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The New Rochelle pioneer. (New Rochelle [N.Y.]) 1860-1920, September 08, 1883, Image 2

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T H E 2 s 3 a V i u I C J r I E L L j S P I O N E E E , S A T U R D A Y , S E P T . S , 1 8 8 3 . N e w R o c h e l l e P io n e e r LAWTON AND MAIN STREETS. Heir Boohello, Westchester County, H.Y. PAN KS & HENDERSON, EDITORS. ’Entered at tho Post Offico, Now Uoclicllo, N, Y., as second-class matter. O m C U I . COUHTY PAPER. M f Masolution of tho Board of Supos- wUora of W estchester County, Passed Jan. 168S. REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. ' HK UX )U ARTF]t9 OP T JIR REPUBLICAN ) . S t a t e C o m m i t t e e , V Now York, Aug. 16,1883.) Tho Republicans of tho State of New York are to * quested to send delegates to a convention to bo bold at the villago of Richfield Springs, ia tbe County of Otsego, on Wednesday, Sept. 19. 1883, at 12 noon, for tbo purposo of nominating candidates for 8tate offices, aud for tho transaction of other appro* prlato business. Tbo delegates aro to bo chosen from Assembly districts, which will bo entitled to ropro*- •entatlon according to tbo accompanying sckh I I u I o , pursuant to resolution of tho Stato Convention held July 8,18(58. JOIIN F. SMYTH, Chairman. E d w a r d M . J o h n s o n , T uxodouk O. T eauc , } Secretaries. Westchoster County la entitled to ton delegates apportioned aa follows: Flrat District, 3; Second Dis trict, 3; Third District, 4. — I t lias long b e e n th o custom in this county to p a y c e r ta in w itnesses lor tho peoplo w h o a tto n d h y subpoena upon th e C o u rts a n d tho O r a n d Ju r y . T h o practice h a s boon t o pay milongo and $2 a day. S e c tion 916 o f tho C o d a of C rim inal l ’ro c e d u ro provides th a t w h o n “ i t ap p e a r s t l i a t a w itness h a s com e from an o th e r c o u n ty, o r th n t ho is poor, are allow e d th is c o m p e n sation. T h e C o u r t h a s usually determ in e d w h o w o re p o o r a n d w h o w o ro n o t poor, by p e rso n a l inquiry, b u t gradually tbo C o u r ts bocam o loss exacting, u n til finally every w itness b e g a n to apply fo r pay. A t tlio lo s t te r m of th o S u ­ prem o C o u rt J u d g o B e r n a r d drew tho lino very tau t, refu s iu g to pay any m a n w h o w a s w o rking an d ablo to s u p ­ p o r t him s e lf. F o r instance, a m a n w h o w o rked 011 n farm fo r $20 a m o n th an d h a d seven children t o support w a s d e n ied pay fo r fo u r day s nttondanco. T h i s refusal of th o C o u rt lo uphold old custom s h a s cau s e d m u c h in d ig n a ­ tio n am o n g p r e s e n t a u d prospective w itnesses. A t tho p r o s o n t torrn of tho C o u r t of Sessions m a n y subpoenas havo b e o n issu e d to persons w h o say th e y will n o t como. I f w a n ted tbo C o u rt m u s t b r i n g thorn. T o d o this in m o s t cases, w ill cbst tho cou n ty m o ro th a n to p a y tb o w itnesses. Ju d g e G ilford h a s th e r e f o r e d e c id e d to m a k e a w ider d iscrim in a tio n n n d p a y those w h o do n o t ow n p r o p e r ty . -T he telephone will probably he iu- —M i; i M. Acuiffo Was appointed to iroducod in the villogt in a few weeks,, fill vacancy occasioned bv resignation all persons in terested au d d c s u i u g to obtain an instru m e n t can do so by Ioaving thoir n a m e s at th e telegraph office. — T he soldiers ou F o r t S c h u y ler w e re p a id th is w e ek and a3 a conse­ quence apponrod unusually happy. of M rs. II. D e v lin, iu l ’n u ia r y d e p a r t­ m e n t o i Sch-nd >>o 1. — I saac IJeadlev, c o lored, claim ed to have b e e n b e a ten and ro b b e d of a large sum e f money u t W illiam s B rid g e one n ig h t last v v t/k. He- failed t o keep en tirely s o b er, hence the tro u b le — A delegation from E m p iro E n g in e — M atthew Cooford lo s t a v a lu a b le 1 C o ., pvt Minted tlie family o f Mr, Jo h n horse a fow days ago. I t is th o u g h t T . G o ld w ith a s e t of bc.u ititn len g r o s s tliat i t w a s s tolon from t h e fields w h o re oil r e s o lu tio n s .M r . G e ld w a s treasurer it wns k e p t. of the com p a n y som e years before his x ' tti . ,, , - d e a th an d vvas'n h ighlv e steem e d m o m - — L awheuco Y e ltm a n tho b o y w h o , , ,if , , r i .nem n 'tm e iit dangerously sta b b e d Iho son of J u s tic e ; ^ “V t o ho eonsidorahlo H u m s som o tim o a g o has ....... — -i.