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The New Rochelle pioneer. (New Rochelle [N.Y.]) 1860-1920, November 04, 1882, Image 3

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THE PIONEER. SATURDAY. NOV. d„ 1882. JoBfiilKHJlO— 1Xlio favors o f W nimissmM i « a so- llo lu d tor » u i l tn l » l>f J o b W n ltoB . OooJ work a n d M r prloon» iscTur m o tto. Miniature. Almanac-Thla Bay. Suu rlHOH.*.. .0.28 | Sim notrf... ,5.02 I Moon Uswt-. ,0.4'. 1IIGU WATER— THIS DAI'- i», at. p- Governor's I s lan d ; .,. 9,45 | N o w B o o b c llo... ,.. .10.10 A sneak thief stole the door mat from in front of Supervisor Pholp’a resi­ dence, Davenport’s Neck, Monday night. A p l e a s i n g outortainment was given at tho residence of Mr. James Putnam on Franklin avonue, Tuesday evening. Cot an Steamer* to Sail F rom tbo P o rt o f New York, To-day 8toam o r | Dcfat’ou | C ity of B erlin.,.{Liverpool E n ttland.. . . . . . . . lUvorpoul ClrcMBU .............. iUlwgow . M a lu........................B rem e n .. V*nd»]i».. . . . . . . Htmilmr» Vaderlaua ....... {Antwerp . OJHco, ............31-33B r o a d , ay ............. ..60 Broadway ........... 7 Bowling Green .......* 1 Bowling Green iu Broadw a y ................... 65 Broa'lway RAILROAD TIME-TABLE. MEW YORK, N e w h a v e n a n d HAUTFOltD BAIL* ROAD TIM E TABLE. L « a t b Nkw R o c h e l l e yon iSi) STRKA“r-5 ,» 0 , 6,56, T 25 '7.45; 8.06,-8.37, 8.53,9.30, IQ/JO. A, M,; 12.21,-.-3, 6.58,5.18, 8.03, U .?0, P. * • Lkatm 42d S t r e e t yon New R o c»irm .e—p.(M, 7.10' • 00 8.05, 10.05 l ’i.00 A. M.jil.iW, B*N>, L03, 4.50,5.10' t A 5 , 6.14, 6.40,8.W. 10.CH), 11.35, P. H. . U A l i U f t l RIV E R BRANCH. L e a v e New B p c u b l l k —0.05, 7.00. t .4 0 .8.89,0.45 11.05 A. M.; 1'2.40| 3.05, 4.40, 5.35, G.38, 8.46 r , M. L eave H amjcm R iver —,0.00,1(MW,11.55, A. M.S 1.10. ‘J/20, 3,55, 4.40, 5.45, 6.45, 8.00,12,00, P . M. * i 'T h o Boats leave Peck Slip to connect w ith tbo above trains. SUNDAY TRAINS. Leave Now RocheUe for 42(1 S t.;—7.13 r . m . Leavo New Uocliolle for llnrlem River:—9.00 a . m ., 4.00 tf. m . Leave 4‘2d S t. for New R o c h e l l e 8.00 a , m . Leave Harloui R iver for Now Rocbell#:—12.00 m . 10.00 r . * . THE FOST-OEEICE. T,; . 3TAIL3 ARRIVE, EAST. t.OO, OtOO.A.M .................... 12.00 JL, i;0 0 r . u , WITCH. 7:00. ........................................ .. 51 AILS ”cLOSE. BAST. 8,15, a . ...................................... 4.50, 8.00, r . si* BOUTU. , .8.15, 11:10, A. v ........3 5 2 5 , 8.00, p . m . flan d jy M ail arrives a t 8,00 A. K. Ofico will bo open froiuO t o 10 o’clock a . m . LOCAL INTELUeiNCE Am.Es are bringing $1.75 per barrel. M a m a b o s k c k will have a rowing club. V k * v little cider making is boing done hereabouts. T he Land League bas decided to re­ main active. A social party of friends and neigh­ bors wero agreeably ontertainod at the residoneo of Mr. L. Tompkins. Lawton stroot, Tuosday evening. C lavksou 21. C o t te r ’s E a t a t e . Robert B. Potter 1ms filed a bill in equity against Eleanor B. Potter and Clarkson N. Potter, for tho sale of the proporty No. 2,000 X street, Washing­ ton, portion of tbe estate of the late Clarkson N. 1*01101'. T he Republican candidato for Mem­ ber of Assembly, from tho Second Dis­ trict, Ziba Carpenter, wns present, at the meeting of tlio Bai’nad Prolect'.vo Union, at Mount Vernon, Saturday night, and explained his position ns re­ gards the railroad corporations satis­ factorily to tho largo galbering who had assembled to hear him. T he open lotter published in the N. V. Herald of Monday last, from our townsman, Mr. XV. XV. Evans, is ex­ tremely interesting and advocates iu t manner decidedly forcible the elcc tion of his friend, Allan Campbell, foi Mayor of Now York city. Mr. Evats is ono who through years of active life has nmdo but few, if any great n i * takes. XX'o heartily endorse liis vi -wain elation to Comptroller Campbell. S K T I S r A C T I O W S T A T E M E N T S . C lalms against tlie cstato of Mary 1). Marshall, of Pelham, must be sent in beforo December 23d. C laims against the ostato of the late 0. N. Potter must bo presented before tho 2d day of March, at OX XX'all street. T he Misses Kellogg entertained a number of their friends from New York city, on XVeduesday. T he Gracie of X.arehmont won