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The impartial observer. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1808-1809, February 25, 1809, Image 1

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T y Y P A R T I A L O B S E R V E R , . ■ *. • v; v» . jn. «,.M' \■> \ . » * . ■' . .. 'T*Ssr “ a-*- ^ '' ^ „ c :' ♦ ' '■ ;*• • - . w ‘.^r \... v -/•rw ift ~ . jJI1' ^ 1 y ^ w ^ T 1;\ \ 'T y T \ T 'Kti.. ■ it- i .^..-i.-rui - T i p . ~ « Let it be impressed on your mirids, that th&tiberty o f the press is the palladium (fa# the *;ivi,t, Jiolttical and rebgtow rights1 o f Freemen **'-•, f trjrtr; ♦ • . ■. :l..■■■': • - ... t - ...... .. ............................... _ «>;• '• <* U n flftT& s »$*. ftdf®s,T.As v a c c u n m rfi ctvob lvm.% l i c e a t . 11 : i- ---■ 'v- '■■■.. ......... (^SE£SSSa$SiSBSi$Sfi$i^i^SSSaMM5iMiiMlSSi«SiiMiSMMS^59BBwiMMMiM^l A -CICEllO. f •>.v< .- 19. ■»4w -8> £?ri CO OPERSTOW N , S A T U R D * f , FkBRUARy.25, 1809, I IX ■A' s m j t o f r m jyusESj, •’, T \ m ^ W I N T R Y 5 D A Y , ' J \ ’ B r Mrs, R obinson . • It ir^mansions, rich and gay, ... On downy beds or couches warm, That Nature owfis.tbe Wintry Day, And shrinks to hear the howling storm ? A h • no • . , - •..«v' . 7» . , . ■' . . jjTis orithe blealc and barren heath, _ Where-A/feeTy feels the shaft of d eaths A s to the dark and freezing&rave ; W Her children not afi\end tofa.ve— Unheeded go 1 ) Is it in chambers, ridke^t drest, .. At tables^ with profusion’s heap ? Is it on pillows Soft -to rest\ Ih dreams of 3oftg and balmy sleep ? Ah l nol ' *Tis in Jhe rushy hut obscure, Where JPobefty9i low sons endure, Am! scarcely daring to repine, t)i\ a.straiv pallet mute recline, ‘ O ’evv^helra’d with woe J ‘ / Is it to flaunt m warm attire, , W ^ - I'Qiiaogh and feast, an4dafice anti, sing, To^rowd around tlie blazing fire, . f And make the rool with revels ring ? Ah i no ! : . j,. ?Tis on the prison’s flmty floors— where the deaf*nir»g whirlwinds foar, *Tis when the sea*boy on the roast, Hears the waves bounding to the. blast ttimv trusts, heretofore committed to their mo^ eflFectoal means to secure peacej was to the appeal is made. , T p the enKghtjeiicd and charee, afford any pledge ^or the correctness be prepared for war,” a maxim taught by ex- mdependea‘t;yeoma»ry oC th^ c^nhiry^ w)ap,^> orihtmc conduct! the candidates above desig- per|tt}ce, by the suggestions of Ins own ?n- .act.unde^&toafefimgljri nated will deservedly receive the Warm and hgbh ned rxnnd, and verified in the histqry o f . forahad^} :Sh#««ISCfiS 'U afee least una- ;mous support of the enlightened and in- natw^ts,. and^wliich, upon the most impressive^ liable tb ^cdption. • dependent freemen ot the Western Pistuct oqras'ion. and in the most solemn manner, he princip^ ’jem ^ r b ^ k a is Ih m piivate chaiacteih, then‘public copd^ct, pl^ d bn the attention of his country ;-X-thot experiments And If^ e x p ^ |ence^s. taimbife their vututs, and their patriotism, are uniVer- system of national defence which originated them d&sHpte* ' sally knowp ; and this knowliiKlge coiatitutes in wjfidoin, ahd which,had it been pursued of the ha€opiwba^e bg their t hei i best eulogimn Honest men o f all pat- with the same spipi t that dictated itp commence, ced the accnm^lated ties must certainly approve o f such characters merit, Would, at this day^ have proved a shield Which they for their riilers, and true patriotism w.ill with agaibst aggression, and alFoi-ded an ample to applf; . . vu*^l» • eneri^eierM^lkdonsu«!e.'thMt dleftibn. protection to our commerce, was not only .not will recollect ; that\iilegal reaistartce toi the. . .A ^ l e o k s \ 13 ***f £i*ttmK’xct£ligst xptnrs _ ■ tentous aliil aliirmihtJ- beViond a nrecedenL the ’Sacrififcefl at thei shrinft of n ' l In ■€ m ■ im . - .'i »*»•'. v ‘ V •, : . 1 & '• f t - Is it m chariots gay to ride, To crown the splendid midni To revel in luxurious pride, . . While pamper’d vassals wait your chll ? ■ Ah ! no 1 ' ' ■ ' ^ ' ’ Tis in a clnerless, inaketl rootn,. \ Where Alis’ry’s victims wait their aooifi • ' ^ h e r e ,a fqbd Mother famish’Cdies', ’ Whlki- forUa;dVrr^itic';Fatiiey fi»es£ ' ■,^ > b?|in’s desp’i^te.fqe ! Is it where, prodigal and weak, s , The, silly apeadt hrift scattcps w \WiO^V9ger folly'-^stesfb seek - The sordid wanton^, false and bold I ■ Ah ! no! ¥ |V jJ%fr ^ ^ i-i j ic-vtx -T* ... »■ tin ^ u A ^ f f a n r m lh e S the ’sacrifited at the shrino p fa pitifbl ecpnomk exist, whatever betbpir’ nature or <md$ ncy, isiei-y- fekfi?en Awakenea,' ‘ Nfioiial-pSrtlainies ahfi nhtldnal-iiTejudtpesj every good citi*m will feel a sense ’ gt liis ob- aiid the enciWi^ of dfe country exeitqd for W fasgraceful ih any goye|nmem, and should ligation to obedience- B ut they wi I »iso tc- the orescrvatfoii o f its libertiesf fcattfotism be disclaimed - - Aggressions pn 'our member, that it is thetr_#ty as well as; th#f should he aroused into actibn, and the hestfa- n a itid rights, from whateverquarter they privilege, when evil is p r ^ u c e d ^ t h e ni®**! lebts of the counti’v put in leqaisitiofi, to se* ^ v ( u ) Cure Us safctv. The preiudices and ,passipris e^uafeyeof indigtiatioii, and .nteet an equal tutpnal mfans, to effect ib remoyal ^-Exet- of Durtizans Should be aurrwndeced, aridbne weight o f resistance.; That unwarrantable and c i s % this privilege and pmsuing this.dntyi ^ * fcOlVfih’tTf ■.«•«*! VH f> nA«mn« eMeti such cir- thht by a pdrtial^ piisffiammotis, nnd wavering of effeetifigTbe\restomtioll#'ta#.di^:ittdtbri-- ciimsksSes influenced alone by mobves, donducg^ tbose whd bhve:a.ttemptedAn ad- preseryatieh dbThbother, they filljib t fd b '. c,«mstM5es* influenced ^ 7 ^ justment have failed in their purpose, and that when |he>opei*periid arrive^, to exert tlx / ' ■Vaifion of.