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NEWS OF THE WEEK. i »n<tensed Mammary of tbe Prlnct pal Eventi* —The decrease in the public debt in October was $8,307,000. —Secretary MoOulloch entered upci the discharge of his duties Saturday. —Mrs. Virginia L. Farragut, wife of the late Admiral Farragut, died Friday in the sixty-first year of her age. —Rev. Caleb Stevens, dropped dead at Lansingburgh, N. Y., just after eating his breakfast Saturday morning. —The Baptist State Convention elected Dr. J. F. Elder 6f New York, president, and the Rev. J. B. Oalvert, secretary. —Hon David Healy, ohief clerk of the Bureau of Statistics at Albany, has finally been frozen out of his position and has re- signed. —A still at the Chester, Pa., oil works exploded Sunday, seriously burning three men and causing a damage by fire of $5,000. — A. man named Crawford was found suf- focated to death in a room in Bostleman's hotel, New York, Sunday. He blew out the gas. —Gov. Robinson of Massachusetts has issued his Thanksgiving proclamation, ing November 27 as a day of publio thanks- giving and praise. —Brignoli, the famous tenor, died at the Everett House, New York, on the 30th, where be has long had his home. He was born in Naples in 1824. —A passenger train on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad Saturday morning jumped a frog near Alta, Ohio, while going 40 miles. Eighteen persons were injured. —The Buzzard gang of mounted bandits, 10 in number, threw Litiz, Pa., into wild exo^tement Sunday. They robbed several bouses and mills, but were finally driven off. —-Dudger Clawson was convicted of po- lygamy at Salt Lake, Monday, and sen- tenced to four years in the penitentiary and $800 fine. An appeal was taken and bail refused. . —Albert Boyer, a passenger on the steamer Fulda, jumped overboard and was drowned when the vessel was three days out i\pm New York. He lived unhappily with his wife. —William Jones was tried at Washing- ton on Monday of assault with intent to killOhas. J. Guiteau in 1881. The jury rendered a' verdict of not guilty after an absence of 20]minutes. —A dwelling hoase occupied by James Holt, George Rogers and their families at Huntington, was burned Monday, and the escaping inmates seriously injured, the four children of Holt fatally, —The gales of the past two weeks were very disastrous to shipping on the western lakes: fourteen vessels were wrecked or badly damaged. Two schooners went down in Lake Erie and eight lives were lost. —A mixed train going east on the St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain railroad was wrecked near Johnson last Friday night by some wheels that fell from a flat car. Six oars were nearly demolished. Nobody was seriously injured. —The net earnings of Sing Sing prison in October were $6,000. There is a deficit •fet Auburn of $4,700. Only 500 out of 770 prisoners there are now on contracts, a contract employing one hundred men hav- ing expired on the 8th ult. —Three hundred medical and university students, armed with sticks, marched the streets of Toronto, Monday night, with the intention of thrashing the police. A dozen policemen routed them after a bloody en- counter and arrested several. —On the farm of John Snyder, six miles from South Sohenectady, a large deposit of steel-moulding sand has been discovered. Experts pronounce it the finest in the United States. The supply is almost in- exhaustible. A large steel manufacturing house in the East has ordered a large quan- tity of the sand. —Last Friday morning the large purifier at the Milwaukee gas works exploded with terrific force, shaking the earth and shat- tering the winAowB for a distance of a dozen blocks. Nobody was injured. Twen- ty workmen in an]ad joining building mirac- ulously escaped. The gas instantly igni- ted and the flames shooting high in the air, set fire to a portion of the gas works. The ready response of the fire department pre- vented serious loss. Damage $15,000. —A four story tenement house in New York took fire Sunday morning, causing