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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, July 17, 1885, Image 4

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Plattsburgh Sentinel A <«oldcn Cannon. A. \V. I-A^!SI^ ft . II . NTOKV A«<iil*tttnt Edito l o b«> I o n ltd. Tmditin n lian ii. tbut in th e yenr 1777, wh«n th.« British army wan pnKHhiR through '^ ! Coinstock'H, Washington county, nonm of FKIDA Y MOUNINO , Jl'IiY 17, 1885. < th( , 1( . a !(;r s l)(l( . amr ) f nir f,,| ,| mt \ tlu\v woro Th o ITeHlilont'H LateHt Canl.\ \I 1 \ 1 \ 1 \!™\ 11 '•>' tl! \ <\\\»>' ^ <•\\>• ••nilrd a ]nr K i. l,nwH million with Rolii, \\ 111 tli. l'o(l)»« »•<- imiul.ntujiMl > Thn lntoHt intfilliRonoo from WimhinKton, if trim, in n confonHion on t.!,n purl of tin. I'reHidont of hi« hypocritical oouw , RIH! nn nttmnpt to novnr up tho furl by HhovinK tlio roRporiKiJiility on tho homln of tho ( \tho th\ cry to 'The i tlio block;\ 'Midniil ordorn n halt \ \n o m A or (ippointriiMitn lo ho mad,: < ( nt;\ \t.h.» ofTViiHivo parligauH ulolinitc,\ otf. Hufih aro tho n lalional hourlingH of tho <ln,Hy pupors. It in roproHontofl that tho ProBidmithuM culled tho headu of departments together iuul for- bid farther changon ctxeopt for ^ood, mih- Htantial roanoriH, and put n Htop to further pln^K< 1( l it \p \I\! Hunk it in thn crock about forty rodiHouth of Comntock'n. And from that timo to tho prom-nt thorn hitvo b dif)'t p ny dif)'«rout particH at (Jonmtock h f hi O i of thi ed Ohapi f On p l)(irtn<.r from Hrandon, Vt. Cliap a month or two at (JoniHtonk'H a yo l with a Hpont id hmt with a •1 other prnfimioiml diver from Itonto HIM). Tlwy nn> ptmitivo they havo found th cannon, but the 'titor at tho point in 0 teen feet denp, with a utrong current, an here Hcem to be about thre.<i foot of Hand nd dirt ovor tho cannon, beHidciH old d other de whidi It will bo, noooH«ary before anything it i th bo do ! (owtin! liointiriK thf H ,. r . |t o !><« hottom Hirlo up . which partiRan rnmovulK. Thin i,H Rimply ono act. in lh«« vico. farcn which tho Prfmidcnt. i.-i attomj.t- j T \ K HF.AHcn AII.\NI»>NM>. i Th o party him loft, CoruHtork'H. Th o \Vl I' It Clovolm d iHHiw-'l hiq ! im P™\»««»» wn« U,at an ol d boat, that Hunk When J resident i.iow.i.um IHHUMI »> > ; ; r i thn cov( , had ficmtwl dow n and Ktoppod civil Horvuo lottor to tho \Muf/wmnjut\ an- , lir(lcUy ()v( , r thn ninnon nm | that it | IK) t pr copt for offoiiHivo jiartiHanHhip, in common with the muHHOH, wo boliovod it a humbug, and tho COIII-HO of hin adminiHtration haw proved it Huoh. With ono or two oimop- tionH, all of his chanson or ntt<-niptn to chaiif/e, have boon in tfaf{riu>t violation of >ry principlo of civil « ofhinMiif{w out Mi«H Hwoot from tho ChionK<> I'onHlon Imroau; tho romoval of Iturnlinrd, Director of tho Mint; tho appointment of Herbert 0 . TbonipHoti'H flguro-lioad aH oolloctor of tho I'ort of Now York, tho appointment of the ofleiifiivo Mugwump politician Colonel Hurt an naval oflloor of tho Port in place of General Graham; tho putting of tho pot- houHo politioian Hoattie in Hurvoyor of tbo Port, and tho removal of Mr. Honodiot in the middle of hi« term, who had attained hiw position by tho Hlow'jirocoBH of proi tion urulor tho civil Horvioo rulew, mo all notable oaHon in point. ^•»- I'oIIUcnl 1'oplcH. - Mayor Iiow, of Brooklyn, nay* that under no condition** will ho bo a candidate for