-i . , , . . I a u LJ y OLI,llto IV « , T Vm s , 1 1 liceiin\ a m o im business m e n lioro con- od. \ ° u n g J a r v i s has n o t y e t fully , e c r n jng y , 0 m im \ , e r 0f m a ils to and recovered iro m th o eflocts of th e j fi-om 'W e stchester. A le tte r m a iled ih w o u n d h u t a p p e a r e d before th e G ran d ; N e w Y o l.k n t 0 A. 5r„ wiu not reacn n r J ' j h o ro u n til 0 r . ji. Thero is 110 o u t T h e prom ises s itu a te ou T liro g g ’s • g o ing m a il betw e o n S a . ir. 6:45 p. M. Nook, IBS foot on ElU o tt avenue, b y . — 0 n M o n d ay last, n h o rso holoiig- 31 foot on W illow L a n e , w a s sold b y j lo *Ir ' ’’“ “ S _ . , , 1 ,, „ J ' cuivon th o u g h th o villago b v ouo of B a n k s a n d H e n d e r s o n , atto rn e y s fo r I tlle [al.m bau d s , bocam o frig h ten e d plaintiif, Jam e s L a tlio r , in tho fore-1 a n d ra n away. I t dashed along th o closure of a m o rtg a g e , t o P e n v D o ty : ■ .street a t g r e a t s p i e d b u t fo r tu n a tely consideration $560. ' I il'j lu'od no one, am i w a s sto p p e d after -r • ... , . . , , ono w h e e l of tho w a g o n lia d been d e - — M it. J acob L o m lard i s m N e w p o r t. j m o lishod. TAX SALE, VILLAGE OF HEW EOGHELLE Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of Chapter 418, of the Laws of the State of New York, passed in the year 1SS1, entitled “Am Act to amend an Act entitled ‘Au Act to amend Chapter two hundred and forty-nine of tho Laws of Eighteen. Hundred and Sixty-four,’ entitled ‘An Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to provide for the incorporation of Villages,’ passed December seven, Eighteen Hundred and Forty-seven, and the soveral acts amendatory thereof, so far as the same relates to the Villago of New lloeliolle, in tlie County of Westchester,’ aud tlio several Acts amendatory thereof,”—That if tho Taxes and As-ii-yments on the List of Lots, Pieces or Parcels of Lands, hereinafter mentioned, be not paid to tho Clerk of the Village, with interest at tlio rate of seven per centum thereon, nnd tlio expenses of posting and publication, on or be­ fore Tuesday, Ootolier 8,1883, That we, Charles Ci. Banks, President of the Villago of Now Rochello, and James Ross, Clerk nf the said Village, by and under tho authority and direction of tho Board of Trustees, of said village, will, ou TUESDAY, OCTOBER, 2,1883, at nino o’clock in tlie forenoon of that day, at the Corporation Booms, Town Hall, in said Villago, sell at public auction the several aud respec­ tive Lots, Pieces or Parcels of Land hereinafter mentioned for unpaid Villago Taxes and Assessments for the years 1882 and 1SS3 for the short­ est period of timo for which any' person or pe rsons may offer to take the same in consideration of advancing tlio said tax or assessment, nnd in­ terest to tho timo of sale, together with all expenses tlmt shall have ac­ crued tlioreon. After tlio expiration of one year from tho date of ude the purchaser, or his assigns, will bo entitled to a lease of such pr.-misex, iuik\-s the same shall have beon redeemed in pursuance of tLoprm Lions of said Act. By order of t ie Board of Trustees ef the Milage t.f N<-w Rochello, CHARLES G. BANKS, JAMES BOSS. President of tin Clerk of the ’Village of New Roehelle Dated, New Rocholle, S -pt. (>, 18S3. Village of Now Rochelle. Ailin'. Wr.i A-korma?