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Newark union. (Newark, N.Y.) 1873-1908, December 22, 1894, Image 1

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:~'Tkr88refr@ff$r flor ti e West 6 15 A IT i oo 44 r a For the Mrth . Forthe South, s 10 p jr AH points. fi 53 A JI ; ^of SoauaPoi^t-pir.eot860'ft\ m. From the vW \ ' Proin'tue East. S20A__JX \„ 8S0.J I 00 4 0J P « * WT. «. TOO**./ ' \• _JFronutI_eJ*orth---- . -FroinrtteSQirtln 0 SO A H 0 00 PII orwcEHOires. Call box au4 general dcliTerjton TVeeK days—, from t a m to.8 30,'irm *— JL, - call bfye aha general delivery on Sun3ajB-< froniJiStoaiO. .'. . * took box delivery open every tlay.latne^yeek - from era m to 10 pior r . IT_J\„ ._ ,_. \AW5RIC* - pJRJEATESTJBA!LRiCiAD.»' (EHT: THE FOUR-TRACK Ti£UNKJ.JNE, IN EErECT__M«JJ_ -*»-*•. It Is the on!j an6 eat-fiag <lo city pi now T_o_K A1itrams»r.tyi_g»t-sn9.-epMti_E-rgm. Grand central 3tat.on, iponrtii A.venu-'aufl' For-; ty^ece-d-street, the very-centro.ol.theGltjr. fralns leave K _war_ going east , M Day Express. _ 907 AM Accommodation, stops.at all', sta-: tloi I between Buffalo and Syracuse-. 11 48AM Ac mnmodatldn stops at all'sta- tlom between Rochester and Syra- c_se™Daily ; a 5 7 PM _co-_im_datlon,8topsiit «llstatlgns * bctwooniltocueater.and Syraonao --. 55 P M Vi cstera express, stops at Lyons, Clyde, *¥eedspor', Jordan. Syracuse —Daily • OSf M Buffalo >na Lyons accommodation, stops atall'S'stlons >~ Trains leave Newarx gen * west. -5T 22 A-M-Cuffalwuui tydns-acsommodatlon, _„_ armrst on MsBattS- -, _ ,—-—. \SHf_TA_rAccommodation stops at all star, lions between Syracuse a^d--t-D_e8- ^, ter _*.«_-'*_ ACLommoda„6n.,a-ops.ata*tBtsttp_s, „. _• * '^ frcttutfafi&acj-uyaiul_toobe_ter . x-WPU W_g-_r_isa, stops.at Paltnyrav — 7 27 P M _J-_-Wer expire a; stops at Pal-, myra M-cedon; RUrporJ and Roch- ester EDSON J WEEKS, QctflAgent, v. j xxenx-t si.. Burriio, ii. Y. JOITM *t _ , mtOBY,i_- OEO H DAKHS18 Gen I Sup t ocnTPass'r Agent : , aMSBM»!8A6SMHo*r«iW-»ia; ' GePrgel) ; Xbrk...-..........i......Hnrott _o__pW\ Barne s .^.Fairvill e _^^ Jbhll A\. SpVnfrne,;...-.... . .W™i\™' , \T i f^ 1\\* Calvin TvVjEmr-pn.: \W-Ibdtt / ty^ -1^*- SCHQQI. <»MSH^i<>»BB--JP&atf r &ist. t^J r\ Samtr^l«pki(i..T.; ..;...,.. Huron -_«•* AJ^- SCHOOL c65fitissioifBlt-2d Bist Freemtoi Pintter .Ontario SUPSEiiSTBWBfillT OF THE POOR Kelvin' Bl, Gates,..:... ..:;:.~.txk»Sicte LOANCOMJIISSIOMEBS. Sidney JrHoppiBg-..,....'... «R/t)fle Daniel Althen.;...,.; , .Lyons TowiiHBtf Areadfa. IN tpveci'r NOVlfl ia9*,._ - \GOISG^vitsi-LBAVE SEWATEtK' 3*06 Dally—ftieepuii and uulcago tlmltea' o.uo f'J 7 , „|/uiSiq»r » t» Toronto. St; ft ,- n AM-••K«!V rl . 0 ftna itfral0 ^^y, _OSS U stops at all stations'. * ' - Q.f«< A. M—.i-,racI»e\.Bxpre8» »* us caratoCMcago. Stops afPaltajra. 3 ,n,p a _ Albany-and Buffalo Local,\— •o* DaH y stops at all stations. a .oil p M- DayBxpre«s,\Bnffalo ^^-atrd tlnrWeStr-^-^-^^-\—^ ^-\ - - '.. QOINO EAST-IJiAVE NEWAKK , •to -ti A It-VBt ton'lsExpress,\rorHw lt'lojjft sieepiniearstoNeWVoritanil nrlnchal inierinedlaje-statlons. ^^^ I n on A. M -\Bay FiprisSj\ Culc'ago HL ^_. ' j,ew Tort dtd*riaelBiiM»ts;medlat.<f *tatons SlespingbarawriewibiltauiIUoswir ,. >,i M —\ClUi*go and New KorK.lix- \£fti i rcss.'-dally. :Sleoplng cars'to. lleiy, roi* •*• '.,••• t c\K. V M -f\ National- Express,!.'- Daily,. *•**% oxcept fiuidny. Sleop.ng cars to ^tw Vert ' « % Q p M —\AtlanticExpress ,fbr.N.ow. iJ.ifO YorK Boston and principal Interme- \nfiito stations Sleeping c«r«-to«<iw Vc_K.aud Boston if .\ ct jt n P J< —\ Kewart and.Bmral^ Local. . *»« u s,topaat;all atationa. L » PORT GiBSON. .. Trains leave Port aibaon going. West on tno; west *bore-6 57. A. \.\v* 3:39. r. K Qo- iiii st-6 SJ, r *. «9?.12:45,-.?. K. For tlokets, tlmo:ublea'or lntormatlon call en iSent at nearest West; Shore station or aa- S^ueneraiPa-engerAj^ » Vanderbllt AV..N.V: •Mudala U t««ti.MA, X., >UT STti, 1991, sosTra?t»«»«?in». - Buffalo J.T, tlVlH *»K •Koc^ester tanaudalgua &i. -Uauanuslavit Lt • (KbrtuetnC J* I* elanley lew xan W»U>I\» TUYaM H»n«le«i»^^- JiJJr -«ar\ 11.50 UWlB liOU\. 13»' ' •r*» f »;«U\ xas' asB' li00J» 1JU'-' rTSItTB-lVOSjNB, i.SSSI* ,W» \ HO\ •Js»» T.U\. «.M\ •S.« \ S.IW lll'ii l ».io'\. 10.80 •'' 1U.S5\ 10.BS ^' ll'J i \ lljio't H*,\ I'.45V 1.01\ -«no\\^ ss.oia iu.»k-;. g.5r- K is » no, u,, m, >. -i Barrllborr irih!*!. 'i l « tiMOsp!;.....'.. lrjw- :, Jt.Wta 1 ......... HtrraiUnrg jr\-V'P' >l Ii JBarrts ur^ vonuury WiOl.iuiport <j a aton- ~noy dAmlra Bene Heads ua»aa . watalns m»i*L tm-fr OajiabdalKtfa «*« s.«a »,« I.n r.« 8 IS At OanaSHlaigus Li Ol-TO *» »K> BocMaer A BaffaH) |.B.»JJ» ».fc •'• »iis»: 11 is.** am »Jf • U.1«J» :4.1S>> Jle.s. He.. »4 « • TIB'- 8.40 \ UM»A 10.1*\- nini* ie.«5« li.ia'» ILM •• !SS(>piB U.fc' llSWn Uispn *«* •;; 8.i* *< » W •}• .S.B1 n >*Mtm v » Dally. » J»»« P*.