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The impartial observer. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1808-1809, May 27, 1809, Image 1

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/ £ > « JM it h o r n e d on yourminds,that the £ tie firm «r tte frttodm* r q ^ ks . rights J u s x # . #> « LLBfiRTAS I&f POtJSSTAS^ FACltnSDl \ v. •■»*.-•;<■■: ■•• '•',.>■;''•■•. * ., i y •;• y..-y > *-'; v in; Jj rprnjiri^p^ai..1'.;.-V-.wv»ppe«*>W(P\*t*w m % 9JS.. .. * nii‘ti8 i >jii|fti<^p *- } ■.. I I. '';uIV\■!■•»*•.»\.■.; a<>*J||* I ■^Udnii.im.ni»i.y ( I Vnjifji CO O fERSTQ W N , ^ T q f t D A ^ J J 5s;: . T % < !. ■3»t (C J Q L . p- —l»»ifrA and distinct point, which was of course, *»$ Mm Jfcfi^onrefused|o a^epi;rwp^^<»i;.'|X^' ’ democraticparty ever discovered anv of thac connected vyitb it, and xvliieh 1 venture tp as- tess accompanied vtitfc ^ in entire kbohtiojp df sympathy ftuj ff*Jf national bouou# that nicfc eeit, England w.U never make until she is beat- fnnpressments from m er^nt ybs^s>,,: which sensibility to injury o f vvhicb a tbe^ bom ?o din intntt TliA' fAllnivtno* row*. hie m s lm o . Waft to makf> a nart of it. B#»ttapatihn W k V iow hinrhlv «wh*>tv*»v(»a. ^Vith i /TieniifnA uma L *T2*—.-..4; c.vO-. en into it. The following were his instcuc- iN f to r o a ^ a parf of it, .^epira^On has novy highly whenever t>ux disputes with E-Wlindl Lions. After recapitulating the facts about the b^ipr made % England add vaccepted by f & ’ are the topic of discussion ? ^is>true that the m 1 hr -£$■■} f^ei § i) tfr. tt cf7 Pg &? ioiet* iy«iix lahd, 1 ink*, muty west irtdfj rly tv tenjea & a™' Ws6£ pniCrtfe |s soft id o»< itcjlpn poim, iname bssiptv ItOlU f tW* b ,a, Nn mi Poop phrtp idder, fto the 1 )■ ' JProm the JVbiot fork Jmc* itah Citizen. t ■' * 1 hayc several ticaes bad the lienor of con # gtii«»tati^ th^cow& m ity <ffl tte ataKkffl. tetm tted ' medf by Mft'fcfafll -xkn . tnjewhgbtened “ *w H w ! and- ruinoust coursetff ;;pQl*cy \^hidi bad been v , _ . . _ „ pursued by M r Jefferson m relation ia pur lo* ‘ *^le nature and extent of the satisfaction ’ ^igri affaiWahdTonce added ^ a t the recent QUSllt to be suggested i# the Sritifb govern^ getrny re tm e w w t r p vei*y prom^and?3at^facto®y aditistraient of our *n^nt, not less by a sense b f its own honor than not abandoned, his-. - m^rious'^cdtoy | ' by T^no4tjfnt did you ever hesr. them- * n !L k > prominent differences with i^ng;lan<i,was.aiieV.. 'J j , Justice ‘to; that bf. thp bfeited^States<r A wisety turned ^hisJbach on^the of reirb»»irbn talk of wninvath her w , — .r formal disavowal of the deed^and « fthistMous the uodorietf nCtheifact^mon^ed tb e ir d e » S ' t f i t P tfo#* . is,ihg.^ .j, _^T_“• -■ _. M^d&oii j|Ue veiy awkwardamd tiant* ,w* *v**‘ '*«****''\ -j—-^ . ^.r.