-.:vr.kM \ilautic-P- T.! t ’ • T* \ n t i t y t r 1 am' . f I MM. V*\*U • 1 , 1-k'i ■ I ■- I H im 1 W EST CHESTER. — A sailboat co n tain in g thrco m o n w a s capsized off B a y R idge, N . Y. city T u e s d a y afternoon. T h o cries of th e m e n a ttra c te d tlie a tten tio n of th e cap tain of M r. L o r illn r d ’s y a c h t R a d h a o f th i s place, w h ich w a s a t anchor som e d istan c e aw ay from th o sailboat. T lio R a d h a ’s yaw l was in s tan tly m a n n e d a n d •oon afterw a rd th o m e n woro rescued. T h e y v^ero tnkon on b o a r d th e yacht, a n d a f te r hav in g th o ir clothes driod w e re p u t ashoro. — O s T h u r s d n y afternoon, Jam e s K e lly im p o u n d e d fo u r teen cows found trespassing on h is prom ises. T h e ow n e rs; redcom o d th o p ro p e rty hy p a y in g tho p e n a lty fixed hy statute, a n d will p r o b a b ly bo m o re careful in th e f u tu r e . — T he case of R o b e r t K e lly against T h o m a s B . B o w n e w a s trie d before Ju s tic e B ible, W e d n e s d a y afternoon a n d decided i n favor of th e defendant. — T erence M c E n tyro of TJnionport, d riv e s a valuable a u d fast liorso w h ich w a s ow n e d b y ’ th e lato H e r. F a th e r M a g u ir e , P a tr ick M u llen has two fino colts w h ich also form e d a p a r t of the sam o estate. F a t h e r M a g u ir e d ie d iu P a r i s having executed a will b y w hich alm o s t all h is estate w a s loft to tho churoh. H is relatives, am o n g whom w a s M rs. M iE n ty r e , contested tho w ill an d tie m a tte r lias boon com ­ prom ised, t h . m le n s e s form ing a p o r ­ tio n of th e estate, falling to M rs. M c E u tyre. — T h e R epuM ioarj caucus was held a t th o T o w n IT ill, M o n d ay evening. G e o rg e W . F r o s t, T h o m a s W ilson and H. 0 . H e a d e rs- e » e re c h o sen delegates to th o D istrict ( ’oiivenlioii h e ld 011 W e d n e s d a y , a t W h ite Plains. — L ast Sunil,o aftern o o n tw o youug m e n from Tim g g s N e ck, roived over to C o llege Point, to v isit some ladies an d woro dolayod u n til n ftor n ig h t fall, u p o n th e re t u r n [[trip tlio w ind blow violently a n d th o sea waa ru n n in g q u ite liigli. W lion u e a r tho s h o re tlio b o a t capsized a n d t.lio young m e n w o ro o b lig e d to swim . Tlw.v called u p o n f r ien d s liv in g i u th e vicinity nnd h a v in g o b tain e d d r y clothing they fo u n d th e i r w a y hom o , h u t w e re not vory com m u n icative i f happy. Amcr.cai- l-’P T--I Co. . lUrt-n,H s . . . UartouT*.' * .... . .. IJi.ya.MTA • RA'-r. Mcji • ItortU »!■•> ' . v Cash. r.if, k i\irt*r. >*' .-■» ! . . • . CjriJ.- it t ' t> ..li. iMiuiiAr' Mary -V u . Dkitt. A»i‘..................... Dunn, Fi.l*’ IMey. Ma*v Franck. A*' - .1 Grave*, y<- l Harris-D. 1 m i l . U.». . llavar.I.l.ivil Mrs.,. IIoMrM1, V ilUam . . Humpht i*. Ueo. S Jouca, Yniil-. i\.. Johnson, S. .1. M. Kcaly, rulv.ok. . . Kocllutcr. A'laiti .. Koclmur, \itn i .. Kraklc, M»\. Leggett, Mary .... . LoncstafT. W»u. h<Utc . Longslaff, Wm. Miller, M. V. Kiuro... Moore, Mary..... .... Mttrpliy. Altchsel . . SIcGnlrk, Jour .. . . . Murray, Hwet...... . Myers. Jan^a. . MulHgnli, TL tr.a*. . Murphy, Ja’uc-a Mr-: ....... MftrshaU. CRrlvlc'p’.or.. Oroutt. c, .............. o’Couu&r, El'.uu. .. l*orlrr, E . ............ Powers, li- l»crt an 1 wif1 RaymouJ, Aaro\ ......... Huberts,Ka-tiuel .■ .- .. UeyiwM?, Jar-os J r .... Slnott, Mrs. James Stowe,J'LnK. ........ . . ................ Tompkins, E. M. F-vtato ....... 'St<<rean>i 1-t ............. . Tompkins, E. M. JisLito. Heusenp.l U t ............... Van Colt, J.-lm E^-Ao r.j.-i \ * ............... AVUeeler. Wmd k C ............ IV.ti* rv Di'iI.Tul ........ Ward. MrrH.i ........ . n. im >H ij j,,t ............. Western Vfi'- tiTelegraph Co. • • '.,ics is . l deif ........ NON RESIDENT, | Roll, Samiul P. .. Roll, Samuel V ...... Ultinls, Isan-.. ........ MeNameo, Mr . Wilson, Karm»l. Unknown Otviar. Unkttownowmr.. Unknown rarer ...... t I* Mreet r.y i nn 1 i« t ■L .t ft. I 1. . it « t 1. ft . • i;t. •V Ifwl',1 . . . • II. ■ .iPv til; I !t' . . . . ...la thil, 4.. i l • Hfti.-o an 11 -t . . , • iaicia,... . . ■ HAtisearll t .. , .. 11- J ....................... . I M ................... . . • 2 I f ,u U m IT . . . 1 I- H,8.’.'«*i.l 11 . . .. ir-ii-vanl J t .. Uouseaiul h r .. . .... U. an.; *1 a res . ... HouSe and I t . . - -... I. »*.•! .( -1 fi tt.VJS . .. •• H -•'Ii'1 lu.«l . . . .. 11 t ................... . II‘'»H*oaniU »t.. . , Ib’tJSCftlt.l Mn*T* l 1 ' tr 1loland A’1U0 \ «0» Co TJ 40T m 40Ul 4 Hitt tnm .;nou; 1500 25 300 35»W: 50001 1200 * 450 COO. VSi .» - . r . ■ t in* 1- * » ‘ t nv e L i \ c r M r o i i.tw nui o t j t G l.jvMn >st'* - ■ enti«a.»to ■. Et-cun ,>.k* >-*•« . Davf>ii*rllr * A*’\\r».J..i.v c t T ' d i G . r e f i f . t J - 1 i i s t m t »i E I n a t r e e f ’ ■ 1 t i s t m t ■ 0 no t viitro a v . u u - j tm T r ltiM y st«i*ct 5.1 7 ' Nvith 5 2 2.r I’ u - r s t h i i ki fr i IVL-a.n i. »«1 11 u \ H u - r . e i i ' t ( - m t 10 R * .v e m rr« .t ■2 £5 YVcfl/in^lru tvcxnio to 25 W e y tiiacsav r .i ue 37 Cy Malr f-ttv -1 It W (Tmreii stivet J H.i if r l at-jiin C 7: 1T.V i*isi i. '.♦iOtl 1 N-, S '. J. - * /< s a trcet.J * rllo , . . . . L o t k i . . . . . . . . . ...T.- tl < ........... . T^.tY I ......... I. f . l .............. I t f ................. . . I .»- ......................... iA.tl't , M ap 218 llarrisn u .C r iv ilIo liL.jHStrip r l a m ’ l t i n n h v f r o jA ' Sl't.i » 8l.'*-ot (') RiVM I st.'-r New IIav . _________________ • F drfiil'M -l!. . ... 700, 7(t0; 200 2G0' Ci H) 100 HO lift - t'l Urtrr^ i ftb l OovlHolaf.d s 23 * •• •• 1 6*i ...................... 1 S-'TS. i - i v.-R l e l l e 1 M rate of twelve per cent, per annum from the time of sucli payment, and the expense of posting aud publishing will bo required to redeem the same, before tlie expiration of the time for tlio redemption thereon, to wit: THE THIRD (3d) DAY OE OCTOBER, 1883 and that unless the said lots, tracts, pieces and parcels [of land sold as aforesaid, and here­ inafter described and mentioned, shall be redeemed witliin a year from the time of sale, leases will be executed and delivered to the respective purchasers of the same. By order of tho Town Board of the Town of Now Roolielle. BENJAMIN BADEATJ, M. J. DILLON, Supervisor. Town Clerk- Dated, New Rochelle, Sept. 6, 1883. N A M E . QUANTITY o r LAND. A tlintie and PacifiesTolegraph Co., American Rapid TelograpU uo., Cusli. P atrick CowJrcy, W. L. C u lb e r tson, J o lm . C la rk, M ary Crawforil, ft Poufield, Flaudreau.'Wiu,, cfitate, Francis, Abby J . H o tc h k is s , E . 31. IltuoB, Juuo, estate, Jcttor, Louis Koelmor, Adam ■ .Lrngstftff, Wm., ^atato, R a y m o n d , A a ro n Tii«n»'a?,Ltittis, e s ta te , Van Cott, J . , entato, Western Union Telegraph Co., O U T S ID E O F CORPORATIO N . Morris, Patrick Mo j hob , F . S. N O N -R E S ID E N T S . Bell, S&muol P . B inds, Isaac Ferris, Nlariat Royd, W. F. Bnrlinj?, Abby Murpby, Thomas 3 wires, 3 miles, Swires, 3-milo*, 4 konse nnd lot, Houso and lot. X lot, Houso and lot, H o t, Houso and lot, Houso and lot. H o t, House and lot, H ausoand lot, House and lot, Houao m d lot, C acres of land, Houso and lot, IIouso and lot, 30 wires, 3 ratios, Ibmso and lot, . IIouso and 20 acres Lots 2 t and 80, Lot 14, Lots 6 ,7, 8,9, Lots ISl&nd 133, , Lot 115, 30 acres o f land, TAX, LOCATION. n 15 Novr Itoch*!lo. 7.15 Now Rochelle. 6 21 Drake Avenue. 18 19 Maiu Street. 2 91 Washington Avenue. 12 73 Garden fcStreot- 2 45 Washington Avenue. 10 66 Poih&m Hoad. 4 22 Harrison Stroct. 8 47 Pelham Hoad. 6 85 Railrbad Ayouup. 5 53 Washington Avoime, 5 53 Washington Avenue. 9.57 Lawton S treet. 84 88 PoIhamlJoad, G 85 UarruonftCovillc laud 7 55 Hanford Avonuo; 12 09 Now Itochelle. 4 04 Petorsvillo. 20 22 Upper Now Itochelle, 10 88 HirrisonACovillo land 7 99 Harri&onACoville laud 3 68 Petorsvillo. 8 67 Potersvillo, I 97 Petorsvillo. 