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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, October 27, 1859, Image 4

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.. . -·- ..,__ - -·. ....::.......~ ~-· - 1Riltfi.6fnn ihnutiRtmt·~tli. FIR.~. D~FA~:l'M!tffJ~~~~os:roN. Jliingston, L' 2\~tJtnif£mi~IS. mtoltdE H SHAin'; ChiefEiigiiieer. ~·~~~~~~~~~tt·~-~\~ -~~-, .. ~\\' l\aints and Oils for Gash. . . G.talH$7 aO,.ODD. ; AIERICAII:lPJtUS .OOIP1NI~ COUNT¥ Ol!\.:FIOER8. J S LA~GW~.a;~~~ ~ssist: 'd~ •; . . ' CABJNE'JN~NJTURE . Fi::,t;~~~!hrt~~{!~-l,· ~s.~)l'~~fst., . J. D. Sl,EJf;,1ff'; \Ki}f~t,~t,. ! -~ .. ' . -~~~----__..._·~---.....-....---....,.._...,.~ ......... ---· ~ ........................................ A GREAT E:CON'O:\fY.-ReduetiOD of Prices , -!Jt'\:ll'll' ~ Jaase11 having estahli!htld lhll <l \sh llrlllCillle u tile a. bovc mentioned bra ncb. of ~ •etf' business, 11.r'e Jll'efared to offer every <u•ti· ~1.- w tlte Paiut and Oi aeput•uent, viz: White liounty JUrlge~\Nfqll'o1'as l't. Grah'al:n. · Jus. of Session t WiUiaw J?hnson, s i U'homas Bmgham. . b'/uGARA Eng:lmi co . .No.2; Fm Jt~eet. 'Fo~e~ No, 1, North. Pronl ~f/rglr JQf.P,ll•ifA~~~rli!1lnffJr man. Joho. W. Sa.l.ll,paugh. oFFERS FOR ISALE:thf.} la11ges~ alliOrilliea'- ,•,nd. F,· .. tJ.ch a.nd American Zinc, French Ochre Uhio Mineral Paiut,\Euglt•h Venetian Lead,Lin! 110 ed Oil, Putty, Window Glass, V>~.rnishes, Pain,t Brushes, &c., &e., at !tless price than they have e'f'er been ;ulll111 Ubter County. \Ve will s.ell no'le bttt fir•t cia•• article,, warranted to be as t-eprMented. Please oall aud examine our stock .and see the ad van tallies of purcha•in_l! for ca;h. : ' . ' Sheriff-Abraham A. Deyo, Jr. UndH Sheritf-Charles Brodhead. Jailor-Dumoud )!;lmendorr. W ..u!m:sGTO!'I Engine Co.· No. 3, Firemen's .of ilabinet FoNlittu•e evu exhibilet\hlitlit. Hall, ]!'air street. Foreman, J·. W. Bea~ley. place; among whlc)l may be foundt:Mab.eaur;- ExcELSlON. Engine Co. No. 4, Excelsior Hall, Blaclt Walnut, :Maple, Flag seat.Dra111iq-lr~-'f No. 25 Wall~tre~t,, .... c ....... Ki!!¥8ton., N, Y. Are prepared ~0 forward with '&i~'E\.fY and Dl..'l· P.\TCU, ~lerchandi~e, Specie, Jewelry, Valuabl.,~, Dank Notes, Uollt'ct Btl11!.• Note~, Dra~\ Ac· counts, &c. ]i(Jll \V ARJ}El) GOODS subject to <.:ounty Clerk-Silas Saxtou. Surrogate-Jesse It'. Bookstaver. John street. Foreman, Robert C. Holdrid.,.,., Rocking, OID.ce and Easy CH.Al:.:R8·f·JI.ih0ga. o- ny, French and Orib BEDSTE.tJ.])JJ· l'Sotil WILTWYCK Hose Co. No.1, Firemen'll Hall, Tete-a•'lletea, Bu;:ea:ua, Card, Centre W•laa~ .. District Attoruey~Joseph D. Sbafer. Treal;!urer-lillmlll Hasbrouck, New Paltz. l)~puty Treasurer-Jacob H. Duuois, Kin!l\ston . Supervis.ors' Ulm·k-Jacob B. Hardeubergh. Com's of} Thaddeus ~ait, :Mod,ena. . Fair stree~. Foremao., John M. Scboonmake1·. Oak Extension, 'l'oilet aod. Breakfast'T .ABLE&;. EXCELSIOR Hose Co. No. 4, Excelsior Hall, Lounges, Looking Glasses, Wash aJUl, work John street. Por·emttn, R. B. Newkirk · Stasd, Close til, &e.,. &c. . , · EA.aLE Hook & Ladd-er Co. No.1, Firemen's Enameled and P\ioted FornUue of -.:uilnt• .BRAGG & JANSEN. 