two out of three of the Seawbanaka Club races last week. M aster Traphugan, son of carriage manufacturer, James Trapliagan of Huguonot street, has so far recovered from liis broken leg, os to bo about on crutches. It will be remembered the injurios sustained as fully published in T he P ioneer nt the timo, wero received while in tho act of attempting to cliuib into a coal wagon nnd having bis fool caught in Uio wheel ami held fast. X a U c l o n , X l n c J i I o f . P e r s o n s interested in the cstato ol tbe Ute T. J. S. Flint, of Larchmont, will appear before tbe Surrogate, Dc cembor 4tb, At the Democratic Congressional Convention on Saturday last, iu Sing Sing; Hon.Waldo Hutchins was re-non inated for Congress, from tho Twelfth district T he Hon. Richard Lathers appeared at a banquet given by tbo Associated Marine Underwriters at Delmonico’s in New York city, aud delivered an in­ teresting after dinner speech on ship­ ping- f ______ F l o v d F o w l e r , J r . , while hunting near Chatsworth XVeduesday, cnuglii a full grown silver fox. The dogs ran him under the rocks from which place he was dislodged by Fowler, after the removal of a portion of his hiding place. JosErH L amddek has sold to Fred. Alder, lot on east side of Locust Ave­ nue adjoining residence of \XT. E. Bar­ ton. Size 100x2X0. Consideration, $2,- 050. It is understood tlmt Mr. Alder will erect a residence upon his newly acquired place. 3* C o n t r a c t o r Merritt is rapidly push­ ing- the school house contract, No com­ plaint }» .made by the Now Rochelle laborers tbat tbo work is given to out side labor in preference. That must have been a sort of Bcarc, . B . K e r s h a w , carriage manufacturer of this place, is acquiring notoriety as a carriage builder. Two wagons turned out of his shop laat wook are well worthy of note, ono in particular being a business wagon built for par­ ties at Long Island city, that far excell­ ed ordinary make. GovEitxon C ornell shows a laudablo desire not to be outdone as a procla­ mation writer. The opening line of his own brilliant effort—“Tlio ’engtben- ing- shadows of waning autumn”—nl though perhaps suggesting the in fluence -of Swinburne's and XVilliam Morris's poetry ou Mr. Cornell's mind, probably boats anything in tbe X’resi- deut’s ■ proclamation published in our last weoks issue. But both papers are admirable. XXrore it not than both no gleet to state, as ono cause for thanks, that by the lost Thursday in Novom ber election day will havo come and gone there would be no serious fault to find with either. PERSONAL ; President Arthur is in Washington. Mr. B. P. Carpenter 1ms heen visit­ ing friends in Now Jersey. Mr. and Airs. XI. D. Rikcr have been visiting tlieir grand daughter Mrs. Thorne, at Riverdnlc. Rov. XV. B. XValler the newly, called pastor to the Presbyterian Cliurcb this villago has accepted of the call. Aliss Mary F. Hayes 1ms gono lo Plainfield, Now Jersey to visit friends. XX'illiam Atorton Smith, of Franklyn avenue has boon spending a few days hunting with friends at Mountaiu Viow Gen. Luring, former commander of tho Egyptian army, wns the guest of Mr. XV. XV. Evans, Daven­ port's Nock, Alondoy. Air. Fred, Rondel, Jr., has charge of tho class of paiuting nnd drawing in the Now York Conservatory of Alusic. E l i s i i a H o r t o n , Republican nomiiieo for Surrogate was in town Tuesday, closing tlie rounds of an active and agressive canvass. He fesls confident of election. A I r s . C l a r k s o n N. P o t t e r and family left their summer residence, Daven­ port’s Nock, Wednesday for their win­ ter residence, Giamorcy Park, New York city. S o c i a l G a t h e r i n g 1. T he Ladies' Alito Society under (li auspices of tlio Methodist Church, wrs held at tho residence of Air. O. U Xhu; Bcnschoton, on Aluiu street, XVodnes day evening. There was a good atten­ dance, and theovening’s entertainment was ono highly appreciated by all present, fully demonstrating tho' best of good feeling in tho lociciy, and trust it will over continue. XUocutor’k Hale. O n Wednesday next, Nov. 8, Jacob Hollwcgs, executor, will offer for sale through Joseph Lambden, auctioneer, two homes, cam; ges, harness, sleighs, household furniture, etc., also hous< aud lot situate on Garden street, this village, tho property of tho late Fred. XX'iIson, deceased. Salo to