26 22 Uppor Now Rochollo, B. BADEAU, Supervisor. M. J. DILLON, Town Clerk. ^ L B E R l ’ N E W ’S BA K E R Y . CHOICE VIENNA. WHEAT AND RYE BREAD, full assortment of Fancy Cakes, Flos, 4c., constantly on liand. MAIN STItEET. NEW BOOUELLE. N • Y. ARTISTS’ MATERIALS. TAI SALE, TOWN OF NEW ROCHELLE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance pf tho provisions of Chapter 610 of the Laws of the State of New York, passed in the year 1874, entitled “ An Act to authorize the sale of lands for non-pay­ ment of Taxes, and for the collection of unpaid Taxes in tho several Towns of the County of Westchester, and of Chapter 193 ofthe Laws of 1877, amendatory thereof, I, BENJAMIN BADEAJJ, Supervisor of the Town of Now Rochelle, by and under the direction of tho Town Board of said Town, will, on tho FIRST TUESDAY (the 2d day) OF OCTOBER, 1883,- at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, at tho Town Hall, in said Town, sell at public auction the several and respective lots, tracts, pieces > >v parcels of land hereinafter mentioned, for unpaid Taxes, if said Taxes bo nut paid to the Supervisor of the said Town of Now Rochelle, with the penalty and percentage tliereon, as provided in the aforemontioned Acts, togr-ilier with the expense of posting and publication, ou or bofore the third day of October, 1883, for tho shortest period of timo for which um jiorsou or pHVswn may oiler to tako tho same in consideration of ad­ vancing the said Tax aud interest to the lime of sale, together with all t xpt li'c - that shall have accrued thereon. After tlio expiration of ono yoar from the dato of sole, the purchaser, or In. fi-.igu-., wiil), entitled to a lease of such premises, unless tho same '-hall bavt boat redeemed in pursuance of tlio provisions of said Act. By order cf the Town Board of the Town of New Rochello. BENJAMIN BADEAU, ' Supervisor of the Town of New Bochello. M. J . DILLON, Town Clerk of the Town of New Rochelle. Dated, New Bochello, Sept. 7, 1883. STATE AND COUNTY TAX. tiUAMiTY OF LAND. Allanl Wm .............. BartLoloiuew, A F... Barton, Susan A..-.. Boyd,51.l i . . . . . CftrpuRt1'* W. II ...... CftrponW. Jac A .. -.. ■ tlwrk. Mary ............... I'urnj, Mn. I.itii k... Dion, Anna ............... KJcy, . , . . . o , Francis. A. .T ............ Ciravi't*. Mr* 1-. ........ : I farrison, 1). Iv tftl*.1'.... Jones, AViu ................. K f . i l y , Fat'lrk ................. h*ab, Wit< I’jttfllo...- T- 'Uu.-'. Adftni.........- L e g g e tt, M n rjr ................ IiOiigstafT, W . E a U * o . AlAlcr, L . V. F n tf tt* .. M oore. M a r y . . . . M r O u u k ..... M u r iib y M ienftit. .. M \ o . - -f,ji.i*-s ............. Jb.lhri ‘U.J'jhn ......... chas ........... NOTICE FOR REDEMPTION OF LANDS Sold for A rrears o f Taxes, on October 8 , 18S2, in tin? Town <4 New R o ­ chelle, Comity of W estchester, pursuant tn tlie provisions uf C h a p ter 601 of tho Laws of 1S71, us amended by Chapter 108 uf the Laws of 1877. Sui'tnviNi-m's Onfiri;, Tow;- o r N fav ItocuivrXE, Septem b e r 6 , 1883. Notice is hereby given, th a t in pursuance of the provisions of Chap- tor 610 of the Laws of tho State of New York, passed in tho year 1874, entitled “ An Act to a u thorize the sale of Lands for the non-payment of Taxes, and for the collection of u n p a id Taxe s, in the several Towns of tho County of W e stchester,” and of C h a p ter 103 of the l aws of 1877, amendatory thereof, the. several a n d res-pt> tive lo ts, trai ts, pieces and parcels of lands, h e reinafter mentioned and de.crihed, were sold ou tl.o 3d day- of October, 18:v2, for the s h o rtest p - iin d i ut liirr bid tltciefoi', r e ­ spectively, to persons offering le lake Ihe ..ne in e.uj-lderation <>i payii g tho tax, interest a n d oxpeaier v.liieh hud ae, rue, I tli ve. n e t tiie data of said s a le ; a n d th a t the said lot., tracts, pieces nnd parcels ot land, here­ inafter m entioned and described, rem ain uniuihom -u. And, Notico i s heroby further given, n, |,ni->uuee <4 ib.. provisions of said Act, tb a t th e p n nient, to tho >Su i.i, isoi the T ,wu of New Bo- c.liolle, of the ro«i>ectiv.' stu.i, , - t oppo' itr e*e|i n[ - aid i-itu, ti icts, pieces o r p a r n lsof land her, i, ,iit,-i d, uaibtd, tipetle paid by the purohaser since the time rf 3-tii'l *siih . i | shall have boen given to eue.l buoeivisor, together uilii •I, an; o 'h r i- tex ‘ eh 011(1 Ijotil'O interest at the • • .Houseand lo t. .. .. .. .. . . • • *IIoii5o and lot . .. .Jfouso and 1 aero.. . • ShopMid lot............ -••|ircusc aud l o t . .. . ■ aud lot ................. j -i.itronwand land ............. ... Uoiifio and lot .......... *. H o t . ........... . . ................. • • llriitsoaiid lot.... ......... . ■ Il'titsccud 2 lots.. • Ifousoand lot ...... ;<• House and lot.... -•» H ousob atullslautle ......... • ■ IIouso and lot......... ... IIouso aud lot ............ ... H oubo aud lot . ... Houso and lot ............ ...jllouso and lot., ......... . ',2 li«n» sand lots .. ., . H *1150 and I d . . ..H'-uPcanl l^acros... • IUU 11 , ia, w .......... ...|2 lads ....................... . ..••H ouro aud lot . ...it lot ......................... ’ - \ h'- ir.u .v nnd l o t , u’CouMor, Kllon.-v ............ • Jllouso mul lot^ Porter. K. J. Esbito. [HmtPo and land, Huberts i Bhl . . . Smtildy »*r School Hist. 1 ...... Slnm tt, James ...... Totupkid«, K. M .................. You Colt. J . L s U t c ................... A\.iM ?.tdilbt ..................... W itdc r, Xiitil k Co ............... OUTSIDE CORl’OltATION. Huguenot P.vrk Ass'ii .......... Alorrissoy, t ’atrlck ............. Tuuipktns, E. M .................. NON-ltESIDEST. Atlantic k Tac. Tel. CV ----- Am.ltupldTol. Co ...... Bell, Samuel Pell ................ lJarlou Thomas ............. ... Doinin, Isaac....................... Boll, S. V ............................ Baker. Mari’ K. ......... C.ish, Bit trick ...................... Jljgeins. Geo ..................... Harrlm-a, W. B. II... ......... Fukn*>wnUwnor... Ihivihiyiiionil, ’.Vila.Vilaon. Wi? Badft'Jii'?, rtlivbm, M.J! t'ldiX'.v. lllobanl... FmnVI>ti, Itnlifrt. (itmrny. J\l*n.. . a iiii-iTi It ........... llowtn.i’ . _____ K i : mv -.It r . T :t li i > ) \V. It ... lTldn . i t. lii i Bftt't.d. . t ii.ib*. Kf.l,U . I’ i d. M V. 1 b*i'< A .................Lnml.fi Kuivi A ..................... Lot 201, ii V' Ui**uTolograpli.... t UOwlrofl J Kteplien... ....Jllonsoimri a \t T* T/ile r.O uud barn and lot . H ouko and lot ............... . House aud lot ...... llonae nnd sloroand lot.. Houso aud lot ................ Houso nnd lot................ Buildings ..................... 160 and 789; acres. • nonBOftud lot ............ Houso find I,1* ncres,.., 3 vrlres, 3 i i i 1! ob . 3 wires, 3 miles ........ Lots 23,20 ................ . U n d l i a e r o .................... [Ml 13 ....................... . I L a n d ...................................... . . j l l o i i R o a n d l o t ................... . I >-j Houso and lot ......... . 1 lo t ..................................... ( H oubo a n d 30 a c r e s . . . Lola 144,35 .............. . acres . vvirefl ..................... . mso Snores ...... . LeU52.W ................. .iLaud, fiacres ............. .iLffi 120 ................... . . Alonso nml 30’* acrcfl.. . L.it C.J. ..................... 1 < ■ bt-r, Julin t.all/'U l.l ... Jij'rSiii.i)' Ef- ue, Mniy. . . St-iio, Mttr,. .. .. Upku )W;, Cwncrj. ... 54.55............ l.* l« *, h , i;?f and (loroII.. ... |.r,|tt0r>.6<J. 77 ............... ,.. ] Il nr i- nnd lands........ •i-’ii '<■ nud lands ........... . .1 da 1«, 27 3S, 3?}, tJS.ffi • W, r.2. 73. 82, 14-1, 149, •fofi-MUl ............... ............... . .illou-- and lot ................. 'I'.'.L'io.TO.'i'olnV .. UfoiiHfl and lot ...... ..]rsiLo 28, 29, 30, 31. * *.«1, 07, 93. 