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Lucy Bhaw, West Pittsburgh, Hay 22, 1889, 2 C -. U. Bhefflold, Black Urook, Jan. 1,1870, fl C t. E. Cooper, Vlneland, V. J., Oct. 8,1888, 4 5 ..Collins, W««t Piattsburgh, Sept. S, 1870, 1 I Ira D. Knowlefl, Pern, April 8,1870, 1 C som, Ohazy, Oct. 1,1870, 2 C Perley Laforo, Plattsbnrgh, Oet 8,1670, S C L. E. Slbley, Schuyler Falls, Oct. 8,1809, 1 1 hardson, We t Ofaazy, Oct. 10, 1860, 3 0 I. N. Mungor, TMnnemora, Jqly 24,1870, 1 0 L. 8. Monlcy, Baranao, Oct. 18,1970, 1 0 . A. Homenway, Woat Hartford, Vt., Oct. IB, n Darker, Crownpolnt Ceotro, Jan. 26, 1670, 3 00 . Thoma» Mallaby, Glen Cove, Long Inland, Vantyno.Ing .... W. H. iMfield, Solota Sept. S, 1870, lhas. H. Bugby, Chazy, Jan. 31, 1870, 8. Sopor, Schuyler Falls, March 3,1810, -. W. Storm, Kllcnburgh Depot, Jan. 1, 1870, FRIGHTFUL DEVELOPMENTS! 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As an Expectorant it has no Equal 1 tain all their medical qualities. MINISTERS AND PUBLIC BPEAKEM Who are «o often afflicted with throat diseases, will and a sure remedy m this Balsam. Lozenges and wafers sometimes give relief, bat this Balsam, taken Will SuhoM afl\tete<?S> give this Balsam a fair trial with the result, and, \ P A I N JCI L L E R Family Medicine of the Age! d«y»°! Moon whlJ K.lrKs' IVru n iton, Uoi.se. Point, ri'3m' 1 \. m 1 It85ir. O w ) O,lg. R. II. west of Mnocr MaUsburjih^tOr.V its on Odg. K. II. w™t o ytor Fnfls.Vuemlny\ Tlmr. —Mls8 Jin 1 rgh ]B«t Wok c Field passed through Pla on a virsit to Whitcfaco : olher points of inter/el. Hhe WRB acci piiniwl from here hy Mr. I-ouis M. Fouqi IIIB Rioter, niul olhers. AfYi-r asccndltig While-fare, they went liiiougb Wilmington Puss, and thence around lo Paul Srnith'f They returned by North Elba, ICueno FlaU hlovni, l'okn-o-moon-Bliiuc, Ktcfle n<l Annul) le Chnnn. Wbilo * Smith's, Alias Field flbot a deer, which \va than BORIC gentlemen sportsme >no up there. NEW PrtusnrTEKiAN CnrRcn.—The Chapel rooms of the First Presbyterian Church, which were used for the flrtt time* laat Sunday, are worthy of a description, and having visited them, we giro It: They aro entered from the east side of the Churcli, a projecting hood •heitering the door from Die drips of the roof and storms. The Inner vestibule hail light doors, of frames and cloth panels, adjusted with springs, and also has four windows of flock- n\ glass. From ibis, ono passes into the main Chapel, which ii ?adlh ol the Church, fifty-four feet long forty-four feet wide, capable of (dating three hundred persons. Uh side are doors Into the tower 1 o vestibules, communicating with the upper audience room,—corresponding doors on tho opposite side admit ono to the Li- brary room, and the rooms for the Infan Clara df the Sabbath School, and for tin Pastor's Bible Class. These latter room are about tweuly-soven feet square, and ari connected by largo sliding doors, making iona, a I Parlor Tlie Libra is —An Opera GIMS' was lost on the 1st inst., between Peru and Arnold Hill Bee advertisement. —We call especial attention to the advertisement of the \old family medicine\ prepared by Mrs. Sarah J. Hill. —The Fort William Henry Hotel and Lake House, of Oaldwell, have closed, and tho Minne-ha-ha tied up for the season. —At the New York State Fair, lately held at Elmira, the Champion Wash Boiler, of which we have recently spoken, and Tor which Mr. Stave ia agent, received the rst medal (bronze) over twelve competitor*, > an actual trial of the machines. —Carlos Burton of 81. Albana Bay, has •eceived three dollars \comcience money\ am a former clerk. —In Lincoln and Bristol, Vt., every grist ill was swept away by the late freshet.— Drtunately, for the convenience of the tizens, milling facilities remain in Ver- —Judging from the accounts given, Uio image by the late storm and freshet can- >t be less than $10,000,000. Here we ere just in the edge of the storm, and es- caped Uie terrible fury with which it raged The windows, which were l£e gift of the Babbath School, are of tinted gksB, in metal lash, w Ith stained borders. The pair behind ho pulpit are ornamented with emblems md texts uponjribaada. On one, the Lamb and Crook, with \He shall lead His Flock like a Shepherd,\ and \Feed my Lambs ;\ the other the Open Word, with \All y children shall be taught of the Lord,\ id \I will delight myself in Thy statutes, I will not forget Thy word.\ The gas fixtures are quite novel, and :autlful In style. A corona, in blue and gilt with six jets clasps each column In the •ooms, at a suitable distance from the floor. Upon the side walls are corresponding :kets. These fixtures were sappl ied by Shields & Egan. The furniture of the Chapel, which con- sists of reversible back settees, a^othic triplet chair, and a pulpit, is like the entire !wood work of the rooms, of oiled ash,— with the upholstering of green. This fur- niture was manufactured by Hornlck & Pierce. Some chairs, well adapted to'tho Infant Class, were made at Mr. Walker's factory. The pulpit and all Its furniture was the gift of Mrs. C. E. M. Edwards. Mr. J. M. Bent ley was the superintending carpenter of the basement rooms, and has done very thorough and well fitted work. Ir. John Wilson was the painter. The stone work of the tower is now rap- idly approaching a completion, nnder the charge of Mr. Henry Dowling, and as soon as this is done Mr. George Day will go on in he erection of the spire, which is to be lighty-two feet in height, substantially framed, and covered with slate In two ilors. Another season will, it is hoped, see the finishing of the main audience room, which ill be all remaining to be done. Messrs. E. 8. Winslow, J. H. Myers, Z. C. Platt and