Governor. U, H. l)i«triot Attorney DorHhoimor IH roportod IIH having purchnHcd tho Now York ,S'fr*r and an incorporated company will run it (u» a strong administration organ. —Honntor Logan will oppoiw th.i ron- flrntation of H. (truing Judd to bn Towt- maHter of Uhioago. Ho thiukH ho can provent his oonflrmation. Ho saya that Palmer WIIH romovod without roanon. —Thuo failH to honl tho didHonflion In tho Demooratio party of TonneHHoo and makon rnoro prominent tho difforonco whioh tx i«t« within itH ranks. Protective princi- }>1OH havo takan too ntrong a hold upon tho organization to bo nhakon off. —Senator Hhorman pronouncoH tho proH- |M)otH for Jtopublican HUOCORB in Ohio this year exceptionally good, and ho in san- guine algo with reference to national politioH that lattt yoar'H defection in tho Jtnpublicun party will not bo pormanont. —Tho HomouratH do not find tho third party prohibitory movement nearly HO Rimming when it invudeH a nolid Dmiio- oratio Klate. The Htato prohibition con- vention at JaekBon, Mii,» , WIIB att<>ndo<l by :«(M) delegate, reproHontingftfty-twoout of Rovrnly four oonnlioH. Tho chairman conoludod hiH address by Haying that the party whioh would altogether ignoro pro- hibition in MiNMiHHippi might aH well K o into liquidation. - r l'ho Woman'H ChrtHtiau Temp..ranco Union at (Jlovoland IIAH pnflKixl a HITIIIH of A WiiHhiriKtou cl*-Hpiitdi Hiiyn tlio Knigh if I.iiihor havo taken formal action on tl of Hoorotary Manning that tho bid >'>\< I\>« : ct«il f of the priHon contractor can bo acoopted for furninhing material for a government building, and bate appointed a committee to wait Mpon tho ProHidont and to proltmt in tho namo of tho labor organization againnt BUOII a policy. It iHHaid by wentorn DemooratH that thiw 1H tho mont unwiwo Htop which the adminifltratlon Imn taken fiince it catno into exiHtonco, and the Proai- dent himHolf hiiH been remoiiHtrate>l with on tho Bubjoot. It will bo uHod, it in naid, a« an argument agaiiiHt tho Doiuocratio party witli tho workingmon all ovor tho WoHt. Homo DomooratR havo HuggeHtod that thn bureau of tho 8iip«>rvi H ing archi- tects ofllco, Btill under tho control of Ke- publicanB, in roHpon«iblo for tho decision. ThiH Htatomont i« iuoorroet. Tho matter WIIH Hiibmftted by tho architect bureau to tho Hocrotary of tho troamiry, by •whom it wan referred totho Kolioitor of tho treasury, and tho lattor, a now Democratic appointee from Brooklyn (Judge MoOuo), docidew that tho Hooretary of tho troawury in award- contracts i« not to go bohind tho rotnruH o inquire into tho nioanH by whioh con- traotorH are able to perform their contract, and that tho bid of n prinon contractor may h* accepted. Thin opinion lmn b(>en indorHod l>y tho nocrotary of the treasury. Thn fourth OIUHH pontoflhw appoint- montn now nvoraRO KM) ]>or day. Admiral Jottott, who liaH lioon in tlio vicinity of Pananm for tho pant thr«o moiithn lian bc<in ordorod Nortli, with tho TcniWHHn- and Yanf.it; tho two remaining VPBHOIH of tho North Atlantic nquadron whioh wore Bent to tho lsthumn nt tho bo- gining of tho rooenl trouhlos. —Attornoy-Gonorul Garland ban ron.ler- il a dcolHion on threw poiutH rclativo to tho aoooptftnoo of tho Dolphin by tho government Hubmitted to him by Hneretary Whitney. 'J'ho ALlorn«y-U«»Miil lioldH that tho vi'UHol nuinot bo iiociopt.