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The Plattsburgh sentinel. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1861-1902, July 03, 1885, Image 5

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SKWM OF TIIF WEEK. uma.rr <»* ' Inel- retforted a rnfid ti WiH.J, Mon- \p dei iovcH woro hauled to a GuhifiHviUe, Tt>x., lant —The mftokend flHhcrica fiilaro thiH year. —Three ohildron worn h iu a brewery tit Uoavnr Dan day. --Five h limb of » tr- week. —The oonHim of tho city of Buffalo, jui taken by tho police, nhowft ft total popuh tion of 202.K1K. —Tho homo earn on tbo went/Hide r Chicago woro stopped Tuesday by ; a Htril of tho conductor«. -There wan a Bharp ndvanco in the p:»C' of oil Monday, canning tho fniluro of tnro< Now York brokers. Tho Harvard-Yalo boat raw wod fift d with i hntchot .ij/iurn pfison foi F tho 9-ii men ir at Now London, Oonn., hint FriO*y, and was won by Harvard by 15 tangttf< --ThomaH O'Shefi, n Brooklyn Kb whilo drunk Sunday night, l*lled| hi« wife by Ktriking hor on tho head with t lmtchot. Tho doncionoy at tho prison only fif) aro omployod? on con- tract labor. —John MoOulloi«h, tho emjpent tra- godian, bus boon h*ndod over to tho of tho Itloamingdale Innano ftsylujn author- itioH by throe of life OIOHOHI frion<J«. — DoHtrnotivo storms occurred in eastern lowii and westom Illinois Fridajjand Hat nnluy nights*. Many buildings woro do- stroyml aud P obild hilled by lightning. od hereafter foi bo paper to bo 1 Htnc«H chookri will bo diflUngoiHhed .-ator mark of thrs letters \U. B. T. 1 of by Bilk threads as formerly. by „ I).. 1 --TAe honviest rain fo| visited Baltimore Hnnda] tinning for two hours. - Hrigham Young, Jr., havo gone lo Moxjotj to | purchaw of lurgo trit ojin republic for the occ<«] colonioH. the IncrouBO in tho pop* during <h« font your ut population m put do 700, (MX). - -During a fight ov«rj ThomaH Dugan, n butchj pby, ft oopyint. In No! Murphy'* skull was fra< from tho rosnl —James D. Fish, prei national bank in New sen tew cod lo ten yearn*^ Auburn priwou for misag funds. Finn is now fi —Liout. Sobeut/e wij a handAomo sword, government to' the for eminent services r vor« of the Jonnetto t —Counterfeit $2 notes are being oirou Tho paper is o/ poor trait of Lord Dnfferin f otherwise the conn 1 —An exodus of ' uia to the Kfiflt Las 1 saicl that there wait fa men in California n grtiit many of Ihei —The Juno earnings of Sing Sing prinon wore f 20,000; expenditures, $14,800. —Obolfiraiflfltill raging fearfully in Sptiir At Vaionoia there are about 1,000 canon i the dty and suburbs; at Aranjaez on Tuef day 200 new casoH woro reported nu seventy deaths. —A special dispatch from Nognlof Arizona territory, BayB: \It in rumors ttiat tho Yaqui Indians have defoutod th Mnxioans, killing 400, including Gouem Garoia, and wounding Gon. Loai/.a.\ —Tho Comminsioner of Pensions has docided to dismisH between fifty and sixty of tho special examiners appointed under the aot of congress paasod in 1H84. The list of names has been submitted to tho Hocrettiry of the interior for approval. — For n long time there has boon seri trouble in tho Polish Catholic church at Toledo, Ohio, between the priest and his followers, and a faction who woro opposed to bi«u. A few days ago an attorn pt was made to blow up tho church building witli lynamito. Sunday afternoon tho trouble culminated in a general riot, in which fire- wms and all manner of weapons wero freely tiBod. Two men wero killed aod several injured, while quit© a number of hor. rere partially or entirely destroyed. Tho polieo have made a largo number of arrests ••\orclfrn* ~A block of shops in the market plact at Cardiff, in Wales, waB destroyed by fire Sunday. Loss $270,000. —A dispatch from Saarbruok states that an explosion of flro damp bus ooourred/in a mine at Dnflwoilor, near Baarbruok, and that eighteen minor* have boen killed. —Two million cartridges havo been ship- ped from Woolwioh, England, to Egypt, presumably in connection with the govern- ment's intention of reoooupying Dongoln. —France has issued orders to all French commanders to raise tho blockadn of Chineno ports and oeaso searching vennoU on tho high mm, and that trade may bf