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mtiml VOL. 31, NO. 11. PLATTSBURGH, N. Y., FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 1885. WHOLE NO. 1572. Plattsburgh Sentine \V. LA.VSlfff,! A SON, fublliittera. »^TERWl8-f\i\!507~iINI ADVANCE *ST\ &nUred at *M<md-ola*H matter at the PoiU-OJtc, in PlalUbvLrgh, Clinton eounty, N. Y. Local and Miscellaneous. ARRIVA L AIVD IIRI'AKTI Iti : O l l'K A INN. PoBBpngfrtratnH arrive and depart, from I'lattn- ourgh an IOIIOWH: OOINO ROUTTI. Mall. Traim ...16,10 A.M Bxpress H.20 r.M. Mooerstrain... 11.45 A.M. Mixed 1.30 P.M. KxprosH B.45 P.M. Mixed.. . 2.00 r .(Auwible, mall.. 7 oo \ a.30 r.M. OOIN« NOKTrt. Train* Arrive. —, B.SM A.*.., MalL 7.20 P.M. Aunable Kxpreiw 5.80 A.M. Kxpretw 7.45 r.M. MooerH train.. 8.10 A.M. (,'hatoaiifray Itallroad. Trains leavo I'labtnbunrh at fi.4fl A.M. and 2.00 r.M, Arrive at H.55 A.M. and 6.15 r.M. Arrival an d Dnpartnrn of Steamer*. Ntriirrn'r A. Wir.i.iAMH nnlvffl from Hurtlngtm at 11:15 A. M.; returning, IMHVPH at H:iJ<) r. M. Htcnirifr MAQIIAM leavf'H at 7:00 A. M. for the iKl/inda and Maintain; roturnlog, arrives at r. M. 8tfl«m<T VKKMONT IORVCH for Hurllngton uml fort 'J'lcondnroga at 7 A. M.; n'turna at 0:45 i\ M., Bonnooting with train for Montreal. 8toamc>r HRINOKKK arrives from Houses Point and tho lBlandrt at l»:scs A. M , and IPRVOH for Hur- Hngton; returns at ft:U5 r. M., and leaven for the Inlands and HQUHOH I'olnt. Unio n Tempfrn n rawtH on HaturdayH, at ;i o'clock. In thn Anulemy building. All ladleH Intenmled In tlio cauuo are cordially Invited to attend. Tim UNION 'I'KMPKKAN(:K THAVKK MRKTIMJ will lw held in tho |Vrtntroim< rrenbylrrian »:inm-h next Monday cvonlng at. 7.-.'!0 o'clock. MllH. ANMIKW WlI.UAMH, /Vr«. MllH. FKANCIH IS. HAM.. Sfry. RECEIPTS FOR THE fLATTSIUROH SENTINEL. Jainen Koenan, .Ian. 1, 'H>\ $1 r.o W. Olena, Jan. l,'Wi 1 no John I^WIH, mint, n , 'm ., s oo Wllliiini I*. Hnuulng, May (!, 'Hr> 1 m V. Mlnkkr, Jan. 1, 'HO l W) It W. Hay OH, Jan. I, 'Hrt.... l M) William <». I'arkH, Jan. 1, 'Wl Hf> O. W. lloyt, Aug. 7, 'Hfi Wm. ii. HUHOOO, Fob. 1, 'M.'.'.'.'..'. L.. II. Huston, M. I)., Jan. l, 'm.. . V If any Bubserttmr dlaeovors ai nlon In tbe above.he will pleaw gl v« otlcc atone* Tlio reader's attention \n called to tlio following new advortlnomonts which appear to-day. When dealing with advertisers, our frtendn will confer a tavor by mentioning Tun HKNTINBJ.: Hpoar'H KttHhlonH ! Htato Normal School, 1'otndam. Farm for Halo—Oeo. w. Bradford. Now Furniture Htoro— Bromley & Htnllli. AKslgncn'H Bait; -Bowron .V HlchardH, Attyn. MI1AKT. Ah, list th« startling, terrifying wall H\rom Iron tonguo In yonder trembling tower ! That tcllH tho mid (nor uncxpoctodi tale Thai Mt. Mcoregor own* Dpath'a tyrant power ! HIM Balde f mblemw drape thone Hllcnt IHIIIH Where trod, of lato, amictPd, waHtcd, worn, Tli« modrBt hero I-mlglitlcwtt when he falln! And whom tcMlayoarth'H lovingmllllonHiiiouni! 'TIH m<x;t our drooping cnHlgn'H (|iilvnrlng folds Tho grief betray, tho wounded boHom lioldn, For him whom) like, not noon, we'll nee »K'>HI : No blazing wonder lie, of human kind, No conquering doHpot, 'neath WIIOHO lrtin heel Men are butaorfH, maehliirH.-enHlaviMl In mind; And ho obllvloUH of the pangn they fet>l ! Nay, him we wr«j), who fraught, With valor flnxl hln com To capllvcH freedom, and i Who unapt, for aye, the Hhac Low lle-s our Umdor of u hundr Tin- born Commander who o> WIIOHO dread artillery ihundere i rynien, ami K nv •i patriot foughI ND RVKUMOKK! 1 Thy foemon eVn abc To distant ages nh he World's dreat Captain!- nobly Mm ino Hwuro! Hlmll weep ! 1 thy t Columbiai-nuw of noblest, truest men ! With proud refrain cadi hero'H pralw-H chain ; Honor, with heart and voice, and prews and pen, our Lincoln, Uarfleld, WaHhlngton and Urant! fKDAii SPKINOH, MICH., July 27, IHH.-.. VkHMiHkMH. Tho HUintmir in panning. —All on board for thoThouHiiuri IHIHIHIH ! —Mr. K. J. Pickett ban been appoiuted poMtoittNter at Saranac. The ofllco will bo r»iuovo<) to Mr. Piokott's fttoro. —The Sawing Mtwhiiif Journal Hft)H \tho Helpujute maobine ifl makiu^ UH much jioiHo in tho West w iti the Ea»t.\ ThoHt. John Baptist Society cxauntioii to KBHOX, next Monday, on tho Hteiimer Vermont, bid» fair to bo largely attended. - ObarleH Tarton, of 1'lultHburKh, afmiKn- or one-half to 1>. (irahutn, Alontreul, ban been ^niuted a patent for tihuttle for HOW ing inachiuoN. —Tho Oityliuiid RRVO UH imother of their very cmjoyablo out-door eoiieertw, on Wedneiiday oveninK, which WHH much en- joyed by onr cltizenN. Conductor A. H. HlulTord, wan ordered udiith thin wwk to take charge of the npoc- ml l> A II truiaH in conueotion with the fuixTiil of lien, (irant. Sam I'aro took hln place on tho AuHuhJe bruueh. \ K ame of hall hetwotm the iliiolielom of KooHovillo and the itaehohirH of l'liUtu lMir«h will take \t\ww thm afternoon, to be onlled at I (/clock, at the K r<>nnd» of