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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, July 10, 1885, Image 8

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NKIMlfUOKINU COIINTIKN. Henry WarnnVi Ur n at. <',r,u waft hnnu'd W.-.1N<-MI«V. inj/eUxr wit farming tool-, one horn., valued nt i iwocmvi . find mvty fowl... Slacking toniak \ a i n-punilinn t o kill poUt o i««npi.n.M.l ?<> lmvr. mmcd Iho fire. - His cH,,mnieH took , \ ' \ aco (it F AlortH, of Allan of Kutlaiiil, I\- money . I n th< IIOHC, of I-'air , Mil! irth. T h ivnle.1 the ) 1 Mm Allen | f-ivcd 11 rM j - Ex a eliH.1' Fort V... gcr for and hn.. ard i« ' yearn —T)i of year has hot who w; into ii ; --Nf Olorm the wr by the ho win Hi r. Iv, n i •lit v A< -ar |,i ' t :••• • HU: ip pi: ill hii >1H I'.I iu( !U ; 1< DTI lllf l MM :,IU or Hukej- • I.. i;di( d <;,ir,n.- '•(i. Mr. f;, pe for .' nr-i of nn W« •iiiiH-r (fa iuwo. rigor irnbnsml ner homo Swfot, ^ i, hnd hiH ;i tho flffe rlintal cliF IiiiK with St . l, a Morris, i of Him o r iih to not P. iiko ,f, yr/n i and 1 ,rr«n. noutii, hoitt o; l.y a riodoh'i forhif farina right. moon ic,har>/( Hhott( \vrttn< i<ly H inchar type , !• ifl VII 7i. Mr HIM !!<•( -, for n n Lal« oily i 1 and i fiimil r reni< irm l»h of Iho i of ii r > (ihnol ill d ( y f . K • ' 3 k n , < 1 y. f«W l ifl<<. f f i NKW MAHDNH! I.«»l><ilH. I The (irand I.o<lf{<) of tuo State of Now i Vork nt it« 101th (inmial communication | biKt month, only granted chfirtcrH to two i n.Av hxh-re.H, and thonn worn both formally iroriHtituted tho past wwfc. At AuHfiblo | I-'orlm, TahawiiH I,O<1K\ NO. I'M), which wan j orKimi/'.'d under diHpcnHation October r.th, | IHHI, wan constituted on Tnomlay evening, |j,in» :ifi, in their ple-mant, loM^e room, }i wa.'i crowded with I he nioniheni ami ,nmy liidi.-Hiuiil |n'»t leinr-n invited IIH • ,MI.\.NIM. Kind ladi.Hi had beautifully • rat-d the room and furniture with -n» and vineH, whilo behind tho Ma8ter' H r him;; »n elegant Hanaro ami nompnBP ,rie K ;Ue(l pan.sioR and ncnrim gnmniuuiH, Miiul presided by MrH. II. l>. <i mvon. Rev. C A. i'.rnKdon niftdM thoopeninf; •e r , which wan followed by »n ode, fron !ert choir of Mn.HoriH, and a nhort ad H from Itfiv. W. It. Wondhridf/o. After :her ode the lodge wftfi regularly cnn- L,titnted with thn iifmal ceremony, by Mr. i.J. \Y. Wliitehead, Deputy Grand Maxtor for the l.'ith MiiHonif. district, mifiifttorl by Mr. Andrew Trombleo and Rev. W. It. Woo.lhridKe. Then followed the, inntallu- tinn of tlKM.nirorH, Viz: W. .1. ^illOHpin, W. M.; ('.<•<>. A. FWerent, H. W. ; N. H. Slater, J. W.; (loo. Chahoon, Tre./ui . .!. <\.. MeKinnon, See.; J. II. Smith, H. !>.: A Bonify, J. I).; (). T. RiohardHon and Iv S. Ke-np, M. C ; Win. M. Witdon, Tihr. All D'Vonv The hv< r.ty-four cntand •jr,th ( in it Commencement . my took place on Thurs- tornoon. r ihf day was a ie (lcllclou.s air wan redo- jwfot-HContfd hay. Thft bio lrmtltutlon were car- L day of Hpeelulentei nt and i In t being that want of space In tho study II vented th» f?ood ladles from having ttirao < IHOH public ror tho pnrentH ana guardians w Int riiHtcd to their care. Tho lAdy Superior, Sister Nativity, and her able corps of teachers, under whoso excellent training tne pupils have been during the past year, must foot somewhat compensated for their arduous and gelf-sacrlllc- ing labor; and, If we mistake not, parents v dentre to have their clilldren J)ecorne, not only rnimental, but. useful members of society, will Itato to intrust, them to the tender K IUTTLK OF C5JETT\SHtJK«. A Wonderful Work of Art. T>. T . TAYLOR. Few have ever seen a grand battle. But ire have juHt beheld one; if not in reality, then tho next thing to it. I refer to the marvelous Cyelorama fcirculftr view), of .euloilH C The hn • ladles rated In ii little, to the ha most t.ai and jipprr /-ful nm nt wei > (o I he. r, Jul y 1th. ckbrhii Th Salnrdiiy WJIH a KHMII. HIK oiuiic from loftdiiiK<JaTHMl Toronto and Montreal. —Ilanbm HIMI Lr.o row. atnr n at Sylvia IAIJ«\ F of $1,0(10. Ilaidan won at <)^(b< and thf nlated wpect of IJT< Of the ,d pro K re! by a la d of H •• I i nk f«i th r •h If l ii : t« t of 01 1'Hi'*' whiln I t ir m Middh A hair Hatilrdu hn ! ou K l diti< . M. k, « •d h leai i tl •?!mi \v; «diti •y i- •y i, Mario, ft Krnnrh maid employed in a family ut. H«r»toj<u HpriiiRH, WIIH terribly bnrneil Sat unlay ovcmiiiK. her rlothin K hftvh.c liih<'i> <• tho friction <»r the rorker nf 1 John WoodH, acoarhn . inR n IiorHO ul HunitoKii Hp ovoniiiK, wiifi nnvon-ly kirln thonalkHof onoiihoo paHm. Bknll. He i» in a very critic iranli l in. - At, tho eommoneommit Coll«K<> 1<lHt w<Ml k th0 <!<Rr ' ( conferred upon Andrew K. of the Mulone Fnrmrr. Three oundidateH in the Rejnibliean rankn in Franklin comity are already an- mmneod for Member of AHHombly, William MoKen/.ioof Hurko, Floyd J . Hartlny of Wentvilie, and .lulhm Jieekwith of (Ihateau gay. The llmL two have Hervod tut Huper- vi«orn, tho latter IH editor and jmhlinhur o! tho Ohatoau^ay Ilt-ronl. —Tmwicliiy niKht th<^ through freighi train o n the Ogdenflbnrgh «V I^nko ('ham plain railroad ran over Mra. Mary Murray, nre HonlRoinflry, nRCil27 yearn, threo milei wont of JJurko, outting off one leg near th< * »»Kl<> und Iho other at the knee. Bhe hat walked t o Malono und wan returning oi the trunk, mil down to r«wl and fell iuilo«|» She died Wmlunwluy inorninh'. ThyBt.oreofW.il . Humh , of Nortl Bai)K<>r, w«« bnr (; hiri/.wl Monday inorning ami from $'•!