658 ut Chw's old D1·ug Store purcha5e or other char .!h.id collect tbe same on ddivery, tbrouglw ·'' ~ Piano Fortes. New York ana, II low· Excise. J usep~ 11. Iut\Jill, Elle!>vJlle. Franc•s A. Voorhee~, Kmgston. Hall, Fair street. Iforewan, James G,. Teller. styles and prices, Also, a. la~g~ assori•ent of CojfinJ, of Mahogany, Black Walnut and ollleJ RoNDOUT. wood. JiSf'\AH Furniture cleUnrell-in tilt:ti- H R. RO}Ib.YN, ag-ent t0r the ~ale of • Messrs. Lighte & Bradlmry's celebrated Pianos, is prepared to furnish'the var!ous styles of their manufacture at factoTr prices, Running on l'•l.~<:PntTo>!•\t School } ~!\U 'l T, Vani3nt·e~, Kiugs~on, Dis.~· Com'rs Ethan l arrott, Mtlton, .. 2. · Ephraim Depuy, Kyser ike, \ 3. Sup't of l'o::>r-Denj. I Freer, Gardiner. Pour House Keeper-James Ketcham. DONALD l\IcMILLAN, Chief Engineer. cinity free of chal'ge. ·, , . • GEO. M. EMMETT, 1st Assist. do All kinds-of Furniture ·made..to order aa'Jii• G EO. \\' E.BER, 2d do do al, at short notice and on reasona'ltl~ lel'bli.- Tbe puulic are respectfully inviled ·~O!ea&i llc-- The Pianos sol~ by H. R. R. are carefully selected. by him, accompanied by a full gnaran· tee, and for quality of tone and durability Ot\U• not be excelled, if equaled. all the the W Agents at all points for the tra . of business; connecting wit.h LACIUWANA. Engine Uo. No.1. Forew~n, Ed- fore purcb~sing elsewl),l)re •. 4 • ward Winter. n6 snr~ ··~ · , ·' ' ' '.it D;£Stl!IGDT. PltOTECTOR Engine Co. No. 2. Foreman, J os. --\:;\p .. ,.-~-----~--. -- ...... ncv--· ,,._-,; Do Physiciaa-AIJw Deyo. Jail do Edgar Eltinge. } John Vedder, Saugerties. The above instruments can always be found at No. 10 Wall st., Kingston. responsible Express Companies to all parts of the U.S .. Oalil:,nmia, Europe, &c., &c. ~All Orders promptly attended to. Coroner:; John A. Bouley, :{l.osendale. .Josiah Dubois, Jt:., Rondout. Tubby. ountaiD of Seal& GooD l!'ITENT Engine Co. l!'o. S. Foreman, WM. U. MASON ba'sDpenecl'a'Diua S$oii- N. B.-H. R. R. will, on application, attend to the selection and purchase of Organs, Melo- deon8, aud other musical instrtlme nts. 127 The facilities of 1bis Company are unsurpass· ed. Each Express in chargtJ or Special Messen· gers. County Sealt,r-L. s·Bates, Rosendale .. -~ro\vj'~ o.l!,.Frc.Er·=~=-s . .:..:c-==::: JaL.Gc';i.:!wllf~!' Hose Co. No.1. Foreman,· Wm. '1 ~n !he oftlce of~· S. ~· &n,fd!I~;·C)jp~l~ .. \' asten s Eagle Hotel, m Mam .11treet. · · • · Ostrander. DR _SNYJ>ER. v.:m ~ee to preparing ~tll1 C!illl- ·------------------------------------------------- \JOliN WHERE did you get· that ne~ Goat and Pants?'' Bought th<: goods of Townsend, Merritt & Crosby. They have a very fine stock of Cloths, Oassimeres and Vest· ings ; n:lso some nice neck ties n.nd cravats, col· ~ars, hose, gloves, under garments tor winter, in fact everything for a. winter outllt-o.nd au important item al>out it is, the ro.roEs ARE Low. ~Mark packages via American Express Company.