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The impartial observer. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1808-1809, January 14, 1809, Image 1

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' <i JLet i t k Jw firm ed an yaw mmd^ that thp Uberpj qfthcj& e $ $ i* ti gp ^ SSBSW w! civfyjMli&'cai qnd teUgfom f^hib ifFreeilim > i± ^ m tJts \ . * \ . k . s s . . . , t(, w «* f e w * ? « iiBS*T»s i n ' tfH k ts& M M trM t t i j&be iictti.-r.-’-^ -cjci'ttil. ■I... ’■ i 1 . .1, r111 ■■■ - m’ »|.'I-\ ■' V.l—I,\‘1'1. .1. '1 ' )| lit ^Sgim»FW.tilr 111 I I , I.I.,. . *. 3BKS- NO. 13. 1 i.ijii DmI iBmii. Mi^i miu.,,..,, ! m nMMimin mil Wn i nn 1 i. COdPJSESTOW ^ , SATURDAY, jr^HUA,kY H* 1809. VOL. T. - ££*> ■wmmw HbM WffB BAirmOBB FEDERAL RERVLiiCjtX. T O E SPIRIT OF SEVENTY-SIX. 'Jkldressed to the hfotiourable • Nathaniel Macon. . ShYS Macon, enwmpt intlie theme# of debate, \ \ - f • ~ * <tw* Tutt of wrath against France—against. England of - hate j ■ ' , * / - ■/ ' ' . ** Where, where is tlie Spirit of Seventy-six ? • . . * Is itypme to the Sabine* or gone to the Styx 5 Is gone to St. Lawrence,*—M»WFe,~-Delawar* 5 1 nae.ob where !*’ has vexed me so much as tbe injury done the danse of republicanism— that cause . Which I have long laboured, and will cease to labour Jn pnljr when 1 cease to hreathe--that cause has suffered much. I told the Eastern democrats Jast-year, both here conversation, that the Fdderalists by advemty, would take every t ‘i, -• ’■ . # • 'it* V >5/1' to tion, before they hlirifily itishrtd iMper into a tn la the mecarlotia sitttation in which this would1 prove country stands taid'Jhe> ft jfe thf duty ©f every not founded on exjfewdiwfe. Tfow extfttmej 0 r; l - - i I assured them that Massachusetts, party and poersonal piejtidices, I tmat these contradiction toall foe principfesOfcominei'cet New -1 lampsh«e, Rhode Island, and Vermont, resolutions wifl be determined by their merits, Your finances (said would, 10 consequence of then wise measures, and not by Executive or party ipflfeence. foercfobr yduij d i s c a r d t h e n denaoeiaty, and approye of that Great parok have been taken both in eon* on your head. You ate thtowlhi «■ tor ftiend I doitt wish to give federal folfy which would haVe left the nation versation and in print, to work upoa the feci- doom to smuggling.,, Wit in a state o l progressive growth, in a stafe of ings of the .people to persuade them, it .must nadepfess hard upoh the pedpifoybursbofeii / ' 1 a- activity, prepared for defence or offence, pre- be Embargo or W a r , at the same tune you and Frontiers are full o f contraband. When f l u t t l u ? s p i r i t p a r e d to^upport its rights by other means than intend non-intercourse and then war u he casfhis eye back onf our once flourishing And such spirits is »hos* are choice spints you Know, llucuve declarations. I told them that their This report is calculated to irmmge, culti- commerce and agriculture, grown to perfect*- '$?K cousutuents would prefer^that state of things, yate ana tiet in action., the warmth of public lOn thrdugh a series of fortonate events, anC Wher«» where iss ic gone to, Said aneighboar, pain. . . - ’ - . - r r • ? — — • •• * . 1 <W J — T - - —*1 : ----------- , . - - F T - -m m m * * - - s- f — TTT.r T ” — V i ■ * \ f * i I*'* * « * • » * W V feori’fe'weald.track, m which e> cry man is allov^d to^ embargo imagiuaueu , 1,1 orcjei that a non-intercoms© train of successful industry andhnterpnze, uh- hap1-’ himself, or to exeiqtse lps energies and employ and the ^etobai go may he \Veii 1 ecfeivfed. t paialleled in the antials otfhe Vrorid, and cOa« , - f 4 t - ' , 4 -ft.