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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, October 27, 1859, Image 1

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...... :~ l.:J j :'.~ • ' J • ' • \ '' I ' ' YQLUME 1. ' I 'I •i I ~; • / I~ . f ~ \. , •. liiingBtlUI · 1\ilutmaontnto, tiingmmt 1\bumtt,n\lllt,, l • - • ~ ' • • . .AJ'v' Ia,l'UBLil!HED EVEllT lii:ORNING, --~~ ' -n:· \\!: '}~;',9i'i '' ' • wli ~ ... M, ... t~. ~- .,.,. ••• 1dL.E't-rwt( NOii!uii~rA;'J'i:oi'NilWY,om•, [Sundays excepted,) ~ : s~~.LP. y ,B.E, ~n.MA:N.IS w.·' '1' }.~~':.~. G~ ... ~~'f .o~, Art. .:J!l Offi.ee nfthe S~retary:of State, Albany. A_p· 'lT'I.tNGSTON ULSTER COUNTY N y Ovstet antl (},o.fqtloaet:J Salooa. BIDt5i1 would call a.ttenllon~o tlte beaU.. gutt lit, 1859. .7.b ~he 8/Niiff of the Cqunty ef Ul· ' • ' ' ' I .. . . ' ' ' . ' ' ' . ' . • . ' tiful epoolfuenli·Of ~lie l!hotogt'apbtl! Ar$ .ttr: SrR-~9t1{1,e tll.~eli)' ~~V~I';._tM-t ae the QL~ronide . . -- l ' t' ,. • ·' ::- fNUMBER 15.9. '\ll7'JY1; M9\it,:~ t.o the Surervh:or or one o£ the As ~ii;\t';;' ;:us~e~ ~opy of ~aid~~ni~tio il~'P'~filhilli~ 1n all the .Pun lie ntJW~pa.pers priutt>ll in your couu- ry, onre m each w\ek until the clecti{)n, Y pun re~<i>ect!nlly. GIDEON J. TUCK£R, Secretary of State. · · ---:\' • .gAM,l\lY BEFJK,)lAN returos hi~ tb~kf! to w-.jcb b~ clttily ·•urps Ol\t qt ~~~s.A~Ale · ;Bia Genera.! EJection to tie l!,eld m,tbra 8!uu 1,11! the .S. :B. J:l.&]\.J.OW, Pubhaher & Propnetor. . those who ha'lie t~us tar IJO Uberally pa't pictures are trlil~ inhliitabl€e~c):.i;r-\~!'\Tbe ·fl191l.•dily ~ll'co.uiclin. Ul•·lrs~'Monlllcylrif ·N oYcm- . ....,...- · • d hi d begs tA ln\'A•m th\'pllblio , .. _., b J· ., -- l• ,. \' Y ber next, the follow.mg office-r• arc to.. be elected PIIBLIGATION OFFI-CE .romze m, an ;u. '''\\' \\ •wn c~n~ot' e Bll:.,paned In lreBU J'b., 1 Bu tilber :Ar• to wit: A Seeretar:r of 8titti; ·iii ~hir place of :No. S Wall SUe'e1i, next· door to Bragg & li'p.· be h&!i.:;e~~v.e~ tP t.~!l.I>UII1Jng fo,r$nerly ~eq- till ~A t~~ cpputy. .• . ~~ li · ' .Gkleta..;l.;¥.tu*er,; \'~ou1{t~ll~.r~ in. the :pl!'~e of ULSTER Cor~TY E:nERIFF~s OrEICE~ ~ KingAton, A'ugust I. lll59. S ln pur~uanc,e of t4>: foregoiup;, 1 he.r-ebY,Jl:.iW'a notice tbat a Genera[ l':Jllctwn W1ll he h.,ld 1n the severnl towns in the Conntv of Ulster, ou the 'foCiiday succeeding lbc firot-1\\unrlay of Novem ber next, at which tbe votes of the electors of said county will be taken for a ~ecretary of State, in the place of Gideon J. Tucl<cr'; a Comptroller, in the place of Sanford E. Chur!'lt; an Attorney· flencrul, in the Jllncc of Lyman Trem\iu; a State Engineer and !::--urveyor~ jn the place of Van. R Richmond;· a State Treasurer, in the place d Isaac V. Vanderpo~l; a Canal Commis:-if\ner, in tb.e place of Charles H. Shenill ; an Inspectol of State Prisons, iu the place of iVc>ley llaiiey; a Jqdg,. of the Court of Appeals, in the place of Alexander S. Johnson; a Clerk ot the Conrt of AJ>peah, in the place of Russell F. Hlelrs; all ..,hose term~ of ollice will expire on the last day of December next. .Also a Ju .• rice of the 8u pre me Court, fol\ the '.fhird J udlclal Di!:>trict, in the place of Ira Harri>, ,.-ho'Ai. term nf oll,ce will ex- pire on the last day of D\ecem hH next. Also a :::-;enator fOr the 'l'ent h ~en ate District~ con:.pri!:.ing tlte counties of Ulster illlfl tircl'nc. . . . , , , .a Stu , pled by·tbe late M~s. Merr~tt, whe~e be wtlf be Perepns never banng succeeaed ~btalnlpg 'S'.I'hford )!. c1'tlsrcli • an .f.. torney-Ge~eral, u1 the · '' . .aen 1 ~ ~e. · pleased. tct. •ee: aU b~s 1Jl~ fi'Jcnds, •nd- as lll&a.y • co~ec' 1ilrettei!s t,r tbemeefV'lili, ~ • til s~lWd ;placi!P/. Lyiifa•:ll!ilmahr • t Stu.