C. E. M. Edwards, have been the building committee, though the princi- pal labor and responsibility have devolved upon the two first named gentlemen. >uth a ast Of u, Jackson's Catarrh Snuff i AND TROCHE POWDKH, I C A DiSLIQHTFUL 4 PLEASANT REMEDY IN j * Catarrh, Headache, Bad Breath, Hoartenea,,Aithvia, | i Bronchitis, Cough,, Deafness, If , f, LOOSENS I —The annual session of the Essex and aamplain Baptist Association, held during e last week with Uie Baptist Church in eesevillb, was of a highly^ntcreating Laractcr, but not so numerously attended usual on account of the storm at the time availing. —Lost, on Monday, Oct. 11th, between East Beekmantown Depot and the Brick Church on Point an Roche, a pair of Gold- iwed Spectacles in a tin case. Whoever ill return the same to Samael Anderson, at- Beek man town, or to this office, shall be litably rewarded. —The heavy rains have swamped the cellars at Wither ill's hotel, rising wilbin a feet of the grocmd surface, owing to lefecU in the drains. After two days ex- iling, a channel has been opened, and erday noon the water waa falling in the cellar at a moderate rate. Among other lamages, the beds and bedding>f a base- ment sleeping room were set entirely afloat. No lives lost. —At the recent Episcopal Convention in lbany, Bishop Doane stated that in his ipinion the diocese was too large, and that Bishops Bhould be elected for Troy and \Mattsburgh. On motion of Hon. James ^orsyth of Troy, a committee was appointed o take the matter into consideration. It is suggested that a diocese be formed to be imposed of Rensselaer, Washington and >Sumbla counties, with a Bishop resident at Troy. —The Burlington Methodists have their lew church on White itreet.well advanced rd completion, ft is built of freestone the home quarries, with trimmings of itone from Isle La Motte, and is feet deep by 60 wide, with a tower 135 feet high, and will probably cost $60,000. audience room will seat 750 person :cture room in the basement 600. This has now been occupied for nonths. The whole edifice will be ready for dedication by the presiding blghop of tho Troy Conference at its annual session in April, which will be.held in this church. The building is an added ornament to that city of good churches, and a credit to the society who erect it. Their old house of worship is occupied by the public high —In reply to inquiries in regard lo ou indidate for Superintendent of the Poor e will say that it is not A. Benecal, wh. eeps a saloon on River Street, and who lems to be known by lecal. The name of our candidate Is inecal, as we have it at the head of Head, Throat and Vocal Organs. | ^ eneca J The Remedy does not \ Dry up\ a Catarrh bu, ! rele r BC1 In '\\\ ° •••'-— ~ arpenter and joii village. He has held the office of Pool ad of all uff b and Uea t It po Cures without Sn ing ! A.^to^~V^Z~*ll?Z,l, ana MaSter in ODr t0WD f ° r tbe > Mt lW0 >' ear8 > nover nauteatoi; when swallowed, instantly given to aod performed its doties in a manner that Delicious Sensation of Coolness and, as g '^ n UDIVcr3a sa ' saclon > I. the b«t taSa. world I i Court in the Fourth Judicial District was Try It ! Safe, Reliable, and only 35 Ctg. i not held, owing to the interruption at trav- w ( ??, I>K a'R VI n L , a , ON<kc ' o -' Pr °P' r8 ' pll \ Ildel P flIa -'e 1 b y th c recent freshet. Governor Hoff- Bom by fi. H. BALCII. PiaUeburgh, N. Y., V, h^le- • A£O, forJut-byVi w B cI'Dv'i' li co bu iid' J'JE COD veiling an extraorc! iuary general term at it lo the three departments of the Sabbath i), without the Librarian leaving bis it the shelves. A similar room gives nienccs for preparing refreshments, there is a social gathering In the Charch Parlor. All these rooms aro eleven ind a half feet high, and abundantly ven- . Hated, with halt and celling flues. They ire warmed by fonr portable furnaces hich give heat throughout them, and to the above EDITOB OF TH« SENTINSL:—In the award of premiums, and notice of articles exhib- ited at our late County Fair, the committee passed by that which interested the writer BUCD, and would interest any one giving it ;houghtful appreciation. It was a beautiful zsae of chemicals from Balch & Dae is, pre- pared by precise and difficult processes, with more than the ordinary skill and labor of the druggist. Mr. Robert Danis, besides the ordinary education for his business, has had a training in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, which has made him an ex- pert in analytic and manufacturing chemis- try. As> result of this, we had the very interesting collection of chemicals shown at the Fair. If there is any value to a aunity, from pure drugs, and other wholly trustworthy iatrredients of medi- cines, it should have had at least a favora- nention. We presume the omission was owing to a want of thought npon the | study, time, and delicate manipulations re- quisite for the preparation of such a case. This is not a solicited puff, but a volunteer notice of a truly creditable home production, for which we claim a little consideration, even if it be not as much as that given to squashes, washing machines and veloci- pedes. • From the Kuex Oo. Republican. WA-HO PAH-TE-NIB.