take placo on tlio premises at one o’clock r. jr. For particulars seo notice in another column. T h e O r a c l e A g a i n W l u l . A t tho closing of tho Seawaulmka C H A T A B O U T T H E S O C I E T I E S . Eintraclit Lodge is doing good work. Our German inhabitants look upon it as being tho thing. The L'ish Benevolent mombors avo still many. Now lifo is being monthly infused into them, and they aro tho bettor for it. Tho Royal Areauiuin is prosperous. Tho Now RocheUe Mtounorehor is pro­ gressing. Their membership roll is very satisfactory. Tlm Rowing Club will soon close their quarters for tho season. Tho Young People’s Association arc doing well, though somo of the older members are not as active as hitherto. Tlio Band of Hopo is doing good work which is highly appreciated. The Aladrigal ia tho singing society par excellence. They havo members many and on the whole is a very social organization. Tho Alnle Chorus now that the win­ ter evenings aro commenced will gird each man liis loins and go in to spend a merry night. Tho Citizens’ Association is really be- gining to bo an organization of consid­ erable merit, and we are glad of it. Tlio Ri fie Club. Pop, whiz, bang!!! i’lieso aro llie best sons of Nimrod lo ho found anywhere. ThatBowling Club. For a company of merry roisterers and expert bowlers iinno bolter may be met. Huguenot lodge still bears its own recommendations. Bethlehem Commnndevy still lists to see who shall list. Tho Huguonot Engine Co.’s ball wits hnrdly a financial success. Tlio Enter­ prise Company may bo augmented by ninny new members soon. Ono night recently somo malicious races, in the lower Bay op Saturday icoundrel prompted hy no cartldy pur­ pose except malico, effected an entrance into tho carriage houso on tho promises of Alfred Bates, in tho town of Ensl- chcsler noar Scarsdalo, and with a fcniie or somo sharp instrument cut into rib­ bons, the tops of fivo wagons. One new wagon belonging to liissou Henry, fared tlio same fate. X n c c n d i a x i i m . O n Tuesday night, a barn nnd con­ tents belonging to Alfred Bales, situ­ ate on tbo XVhjto P}ajus road a short distnnco above Underhill’s Corners, was totally destroyed by fire, supposed to havo been the work of an incendiary. 'X’hreo farm horses wero burned to death, about fifty toils of liny, mid 100 bushels of potatoes in tho cellar under the barn, were also destroyed, besido a largo quantity of farming utonsils, ele., stored in adjacent buildings. Loss estimated at upwards of $7,000. A S e r i o u s A c c i d e n t . Wliilo a pigeon-shooting match was in progress at George Alercer’s place, Eastchcstcr on XX’ednesday, a son of Mr. Jeavous, a Jad twelve yrars old, was seriously if not fatally injured by­ tile accidental discharge of a gun. The gun was pulled along the ground by William Heany, in order to get it out of tho way, the hammer caught, thereby causing tbe discharge. Tho shot went up Honry’B sleeve and out at tho elbow, striking young Jeavous in tho face. Tho physician pronouuced his case critical. Hew H aven H s ilro s d Kcforiua. Ain. XXtilliam H. Stevenson, tlio new superintendent of tlie Now York divis­ ion of tlio Now Yolk, Now Ilavcn and Hartford Railroad, is making a number of improvements in the management of the line. Strange as it may appear, it is nevertheless true, that night opera­ tors on tlfis division wero never em­ ployed. One operator was all thp com­ pany could afford a t a station, and ho had to sell tickets and attend to the telegraph business besides. The tele­ graph offlces wero therefore closed all along tho lino witli 0110 or two except­ ions, nt eight o’clock in tho evening. Mr. Stevenson ia hiring more operators, placing two at every important station from New York to Now Haven, requir­ ing tho 0 (lines to be open day and nigh1. Heretofore, whan it bouamo nooogaqry to use tho wires in thp evcjitof an acci­ dent at night, it was the custom to call tho operator from his dwelling, wher­ ever that might be. This shiftless method of railroading has been aband­ oned under Air, Stevenson’s manage­ ment. last, tbo sloop Gracie, of Larclimont, belonging lo Cnpt. Flint, carried ol) tho prizo in hor class, boating ber vic­ torious rival, (Cutter Bedouin) of the week beforo by two jniiiutcs and fifteen seconds; also two other outriea in the same clas3. The