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Buffalo daily republic and times. ([Buffalo, N.Y.]) 1857-1859, June 05, 1858, Image 2

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liiepnbltt mro Qtimt.G. ~hvm m tbeu str>• les fot ndepandence, n The BaUlelftetwecn (fie Chippewas and Ob•olcteScr ptnre •l'\Oids e I Sioux at Shakopee theJ? ach evement of natio al ty A ens s -- Few pCTSons a e :awa e of he numbe ofwo as S app Oach ng When We mus \ ouse f om A br1ef account was 1ec 1 ed a few lays ou Common EBghsb B bles wb cb hare now 0 \SH ADVERThiNG 1:7\ 4.dv DR WHITE ILlS RElliOVED To 386 Franklin Stieet .AMUSE~1ENTS BUFJ<'ALO \\ he ome obmlete and a c u ua1ly un n e Lg bl our apathy and be somewhat moeactve ago ofabattlebetweeatwobandsof Oho to hosewbo eadthem Wble hegeatbody S'ATURDA. Y EVENING JUNE 5 C C BRISTO~ Editor l h II P ewasand S oux, which occurred .at Shak f K ng Jam \ e on span an I pe sp us pa t c pants n those revo ut ons w ICh w ~ 1 he follow ng wol(ds m ght displaced by othe s n all probab I ty convulse the worn out Iy I peem Mmnesota w tl\ D'l1ewofa large num wh ch all may ndo:s and nast es of th fend a] world, fonmng the I ber of wh te persons .A. correspondent of G d d \\I?' \'\\\\~ \= ft~Atl &A h ftbew t Tb usual man n~of emp sfo ol it!<> l north eaBtern boundary i>f the Allan be- I as rgus w 0 was one 0 Bnt God doe• not sol c t any one to do ev I The Universal Liberty The state of man s progreBSive The coPditlon of nations J k~ that of mdmdua s s progress v<>, also The un t, or the body cotporate ,the small ha11l of d sc ples who rrvrnulgate a JoeL me or the g eat masses of be nat on wh ch endorses t-each have thrur m s on to perform The m s on of Amenca-the most wonderful the most gt gant c that any age bas yet w tnessed w th n the cvcles of eeorde l t me- s n e sa I berty -unshackled free as a r as much 1 yond eont ol as are the mo n ng st rs whose Ill ant l gl t gems the ntang~ble e be L he y n o w dest mo t compre Lens ve sense -l berty of matter an j of m nd As s ely and mrnutably as the laws of nat re,-her chang ng s asons -he ra n an I s n h ne,- erdure and aecay- act pe od cally upon he earth and develop 1tR resom e< -m the harvest npon ts s r face o the m neral \ealth produced where my of day! ght n ver fell so surely shall the harmony of the soul expand The mtellec U 0 ve sal ] berty once tHe shadow of a shade nesses, furn shes that paper w th a graph c mean n od trt d A.b aham descr pt on of the s ngular and terr ble spec I The \ G n ll 2 t a! and mg e eleva ed nato e of man pro- gress towa ds a d v ner sphere l vested of the gros e att butes of the mate raJ wo ld a J ~Yaf ed on war 1 to ha fi u e eg on whose clmax s perfect on In enter ng upon th s subJect of the ul ruate ce ta nty of uo e sal I be lj we l a e merely to refer to the reco del chron cles of the past whose tcs ony s an ls und sp ted a an er dence of be p og ess tha has been made f om the Ia k ages of barba 1 m to the presen day -of the p ogre s ve tendenc es of ou own t me ann of the yet gr ate advanc wh ch the f tu e bas n s o e -of he I m table system of prog ess on yet to be beyond the g asp or comp ehens on of fin te ntell gence Even w hout hav DO\ ecourse to he susta n ng fa ls of h s!o w !bout exh m og the t ad t ons of the past ou own I fe ex penence has been a se es of p act cal ev <knees of the tru h• we I ege - he truths of mans ever progres ve o of be ng -t u hs wl cl a e cons de e! dan gerous by bod es that lab r n thJS wo J for tho benefit of so tis m anothe -a theory to whtch we c n never g ve c e fence Truth can neve be clange ous ex: pt to tl e expos uors of false systems The dea of a dan 9erou.