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Jamaica farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1870-18??, December 28, 1871, Image 4

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•• .» • Ss\V itji '.'t> 4 '-.*■> fri-: „ • & f ; U ' |i>;: \ £& V fib' ■■ J b r ■ kt %■'.' ■, l ' K ' ' j f c i f e X 3/ f - j f e ' v - K v ’ :. |$ V v' $ f c . -V ; CVt fy. ■ »x F-. v- |Y ‘ ; ; W-i*. ,. i*v r >,V > X</ • - ■’ I*®* -- &V'' ■ . * f nn<f J js la n f l ^ a t t n n 1. ' rUBitSQEI) JEV&KY THURSDAY. I InpBWABI MAL8H.......................................fiditor jWAltT.BR V?EI j LXHG Fabliihtrud Fioprietot Jamaica, Thursday, Deo. 28,1871* New A<lvertl»eme*4» Thl* Week. 1 FaaKsBa’ PnoT«or»v* Uxios.—Annual meeting. T k * okk « W** t « d — Sehool Dietrlet No.8,Springfield. L kotok *.—Farmers’ Co-Operative Union. B obtk Bi»« R. It. Co.—Share* (or 8ule«. 'BSetroa Avatftm.—Village of Jamaica. Travelen Guide. LOXO I8L1XD RilLKOlD. 1 trtalneleaTe Jamee’ Blip, New York, at S.S0 and 10.SO ■>., and at *.00, 4.00, and 6.30 p. m. 'Leave Hunter'e Point, at 9.30 and 11.00 a. m., and at M t, 4.30. and 0 00, p. in, ' Leave Jamaica for New York, at 7.30 8.30 and 19.05 n. aa., and at 2.20 and 4.(5 p. m. Leave Jamaiea, going Beat, at 9.30 and 11.30 a. m., mad atS.65,4.65, ana 6.30. p. m. 1 BnooKi.TR C rbtkil Ran.eoin. Leave Jamaica for Eaet New York, at 7.32, 8.30 and W.06 a. m., nnd at 2,20,4.00 and 4.45 and 6.45 p. m. Leave Bant N— v - i . for .t—naica. nt 8.00,9.00 and lt.99a.ta., and a 881, 5.30 8.30 an 7.80p.m. B o v n B ine I. : l » oad . Leave Roosevelt Street and ( nd Street Forrlee, New gork, at 8A0 ind 10 a. m„. 10 ,4.30,5 30,0.30 p. m. a-eave Jamaiea for New Ycrk at 6.14,7.19,8.20,9.05 a. ra., and gt 2.40 Ind 4 87 p. \ Leave Jamaica, going Bstt- .t 9.32,11.05, a. m. 4.28, U 2 ,6.34 and 7.84 p. r v Jaan o a and Baev New Y ork H orsr R ailroad . j ©aralcave Jamaica for EaatNow York every twenty , mOautee, from 0.30 a. in. to 8 p. m., and at 0 and 10 p. m. Leave Knet New Yerk for Jamaica every twenty nt!u ' Otee, from 6.30 a. m. to 8 p. m., and at 9 p. m. iW r o n g Race to Reach a Right Reform. Certain dissatisfied Republicans are combin­ in g with sundry Democrats, a il under tbe lead o f Mr. George Wilkes, oi the Spirit of thp Times, fo r the purpose o f compassing the do- feat o f General Grant’s candidacy fo r re-elec­ tion. T h e bitterness o f Mr. W ilkes’ editor­ ials clearly show that i t is not patriotism, but tom e personal reason, as yet unknown, that prom p ts this line o f action. Mr. W ilkes announces the plan o f attack to be tbe passing o f a constitutional amendment lim iting th e tim e d u ring which a m an may oc­ cupy tbe presidents) clm ir to one term, thus m aking G rant ineligible for re election. We object.to this plan for v arious reasons: First, G rant who ba* done so much in peace •n d war d eserves well o f the country, not ill. T h e moral effect o f honoring him will be felt by our .nation w h en th e present has passed n to history. H e is the reoresentative soldier o f tbe arm y o f the Republic. It will be well fo r posterity to know that fidelity to one’s country is rewarded, and treason is made Odiom. Again, we a re living in a time when regard to courtesy i* deemed s virtue. W h y make this great a n d good c o n stitutional a neadmeni, m erely f o r th e sake o f defeating the hero <>f th e w ar t L e t it be m ade fo r better reason tbiin thut. L e t it be made w h e n it can be w ithopt flinging insult in tbe face of the re­ presentative o f the nation’s defenders. •Again, tbia