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Pittsburgh Sentinel ft. W . l,A?VSI!V«i . FRIDAY MOKNING, JULY 3, 1885. Reforming the CITII Service. «\r««lrfent tJlevtland'* I'lan Unfolded. On Saturday of lft«t wook l'mnidnnt Cleveland gave to the world bin plan for •reforming tbo civil norvloo of Now York. Vimt, by filling tho Rroat and roapon- •jribL office of Collector of tho Port of Now York with an obficuro and nnmiccofisful merchant named Heddon, who has no bn«inoRH reputation, no experience in pub- lic lifts, and no known qualification for tho office. Second, by removing, in tho middle of bin term, the old and experienced Bnrvoyor of the Port of Now York, Mr. Benedict, wtoo has attained his poftition through tho &low process of promotion under tho civil service regulations, and fill ing h'w pkoo with a political hi»)gor-on, named Boattio, who iR oven more obnouro than Heddon, Ji*fl no bnfiineRH ropntation, and no know- ledge of the duties of tho office. Third, the removal in the middle of bin term, of tho gallant disabled soldier, Gen- 4t>n\ Graham, the oxoollont naval oflicor of lite Port of New York, in order to make a place for Colonel Bart, a civil service *'* 'reformer!\ The broad grounds on which tho Prom- <dont makeri theso roforms are a.? 1 follows •. Among the largo number of applicant* for th« place of Collector of tho Port of New York, was Herbert O. Thompson, the boBB *>t tho New York county Democracy, Cleve- land's and Manning's most intimate sup- jportor and friend. Thompsona political *\ud official record is of »uch an odious character, and hau imoh ft Tweedy smell, ih*l it would never do to appoint him, and so he was allowed to dosignatoa substitute, and named Mr. Hodden. By this simple arrangement- Mr, Thompson, for all po- litical purposes, became Collector of Now York, while Hoddon acts lut the figure bead. In order to mako the reform complete, the Secretary of tho Now York political faction controlled by Mr. Thompson, Mr. Beattie, is made Surveyor of tho Port. €olonel Hurt, a ronegade KopublicaD, tawing always shown his devotion to civil aorvioo reform in a manner calculated to keep hiraaolf in office, supported Cleveland sand Hendrioks last fall, and tho naval de- partment !s now reformed in order to recognize tho mugwump olemont. Snob, in brief is Mr. Cleveland's compro- benHive plan of civil aervico reform, origi- nal in its ooncoption, and tho product of Manning's and Lament's best efforts to Se- cure tho control of the coming Now York State Democratic Convention. True, theso changes, at leant two of them, -jure in direct violation of tho civil norvioe regulations, and of the teachings of Goo. William Ourtin »nd Col. Bart. They are *feo in direct oonfllct with Cleveland'* let- tet to the mugwumps. But what of that ? Necessity known no law! Sooner or later iho hypocritical mask must bo thrown off, «nd the administration must fled its levol, and this is as good a time as any! Wo might add that there in wide-sproad UiRguat anaon^ tho Democrats in Clinton oounty over tho appointment of Collector, «M tt was conildontly bolioved that tho ap- pointment would bo given to Hon. Win. K. Hmith, of Plattsburgh. But thin in none of our btuinoHH! Political Topic*. - Tho Now York ,S'M» is urging Henator KvartH to run for <!overnor of thi.s Htato this fall. —Gov. Hoadloy says ho will not be tbo democratic candidate! for governor of Oluo at the oouiiug oleotion. —Ohairman Jamos C Warren of tho wtato committee through tho columns of bin paper, tho Buffalo (hmimn-eial, favors holding the Kopublican Btato convention after tho Democratic. — E. JJ. Hoddon, tho nowly appointed collector of Iho port of New York, and II. « . Beattio, Iho now surveyor, called upon 4ho Prentaent on Monday. Mr. Hoddon look poHsewsion of his oflloo Wednesday. —A committoo representing Tammany Hall waited on the President on Monday *nd urged that that organization bo rocog- mized in the appointment of either United ftUton marshal or tho district attorney for Now York city. —A soniowlmt dittgUHtcd Democrat in quoted an saying, when askod what ho thought of Prosidont GNmilund : \llo re- mind* mo of MoOlollan'H term aw governor <»f Now JorHey. MoOInllan wont In by a Koiall majority, but h« wont out unani- mous.