-jpA A? ahliceiBbrv result b f sucfi & -dciiiaufch. difii*- mniour n&«»cn** •«* ••Wlieje fqrc%'8^'d^h^k;t0'etidi£mi w!io3e purily cannot! be questioned I »VVU|^ with a siiigk:Ate'W .to-the ^tepej^dtQQ o f w ’ -AS.. .H.’ l u y f a i c i c i u t %* u <MI a u t t w r r a v v wuv»w* v f , Talb tJenius lea%ns, Oh lesson pad i ■..To court tbe it>«o,'a3ldoii -the bad False praisebe3t.ow ! . Is it where Ganoesters throfngmg ropad, 'JTheir shining heaps of wealth display i TJVli e r f FashToists gitlfiy tribes are, found Sportiirg fhei rSenseless hours away ? Ah i fio 1: ' ‘ ' V; . ,v -7---- jt r-c-'-—» ■*— ro exert t}ie*r, as a ;n|ce^ary result P f such a cohduct, d’dfi* Utmost jmefgies' to securri tb^ electidu p f eucljit cUiflfe*^sv^^cehr«iititedi W i rec<^riiCUdbdlbKrii\eit* suf* ^ ..* ■ i ^Tis w h e re neglected Genius sig . 4 ( Mrivelfe Hope eshaUsted, si{em-dies;. W lie r e M erit siarves, % Fri$e opprisV d , ~“ ll every stream tliit.w a n h s the breast ToaniE/lKS TO FLOW. ; ' biples j aiic| animated by a hopeThat. the'^ir- h f w tue and patriotism of the counti’yi in.tlie puixs,'^rdhasing at th| price of millioms'a^isputed -magara, unbiassed exercise of constitutional meaUj, will Ti^bt. to aifturidefin^bfbi tem toryj urging io ■ s ; . be stilficieht to extricate It from the; heavy rimif's, plaitns.at leahiTif ddubtfulorigih and, Genesee, pressure of eyii under which It is strugglingj •'•^B^tfo^alil^-cUbi^ ilriagniSu^e tho ini ' , it becomes the bojlemn and indilpensabjkdiity i«rieS/Su|tEgned b ytbe aggffissicms pponbna- ABfi^nv of electors to iiivestigate tfie^^Causes ^hfch tioife and^excitinga spirit^of fndign^i^andr * • -* Ontario, . Steuben, * P ^ r i G A L ^ ' ^ i s S l L L X N T . . Senatorial Nomination. A t a meeting appointed for that purpose); in fliii chiuool pAilhlioo in tKf» W F ST* - -- ------- o— — - -— (V-.';.-. , - - r —— -o - . *y—* have in a moment obscuredtlhe briHjiaht prq^- no|bfitjr utafavorable to aljust compromise of peCts of,their country* and involved i t in unex* ffm^ultles j ' and at. the' sahic itime covering ampied distless.^-Ifim such an iayesrigatiori tvith th*> iriMle of pardhHty,* the grossest at- it s^buld 'be apparent, that the ill, advised tacks oU ohr national honor, ind the m&st measui-es of govevnihei\t have th %&&&% de, \9tptoii destruc|ipii o f the propefty ' of qiir gree produced these eledls, it becomes a du* citizen's by another, tbe consequeiice has been* ty • equally imperiops to place men in power, . that tfri ftnquestiOftable claims bf |ustice |iave Seneca, _ZI J- .. .... - ~ - —>«r.w - • 1 ,* *r VJ> ent cqyrse, . fly - a Uuco^fulAxepcisb' :o f this the shh|ect theye scarce reiUaifiS a doftb't, that constitutional power, interhal tranquility .may the insteh^. b f temOving, htfve be preserved, the' horrors of an unnecessary been instruimttt'tal |ti increasing the difScuFjes waravoided, and thenatbn be speedily restor- th’at surrbimd .t^eni} tlidt by tbeir own con­ ed to that high estifie ftom’^rhieh it'hiis^dlem duct X hey have eminently corrtHbuted to pro^ _ Itw|il evqrbe remembered tlfat when the duce that r^iserable state of thinga,yfMch led . venerable WAsSSkseToft directed our public to 'clhhimUaiire tfbat h'aspai'alixed councils, and; his enlightened compatriots the onm’gieh o f the country,; and tbht bangs he confidence of the nierw with a miltsdnnO^c WftOthr- itndci it«- ,v^hicli the s|veral>CaUftdesin the ERN DISTRICTwereir^preseiitedi; hold­ er at the tdwft of Onondaga, pi^the 25th day p i January, iftst. it was resolved Ui?ani- vvvmi u i a v u u ^ . u y v u u «.