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Pittsburgh Sentinel Local and Msseeilaneoas. A.U ladiicB intei KTtKE OF DEPAII 3IEHS. . WiliiRi OUR CLUBBING LIST. Wide Awe Atlantic? RECEIPTS FOR THE PIATTSBUBGH SEBTIHEL Mrs. Ruby Bigelow, Cflampialn, Nov. 14. 1681.. 75 n?a^ea\°™£tDplair!I 1 J ! an! D l, 188?...'......'.'.'.' 2 00 It. Arnold, Eeeseville, J&u. 1, 1H82. 6 00 »! 1 l™Fr«*r,Bons6S 1 potaf,Bopt.' V it,\i882T.\\.!.\ 1 50 William Christian, Saranac, Jan. 1, 1883........ 1 50 M. E. Hickoi, SandusSy, OUio, Jan. 1, 1883.... 1 50 Horace Merriaew, W««t Ottazv, Sept. 5, 1881... 4 00 Mrs. Rhoda Talford, Oh&zy, Nov. 19,1882 1 50 L. D. Hayes, Champlain, Jan. 1,1883 3 00 Miscellaneous 10 0 R. H. Hitchcock, Champlain, Jan. 1, 1883 1 GO A. Pierce, Bedixn&ntowD, Jan. 1,1883 1 50 33. Hunt ley, Bwkmantowa, JAO. 1, 18S3 ,. 1 50 Cha*. Dwight, Bedford, April 1, 1882 1 60 Ciias. F. Taylor, Syracuse, Jan. 1, 1883 1 50 » . SI. Gale, BeeSmantown. Jan. 1,1883 1 50 John U. Dean, MorrUonviile 2 6* Silas Aldridge, Ohazy, Jan. 1,1883 1 50 B. e | ^yto£Mowjsonvl£I, Js^i , 1883, .'.'.'.'.'.'.160 a the above, hi NEW ADVERTISEMENTS . The reader's attention is called to the folio' new advertisements •which appear to-day. V ^Xealing witji advertisers, OUT friends will con] Winter and Holiaay Goods-I. & D. Miller. Tribune File for Sule-Mrs. O. 8. Travor. lley. Auction Sale—Est Paten t6-MuBE& Citation-Estate S Ths Independent. Miscellaneous Ad- Co. .aran E. H. Moor ra.-Bov Rider. e, Co!Ice fell k Cc FARAGRA1IS. -Ne w Roods. —The cold wave has fb —Seven prisone Dtmty jail. —The Cumberl! ave been refitted -Albert H. Coc :rs are c ird H< >k haa ;ed the ;onflned 5UEC B been a :tor. mud Lhe Essex UUard parlors ppoiioted post- Cameron M 3istratora' 8 nora, Thun-day, cLean, c W. Ha f Fond du tweU's. ale of horses, cattle, De unde'fltood that th h will be es F. Taylo lighted 2. let. See ft e new facto with the el Lac, &c, iv. ctric , of Mooers, is attending uee University, ha^ ir>e entered the master at Champlaii —Tripe and Saratoga chips (fried potatoes) at Nichola, Barker & Co.'s. —Winter and Holiday gooda -Ho i light. the Syrac class of '84. —The hour of holding the Monday evening Temperance Prayer Meeting has been changed lo seven o'clock. —H. Lawrence, 77 years of age, recently walked from Plattsburgh to West Chazy in three and a half hoara. —Sands & Cash's minstrel entertai given at Palmer's Hall, Wednesday e gave good satisfaction. —W. L. Emerson, of Emerson & Son, for New York Monday, tho second tin fall, for new goods in china, &c. —Maj. John Egan, for a number of years past stationed on the Pacific Coast, has been tram ferred to Backet's Harbor, N. Y. —A meeting of Horicon Engine and Hot Company is called for next Monday night, ! TJ4 o'clock. By order of the Foreman. —The hardware business so long and succea. fully conducted by the late Geo. E. Dunning, in Champlain, will be continued by bis widow. —The Ogdensburg Daily Citizen, which wai appeared again n Mon and a picy —A California, a grizzly, and a black beai sire being exhibited In this section, affordinf -the children a rare object lesson in nature'! history. —A two year old heifer has strayed from th< premises of D. M. Gale, of Beekmantown. Th< finder would greatly oblige by informing hin of tier wiiereabonts. —James Tierney, Esq., ha? just procured on. of Morris & Ireland's fire proof safes. He in tenda\ that valuable papers placed In his hands shall be iu safe keeping. —If yon have a clain •and desire that it shall be paid, you should pre- sent it to the Clerk of tbe Board of Supervise previous to the 29th day of November. —The \Reapers of the M. E Sunday schoi will hold a Walnut Sociable this Friday eveni: at the residence of A. VV. Lansing. Tbe obj( is to raise funds for building the new church. —By reference to an advertisement it will noticed that Mrs. C. 8. Traver, of Chsmplai •oliers for sale a complete file of the New Yo Tribune from 1800 to 1879, all in good conditic son, under indictment i lult who baa adjudged inaainc to the Hudson Mooney. —A five colu Telegram, wa3 day of this wot of Granville, N appearance. -Solicitor G pointed Acting Arthur, on the of our well to Mr. William II -Tho Hon. by the Kivcr insane cusy etarted iu paper, as been lain by Sheri the Me Pittsburgh on sit. by J. L. McArl . Y. It in Attorney retiring oi own Platl-iburgh . Fhillipa. Wm. Parse)n lecturer, well known to has crossed tlst past Vi years, —ttuntti Bro grades, fur tri and gents' fur and coonekiu ! Atlantic and hao lectured ountry iu thers have akea a i iilllpe, : McVec s 9 , the i Plattsbtirgh 75 tim v just re< minings fc col P il BD ?- —On Wednesday thr ir ladies' •«e\ oars ifery'cred I, by Preside LRII, is a ' ehool te. audi es duric Tue ;ita! :one fichi enc , if? t f l.C :elved from t ' Bucks, 1Qe . O t ' were t liidi JUffl hro- containing a oblige by leavi & Sonc. -Lieut. Wi tloned at Plat left on Wedi> await orders. , Tui satir. .ng it n. W. esdaj The iaday i drt at th Glbi ;s .,i, Th e « store of I{ 5OI?, Who hi gh lor the past ' for s Lie Governor* utenant ha d6 here foi —Burlington has ft life preservers on —Oliver Focha, wh rried a rgh, has been indicted for t ast Sunday closed the ecclesinsl 2 Episcopal and Roman Catholic ( Sunday will be tbe first Sunday <r —Mra. Ballon, the evangelist, is h •s of B We d by Rev. J. E Bow h tport. of t sold weather approaches the plumbers begin to feel their importance. A paper has it been started at New York to advocate their -Abont 45,000 bushels of potatoes have been ipped from Plattsburgh by rail, and 70,000 by at. Mr. Randall's shipments amounted to out 40,000 bushels. —Two hundred aud forty persons went on the curslon trip to Neer Fork lust week, from iattflburgh and the intermediate places to Fort ward, including Glen'e Falls. -Kev. W. C. McAllister formally accepted 2 call to tho pastorate of the Baptist chnrch Plattsburgh last Sabbath afternoon with a able to the asion —The Burden Iro Company i ected thers S party. ransferred to Sacket's H -Tb e Turners havo l >n the east side of the —Tbe Weber piano ns«d at the entertainme last evening was kindly loaned by Mr. Thom KUey. —The young Indies of the Presbyterian soci ty jj&YC & vsry 6u}oysb3G Gntcrtfiinincnt &t z o mer's Hall last evening. business. Mr. John Sharlow, of Benningto 2 Wai ,y jail, ai —A plot has be hanged Dec, 2d. It was intended Sheriff Smith ont of the way, if necessary. Relatives of Willett are said to be implicated. —Thanksgiving was observed by ail the re- ligious denominations of Plattsburgh with ap- propriate services. The collection for the Home for the Friendless at tte Peristrome