\- MtHH<-<tjH>liM Trihuiu. Tho ordor iwmml by Ponlmantor Gonornl VilaH prohibiting loalhig in fourth-olaHS Iiutdofllooa is about »H absurd an anything this admlntHtratlon ban dono. It HIIOWH oluurly (inoiiRh that VIIHN IIOH novt-r viiiitad any croHsroud/i ufflonii in tbo buckwoodii, vrhoro tho ptiHtoflloo is gonomlly run in oMiinootiou with a oountry nloro, and whoro Urn old rarinorH gath.-r in tbo ovoning to swap romedioH for fool-rot in iih«u|>, and compare tho dinioiiHioiiH of their pri/.o dtors, and talk about th<» uiiort crop of corn over on Dutch ridgo. Vllaa uliould oxtaml biM aoquaintancu with tho mum of our ]Kintal institution. l'hiia,l<ijih{<i I'/rna. The Ntrwt Car liloi In Chicago. ,\ flK»l* of I,(MMI l.«<l l»y Ntrlkvrm. Tbo «tr««t oar oondunti>r'»i utriko on tho 1 .Votit Divinion ctilinliinlod o n Wmlnonduy ur n attempt to run Uinoarn iindor guardn. A tuvliof four or IIvo thni»ij»i»d attadkod Urn urn at JofTorHon »lrml, following thorn up iuin.m and HuUUwd utriwlii, liurllii K beor k#'gn. »it<.m«n nml brlnkn at tho oarH, iimanh- m g tint win.lowB. At Ann Ml.ro«t thn mrnworn wrnokod and from Mm traok. Many polinomen •worn injured, but t\m milim ronorvo foroo van llnally niRim^d and thu riot <|u«lli>d I inf. bunlnrwii on thn ilivinlou In entirely fiu«j>oniln<l at proBnnt. ami It is not know what mniwo tho c.ompiuiy will purnuo. r Tlifl d#oroMut of tho publlo debt during tho mouth o«Jun« was fH,W»:»,l«»3.7fi; 4eor»a«« of tylflobt nlnno Jau« 3», ••fO3.4M.708. The Trial of Y«enlt Dudley. Tho trial of MM. Lnoelle Yfleult Dudley, the Englifth woman, for shooting Jeremiah O'Donovan KciRSft in February last wan begun in New York cii Monday. The court-room wan crowd.>d to it* ntrnoat capacity. O'Donovan ltotwi WHS tho first witness called by tho prosecution. During the taking of hi* testimony Mrs. Dudley mado reinarkR of Room and sarcasm against KofiBa and an O'Donovan stepped down from the witue«H Btand he paBsed the prisoner on hi8 way to the door and MTH. Dudley nhouted in his faoo \Down with tho dynamiters! ftod savo tho Queen!\ and then added tauntingly \Don't kill mo, for Uod'sBako.\ On Tuesday Roveral witneRHOfl testified that they bolioved Mrs. Dudley to bo in- flane. Dr. MucDonald, Huporiutendent for tho inaano on Ward'n Island, tefltifled that ho wan convinced that she was Buffer- ing from ohronio mania. Mr«. Dudley inBisted on taking the stand to prove that «ho ifl'sano and finally wan allowed to do HO. ACQTJITTKI) ON THE GROUND OF INSANITY. The fury were only in connultation about fivo minntos when they retnrned a verdict of not guilty on the ground of insanity. A motion was made to.Rend Miss Dudley to an asylum, which her eonniel opposed. Tho latter asked that their client bo per- mitted to return to her native country and >o placed in an institution there. The oourt listened to argamontft on this motion Thursday. Washington Topics. The prcHident has nuflponded Horatio 0. Burolmrd, of Illinoir,, as director of the Philadelphia mint and appointed James B. Kimball of Pennsylvania in his Btoad. Gen. Hftzen, chief signal offlcor, haa issued an order extending to a day and a half in advance the weather predictions which now only cover a day. Th© chango