**\- * ^laTMtottdally. P»U\«» BoJ(»t s:ecper t trsablegton ^JJ gLfrt WMefir,',.waaWngwiife &aair«. ( iw «•» '•\\•\-^ gatardajs.) ..-.-.,> r-tr-rif* ^ |ljrtAB<H . ^ 3f-jC _\ »™r f 'iibjaaViBillliil I \* SUPBEVISOR. J. Dupha Reeves , ; ...NevrtuSL TO H CLERK. ,Tr-pavis.J > reBoott J .;....NeWark COLLECTOR. : -Vft«^HrisreTH»1asn%r~TSrrKSwMk JUSTICES GP THE PEACE, Byron C. WiiHarns.... _. Newark Robert RMdaU f .^ Uj .j ii ,,„,„^.New«rfc Clarencs OonlUui... .., .ArcajJIft; Or. J:. W. Barnes:/.:.......,'..i...PairviUe OVERSEER OETHEPOOR. CiC. Lnsfc.s....„ .:..;,.:.: Newark COMMISSIONER OF HIGH AYS: Charles Schwartz • Newark ASSESSORS. RieharcJ , S?airBnsen.i'. .'.;Areadl«t •Chos. 0. Smith .,,.»..!...; ^Newark E. E^Surleigh....... .'.Newark GAME CONSTABLE. • Go'dfrey Genthner Newark CONSTABLES: H. A. Gardner...^.... ™.ifewftrk Hai'vey^ShuTelt.:.:... Pairvlll* Oliver Egglestoh;, , Arbadla . --EXCISBTCOMMtSSIONESS. 1 Robert fe Van Dusea, .ii.Newatk Ezra Hnineston ;. .Newark Thomas Helferi. .—..: Newark. CLEVELAND ° Coromenolfasr^ -.irWll ^opening of nnrigatlon (abont April li;) Magnificent alde-wfieel sieam- trtt ; . littY Hltt, TABIS. • ,. „. SO(«>air.monuDln' Ly; Bulfslo, 1:15: r..«; I Lv, yievelau'i, M5 r. a •iTj-faigtalaM, «:ii) t, jE-r«».-B8»iwp-8:5e -«.-TT . Take the\0. A U. Lino\ sKamcra nna enjoy a rerresliiug.aigbi'srestwlien:eDorut'e't4 OlirdUai, Columlu, CUtluitl, Tolido, Iial»tiolla, Chtuei, Bltftlt, KuillM IlUal, Korlhm Uil TaarW.rcu?.:. oranypb^o; ludtana;.0F soutbweatera-polnt. Write for tourist pbsmptuot. . H.B.RO0ERS, t. F. NEWRTAd, OnirM.Aft. ' Onl Ksjiger. ' «I7a?^*Ei,ArT», p.- . President. . ,.i,John-Sttt«rfc Trustees I ..-• .„Qytus> A. Tittor I ....1V.-H. Kelley :L- Dr. Alois Siegrlrt Clerk.................... E. Fred Cowleij, Treasurer '.:...,...Peter R. Sleight Cbikctoru.,..-,...,miideviae W. JPlass .Harry Ri Drake Assessors ^... 1 .Thomas Langdon * H. VanDarbfltH (...-. ,.-'B -J.,, .Th. FASHION NOTES.. Velvets hand enroroio'ered with beafla are used for mantles. Large smoked pearl buttons are seen on toilpr^made jackets. Plaid velvet and spattgied satin rib- bons are favorite trimmings for dresses. The ugly poke bonnet is occasion- illy seen in PaTlB. Hty it never ven- ture over tip SSa! Handeame bullion \embroidlrytaAe-' nalssance patterns laid over velvet fornis the orown of many fancy bon- nets. Feather boas are iorn shorter, only/ reaching to the Waist, and the latest novelty is attached to a. collar of osV frich Jips, graduated in size and lilg iiivay from the neck. A new material called Llarela ft made into Jackets and mantlBa. It i» a _ .Jae__Imilaticin- r of- -aealBlcin, -rata Irbof and considered mbrp healthful to \wear oh account of its light and porous properties. Flowers bloom In the midst of fnr and velvet in winter hatSi and the ntaaelf violet' ranEs'Brgt in\ fashion with as much assurance as if' it were ;.a npvelty. Next in imjjprtahce I* the -jiiige chry«|nthenium W tlhe ntost sjaggsa\ JesBHpBbn, With velvet rose* •and...dSll'catelE-Shaded, primulaw coin- ittg; in for a place. .'•; • • • : Piush|atihStrewn^witK velvet,Call- ed ntpiienetfy\brSches aSd brocart are. einpioyed for Wedding gowns, and also for the voluminous loose garments c* overalls wprn_ as Opera wraps. thai: haveTJeJPme very dOL'Iy. Falll* pelis^ ses line with satin are for caTriaga\ wear. Genoa velve| is in iffeat -de- mand. 1 SHk petticoats for street wear aro trimmed with aft open work einbroi-, iier*eS .ruffle of silk like the skirt over another ruffle of thinner silk In d; •bright color,' which is a ya'sf improve-; inent over lace' On evening skirts wgerc lace Is used tt Is lulled ovet silk flouhiSes and headed by a tWist of ribbon, with bo*s at Intervals'all iiiound the Skirt. As to winter colors in Paris, blttff steel gray: cloud.gray ahd Silver gray are selected on account of the facilitir • with which they cari he mixed with white ornamental pieces, white being predominant lor ail smart gowns, 6* it »ln moire, cloth or leather. Th» other-colors to the fore arc nastflrtan Fedi-auberglne, violet, fawn, lettuce, absinthe and- reseda green, chestnut brown* cherry, lavender-Ma?, Ereaieli bine, livery drab, tan, shrltop-plnk, pal* rose, sky blue; VeronMft . redV . cream, salmon, petunia, Hangar lah blue, seal, mountaln-a«h-red, fuller's earth'fTay, twine and brown-Bread. '. ^Ap«i«y»MBi9iia^..^^ ' Xa Grippe is eourPtUlded' by ihany persons with a severe, attack of ca- tarrh, which in pome reipeots resem- bles JJje- fdTmerr 1- The«« tadivHbfcta srrftor sftvereljr with pain about th« forehead, eyes ana Part, with sore- new in throat and siopp»*e Pf th* nasal passages, and In fact ate in- capacitated for worker any ktasl for days at a time Th*W> are oa- tarrhal sufferers ba« been ftMT BU8INE8S CARDS. ionxva QittiitTi C0LATOK W. EBTBT , . .NEWARK, If. Y Attorneyaand'CbflnciaorB • at Law \ ; ', ' - . Real-Estate Agents.