resumed on tho same conditionn as before tho w»r. Forty VuarN Ago. An \old inhabitant\ recalls some of the iculiar foaturos of tho \good old times\ tho following interesting summary: Coffins very plain, and burial caskets tin- known. Tom bstonen had longer epitaphs and more verbosity engraved upon thorn. Business loiters were more voluminous and formal then now, and written in a pro- chto, round hand. At funerals tho midortakorg eriod with the mourners, tho flow of tears being pro- portionate to tho exponso of the funeral. There was \York ourrenoy,\ being oight shillings to tho dollar, and New England currency, six Hbillingn to tho dollar. The diet will moro surohargod with ORHtl. The winter breakfast nt thoiiHands of tables ooniiNtod of Bali beans and hot cakos. Young folks in couples counted it a priv- ilege to Bit up nights with tho corpse boforo burial, and in mauy^anOK it wan a wolcomo ro creation. Muoh of tho sil (a ted; Intry- Now bin Hft II. Norihn on, (Joi lowgpaper, dennrtnri titv iiud two ohildton and ©loped with Llzzio MoOaffroy, A pretty fdmaln composi- tor on the Biuuo paper. Katurday the oouplo wero ftt Saratoga. - Fred Honnor liwt wook drove Edwin ForroHt a mile on Fleotwood track, to a lop wagon, in 2:2(H, some of the WHtohon mak- ing 220) . ThiH is the fastest time over iniuh) by any horse to a top wagon. Tbo driver and wagon weighed 304.J pounds. —Considerable excitement has been oc- casioned among the farmers in tho vicinity of Galonn, 111 , on ticoount of a fatal and unknown disease which bus brokon out among tho cattle. The state veterinarian has boon Hout for to conduct an investiga- tion. I.ottin Watw.n, known as tho \Woman with tho Iron Jaw,\ hud hor forehead crushed while doing hor \cunnon act\ in a circus tit Albany Tuesday. Sbo wan be- ing pulled up head downward, with tho cannon suspended from between her teeth, when tho ropo broke. —At the G. A. It. encampment at Port- land, lust week, Hon. Samuol H. Burdott, of •WftHbiugton, was chosen Coimnandor-in- Ohiof; Ex-Gov. Soldon Conner, of Muino, Senior Yioo-Commandor-in>-Ohief; and Gen. John It. Lewis, of Atlanta, da., Junior Vico-Corumnuder-in-Ohiof. j Tho Il«v. Sydnoy II. IJIMHOII, ngo.l 'il), who rooontly accepted u oiill to tho Wood- liavMi, L. I., rn*byl«rian churoh, out his own throat Friday while shaving, nearly Hovering tho h.'ftd from tho body, lie wan a victim of overwork ut tho Niuninary ami n Hiiddon iinpiilsn OHUMMI him to tukn hl H own lifo- Tli« (truiiil Trunk milroad in jiorfoot- ing arrangomontM for tli«> nonntriiotton of a lunnol unilfr thnSt. Olnir rivor, botwotm Tort, Huron nnd Manila, lo oonnoot tho Chloago and Grand Trunk with tho Groat Wflnti.ru diviHlon. This will glvo tho Grand Trunk un »ll-mil lino from Ohioago U» Niagara F»lln and Uufralo. Jly a carringo nom.lmit In lt<»,t O n Hut- urilayMrs. Olmrlon Allon of Ohiougo was norintiHly Injunnl nbout Un. bond and baok, MiHii KniDin I'arnoll of Oiunbri.|g«l,atl both hign badly orutibml, Mimi Hup<M of (luni- hrirign hadumt foot jaiumml and (I,,, .hivor uf thn t«nuii rwflvtiil Hllght liruiHcm. l»iuid Quinn. whoa fow wnokn ng.i wlulo walking down North utrool. Now York olty, dr<-w a r«v»lvor and without thn Hllglitotil prov»ratl«in began firing at u little crowd ,,f poaroublii Chlnainon, killing ono hinluntly, liiifi l.n.<n porintttn<l to plnud guiUy t<> inunliir in tlm wooond ddgruo and w.wi iwntminnil to imprimtiimiuit for Hf... During tlm lmnvy rain idunn iu tho Mohawk vnUny HiiiuUy afternoon n oloud- burnt «>i>onrrod noar Ainoii, in tho town of (Innaiobnrlo, flooding tho town, «»rrylug . pig« ami Irnm, wnnbing out y . pg , ng out garilnnn, n<M>dln«Jfcrf*idnno«i, breaking away »* mill dam »Jl working groat dns traction. Nothin^rJb sov«r« lm« «vor bo«n kuowa In that violii^r before. Tho dam- age 1A placed at funmrtil thou(mn«l dollan. THE LATEST NEWS, This Mornings .News Items. -The New York Hun'* Washington special Bays: Tho lion. William E. Smith, of Plattshnrgh, the executive head of the Democratic etato committee, is in tho city. It in generally believed that he will in a Hhort time succeed Malcolm Hay an ftrfil siSHiHtant poHtinaHter general. Mr. Hay'f precarioufl health is rapidly giving