99, 100, 101, 102. iBtt, 104, 103, ion H*7, Hh«, 110, 111, 112, 1U, 31«, 117, 118, 131, 122, 123, 121, lit FILL VALUE OF LAND. TAX. RKJXCTED SCHOOL TAX, 1881 1350 $4 87 800 11 12 1090 27 81 1000 13 90 500 6 95 1200 1G 68 275 % 82 600 8 34 3 02 75 1 01 400 5 5G 400 5 5G 300 2 78 1 00 C0(> 8 31 3500 48 Of, 17 68 300 2 78 200 2 78 375 3 82 300 4 17 1 50 300 4 17 200 2 78 ; goo H 34 3 02 3200 41 49 1500 20 85 150 2 09 250 3 48 350 4 87 CO 70 4000 65 61 20 01 G50 9 04 450U 02 60 1500 20 85 7 62 1000 13 90 300 4 17 5000 69 61 450 G 20 2 26 250 3 48 1 27 900 12 59 0500 164 88 ICO 2 45 2500 40 7G 300 417 1 60 300 417 1 50 700 973 3 56 GOO 834 3 02 350 487 1 77 1G00 1390 500 095 250 348 1 27 400 65(1 20o0 2781 150 1 94 2500 34 70 12 64 200 2 78 800 11 12 4 02 1000 1G 30 2 81 50 82 200 3 20 25 41 850 13 80 25 41 1(K 1 03 2r 41 100 1 03 1 ICO 2 45 300 4 89 1 52Chatsworlin cm 8 15 000 14 67 300 4 89 300 4 89 300 4 89 sr 41 100 1 63 250 4 08 875 14 20 LOCATION. Allanl aveutio Locust avonuo Pelham road Lawtou street Washington avenuo Church street Davenport lane Garden street Riror street Went New Bochello Drakes avenuo Harrison street North streot Echo Bay Now streot Harrisou*CoTlllo Allard avenuo Washington avenuo Woliater uVeuno River street Lawton street Centre street Locust avenuo Woodbury streot New Streot Prospect Streot Elm Streot Centre Streot Trinity Street North 8trcot Huguonot Street Trinity streot Washington avenue Maiu street Hanford avonuo St. Joseph street Huguenot Htreet Httguonot Park PotersvlIIo HugneuotPark Harrlnon'Covlllolaud Pelham road Harrison.CovllIoland Harrison streot Leland avcnito Drake avonuo Rose street Weyman'a avenuo West Now Rochello. Pelham Hoad. West Now Rochello. North 8trcot. PotersvlIIo. Uppor Now Rochelle. PotorsvlHo. Upper Now Rochello. PotonrviHo. Upper Now Rochollo, Petorsvillo. PotorsvlHo. Potersville, North Street. North Street. PetctHvlllo. PelorsvJHe. North Streot. Potersville. Petorsvillo. Pctersvilie. PotorsvlHo. 11NDS0& SETO’S OIL ASB MOIST W A T E E COLORS. La Croix Enamel Colours. Drawing, Transfer ani Traeiug Pap-. Palettes, Pencils, lbdia Ink, Bronzes, Gold Paint, Sketch- , ing Blocks, Academy Boards, English CanVass.* Tablets, F u e ls, Fcarl Skills, Vamisiss, A Full Assortment of Art Brushes and nearly everything in the line EDWARD LAMBDEN, Cor. Main and Banks Strict. D. G, Y U EmiNG,, JR. C e le b r a te d C h a m p a g n e ' Ale, Porter & Lagerbecr B R E W E R Y , 128lh STREET, & 4th AVENUE SOLE AGENT FOB NEW BOCHELLE, EDWARD G0YERS. T f e a S r 'o c a i ly - T r a d * S ia p p llo c L H iL I A M L E COUNT, A u c tioneer IS BEAETIFliiTilUILDIAIO LOTS One a valuable business co r n e r o n H u g u e n o t an d C entro S treots, New B o cbelle, N .Y ., F O R S A X iH J A . T P T T E L I O A T J C T I O I T , B y o rd o r of tho owner, F rederick X jokenzex , E sq ., MONDAY, SEPT. 10, ’8.3, a t 10 o'clock A.M., on the Pram latt. Thoso Iota arcrnpo 30x175 feet, laid out by IToroco Oroeby, Esq., Civil Kngiueor; are fcucc<1. No bettor land In town—light, dry, rich soil; convenient to Railroad, Rubber Factory, and Glass Works. Solo rain or shine. If raluy, tbo snlo will bo con* ductod in a hoildiug noar by. Terma—10 per ccut. day of sale. 40 per ocnt. in thirty days. Balauco may remain on bond and mort­ gage lor ono year. For particulars boo FREDERICK LOUENZEN, Owner. Or WILLIAM LE COUNT, Auctioneer. G E O R G E FERGUSON & CO. FIE GROCERIES AH GENERAL MERCHANDISE, MAIN STREET, NEW ROOHELLE, N Y. npH E FREIGHT A AND PASSENGER PROPELLER, “ C ? A 2 ? T . J O H N , ” • Will loavo Now Rochollo, Hudson Park Dock, ovory MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, at 8 A.M. and Olty Island nt 8.30 A.U. Returning, will loavo Pior 41, East River, foot Pike streot, N. Y. City, ovory TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, a ll P.M. TASS, BG C*nt 3 . DEVEAIJ & MAJOR, IP r o j p r i o t o r a . M3* Tho “ Capt. Jolm*' will bo rondy forcxcurfllona or nailing partlofl at any time, day pr evening. En. qniry ah to terras and bourn can bo made at tho