#»v v u v t ^ V Q ' WtU V>UUIHi Jf j , t t H H ' Vtli^Lh riiously, that the, folio •- ing gentlemen.be tip- Were honored With the confic|eftce o f the pep^ with a noillstonC’ sTveight upon it^ prosperity, ruinated to stand a* candidates for .%nators ' pie, at a period tOo,^When every thing was t o , A rnedsui'e, to say the least of it, cpnpeived p Isom the AATestem District of this State, at be accomplished, to restore health and yigor darkness, adopted with, precipitancy and'is of th the body-politic, from a depth Of depression mysterious origin ; which works a serious in- bordermg on the verge of hankruptcyLthe jury bn,allclasses Of citizens, and wili ^rbductS Country was suddenly elevated to a state -of: the irreii'ievable 'ruiq, of thousands j which prosperity hitherto unprecedentedi By^asys- checks industry and obstructs enterprise $ tem:of measures wisely ad^R^d to the citcunl- which is drying up the jich S t r e s s that Wefei stances p f |he times, the great sources o f na- daily flowing into the 'hdficmtliTrehsinTj giid tional wealth prtid prosperity were. expWred, which* it is^ to be fearedf instead q f materially and a faithful and effectual application made ta%ehng thoifeiWhojm.it was ititehdedto cm of the jnedns^bich.lfere dlscb'vemd fbr its erefe is destined td inflict the inost fatal and elevation. As serious and„ afarming dflaSdith lasting injury on tl» very country tliat gaVe it ties in our intercourse with foreign powers, it existence/ But what, isinfinrtej^ more alarni- is befieved, occurred during tlie admimsfratlod ‘ing ttf freebueft? is» that to eftlbi’ce the eXecu- iniiiHtea to stai*u guuuiiuucs * iut amtuio ftorn the. .Western District of this 0tatej at the ensuing election, Viz ; OF THK COUNTY OF O F E JD ^ i AMOS HALL* ■. • W 7 'rm -: c o t r t i r f Jo i ' 'o x ttjfR i& t S E T H P H E I t P S ; OF T IW c o i f A TY OF. CAYVGA. ‘ Onondasa, Jaiiuary 2G* 1809. Brpome, yt Onondaga, -o *on,v> Cortland, t Chenango, 'Cferenm €hdpm% ' \Z-jftibkFtoiifs*, ‘ _ . . . XGharks BlancharA . . * C ~Jj$iS£S tO p QiritJeit9 Mwniio ■WdterkoaseC C \ £ b m fc& ^hmes Fees*. : *+ ' <: > 1 Samud J J HaigliU „ J 2 &ube%Smiifo S<r* ■; f F i ^ i tsaacBdldwin, - % E h fefoM ikk : - j W d lterm b ^ / - t t MerPeffi \^folkrk$&ttbifa ’ “■ffisM a Wfckfrqyi ■■ v‘ *>jr a Ta the IhdeMndknh Electors o f the Western ©f *«w«*»?wwuua «»g wleee^eiiyjsj, i««i w emoice tne execu- FELLOW CITIZENS^ . ” , selves'fiw the » ^sted.M Tlie mode of ocmihatihg'eandidates for ijri- guided by the unerring principles o/mstiGe' pbrtaiMr- elefctive.'oikcealibretofisre .pi!ftctlsedb^/|>h-rsuift^ a policy.dictated by a sound discra* hle«rftfihS?5r ^ RWfeqa* ghveTnmeutUias be^n censured as SUbyersive uninfluenced by UUdue partialities' oh i\L ntP - ^ - the Natiofta! LegiSla- republican pirinciples. I t , has justly been hand,’ arid inveterate preiudtees^^oih:he c