<> to f:«) in ciuds wan iK'Oiinul hmUhm ii lot of HtsunpH which were takoi from thepoHt ollie!- in tho HIUIMI room, and i iH M upposc<i that Homo K oodH wero «<arrio< Ofi'. Thohnr K l.ir,«»r hur K lniH, uttomptei to open the nafe, hut it. j. . believed th e ut temp t WIIH nnmirrenHfnl. Hut Ih.- lock n BO demoralized that the proprietor 1 tho combination and cutinot opon i . fn lf. A .-..'A-urd of *^r, iH ofTered Cftpluro Of tho tl tho urch p.inlo t Kli h y Porter ha at« of d m epted nd /.abeHit bJH mitu.'itiationH hint Sunday. --Mr. 1'eckliani, a proniinent lawyer Now York, has purchased an aero of 1 of lloujniiiin T. lircwnler, at l.ako Tin ftiul will eroct a liu.' oottuf/o next fall. Th o Albany Tim.:* H.IJ-H that ICdwar II. 'J'alhot, of F.HHCX (Jounly, lato H. at-arniH of tho AHK.mibly, in u cu for Htat<» Soniilor to Hiircned Mr. H —Williiuu I'ickhiinlt, who has farm at Sohroon hake, arrived fro York laHtwoek with eighteen ibunn borHcn. There, are now 120 horn.H e fil • fit rte, On th(^ (li •re ) •Hiy, hid. ,nt. lily Illf e me. irmy VI Hit' SVrdli viniti am i tikeli ing.l. ICHIH M. I And to a I w »• •H a i< it j. i, ij I t, wan eat her i from lay, .1, r brell Yo<iK\ Mantel dolif/h , whei the <W Haldw H atl.Mi it ooe.i It V i.y r< n f, Y H ti\ si itler .pi .IV. n ,f 1 I i < >i ilMb. Ht, tl aft r omj) Tnl dri\ ioy ^ 1 Hpr I I.Wlier HIHl i re that of r 11 y r H h e al >pri- aw i er e i'»K libe soini reu K ref iiiimj an.l ov e lenta 1 by H I-' mad HOI K IH w« al h in; ml on. lh:i ev e| H e lien Wi n d R e e« t ' th 11 a OKp H hi Th \ Hinmly delight ful. It WSIH or a .Mine afternoon, t ravvherrleH ami lce-cre lott/iolonK, nay, one w( ire or It. Karely have :iif<nt. no pcrf<-ct.ly comb! nplldly ualn (lie pupil tho Battle of Gottysbnrg, now a permanent attraction of Jiofiton. For fifty years Wa- terloo had no rival. In song, story, and history, it stood without a parallel. Then Gottyflburg overtopped it. Tho number engaged, the duration of the conflict, the it IOBBOB, exceeded Waterloo. More than one-third tho Union army, and nearly one- half tho Confederates were either missing, wounded or killed. This sanguinary scone will live in story as it does on canvas. At 511 Tromont Btreet stands a huge cir- cular brick edifice, ctistelated in appear- ance, with turreted walls and towers. It is of solid brick and iron, 100 feet in diam- eter, and 00 feet in height. Two round towers form a sort of portico at the en- tranco, and the whole resembles in grim- ness and solidity a medieval castle. No windows are visible, but in tho roof is seen a circular sky-light. In this building and itH contents $200,000 are invested. Yon pass in, descend a few steps to a nar- row alley or walk, extending to tho centre of the building at its base, then rise a stair- uddenly find yourself standing battle as it really took place.\ AB a crea- tion of art, we pronounce the Cyelorama without a peer in its line. No description can do justice to it. It must be seen. Major Bancroft, the delineator, is accurate and eloquent, pathetic and impressive—the right man in the right place. The Cyclo- rama is the property of Boston, and she is proud of it. Several months since, one citizen reported that he had visited the place twenty-two times, but his desire to behold it was far from being Batiafied. Somo three weeks ago a Gettysburg sol- dier, accompanied by his friends, stood looking at the pictured battle, in which 22 years since he had bravely fought. \Now tell us,\ said one, \where your company stood, please point out the spot.\ The soldier hesitated, gazed on in mute won- and nervously exclaimed, \Wait wait a moment until that smoke clears 1I CENTRE. —\And the rains descended, and the floods came.\ The 4tn of July ushered In a soaking rain, which has beeen followed up every day since. Everything Is wet, wetter, wettest. Far- mers look sour because they cannot hoe their po- tatoes and kill their weeds; but It rains Just the same. —The two hops In town night of the third were well attended, and nothing unusual occurred. -Our hotel has been well tilled all the week with strangers. —Mr. Lewis Atwood had*been here from West Chazy, buying cattle. Mr. nenry Robinson, ot Altona, has been buying fat sheep. Herbert Mc- Fadden, of West Chazy, also was looking for mar- ket sheep and calves. —j. B. Cole struck water at 80 feet, and now has 38 feet ot ice water. The well engine and man are now at work drilling a well for Barney Harrison, of West Hill. —W. H. Gordon has returned from his Western amble, and thtntfs very positively that he has eenn otherr andd fairerr climeaa thann this. b Board of Excise* Tho Excise Board met at tbe Town Hall, July 7th. A delegation from the W. 0. T. Union were present and protested against the granting of more licenses. Two licenses were granted. Frank Guibanlt, 64 Bridge St., beer, $10. Bondsmen—J. Mendelshon, E. T. Delaney. Eli Bouvia, Platt St., beer, $10. Bonds- men—I. Merkle, W. B. Jones. One