is n o t a reform in the way it is presented. T h e would-be reform ers shout for the one term principle aa being a bulw ark o f liberty, b u t they p ropose to e rect the great safe­ guard i f liberty at a lim e when it will defect th e wiil o f the people. T h e enemies of G rant forsee that the .people have alread.v determ ined f o r whom they will vote. They forsee th a t neither in convention nor at the pipits will 'It be possible to defeat Grant in 1872. H e n ce these opposing factions attem| t strategy in the name o f liberty, to contravene , th e will o f the nation. W e proteal. This is n o t reform nor justice. Liberty’s guns are tnrned upon herself. Again, the very reform proposed can be reached in an easier way. If G rant is re nom inated for a n o ther tcim , be becomes then by the nature o f things, a one-term President. B e cannot h o ld a third term. W e have had one good adm inistration, w h y not have a second; and a better? Then daring his sec •n d term the proposed amendment enn be passed w ithout opposition. I t will not seeui invidious. I t will n o t b e thrusi upon us a t so nnpropitiiius tim e as tbe present when tbe nation has disturbance enough in its great efforts to reform itself. I t will not stand a s a constitutional pillar, having racked tbe R t- public in its erection m o re tban it can c o u n ­ teract in • generation. I t will not be a mon­ um e n t o f bitterness. I t will be wisdom Strengthened by love. W e appeal to tbe men w h c u a k p o n r law s and manage our charters c f liberty, to pause. I t is grander to do well th a n mjuch, io be wise tuan partisan. E v e ry President from Van Buren to Lin­ coln has had the second Congress in his term • t posed to him. The Speakership in Con­ gress changed hands u n d e r Van Buren, Tyler, P o lk , Taylor, Pierce and Buchanan. I t re­ m ained constant under Lincoln, continued R e p u b lican in spite o f Johnson’s defection, and has been in Republican hands under G rant. In all the y e ars from Andrew Jack- •on to ibe preoent time, Ltoooln and Grant a r t the only Presidents who have retained Ibe Jjo p u ta confidence as mahifeated by the pop­ u lar vote fo r Congressmea. T h e present A d m inistration has a m ajority of thirty-eight In IheSenatb a n d thirty-aeven in tqe House, ~ w h ich is q u ite though fo r all practical pur­ poses. T h e figure* indicate a bright promise • fo r th a future. Every lady who has used J- Monroe Taylor’* $ t u m Yeast Btkiqg Powdtr, ex­ claim*,' “TOimie nbthlag Ilka it. • T h * . * f « ) r n a < i m a t t a j t , One idea above stl others will be 'Tb the minds o f Americans o n ,the dsnw ing of the New Year. 1871 haa witnessed a strength­ ening o t tb a Republic UDparaielled since ita foundation! Reform {has been tbe watcb 1 Word. A y e a r a g o t h e nation aa citizens a n d tne world ka commercial men, looked with awe upon Tam m aay and Erie laughing at justice, robbing b y legal protection a n d deft- autly flaunting their illgotten gain in the face of tbe robbed. We paused and trem b led' We thought o f th e past. T h e ghosts of mined nations Beeiped to h over about wailing to initiate into tlieir ranks tbe spirit of tbe dead republic of tb e nineteenth c e n tury. ' T h e bisloriau bad dipped b is pen and was waiting to w r i t e / o a s on tn e story o f this nation. B a t tbeexeculive of t h e nation gave the key note, “ Reform .” He said but tittle a n d did much. Tbe heart of t h e nation beat proud as its debt dwindled. Tbe right o f property began to reappear. W h en the great Republican spake, “ a iray w ith repudiation” and tbe na­ tion answered back by increasing its majori-1 ties men o f right m ind gained a victory.