-:Loana Negotiated. ~ ^ngggwm^rk.. ttlBMIIir^IK PnrMOiAN AND Stmasos, OyFlOEAND H&iBENCE 9tOBf_t&&-i, U. Daily. PJOUKIKAl. ATTBNTION. 8PUI0ID DIUIKB PARL0R8. ?ii^T r*»« ~f&>* i. «***w»ri and vWaity >snouW not _. __ _ 1 _.... . JOMIaUNr at^a'aMriHislJia a»ra«w,--w»rm and Cold JjaoWsof all iearrlMlfiiM All kurdser <ame i>«rTtdm*»«e«L i^avtWar'rirlOT Oj.suiri, 'tnalaeatuua state, -• ,.«^-«<- '- AaalxxMt., Direotjy op^jitelriSjitCoinb- House. Jl»Al«JOOHBBtATAnLiiOOTB, '\ -' iMBAOTMAJJf 8TRBET, R0€S3i$iSTEB, K. Y. SCHEME THATfArLEOi Chclly^-She's approaching. Here's- the Ave. Confront her ahd'demand a .}-'«: then I'll rush out and put-you tg flight.. .;.,. .*.-'. 'Jim Tufty^Stop, miss! I. wants one .Smack fum-^._ •*M*m fllabberiSd nail| J».a..rarye^utrltloits article of food {of. \hiSMLsad jtrWns ptilleisi It is usiioilly tea ,ytitk Jxau, well mixefl/toSMheri hlMLlolflcd boliarvJaattn»l««Ypabotany o^-n\f-t«»2TOW:^5JCT»»5u!dm- Jlusoo&dr.'.kP^iB v °a^u^i*>*ejBomi^^te|^fcis'ti!h rteehpounds;^e^lhiS. Ltl ieoafal e ff ^|ptkf**maesi ; Autumh is usually.,,^ aon-peodupliig season hi the,. pbulft*.y^fl{slai-levi eggs, and that IfrilK Good,care now wiE receive its rewiird to -pprtngijj*ei* the. hens hPboiBS aciive ana-ate laying' well. Oonft hfeleet-yow stock -at Jhjs --.,-- -*-• season. .Whiter iSrftJnlrrdiseaAm^to'jWfalKilHffl ^U»BV«^a^-«ihrts^ce^atyf™^ Tho Magcovy duck hsS not pc^u tety extensively- breg; hji'4«^.tiei»-itnr] breeders; flevcrtneless, it TS-rilSaft^for Classing*l{h thrI»rSg ; lJr^ffstoTaaoSs onakaig-a. fttol thst nraqts-the^aenjaint: of our markets... «'\~>^-~ *-— ,—•-.--: from ten to four dusks from seven4b^ton^nornjd^ • K chickens have^pMrprpjieriy t ert the past six -n'eek*; fhby^houjB-'iiovY look plumb and h| ihvfaiine .cbjnd'ttion for marketing. -NoMft-ljijfcrSeleeeiJjK^ should be p»ered.V ; PQbii.-priced-will usually predomihatfe-.pnd,- •if-r'mf choice and attrae^b'fowls are-oltbiy ed, they will sell much' betfer -flian'fhs ordinary kinda.. ^~.rf-^ , rp~-f-^.-~r''-'Y. Airy ong, JVJJO ioWfs^is^Wrpn'gfitr and Jrijallty tffev:inbrthJ»tb)ShiTch-ea; chicte Should v^j^tote-iW^Jtnh; hatches by ;arUflbi«Jiffis«afcioJaftdhM? SH an iBcubatbf alia^^1g;....Clilckeiiii; Jmtched artiflbiaiir^d^baTrS'flf or insect upon ttt^.':^filii1biie;5makHii them build Up' stifoSi ;»«d !ifttOTOiis* chicks. Never condeniy •rt.flciitl'afttclj* ing: it .is dplhg mbrrtpi^tBSiplfrBrr/: Industry than anyjMtt\iIifciuafee*t!fc dooo. . ' ' \ — - Puffs'SlWfiR qj toe'.SSoiiiaer'. hoiise}^ress; ahould'^bRbni^^ibli ai-. tractlye app8want8,<SB%.;iSr-vJ»MulV »B well. •Pretaea;ptthiii.,apii.;cAK M _^_ ..^ —:j-madpfMhtsunbliawheaV-musrm.'crlnk- -^...„......' Mitr-fr'lnk: :»,u'ti5W :<fe^e2£*MHi^. .lBa~crepei. plfints; biji-fedelitoi^jifkey red'or ilajih'elbtteit-sf he : %ftt^s; : ri*aa4 to stand butfashi'on^oTy^'Jpf'tfib^nidsf efJpatlY'o use 'p'f>**«Blv8Safe-. js ; -fliaf which\ copies 'tai^ucteitt'gej^M-ln'B. -costly fabrics, ^nd'«• jfffitenad' fA' a :.,-.ir.l.j ii,,w^—^TtteTBer^^^ '' \—''\'' they^dp nbt loblc M;iSri«>,a«.rd6-.cbtWn goods. TJhp1ea*he4^cb);tbn;; makblVub ,wJBi„g)lne dgnirij^lia^nilWfoi;.' M. 3>m BtiSaBJe ,hpiis«! drats\.,> The'i,;:jsitltt' 3BhpuJ.a3h.e ;6f iiib denlmv3»attiip.#iaei ^aSd«ptthe wllte^BMbpSsSffist' ibpTO theedgp-pfthelSkirfc^brWdicb bf^the^blousi^rii^:^)^ ? sfepra-and 5 {bWMJ&giaMAfe stoSJ; _:.W0tt}0fT«^rW-Pl^W3gaprti T-.... ,-,- - ,...-,,- ,.,,.,«S?i;. T ^wash, .or mc<e pnt^caSie? i turkeys' 'rejS^-j&kss-uit-prttairiiranfiM ibflysettbUf ••i3&9,. bhea^eriBScElBHtSr*- .-•;^ann!toi;Jfruhns:^eih'b -'SffljrjLjai 0. \ fl fea» s ^fl-^n'*a«a--*a;t6fi a Prcsorrihar Grapes, then liuhs along thf edges of notched shi-lves .In a. dry placps. or hung on naris rtrlveii lb upright Jillsts. it 13 sold that If the water be wnewM «iaon|uJ-basalt,\ and •noursuffl,eleiit : until April In good^cundl,!™ ' P ip^niii&gjy-gowwiaitefc - Beiit iuig. iitg — > —^—• • ; ...,.. _cto8-'MRefc - Beat ttfr b'ijgs wpil v Cttr-;mem'lntMhp-nd%4tehT;tea ^S^ulwud.Jaltj. itntlMasfly- thpibdn. ^BftP,,td;.,% ; (jutbk.ovi;n. •• V^g-r: >.0r^MSij»feOi)e- plht-Ptiornsnteal, onfirpJiitWiSbuf lflilk, two; tobSiiPon. •fills .df.isodai Wb'?eggs, ..twoVfalsiesp^oii. \-' .of sugarr; ttim tahtem '\\ \ '' fate- tlte. mljkaod mix ,wJth tl)'b;uibag -nM*rareggbi-flieTfed tmBe¥r\siigaF.flhd salt, ^eat brisklyr-and bake^frt cup? in-^ha^TPaT^m^-nTS^ISaiffisT ^{fijo^toy.,Mun1n8^T^»,«p^p* |f : mrflMiftoasiny* bolfet'OBd cbjpft he.tt Jt^|nP-0.H>: n-rid-fitli- itr-threerpirpg'pf^fe 'fM sanie^t^erib^^SrflbdhpS^ ^B I l»#&- a *^^^ ffi ff^»?P* : « >, pretty .m^-.