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1» Let it be i^prm e # faydur wings, faatthe tifarig o f tihe press is fa? palladium ^ ' atythe %buil9 poUgcal qnd tyVgioufr tights o f Eretmen.*r* ^ f m f p s Z ‘ '* '. \to • ' \'■ . ' . • ' ,' / / , ' - . ’ • to ito • - to’ to.'- ' -■'’•■'.'r/f.:. 1 4 . '‘itl^BTAIWgT.POFNsTAgirAqitF^lYn'feupDJUiraii1C»AT.*,-to — v- v* ‘ ’• ,.. >( ' • ■ i I\. ■ *. ' .. - C I - C E R O . JSi **? - tt. sr A rO. ia . ^ a F E R « f O W N ) v S A ' l * j m 0 A Y l J A N U A R Y , 2 1 , 18Q9. ;nN until mi.. . . . . . n ■» ' I ■ —n ■■■ ■ ■■■ nwiM irnii . ..... I l l i ii'l l lpiiii.liiL.miil.iiiiw ^ & i'iiii . 11 . ' f 3 4 J ll . mmymi m i . mtm. I : «# \Ervm theRreeman's Joui'njg, of Jan. 4, MR. S L O A N 'S S P E E C H , \ D i ’cEjftBER 2 7 . ^ ■ The ttouse rnx includfl| to resume the dis- cohsigting of but ohe wcvd, coriyey s a none to 'give, he will abstain or therbof, has aji equal voice ia deciding who i t« fU « ,refcnr c ^ h n . &«.#.».!. continuinghrfovce'laws not # r^ly ogp/e#ng shall make the laws that govern him—*whem *i *“ “ **\ J **•--•- jb . . .. , . . • ^ ■ , qualtothatoftberlchover lfisflock— very pleasing to many who receive six dollars front theintheir whole staff and stay o f bread, “ to a state v/ho haVing but eighteen represen-, per day for sittinig a fe w hours in this splendid The jie&d§|#F#bi&T shall nbticejfefi frofo tattvqs on this floor, can neveitheles* boa# o f hall, talking about i t ; hut Yery different is the my youp| from Virginia, j p i Ulfcl- 111,000 free and independent voters, Not to ''i * , -I) tobussion of the new ethbargo bill ill committee . . ■■ - ■* • - r v \.g « ->« . ;■• *£ y - %.•■■■. . - 7 »-r ■- ■ - -- * v»« ■«*, »»» w nt, . Tito- P|1W w a nn onnortunitv situation o f mafry of oar constituents siiffetmg son,) who isfcrtainly entitled to t|e tfiaiikn# a state wbeie,tf the declaration of ipflepend- the whole, M r.Ljhet had no opportunity m (kf iu _ • ^ h o ^ a h d <lf*he States ence is read at-all, it is regarded o i y as a t^o conclude his speech, commenced yesterday j .JSfr. Speaker— Before I teu home) #pect* -: j#new%j- butjmojNe particiilarlY ofthem er- pleasant song, as sounding bha»^, or atinfcUos£ i(Dee 26.) -» A motion being made to discharge cd that ond of the first pages of our journal chants/s08#eii, aind fishemien of the iniddle cymbal, bnt to a state where Jbhis hedv^t 'the commUtee of the whole, in order to refer would have contained a deciardtiSn, that this and eastern |ia#s. :T;htese classes he has laid born language is seduced t& pf&tice * « Wes, thebplto a select ^omrhittee, Mr. Sloau pro- w n r d ^ p r o ^ h f f ^ e t t e n ^ 4ad®bfc 1 I ,ho1? these.trathy to be self-evident, that God Seeded tp speak Upofrthe merits of the hill, ;our? .when he' was called to order. Mr. S'foan said ly \that if he was faction wbibiV r. f- • under oonsldem' subject indefinitely, which, although question- barely canonical,but that on Our strict obedi- merchants affii thei&cletks, ivufh Uiempow- (Mr/Nelson,) who sthce the commencement i ,vao kv the enGS dePends our political salvation, and that der$d beads,Ofit o f their countimg-honses. ahd of fbis discussion, has twice favoured us with edbr several mteibere, was w the a)t wtodifii.rin bpmio„ a« dagerbM .bere setthem to ,lo«5 h,ng— anftbe t>«*nmanS the a o ia d c r iu s ^ & v o i c e - h e *31 pardoft Speaker to be in order, and Mr. Sloan pro- x[c^ It willbe remeiubered, that my surprize fishermen to spinning cbfton — tjthn mrihy of my freedom in applying; to him the appellation xeeded as foilovvs : ' ’ and disappointment'Vaa so great, that I fo- the author ! But, hope my Jinen# #llconsider of a friend, aftei charging me With the capital M r S peaiteb - mained silent longer tbah Job’s three friepfl# .it/a token o f my respecf^if I p & # * f o r bis came of having turned my coat, (thatisto I have observed that smce printers-have did in days^of yore ; we read