• tru h s an nn mo s theory wh ch was only n<ented to arrest all prcg as< to JUS y al de pot m to resto e the cr rues of the I' an o p epa <> them n the fu t e Wei ave een an l the wo 1 has no e T the wonde fu] an I sea cely ere 1 ble ad a pta tom of the po e of t•am th ough the me dn n of se enee and mecban sm to effect a moral soc al and u ve s I evolut on m the va o s u ancbes of Agr cult e Co nme ce :M nufac u e an l t anspo tat on- here s ~ea eely any lese pt on of !abo now a days th t m y nu Lo lone by means of mach n ery w th a a ety of no ve powe s o wh h steam IS the p nc pal No ;y these th gs \e a con le e I my ene wh le ln au em! yo :,ta e the I scover es of sc ence we e aughed a e npp cat on of as a mo e power snee eJ Jo n as a myth the n!luence of the moon upon the tide .co e tl I lunacy e en the ex ten on of ra I oad 1 nes was looaed ur on as the ab orp t on and s nk ng ete nal y of so m ch ap al-tha waste of so m ch labor and land ampled beneath the despotic feet of abso Th s s l e old plrual fa the wo d cow ut sm now aleams as g1 tkred of yore the tacle, wh ch was enJoyed (as he affirms) by \ as sw ne s he o <l!lu aJ fo •ow star n the East Let us be heedji 1 of ts five hundred people who wa ched the san o n a hoa.a won d unde a I ght by bec<>m ng the means to that most g or ous end bevond even the mldest con <Jept ons of the dream ng patnots of an ea I er day ll fi stand hoi est duty of a fee c t zen to as s1st tbe chamr ons of I te ty a! ~ay and eve ywbe e The n on of nat on based uptln a r nne pie of n ve ~a1 I berty mll save the world Nos ogle planet can tul fi ts eo se w thou! mutual help and mu tual ass stance of all otae s The light s not part a! y d ffuscd -th9 sun sh nes for all and from lhts glor ous m1 s on of un versa! J be ty no oppo ng nterests can t he gene ous b east of free Arne ca GcntJCJnen s Fasllionl!i In ew of the daily weekly anil mont! NEw BooKs-We have rece Ap I m'mber of tbe Ed nb gh Rev e~ puu shed by LEONARD s~oTT & Co N y It con a ns an art cle on the annals of San F ans sco A Rev ew of C l lorn a ndoo s an! ou by M s FARNHAM and a er t c sm of ERNEST SEYDS work Cal fo n a and ts re Artcle 2nl s de1oted to the Eas A t c e 4 h the Ra ways of G eat Br tan A c e 5th, The L fe and Works of the late EDGAR ALLEN PoE A. t cle 6th the Speech e of I ord BaouG AM th Buckles H s o y of Colon zat on n England 8th The Conq est of Oude Otb Th Second De by M n stry May be had of T S Post Office We have ece ve l f om the pu bl shers TroiUWR & FIELDs Bos on two more vol gu nary t ggle wh eh lasted th ee hours il. Gen Q a at safe but conven ent d stance A land of S oux number ng n wa nors about tb ty five were en eamped < the m rued ate v c n ty of Shakopee The Chtppe was, asce ta n ng th ough t r sco1llts the lo- cal ty of the encampment, ra se] a fo ce of one hund ed and fifty b aves and ma ched to attack them reach ng the oppos te shore of the r er m the n ght The r ntent on \a to c oss qu etl} an I fall upon the S oux n the r sleep b 1t they found tl a fe ry boats pon the oppos te s de of the ver one: were b unable to cross They then ranged the r ver concealed n Lushes rhe ST J;UIES BLOCK 28ii IUAIN ST FINE CLARET Only $S per Dozen JOHN KORTZ No 212 !Uam Street, HAS JUST RECEIT£D A BE t:Tl:F'('\L ASS RTMENT BL!UK FRENCH L&UE 1U!NTJLL!S 1 BLACK SILK MANTILLAS Lace Shawls STELLA. SHAWLS FRENCH AND ENGL SH PR NTS BEREGE & HERN .l.N I ROBES MUSLIN ROBES RILKS OHALL ES BI !CK FRENCH LA.CE l'EILS, A L A BE UT ITL AS ORTIIK,'\;T 0 E l\f BROIDER\ GOODS JOHN KORTZ Will Pubhsh on SATURDAY next A EW SONG E TIT ED THE LOST LOVE F ale loy p 4tf Corn G2 cents I! ne Midd ngs, 65 ents F h d Middlmgl1 85 :\\ ashington a t, (he d 0 f NEW STORR' I TERMS CA~HI JOHN KORTZ, HAS RE! OVED TO THE SPAC10 8 STORE .N Oa 212 ltiain ND HAS OPENED 'rv TH Aj Large and Beautiful Stock o1 NEW SPRING A.ND IJUMMER DRY w thout tl e sl ghtest tdea that th s same a l wav ex ensmn system was me e y anothe offshoot ot: and onse1uently necesss y to the grand plan of p og ess on and so peo pie a e beg nn g to be e e th0 ev deuces o the sense - o bel e that bo h men and nat ons a e ha ged w h a p o dent ~I m s roes (com[ r s ng the story of Quen n D r war ) of the bouseho!J ed t on of the Wa ve ly Novels The nexcept on able typo g aphy neat b nd ng convement s ze and g naral excellence of th s se es of orks of he g eatest wr ter -the realms of fiet on or b sto y e er 111sp red - boull ecommend them to the gene al p bl c No I brary shouH be cons de ed complete mtbo t an elton of S WALTER ScoTT • b stor cal of \1 I:> E::; & Ll<,!G It on and that they a e bo nd o fu n t The m son o; ence n th s wo ld s hv no means means derable aud she mav ac <j tre a cha acte of h gb moral Ey n the ac compl shment of t prov ed a propo sp r t conducts the gu d ng e n It lepends upon her lo disa m cba !atnn sm and to dep e pubhc credo ty of sa ment But n orde 1 do th s she m st keep her eyes open ra the than sh t she must study .ather than tte d!e ejac lations and must not allow the fr.:lar of comp om ng herse f to overcome ths love of truth u her bea t 'T'he n Imber off cts that come to tale the r place m the b o d I ght of lay s so coot nna ly mereas 1ng tbat one of two tb ng• w 1l happen e ne the doma n of natural sc ence m st consen to enlarge ts I rn ts o that of s 1 e natmal s~ ence w 1! extend Jtself beyond control Whnt we wo ld ask has oeen the ssue of sJa e v ag ation '2 The nfluence of umve1sa! freedQm upun the mmds of eas tern and nor bern men called up a sp r t Of r&~ s ance to the extens on of slavery and Cahforma Nebwska and Kan<as have been added to. ou Federal doma n Had not. the en ex sled remed al meas nes would not have been equ red 'I he d scovery of gold peopled the he~gh s an I valleys of the S er- r!\ Nevada and gave add!t onnl 1mpett s to the onward march of c v bza on ad I ng an o her bnl ant ta to our na onal conste Ia nove s and romances For ale at the books o e of PmNNEY & Co Bao\\'BEAT NG 'VITNESSES -An Albany paper says w th truth that there s no g eat e outrage perpetrated unde the forms ami bv the snnct on of law then the manner Ill wb ch counsel are prem ted by <>u courts, to ab se w tnesses A w tness upon the stand let h m be vho hew 11 and !iS honest f ank and t uth[ill as man e e vas seem to be regnr led by gene a] unaerstand ng as a target at wh rh snapp sn venomous and nsolent counsel may d1 eeL all the arrows of The same k nd of wl ere under Hea en out of Cou t would be epelle l by a blow or excrte the 1se of a awh de Reputab e and heno able nzen too s tt ng as J Idges w I pe m t such eon d ct, and f a w toes! has the moral courage to asse t hiS gh~ w I t