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Jamaica farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1870-18??, December 28, 1871, Image 6

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•*v/. V • M J & f t v'>\ > f ^ u b i i c a t i o n i T * > ! . r .-■i f J, f. iV > '• ?*/, 7 / ' ■ j>ROSPKOTU8 FOR 1872. F i r m YEAR. J A. Representative and Champion of American Art. T H E A L D 1 N E s An Illustrated Monthly Journal claimed ta b* tbo handsomest Paper In the World. , \Gist my love to the artist workman af The Aldine who aro etrJvirig to make their profession worthy ot admiration for besnty, ua It hat alwaya been for useful- nei |.” -Henry Ward Bucher. The Aldine, while issued with all tho regularity, has puna Ot tbe temporary or timely intareat chaniL-leristic af ordinary periodical*. It fa an elegant miscellany of pure, light, and graceful, literature, and a collection of ploturea, the rarest ancclmen* of artlstii skill, In blnck and white. Although each succeeding dumber afford* a freab pleasure to Ita friend*, the reallvalue and beauty af TA* Aldine will he meat appreciated after it ha* been bound up at the cloeeefthe year While other pu bllca- tlen* May claim superior cheapness aa compared with rival* ot a simitar class, The .(Mine is a unique and or­ iginal conception—alone and unap iroachedab*olutely without competition In price or character. The pee- aeaaor of the volume just completed cannot duplicate the quantity of tine paper and engraving* In any other •hane.or nnml er of volumea/er ten timet ite cost. The laborof getting The, Altlme ready en the preen It i , ao great th»t reprinting l« out of the question. With Mie exception o fa small number specially reserved for binding, the edition o f 1871,isalready exhaueted, and It la new a scarce a* well aa valuable book. NEW* FE A T U R E S FO R 18t2. ART DEPARTMENT. • •>v The cnthuslnsttc aupport eo readily accorded to their enterpriae, wherever It line been introduced, hue con- v - vlneed the publlaliura of The Aldine of the eoundeat ot -their theory that the American public would recognize and heartily aupport any alucerc effort to elevate the turio and standard of Illustrated publications. That eo ' - many weakly wicked sheets e x i s t and thriae ia not evi­ dence that there ia n«- marUct for anything bettor In deed the success of The Aldine front the start is direct proof of tbe contrary. With a population eo vast, and •fsneh varied laete, a puhlielicr can choose hia patrqjis, and hi* paper la rather indi ativc of Id* own than of tne taate of the country. At a gimr.tnteo of tho excellence ef thla department, the publisher* would hog to an­ nounce during tho coming year, apocimcna from the < following eminent American afflata; , W. T. RtnHaana G iuxvii . l * P ehkims , Wit. H art , F. O C. D ari . it , W m , B eard , V ictor N kglis , G roro * S uilit , W m . H. W ilcox , A do . W ill , .T amrs II B kauo , J ames S nilrv , li. K. P iumct , Fatax U kard , 1’ acl D ixbum , J. Howe. ‘ Thcae picturoa era being reproduced without regard te expense by tho very beat or,graven In the country, ap'd will bear tho severest critical comparison with the beat foreign work, i t being the 'determination of the i publisher* that The Aldme eliatl ho u successful vindica­ tion of American taste in competitiontvitli any existing publication in the wot Id. L I T E R A R Y D E P A R T M E N T . Where oe much ottehtlon is paid to illustration nnd up of the work, Wo