way un- der the arduous duties of bin office, and he will bo compelled to relinquish them very soon. —Nearly 5000 omployen of the Cleveland rolling mill company and wire mill on a Htriko againnt a roductioi wages. —A Now Orleans paper contains a stfito- raent that over $1,000,000 has boen coined at the New Orleans mint of which there is no official record. The money waR coined ,fter tho mint foil into the hands of the confederate. —A Now York, yesterday, Judge Gilder- Bloove Bent Mr». Yseult Dudley to theMid- dletown asylum, to be confined there in- definitely. —Tho strike at Chicago still oontinu' No horse earn were run yesterday by the West side oompajoy. —Very cold weather in roported from the lonthwoHtem portion of Virginia, Tuesday mow foil in Trtzoweli county and the fol- lowing night ice formed in Wythe county. —Gen. Grant was feeling better yeBtor- day and devoted «om<> time to writing. Tho day was too chilly for tho patient to go out doors. —Tho jury in tho Mackin perjury cane at Chicago, returned a verdict of guilty on Wednoaday, on which tho punishment fixed was five yean*' imprisonment. Mackin wi woretary of the Domooratic countv com- witter, find han boon allowed to resign. -*•*-- — Kxtraot from ICHHKX CO . HKfi-rii.rcAH, .Jan. 'Z'M, 1885. Mr. Hotbam. who«o well-known work iu Essex county aud Central Vermont, no long outlast* tbo warrant ho gave when his shop WHS iu Keesevillo, hereby notifies the pnb- 1 that ho intendn o,»nvRShing this Boction with an uHnistant very noon, and Hemi-an- mally afterward, lie will roplato in BII- or, nlokol, gold and composition. Also oiling by Humple new wure of his own dating. No Hinglo plate or cheap work rlono for anybody, UH WO intend keeping the friends wo havo. Anything found otherwise than represented, corrected free. Wo do our own work, aud being firstsecurity lands on plating, ran ftfjofl moro hiivor to tho dollar than dnal«rH < with sevural profits agnitiHt them) can. K. H. HOTHAM, Of Portal A Co., Itutland, Vt. THE NEW FOKK MARKETS. July 1 market In :ily moderately ac- ror otirronoy—nixpencen, shillings and dollars- waH of Mexican coin- age, brought to thifi country by the Hanta Fe traders. Dinner was simply a hasty lunch at noon, kittle importance was attached to the neces- sity for good digestion or a period of rest af for eating. New Orleans molasses, very black and thin, wan the common sweetening for buck- wheat cakes. Kenned molamos was cora- paratrvely* scarce. Tho bank bills were of utato bank*, and he farther west their locality the nhakior were they. llllnoiH and Indiana bills would iwiroly pa«B In Now York city. Dyspnptlvesand oonsuniptivos were more romtnon, di««^«e and premature death wore dnvoutly laid at the Deity's door and allu- ded to an \dispensations of Providence.\ The country retail trade wan better than 1'oople th«M uld not no easily by mil run up to tho city ntid upend their larg- est licouniuhilions for the moro oxponsive stuffH. It wan a Hlroug ago for modioiuo an d an agofor strong modioine. Under siioh treat- ment tho strong managed to recover, the weak died and tho medium olass phyaloivlly lingered on and sufforod. Pooplo then di d not live an long, nor was the average health AW good an it ia to-day; they ate moat, more grease, more hot bread, more heavy dishes, drunk more at tnealn and af tor ward chewed more tobacco. Lightning rods made their way into use with difficulty. Th e ultra dtvrout actually opposed them on tho ground that they wore an insult to Deity, and that it was an intor- trenoo with the works and will of Provi- ilenoo. Country dry goods stores renewed their itoek from the city twioo a year. Th o ar- ival of \goods\ created quite a flatter. It filled tho Htoro for tw o or three days —until all the women in th e village had aeon the now styles. The regular profession then used meron- •y in a manner which would now !>© deemed •ooklesfl.' Tho patient wan given a regular purgation and dirootod to \diet\ for a few day B . Ohildrou wore strongly dosed with enstur til and rhubarb and Halts and uonna on tho iea»t provocation. Tiro Hftiuo heavy diet prevailed in many families, without chango winter and isum nor. Hcnoo on approach of tho flrat warmth f spring omnn \spring fovor\ and billouH inHS. For thiH the dootoni of tho period avo Htrong oathartie, poHHibloa \bluo IUHNH ii 11\ or ti done of \oalomol.