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The impartial observer. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1808-1809, May 06, 1809, Image 1

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t h u m P a r t i a l . G S S E R V I I . ' i ’. :\ , V ' r-> i \5*» .• V i r •O -V 4«*'. ' <\“V -V o H X “ I4BERTA3 EST FOTESTAS FAQItrjfI>I ID QUOO JlIRE LICEAT.*J-~--CICEHb^ ■* -) COOPER&TQW N, SA-TUBB a ?,- $ 4 ¥ > t - : .iW * -• .* . - - ~r ^ -'. * tJ*- r -.' . - V.-.*--**-- x--- -„»*■■'....• - . ■fwm l*fe FOX, i “ , »» om , Slates, fie will fiftd\h9 Jhl en $ K . ,t was tiiaj; sat for $ k s s . : *««•» * * * . “ *«?«*• 'S JOURNAL,’ > the Farmer’s should' 6 e read of the United? It) recollecting 1794t Id. bfe. afore. romi4 b,s4 Id by K a V fit ihfr ?ddef, , | fuetitetF in his retlreiaet| conscience to which aRfr geiijous piece, pod gi$ i»Ay go down In pieacC' ,. y ,|fi ohe'ttespect ^b«n j am a q 'taote, o f tbn muf- ha miserable * ■Vrdim, we r fai^ ^ iilih liow in g exquisite de* serianiQO ftfith&JBgt 4 f the T a s k : ty o f mqst, A;ot\tae common m ass, ’ pfraean^ to raise theilt selves, settle,fewer than they heed, j- hat, it is to feel witliits fqcultyA tfi®? grasps * £ ty TWt, being/ 'And desntu They sink,,' They knfiW Ae©mpVe| Great pu£ w ■REBATE GH B X 1 % A RATIONS. ion- Ahd he felt himself warranted in what « quarters, stabhs, &c,’* a t the aaiiie^lace, ia The follotnnm is a sketch of the debhte BkriWBv perceiving that the Attdrney-Genev contrary tolaw f the said aftowanc? Bang ex- wh.th tnftk nlaeSnn the iasfe venina o f thelasf: '*** “ g iVln£ that opinion had nW correctly ap- pressdy prohibited by theactpassed the l6th. tucky ha£ been considefeil by sbme J t hasbeensM that Homer himself thernh.tary peace estaW.shiriCntof the United in fh* l-Witse oR Reo#e* sMtteaehfnea 1 nqtlded apd a person even of the States.1* , r in r e c ^ n e g Se n L S L ^ ^ » 7 e pohe«^u^ ^t«feititres and legal research/presshd by a The house agreed now to tnfe. W esin- ti,a tL 8 -c ech which fo iio w W l* * » a r * R t B ^ ^ ^ ^ de^/bwsmess’ ra,Shtmake un oversight luuon : byRl^^ not M tori rtf etHialltmeth that r-Afcsmucli as in th« Attorney-QeneraFa opftl- M~r. Raii$olfih said it would -|ie: :-jjmUect«4 se rempvSfewof * * * * tv o r d « « d ^ W ’ preceding the^ord that he had jindein cMsip- m*:£- 8 »iocatK»^^abaordity «f tifiw m the law,-was omitted. Th^ At- mimpprei\«ni^di h e c W t M W at bis ferey d s S ? « f i a t the A Z m *Y S e p w i ^ y -G e n e raU c k n o w ledgedthe force of the subject o f the military peace ? j ^ W b h i n ^ he grave t \ . i,« - i« d g e i n tie land,*' am* c«iatltnd«iMR °fihe towcatmig off thecommwd. and yet; when he came to iaJZ, «k.« U *r*n chief from any other emoluments, but General’s opmioq put a Just interpretation *n any vety gyeat^surpriate and emba^$ 8 jbe^t, that; t S j ■ & * ? Y * * « * a a t . K . y o u t n a f f l l r o k l i e , t t e , ) w 4 J VL . c - * : _ „ i ,u- e * * - yond the insulated section T h e entire act statdThow it happened. ln t h e , l p t h page os ts^pthriaken into -view, and such a consttnc- the printed report, fifth paragraph and’ fourth tdar formed a* will giveeflfcfct to eveipy |hd.'r line^ the wprd ‘‘ additipi^if prese^iiik MSuR further quoted