application was laid over. Board adjourned snbject to the call of the chairman > said call to be published in the papers. (way. It was to his vision real smoke. The artist needs no better eulogium of his master piece. Reader, go and see for yourself. Boston, June 22, 1885. ray, an ,<•<•< t.. Mfim h n t \ !.c K eiid'o f li r on a circular platform or tower, twentymo thirty feet in diameter, and iivo or ten feet el ground. Presto .' You are n Seventeen Year JLc amble, ad tt ey py see othe an faire clime tha this —Henry Baker has bought a farm near Charle- volx, Mich., and Intends to move there soon. E. R. Bodge, of Chicago, has returned on a visit. Mr, Bodge is runniDg a photograph gallery there and is In a prosperous business. —Mra. Rogers, of Pittsburgh, daughter of Jaa. chutt, or this town and children have been vis- ti h old home John Ilaughran is building a new house on the north bank of the pond ror our perambula- tor, Mr. Will Gordon. Mrs. Mary Brown Is build- ing a new house; John Haughran has the job. Louis Fortune baa a large new house nearly com- pleted. M. II. Duell has the job. —We were much pleased to meet James Tler- ney, Esq., of the Plattsburgh bar last week. He was here to manage the examination of the stab- bing affray before Squire liutchlns, in tho Inter- ests ol the defendant. A3 no particular defence -'as made by the defendant, not muchexcite- e|t,u Knppa Kpsllon.\ . Kelley, Mnry Amieninn mulituting of Whitefaco Mountain Lodge, .. TH'.i, and the inHtnllation of itH oOirerp ok place in thn evening at, their pleiu-;ant .oiu which the ladien had beautified will: ,WCIH; who IIIHO added to the pleasure ol » oeeamon by their pr^enc e in lar K < imberH. Th e Mauler of Tahuwun Lodg< HO preaculed-for thnoeeaHion the H '|uar< id emnpafmeH of hlouHOiiHt lined the even K before at AiiHiihln Kork.M. Th e follow K were the inntal!ed olliceni of Whltofac ountaiii Lodf/e : K. H. Melntyre, W !. ; W. H. Hough, H. W.; (!. .1. Hlirkney rcjifi.- H. K. Wallian, Sec ; tftaae Hire, H above the h< chained to t fipf It-rinent seizes I to MIHH Minni I,ulvy, riatUinuiK. Silver medal for domestic, economy VVHH k'tvei to MlKHliaM.le A. Klllrnartln, New OIICIIIIH, l.ii. A Rfild m»Mlal, an un extra ptl/e for ciirlHt.l:n pfannice nf l)if»K'>t'l mcdid d'nuiled hy Very H<v. \at her T. Walsih, View (Icueral of l.li'e (IIOI'CBC of you. V'ou gazo about yon in mute aaton- iHUrnont and dumb awe. We confess the fir«t ghuico abnoHt took UB off our feet. Where urn J ? What does this moan ? you mentally nhk. You had expected afl in the Art Gallery to approach a painted flat sur- face, Htand before it, near or far, and per- bajiH touch it with your band. Not HO. You are at all point* forty-live feet from the picture. l?t the canvas ten feet or a thousand away? You cannot tell. The lawn of pern)>nctivo are bovitcjjod. You know it is a picture, hut it in impoBHiblo to accept the thing as f.uch. Nature lien tranHforrned and h'mtory Beemn embodied. You iuiaginn you have becomo a part of the picture. You look upward, and to add to your bewilderment, the circular umbrella- nhaped roof overhead in without vifublo Fiupport, and apyoarw to be hung on the very Bky. In thirty H taken out of BoBton, I]. l> I'altnr H. D. Tormu r. The loilf< down to a b n, ,1. l> e, .?. M. and itu untitul 1*. Kln H , S. M. ; V. <1. Kut'.n. eHlH nfterwurdH ppcr nt Htick- th mutual Rood «H. WhitofiM'e working under id I ( >y'ft iM^tol, and Hepamt.e inhim und kind ronn»nbr Mountain Lodge haw bee diHponBftlion Him-o Hepteniber 2<!, 1HH-I, LOW ban 28 moiuborH, whilo many hav« bee ,-aiting for thin formal OHtablishnient t •ocomo eandidateH for iin!iiib<-rHhi]>. Tlu ormntion «.f UJOHO lod K ( !f .amo,, K Iho Adi ondackH und.^r HUoh favorublo <ircun, liuiccH may well b« «-xpe ( >tcd to briiij lotiur t o tho fraternity, by allowing tli • mcli.-iil bonofilM to thonn who have no nowii or umlorHtoml tbo KOO,1 in !••,•,• •bwionry. nil ;;; • > Klven fo il:i l eleian' in l.liroii«h life IlioHe blesiHlJiKH which a good Itfloim t raining IH Hiins to linpreHH on youthful Hev. KaUier Amyu econdH you have been nd aH if hy tho lamp )t Alladin trannportotl to an eminence over- looking tho green fioldn of I'ennnylvanui. It is .Inly :U\, lH<i:i, and wide and wierd •er the vtiHt laudscapo in all directionfl a >untleBH hoHt are met in deadly conflict. Btopping to the rail at tho edge of the iwor below you is the ground, green graH3, a real highway, trees, rooks, walls, with cannon, owords, muskets and miHcol- luiooua implementH of war—all real. Then tho oyo sweeps outward, the painting bo- inH, l)ut you muHt look sharp to see inhere. Tho lino where nature ends and art begins Fiilmw\ onuj/iiiHUiin education, anil ntild quite cutripllnietit, to Doth Ujachem and pupllH. it, of s<:p- , for eor yomw lartlen, en- >vot^it IimtnietoiH or ey have. soiiRlit Hlixe ml, of <leveloplnjf l.ho •ily In worldly wUw.<>, UK he will Ix edii r fruit vlit.u nlty. wh«, •ath i Hcarce diHcer. The canviis niblo. 