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The impartial observer. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1808-1809, October 22, 1808, Image 2

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one* supplicating Alma for a disfe^sedfaimly tliu&wu out o f employ bV the y. £ v ' jp0i$.~ ' , \ _ ^ _■. v ^ ah & ■>j«L flpBS MRMJG fJV* JJVTMU.IGMNC&* *v ' ,:■ ,; : • • •\< ri:^-*••'•■:•', ■,... fenm4 „ w fescuel tfwmailvea froitMIie; » W k an lw n islv yakfe*»i 1mw« been ton- 'AttW« monfe»t»ui crisis, rriut# anijnws Ew- ’& “* '£ £ *!> “W * ^■sw.ynwwi wi|{«isli3V % ^ £ i & & 3 R s a i - all then aiiris* artilleiy, 8cc l_»ey :. .■ *a«w *n» Mt»hah.*a»^ «f * w « k ««» n~i present aduiimbti-anou.~i6/<y. LoNnbN, August?. . ^ tllieif countryi,.. ’tVe Hailes haye $oaf* ...A.IshSS- fitte d Papers k ^ . « o ( M MTOSpanwfc « im acre “ Znals^. subverting ^ thrones ofPrjiKMand town to the 4 th Hist. containing intelligence bpanish troops that thus nObly Iibei atedt 1 . . *. ., e . ' .' .roth Bonaparte was not selves, consist o l tiro flower of the aimy f they . ^a®te tiie >vprfes o| creatroftt it Front the JV\ K. Mvi uitig JPostof Oct. 1 5. *WW*I &*. | 4 t;hinit. •^VA>|^p|Pk tmw tbjjs morning current that a Suspension o f hostilities lor a month had taken ^lftce hstWtNsn peni&aik anjTSWeden ^Tftthte mmbur w e have to add aftother, Which, if{rtte,m«st b e deemed of thte iijghest importance; A lefees* from a n officer nf the B.^ftic, is said to contain intelligence, that Sir James Sauraare2, Whilst cruising oifStralstmd, oh the 49th ult. was informed that hostilities hadactually commenced betvreen Au^tria and Ejfaace^and that 4 -battle .had a/Jready been i fobight m Gallicia. in Which th e French were completely defeated. This statement is cor* xoboiated b y the lhteiligence o f the masters o f several vessels from Pillau, with the addition, that the loss of the^fneiny amounted to 12,000 tnen ijipoii this topic vre ^ re unable to form /an optmoA^nnd we have merely to express our /sipfccre hopes thaltheaccouRt. may prove cor* A ticp s T li. Private accounts say,'that two divisions o f the army o f Gen. Ri^ke between Astorga and RicT Seco, uaet with, and fought a very large body-of French troops.^ The result o f the he* tion walmost favourable** between $ and 7000 - of the enemy were killed, and the whoie foice would have been destroyed, had not the Patri* mV~heen destiuitp of cavalry for the pursuit r T h e Spaniards only lost 900 men • The day upon wbiebLthis mast important battle thole Tjilace \ya? o n the lsf oF Ailgust. . v 4 A letter from on boai^ tlie^ Unicorn, dated off S f. Andero, the 31 st rnlt says^—'c Deser* 'tlons are very freqntnt from the Trench m Spain. Ten men mads their- escape yester wa learn, thafc the markets at that place were AWtMatMAK. U!£h ■•■i.M'',... ’.'..f ' had received fell information of the mrbmtiea ^^ |iVes* us pleasure in being aide to announce tb ,tionr was seUin^ for Kan which Bonaparte had committed in Spain,-and ©ur’readers the complete triumph of FiedeirnU ,fCIki»i^l#i.|lutter .