the printed document, wordls u numbCy pf ratiq®^* WUl ^ h The allowance jfaade to General Wdkiason but ought not t b be, bepaU|e;it. wa4k iidt in tfte h i p , id 1*19 capicity of brigadief-g^iseial, but Attaarney in hts quahtv ot commander o f a ’Separate |>ost. omitted, apd| Mr.. said ^laic B^the 5th sectton o f the act aboyd, tnentipped how^ltgptln* AVhen tbe c^py p ^ ^ e 4ttpt’> the President 19 auiJiorbed to allbw tothe cQm^ tw;y-ifeene'ral*s opinion hacl beep \piiit^^ into;^his nwnder's ofseparate posts such ai#/f®n«?nurn- hands, he had pefceived\ tbe llmerejhce be** -■ • - wu Ji .-/.#• boundijjy his expoaitions Nelsdp. alto made some were in substance the**amc as those; o f Mr.; Jacks#*!. • i » HOUSE OJ? R E P R m E tfT A T irm y F bfoat , MSrch \S. E^PENDITDRES OF THE PtTSLIC MONIES. M kt RANDOLPH said, it would he recol­ lected by tbe House, that a committee was ap pointed some time ago, for the purpose o f en­ quiring whether any advances of money had r r r - ~ * %x0, tliv n* and wields, A*i;»“ ,T,/w a r' fienorbncnt. contrary befof rations a3 he Bftayfiomtiipe to time think twee ri the opmtpn and the law as44tl(9p\st4lv ... ^ ’ f P u e r t o direct, having respect tbthe s p e c if the qttfssibn as .Almos^wpout an eftoit, plans ^ move, Xj. :thi|'tj|L ^ . tb^'diamssioo., citeumstances oF'cach jpost.’^’ i^ow surelF the a gifide tpJhuhself,.aiid the punter had rnsert- :^90 be recollected, ^ ■ ternf n -adaifioie^” must' have •heett. e d \i. in the printed c o p y , and. thus Mr. R . this said wlven he read tlie printed repo\t to the rations house he was asto,nished thal % ^id MlT ~w1tht-:..'-hl3\•^on^ejitiipQC T h i * ^ h g ’js palpabfe . J fnr. »h*» 'humd*e'of redeemi tions. BuCcan^Vota allow' additional rations to •crm t,.eV ^ y ..g^ t^ a h ;.^ : Bad the .*«P#ta in ihP^SIdpe which he had Kivene>: the « n who it ekpie*sly prohibited fiom re* and thi^e;V y h ^ p h } > r * S b ^ tym . you allow additional any sh^w mthe, ? ^ he? thihpo a man wht$ie compensation is fixed by ho .se, he hoped, tfiat it not very_ unrea- bung ^ m ir^ be said a n d - i4 ly u h h r ^ f h h t } Vto6- is piec.uded m the act itself sduaiHle ip him p cm this ^CCg§WD vdth S w ^ M ^ i ^ ^ t h ^ i i o i s e tb examine f ^ A k m n m farther, compensation ? To a geiitlenmn b n h e A t t o r n e y ^ e n e r ^ ^ d i- there ^ He idfeviov officers cdtfnmanding at separate posts, tiop \ as he had sq fap ihiSi}nderswi,t 4 ,tlike|gW 4 =adi.iotiafttioi.sw«» by t L l,w comtmjla- Mr J G Jachm that t & b ^ . p w c a : « . « i r araascb .xplamed Aad be out Mdoi.fuUoA^and 6 ur~p'i'ni 3 e.' •They, ral) thenueive!, b^fijre' him in the dust, .Then most deserving in tiieir own account^ •When inosL.extravagant in his pplause, ; A s If exalting ijtim they rais’d the mselves, ' Thus by degrees, sclf-cheatcd of their sound And sober judgment, that he is but man^ . •Toey derm deify and fume him so, I j Ttwt in due season he Jorgets it too. I JnSatijd and astmt with self conceit, i’.He tjulps the windy diet j, and ere long Adopting.their lnutake, proToundly thinks The? w.m^ w*s madL in vain, if not for him f THE ElKfeNESS. « Every tlnrg ^<nto dre,y ; all waagtoo- ,y l o l £inglc cast.;' ift|lt Uousc [h t to entf« i b & « p anr an? S * ri, lo r bckO calm re, my farm I » > m i motion, it for tbe Hbuio to de- exM>seo *hich,,befrpiv^mjld ribr w r M t tom» I S l f b ^ l L!'9^ . eVT l¥ llt At\ lnt.le tbounbt w h m l destroyed cpmme.ce doip|,,^ jsWih e heliered that if was understood: had been rrttew*- ff my cobsfruiWb^dflbe b m ^ , S S l , Jf “ l: TJ s.