400 feet (24 rodaj, in Mn. EniTon: - It may be a matter of in- terest to some of your readers in Clinton county to know something of the habits of this insect, which so far as I know is not found in this part of the country. It was my good fortune seventeen years ago to be living in Now Jersey, my native state. My father at that timo owned a small farm in Hunterdon Co., and on th( west side of tho farm was about ten acres of young timber, mostly soft hickory shell- bark. During tho month of May, while plowing, there were to be seen in the bot- toms of tbe furrows holes about the eize of one's finger. These, aa wo could by little inspection observe, were made by the lo- custs. They came up in vast numbers. In size, not us largo an a person's thumb, but <piito as long, tho first joint not quite as largo riH the common harvest fly that is seen in some parts of th« country. The first thing on its arrival was to shed its coat, somewhat after tho manner of the ordinary Bnnko. These coats were transparent nt first Bight and may be taken for the real locustfl, BO perfectly does the insect doff its underground dresq when first coming into a new sphere of life. They wero not re- garded as dangerous to handle, nor poison- Tho children would often gather them. Somo would take them and arrange them in nnoh order aa to make the figni 1878, fasten them to Bristol board and put them in n frame. I have no doubt such 1 'inomorabilia\ of locust year may be found in that, vicinity yet. They wero not do- ntructive to plant nor vegetation of any kind, except during tho process of laying their CKRS, which I will now explain. Coming up from the ground and shedding thoir coats their next move would bo for tho nearest tree; this they would olimb, and going out to the extreme end of tbe twigs they would puncture the soft, re- cently grown part of the twig and drop eight or ten eggs in the apertnre. This aperturo is about an inoh long. No person unless with th e most skillful hand and most sharp instrument could cut a slit in the wood, for it pierced nearly into the heart of the twig, with such perfection and delicacy. After a few weeks it would be seen that those ends of the trees were dead. Tho leaves would turn and.die later, the twigs would drop off and another round of seventeen years would commence. I write these notes from memory, and ment or legal iy the ,1 lore Record of Weather for Seven Days Endin g Jul y 7, 18S5. 1885. July 1 \ 2 \ 3 14 5 \ 6 \ 7 Temp'ture. 7 AM B3 57 64 «5 )> PM 59 72 72 71 74 73 9 PM 58 BH t>4 64 7U 65 Winds. 7 1 2 AMJPM n a n w n e sinw a a Si 8 PM W n w nw 8 3 W Rain or Snow. Began. 1.30p.m HXPm Ended In- ches 6tfpm0.16 63tfpm!0.8 Weekly mean, 7 a. m., 60.86:,2 m., 65.00. Total rainfall lor r as displayed. Quite a crowd it nelghbora and Mends were collected. The af- fray was a lamentable one, as all the partici- pants wero flue, wetl-to-do gentlemen, and stand well in the esteem or their nelghbora. We were sorry to read the severe, and aa we rleem unjust criticisms of surrounding newspapers, especially the report ot the Malone I'alladiu: • * ' words as unproflt- —!\Irs. Dr. Lucy Taylor, of Lawrence, Kansas, , vlaltlng her brothe- — J --~- ~ ered one of the best „„ „. ,,..^ i,orth-we3t. We rein.. „. heard an Incident Of her early professional labors \ \\ \ ) was located at McUregor, Iowa. We | n-bound there over Sunday, and gather- ed the facts from her former neighbors, and also saw the place ot lier former oi'tice there. In a conversation at the hotel where we stopped, ome one made- the remark that they had the nettlest and smartest dentist at McGregor to be .•und anywhere. A spruce-lookintc commercial traveler jumped up and said ho was bound to see her. He got to the door of the dental rooms be- fore ho thought that he had no errand to make, and being hard pressed for thought, he bolted In, and seating herself In the large operating chair, he calmly requested a tooth tilling. Mlsa tlobbs— for this was before she was married—being sharp enough for htm, observed the aembllng at once; hut she reBolved to make the young, pompous man pay for the whistle and the tilling, and de- liberately drilled a hole In a sound Incisor and REMAEKS. July l, slight snower, not measurable, in the afternoon; 3d, slight ahewer, not measurable, in the afternoon; 4th, alight Showers, not measur- able, In the morning and afternoon; 5th, moder- ate thunderstorm, with gentle showers, at Inter- vals; 6th, distant thunder in tne afternoon; 7th, heavy rain. Highest temperature during the weeK, 80°, afternoon ot July 6th; lowest, 50 B night of July 2d-3d. Mean temperature during the week, 65.24°; for corresponding week, 1884,7l.W>. GEO W PKIKS Hosp'l st p nding O. W. week, 1884,7l.W. PKIKS, Hosp'l stew'd, \D. 8. A. Hosp'l St Mr&Bourrisa | 2 53 Mary Douglass Louis Douglass... y ely d d in Plattaburgh Barrack! EXPENSES FOB 8UPP0BT OP POOB, For th e Month of June , 1S8S* Mrs. Ducette 2 52 Mrs. C. Senecal... Peter Bourrlsa... Mrs. J. Brown Nelaon Lature 2 52 Nelaon Lature 3 43 Ed. Brltt 68|Mrs. Paplne 2 59L. vondei 2 58 2 61 1 90! Mary Laundry.-•• Frank Garrant.... Louis Ashline Mrs. Dralnard Clemo Pap Charles Jocco WEST PLATTSBUKG?. , EthanCllne 4 00 Mrs.Robare.. 4 00 Mrs. Sayles 4 OOEli Corya 12 00 Mrs. Rancor 4 00.Mrs. Lancor.. 4 00 1 50 6 00 4 00 800 1 50 1 50 4 00 ,f iho S. <' 1 »v m nearly i- A.1C , i mb e id regula r api.lly liiiKHW. i Milli. nhiK in. Th' .