-' hia capital 01 his creyfft to his ownemolunaeut The repoit states, at the time the embargb ttasted them with your non-intercomse and v? and the benefit o f the nation. My pfedicbons was lain, the British orders'in couiicilwem embargo, it gave* him ^elanc/kly refitctton*f rand, : ■-'i'''4 : • . 4 ' •■'/;. have come to pass. Massachusetts has re- known dbd understood Tn thtscountiy, though He could not embrace system which tended troe\pshriiot-lsuiA»: tdimed to that federalism which shetiad shaken notofifefoliy commiSi|ioated THe focj; is the to destioy his country. dff—Vew-IIampshue has told her Embaigo Butish cvdcig in cQttuerl Weie not even men* In looking round (stud he) you will discover ilfeare^^ fiee! imht bj tmnctmb. be longer ea- d e l e g a t i o n , that she has no further occasion for turned m^he debate on that <foe#ti©H ; aiid the symptoms o f radical decay, and proof of con^ tlieii seivices-—Rhode-Island hrs. done the embargo was laid p a coercive measure, sitming strength.—-Never did a people suifei° same, t bear a great boastinjg that Yejmopt without ynfy referensce * to those otfem } ahd so fouhhitoih is saved* l am weil acquainted witfeth^t state, when the adnfhushatian fe«p| foe| had mis- •*$£.' us situation and its constitution, and I can de- tak(»nIts operation, they went to the Brttfoh 'fopl£ iMfey cfare to you it is not saved from a radical govemnoent snpphpfiung and heg^fog, that ' ■'“ 7 chais^ed'/1,. ;; , ■ Wei^h yoar aQchorealt sUips; loose your sills to Lo^ Ensbnd’soiir &iciM i y m Sre'afoohfoeiBbais.5* *f Did you say, *Ur,,r laid Macon, \ that apitit*#' m 'lllen by — of oar^ jprodaeo,. they shih’tbAve 4 Jfthatspirit i*there,^sJ^vnwtyftayund'Mcat^: s eihlathre No* they shaa’thwvefe barrel* I’ll see them d—d c,^t„ ^ni \•.../•■ first.. -'*'- chaigeto federalism—that state being able to those 01 ^ W g i t f e tesciiided ’ \ 'S £ dm\ aid the ejntorgoliws a while longer, tsowing mjBontah. humtfad with the unliapfy feme then h i U - & j J L & S i 'i J S L j Z d E f f i i toadefccttothtttrcomtitntioh-ttisowtng to oftheic * c « itM .} m a t y d?vtatfojf t o m e , fille n i t h e ^ ^ W i * . ’ the^ oaghs or cAdtoarwm represmed t r d w t k - ^ . h e s p o r t otevety-geshandmailrMven S e W t i W gislamro n e m a p , ^ o f t h e p e ^ l e o f .h a t t«oahypo«fc state Boye elevated the Federal Goverpo? Mr^Mhsfer*:.^»tt'h 8 S ' l t o t t rthe'.tfb%ife>' :j ^ i ^ ' w f e v e 8i; • W & i M & f f i n which they hud lately discarded They have tais njjfo% mope fhan once to have adjust- and starving m^n into n sense of duty roitrht *ad forfau ii« sW-IoalaodthoJa h # * » k * afedferaltt^per house, batowtng to un* When apply © * < ln » e n t& l® .»M t^ , but the o L f . ' ■ troproytd lomshtps, ,0 ofhich there ate not Mr. FoFeante tntd Ehc Btitish idmioBtfa- rattciB ai agatnjt the b e m / l ^ m ew roioa' move t l i a r t U a dozen families, being able to tmh, lie offered our amoVter to fene\y the ex- ly sbsuid and ridiculous ,„r„ “ l \ 1 ett sew^otrttth those towff- p m t lf « at y , and at Hut s a w , ttaoe remarked , w e have got Into this difficuttr i f t e gfea* to««. ahtps whtejt contain 500 fimthea « upwards. ; should not p te*ac i,,m fmmprtmeedtngk .ft, fe»Vite.i*» ; - b S m - the lepuMmwiSofttotstatehavebMu able to the negociattoni n i endearaunng tomnke staclo inJte il^t proM W o iatei '1 m r J T £ 2 ? ? »• wh«a. 7 hu’ a m W i w * toy. 1 he ume has been * hen the megualt y both counlnes. In tbe mean atae the renew- ie M i speak of was so gdeat that less than foity d of the old treaty w nld pevent all colbs,on