■ , , **■■%*' - T- . • - . ». , - - ............... . humming steps which had been aafbrtunately tP * ? were t a k ^ ore thing^of, ^ ^ lCh se^iestratiOaoC ow? pvap^tyli d fc lb e y im r uM toJbyhw im m ^iateyprcdecossor: These and mtUspLBstble. A s fe^eenrity & r flm fer ■ v N ^ a n d F e o n ^ i f a t e e S ' opinions were mot he wever advanced m a spiv* tuie, an cnthe abolition from of fepsa were not oalr to p iu W e r w m e S it of exultation over a.Presida« whoseacts, vessels under *fte^ ::8zg of-the^ ©nite^ W cham vessels wdth.itopunHy within ohrow« Odious y ffaj ’m ^tlfe contrary, they vvere dicta* ' JPremtknt’s fyle&agfyp. 7-*~$i. fed fry that-cpmluif5 v ^ m a M r h ^ had been ffbja, Wfi «e» the reparation for; the attat iirsgJiretl by tn act of the President* «nd which, was not sufiieient; that the ouuage andt tfrb .liberatmg^frmm' an unnecessary state o f com- atqnerodnt were not to stand bfone j cesmuy ^ o n l ^ f e w by frju Madron Ahe veiy ' . T t Maulsnd fo Mr. Mbnraein London, kttd which fie«iteS^»tiAr» «F a«a 6dhqiw to^b of aiding «ti^ govetimumtrm. enfeifclii§ apnelte yon nmv. Advexsity teachefri afool the othbargoi- Js. metoorable' Mtanbe which, A ; « l d 0 ^bdcial.diraidon^vandidiffuslftg jof over ersrv lieart, had given us m tamest o f an adminis­ tration exactly the revetse of that which h*d leduc^d the nation almost to despair and emi- neMiy-exposed ouru’epubheau gosrernntent to suhvcfsion* Ewery' enlightened. lovei of his wn *-r» ... (he Batihmre JFedel'Ql RehuoHozn. I1IS1H \YCi(» HVi KU stRuu (tiwuv y •*,»***+'+-*.- , « j ; < *. ,v ■ some reason with wiucfi aegtiaint^d, a very delicate subject $$?■'. 'V-J^BiEAT \ ' L ‘ pita with both, and tlijit an enure abolition of impressments frpna ;merchant yessels, wap A L S O to make an mdisjientible jart sovere^my^ ahd Jac'tonP* 1 ius, instead of being a our government to meet 9 t5 U0 tV^»ivu«i‘ -fAiiig.tiiiVJiwtA . 4v«%* vi -- - , - ^ im M i'f Will rejoice, withine, la the assurance national demand of atonement for vA.n^feiBjtf’^ i j ^ ^ ^iirhy- iti the ' p:fr^ty\ With wbibh- Mr» Madison has famished us, offence,, was a directiBSuk offered to the B f|f ^fxmfQsk^'^:V^ f t e i tovkfrow? Wftaf \co^^e' # 0 fr^Mt^annmtmii 9 ii' 4 «dfb 0 $i»<ludhyrwko]e* t»h goweromensy»n:dbo avowal wi| Be'mtrsuetl'by Mr* Madisdhwith re&aid sdmS^expertence, and\ not ’by pevaicious theo .■jfjjr f by thu^, impartiality winch -is t he ossenee o f the neutral- state,- and not by that criminal predilection ion one belligerent which cannot be indu lged but a t the expeoce of the- ether, as welTas to the, injury Of ourotvi>nation§ m eve- iy ,-tlnng tfssentially affecting us ehaiacter, its duietj and' its• resource? ” ‘ to P#aaee. , ...-• . . ■ ; . : __ - .