~ Engineer and OF SUBSCRIPTION. n~w on~s ~ .tliey Wtll,brlog. . . . , : -.thus G.!tJJftr}',., •. €~1~ 41\~..,V.i~P.f•~i~Jititlf. , A\qy Surve;to~ 1 ill ~fie JTI'fce of Van. .R. lticbmond ; a S:l for 'x m tha· Sl Jle Wilt keep llOOIItlrontly on hand a large all- wbo mal wish to try .he will oonsi~r f(a ple·aa· St•f~ freHurer, id-tlte· plaee of uaac V, Vander- J tJIVirJJ:i'a··j')'l;;7j:11.1 sn c , By lll)r~mep~ of·(lQU(eC?UO&IIol',Y, lee Orellill\, and tbe r--~·tC.:w.Ut upofi ·th~in. ,· . . • I' ,, . J>,Oill ; . a Gano.) .. ~./PIUAli~ston~r. in the pJa~e of :· tn a pall e. finest of Oysters. e 1\ lJ Be will n\• let & \'ic.'\re )nave- \'is r\o tbarles H Sherr• II; QD lnspe~tor I>( State Prisons. ~week. (Payable every _ , ~ . , . ;W> · \' . ·l' • ...,. - .• \. \ · .om nn .. in the pl~!le' tf W esle'- Blliley; a Judge of the 2. Cm.\!J.'S. less. blf! patrons are sutted. Pu;tur~ wtth easel! Court of Appeals, in the placl' of .al'?.'>\n~l'r ~- - AIR- :Y A:HtEi\: DOODLb:. for 50. cents and 'op.watdll, • ·• 1 c tf Johnson, a Cle1 k of the CouPt t>f\ Ap\leuls, .tn the TERMS· OF ADVERTISING, Ye sporting men, .;i..>e ear to son&' \DELWAR C'oN'iY Mai tMto 1859 . J•lo.c,e llf ~usse)~ F, Hicks; all w~o.se tel'fUlS of 1011 rtn: LU<!'~ !'\\~·,· ;o~-aUtTBt:K LI:<EO oiL LESS. lo awn.be.rs.~w~e~ an~. thrillintt .M D , ' . ' · office w1ll ·e><ttne · on tire last' day of December One day, · lo 2$. One il&y fO 50 For you a Bard bas tuned his harp, Y eer J.bon: . next. Also a Justice ol the Supreme CoU'rt for !l'W'O'I1iytr, 4o Two Uny• . 7..5 And lend thine tar if Willing. •·The Trot ar bitting lik ·akeet~r~ in Agust, the Third Judicial District, in the !'face of Ira Tbra .. ·D. >a.J~ 551 Three Do&,n. 1 00 and· Murdock sltill·.we must com-o\'er'to the Bee- Harris, who11e term or i:.ffice will expire on the foO.t· PaY,I 7u Four ~y~, 1 !10 Chorus- Yankee Doodle. ia the air, verlrill and l!:atob. a wagon lode-rlte away- l-ast da;t ef Dec:~imbe~ llll~t. Also· a ::-en11t<ir for Fi\' ».,-.. · 85 Fi.-e l'>~>ys, 1 -40 A favorite In this nation, Befour yu Htart dont fale to stop at tbat celebra• t~e Tenth S~nate District, comprising the conn- One'Weet, J 00 I One Week, 1 50 Then 1et ils number• sweetly tlow, ted.plase tha cal •· Li>ngwo··tl>y•s Emporium\ bM t~ftJister and Greene. Two Weeks, 1 :;u Two Weeks, ~ so W1tb. alltb.eir varl-.>tion. & Ia in o. stock of them. \C~t!t Killer Roo~'' Co11.11ty Officers to be 1!lectea: Three Members 'l'hree Weeks, ,. 00 'l'bree Weel.:s, ~ 25 tb t • b t b b t N •· dd. !. of Assembly·; a Oounty Judg'e, · tn the l>lacc llf 0 M h 2 fiO I OneMo \h 3 :10 Non\ can excel ourriiles fair ll 1 ere so 1!10 c a on . Ou;:l -/wont U_Bil Nieha4ts R. Grub am ; a. ~urr<Ogule, in the place -r!~ M~~~bs, 3 aO Two M.?n~~s. s oo W lthln this Yankee nation: not no ot-her I~;Jud, arrouo.d be:~-•-\' am K•l- of Jesse F. Booltst}v~/; a Di~trict A tlorn;ey, in 'Tbre~ Months. 4, 00 Tbtee Months, '6 00 Of this we are prepared to Kite lers i tel yo-Dont fergette anu I am yourn till tbe Place of>Jose~ll JJ. Sl,afer: two Justi~es of Six'Monihll, ~ 00 1 Six Months, 10 uo To alia dem<>n•tration. · deth, EZEKII, fimfHPGX. Sessioos, in the plnce of Thomas Binp;ham a~>d County Officers to be elected: Tluee l\!embers of A,semhly; n County Ju'dgi', in the place of Nich olas R. Urah,tm; a tinrrog.ttc, in the pla.ce of Jesse F. Bookstaver; a Hi~trict Attorney, in the }Jiace of Joseph )), Shafer; Two Justice' of tSes,ion•, in the pluce of '1 homas lli11gham aud \Villiarn John •on; Two Coronets, in the place of l'\at!wniel J. Lefever and John A. J)o<ilcy, :.11 whose terms of ofliec will cxvirc on the bst C.:ay of December next. ~ One Y.ea:r• 8 001 One Year, 15 00 Yankee Doodle, &c. William Joh-nson; two Ooroners,in the pbce oi' . .l\11;l.son's patent Fl\l!.it .Jar, Nathaniel J. Lefever and :John A. Bodley; all Special No-tices will be charged one-half more Rare Gulli