the Athletic AHHooiiition in thin village. Hu»)Morib«rn and coireH].ondeiit» am invited to Hcnd in itemri for our pormmul eoluinn. Your fnendd would Ilkn to know whom you are enjoyin H your vacation, or whether you have any friendfi vimting you. iiy reference to tho weather report, MO faithfully furnlnhod by (loo. W. 1'rieH, the HoMpital Htowanl at the <mrrlHon, it will l>e neeii that more mcltcH of rain fell dur nig the month of July than Urn average during the mum. pen...! for the paM twenty- three year«- The canal boat linker //;•»«., < !ii|il. H. H. Mnrrill, Htnrted from Tort Kent on Monday for l'lnltHburgh with w tarpiiulin riggetl up for a Hail The wind blew from the northeast very heavy, carrying away the oUoinpori/.ml nail, the boat drifting on thOHund bar on AtiHalJl I'oint, whero nh<< lay for * day and n #( before nlin WHH p»Ufid off. *\ —Tho Franklin county Republican con- vention ban been called for Tuesday, Ang. 25 th. ^Goor K o W Hradford, of West Platts- burgh, offers bin farm for HRIO. For des- cription, HOO advertiRoment. — Remotnber that the grand excursion tc th« Thousand IslandH loaves next WedneB- day rooming. For full particula the advertiflamont. —Over two hundred pansengerH came lorth on tho Hteamer Vermont lant Satur- day. This wan tho heaviefit day's trave! this season on any of the lake Bteamerfl. —One of the most suooeiiHfal gardenors yB the best way to treat the oabbage worm in to throw ft little handful of dr; wood ashes into tho inside of the head. -• Ned Bnntline, who produced a portion of tho 400 novols ho has written at Eagle's Nest, In the Adirondack^, says he earns about $20,000 a year by his literary work. —The publishers of the Century maga zine announce that one of its next num bors will have a profusely illustrated article desoriptivo of the rnarblo industries of Vermont. Tho Northern New York Medical doty will hold tho summer meeting of its and yoar at the Grand Union, Haratoga Hprings, August 12tb, ln«toad of Aug. 5th — One hundred and Hixty-two convict wero released from Clinton prison last yea by commutation, ono was transferred t< Sing Hing, 4 to Rtato asyluniH, :t pardoned ,n<] 11 di«d. — -For full partiouhuK of the grand ox mrslon to Thousand Island Park, over th< Ogdensburg road Aug. 12, see the lengthy ivortiRoment by Mr. Averill, manager of tho oxournion, on another page. — In the base-ball gamo at Port Henry Saturday between tha NatnelCM olub of Pittsburgh, and the Wltherbees of Port Henry, on the grounds of tho latter, the Nameless club wan defeatod by 5) to 2. -Augus t 15tb, there is to bo an exour- ilon under tho auspices of Bt. Patrick 1 ! ihnrch society from Port Henry to Platts- nirgli, on tho steamer Vfnwnt, stopping at Wrnport and Essex. The Rev. 1\. (1. Hoardman, who nently resigriod the jtastorato of tho Baptist Church iu Hampton, Iowa, has accepted a call from tho church in Havana, N. V ,ho seat of Cook Academy. Hn will air act as agont for tho academy. As nil are, or should be, interested in lifo insurance, none of our readers should rail to read the statement by tbo board of ilireotors of tho old and reliable company, Equitable, which will bo found in piain large type in our advertising col- umns. —We are pleased to announce that Hon. N. <'-. Boynton has accoptod tbo invitation deliver tho addro»« before tho joint ting of tho Essex and Clinton County Teachers, to bo held at KeeRovillo tbo 1/iht rook in August, which will bo responded o by Prof. W. H. Coates, of Klizabethtown. By order of Postmaster-General Vilas, 11 poNtoHloeN in tho United States will bo i!loHo«l on Saturday, August Klb, the time et for the funeral obsequion of General Irani, from one o'clook i\ M., until five •. M. Parties who resido out of the village vill do well to call for their mail before 1 .'olook. -The Adirondack telegraph and telc- )hono company of EHHOX county was in- orporated on Friday to bo oonstruoted in IOHHOX, Clinton and Franklin counties and Isewhere. Capital IN * 100,000, and the uoorporfttors are Warren F. Wanton, Wil- mington; Hufus G. Fullen, WaHhington, nd George U. Catlin, Keeno. — Tho Whitehall flre department has de- Ulcd on holding the ilromen'H tournament Thursday, August '20. There will bo three >ri/.0H, .f7r., $50 and Han, for ho«e racing, ud two prizes for drill of flro companies— ItVfj and f25 . A band has been eDgagcd. Tho Whitohall lire department will ondea- or to make this ono of the largCHt musters ver held iu northern New Vork. —limit Friday the lightning struck lite tarn of Wm. Franklin, at Palmer Hill, mly a fow rods from whore a house was itruck a fow dayB before and & young man illed. Throo tons of hay wero burned, .lightning also struck tho drug wtore of •Imilh A Prime, at Auiwble Forka. Tho ightning sovmod to run through tho store nd then down collar, where two work- ion were stunned. The New York Tribune, not salislu-d pith Hfiuling its Sunday edition to I;ake Jeorge and