—On the 23d ult. Judge Edmunds and family, of Burlington, Vt., went up on Whlteface, and spent the tight. They, had a Bplendid view, and ex- iressed themselvs highly pleased with their trip. —On the 2d Inst., Miss Kate Field, ac- >mpanied by F. Parker and A. J. C. Snow- den, of Boston, R. W. Emerson and L. M. Fouquet, of Plattsburgli, and Thomas Rog- ers, of Black Brook, made the ascent of the lountain. They left the Whiterace Moun- in House at 2 P. M., with a clear sky and beautifud day, but before they reached ie summit the clouds settled on the top and iry much impaired the view. They stayed ihour or two, and spent the night in Weston's tent During the night a atorm of rain came on which lasted till nearly noon )f the next day. In the morning nothing could be seen from the top, and the party :turned to the Mountain House, and in the 'ternoon left for Paol Smith's. —It is important that Ibe new survey pro- cted should not be lost Bight of. It ia be- jved a new route can bo had that will greatly f aciliate Uie ascent, and one that will add if possible to the romance and excite- ment. And yet it would be something to miss tho deep gorges and beetling cliffs of thu old route—the murmur of Whiteface Brook, and its beautiful cascades. Ballston on the Oih of Nov AI.ES on- IMPOBTBD STOCK.—Mr. Solomon rk, of Peru, at the Clinton Co. Fair, jbouccht of Geo. V. Hoyle, Esq., a fine Cots- j wold Buck for $50, also a Ewe Lamb of the same variety for $30. These, with a noble Bull Calf, recently presented him by Mr. Timothy Hoyle, (one of the get of the Duke of Airdrie,) places Mr. Clark considerably in the road of progress, and will beni those of his neighbors, who appreciate blood and pedigree. IKK FllKSHET.— WO llllTO bCCU Visit\ c<l by another freshet, which we are foarftil destructive tlinn the one recorded k. No mails yesterday morning, and we hear nolhlnpt definite from the South, Tho following Items, from tUo Free Press ves some of tho 'details in n fuw localities; On Sunday night,\ Opt. 10th, Chester .. aa vlfiited with a partial repetition of tho flood of Monday the 4th. The dwelling honae of Miss. Zilpha Chandler waa swept .way, and a few minutes later the dwelling jf Peter Rock ford fell Into the stream. The furniture had been removed from these _jes, nnd was snved. The current of the river now runs within six feet of the atone school, honse, and It was feared the next rise would take nearly all of the street. The highways all through the town are in a frightful condition, nnd in some places have disappeared where- tbo river has made Iteelf a new channel. Twenty-five highway bridges were carried off by the flood In that town. A Proctorsville correspondent of the Rut- land Herald estimates the damage by the floods to tbe town of Cavendish at $50,000. Anothe* ee*W#|X>ndent exclaime: 'Tho search and ielznr* clause of the liquor law of nature has been fully executed. 8hade of Noah, what a time?\ Tho damage In the Blaclc River Valley is estimated at $250,000. Thirty-nine bridgos in Lyndon have gone —27 publie, 10 private and 2 railroad bridges. Every bridge is reported lost from Wbee- lock line to tbe mountain, except one. The street in Wheelock village south of the hotel Is all carried away, and tbe village Is dam- ;od at least f 5000. In Weil Bnrke tbe water-cats (r deep jannel across the street. In East Burke the new bridge in tho village Is gone, and a ~>olo 20 feet deep cut out in the upper end if the street near the buildings. i From Craftebury every bridge in town is eported gone. Wholesale destruction is reported between the White Mountain House and Littleton. The carriages at the White Mountain Horjge were swept away. Every mill but one be- tween Littleton ana Lisbon is reported lost. Tbe Franconla iron works and peg factory •re destroyed. NKW MARKET.—Messrs. E. A. Adams, .f PlatUburgh, and L. D. Larkin, of Beek- mantown, have opened a market in Judge Woodward's new block, on Margaret Street, letween Sowles & Edwards' and Blake's ilocks. The name of the firm Is Adams & Larkin. Their purpose is to supply the , rery best quality of meat thai, can be pro- j cared. For Its selection, Mr. Larkin Is! iliarly qualified. He has had years of experience In the business. He will there- fore devote his attention to buying. Mr. Adams will attend to the selling, and will be found at his market at all buciiness hours. From a long acquaintance with him, we re the public that they will find Mr. Adams a very agreeable and obliging an to deal with. Local Correspondence. Family Reunion Again Pursuant to usage of long standing, the ! yearly meeting of the Ayers Brothers and their families took place (this year) at the of Joseph Ayers, in the town of 8aranac, Clinton Co., N. T., on the 8th of Sept., 1869. There were present at the gathering thir- ty-five of tho relatives and twelve invited guests, among whom was the writer and vife. The day seemed intent on making ip for the lack of summer during the aonths of July and August, and BO put on the hot and showery in a large degree. The Ayern family have descended from Mr. John Ayres, of Scotch English origin, who emigrated to this country from Eng- land in 1660, and settled in Brookfleld, Mass. He was killed in King Phillips War, il675. Joel Ayera, descendant of John Ayers, and father of the present Ayera Brothers, thrice married. By his first wife he had eight sons and one daughter, by hi* second and third wives, one daughter each. The eight sons are all alive aod follow- ing agricultural pursuits—well-to-do far- mers. The first daughter was married to Rev. Hiram Blanchard, of the Troy Con- ference, and deceased Nov., 1842. The scond daughter married Mr. H. H. Ste- ans, of Watertown, N. Y., where she now isides. The third daughter married Mr. Moses F. Collins, of Potsdam, N. Y., where resides. The half sisters and their husbands were not present The aggregate age of these Brothers is 582 years, the eldest being 72 and the young- est 58, their ages differing two years in all cases. The Brothers were able to count their gathering a year ago 129 living and 41 deceased members of the family, total 170. They now count living 133, de- ceased 42, total 175. A very slight change so large a family. Tbe