a panic among the inmates. Delia Murray, aged 60, attempted to descend from the seoond story by means of a rope, which broke, and Bhe fell to the pavement, re- ceiving fatal injuries. Ia the evening a •fire broke out in a three story storage ware- house. Bella Jones and two children, aged 4 and 1, respectively, living on the top floor, were fatally suffocated before they could be rescued. ft'oreigrn. —Prof. Nordenskiold is preparing to undertake an expeditoin to the South pole. —Twenty-seven inmates of a house burned at Huessa, Spain, Friday, perished. Twelve were seriously injured. —Woolsely telegraphs that the reports brought in by the natives indicate Gordon is still in possession sf Khartoum. —It is reported that Sir Moses Monte- fiore haa been prostrated by the recent ex- ertions consequent upon the celebration of his one-hundredth birthday. He is suf- fering from bronchial affection, and anx- iety is felt as to the result of the attack upon his system. Canada. —A Canadian grand jury has denounced the practice of confining lunatics in jails. —At Montreal on Thursday L. A. Sene- cal was sentenced to a fine of $100 or two years' imprisonment for contributing money for election purposes in 1881. —Dmgman, a clerk in a drug store at Mount Bridges, Ont., who gave strychnine instead of harmless medicine, which mis- take caused the death of two little girla, has been found guilty of manslaughter. —The Montreal carnival will commence January 2G. Among the new featurea will be a tableau vivant, an immense skating rink in the drill shed, an allegorical pro- oeasion and a representation of an old Huron or Iroquola Indian village Bimilar to that in use 300 years ago. THE NETV YORK MARKETS. BUTTER—The market Is dull and ea,sj\ wlti tuUfluppliea, We quote: State, tuba, ordinary I7@19 State, tubs, prime 21 a 23 State,tubs, medium 1?@19 State,Creamery, choice 29*80 CHEESE -The market Is dull. Fancy Septem- befmade Factories are held with some confi dence at quotations, and prices for the low< grades are unsettled and nominal, with amp: supplies. We quote: *State lactory, nne H State factory goodl The Casa of Assumed Identity. ARTHUR ORTONaliasTHOS. CASTBO. I WHO CLAIMED TO BE Sin ROGEB CHAELES TICHBOBNE, WAS CONVICTED OF TI CHIME, AND HAS JUST BEEN LIBERATED AFTER NEABLY ELEVEN YBABS' IMJPBIS- ONMENT. Interest in one of the most remarkabl sases on record is revived by the liberation f Arthur Orton, who has completed his term of imprisonment, the usual deduc- ions for good oonduot having been made he ex-oonvict is usually known as the 'Tiohborne claimant.\ He has been a no- orious public character for many years and will continue to be an object of inter- est down to the time of his death. His crime was the first instance in English legal records ia which an impostor as- umed identity with a known person. The stake he played for was a heavy one, title and vast landed estates; and the degree of success which he attained previous to the collapse of his policy was remarkable, es- peoially so as persons of culture and stand- ng, as well as myriads of ordinary people, elieved that \the Claimant\ claimed no more than his just rights. This theory is still held by many, and the interests of the false \Sir Roger\ and his family are safe in the keeping of good-natured credulity. The story of Orton's oareer, crime and con- viction, surpasses romance in its interest. It is best introduced by the relation of a few facts respecting the man he claimed to 36. Roger Charles Tichborne was born Jan- uary 5, 1829, in the city of Paris. He was, after his father, heir to the title and es- tates of his uncle, Sir Edward Doughty- Tichborne. After receiving the rudiments of education in France, he entered the Ro- an Catholic College of Stonyhurst, Eng- land, as a student. When twenty years old, he became an officer in the British Army. Three years after that time he iade an offer of marriage to Kate Donghty, mghter of the gentleman whose heir he ras. She refused him, whereupon he sold iis commission and went to sea. On