into the heart of the Adiron- ckH byn|>ecial trainn and pony exprrsH< H, now oomploting arraugeinentH to reach irltngton un.l vicinity. The Tribune'* mday newnpaper train which leaven New >rk UH HOOD an thu papers are delivered >m the proKN Sunday morning, will run rough direct over tho Delaware A llu<i- ii Ciuml Coinpiuiv'H railroad to Plait,: irgb, Htopphig at till intervening points. Hteamer will IIKTI the train ut I'ort Kent and carry the piu.cru to Hiirliiiglon, riving there Home time in the early forc- IOII. TUin HIIOWII u oouunciKinble spirit enterpri«o on tho part of tho Tribune d one which tho people fully appreciate. Sportsmen will be intonmtod inthofol- wing compilation from theguino IIIWH, UH tended by tho liiHt leglHluture. Kach leg- titure when it hau nothing OIHO to do, ie M i(n baud on the game lawn, and the orimmui who keepu ]>aoo With the changcH UHI be wide awake. Vou may iihoot deer urn AuguHt I to December I, duck or •nB.« from September I to May I ; rabbit* oiu Nov.Mnber 1 to February I, woodcock urn Augiint 1 to January I , Mquirroln luck or gray ) from Augmit. 1 to February partridge from September 1 to January robbinn from October 2 to January I; <«adow lark« from October I to January 1; MI may catch trout (not IOHH than nix chn» in length) from May I to September biiHH and muHcalonge from May W to tnuftry I. —0. H. Staokpole is East visiting fac- tories, selecting leather and rubber goods for fall and winter trade. Look for bar- gains at the llock Bottom boot and shoe store. —Tho fall opening of the Potsdam State Normal Sohool is announced in an adver- tisement in onr columns this week, to- gether with other information concerning that excellent school. —In the Sohuyler Falls communication of last week, P. H.Wever\ should have read \P. II. Acres.\ Correspondents Fib on Id be careful in writing names, otherwise i is impossible to prevent errors of this kind —The large windows in the Iron Nation .1 Bank are handsomely draped in memory of Gen. Grant. Tho windows in Frank- field's Temple of Fashion also look fine. Others are preparing to put up mourning emblems to-day. —The Peru, Schuyler Falls, and Lapham Sunday Sohools and their friends turned ont some 700 strong Wednesday on their excursion to Ticond«roga. Home four hundred took the boat at Pittsburgh, was the largest excursion of the season. —Tho 15th of August Is Juvenile Day at old Fort Ticonderoga. Miss Emily Under- bill will address the young in themornicg, Rev. Mrs. Joseph Zweifel of Whitehall will give an entortainmont in the afternoon, ith 25 trained ohildren from that place. -Th o Governor of tho Btato ban, by proclamation, declared Batnrday, Aug. 8th, a legal holiday on aocount of the funeral af the late (inn. Grant. All paper matur- ing on that day, as well an on 8nnday, will therefore be duo and payable on Friday, Aug. 7th. —The fall terra of the Ohamplain Acad- emy and Union Free Hohool opens Tues- day, August 25th. H. E. Bhumway, A. B., « the principal; Miss Lottie 8. Everest, grammar school; Miss Genevieve Munsor, ntormodiate department; Mies Ella G. Barber, primary department. —A high wind, amounting almost to a gale, prevailed in Franklin county all day Monday, and moat of Monday night. Hop yards suffered severely, and growers esti- mate the loss ftH high as flfty per cent. Mach grain was laid Mat and tho crop trobably shortened a fifth or a quarter. Four young ladies attempted to cross tho lako from Cedar Beach to Essox, on Monday last, in a row boat. When about half way across a strong wind arose and ,heir situation becoming critical, the ferry boat went to their assistance, arriving just in time to avert what might have been a sorions accident. —A race for a purse of $50 iB to be Totted at Cumberland Park, in Pitts - burgh, Friday nfternoon, between J. A. lagar's Chester A.. H. B. Hannom'H Elsie Bhormati, and G. V. Hutohluson's Nettie II. Ten dollars will also bo given in irizes to tho threo driving twice around ho track nearest four minutes. A Irump or some other person, broke nto tho residence of John VV. Straight, at Valoour, by prying up n window, yesterday iftornoon, between four and five o'clock, md ntolo a valuable Hilver cased watch >elonging (o Mr. Straight. Only a week >rovious u new doublo harness was btolen rom Mr. WHHOII, in tho name neighbor- ood. — 11. II. Emery ban just negotiated an ex- uiNivo wale of tho Ay«*r'« Extension Ladder o n largo orango grov© proprietor in Flori- i, who will introduco them throngh tho State. They aro vory popular amou^ the >rnugo growing people. Mr. Emory will ;o to Florida and amiiHt in starting a manufactory. lie bus also made a Halo lo Boston man for Hhipmont to South icriou. A small Htoani yacht owned by I -. N. Wetherby, of tho firm of duett <t Sous of Troy, if* to be brought to Lako Ohamplain .hio week. Tho chief attraction about this joat consihts in the propelling power, hieh IH an enK<no run by koroseno