«• heldatthelr • Inly '.';> and A ul »,y tin ...dah-. vs WII M kll Hlihon,; i>.I by ii play Inn death i ( >IIIIIIIII \iHnr.lian i I'rh u <.\ ,-W'k we publinhed a iihort neooun I career of Loyal IJ. Hmitli, latool .ha, who iiHpirod to bo known IIH the Merchant I'rinoeof the I'mirieH,\ and who ifl thai city Juno UHlh, for purlB unknown, avhi K ehoeknd IIIH trunk for varioindy re ortnd pointH, taking it IH mild *I()0,0(M) in ill with him and leaving many oroditon 1 Now Vork oily to mourn itli.-ji 1 in riatlHburgh from Now h of Hmith'H mother, wl: wealthy and wan HiippoHed to bu living in natl H bur K h. After » thoroii K h inveHti H a- Lion it wiw found that tho young inan'H iiujllior rofiideH at Houth rinttHburgh. >Sho in a much roKpoelod lady, and i« not-in any nnumer roHponniblo for tho movi'iuentn of her erratic son, and in not wealthy IIH the publiHhed reportH Htnto. A diH]mtch from OmahaKIVOH the follow- in|; account of tho young nian'H nuthod of iriuiHaotiiiK huHiiH'HH: Smith eiiiue. to Oinahu eiglit moiitlm »go from Ohicago. Ho had *7f>,()(M>, which ho invented iu tho dry K OO<1H biiHinoHS. of wliu-h he wan apparently wholly ignorant. He ut once bogun running mammoth ox- ruiHioiui into tho city from (iirttimt pointn, duil.y pnpern, and performing other liU«\ fealft. Hiii pnceil roduood lnerohiint M to a point whern they wero forced to tin ttlow or Burnurd MeKeov. brieily nniiouneed hint week, WIIH horn or about 1H12, earne to thw country IHih!, mid nettled in Clinton county, wh ho ever ninoo miirioil. For about forty yearn w<« think ho ban refuded in l'latln burgh, and bin held inuny pomtiojiH of honor and trunt, including Ovoraoor of tho l'oor, niember of the village Hoard of TriiH- UH-H, and member of Iho Hoard of Kilurri- lion over mnce thn formation of our Union Freo School dintrie.t. Hi,< whole life ban been one of coiiHiiifcnoy, moderation, Hcru- puloiiH integrity and (Uirintian ohurily — iy to HyinpiiUiizo with and aid ;e in dlHtnwi. He WIUI in overy :I«HH» n P^'* .\'\ \ '^ \ ,\\\ gard, th«iiu.mb»'nioft&« Hounl ' joined in the funeral |.ru\T HHion day niornitig, with thoir owirl riagOH, and at Ht. John'H church too1fT<eiiTS\ with tho nioiirncrH. At a niootiiig of th Hoard of Education on Friday nftemooi tho followinu rcsohitioiiH of rmpuct wei adopted length, and 50 feet ('.I rodRj in height, hav ing a Hurfnco of 20,000 feet. IH this half- aoro of groen field, American sky, and mer- oiloHH earnago painted canvas ? You nro al- inoHt rearly to take oath in tho negative. It in a rralitif. CIOHO under tbo railing is an. old, tumble down, real »hed; ton rodn away is a farm house, torn to pieces by a bomb Hhtoll. One looks about m real tho other. Hero lien tho body of a tree, real tree; juat beyond in tho slump, tho twain cut in two by ii cannon bull. Tho Htump IH painted, you can hardly believe it. A real utono fence in continued by a painted one, and you inunt study to woo tho point of connection. Then comuii a well, half roiil, half picture. You dreum it in all real. Now let your wondering vision Hweep out, out, out. Tho Hky and laud- Hc.iipo KtrelcheH away on every Hide for a distance of twenty and thirty miles. All objootH are HOUU in bold relief. There is a perfoct Htorooflcopio appoarauc<s without any of tho HterooHcopic arrangement of di- vided viHion and magnifying gla«fi. The realimu iH beautiful or terrible, as you look above or below. Tho hky haw depth, life and neeming inovomont: tho field of car- nugo iipoakH; tho oarth groann and Hhlvcra u<lor tho tornado of misflileH. Enquire haH» iv<JH tuo moro I )ftintin 8 tnis realistic \ Buroly this honco they may not be so full What was the design of Providence in their creation, I am not able to tell. They certainly show another phase of hia limit- less powers, and reveal the wonders of his creation. Yours trnly, C. E. GBEEN. Dannoiuorn, June 23, 188.\). *-•»--- « lie I'lauou or July . During July Venus reappears as evening star, lingering late above the horizon, and growing in splendor nntil the winter months. Mnrs rises at 3 in the morning md is increasing in brilliancy as she ap- proaches nearer to u«. Jupiter will con- tinuo to decrease in brilliancy till anturnn, whilo Butnrn will probably bo visible toward tho close of thin mouth. Mercury panned superior conjunction with the sun Juno '27, and now is an evening visitor, 11M r pod... oor, phiyed , Intel In lhe.(!hica K o K nun|,itH. Homo u K o It WIIH thought, ho could not ( .;o uch fiullicr without help, and bin oirt pu t moil hen. to watch matters. m«m hud decided to CIOM< th e place . -'.Mh. At » Into hour Kulurduy ni K ht tranHfernul bin fitock toOohi A Co., linn front (he ount, thn connidcriktion >;iO,IKt<huid ,f 1(»,()(MI in three. IHI.IIIII«. \mild little ubout hm liUfiiiKmn and bin iniiiiiiKcr with him when h<^ left. Furwell A Co. , of ChicikKK, are the ...t cre.lltoiM, tbeir credit to Jiim ln-inj.' . oi x \!'' (i or UH ni McK or i Hoard or lntlHliurgli, Mr 111:, :e!r Sr.