that in’ confie- consideration a revdraaTpf Ins plan? that is, say, /have not always wtecj with the maiori- hecome so nmnerous in these IJuited States, quence of ave grieyaus sufreringof their friend, tp order the seamen (who^e haiids^ h m been ty j But, le*31yJMi. Speakei, if J had turn* they are obliged toadoptnevr modes o f £»ubWr they sat nxlentxuid astomshed seYen ^ays/ I ^fsA-fa fa ^ d h t ) s t a e t ^ i ^ ) > a irp i6 n s b » ed,idy coat as often as that gentleman h a i cation, in order toprocure ready sale for their «*fnt longf^ uKfrl^compelled by an and the otherjxiftmg p^er-headed. gentry, changed cation, m order to procure Innumerable i n ductions They fre#ehtjy imperious sense his plan of operations within these the cause of to spinning cdttoa, as moFefcongenfol to thihr three o r four years past, it would, by this time, tondout .o S p i s .o f t .u , t o n u o b e r e J a » P ~ r a # n e ^ , m ^ make a®very ragged appearance. / am tolp f instance, a history that in one volume would powers in behalf of the sinking liberties of ray sfiece, and thA^wilf for thejirosent takrilea^ he is a military officer—^od grant that 4 may cost five dollars, b much readier sate Id'twen- fc0« f lT- . , ' ' .. - . . ofmyfrffind tom Ytfgiliia ^ that » , that not- nevei be a soldier under him, for at this time ty nurmbers at twenty-five cents a piece * and Mr. Speaker—Itoast session my principal withstanding itsplan is well adopted to the of life he would soon frarrass me to death, witli as annears from/the nroKress already made, it text was, Removal < fm $eat of Government, meridian df * ^ erpm eot vrhese *tof*y annual clung and cOunter-maranng. Bat be hai ?is pretty wbil ascertained that the embargo and for foe same reason that Embargois at a n c w m ^ M*«S«onis the oi^ei ofthe day; exulnngly repr(,b.atpdl O p - ^ e ^ i a p ? ! ^ Vdl occupy the greatest part, if not the whole this time ; becaLise it was then in my opiuiop he w d l i |j i | to consider befrre,|ie proceeds This /consider a m n im M r n p e m m m * time of tlie prSent session ; if a majority of. 1 656 ^ ^atessuffered-the io /# % c a > i» n , for my qwnp^rt I am ffiee fd ackhbwleage,' the house is determined to keep tlxe people in EMBARGO is now. And as eyery yyise and tderidian qf a^Vernrinent w&OsteeiUzensfraye that since my aequaihtance withhis Honor, £ their-present s t # ctf suffering aad auspense just Legislature will first attend to the greatest uotbe# fafomcully, but fr^, Jatid haVe never discovered any Oring either in h ti until snrina*, the least thev caimlo dui’ingthe grievances offheir «co#tituents, I must for the' long inur# M emplbymeiit of. t hW m u orjmeHe*}m t wMald ntfopt Iflm'td- Until spring, the least they can^do during the _ . . .• . £- - •. . . . •. Ire a r jt o e n / o f wio t e r v « b a to oominaodi- J t l * “ <?7 “ moy? t i e > . 'I /»riim ,4 cMfTif r i t o A t r iY u # n f a h r i otvrwlo- t h u r n m f hft verting them .with eloquent speeches, of all /sorts/^ find sizes, from fifteeu/ihiniites to four ;i s/icJi)g. JBut knowing that - mankind is s fpnl of variety, and believing that my worthy /friends in the #ajprity will have tlie,/hardest \ taskvthey .cvefetiifoertdok, to keep? the people of these t United -States i n a toierabfe good hu long inured j# emprhyment of their ewn pfatfuz avejtmcgt:et -that wtaald xt»|pt 'iOm :td- choice. , •->(• f - to to , thq charge off even.s the.least rincWre ofQua- Mr. Speak&pi-l shall now proc|etTtbkofoe kerlsm) or o f any other mfigibus S ocip^,. f observatioris/qr my friend fr(»htoOeQh’glar(M«<« hope in thus candidly exonerating my ffiend .. s . . . . . 'ffottp?) but fouiat 4sk his pardon for not pla- from the horuddn of Quakerfom, im a y n b t' toour constitution the; plan of a district teii cing himfor^/ oh the list c»f e|ie three first l»e constdeied as derogating in\tM least/db- mlies square for a seat of government '; nor o f mighty men^ # a t mve appeared advocates for from Ins religion, his piety/o^his yirfoe- those wlio carriedtohat plan info execution j the embfP^Hfo'.