Presbyterian Cbarch amounted to 840, and at the Union services &t tho First Presbyterian Church, $26.44. —Tbe Graves Hose, No. 1, of Ausable Forks, holds Its fourth Annual Levee on Wednesday evening, Nov. 30th. Music by the Howtrd Oper» House Orchestra, of Burlington, com- t seren pieces, who will give a Prom- yOncert one hour preceding th* Levee. Tickets to Concert and Levee, $3.00. -Charlie Guibord, son of H. W. Guibord, broke through the Ice while skating on tbe river yesterday morning;. His sister Sadie see- ing his peril, hastened to hie assistance, ^ourageonsly going into the water after him at the peril of her own life. They clung to the ^dges of the ice till several young men came to ;beir rescue with boats and ropes. This narrow should make all tbe chlldi ,rbor shortly. j incident s of Hi s Life. used the white mill | Bentley R. Sherman died at his residence in -Iyer for the romltg j Plattsburgh, last Saturday evening, Nov. 19, i the 74th ye»r of his aje. A brief sketch of his life will no doubt be itereiting. He was emphatically a self-made >an Born Iu the town of Essex, Essex junty, April 18, 1808, ho was at the early age yean thrown upon his own resources, and hen a mere youth wandered up north In search of employment, a homeless and friendless boy. Is life for msny years was one of deprivation id hardBhip. He had no opportunity to go to ter of 1825, as near aa we can ascertain, he at- tended school for tbree or four months in the liland neleh>jorheod, on the lake shore, and i was all the educational advantages he over I. During thoee few months he made re- rk*ble progress, showing that hi employing a ,t the rocks upon • ge is built were once swept by s exhibited lately, when, upon ex te of tbe streets, the rock bed v ;d off perfectly smooth. ,000 The —Pot; and : »fro i Ire The loss is Dcendiary, .ny, and now beuutf, also from Germany ! ree thousand five hundred bushels of beans :nange, New York, Friday, at -*2 75 per >hcl. —The Catholic Society of Essss gave an en- Hall, at that place, last 'uesday evening, consisting of vocal and in- imental music by accomplished musicians n Plattsbnrgh, Keeseville and Ausable ks. —Will Shaw and Frank Vail, tbe victims of he recent fire at the Sewing Machine Works at \ t, are still confined to their beds, ideredontof danger. It will be my w [6 befor leirinj: —Superintendent Vaughan has decided to retain J. V. Everest for the present as keeper the County House. Mr. Everest has given :ollent satisfaction daring the past thre« 'ears, and has been Btrongly recommended foi ippointment. —At the sale of wild lands for non-paymenl ,Bt week in Albany, 3,200 acres were sold to Wilhelm Pick- lardt, and grants were also made for land in i, Hamilton county, the supposed greal old mining region. — Oliver Jackson, the colored ex-convict in .ddieon county, Vt., jail, who assanlted g lady near Port Henry and fled to Ve , will soon be delivered over to the authori- >f Essex eonnttf. Hi* companii irrested and is now in the EUzabethtowD waitiDg trial at the December term. —The Rouses Point Star, in speaking of the itemplated removal of the Williams Mam :turing Co. to Pittsburgh, says thftt Rouies int will part with them reluctantly, and cai ly congratulate themselves that thisimportanl lustry is sot to be removed from the county, —We judge from certain movements that the the Turkish army are The holiday campaign will be /igoro Thar has been ighter for the past ft will be speedily filled, and there wil) bi cessation of hostilities! —Cbaa. H. Moore, Collector of Free U School District No. 1, town of Pittsburgh, has •eeeived bis warrant, and gives notice that he ill receive taxes for two weeks from NOT Hh at one per cent., at his office on Clinto reel; after the expiration of said two week re per cent, fees will be collected. —The Tariff Convention, held in Chicagf lov. 15th, wd6 called tocrder by Mr. A. W. atigslnnd, President of the Industrial League f America. Mr. Kiogsland .eeseville Boys, who are making their mark H over the West. By the way, we are prom- ed an account of ttiese boys in Chicago, by a mrualist of experience. —The commission for the enlargement ol iin'on Prison, consisting of Comptrollei /adsworth, Hon. W, 8. Dickinson of Frank. n county. Prof. C. P. Easton, of Albany Speaker Sharpe and Snpt. PElsbury, visitet Wednesday for the purpose oi tecepting the work from the hands of the mtractors. —The surveying party in charge of the mi die division of the Adirondack survey reachf ry Thursday, having run out a distance :s since the 4th of October. The re- eir work will map now being made at Superintendent Col- Jbany, which will, when c- ileted, furnish a complete chart of the Adii rildernees. e steamer U. <?. Tisdale, with a tow canal boats bound south, encountered a he and sea, on the 12th tn«t., and had to c< ehor near Ausable Point. During the nighl ragged hor anchor, and one of the boi loaded with iron ore, broke loose and w ishore, where she is still fast. The other bo Jd a narrow escape, the waves making a cli —A Fort Edward paper advertises for sys and girls, the smaller the better, to gc ie post office about six times a day and lnqi >r mail matter. Those who have never had a itler and do not expect to have one are jrred. A supply might be obtained in Pli argh ; Indeed, one young lady here might sibly fill the bill-if her shoes don't give ou —The young ladies of Trinity Chi ild a BHZ • iu Pali i the and e'venings of Wednesday and Thuro lay, Dec. 7th and 8th, opening at i o'clocl iach day. Fancy Work, Toys and Japanes irticiea will be for sale at the different booths. JefreBhments will also be served each afte ind evening. Admission to Hall, 10 cen :ordial invitation ie extended to all. —Lapham & Son, of Peru, have manufai and shipped about 200 tons of buckwhea his season, which on the basis of our esi >f last week throws in the market material foi ifty-two millions of pan-cakea! Speaking )otatoce, we got their figures loo low last week. L'heir purchase for the factory am ounted to M.CHX) UuehclB, and for the inarkot about 15,000 i'eru this »eason by all panics will amo jver 100,000 bushel!. Wurk ou the foundation of the new i nachine building is progrc-BsiDg rapid]; *xc&viitioj^ for tho c&niil commenced yest n leugih, and they now foot up i juildiBK 200 feet long aud -15 fee n lor day and \\ of hi Jhamplain ; North Light, of Chazy ; Me [lermou, of Ellenburgh, and Mount Horct Mooers Forks. The Osdeusburjt Lodges » the lGili, ut which W. 11. 9 Whilcoinb, of 1 Ijolisni of lelivered an addiX'Sfl upon tbe \Sy; if Mueonry.