<><] by tho An American Woman in En- ghbh Politics. LADY it vMMVLriTTTi r i«:ii iLL, AMwlhlliiir ll«r Iliuhnn d in ft I'urlla- iliiry I I.,U«»II. Thoro aro Homo curiouft thingn about K\ glinh politicH. Lord Randolph Chnrohil by bin vigorotiH attack on tho (Jladfitono war policy, won for hinmolf tho appoint- ment of Kcnrotnry r>f Htato for India in the new cabinet forinM l>y Lord HaHnbury. Hut according to ih» Knglifih ntatntf-H, a inoniber of Parliament appointed to ft Oab- niHt r.-hign hiH Hoat and bo iin hoforo he can enter ni oflice. Tho object HoeniH to bo to ii whet her the Holnction by the Pn ier in ratified by the people. The Kadicaln of WoodHtook put forward a ;,oung lawyer from London in opposition lo Churchill, and tho content bid f..ir to be a clone one. At thiH point, the wife of Lord Churchill, daughter of Leonard Jerome, of New York city, entered tbo n«id. She did not roHort to the uniial American method of ••ntnmn speaking,\ but made her appearance, in the BtroetH f>f WoodHtock driving a spirited team, her whip adorned by her lnmband'H colors, and by her Waiity H nd horaaman- Bhip made rapid inroads into the nympathicH of the EngliBb cotiHtituency. C-LmrohiU's opponent, not to be outdone in thin way, engaged two young ladien to drivo for him, younger and fresher looking, if not more beautiful than Lady Churchill, and equally OR well Hkillod in LiorHemauHuip; and again tho tldo began to Hot againut Churchill. But tho American lady was equal to the emergency. Hho fmmmonod to her asfUBt- ftiioo two other young ladies, if possible, iro beantiful and skillful than those of her opponent, and won the day, her hnB- bund being elected by a majority of more than one hundred, and double that of hiH previous election. Hurrah for Lady Churchill and the United HtatcR of Amer- ica! Mrn. Churchill w >aid to bo talented and finely educated fts well an beautiful, but nhe is shrewd enough to know that, it iH not always arguments that makes voteH. ThiH in not an entirely now method of electioneering in England. It in naid that the DnohflHH of DovoiiHhiro muw canvassed for Vox, and oven permitted a burly black- ith to kiHH her lips in exchange for hiH AAyertlsements. Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association. Tho HuocoflHful cnre< HoHorvo Fnnd Life ARHOC IOHH in tho annalH of life prise. Its namo has be itrongth —ftud ha« bet r of th ation i inKuran Mntu enter- >wor of ll earned by the Advertisements. COAL, r COAL! untiring devotion of President Harper and j hig aRBOoiatoB. Itff astcninhing prosperity j haH provoked attacks which are best repelled j by a frank and foil exhibit of its greatly I increasing line of buBinefifl: ^13,214,500 | over that of the corresponding period last ', year. In June alon(* its mortuary receiptfl | exceeded $250,000, of which over $G0,00( went into tho Kescrve Fund —that triple buttreRR upon which the association justly prides itself. This reserve now amounts to $ 125,000, and is employed for three purposes only—to pay death claims if any should occur in excess of the American Experience Mortality Tables; to make good any ponfiible deficiency in the Death Fund acconnt, and to be apportioned among thoHo who have been members of the association over fifteen years, &G. AS th first and second contingencies named are not likely to arise, the third object is tb ono upon which the fund is practically expended. It iw full of other good points, among which may be mentioned tho eco- nomical salary list—less