— Then a s if t o beip to-educate the nation up lo ita p roper moral s tandard corruption, demagog- ery wat^pciruitledto tak e Ihe wildest way. T b e coutrast Htood forth, W ashington and Albany. The nation n e e d e d a mighty illustration. T h e people cannot as a general rule fellow intri­ cate processes in logic but there was n o m is­ taking tbe a rgum ents o f Republicanism and Democracy in 1871. Glad our outlook.— C o rrupt Judges a r e stripped of their power, the rogues h a r e fallen out. T h e m< u who were m ighty in knavery b u t yesterday rae powerless n o w . Tweed's s c e p ter is g o n e an d . th? men be fed laugh a t him. Connolly is in prison, neither, c a n he hope for y e ars to come forth, others of these men a r e being brought to bay. Then F isk an d Gould, by m barlm are brought to shame and hastened t o ai cer­ tain f a i l T h e nation’* Congress is in session aud through its council cham b ers rigns the cry for reform . Tbe first a u d greal (deeds of the session will b e to insure equitable admin­ istration of duty in ail offices. M ay 1872 follow tbe inarch. W e are proud Americana to-day. N e w Years, u ll bail. The Civil Service Bill. Some lim e since a commission was appoin­ ted to c o n sider t h e question of reform in our Civil Service. T h is commission reported a n d tbe ri ported was promptly sent to Congress with tb e President's indorsement. I t provide* that appointee* shall be citizens of good character, good health, and well ac­ quainted w ith the English language. All appointee* shall be m ade on sr plaa which a llow s If promotions. Every one en­ ters ibe lowest grades, tbe higher grades to be filled from the low e r. Competive e x am ina­ tions a r e lo d e te tm ine who shall be promoted. Tbe appointment o f all persons entering tbe civil service i n accordance with those reg­ ulations, e x cepting peraons appointed by the President, b y an d w ith tbe advice a n d con­ sent o f Ibe Senate, Postm asters and persons appoint ed te any p o sition iu a foreign c o u n try, shall be m ade for a probationary term of aix months, during w h ich tbe conduct and ca­ pacity o f such person* shall be tested. No head » f a d e p artm e n t, nor «ny subordi­ nate officer o f - th e Government, shall, as inch officers, authorize or p e rm it, or assist i n levy­ ing any assessment o f money fo r political purposes, under t h e form o f voluntary contri-' buttons or otherw ise, upon any person em ­ ployed under bis c o n trol; n o r shall a n y such person pay a n y m oney so assessed. Any person w h o , after long anil faitbfbl service in a d e p a rtm e n t, shall be incipaqtated by mental o r bodily infirmities f o r the efficient discharge Of the d u ties of h ie position, may be appointed b y the head of t h e department, at bis d iscretion, to a position of less responsi­ bility i n the same departm ent. A succenful p o litician when iskod th e secret o f bis success,M id th a t hi “ made i t s rul* al­ ways to say little a n d w e a r w e ll made c lothes.” We shall at ibis tim e s a y little, bn t tb e sub­ stance o f th a t little will be th a t t h a t p o litician was doubtless a patron of t h e extensive cloth- lug lionse o f M essrs Haviland, Combs & Co., No. 2 B o w ery. The “ W calbuiy Sociable” held their secon^ meeting o f t h e reason on T h u rsday evening last, at the re»idence o f tbe M iuea Townsend, near M