1l.._Ian. t'7.-——’rk;ehsenue_ l_o-4113;! W/‘\el:i<:mc) n th 5 I 9”“ ‘ him '°\’° \M\ in “O” ‘ E '°°°mag°° Lo§zno2~'. an. I .—-The Arctic steam- achcl’-am *1“ dd ‘ d°u\‘ 7...... .3 Jam was boxgght Io?day for {but thousandypoundsby _ James Gordon Bcnncu. CENTENNIAL AWARDS. MARYLAND SIRATO3: An-M‘mL1s Jan. :7.-.-'l'he Dcn‘xq;.-xau _, ggs to-night nomaimcd Ii.-3. Graeme un1:c‘;’1c§1\§:cs Scrum: by 5: voles. iwenty-seven votes were given Judge Robinson. The name of Dr. Dennis, present incumbent, was willudx-awn. OYSTERS, GAME‘, IN THE STATE. Déhlers in Leaf Tobacco .- - PEARL STREET BUFFALO \‘S{‘sA~ $000; LAKE FISH. POULTRY sun FRUIT A ‘spacwmv. , . P A T E N T S . 3’. R. D/ah, (sucmoor to Butkt. mu: t co.) SOLICITOR or Auagucau AND FORIIGN ‘ PA1::N'rs. - nun. . * . H T * ‘bgn pi 'uh__:hgEuzar($15u. .‘, ' ' '° Q53 Or-mxu. Jan. X7.-—Two mcmbcrs oi the Domin- ion Parliament from Manitoba. Brannuync and Smith, have tcsigncd in consequence 0! the tmach of the parliament act. SENSITIVE (MNAIDIANS A CHOKE ASSOITIIKT OF ' ‘ .\~ - Leadzhg Fur 54» ““ Canned Goods. Fruit. Vegetables and Soups Prcservés, jams, Pickles. Sauces. Cat- sups, Olives, Salad Oils, «imported and Domestic Cheese. and all kinds of T‘a.b1c Relishesl w m T x ind sm..ms.. s tnd;4:\V' :5 NomLD‘n':sto:c 511.. 33 BENATOR MORRISEEY. ‘NOTICE. -..§_.Q_L1E AGENCY FOR Jacgsosvttnz. I>'la~., Jan. 1:7.-John Mon'isscy's physicians authorize the statement that his symp- toms ta-ni are more favorable and do no‘! muni- pale imfnc Lute dnngcr. He has been gu comfort’- able l‘o~dly. He ue two mails nnd’ wmced about the room, cog less than -usnnl and Ilcgt some. He jun wait by I priest to-day. J19 aids his wnigm and slrcug ‘well. 1112-undemmnasfully his cbndillcm. but 5 thctriul xanzl._)-so¥e‘t‘q:_l. He bus been frce [rain pain: ,to,-‘<I_gy. The ower ‘extremi- are bully‘ sivollqn ftomdrmiay, which. however, ms not cxtag alggveclic knee. The p \ win no‘! exptqsh in ‘Dpinion as lohis rccoveiy from the present gitacih ‘ Caxcwo, jam. :7.-—-The government has gghn Mclu-:1mr,.)arc Pqslmlster here. «ML hi‘: ndamen fur $300.60.’; \i.$.‘.'xcicncy. The boxicismiu answer this: they are nntliible bccnusc, the Govemrggent was cognizant of the Luci. that Mchrthur deposited Govcminem money In the banks and used it in private businm. zsé ! sum Dons1sv's Am'm’>ot.Is Ovsrans, THE CRANE Oxumcn Gnovs. Mmnnm. F:L‘okIDg_L, Tn/nnm's' Dmcxqgg sxmncn mus $.\'osAcns, ? Amp NAso1y.'s,9!,§‘A2$c1»; - I ; , 7'§0U§¢i?1’“B'(?IFT.ll}l v - a;.f...« .. ' 1‘ 41:‘,-._-. 354 MAIN.sfr:u.:w%. -- ‘ - « - .. mau- 02: or About 15. CARI-\.E'l‘\ EITTING. Shtde Hmgtg and __ Vugzauylg mu -2. than luau and in! ’'~'‘‘‘\'' . . . ’, A ’ ~ STRUTH.ERS& HEPWORTH _ N’<_>s.