Tolophono. Central Office of WM. DKVEAU, Oonoral Manager. — M uch eurpriso is exproased a t tho foroclosnro suit commonced b y Samuel M. l’uvdy against Jolm Tigho. The mortgage is on the proporty nt Bridge Hill, now occupied by Mr. Shandlyjna a saloon. It is valuable proporty, routs woll, mid is about the last placo ex­ pected to ho disposed of in this man ner. A.B. HUDSON ft CO., (Successors to Crawford It Rudaos,] DAVID'S DOCK, ECHO BAY NEW ROCHELLE. £ C O A L £ 5 Constantly orijiand a largo and vari#d MMortmost of p i n e , - - t - . sp r u c e ' . , AND HEMLOCK F T I M B E R S 11 AND • * •; %xmSBR. And the dlfforent kinds o f Hard Woods. Alao, Lath, Lime, Brick, Cement, and Kaaon’i Material* o’f ovory description. Stoam Planing ifiu) Tnralng and Scroll Sawing, Whito ^ , a n d Red Ash Coat, best q n a ltv *.*■*■ • ty; clean and well prepared. n thanking the public for p ast Ihvors we woald r*- ■* specfffiUy inform thorn that we w o a t the o l^etand. fully prepared tb;exocuto order* as promptly and>iat* iafketorily oo heretofore, ’ ' i Orders lqftiiihQ storo of Goorge Fergusot h'Co., or with Wm. Van^art, at tho Railroad D^ot, promptly attendod to.\ A. B, nODBOH ■ B.^n. KULLraiAliX. -'A, a v & r ‘ P T S . . GLEN ISLAND • » I- • ■ v 4 ' / America’s B a y Summer B w fort 1 2Grarid Concerts ^aily. ' ORArOLfiA'S UNRjyjoilD BARD. DltXRR'S CltUEItRATED CORHli1 QUARTRT, * COKNOR'S RI0I1TH RRaiMKltT BAltij.’ * ' ' * , , . DIR1IEI1S A JLA OARTE. OLD-riSttlORID XUfODiT ' ISLAND CLAM DAK*. BATHING*, BOAV- —— . INO. 1TSHINO, BOWUNO, BUFU A RANQS, BILLIARDS. •®~ Kfciii'Bcutsc^Iauh. *SM OLBN IB ARTS BTXABCRU x A r .TB 7«weU*ft Wharf, »d Streak. Brooklyn. -Eut Biver. ‘ 8.30 A.M. 9.00 A.M. - 9.45 A.M. 10:15 A.M. 10.45 A.M* 11.15 A.M. 1.00P.M. 1.90P.M. 2.15 P.M. 9.45 P.M. 3.16 P.M. 3.45 P.M. .4.30 P.M.* «.15P.Mlf . Plot 18, North River. 8.15 A.M. 9.30 A.M. 10.30 A.M. 12.45 P.M. 2.00 P.M. 3.00 P.M. Returning, loavo Glen-Inland 10.15 A.M.. landing a i , . 33RStrO€t .11 cl Pier 18 j 11.80 A .*. ,Aa ixaO POl?.''5 Wh*rf; 6 P.M. for sikl Streot onlyi* 6.30, 7.00 8.30 P.M., all landings. , » , . 1 4 SUNDAY EXTRA BOATS EVERY HOUR, «OCta. BXODMIOM n C O H , .40 Ota. ' Grenzcbach & Carpunter, ” Doolerstn C O A L , I L U M B E R AND . B U IL D IN G M A T E R IA L S < , , > Tiio host quality of Cool, Whito oe Bed Uk, wsl screened, alao a largo and fallassortmentofDry Lnm* bor constantly on hand at reduced prices* . With onr Stoam Sawing and PUning Mill wssrs ready to oxocuto orders for Bracket*, Mouldings, Turq,* ng, etc., at shortest notice. , 't M^Ordors can bo left with Jttnos L.Watarbnry lelegraph Operator, at the Dopot, at the store oC Ed ward Lambdon on Main s treet, or at tho yard: ECHO BAY, CEDAB HOAD, NEW BOCHELLE, N. Y. \ M O I T B Y T T O X . O A 2 T . We havo Monoy to loan on Bond and Mortgage,. pnms to suit applicants. Now Rochollo property pis- forrod. * r ■ No bonus roqulrod. .■ » ■ * . .. BANKS k HENDERSON, „ Axroajwrr^ . Now Rochelle, F Q X t S A X . X , A HANDSOME french - roof ' . HOUSE. Also an cugiblo building lot, 100 by 150 fetit. A. 0. WILLMARTH, Bay Viow Avenue. *J*HE ' LONDON & LANOASHIBE FffiE INSURANCE COMPANY . op L iverpool , E no . NEW YORK OFFICE: 4S PnTS fSTMOT. ‘ ■ \ a 'Vuo,** ln Stafo«, J»n'y 1.1883 ............................. 9 H 8 I 4 H Losses paid in tlio Dulled Suits In 1MJ, * n o t X K S L ', ’ ” ' * - JOSEPH LAMBDEN k SON, Agent* for ffevr Ro heile and Vicinity •' ^£BS. E . J . FITZMAUBICE, Itogs rOTpoelMHy to leforra tlio inliaLltsnts ol New Itochollo and vicinity that nho has purchased tho BAKERY STORE ON MAIN ST., , From Mr. 1), Fields, formerly occupied by hor {whon Mrs. Schontag), and tnjata, by strict attention' ’ to buslnoss, and using the boat mato* , rial* to rocoivo a share of patronago, 1 ^vory artlolo conuoctod with the Bakery and Con* fectlonory buslnoss conatantly on hand, Oakos, Pios, 4c., of ovory doecrlpdgq node to order

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