^h«exjstpce of a British influence in this count^|,, ftas been the never ceasing tftetne, of happened. R<Swf$m. to’fr'^s^jpQh|; this port* raigBt be . ,cited;.asL^^^‘^ ^ 4 * 'cfuo! inseussbllity ,witft which „t|ei ieputations o f deceased cltisens wSf e assailcil . , and, tlieTeeiings of the1 distressed shockiogly. extended tne fet tijg cpnduct o f flic Frtheh go*- •vci.ninenfe towards the United Stateii \ democratic party to bear with most strikingly displayed in the sup{h^isitj}^ of documents and the language dC lfre F-i’enclv' minuter to the ^propositions of .otar govern- niLnt. Let any man -read thosO'doctmefrts: wdtich are aJtnitted In be authentic, and 'eount over tne iommel\tblekaggmsiofr$i wbicfrhavtl ■ been made aip(Hti-x3h| spyereignty by ,Kiattcqr A» C*- 6 «i» hd l bjeved biecurtv P < w ftnarf EalU* , > i'i0 shii-- ,n o» t h M r m . p r ' «lVj)f . s liert.. d wjjl “ saii a n o# - mth* hd swfv : neyvh* | ek . itnt ojf on tn* uni*;, nd df**; m d # ; ViSi to., ing o>t ( aouth* am of, ,s front h hnk|| Ice East; e South; S o il* infc ,pjf | to th# bf tine* b thefe^ ireinueS st next, m the •n good rclmei !>OD. , fn the p $ m : htOberi tiuniitita jttrhyfr e cehti !son,’ 'o; State-'S*- ' patCdr he;tpl# ft S5.fr«i iViilag'r t’qrlyW •hftaif# lurr, W ireeieb ' di51e,|n4p :j ^ b m h :w ^ n o jt '$'&$> ,. * . ............. I v • ; .pounxw, nas uceu uie u e v v i w h ^ i perfect%n^«ttity* ^ # e h ^ w h e t h e | . Well* \ diiected against we4««er.i ih® Bwlea»: cfeau^ Patly t ^ 'vho woul? nofJ0,n,n^ ^ p^ . f Bonaparte nrou^l#^]^ mm*?'--- to hxagnify and irusiemesent the injum {;ejj^ tp io that^^ \vhLch;hud^ra^lythQUgh frhowidlly stijitauiedai the hauds^ ot Engkmd, winie my ref„Sai of _ . . . . -• -;. j- »:-y,Lt-^eif -W ti -exDiesSed to MU Canhihiift * fiejfoctlujffa i mci jia j^ ly just** thee kg; ^nd’its- rosources* f hi.iiselfinsfructed'toconnut with f r B t | d f t n l £ - ^ ^ u r . - W j . MttJes. * ^ '» ^ t«At tfrd miserable scents which‘ J»f?J ' v<t' a dem ^d to which, he ^hew* - ■ W e should belie otu- seutim eh^if # e di^ bessed wiU neXer ugfon be eXlubi < wlueb Mi Joffeison knew, ai'well as iiU peisecuied asr Briush' 3tottugi| O :|]Qt prefei peace xwth T h e Bakimofe ■WhigfhpAiJBfjPCd^jpk . A rM , . | D 8 |a (| would froryi*t<f‘. . f ^ f to a wa) with aey Vfe would rather <n|hvr ifrpgto attfact resbect, aed ^oo *b3 m ttu c tei to demand, said Mr.Mfohro^ ^ehenefttaof.a& e e m d e-.to.^h^'^f8i^^i^' ljufcTit pliticulai aotl&j denies thatot » tlnt the it whole- subject of impi^ssinents, •; vdi»i»<fr 60 snnM;iiceopeh ' .ifttfrt h as-'.retraae^^^^ . ^ l l ^ - ^ n ^ i t L b i s time,\ (p W \’Bw thjif XngUnif has'.?repd«d^ , h # neptly remark>ng j h ^ * ts - * the message) and thwt atenemeu for t}jc,at'rvhhve we^,tw^e<tp ret'aiiahe^i% Unttuth^vi?heul mnletheanemom ^op-be r c c o i ^ : # » l ^ . ; r ' ^ on Bonapuite the ^ ¥ pteasadtfy and ; ^ unless assocaated with “ qu ifc&ni&fsxJPfoto&£ ' \ - ------ to observe ahd -msP£ t,o u it .n e t e l Wghtsi? What, cdnJdi haye beei^ the uk4ve o f ' ' ^ J # laeppi seni» Was considered as an exidctice o jjot ^ jy :,tp , 4sjferpassed •robbprles; fm-son-fortmKh , aas#ntipik^ ^ thejin!hf4gded;&nlicfrade to attone : tor t : e - ^ , {ff •reet<we-o«a^a^«ddpropgptyj but, fo- , ^ T ' ? : o ' ^ ^ . re2 ! f ^ r.? ^ ? hv- “ y laliaed.