^Mm^M\^^^is^^^ ;Sj)pphf.uIs, piE r ;wh[t,e isrigaf;. ;ihen;»tl CRATE FOR SHIPPING PIGS. I lv .nuv.iviit Botv to Bnliil One Strong, Llcht ami S.ervloonblo, Ti9 man who receives stock In crates dues not care to pay express or,! older win -- mcless. lumber, yjt ixc wisUos .tohav.. M.j.^^^^^hvas-voaimr^-ttf'tinM his y purchase safely until It reaches lib farm. Sonic woods. like poplar., l/p*s- wood, and elm. arc both light on.l loaigh, juuLxaa ha-used Uilniiw than plno, but Ifjloc l.sjh.jjuuiady dimd mnt jnaiit\!! un. buta sides, a m«t, light crate can bo made which Will b,.td Tito Woman or the oideh.^m« Veraoati Dlnltien «rTo.(lay A witty and sympathetic man-'oa. «»id to me:-.'»I. TCSuld rafflei—mawy-L wouian wlio.JnoIc?d fceihij,s and ha4 nose than a wpnmn whorliVta Jtcling auii iooked' none.\ My daughters, writes Jfitry John-'? stohe in the Ladies' HBme Jputaag^ have a.irimid—* tvoinau only- « llitjef :pas» girlliooil-.who'se company is mora . sought after and relished than, that ota almost any uno I know. She has **•\$ liiirers.by the score and a«fHaintsncesH . •: J.JTi\ry.sthere and m^WounDi, for she V is ciiltivatcj aln-ays elioerful-stird-Titf- Ilsten, to and rally the. pbon\.t^ialkee. She-Is asked fo-pverytiilnghi theShapft • of a feast,, for she is.the anmsenienJP-' and frtiimtloh of whoevei may bs-'lsj about hor. At th^sjnagjlnifitjvJiett- ™ ever her praises' aro sounded the eidoga 1 winds up tv'lih iha inoYlfablL and dis« : hcat-ipulng. liig. -\.v&er. all, jQuJcfio^ shi» *»* n.i -fifilnga.\ I like the old-fashioned tnnfl 'An* when i bav. l„-,.n aKine nitii htt I him- .. Tti-n. n.nit.,] to s.iy: Mj deW, <1,i !>,• nil imj.jr^ . Bni sli lng na l Ticin If »h r iviTi' to liiavrji 1 foueiyi IT anil go abiMi.l to live -.ln. would lenv„ lis all without a ihoticnta le- (tret. _^ J ; aklng u.-w of a ^Jslo- M\:. I c.tu calf 10 mind .,ft. 11 ••ijiy tin 4cuU\ois 01 a , ix'^\ 1 * rju«l '—icfxat*r—^&val' nlvi-n. tfn\l'\u,tlu„- \and .rullti„ thciri- llolls-cboliLi vi-lij, 'a niil of ii ill How llt'tl,- imrlt li jiU«n» i„ th iinpuvlt\ faltb-in ilnty. rh.- uii:ir,.i_- 1 i HioiiVto ivorfe. thj>-ninrost'f.rtW TTtTTd oi_ ' aastf • and ^Vtttmirdtfrnc am? tlia~ Mpnrtitn iimsims nf iife.ln nhlt h (hey iv,-i-,, broiisht rrp ah,d vvh'ch thoj stld pigs or sheep secui'ely. A. crate for a !'\h^'rvi'. .What ha^ Miss Armstrong (late of Vassar}— .eudacious viliain! ry f»»»krts; iiid ««. altogShir in «, cora witk an epoch that travals its isUty>itas, a* Ittmr, She '<*,. very' mart juad cjwrar, .]»nt,.*i ,h«e. heter a»m«air*& aaake. tw sljh for' the MS who tko«fht their parent* in- fallrblt attii.frlto ftere as;»Min*»il»ry modest, »a-'y## I *rstTa-'(i,-i^itp n t,. -•••-•••'•\- ' HfM^MMA'fjdiy to be tha dearly k^r»d #«• of a^Boble- %' T».i«(>deri. Xe'rof»e. The one thing to be regrttted-t. in/ many of th* lighter norela of the day; (ill their kind of heroine, She is hot' Vnitt'aWr mrMkHMrm<^tm^ talka -1*-A ilafif*, jwjrjp*lly7 that «P adiously_valgar.-_«i* J s -traiilt^-^So^ •jSiUUf, o*.«frWy'sM!^t-*ndi)c^ob.. : SBb is eoatSttptnons of -authority,- ^^ate,-pie««a.ntr warm thr-bur acts at' inaii»t paj^artaT'-altnorfty, and be- \ '\ \'*\\ \ \\ * '\ havaa In a aUsjk-handed way about her . Via aitalrariKe ft. atta* sonutbiagf shoPl (Gfiolly' rushes out,) -~ Jim Tuffy- (yl?iously)-r-An' ypn- iaka dat\ smack, yoif bwrasSnS villln, fer runnfn' me up erginst Jbhn,L.'s «ii- teiu—Sep?-'—i-. - % {Series of biffit)^Jndge. ' tliilMlar'i Itom* TNIIW', The hurseryshoula; be thb brlghtpst, sunniest and' quietest room lit top house if possible. No hangings whicbT will collect dust or glaring colors .whjcli iapstrdy ybnnjg; Htm,. Snt.6sap: Tg-St 'cMiriS whlcE win Wash ttr the fhrhfturpi-mattifig and. ie tug for the floor and tinted or sanitary pspered Walls: The coloned walla are health- iest and uniess very dainty paper Is -jdiossh.-jprettieatr^but saulikry pi»pe» Jias the advantage of bbiag smooth; and glazpd and can be wiped o«'with IS^lottasd W^rin-wJtteK ib-reniovihg\ the possibility.of any germs of dust;. -\ A-nreplacrla the nuhswy •& i!wly» desirable as It Insures not only a Ma-> \*'\V^»iw»nt-%armtnr^ra«taV ««• ventilator. Quiet Is indispensable jror av'etiji?*,. wpifare•-*«» th« nwih \i\~- - -- fMiewap«TiwBsswy^ o» at uia. u p en thejiote, wherfe his sleep eali be u* disturbed. Cleanliness, fresh air and sunshine are very good medicines for baby, and the nu»ery shoold be nrst of all r»*arkaW» for these thra* iiual- lti« ; then furnSdj: Th* baby ahoald p ire«p sjid^. *»rf for ttrboTi- afcf of foua b»-_flv» afconkl b. »J» ia tha nat.hair jrftoir rt^dJJCjajft asmtai-li? iBfoagaaiflgjaiCavward may >a added aboot lamp*, Oil laaajx Ilk* To ihake a wirpJbplfofli-. nesia>PSr, take pieces of board About flftpei! Inches.square, or, TSifir, two corners rounded for pai'tittons, round; sidb — dowar-aad-rheu tor sides, anil jbol torn use wire netgng, tlife$ feet Wide,' any lengthrrequirea.