ea en h m Wl h pun shment for contempt ToLEDO NoVELTY WoRK states that Mr Boody has pretty m ch de termmed to remove the Novelly Works now ocated at Rochester N Y to Toledo and 1f so new bu ld ngs on n Ia ge scale w II be e ected for the Wo ks Tne Toledoans have \\ eed to take $22 500 stock m the estab \ I.hrnent and the s bscr1pt ons are ahout fi led The nvestment w 11 prove a cap tal one for our Maumee ne ghbors ExoTro WIT -The Mayvllle Sentmel sats he Repub can aod Arne caD.SI cant turn out tke democrats very well Upon wh ch the o tty ( 2) Albany Statesm\\\ re JOn they cant for democrats generallv t rn out very bad t on Even the poor decayed persecuted Mormon whose fanatic doetr ues found conver s n all parts of the wo ld-ban shed fi om Oh o-ex ed fl om MIS5oun-and even followed now to h s d slant city of refuge m ULah wh ch he consents to leave w thout bloodshed has been bnt then:1eans to an end unseen an 1 unl nown nntll s complet on JS de uonstrated by b s sect becommg the p oiL eers of c Y l za wn towards the sett ng sun where the ext eme w e n lopes oftb s vast continent are k ssed by the waves of the Pa c fie And so t s th oughout the wo ld- however naccountable the means n the r neept ves ate may appear to ord nary nte] J(aT An eccentnc. person the Marqn Mala z of Florence ust deceased bas order ed by h s w JJ a port on of hiS fo tune to be mV'ested an 1 the nte est to be pa d to the Now we as ert that the democrats can t be tu ned out, anyhow and f these two JOUrnals are spec mens of tne wrt of the r re- spective part e• we have only to say the humor s a d rn n shed as the r prznc•ples -and e erybody knows what sl gbt p eten 1 gence the end Is ce fu n progress on to a ,h gher--a more ennobled-a more perfec state of be ng The sp rit of h\berty cannot be confined to sol t~ry IS8Uell alone Like the a r of heav en t must be free and n versai m llSlOU of Arne 1ca not only to mpart her sympathy to the down trodden the pat o! martyra of the eanse of freedom nuder the ;:~l'Solll!f 1,119Jl!lt\'h•eo~ of Euro,pe b1.1t to a1d most l nmp backed man n Tuscany The ec pmet of the mcome s to be chosen by twelve other h mp backed men each of whom for h s troub e IS to be rewarded with a gold medal bear ng the effigy of _1E op s ons they have to tl'l!i bite a t ele Jj;jJ\ As fo the Sabbath •ays LUTHER here s no neeesSJty for lls ob ervance and §Er .A. mo<lern wr ter say If we do ob e e It; the reason ought to be, seem strange but t 1s a fact, that men gener not because MosEs commanded t; bnt be ally are much more afrmd of women than I canse nature 1 kew se teaches us to g ve our vomen are of men Joe Fuller remarks I selves f om t me tot me, a days est m or that the fact Is not \strange at all for m der that man and beast may recruit their l oLh eases the fear 13 proportioned to thP I strength and that we may go and hear the danger Cand d but un;pillant. wol'Q or GoP preaQhed - Werke, u 1 f.l lllRS THOS The s bsa ber has taken a lease of the spa ~ \' 287 and 289 lUain St. St Jrune5 BloeiC Wh b Wil Dtin th WHOLESALE AND RETAIL tre ERS Flour, Grain, & alllunds of JUIII Fcetl 1 Nes 12 and 14 Canal Street., Nea N aga.ra. Falls R,. R. Depot, BUYFALO rroresstonal Notice, -W B OLVER Donse, S1gn and Ornamental Pamter, GRAINER PAPER HANGER dlc Over 164 Main ~'treet, Buffalo a\ A a.bare o publi pa.tronnge 1B esp ctr li teil. mhl2d6:pl .A. MAJOT Wig l.llanufactnrer and Ladies Barr DRESSER A.ND Cl.TTTER SAMUEL R