^ to-;.th tbrsng an untruth* Vdds, vei .;f'i^ e h io ils*M r .- 'd t ^ e th a m r ’d b te II- tis-how ^ ' nXiicni ctth t e t l a c ^ t s step3 \vfofthDt8 tiRla atill -^ 5 - Phllosbphy1 irid'eed f-eaChc® iis Lfriit, a body ■. jlMck id nt 1 remeiir «o uutd. fu ^ lh m o ^ e/^by-a'bupei'for povycr ’ B * t 'm u rfr Js.our frue executive'dabb!i.d it phiioso*1 ■■■ ■-' -I •«•< ....... To t&islnivuiiciQus coapling<ortxvp distinct tlkf-’Unif# Stntesibcfore he was pronbuadedf. . “■•}. .1!.'.' . - 1 .P.: ^ rt •! • - ••■ T . • *... i.. . t. . _ I \ * ^ T S in, with th* herefy m slop td pfeSS swejl^ * lb: ^■laXsk^fwisfdbatfiii the a pautr^ thfrsif dalanfrtle^w idch1 fo^- tHe fast n v o ^ b a is w e glib h a p Was > dii^dveredf that a VefusdlTo reHeqftHh (|i^zii>wbuk|'.frdstra<t1 ..c HinjcMy* has authorised i»e dweus# die >»ubject of your rupieacntation, and that l renew to you the assutrances of the d!s|tasijiibii to qC'cpio.uipc^te on; .tp condoetvtbat discuss oiisiii). jdit* moit amk^* mefridfy W ' the' people. elaborate4 - . . . r - r — 0 __ _ , t . . K ^ _ pyj a (§tiktitietttpf *hiir •'differences -w t t lr Eng- b^.fbrna', ancht«fra8g }t tq a ^ o n c j u s i o n satis* warfrvgdnietits, grounded ott-ipFeihkhs->altoi kud, “Which has just beenatcOMplislie^teight- frcacvy to the honor, and td the feelings of gether assumed attd palpably fabenvhiclvdai- '?=»* »!■» Mt<s'uu«u<ees w u.,» r, n TOoif. ii r.r pumat !.«• tu>«-/iijn,iprLin luaiis nf riifi rpDrt-sentative governiyxent to demund, and. tf possible lo ^ . w ,---a •--. , . j '■ — o — <?• . ' ^' . lang.uage to genettil We snail h^ giossl-y deceived i f lie does dot instantly de­ ck re iva£ aga^iit us. JBut it is the business of havebcen effected uptw-'p.edseiy the same b u th c o p ies , jtis ^ n i a U ^ o f iegret tfcalf ly lesowidedin the walls o fthe p e p i ^ m ^ compeiwst.ee v_ * t f «' 1 V 1 5 t joasltp^ld ^t»U q B t m s tru^d.to aune^to qframber are well remembered, fne most it Will bp tconceded, fi5n I tluak it the vm m d oi repjiiaUon foi the attacfr of the artful and mffammatovy hartarigues, ded-gfrcd p Qni gj!s ^ r Telescope. * \ T . u1 ■- .. ** b , i . » . ii* .. «kn. /^I^MMMtunTir a . wmr IA1. wmca tna V'trtmil' TfrMiifltJrt tfV S> H1I Mlt (It ; if {lfVllC. • ■ • j . s. • •■ TE D -ER A jLlSM , The afef .ju vuujj'i^^'-. — Mss-tai IT *mw v- — ----- - ^ 4. . V * » ^*X ‘ ^'f _ ”’T.—* 7 ”* rrs —-w- . “V *nd that such a tre-'tj woahl have been discu'-s’on, in useif o t 'ELitfe.i^ut delic^cj and the country mto fr k al contest with laiglsmd, and with rtpid stride^ to trace back the on* an effectuel 5&f to apd’'op absolute preclu- i1ftpoitaric£” - '; - and to produce an allunqe >yith ^r^pe ifrese waid ^tcpstfrey had takta lo the inevitable dt* stoh 6 f the ;orders;. in-r cimncil, iind^ therg- -;•.