-i-i Th o f t il l 1 1 ( i I ,/ •/ i. H >U 'a |;i iK\. ,'?l'i /I'll , 'I'll fur | oan •win al . (it. la l i ( lotlliK Dii for 1 or iiirt r wo ten we all' MlCHO >llcallo mlly of )f \'ill reHoIu '.1 l e l ( Iu ti TruHtocH adopt.d iM on I'riday : 'Thn showing to bent advantage in tho t-arly ovouingH toward the last of this mouth. On the morning of tho 17th instant bo will be in clone conjunction with Venufi, and on the cveningH of the 2oth and 2Gth will bo quite CIOHO to the flscd star ltcgnltiR, q tho Hamo star with which Jupiter kept company during Mny. Tho now moon will appear on th« 13th, and be< on tluj '2(Hh. LOCAL COURESPONDEKCE. drilled a hole In a sound luolsor, and plugged in a gold filling, and charged him $5.00. The young man paid tuo v, and sought the hotel, where ho paid another V, for cigars, etc. He said It made him feel tremendous happy to have a pretty woman's arm around his coat collar, and honed he could keep that tooth and tilling to ex- hibit to his grandchildren. Mrs. Dr. Taylor started out to study medicine, but was refused admittance at the colleges as a student, and then studied and practiced dentistry, and lias been eminently successful. DICK DOLE. SXllAPiAV. - < hat lep eldest son of Ellis Lord, was thrown from a homo last Friday evening while riding, striking on hl» head, rendering him unconscious until the next morning, when ho regained lt, but was taken with fits, having a number In succes- sion. At thla writing ho la some better but Is In a bad condition. Dr. Mitchell was In attendance. -Mrs. Mooney, oi Chicago, Is visiting friends in } —Hev. Mr. Curtis, a friend of the Kev. Mr. .mith, delivered an eloquent sermon Sunday mornlnjr to a full house. —.Tames CoiTee left for Burlington Tuesday, where he will take up his abode tlio remainder oi tb —Mr^McFadden has returned home to Denver, ^VV*e°were visited by one of the largest rain storms of the season on Tuesday. —Phil. Butler waa buying sheep through here Tuesday, and succeeded In coueeling a large tlock from our farmers. —The 4th passed off quietly and all seemed to have a jolly tlmo, especially those that took part in tripping tho light fantastic toe, and much credit is due to the Kogersfleld band for tbe ex- cellent music they furnished the people during 1 —There will be quarterly meeting next Sunday in the M. E. Church; also, baptismal services. several of the old and young will be baptized. —Mrs D. II. Parsons, who went to Montreal several weeks ago to have a tumor removed from her eye, is said to be improving. IBIS. —Prank II. Hayes, youngest son of R, W. nayes, with his newly wedded wife, irom Chicago, and his brother 1* W. and wife from Plattsburgh,have been spending a vacation at their old home In this village. The family gathering waa Incom- plete In the absence of Bd. and Maggie, who are ttvlne in Kansas City, Mo. Frank Is a partner In the extensive wholesale and retail drug store ot his wife's father, John King,*of 61 Lake street, Chicago. Nellie proves a queenly wife, and the \dainty dlah\ she sets proves \right Bide up\ for Frank. They return via the Western Lakes. —J. M. Taylor has tuo agency for Rawson's mowing machines, of Hornollsvllle, N. Y. The sample of thla Banner machine which he has on exhibit Ion claims special merit from Its simplic- ity and high alato of mechanical perfection. ~ \ Vaughan is completing a large Barn ...joinent rooms on his new plant across the river, in addition to his new house, opening the way for an extension ot our village on that side of the river. An excellent road trorn the bridge along tho margin of the stream affords a fine driveway underneath tho overhanging loUage to his shady cottage retreat. -Mrs. H.Ayres has leased the Moore cottage on Mason street. Mr. Ayres Is in Chicago, super- intending the Western Extension Ladder agency, tho IlHstern branch having its headquarters In thla village whore the enterprise originated. —THO Urn. Chamberlln and Purdy from Chazy aro vlaltlng their slater, Mrs. if. Weston. —M188 KRa Hanbom 13 Improving after an 111- Mrs. Rancor 4 00. Rose Monty 4 00 Sh Ak4 00 os y Sarah Akey II St Germa 4 00 4 00 50| Sarah Akey 4 0 II. St. Germain, 8r. l 50| $90 97 GBORBE W. SOPEK, Overseer of Poor. Record Taken at Medical Sail, Plattsburgh Village. *• 74 W «.,......« 3 P. M.,..8O 8 P.M.,...77 6P.H.,...76 8P.M 74 9A.M.,..74J 9A.M.,...75 e P.M.,,..70 8 P.M.,.. 78 Tlie Ho t Weatlier Of mid-summer has a weakening effect, both, up- on body and mind. You feel absolutely incapable ol doing any arduous work, and even light duties are performed languidly and unwillingly. Thla low atate ot tne system cauaes even greater infirm- ity, and gives opportunity for serious disease to gain a foot-hold. In tnls condition the system is quick to respond to ttie reviving, quickening, and strengthening effects of Hood's Sareaparilla, which purinea a»«»od, regulates tbe digestive organs, and infoai fresn life and vigor Into every portion or tne Dody. People wbp haw taken lt fer from summer .. . partlla. 