- •fjiirSt-sftlp? pan, bo nailed albflg the upper edges; the; front-may then be fastened up easily oh hooks;, it sap. fcc cleaned very - thoroughly; alt dtrt and filth folk, through the'wlre.leavlng.a cleafli well- TfinHlatedheslu-.- .-\ -,- Beef blood Is Said to be an excel- lent, food for ppuJtrs,. as it is rich lo nl&ogbn, apprbabhlhg the white of the egg in-composltibu.: One who has tried it says it must hot be fed; often?i thain once or twice a, week. A good Way io ; prepiire It Is to thicken the Blood with; a mixture of meal and bran, put It into a bag and boll it. Generally wfien a hen seems deter- .rained to alt It [9 best to let her have her pwa. way: It Involves less' loss of tine, lr ybm count j^bur own time ^ortfc/anything, than to interfere with thl* natural instmct.- Tlie hens that want to sit are .usually too ,fat to bo good layers. Tihls is especially 'true of {Be Asiatic nrei?dg,\ In whom Hie ait- flng instinct is strbngest.. While they are sitting some Qt the surplus fat IS worked off, as for* few dajjs thpalt- tthg hen will hardly teatb her Besti long enough to cat. If fed corn, they will eat too much and keep fat. Good wheat Is the cheapest feed for the sit- ting hen, but do riot steed that very heavily. If treated thus, the hen Will be ready to lay again before her brood of chicks are large enough lb look out for thein*elvw^_- -'tf-i-_-j- »' . . - ' -\ StreBgtk pi viiar»eter. ' ' ; lime, de Genlis, the most intel- lectual woman pf France arid the rival; of lime, de Staei, said that of all of her attainments the one phe most prised was that in case of necessity- she knew of twenty/ different ways of earning a living. The day for admir- ing weakminded women is happily passed and only a- few of the irery young and foolish stiff hold it desir- able that women should be character- less and •, Incapable of self-support ^Whlttrer, la> Ms \Amy iWentworth,\ gives a charming touch of feminine strength of character. The girl, born of an old and aristocratic family, has lost her heart to thbibaptalh of a Ash- ing .smack whom her pictured gal- lery'of ancestors would have scorned. ,„„ Antstrohiof willaridprond as tbay, .sh¥ walks tbe nailery toor Atfif she Itodber sailor's $»** , - .In storaiy-Labra'ilot', ' Hven in fiction it Is not the weak woman that charms. Thackeray'* Amelia Selby. wa* good and. Jtweet, but whose heart doe* she •capture,\ with the thrill of admiration, that magnificent young -athel Newcombe commands xhen, \strong of will ite-wer as* they,\ she refuses to rac- caml^to those who wowld-htfe dom- ineered over her? It Is no longer ne- -eessary^-to recotrniir *BtyntwtT^p%, the clinging vine and the stalwart oak. There »re Innumerable Inter- afaiCary vegetable growth* and so lbs* variety in. the human *peci«*. The sle«i*»i';-pllsBt Plm gr willow with- *tand. th* onslaught-of th*' biart than the oak iUelf, < though it Is through. adapUblllty rather than shatr strength of liber. And' after all 1* MM 4tbout Or* charm inA grao* of feastaiM dependanp* tlfa jjift rsnsafm .fliat iiiti *(jiui» nr iiri (•>« 1V11 iisin that one of th*-, meat nitiwary posB- tttttt of a wooaq ar Watt a* a saan •• at* wtrw-- M -Htmtm :**&£ , rfttsfiioitr, „,„„,,„„... .„„„ l«h-s,Unt,coJjlw?»ndWursh1rjr'w'ristsf ;'?^'2ry^s^'bok«rTa^^ e MPjtt^^^ fETaflSleSft a* canyW. •\• - • • • ' ' . L - puT^flisUUluitegqn/WaW^Very ^EtftJ^ 1 ''' 1 ' ','W^tiiiiEr.aift styles ^Tlrea^Gridille; Cake^.T-Tpj * <plht W -IUIIK; C6ver clbSay 'and let.IIt. staftsi p«er night. In tfip -hib/nIhif.Tnnghtto:'R shoulder, But the design is far too pandsonte to bo conflned tp the named materials, and any rich looking silk- can bo substituted. The sleeves' large .putts end in long cuffs of hlaolc spangled ; tulle. Which also gives the material for. the deep girdle. At the hbek ther'e is placed a bow of rosa satta ribbonr-TBe'skTrr isTniade of heavy black.satlh, fs.lined with roWe irtHtjuid is dreped-Ptt thp left-siub to show a,-band of tilabk spangled tulle. The costume is Jihed; throughout with roso colored . material; \Thb sleeves are of novel design, having/ conipleWIy slipped f«)m the shoulder, and form- ing a large ptitt between the shoul- der and elbow. Tfip sleeve* in the next \Skbtch. have not deserted the shoulder, and are. tied fa. two puffs^bjr mautfi/Ealvbt rib- bon. UiffbIou'Be r s material bbtnk fancy figured raauvo flantteh It ha* fitted lining hooking lnr the centre, and a yoke of tucked strlpbs of white gaiise and lace insertion underlaid withJs,- vender silk. -Belt and\ fancy * collar are also made of mauve velvet ribbon. >^.ah«o»av^ paygeai and it (a — foTtSs ey»»,gh«ai cl»««tl, a»p»r»|[ry Tbvabl. the very wadar oars* of a yMsg ta>y' '\-\ ft*- I Hevsr. leave pieeea which -IwW bat* to dry la Oi aarasjry- - - . ( . - - • L -«r»»'«ifS SOa-pound pig must be .four'/feet