f o r f e l ' now* tn opeiation Its character cannot t x m & K d m l assLptiop of power >igbly end holding a ^ v e n f l l ^ ^ eds^ t o b o r e a % | r Q , derogatory toheemenf^nd in its operation m- elm ms arid pretensions of th* rimtehdinfr now'’ ni i ctl°n ^ ,at ^ Is albrtrarjr an# tyran- jUrlous to t f e fibCTties of the people j frequent- e. s of Bumpe 2 S ah r ^ i S l S K ; ^ ^ itL p n u C ip lcs j ly imposiug on tfaem, For their suffrages, tan- ’ made against aggression, and a fimi ana die-*ih6' exuSSw' f didates not o f their -.own choice,, and in some ilfiecl ofM ^ tf t k e e ^ t Among i b i c e s dishonorable to the district^ This v c n t u a t f t f e ^ h o n S w S h ^ ^ ^ ^ system, of intrigitcv this unauthorized dictate, difficulties, preserved the peace o f the coSntrv hL L f S T ;t° . « ;oWc , it « belie ved o rigteed id . tofl d oiitbwdli in B,We B f S e S p S S » « \ “ »■»« ? f hallowed desu’es cfjieitainm ambitious incfividu-. t -I?!; -y ri thg^.piqyaiwf .<tf .th^ a!s, %vhose objects were' to secure an ***' ' . « Schoharie, Herkimer, i Oneida, • * . L e w is, ‘ Jefferson, rjShen, B u tkrpfun^ (. E&athan Andrews* rRm im p ^ onard , . [Zebulm tfouglas* f Gideon Ctd^is»{ J F ^ ^ Bdbeock*. * ' clsaac Foote!, , .* '» 4 Peter B . Garnsey, {^Stephen 0 . Funiyarj. rja c o b Morrisf. > _ J RichardF ^ G o o ^ e fy , j Timothy Jdarse. s : w m m c m p b m ■■■\■> f-. jHcxQTitfcr Boyd) , X Wnti Beckman. .. X t&dyhrdt^& 0 dhdk. - • AM atthew Brotm , & < ^cssc Cuftiss^ ' */ •’ • T Henry R . Storr ^ ' ::. St. Law rence^ John Boydf -, _ __ . .. „ -.r .^-.r . w . muvm 4 MMhi^vi>ivB<iwj v »»^4 prOVISlORS 01 t[lTS /*tii»lt*WAiHWMin/al1& A'f 6 « © i5^ k b ttioiis laffivilu^ perity. And here the question may.be em* act, are ennpowered, m directviolatiofeit Is . - J & ^hosr dbiects^vere to secure an undue phatically aalsed, wlteth&r theTailure of the pe- believed, of the foimh smendeil-a^icle Of the A N S W E l- of the Hm*; SENATE- o f the Jnlinence over the heoftle, and to effect the el%- goriatioris whiclribave been attempted by orir constitutiori, on mere suspicion, without Shoftf- % ®m_ vition ncjt'of men distinguished for their ta- present rulers, and a eoniinuauce of the fiiffi-, ing probable cause, without oatfl, and without SSISP * Honor the I T . GOV- S u ^ ^ ^ t S v ^ e s , b u t o t e s e , inttibs which * 0 'fcw tf may not the p r e v W intervention of civil ^thority, b f LRNOR. / - - . destitute of-the iieeessar| qttaiifica- justly-, be attl’ibuted 'to a ddrel^tion o f the the aid df a military force, to m t t the bpi|se 1 ufr /r £t& 4 S&rov* aomp, * ii -ft# who should exhibit the warmest zeal in sound, practical and tried prihfipiea «ff Wash- of ^ citizeii? which has fever beeti considered -Wh\le the Senate lament the sdlenaii dis* * anticuiar; interests and views, ington, and to an abandonment of that# vise,; Ms castlfeMize his |iroperty and rCqffife its . pensatiori ofdiyme providence which hats de- ptotnoung t * .' — .a- ■&,. ».