\ Family cooking was bettor than now. 1 )ur moUion and grandmothers took a liand in it. Hroad was made at honm. Cofl'o© wa« froDhly ground ovary morning >r brunkfosl. Tho grinding of tho family >!Tt»o wan a familiar Hound of tho early orning, long «iro tbo ohildrou won H of I up. n.n«l a -l*)rahiagohiiH dliutnlrthod deaths from Huiuptlon in Vermont ono-half. Tho biiHinvHM fallureH in tho United teH hiHl wook uada ID. —Tho'hoxt (St tiounl onnantp umborod JHC, and for nd Army of th eul will bo h Hop ld in Gon. Logan will continue to be known > fumn, a tmdo-iuark haH boon granted f or Hlat-k Jaok\ chewing gum. Mrs. Hoolt HlddoiiM haii boen invited to Hiirliu to glvo dramatic rooitalH boforo tho own prince and prinonss of Germany. Tho design for thu now poHlal oardii >nUlns a fliiovignnttflor Itanjamin Krank- ii, with tho direotioiiH to tho writer in roll work. Tho hol«l propriotors of l'ortlaiul did >t Hhow th«niH«>lvon an patriotic and public • irltotl an tho olti/.otiH of that goodly oily, ivlng refiiHiMl U> contribute a cent towardH lying tlm oiputiHim of the Grand Army. E\ory iron and ntaol mill In rittnhurg id vlolnlty with ono oxooptlon i« now ling natural gwi for fuel. This will ro- duoo the consumption ut coal In that din- triot by morn than :»H,000,000 tons and argdly reduoa the number of employoH. mxu. minm nu uno JfrotlOH Of |/W)(lH, l)OW<;vur. tro atouly, large quantltiofl arriving being placed In cold storiiKo by order of M10 ownora, to bo lu.'ld for an advance. W«J uuote: Htat^», tutm, cnolco now 17<417 ,y Btato, tu»M, prltno J5(91O HiAte, tuba, medium 13^1-1 BtAto, tubs, ordinary.. \ - - \ . . . rkot LH firm for fancy grades >r Htato Factory, with a good demand. Wo quota: Htate factoryi choice «^<s>7 Btate factory. Kood Q%<4$% State factory* fair, rx&u State factory, poor ;i»»3* JJKANS-The market for Marrow, Medium and Tea Deans Is (itilet, but steady. White Kidney and Kod Kidney Beans arc dull and weak. We For 1885, tho increase is estimated at not ISH than fifty per cent, in wealth and popu- tion. Tbirty-flvo public nchool build. igs erected and ovor fifty lo bo built thin sason. Churches in a flonrinhlng con- dition. County contains thirty-three town- ships or 1200 square miles. Now in the iime to get unimproved. (as well as im- iroved) lands, bofore Dakota beoonieB a itate, at roBITIVE DAIKUINH. Wo can surprise you with prices. No nds or mortgages accepted or offered for »alo where title in not In every respect per- fect. All are personally inspected. The offered in real estate mortgages grows better oaoh yonr, and what is now aonsidered snfflcient, will bo an abundance •r double the HO in in throe or five years. Wo invite p. cnrr-roAr, EXAMINATION >f our loans, knowing that we havo never >laced a\ loan on property where the mar- gin would not satisfy the most conserva- tive Circulars, information, maps of county, descriptive lists, etc., in our re- spective lines furnished on application. For First Mortgage Loans, address— Dakota Loan and Security Company (INCORPORATED). For Keal Estate— II. K. JOHNSON, Clark, Dakota. W. 8. OUIIIORD & CO,, Agin., 1557W12 I'lattabargli, N. IT. Marrow, cholco.., MeauB, Medium, ehoioe Jfeano, I\ea cUoloo, new Heans, White Kidney, cUoIco Ho K d K Id hi c {S»l 05 1 wx^l ftr. 1 mm vo 1 . 1 , White Kidney, cUo m HoH , Ked K Idnoy, choice l 90 4 • I5(ir*8--'J'homarfcotfor ejrg.H it dull and weak, wlt-li a full mipply. Wo quoui: BUilo, clioluo, '# do?-., J'JM. tWAu ITII <t I .* Hot :y UB w tni) to make an asuoilion which tiiey can baoit with a iKmltlve tniarantee. It In all about Acker's Wood Kllxir, Thcycialm for It Hujwrlot* inortW over ail otiior roaiedlw of Its kltiil, and ifuarantoe for it a pcwIUve and nuro euro for numimuMsu*, HyphlUs, and all blood dl»- onlor». It fn«5H the skin from upoin and disoaHO, d l tho ll ioar. At* them onlor». It fn«5H the ski and loaves th eoinpl p, n from up exlon oi |W~ •'Thfct tlrod fooUng\<rom whloli you sufftsr » much, particularly In tlio morning, 1H ontjroly thrown 6rr by Hood's HarHapurlllu. S»~HMITII A LAIIOOQUH would HpeolMly rocom- niond to the Indies Acicer'n Dyaiiopsla Tablets. AH A laxative they havo no equal. They aro guaran- tood to euro chronic (JoiwttpaUon, DynpopHla, and all dtHeatto arlstng from a doraasred ntotaach. with »froe use of tho TAblotti, Hlok llcadaciie is fpBlbl o f w I was niOHt dead with heart dlffloulty, can now do a good day'H work, and Rlncoroly rooorn- rnorid Pr. dravcm' Heart ltognlatoift«tliflromedy. —Goo. ttladdlng, Hartwrofo, O. »!.