long, thirteen or fourteen- Inches wide-, and from twenty-four to twcuty-elghf to: cbes high. When sent by freight it should hnve a feeding-box in front, and be. nailed together wlili wire nails properly' Clinched. A six-Inch board limy form the lowest strip of each side, then a four-Inch, then two thi'erfueh strips. The sides are nailed up, then the bot- tom .board Is pawed out of a proper lenijth.tp admit \the stflps.a't the front, and back of the sides, and securely -nailed to Hie lowest bmrrds Hi Uio- 'Sdes. . ' , The slats are nailed across the front Trait* fop. four for i-aoh place, then ar single board slipped In between two strips at thp back end; maklus. a door for getting the pig In and out. Two tWO. ANMi-.Fhnn slnn,l « n,l,l ««^li»l, ,V< )t.Ut 1H m,U l tlllllVU t OiW»-.eggsw'!'l i ppatBr,,pne .tSWeSpbon- ^Ulvofasail: dlSspIvbdin-hoPwafei-j ai •pne)Iarge dnp ol!' flour •.bpke^lilckly. , ''Cbrh ''{tridilie Dak'es^-rjjwb''\bvip>: „ coarsb corte ineal, twb PiinsLBbuiijml.ii. -nK;BTO'«n«WPn& e »\fi\ fato tahte'spoeh ,ful, grahajni •aourHiahe^JSas'ripBnil- ^tollllsSRqffi/S\ Wiling 'SvitbirAake' •:n- -batter' -bf' the-jnealiCjffllE3'gg3j afe rSffi3Effi^^3E^6a^ftfib irf 3' . iihiiki'Tpi!Ci?pf^fh^'vis«olrSd^ ,bea,ii.w^ir^b^'1»Ske afSiacuftpaF on ;(bpir.grlaafe; ^ got lacarcfctjifebakes two- eggsj^thep-.i-ipwly add oiw-hal*, pin\ of coldWUfc/htathj^oUjlhcJUife; and-oriD-'lrallpInt'oirilour with whfeh'a men-sure-of. taking .ftowiw. ii.iaA.Mru Of 1830'.\\:A4\'sketch»(i: , the \bodice \is madp, from, rose coTprMrSeajt-\ieTSctbv irlmaed on one sld* with' three fancy —~,~~ ». »»~^ .,„.„...^-^ JJ ^^H Jewelled buttons arid. iur^i^ny^^r-^riuii- i.^Hy ^JM f ) t p ff 1i'Ti.-i bf tliu C T,„„w«- .».•.» ^. ^„,__ ,;..>... ,.., ^^ hmm t4 -, a im ftpriir fry Kk« griddle cafcos. - / ^ • •Plfel.lcai-.fiiirjcaljee^-Xo luttto- S*u*» ' pancakes,- take two eggs, two ounces iif 'batter, two ounce's- pf sifted: .siigur. two ounces of flour, half n pint of new w.Ik, Bent the eggs thorbngMy and put-them-^nto a^bnste-ivltunre buffor. Which shotild he beaten to. a 'ci'eani; stir in the sugnf flnd flomv and whi>n\ these ingredients are Svell ufxed. stir in tlie ,nillk. keep stirring and. beating the_ miittu'e for a few m1h-* ijtes;. Servo with \a out lemon and sugar, and pile tlio pancakes on a dish, with a layPr of •preserves or \marma- lade between each. flgg Pancakes.—Beat- six eggs Kgiitj, add sonie salt, and bne : plnt of fionr., \ind- stir- in- gradually rcnnngih Thlik H. ,mitkenthin,smooth-baftej Take a hot griddle, or skillet, butter the botrbni, and^puHit bmmgh Batter tp'run over It hs thin- as a dollar piece. Wlien brown turn It. .When done take it «'ut-on a dish; put- a 1'ttteiratferi strgiir 'JBTcErlesS of the \Jaw- hone ardiind their; With Sleeves DoaWy Poff«(. The yoke Is finished by it lace frill, the bodice being alike lit back arid front, and mauve velvet ribbon fur- nishes belt arid collar. This \winter will 8* a velvet «pa*6h In dinner and evening gowns, carriage and calling costume*, and cloth and; velvet are very charmingly combined in gowna for youthful wearers. The hew velvet* have bpen-brought out not only in the fa»hloaabIe plain colors, hut In bright, rtch plaid* and small check* of * single color, with Slack. Beside* these come the.bhange- able velvets and the \iiHcklad opes, with tiny fleck* of WhIU on a color- ed ground. , ' Coat* hold their owii. Ah «tr*nae- iy*ell-cut\bn»IntJi*lat**tmbd#h** a-close flttiiig bodl« opbalng wlth> revet 1 * (by rib. m*ari* exaggerated) to •how^* »hirt'and tib, AdeV b^Mtfb U-oiried to Itat ti» Wai«t Wlffl^l lap *P*nt and form* a doabl* skirt, the j£|| **jy|| Mti ^^^^ ^^^P* s^^™ ~-#Bn'sAaiMUH. Maehar-rWhat do yon * TdttjlBlte libtL ,. . r -5 T »ri«a flaJHaf/saalt,*.- T*«^*r^lai»*rtSiwd-W-*a-«- «tytsar iaAaVlaaabition. Vr* all llv» poa«*rltr, Jajhaay; r*u*mlwr \\ *\' *!*•»*• Ms-aigftty ..„ .liajlalBtar , anaaoaa. Bat ta* patty. ' -• ' -|J«»CT**a, \' -• > - Tinre ar»tw» klad* oi M ]»*r*«tav tfee parent who look* itppn..* chlM a* arid ciriiittmori over it; Pryariothpi' arid treat likewise, and so on until a plate is piled. Send hot to table fdr dessert, or breakfaat or tea,. . Buckwheat ©akes.r-Thfi\ best buck- wheat cakes are made with an addi- tion of corn ineal flour arid oat triea) _ffloor: fB-the-i&Mfcmrheafiia thlspropor tfpns Six -cups St bucicwhbatv three 1 Olips Pf ditt-ih^l JmiEUir. .If this -pan, not bb pBfainedr Shb'stftuje\ graham ; ilolir In ffg IiWoe^-and-^f^fr^bprir everily filled' with Ailt, two tablesppbri; fuls pf mblasseir, and lukewarm water sufficient foifornr a \batter'/sttUr. thrblrgh the flour welMaur teaspbonf rite bf bak- ing: -ppjrder-bei'ot'o wetting; Brit thesa cake*. --••--- .... ...... -fwl! _ . . yior«ne« jflghtlngMeT iFkarencp Nighilngafe,' who Is now teventy^a^y^fOr;ag6rtr In: vbry p-»rbs-ath. She. lives in a.