~ This line will be found to be the quickest and safest. No charge marie for calling for Freight. L<>ave your orders at the Office at Wynkoop's Bookstore. ·C. SCHRYVER, Ag't. Supervisor, Elias T Van Nostrand; Town Clcrlr, Van Kcurcn Green ; Collector Benjamin D Souser: Justices uf the l:'e&ce, D L Decker, J D Hasbrouck, R W Tapper. .Josiah Duboia, J1·; Police Justices, llowar•l Ubipp, Kingston, J. D Hasbrouck, Rondout; Overseers of the Poor, Andrew J Story, Kingston, Jacob Derrenbecl<· cr, Hondont; Assessors, Davia Conklin, Ww. Gol(\~n, James A.. Bri!tk; Com. of Highways, John Souser; ltridge Commissioner, James H. Lockwooil; 'l'own Sealer, John D Van Steen· llergh ; Constable~, Henry W Tibbals, Du:moud Elmendorf, Leonaril B Scrrine, Albert Maloy, REsCUE Rook & Ladder Co. No. 1. Foreman, poundmg mediCines. and will guarantei! to·u~ J. II. Stratton. the ~est articles, and nut sell a(lult.er~~e,d .drll•• =;;;::::::===.:::..=::::..:-:.>£=-::::-:=-:======== to his customers. · · ' · :··'\\ ()all while tbe assortment is goed. Sept. 1857. T. ~[. & C: . DRAFTS foranv amount on England, Ircfanu and Scotland. and PASSAGE TICKETS to and from Eu· HOT .ELS.-KINGS'l'ON. ,.,_. ....... -....-..-....._....._,..._--...r-..-~\'-''-~~ ....................... ,'7 :Kingston Bote, · Crown £treet, Kmgston, N.Y. S. BROWN, Proprietor. ------------------- Ulster C.ounty House, WalL Street, next door to (;ourt Hou~e. 'l'HI!IRON SMITU, Proprietor. b1 B. Horses and Carriages to let. MASON bas likewise a SODA FOV~T~; superiJr quality, with g~od healthy Syfupli,al · no brass or copper to pOlBOD th(i Water. I~ you want a PURE ghiss or SOda Water witll chowe syrups, call at the Fountain of Health and JQU w_ill be accom.modateq, , 'try. il,-itl!!l ~ your own Judges. . . wM. u:!,JA.SO~: Kingston, June lli, 1859. · · · ,· '47 t.t C, ll SAFFO:&l)'.$ ... S MITH & WESSON'S celebrated Repeater -a pistol that shoots 7 shot~ and weighs but 10 ounces. rope by tl-le Atlantic Royal Mail Steam Naviga. t.ion Company. Office 25- WaH street, opposite Ulster County ·nank, Kinp;Rton, N. Y. c5ly C. SCHRYVER, Agent. John Jones. Temperance House., Clock, Watch & Jewelry Estalfli~,+n.ifttM AlBo Remington's and Colt's revolvers, AI~ ten's 6 barreled do, and a great variety of sin- gle barreled pistols at very low pricP.s in com- parison to what they have heretofore been sold ill Kingston. Call and see them ali =~··~=-·= ·=::~--=::::.::: -=== M R. C: B. SAF~ORD. }at.e of t~e .tltrq. o~ Safiord & Katl 1 respecYnlly informs· the puulic that the business ot the e~tahii'shm.ent ~ N?. 12 Wall st.reet, will be CDnduc.ted by hrin \1~h ~he ,sam~ ]lro~pfn~ss,,~nq C\_l!W!~!! tpl\iii) merly. l:le·bas ·secured. tlM;ser-ti~e'i®'. ifuel~ tbe best workmen in New York Oit)l, \n:d j1 · u,ow prepared to do all liiuda of repwJring ,f;o Clocks, Watches and Jewelry iP t\le vf!ry ))est manner. He bas also for sale a large varie~ of valuable Watches, Cloc}is and Jewelry. VILLAGE OFFIOEl~S-KINGSTON. East Front :Street. ------------------------·------------------------ Jo.!:N H_._~cHRYn~. Proprie~ LANGWORTHY'S> Emporium. sign of the Golrlen Teakettle. ~elf nefence is tbe ruling principle of w mankind, and ~be most perfect and beauti- ful little article ever made for the pm·pose, is the celebrated Smitk· & Wesson 7 Shooter. Hudson, N. Y. T HE UNDERSIGNED having purchased and taken possessio[). of' the Badgley Hotel (fol'· merly the lludson l1ouse,) it will be hereafter called the Worth Honse. '\\'><. S. K~-:\Yox President Boa.rd of Direotors. Dun:cTOits.