oil. The pressure of utearu is steadily main- talnod at from eighty to one hundred pounds, ouo gallon of oil—costing about eight cents at wholesale—being suflicient > run tho boat at an average speed of ight miles an hour. - At their meeting Wednesday evening, Benedict I'OHI G. A. It., of this plaoe, were made tho rocipinntH of a beautiful Altar, ioh was designed, constructed and pre- it«>d by Comrade Donning, who IH a inber of the Post and a redidont of Pittsburgh. Tho valuablo gift wus re- 1 on behalf of tbo Pout, with appro- priate romiirks by tho Commander, and tho members rose to their feot in a unanimous vote of thankH to Comrade Benning fur thin expression of his regard for the UK- iation. -'I'he, Malono I'uUadium miyu that a loiter recently received by Mr. Fnrrnr, of that village, from Hnpt. Took HIIVH that the tc-lephoue company which controls the ihaiiKfH ut Pittsburgh aud Malono IIHH d<< urruiiKvuimitH by which it eHtublihlioH <ixchango at Saruuac Lalio with is .Hrrih.TH, bcNidoH loaning two iiiHtrimuintH to M. H. Miller for a private lino. It hu« ulso obtained from A. A. Smith the wiros already Mining from Paul Smith's to BlooiniiiKdnlK. Mr. Smith taken three in- HtriiiiMintHiind agreeH to not thu p«U-s half way from his plucu to ftliiuchuui, Ur Which point A. K. Fuller in oxpeotod to not polcfl from his plani. Mr. Fuller will also net poleH from Moaohnm out to Hohroeder'H in Duamv With theHo extensions completed and their completion in expected within a few wookti Malono will have telephonic connection with all tho Houthern towns of the county except Franklin, it is also 0x- pootud that eounectiou will be made by wuy of Lake Placid and Keosovillo with lint's running out from PlatUburgti, HO that then It will be possible for Hiibnoriliors in Malono to couverHo directly with thJw in riudnburgh. M —See latest advertisement of Bromley & Smith's new furniture store in Plattsburgh —liev. H. L. Grant, of Fort Edward will preach in the Methodist ohuroh ii Pittsburgh next Sunday morning at half- past ten o'clook. —The Empire Hook and Ladder com- pany of Malone and the MoCreary steamer oompany of Cohoes are the only compan- ies entered thus far for prize drill in con nection with, the Fireman's convention at Syracuse, Aug. 13th. What are the Relief boys thinking of ? —Rev. A. J. Church, of Albany, will deliver a Temperanoe lecture in Custom House Square next Sunday afternoor, August 9th, at 3 o'olook. The citizens of Plattsburgh are oordially invited to come and bring their Gospel Hymns and camp chairs. Subject—\Don'tDrink John!\ —A change in the running time of the steamer Reindeer takes effect next Monday, Aug. 10, the steamer going Bouth 20 min- utes earlier than formerly from all of the landings, so as to reach Burlington in season to connect with the morning train on the Central Vermont road for all points ist. Full time table next week. -Rev. F. B. Hall, of Plattsburgh, and his friend Rev. Mr. Lawrence, start to-day on their accustomed summer tramp. This time they go through the heart of the Ad- irondaoka, entering in the south part of Essex County, proceeding first to Ausable Ponds, Mount Maroy, Lake Golden, and the deserted village, and thence through he unbroken wilderness to Trenton Falls. Will be gone about three weeks. Hathaway, at Port PKIIHONAI, iTtENTIOM. •—a. W. Platt, of Chicago, h spending his vaoatlon in town. —Mrs. T. F. Mannix, of this place, dsiting relatives at Malone. —Miss Lottie Hall, of Plattsburgh, has iioen visiting friends in Bloomingdale and Brighton. —Mrs. Elmer E. Wells and daughter, of Gloucester, Mas*., are viiitiug relatives in West Chazy. —Mr. H. Orvis, aooompanied by Mrs. Orvis, is enjoyiug the luxury of a sojourn at Adams' on Grand Isle, and is gaining amazingly in health and strength. —Mrs. Wm. H. Morgan and her daugh- ter, MiBS Dora Morgan, left Plattsburgh on Tuesday for Bloomingdale, Lake Placid and other points in the Adirondacks. —Rev. Mr. Ilobbins, of Keeseville, and itov. Mr. Grant, of Fort Edward, spent Monday and Tuesday on a Fishing Excur- lion to Lincoln Brook, in St. Armand. —Mr. Joe. Harpan, formerly employed as a compositor in this office, is now con- nected with Among the CloutU, a news- taper printed on tho summit of Mount Washington. -Mrs. II. J. Adams and daughter, of Knnsaa City, Miw P. D. Davis, of Fall [liver, MIIHH., and Miss E. C. Hathaway, of Wellenley College, Mass., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Henry. —Levi Scribuer and wife, of Chicago, re making a summer visit in the Cham, •lain valley. They arrived in Plattsburgh rom Burlington, Vt., on Wednesday, aro expeotod to remain over the Sabbath. Mrs. F. L. Ewing of Yum a, A. T., onnerly Miss Knth A. Peck, of Essex Co., .nd for some years ti member of the Platts- mrgh High Sobool, is visiting her many olatives and friends throughout Essex and Clinton counties. —Mr. Frank Whiteiside, of Champlain, has boon