-r , 0 ^ Sgrretdiurj aUor; ot t U r i Cobhec. in a (i,ainj t t o ^ dissolwtioq of Parliai te«be not corrfci, said h efW oW sKateloSlteil S 5 1 ^ 3 ^ P f bo., I w , .fnn- .sit till taught by ta-al eWen-v mMt dfd dot afec\’ aft iirtpeachittent, that the meaniog -tormsbavgilo lonEer a n r - H i - S S ^ L 2 S S i ' ^ ? T a»'58,W 9 lW , W M io-c!*it; to i.,k myself tvjtb pto- jmptacbmom did t.ot abate by tbo_ dissolution; cation i and *o lt;B,ilate h.re to nopurjtoae e d u r d ^ T iy J ^ i m i m g h u \ h t u n T m ~\ \* ‘ 'I- S• * ,r. ' ‘ ....* ]l 1 ho.d saj dei uiriiiinred, ;aiid to avoid the Vnd jt beXoriBine.td the wisfiom of the Ilquse, whatsoever^ And tlik forc'f.of fhfpSth.ibg*#iit; the subject, that a person of thei • , •- - t . « » , — >s. V i , _ _ ^a . «. I * . » * 1 S - » -la. W , A M i a ' Mk M W > ^ . A M b R b ' mm. m ' . k k ' ■Jmmmmm. .' t - w « ' i 5ft ' - mL t - . -‘A -m-t “V JT1** . - .4 f de o a^ioi) be made more appart^t when' We cdime to Conf high mspoiiSibiUty bf ihc Attorney-Generaf srd'cr -that it^s-staledhy-Ah^Bchoufitant of the ha^ not.^^gtyeh til A ^ ^ ,th«y,are ,^fie 4 upv p-oachcb Xv constantl) heard, as? well; as^.the- ahef.tbe'iesplution was decided,. to say what s o 4100 I b id nmde I ’dft my pqtsessiohs'jbshould jbe dene ■ with it,^ lie wished it to^A*e the care of a stivant who had been tny cHit-F cjiaunetdy understand, thathe aiadc his motion . War^'•'BlnpartiWiriif^ “tfiat .*; (Soft. Freeman* and -oiW0 dcc!ilc--.*ha£tTfi^ fi5# adv^ar and te irei to ’ hif lonefy spot ,but bf tq redeem it pledge given to the House -, and Cu^hi.ftg'tecrfved agl4^ - offisp'depptt^ntS: J#t|^t^4w9.ii ' dinner’ s iron giasp Here, said Is I shaft bt; that therq was not a man in the U.? States, BTjf to law, for cornmahding at NatchitOMthes oriei To make such a declaration ^vould be tiulvim t pendent. I sbali be happy of course ; however limitedhia capacity, that would not and New Orleans, for the saqae period oT^'.ftA'fr an epcroachment pp the Atfier partiiofthe but aLai I was decened— I had escaped put^ bg able tct discern im truth Or its falsehood. It which ah allowance? wasiftade tO thd comihahda gby^mnnsent. Jt would be ifiis essence of des- ward • 1 eproachcs, but to eijdurc rcprpatK*s q jj nat rest upon inyelved Accounts or points er in chief at the satd^. pjaces*., Sq that even i f poftsm to enact Iawa, and afterthey ^aVChceij mote dreadfu. frmn wi.bin. ‘ My cdtiscSerice, of few, but upon the plainest and most lumin- h'is, cbnstT.iictlpn' wsra’l.ti<3>lTe^t,' if white convey 4 -construed by the proper tribunals* to say that t . i t i t - . 4 --..vl. .: ..j. 'r. ; - » -v, - j f . . ~ ' •oi which btfoie I knew nbthihg, bicaine jfoy ^ ouspt-opesjudni wiiich could he offered m t^rhe-i^tk or^tfrfc, if if <‘hd-' that construction is erroneous, , 1 incline to -accuser and win spued t k * ^ 6 h^-^ihad;dbneV:Bum 4 hmfei,'the truth or falsehood of which ditional” signifired s&dstracridna}, sftft (Mr. tfe opniion that the decision hasbeen mcoiv f'T tilw 1 still small voiici’’ ioppbsed mf^plii- would^orice appear. . 