religions ele- ment pervades the family quite extensively, so that of the now living members of the family 49 profess religion. These have associated themselves with that hranch »f the Christian Church, which has been characterised by a celebrated English writer 'Christianity in earnest\ And well it they do so, for Joel Ayers expe- rienced religion under the preaching of Jo- seph Crawford, and became a member of the M. E. Church at a period in Its history when ministers and members of other do- tmlnations seemed verily to think they ere doing God service by persecuting Methodism to the extent of their ability. Three sons of the children of Joel Ayers, >y his first wife, are now in the responsible irork of the ministry, viz: Watson, Bon of Francis Ayers, of Weylridge: David, son if Dudley J. Ayers, of Pern, and E. A, Blanchard, son of Alma Blanchard. The of these is a member of the New England Conference; the third a member of the Troy Conference, while the second aas just commenced the work of tbe minis- iry within the Troy Conference, with abun- dant prospect of unusual success. The family combine in a more than ordinary de- 1 gree, the excellences of inteligence and re- i apectability. Being inteligent, respectable, and religious, a family gathering with them could be only enjoyable in the highest de- gree. Though the writer could not be pree- it, he has been assured that the religious exercises, (always an important, and inter- esting feature in these gatherings,) which ik place in the evening, were attended a large measure of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. 8o hallowed and ilest were the exercises of the hour, that even the irreligious who were present rejoiced lo be there. An item of no small interest connected with the felicities of the occasion, consisted in the taking of a fami- ly likeness of the Brothers and their wives, re present, the artist finding no lit- tle difficulty in working his instrument up the ability to look so many noble counte- tces in the face and then tell how they looked. But it is believed the picture will do credit to the artist who took it, and give satisfaction to the family. Thc family have been represented in all the National Wars for, the right. Five aona of these Brothera gave their hearty service to their country during our late rebellion, one of whom laid down his life in the cause. Romeyn Ayere, so a descendant In this line, served his untry in the heavy Artilery, where he ro? e the distinction of Major-General. While these relatives are together, and hen they separate, In view of the advanc- ed age of many of the members, they can but feel, we may not all meet again. But a family they endorse the truths of the Bible, and as so many of their number n tho enjoyment of practical piety, they generally entertain #f>ope of a family reon- on In theVr Heavenly Father's mansions on ligh. May it be BO id \tho prayer of tho writer. 1LJA. MVHUXH, ,. Pastor M. K. Ctinrch, Snranac. Oct. 5, 1809. \WttJMifB*H« 11, 3959. MIL Em-ron:— On Bunday morning, Oct. 10th, James A. Bliss, of Wilmington, miss- ed from his pasture a sucking colt. He at once aeorched the field in hopea to HnJ him. After looking over the field he concluded that the colt had been stolen, and on going to Iho pasture bar?, found where a horse had been led np the road from the direction if the bridge, and had stood at the bars ivrhile, and then turned around and wei lown towarda the bridge, followed by colt about thc size of Bliss', as was thought by the size of the colt's tracks in tho ground. The borao and colt'b tracks have been fol- lowed as far aa Jasper Bliss' house, from there the track ran into.the beaten road. It was nearly noon before flltss dte- covcred that the colt was out of the pasture, and there had been an unusnal amount of] travel up and down the hill that morning. Mr. Bits* haa been'in the habit of going early every mornlDg to Uie pasture to s bis colt waa safe, since he had his horse shot; but this morning he did go till nearly noon. The colt was In the pasture Saturday evening, along with U others that are owned by other partii Why this colt was selected from the oth two is a mystery, unless it was intended to go aa the other horse did only two weeki ago. The pasture is sonth-west of Jaapei Bliss'? house. It has aroused the indlgna tion of the people of the town, and all hope that the whole thing will be cleared up, and tho offender punished. S1OO A MONTH SALARY PAID for AKentf, mute and femnlo; brjnlneai ptrma . Enclose ST.. Rtamp. VAH ALLIK SC CO., 171 A WATC H FREE-GIVE N G light, an gift cnte HENRY WARD BEECHER'S SERMOWSm Plymouth Pulpit. Aro bolriK read by peopTu of «»*ry da»§ and dt ina(i»n all over this country aDtl iCnrope. Th« Important Business ftotings. FiOTI F0» THI LA»)M— I iMHTietl tbB O» Of Windier & Wllion Machine wllbont ptnonal Imtr Hon. It lisa been uied nearly twelve yearf, with ropalrt, by mywlf aod aeamatrewea, dolog my family •swing, eatlnwted at »S00 annually, and Uda fair to do broken, but roatly worn np (oo short for HM. The actoal value of tny machlna cannot be eatlmstcd com- mercially, Dorexpretaed In word*. Thews only con properly appreciate It who have attempted family aewlng by hand. Mn. M. F. WOODS, \ Blessings on the man who first Invented sleep But how can any one sleep who Is filled full of pali :y using Eenne's Paln-Kllllng Magic Oil, to be snr A NOVEL PROPosmos.-Dr. Bage has discovered ire and speedy remedy for Catarrh, and the proprie- tor offers |500 for a case of that loathsome disease iat he cannot cure. It cures Catarrh In all Its stages, >rm» and varieties, with unerring certainty. If y Druggist does not keep this Remedy, take no other, enclose 60 cenjs to the proprietor, R. V. PISROB, M. D., Buffalo, N. T., and tho Remedy will reach you v urn mail. For sale by most Druggists erery- Pretty Women.