and Pistol~ 1 1eo.tly made. wARU.NTEI> perfect Without t . .tie·!use of wax who,c tc:-ms of o!liec will expire on the l:l.t day tbao tbe abov~ rates. W\ have in brilliant order, or Gementt For sale on)J a~., of December next. All transient advertisements, to secure inRer Thnt are not Slll'passed by any one L 1 ' E · The att.,ntion of Inspectors of Election and tiou in this papeJ\1nust invariably be accom· Within thc~Hatc 01' bo•·der. · a.ngwort JY_~ponum. County Cn11vasscrs is directed to chap. 271, of paoied by tt~ (]ash. , \ Yankee Doodle, &o.j GOLD p E.NS I GOLD pENS!! Laws of ll:lJ9, a copy of which is printed here- ~ AU advertisements, to insur\ inserLion, with, for instructions in rcgllra to their dulics should be sent in before 4 o'clonk, p, M. Good Powder, shot, and als<> Caps, JUST rec~iverl at Wynkoop's Bookstore.- A under said act, \submitting to the people a Law At pdces fair we're selling; large assortment of GOLD PEN~ warranter} authoriziog a lo\n of two million five hundred l!O-JOB PRINTING\'iNALL.ITB BRANCHI:;S. If we should tell their virtues al superior to any eve!' offered for sale in tflis thousand dollar•. to provide ~nl' the payment of A volume we'd be swelling. pluce. Call aud see tbem. \he tlouting debt of the t:\tate.\ The attention of Iuspec!ors of Election and County Canv:Bscrs is rflrccted to chap. 271, of Laws uf ltl;)9, a copy of •vltich is prinied herewith for in~t.ructio;.s in rc;;arJ to thc:.ir duties nuder said act,~~ suhmittitJg to tl1e fle.ople a law author izing a !\an of twotnillinn (ive hnudred thousatHl dollars, to pt·ovide fot· the payment of the fioa.lin~ JOHANNES DRUYN, ..Attorney and Counsellor at JQbu street, Kingston, N.Y. Law, LAWTON & STEBBINS, Attorneys and Counsellors, Masonic Hall Duiiding, Rondout, N.Y. R. BER.N ARD, Attorney and t;onnsellor at Law, .Main Street, next door te County Clerk',. Oflice, KINGSTON, N.Y. FRANKLIN l\UL'foN'S N~ Skatting, Hair Cut-ting, Curling, '!!U1.1lPOOING AND DYEL'IIG SALOOX 1 BROWN'S liOTt•L, KINGSTON. --- - . ----------::c--~--=---- H. 0. ROSEORANSE, Barber & Hair Dresser, Jobn street, Kingston, N.Y. SfrCold and wll.rm baths at all hour~~. ADAM HATTENBRUN, Shampooing, Shaving and liAIR-D RE SSIN G SALOON. Main street, near Eagle Hotel;. Kingston. THEODORE DELILL Y, Barber and Hair Dresser, Wall street, adjoining Ulster County House. Ha.ir Cutting don~ i~ Suyerim· Manner. JOHN BROWN, Slcavillg and Hair Dressing Saloon. Kingston Av., near American Hotel, Kingston. CASPER LO WERHOUSE, Barber ancl Hai'l' Dresser, Cor11er Ferry and Canal streets, Rondout. Yankee Dor,dle, &c. CHAP. 271, K1ngstou, June 1, 1859. And Lock• ar.d Key< we do repair, And fit in order charming: Please call and see at KuGLER's shop, Both sporting men, and farming. Y au kee Doodle-, &c. A. KuGLER yo,, will find at home ln fair and stormy weather ; Come then at once, y., that have nl!cd But don't all come tor:etber. ' Yanltee Doodle, ae. Kingston, Juo,c 1, 185f1. B ERRY has JUS& received direct frGm Dublin, Walton's Killinf Trout Hook. lle invites· the lovers of Trot1 Fishing to come and try tbem. None genuine unless sold by BER:RY,at his great Fishing Tackle IDepot, Sl North Front- street. 1 c tf C HILDREN'S GIGS. Wagons. Hobby Hor ses, Toys-every tbing \o please tbc cbil dren 1 chet~~p ~t BERRY,S Emp~e Faney Store, 81 Nortb !front street. L ADIES' and Childrens' Bows, Arrows, Tar· gets and Quivers, A beautiful artiole for exercise or amusement, .for ·sale at L&NGWO&TAY's Emporium. T he Polar Ref'clgerntqr is t·he best thing m market. Look at th.em at LANGWOR1'HY'S Emporium Sign ofth& Goldea Teallr.ettle, North Front st, M ASON'S PBtent Screw Top Pressure Jar t The best and bandficst article ever made for putting up fruit or veg_eta.bles: warranted tight without the use of waK· or cement. Stop