took effect July 1. —-The work of plaoing lightning rods on the roof of tho Washington monument has been completed. It i« thought all danger to tho monnraont, from lightning, will now bo Rvorted. -Tho Proftidout on Monday appointed William D. ltobituion to be supervising inspector of steam vessels for tho ninth district, which includes Buffalo, Cleveland, Oawego and Burlington, Vt. —The President on Saturday mado the following appointments: Edward L. lled- den, collector of customs for the district of Now York; Hang 8. Boattio, surveyor of customs in the district of Now York; Btlas W. Bart, naval offloer of customs in the district of Now York. State Board of Health. Among tho many eommunioaUons re- oontly received by tho Htato Board of Health wan tho following from tho health ser of Alton*, Clinton county, whioh speaks for ltnolf: 'I write in regard to what coarse we should take to prevent infection of small- pox from Montreal. Wo are located forty-five miles from that oity and six miles from tho Canada line. During June, July and August, we are in constant communi- cation with Montreal by means of a con-' ntant influx of the lower classes, who an- nually oome hereto pick huckleberries and market them i s that city. I most respect- fully bog of you .to point out the proper course for us to take, for should the small- pox reach here now, it wonld be convoyed to a large portion of Northern Now York and Vormont, owing to the heavy traffic.\ n answer wan gont advising immediate vaccination of all »unoeptihlo persons, and a rigid examination of all persons arriving t» Montreal. The KtateBoard offora all tho a*i*intatico in their power should an emergency nriao. From tho ICHWX <:o. KnpuMloan. The So nut or Jiil ^UOHUOII. AH is woll known a considerable number >f gentlemen In Essex County are mentlon- (1 as oandlateit for the nomination of State Senator from this district. Wo havo already named two who from our personal knowledge will be prevented by thoir friends for the nomination, and we take pleasuro in adding the name of K. C. Kel- logg, Esq., of Elizabothtown. We think wo can safoly say that Mr. Kollogg has the .niveraal esteem of tho Kopubucans of KHHOX Oounty, and a clean record both oflioially and politically. Skipped with a Little $200,<HH). k < lilrttKo Man Who JfltulA a HI it Mhow In the l»ry <Jood* HUN1II«NM at JJ, 8. Smith went to Omaha from Ohioago a fow monthw ago with several thousand dollarH, which he had made on the Chicago board of trade, and started a dry goods store. Ho hired fifty olerku, advertised extensively, gave concerts in tho Htore, ran excursion trains, etc., and sold goods at tmutmally low prices. Monday morn- ing a stranger named Colo took possession of tho storo m asslgnoo, ami it was announc- ed that Hinltli had lied. It is presumed he luiH gone to Oanada and has (.ikon #200,001) Vloiv ca«h with him. Tho oreditors arrived thore on Hutu r< lay morning to olono Hmith UP, but ho stolo a march on them. \iu liabilitioH uro said to bo flUfiO.OOO. Ilyn. nite In a Suiictii An Attempt <<» mow % \» n n lUlttor. An \Infernal\ machine of uruthor oluinsy liattern was n<ml by niitll to 1-. hum Hmith, publiMhor of tho Agvnta* HtmtW, at l'hila- ilolphhi, on Monday. It \nvn a wooden box about llvo inclioH t--<|uaru nnd threo iiirhen high. Tin. wordH ••privnto\ on tho lid or tho box urounori Mr. Hmith's mispio- Ion. lie oprned tho box cautiously and found a forty-four calibre brooch loading doringor IIIHUIO. It was loaded and cooked. A pioco of copper wires WIIH attnehod to tho trigger and fastened to tho lid of tho box, but iu mien n way that the opening of tho boi could not ponslldy havo discharged tho j>istol. Tho postal aulhoiitioH nro in voidigating tho