1 ‘ Rapdblpb?kid)tha< the latf} had Been com?- refit, h»t deny the jiuthorxty of this bouse tq ^losophv, and fir a long ftrhe endeavpred'to 1 Oh th* 16th of March, 1^03, an act passed plctely executed f»o ed Affr the; mpnoent the reveise the decision, Iti«ajixadamentaLpiiiti* pursi tin viewing my fuimeA conduct with apr; Bxing the lailitary peace esiabiishmeut of thq president had. authMsed additionalrations to fcipk of fipe governoiems, that the pmyets of X i r i b n i l r t ‘b . . . . . T ii. . 1 . , , . rn 1 « P r i ^ m n n a n i l ’l? n c t i i l i < , f n i ’ r n m r n n n f i i i n f t f i t ft i p cow#»i-«l i t p n a h m o n . e it k o U ,AOt\hlML4tt piob ippn Rea^u at length triumpjied, and tBSmtes, ; By that act it was^prpvided, that her triumph was nay cbnidetftnatipii the:;ih’bn.thly 'pay' of-^he 'c|5idcer9; '.odli'TCoiniiils^ opening of my eyes was the losing of hiy peace, sipfted officers, musicians qnd privates, be as end of my. ;|i. 4 P|>Kne-s^.-^J. .beheid^WJth'/as** it» wit s to tbe brigadier general two tooishmuu my own flame wast.ed and decay*, hundred and twenty-five dollars.:. Which shall ed, while I had been deluding myself with the be ftis full ksiil entire compensation, without a ^lond expectation ot heaping wPath upon aih. righkto.dcm®n^iOr;receive)ahy rations, forage, eiSjf The crimes 1 had committed cqntinualr travelling expcpces .or other peiquisitcS or iy passed in review before tny eyes. My emolument whatever, except sucli sutioriary »ieaii crimma’ity and cowardice, in suffering as may 1 m requisrte for the use o f hfe depart- ‘ ' 1 _ - j .—; . e — * .... »i-r • . i , ... i i _ j ___ . , L . cols frteprifiu afidfGushihglbr.commWdihBkt', -the several depa,Ttmen* s sbaH he sepjiratte an| Ndlthiteelfeq. and- Me^C^|e^s'*--RTbese'‘vlrere dntinct* Thq legislature enacts i tbe judicla- tbings wbicH he thought it fiis duty tbstafe to 'ry expounds j but it would betas improper the house. If the^ wefe iiot true, if they wei^e for us to expound as for the judges to enact pot Movideint'aV'tne iights'1>vti4iing before fife laws \Ve have witnessed alfepdy the im* eyes*' then the hOu se would say sb, Would deny piojpi iety of legislative exposition of laws— the fact., I could go on further and state a It is almpst six years afnee I brought before great many Other IllegaVgraUte equally, clear 1 he house the question respecting the cpa* with this, t will state one more*. I t is stated struiction o f a contract ; though I did not Wish in thesedocuments To be sRre it is a ptetty tohiave ihvolved that question; between the my lights to be invaded with iniphnuy, the menu’* T B is|sft»h!aW^hf fht imd, said he, in afihir, and one which I wootd not have brooght United States jdnd the state of Qfeo, mrefe suffeiin^ and distress 1 fiad brought itpon my relation to this country, The few then goes before this housd, ift Were not compelled hy u tioa to lauds of the United Stp^s exetjbpl;- U( U $ h« ^and distress 1 fiad brought upon my rdation to this'fiountry, ohiJdren mid teparns, find Above ult tfie Bold. I qn t0 state ivbat sluiillbe the pay of otheroffi- sense of duty It - is an afiowhnce Of «4 ? 