^fo' station. b»e\$) in myo^ He may for sung that 1 -Mow, have as nor yet (God forbid, for £ >wa^„one) of those pinig®tiustfy ------- - L~ * ----- t and uneqif\\ seat of government, gfed apply' them to the enotargo^, In doing vvhicli, I shall not im­ peach the motives of those wbo ^ngrafted \n- 14b not uerfectiy ■'& !baV t hP‘^ e?lt^ Iis '% T z &°.af e ^ J T ; *£'m. that 14 1)6 tpjjcar j J* “ —- - & them, r cannot give them up M. lost. *at the.r , tttouw n m m e . But whet h>? thpf lu 4 M h n e t | f e r ; end « «*mi the, .# » vulgar tiiMSTS.' 'hut tlte a-faithfulftiendineautQstandbytheii} bean the cmireuBnw.? W ^ o ^ i n n ^ t i a l v ' But/vtillfor.the present,, dropreligiouato- -to the tast gash, striving if posaible to get only sure (mw-1 .Hot say infaUible) teacher, fcrnfeuon ItrasV #iB be duly appreciared, pics ahi observe, that the f o t time mv4tteu. (hem otrt o f the horrible pit into blsidx they bas iitcontcstiUy proved that the principle up- kept in remetT*raitc4, aud soflt»ipay a.tteuijed tion.was arrested by (nj friend's/eeSfe voio^ have fallen before thev perash^ e , on 'yhlG“ th<?vten-mife sqtiareis, founded, is' to, as to prevebt thej'necessity «f a repetition, fils seiuiments at fiVst wem ni>><M»mumonh 4 tov.i _______ _ a . e,.. . A - ^ - - - L .. . ,-v_ L , . .. . s- ■ • i®n: his sentiments at first, were perfectly ip tinison toUnderthfese impressions, f^r. Speaker. I to#ly-^ugqant torepublirapsta and.the lib- The language, if I uaderstaiajl him correctly/ with my own., Tf|ander?too4 him1 correctly, shalt proceed to. offer my second number, er^ s of R Ree.dnd ipdepefident nation ; that w«s followmgteffect; tha^t we had noth- he iiifonaed th^'howse. tfa.% h$ had # a c d # which I thought of doing several,days ago, but wlmtever itsnoimnal Otie may be, lmweVei^ mg to fear frOfe the #ti.qrabar^ foefr/they many wrong things ^he cofrld n oIbn^pkeep •delayed it inc essence and effect is rao- were toobase and ms gmfrcauv^that he would ^ arid reprobated'irrifeting language, or myJ/orthy friend fro#'Virginia, (Mr. Mew. naRh.caLspreafiipg itsbamefoi mfoi«i«,from not ofifteai to the^#fi|-#bai^p^cw-Englattd- pointed aliq s i# to pM culac # m b # - - A tortA-^hich reioiced my bearfnaore than all £f<*S$ to M a m e So has fa? Embargo, ers; the merest bfiylocks, the fepraved of the blessed state o f mind indeed! the eloquent speeches I have he^id: this ses- They are _ twin sisters^ m proportion to their cities, and the , ignors at of the country— who - 1 • - • power, fihd equally destructive to the lasting would sacrifice Jthe nn.r rvff interest, peace, and prosperity of these United the nation for a little States ; tvith this tdifferenCe only/foat the lat^ ash ; but to the peoplle 6 f Vfrgiliia) W hoiior* harfobny; 3Bu\ a l # ! '^Ihow^ ter i s more rapid In her movementsi and con- able to have been corrupted, and too .enlighten- pleasing sensations T at first enjbyed^-for 16 t seqnetitiy her batiHal effects at present are ^d to be duped- ^ ^ those mild iicceats^ and that hdrmdkivm voice. more sensibly felt. Well, ifSvr let m e, 'ask Mr. Speaker-iAs this gentleman has been / was hearing with so gi’eat delight, suddenljT «„v. eUu,,Wuv. .... __________ ,... 'Vharmusj.be dope ? Must these perhicioas indulged with liberty to infdfrm the members became rough and sonofonSjhis visage fferce)' hopes of seeing the wish nearest my lieact of Plans be supported find continued perpetually* of this house, and t o u g h them the p e o # of and a s ^ alaqmng to’ weak nerves j - a n d % a all sublunary objects) accomplished, in the re® because, they origita.tediftpure motives Tl>oth the U . States geriefatly, who he would liot ap- tone similar^^Casi\fiuppfise) to thatinwfii#^fi^ moval of the greatest evil which in my oprn- not common senfie, reason, and justice answer peal to