-quJet apot- ffi (he: West Of landoai. but oven~iit>r< rieighlbbrsi j!,o*iw8t knbw. her. Tp an Amerfcari; Who r: \Ksentiy; vlsitetl \her sha. expressed her thanks for the .inany klna\ letters that she is bbrisWaQj! rb.: celving' ftropj Aweriba, and she men- tioned ebppcrany thetestlnloiiral bre> sented to her ty Hie ArneH^an <fow efnrneBt-Jn retririr iftir jier. aov'ullf with regard\\# ttiprovJa# PfltrftlEiftlt'il per*: vlco -at the tlrriP'-ef• the iflvH-War. «She- has a staflar tesMo'oiijrfrolaTTrttficP, and has ' trfiiutes itxpfe'tadiWduals .ill over the World. Her' robins are fjntrlr' ailed withvpictares, 'bpo^TBeaaii*iirid' bit* of Wib-ii-brkc; that have feen -rfre^ seated -to- her frflni time tp time, '-t «nt constantly being, rmemberpd.by k'rid' friends •wSo* rire petpioriitlly • »n- luiowri t-fc- tno,- »wt * wfiosp 'klndilc-iS' topchea .in4\fti0r«.fflu|nil cja s**: r •wish ypu-wonld/tBari* Sy American frlerid*-f«r their'«ria:fpra* , f'iiit rift? constantly-coming to me. If I-iinve done good IH my life I am being fn'ly rewarded ritfw. -'WhaJ:j^gr»e8e»-hie, .above all: i* th« riij'^ppek have Men -i-flHed. .But It still horrlfleS. me wnett-'I tBIrik pit jhPW 5 WriheBwere. treated' when they were ill or wounded at the time of the Crimean <w*r. To- day, what with Improved h««pt«»t-«er- vlce, with trained nnrte*. with such . orgauisHtlpat 'as. thp ited Cross and', %tii«r»,- oar sy*i*rii a*--wpiVaitfi per- •f^\.. '. - \-- v •. ;3 ' ', 'tared on m c*riala plan, arid tba^pa- MS& Wat* Mr mm^, vir^'*- tkat It laa J «Prt o^ttr asjtrt by daoee^er kls ansaaisaaajat. „ _ T« n«*t . IB. ttakyj A'protty babsfirattla la •*>»> _. . atruet**- b y wiariWa ItM ar tvVry ring with eoler^ IIUMS: -MvtotU* to forty-fiv pounds: and will bold a large pig, golrig'hnndreds. of inllea. . ' To TeU/tJm.ACii o r JilieBi*' The books on sheep have seriously .misled\ 'fiockmaswrs on' this subject.. Almost any sheep owner will tell yon: that after a year the sheep gets a pa:r. f oi;orWd'-tt*th -yKtHys-iBta-irydo; girbw\ that his own thive-yenr-olds have four' pairs of brpadteeih. he can only claim that.fhey are exceptions, and protest \that Ihey.dopot **xeeeti.three years of age. Now. -these cases are. ho exrep- tlou. for. aU'well-bred sheep have a* full mouth of front teeth at three' years old. Some . old. unim- proved' flocks may still: be found'' In which the mouth Is not full until near- ly four years old. but fortunately these ,-areuQw the exceptions., and.should not. he robdc the standard, as -they so con- stnntly are, in rotswidds. I.Vcestprp, ;LIneblus, South Downs. -Osfonl.Downs, Harapsblre-D.owns, and even In ibo. advanced Merinos, and lu the grades of all of theae dentition Is completed froth' half a year .to a year earlier. The milk or lamb teetli are easily distin- guished' from the permanent or broad teeth by their smaller size and by tho: fangs where the permanent,, tepfh pro. still enclosed. As the lamb approaches a year old. the broad exposed part of the tooth becomes worn away, and nar- row fangs projecting: above the gutiis stand apart from each other, leaving wide Intervals. This is even riwre marked after the first pair of perma- nent' teeth have, cbriie up, overlapping bach other' at their edges, and 1 from this time \onward the number of small TJiHk rer-rb and of : bl'«ad permanent /feetfi can\ usually be made out with.' ease.. Another distinguishing feature' is the yellow or dark coloration of the •fangs of the milk teeth, while the ex- posed portions of the permanent teeth _____ are white, clear and pearly. The suc- rirp-tiiuc'h Better rrilSedpvbr'rilgh'tj cbsslve pairs of permanent teeth ma£e ybasL ,'.''..r 4 ——*- J — ~~~-~ \ TBeTrftpbaranee fteough tjie gums In' ~\ ' ~ ^^ ^^~ advanced, breeds at about the foliow- the second pair at one year arid a half the third pair at two years and three months; thb fourth and last pair at three years. It will be observed that between the appearance -of the first two pairs there Is ah Interval of six months: while after this each pair comb' •up, nine months after its predecessor* JPor backward grades, and the unim- proved breeds, the eruption Is _bopt six months later for each pair of feethi but even with tbeni the month & full at three years afld six months: / Bcid-boiii'n*ot«I. becqijie of -tic .<• 1I11 beauty of PJV* that we t -annot siirb liv('»? Tliese are not tb>V xvnm'ri who hiv e fifllngs. butlook nunc; they .!