engaged by tho Wead Paper Com- pany, of Malone, an manager of their nesH. An oxtondod business acquain- tance aud largo exporicnoo especially fit lim for tho position. — Kov. Merritt Hnlburd and wife, of Now Vork city, are visiting at Plattsburgh nd Burlington. At the Grant memorial orviceH iu the Methodist church at Bur- ingtou last Sunday evening Rev. Mr. Hul- mrd delivered the addreus. •—Mrs. G. Pomeroy Keeso of Cooperstown ,ud three daughters, are making Platts- rgb a summer resort, stopping at the •esidoiico of 0. Hiilsey, Esq. Mrs. Keeae is siHler of the late Dr. I. P. Foot, so kind- y remembered by all of our people. —-Lieut. I). H. McCarthy, 12th U. 8. In- tmtry, who has been stationed at Platts- uirgh Barracks for tho past threo years. i'iH been detailed to Fort Loavenworth, uiusas, for two years «ervioo. The Lieut. IUH many warm friends in this placo who yill regrnt hiH departure. Dr. S. HaynoH oommoncod tho practice if Medicine and Surgery in Saranae on the th day of August, 1850, twonty-nino years lince, and bin brother, Dr. T. S. Haynes, led in Lacolle, P. Q., at about tho same . Great changt'H have taken placo in ho town of Saranae uinoo then, and tho mn who at that time whould havo predict- il that n railroad would HOUIO day run ,hrough tho town aud past Lyou Mountain <;llAVr itfElVIORIAL SERVICES. Afternoon at ;i O'clock. Memorial services in respect to the mem- ory of General Grant, will be held on Cus- tom HOUBO Square, Plattsburgb, to-morrow, Saturday afternoon, beginning at 3 o'clock. HKPORT OF THE CITIZENS' MKBTINU. At a public meeting held at the G. A. K. rooms In Plattsburgh, Friday afternoon, July S\ t make preliminary arrangements for properlj observing the funeral of General Grant, Hon George W. Palmer was called to tne chair am A. W. Lansing chosen secretary. It was moved by Rev. Joseph Gamble, and cat wno Bhall make delii arrangements foi memorial services, appoint sub-committees, etc. and report to this meeting, and that the chair- man of the meetmg act as one of said committee. In accordance with this resolution, J. D. Wilkin- son, K. <J. O'Brien, Capt. H. S. Ransom, Rev. F. B, Hall and Hon. Geo. wT Palmer, were constituted said committee. After consultation, the committee reported £ follows: That the memorial exercises be held on Custou. House Square Saturday afternoon, Aug. 8th, be- ginning at 8 o'clock. That Hon. Smith M. Weed be Invited to preside and to Invite the clergymen of Plattsburgh to participation In the exercises. That Geo. H. Beck with, Esq., be invited ti deliver the memorial address. That Colonel LaMotte, in command of th, PlattBburgh Post, with officers and men, be in- vited to be present, and take part In the exercises. That Rev. Joseph Gamble and R. Men lhew be a committee to provide suitable music for the occasion, and that Mr. E. C. O'Brien be a commit- tee on decorations. That Mr. J. II. Myers, chief of the fire depart- ment, be requested, It practicable, to have the fire alarm bell struck once in three minutes, be- ginning at 1 o'clock p. M., and continuing until It shall have tolled tho age of tho departed hero— «;»years. That tho public officers, business men and ulil hn J been thought a tit twvluui 1 ubjoot for A body of uli iTlnn *'< man fount mid I>roi lloating river at tho foot of Hamilton ntroet, \lbany, Tuesday, was identiliod on Wed- oHdny UH thnt of John BeflHott of Platte- urgh. Ho wa« employed on tho Btoamer )(nn li'iiiiDiond, and was last HOOU on Sim- uy, at which time Htruggling and cries for elp wero hoard. Ho wus tweuty-soveu earn old and formerly run 11 stationary eu- ine at PluttHburgh, where bin widow UVOB. le hud been at work an fl reman on tho d one woek. IHH father 1H engineer 'iieltmon •f tho Ht tor Vermont, Cham- Two oouBins of tho deceased, who tho steamer Viblxtrd, uremeu .dentilled tho remains. Whother ho fell uto tho water from tin lot kuowu. > boat or the dock U citizens generally be Invited to appropriately drapo their buildings for the occasion. The report of the committee was adopted, and on motion the same committee were continued on as executive committee, to have general su^ pervlalon and make all further arrangements necessary. The village papers were asked to print these proceedings, and the meeting adjourned, with- out day. A. W. LANSING, Secretary. ACTION OF BENEDICT POST, O. A. R. A fipeoial meeting of Benediot Post, No. 3G0, G. A. It., was held Wednesday even- ng to hear the latest orders from Head- quarters, relating to the funeral services oi Gen. Grant, and to make final arrange- lents for the Post's participation in Sat- day'fl memorial service. The comrades will pay strict attention tc he following orders : 1st. Members of the Post will meet at the Post rooms, Saturday, Aug. 8tb, at 2 P. M. sharp. Mourning badges must be pro- oared at that time and plaoe, from the Quar- termaster. Veterans of tbe Army and Na- vy, not members of the a. A. E., are in vited