than f50,000 for the carrying on tho whole work of the vaat institution—and payments to widows and I ^j^J I ^ XT^ ^m^J lj^ 1_Z) X 7^' ~T \ orphans at tho rato of over $2,000 cash _X_ ^^ f \j J^ J ^^^5 fi J JT~\, \/ I J por day. Tho following named gontle bers of tho association, have been chosen as a board of directors to have general supervision of tho affairs of tho association in Clinton county, and to audit all death A. L. Inninii, Dr. J. II. LaUoeqne, M. F. Parkhurnt, G. H. Iieckwith, Hon. H. A. Kellogg. A. M. Warren. E. J. Smith, J. M. Wevt-r, C. E. M. Edwards, J. C Smith, (Carles A. Carpenter, H. I,. Wheeler. .1. P. Brtman, .1. Ii. flagerty, V,. W Vaughan. Tho following officers were elected for tho ensuing year : President—A. L. Inman. Vico-proHident—C. K. M. Edwards. Secretary—I. \\. Hagorty. Treasurer John M. Wover. Attorney- H. A. Kollogg. Medical Examiner-J. II. LaKocme, M. I). Tho Admission Fee and ono year'* an- lal duos aro for $50<M) ( insurance, s* for f 10,000 insnrance, .f5(). Tho annual dues after the first year aro $2 for each $1,000 insurance. The mortuary calls are made bi-inonthly and are based upon the actual mortality experience of tho As- lociation. Persons desiring to securo Life Insu- rance at less than ono half tho usual rates, charged by other companies, should join this association. Applications received by HAGERTY & PLATT, Agents. oto. St. AI bans Horse Power! With Improved Lag-Iron?. M^IHH Of lllt«T*'HJ. botwenn .John Itoacb and the government, und tho large HinnN of money pa.d lo bun fur tho VI-'MHOI may bo recovered. •*•*•*• X CIOHC Call Tor Jumbo . Hon . P. T. Hurnuut received a letter the other mornin g from Mr. H. Kinh, Ho<-r<'tary of tbo great show , dated St. Johns, N . IS., July r», in whic h bo NUVH that when a few miUiH over tho border in Now Bnimiwiek, Jumbo's car wait thrown oil 1.1m track. roHolutioiiB < (Inion had decided t 'K t id tho Prohibitio tiguinst tho best intoroHU of the tomperanco cause, the Woman'H CbriNtian Toiup^ranco Union of Cleveland sovorH its commotion with the Ohio and National Woman's •OhriNtinii Union.\ Most of tbo real or- ganizers of tho groat temperance campaign of two years ago came from this union, which IN the strongeHt in thoHUto. It will oxort an active intlnonce tigainHt Dr. Leon- ard's courne, and thereby materially aid tbo Republicans. -«••• The Mtate School Money. For many years tho Htato school fund iian boon parcelled out according to a threefold standard. One-third of it is di H - tribntod acoording to tho number of teaohors in tho district, ono-tlnrd according to tho average attendance throughout the school year, and one-third according to tho number of persons of school ago (I*. twoon I. and '21 » in tho dmtriot. At tho last HKHHton of tho logiHlaturo this law was ohniiKiul, NO an to leave out the liwt of the three former divinioiiH. The money is now divided into two equal parts, onoof which in distributed aciordlng to the num- :iltondanco IHIH h«ri>toforo boon found by dividin g the total number of duyn 1 atliuid- ituiKi by \'M, th e number of nehool duyn in ui\ nionth.'i, whic h >H Iho niiniinuni time required by law for u iichool t o lm hopt. oj.en. muoh broken that a delay of eleven hours od. Jitmbi od in Ml. John all right in time to exhibit there July C.th as advertised. Tho day and evening ex- hibitiou woro more crowded with viHitorB than on any day thin season except