\ Everything passed . ... —- pleasanleut manner, and a hearty thanks was given the Ogdensburg brethren their cordial hospitality, and to the O. <fc L. for their courtesy in offering reduced fares. The jot be so fortnc FJBAKLIH OOTJSTY, —The Franklin County Board of Supervisors ed by electiDg Hon. Albert Hobbs, an, and M. W. Hutchins, Clerk. —Ralph's Hotel on Upper Chateaugay Lake >e enlarged sufficient to accommodate is many guests as at present. The work underway. —Several of the Chateaugay merchants have :en running each other on the prico of kero- oil, and succeeded ia reducing tho price ven cents per gallon. —The Ogdensburg Advance denies the report Prof. E. E. Mayo of Malone is to lead the ensburg City Band. But then, they might irther and fare worse. —The Fort Covington cheese factory has just old six hundred boxes of cheese for 11 cents August, and 11 X cents for Sept. and ike. The sale netted $4,500. -Mrs. Chester H. Wead, of Malone, died at ie Prospect House, Upper Saranac lake, on :onday, of consumption. She had been etop- sre with her husband in the hope that intain air would restore her health. —Representatives of the Farmers' Club have ;ked the Board of Supervisors, now in session , Malone, to consider a bill for the better pro- of sheep from the attacks of dogs, The —A Malone despatch says that William Mer- ck, of Brandon, shot a hound which was run- «r, and while stooping over the body atting off the ears, -was shot at himself by the en owner of the dog. The bullet broke lerrick's jaw. —Tho treasurer of the Madison Squ satre, was in Malone last week seeking iDJoin tbe Metropolitan Comedy company from (laying \Hazel Kirke.\ MesBre. Nugot Reason, of the Comedy company, consent trike the play from their list on condition proceedings at law should be taken as —Maggie MeElwaine, a young woman loyed as a domestic in tho family of D. M. )ameron of Malone, arose Sunday morning ii lal health. Just before church time sh ,ined of being sick. On the return o [rs. Cameron from church she found the youni i worse and went for medical aid, but o: burning found her patient dead. It is though r malady was a neuralgic affection o WABEEK 00UHTY. —A Warren county farmer raised one thi sand bushels of potatoes which he sold for a bushel. French paper, 6-uid du Peuple, is ow published at Glens Falls. It is owned ( \ Sited by Prof. J. O. D. de Bondy, and is issi imi-weekly. —The shirt maufacturing business at Glen's is assuming &i&mmoth proportions. The Shirt Co. has lust put in a new engu orty horse power. randred dollars apiece was lately >ffered for four cow calveB, children of Polo- ), three and five months, part of the county hii irship with Mr. Thomas concluded his .ctive business career. In many respects Mr. lan posaeased extraordinary business ,les. He was prompt, systematic, accurate thorough in whatever undertaking he •mbarked. During Mr. Sherman's long residence in Peru s was actively identified with IU social and ligious affairi, and his removal to Pl&ttsburgh is felt as a great loss. Under the preaching the well known Evangelist, Rev. James ;ughey, he made a public profession of relig- i, and united with the Methodist church, in e support of which he took a responsible part. He was made superintendent of the 3»bbath school, »nd was retained in the posi- tion until he removed from Peru, a period of consecutive years. He was ex- tremely fond of children, and their amusement >ng his great delights. For the past twenty year* Mr. Sherman has >t of his time to looking after bis •operty and improving and beautifying bis on McComb street. He was a man of irtiitic «nd literary taste. Among hi» many sxcellent qualities he was always charitable to that he considered worthy. From 1867 to 1873, inclasiw, he held the office Tillage trustee, and under the act of April !, 1874, he was appointed a commissioner of 5 Plattflburgh water works, his ing Messrs. Reed and Winslow, which posi- ion he held at the time of his death. Tbe immediate cause of his death was pi ,. In the early part of October he visited :enes of his childhood in Essex county mtracted a severe cold, from which hi recovered, though he was not confined t< lis bed till Saturday, October 15, when he wai »ken suddenly worse. He remained perfectly scions to the last hour and possibly the last nent. He expressed himself as fully led and ready for the change that awaited i. As long as he had strength and voice he ook his friends by the hand and bade them •good by.\ He leaves a wife and one daughter, Mi Dhn L. Carter, of Ellenburgh. The funeral was held from his residence uesday afternoon, Rev. C. F. Burdick noting the exercises, assisted by Rev. 3 Eead, of Middlebury, V t. a fa , Bolto —The whole number of cases of email pox, eluding vanoloid, at Glen's Falle, fro itbreak in June up to Nov. 1st, when the seaae was suppressed, was 92; whole number deaths 18, or about 193^ per cent. —At the quarterly meeting of the Tri-County edical Society, at Saratoga Springs, last' charges were preferred against Dr. A. O. Ameden, of Glen's Falls, for advertising free rination during the late small-pox sea lat tow; —TUG Messenger is informed that Mr. city lawyer who assisted the District sy in thojprosecutioa_ of the Willett ley in tho prosecution of the Wil presented a bill of $2,250 for his The second assistant has also a claim of abonl thousand dollars or more. —George F. Hall and Eraatus Ha 5und guilty at Lake George last week of isaulting with intent to kill Joh Hd len'g Falls, April 23d, were each sentenced ._ five years at Clinton prison. Edward Shaw and W. H. Lasua, found guilty of highway robbery ?on John Ahyctt at Glen'a Falls, May 24th, AOS033 THE LA££. —The Water Commissioners of Burlington re now making estimates of the mding that city's water main out Into the lak< beyond the breakwater. —Two futile attempts were made this we i rob Swift's fur and millinery store ia ibans. There were several thousand dolli orth of furs in the store, which the rogt —The Supreme court has overruled the i spiions in the ease of Emeline Meeker, Waterbury, the child murderer, and sentenc be confined in prison till the last Friday >f March, 1883, and then to be hanged. —The liquor crusade in St. Albans, is still li rogresa. A citizens' meeting was held Mondfi; ,'ening, at which the proprietor of the Weldoi ouse, the leading hotel, agreed to keep i IB. The proposition was accepted. 3e dwelling of Jamee Laqulre, at Nortl iVrrisburgb, waa burned on the 17th inst., wit f five s no two years old, were bv 'he mother had left them alone about lioutes before the discovery of the fire. —John P. Howard, of Burlington, w he equivalent of a large fortune, has ,800 acres of valuable land in Wisconsin and rfintiesota to the Protestant Episcopal dli >f Vermont. The lands are to be sold and ncome of the proceeds to be used for lioccBan missions. Mr. Howard bus alsc nated $20,000 to enlarge and repair the Uc sity buildings at Burlington. 