#^Ti»•diffis'ulfiss•ha>ll^«•way•.-ftf sutfb adjust* things are well remembered, and the depunr . strucuon ;pf ijteejr |tbef(des—*.Feder^ts- • frmorf oartgci^oiaj>k epibaigoi suuj^iing, teJias been ^ 9 inct*rn^ alfrged, th-e ofdfeis ** c • r* . » i r x * i .li . r. - _ l ._. -4A*6 U |W « ! W U M t t » « l t y ,Wu j ;W UUJMa*.-!- w „ . . _ ______ mtm all w dy soioijihei^ l)ji the diaa.oiml ciation o f Col Pickering upon the flooi o f Con- fiwaiih X \ . P valiintar,!^ Offeied^;; at ,£f le ^ g?5 s hf l ^ s , ipn g t e j •Mr-18 Lo.ino-yswiif U*- «m*w ■«». “ *■- • -rr-rv--— -— ....... . - , „ . , ._ f , ,..._.. _ ,, , . ,., . .. Chosapeakey that wo ow e dll o\i, a g itations, o , \ th e pin ticulav case, and tp p io p o r n o n the ie» But th e federal p a r ty is styled a taction de- pi eased b y tlie su f fra g e s o f frye, men, alidad/- hroik, mr>d fim hKT - ^ e ^Tiatl jqo v sec 1^ adosi io Ihe wrong voted to the mi crests, of England ^ How haVe sounds a knell to thetl^oietic aqd jisiouary^ “ ■. . ■-* • .h-:- - -J- lUk »VAt^«Aai tr+( ift/Tlfci TtwffPlilte/lhi ^ is the Brit»b govti ofnetv'now to otider- they hfetiSyed thoif ptedilectitm for that gov* scfifemes of a Dei»p(qrafic factidn-^aod' pvo* st^nd, xM€ ybta? sir, Sfe^itff authorized to tn- dftnnent, arid then? willingness to afcpatiently tut* tM6 this, sttphva4ly a«d'<n8Undti' under grtejsancepi4one«s ? When intelligence turn of;;tSi flfctfeetl pep^ ^th^^bpi^ojd^fis ijn^:-dfi|h©ti6«|Rf<d»g,i^bll«^^ M frfy&jpftttfc wyas^. r:eqe^ved.oi. tbe ^ttack, upon tlie. Chesa* kidbbt and tRap^it%BS p f e ^ '^ W c r e .i^ e Fcdc t’is t s backw a 8 m c x - icf^pi^ct t o - T l i o # ^ ^ ^ | ; t ^ i r ’frldienattaf/*t theuritiage, and long ^bscured :by. , ' clouds/:aftd^i||s-oifr;a pec©iti»ri|ndit|g suitable nfeasures ‘ta obtain kfiio 'ft: Is.r.vix'svM j •'; • ':<r ,r«clqes|rif9f in j u r y 1- On tlie-fontt'aryifoo: on’ oiif afry npalfy ^iq^e^ to fiist impiessiQiis,aHd peixnit- %hile a gp at a^f b)fpr4iuu3%, :*«a^ cli^tndt-«#• ^a^dlBeBi^> tefl jhOmstlves u be coined along by the po*, -lipSif ptifrir ' ri he most cfafty demagogues ^ n , ^ p p e iifm ^ dlmoxb- -ifr ^ the e^t^ejheat ^ s b qnd^iitrereStS cbaritpyxverenot moie 6aisy not less Tfw. yiigp fi&eif *$ But, '&b disposed tp listen to4reason, than many of the o^/dxpec'teaiqod . to'^,\.theifqonntryr-:^':^pirlfc' veffifoftnifrmyi y^dy ftdeial p^riy., As soon as the motives hi the ri^enqy^;Wa§r- e i^iie^ffie pbople}sohri :lse* tb'!fetfffetfrhi t frtff1^Wli®lhW(thd ! bOfaSiln<i!''of #iin®gratio lactfon, in excihng sucfr a Feimebt, iBal. ‘fill* • 'tfVtep frj? were uhderstood, anti the act waa discovered tfrWrulers'\yksflesjtaicfiv&^.'tbTheir^bfesrifrte*-1 16 ; -be ,-chiageahle to the Butish govern* rests-Ethty ^ito^dtri.elian^.th^'rtt^rk,. ntenb h}t loan unauthorised individual, those coqhdeat that si ckange o f masitreomm%bm mitted to make honorable ^ i,w ‘ '• ^ jury, I# a. Cjuestiou