ineola, A large and stylish company were present, a n d ibe affair passed off very pleasantly. T h e ir n e x t meeting i s t» he held, to day. the (28tb itish ,) at the residence a f Mr. Robert W illeis, a t 8ay Side. I f you canuot take a long Breath without pain, o r are troubled with a d r y Cough, Hoarseness, Tickling in tb e Throat, ar any other o f the ordinary affections o f tho respira­ tory organs, do no t f a il to remember that. Hate's Honey of Horehound and Tar ia a speedy antidote f o r all o f them. P ik e 's Toothache Drops cure T o o thache in, on* minute. Sold by a ll Druggists at 2 6 cent*. Hales honey of horg-hound and Tar. P r a tt’s Aatrsl Oil i s used in all faimilla where a perfectly Safe a i d reliable articles is appreciated. T h e Am ericau A g riculturist saya—•*We Would not use a n y other o il, i f it coat $5.00 p e r gall.” , . Do not endanger your lives and property, by burning unsafe oil* whan Pratt’s Astcal Oil may be had _*t moderate price, -aad'< >ii entirely free frohk any dangerous qualltWA Over 160,OGO'families who now^oso it*' «wf testify io its perfect purity. safety! mUabllity **d ■: V ’ , pupils, 1 T h e P r e s b y t e r i a i a s n H H R j r h o M I n g e x ­ ercises in its r o o m a ^ N N B B f i l ^ this village, this ( T h n f b ii^ W w B p f c 3&C, 2bth, at which, the o ^ t s j G N H R M ^ |# t a k e place.' ,-S a n ta Claus may S t i l p i t« ibitribute the nick knXhkC * ' 1 The e c h o r a r ^ c a m i d H ^ j m ^ Bnptist Sab- bath School, tbi* Mftl{ hold tlieir Christinas exfcrciaeyiiavjW K? evening, D e c .' 2th. T h e festival wsfjjhfcmriNd < a account o f the death o f ITl* lWl*jWffl>ifiiili. iiiilii The ar nivenwry tree of the Queens Episcopal M t ^ i ^ f f a d a y Scbiio), will take place this (Thw«taM wj«eolng, Dec. 28, at 7 o’cl «k T h * jfeV^Spsafta, € o o k and Keimberf afe e x p e d l^|,ijbb.\^rm e n t. Friends o f the Mtsrion W« C (k|^a^{di1tcd. Mass was . h e ld G Itfy,v$aflK»Uc Chnrch Christmas morning. jphtffch was . Very neatly and baitdXome]|y>i4nr|4ltfd o d ist |:b a « * .th l s i v i l l i ^ f 'Were Vary happy. ^Ex«se11^f<ttwi»ic .wao provided by tb e 'Dabt. M th *cliiH>i>ikd Rev, F . O. H iil' ntado an ad: dress. T h e re the teacher* o f the'-school gathered around the.. S u p e rintendent J . C. A cker, indy presented j t o him a fram e con­ taining a picture o f each. T h e w h o le gotten tip in tlie excellent m anner b v Mr. Chae. Con­ klin, o f this village, w h o is able to do. such work, was an eleuant present. Rev. F. C. Hill made the presentation. Tbe scholar* connected with the Sabbath School of the Reform ed Church this village, held Christmas festivities on Saturday after­ noon last.. The Pastor R e v . Mr. V a n Siyke being unable to attend, M r. E. A , Brincker- boff m ade a short address to the children on Christmas a n d th e Tree. T b e children sang well. The free w a s brilliantly, illuminated and handsomely decorated witli ’gifts fur tbe Eehnlars, which were distributed by lot to each scholar d rawing a num b er from a box, which corresponded w ith one on th e tree. The scholars will no doubt long remember rthelr Christmas Tree o f 1871, and their kind Superintendent, Mr. Wm. Phraner, to whom, iu a g reat m easure thev are indebted for tbe gifts they received. T h e school a t tb e same liine/w as th e recipient of tw o beautiful Tab­ let* and iRuminated Texts from Mrs. E. A. Diinckerhoff. i. i- <•' V Clirisimak aervlees cspai) c h u rch i n tb f , was very beauHfbUy a beautiful crovmr.ii moutcd l>y a cross, ■$: placed <n the chani portions o f thif choir nnRer tbe Min* Jennie A y m a f,'^ sisted o f the folluwl Twelftjk Jdasttf JVe^l ens; Jubilate, Th glad Tidings ^ i Hyai Angels S tug. iv T h u Rev. Geo. W. ^m itb and 12.: “ FoCi«iafi ftlie city o f D a v id A; tbe Lord. ,jk- “ And tltisahali find the babe wrappi lying in a ms'ogSfV’y It was verytj*djit course. The eeryic ministrat^in Of holy We ioiilMid 'In o u i tics o f the C o l o r e d | Clinton A.