usual course out around tho light ship was tho 0110 se­ lected. The Gracie lias been a very successful yacht throughout the season. I’lio Larclimont Yaelit Club are certain of laurels as long as the Gracie flies tlieir pennant. Jtftili'c r .f l C a s u a l t y . On Thursday morning, Thomas J. Burke as usual started for tho city to purchase necessary stock for his Alain street market. Ho desired to take tlio 7:25 Irain, when near the depot through fear of being left, he cut across Bridge avenue, leaped down the embankment nnd attempted to Vmrd tho moving train. A misstep threw ]iiin almost under the car wheels, as ii was the car paved over tlio instep, mashing the forward part of the foot to n jelly. He was conveyed to his residence 011 Church street, nnd Drs. Hunt jngton and XX’clJs were summoned. Amputntion in alt probability will be necessary. A Xtanilmnvft Removed' As briefly stated in our last issue, at I o’clock 011 Saturday morning last, the old Pelham Bridge Hotel, at Peilmui Bridge, wns burned to tho ground. Thirty years ago Larry Fowler became landlord. Tho house wns (lien ill its glory. Not a driving party thought of going hy without stopping. Commo­ dore Vanderbilt always stopped to have his horses watered, and all tlie sporting men of New York. Now Ro­ chelle and throughout XX’cstcliester County, occasionally pnssed a merry evening there. I t was on tho only good drive from the city. Tlie road began at Corporal Thompson’s place, which wns a frame building, where tlio Fifth Avenuo Hotot now stands, and .cutting diagonally across Madison Square Gar­ den, to Uarlom Bridge, nnd so along to the inn, six miles beyond. After Fow­ ler, Haryy Areularius ran the house for a number of years. Last spring, R. P, Spurge, who formerly ran tho Hugue­ not Hotel of this village, leased the hotel and premises now burned, and furnished and kept tho samo in mag­ nificent style, Col. pepim ry Kano's Tally ho coach always stopped at the inn when running to Now Itephello. Air. Spurge was in the city at tho timo of the fiyo. R is thought that the firp broke out in the kjtohon. Tlio loss is supposed to bo botweon $10,000 and 15,000, XX'illiam Layton was tho owner g o r l o u a H t u m w a y . A spirited horse driven by Mr, Young and Aliss Nellie Curtenius, of Lnrchinont, took fright and ran away ou XX'cdnesduy, Aliss. Curtenius was tlirown violently frj thp g r o u n d , besido, receiving a broken arm, wns otherwise njured about tho body. Air. X'oun; had a leg and thyep rjbs broken, * o w i i y i « m . O n Tuesday night, two largo lights in tho glass door of the store owned by Mr. Hoffmeistor on Alain Btrcot, occu piod by Thomas Burko (is a market, were smashed aud broken, evidently on purpose* Messrs. Iloffmeisler and Burko liavo promptly offered a roward of $50, (See posters), for tho arrest aud conviction of the guilty ones. C i t i z e n s ' A s s o c i a t i o n . A t n recent meeting of Iho Executive CommiUco of tho Citizeus’ Association, present; If. D. Phelps, President, Henry A. Gouge, Vice-President, J. (J. Underhill, George Ferguson, R. C. Fisher, C'. H. Roosevelt, and George T. Davis. Tho complete organization of tho association was fully aud very satisfactorily discussed; A number of new members Lave been added to the roll, and a largo Rst of thono desirous of becoming members waa announced, tho whole of tlio names including many of our best citizens. This institution has tlie proiniso^of much good. No worthy cause will hereafter be aban­ doned, either iu tlio tinpts or elsewhere, for want of proper fundH to enforce the the law nnd good order in the romniiv nily. All desirous of good local govern­ ment should not fail to unite with those already engaged in so lmporlanl a work. I S 3 A U L T A H D B A T T E R Y . On Alonday night 1u.h{. Honry Hcluei her, a German butclifcr accompanied Frederick Fowler to tho market of Leonard Lang on Alain street, while there, angry words passed between Fowler and Lang; tlio former churning that Lang had said to other partio: lliat lie would not give him a recommen­ dation after being 111 his employ for upwards of five years. Sclirciber at this stage of the proceedings, insisted upon taking a hand in tlm affray, but was ordered and partly pushed out of the door by Lang, tichveibor, thereupon turned mid dealt Lang a terrific blow