0VEK THE BOKDEE. re of Bennett & Mercer, St. Join • robbed of $100 worth of goodg in Montreal has just decided tli the Orange Society is illegal under the laws lal country. —Tho Grand Trunk Railway Company a irougb Victoria bridge. —The beet re sugar r, P. Q., opened last week. lachincry of the former cost S100.000. le question of the building of a bridge —A London despatch says : It is stated thu -I n the to ged 7 years Both hi FEBTIYAL AND OYSTER SUPPER, Tue ladies of the West Plattsburgh Bat Cburch and society will hold their ann feilivttl Thursday evening next, Dee. 1, at Parsonage at Morrisonvllle. All aro cordii invited lo attend. By order of committee. Of E 3 that In 183 lerk in the e Here was laid Benjamin Ketch > foundation for his future success as a bnai- ssman. In subsequent years he became a rtner of Mr. Ketchum, under the firm name Ketchum & Sherman, They occupied the llding on the south Bide of the river, now the (railroad, known to this day as the um stor*, and recently sold by Mr. 8her- lan, as agent of the Ketchum heirs, to Mr. C, Subsequently he was in the mer- iess alone, in the building now oc- ipied by Arnold & Morgan. He was in com- ason with Mr. Lytoan Wood worth, years, previous to 1SSO, he was igaged in the lumber business, at Norrisville Peaeleyrille, and in 1851 he bought an in- st In the mil! property at Plattsburgh, and Srm was known as Smith, Sherman ct Co. ut 1*55 he removed with his family to Uburgh. In 1852 Mr. All Hcdford'* New Era . From 1S30 to 1851 the village of Redford wu ae of the smartest in Clinton county. Thli abraced the period when their extensive a Slass manufactory wag in full lumber of skilled laborers md giving general thrift and prosperity to th< )lace. But sines the fires of that factory went >ut there has been a gradual decline, and as iu calls have crumbled Into ruins the pride and clory of Rodford has to a considerable extent aded away. The many large and handsome •evidences built m the period of its prosperity uin. Thti oicl Prt'8bytcrian Church, for an ixample, has been sold and removed toPeasley- riJIe, where it has been remodeled arjd re- inished by the Methodists and made to beautify hat place. Moore's extensive tannery in the lower part )f the village has we believe been the principal ippears to be a sort of business center of Its atimablo citizen, Mr. George P. Mar :ngaged : i the i ral yea nry Justin and J, Leslie Slgnor, and Fen & Signor determined to erect s >r six fire forge at Redford village, of the ght tho inte , in the property, timber lsnds, &c , id the firm became Sherman & Thomas. They inducted a prosperous business till 1856, when ley were induced to sell oat to Col. C. F. Nor- Their partnership relations continued iral years longer. With the exception of a mberlng in- The subject of grading the school is w We hope soon to hi regular correspondent from Redford, who; 3s informed of the many matters of in that locally, and go more minutely lto the details of its business and social affairs Bowen & Signor's mine, which supplies thi re for this forge and the forges at 8»ranac and [offlttsville is situated a mile or more above Ledford village. To meet the increasing de- improvements are being made iu their method of raiting it. Steam take the place of horse power. The old fashion whimsey, windlass and bucket are at to become obsolete. A largeenglne house been bnilt. A railway is being laid aloDg bottom of the mine, some twelve hnndr< Eeet, and up an inclined plane through t Ing near the engine honse. Ore cars loaded iy point along the line of the track in the ! will be drawn up through this opening, re rope will be used to connect the steam ;rwith these cars. Communication will be had between the engineer and the minerE bell and wire. The new works are being constructed with care and thorough- ness. The engine house is a substantial build- ig. The engine and boiler are in position, the arrangements nearly completed, and the method of raising ore will go into operation aa the \Blo impany iae declared a quarterly dividend of V/, p< snt payable December 10th. —Emerson L. Randall, engineer on the O. & L. C. R. R-, residing at Rouses Point, has spei 32 years of his life in that business. —A movement is on foot to petition the Del- svare & Hudson Company to change the n& )f Addison Junction station to Tleonderoga. ight to Ogdi burg through the enlarged Welland canal, is being shipped east over the O. & L. C. railros —Wesley Collins, of Cadyville, had two m le fingers of his right hand taken off, li rlday, while coupling cars on the Chateangay railroad. —Edw. A. Kellogg, late in the railro! naitor's office at St. Albans, has accepted osiUon in the office of J. W. Sprang, Secreta if the Del. & Hud. Canal Co , at Albany. —The O & L. C. Company has been for son me troubled by parties stealing wood fro leir shed at Rouses Point. Recently two fuel for running the Is forced up through little holes in the bottoi of the fire-place, creating a draft which caue< lbustion of the coal dnst. What was before a useless article is thus turned good account. The engine in the separator he mine is fed in this manner, and the one for aising ore will be. Considerable building is going on at the tew, neat cottages, and Mr. F. C. Wilson, Dg purchased a farm of 50 acres in the ii diatc vicinity, has built a handsome residence thereon, into which he has jnBt moved. the time the forge was built at Redford, a eparator waa also built' on the opposite side of the river. A mode) lown as the Conkling sieve is being put in, ider the supervision of Mr. James H. Totme and it is expected that when this is Bet operation most of the separating will be do sre for all the forges. PBBSONAL. Mr. W. C. Wilson, Superintendent of the mines, has occupied that position since st came into the possession of Mr. Bowen i associates, some 14 years, His residenc the mines. He recently purchased thi Moore place at Redford, and will eventually lake that his home. Messrs. F. C. and I. T. Wi ;d in the s espectively. :t, and v, •e fined —Next spring the Delaware and Hudson ompany wil! relay the Glen's Falls branch lilroad with iron rails weighing 50 poundt ie yard. The same kiod of rails will be laid l that time on tbe new Lake George road. —The sub-contractors for the grading of th« Glen's Falls and Lake George railroad expec ill the light earth work completed this There will then remain about miles of