^«nne C | s drickson, ,S)tperiat ccllent singjfig an U . R ider, and- a Sicw art W slshf. appeared vtob,Ic»dg3i»j t bem oUf-ina#'qiaitjM T h e rcj>orj'Qomw»«i Jam aica Sabbath ScbGtflj last Saturday aftefb' made by*Rev. Lewi* ItMd lb Grace (Epis- piiyri The, church ^Ith ^ r e r g r e e n s , ppon th e . f o n t euro 'large'. c ro*8'w a s T h e music rarmedi- jby the th e organist,, jful, and eon- ^jD ioria, Mozart's <T e D e n m , Sieph- I^ B t p , Shout the ark the H e rald d^WAs preached by l$ t 4 & e 2ff c h ., 11 Is h o rn tiija da,y in >f, Which i* Christ ; • tmtbyon:'., y e shall 'Witddiing clothesj ■..-< v l*imprcM ive dis^ Rded w ith tbe ad- M i - . ' V ' atmaa eve fesfivi-' bool, ’ held in .CorheUus Hen- ,’Aftor some ex- vpfayer by Hon. b i l\ b y R e v . A. •n d hie deer rtjfits add dold duaiog. ; Urns, a t E a s t .•trass festival, Addresses were i a n d Rev. Mr. Nichols. ( . Tbe Sunday Schdlft Anhetited with the Grace Church Rtchtn nd Hill, bad a festival' in the |k)l at*1 that place, on Tuesday evenibg last ^weather .waa not very finV^ahd tfefW4(w|w|!ti»Cght. be’ charac­ terized fsA|ocAihgll^r crowded With -an a highly pIeas*d'aodia The Sunday school^ ation, l^ut undetftjaf of Richmond late, aqd ieln a exerciiw consisted ' assisted by tha Biigga gccomp ctiildreh’satig. thoi and proved'aiat th^r| structsd. Revi, Mr Grace churob f t $t) drei in A ’Tew^ ... words, taking Hi* the Oiiristmaa tbe motfoea, Which Mr. ’ Lynian, of 16 tbe school, Wth! purest exaao^ierju^ good child. ■ -MRiii^ aud has evidently childrod, wUteb;lo tbon distri&uted i<i ' Christmas tree, W: den with proothtai at the upper Abeautifi^Vr^ flower*, t f e t v o ^ 'ofthe place, th* tchool;totiMf* Which was w o M i ’hie with prayera hy bytbeabbofll, and tlienthe the; epaqbJdt'tni] ample wadt Weremahi^d good thlag^ and\ '' to tbe calf ,til ira^Mia^i. mond R|H ii;' graatdeaTAf, eitftjiwii'' ifflt the ball .was Which seemed ra ute exercises. h*ealongin op«r- bf Ifr, Craue, largely of condition.. The shy’the children, ^•tiM.Mrssion, Misa ihe. piano, The ; by nips sweetly,', heejL carefully in- ki taOwincharge of i addre*eed the cbll- t 'kad eWquent i'of his remarks fh# tbe room, and fomented the walls.' d ^fill, then spoke of Ssmnel, as the rsatament of a j aigreeabW speaker, euit/ of interesting 'i'AMk'” Gifu were from the larger I it* hnincbM la- ning.with'lights, : wreathed with wax the,, young iadieia ited' in behalf of Adehb Mr. Crane. ysy^hlnJ in a few fit »X«ti|ie*'Were closed ,,ilBiiti!,;.*nd.*lnging (rrlrattbecbildren fiy’.'^rejla invited to “ t a remarkably l\for them. jjhtqlitstqOf tbe V^Mlhumbroua answer •^eaawjaway nUghBich- tj^eie is a Vgobdao- ll^Wdhdtq, build ’ iraii*f*f ■»!, and 0WA.