over Iho eye, piu fly foiling him to the floor; Air. Robinson standing by, in trying lo quell tlio disturbance was knocked down by a blow from Fowler, in return, a third party ip trying to loqicn Lang and Sclireiher who w struggling logethnr, twisted the latter) wrist to such a degree as to partially dislocato it. Laug, 011 making com plaint before Justice Le Count, caused tlio issuing of a warrant for the arrest of Schreiber. Oflicer Kelly sue needed in causing his arrest in New York city on Tuesday. On XX'edncs day tho pvisionrv X 'fiived nil examina­ tion, ami gave bonds to appear befon the next Court liming criminal juris­ diction. Tlie assault is generally, look­ ed upon as ono dcfioyvipg uf severe punishment. Homo friends of Schrei- her, claim Hint ho had boon drinking, nnd was under tbe influence of liquor at tho time. R E L I G I O U S , R I P P L E S . TRINITY OIIUROII. llov, CUui-k's P. Cmieily, M inister null Rector. S u n ­ days. Morning s c rvko n t 11 o’clo c l:; S u n d ay school nt 3 o 'doclc 1*. M .; livonL-og P rnyor a t 4 o’olocli 1'. M . ; Service o l Frnlsc a t 4,301*. M ,, on tliu flrst Sunday o each m u n tli ONLY ; s h o rt acrvlco nnd lcetm-o nt 8 1‘. M „ exi-opt o n Iho n r s t Sunday of each nionlh. Tuesdays. G u ild nt 3 F . M. Fridays. EventuR pniycr a t li F . 2I„ ex.-ept u-hon a lh .ly Day o ccurs d u ring tho iveck irhcn Iho service will b e 'h o h l on thatday Holy Comm u n ion o n tho ftretSunday o leaeh m o n th and tho chicllestivalH. Sunday, a now inas3 will he sung in tho church of the Blessed Sacrament. The Salem Baptist Church is willi- o .it a pastor. Rev. Ah-. North, of XVIiito Plains, preached in tho Alemorial Church of tlmt place, a sermon on Christian and Alornl Reform. Rov. C. itipnrgoon Jr., will bo induced to remain in this country. Catholic literature languishes ae- coi-ding to tlie Catholic Review. During tho pnst month n special ser- ieo has heen said in tho church of the Blessed Baeramcnt this village, to call down tlie blessing of God on tlie de­ liberations of tho Catholic synod aboul to convene in New York city. T he attention of all persons lmving -hums against the town, is called lo the Auditors notico in another column. T he New Rochello Rowing Club have decided to give a concert in the town hall, the hit ter part of this mouth L ist .Sunday’s papers at this place through carelessness, wero thrown of) the up train directly in front of the down express, destroying a great por­ tion of the bundle, — T A Y L O R ’S D E C L I N A T I O N . 1 - 1)021 receipt of iho Nows as to the result of the Republican Congressional Convention nt While Plains, wo tel­ egraphed to Mr, Alexander Taylor, J r Tho following is in answer to our en­ quiry : November 1st, 18S2. To C uaklu * G. B anks , E sq . : Now Rochello, N. Y. Telegram just received. Have de­ clined nomination, A lexandeii T aylor , J r . Mr. Taylor’s declining tlio nomina­ tion, is exactly what any other gentle­ man should have done under the cir­ cumstances. Six days notico is too short a iime. Hon, Waldo Hutchins can thank the Hepuhlicftn Congressional Committee for liis walk over. A W O R T H Y T R I B U T E Tho following open letter published in tho N. Y. Ifomhl of Afonday laat, from our townsman W. W. Evans, peaks for its self regarding tho person­ al repute of Allan Campbell the Uopub- liean and C.tfeoLs* candidato for Hnyor of New York city. f i x s M o m . NEAR New* JL* h e m e , O rr. 2% IS '] t u e H e r a l d ; — Admiring y o u r war on am i y u n r n b lcef forU lo eccuro u'mhI u o v rrnm c n l for t i n grcal oils o f UifH v v n tlnent ta part hy tho election ©f^n cfll- leut I lioHc*t man a* tjje chief niaalMralo, I desire tobrin# to R'il!ec;»itJniu|H(CHcrtiJMr,.Uiant'AUiirinU' chcwcii U» hv.ul tlio vlUxenn* ticket. W hen he was m u i c l as CV'UU'tivllor a m i ( I t n» xvas somo nppuM tiou to h is confirm ation a m an hy tho name o f Tou­ rney stated that ho xv«*is a n • n m * crui'iih.us,- m a n . This p'caU fl an event which shm thl fasten «m an y htaln that, o n the c o u trary, h o is a very ''ao r u p n h m a \ tnnn. In telling It P o m o y M raago tn some Wall t-tivct men they itrononnewl h im a mm avis fit to la? p n m r m l ifti-itriaptly. I think tmvanl the olo^e o f the xmr .Mr Ouni'boJl xvas piwidenl ot the ©M Cumberland Coal nhd Iron Com I'SMjr (afterward m erged In the Consolidation Coat Company, o t which he iHvaiiia president also, and raised, hy hts good m anagem ent, from a f-ot-bnU for Wall street speculation to a dividend |vtytngt-»inpauyt, a company witU n t aptta) of Sa.uouG.ki, an d a h o u d e d d«*l<tof$lin»‘>xi, a b o u t m aturing. It ha t n ever, I tn* live, paid a dividend and tho stock waa nt a Inxv figure. A commute© o f d i m L't*. empowered t> negotiate a new lo u t, reported, tw o days l»ef»r© lk« ©Id one tn a tijrU , tbe Ir w a n t t*f m e .v .'s Mr. C am p M ], as I'j-eri-lejit, >Vak th ru Appoint.