for; example^ and who he would; I ask £ves orders ldMs.s6Idto^li6b\<m;4ttty/pyo- * ™ consummate folly of Weak and vi-; the same .indulgence,^with this exception orityf: p0aed adopting Sangrado’s plafi of i&v&lmfyg Cious Legislatures hath ever appeared most I ask not liberty to foake/ indiwidiotis distinc- obvious, in the cootinoation arid rigid enforce- tiotfs between States—-I ask hot liberty to o f v t o h ’fo tke;fibld nf Mnrnir firjf naeht Of their own oppressive laws ; and, vice mention the namesf of any ©f them. m u chalarm # not knqwiiighow soon ttfoplaii troreji, the wisdb# of virtuous Legislatures, in This has never been| fify pftadthqe on this floor, * a$ be dfirri|d intp upon us pb**1 tirio f I n n * 1 a n # c .few a w r w r t o r i n o o r i r l c n & i u h l c r o n / l T **t»rr.v na-vMM n,?11 ^ y i n n a teltonto w it? f , -r— - i *^7 . « * 1 f* ’ to 'ri \ aion ,i It wa^tfiat we (the,minpvity); knew that the‘embargo, was never intended as a perma- heiit measure^nd' that they (tLe majority) .djd.not intend to keep it on long; or words to ' that effect. In this-declaration from so’ high antbonty7l reposed fall forth aniL confiUence, and saspehded offering my second number, in >on i these United States ever experienced siuse • the revolutionary war— / mean tfie Embargo . sound of his pleasant voice Awlrich I for to^31’0^ the^ laws Ty experience, ahd speedily and I thirst never will. Nohe more than my-' anti^eriibargo ^^ttien y ; but afoer eqhlly refleetlog shaU hear with {treat delight) to release repealing all that were Oppressive to the p e e - ' selF-regret being laW under the imperious ne. upoii the subject ft feW minutes my fearsmbhtto x. * * ■ - - 0 ' «... 1 I-L . 1 - . pie. rflftRRtlw. m en-tahm* rtf Ithprtvi nfirime i^^eTjc: f 1 \ 1 4 m; vam; and must how beg the favour of my worthy friend, the next time he obliges; the house vvith hearing the one- my ramd from suspense,by giving^Us the pro- . . t - *■ h , pu definition ofthe word. PEKMv^isN?, and al- Speaker I Sliall now ask the w ^ so what he meant by the embargo hot rqmain. in some observations upon ver afifiml;<#?o fa uft for example, to any statfe feter, by taking .some blood from the iefritrm* mg long; whether he meant a few days, or a af| umeJlls of raemberv who have preceded government, tinder which 346,958 human souls which; I feel disposed to acqutesCe in, provided fe i!r „eeksr.foonths,oi r years i -F# permit me me, m favour of the continuation of the em- are kept in a state Of fierpem l botiitage, and will step forward, striji up his sleeve, ahd Ja uemihd foy fiiendythat if instead of being in barS0 iav*5 * P dQinS which, I shall not- pur- used as an article of traffic, in common with a madergoaie>r« operation. / to his preseht-iiCHfourahle\ station,' receiving six suc then6_throug|ijth ^ desarts of Arabia, ot3 bale of goods, or a beast of the field— t vyillnb- But, A 0 . Speaker, the .text 'time he tose) dolidi S nt-r dav. as he did nrevious to the em- the scorching sands o f Lybu ; I will not tra- ver hold up a»-.aii examjik_M y gove-rnjriQiit, h*ls sympathetic conciiiatorytp}ans Were aU laid bar-,o, imd sail does, he was placed m the situ- vel w4.h ««#** ht land or Water, fronri where the cfioieest o f all* eajrlily blessi ngs, Sside^ffiri maladies o f ihefeddy p^itm j* on of tliuusandsatfeliis tiihe in these United the tprrid to the.frigid jzooe ; I will not, after a liberty ,& is extended only to a chdseft .few, afl to be hegled by antipathy^ithe embargb,; .. . .A1* A W olotiihrw . tek e nrirdr a a In^i-Avw 0M/1 «.!