(» nor bottle at your drug Htoro. f'rwj pamphlet of V. 1C ln- gallB, Oambridgo, MUHH. tr HMITU U LAROCQUH wlsU to state that they have at bint round an article they can soil on lta tnorltH. it is with pleasure thoy guarantee to the public Acker's RugllMlkHomody a» a HUro and novor-falllng pure for Asthma, CloughB, Whooping t'ough, Croup, and all Lung Troubles. It la the Mtaudard ramody lor Consumption. They havo never found ltn t»mal. I ha Don't Wan t a Docto r ! t» triedd t.lioin,, andd theyy havoo onlyy swindlede 1 H figuredd upp wnatt thoyy costt mo forr thoh t trie t.lioin an the hav onl swindl 1 Havo figure u wna tho cos m fo t ltust four yoars, It was Just $6«4.i)l. If I had It now it would bo a fortune to me. This year my bill was only ilvo dollarH, for which I purchased six bottles ot Hulphur Bitters. Tlioy cured mo of >fula after HutTorlnjj four years. P. J. CUM- i»H,Troy l N. Y. Local Notices. ;}l<\»r« out rmta, igli on Katii.^ mice, roivoiiPt r HIOM, • l«ari |*aln«. uinplrln ourn. Hard O Qtilok, comploto cure, all KMnwy, Illailtli-r and trluary DIMWKCB, H<I»1IUII«, IrrlUUon, Utuue, travel, Uatarrh of th* tllftdder. f I, DruKKlMU. Thi n People . \W«II*' H«»l(h Ite»«wor\ roatorm health and vlHor, cares UyvptipMla, Imj>oteuo«, Hmual D»- bllity. $1. \Houg h o n l'aln. \ OuroB oU()l«m, colic, orainp*, (lUrrliu-i, aohca, paliiH, apralua, lit-BdaiiliP, nnumlxltt, rliminiatlHUi. 'JOr. Uuii«li mi l'ttUi ritt»t«r«, 16o. mothnra . Ifyim arn failing, brokrn, worn out aud nervuua, Mtti \ W«ilU' UcaUli UeHflwer.\ ft . J>rti«gUt», l.lfo »»reiiprvnr. If JO»I arn Umlug yonr grip on lift\ try \WPU«' Uoiklth limuiwer.\ (htna d!r«ot to W«*k »i>otti, \ltoiii h o n IMU>«.\ Ouni 1'IIMI or lioiuorrlioicln, IlohtiiK. Protruding HU'.>nli] K , Internal or other. Internal ami Kilornal Uninoily lueaoh paukago. Hureour«, Wki. DIIIKKI«1\. Hrettr Women * lAdltta who would retain fr«*hnea« and vivacity, don't fall to try \Wolla 1 HoallU K«u«wcr.\ \Itough on Itch.\ \Koujfli oil Holi\ mir<ta huiuorw, ernutlona, ring- worm, tetter, aalt rh«utu, froat«d font, ohlllblaina. \Houg h o n Oatarrh. \ (Jorrtvta offonalvo odora at onoe. Complpt* core of mirat obronlo oas<«, al»o lunMjualod aa Rargl* for l>U>titticria, Bore Throat, Foul UrMtU. 5Oo. 1 h r Hop * o f th « Nation . Childr*n, «low in ditvitlopmanl, puny, aorawny and itp|io»(p, 11»» \ Wnlla' Health lUnewfr.\ Catarr h «f tU« Hlad4«r . H(Inning, irrtUtlun, Inflammation, all KU1n«y and Urinary oomiilaliiU, our«l by \lltiohn-I'alba.' r $1. \Watv r Uugm, Hoaohw,\ \Hough en IUU\ ol«*rt Iheiu out, also and AnU. The Great Northwest. Profitable Investments both in Real Estate and First Mortgage Loans. Excellent opportunities are now pre- sented to capitalists and investors, for high rates of interest on First Mortgage Loans, with absolutely safe improved farm secur- ity behind them. Also, bed-rook bargains offered in improved, and ©specially unim- proved deeded lands, at prices that will double and treble in the next few yearB. Those lands for sale and for mortgage security, aro gently rolling prairie in the celebrated Big Sioux and James* Itiver Valleys of DAKOTA, Mostly situated in Clark connty, from one ten miles from the OhioRgo and North- western Uailway. Country magnificent; soil unsurpassed in fertility and productive ness. Only twelve hours by rail from St. Paul and Minneapolis, and twenty-six from Chicago. Three moro railroads, Burlington, Oedar Rapids and Northern, Minneapolis St. Louis, and the Dakotu & Great Southern, surveyed through the country and to be built this season. First two roads are constructed and in running order to within eighteen miles of Clark county. COLD FACTH. Clark county was organized in 1881, t and census taken in May of ;h year. Tho rocord is as follows: 881.. 