two. If tho accident had oocurod ton minutes sooner the Jumbo car would have boon precipitated down a rocky embankment forty-flvo foot, and tho greatent of all animals known to bo walking tho earth would kitvu been killed. Mr. llnrnum nnid to an interviewer that he was glad of Jumbo's escape, for the pooplo of Cali- fornia, Colorado and Texan, bavo yot to see Jumbo if ho lives, after which bo will viHitKuropo and Australia. A Bull'iilo Shoplifter's Valuable Booty. The police at Buffalo on Saturday mado a raid on tbo house of Mary Yaeger, whom they BUHpoctml of being a Bhopliftor. Tbo discovery that followed surprised even tho olllccrs. Bureau drawers were crammed full of laces, uhawlH, Boarffl, baby bonnets, etc Ono drawer contained 17.'. yards of tine nilk, another l ^(H) yanln of black velvet bracelets, a lino gold watch and noveral rings were also found. Over t,000 yards of valuable lac<>, 1,000 npoots of thread, and piles of fancy gcd n lay around in profusion. The value of the goods amounts 4 taken to tho police station, where IIH I* IMMI lm><l«iiiM from fa r im d Niur. Mayor Banks of Albany will take tho cejiHUH of that oil v It is Hnid that four out of nine stricken with cholera in Spain die. The burtini-sH failures in the United Htati-H last week niinibi-rcd U.H, and fur Bishop SteveiiH -,f th,, Protestant Episcopal rlnirrh ] 1U M decided that women are eligible to election upon vc»1noH. It in now asserted that the dominion pleasant predicament, will connive at Kiel's escape to tho United States. Mrs. Frank Leslie IH now said to bo engaged to Mr. Albert Pulit/er, editor of the New York Morning Journal,, and brother of tbo Now York World'H editor. —Governor Tilden in at present vory much iuteroHtcd in tho construction of some lino groon-bousoH. When completed these will be among tho flnost and most extensive in tho country. They will con- sist of a grapo-houHO, peach-house, a build ing for aquatic plants and another for palms. I r*H>in'ii .t I.AUocyuK VVIHU i r> make an aawirtlon wlilcli tliey can back with a positive tniarauteo. It IK all alKHtt, Acker'H lllood ICllxlr. They claim for it. superior merlin over all oilier roimMlen of IIH kind, and K»ara»loo for It. a paslMvo and Hiiro cuiv for KhoumuUHin, HyjilUllH, and all blood dls- onlcrH. H frccH tlic Hkln from HI to In and illMcntte, and leaves the complexion oloar. Aak them 'ainbrldjre, Anothtir KiiHsliui War Cloud. rdin g t o th e latent drnpatohoB, H u arhk e prepiiratioiiM continu e u abaie.l , an d the y hav e advance d i n for<ie t o /ullh-a r paim. Th e AfghmiM ar o muc h alarme d It i M bol u \o d tha t Gouum l Ai k A nehool of Kl Hcholarii, kept upon fi linn iimnttiH, or P.»H d.iy,., woul d draw f It) average iittondauee. Looked at in oi... vuy, thin in unfair, but it pu(n n prniuiuiu »»»i«'<r, Hio eommunder of tho UusNiun ad- •••' IUIIK HOHHIOIII., and .>:ioouru K1 . fl thn ( vancn , m dnterruinod to prooipitato ft ooL i . i: i ^ i i t t . . i t . -. . i i linio n an d brea k u p th e poac o negotiation) ) The inombeiHo f th e Itntin h Afgha n frr»n- t i« * .•<iiuiiiiHMii>ii, wit h thei r militar y <•« curtM, huv n Huddonl y brok n ram p ul. tho. r Mi1re,il a.i-.»n K 1h « iniiuiiliiiiiN. UII«| ur n inur.