rock cutting to be blasted during the winter. —A general niseting of the general ticke id passenger agents of all the roads in thi mntry will shortly be called to be he'd eithe New York or Ohipago, to consider the ques an of abolishing all commissions to ticEo agents for railroads. .rrow-gauge railroad from LakeGeorgi va, by way of Warrensburgh, Horicon, Lake and Pottersville, i« a project now discussed by owners of Iron beds and tanneries on the route. If built it would cenrj IO new Delaware and Hudson exte ake George. —When the fast trains now operated ew York and Chicago arrive at tho Chicago snd of their run each engineer steps around t( if his locomotive and brushes thi : plat • the ly in front of tho engines, and >y tho smokestack or the headlight, and fall lead upon the plate at the boiler-head. We :aii't vouch for the truth of this item. ~ Railroad men are Just now greatly interest :d in a novel appliance to locomotives whereb 1 ,he hcreteforc laborious task of ringing thi jell at the crossings and while approaching nwne and villages, which has devolved upoi manifest neglect, in many ar duties, will bo aulranati- . steam power, easily regu- rolled. The <\--'- ' ' to the instances, of his ot' ally performed b •ted ; • — - itaining a revoli tly with the be. oko t>y means or a anan. The motion is ?gulated by a valve and cut-off, so adjusted • • - - -light movement, it is thrown off the STATE AID ASSOCIATION, tho Poor In tbia an d Neighbor, ing- Counties ar o Treated . w York Saturday th< d h tary, Eilcn F. Terry, made mentof the ommittces t ties in this vi Tarts oMho y v -operation of result of the im f the board in clnity ; miug Cr cotnmltt8o tho Board of Hu] ew offices aud rj the followin cstigations o the followin d tliat throng together wit erviiors, man OW m Bh8d2l r Wit of the aexe&.&eomftd c as not good and the w 10 BpeclBl care nor ajiilleci The buildingB !\ of repair. '. rron county poorhouse ) tho old parta. No elaaaiflea o poor vim forbidden. There was ,,»,.,.al invalid mothe clothing and beading us scanty. moomforUbla ward hold' were poor ana tho funlit' ; old glass works. Tbe forge was completed d set in operation a year ago last summer, lich was the dawning of a new era in Red- \d. Since then improvements have been the 3er of the day, New r buildings havo sprung in all directions, many of them built by the apany, and many by private parties. House! •e in dec (pairing ,nd, a I ther •usbins: up, (such as painting, lapboarding, building on additi. •emodeling, &c. Tho price of real estati Bedford, we are told has increased, from < .hird to one-half. Long may this prosperity >ntinue and increase. The schools lurches feel the impetus of the new „ . pupils, Misses N. Macartney, B. McCidden, E. Smith, :, F. McCadden and S. Dorg-m. A chorus, \Festal Greeting/' by tbe j amor pupils, and another solo by Misses Desmond and La- liere, concluded the afternoon exercises, but the festivities. A rich collation was served re tol Hied, \The Coun- Ciiy.\ Mctdiim LelebvrSj who camo here from Otta- wa in May last, is a comparative stranger in Plattsburgh, though by her occasional visits In -me,r yeans, in the capacity of Secretary Gen- eral, she made the acquaintance of Madam Kelly and the other Sisters. These expressions of regard will no doubt strengthen her attach- aent to her new home. She was the recipient of numerous valuable presents from the pupils, including a handsome black walnut secretary, a valise, silver pencil, also bell and se for the chapel; itfain eeks. By the aid of a moder ,\ cha mprov p coal dus bein Wilson, are about jilding arket man ;ted for the purpose near doore tannery. Mr. Charles E. Beach, formerly at Saranac, 3 book-keeper and store-keeper at the mines. Mr. Abijah North, formely landlord of tt Touquet House, of Plattsburgh, now presidi it the office of Justin, 8ignor & Co., at Rei ord. Lewis Tulip, of Chazy, has purchased thi Redford House at Redford, and h now pi ared to receive guests. The old Chaplain of the 118th, Rev. Char L. Ragar.iis Pastor of the M. E. Church Redford, and preacher and people appear to be iually pleased with the pastoral relation. [Its Anna W. Morhous, of Saranac, haisb aged to teach the village school, wh opened on Monday. N. Pike, who is engaged in the sales Mr. Clinton A. I & Bignor. r, in tbe office erly of Peru, lia and hollow <fcc, at Saranac. These notes, dotted d< of Bowe , stov haaty trip, ar :>f course very imperfect; but we trust al emissions and defects will be repaired by ou special correspondents whom we hope to hea •rom in the localities visited. We have Mmpl; Bade a beginning. ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, —Sheep from Canada are coming to Of ;irg in good numbers. —The people of Pulaski, near Ognensburg, re building a $30,000 hotel. —Fifty dollars a night is to be charged for I sw Opera House at Ogdensbuig. —Hon. Abel Godard has been chosen cha ian of the St. Lawrence county Board Supervisors. —The proprietors of the International Cai rounds at Morristowu, are building a n otel for the next season's pleasure travel. -One night last week a farmer near Ogdens- urg hoard his dog making an unusuo.1 noi utside. He opened the door and in rushed iunk, with the dog close behind. Tbe Bkui nmedlately established its liues of defense very accessible part of the house, and f sme time \held the fort\ against tho dog the best bedroom. At last accounts th farmer had a sad look, while his house and bed clothes were being aired. However, the skunk dlled. THE POET HEHKY IKOH INTEBE8TB, ?he Port Henry Iron Ore Company ha ce the opening of navigatiou last Spr: shipped to market over 240,000 tons of o ith the mines owueel by Sherman, Witherbee Co., which freight their ores over the same track, the r aonth T e 29,00 mines during tho . . .mddling purposes, selling on the dock at 45 per ton ; ~ ;1 ore used in blast furnaces mid the re <if pig metal, selling at $3.75, at rorlb S3 Tbe ore is shipped as far chmond, Va., north to Halifax, N. t to Cleveland, O. The ore U largel; which* ha've \a** capacity of eight C |.o ^te. .