June .9, 1854, he landed at Valparaiso, and on Lpril 20, 1854, sailed from Rio de Janeiro for New York. The ship was subsequently lost with all on board. At the death of Sir Edward Doughty-Tichborne, Roger's father succeeded to the estates; and when te died, June 11, 1862, it being believed ;hat Roger had been lost at sea, Alfred, his ronnger brother inherited them. Alfred ed February 22, 1866, three months be- re the birth of his heir, who will take the estates and title upon attaining his major- ity. So far there seems to be slight or no >hance of the most audacious assumption identity with the lost Roger being successful. The opportunity was due to the incredulity of the mother of the missing heir. She refused to believe that her son was dead, and in 1865, ad- vertised for him in English and Austr- in papers. The next year, Arthur Or- n, a butcher, known at the place of iris •esidence, Wagga Wagga, Australia, \aa Thomas Castro, claimed to be the mis- ing gentleman. He employed an at- orney, who opened a correspondence th the mother. In consequenoe of this le sent Orton alias Castro, money where- ith to pay his passage to Europe, and oeived him in Paris, January, 1867. •he professed to reoognize him, and hence- rth, until the time of her death, March 12, 368, treated him as her long lost and re- ored son. In bis relations with rich and tled persons, after going to Europe, and making claim to be Sir Roger, Orton car- ied himself with considerable dignity. ?he true Sir Roger probably would have ost something of the easy gentility of his arly years, after years of romantic iso- ition from the Bcenes of his youth. From ae first the Btranger's appearance divided ie family, relatious and friends between 'ho believed and those who did not ac- pt his olaims to be Roger Charles Tich- >orne. In 1867, \the Claimant\ began an action >r the recovery of the Tiohborne property, t was at that time worth above $120,000 year. Before the case was finished it was lortgaged, so heavy were the expenses of le litigation. The case was begun in May, 171, about four years having been spent sending commissions to South America d Australia. 'It lasted 103 days, terrni- ting in the non-suit of the plaintiff, arch 6, 1872. The tables were now turned. Criminal Toceedings were opened against \the Uaimant\ who was charged with perjury, legions of friends assisted him with gifts f money and by buying bonds payable •oui the proceeds of the Tiohborne estate hen he should become their owner; The period from April 23, 1873, to February 28, L874, was taken up with the second \Tich- orne\ trial, which resulted in the convie- ion of the prisoner, as Arthur Orton. In is name he was sentenced to fourteen 'ears' imprisonment. He was sent first to lillbftnit Prison, from whence he was re- uoved to Dartmoor. The remainder of s term which was shortened considerably l reward for uniformly good conduct, waH aent at Portsea Prison,, with the exception f the lust few days at Pentonville, Lon- lon, from whence he was liberated. An .drearer has settled an annuity of a hun- Ired poundR a year on him. He has re- ived an offer to appear on the stage. As a iuu-keeper what is left of his ambition ould be abundantly gratified. A few sentences as to why the jury con- oted him. They were convinced by the testimony presented, that the prisoner Arthur Orton wns five years younger than k>ger Charles Tichborne.* It was shown lat he was born June 1, 1834, the son of reorge Orton, and that he was named irthur. When he returned to London he ught out the Ortons at Wapping. His sduoation proved to be inferior to that of Etoger. He could not speak French, which Eloger spoke better than he did English. 