much dependence on awear- ante* way very naturally be feared. To anticipate such misgivings, It la only nccoaaiiry to state, that, the editorial management of The AMine na* bocn Intrusted to MR. IUOHARD HENRY HTODDAkD, who has received assurance of from a host ot aid the moat popu­ lar writer* and poet* of the country. T H E VOLUM E FO R 1872 will contain nearly 300 pagi-a, snd about 208 fine engra­ ving. Commencing wild the number for January, every third tmm her will contain a beautiful tinted pic­ ture on plate paper, ineertod a* a front ieplcoc. The Christmas number for 1672, wi l be a splendid voiumolii Itself,‘containing fifty engravings, (four in tint) and, although retailed at 81 will be sent without extra charge to all yearly subscriber*. A CU.ROMO TO EVERY SUBSCRIBER very popular feature laat year, and will ho repeat- th tho present volume. The publishers have pur­ chased and reproduced, at groat expense, the honiitiful Oil painting by SKIS, entitled ‘SDAME NATURE’S SCHOOL.” Tho chromo Is 11x13 inches, and Is an dx- f c w f e w i j , t f t o f o « t ’f . 0ROCKJCHT, Gl.A6» WAftX, KTU. i . ' * .A.. O . P A I G E , t ItstpefUr and Dealer Im Fiasf rD R B 3 S r C H C H I N A , GKL.ASS PA R IA N , B 0 S S 2 C I A X T G L A S S , S I L V E R P L A T E D W A R E BTC., BTC. J g in M t y * was a. od With I- . '* * • .‘M e 1. ' ■:V\ QVtAtfVrii. lUVPIttvmum . --- ---- - ------- aot fAOsimile. in ulze ami appearance, of the original jptatare. No American chYomo, which*vrtil at all com* ptilc with L, bas yet been offered a t retail for leoa tlmn ihoj)rice for The Aldine and it together. It will bo qe ilvcred frse, with the January number, to every Hutenri* hsr who puy« for one year in advunce. T E R M S FO R 1871- • ” One Copy, one year, with Oil Chremo....85 01 Five Copies, “ “ “ ....20 00 ' Any person sending ton namoa and (40 will receive an extra copy gratis, making 11 copies for the monoy. Any person wishing to work for a premium, can have our premium circular on application. Wo give many baantiful and desirable articles ofi'ered by noother paper -Any person wishinrlo act, permanently, as onr agent, will apply, with reference, enclosing 81 for outfit. j a h e b MUTTON ts. CO., PUBLISHERS, 351.iaauTV StrXkt, N e w Y orx . ......... . ——^ i ^ ------ * -------------------- — (& tt. •plURMAN T. NUTT. , IJirORTSB AND UASDFACTCtlKR OF G e n t l e m e n ’s F i n e H a t s , • French and English Umbrellas, - X idtn1 ^ i u Fnn and Sleighs Rohes, Gents' Collars and Gloves,, 3 0 0 F s t l t o n Street, B r o o k ly n , and. 1321 F u l t o n S tre e t, N e w .Y o rk. sept28yl 'y | ATTBR. (Late with KNOX) - PR A C T IC A L H A T T E R , J 3 9 3 G r a n d S t . , B*twecn Tth and Sth Street,, WILLIAMSBURG. mohMyl Spssist attention ia sailed to tha XBW * BEAUTIFUL! —Ana— « ALMOST EQUAL TO FRENCH CHINA, And at One-Half tha CesU French China Tea Hats, 44pIeota..............$8 M l’oroetain Opaqha “ • 11 “ 4## Goblet* ......................................... $1 30 per dos. Tumblers., .................................... 1 00 “ “ And all other goods a t squally Ihw prices. A*. G . P A I G E , 69 Falton A t . (New ff®. 457 Fnltoa St.) i Betw. Lawrenea and Jay, BROOKLYN. angttyl ____ £JtVOR’f ANT —-ta— H O U S E K E E P E R S 1 Cold Bond China Tea Seta, 44 pieces- ....... White China Tea Sots » “ .......... Stone “ “ “ “ .......... - .1 ni Toilet Sets, 11 pieeea .......... « « Dinner Platee, per doz .......... u mi -peft i. u *• ......... flood Pressed Goblets “ “ ........... GlatiTea Sets, 6 pieces ................... . .