to meet with us at the Post rooms al above hour. 2d. The Post will move in a body to Custom House Park, where services will be held at 3 o'clock. Let no veteran fail to join us in making ;his, our fraternal salutation, to tbe memo- ry of our illustrious oomrade. By order of Commander. W. J. CABLISLB, Adjt. ACTIOW OF THZ VILLAO* BOABD. Whereas, Saturday, August 8tb, fcas been set apart to honor the memory of Ulysses S 3rant, it is recommended that on that day :ho people of Plattsburgh lay aside their usual avocations and that all places of bust ness be closed between tbe hours of 10 A, M., and 4 r>. M., and that they assist at the memorial services appointed to be held at Custom House Square at 3 P. M. The fire alarm is ordered to be tolled once each minute for sixty-three minutes, beginning at 2 P. M; It is also suggested that tbe churoh bells be tolled for one hour beginning at 2 p. M. Citizens are alao requested to drape their residences and places of business in honor of the illustrious dead. By order of Board of Trustees. JOHN B. RILBY, President. Plattsburgh, N. Y., Aag. 3d, 1885. FURTHER ABBANOKMENTS. Hon. Smith M. Weed regrets that en- foroed absence from home on Saturday renders it impossible for him to be present at the memorial exercises, and Hon. Geo. W. Palmer, ohairman of the citizens' meeting, will preside. Gao. H. Beokwith, E*q, accepts the in- vitation to speak, but owing to the short time allowed for preparation and the pres- sure of other duties, will not attempt a formal address. Clergymen of Plattsburgh and othem have been invited to make remarks. Colonel LaMotte aooepts very cordially the invitation to be present, and has ex- tended the same invitation to his officers Seats for tbe ladies and othera will be arranged in front of the speakers' stand. Rev. Joseph Gamble, chairman of the music committee, requests all singers willing to take part in the memorial exer- cises to meet in the lecture room of tbe First Presbyterian churoh this, Friday, evening, at 8 o'clock, for the rehearsal of vocal music. The Citizens' Hose and H. and L. Co. have voted to attend the service in a body. ACROSS TBE LAKE. —The Cluett family, of Troy, N. Y., an boarding at M. H. Kibbe's, South Hero. —One of the creditors of the St. Alba Iron and steel company received a chec! for one cent in settlement of his claim. —U. S. Marshal Henry, of Burlington, has seized the schooner-7. G. Wither bee, on a libel filed in tbe U. S. District court. —The St. Albansfire department is ma) ing arrangemen s for an exoursion fro: that place to Chateaugay Chasm this month. —The sheriff spilled twelve barrels c beer into the lake at Burlington Saturday, As the city obtains its water from the laki the residents must have taken their beei somewhat diluted. —The Masons of Vermont and Montreal held their annual picnio at Misaisqaoi Park last Saturday. About one thousand cam< from Canada, and it is estimated that abou< six thousand persons were present. —Pierre Pioard, of Essex, was born 1779, and is now nearly 106 yeara old. Picard during the war of 1812 was activel; engaged in the battle of Plattsburgh the English side, and now draws a pensioL of $30 a year from the English govern- ent. —Two prisoners escaped from the St. A] bans jail Monday night by cutting th< fastenings of the trap door in the closei and proceeding to the cellar, where the; had an easy time removing the ston< from tbe wall and digging their way u into the street. —A party of some twenty from 8 want on, including Capt. Hawley and wife, are camping ut Bow and Arrow Point, North Island. The ladies are attired in jauni flannel camping suits, while the gentlemc look cool and comfortable in light linei hats, flannel shirts and knee breeohei the regulation camping costume for 1885, we suppose. —A mixed train drawn by two locomo- tives ran into a washout on the Vermon 1 division of the Boston and Lowell road v about four miles west of St. Johnsbury, Vt., Friday night. The engines were pile<3 on top of eaoh other, and six oars wer< wrecked. Fred Lawrence, engineer, am Daniel Cotter, fireman, of the forward lo- comotive, were killed. Joseph Reed, en- gineer of the rear locomotive, was severel. scalded about the face, and his fireman, Frank Plaoe, was caught by the leg be tween the engine and a rook. OVER THE BORDER. —Two volunteers of the fifty-sixth bat. talion stationed at Fort Wellington, Pres- oott, who were court-martialed last wee] for mutiny, and were to have been, sen- tenced on Saturday escaped Friday even- ing and crossed to Ogdenaburg L boat. The regiment was to have been dig- banded on Saturday, but orders were re- ceived from Ottawa not to do so, and th< sentries will be court-martialed. The pris- oners are taking sly glances at their former home from the ferry dook in Ogdensburg. —Messrs. Henry Dun Wyman and Harry Taylor, youths of New York city, 17 jeari old, have reaohed Montreal, having rowed and sailed the entire distance in an open 10 feet boat, via HudBon River and thi New York State Canals to Oswego, thence by Lake Ontario and down the St. Law- rence. The youths availed themselves ol the friendly assistance of passing steamers to give them a tow, but the greater part ol the jonrney was accomplished throngh th< medium of the sail or the oar. The dis- tance travelled was about 1,100 miles. Th young gentlemen intend descending thi St. Lawrenoe to the Riohelleu, thence tc New York via Lake Ohamplain, Whitehall and the Hudson. eral Grant. The spontaneous manner in which the members of the several congregation! 