au<f look at them nJ> Manufacturers.' Agency o.t . Langworthy's Empo.lium, Sign of. Big Sky Rocket, 'iti North Front st. C OMl'LETE Uook Stoves at cost-almo!lt 1 at LangwmLhy's Emporium, Sign of Golden Teakettl-e, 76 North Front st. T HEY went a fishing I Who? Why Jim, Jake, Joe, Pete and John I Bow fud Nothing short of Dry Brook, and what is better caught 1200 Trout! They must have bad excellent Tackle to bo.ve been so succeseful. Of course they bad the best the eoua try affords. How so? A LL ABOUT IT; or, the lliRtory and 1\fys. tery of Common ThingR; just rccdved at WYNKOOP'S Bookstore. ------------- T HE IDYLS oP Till'! KrxG.-By Alfred Tenny ... S<Jn, just received at Wy.skoop'R Dbokstore. U SE Mason's Pateut Fruit Jar! fdr sa.e at Langwortny's Empilfium AN ACT tn submifto the· people a. law author· zing a loan of two million fi~·e hundred th.ousand dollars, t.o provide for the l'ayment of the flmn- in?; debt of the State. [P~>ssed April 13th, Ji:l.J!} -tlu·ee•fiflhs beinp; pr~8ent.] Tlw People oft.'1e Slate of Kew Ym·k, rep>·esmted in Senate and Assembly, do. enact as folluws : SECTl,ON l. The commi~siooeJs of the canal fund arP hereby authorized to borrow ori the credit of state two million five hundredthr.usand dollars, at deiJtofthestatc.\ . ' CHAPTI.':lt 27!. AN ACT lo submit to tl:e people a hw authorizing loan oftwo mithon tire ltued1etl tlwusJnd dollars to provide for tile paymun to! the fi<>attbg debt o the State [Passed April 13th, 1839-tbree·fiflhs being present.] a rate uot exceeding six per cent per annum, and The f'eople of the State of New York, rt.presentecl reimbnrsealile at such periods as shall be deter- ;n :senate and A.ssemb/ii:da enact as followH : WALL P .A?ER, ~ mined by the said co.mmi~sipners not exceeding WI NDOW p A DE'D .... eighteeti years fro'm the tiine of nuikiH&_ .ucn SeCTION 1. The Commi££ionersof !he Cunni Fund .LJ..L .~.~, \'\' loan .. All the prov.isiol:s 6( l'lLW- in relatton. to arQ hereby authonoed to borrow on the credit of tbe BORDERING, rJj loan, 1 mjl~e by the .r.oll,lmi,.sione.rs of. the ~:,nal state two million fio;e bnndred thousand dollars, at a ·FJRJJBO.il.RJ) PH~N.TS.,. fnnd;.aod·thelssue·and.t<>ansfer .,f.eerbficates -of. rntennt exceeding six percent, per annum, nud re --:-::::--------------+--:-. -- ,.took, shall ap11ly to loJi.ll-li jlt~thprlze.d biY tb~s act, imbursable at such periods ns ~hull be dete•·mioed by T H~ IIUbscraber bas just. optm.ea adill'o aS~ortr so-far as the same are ':lp!)ht!ahltl'. · . the said •Commtssioners. not exceeding e•::hleen ,·ears ment of.tbe above goodo> rece•H:d.$rnm~1ie of § 2. The mon~nabzed by sueh loan shall be from tbe time of making sueh lmm, All tl;e prov1s the be~t Faotorles in New· Eu~lanif, and \Vbicb for apvtit:d exclusiyeJy. to. ihe j>ayment of <;laims ions of law in relation to ln .. na ma<.!e hv Cotnmil<sion beauty o..f (Jatt.eru and Jow 11race~ 4lll'pass any ever a~;alnst the stat\ not odle·rwise provided for, (or ers of the Canal fund. and the i\SIH! :;nd transfo>r 11 o bel ore nft'ered in'thi• market, to- which he invites work done on the l)anals of tile St\I~C, and for {IU· certiticate or s•ock, ehnll apply to lo nts aulllomed by the attention oftbe pllb1ic. vate property appropr1atcd by the state for the this act so far as· the sume ure am,licabte. i F. S. WYNKOOP, use ofsuehcanals, a.11d for i••.iury to pl'ivnte l>rop § 2. 'l'be monej'S l'e,ilJzed by sucl.II0-10 shall be Opposite the JJister County Rank. ertY growing out of the constr.u.cti?n of the. eu· applied excluSil'ely to the paymeut or claims a ;:ruins< Country Mereh4ots s,.pJ>Iied ~t N. Y .. prices. nals, or to the payment ot the prHiclpal and tnter- tl1\ btate not otheo·wi•e l'rovided for. l(n· work done H .w ' p . n . : e~t of such lmm, and for 110 other purpose what- on the Canals of the ::5tute, and Jill' priv.tte property S A S atftl)t ,.as Cooklllg Apparl\tu-s.