matter. Enlarging tho Krl« < uiml. Governor Hoymour will wriUs a \ letter in a fow day« advocating tho printlon by thontato of onough money argo and Imj.rovo tho condition of nalM NO iut to moroiutti thoir capacity fold. Ho will UIHO, if IIIM health tH, attend a state convention to or n a movement for the Improvement canals. The mooting will probably d in I'tloa August k publ.c of th bo In 1i« Voli ic, mi a w iiaiiJmou Of Illtl I*«)O|»1«. ilo, iH-Moiii inukn inlHlakui'i, loUir* of pralso wliloli roinCH .._ n iiHOd H«MVH HarwMiarllln, claims or the nroyrltttonj of tills indeed. MIOHO vory cJalinn aro u what i.lie people Hny Hood's rtono. Heud to C. J. Hood fc i'o. t • txwic contnlnlng ntnuunonlfl of EDWARD L HEDDEN. The New Collector of the Port of New York. \His life has been uneventful, and pos- sesses no extraordinary features of in- terest. '' — fiioffrapher. Karb-Wire Fence. I Communicated j Fences mado of wire aro of recent origin. Round wire and barbed wire are used for fencing. A fArmor is not required by law to mako or mail, tain any fonoe along tho highway; but if he makes a barb-wire fenoe npon his own land, along a public high- way, ho has a light to do no; and if ani- mals run into that fonoo and got scratched, it in thoir |fault, and no damages can be recovered. But When barbed wjro in us««d to makeTi division fouco between adjoining ownera of real estate, there nhonld bo a board in tho fence to notify ctUUs and borsen of the ex- istence of a fonco, else they may run or bo driven into and npon tho barb-wire, and be more or less damaged. By statute, th© people of oaoh town In the ntate have authority to make mien and regulation!} for Ascertaining the guffioionoy of all fences in town. This law was passed In 1B23, and stands unchanged at thin day. There were no barhod wire fences in those dayn. Feneea wore made of nails and boards and poats, and the resolution of the town declared the height of nuoh fences to be of some stated height in feet, as usually four and a half or five feet high. We are not aware that any town In this county or state ban authorized a wire fenoe to be made an a division fence, or mado any role or regulation declaring tho nuf- floienoy of snoh a fence. , \:.;7 There should be one board the whole length of every wire'fenoe at the top, or next to the top, to notify animals of the fenoe. If Rome -precaution of thin kind is not adopted/n a division fenoe, and animals ire, injured by the barb-wire, it is difficult o soo why the owner of the fence is not liablo for damages to cattle and Jjorses on the other side. A barb-wire fence without a board in it, in no fair play to animals in an adjoining pasture. A. B. Marvelous Escape of a Boy Who Beached for m» Falling Hat. Saturday afternoon while a Delaware and | Hudson passenger train was approaching Gannovoort, Saratoga oounty, at the rate of 45 milon an hour, a gust of wind blew the straw hat from the head of a 12-yoar-old boy who wan standing on tho platform of one of the ooaohun. The lad threw up both hands, attempted to catch tho hat, and foil off tho platform. Ho clutched the rod attached to tbo bottom step with one kfind an ho foil, ilo loosened his grip after being dragged through tho gravel neveral feet. The train wan stopped and backed up toward where the boy had fallen. All who witnessed thn accident thought he had boen killed; but HH tho train rounded a ourve, the J»d was no«n running toward the train with bin hat in his hand. Aside from a fow brninon he wan uninjured. Battle with the Indiana. An engagement between the Apaoho In- dians and the TT. S. troopn under Liout. Davis took place on Thurnday of last week, thirty milen southeast of Frontoros, Ariz. Sixteen Indlann were killed and 11 