-Wartl No 1, Amasa J Humphrey, •· \ 2, Edgar Hoffman. \ \ 3, Jacob H.ider. '' \ 4, J eremiab ~with. \ \ 6 1 Augustus Declier. \ \ 6, Wm S Kenyon. \ \ 7, Wm B Davis. CwnK-Daniel L Decl;er. 'l'R!>ASL'Uf:R-Jonathan]) Wilson. CoLLBCTUit-haac L F Houghta.ling. AssEssoRs-James J S~yles, Aug. Schoonma, EAGLE HOTEL 7 Main Street, Kingston, N Y. ____ __ __ \VM. MASTEN, Proprietor. .AiUERIOAN HOTEL, ~-~ -~ --- - Corner Ronilout Avenue and StJames Street. ABll. H. FREER. Proprietor. ~Board $3 per week. · ----- CLINTON H01'EL, Ilurley Avenue, Wc~t Kingston. It 'llfelghs bu~ 10 ounces, is perfectly bcauti· fal in l.ppearance, and the most effective arm ever invented. Call and see it at LANGWORTHY's Emporium. He will continlliC the Hotel business as here· tofore, and will be happy to receive a contiu· uance of the patronage so liberally extenued to him. The House is delightfully and conveni· cntly located, and affords ample and plea~ant accommodations to both lravelerR ant:l boarders. l\cr, 1\lartin Miner. ------ AsnnEw JOY. Proprietor. Humphrey's Hotel, F OR ~ALE-A vary desir~blejlouse nod Lot Ill Prospect st.reet in this village, n• present occupied by T. J:I. Hanlenbeck. Will. lle so!d cheaP, •. as thi:! OI'{Def does ~ot fQGide ill. tbe Vlllagel and ba's no o~ber propeft)''in tbc: place. · , P ARKER PATEIST CoFFEE MILL.-- The most Perfect Coffee Mill in the world! It is a .I~nble mill-first brea.king the colfee and then grinding fine or coarse as required, for sale at LANGWO&TIIY 1 8 Emporium. R OUSE FURNISHING ARTICLES.-A splendid varietv, ineluding everything ul'leiol in kitchen economy from a B'l.stiug Pin to fi Cook stove, for sale at prices to \Suit the times, at LANGWOltTHY 1 S Emporium wign of the Golden Teakettle,76 Forth Front 51., LIVERY furnished at all time~. C. H .MILLER. cl3 3m Hudson, :Ma.y 6th, l85!l. ULSTER COUNTY C ook Stoves, Cook Stoves, ' A • 1 1 w h Cook St~:~s,~ Stoves, . grlCU tura are ouse Cheaper than ever,\' , , . AND SEED STORE, corner Main and East LA~GWORTHY ts Empormm, Front streets, Kingston, Ulster Co., (oppo· H OBBY HORSES. Gigs, Cabs Carriages& Velocipedes, wood & iron hooples, jump- ing ropes, and all other such traps selling al site Schryver's Hotel.) low prices at Mel'chants, Farmers anil dealers are most res- pPctfully invited to call and ex>tmioe our new and carefully selected stock of Implements, seeds, &c., all of which we will sell as low if not LA~GwORTIIY's Emporium, lower than any other hon~e in the trade.' sign of the Golden Teakettle. MONTANYE & REYNOLDS. l c Gd P olar Refrigera1:or.