—A comparatively few Ladies monopolize the Be»nty aa well a* the attention of Bo- • • This ought not to bo so, but It la; and will ' mon are foollab, and tingle oat pretty fscei for companions. This can all be ohaoged by using Hagan'a Magnolia Balm, which gives the Bloom of Youth and a Refined Bparkllng Beauty to tbe Complexion, pleating, pow. No Lady need complain of a red, tanned, frwkled r rustic Complexion who will Invest 76 cents In Ha- gan'a Magnolia Balm. Its effects are truly wonderful. To preserve and dress the Hair OH Lyon's Kathalr- n. ' ^_ s7«ml •9\Save Money an d secure Good Wor k y sending your, orders for ail kind* of Job Printing, rora the finest Card or Label to the largest Potter, o A. N. MMOIUICT, Journal Office, Coamplaln, N. '• 729m3 Initial Letter-Stamped onFaper and Envel- opes, at H. W. CADT * CO'S Drag Store, Allowing rates: 1 quire paper and 1 pk. envelopes, i a quires paper ana 2 pk. envelopes, 3 6 quires paper and 6 pk. envelopes, t Euatlc Alphabet and other styles. H. D . Savage & Son, at C»ina Halt, plain, N. Y., have on exhibition one of the largest and beat asaortments of CROCKERY, GLASS WARB and PAPER HABTQINQB. They Import their goods, and are thereby enabled to aupply 4 either at Whole- ile or Retail, the Jaretl and bett patterns in market I -„ the uery lowest plica. An inspection of ' \ ' I respectfully Invited. .. B . P.»—If you want the beat artic'.- — .... it, use tbe ROTIL BIIINO POWDIR. It costs j«u nothing to try It (If not perfectly satisfaeto- I ry) as aWy can is warranted. For sale by J. Perey * Son, 8. P. Bailey, H. W. Gulbord, and F. •7* Cramps and pains In the stomach, i It of Imperfect Indigettion, and may be immediate- relieved by a dose of Johnton't Antdyne Liniment. tca-apoonfoll In a little swe«t«ned water Is a doae. Elcovy oats are rood for horses; none will deny at; but oats can't make a bone's coat look smooth Poto&n will do this when all else £IIBOU».—Tho anoJeat •Ir sgillty, strength, ' agility, .trength, and great power, of enda Tho English women of tho present time are eelebra- ed for their robust and healthy appearance, the result, In both Instances, of vlgoroui and healthy exercise. The American*, unfortunately, have but little U»W for this method of retaining their health, or building up a broken constitution ; hence the «reat prevalence land's German bitters wlU InTgrort mewrara this t of exercise, by giving great strengt organs, hence producing a goodapp A They are not a Vile Fancy Drink, , Jade of Poor Rum, Wtnskey. Proof Spirits, and re- \fu,e Liauor,, doctored, spiced, indSweetened to please tho taste,called \Tonics \Appetlxert \Re- storers,\ *c , that lead the tippler onto drunkenness ard role, bat are a true M«dlelTie, made from tbe na- tive Roots and herbs of Callfornla-free/rom all Al- eohohc SHmulantt. They are the GREAT BLOOD- PURIBIEK and UFK-GIVING PRINCIPLE, a perfect Renovator and InvigoHtor of the System, carrying off all poisonous matter, and restoring the them Bitters according to directions and.remalr nnwell. glOO will begiVen for an incurable providing the bones * • thi want of exercise, by giving great stre digestive organs hence producing a good a vigorous feeling ot body. A moderate orolse, however, used In connection with the Bitters, Is much better; the most desperate case of Dyspep- sla. Liver Complaint, Nervous Debility, yielding quickly to their beneficial Influence. All druggist! Mve these Bitters for sale. They contain no alcohol. F. Palm« •78SW4 Pearso n <fc Co., 4 8 RJver Street, are noi ready, at their new establishment, to supply tho pub- llies, or parties, with good Beer and Wines, bottles. Pop and other Summer Drinks st quality, on the shortest notice. All th drinks are pure, healthy and invigorating. They he ' fair share of patronage. 78: Meteorological Observations iso REMARKS. Average temperature for Uw week, 61°. \Error In report of last week\—Total quantityjof rain during the week should read, 3.03 Inches. il quantity of rain for this week, 1.30 inches, j: F. MIHOT. BflSTttS. HAKRIAOES. At the M. K. Parsonage, In Dannemora,Oct. 0,1869, by Rev. H. N. liunaer, Mr. D. J. LOBDELL, of 8ar- aiacV and HATTIfi \M. MANLBY, of tne same place.. In Plattabunrh, Sept. 27,1989, at 8t. Peter*! Church, ylUv . Father Miloney, Hi. HENRY LABOM- ARD and Miss MAEY PATNODE.bothof Platts- h «L , unbrldg Sept. 4.1869, by Rev. O. Bailey, NKL8ON HEN- Y, of Schuyler Falls, and JULIA JELLY, of Obajy. At East Ghaiy, Sept. » , 1838, Mr. JABKZ COOP- ER, aged 68 years. I Ohll O t S 186Q, Mrs. KAJ4Y HY s , g y In Oharoplaln, Oct. S, 186Q, aged 88 years and 11 months. InMoows, Sept.36,1889, of typhoid fovcr, WIL- LIAM HAMLIN, aged 28 years. .„ i'lattobursh, Oct. 8, 1888, Mrs. FANNY Me LEAN BROWNSON, relict of the lato Alfred Hart- i. Hartwell has been BO long Identified with this i, as one of its early citixeas,and fixed residents, \er death Is quite an event to he noticed. She ig thence with her father's family to Bennlng. 11., Bhe there formed.the acquaintance o! he] husband, and was married to him over hall a cenlurj ago. Early after this, they mado their home In Kocse- in 1S40. Four children survive her;-two, Mre. E. WlBslow, of Piattsburgh, and MTB. Alfred Hewitt, Milwaukee, having deceased. Her physical heal was to vigorous, and her interest In things aruand b has so kept np, that she seemed to belong to the pn lining nodtmlnlshod trust In tho Saviour of si New Advertisements. bu«ln«»», paying°t30 n. n di\y.