hrepfoiSfe ha&I^« > -iSimtdrsoOrat! membets to that house represented one h d f bettveea the two nattohs. Mr Manroe’e in- ^ f f B l U j ^ r t S y i the people of Ute arte, while the other half sttuett^ts would not a m o f « cp u iege-S fesrsiu & a h d fed ah e fe/h b h . .sMitiwi^ttontma httodced andaW rmjte Adthqugh t o ’ a tresty * » s mceptiohaUe in «fabi*af»ibW 'i 6 * S y t e 6 e ’ ■ 1 hftts, lla 5 U K hasno-w am vej, sir, when man,pomts,antrtsMpdpttJiti- inOdl country, S W - m W S S m t *aurf^bh*«e -sr& my Ust ye-iU.e. pictUclions have come t«passr~ yet this nation irospieredfojdef tliat treaty* * • * ^ -*•' * - • - - -■*■ ^ > 11 is apparent as tliu day ..light;-: Yet-t he rer n«t«i:sliice t^thoUEits ' publican gcnUcmcn ot that stwe ale disp^^ed $ir.‘ M. '^ 1 ^ ' to aUributt tnc cbaiigt to any thing else rath/- ’ tf^-BlHI er.tlmn the true cause., _In. the embargo sv/.: 8 g HnkWey* ykiM - ■' ..ji. ? d»Vi.sc L ../ 4. • in t e n d to b h b f e te tiieriti^ n s ■«? tfe fetturihg and MzarfoX •dfe<k''ttSion«rir4/ IfolU# 9? ■Afo®*WS»' geniua o f m uifae^mcncrfj . v, * - * ipfv k' /ihKeTl' evds * Veous than the TbViaiier-.* Thfe list treaty t o us the hahd hf ^ tCm,thcy>cnrfofei:intned ^ .ected t o t o a lly account of theprutelta/ vtnuldoWfest fromv t h ^ prwieg« 3 . p * * - . V* ' House be v a m f . * * * * * * * «*-> new- yamar fe^oritcsyatenwr-X’ll have a new few, A righttightxnd straight jacket, a propet per And the same shiUbecal!ed,& Jtoii-Intercourse ‘toiiflte'.qifdc-alaA Stokiiris^imiy all go to hell* For I’ll stick, like a drtipii, close to imrshell * ■ PW8agiPilP.il.!1.1 .1 mi.-.! J- IJHIIIM ijioilm tO M G iim s o f r i m u m j t l d - s t a v e s HOUSE OF RSV'RLSENTATtVES N o VY^ bxii 28. _ in Commzttec of’tFie rahoief lhe Jirst tlemtizhon^ as I reported by the ChnmuUceah l ’tirarn Rela'tons, tender constdarcttion. Mr. L tont sxi . I, he felt as “trtng an alibor- tence as any gUKllcman to submit tQtheitluts «t Great-Bntain an^, France* therefore he w;!,a, hicliaed to vote for the resolution .as it woulil *taii| when amended as proposed by the gen tleitian from Cohhfcct/ut, ht vould piefer the risofetKXl in: ihc sinSpe much to what- it .was fe thc shape it Was pi'esentcd by \lhe coin mit- \ • f e V h?, \ 7 S u u e topuparcfoi dispQaipg of . the 9^on, whkh qotiId not be iniknpd©!^ Qor], pit|a which is to^nst. (loin ymrTeytpue,' Whereas^ the cesoltation as offered, .Win e it lt.^dS <i„u|ldrqc<l Ceytam. debts which now in- stibstantiaBi comply w a mem rcpdt- CUa)f^r Jt. ^ life intimation, lools too much yht this tYVaty wa^ Veiected. ^ n p f foe pmfessi(Sn§ ag^nst ai)bfaus?iou L y j,J. c cUverting dirt attdi^ion of the nation* from ......................................... .. foarmteasucewe h ^ aubmttted to h e shut o f lhe lcrai aJlual4(ili;0f Ils ^nances W t l ^ c ^ M th^ lyge caused hy .tin V [( ^ m k - ^ .|^rteen. hydrcplipbra, jefiave slum itied - i J0ns ^ the WeasuI?y> Hovy Mucll m<5re ^ ; « ^ A l t o e w w t o d ^ u c t io n o f on?unm theie to coins iu, and where is it to come tcs-dicted' traded cweft- ottr innocent coasting ■ 'trade? • — <«.. ' I did hope, (seeid M r- 1#.) that by this time the representatives of the nation would Tiave h^yered frotia this political hydrophobia I didhope, that when gentlemen had bad £ year’s experience of cha> wue, their strong measure, 1.1* .» I 4 >,■ y • , • '4 ” 0 wil l *JV'.»UV*E 5 ST .