- ever. · \ appropriated by the State t(,r the use of such Cunals Tbe subscrfbl'!r ball obtained the Agency of § s. Two million five hundred thousand dollars and lor injury to pri,·ate property gl'Owing out or the tbe above valuable invention, and would re- is hereby appro()riated,. to be p3id o.ut of the constructJlln H the Cannls, ur to 1t.e pay111ent of the §Peetfully call the attention of frugal boose- treasury, on the warrant of ,the and>tor of t~e priccipal und interest of such loan und-lor no other keepers and all otbers to its merits. A cook caual department, fr.oru the saad ~oneys, witlun purpose whatever· stove and iron beater in constant opertlu<ln at two years from the time 1vbe!1 tlH.& ~ct tihall take .§ 3. Two nnllions fi>'e hundred •ousand dollars LANGWORTHY'S E 0 • cfi'ect,for the payment of clatms agam>t the state, is hereby approprio.ted,to he paid out nfthe treasurv ,. F. mp ri';Im, opeci1i~d >n tb.e last pl'eeeding section, and f<Jr tbe on the warrant of the Auditor ·of I he c~nal llepa 1 :t~ • 16 North ront st.rcct, Ktngoton. ~aymf!nt of the Interest 'on tile· loa_n authorizell ment flom the said moneys, witbin two years from S1gn of the Golden Teai!;ette. by this act, w.hi:eb. shall becmm.e payable' prior to the time wb.en this uct shall take eflect f<>r the pay. C OMPLETIIJN oflrving's Washington-The 5th and last volume of Irving's ,Washing· ton just received at · WYNKOOP'S Books~ore. the receh1t into ·tho trea•urv of the first annual ruent of claims against I he l:l!ale specified in the last tax, hereinafter directed to be levied and collect- precedin~ section, and lor the payment of the interest ed, for the payu~en'. of t.be interest and principal on the loan autbortzed by this uct, which sbull be· of tho \oansa.ulhorized by this act; bu~ any 5Um come payable prior to the rece•pt into the treasury of applied to pay interest .as cti'Oresa!d,. m!ay be re· the fir~t unnuaf tux. hereinafter direeled to be levied fun.ded out of the. nroceQds of the said tnxes ,w.heu and collected, for tbe payment ol tt.e interest nod T HE Best, Merrimack Prints at teb oenta per' received int'o the treasu:ry . principal ol the loans authorized by this act; but rd t M W . 1 , § 4. An annual ta:llJS·hereby Imposed, and shall any sum applied to pay interest as aloresaid, may be ya a · . uyer el H. be levi~d and CIJllecte!l in the same mannJJr as relunded out ofthe proceed~ ol tbc su.id taxes when A MERICAN GAS BURNER H t\ St ntberstate taxes.are levied and collected, su:fli receited into tre:..snry. · • r r. . ea IDg ove, ctent to pay the interest and rede11m li).e prinoi· § 4. An annnal tux is hereby imposed, 11nd shal for Parlors, Hall~ or .S1ttmj; lljlom\. War· pal of the loan hereby atltbol'ized, wit~in eight- be levied aud collected in tbe •ume manner as other ranted the best Heatmg Stove m the world!! een y_e.ar• fr.o 1 n the time oftb.e contrachng there- State taxes are levied ut.d collected, a~Jf!ic:wt to pu.v _... E!very ~tove guaraiite'ed to give perfect of. The comptrol!er shall ascertain anli lietPr the interest and redeem the princi('al of the loan satisfa~trop, For so.le. Wbolesale ·and Retail·at mine ·what sum, b~Jingapplied in payment ofprin- hereby authorized, within eh:bteen Years fr.,m tbe Langworthy's Emporium. 76 North Front street. cipal and inte..est, ill. the n•:st yea!' .after the. tax th11e ~f the contracting thereat: The Complrolle1· Sign ot the Golden Teakettle can be collet ted as al'oresatd, and m each. sue· shall ascertain und determine what sum. bem,g ap- -------~-------~---·- ceedt11g yePr .. t~jlr,c.nftlfr,, within the Pe.riod ~·f plied in payment of pr.ncivul and interest. 