'lattaburgh thronged the First Presby- terian Ohuroh last Sabbath evening, to isteu to the memorial services, of which there had been but slight announcement, must have been gratifying to the Pastor, Rev. Joseph Gamble; and the eloquent and glowing tribute which he paid the departed was certainly very gratifying to his large ,nd appreciative audience. While he ar- rayed historical faots to demonstrate that irant may justly be claimed as the greatei General of modern times, he painted his noble character as a oitizen and as a man in strong but truthful colors. The musio for the oooasion was appro- uriate and excellent, and the occasion wil e remembered by our oitizens with greal utiafaotion. IMattsbiirgli Bl»trlc( Catup-Mvetlnff* Wo wish to say to those oomtemplating attending the Distriot Camp-meeting to be hold at Peru, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 2!>tb, that tho D. &, H. It. It., on the Ohamplain diviBion, will carry passengers to the meet- ing at reasonable rates. Tho price of round trip tickets from tho several stations will bo announced hereafter. No objection- able haxHtoriug allowed on the grounds, and it iH tho intention of tho managers, to BO conduct tho intoresta of thin coming mooting that God may bo honored, and the oooasion bo ono of prolit, spiritually. Ample arrangenientB being made for board ipon the grounds, and atao for horse-keep- ing at reasonable prices. While other oampmeetingB demand our support, and preHonoo more or less, let us romomber tho well-bolng of the one in own district and attend aud aid tho enterprise as far as practicable. All those who desire infor- mation as to tenting lots, &o., may address tho resident Pastor, C. A. Bradford. Appli- cations are coming in from different local- ities, and the old rule prevails, \first come, first served.\ The ground is within 10 rods of depot, telephone, telegraph and exprei 9 offices. HAILUOAD —The Delaware & Hudson Canal com my has made a report to the Railroad Commission of tho earnings and expense f tho Now York & Canada railroad for the [uarter ending Juno 30th, which shows Gross earnings, 1H81, $163,357.79; 1885, $147,U(!1.H7. Deficiency, 1881, $38,804.37; .885, $30,374.89. —It is said that of all the Delaware and Hudson canal company's employes aub- eoted to the color tests only two failed to tome up to the requirements. One was an engineer on the most important trains on ;ho road, and was considered one of the ,ost competent engineers employed by the lompany, but the examination proved him ittorly unable to distinguish one colored ignal from another. Both men have been liboharged. Articles of incorporation of tho Ausable ranite Oompany, of Koeseville, were led August Gth in the oflloe of Secretary >f Stato. Tho trustees for the first year >re Henry Broughton, Samuel C. Tappin ud Bennett Perry of Troy, John N. At- ood, of Keeseville, and the Hon. Charles 'empleton, of Barre, Vt. The oompany, hose general offloe is in Troy, is formed or developing a quarry at Keeseville. Ipeoimens of tho granite have been ex- amined by architects and geologists, who >ronounoe it a rare and beautiful stone. A ROMA1VTC CAREER. HIrani Kimpten'M Varied Adventures. —A L.tfe with a tJold«n Mornfnfr Endv in Ruin at Mid-Day. Beginning with Mount Hope in the vil- lage of Ticonderoga, and running north for about three miles, between the lake shore and the mountains to the westward, is a crest, or convoluted ridge of land. At the northern extremity stands a large two story farm house, with broad and inviting piaz- zas. The extensive out-buildings surround a well kept plaza. To the eastward for a half mile or more tbe land falls gently away to tbe beautiful Champlain. To the- >rth and east it drops abruptly in to the- ,lley of an ancient water coarse or bay. | It is a farm of 450 acres, every foot of which ay be seen from the home of the owner. was the birth-place and early home of thplace and early home of Hiram Kimpton, and mignt have been his now, with the added wealth of $100,000. Instead, at 45, he lies in a beggar's grave, his father and mother lie neglected in an- >ther small burial lot, and his only sister s an Incurable in an insane asylum. The* father was bound up in the son. As he made improvements about his home he often said: \This is all for Hiram.