(T.00 . 5.00 . 3.40 . 2.?5 , sw . 70 . 06 . 65i Aleo.we take pleasure In offering to thepnblie the eele- | Orated ROGER BROS, A. No 1 Plated SPOONS and FORKS a t the following tow pricea; TeaSpoons • perdOsen ..................... Dessert Spoons, “ “ ..................... Table Spoons, “ “ ..................... Table Forks, “ \ ..................... . Batter Knives, each ............................... Also a large variety of ...i, ....82.40, 4.00 6.50 5.28 60 I ® - : - » i''- V*1-’' Mr. i **.. <■ v 2^|A R V IN te, CO’S SAFES I M A R V I N A c C O . ’S . A L U M A N D D R Y PL A S T E R F I R E AN D B U R G L A R “W f t m m t a d t h e B e s t i n t h e W o r l d ! Jtever Corrode the Iron ! Never Become Damp I % Never Lose their Fire-JProof | Q u a litie s b y A g e t . A re th e O nly Safe F ille d fcWtlh \ * X A lnm nnd H r / P la ster!? A n * hot E guallbd in Q u a u t t , S ttu i , or ‘ ' F l K I i H ! 9 4 - \ i1' AGRIOt Churn*,>l wajllay Cutter*, Clothes F-.Harrowa, Step Lad- Grain Cradles, etc., - . a , -Wf.i-ete* e.G ' ' f J Y B im i T B Y ! DENTISTRY I . ^ C H A R L E S U . STE V E N S , R f f iS I D E N T ; D E N T IS T , I .Has KfMO r KD to tko building, one door east of hia farour place af huaineaa, on j'ultua Street, Jamaica, Adjoining Ihe Hall of Pi arniaey,, Whan ha cap ba aaen a t hia roama every day la the week, EX C E P T T H U R S D A fS. Those fayorlng him with a call wlU And (hat they can gt) their work dona as well and as reasonable as they can at any af the large establishments In the city. One great difficulty with thoae liaving Artificial Teeth Is the settling of the gums causing tho plate to cut the ’M month, to that thty are tgrquently obliged to go totha ^ <(entl«|» to have\ it remedied. If tha work la done here all that can be remedied without losing tba t in t and ex peaag of going out of the village. Particular attention given to Childrene’ Teeth, fer by attending te thera a t the proper time tbe permanent ones will be more regular. All work done la a neat apd mechanical manner, and warranted as represented. ^ Ur. S. win visit private reaideiees ta exiract tooth It required. <f F L O ’ S T ,J t . > •'8»*plp«ook.»’“WewEm V i plifr’S RANGES—“Mou’- 1 * e f rloi),\ \Coitrtteta - f%lvai ’ \Rlchmoadi etc. ^ B E T H I ’ SOS F a lto n S treet, B m k ly * , (Near Johnson Street.) . Drs, F0LLETT & FRAZEE, Deitists. Speelaltlea.—Teeth extracted wiihout pain by the use of Nitrous Oxide,or Laughing . Gas, tor which no charges are ’ made when artificial work Is or­ dered. Seta mt T e e th as low as 88, and warranted to Ht tbe mouth. T e e th F i l l e d a n d P r e s e r v e d at very moderate JE » l tr v r mcbSOvl ,^ 4 i q s ! l 8 Y f u t w i s , Conn dp W>m Wd ihaver Streets,. * ■ 1 . Jamaica. L .L IMPROVED U7JJ SIONF JARS, CUTLERY, and FANCY GOODS, A t eqeally lew priee*, a t GEO , W . HADFIELD, 13 8 M yrtl# A v e a n e , B roaklym , octBmff Botweea Opld and Duffleld Sts. | JA M B S M. SnAW A CO., , KNcxt dosr to Swetny’a Hotel,) ^ Ia r o R T i s s a n a D ia l i s b ia i m i F i n i a '. ’* | China, G-Iass & Earthenw are j KEROSENE LAMPS, ' ' / S i l v e r - P l a t e d W a r r f , OUTLBBT AND FANOT GOODS, . ‘AS D n * a t a e d 78 C h » th » n t« ., NEW YORK. jnnSyl With Cop^et or $Mj |The ■ . v--.‘ ‘ • \ , ■ * $ MatoJcs A t PaL ^ p rijT l^ - 1- A savlsg of fffi li. A five may b, season, witlieltqir; and not lioconaedhU or aahce Jnthe fliwh Uie dampeHdtha'A* moat bf tba tfmeVt atnve), wltnbut -Af room. le ap^plled. 