1n tue J IM enys tbnt Laur~tto. ill a \gosh hange4\ elghtee_n years frn~ the hme of eontra!Jtmg satd first sear after the tnx cun be collecled as aforesaid, WM. H .. ao N KLIN, nice gal, whieb is undoubtedly true. It ~8 loan~ Will ()e SQfti.Cten.t to pay tbe intere~t aD<l re- aml in oocb 5UCceeding J·ear thereafter, within 1be l 11 t tb t 'h fi t t k f F dee~ th:e pri~.cipa.l 'Ctf said ]oa? ,vjtbin said p~riOd period of eighteeu yeu.rs fhnn the time of contracting Why they procurell it only at 26 Langwol'tby's Emporium. Arch'l •tect v.. nul.lder, WHERE did you b•ly that beautiful Cook a so equa y rue a • e nes 8 oc () 'ancy of l:'lghtc~il'l yeai<s; and shall m eaeb year appor• satd :oan, will be sufficient to pay the interest and eL J) Goods, Baskets, Gi\'B Cab_s, Carriages and Hob. ton the •um so reqnt'red a on these~-··-' coun d Stove, and what did it cost~ \ 1 o m g, .~~·u · redeem tbe principal or smd l<mn withm sat per>od ne\t\denP-\' Crow It St., near Brow a's Hotel, Only $15, furnished complete! at Langworth's by Horses ever exhibited in' Ulster County, o.re ties of this state, according to . fbe'fhen fast cor· of eighteen years; and shall in ~ach year :JpportloA ~• .... \¥ Emporium. now on sale at LangworthY'' Emporium. rected 1:1ssessm~nt rolls returned to. his office, and the sum so required umoog the •everul couuhes of Kingston. N\ Y. Weill declare: I will bitch up and drive to --- 8bllll J;IVC no\ 1 c.e of such aprortJO';'mcnt to _ti>e Ibis State, o.ccordmg to theth~n last corrected assess. t d t · d' I IF YOU want Fresh GARDEN & FLOWER boarll.s ofsuper.-isors or the respechve co.untles. meut rolls ret 111 ned to hts <>illc\e •.toil \hull !liVe 00 • D aop in and look at the fresh invoice of real own an ge OJle tmme late Y· SEEDS k h d 1 .. ll\ -< f h b d r r o - ..,._ th go all th k I d h _,' m.a ifJ;on. r gnrc aseg 01111 oor east L, l•il .. ~. 'I.W. ,.utv () .t e oar s 0 superVIsors 0 ll-\\ \f~uph auportionment to tne hoard• of SU'IerTi . . M.eerseha.um P1'pes nnd C'1ga.r Holders, at \\' ey • e w,,ee o_ng·, an w o won- 1 R r \ th t ••\ • • ' ,. d h th f t b (I D 1\ of. st ll , Du'tc burc ,·of the re.speet~ve comrt•es. to cause. e amotln so . sors of the respective counties. Il shall be the duty . Langwort~y's Emllorium. k~~~n.wth'::'t co:k '5~o;:s a~~ ~:alfy ~!ll~:~ J MONTANYE k REYNOLilS. app'brti~ned 10 each J:ear to b.e. le!ted, eoU~etcd ofthe bo 11 rds olsupervi~ors vt the respecttvecounties - -- -- .• ·· . · _ · - ·- .,~- abont c.ost at . and paad :to ti;t,t; t_reas~r~r:t?f t~:ns st~te~ .. l~J- t~e to caus';) the amount so appol'tioned in eaclt _year to W AR-WAR-- w AR--Lieutenan' J • • ?· LAN'ti'I'VORTH:Y\s Emporium BIRD CA-GES 1 ~IRD «:JAGES I !-A ~: •ame Iil'11nnel\ a!\ o.th~r state· tall:es. The money be leveletl collected and puld to the 'l'ret\Slller of this Ives' M;ilitary Ma;p of the Seat of War u1 bll.!LUt.iluJ l<lt JuSt. GJ)f!Ded~new and r1eh ooll~~te.~ .. Jl,lld .P,ill~ u~to. ~~~~ ~.rea~u~y .'md<;r th•s Stilte, in th~ SlltPe wunner as other State taxed The Italy, ror sale at WynJtoop's, . NEW GOODS patterns and 'at greatt:fte\duced prlceirat· · ~e~bo.n, shall conotitnte a •.mlt;l!'g r .. nd tn pay the money collected and puid imu the treasury under this A RE re.oeived every day at , 2~ ' La.ngW'.orthy'e Empol'inm. Jnt~~ARtand retietim t! 1 e Pfi 0 1' 1 Pal oftb~ ·loan ~on· Bection.shall constitute a sinki11g fund to pay the in- c . CJLT'S, Remington's, Smith &;. Wesson'~, · traqted,pn~suant.to.thls aot, a.n.d shall.be ~acredly terestand redeem tbe princtpal of the loan contract- · and Allenjs Pistols. together with Smith & • TOWilBend, ~erritt & Crosby. .A NJ!JW' BOO$, a,P~l!.ed tn that fJUl!P'!Se; anp af, at any flme, t;be ed pursuant to !his u\t and sha.J I be sacredly npolied '\And.'8 eelebr&te:l II Lightning Powder,\ for ATT. \·ACTIVE \'TO\'K ,_. We wonld' Cl\11 \t• smkJDA: f~md sha I be l~sulfie~cnt tn comply Wllltb to tbl\t purpose i nnd if at ilny time, I he Slnkin~ p~ !'