-per $S| cents __ burn with aidor to join the ranks of thefr ^ |n Ot^ # 4 ^ — l^nt CQimtiymen. ,, v ’ . ing will soon pfecb in the Chait of state a man - s SU R H £ jm £R OF TRM QVM A 4 . against vyhbm scandal apd deisraetion hind their Jadpn ing7 ^ th e ° lith ’“ snnen™ teach.Tu\ ^ ™ in~ 1 » an «* ^ o m th, people TOay ^ t o b l o w u o#'.,,, m inings ^ nee/hardly *fld, that this .Da* fcpk . m m k m . msh settlement is situated this side the ^ ao* under which th<$ pow sdfFer, an$ to wh^se ':&A$ 0 fa$;$F the * days o£ ges, on the coast of Coronwndel, fboUt J# ^lialiScatiqbS Oih departed bore Wasbingtph iiatfAdfem» ^ Meiichant antic- mdes S . ©f Fort St. George. . _ v ' .t^stimony^^ room*-- « TaA»nufcBAiHbeb ' nfewly•re^Ujlifeh\'^^41'wrm .^1 =u^^e^ii^^^,'tj;e;A w eatjQ f.your hro>t T ^ l Ru^Ill and'Sl’ m r«at andenviable qualities, as CHARLES was sustained by cOm^rce, your toil was re- S S Puidby«te a oV i 5 , 1 „u ( J . J th_ wllalaSM l reverse h'isiih'e rtign of; jacobinism pioduced ed atday bie^jk the following moving. ■\ i > rt*’ .. * , 1 ■ ri . .. _ ; , . ' *. I t *' tination, tbt moutb of the river Cave^S, off Official Rewms. y eats h ^ f e u r 40 ^ Beef 40 Pork 50 , «■-•- ■ y ' ’• 7 WW'A. T| the towo of franauebar% The place wah «n* rt I have thb pl&isure pf enblisfsmg^y.ou the dollars per b^rretriand Bu^e^^ doUars 25 conia mediately sumtuonedy and articles oF tapitbla- ofl^lal Teturhsii'Cm the several; couoces of per pound in Gnada.oupt|^-i^ii,iae prospects* Gen. Bmitb5^ re-eje^ion is now put of the your St<pk«^\Vrhy i.y\$ biliuc^-rT-wy the q^Sttbn>*^(c retires after the 4 th of March to • ^bspdpdiqg l o o V ^ A b 'I. ihfc-^^r^.grtpa? ^ie sliadeSj pf private Ufe.---Xc«« i)eo m Most has paralized the arm-ot indusu-y, mar­ red ijf.ypiir-’ is vitfebh that ZkwQ&fttic* there ape found inahy among' yqU wfep are ilfe. advocates**^*Bp r yeiTuf prejudice thathoodwiniisyou, see m|ft and things as they are^ do yhur du^ fp'^CHir Gbd ^id’yQur \Vftsqu anilX^aptain Caulfiield^un the the British, aoA the Deputy governor on the part of the Panes. • • 6 ^ “ T h e flank companies of our rfegiment took possession of the place on the .moim’mg of the 3 3 th. .But as the outward bound fleet, under Admiral Drury, appeared, off. here as we were landing, we estpect to be lmme^ptely Dp^hesteFj reheveda,and to proceed to Calcutta.’* ■ , GtUUerset- y. • ^ w o m s t f r*.*f Ayrivedj the ^rmmd cutter, •Laus JOeo -*.[Mbst luckless Patriot 1 whom rfehher the blood of iBptls, nor tlie blaze of Gib can m±. I1 ' Counties.' * ■-**•*• ■-- orcheste Somerset, with^dis^atcltes r?.sbe. brmgS'ibtebi^R^'t^iltC \ a division ol tlie^estsquadroqj-codsjstlb^*'^ 'v ’ four sail ;pfthe lifle, thtee frigStes # 1 ; six . bugs,lately made air attempt to FcdcruL 4 4 4 1 51 day, oubohrd, and have ennsted themselyes as the harbor | hut the British squadi on\ being Baltimore, ttiarinestfi this ship s* ' „ ~ appused cl their ihtentions, puised thdtn. ^nd Anne Ai undlej ‘^je^a’re nssured that bis W l^ b a lbW ’ hJ»j- drove o n e of the j^’igates cmshorp, ‘ wFiici* ^vaa esty, o ferwise Jdfome Bonaparte, has lately set fee t o and destroyed , thectheis returned f sent a letter^ sealed w t b his'Boyal AViais, to to'the haibou ~ .v* the ILady wbom lie married some years ago in Y^AmbrTca,^ t t ^iyas addressed to her ds \ti\|iss'‘ “ patterSon,*1^ and was accompanied with several' presehts of considerable value. In this letter, ,he says, his Impcrial-brotherj Napoleon, hav- Jhg calle^ Kim to the, Singly dignity, and rea- ,? ' seas of state bating compelled lum t6 gl\ex vbJn- hAutfcto ^ ^Prmces^^fibeGprman Empire, N jAi^u^l^tm g ^ cppsidep him m other ligl>r;tban a s a bovereiguj1 unconnected with hba- by fotmerties» ^ ^ ^ 1 ' ’ ' flPGttST t$l* « .