7 grate, 1)0 elii qnced to aafiwA; remalnfuglnihe other atdvoa. 6. The hMtbelm. tent, the tempvratui there seldom ooiBi temperature hptwi * Theae!*tov^-' portcctfv-.onilpc^ raskthg tnbdttok’ as weiras wintering 7. Tho bcit laimi bread can M unffoi-nyanlAvez AttVeHW -ni competition (vltH PlRH C ^W ^ N G i! State for yoaiw bak': But (he snpcSqrmndl l. fro of attraction o n | ' r s a r s Fair* during tht taken the ffpit awarded to p several very I made in this ___ patent A s h Sifter, asheacan hBiSltW one partlol* o f di avoiding the _ fashioned Way. CookilngStovdl EMVIRBiB ' r^nd Square f o p d f C o a l . Yfung Umpire W.r . . - y & t »k!Nfl STOVES : >5 Qhamber At- ihsffosl. ^Aug 3,1868. iolrAaAxVax. jiT ' t?»n- I I a. Manufacttin ' B a W . liM U tyX i I*. 1 . M A y W h M rt^L . | f ^yA R M Y O tll “ The S u n t^St? DoobTi ffei Coal) JJN I T B D STATES HOTEL. The U nited States Hotel. Corner of F u lto n , P e a r l S c \Water S ts., | NEW YORK. PromlujsuattiS Ink b4ate»-VO0Ml held w n M every Wlwrdi, © G, K t r'EctictiO, — -X A- Thla well known and favorite Hotel baa rteenffy kams I renovated, reniddaled arid fnmlahed new and eleipmtly I [ throughout. It ia kept on the ' 1 EUROPEAN PLAN, and has amalt accommodations for four hundred gateta The focatfou fa more aecoufble to ail parts o f Navy f York and Brooklyn than any other hodse ImAbe e ity., : The Broadway Stages pass tha Hotel wrery tnrda minotea, besides various lines, of Sheet Cara, aoa e f which Intersects every other ran te In New York, It being but two block* from Fulton Ferry, convanlant for those. wlsWug to Ylotg tko t *. i f } • ; : 264 Broadwsy, New York j j , 721 ChestAUt S t, PhllAdelpW*; It being but two block* from Fulton Fernr.inake* I t I .onvonlont for those, wlsbleg to vl*l( tk o ‘'Ciiy o ( l Churehst,” aa from this ferry diverge alt the *rtnai]Mtl, [ Rallroedroutoalithaoltyof Brooxiyo. epUdyl OKO. H. * H. A ‘raR R T , JgJA K B T S l. BAKUTfS . ' m m * prices, (cgtils adults, Uissveu T e e th R c c tila ted l- u f both ehlldreh'and D iseased a aid P a l n f n f f l a w s , and all the nnme roua affections of the month sur- ^ UMl s v and : American fjtkeiand,..H.and Table— Cutlery, , - _ T ------ - i'mrll. ind Britannia Ware, 1 and I’uroelsln-llncil ItQko Fixtures,, etd.- gically aud medically treated. All BuWarers arc invited to call. Wecharge nothing for advice. SOI FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. myljyl 1 ! j=--. :i- i ?■ **&&& H o tA lr, G q s a d 'J s s e . ^ n r n l n n 0 0 0 ^ 4 ^ ^ r f l ’o v i f i , Q teO T H I JUGt 4RB | Oentlemen’s Furnishing Cioods! Tha undersigned desires te return tlranks to the people vicinity for the liberal custom extended of Jamaica sni . _________ _____ _ _____ _ to him in the. past, and'also to nsure them” tharheias laid In an excellent atock of goods, for FALL and U7A-. TAB wear, which cannot be very well surpassed, and those wishing to get a good article, a t a Seasonable Fig- ure, should call on the subscriber before looking else­ where; -No effort will be spared to make the entin- atock of Cloths, Ciissimeres, & Ready-Made C L O T H I N G ! attraetlva and desirable in every point of view, and nn met b est \ .......... Made aena-,ens’, x outna-ouths’ anad noys-,oys’, m everyery variety.riety In the Fumiahlng Department will he kept a good as- doubtedly one of the largest am place. The stock of Ready i ____ M Y an B in ev va ■ T« * L ---- - -ra *— - a - V '•* • ■ .. -ok- ------ - ever offered in thl* ie atock e f Heady Hade Glothlnr inelodcu nttlfl*nfl n Rntgl In awan, was<la4» -jSit lhTotifglAbut’ an entire flieotiWithout rekindling, i. Iho aiicumulation of slug ptoUftliiy, |he oven Is at all «i*ntid araoke,.