* * I l.v tI U U i . ! |U \ t f ,l v.bUlM u m jtW O i v u • > |h.oh;l hire alwspo estehmed. s ftoM t tm f-b d d, M dtbem'ooe, tpiliTOt reacKthetrm — measure, rp to.rts edttswd opeFtttuju-p ■ tige o f power. . . - 1 icguY, snccYo.!y, to see ih the Pi^esideni’s mcWge aUlm time an. ibtitosttoh to the le- rnent’has sifyfe offerVTto continue the embar;-: e<La»’well ak o t o i y aftoted. I f you: 0i\ icsut- go rs 'to France, pl'aiidtd the BritlSh^^goveiO- tempt f o t f e t o y or d d p t o •»■ r Id, fespferi. flteiG ^drdfersj which was excite a fealahsy fe|wden the mates /Mhihh/* low inr mbstaiitittHy domplYin foith the rtfofestatiorf, liowtofo to Be; fem'ehk<^i: to IP ected. _It heyeY has scparatibn. Amon.a: the united interest eftjbh- been o>6\ir pkrisofthh ^fj«st thd existijif di-fterehces vvithy France^ .idn^lfo&toig. t o - ' 1# 'M &? Whpjse Emperor nas alway^showed tpe gxeat- tbrif jdkjbusies dfdach ntoer* arid! nb^iogfeillu est contempt fbr the neuti aljty of every nation, bC So advahtacieoiis tb tbis counti'V', as tiiefe and whose detentiinntioil is, to cofopel 11 s t6 united efforts for their mutual'benefit. You? fi-piu ? Fxiaufourteen mvlliops must-be dispn- take; paftjii the w«fr,frither as friends of allies, have qlreaud/ excited jealpubies, and shakeri’ sed o f by this turn, twelve month, and we can- IftRe nation doe8 not fenow this, f knovrit, and the Confidence of tbe people j mutual affeef not expect money enough, to come into the you know’it Mr Chan man Tliedemhtids uon and Confidence between the several state/ tre tsuiy within thattime to carry us more than are positive, and because we have itot pioriipt- is the glory and safety Of all. You have turn# about thtee ort foar months longei. If you ly obeyed, France has sv/ept by sequestration ed the course of trade tnt?Yothey channels* should now take off tlie efobacgo,, the duties to and ccufisc^tion all the Amencan property Which cahnot be\ recovered hack for years to be derived from the return cargoes aie to be from Italy to Antwerp, amounting to moie come, ahd posterity wifi cti^ve the non-tiffer- than one bundl ed nullibtis of litnfCs ; she has course; if adopted, and posterity Wijil curse the when they themselves were convinced that it you ffom bototng to biffM t o stoik many oPy 6 hr vessels enfoamo w lS w fll Iiadlait^dm twety pomtof ausWeflngthe put- Biittoateven th^fonaof * trirf^V tojtWitxsttt instruct tItfeiMrta.ida-IteaKttp*'* toscs they cont™,^Uted, I hi,d hoj>etl they ” 0ttld,b8 ,l e- ^ } ^ S' * “ *'^SS* , d° l'°« eutbutgrf.andttdd dunuble tin t . S.r„ou know ’tlicy’iadwfbw wottldliaTeiiliLsnatMinity enouglito gtwe fl up. flmnclw Hioujh wflnd out ; ^ way to ttvorf to.t a »on.,nteir«l«rs<! > Aw yw y^ttng to cartud into el&Ot wldtOtft a \Su^e jd ,0 hupatbey waulibVthBUntu haweB.lt a f 1 '* ™ * \ \ j\ ’3*.1™ lonSress- When an ana m x ft ora Bomparte, that ha has taken fo.ee, subject to military tribunata. I- havtf foltosnion w b e merciful to their ovvncoun- tiK ttebor, off t o decrees, that 7 ou-;n,ay go to w * * * 'd A s f ^ 'ttiir i'U a ili^ ^ a lm .\ - wy-tbatthey would smpraJ'tts operation, aovmgnjstem-tha.systamwh.chwe tfepub- cotdng to h.s demand - or do 50 U w,sb to ndt tube apflted tocnrorce-obediencwtoataWi- ................... .s»inat ttetr fellow-cltlzefB, !,c:,ns “ ?“Mil'V' under the continue tbis preSs»wr, in o r % to gaiit tiutO; but ^hcn CalledTor by a civil magiirtrate i and fn*tnt'* 3 inistration* anti that smraort to a to olfe r to the great Emperor, in mote expli- if they aYefoot ifoder the dvii^thhrilykfe i^ this ties trover. lousshtVi^hts^ ^ h a d T o L S t h ^ would have ntGasuie, or a coiicaeot mpaaurez, tha,(hashad cit tei ms, that you virll take sides with lum? not government* it is war, Wemj tmd t o s m i l r e i f e r t o a h t l r i ^ n s , ^ ^ no other effect toan that of impoverishing your measures