|ts,proi- I l ^ f b t d b s e r v * . b'which* t.lradi«rfiep: W«ek o f Prayer. • A14IKIOAN EVANGXUOAI, ACLIANOE, { 88 Bible House, N. Y . City, Dec., 1871. ] To the Christians of America : B klovkd B bethren :- T i t e general obser- vaiico, throughout the Christian w o rld, of the .week o f special a n d united prayer, beginning w ith the first Lr r d ’s Day in J a n u a ry, has now been sanctioned by the practice o f many years. T b e condition o f th e nations and o f tbe C h u rch at the present tim e dem ands more earnest supplicatiou th a t e v er, f o r the favor o f Almighty God. Confidently anticipating th e rym p ith y and co-operation of a il Christiana is our toad, we subm it the following plan, substantially adop. ted by tbe various branches o f the Evangelical Alliance, for observance d u ring th e Week of Prayer in J a n u a ry. 1872, an d urge that such measures be taken a s will insure a more gen­ eral p articipation even tban heretofore in these united services, Sunday Jannary 7 .—Serm o n s : Subject.: “ T be Faith Once Delivered to th e Saints,”— tbe bond o f Union among C h ristiana; its de­ fense binding on all. Monday , January 8.—Thanksgiving : — F o r Gnn’w “ Unspeakable G i f t ; ” for H is m ercies -personal,, relative, and national; for t(be maintenance und restoration o f peace, and preservation from famine a n d other calamities; fo r s p iritual blessings; for tbe progress o f Christ’s K ingdom ; and for the usefulness of the Christian minintry. Cuesday , January personal a tld national sins, with acknowledg­ ment o f Divine ju d g m e n t; for weakness of faith, disobedience, aud woridlinens in the Church, with confeasiwn o f unfaithfulness Wednesday, January fO fam ilies; for Ibe conversion of c h ildren; fo r tbe increase of p h t y ; for a blessing on the youth at achoo.a* colleges, aad universities,: and a ll entering upon ctimitiercical or profes­ sional duties; and tor the sanctification o f a f­ fliction both to parents and children, Thu^day, January 11. —P rayer F o r nations, expetially those recently visited with calam ities; for kings, and all in authority; fo r the prevalence o f peace in the counsels o f statem e n ; for righteousueea, harmony, and good will among all c lasses; for the spread of sound knowledge, aud for God’s blessing up­ on special e fforts to resist the progress infi­ delity, superstition, intem p erance, and other kinds o f immorality. Friday January 12. —P r a j e g : —F o r the C h risian Church aad M inistry; f o r translators o f tbe Holy Scriptures into various tongues; fo r Societies, Committees aud Author* en­ gaged in Christian work. Saturday January 18.-—P r a y e r : —for. the outpouring of the H o ly S p ir it; to r tbe in­ ert*** ot C h riitian love and holy z e a l ; for the M issionaries at borne and abroad; for all Christians exposed to trial and persecution; for tbe prevalence o f religious lib e r ty ; for the extension of the Reaeem ei’a Kingdom throughout tbe world, and tbe union o f all believers in prayer a n d effort for God’s glory. Sunday January 14. —Serm o n s : —“ T hy Kingdom come, Ttiy will d o n s in earth as it i« iu heaven.” —Matt, vi, 10. W. E . D o s e s , President. P lilip R ohafv , Secretary. T r u s tees M e eting. A t a special moating of th e Board o f Trus­ tee* o f tb* .village of Jam aica on tbe 21st day o f Dec. 1871, Prevent the whole Board exeept the Prsii- dent. W h s b r a s , no appeal h a v ing bean taken from tbe Trusteeo’ Report of oasesviuent* in the m a tter of opening Shelton Avenue, aad the time te appeal having expired,*- Jtuotved, That the aevsral Mseasinent* for benefit a n d for benefit over damage as sus­ tained in said report b e and they a m hereby confirmed and levied. Resolved, T h a t the assessment roil of such special assessments, now submitted, be ap­ proved a n d confiimed; and th»t th* said '**- jHtvtnents be collected in conlurmity thereto. ■Revolved, That th* period from the present time until a n d including th* 19th day of J s n - tp r y 1872 be allowed a ll persons lopay such.