\°N humbug. No raonoy ^vAntcd I K.Mo»»oiKi»«EDr*Co., TltUburgh.Pa. Beocher't Sormoni and Prayers, In form ««</«*( reservation and binding. For lalo by all nowi er». Frlea,10o. Yearly mlMttlptlon* reoeivo< he pnbllihein (»3) giving twohandBome volume, ver 400 pages oftob. Half-yearly, 11.15. A n uperbi3teel Portrait of Mr. Baecher pretent i 1- au t) acr ib er9 J1« Extraordinary Offe to all yearly subscribers. An Extraordinary Offer PI.TBIOCTH PinCPIT (»8) and the CHURCH •rtoUdTabiy editoS'feSt to^noaddreasVr M\weSk o-rfour dollar: Special Inducements to canvasser ge SSTtSfiP DP Clab *- apMimtO C ° Ple ?47%\ J . B . FOR D * CO., Pub's, 38 Park Row, N. Y .L, M. D., IB West Hth 8 H E MISSI88Q.XIOIPOWDKH. ACTTJAL- AGENTS WANTED, LOCAL AND TRAVELING, For tb e America n Mea t an d Vegeta - bl e Chopper, io beat thing, without exception, in tho market: ven 60 per wnt In time and labor; cuts 10 to 13 lbs. ment, nufflclently fine forples, In four minutes.— gents are coining monoy. Cut of Machine, Terms, Browne's Metallic Weather Strips JM j -Thoao invaluable Stripa ha the test of sir ycara on some of the most supe. „ o andd privatee buildingss Inn thee Onlted States and it for 20 years, -• - iper thould send for our \Descriptive Ice list. Agent* wantod everywhere. — . —.—....*. u ^v..,ients. Address SSESS 8 MET \ L o L ^r^™ N B ew^i s 5 public an privat building I th 1 Oanadai. They villjast for 20 yeai Every housekeepe OlreuWandprlcV \WONDERS OF THE icrchant, , \\enlenl, comprehensive, and reliable work, which 111 enable him to draw up any Instrument that may bo required, and that will furnish him with rech In- formation a. is usually called for In all hi. S relations, of life—a book that everybody can unuor- stand, and that will enable every one to be his own counsDl. The entire leading press of the country un- OTSR OXI THoosivD iLLO8TRiTios». Tho largest, post paid. Agents wanted everywhere. Address best selling, and most attractive subscription book 5NO. G. WBLLS, Publisher, No. 433 Broome Street, £|S£Affl!fc^ New York. a^lOrsmS AGENTS WANTED FOR TUB Sights? Secrets OF THE NATIONAL CAPITOL 'HE most startling, instructive, and entortainln are^nsed e VITIATKD\ BLOOb; \which Ts~«n. [grproducedby derangement of the DIGESTIVE leanse the Vitiated Blood whenever you find its mrities bursting through the skin in Pimples, iptions,or Sores; oleanse It when you find it ob- icted and sluggish In the veins; cleanse It when j fool, and your feelings will tell yon when. Keep the blood healthy, and all will b» well. These Bitters are not a gilded pill, to delight \ eye or pleaae the fancy, but a medical preparai composed of the best vegetable ingredients ksoi They are an Alterative, Tonic, Diuretic, Sedaf Diaphoretic, and Gentle Pugatlve. \The Life of all Flesh Is flie Blood thereof.\-Pn. M?io b r- a t'V DijiggltU and General Agents, San Francisco and Sacramento, Cal., and S2 and 34 Commerce St. (running from Bleeoker to Barrow), DODD'S NERVINE ONCE MORE. Bu^Uis^Pm^neverHi as big as a r meeting house coming Into their t whenever a pill Is spoken of-not to add that when, \for a proper effect, some three, four, five, and of. ten all muet be swallowed, one after tho other, each ; sticking as it goes, that then the meeting house In- continently ails with a disgusting congregation.— DODD'B NERVIME AND ISVIGOBATOR acts efficiently on the biHary organism r It Irritates nei- ther stomach nor Intestine In Its operation; and what itlal (for the effect and not the taste >>, but what is VERY IMPORT- 1 nnrses know. It Is most AGREE- 'JS, being as pleasant to the palate as any delicate wine. Wo all know how it is wtth Cod Liver OU. In a pure state It Is excellent for cei tain conditions of debility, and particularly In ter dencies to Consumption; and yet many of the be< physicians decline to prescribe It, because it so dreadfully sickens the patient. That, they say, makes It do more harm than good. With Dodd'a Tervine all this becomes obsolete. For sale by all Druggists. Price, |1. 744w8 YpAHTBD-i l merit, peculiarly adapted\ uTthe'voung,\but equally entertaining and Instructive to all, and Invaluable to every Christian family; unequaled in elegance and cheapness; being embeUithsd with nearly 300 engrav- ings. Experienced Agents and others, wanting a work that will sell at »1 8 bt,_ should •hllod'elphia,\' 10,000 S CHOIOB 8BLtGTion& good th ng one hundred n, declamation, Send 3r NEEDHAM, /\IHURCH SCHOOL AND PAELOR ORGANS i L> AND MELODEONS of every description, at re- J — 1 prices. Send for a copy of toe laet coition of the \SILVE R TONGUE' \ cation to the oldest manufacturers of RIID OBCIASS and M.LOOKoaa in A-rlca^^ & lI501m3rs 143,146 & 1*7 East 23d St., N. Y. PATENT OFFICE Inventors who wUh to take ont letters Patent ore advised to counael with MUNN 4 CO., Editors o\ the SotaKTirio AMERICAN, -who have prosecutec claims before the Patent Office for more than Twentj Tears. Their American and European Patent Agon- cy is the moat extensive In the world. Charges less than any other reliable agency. A Pamphlet, containing fuilInstructions to Invei irs, is Stint gratis Adress mrm v * OO., 3T Par k Row , A*ool«rtrsm3 Ne w York. 100 * 40 SECRETS FBEE-OLABK & CO., Newark, K. J. The Rural Gentleman. CASH PREMIUMS, Great Inducements TO AGENTS!!! f N addition to 26 per cent for single subscription L and clubs, we will give— for the largest List exceeding 500 $1000 lu caai tamp for specimen copy to J. altimore, fid. jUOfcud THE HINKLEY Family Knitting Machine family .nKlSPoL It uses but one needle, and is the pm fecttou of bean ily quickly. TOWLE'S PATE.\T Grade and Drainage Level. Price only «15. Even' farmer needa one. Every School should hav. ODC. No Knglueerpreauiredto lay out roada, walks or watcr-coursea. Witl establish levels forfounpation valle, bridges, made arouDd, Ac Itiaextremely aim- p]« [mo utijiuilful. Heut to uiiy tuldrcss on receipt of pn«o. i ^''fi'lMit-roN E.'TO WLE.