3ome physical differences between the two en were found to be of one inch in their might, ears shaped very unlike, and the ibsence of tattoo marks on Orton, whereas Roger had been marked in his youth. Ex convict Orton iff a pleasant-looking an, gentle in his manners and disoourBe. here is an air of refinement about him, difficult to account for; but whatever of yBtery has characterized hiB career, nough is known of him to warrant the oncluaion that his oonviction was just. State factory, State factory, fair * State factory, poor * 3 *6> BEANS-Medlum and Marrow Beans are l d i bl t quote: Beans, Marrow, choice, new ; 2 20® Beana, Medium, choice, new i so®] Beans, Pea, choice, new l 80<4 Beans, White Kidney, choice 2 55@5 Beans. Red Kidney, choice, new 2 50<%£. . EGGS—The market is quiet hut steady for prime fresh eggs, with comparatively moderate sup- plies of such stock, we quote: State, choice, per doz., 24^@25; Canada 23@84; limed, 20c. Catarrh Is a very prevalent and exceedingly dlsagreeabK disease, liable, if neglected, to develop into sen. ous consumption. Being a constitutional disease, it requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's SarsaparMa, which, acting through the blood, reaches every part of the system, effecting a rad- ical and permanent cure of catarrh in even its most severe forms. Made only by C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass. \As a counteractant to debilitating influ- ences, lassitude, nervous depression, debility, malaria, dyspepsia, liver complaint, Llebig Co'a Coca Beef Tonic is invaluable,\ says Professor F. W. HUNT, M. D., Honorary Member Imperial Society of St. Petersburg, Russia, etc. JUDGE'SIMPSO N Of the superior Court Writes: From mental exhaustion, my nervous system became shat- tered, and I was utterly nnable to Bleep nights. Sulphur Bitters cured ine, and my sleep is not apund, swoet, and refreshing. 230tw2. iy SMITH & LAROOQBB guarantee positive relief or any cough, cold, croup, or lung complaint by using Ackers English Remedy, or will refund the money. 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This Ladder Is made in separate sections, each Citf feet in length, which are so construct-d as to inter- lock with each other by simply drawing together, making a joint or splice that will not break, anc that strengthens rather than weakens the ladder. A ladder of any desired length Is quickly made by putting together a sufficient number of sections, and can be as quickly taken apart and stored In an? vacant corner, as no part of the ladder exceeds 6 * feet In length. Tlie y ar e al« o readil y adjuste d for pnrpoi»e* Every section is made of the bent material and put together In the Most thorough manner with bolts and hooks, and the low price at which they are sold brings them within the reach of aU. Price per section of 6# feet $1.25 and upwards, according to style of finish, hooks, 4c. R. H. EMERY, Sous PBOPEIETOB AND MANUFAOTDEEB, raorrisoavllle, Clinton Co., N.v« EVGood reliable agents wanted, to whom liberal irmi will be given, 73 r OOK HERE I FARMERS OF CUNTON COUNTY GOME AND BUT THE BEST THRESHING MACHINE. A. W. GRAYS SONS' 18 THE BEST* It will thresh the most and dean the best of any- aing yet offered in the county. Now don't ferget that. O. H. Buckman paid five cents extra last fall for all Buckwheat threshed with the Gray mill, with my new patent sieves. Come and »ee me before ou buy, as I will do better by you than any other lan. Will make you a liberal discount for cash, 1 wil l be a t th e TOitbertll Bouu e I n •laitaburffh* o n Saturda y o f eac h reek* tar-Repairs at Bowles & Edwards' store, In Platts- a \ h SILAS ALDRIDGE. Ohazy, June 24,1884. 1514 pRAND OFFER ! A Si Velyet Frame GIVEN AWAY to each person having on< dozen CABINET PORTRAITS within Thirty Days At BIGELOW'S I JtJif 3 Remember, for Thirt Days Only. iCITYi iROLLE CLINTON STREET, PLATTSBUftGH, N. Y. Open Evening, 7:30 to 10:00, ORCHESTRA NlfiHTS, Tuesdays, Th&rBdays & Saturdays, Fine Job Printing. J. W. TUTTLE& CO., Steal JOB Printers, T H E MERCHANTS CAPITAL STOCK PAID IN $100.000. ORGANIZED HAT 5, 1884. OPENED FOB BUSINESS MAY 7, 1884. Banking House, Winslow's Block, CUSTOM HOUSE SQUARE. President: \\- ALFRE D fillBORD, Late Cashier First National Banlr. Cashier: - - JOHN M . WEVEB , LateXashler Vllas National Bank. Doing a general Banking Business, organlza- lon and