-hiiiK rnpidl v Inwar d II.Tut Thn . u, • •.)ii ( .i<ler..d si Millirun t tha t II, countr y dmtrictH t<> kee p tlieir rtohooln •,p«n iii, lon g an po^.bl, , 'J'ho n<«w la w make n attendanc e upo n timchorn' inHtitutefi practicall y compultiory . Srhoolrt cloM^d i n orde r t o enabl e their tinuben i t o atten d liHitituten ar e t o b e .liiyn. whil e tlio.in kept, ope n durin g innli tnt-> tim e lire no t t o coun t an y attendanc e •linin g itiieli time . Ii fi a j.ity (l.iit U'ptbing will dun e towar d hl.iaiN n, ,tn,,, Tb, . mone y appropriate d by tli-- Si.vt... f.,r dl.itrict librarie s \H nlmm.' 'all y mi>m>i.'d un d diverte d fro m itfi pu r j.otu» i n prol.al,!', u m.ijorit y of tlio dintrlrln o s th - ^i^ 1 ll.- II,n IUIHIK'IO ..ligh t t o b e flopped , itii'l th e n.ioiicr th e boiler . M>n' rllla an ;i liulldliiK up and Ht,n<!igtlionl!iif remedy. B»T~SMITH fi. l.AWoryuK would HpiM-Ially rccom- meiid to tlio ludlCH Acker'H DyHpopHla'PabJotH. AH a lnxal.lve t-licy have no enual. 't'liey are guaran- te e I t o cu m (lirordc cmiHllputlon, DyspepHla, and all dlncaHe arlMliitf from a deranged Hlomitcli. Wit h a free n.se (if t.lio 'I'ablelH, .Sick \lltuulaclio Is of l.iiylnn \vor1lili-»H niedlclncH, nrul Hpendllitf ll.i.lie.v (>l> <|llltrk dorlulH wluwo Ollly Idea IH !O k-ull I he pulillc. I:. II nut, liellci Id Imy rellalil.' medicine like Sulphur ]lltt,crn7 I think HO, IIH (hey cured m e of ( nU n h after HufTcrlii^ I luce yearn. I' 1 . I'. Ci.AKh, .MIIIICIICHICI. .A Ilix dial t y merlt.M. it in wlih pleimuro lliev Kimraiit.cc l o 1 he pulillc AcUi-r'M ICngllHli Uemedv an a Hiiro and nevei falling cure for AHMHIUI, < 'otiifhH, Whooping coiiK'li, croup, and all Uin h 'TrouhlcH. II In th«' Htiindnrd remedy for Consumption. They have pp r Ho i rlhl c (uses of' Jt u nliiM IOIIIKI in Williamn , u w n Nearl y t w annoiulde<l at N t o witnnnH th e < (In.l.t.aii.l peopl e In o n Wi.dii..»iday •oiin.wited wit h th n > j.urk. Uo v Hil l \lit Tli» dnor.itlonn j pan! m i ( liron i n lr ICt Wlln, u wnlow , residin g ! a\ Atlanta . ti, i , lurk«-d he r t.hre- .-hildre n u;i whil e tih.i wen t t o a Held t o wor k o n | Mond.i y <>,, he r letur n nb<. I.mu d he r i h-.n,t., burne d t o th e groun d an d nothin g ! lif t ,, f h.-r childre n Im t thei r ch.ur.- d r e i (.wiiin.'t i (louiily , tw o oblldro n brin g b.\ I n Gnor K i a withi n th n ntliM fort y littl e lout th e i. a Ilccr HljiH, hit AND IMPfiOVED SEPARATOB For 1885 2 for the y ' tr »K )( ( • » re a •«> I Champion Mower HARVESTER. lo r 1'rtccr, Etc , adclrom J. XV. t Peru , N. 1 . >l V Till: HIM ! NEW IMPROVED THRESHING MACHINES Homo I»ow«m, I»IA<; AND (IIKMAIt Sawing Machines! Our Into ImprovmiHuita uow iu»ka it tho btwt rtirtwhing MiohliKi In the market. Ttioy will throsh and olttati any «\••'\ ready for Market. Hoinl for our now Tooth—bent In tho market. Nuno tinimlue without our trade mark, \l>. it K.\ Any oorrPBixnidrnoo, by mall or otherwise, will '-• • -•- prompt altouttuu. D««ortptlvo cata- o«u< mt fre i>iNIIAW A KI;NI>II;»IAI>I, lftm>m:iiir Hrawher Falls, N. V. I>1I4>PONA1>!H IOH WOOD »«It COUNTY 1IOMHJB. 11 * \'I'l^rrBmiiiuii N. y., July'lMtlft. ' } 1'nranant to r^eolutlon of tlio Honorable Doard of Hu^iuvlaorn or Ollnton Oomity, the utuleralKiiod will recK.ivo H«alcd rropoaali for furnlBhlilK K>0 du of iiiorohnntaijlo liixn-h aud Maplo Wood for mity lUm«o uao. 1'roiioiialii to bo for tun cord M of mtuLd Hrccn liouoh an<l Maple Wood, i fent lt'UKlli, itollvorml at Ooiinty llouae duriiiK the utor iiioutlia of 18H6 and 'NO, (for whioh payi rvoU to ni'iaiiKo >'t>iilraota wldt tint lowout blildors at a j.ii.o uuifuviu with that of tho iowoat offer, by a niHpotittlhlo Ithtttt^r, aiui llio rt^ht 1^ aluo rdsorvod of rtjivitliiK »ny ami ull 1)1<1H not con»lil«red In tho liitMi-ont of Uiotioiinty. 