__ ene.li aud are drawn direct to Scranton, Pa and other pointn without breaking bulk. ' said that over 327,000 tons were sent fron DKOWNED IN THE OEBKK. On Friday morning of last week the body QYXX Bouaquet was found iu Dead Creek, ju slow tbe bridge, a short distance from whe empties into the lake. Ho left the house i» sister, who lives on tho' south sida of tl .ream, early Thursday eveuinj; to viait tl ouse of IA neighbor, aud beiug a cripple, of eak mind, and suLjuct to Qts, it is supposed iat in the dariuiees he missed tho bridge ai .urnbled into tho water. A coroner'6 jury w; impannelled on Friday morning by Justice O'Brien, ti verdict being returned of accidoqtal r ning. He was about 28 years of ag< Hono n to the mothe r Superior. Wednesday of this week was the 25th anni- snary of the profession of Madam Lefebvre, other Superior of D'Youville Convent, Platts- irgh, and the occasion was celebrated in the itable exercises, consisting of ental t isic, ecltations, ad- , by the pupils of the academy. of o • citizen .as genera! an invitation .as have been glad to extend. R ills and Pelletior were presen ceived from Father Walsh re, secestary and unexpected abaeac orks, expressing his regrets tha The decorations of the hali were r. •spond with those at Ottawa on thi md o 8 G. De«n :d chorus, \T jr pupils, Misf lering the sol. oseand the Cbiid.\ by t: Senecal and O Johns* Miss M. Chan via reai sngratulatory address to the Mother Supe nd MISB G. Desmond an address ia Eng the kind regards of the school. ill of r Iigio- of the Rev. Father: responded in Frenc [titled \Les Soc >y Miss L. Lafrei :ultd BP P <JeBir« to c»ll th» attention of our readert to f tha greateat new«papers of the *?•—OB« thai ea the ba*t writ«» in thli country and Europe, rtjardleis of expenie; ha I th« bwt as< tulltwt book i wi of any p»p»r In the country; kai abl» uticlM! financial tubjecta; has cUp&rtaintt »diUd by «peclali»t» aod devoted to Tine Arts, Mn*ic, Scl s if our Baby' s LU« wort h 35 Cents ? If so, nse BBOTTS'S TKSTHTNO OOBDIAI, which i» is beet baby medicine in the world. It keep» call- dren healthy and make* mothers happy. Huligiom Ir illlgenoe, Missions, Sohoo id CO11.J., the Week, Hymn Lugal and Sanitary questi»n«, Biblical Re«ei papar in the United 8tatts), Farm and Garden, innraot!, Weekly Market Report*, ate—1 fact, gtf. lYBI* E. PUlKHAM, OF IM, -MtfS.^ A Heav y Swell . Xoting th e Effects. Sibba, of Buffalo, N. Y., writes: \Hearing , — »c s BLOOD BITTEHS favorably apoken of, I induced to watch their effects, and find ta»t in aic diseases of the blood, liver and kidneys, re used them myMl'f^iibfbert MiSt*,\^ wak e Oelta. _ ^ . . - THOMAS' 8 '! eraal satisfaction in caring conghs, s, rheumatism, nsoralgia, etc. Highest temperatur LOCAL CORRESPONDENCE, h will se n Ther a few of the : * the pupils of the isively by them, s I, and i: theei September, Oototwr and to th< —-'- '--iraes 30 care cattle 12 • e larch tntwe»c eleven ai The firs' !, 0.\ lectui and Literary Association, Wednesday was not of a character that can be reported in a summary manner. To trace thf •rree of written language has puzzled thi it philologists. Messrs. \A B and C,\ ant remainder of tha twenty-six brothers am sisters have a long and honoredline of ancestry, althouhg tho first families seem to be somewhat Darwinian in their characteristics. The speaker, Rev. Joseph Gamble, wai rholly at home with his theme. Had hi liked to ns in regard to \th e origin, and ature of earthquakes,\ \ the spots on th 'Heithenmythology \ ''mesmericphenoi dertake to follow him over the course. But in the present ca6e we give it up ! While this is one of the most ii so one of the most interesting must be evident to all observers • later the world must take a step forward, In .ct a mighty leap, In its written language, wed on the phonetic or \Bound\ principle. Perhaps this event is reserved for the timewhen all civilized nations Bhall adopt i language. But we are gettine; lost! •icate it is t snbjec to prevent such. Hitherto the means r accident! Incapacitating employes allowinglli their particular labor, haa bsen of a very precarious nature, viz: By voluntary contributions. This sort of thing being uncertain, and tending to place the injured mas in the position of a pauper, might be obviated by the formation of a benevolent ' ' 'A. would no doubt be ab ', that is if the men th«r — , .... _ the matter, which they ., only compare amount of voluntary contribution* per month with the 25c. monthly dues of a society, from which they may expect a benefit if Injured by -Mldent. \OiBHiBDLuiar- \ —The foundation of tho new engine hoi lankey'e Js completed. Work is to be coma a the structure at once, which wili be brick. —A large force of men are engaged in grading a branch railroad with its terminus at Bradley pond. -The ladles of the M. E. Chnrcfi held an oyster supper asd festival at the depot on Wednesday eve- THS HEW BAPTIST CHUBO^, On Wednesday of this week a contract closed with B. W. Haynes for the construction of the new Bsptist chnrch, in Pittsburgh, >rk will begin at once. It is expected that within a very few days the old house on tl >r of Court and Oak streets will be leveled the ground, and the old willow tree will so< disappear, root and branch. These are vene ble land-marks. The building is to be in the tothic style, of wood, with a tower on the cc er, and will stand on what has been kno^ the \Averill Lot,\ at the southeast corner Oak and Court streets, facing the west, Oak street; the audience room to be abc 40x00 feet, with an arched ceiling ; a Sunday )ol room at the rear on a lower level b; ;rai feet, and partially under the choir ront of which will be the pulpit platform AN EDITOBIAL 0HAIE IH WAX! Many are aware of the exquisite skill of Mies E. 11. Travis, of Peru, in making designs fax. Laet week we were the recipient of ixtraordinary specimen of her handiwork. It loneista of the words \Oar Edttor's Chair,\ wrought iu wax, and to the right of them figure representing the chair ; ! Made of pm :, decoratedjwlth delicate wax flower rflies, and upholstered ii sautlful Asa! ,rtisUcd( to say that it would grace any parlor tn Plattsburgh. But it will not be permlttei of this office! It will be handsomely framed, and then placed over the door all who enter may duly elate the magnificence and luxury of an editor's ireyfl!' LITEBAEY IHTELLI&EUOE, A Boo n for Cauvassors . > Toargee, of North Carolina, the fa Errand\ and \Bricks wi hii series or striking historical ther wort, entitles \J. Royal GentU-n a power, iu romantic interest, at 3h, it in the author's maaterpleoe. reds of thousands of volumes of iking people of America—books de Straw,\ has added n upon his day rary history of Thore History of e nineuce. Judged by the aal ie most rapid iu I „ ,A — m ourgee etaridi to-day let for! a profound inipre moat populm Is graphiopei .d\ will desire to re&d thousands will wslcome the coming of\ the oauvWor! \ • ooi ia handsomely Illustrated. For particulars eu Fordtf, Howard & Hulbert, 27 Park Place, have read \A Fool's Royal GentUmi \ sly by subscript Peterson's Magazine , December, more than inaintaiua its unriva lcm a lovely title-page, representing si