4 1 • ¥ * ^h^dj pressed on my mind with mountain- cers,. non-comnussIqOed oificers add privates ; for part pay, subsfstewte and f 6 rage,Tvom the m i*?qd ^conderancd-,^Heat tfie.sih sectfen appor^ons the r t t s to the . .. -w#etnp* frotSi taxation by t|wtXfefip-,- . ^ 'elar^d tfiat fi%-per. 16th March. 1802. to tfie;i3tst May folloWing-Hft arising from the s 31 . es qf landxsRoufil fi.Bjijp* inade how ? “ By un art’angettient of the. war piieAl to roa# : TB# fegisfetqrl5 ^ 0fiioriii deptutment F No W «Sn the 16t fi of March, .a accepting the prqpoaitlqn ^ p laW was passed, ubich took effect as tfih law o f the land, fiom t he tithe i he president the directiGp o f . the legisktft^i ihr ppefiuWg; signed it and if the presidenr could h^ve de* irqads ini the r.JKtS*- feated the qperat’oo o f thelaw till 3 ' at AivAs when the filft fiefd5Be ,lbe^ r:^kemr diuonal May, fSUfJ he con:1d defeat it afipgetherB It ,. _ .f _________ , __ #... WaS the bo&st o f a free governthem that law, emnly d[eclarecl that only two per cent, was ' ideavoi'ed to extricate.'mytelf fr^n this horrid fore the lfouse that JBri^adier-C?enerai Wil- . im.tfoi>tvthe'a|s5:reti(^ was to goyeriij hpplicaBte.' Thelegjlsfetuie qf Ohio uuaiu- aboile; my doorn Whs setiled,; repentance kinsoh. fins Fecelx#i-cdiiSiRerhd)le.-st|m.:tiif mo-, and the highest ofBcef •f this government Wus. tioufiy dbclaied that five per cent, was prep- cjnae too fete. I had persevered in my folly ney,to wit ; l,43i dolls. 16 cents for 36 extra as ^tvfetiy amenable to law, as the mfeahest erj'andM i. Bredkenni^e, tbep senatorB’onl .find wickedness till I had ruinedothers, till f rations per day, whilst commanding at Natchi- member of society s in fiie eye ofthe'iaw, and;in the state of Kentucky, afterwards fiad destroyed niyself. Wilh a lingering death tochcs and at New-Orleans. Whilst at the fcro conseienfiae more so ; because they must General of the United States, (1 quote him hejfojed thy eyes ^ In the agonies of niy-soui, latter place, he has also received an idfewance be presuthen to kihow the laW, although the^ high antlibrityj was e f pgifaiopjjhaH?!® deds- ” I stretched my- of 660 dollars for ft qu»rterS| stabling! /Vens l §asd U js this the. result of qiy W en- difierent grades of officers, aiid allows K to the mcceinentsf” Is this the eiid qf my philoso- Cqmmahciin£. o^cefs of eaqh separate pest, -pbyJ irdse, with-the? determination of in- such additional number of titibns as?the Fre- stantly retiring tqtny. cfotnairi and atonihg ior si{ient,0f die United Btatw AimU, ftom.tinie to ’ former errors, ' BuCthe;judgment of God time, direct* having respect to the snecial dr- had overtaken mie. Such longretirem ent cutnstandes ^'€ahh•pesL,* ^ V .h m ib z ^ ' ' .within myself * bad depnved me of Strength ; m attend ibat die wprds are “ sac .my limbs refused their qiSce In vain I en- n«a^her o f rations ;** and yet i t i s i and ' wiifi a hell in mylmsomi’’ I sir self oq the emffi * f ^ But aft is how over. said aflqwance, both as relates to rations I feel th.e.