\ \' t Ivil Knglneer, and Bpecial European Patent Bolimtor, A»aolMBrsm3 178 BKOACWAV, Nsw YOBS, WATCHES AND JEWELRY. NEW STOEE! NEW GOODS! WILLIAM REED » Just returned from New York, and has now exhibition at his Store, A LABGE STOCK -OF- GOLD AND SILVEE WATCHES, with an endless variety of JEWELRY, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, PURE SILVER WARE, f the latest and best styles and best goo. GOLD, SILVE R AN D STKE L SPECTA- CLES, Watch Chains, Rings, Charms, Thimbles, Jewelry, Ac. CLOCKS, Silver X»l»ted Ware! Also, Agent for MORTON'S CELEBRATE D GOLD PfcNS, A FULL A8SOBTMBNT OF Blank Books and Stationery. stock and prices. CLOCKS, WATCHES and JEWBLRY repaired by .experienced workmen on short notice, and at the rpHE LAST FIRE COO^LEY & CO. TO Armstrong's New Block, Where they are receiving daily their. SUMMER STYLES -OF- HATS AND CAPS! They have a large stock on hand and sell at low fig ores. Hals repaired. , J. B. COOLEY & CO. Platstburgh, July 9,1889. 715 GREAT BARGAINS I TJBAD T MADE CLOTHIWG, CLOTHS, Hals and Caps, and every thing in the line of Gen, FOR SALE BELOW COST R. LION'S CL0THIN6 STORE ON CHURCH ALLEY. Mr. Lion Is witling t» sell at a sacrifice In order to close up business, as he he Intends to leave I'latts- ' -ih this Fall William Bell's MARBLEWORKS PJLATTSBURGH, N. T. eifn and q itom Marble and Ma it Wk bRATKS, s, i n Fur- eifn anditom«tlc! 14ANTEXSimdb Marble and Marblelied Slate, of all kinds, niture Work and Soda Fountains. Also, Agent for different kinds of Roofing, Beady Roofing, Plastio Slate for Rooting and other pur- poses, (this Is endorsed by 80 Fire Insurance Go's,) and Slate for Roofing, of all colors: also BneaustU and Marble Tiles for floors. Also, DKAIN PIPES, for drains. For particulars, call on ths / — ' LATEST CASH PRICE LIST -OF - BOOTS AND SHOES I MARKED DOWN FOR THIRTY DAYS, SEPTEMBER 7th, 1869. GENTLEMAN'S WEAR. Btee] Shank Bo^Toe Calf Boots, |5.00 Double 8ole Tap \ \ 4.25 Single \ \ \ Foxed Congress Boots, 2.10 Kip \ 3.75 15 inch leg Coarse Double 8ole Boots, 4.00 KipBroguis, 1.10 Carpet Slips, LADIES' GOODS. Kid Foxed High Polish Boots, $2.90 Serge Rosetted High Polish Boots, Serge Tip Congress Good Gore, 1.90 » Plain \ \ \ 1.00 Kid Slips, 90 Sewed Morocco Balmorals, 1.1' With this Challenge in Prices I ask a call from & to my tine variety of MiBses and Children 1 ! Oolore Blemark Button Boots, and also, to Driver's Cclebni be bonght, with a skilled force o/ Lady'a and Genti Boot makers, and feel confident of ability to mak better work to order than any other House In Nortt New York. Under the \Transparent Banner,' ISo. 19 Bridg e Street, PlatUburgh, Sept ?th, 186». TJ3 FURHITURE. «C. H. 8. WING'S FUENITUEE FOR THE SPRING TRADE HAS JUST ARRIVED ! SUMMER ASRANaKMKNT, commencing May 1 1869, and until further notice, Passenger Trail will run as follows, (Sundays exceptedy EXFRESB TEAM le&Sogdeiirtrarg at 6:80 n., Pot»d»m Junction 8:H,.Bi»Xr Fallil:4*, Lai renee 8:66, arrive at Brush's Mills 7:15, Breakft. »nd leave at 7:30, Malone 8:00, Obateaagay 8!S8, I enburgh 9^ Mooen Junction MOT* ChampU lo l». \riving at Rouses Point >tltt» a. m. \^ MAIL TRAW leaves Ogdensbnrgai IM> p. n A COMPLETE ASS0BTMENT -OF- House Furnishing Goods Can be had at all Times, And at Lower Prices than ainoe '63. PARTiCtJI.AK ATTENTION GIVEN TO FRAMING PICTURES! CHROMO8, OP ALL KINDS AND VARIETY, INGUSH, AMERICAN AND GERMAN Stere*M«pes9f the test Btiafacture nt ol VlffWS e»er bronghi Call sad exrajaa tb« TraupaNat Dh miiuttMl stMd Colorad VKwi vt FIow- •n, Fl«ld. and HmmtalB huurr , o*th« mt l dalifthtfal Csutrle* la tH. World. Also, a Aw Vi«wi sfHU h e.ty sih.l, to nila l ranutl •The Angel of the Sepulcher\ to a new picture of modi merit. MATTRESSES, Of Hair, Sponge, Husks, & Excelsior OH HA1TD AT AIL TUtBS, Children's Carriages A Boys Carte TO SUIT THK TKADS. COFFINS alwaya la re«dliMH, of Eoaewood, Black Walnut and Cherry. AXSO, FISH'S MET«LLIC!BURI«L CASES, In three different style., with the latest Improve. H . 8 . WING , Margaret Btntt, F DAVID I MILLER. DAVID & MILLER'S NEW STORE! GRAND OPEKINQ OF THE FALL CAMPAIGN WITH A VARIETY AND SPLENDOR OF GOODS NOT TO BE EXCELLED. PRICES SATISFACTORY TO ALL Having jast returned from market, we herewith Ish to annonuc» to th« public, that onr stoir \\ now literally overflowing with a most splendid WEL L SELECTE D STOCK OFDGOODS. The experience We »ave had Ia oar Une of bail- ess may safely serve u a guarantee to mil those woo rtshtoTUKonreiW-'^-\' **'- * ^onl^urehMed^wl THAT NO ONE CAN UNDERSELL US. We do not think it necessary to insert here a full list of all the different kinds oi Domestic and Imported Dress Goods, with wuloh onr shelves are Oiled, bat will only say, that we have beside* them on hand, a splendid va- riety of the latest styles of Shawls and Cloaks, nd that we will, as usual, have CLOAKS MADE ro OUDSH by experienced Cloakmakers. Among the many dlrftrenl kinds of goodsof whic] our slock consists, you will aisoflndafuil variety o FURS OF ALX DESCRIPTIONS olch we can offer at unusually low figure* Our 3ck la complete in every department, and cmbt i n full lino of everything that can be called f First flass Dry Goods Store, With many thanks to the Inhabitants of Clinti County who have, during the season just ond«d < being the first season since our (tore Is in exlsteac ~nconraged us so well by oonAdlsg us with the ustom, wewlllsay,«hatln the intBre as In the pa ;! > t : y .^ l gcSd m . i a?th^rva!'u''e e o 1 n T J . Snd *\ ' ' DAVID & iTlILLBB. Pittsburgh, Sept. 10,186*. 