are leading to that point an^l it hav6 Ho ptofectiOli npmstf t/rafiliy. TYtiii^ we follow the sound of libert^, fet h8rfok« car© we do not lose the substance* .... t- , ■ , • » , , . . . . lUCLU, iuv:y yrau >w*» v.,w<a» uuvna uivutt j u u j W ifi f e ih f i lesillt. fcke^assurances t e r n laal yeat-, that a mlU ' fer ftdelri)sm 0, my Km> Ruavia, Prussia, Htolland, Sp^n, Portugal, Friieims buimy rathci than be cajoled in this way Passing Naples, m shoit, ill the subjugated sworld, M i. M. said, he had taken great pains, ahdF southwaid fiom the New-England states, how passed embargo jaws uhdei the i&fiheike of paid attention with deliMratioa to the highly stands lNew-\ oik now ? They have acted Trancs, under the same pretence* a ^ sw o i^d foifiitototo^fotofibP oYttfeiDdfoa/ •'MrpTxji eyeiy thtng I <n the House fhisfoession, It nfams pik t o on am, hTTlje wisep_ thev. imVe discarded tltoir embargo neaily in the same mannevas ohi^-r-tlu^fgBOj u?y, 4nddhd believe it indispensably neceswrF authors o f IjhtS;^ n^se Measure, to fected to its calatnitiesj Gbd’ only khowb lioiv |?%* [ f&P Whfa feqiSQW is it now -to be tottocfo:? jfd-' -the Bntish nation, ,;^ d ’to©-OtfeAtorill.:Y'-W th ail the energy jour embargo Faws had a tendency to prevent, tp negative the resolution for annn-mteifcoifrse,' ton the d anger Is that even in that wiser state* edly follow. ’ And I — ---- ■.. ■ .... s. ,,■, , - — ,— —^ —t* , r-r.i-cr».-, *»*•«»«*■ ... . to%S'-5 vviui «!• uw w w TOphcpy .feat tin a Htonse w H contom* after Great Baum his given you her answer, regret flianthfe^! itieS s ii^ T h j s n h t i # t o this zw^ meamre has been_armed hy aTK)thcl e (ectiony a maioiity offedenltsts fiom Sii, o©r affair* have giibceededdaily from bad expciienced great Advantages resuFtihe frpii* |©^COimUessT E totoST .1 ^ 5 , the states smith of Pennsylvania, unless ifes to worse, until we haive been brought step by tiiq different branches Of trade ; and the sbur- vystem of cocicing the people to be idle, to be step, to this state ot t lungs. By not using the ces of public Weftlth and individual happiness- inaetivej to be poor, to be miserable, is given mfidestpiecauiiion when thej?; exercised it, by me . jnereasing.\rto up. N o t having had time to read all the doc- not re^stihg, the first belligerent d e c ^ V® ;n©h*:fe|to9dto*' uments, and bemgfonprepared tq enter laigely have invited retaliation and courted citlaitiity. into debate, FsliaU wave any ftifiher observa* Y qm , 9*^R. tndrtalft'fttom a coarsenf m^as- iid^tos; S t o # T f i b F Yionfo with a- view t o e x p r e s s i n g ^ op,ntoifs ures, which wiTHtt «iybpinion; brln^ tbe t o - fiopes. to § E p f a single^ $ 0 tir Y0est India Negio bring starvedby it.' I liam seen, it is troe, a neWs- sanction of high Authority, that dqif seamen have been- saved by iti hut l have it f'oni other quartern, that . of Those-, we 'last': year S ^ a S S T w f e t S ™ » ( i * » t l ^ W k » l t e t a s . , # I I ^ t W s u u t i ^ i w i ^ t s ^ m i B ^ . . itao d c ^ r . ^ i l & *se*cc'c,?i,'o^foe iiik i m ,. ^ a ^ i^ w a iyluc^ .w iil decide ithc f e e of U us cou s u tutooi^ lrelte^ ^ fl^ r r e K ^ e M n r ty country* • Sfo,;- pejore- ^y.ou^ j^ss f lift' service. -The ■ ^ca^clied;'t o I :h y t o p B d t o ^ ^ Y / r t t ^ - d’fo<r-'feve...T6ri -thO Among the |brought on by tits- Embargo' --system's0 • em­ phatically called a, w*<r measure 1Sy l it# vgry M A S T E R SP E E G H . Novembbr30. sent situation -t<toM&'toOUr - ^ , _______ ' ** ~U!. J m/. _| . © Ad' fteiiK ri hue 1 -few - « -fc* . ;••* - -- /to* ’

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