\ In a will made before financial ruin swept ovei them, he bequeathed to Hiram all his property, estimated at $75,000. A PBOMIBIKG FUTTJBK. Young Kimpton entered Yale college,. Jass of '62. Joseph Cook was a classmate; also one Chamberlain of South Carolina, who afterwards became the governor of that state. After graduation he studied law, and throagh a mutual friend, County Clerk Wm. E Calkins, he was offered a. law partnership with Judge Hale at Eliza- bethtown. He refused it, and the young: man who did accept so tempting an offer- is now the Judge of Essex oounty. Kim- ton chose the dazzling bat Inglorious path which led to his ruin. When urged by the- friend, above named, to settle down at 1 home and use the wealth he would inherit I in doing good and in winning a moderate increase, he replied: \I know where I can make more money in a year than here in a lifetime.\ He became a broker in Wall street. He induced his father to sign- open notes for him to fill up. He persua- ded his father and many other friends to put into his possession all the United States- bonds in which they had invested their savings. He promised them great returns. I The promises never were kept and the bonds never returned. His father then mortgaged his farm until its value was all mortgaged away, and he was pennilness. The mortgagee, Mr. L. J. N. Stark, was compelled to take and now owns it. This point was not reaohed without times of. apparent prosperity. OBOOKED DEALINGS IN SOUTHERN SBOCBITCSS* It was reported that certain railway trans- actions in the South had yielded Kimpton. large profits. He became Hie financial agent for the sale of South Carolina bonds. He was suddenly rich, and reputed to b» a millionaire. Suspicions of crookedness began to take shape. The people of South. Carolina aconaed him of fraud in manip- ulating notes before the bonds were issued 1 and when they were sold. Officers were- put on his track. He became a fugitive, hiding in his own state, New England and, Canada. His fortune melted away, and when he oould return to New York in safe- ty it was to be one of the great and huogry> crowd of curb-stone brokers. Once only after this did fortune smile upon him. B y a lucky speculation he became pouessedt of $10,000. Mr. Stark urged him to re- deem the homestead and quit New York. He refused, and again passed one of those turns in his life beyond which there was no return. From borrowing of friends he> came, to begging; from begging be slipped) into vagranoy, for which he was sent to the island, where he died. Last Tuesday he- was buried away from father and mother,. a wreck at mid life.— Albany Journal,, Aug. lst.^ He«Unf of tne Village Boartf. At a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the village of Plattsburgh, held at their rooms August 3d, 1885, present; J. B. Riley, President; 0. A. Carpenter, Clerk, A. M. Warren, Wm. Reed, A. Wil- liams, J. H. LsRocque, trustees. The fol- lowing acoouots were duly audited and allowed: C. F. Chlanolin, o. F $10 00 A. S. Jackson & Co., ass'd J. B. RUey, u. F. 28 at First National Bank, G. F 18 » Carpenter, Weaver & Co., G. F 18 00 C. A. Carpenter, G. F 46 00 Silas Rasoo,O.F 3 00 Carpenter, Weaver & Co., 8. F 108 88 Albert Barton, G. F 14 86 Lotus Little, G. F. 3 78 Silas Rasco, ass'd B. Tlerney, R. F 20 00 TelegramAssoolatlon, G.F 13 70 On motion, adjourned. C. A. CABPENTEB, Clerk. Fire at KeesevUle. The barn of the Commercial House, at Keeseville, caught fire last Tuesday mom- ing, and the upper part, or hay loft, was mtirely demolished. On the second floor were the carriages, which were destroyed, ithough the first floor was not burned,. lour horses standing in the stables were luffooated. Seventeen pigs under the sta- ples survived in good order! There was a. partial insurance on the barn, and a new me will be built in thirty days! The Keeseville Republican speaks exnlt- ingly of the new water works, and thinks they saved the village from another gener- al conflagration. Four good streams were layed effectively at once. t.Jolin'M Cat nolle CH urcli Excursion. An exoursion of St. John's Oatholio jhuroh of Pittsburgh will take place on Wednesday, August 12th, on the two fine steamers Maquam and A, Williams. The steamers will leave at 11 A. M. sharp, and >roceed to Bow and Arrow Point. Fare for >nnd trip 50 ots. No pains will be spared > make the occasion an enjoyable one. ice Cream and other refreshments will be srved on the grounds. BY OBDBK OF COMMITTEE. HaptUt S. N. Notice. Will the Secretaries of the Sunday tohools of the Essex and Ohamplain Bap- it S. S. Convention please send their ad- Iress to the secretary, so that blanks may be sent them for statistics for the Conven- wbioh meets with the Tioonderog* Baptist churoh, Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 2 'dock, P. M. L. FHBD PSBSONH, Secretary, Elizabethtown, N. Y.

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