facilitlea complete, this Institution offers surpassed inducements to Its customers, and desiring to establish banking connections are cordially Invited to favor it with their business. Any information, suggestion or advice, In the interest of its patrons, will be cheerf ully given by ;be^offlcers at any time. An transactions strictly confidential. NOTICE S( RIVER BROTHERS HEMMINGFQBD, P. Q 1842.]' ^Every Variety of Printing Executed in the Best Man- ner and at Low Prices,jw —ALSO JOBBBBS OF— rATlOaUGRY, BJLANK BOOKS, C U TLBRI, OOLJD PENS, LEATHER <*OODS, « titc, JEtc. Millinery 2 Again we have a velvet Beason. Velvet being the most popular of all millinery materials, combined with feathers, both Fancy and Ostrich, of which we make a specialty, and never have they been ir greater demand than at the present time. We have this fall the GREATES T VARIET Y TRIMMED HATS ever offeted at one tine to the trade. Thertbc* oompriHeg all grades and pne«, all colors and aU We have alno added Two Hundred New Designs to our STAMPING mTTEBNS, suitable for Patot- lng, Embroidering and Braiding. £. A . & C . T. JLirn D ON, 1533 Opposite the Wither ill Hense. 700 Prime Cider Barrels C. B. OBONKRITE & CO., _l3_Stf ttouaea Point, W.Y. HO KENT! An Automatic Frnit Evaporator, with fixtures all in good order. 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T OTICE1 The copartnership heretofore existing between Ine undersigned, under firm name of O. H. FOOTK k Co., was dissolved on the 1st day of April, 18tO. by mutual agreement. C. H. FOOTB, 1530w3 W. W. HARTWELL. The Light Running DOMESTIC! THE BEST HST THE WORLD ! WHOLESALE. RE TALL, L. FRANKFIELDS Teaple of Fashion! Store, Opsi PLATTSBURGH, W. Y. Shrewd and Able Judges All agree that the present condition of affairs show that business is in a yery critical situation; reviewing the large list of failures, of bankrupts, of withdrawals from business, and the retirement of long-established firms, we feel gratified of having stud ied to please, and kept nothing undone to induce a lively and permanent trade, and paid minute attention to our customers'wants. 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Great variety of Tips, Wings, Cogue Feathers, Birds, Pompons, Ac, In all qualities and most fash- 25o up 60c up 75c tip 10c up 76c tip Black and Ostrich Tips at Very choice Ostrich Tips at Fancy Wings, ail colors, at Long Ostrich Feathers at EIBBONS! RIBBONS! Scyard 7c yard lOoyard 14c yard No. 12 do 18o yard No. 16 do * Mo yard Fanoy Shades, good shade*, at 10c yard up Gros Grain 8ashe«, stood shades, at • 40* up Large line-of Bibbons eni»able for Dress Trim- mings, also Satin and Gross Grain Ribbons in all the Black aid Colored Silk Velvets, Velveteeis and Plashes. Thiffdepartment will be conducted at we conduct all, by furnishing the very best qualities, in the most extensive varieties, at the lowest prices. We claim to sell everything In Velvets, far obeaper than any other establishment. To be convinced, price ) goods elsewhere, and compare ours at the i price. An endless variety of every fashion- ,ble shade In Bilka, Satins, Torquoi, Valours, Ser- [K» and Plashes, for Hat, Bonnet and Dress [Yimmings. * ' CONVINCED ! Columbia Yarn, lie, elsewhere 12#e. Best quality Germantfwn Yarn 9v o*., AU designs in Mottoes So eacb, e^whSrVs Perforated Board So a card, elsewhere106. Wbite Java Oanvas 16oa yard, elsewhere 18c., An immente stock of Fanoy Perforated BoariL Fancy Mottoes, Perforated Garde, Pattarn BodM? new Btyles In Fancy Java Oanvas, Burlaps, SpUaJav In fact, everything in this line at ONE HAXJr tt e prices charged elsewhere. BEALHA1B SWITCHES! SSSSjSSSfiH 88 Inches, long, all shades, at », y $.. Every shade in real Hair Cmle, Braids andp Kid Cloves! kid Glovw ! Juvin's best, aU shade*, 75o, formerly Me. Juvn's best Dress all shades, 75c, formerly 90*. 