q^tjU' Jhatrttcwas ia db^- powe^f Ml JcfftjS^ E^al and'satj^ftottiy to h^ve settled t)}i^ juu- pfeasatlt affair jm mecli m-j^aft^i, at happuqcd, atid* that the o#^tpKih,:of jt fry Mr. Madtson ax sofely attyl4j&d>te to Mr. Madison t> uttei ly •bdtidomp® mo position whtfk, Mr. Jeffcrscn ffra(J' assumed', to which, to tlusg^eat dan. ^er of’ the impoverishment of H.is--iCQjintry and th^fee.v.tniaRce of. the .utwuii,i he prevunaciously xdhtr^d. , { k IXwiU be recollected that Mi Monroe, be- ibre he h^d recei^edany timtractiaEis from Mr. •v&fltsPsoBpja referqpce tp ^he Cbespjpeake, wrote tun unofficial i ote to Mr Canning upon tire at tack whtchjlwd: been made on that frigate* m Which note,deprecating the outrage i« pointed tetesj he- expitoTdy stated, tiia;- rt was an- act of so anacioub.a character, as to fr)rbid*ssoci* atingjwitb u any otha sv&jptt Until, there fbt't, ic^>ai.jtio» was made, the ctlur causes of Juisunderaianding between th e two nations, Mi* Monroe .was of opinion, should rem^pi as ^eywer©* . fhiSils .exactly the princtpie of tli.fe adjustment latclv effected b y Mr. frladi* honr but th® reverse of that w-luck Mr. Jeffer- has fehought ht to assume. Monroe ther I .amauthbi^d't^->9e^i)th'^bl$.Bttt;#i&< r» ai*r—?r~ *,t a - - - - - .-•.; ^ one w hick learnbe ’ajrsWered no otherwise than and re^mhafodfch^ idha of siieb sn occurrence detfermmatipa, by electing- a federal governor by an unqualified refu e!7* ^ 7; . . <■ shd leg^slatdii’ ‘--the good work of refoma- u:.hat-wwAJfev Monroe ? An honest and Bo&huid, &nd the United ,$tdtesv 'Netwitk«-' t'ifM^egan'^ti^iis extreme point d ?the 0nwn to assume. _.ivii. iviunnjc tun * .,■» «uu lyutivM w »»v»v *»«,— tide, -c^h^fetk»ir follow close hi the* vase, Cpnneciictu, astionfp tfipiTghtbs ©vety enlightohed and honorable cident (the attack bn the ’Chesapeake) from that they ivoaldiimt 'bm^ tower .against wlirch the shafts of facfrlftjbave rnihn would* h'tve thought, but tlte thtfughts o f the general foi’eign nafrcai, $imd;’tiied' ;rin. exited ever bejgn blunted* meieases its federal major* Mr Jefferson were pvebiscly tliq opposite. tinct topic? on’tkk^iiniinX'iiftvethat.'^'-<tfrrtod«uinftet0iiatefrt.fr»''^yT^^;:^ e r * . ities- The xctunib received from different; Mi Moteee itcuied-kds1 instWctidns'Vvij'lk'- :iti% inkihatkm$t.-!^^k'^e ksre '§^-48® snnttt^&- jmr- nwpuse. He was in^tiuveted «?/ to accept re- to consider the -wh®k nftfeiis'ClasS oiiti|arios ty witfr truth, tnoqt heartily we would rejo(ce* T nation for the attack on'the €besapeake, un- as an entire subject.” * Me#sagevp*^ -. ■•' , ^ tsfr'^uiet _jt©.: t ©y© patucd by another He-re ’the*. ^ ■sv\1 districtoftire state of.IfW-Tprk^^xvitrranjE’ffre most sahgtihies exjpe&tation ofa gtoridiisrcatilt* i. ^ _ . —•A'en'-Jw #o/ is Already haded a legitimate : h^s.tls^' ;si§ier;of %priy i BtJ* fIfet*1 -•X--

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