«. I . t . tl#A . n .L « 4 i - - s- ~ « ' - - * < - # OLu.tcSft their m ^ m h sIunVatti^ winter that W9u1d b^ « tacit afoinoivledgemtent that it support ofthe property of tbe rich, are denied m » ^ s i S h 7 ^rh g g li. fh S in’ case k pefidft look romavdivith the dreadful apprehension, WaR as bad as theit^, msuEiportable by doaies- a voice in making the law tfeat so compels onjy gave himfe ^enfre pat oh the cheek, he, that ere the return of vernal blooois, their ten--tic, plflm, _«r^d self-evident facts. _t. them or any othfers. T Will never look up for Wi(hoat any further cereMOiiy, Wafotq bet der children* may aslc bread, arid they have 1 he principal object I, have m view, is (to a iriodel o f political justice, to a stafo boasting knocked down^Wrinderfril change t thought none to g ive,> would consider ane day long- use a military phrase) to bring the artillery o f of^twenty-two representatives oft/this floor; I * hbw greaff the contrast between this plan, er than ns# he does a month. dlvers members that »ave preceded me, to bear who, nevertheless, at a fffoe general, confesfod smd Jhat o f rtspnihg away over the mountains I Mi Speaker-—.1- have -committed .the pur- upon themselves 5 which,if it should bear hard election, probably took between twentf and LEaiLCtfltimbJa/ happy laridl tfoe .yaforir Of port of this second number to writing, for two h*t them remember that they have provpked twenty-five thousand votes; when oh a siifcfr - w fi#-p#ioilc/ 80 Mrfeicre»sa 8 # reasons, ' . f i # . t a l ^ n .the lahour of. our the attack ; and to slfcW* that some of thtg . ^ .... * -*■ . stenographers First, to lessen -the labour of. our . , . , , and secondly, because, after evidence adduced by them, is conclusive a- lar occasion, a state sending biit six represen- the magtritude o f jmpendirig' ddftger I T con- tatives. took upwards of thihty-twp thousand, gratulate my country on the return b f tiiis.lsq-/ having so long followed those jeavned and elo- g8mst continuance of the embargo laws. And finally, until l am convinced that a radica!, roic spirit I believing that if .the embargo is qaent members that have preceded me, in The first shall, notice is my friend fi-onn and^ complete reforinattori lifts taken plfice continued twelve mbhtfes longer, their.subtimb and almost superh unian Hi gins* Tennessee (Mr, Rhea,) who spoke next after (which God iri mercy grant naay ’Soon betofte qu|re^^at least^^orie huhdredfoous^d of iihagiriatton, it wotildbe difficult if not im- ^ s o o n after the commencement of this'dis- case,) I will never look for e^ampieto a state roes to eftforce it. One riisetteation figptfe* possible, foi them instantly tor descend to my, #stion. He observed, that .i._ humble sphere,\ without, intii^ir rapid.de- ought to be made between scent, filling farbelbvvit, T t e e Lvvas ap- .perfectly agree with him, and only ask him to this state afofte, did theye exist ?o little virtue, military men, IhaVOforigrafide hurii# _ piehensive they would dress, t»y bantling in. reducehis excelie-ntchristian precepts toprac- that fear Was tb be fixed in the hearts Of the my study : the result O f^ tch is, that . coaisti clodtbs than it, merits— and every /Jhat while lie sitSih this splendid fiafl, people, and io become tbe motive of their ex^ frozen regibtisbf the north,the tesideftcd h f inembtr on this floor knoivs, that it is heed- receiving six^^doilars per day^ccuce frpriit|ie crifoftS'aridtheprhfeiplMffhelTtbvernmfeftt*’* jqany of those renegado fthU-eittbargb 'm » $ Las. Yet I *m not .disposed to ,read it, for I bfosts of winter,, far removed 'from' •' Nd,T l ^ . ’a^ak^.wotte-t: fo- M 4 ngi •*«n: fos cohsiltutibh t hut havt long believ# tliat both religiou? and po- the hapless habitation of - want, Where example any stajte 'governraept, it should be that ft mHCs#herri clifoate,fon^^ 4iUt*l~seimohs-foSe Ynuch of fthefr force by .imverty d wells, or even from the appreheriisirin ode where every man Who > ays tax for'flie ttt ftbd A rending. Birtbefore I proceed Jurther, I wi;i <?F the plaintjve cHes of a bosdm friend asking support of gevernment/ and is called upon continuing fils vdBm acta, ftnd W J W ' publish my tofeJT .% r t* brea<i tGu4er *&?***$ where t o V t * fen|ef % hw 7 ^' 7 ' ‘ l * -r-r v«wr^se^>

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