882.. 883.. 884.. 150 500 150Q MMX) .„„ . Wheat Acres Yinifi Cultlv'd J»U t e $110,(10 4riw,fioo 1 ,()0<),(KW 8,000 I 4,000 ) 20,000 25.000 ! I 75,000 110,000 ! I 125,000 I 800,000 ! Wheat Aver'g bushel ering Wl>«n' h 41 KEEP IT PURE. h« l-lfe |« th* Hlooa— Pr«v«nt »!•> «a««—Hiirfcrr lh« Laajt Howort— A T«lllnir letter. ern In a f *ot for you to thluk over, vl* : Med- l Bolonrni nraveB tli*t ( at a variety th<^y af^t p«rattv«ly Ttw WWHW .% »oiiif> Mluglft niadiclniM rt»l!©v* «r ou autte of Oimiplalntc—«oru* of them ont dlreoiljr oppo4lUi in their natu ittdtoal proparatkm auts at once upon e 1 tlveaml urinary orK»n«, siid a!eo purfffoa. tan blood, tb« list of difficultly anbject to it* control la aatonlahlng. But, while ru»ny thing* ar« aald t poaa^a* this powar, thCMe whicb actually do x<srt H ar« very rare, it la flouowlpd that DB. 1 K.NNKOT'8 F4V0KITB iKMKDy,of Itondout, N V., t* 'to molt effective rnparatlou uow Iu u»i i<< all dlMauMM sriatog ram * foul or Jmpur« « At« of the dronUtIon. [fence It la more than likely that it the writer of ha following ]«Unr had habitually tak*n \KA- OUXTK KK VtKDV\ 4«Q yean a«o, h« would never av«i auff^rod from Gano«r. I'lTrovrmi.T., UAIH., March Tl, 1884. tr. D. K<mnrrfy, ttonfltmt, N. V,: DKkM Hiic-ADout mix jpar* »«o I wa* obliged to r«*ort to extarnai traatmwnt for the r«roov»I of a •In*. My whole ayttfftu, too, r«<{alr«d toning ip. While CMtlne about for the beet medicine to o do this, your \>A V OK1TK BEMBUY\ t M so >l«bly oDimnauded In ray hewing lh»t I resolved to try It. I did ao, and the result turprlMd iu«, it wMeffeotmt ao quickly »nd ootnplctely. I toon got ovor tb« deproaaiou produoed hy th»?oper»tk>n, »od •lno« Urn ' YAVOlltTJS RBUf D7,\ which I h*v« continued to taks In email doaea, b«a kept n » la uoh bMlth and atrength an I severiudtoeiore, nor *p««ted to h»v<i. It li eh« b««| Wood purifier Iu \t> world. I »m anre of that. Your*, Ac, MATTHEW FAHRELL, Ii Adams 8tre-t. In all oanea when a'consalUtlon la deemed de- rable, Addr««»:-Dr. David Kennedy, Bondont, » . Y. Bat, If yon h*ve not «oa« «o, »dopt \1TAVOBIT1C ;KMKDV.\ as a household frieud. MALARIA. Aa an anti malarial otedlolne DA. DAVID KENNJSDY'H FAVORITE REMEDY ha* won golden oplnlom. No traveler ahoold oon- •lder hU outfit oompleto unlesa It include* a bottle at thlM medicine. It you are «po«ed to frequent changes of climate, food and water, Karoxite Remedy snould always be within jour reach. It expels ma- larial poisons, and it the bf*t preventatlY* of chills and tnalaiial fever In ttie world. It is especially of- fered as a tnutwortby tp«ctflo for Uieoure ot Kid arising fr whoauff. -SPEAE- Fashionable Hatter WHOLESALE, RETAIL. BEAUTIFUL STYLES IX STRAW&FURHATS SPEAR'S. MACKINAW, PANAMA, LEGliOBN & MIKILLA STRAW WHITE, PEARL, SMOKE. BLUE, BROWN AND BLACK FELT. Li. FRANKFIELFS Temple of Fashion! PLATTSBURGH, Iff. Y. and examine the fines Stock this side of New York City. RECTAL TROUBLES! I Sm (ur« (or PHes and other Hectal Troubles I WILL BE AT THE WITHElilLL IIOTET,, Pl,ATTHBUH«H, th e * 2i and 4th Wednesdays OF EACH MONTH, for th© purpose of treating all Hectal DiHflasea with the BBINKERHOFF SYSTEM oi treatment. -PILES:-- I WILL WARRANT a ctire, painless and without danger, no matter how long-stand- ing. Also, uloeration of the Rectum, the caune of the majority of all chronic dis- ean«« with which the hxunan family is Buf- fering, Fistula, Fissure, Praritu«,\or itoh- i piles as sometimes called. fT Examination free. Send for ciroular. W.G.POPE, M.D., Itoomov 111©, T9 . Improve Your Stock 1 R. STAVE'S PRINCE LAMBERT HORSE, By the old Daniel Lunbert, dam L<u3y Emms, will be kept for the imprcrement of stock the oom- tlme np to S o'clock e*ch Moud»y at B. Wt»ve'», l*ttaburgh. Prince l^smbert ii a n»ttiraJ trotter, tad o«n trot fa^t, although he ha« never been tnoked. I am prepared to » y that this horss'i ttock ia equal to that of any horse, either living or dead. B. BTAVB, Pittsburgh, June 19,1885. 1564 ana urer oomplatuts, CVui»tl|>*Uon and a.. uw » v arising from an Impure sUte of the blood. To WQD «.K« ...... , . the Ilia peculiar to their »Sf*VsS!!«!ft»i!