75o, formerly W Harris' best, Black only, $1 M, forjneriy $1.38. CORSETS I Very pood Corset at 35o, worth foil 40c. Splendid Frenoh Corset 50c, worth fall 75c Extra finish French Corset TOo, worth full 8. Portrees Dnplex Adjustable Oonet. Madam Foy'e Skirt-supporting Oonet. Or. Warner's Health Ubnet. Agency for Dr. Warner's Nursing Oonet. Large line of fancy and embroidered ~ Skirt Protectors, Skirt Elevator., Drew Bargains in Hosiery, Ladta' Underwear. Oania* Hambumh Edgln«s and Insertions, Towels, »SJK kin*. White Linen, every style in BandkerohWii Dress and Cloak Fringes. Great variety of Belts, new styles of Po**«* Books, and many other articles too snneteutt . mention. A full line of INFANTS' CLOAKS, DRESSISs** U5DJCBWEAB. FLANNEL EMB. SHAWLS Very cheap. A complete ftock of fcnW Hoods, Ladies' and Children's Hoods, He. OUR SPECIALTY! OUR SPECIALTY ! Jlack and Mourning Dress Goods, Silks, Cloaks and Shawls. The marked success which we have had in this department,' by introducing the bes roods the mar&et produces, and in particular the prices we have inaugurated this, sea- ion, has caused a revolution in the trade. Ladies who desire to combine beauty, dur- bility and economy, are certain to find just what they want. We do' not descend to inferior goods, and no article is offerejjL except the best. Everything in the line of Cashmeres, Merinos, Grape Cloth, Bombazines, Empress and Tamise Cloth, Oloth-lined Jrap'ete, &o. We call particular attention to our stock of BLAGK CRAPE for Veils and Trim- mings, and are confident that we can offer these goods 25 percent, less than equal value, -^-be obtained in any other store. ^ BL&CK LYONS SILK, genuine goods, from $1.25 to $3 50 per yard. These goods manufactured in the most approved manner. Warranted not to cut or change cola* a. wearing, and surpass in weight, finish and durability, any that can be bought at cot* responding prices. Black, Single and Double Shawls, every style, very cheap, l ^ Ladies of critical taste, accustomed to patronizing those stores where first-class and fashionable material is offered, will find our Beavers far superior in quality and finish, and comparatively as moderate in price as the cheapest. These goods are made for Cloaks only, and are not to be compared with most of the goods sold in this part of the lountry. Especial attention is called to our IF YOU WANT A FIRST CLASS SEWING MACHINE in every respect, be sure to examine the DOMESTIC before purchasing. A. C. SMITH & CO., PLATTSBUEGH, N. Y. (WINSLOW'S BLOCK.) Which is in charge of the most experienced Cotter, using only the latest styles and patterns imported. Would like to call Ladies' attention to the fact that Heady-Made loaks, made for appearance mostly, should not be compared with garments made to order, and by first-class Cloak Cutters and-Makers. Ready-Made Cloaks, are sold any- where 50 per cent, less than fashionable custom work. Our Cloaks are all cut and made by the best Cutters and Makers possible to seoure; out from patterns of the very l»t«t idea, trimmed in the most fascinating style, of the best material out of our stock, all of which will be shown with pleasure. Also, as in former years, will have Cloaks m$ free of charge, if material be bought at our store, should ladies* prefer to make Cloaks themselves, giving them a choioe of about 20 different patterns to seleot from. Our Mail Order Business I By giving our most careful attention to this department, a large order trade has been bnilt up. We fully appreciate the importance of filling orders oorrectly; and all wbo send to us for goods can rely upon getting what they ask for and the full value of their money. Having been successful in suiting buyers, wbo are not able to visit Plattsbargh, we hope this season to gain many new ones; as well as to retain all those with whom we have had dealing, but kindly request customers to write orders plainly and explicitly with full directions, sending tham by mail direot to our establishment, as it came again and again to our knowledge that orders sent by messengers as well aa stage drivers are only delivered where they can seoure the largest fees or commissions. Sincerely yours, m\

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