- hmsssment to th* village treasurer without any charge for collecting .or receiving the ' sam e : and that the Clerk caua* notice to that affect t* be forthwith published a n d posted as required b y fisc, 19 o f Chap 266 Laws 1870 Adjourned. Adopted Dec. 21,1871. PiaaroNT P o n a a , C k ik. A t a meeting of the hoard of T rustees, of the village of Jam aica, on the 26th day of ■ Dec., 1871. Present—John M. Crans, Pre*:, and a ms- ’ jority of th* Board.* ' W hikkar , T h e aSeeswr*. h aving comple­ ted the aseessment roll for 1871, and having delivered t h s same to th* Clerk, and no ap­ peal thsro& o u having ba«n mod* to, this hoard, a n d the time to appeal having *x- piifd, Revolved, T h a t the asassamsnt b e aad the San* is hereby confirmed, a n d that a warrant < for th e collection Of the takes o f ' 1871,' as , therein stated, he forthwith issued to the , Collector,'pursuant to t h i eKsitsr . < Heeotved, T h a t thqbojttd o f th* Calfeotor be jb .titerttu * . Pianvex* Portaja, Cterfc. • V •>, 1 r *D»i?. « lB t, xwn, '■ T h k Board xa*t p a m heat « o the laid wyojnminent, - . . A l l p resent, ; - ; • 'Ih e minntva o f the jo s t m eeting .were M i d . , (uni a p p roved. > Feedtvdd, T h a t j h e County Jndga be, a fi# he i* hereby empowered to select a Steno­ grapher for each ju r y term o f the C o u n ty ' C o u rt . T b e Board then proceeded to hear t h e ap­ peal b y the tow n s o f Long Island C ity a f i i Newtown, from the Toym Audita o f said ' towns to .tbe Board o f Supervisors o f Q uccm county. A fter bearing Mr. Covort ageioit th e ap-. peal, anclMeair*. Ptirce a n d fiteveus i n favor > o f tbe same. » * , '' On motion |0 f Mr. Cock, lecsaded by H r . i Graham, Resolved, T o allow tbe a p p eal a g ainst b i f id .' ' o f constables, as well as against the bills w tbe Justices o f tbe town* o f Long Islahd C ity and N ewtown. v T h e first Jo4tice’s lull called wan * fb a to /M r . DeldiHiity, which o n . motion of i\fr. Graham, was laid . ■ upon tbe u h le. Amount o f bill $1,788 4T Tbe reason for laying the bill o n the table was tbat in n o case d id the ' ; • Justice state tbe residenim o f the complainant. , , T h e second w a s 't h a t of John B . . - Madden, which was laid on the table for th e same reason,, no ; ' \ residence o f any complaiuant- Iteing stated in the bill. T h is bill amounts t o .......... <65 <2 Th* tbirdiwae th a t o i M y le t Burke, late deceased, was laid on tbe table for th e same reason, no residence o f any complainant be­ ing stated. Amount o f said bill 1,288 10 Counsel also contended that tbe ' w Justices bad no jurisdiction since • ; June, 1870, when the Long Island ‘ / City charter w e n t into effect. Tbe fourth w a s a secoud bill o f Myles Burke, deceased, laid on tbe table fo r tbe sam e reason. Bill amounts to .............. 1,871 24 Amount o f Justice’s t a b led .. $4,708 18. Resolved , T h a t tbe bills he la d on tbe ta­ ble because they are defective, in th a t th e y are not made out in accordance w ith th e - statute, in such cases m ade a n d provided, an d - further that charges a re therein contained f o r. criminal business within the lim its o f Long Island City. The Board then proceeded t o Aakq up. thfc bills o f the Constables. \ . The first b ill was that o f Paul Rooney. • . . .. Resolved, T h a t tbe bid of Paul Rooney be --- laid on the table for the r< u»on that i t is n b t made out, or verified in conform ity w ith the statute's in such eases made a u d provided. Amount of bill. The second bill Gks that o f Michael Heart. Tbi* bill w as laid on the table for the same reason as the to t . Amount of b i ll .: . . . . . . . . Tititd, Thom a s McGown, tabled for tiie saute reason. Bill amounts t o ........................ T Fourth, the bill of A lfred P e ttit was laid on th e table for the sam e reason as above stated. Bill amounts ......... ............. . ............... Filth, secofid bill o f A lfred Pettit; laid' o n the tabla Pur .Uia.aame reason as above stated. Bill' amounts to ........................... Sixth, bill of John .leukins, w a s laid on the table for tbe sam e reason as above’itated. Am o u n t o f bill ......... .. .................. 8eventb, bill o f Owen Slavin. w a s laid upon tbe table for tb e sam e reason sb above stated. B ill amounts to ................................ .. Eighth, bill o f Tbnmas Lahg, waa laid upon the table for the sam e rea-on as a b o v e stated. A m o u n t of said bill ....................................... N inth, Frederick Kloxset’s bill w as laid upon tbe table for tbe sam e reason as above stated. A m o u n t o f b i l l . , ................................ .. Tenth, bill of John W inters, waa laid upon the table f»r th e same reason as above atated. Bill amounts t o .......................... .. Eleventh, bill o f Geo. H a n m a n n was laid on the table for tbe sam e reason as a b o v e »ta,ed. B ill ' . amounts to / ..................... .. Tw e lfth, hill o f Thom as Philips, waa laid upon tbe tab'e for the same reason as s above stated. . Amount o f bill. ................ .. Tbit teenth, bill o f J o h n Carroll, w as- laid u p o n tbe table for th e sam e reason a - above stated. A m o u n t o t billP .............................. ............... Fourteenth, bill o f John O’Neill, was laid on tbe table for the sam e reason a* above stated. B ill amounts t o . . ....................... .. Fifteenth, hill o f W.tn. U e aroey, was laid upon tbe table for the same reaw n as above atated. Amount o f the said bill ................. $978- 6$ $54 4* 1,666 81 898 8 $ . 1,415 1* 924 12 1,012 82 1,887 78 207 69 775 18 4 8 5 8 884 4ft 1,600 98 1,128 0ft . ?*+*■ \ 1,128 Oft Amount o f Constable’s b ills. . $16,118.67 - T h e bill o f Francis M cKenna a ’ Justice of the Peace, was also > lad upon tbe txMc lor the sam e *V' reason as alwve stated. BUI . - ■ amounts to ............... .. $2,225 M T h e bill o f 1'boraa* Lang, a s Dcp. > - < fiberiff, was laid U|xm tb e tabla for tbe sam e treason above ks stated. A m o u n tof itill 246 5$ Amount Of Justice’s bill bnHight forw a rd ......................................... .. Francis M cKenna, aa above.. . . . . Amoun,t o f Jostlce’s b ills.. . . Am o u n t o f Constable’s b i l l , .......... Deputy Sheriff’* bill. 4,768 2,225 'd.iVl*i 86,988 71 15,117“# . •• 2 4 5 '# a :ju' i :11 . . & J Total of bills tabled ............. .$28,294:17 Resolved, That when (lie Board aiBjdMffMfC' it (ball be to Tuesday, Dec. 26th, 187l, that the Several-officers may have an .oppoftopjitj:; to amend their bill* in compliance w ilk tMv statute. ;\* Resolved, That tbe order of 5i)!«,qlwil1i6 . thesame on Tuesday next a* to-day.’4 l/l ; Minutes read and ipprovOd. - / } j Adjourned to Tuesday, Doc. 26,197f, '.a6 ' teaamiockA. i l - -j-;. PntRMKT Pomraa,'DilM|t^| To Comrn- CfiitMM -Vurtixft -*-Th* leader of tba fosbtoao iaHate, to H i * ’< .<:v • K a : e : „ i ' \ :. I .. . 1 ■ v.. -,.J *1 . •: ■ f** *'% 4A

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