- Some tery favorable reports prevailed Jn , the < 5 ty this day amopg tire American me^ ^ chants^ respecting Dcerfem loveuures wfech ‘have been made from tfie ^Qyernment of the S 3 4 4 4 4 ‘4 4 : TcxJb lM£>ARTTJtJL pMS&RVlLR. ■■■■. ......,- ,,V .jf.ji r-a.-.j-rr,,-.,,. ....yr., j ... .*..,■ ■ . . bA TURDAY, QCi OBLfl 22, 1803 . ‘ ^ ij .V ^ . i ;.- ^ ., cm -,^ ; i * j . ^ ...«»; a ^.%V lhi.W^-......r.ll^ . . . i ^ . FQRJ&MW PUMmART. ,t By the ai rival of the Government ^ Pis- patch b rig St Michaels, at Baltimore, on Mon­ day the 3 h ipst. nb\ys o f much impoitaiTtie has been received* MrvNourse landed immedi­ ately, and passed thiough New Yotk on the 10th ms*, on his way to 'Washington* He was wholly reserved on thei stat^ of otii) nf- Punce Geoige, Calveit, bt. Maiy’a, Charles, Mahigomeiy, Frederick, Washington, Alleghany ~1*' Bitlunjpre City, Annapolis, 4 4 , 4 4 4 4 airilahihfetS / 43 % % 37 « f * y fejr^|ttzh.:|he be^ig§beut#i. bui,i we, learn -thitt .ljoited$tt^5yJ.eadiirg tosap adjustment’of dif- France ciorilirtuesto condemn pur property, Spd - v *S tiiat-neithetipowch^pears.uiclmedto rescind irom America amved at the hhuse o f the A - T r , their dec^e< and ordersojcouncd.. * ttCHope'Schr; r TljeSiVedds, under JKLhngspor, h&ve tlefeab- tmm ^irgiii^ ai|fr ^ e short; passage, of ,SS. xed thr Ru?t(iaas jiestr hippoi, it is said?to have ; ' a „5 - « i j i w - w . 1 ;*% m ' Touluhleop.ihe partpfthe_Swedes, vvhri'would ;-c i ’other ^isie'-haye'been ■ cut o f f * . ' . .. ... ■. • fed <^<^0gbAs^ht'tlie-' %h Aug* anii 4 Qbces, ,|h^ biv^arftes l^fehareZ 'hks, Vceetyeif ft’oibV ljl'to Jtheir being jftt^ <iOnsideratioit b y cpuncil.*-' The Ifo^^itfebut com^ ing in 0 Fatmont:'i> prbceeded imcpedia. elyfor tfavi e^le-Grace, wi£h disn^tcheSyfer General Afinstfoiig. which a re said ta dontain. instruc- tio®M^ dectotve respecung the conditions on which the presept relative situation o f jthe two danntnes can be preserved 1 hose received uVf-»oadon arebeimved to be o f a similar cha- rac^tr; Anm'ST 22. W e were Well mfcrmed, In stating that the dispatches received from the “ Bailie wtie ra­ ther moie o f a fa\otable description than Oth-\ ecw.se* B y way o f JrleligolaUd we have re­ ceived accoxmts of Che armaments o f Russia, and fiom Sweden w e tare possessed o f mfor- mattqn which\ we consider as decisive as to the objects d f them- A fetter'from a Bn'ish ofBcet, dati^l HelsinghnYgh the 9 h, announ* cl& that S ir James S tumare2 hasr receivwd from Russia and Denmaik, commumcatimfs of a picific- character, and that he Warn about ter proceed toFmland to have an interview with ..ins SwcdishJMajesty on the sublet o f them. Ill regard of / stria and Russia a Treaty for the mutual delivery of deserteis has been followed b y several commercial arrangemetits, W^ch although ummpoitant jnlhems>elyes,. are at the present momenta o f mterest^as they show the mcrtasmg amity between the two empires iEm&prgMr jefferson^ 33a answer to the' various pat'htic addresses, approving ,' alt die nteasifees of tbe jgenerai govcrtimeiit? (pe W ndQitt^tive&pi tfigMm^' 4 »m[ 0 ^r!Tiak- is spplmn a' declaration tlia t . h e whq ruifa jpayead’^ W t is itFiapqkon or the Brnibh he wQuldchuse tq War wita i is there a Child* innolirics whocdnnot reply fcu tin; question? ^hile' AidiCrfeans are ftei^ wfefe the, pfess r t ^ Uins the vehicle o f inibrmarion, it wili not he osdbTe for\any? 3 tatesi®Mh bo^V^r liighljl „ gifted in intellect^ to render them dopes ua such artifices- “A philosopher pia^''','tb]fiU^1wood overMsf w e 8pffn fhiqiies and attempt to re^ duel them W p i^tib^.bi^iAiheiica^ are not « Fide* al gain in iffie Legislature >p&. one to fie informed oTtfteir dttdesin’ taeir righ ts *ra<v*» ai^ while ^e> exercise the feriUcr t n e y . ^ l never rescind the Jafee^lii .compbrnice; m the ,> will pt iady' Jhidlv^udi^^h(»Aqiex 9 i^ ^ |itr*. 