^hold:, hand^-ofthe ‘‘ KingBf Teiyors** and quarters, being prohibited by the law of ,, ancirclmg .ray Ifeart, 1ft ?a few jmomertts I theland. I know that the allbwance fia% been shall depart fqtv tliat country, “ fi-omavhose made under Veiy high authority, no less than B’ourne no traveller returns,’* before an awfuh that of tlie Auoracy-Geneial of the U, States, JuBg^j^n-render an aceoujit o f my stewardship; under, the same saaeiiqn of no less an opinion © account for/hiding in ihp hartli that talcht^jfian his. ” . . ^vhich was CQmmittbd tq my cage- I have tii- : Me.- Randolph said It did not behove him to with my own happjnea^ and tfiat pi- oth-- enter into a contest with gentlemen learntd in Ore, 4 nd am jtiMtly pupisl\ejd. Take, warning the law as to jiUc exposition oi the law.;. mmch Strangor-1 :\§ sittreftdeB your own righis rn&y less\the Attorney General In a caso suseepti- oe criminal 1 to abandon, thos e of Others, op ble o f being so put that difference o f opinion fail to defend them, when committed ttFjroity might.arise under ft. But where the case i^s ion of this house was incorrect. What doe# this amount to ? That it is esctcpraely i^nger- Ibwer orders may mot I f there he one propo sithra in Ihe.. wqrldi. clearbr than anotfiei's it fe tbe proposition the consideration lateness preciate the niotives lby vvfiicli l am actuated, s«t»e that the Attp|aey- 0 jenrrai jn bis dtigi ifthot. it is my mivfortuiigrbHtAmt my fault. I nal tpimon, must have maerted i t , for on te-' sfioaTd be sorry to Jahdr^ under the cett|ftre of curving to the lcttei of the secretary of war, the house, but if I incur it in the discharge of we find that he says, oh jthp 5th section &c. my duty, T shall hear it with eqUatfimityA-l the president is authonscd to allow the cqm- trusf , as becomes a man. i therefore move as mamdmg officeis o f posts pfyth <tddWoml puiq* follows i hew of rations as he shall deem 1 piopei. Mi. That the allowance of, Jaekscm said hg could not perceive'that any larsand 16 cents for ‘ 36 extra rations per day, ; goodfohld flow fiom the adoption of thisprop- made by the departinefnt of War to brigadier- ositio^. dp this or any other time; I f it was <jre,fe high treason against God, and ntan ! such that 4 difference of opinion could not take - ^ , ^ fiucfi is my offence l O God forgtye me, I place where the terms q f the law \ieeEe'^ttepd- ,-.ge*fe.i^’ Wjfltitinrtfn af. \Nacnitpches frdto the foten$ed tp effect any thing fiy fegfe)attte coti­ ed to^ husAould, with great deference, as a te- 15th m tfie Aothof September, j^06, and from ntruetrOh o f die l»W, ■ ' * - - * r r w ^ . l „ t ----------------- to*. die His nobler part was go% ._ I 3at hiotloh-, presentative: ofiho people, not only think him* fash With .surprise, and Bpold chill rap; t.iI'Ougli self entitled jo <d^ftU betweefi that people and ttijr. vein&.-~-T-RecQllqction returned. ; I coat- the. ■i^mfiaialratioii foir';tUem9buttbat'fiowas/ho- I 1 f i t t e d his remains to the eartfi, ah l, taking up feaihly ftauud by duty io express sueh Afe ofein- I J ^ sTord, i k s t i l y ■ \\ J • ’ ' ?*■ ^ s? * - the first qf October to the i 11 h of NdVemfier hecatfeh it Vould ^ jp&'4^|^f'p% '^0Vo in the same year, and whilst commanding at consiiaction.— Impeachmcnt of the secrcta-v* New0HeaiiS), frhHi 13 th.-of Npvtmber to of-tvai could not 6* because he acF t y 0 | November |#T> aiid t?f fipp dqll|^‘ arre^tly from the opinion^ of the Attofdrr * * 1 \

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