« the pouliar to thelr 'aroiite Remedy It oonjitantljrproving itself an or fir. n KennedyTBondoul. N. Y. «i bottlo, ff fl.I>y»Udnj4Tfist«. „ NEW LAW BOOKS FOB— IIUS1NESS MEN, CONSTABLES AND EXECTJTOKS. MuOALL'S OLBHK'B AHSIHTA8T. Fourth Kdl- oa. Thoroughly revlied aud adapted to thn New Jode. \Xh« Clerk's Atslstant,\ containing a large tarlrly of Lnatal Forms nud Inatrumfuta, adapted u>t only to (Joubty and Towu Offloers, but to tho want*\>f Prof«s»ii>naland ltnstueas Men thronghout .he Uiitted fttatet; having particular reference to the Middle, Eastern aud Western Htetes. By Uenry I. MOOAM.. Fourth edition, prlow $H.6O. M0OALIV8 OONSTABLK'H UDIDH. Fourth Kdl- lon. Being a oonolse Treaties on the I'owerB and Duties of Oonsiable* iu the SUte of New York, to vbiub, la added an appendix containing moat of the tactical forniH to bt> used by them la their several utles. BOUBII in h*w Bbeep, 13mo, aa* page«. rioe, 13.00. . MuOLaWNAN'B EXKOIlTfttt'H GUIDE. Third edition. A oomplete lnanunl for Kxeoutors, Ad- ministrators and (iuardianit, with a full exposition nf their Uights, DutiM, Frlvlleaes aud LtabilUles, and of the night* of Widows Iu the Personal Estate. Uy Kobt. H. MeOleuuon. former Surrogate of UnnssehMr County. Uoiuul Iu Law Sheep, l'imo, U60 pages. Vrioe, f'J.(K). Kithnr of above will be delivered, prepaid, on re- neipt of price. Address, WILLIAM GOULD, an., & OO , IBM w*sr IAW Publiahera, 68 State St., Albany L his desirtfble ntook ofD y Us and Orooerlst a bargain, to close at OBO«. Any one wishing to itep into a gtKKf paying business and make money 'rouj the start, Jplease spi>l>, I xamax bnalnes '• * P DIO d make mon I xamax bnalness. P. DIOKIUiON, MSJOB. H X 8 PER CENT. AND— 9 PER CENT. NET. Interest Payable Annually <£ Colleeted Fru. Secured by first mortgages on best farming lands. Correspondence solicited, inferences for- nlshed. Inquire of vv. c. WATSON, Plattaborgn, &.Y. Addrewi- . ALBERT O. BARNEW, 1MB Drrii.'s LAKB, DAKOTA. Mrs. F.S.PATTRIDGE, w, ISHC!« TO ANMOCnvCR TO i f EB many friends and customers that she has re- oe'ved a fine assortment of Millinery Goods! WHICH 8HB OFFIBH AT The Very Lowest Figure. tVGaite m VTork neatly and premptly done, any thanks for past patronage and hoping for outinnanoe, • Bespeotfmly, MliH. F. S. PATTKIDOE. 14 Castom Uonse Square, Pittsburgh. IBM Freedom of Trade. A Franchise, says Webster's Dictionary, is a priyilege granted by a sovereign to an individual. Not every fran- chise is valuable, even though the right to govern absolutely, tax without limit, and collect the utmost farthing of revenue is granted. Out of the many hundred thousand of Milliners and Merchants in the. United States to whom our goyern- ment has granted the privilege of conducting business under its protection, how many there are who find it difficult to make it yield to them the necessary revenue. It is true that even a comparatively small business is a franchise. That the public, month after month, willingly brings in its tribute and surrenders it to the merchant for a consideration. From the money that is passing through his hands, he is expected to receive the revenue that he requires to be honest first and generous afterwards. How can an unproductive business franchise be managed so as to yield a satisfactory result ? By being persistent ad- 4 vocates of close profits, and recognizing that there are mutual obligations resting upon Buyer and Seller, and of a nature that precludes the one taking, an undue or unwarranted ad- vantage over another, even under favoring circumstances, es- pecially have we found this so with our Wholesale trade, where we are dealing with Milliners and Merchants who hare a practical knowledge of goods; their experience convinces them that such a policy is uniformly adopted, and in a very s short time they become our Business friends. A great many begin as Milliners and Merchants and end as nobody in particular, by adopting that old delusive system of sending away ior goods (for appearance sake) that can be bought cheaper of us at home, and neglect that great ad- ' vantage of a close buyer, who believes in making the bulk of his profits in purchases. Milliners, whose aspirations are bent on success, must