43 j 0 ,it?has long, too • 663 ‘ - |;d^j|^XUh^s.of. ti^S ^effidfebs CoibiCuh fe_ trjam|»le upon their & -has rcbehdy batst ferih in a flatne, fe»ufee electrons in l^w-Balfepshire,' AlassaCbliM;ti9r'a >;( 45 .^W rnjdnt,/ Hbodc-lsUnil, Connecticui. Now.* is\two j eyg^y 9 Pennsylvania fieiS^ifei e and ldar>iaiid| :' ?* speak to RJr Jefferson ibe scnuraeati, ol' thw fcE W J E R S H t*£ tE £ fI 0 M bntsec A letter just received froinn gentlehiab1 o f tfiafpoWer}:unsanctioned byrecliiutit ofcou- rtspectabiiuy in ^Jew-Jerseyj affoids_us the diic£,.witl•htirl mitrdisgface mom elevated S f s s ia ,,i’ K'v Federal Majority, Iglvjng the Democrats all the .Cjuids, 6. , r , ; : ‘ * «<,DbniocratVe Majority In 11 year, 28 out oi fid/' JDLLAW A M E 'ELEem O^. , ..f ■ ■/yfyt-CtmgreBg* . Kent-i-Yrr. Vandyke, Federalist, mai - * • ■ - ■*■» ^ 0 » s .. ‘ . -r\.. ' ■ t - Sr* J*. busstx—.Dof^ Do- New castle—Haslet, Ek! Do. Do. Federal tnajority The State Legislature loi^elaWaf'c to one m favour ot Federalism.' / Russia, and Deatnaik comrmlMcations dF a pd-* cific' character, aad that he was_abpot t». pro- cceduo Finland to have an interview with his Swt disfi'Majesty on the snojt ct o f theirl Teh the aimyj iiavc escaped ends with thets* arnu atid drilllerjf, an3 have taken possession of the Island of Lahgland, where they aie to remain Until theyx cab be conveyed tolSpmn The Province of Biscay has declared vin fa- — r—r •-;. - « . * ■•* ., . . .......... ... . • t _ , _ , . , * political chance, except (astonishing.as tt is I) stxongest enemy haman reason has to con- vom * * » * » * » « » * « » axtremdw.rob.- .« ,« & & ^ , w J E ^ t i n g 5 e.fea„W „oM j,; 61s that b , their eSbi ts Josipli Bo»apatle will oons have beeu h i l t ibe cool, be intercentedl in his retreat to fcriance. Hd is Yeomani'y^-the patwOtic mteiligentf Farmers} . t, ^ .^v. * . ' • ,v « r ' v*> • ■■,■■'■■ 1 v ' . wiio* r4cGoi?(iinf^ to Mr Jcf&rfeonl dice*\ H q w c v t i i c r c is 2in cisscDtiul cliff tv now said to have taken a strortg posritonat wno, taccortung to wii.victteisnn; nre v« “ 7 . •*. , , p , * . . .. t ^ t-u 4 v- - chosen people,** have expressed at once their ence ks it re^iras the individual under tbe m- Butgos O k 40 OOBtrteti, roiit « ic tie e is ttwiS- fiuence ef ieiigidus and pijUucai' prejudice. M w ,eres of the adMnisti^i5n>;4M tb^r;ebho^ Tiereligioesiiciaii feels Pa - compu.<iiieus ince of Biscay. \ ' rence of its^ foreign' partialmes,^Massaehu* . . -f ,. * ^ « - j 5- : ' -- Ve®^ visitmgn o f conscfei|ce, his judgment is »way% mont,i Marylindi abdNortfeCatoliha} are the . q& by his Frie|fe ^od: bis minff at eas **-qut c^ivihciging witnesses df difs trisith- Bear- tge prejudiced politidam ahonld selftnfeve^ Ihg tbisihalind, let u3 take a-view of the re* .£*£ have been received or any sppl*debasmg passion svfey. Ins mimi Pepttsylvaniai;.A /_ ■' x ■ . . .jV MAJORITIRS. th e Daftisfa S'eUlehient# TFan^ueba^, on the Geroi»andei Gbgst> h a s sulTeiklered% the Britibh'fevces. , .' ■] '. 