--This is the age _ of improvement and Mientific progress. a.11d mechanism hils attllined its climax iu Llle prodnccion of Lbis Unequaled R~frigerator, whereby ten ponnds of ice will keep a large quantity of food perfect.y cool i\nd llry in the hottest weather, and at the ~ame time give yon a constant supply of ice cool water for drinking and Ctllinary parpoRes. Call anrl examine a sample at LANGWORTUY 1 S Emporium. H OBBY HORSES, GIGS & CARRIAGES.-- A beautiful and fresh stock, just received direct from Manufacturers, and fm: Bale at their prices-at Langworthy's Emyorium. B ASKETS! BASKETS!! BASKETS!!!-The finest assodment of Ladies' Work Baskets. Ladies' l'raveling do. and all ottwr ldnds ever before openeil in King~ton-just nceived and for saltl low at Langworthy's Emporium. UOOKS 1 Books!! fiool>s!! !--A lar!l:e stocl~: [) 61' Tbeological, Sunday Seh'Ool, Hymn & MieeellaaeousBooks. ju~t received ancl for sale eheap a.t WYNKoop's BookRtore, Opposite Ulster Co. Bank .. L ondon Club Sauce-Superior to the Wore stershire or a.ny o&her kind. Far t j '>Y BRAGG & JANEEN. Just open\d at ~Remember the new stand. c 1 If __ ... --- L ANGWORTHY is now ready to cxhilJit his Fall stocl\ or . Cook, I'arlor and JiaU Stoves, Ravin~ t.llrown open ilHJ second Rtory ol' l\Iili· tary Hall building lor the exclusive Fale of Wood ani! Coal Hea1ing Stoves of every des- crip~ion. H_, invites both town and country people to step iu aud exam in<>. ~The larl):f'~t and moRt complete a>:Rort- ment of st•n·es ev~r bcf,JrtJ shown betweea AI· bany and New York.-;;J,~ ~Don't mistake the place or nnmher\\'~ LAXGWORTHY'S Emporium, Sig-n of Golden Tea.kett\P. 76 North Front ~t.. --------- --· ------ ----- 'l'o Trustees of School District.s. A J,ARGJ;; BTOCK 0~' 1:13 C> <:> :a:. s S UITABLE l'or Sehoul District Librarie~, for sale below pcdlers prices. at the Bookstore ot F. S. WYNKOOI', Oppo~ile the Ulster Co. Bank. Kingston, Sept. 28, l85!J. H.ONDOUT, TRt\STEj -Nathan Anderson, James G. Lindsley, H.obert R Kerr, James G ·~uby, L0· renzo A. 8ykes. CLERK-8eymonr L Stebbins. 'l'REAllt:'ll!m-J anser1 HasBrouck. UoLLr:CTOI~-William Golden. AssEssons-Daniel B Stow, William Wilmot, John Dougherty. ======-· -=-=-.:..:· =- .. -- ---·~---- CH.URCHES.-KINGSTON. FIRST R. D. OHt7RCH, Corner of Wall and 1bin StreetR. Rev. J C F Hoes, D D, Pastor. Sabbath Services at 10 ..1. :.r, ani! 7 PM. SECOND R D CHURCH, Fair Street, near Pearl. Rev. Anwn DuBois. !'astor. ~abllath Se1·vices at lOi A 41 1 and 3 1 4 p :\1. FIRST PRESBY'J'ERIAN CHURC:H, East Front Street, near Maiden Lane. Rev. John Lillie D D, Pastor Sabbath l:>crvices at 10 1 2 \M and 7 PM. FIIUJT M. E. CHURCH, Fair ~treet, between Main and Pearl streets.- Rev.]) L Marks, Pastol'. Sabbath Serviaes o.t 10 A ){, anti 7 1' :M. SECOND M. E. CHURCII. Corner East Front auil Libl'rty strecis. Rev. Ww C. Smith, Pastor. Sa.buatb services at 10 A. ~1 and 7 l' M. Bridge street, West Kipgston. A. Rl'MPIIHEY, Proprietor, Gl!?