718 • HUES OF TRAVEL H STEAMBOAT CO. S GTOH STEAMBOA T CO. The Steamer OASES AMES will make her re lonows^\ ° n an d &tteT Monda ? ' ^P 1 - mh > M», denabnrg'aUftao p. *. TRAIN leave* Houses Pt. \ \\ \' unction I'M, uuue h» , Brash- arriving In Og- \with Grand Trnn) AT OSDMBBURO, trains connect, with Grand Trunk Railway lor Brockvlllo, Kingston, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and all points West. Also wlthlhe 8t. Lawrenc* A Ottawa Ballroad for Ott£ wa, and with Rome, Watertown * OgdensbnrgRail 1 for Watartown, Rome, and the West. Also the Steamers of Northern Tmnspartatlon Co., Ing through from Ogdenaborg to Cleveland, To- Oetrolt, Milwaukee^ and Chicago wlUiont ge. thus oaerlnaoffarinz nneana]«rru>nitlM b- D. W. 0.BB0WS, Qen'l Bunt. H. LuDD.Qen'l Ticket Agent. . 7»Ur •• MONTBEAt * PtJLTTS- S MOVIKO BOTJTH. , leaves Mooers Jnnctlon at 1:18 n, No. a, at 10*^0 a. m. TKALN8 MOVTKO NORTH. Morning Express, No. 5, leaves Piattalrargh at 8 K m ^ 1 1J\ 1 *\' N °\ 8 ' \* \ : W P \ \*•' Kl x Tralr ' Ho. 6,J-8o«t» from Whitehall No. I—from Montreal, conuecU with the <.. '• ™ at 8 a. m., for Burlington and the Booth. So. J-Conn«U with boit Booth to Whltehsl: No fc-Coooects with train f Odb ?, (Sundays exoepted,) .Joimi ._, jn the arrival o£ trains from eQISQ NOErrH i Leave 'Whitehall on the arrival ol trains from Sar- atoga, Troy, Albany and the West, 11:00 a. m. and S:Up. m.,%arllngtonS:00p.m.and440a.m., arriv- ing at PlatUbnrgh «:H p. m. and 6-.00 a. m., connect- ing directly wlthtxalns for Montreal and Ogdens- Baggage checked through to all polnU. Freight* taken at lowest rates. M.Tbrongh Tickets can be obtained bt tbe office of TsT* P. B» a Co., and on board of Steamers. O. O. MITOBBLL, Gen. Snp't. STA6K WTtES. . Jntll further notlee tbo Stags , Ua«s below wlU ran as follow* _ l and Dannemora. Leave Dsnn«mor» every morning at 8 o'clock, Cn- dyvilla », arriving at Platuburgb at 11 A.M. M 'Retuning, ta% PlattsbmSat S P. ».. Cadyville t, and arrive at Dannemora at 6. lEeesevllle and A-ii»al>io Forks LeavesKeesovllleat8^O». *., i.UtntonvlUe 7, ar- rives at Ausable Forks at 8. Returning, leaves Ansable Forks nt 10 A. x., Clln- tonvllle 11, arrivlns; at Keeseville at 13 M. I8AA0 ROBERTS, Proprietor. Axisatole Forks and Maione. Leave Ansable Forks, via Blank JJrook, Franklin Falls, Duane and Silver Lake, evoty Thursday at It U, and arrive at Malone on Friday M SP.M. usable ork £ r ^^ ? . A ^|y B ^ [ |^ _ rioprlotor. Keeseville «fc EUisabcthtowa. Leave KeeaevUle for SHxabethtown oa Mondays, Wednesday* and Fridays, at 6 i . K, mrtvtng at H1U- abethtown in time to make connection with the lino ™ . KeeseTille on Tuesdays, it 1 r. unmaking connec- borgtrand'AMabfeFoTkBT\ 1 fl#roni \' 1tto All necessary eare will be taken In tk e transpor- taUon of Pauenger*. Fare, tl.M L. BULLARD, l'roprietoi. Ausable Fofka and Bantnao Leave Aasable Forks Tuesday* and Fllday* at «- Leave Saranae Lake Wednesday* and Saturdays it 7 A. M. JAMB S JOHHTBON, Proprietor. A-usable Forks and Eeone. Leave Keene Tnesdays and Saturdays at 7 A. M urn same ys a ^ ^ DUDLEY, Proprietor. NE W STEAMBOAT Z.IKK. pH B BTEAMBR 1CONTRKAL,\ Capt. WlE«l» 1 COESH, wiU ran tbe present season as follows, sommenclng Tuesday, Jane 1st: Leave Alburgh Springs daily, Sunday* exoepteJ, kt 7 o'clock a. ra , after arrival of cars from Bast and West, toaobioe at North Hero, Isle La Mott, Brand Isle and South Hero, arriving at riattrtrargh at 10 connecting with Steamer Oaies Amis fbrBorUagton and trains of Rutland Rail Koad, for all point* Bast and South, and with Steamers qf Vhamplatn Trans- portation Company, for Whitehall, Saratoga, Troy, Returning, leave Pittsburgh at 3 o'clock p. m., and touching at Intermediate landings a* above, arrive at Albargh Spring* at 8 p. m., connecting with trains for Si Albans and Rouses Point and all points on Vermont Central and O. & L. U. Railroads. The celebrated 1O31NK SPRINGS are located at South Hero, 2 mllea from thelandlDg. Carriages will be at the landing on arrival of the boat to convey passengers to the New Spring House, kept by Fred Landon, which will be found a pleasant stopping place for guests. This Is also one of the best fishing ground* of like Ohnrnplain. tauEicurBion parties of 20 or more will be taken at all times the round trip for fare one way. The Bteamer dan be chartered for Excursion Partie*. at lbans, Dytne meamerMontreal to orllDgton, by the Montreal and ALL FREIGHTS TAKEN at LOWEST EATEa. Through Tickets can be obtained on board the Boat For further particula pply to the Captain on board the B$ * or to riatUburgh, June 1, It Albargh* 7£> . CENTRAL AN D '&» RAILROADS. 8OMMER ARRANGEMDNT, eomra^t.nj Mon lay, May 17,18*9. MtAlis OOIIIS 80DTB ASB «A8I. Leave Burlington at 8.55 a. ru., 12 30 and 8.25 p. in. Man Train leaves Ogdeosbunt • 16:20 p m., Rous- es Point at t«0 a. m., and connect sat Burlington for ~ T, White Elver Junction and Hollows Falls with laforBoston Worceater.Springfleld, New York, the Pas.oinp.ic R. R. aves Montreal at 8.40 a. ra., St. Odbb t 6:30 a m Rouses eaving Boston at 5.30 p. m., connecting at River Junction with train leaving Boston at \ ~ \ gtoa, Rouse's Point, Montreal d to^t h the night en St Albans and B NEW JEWELRY STORE, CHARLES B . KEMCPTEB, W ATCH-MAKER AND JHWEIBR, keeps constantlyoQhana agood asst>rtm( nt Clocks, Watches aa i Jewelry, Spec- ,A1R JKWELRTm Shop on Margaret Bt., CROCKERY AND GLASS WARE, A SEW SUPPLY, Latest Styles, Plain and Figured, LOW!! At the Cheap Grocery Store of MONRO E HALL, Oi>i>»»i*e tbe Post Oflee, PUUi.1»r.rfrh. 1 A TANNIA and Knamcled Ware, last received 1 Si at WSBB'8,11 Bridg. Street.

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