singing a Cbrintmas hymu; beside lir, in croaa-atitch embroidery, printed icriber* of \1'eterson\ ai; illustrated.' The numbe other engravings. Bpeci- persons wishing to , ' . PEXEHSOS, 306 Chi Then there ai lbs. Addre . Tho now ex te emblems month in the ear^nd'Tn each emblcmuticftl female figure of great dignity. The all, aa in the bailigrouud Is seen tUe Aur< of a somewhat deeper tint, atul the gene —Mi-,. Sanih Clark, widow of Zeuas Clark lubraits her 00tU birlji day to day, at thf nut: of herdmshter, Mrs. George L. Clark this village. She was born Nov. 25, 1791 OldCaanan, Conn., during the administra- Hi Of GcCtiO W LlShlQ^tOll, GUtl llU8 COUSQ- .cnlly lived through the administration of cry President since the formation of the littd States Govurnmtnl. She ia still in if her tight ami hcuring. would cojay life as »ell aa many persons of half fcer years. She ia s a titlur, Mrs. Hannah Wheuloek, of Pow- tal, Vermont, who haa passed her 93d birth- .'egetatrte Compour ham. 2S3 Western , phletu. e of Lydia I id to Mrs. L 3 oyster supper at I a inst. aiaaio ai 1 be introduced to M00EES. -Potomac »rianOhareh e ilBt I SbI ighest price will be paid for grain and fai ce. Give us a trial. Office at the mill and ow's Block, Cnttom House 8qnare. Our teai eet all boats from the Islands to accommodate sending grists to the mm. All grists shoi ame of the sender and plainly TOTMAN, WRBB & BJ Walnu t Leaf Hai r juestorer. rom all dandrnff, restore gray h»ir to its ilor, and produce a new growth -where It off. It does not in any manner affect th« AH C Go's aaBiatant aopnt health, -ffMch Sulphur, Sugar of Lead, and Ki\ ' • • • TqSt e ?Mt ot Hi^er preparation* taTodone. It will change 1 1 or faded hair in a few days to a besntifnl gl , LBi your druggist for it. Each bottle is ;. A. McCluie& Co., and Fonda & Co., Albany, and O.N.Oritteriton, Sew Tort, Wholesale —The tntr*quarterl: ev. J. H. Bond, will\ preach.\ Qce this Saturday at 2.3U v. M, —The following shipments have ft Vm/Wi.a NUU LV k« UUl. ly meeting of the M. E. Charch lObath. The Presiding Elder, *hM d to th< attle, 12 • i. lei the m alit of NOT. rs sheep, 3 a uraips, 8,600 barrels potatoes, 137,760 pound* bpei vheat, SS,800 pounds buckwheat flour, 7,761 pound ses of »gga, sr the O. & 1 h, O, B. JB. from this depot -Th e Champlain it larger, enand \welv\ ilain Interview si twelve thousand bushels 117 Grand St.,' Albany.'li. T. »»A Wor d t o tUe wue Is sufficient.' iffective aad agreeable remedy ft)* the treat if Catarrh, Hay Fever and Oatarrhal Di is 21j's Cream Balm. A sure our^. Cream Balm effectually clean»e«:the r—' - of catarrhal Tiros, £-».--..\.: i. They had a good BOGESSHELD, :>mpaziy to idiug for a th pro- from inflammation Uriings ol the head from additional colds, heals the sore» and restores the sense oi i»o ana smell. Beneficial results are realized by a few appll- ,~tfm,. » thorough treatment as directed wi\ --- age. Send for cir- BLTS \0BEA1TBAL M CO., OwegO, H. Y. 1 \ \Smith k LaRocq.ua an* w w \•& M. Hopkins'Sons a place. The evening w filled > beautiful and the house was earl j hour. Tas receipts or ta« evening re about $70. .Ur^uTw.ek'wS'Mes^Gra^^nar nd Whitney, as engineers. The smaller eng is sam* place, also the one at the West holi nd«go repairs when they will be returned td engine house. -Mr . Fairbanks has returned to his old positi l the post offlae, Mr. Ordway, of Bur?'— L ~ *\ ing been placed in charge of the depot. SABAKA0. —Mrs. Sally Ayres, widow of Anson Ayres, late oi Peru, dlea very suddenly »n tha evening of Nov. 16th, at the residence of her eon-in-Iaw, Mr. Frank Haynes, in the 77th year of her age. The ohurch and the community mourn the loss of one who waa llvared a o all a d and a onnd. The funeral abllme words, \And ag unto me, ter, irom m s suoum e wor B from Heaven sayiBg i Rev. Frank Potter, fi Blessed are the dead\wblch\ die in'the Lord from \ iceforth. Tea, taith the Spirit, that they may — t from their labors, and their works do fellow them.\ For many centories have these triumphant ord» of heavenly inspiration proved as a healing ilm to bereaved and sorrowing hearts; and al- lough Slater Ayers has ceased from her prayers -.3d her laborB for the salvation of thosa around her, yet her godly influence will long b« felt, and in that \great day\ many will arise and call her blessed. -Mr . Philip Moore'B select Bchool closed Mov. 12, with recitations, singing ai pupils. We believe he gave a faithful teacher. Kaay o: anxious to attend his schoo begins Nov. 21st. -Mr . H. Wood, of Moff. , everely suffering from a malignant pustule upon iis hand, Is very much better, and his s»e*dy rs- overy may now be hoped for. At one time, owing -O the serious aspect of the disease, much anxlet was felt for his safety. .B former pupils e 3arn that a new bridge is being constructed Little Ausable Kiver, near its \ Rose Walker haa been engage. ._ winter term of school at the Lyon street school u ouae. —That's right, Father Soribe, wo consider oriticlsm ...» *-_!.,— . —V>, likr ' — tpUin? lent, -whi( ,aphai , . received. in place ' urchased potatoes id. Now suppose we add tl hirty-flve thousand, and ther. L larcre enou&h Our editor tainlyw.'l I, \Alwayi WEST P irdtmm is manifesting considerable enter- Local Motlces. Confectionery. j&rge stock of plain and fanoy Oandy at wholesale, f-Vine suga r Syrup* at 600. per gallon, 5Oc. Xea . - in 50c. New Crop Japan Teas, uted to them will receive prompt attentic want to know where to buy the beet ooms, School Agenoy building, Platts- ENGBAVl.'VOS, it a flue Steel Engraving, our parlor? Call at SMI: »-81500 per yi rklDg for B. G. E wYork. Hendfc Agenia and Canvassers 15 to ir Catalogue nud termt been oliered In Boots, sjioeg and Bubbsrs ow be obtained at the BOOK BOTTOM BOOT IB HTOBE, 08 Margaret Street, Plattsbi \ K BLOOD BITTKBS will is, Traveling Bags, and Gents' Furnishing • J '—svariety, atE. Spear's. es and Mittens, lined and unlined, best goods ever offered in this--- Oil, tt* **• MJJ«\ 8. Every one is respectfully invited to oall and »3 .JU my stock of Seal Skin Caps for ladies and gc before purchasing. 