(; \' 'lJ at ~ the requ1re~eots oftbuo -section., th.e cOmtJtro E!l' .r.und shall b m· 'su\\ · t't 1 'th t'- • \ .. l\'\'beap at h. ..r <T'· p. • h h f b l . d d \ e >.UClen 0 compyw• Derequue \'a \'v , Langworthy's Elmporiu'tn. 'tention to tbe riclllstoek: of Drees Goode A NEW Book by the Apt or • \'\ •·•nee ohall mcrease t ~ sllDl t &rea ter to e e\'le an men~\ !li'this.see'ti<in, the Comptroller Sb!!H iuerea$~ receiv.ed tbi11 week. · Tbe -mmer Cusrmei'Bs; of the Hou'e of David~\ . coll~qted. ~y taKm, e<\Ch y~;~.r, ,:n a,s ~od make tb.e tbe sum tberenf\er to l;>e levied and corlec,ed by the th d d I • tb b de and -\~m T.u-li\ PlLL.t!.R Q<F FFR.'E • fund·adeqttate for tne pnrpo!le aTnre111ll . · . .. ,.. . · . · •. d d f' L OT of fresh Groeerie11 received this da.y by e rapery an corn ce ... : e, 8 a 8 ..., ........, · ·.. § 5. Thefpurtb .se~tio~. \)f tbi~ 1 1\q.t, impp&in,; I! •n eac,.·yea~ so as to ma .. e the fun a equate or tax DUMON'l'. o.sks; tbll fio,or oil9~0tb ; tbe Cl!otpe~ ,; ~}I.e mat- , O.r, I~rael in :Bol!dage, JU.st ree .. ived at the tax may be rio pealed whenever the· ~e,-enue• 01 purpose~. ~fo_r~sm4. . . . . .:.....-------------=-~=-=-~~-- trasses i the rag carpets an.J feathers. Bookstoro of l 'f f g, ll nt constitution §5. 'Ibelourth sect10n oftblS uct.1mposmg n tax P ur<> Wtoae• and .Brandies for Medical pur· 1'o'Y:!S!l!rD, MEttRlTT & Cnosn)l''s. · ;F'~ S. ·WYNKOOP. !~~~~~;e~ ~~~ ft;~~~l)sh!u · ~:;~.;t'to e~oug~ t~ may be re~eale~ wheueve~ the !ev~nnes of the cunals, ooses. for sale by BRAGG &; J ANSJil!f, Kt!lgston, AptU U, 1859. fotm a sinkiu· .fund .sufficient to'P~~'f .the- Jbtilrest after meeung a I preseut coostltuttoua_l chal'ges u~on J OE bo.wcuredrbis warts, and the onlg ..acoun- it d g~b . o· I of al loans wit.bin them; shall amount to enougb. to furm n sinkmg Y ANKEE ~O~L'l!Rts}>; HJ!!.Jq\\Jiihble good . ta.ble;lleaiiQD why ibey d!Rappeal'e!l ftll the UW'~Y·~ jFis_lli-ng 'l'ac~le is now ~~l~te Jit ::e e~bt:f~ ye:r·s f.\~~J~:ea in the' first Eecii.;n lu~1d .sutncieot !D pay tbe in~crest an~ redeem tb11 au.AJj~e. tilli't lf.Dd talte .a look at the~, ~t fa.et of. his .freqqent v~sits t!l ~e;e, ~~I'~ l!f}endid D 81 Nor~li FrQtp; st.r.eet. . . . . o ~ t ~ of thin. t.. .: . . . -· . · pr1n~1pal ~~. all loans \:hbm. th.e etgbteen years. . • Q&lJ.RY\'· 81 Nol'th Front street. ~ ' p I . R r • t \ :ti\b'tt . . § 6. i'~ls act shall be submitted to the people .of me<ii)Oned .ln. the first lle!'tton oi thiS net. . .. . .. . ~ ' oar e rt~era or ~~w. .PH< e~J't!hi~~~~. FISHING TaCKLE JI! great yo.nety, whole- thtsstate, at the next general election, and tbe ~ 6. ThiS net shall be S)lbmltted to the people of FORth...· ,;N~w American J.'oliall.!ld Faced Fla~ . . La.l,l,@W~~tby ~' .... P_Ol'l.~lll· sale and r.et~il, ehe~p.and g~od, at vo.te¥. ~;y.eu.fodt{l adoRt~on, ·li!tt\ll,be e.nd.orsell t~ts.State,,Bt.the n~xt gener.al e\ectlo~, and,, the vc.tes. •.1~7' ~nquire ~t . . . B. as.ket!l f--,A. ,spl!!nllid. fr~$ ,toek ol ev• . . ,, . . . , Langwdttby's Emporium: \ Consti'tiit'iOnallua:6·,\ and sh~tll bern tbe fo1low- ,tven for •I~ adopt.on shall. be endor~~~~in ct~~str~u- . , · L~IIGW!rRT~tY's . .Empormm. f)rv,tl,lil)g. b\llU. ~iful and u~~f.!ll, iq ~b\ llaa- 76 North Fron\ s~.· sign.o~ the Big ~.l'!>.Ut · •ing {!'J')D'i ·~~o.r. .a loan of two rp.ilHW> jiv~.hu11- IODa'llonn, · 11 i!d· shllll ~ 6 . 10 the fo! g fi m .- . .. ' } ih \! • y • d ~ •T ..., • ' • . • 1 · . . . ' I. • d 'd tboU'sand dollars' tn i>ay· tJ!!l tloatinj!; debt o{ \For ll< !oan of two muhon-fhe hundt ed thonsand P OP!J[+l!1hh, Obeese, Lard; Butt~Jr, Salt~ on ke~ i e JUst opened· an or ~le o.t ,.