ftoon to twenty taken prisoners. The lows of tho s not Htated. (Jen. Grant'* Condition. MOUNT MAOGUEOOII, July 1. Dnring the forenoon Gen. Grant brightoned, as though he had had enough of sleep. Be- fore lunch he had.omployed fully an honr in writing matter which will beoomo a part of his book. There la no truth In the sto- ry that the general's jugular vein is affected. —Tho President baa dooidod on the ap- pointmontof William Dorehelmer to bo United States attorney for tho southern district of New York, rice Ellhu Root, re- signed, and of Martin J. McMahon, to be Unitod States marshal for tho same district, vicr Joel B. Krhardt. —Adolph Sprooklos has boon acquitted of tho charge of assaulting with intent to. murder W. II. DaYoung, proprietor of tho Han Frauoinoo (//ironich. ~ \Thoro In nothing liko Dr. Thomas' IColec- il tO(|Ulokly euro a colt) or rollove lioaruo- ru-HH.\ Written by Mm. M. J. KcllowH, Burr Oak, Ml. joiwnh Co., Mich. if your neighborhood In damp and marshy, ;ttltlH and Kovor prevail, uao NloholH'Uark ron; 1(, 1B a nuvor-fRlltitK antidote to all spheric or Malarial 1'OIMOIIH, and mat one bo name tlmo a corrective, stimulant and • -«•»•- -- • — I llnvi) Alwavi Vnld H«a t ! For a houHo to llvo In. Thta year I havo half paid for a ixittnir\ with money which, bo rare I wd Hiilphur IHtUi I fmil ws p loci or and the money whih, b my family, was paid to th wlnt They cured my wtfo o IHtUrn n my famy , p o t d the druwlnt. They cured my wtfo of —W. K. HAMi'KON.Bftlom, Masw, When liftby WM ntok, wo guvc hor C When aho WM •> Child, nhe> odml for Cantoris, When nhn btso&uio MIM, ah* < luug t*> C»ak>rl», Wiion aho hu\ Chlhireu, ahe g»vo thom Caeturia, twr \Fur Huperlor to iho CaHlilonatilo and Mu- ni ve urci.aratiOiiH of Xmt, Wluo, and Iron,\ HtiyH irofiHBor K. W. Uunt, M. 1>., Honorary Momber lmnorlal Medical Society or Ht. r«tcr«burg, ltuu- Rln, etc., etc,, ot the LH>blg Co.'n ixwa Jieof Tonic. It will construct tho utust BhaltvrtHl and onf«ob> iod, r^invlKorate Uie agtxl and Infirm, and buitd up mckly cliiUroit. Invatuablo in fcnialo oom- plAlklH, removing lrrt«ularlLy, paint, and ox- ImunUon. i,MiirtM rt«u<M*« children and Infants. Htrotigthous woak ncrvm. LIME BAKINB POWDERS. Why the\ Royal M is Absolutely Pure. Analysis shows the presence of Tartrate of Lime in sev- eral brands of Baking Powder placed upon the market: \ CLEVELAND'S'' baking powder contains tartrate of lime. \ H ANFORD'S \ baking powder contains tartrate of lime. \TIP TOP \ baking powder contains tartrate of lime. \ HECKER'S \ baking powder contains tartrate of lime. \ DE LAND'S \ baking powder contains tartrate of lime. \ GILLET'S \ baking powder contai^is tartrate of lime. All BULK baking powders contain tartrate of lime. The presence of this substance in the above-named Baking Powders results from the use of inferior Cream of Tartar in their manufacture. The Cream of Tartar of the market, from which they are made, contains Tartrate of Lime in amounts varying from six to twenty per cent, and hence these powders contain this impurity as a foreign sub- stance .to a corresponding extent, which is of no value, but a positive detriment in any powder in which it is found. NO LIME IN ROYAL BAKING POWDER. The Royal Baking Powder is made from Cream of Tartar specially refined and prepared for its use by patent processes by which the Tartrate of Lime is totally elimi- nated. This highly important result has been attained only with great care, labor, and expense. In money alone a quartejr %f a million dollars has been invested in patents, machinery, and appliances by wKich the. crude Cream of Tartar, being procured direct from the wine districts of Europe and subjected in this country to these exclusive