-.! a com mlltr© of one to off-cl it. with one day to work tn. Many of the At-ukli’I-Lrn pnyik-lf am o n g others! looked witli dismay «n tho prospect*, brokers were running About Wall street, eil'- riug to sell blocks htock a t thirteen, And 1 think lower. No out* seemed to havo the courage to dip into a com p a n y to morrow likely lo be declared bankrupt In $hw dark m om ent Mr. CamphiH \i:,ded Mr. Jam es Drown (of Rrmvi Brothere) explained to lifm the extent and value o t the property, tire p u rity of Its coal, k v . t wlrtrh S ir Edward t ’unard t-dd the w riter wa-v the b est ever b u rned 1»y Id* Jim©, being free from uulpliur, vhfi'li Mntu* suxed sev­ eral tJi-'mmnds r, J Uv.forr* h e h a d c o n c lude.1 Mr, Brown wud, \ I t ia iu>t worth wldle, Mr. Campbell te relate Anything further, I run I know every wnvd y ou h ave l«dd nir tn the tyullv I x\ »U t.iko the xvlu'V1 lo a n « l y n \ f\r tw enty >< u*s, .a bjy p e r cent.\ Ih H was the ni'vd favomtdu t rrm s w liM i had been made in Wall s t iw l fm-a l«ug rim e. Mr, Campbell thanked M r. Brown forhfm v u ifldew aud belief, a n d when lie left that privjito ofllee »»> one else km w o f the negotiation, M r. Cumpbeil couhl tli.il Hfterneon baxe n iiiden large fortune by buying stunk on the “ p o int\ be ulojn* p o s w ^ M . UJs luV jt d k tAtid a dllTomit i-nmw, he only ordircd a m eeting of lit: dtycetnrs to b e wiJUd lor tho uext d a y , w e n t homo and disclosed mily a t tho meeting Ids sueeesR and had tlio pleiiRurr nf seeing tho stock m u u p on Us own merits and th a t snccesa t«, I {Iiltik, sf\ty-fivc. Did this transaction, xvhfcli I know of, sustain M r. T>iumey' opinion that h o ts r « \tiua-'rttpttlouH** man? I eottld givo m any other instances o f Mr. Camp bell's ,,scrui>Mlou8” character a t homo an d iu tho f»r distant Republic of Chile, whore 1m la remembered with g reat esteem as hu iucorrupUldo m a n and an em­ inent engineer. Tho w riter, m eeting iu London tn 1856 a gentleman wIk-po opinion \yi\h vaLihM©- a imp liew o flho Ai-clibii‘h'»pctR intla!'ri Chile, and nn inti- mnt© friend nrV fpt Vhl« IX.— wan told by him that tb c r u iie\trw iw a fop'lgner In Chile nmro esteemed tlmu 5fr. Campbett, mnt the loading men «f Chile know very well ttw t they l\-t limn {d.rwi.iMXi in the crtiisti'(i<,ti''ii «>f tlio Valpir;ii «> JIaihxvi.v b y Jetting him go. An rtiiec Asvrinled w ith him . thero and til Jii'tuo, in engineering «nierpris.^, I ton. tf tt gives it nOilitD.tt.il vrdjtr. )«4M>uaUy atU.-»t t\ all tln.e. m erit1. \\T Kludl pi«* whi ther thr recm il «>f l»is lm«ino«s nnd o/ni lallifc mltuc-inc-i the m ajority of tli© citizens of New York b> svtk good g.xvcitnent u n d e r n man po often and so BUccepafnily tntrusfed with largo rcspon sibtlitksorxvhethtrthyyxY tlt voto tho ohnuctm nf Uiofo had gOYcfumcul u tida*« lew tiled and Approved chief. W. W» K. T h e Band n( Hopo, will m o o t nt As­ sociation Hal) oil Monday afternoon, at half past three. A notiimi freight train ran of tlio track nt tho junction Inst niglit caus­ ing delay in tlio through travel. L et every voh r do liis own thinking before costing l.isballot for tho various officers to W- c! eted. A s l o o f joad ■ f biuo stone, some 210 tons has arrived and is lion- being scat­ tered upon tlio i treols and avenues of our village, under tlio Box contract. E v e n i n g S o c i a l . A very pleasant social was given at tlio liouto of Mrs. Alhro, Echo avenue last uiglit, prim- Lo her son’s departure for Boston ids futuro lioino. T he LcUuv I ’laee Hotol is receiving many improvements both inside nnd out, in (lie way of paiuting and furni­ ture, tlmt adds not only to gonoral ap­ pearance, but also to the comfort nnd convenience of guests. TiiEiu: was a