buy whereithey can get the best value and most SALABLB goods at the least money, avoiding agents and fancy jobbing * houses, who, with their great expenses cannot do business without considerable EXTRA* percentage, thus taking from the retailer & profit that would otherwise fall into their own money drawer; this is a DUTY you owe to yourself and cus- * tomers; toget well posted what to buy is one-half your duty, to buy where you can find the most desirable goods, at the LEAST EXPENSE to yourself and customers is the other half. In buying at our establishment (at our weE-known.ex-;, remely low prices) and who are familiar with what can used in this section, WHOLESALE buyers will avoid the fat mistake of selecting undesirable or unsalable or over-expen- * sive goods, which ruin so many well-meaning Milliners and Merchants. It is with no little pride that we point to JOUST doings of the past—our immense trade—our remarkable^ prices—and we intend that our reputation shall suffer no V? eclipse, and our friendly advice to you will be amply repaid by your reciprocal friendship for us. T HE INVENTO R O F THE NK W England Hand Wood 8Awing Machine wishes some one with ready cash would take hold with the proprietor end increase the manufacture of theee machines to supply the demand. This machine has been improved In the hut ye*r and la new got to perfection, and the proprietor challenges the world to produce a haud-maehiae that will oompete with them sawing logs or cord-wood. This machine is all iron. Direct Box 23, KUJCNBDBOH CENTRE, N. Y. NorioKla hereby given in conformity to order of the oierk of Clinton County and ttie provision of Title L, cnap, 4, part 2, of tHe revised statute**, relating to limited p&rtncnsuipg,that tl ~ terms of the partnership formed byandDetwet- Julia H. NlohoLs and Ross Nlohola and Kmma C, NloliolH, creating a limited partnership, the capital stock wneroor is stipulated at flsi.OOO, to which has been contributed by Kmma C. Nichols, $4.oco m catdi, tho business to be conducted being a retail and wholesale grocery business with other general merchandise. Place of business Plattsburgh, N. Y., terms 5 years from May 11, l£85, j ulla K. Ntcnols and Koaa Nlcnols being the general partners, Emma C. Nichols special part- ner. KOSB Nichols, Julia It. Nichols, EmmaC. Nichols. J. J. FITZPATRICK, MEAT MARKET, GEOOEBIES and PROVISIONS, No. 55 Bridge St., Plattsbnrgh. g..r BAST 8IDB OF TH1 K1VKB. II Of' IMIIC N FODOK K C'OKN, FttEHU GROUND Nova Scotia Plaster, FOK 8AL B B Y 1565 NICHOL 8 «fe CO. NICHOLS!^ Every New Style Fine Straw Hats, 25c—elsewhere 40c. Every New Style Imported Straw Hats, G60.—elsewhere 90c. An Immense Stock Trimmed Hats from 50o. to $10. Flowers and Feathers, as usual, will be our greatest attraction. Every shape Hats and Bonnet Frames, lOo. MOURNING -:- OUTFITS -:• IN -:- ENGLISH -:- CRAPE For Hats, Bonnet* and Veils shall be again our main attraction*. Every new shade of Jouvin's celebrated Kid Gloves. Every standard style of Corset. Keal Hair Switches, Our la, Puffs and Frizzes. Beramann's celebrated Berlin Zeyphr, 8o. an ounoe. 1500 pieces Ktbbona in all shades—great bargains. Every desirable size of Motto and Photo Frames. An endless variety of Fancy Goods and Notions. • Cashmere Shawls, Parasols, Fans, and ev»ry style of Lao«a. Infante' Cloaks, Dresses, Shawls and Underwear. BLACK and MOURNING DRESS GOODS, CRAPES, SILKS, SHAWLS ANT> CLOAKS, Will Always be Our Specialty. ii-B New Goods added as soon as they are introduced into the market, and every effort made to make our assort- ment unsurpassed. W* ABB B I MANX TIMBS THE IJABOKST BUTKBS IH THIS SECTION. TH B MMJCTX WVTWM WUM DVANTAOB IH PRICKS THAT OTBSB8 DO NOT CUTT. Wi BUT KIOIiOSmtXT 1\O» OASH. OAMM A FOBCHBLB ABOUMBNT IN UOTINQ, AND OUB CT/STOMEHS 8HABB THB ADVASTAQ«S OF CW» )H»AP PUBCHA8B8. THK NUMBBOTJ8 BXrBBSSIONS OF BA.IDMTACTION AND PLKASTJJW OH THX PA*T 01* af t ATBONS XTINOB THE OBKBBAIi AFPMCIATION OF MT LABOBS, AJT0 BKS O QTJTDBB B » TMM 'BIKOIPLB THAT MT IHTBaWJTS AB * THB ItfTSBESTS O f MX OPSTOMBBS, I »AM THIS OWOB - TUWTT O» TBANKtHQ THMC kOUOX tO% PBBVIOUS OtTSTOst, kWD BBMAIN L.

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