'v W a r between France and Attbfeta aj^e’afs ^ rafeedto toobtam general belief in Fng&d, anf^«iai place oir the 1st. and ihf the Prtclamanom cause with \us>.na It nppeats that at^ Gppeh^ t^ty afid Cbunty o f which Me&atypublished on hfS accession, he bagen, agi'eeahle tothe BeriiivDecreej tBe ’fol- Fhiladelp'hia, PFotaises^ tpthtr^»nShtu-r q W l I % A n r l c a n ^ s s ^ s h^heeifboiileSa- ; non established b y ins brother. W hat is t o . , J T . i - The only t 4 # i n Delaware hrrmiiftOnM*nh.i® .. ... - . .ed s fe e bwe.-;felti: Ji^u$%! ^ County heaM from,. fyggt* t.- ^ ■ thel^arifpmpers are filled WithUCebttfits df fionap^t^stbuy ip o tf. jbLancaster •. ° • jencb’S . . ; _ ■./; - ^ •'»*> ^^Suntf, The Gonn^, a LWddd ^lieV . slatfesi J Ate : / ; •-'Created'^ in otff infah©y,-iaencOuragcdfequr P M N m tL V A M A ELEGTIOpf. with ouf^powth «idst^iigt&* W e were not among those who were dis* . efts with our years/* add imne bui ihe i^al to v- piuttd by the 1 K sallofthe election ift tlij cil/ e r o f truth t a n d mhst its'ofcpntig Prejudice and county of Philadelphia, W e know that in. . ,t . / - > “ , . , . , J notone city had the embaigo produced,ally W s mature years, which is ptrhaps tb*. w/slili^al ivKnnn>A avr/ht 5 t' 5 <l f.Y 1 S 03 523 ■ * r . -•: r.—- become o f Joseph I k ‘ A u g u st 23 . , . . TiTe felhawihgbulletin t^m-circuiated amo% thye friendsv o f admvnistrationi <<-ADJtinAZivOmcEl,A u g . 2 3 ,2 o’clock. ^ A telegraphic message justamv ed from Yarmouth, announcing that seveiai thousand Spanish troops that.were in the Danish Isl- ilfdSjli^ve surlrendered toAdmvraJSLeates,and ^ now in our possession in the Island o f Lzngla^d, in. the Great Belt.** __ ___ Jwnce the above Bulletin Was circulated, Ljeut Hitchens, o f tHe Superb, has arrived at thC Achrnralty, with dispAiciies feoru Afem- anddetermineTiisconductcobti’ayto his duryt feejs^^bisjudgmentc;miwtbesoId,VViiere apeople.areaccustoraedtothejrofceofahtiii^ who tyrannizes over them tmcontipuieib it &: perfectlynatiiral thaf theyshouldobse^uious* Iy obey his hmftdates*^hut Americans kaqw* theirriglusandtlieirduUes,and tbey rcspect thpm equaffyi.: Trejtidibe ift the politics hff Americans/ Vidief^ jhq .sli#e 503 ^ hid .l>oluica! <mbnte^Yett:pmriafify is^i^y-iepjiiseable.* M 19 , f t of thi*. if ing o f Saiffthia and to Mr. present maroritv fer 8 ft vder ohlv 267 ’ c°vnt*y tftmr Govi . Sntoy iat Cagltanjfer passports for This sfatement contains but hue tdym Iff iftd family to gd to the Unifedi ff fetes-' ;i>f 'A* Delaware county. ItwiUberememberedthaf^ibnhf confidence placed inaGeneral whodi*i ie l i c h > Winch Of % te p im 0 ‘ ' ' ' ~ \ * ^ ‘ ~ ^ v 2325 uU U U t^ • Ah W I I I UV I V1IIVB h iv v » vm } ? at tue late electrmi for Inspectors, nineteen out ««$* ^he'hadheifwft&s-^aia 'ihfmjf awi: an--Ad* CdUht^ gavefede^ ^ ftefig>«hj||tot:» e o it L tfat gea^eft, cosfirisiig the gratifying into!i.- - ] #.,, 1 ,-- ivr.* ’fn.ffwr.crvio w i i ' <jt 1 v»cn *wt y o.- ■ ■ ■—r. jutu*a* ** »»v uuu.u*>....— ~ — gence, ihat JO OOGt o f the*8pfa^s!i troops fliat' Mr* J|fferspia to hfea the y<^j m ^ ^ ities^^ben allth e refttrns fm s \ ^he inon^itiVe measures • '&* vr-ere m FunenA_Langla0d, Laarand «bd Jut* Sreat Jffapoleon*s brother ait ^'|lfi|awbf^,'Cl 9 mie' Mt' will probably lead ^ . /.., ■•.' -: V.; \'/L - 4 vohmidredrVO^ observ^tror- - ^*»th& Mem* /*•

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