processes, i» rendered entirely free, not only from the ob- jectionable Tartrate of Lime, but from other foreign sub- stances. This adds greatly to the cost of manufacturing Royal Baking Powder; but, as all its other ingredients are se- lected and prepared with the same precise care, and regard- less of labor or expense, an article is produced that is entirely free from any extraneous substance, and chemically pure in all respects. No lime, earth, alum, or impurity of any kind can, by inadvertence or by the use of adulterated articles or other- wise, be introduced into the \Royal and it contains no ingredients except those certified by the most eminent chem- ists necessary to .make a pure, wholesome, and perfect Bak- ing Powder. It \costs more to manufacture the lloyal Baking Powder than any other, but it is, as shown by chemical analysis, the only u absolutely pure \ Baking Powder made. New Advertisements. New Advertisements. OAlt U O F B A UI1 ! U«illB| \Jt *IIW *jr\fm*\* *JM »«Jt\J»»»H till BSMi* town of l'lmtui)tir«h, will be hrtd la Hall, on TTJE8DAV, the 7th dmf ot Jaly n A mrKing of the Board of Kxciaa in aod for th hrld la ttw Towi , ... , _ / o t Jalynmt,atone 'olook *•. u. MEDllOK DABBAII, Ohainaan. Juno atttb, ISM. 1U8 EDWARD COLLfiGIITE INSTITUTE. Olaaa of'\!»\ nnmb«ni Si Viva graduatinga oonrsM. >r«tHur«a for all Oolleg««.forBtuln«M, for TMcbing, ir for Liffl. Hpeoiai racea to two or more. Baporb tow feuitdJnit*, atewn heated. Mtmlo, Art, Oratory, rour Literary 8oot»tlM. Addrea«, JOS. K. KINO, D. D.. lM7wiar Fort Edward, N.T. 1188 to $307 p«r yea itdiM and (itrntlfnoo. Vva gradu r«a for all Oolleg««.forBtuln«M, Liffl Hpeoiai racea to two or m CELERY PUNTS FOR 8ALE AT SMITH & LAROCQUE'S CITY P1IAEMA0 Y, PLATTSBURQH J N. Y. Mrs. H. N. WARD, KAMUVAOTUBKB i Human - Hair - Goods! R No. 100 raargaret St., i*l«tuburfrli, Thrte Doori North <\f Co. CUrVa Office. BSPKOTFULIiY ANNOUNOK8 TO THE LA of PlattaWirgh and vicinity that she »tlll nuuiiM to mannfaoturekUktndaof Uieful, F» __i<J Ornamental H»tr Work, Hair Jewelry, etc. _ full line of Bwltcne* oonatontly on hand. Wlgt of all abad*i made to order. WT The ladtea #re invited to call and examli work. 1607 Spot Cash Store, SOHUYLBR FALLS, OPENED FOR BUSINESS S13LY 1st, 18H5. \Will Bell goods strictly for Cash. No credit! FRUHK E. EVEREST. 4 Uesirable (oanlry Place FOR SALE- T HE B4ILEY HOME8TISAD, 8ITDATKD IN Pi.&TrsuiTAUH. about half a mile from the buai- MS part of the village. ' It oonUias about 86 aoren of highly onltlvated ground, more than half of which ia covered with Apple Orchards and other Fruit Trees, besides hav- ' itf ornamental TroesJShruut, Flowers, Btrawberry Mi, and several rig Tree* iu full bearing. On the place is the family residence, built Iu stone,, audn ap- tiri)»olie4 by \ \* \\*\ * aoe, built In a llu«d with t a p A farm fi od. queduct fine r roomunder the iarae roof, and cellar There la alio a large barn and aheda attaobod. The plaue la furnUhed with the clear aq water that auppliea the Tillage. It would bo a moat desirable place for a family wi«htng a healthy oountry hom», with every oon- vetitAura around The owner, JOBS W. BAIL1SY, will be glad to ahow the place, or oonmuntoaU wiO» any one wleh- tng to purohaVe. Ul« addreM ia PLATTUIUBOB, Clinton Oounty, N.Y. In CM* of umpor»ryab»anee of Mr. Bailey, the foreman, Mr. K. Morrieon, will «how the prwolWM Important to W Af^TUO.—LiTeOauTaseers in «veryconntT in the United States to sell FOX'8 PATENT BBVIB84BL1I BAD UEON, which oombinea two. 8*a Irons, Polisher, Fluter, Ho., one iron doing the work of an entire set of ordinary irona. Isaelf- heatioa by gta or alcohol lamp. 19OB9 A WA V WITH MOT KtTVHGNt) . Price moder- ate, A Urge end lasting laoome insured to good Address, f OT cironhiw, *o., FOX SAD IEOS 00., 9S Bee4e St., N.T. O PLAI N UAIL.ROA1»« oa and after Monday, Jane 39th, trains will run M follows: Mov»f« wwrr. HAIL.