1'roiKiHulu will tun rtiuilvmi (>i Au K uut 1H(, IHHft, «t whioh tliutt tlio bids will bo lftil'J (). W. VAIKHIAN, Hup't. of 1'nor. \I:AI{II»(J III:III:I C I<MKMI»I Uwkmanlowii, July II. Th o II ami tuk« tho property aud JOHN (1UA111IK1U.MN. July ir., iHHft. L^ «» U H A 1. 10 I lnnw 0 FOR CLEARANCE SALE BROMLEY CLOTHING HOUSE! No. 6 Marqaret and Clinton Streets, PLATTSBURGH, N. Y. SEE -ADVERTISEMENT NEXT WEEK. W. W. HARTWELL Wishes to inform his friends and the public in general that he is now ready to TAKE ORDERS FOR COAL Either for immediate delivery or later in the season. Office 37 Bridge Street, PL&TTSBURGH, N.Y. Orders by Telephone promptly attended to. CITY PLATTSBUJRGH. Smith &LaRocques CHOLERA AND Diarrhoea Remedy 1 la the beet and mott reliable preparation for Summer Complaints, Cramps, Diarrho&a, Etc. Every family should keep a bottle in the house. Twenty-flve Cents per Bottle. SARATOGA.GEYSER & VIGHY WATER ON DRAUGHT. A Large Stock of Sponges and Chamois Skies. A full line of Disinftctants and Jteodorizers. Also, Drug*, Chemical*, .latent Medi cines, Toilet Begylsttei, JEtc. Pure Oaluado n lM»eci|>»<r«v<ler, PoiaoD and stWky Fly Paper. Smith & LaRocque's CITY PHARMACY, Corner Margaret and Clinton Streets, PLATTNHIU4JU , IV. V. GROCERY-STORE. HEUNDER8IONKO nvn>EOTFULlY 0ALL8 utteut.ou to the f»ct tbac tit< haw ja*t opened a First Glass Grocery store In McOaddeti's Block, COR. BRIDGE AND WATER tT8.. Wttra he will keep on hand a complete Supply of CHOICE STAPLE & FANCY GROCERIES! PROVISIONS, FLOUR. FEED and GRAIN. Everything in the line of flrst- class Family Groceries. CANNED CIOODS A SPECIALTY. THIS 18 OPENING WEEK 1 And will be a Great Bargain We«k. Don't fail to call! Every tiling New and Fresh! With polite and competent cleiks, Mr. Weeks is confident he can please all. Or- Remember tae place, No. 8 Bridge Street, corner of Water. HENST B. WEEKS. VAUGHAH ft PARSONS, General Agents fot the Celebrated THE JACKSON Farm & Freight Wagons, Iloyal Champion Self-Dnmp Hay Bake and Thomas Hay Tedders. Also dealers In all kind* of Farni Im- plement* and machinery. In- cluding mowen, Meaner*, Land Hollers, Ktc. The Lowest Possible Prices! and Bin TERMS will beilven and UOOO8 WABKANTKU a« Uepresented. PlatUburgh, N. T., July IT, 1885. 0. W. VAUQUAN. [1569] WALE8 PAB80N8. STATE NORMAL SCHOOL BR0CKP0RT, NEW YORK. The Fall Term will commeno* Wedne»d«y, 8»p- t«mber 'J, INHO. The de«iga of ttiU «obool i« tu fur- lh coiupe«<ut teachcra fur the public schools of 8tat«>. Books aud tuition tree of charKO to thoae deaJK\tt)K to teacb. In connection wttu thn •obool tbt<re IK al*o an academto depirtuieut wbi»r<- udenU may prupare for collrge or buaineta. For artlcular«, apply to 16fls)wrt 0 . D. MoLEAN, Principal. U. B. LIOHT Hooa* DBPOT, I io LIGHT HOUBK IMITKCTOB, 3 D DII T , - PKINSVILLB, Btaten Ialand, July 15th,'85. j Notice to mariners. A STAKE LIGHT wlU b . ahown from the end of IX th» southern extension of the Breakwater at Bnrllngton, Vermont, and th» light of the regular beacon will be extinguished until further notice By Order of the Light House Board A. Q. K. BENHAM, Captain, D.8.N., ™*» Inspettor.

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