uiivrriiigo reception given at tlio rcsi deuce of Alfred Bates, Scarsdale last evening, tlie evont being tlio return from mi extended bridal tour of tho elda«t sou llcnry recently married to Miss Lulu Bennett, former­ ly of this place. A number of our residents in this town, will ultend the confirmation and onsecralion ceremonies, to be per­ formed by Archbishop Corrigan at Tuekahoe, ou Sunday tlie 12ili inst. Tho confirmation will take placo at 10;'JO a , jr., and tlio consecration of Il'oiy Mount Cemetery nt 3 o’clock r. m . UciLcvolcut S o c i e t y B a ll. Tlio twentieth annual hail of the Irish Benevolent Society, of New Ro­ chelle, look place nt Iho town Hall on Thursday evening last. T'lio attend­ ance was unsuully good, about forty fivo couple joined in Iho mazy waltz and lively jig to excellent music fur nished by Frol) No-slior. The merri­ ment was indulged in, to the small hours of morning. The society was never iu n mon' prosperous condition than at present. wiio i y c c i x n , Tho Now Rochelle Lyceum re-open­ ed iu its Assembly Rooms, on \Wednes­ day night last, for tlio Winter's cam­ paign uudor tho most-favorable cir­ cumstances. The following officers for the ensuing yoar were unanimously elected by ballot a s provided in Sec. 2, Articlo 5, of tlio Constitution which says: The annual meeting of the Ly­ ceum shall bo hold on tlie first regular meeting day in November, when offl- cers and directors shall he elected by ballot for tlio ensuing year. tHHlETW ronlK & h UEOIMJR 22. YANDKUiinUJ, Prt.aMenL JOHN W. BOOTH It Y, Vieo-PrwMouf. L- P . ItUNTINBTON, Treasurer. JOHN T. n S I I K I t , C©rr&«iM4>tiRus rURLMIOKS : R .C .Iia llK U . K .D .O M O U S , PETEK J . LLTEVRE, WM. LECOUNT. C. h \ CAN’EDY, GEOROE F E IlO l1 SON, J f . J . BILLON. It. 0. CARPENTER, .JOHN A NICHOLAS HENRY A . 001*0]% The question to bo debated the cm. suing week is, “ XX'as tlie recent armed Interference of .England in Egyptian affairs, right.” Tho Lyceum ia to ho congratulated upon its social and sub slniicial basis, a t its re-entry in the second year of its existence. A W O R E T O S S S VOSCXKS. Elisha Horton, Hit Republican 110111 inee for Kurrogalu is making a gallant light. Uo m-odi the vote of every Re publican. Dairy Hunt is sanguine of election to llie* Sheriff’s office and he will poll a hu ge Democratic vote in ad­ dition to tbnt of llie Republican pnrLy Minolt Sillimau is a gnoct lawyer nnd should bo elected County Clerk, John Sheehan should receive tlie support of every Republican in the County h: Overscei of tlie floor. Ho was a union soldier during tlie war, and has sup ported faithfully the. ticket since. Job Sehloholnu, tho nominee for Coroner is known as square man, mid 110 otlie mao will be found more so, if elected Ziba Carpenter (lie nominee for Mem ber of Assembly, is making a suporior canvass anil his clmneoy of election aro growing brighter and brighter evory hour. Let every Republican, voto 011 elcc tion day, and 1011101111161 - ' tlmt liis vote, may be tho one, that tips tho scale to victory. I 11 T u v o r o f jr u O g t A n d r . w a . ^ Tho following appeal to the Repufrli- caii voters of the State in favor ol 'the election of Judge Andrews as Chief Judgo of tlie Court of Appeals has bten issued; XX'o beg to call the attention of nil - Republicans to tho importance of a full\ and unanimous support, in the ponding canvass, of tho Hon. Charles Andrews for the offico of Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, the position which, since tho resignation of J udge Folger, ho has filled. By general consent of the profession and of the suitors, 'ol all shades of political opinion, Judge An­ drews, for the twelve years I 10 has sat iu tlie court, has been notable as an ablo and upright Judge, faithful in* la­ bor and loyal to the best principles of au independent, intrepid and dignified Judiciary. • \> Tlio dissensions or prejudices wbicli affect tlie Republican canvass do not touch this office or this candidate, and it is our manifest duty to tho public, to-' the Judknry and to tlio adminstration of tho law thnt a hearty and vigorouz effort should bo made to secure tlie continuanc on tbe bench of this emi­ nent Judge. Edward PJi’jrw c u t ; Tlicntoru IV. Dwight, WflHiun M. Kvni’tH. WJDInm M, rrii*)»inl, W illiam O. Choate, ' ’JaiMiict* A. S