—Leave Bouses Point 7:06 A. H.. Ohamplain 7:1S, Pern's Mills 7:13, Mooera Junction 7:33, Mooers Fork* 7:tl. Wood's Falls 7:48, Alton* 7:56, Iron* 8:01, Forest 8:07, Ellenbargh 8:18, Clinton Mills 8:38, Ohernbntco B:3fl, Ohat«an«»y 8:N, Malone 9:30, ar- riving at Ogdenatrarg at 11:30. EXPBESS.—Leave Bouses Point 8:30 P. H., Obam- plaln 8:30, Mooera Junction 8:48, Mooen Forks 8:58, Wood's Falla 1:89. Altona »:0S, Irona 9:11, Forest ft:17,*£Uenburgh »:23, Clinton Mills D:3«, Oherubus- eo 9:a, Ohateaugay 9:58, M^lone 10:U, arriving at Ogdenaburg 18:*. KOV1VO BUT . KXPBMB —Leave Ogdeoaborg C.-00 A. M,, Katone 7:08, Ohateaugay 8:31, Oherubusoo 8:30, Clinton MUla 8c40, SUenborgh 8:63. Forest 8:57, Iron* f^3, Alton* 0.-07, Wood's Vatts 9;1S, Mooen Forks 9:18, Mooen Junction 9:25, CbampUin 9:43, arriving at BOUMW Point 9:65, MAit,.-l>ave Ogdestburg 9:00 p. M.. Kaione 5:00, Ohal«augay 6:34, Onembusoo 5:40, Clinton Mills 5:45, KllenborgB 6:58, Forest «:08, Iron* 6.-08, Altona «:14, Wood's F*Us 0:30, Mooers Forks 6:96, Mooere Junc- tion 6:33, Ohamplaln 6:50, arriving Bouses Point at Books and Stationery, A. M. WARREN, Wiiolesale & Retail Booiseller. STATIONER And TVe^vsciealer. Miscellaneous Books, School Books,\ School Supplies, Blank Books, Memorandum and Pa8H Books, Letter Copying Books, Note Books, Receipt Books, Drafts, Tracing Paper and Linen, Inks of all kinds. AHYTHING AND EVERYTHING VSUTAININU TO A First-ol^BB Book& Stationery Store At Publishers' And n«nuf«c« turen* Frlo««. PLATTSBUaaH, N. I. NEW STORE I TREMBLAY & FISK. GRAND SPRING OPENING, WITH COUNTLESS ADDED ATTTRACTIONS GOM|ENCINI} WMESDAX AM M 1885. Reader^ you are cordially invited to attend the GRAND DISPLAY ftp VFV SPRING GOODS, and examine the special bargains in eachlnd every DeDarLeS Dry Goods, Carpets and Oil Cloths, Silk and Dress Goods. ^ uepartMent- The past two weeks we have received a very large stock, for the following stnrxmd OTJS bargains, at prices still mofe popular. A lull assortment of all kinds of deairablft goods at very low figures. Below we quote a few prices: <m-utm Rich French Vlalds, all Wool, 44 Inches wide, at 60c, worth «.oo. Fine Wool Checks, 38 Inches wide, 25c., regular price 50c. • 20 pieces Satin Berber, all shades, from 50c toff.OO. 15 \ Alhatros Cloths, from 50c. up. 30 \ Doable width Cashmere, all colors, 22,vc. 25 \ Broc de Cashmere, all colors, 15c. 50 \ Fine 8erge, new shades, 8c., worth l&e. 80 \ Single width Cashmere, new shade, it#c. One case of Fancy Shirting at 6c. per yard. Black and Colored|Cashmere, 25c., 30c, 47#e.,p#c , 75c. and $1.00. BL&.CK DRESS GOODS AND VELVETS, to ggf ™^m«» ^t ^d including Bannockhurn, QoadrlUe, Black and Colored SlUcs, 75c., $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00—every yard A large assortoent^f Hosiery, Gloves,' Fancy Trlmmlng^rald, BradeoS tenUl ' PRINTS AND GING&AMS. 1 case Good Prints, ic. ' i case Good Prints 5c lease Best PrtDt8,fio. ; l case Ginghams, 5cT' 1 case Best Apron Checks, 8c. . i case Figured Lawns, 5c. and flc. HOUSEKEEPING G<|oDS. Good Brown Cotton, 4c, 6c., 6c., and 7c. ' Bleached Brown cotton, 6c., 7c, 8c, and 9c. 50 dozen Pure Linen Towels, 22x40,12#c wort! 25c. 10 pieces Turkey Red Damask, 25—warranted fist c«lor. Full stock of Black and Colored Cashmere Sha*ls. Wo invite ^^rt^^°™ *£^ stock of ^hite Dress Goods, and White Bern Robw, Great bargains In Gent's unlaundrled Shirts. ! 