100 Doses $1. r, 11 you suf- try Hood's Sarsa- full f^ What liHceuo! It in tho thirfT'Wit day of Iho groatt'Ht battlo of modern timeH. Pickctt iH making his iioroo assault, load- ing on \into Iho jawHOf hull\ ]N,0()U bravo .JonfiulernloH. Tho Union ranka aro bro- ion and driven back. JJut tho tide of battlo IH turning. Tho enemy is repulsed. Tho blue und K r( >y aro mut ' n himd-to-haud conflict. Tho strain of battlo IH at its JOHI; 170,000 Holdiorn fight for lifo or doath, for victory or dofoat. One hundred ,nd fifty Confederate oiuinonnro replied to >y eighty Union gunn. Tho oarth ia rent .ml tho rocks ur« rivon an by a oyoloniim plow. Tho flaming gunpowder ami curl- ing muoko iH ovorywhere. Ono wait« braithloHH to hoar tho crush laid roar of thundormg cannon. All around uro HOCU regimenti) hurrying to tho front, artillery wugontj rolling to tako a purl in tho fray; gun carriugoH HhuUoit'd to pioetn: ammu- nition wttgonH exploded and dotiling doath on all Hidon; IIOUHOH and Htaoks of ha y on fire; horucn lorror-HlrioUon, plunging, roar- ing, danoingand dying; an iniiuoimo wheat field trampled umlor foot; broken oainHoiiH, urniH, InigmcntHof HIIOIIH, clothing; groupH of oll'ieoni, with aide.i, pawning to an d fro; Holdiom falling or fallen, .lying or dead; and a hundred other thingH that go to mnko up the horrorK of war. On thin awful and bloody ground between H.OUO nnd '.(,000 mon died, and nearly -10,000 lay wounded. The total killed, wounded, priHoneru an d miHHing on both HIIICM liuinliunul nearly (1(1,(100. TliD! COIO.KHUI work of art in from tho hand or M. Paul rinlippoteaux, tho fuiiioiiM ar- titit of Purin. Several iiioiithrt Hi'ent on tho battlo field at <ioltyjiburg, tiurofuVntiuly of the ..llloiul war niiipM nt WaHldngton, pcr- fional conhultHtion with (ienoralH Hanoook and DoubUulay, with two yoiw'n urt labor, produced ii perfect luiiHtor-pioot), accurate in every hmtuiieal mul topographical par tioular, and juMtifying the Htatenumt of the proprietors that viHitorn hero \view thn . ,, n the rorm of ilr< non will accept our thanks for so kind y remem- bering UH on the. National holiday. The. grim visitor, death, has again made u» a cull, and thlH time, removed our Utt U', Minnie, that wo kiHt, week reported to be slowly rwover- lng. Nho was a bright and promlshii,' child ot nine years, and we do not wonder that her parents found It hard to nay, \'God's will be done.\ We do not hesitate to Hay that the K.vni- tiai.hy of the entire, community IH extended tlier Her remains were interred at Heilfonl. —our Bcliools uro closed for summer vncai In and Hie, little ouea especially are rejoicing ov their freedom. S. H. Taylor, of Morrison vine, made us a c; ie other day, vltslled our whool, ete. Are gii ) vvelcoinn the \Coin. 1 at any time. -Why will not, somo of our enterprising men ^n;«; with Com. Taylor in believing unit w<- need good wlKKil house, and proceed at once to have ne erected ? It certainly would bo a wine pro- ,f the teaetieiH and pupils r A weak Back, with a weary, aching lame- ness over tbe hips, la a sign of diaeasea kidneys. Use the best kidney curative known, wfich is Burdock Blood Blttere. BIRTHS. In Platteburgb, July 3, 1885, a son to Mr. and [r3. H. D. LEADBETTER. At Palmer Hill, July 4,1885, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. ALEXANDER SMITH. At comstocks, Washington Co., N.Y., July 2, 1885, a son to Mr. and Mra E. W. HARRIGAN, In Wilmington, July 3,1886, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. ADNEY PRESTON. In Sclraylcr Falls, July 8,1885, a son to Mr. and Mra SOLOMON DtiLORMK, MARRIAGES. At We8t Chazy, July 4.1886, by Rev. EL L. Ar- nold, CHAKLES GONYIO, Of West Chazy, and LAUCINA 1^ A PORT, 9! Mooers. In Manchester, N. IL, JuLr 4,1886, by Rev. O. S. Danforth, Mr. JAMBS M. GILMORE, formerly of West Chazy, and Miss NELLIE BUCKLEY, ot Manchester. At Altona, July 4.1885, by Jamea M. Atwood, sq., Mr. M^YRTLft H. AGNEW, of Ellenburgn, BLAC K I1KOOU . Jri.vo , 1885 -A number of i people at- tended the Sunday School Convention at North ' l —Mrn O.ia^ortor. of Waitsfleld, Vt., who is been visiting her daughter, Mra Dr. may [home. , , - Tho people In this vicinity elebrated the FOIK Ui in various w.i.> rt A lew went to PI itts ourth one or two uttended tho picnic at Fern Lake, while a hu-e im j'Mlty either stayed ai home or went li-hiiiu. Messrs bteteon, Welle, and others, fivored us with fireworks in the \^\veduixday evenlnir a party was siven in honor of Dr. E. S. Howe and wile, of Saranac, at tlie 1 (vsidenee of Ge<>. Everest. The doctor ' \ who cordially welcomed baa many fr him. E. S. Gu the school crouuda 100I pie under the direction of Mrs. held in the groye back of ou the Fourth. J, of Mooers. In Ellenbuivh, July 4, 1885. by Rev. Silas M. Ropre, A. &r. JOHk GORDON and Miss IDA K. DBUEL, Dotto of EUenburgh. In valcour, July 2, 1888, at tbe aome of tne )rtde'a parents, Dy Rev. C. P. Anlbal, assisted by .lev. Jofin Uenry, Mr. WILLIAM HENRY, of New Britain, Conn., and Mias INEZ B. P / \<^ T ° - Valcour. In Pittsburgh, Jul SBAU, son of ' 4 monthLv 8, 1885, ABRAMBRAS- 1, aged 6 years and In GaflyviUe, Juneni, 1886, HONORA BOLAND, -wife of tbe late John Harney^Sr., • - — - HEDFOHD , rth of July, passed off quietly. Quite uunut •vlUage people went to Baranac WwSSa y school, under the supervision of -eslio signer, la progressing «nely. Mr. Slg- a trenlleman or excellent tiualttles, ana is esteemed by all tho school. One week ago Sun- day tho school numbered sixty-four. Quite a number of our young peo e a dix -MIHH (injce Green, or Washington, i c iciest of Mrs. I.. I., shtnlden. The regular meeting of Augell 1'oHt., <• 111 take place Monday evening,,July n •lock, A full attendant la desired. •»/ui >el ing 111 be 11 MeflioillMt eluucli, Sunday, July K' i Kciist at 10 and preuchtiiK at 11 o'clock A MISM liagur, of l'lau.