COWLES S.t'OOESSOR TO :i D l'L GG k CO Wholesale Grocer and Preduce Com- RI.ISSIOn l.lierchant, Begs lea: e o call the a .;mtlon of hiS friends nd ustomers to his w 1l i ed and bo ca nne y G 0 enes., &e whieh he lB detemuned to sell <ln fa orable enos, a No 60 lll:ain.tc .13 Hanover st& [Buffalo J31\'\'?wdw;~ of .U ~dJJ ~C\nved on CommiEsi n. WH f'Jl W L BF. 8 n AT Exceedmgly Low Pnces for Casb' NEW GOODS!! j;)RIELLY'S :BAZA.ARj;\ AND BONNET WARE ROOMS AND fOR CASH N THE STOCK MAY BE FOUND ALL THE LA :rEST STYLES IN Silks Chalhes DelB.lne s LACES AND EJUBROIDERIES, A LAROE STOCK OF HOUSE FURNISHING AND DOMESTIC GOODS Will be Constantly kept on Hand JOHN KORTZ No 212 Mam Street HENRY .A. HARDY Barnster and Attorney at Law, BRANTFORD C W ORIGINAL STORE FOR LOW PRICES E D HOLMAN OF LETTERED STORE SHADES' AT SIGN OF THE LARGE TEA CHEST F B SCOTTS Sign Painting Establishment 18181 1818' SOUTH DIVISION ST NEAR liLUN B:UFF.ALO N Y LARGE ElL VER l!EDAL AWARDED mhl --- !'liAGARJl LAND OFFICE GUY H SA.LISB:URY I have purchased a large lot of L gbt Colored K il 0 o ea-bed qual ty at a 11REAT REDUCTION FROl COST and WI hem a: 60 ents a pau ap30 JOHN KORTZ, 21.2 Mtun_street. NEW PAPER IIANGINGS 1858 No 145 Matn Street, eo ddoo fr m o Exchange ut. CO :IT!.~ UE TO SELL GROCERIES At tbe Following CRUSHED SU AR 12,Ymc pe pound. 12Jic do l2}Le do WElTE COFFEE do lOMe do YELLOW do do ---------·---··- 9}f do BEST BROWN do 8%:r: do GQOD do do 7~ do STUART'S SYRUP 62Mr: p gall n. BEE HIVE do 50o do GOOD MOL.AESES 37\c do PRD£E R 0 COFFEE 14e pe pound GOOD do do 18c do OLD GOVERNMElrr JAY .A COFFEE20o do TALLOW CLL\qDLES 18 do BU.Rll.'lNG FLUID 60cp gallon. THE BEST 'FIFTY CENT\ Ha ng the Agency ofthe bsstFacfunes n the I BLACK AND GREEN TEAS t\n ed~tateStlnmnowrece VIOgthmrNEW PA'ITERNJ:l ~ and rut offe hem a pnc.es ha defy oompetitian o d m the Cl Y F rly su:: casea bea.trl:ifo.l SPRING ~TYLES UEt J:Jrn~ e u Drtigs Prunts,. Oils, Dye-S ufiB, Wmdow Tf'N> d. G B.SBt ~ &c. al f wh Ch will be ro d a pn e as ow aa Also Agcmt Cor Floo Table and Co-unter Oil Cloth! t can be purc:hruied e ewhe W odow Sha.des, &e. Sad1 J;. Firth & Ro~ Yates & Co D ham sud Taylo J7Xe chants mpplied at Factory Priees at the Papa Bro a ce ebra~d Deoccated Mtl!ia:rds. Ha.ngrnp Warehouae No 114 Main 6treet. GiTl>ert\a Cheuuca Eruive Hapeal Determve and Pa - lll- ~ BIRGE Soap._ ~ N EW BOOKS-The Real Uncle Tom Fath H naon Story o ll own L ;nth an In trod n by }. rs. H B Stowe The Life and 'l'rmes Hugh }!ille New V• um fWa; eqy--Qu ntin Dm:w.u. d DouglM Je:rro d s W t. .a new .supp s P tt 8 re t Chape Lee tll'M De e ed n Boston by C1e gymen o six diffenmt denom n Oil dun.ng the Winte f 858 e5 PHINNEY &. CO FRENCH Dyeing and Cleam:ag Establishment P LAIN A.ND FilQY DY:ElNQ, n all va netiE!B LOriS CLAUDE (:om Pam. a P epared to execute all rders n the abo line a 306M clil~n ~ ne d ... th of~Jio je3dlr THlS EVENJNG Jl NE Wbprend THREE EA\T bE T p dB Md .a.ntltagG RUM neantlSCx WHJSKEYS B u b ton ngah S t.ch h WINES OdRye on • fu LUMBER LATH & SHINGLES T DUNN CONTRACTOR .AND DEAL • n Lumbe. Fnrn sh1ng and <lnnog Pile~ re.- painng WbaTV p mp :ril n on contract oth \'\' K ~pa -con!rtan y on htt.nd a g od 8.'3 i.Qrtman:t (I Hem lock Pin Whitcwo d and Maple Lumb Sagma:w ha. d u and eaw d Shmgles, La.: h Fen e Boards .Poatll &e J:ir'OBice and yard on Ohi Str tUl Ohio- Baro.n I!.80J' ti ot of ~hicaio atr~ee.

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