50 dozen Seamless Half Hose at I3^a, worth 26<. CARPETS AND OIL ClOTHS. ymrna and other Ruga at special Drtces. Coronet Corset. \^ Respectfully, • TREnBLAT 4e HSK . - F. P. LOBDELL,- PLATT8BURGK, N,Y. I WOULD respectfully in- form the readers of the \Sentinel\ that I have en- larged, refitted and furnish- ed my Store with new lur- niture and fixtures, making it more complete in every part than any store in 'Northern New York, where may be found an extra fine stock of A I GOODS, which I ask you to try, and let the goods give the ver- dict. ' Kemember, I roast all lands of COFFEE, and guarantee Quality and Price, and this is the spot where good TEA is got! JHeap'ly, F. P. LOB9EL.L. To the Public! NEW FIRM. WILCOX & BOSWORTH, 8TJ00ES3OB8 TO WILCOX &.WILLIAMS. AVINO FOBMRD A COPABTNEB8DIP FOB th« yorpoM of dealing in H COAL! ] WE B;AVE OPENED A aW BrlikerbtfTSts. a good assortment of WWsses' and n's Shoes. by strict attention to bus- to merit a jhare of and should be pleased to friends an* patrons, and will favor us with a ealL goods and prioes, RMAN, Agt TO FABMEB8 ! KLEOTKIO . CULTIVATOR, TBS WOBiD t IOB! WE ABE NOW RECEIVING AT THE Delaney Goal Yard A full utock *>t the beet Oral, bought at toe LOWB8T CASH PBI0K8, and are prepared to fill all order, at the 1 which good oletn Coal out With Offlse s«d Boaies at the Yard, competent men to soreen and deliver promptly, and al- ways aiming to please omr customers, together with our personal attention to all details, we soUolt a fair share of trade from all old patrons of WILIJAMB & WILOOX, uxi all new one* who may give ai a trial, W,G. WILCOX. H. BOSWORTH ion, Farmers! T HE ATTENTION OP FABMEB8 DE- siring to improve their stock is called to the thoroughbred REGISTERED HALSTE1N BULL Whose Pediqree U given tetew. This ball is now two years old, weighs about 1200 lba M is not too fat, but in fine oondltion for the season. His calves eren as a yearling are very satisfactory, and show him to be highly-bred, being strongly marked blaok and white, even from red cows, and farmers who used him last sea- son have refused as high as twenty-nve and thirty dollars for their calves this spring, from good grade cows. ,\ (H. H. B., Vol. 7, No. * April 24th, 1B83. btre, d la d \JilgftM\ 1M£ ££ Ho! 467). OftWed April 24th, 1B83. btre \Arm»nd (861), imported l dun \JilegftM (13TO). \klegana\ *lre w»« \Alexftader\ indta }l 81empJe,\T8W^. Imported. Dftm \Irene\ (15W \SA.MOSET\ will stand dm ing the sea- son at \Lakewood Farm,\ near Saxe's Landing, Ohazy, N. Y., (formerly known itheCeuterFarm). TBaMs;—Fire dollars, payable when cow .„ ascertained to be with calf, or four dol- lars cash down. 1566wG L. FAGAN & SON, Bakers and Confeotioners RDIHNU8 AND PA«TIB8 8C«*U*D WITH KTKRY Rsquismt AT SHORT Nones. ICE CREil IKO WATER ICES! CHOICE CONFECTIONERY. At the City Bakery. Bast Bide Qourt-bouBe park, ni\'BR BTBSBT, THE M PUIET JR.\— HOLLOW BTBEL SXAHDABD HORSE HOE 1 CULTIVATOR COMBINED WITH WBEEL! ALS' THE \PLAHBT WHE^L GARDEN HOES FOB 8ALB BY CARPENTER, WEAVER & CO., 10 Bridge Street UUATER The Assessment for Water and Tire P. , for the Qaarter ending June 80th, 18M, wfll i 4 in the offloo of the Snpeitntendest (Wina'fc Block) for the rr -—* \ — * E. 8. WM.J 1606«3 O.K. Summer Eesort! GOOD BOATING AND FISHING. S UITI1TIER OO4UBEB H TtUN ON Seasonable Terma. For Partioniara, apply to Ikf AC FBOM RECENT OAT0EXS. No. 1, a and 3-wiolt, Half, Quarter FOB SAL* BY NICHOLS A CO., Platt»bargb,H.Y. XTOBTH SHOR E SAJ IN TIBBOia, Wfaole and Half Bimii, FOB SALE AT NICHOIJ9 A OO'S,, H, r. tmt S»Yl« » t For deorlpttoa. prioe, eto., eail at the Bamtnru iflkx, Plattsburgh. J 101886 16«6 M. L. Theroux, W HAS J »fterwork «taWUhm*nt», willdo DtlBSk MAKlIfOit fi Briakerfaoff t t W HO HAS JUST RETUBNID TBOM ALBANY, »fterworkingnearl/tworeart la i Uht, willdo DtlBS k AJfB C t fi Bikfaff tt

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