*o that |i. bo kept closed the ng -the heyt Jn the ; 0 f smoko luto the „-*if staves to whtch it uf' times bright on ths _-‘*f'ife In tile, coal is ,.c- gK tiiaugrate, Instead of as.ia the cast with .Ki tlie stove to a great ex- rfa'ra )s kept Very uniform, “ ' « degrees dlffefenpefn ,— ___ 1; ths Bra ennba f Rkf'i1* \0 dlfflculty iii Vl^l4'Stovetfor aumihet J tWWorlA. Ten loaves of jto IcVeu a t ths aametlmo, ’’Set\ - qBeptsmber, 1870, flu x'Ovesfri market), the . *d totha NEW KM- -no Falrhold in thl* jntfie,* glWat competition, f tbhfalpTe made it the oen- 1*1 and obtained for ft the ,JHsiltee.. Tills stove has ilMMWDJd etatf-and County id lb-.eVefy Instance It has rlany premiums were Wring the' past winter wBMBNTa hav* been 4if fa tH* applleatlon o t a .n. Vy means of which all j)t wiihout tha escape of Whstjtb* room—thereby f *T ith.slftlng in the old \ ‘ iroduceal D N E y r eortment of S hihs T D ka wsas, B ocks , NioxTisa, C ol - laki , ete. Alao, H A T S A N D C A P S I ofeveiy grade and stylo, all of which will ba sold a t the lowest possible cash prices. N. B.—Clothing of eveiy description made to order In the latest, most fashionable, neatest and substantial man­ ner, ond a t prices to suit all. Cutting done a t short no­ tice- Call and see, andjudge for yourself. NATHAN COHEN, , 8* Comer Fulton st. and Union ave., Jamal's. ^L O T H IN G I i UXrjQ- i BROOKS* B R O T H E R S , 115 and 118 C H E I . R R Y S T R E E T , C o m e r a f C a th a r i n e S t r e e t , N E W Y O R K , ap120yl| m , ipwmi, mt. ioA*JE>aJO |igT4j < S t r e e t , NT. Y . , 1 tN Mro.mw., V H'.lR>U0i «i« wmu»/ I iWhua • ohlld may com * ... S’ttkiPlacG Heater'* A tj..,* * j — ifcUter and tit* Con- Sik loslltuto\. Hirst lilmore, all the. lead- H r . Bt»ta Fa r just M1HM. I t leads PROVED **4; y - . R : ge, , ’■'JSfo iVUptjHor ; A f . k i b b f ^ ■t,W«wYo»r.1 ; lU w h in a to r,\ | U % V ’ rjtH B PUBLIC WILL riMS IT TS T H E I R A D V A N T A G E ! TO CALL AT THE YARD OF THE SUBSCRIB­ ERS, ON a , H e r r Y o r k A v e n u e , J a m a i c a , wmix tmst i i i nr n m or V C O J L X a CXR \ W O C to l Aa w* hav* *11 of the different qualities' and sizes ot Cool and Wood constantly on hand, and at as iow prices aa ths same cam be bought in' a, any other ySrd in the village, by ’ giving tb*’weight add qual­ ity agreed to with thew , - - purchaser. IV* also msk* a specialty of furnishing All L um ber,Bnilfling M aterial, Etc., FOR BUILDERS AND MASONS. I ALI«i VfMKf OBtOMVtlOX ARM PAttlXM Of Scroll Work and Mouldings. By close attention to their busincts and the want* of , tholr customers, they hop* to continue in the future the liberal patronage of tho past. . . , .Give us,a call.ahdwo will strive onr utmost to pleas* you. HENDRICKSON A CREBD Jamaica, February 17,1470. I Q L D COMPANY’S O o a i l . Thesubsorlber haa.just reoalved a full assortment of this celebrated e*a), and is prepared to furnish in any quantity deatiod. A goad stock of LsssutyMeunfein rnni Bid Ash Coal G r i e e t l o f , g t i f f l i m , ♦ / . J^TO MuSlBDoV\\ ' ’ .