\man Hote.l, Green Street, near North Front, Kingston. JACOll FRELEWEID 1 Proprietor, RoNDOUT. Mansion Housl!, Corner of Division & Lackawanna Streets. G F Vox BECK, PrnpPietor. Clinton Hotel, Canal strel't. A MEn:GER, Proprietor. Kingston Post Office. HOURS OF CLOSING MLinS. NP.W Yorlt at 4 an<l 9 P.M., Daily. Albany at H.o~. M and 6 PM' do South Way at I PM. do North Way at 12 ;u. do Ellenville 7 .A. ~~- do South Land, (River Route) I PM. do Delhi, 'l'uesday, Thnrsday and Saturday. South Land (Interior Itoaw,) 1\Iondlly 1 Wed- nesday and Fridlly, at 8 r M. For Saugerties, Malden, Glasco, · 'Voodstock, &c., matter is sent by Albany Way Mnil, closing ull.Ily at 12 M. jlJAILS .ARRIVE. New Yorl; at 10! A~~ and lU PM. Daily. Albany at Si A~~ and 7 t r M:. do South Way 1 P l!. do North Way 5 PM. do Ellenville 2 I' ;u, do FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. South Land. (River Routt>.) 12 M. do Crown street, between North Frout allll Jehu Rondout at 8.j;. A. M. ani! 11 A.M. do street~. Supplietl by Elder G. Dames. ;:iabbath i Delhi, .:Uouday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 services at 10 A. M, and 7 P.M. l p M. • PROTESTANT ZPISCOPAL CHURCH Wall street, between N Front and John sLrt!et~. Rev. George Waters, Pector. Su,bbath :.crvices at 10 A :11. South Land, (Interior Route,) Monday, Wed· nesilay a nil Friuay, 6 I' ~r. Wll>LIAM KERR. P.M. Kinp;ston. April 1Dt h. 1859. -~ ~------------ ~- ----- Daily do do do do do do ,For further particulars enquire ot'R. Ber~;rd' Main street, Kingston, or James Myer11 ttf. libamtJers street, New York. tilt am S URE l:tEYEDY FOR JJYSP£PSIA. :-- ' •. 1st-Go to .Burry's great Fishing T'~okle\ Depot, sign .of the Yellow Perch,.e!i'!e.f4tft~m ~lt· endles& var1ety of Fish Hooks, Fil!h Line11 Fi~h poles, flyer snells, &c, an outfit su'cfl a$ c'atl't b•: bought at any drug store in 1\ingsi:on. · ' ' . ~uti- Take' a ride to Coclwetou. H~ligw,r~g.ll~ Jt m the woods two or t~ree da.y~, catch ~wo OJ: three llundred trout, aod if you don \i' retur1i' '~: wiser aud a healthier man,tli'en Berl'J''ll Fi~bin:F. Taekle is good for Ri:$, . · •. · · · :nshing 'l'nckle obeap wbolesal~ n.nd'r~t.;,h' ai BERRY'S great variety·s.tof~ · ~ c 2 tf 81 Nortli-i\f •tr~~,.: , j D RY G00.9S cbeaper tban eve't-, Eighteen pe!Uly Challie Ddaio~s onlr sQ!~<tor.l~ cents at , MAYEa:W.EIL 1 Jl .•: M ASON'S Glass F.ruit J~rs !~Tbe ~·oat.p~.,.,. feQt, safe and reliable article eve!' offeji!cl- to tlie pUblic for preserv.ii)g Frui~ oJ'\aQ'lltyiJ.I..: w_arrauted perrectl3 .air-tlg~f.witljo~~ ·~h~·.qao; ot waliO o.r cement, , .f•.!l t~t 1 ':jij~n~ !Ui\p for sale, wholesale\' and r~taiJ, ~t 'Qlf\nll.tacturers.~ agency and at tlim<r owll\'prlees lt' l . ! ----+-; 1 ~ANa;wo.~H.Y'~:~,!O~iJIPI L ANGWORTHY guarantees e11er!f ope Qt, Mason's Pl\t.eut Glass Fruit Jars iuid'wiil, pay fm: the J_ar and contents il'tbe~wno.t.]tt~\ serve the frUit or vegetablt!S p.erfectly if used. as per printed directions. For sale o1i1y, at. Langwomliy's1Eiiip'Dr:mil, SQJe ~u~-M;Ir~~t'Q.m: ----~- -~ M INUTESO~' N.Y. <.:ONFERENCE . ...:.Arew . copies ot the Minl!tes of :~he seventiet.Jl. sesston of tbe N. Y. Conference are iOr. lia1'e'·~·. tbe office of 'l'uE DJJLY CHRONICLE. Price 11) cents. • ' ; : - Ji : 1' .. 1 fJ do and Friday, at 5

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