—x and 2 Lnwxs BLocx.5.w4_x Sr. Cushion: special . W gin . you cums ?:“\.\.nx!3'u\{'u?\1¢é'=';uAu 3:‘ son‘. MEDICAL SOCIETY. We. nun org; in cbmiectlou with om-~\vnox.Is’ALI the {mist RETAIL i_q~’~Wuun—-Nut klloutpurxioqtlo -u.nm_-[nu uuriou/(wraps: Ru.-Ind‘§hI|l Podlivelyi Relinall. EH90!!! uticuy at Wboieggle Ptiqu. [, ALBAHY, N.-’Y.,]nn. .17.--The State Medical‘ Society l0<-day elected the following o Pris‘- ident. D. B.8t..3ohn Roosn. Nc'w-\\.ork:Vic¢- P-resident, Judson Nclson, Cortland; Secretaxy, Mnnlins Smith. Ommzlagu; Ttca.-zurcr. (2. Porter, Albany. Adjourned «fine die. - _ « I/Vm. A/1. j ! ! ' no. .3. vwannxxaroid smtr. c \Gi?0lIIl\~B§iH‘ ”'.*J:)'£:f»‘v\?.:%':‘:i‘:2‘r2“;%!'“*:‘.3‘uL“:“::'a‘t‘a‘.‘: ‘Journal 153 'uho0:c:<1?°mr§.'::c.,'1 gdog _ ‘ Lxcxmmpusn oijg. - 'r1;g.L1g1ght-hang: Boa ' many ébnlructs fcir-81,’o00 of iJ{I.‘for~vaxxqu§.=Iig um‘: -mwrv Wm; §A)(OA. A !reAt‘y\of‘e61?\IYieii;h Ttctweifh (he ,U'ialt’ed Sgntets Kb’:--Samoan“ ‘lulu ‘s ‘was -signcdv today by Sc\c'reti1‘y_Ev;prl:.i'pd M. K; L¢Mmre‘n, tlie latter repre’sei\htgg'tb¢:IfsIuh'd‘s.~ ’1t«wlll-be sent ii‘ the Sehlte-to-md !dr.ri:tincatiom ~ um: ':s‘anmpnx'uq :p1:rA;_,x;‘xy'1i'nr; «. The Na 1- .inve§tigqti'hg ex- iniulucd £hcv;hiq.~f*oh1a¢ B # 1.Zn_gg1eé:- %THTOMA;$%;c;g,,=§,)a;RK. %oj1.% .-D» W HI Min. sowu \ runsnu... sp:uxort'x:xL19, ‘Mum. jun. 11.--Mr. Bowlcs's fu- ghcral will be; pnvm.-_. Memorial services will be’ bchi \Vcdr;gI¢iny nex‘t..'whm pmmincnl gentlemen. ‘ gm deliver ttib go the deceased. ‘ PAL-EN Bums, §.Arr:!v‘;_u«:ycxsco,.{an. r.’7,-—'I‘;Ixc Inngunfe of an ggxl -the: wot ’ix&gmcn.'s macgings o Rte‘-1&1‘ en '1 'ugmorc'anj ’moreim;cn nry. > mi, _'»‘ lags lféld Inst wuinlimirrcg R113! t::e‘(_3l1_l:«v ne-so paise, jn‘r&= ‘c mgm 1- o_ ‘:1 uc‘ oum‘ row. <-3|}, §§cusu.¥cked. \Th:-emu!) ha; my. :93? mg mnbmfy ;o‘m_p:nies and purchasing w'eipoem AN ANTI-CHINESE Mos. ‘it snoorma. T _ BEEBE % ‘ A R C Ii.o;u;r c NOS; :7 AND 15I,\.§\.M n<‘§‘«>osi4saunt4.witur.Vs§éiI?3§ . nuou.ma1suag.4An¢9uou.u:rnmm . arms as umuwxgpg _ ‘J » ;’(53é_si?;.‘\\¢'u)nin¢con and Berry’ g‘u:.>But‘uji.~b. U . ‘-. ' \3 -' r~ ii \iraasauéaa21h.mz.n3uea.':‘.. . HARD AN=DTS:CXl3T COAL, .:. Qrlflcg ».qe;w;§H§g{g'rou.srnnni;‘ ' C?! at ‘xxfnit é§y¢fi‘ulIy_=ica\‘g¢néd» pcqmpuy \« v.- . i x Doxclmjtfgx, ‘N. Jan. ‘:1.--Jamcs- Iemmm, I who is sc{xIr§'k2;d' ‘his wife. went torher,house.‘_ {es‘\erdny;.gxif(l;‘§fgItréit¢s1 her. ‘Her nhter ‘hunclcd I no: at ruvoXx‘:é}r\qnc1 ;he and :\'s-ioent Jmérmn, who {Ln ._.q \‘*“a\:‘§:.., .1» %- - . ..W \ i. ;.$‘ ‘~1“‘%‘>q;%;\}.: ’ ;.;~ ‘ ‘\~:«;;\‘.‘ . . _ . « , u. =» -~\.»‘:

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