~~;auced . . .J. ..m- !.. f . bif ! tbb. ' :, ~e,!l.ra . !! . and·\A..'Ilinsl~ l<~an of lwo· millii.'n dofi,trs, to pay the flontit:l! debt ~f I he Stale,\ nnd; ]Jand lit U':MQNT'S. No.3, Wall street• pra~e~ at .I.~~.~~ort~.Y'B -~~~~~?i'111:fu. . co~greSS l'l'a'fie.-, reS rom .• springs, lv~ hu:d~ed thollljlllld dolla.r~ tQ pav ~be fio.atin \.AW\inst a lo~o ol two millions five hundred ll~,on• . ~ . . • ' .. ., . I ttl'i, . 8 ~ 1 1 ~Y,I I I '.' • I/,Tagg..&. Jan$<1~·' ·qelihlf'\W6e'ta'te.\ 'Th'e Inspectors of ttie' severii sand dollars to pa.y the floating ~ebt !Jf the Sra.te. ,_ D I.ARIE!i:..-A large lot jll.8t received and lor MERJN\O.&>I..;um.~W.G.OL Under•G~rmerlts MEIVDAN BIUTTA~J* WA~ s , \cl . 1 t' p.i.s l''ct i h.i. ,~if,t\te' sP,j').tJ:or ~V'd lie ['he Inspeclqrs ot Jbe severul Electmn Vtstncts m . •ale at c ' B 1,. t '\.for ~n.ts, ladic~. cbHdyew and ~0~!1 ~ ab ' . 'asiortm~it't' iiicllrai'ng 'some bea~ti~tt~~a: lr:~e~t.~x;ifi \v~c~ 1 \Ji3 hano·,•; g'wen i: p~.r~~an6e tbl!! St~~ sbal~ prOVide a sep>_lrl~te b!>X. in w;t>ich !h_e - _........:. _________ a:.:.·I_P_P_s_-:-o_o~\s _o_re=-·- sq \\ I!Qperlyr stock. ot .all 1-~'Jl..d~ llo.I!Ulry !lnd S tt • t 'd t • • ' <If this act shall be d\po:rlr<::d. The ballots shall ballots pven ID J.>Ursuance of lhls act shall 'be depos! . I Gloves. . ' . e s--JUS opene a ' . , ' be canva~s\d and. returt~~d·· a!tfi tR-,e .reso.lt,ShJl!ll ted .. 'Jb.e•b,all!>l'!.. sball be co.~vassod und ~·et~l;ned, H INTS to Hor~e-:~eeP.~rs.-A eOI~ e~e, Woolen Yams,. an e'olorl!. SbeU,and. wool, ' ' . .. . . ,\J L~ogwo)'t~ s iB!OPPl'lilJI:il be'ileteormlne'd ada cei!tHied in the siJ.'m~· inanner an4 !be result SbBll qe determ~ne~ nnd rerttH.ed in M..rntlAL for 11orsemelJ, by the late • w •. split Zephyr. 'dotilite''d'o.:··si'llgfe do., in au cot.;. A GOQD·a rt nt.of· Lawns· .atr ver -lol'i a~ v.o!e}\giv~l\fpr, the. o.ffi1l.e •.of Govilrr;tur ol. tlu~ the Sll.llle m~tler 118 VOl~;! grv~n for t~e offic~ of H'f!tbert, [Frank Forrester,) JMt received at t- .• T •. .• d . M ·tt & e . bY'' ' . . . MQ me M, rv y' state. H a tn.aJOlity or l)le votes cast 119-r\uant ,GoYernor 01 lhls St:;te If a IU>!J.OI'Ily ot 1be ,otes . '. WYNltOOP'S Bookstore. ote a own\Sen I ~.rn . _r~s .. fJ, •. ; J l 'r;l~\~l.~t- ' :lt\ •. l \ l'fy~~ \.,Ep;: s, 'to this: act; sball l>li· 'F'FO.t a ioa .. or·tJbliR.iH!oil ca!'t; purs~unt to thtiiact, shan be,. ft•r a_ loan of tw(). King!lton July 24 1859. .1:1 ou Cl . _wh ~ p ' .. ~ ~I.,- .. ' Jive hundred thOti!O.'!o'.ld,dol~!l;l'S.liJ pav tJ:Je. fiaa\mg, mm!f>IIS tive 1:\U!I~re!i t~ousap!l Qull.tro. to payy•e - .. · ' ~ . ·· o.or _ Ot.ilS · '' .C!).J!.OU 1'~ ... Q.Pt :YQU: J() f9JJrJJ\~, JOL~ '~~'IV'•'' ,~09fi !:.~hi Of t1H:l stntil\ ,, t'hen the tecedillJ;'sehions or ftoattng de9t oft!•e ctate,\ then the precedmg :.ectmns_ J U.ST ~eceived thi.s day a.. fresh kuppLy of . · .. etoV«)Sj (lome !lOU get ·!1>-.IIIQe :P,IIlll~ •• ;of Otl of the RevQlution; bY, B. J. Lossing ;. for ·t:h;~ act shall tak~ eif~t .. b,!t H 'il'ma 1 orit~ nftb.e .!lftbi. s·a.ct.sbaU tdke eHect; but if n mujority. of the Borul,'.a~O,~IN .. _; .· .. · :, ., . O.ot!J tn puli undeE thcem. We ha~.v.e a.;r.reu ·as~ sale at . W:'r~utooP's,Book!'.t!-'re. t'ote~ so cast, shall'b'e' C< .Against.' a 'loan of iwo VO.~IlS ~o.C.!l~h~hii.IJ ~e •·ijp:al.·nst a loan or two if!i.t~.\.ms •l~ • \'\'t'Wa'lfii.m}· · ··· ... •. · · . sort.mentJ .. ;' . · .11\!· ¥•.& C. ·RlinW~ton, Sept-. 1 .l>Srub.,: ,,, ::. ·_ ;· : t~ 11ll'i l. illion five hundred thotf!land dollars to pay .the five hundred' thou;mnd dollars .to pay. the tloa,lmg- . ..·l ;in~·Bnso~t~VMo~~~;~, J ~Ri~1~~;~r:.o;::r~~G ~r ooo· yar~·· e~per ~~i~~:~:tna~ ot·'G~~~~~m~~~\i-~~ rf~!~£!~£i:!~r~:~~~~:it!t~~l~~:::l :!f~::~~teb~tai~i~k~~~ffilii:~;:~ ::~:~' ~~·~! ~' ·'~- l ~ • !~ .·\j· ··\ ... • , .A . . Al . .. •

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