36ylB Don't Gasp with Asthma >£l as if you should die for the want of breathy '•ze like a broken~vrtndtd horse, when XiisTOH'8 :N^A9THMA CraE will relieve you at once and ve any sufferer from Asthma or from'Ha\ a sample of LUton'u Certain Asthma Cure I USE o* CHABOZ, then if it does just as racon d buy a quarter pound box for $1. It la nd times superior to anything evsr use<.. or get a trial package e proprietor t or CougUlto, of SomsrriUs, Man., says: \to theisil of 18761 was taken with a violent bleeding of the luags of 18771 there th „ _ », — as bi( as a half-dollar. I expended ot dollars in doctors and medicinal. I but a friend told me of D W H L; I t b I got and gr d f of Da. WM. HAH B BALS bottle to satisfy him, w tification I commenced my surprise and gratiflcat better, and to-day feel in better spirits than I the past three years. \ write this hoping that every one afflicted ..._ sased tangs win be induced to take Dr. Wm. HaU'i —sam for the lungs, and be convinced that cei sumption can be cured. I can positively saj that has done more good than all the other medicines taken daring my sjcicess.\ Sold by drag- HARKIAOES. In Brandon, Vt., Hov. 17, 1881, at 8t. Mary's Oatholio church, ky Bev. J. O. Mclaughlin, Mr. sf Pittsburgh mdon. in Keeseville, Nov. 17, v. J. Uathews, r. SHELDONI LOOK, all of Aussble, At Weat Flattaburgh, Nev. 18,1881, at tha residence of the bride, by Bev. E. Matthews, Mr. FOSTEE B. TKIPP, of Ohestortown, N, T., and Miss OYSTHIA J. QUYNTJP, of West PUtUbnrgh. A M N 28 , g At Mooers, Nov. 28,1881, by Bev. H. A. BnBsell, B.ANK N . OLEMENT and ELIZABETH i DEATHS. At Saranac take, Nov. 10,1881, Mrs. FLOSESOE MANNING, aged 31 years and 10 months. I 01tfflN OM, aged newly «6 years, 11 months and 13 days. At Ellenburgh, Noy. 9,1881, ALICE M., daughtw t William H..Bawy.r, aged 19 7*»rs. Her remains were taken to M»lon. for interment. Miss ELIZA OABBOIX,' aged 28 years. In Plattoburgb., Nov. 18,1881, FBANK PBBMOBB, G AiVAHISil and ElECTBICITV Tit. «™»t Vurttve Agort*. I Sciatica, ParalywiaTand* pepsin; Asthma and Lang Di T^; O i e ? eHeOrt5NerV0U8 PRICE ON: TH E BEL L MAN N 843 BN*dvay, Oct.\'\ AGENTS FOB SALE BY ;la; Sick. Head, imed Eye»; All Spinal Com- Complalnts; deVEndct, as- , rf retaining the wonderful clearness and brilliancy of mind and complex* ion throughout har life. At tha ago of 95 her akin was aa soft, blooming and fresh, as a girl oi 16. (The secret waa the discovery of the famous X and chemist. I'Abbe d'EUBat.) At her de- she bequeathed this most valuable secret to a physioian, who supplied it to the court celebrities —».. . i f fl0 downiall of the ompire it came in pos- a celebrated American physician, who haa ently successful in tha treatment of Stood 1 diseases; and taat tho publio generally may enjoy the benefits of this tnarvelousjarepara* tion, the Doctor haa placed the recipo with the Bel l ~ ' Ne w Tork, who are prepared imanaa of the thousand* of eager - aa U manner of LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOTOD. • Ig a Positive Cure Tttl those PatBtb^amvU^tT'nia B toourie.tf.iB.leiw BJOTesfatatMst, flatnlsoey, dettroysall oraTins forsUnmlants, tad relieves weakness otthestnaaob. Qeneral Decttitr,'sleeplessness. Depression and Isdi- any with the Uws that govern th Tar the cure of Kidney Complaint* of either sex till ITO U E. PINKHAM'S \VEGETABLE COM- POUJfDi* prepared at 9S9 asd «36 Wwtern Avenue, LlUss. Price *L SU bottles I or ti. Sentbymail Prinrpl ore Tn cnrani 1 o llavGlulD lIloillallbD COMPAWY. PAID UP~CASH~GAPITAL 1 $600,000. Cash Assets, July 1,1881, $5,854,824.03. Beinaorance S«serve and all other liabilities...*4,US,S80.11 surplus as regards Poli- cy Bolder* 81,435,937.03 Whole No. Life Policies In force 12,S4S Claims paid in Lite JDept. to date 1 31,750,000 Accident Claims paid 4,36*,000 Whole No. Accident Policies Issued 091,700 Whole PTo. Accident Claims paid 01,700 We, as Agents, take pleasure in pre- senting to the public the statement aB above, and in recommending THE TBAVELEES as one of the strongest and best of American Companies. We issue Every Desirable Form of Life and Enflowiuent Policies at rates from Twmmr-Fm: TO THIBTX FEB CENT. BELOW those of most mu- tnal oompanies. We deal in no fanoy schemes of Life Insurance, bnt sell the BEST Insurance at least possible cost. WE SAY TO ALL, IIBitMKAYEIIlS. We write ACCIDENT POLICIES cov- ering death or wholly disabling injury, *->* a month or a year, at short notioe. Fo medical examination required. We have paid during year 1881 FOBTY- ONB CLAIMS under aeoident policies is- aued by as. Whether you travel or whether you stay at home, it is wise to have an Accident Policy. Annual Premiums for a General Ac- !« 3 &S 10,000 $5.00 16.00 Tm £0.00 WOO BO.OO •tfnn 2^00 30.00 60.00 *7.S0 32.60 ^60 75.00 li $io.oo 30.00 40.00 •ed Class—Bankers, Book-keepers, T Fxofessional Men, Insurance O&oers, Clerks, Pbyalclana, Stugeons, etc Extr a Preferre d Class.—Cowmerolal Agents, Traveling Mea, Book Agents, Insurance Ad- Jnsters.io. Ordlnar r Class.-Arcbitects, Builders, Shce- maitra, Printers, Plumbers, Jewelers, MaobJnists, Horse Oai OonductoM, etc. Mediu m Class—Blacksmiths, Muoss, Oar- pentora Bstcbera, Gar Drivers, Painters, Farmers. Hostlers, Polioemei, eta. (Complete Olassiiloation can be learned of tbo Oom- pany's Agents.) Accident Tickets also issued for one day to thirty days, granting $3,000 insurance in case of death by accident, or $15 per week indemnity in case of disability resulting from acci- dental injury, at 25 ots. per day, or thir- ty dajs for $5.00. Whether for travel, for business or pleasure, be insured in THE TRAVELEKS, the best Life and Accident Insurance Co. in the world. HA&ERTY k MCCAFFREY, Plattsburgh, N. Y. OLDEST and BEST FAMILY NEWSPAPER. The NBW TOHK OBSKHTBS has nowl Hie largest irculatleu of its cJase. It Is UNDENOMINATIONAL, U» SECTARIAN, EVANGELICAL, «» d NATIONAL. SIXTIETHS YEAR. a sheet four times tbe size of its lirst insne, _f Foreign and Domestic Newa; Vfith vigorous Editorials upon matters of religious and secular in- terest; with carefully edited Departments for clU!« dren, Sabbath School Teachers, Farmers and Busi- nesumen; with eight active Editors, an UDriyaUed •tot Foreign Correspondents, and paid Writers rontributoro in every part of tho Country. MEW BOOK -OF- \Iren«eus\ H,ottex*«s, WitH Steel Portrait of the Author, le (riven to'any one sending us a bonafide Ssw 8CB. SOHIBBB and 83.15 for the comlni; yetn. Specimen Copies Free. PIl/CU AUfAV To any person who will ee UlVtNAWAl ns an order for $26 worth Tea Set of rg, Mam. houm, Ecioinn, Pimples, Math atclie., Freckles, Black H«ad», RougH kin, CatarrH, Hver Complaint, lii- nmed Eye*, See., tto. It Is. an absolute atldotefor MALARIA,^ M circulation thronglioiit the system. Iti OEFFIAT A liberal price will be paid for Flret-OlaM Ceoar Hop-Poles, deli\ered at »ny railroad station in Oliu- ton county. For particulars, prices, ie. , call on or address, D. O. BKOADWEri, MorrlBOPTUle, K. Y 300,000 Brick for Sale. laM ( ad\£f ereOn I F ALL DESOBIITIOSS—A \\' JI. P. SnTKBS * 0 0 O At MT^HJE SHETLA N TUe LatMt Hat :

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