< . Aahclsaaelaatlalef- , a & o c & B z s S ) p i o y i s s o i i r s F ltir, Brail i l l Cracker*, Strictly at CITY PRICES, at ' B B a - E 3 S T * S , . S m i t h S t r e e t , J a n t a i c h On hand. 11# ISAAC 0. HENDRICKSON, Canal Btreot 108 Saak St, 'Clsrelaitdy 0. j ^ yywpnviifi wpttovw pATEH'p , B A R T H O L O B B T opsratleoaml M t Uabf# to g rtout i t qrtq- ----- I E , tf.. Da astM fllw# n* a CaJl j JJRNMRICKBON’B 1IARKJC1. The subahribor having taksn ’ ; T H E M A E H E T ^ On FULTON STREET, near Harriman Avonaa, si aently occupied by ., J O H N G . H E N D R I C K S O N , ' • Will keep eanatantly on h and. . , Beef, M utton, Lamb, F o rk, Pom ltrj, ETC., ETC-, And rsspeetfully aoUctt* the patronage ef M i bland* and tha Public. 8A1IUKL J . H E H B B IC K W IT , ^y O O D te CALLOW, Dealers - ' Groceries, Provisions, Flout, F w e i e n m u d D flm e a M * jT B lliT tfp V ' In thalr season, ete., ‘ . FULTON STREET, OPPOSITE UNION HALL.tT . JAMAICA, L . I . floods delivered ts any part of the village,, mehklyl J H. BRINCKERHOFF, a nalLnain GROCERIES. FLOUR, AM© The subibribsr has always on hand, and tsr sale, a t Ilia Ltneut Cash Pnets, Bug _ f *a*uw| nOtVD) Starch, Blueing, Bruahea, BroomiS Apples, . Molasses, Syrups, Potatoes, Turalpo, • Onions, Flour, Meal, Soap, Stone­ ware, Nalls, Older, etc.,etc. flood, dolivered to any partHo n taq itafiB H 0 ^ j£ENJAM IN O’DONNELL'S f ' New firicfrj k Prcrislea St*r«, Where it la greatly needad, C orner of C hurch and F ulton S t r e e t *, Next door to R oar’s Fancy floods Store, ' The subscriber has a choice stock of aUgpodtjcenrialiy • round in a store o t thialclnd. Smoked Hams. Hhonldes* ana Sait Meats and Fish, Fresh Pork, and Saubaie'dn, the season. nb^oM JpLOUR AND FEED- ; ’ , . A full assortment and good atok of ■ 1 FLOUR. M E A L , OATS, M IDDLINGS, . COEN. F I N E FEED g AC., A t ‘ AAC G. HENDKXCKBOIfiB,' ** ~- (- 210 Canal and Fulton SU, J W. BATTKEt 1 - WM0L181L1 AKB BITAIL ©BALIX IK . Groceries, Feed, Floor, Provision*, is* F E B T I L I Z E R S . Sugar, -Salt, , Dried Frnite, Spices Rice, Butter Lard, Bacon, Ihraipa Guano, Starch, Hominy Pork, Fish, Colons, ;Kaw Bone,! Flour, Feed,’ Wheat Grits, Brooms, Apples, Stone Wa&,| Poudreue, Tea, Coffee, Blueing, CannedJ ___ KerOten*. Oil, Etc., Etc.,- E u Seeds of ah kinds always on hand at the lowest 4 - pricea. * a r Goods delivered free In any jiarPof the vlll'inagV.’s 214 .. W .BATTKK - Comer Fulton Street and Union jljqtjnm*. £ |R Y GOODS, OROOER1ES, FLOUR, Ero. The suhseriber has taken the atorsformaely oaeispfed % L. M. JAflflAB, Comer of Falton and Canal Street!, >AMAW»,,.it. Where ha intends to kaep a good atock a f . . Dry Goods, Groceries, FIOHr, Feed^ Nails, Paints, Oils, V \ * EVIRYTH1NG ELSE US) in a poDMT*r sraxia, Having added inrgely to the atoek, and mods aim's!ilso*. / ble reduction In prices, he invltea htsfHendaAM - ; > tha nubile generally to aall a td axandoe- , V- -hi, stock before purchasing elas- - where. Every exertion \ will be mad* to •PLEASE CUSTOMERS, AND GIVE EVERYUiDf- ER TBE WORTH OFHIB MONEY. , , ; 209 ___________ ISAAC O. HENDRICKSON. ■ JPIIRST QUALITY ^ J T a m i l y J F l o u i r , . - - n ' By theharrel, hag, Or retail, a t mckll WOOD A -OSf JTROCERIES, FLOUR AND FEED (. ^ Whale wlo tod toriS b f M) * i W EATTM l V ................... . .. ...... - .....I. - -.» .... iV jjA M AND SMOKED BEEF, mkctl t Opt oor<ter,at ■. - ,-?**• w o o d * OA U«rarW < '\'i; i » JHaAJfTS,'- A-IM-geOateefcms****'' 1' ,* ,*x ) >s** J# -„Vjv v . ' * , ‘ t* ' « ’ * * ' tv P . \

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