teward John E. 1’drnonfi, J. P. Girnud Foster. HteRtieu P . Nash. Jamcti 0 , Carter, W illiam Alton B u tler, Joscjih II, Choate. COUNTY MATTERS. The County Tencliere’ Association, held nt the No. fa’ school house in Yon­ kers, 011 Saturday last was largely at­ tended, nnd the oxercises were of a very interesting and spirited character. The program, which v:e give below, was well carried out, and the several papers were earnestly discussed by many of tho teachers. Tho papers read by Commissioner Sandford, and Alia Balil win respective- of our villago, called forth a par­ ticularly livoly discussion. They were both well received. Tlio following is the program : 1, .Special or subject teaching, Com­ missioner Sandford; 2, Numbers, Grubo Method, Mrs. Baldwin; 3, Ex- imiiuntiona and I’erccutage, Miss Her­ zog ; I, Primary teaching—What and How, Principal Drummond; 5, Mis­ cellaneous business. The session w m full of interest and profitable. Every teacher in tho county should make it a point to attend the meetings oi the association.—-lipiis. X e B i d X o t S . U M ot . On last Tuesday Judge Barrett con­ firmed tho report of the Referee grant­ ing a decree of divorce to Kdvrard Lauten from liis wifo, Mary Lauten. Tlie defense setup wns an alleged con­ nivance on the part of the husband nnd the following document was pro­ duced proving liis sanction : “.Mount Vornon, June 5,1881. T, Mary 1-auten, of this place, here­ tofore wifo of Edward A Lauten, con­ sent to bo sold to F. Jnnsen for the consideration of $1 legal money. Upon tho same paper was the fob lowing: “Received of F. Jansen $1 consider­ ation money, for which I transfer all mybighis to arid Alary Lauten. . “E dwuid . A. L.urrKN.” Ju lgo Barrett says: “This pretended sale was plainly a very poor and stupid joke, to which the defendant and Jan­ sen have sought to givo life. It may lmvo quieted wliat was left of their con­ science but it cannot deceive any one of ordinary common sense. Justice is not to ho frustrated by such trifling.” Tlio carpentor can now havo his lady without mon litigation.— Jiytus. W avtiffl. WALLER FISIlEIt,—Oil WfylnhtwUy, N o rctnbrr t , a t . Gm co I 'l i u r i h , Wlilltv l ’lahm , By th e llev. F m U rick H. Yau K tw fc, Ja'inw T . W a ller to Loufiiwt S ilaugliter «•! Myu»V*rt M . Firiior, fc>u., o f White F U In*. iirit. H O P K IN .S-A l AV*’Boi-LirJ}*’, onKunrixy,Oclol>«r39th L'uiR i, iviiii>vvi>rtlit>lati'Jol)i)Hoi>kin*)in h e r 76tb year. NOTICE. Notli'i’ Is hereby gtvfii to a ll i*t*n«o't* fa* vlnftcbtim* agrvtiHttUo town<xfN<uvUb'heUc*, t h a t the tow n Au.- illtora will me©l November 9 th, 11th, aail 13th( 1882 at t n e ’I'oxviiClerk’*o61ofr toBiutit and jxesB up o n the aanie. It i* ilwlreil th a t alt h ills be presented a t the first m eeting. Dated Nov. 1 , 1883, M o b t u , i k y R e f o b t of tlio town oiNow Rochello for tho month of October 1882 : Whole niuubor of deaths for tho m o u th of to b c F ...,............................................................................. . MAT.KS....................................................................... FKMALK4................................................................ ........ w f ti a 'E ............................................................................. (’OLOHER........................................................... . ........... N u m b e r of d e a th* in S e p t e m b e r , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ti N u m b e r of «lr»-»tli* in Oi’lol^pr ....................... i Iki’H s i a e ............... 2 GEOIWIET. DAVIS. rilH-’or o f Burial P*‘ruut8. - Weather Jndieationa. The imlitcrfo-mmrmo mil hcjtimlaUij clmuhj. I n the aj’lrmmn il leitl he fair, though a vlitjU loral rain may be ex- peeled. . WILLIAM U. LE COUNT FETER BERGER ALEXANDER B, HUDSON., AUDIT0R8, EXECUTOE'8 SALE. ■ Josopii Lambden,Au\tioueei' will ' soil on XVEDNESDAY, NoVoJnhei', 8,1882 at one o’clock, nil my, by order of JACOB HOL 1VEG.8, l5s- - ocutoi', on the pi'oiniseH of the late • FREDERICK WILSON, in Gal*, don street, Now lloelieile. Ileal & talo consisting of dwelling iibuse and lot. pei'soiial |)i'operty ' i ig of two Horses, Oam'tliWS Bar* ness, Sleighs^ Household FlH'niture and other articlea too numerous to mention, J, HOLLWEGSi. EXECETqW,

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