-burgh, Ls th<\ K MIHH May Knunp. -Moo'rs enjoyed a very quiet Knurth. wltli a tumor on his'hand fur Borne tin obliged thin week to reKort to iho suiKcon'i _ «i- ..* * ,. -,...,-. ili. i U'lc J himltir r fit i>i -The Huiulay-seh ei'Ditipieteil lull n The liulleji of 1 >ld a lawn nodal i0 he past week ded. (ir.issli ng no llilek- of liiibylon, 1.. I., 1: -.Weheiu-tluit a huge tiunibrr of Spanish tjll- ver dollar* aiullmirdofiarH weiv found by nun 111 tlio li.ij iitiended the 11 y festival hint Sat (Inlay ilan cluiivh at «'ha/.y. vening a 'S HAY. The deceased was a native ot Blatertord, Ire- land. For 51 years sne has been a resident of cadyvliie, Clinton Co. Sne was an excellent neighbor and friend, a kind and devoted mother, and a faithful Christian. \Rest in peace, rnotner.'^ In Plattsburgh, July 4,1885, MARY A,, daugn- ter of Mr. and Mra Henry Cross, aged 2 months. At El'enburgh Depot, July v1885, of consump- tion, Miss LIPBIE saoRTSLEVBS, aged 14 years and 9 montha OBITUARY. MRS. JANK GWINTJF was born in Point Au Roche, Clinton Co., N. Y., March 81st, 1882. She was converted at camp-meeting when a cnild, being eleven years of age. she was at once received into the M. E. Church by Rev. Stepnen Stiles. She was married to Joslan Gwlnup January 13th, 1847. They resided in Clinton countyuntll 1883, .__ . ,1 toCneatertown. Warren Co., .,.», / of July, 1885, sister Gwlrrup. was summoned from tbe scenes of aer earthly labors to ner reward on nigh. She leaves a sor- rowing husband, one son and two daughters whr> f eel their loss keenly. For years her feeble frame was shaken by and made to feel the effects of the ay tho -Quit rt d f umbered sixty-four, ber of our young people have de- k for tho suuiiner •»««» parted for the Lakes tor tho summer se^so*. —Mr. Fred Wilson and wlfo havo gone to Loon Lake; also Miss 8aran Kennedy. -'l'o-day, the Oth, we notleo Miss Suslo F. Foe- tor leaving for iho Kainbow Lake. Wo wish to {mtulate Mr*. Wardner for her good luck in irtnjf her for Hho la a young lft<ly of excellent R^KATuft by Sffi NelHon tho ui»i»«r by Mm Kred Mtuiborn. The pupils apeak well of t heir teachers, --stmwlwrrleaand aliort i-akos aro plenty. Kreutly dnring ihepa.si, two •am pipes irom their sliopn em away In their outbiilldlnj. of their Hhut (ing down Hoon. -MIHH Annlo Hellly loft, here •u-riHsrubuaoc wo or three w -J . K, llodlli moved allot their and uro putting H. There Is a talk pectH 10 Bit I hi d haaif-iS nice spring .-•Vho ball tram(i at Wont mazy on the 4th b t.ween t'ha/.y and Sclow clubs wored M to n n vor of the Sclota club, and tho Selota duo elalu to tH) ready to play tho .name club any tlmo tor to $10 A. II. Angellhn: U> \u'any^i'ymir reader* would like a ilrst-cli i.sl n iiltur -up, ild MH) cordn of market wood Id like a ilrst-ehv A. H. Angellbofoi - -\bout forty of our latltea and several gentle- ineii through tlie eourteay of Mrs. (.'haunct Tivie. \vlu»esa»Hl tho oiwnlng of her ulgh i.ioohiu'iir cereiiH on tho evenUig of July tith. -Mr Pditor, I did not lntomuosay in my con nnmU-Uioiiot liiHtweelv that Miss Abbot was iliu> (eacher In the proper deilnltlon of tho tern l HII hi a fi)UUl '\ M ™ mi l 1 t ^ i ()( Lacolle, la at the Re< N ' -TheU^est ratu of the seat loortlity July 7th. upo grim band ot Under all suffering Bh& is patient, and in all times of sorrow a firm Ith la God, and a hope of the \Joy to come.\ ,wPt her from despondency. It may well be said other, \she possessed sunshine in the soul.\ She was devoted to her church, but by no means bigoted. She has been a constant subscriber of the \Christian Advocate\ since her conversion, ^^ and haa loved and appreciated Its columns. She ~ - has not only been a member but an active worker in tho church to which she belonged. Her life was characterized by Christian consistency, and her death by a glorious triumph. A short time before her death, while calling on her pastor, she said to mo, \My Journey la about over, but the irround IH safe underneath and round about. The Lord fa my portion and I knew He will be my trust forever. More than fifty years have I put my trust in illm. There are dear ones who have gone over I shall greet them soon. Hosannahs to come. I know that my Redeemer lives. He saves me now \ Her parting words to her family and rriendH were, \I wlU meet you at tho pearly K»v. K. IS. JENKINS. Chase-Turbine 3ITS €o. HUSK'S I'ATKN'T ri?;<TIAH K\W MILLS and TiniilNK ttUS U MHKKI.S, SF:r,I'-SliH'!MN(J I'OWMU FKKD SUV 1SKM UV.S. SHI\(;iK MM 111 MS . BOAItl> KIMiKHS, M\T«HKHS, IK»i;«llAIi ^Ol'LDKKN. &c. ho, ShKftln^, Pulleys, Hanifpro, Hears (bmh wood and iron),' Saw Arbors. All kinds or Iren Work. A »0 Inch Wheel tr-ited at Hoi- k June 7, 1H84, irare the lt yoke, follow f followinsr results. 7(1.00 per cent, at full disohftrse. 7S.9O per ft. at .930 per ct. of full tllsrhartre. JS.S* \ \ -S3? \ \ \ 30.07 \ \ .«74 4t \ \ *•' Send for Illustrated Catalogues and Prica Us*, free, to ORANGE , MASS .

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