*•- r.movaitCi atty^^ plaCC^--that-Iris caprice may prived the CommoBWfedth o f its Chief Maeis- _ be atti'ibuted to a dCrelifltion of* the sound, ^^practical andtried prbifiples^■«£^ Wash- P,„ IIW«.S an<l to an abandonment of that wfse, It is pecultariy tbe bu&inessof those who coni\ |^-.rnpcratc and vigorous policy, which, ift his .n. ,f—vv ».piwi» » •., j>»nvu mv uumiuvnncMuiut its vjiioi lVAaqis— pose the legislative bodyi to naake tawisi afli. powers, guve^\elfect dictatfe *^measttre be honestly approved ^ E^tflrir bf ' I A * ami ensured succeiis/to his mea- ift a free Country, when the exi^tencq o f such they are vested with tio- .m**V *ihJiriayTt not- equal propriety a law is deemed netfessavy menffimeife?^ati ^aracters for’ elective q ffiq e s .- r T flm jW hethL-by exploding the poHtical ruiers who have aimed so deadly a blow at the rests sotely jA t h c ^ e # * distmgubhed for tfleir l|ber«es ^ the people still retain their taut to^fl'eemen to^rejain t bwretectifte the setflfed'maxims ®f dence ? ,• ; : the gight^^of h i sahctiofted by the It .caftnot be expected, such ^tli^iattperfec- right^f tflos^^Q uvc on these obvious tr«tb^,1 of a vain philoso- 4he bounties of the g o v^nnuep^^ WJ*.. c<m- theunifersignfiiwefCT^nd?ers, w ^ a ^ p im Tesortin^ t0 a system, temporisiftgin sequebtly attached to our present r i t o b f ed^-flaVing ilits policy I d& lka- the strongest of all ties? selfpernsq w ^ m t powers vested in thennhy thfe V f $ f : J ® . j ^ Jye6ts . designed to ambse the only «of condemn, but m m apprpve-of Rieur different counties w h ich t h e y .« .% a:show o f grCat devotedndss to measures. At such a period h o w e v e r ,^ to represent, with a single view to ^ ^ B L e t iw a i buflivhidh inits operations cbuld hftdcr such circum s*iesj ffleir approbation drtkartm i s * ^ OraSiice new solid ad vantages to the COmitfy ; can havq but little efieqt qft to sacrifice all lotai considerations m ^ ^ d b b r i t e d by views fhat pointed td the The prideioptnion ip g ieat^^dtlm n ^ c l^ rA and ncrm&ne»t interesis ot J h e j nation as the pole-star mentto office afldats eiqolumills. sl%grca$r the underrigftrdb have th^^attsfaCttbfl. m e iftte ofthe gov- er ;-tfaey are difficult ttribc^U o lrished. ’flouncingtq!their S S w I K n S v m^ower have-not Butthe greaLbody ^ f thepeople arebound and unanimous Adoption o f the ^ p o m ^ * * * * * Erected by by no such ties j They am M u ^ c e ft hy po tioft as the res«lt Of their ^ ^ p r e d e c e s s o r s to moulder away \. and such, motives ; tfle|-c^ .j&ye w » .posM ^ .p A h d they aye , % Ihf .bftce.thq tqre^but in the «aectii>n pf t h t e ^ ^ n Lies, integrity and patriotism !! p p S ^ d l i r a t i o n of freenim; to the veyy their rulerp men M ^ w ^ l d ^ s ^ ^ e ^ ilu those whom e select ^ b « of diflsdlutlott' Disregarding the’raax- that overwhelm tbemv and ,hc public weal; if “ ^ ^ \ t f e f e c a i o f o f t o ^ l o p S r ^ r polUicafa.her! “ thatth, to U ^ o n .ed state of p ^ p c p ^ . TB tUem ests of the country, and a ^ /«&«« «” -- --------- « --- ■■- L -—* b ' *» •

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