_• wifo. out feelings a t all. nccordln- to- tlio standards of our ne'v. illv(}Jlfit,a nud exacting soei, ty. j I \hear } pmjff ^giris sayiug that their srramluiotheV-' or- nunts. or wharyori please, don t undbr^- -itanil theni; an,!, really, I th uk. that many older peopl,- than thest school- fftrls .make just the>ame absuid com plaint, t, can appeal with s>T-ety~to ' every: one: Who has not Iuiown_ 011(5 . of rhesp satns sivrh women ilmost brlns ,the ilead to life by her powers-Qf nurstpg. or confront poveiU single- handed and .maintain.hellfitniilv on a hrfjsa.r/*: pittance., 01* savc-i-^alllngr\ li'ih-eind.l. h'y' siruple mu uomy -and hard work? I siiall be told that all these fblii-.-s a'r»- adni/t^I. - _-—- i-iif. Hun li JIKI rii.;- pi-iiir ttiey aro' n ; t. If th'} iv. r, Un cry at no-teel— Incs\ would' nt'V. i- be mis d out of vi'l-y.-sh-lilie IHtn'»W-'\V eld l^d y -e-lm. 1 liai biiil the mlsr.'.rtviL,- to live a long life...anii fi ^e>- Ull her dtscendanti CIMW np unable tb \lihders tnd* her Siie Is Pf the old. unsparing .or*, and thoy, -artistic, original, .uluvei ^notlern people. have no place for hci either In their theories or their Interests With these her potions can' scaret.1} be t!X pneted to agiw- oithciv yet tbtjv-qoiH-— plaints cocie -n^i', frorii her but fiont therii. Tbiy'ai'e not coniplitnts 111. wordst rhey are complaints cri_iali_-d t into entire fllsres.ird for the olji school, wb'ch. do.-s not. as It cannot wholly sympathize with them, , It seems to take so outsider to see that witlioiit this erect, n nltr-nil *fd nhcestress. who Is apparentl> <>0 gep- arate from them all. wives anil ITus bauds both would have to.t ach them si'Ives file fortltitd, which she -mn •nlcatea mert'l.v by ie-r presi tic. uelr households would lie dt-Sglmr o nflt- '- out the stroujr axles; so to sr il tvhich .she put. In almost unnotice 1 fu ea^h ncu'Iy^arr'cd couple, and the nholo fitmlly. h'Uv held tog«thVr In an unus- ual vigor, would soon fall apa-i and—• be dispersed Tpo White Cochin The entire race of tile Cochins pos~ SPSS inui-h merit., but the'White vaiiety Is the favorite This fowl' Is not only hardy.,.but Its great size. dociHt__aJi(L proline production of eggs tenders It VIT>- profitable The race of Cochins Is now very perfect. Thp ?ock shou d weigh from'' ten to thirteen, pounds and the hen. froni six ««• .ten-;pounds—:_a-^_ the White Cocliltis. Shf: hfeasris*\-til] anil broad: the beck short the back short from bead to. tail, and TW Hni' _uKir^pfil_-wM#ft 8^0M(Mla' \^Maf; '\ . 1U *_**. aid eoadltlon- « yWkfj Wt ttoto U ftem __t __^SS_J__£ . efhrd_^irti_^po_i_cS.trc*. at regular IntsrvaW *k«tt «M» -t &&*?>j2*y2L jTaTSiS S ^ -j«WXilfr' 1 ' ; Wlillfl Coebtps. broad; the rhtglre covered with fl-It \ down., anil ft.-\ siianks.rheavlly fet tbereil to tbe .'toes; 111,\- logsi How . ^ head neat and rafher small the com of moderate size.- erect. ,^rrutj,hf .11 evenly-semi ted: the vnr-lpbea pure n theeyebriglit. ami sprightly the t> very small. The While (\ochla shop-r be perfectly white In every featl ttiroughout. and the- legs of the si 1 dard yeUow color withoat a Shade <. gfeeri. ltftf-tnij: fe ed f_V.._1fo«p: 3-ie corn' raisVd especially for' sheep -hpukt be ^planted In drills, three arid ooe-half feet apart. ar*l about six 'inches In the drill. It will ear suffl- elently, and should, be shocked when the ear Is Ju«l passing ont of the milk. In large. Well-built shocks.- Arid the Most profitable use that\ Can be mailb bf this for/winter feedinfc_!..li>rrinJt rpS_vt ail '* u «* n a '\^ft dlrecM-\ front the *™ w 'nl_rodk, wluclOK to fine chair, stallni, ear*, and all. If cut one^ourtb of dn inch long, the sheep will eat it ' all clean; \this \wc know 4|»_t practical .xperienc.. WIHt a large cutter, a ton Cab be cut in twenty to \thirty tninutes. This' cut com, fetk In properly cPnstriicled. troughs,^[11 fnrnlsb both grain-and cbarae fodder. The only Improremerit yon can make on ibis r.tlon without cooklnK, is to. feed with it some more nitrogenous food, such as bran linseed \\* Or'cotton seeil .meal Wool Is a Co'qoe Caa_. nt-Sjrns|rtlthy 'A man l i Mew fork recently ma violent love to another nidiSfrs mile, t begged her to elopo with J4jn She pulsed bis advances, and, as hi hewed Sis suit, had Win .arrested -_,* •few hours later a man,, who tp but 10 be the woman's husbnod peered at the station bouse, wit! qp__t|ty bf edibles for the prh He said In: eiptaniitlon that h!i.___' was so beautiful he cuuld not Ms ) * any msn for falling In love wttk I and he brought the food to th* ji oner;to console him lu his sorrct not Saving tlie luck to Jjavi ^^__S_L'^'________l____---5- Phlladelpnm l,;il:?r. T ^fmmtim,M To Obt.ln a Prthtcl FIg«T«, Few women kutyw hpw ta 1 corset to as tp ohtaia a^pfe-fecT 5 The Idea*.* a corset la auppori riot a harness. A big . com squeeies in and compresaaa th glres a false Impression of th» )*> a 3 Ideal A cl»ratferlsUe. ^£ tk_. Frehch _*rire Is Ifs'-rft. amcefo ,ji Th* waist. 1* aa Hght'y h«fS***.,» bre, hot thtr* la little eorsrt M»njk lew *_<•» the *_Ut Ua*j\\' beauU-t_l|_K* iJ- r' ^*

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